9 Cultural Elements To Consider Before Travelling Or Moving To Russia

The more degenerate Europe and the Anglosphere get, the more Russia pops up in conversations around Western men, as a possible destination for a long term stay.

Writing those lines as my plane lands home, concluding two weeks spent in provincial Russia, I realise that I was prone to idealise this country in my teens but after taking the red pill and visiting it a few times, I am much more objective about it and will now share notions that must be known before considering settling there.

1. Seeing many beautiful women is the norm

Women as a whole are just more numerous within Russian borders because they do not destroy themselves as much as they do in the USA. Girls in Russia take better care of themselves, are slimmer, and want to be genuinely beautiful according to universal standards (thin, long hair, nice skin with no tattoos etc). After the two world wars and its millions of young men dead, the Great Purge and criminality, alcoholism and drug abuse from the nineties onwards helped in creating a visible majority of women compared to men.

I also found out that Russian women generally age better, especially in their thirties and forties. Everywhere you look you see mothers that stay slim even after having children, as they did the intelligent choice of having them earlier than their Western counterparts. The savage concurrence of younger girls also keep wives and girlfriends on their toes as they can be replaced in eye blink.

2. Russians have their own notion of politeness

Educated Anglos say “Thank You” 24/7 while Russians only say it when their interlocutor did something genuinely nice. It seems that there is absolutely no need to be polite to someone you do not know.

Where the Englishman would apologise profusely and wait for you to move out of his path, the Russian would just say “Razreshajtje” (Allow me) and shove you out of his way. In the lift going to a club, I saw a French beta being elbowed in the ribs by a tiny girl in high heels because he did not move out of the way fast enough.

This roughness is also a trademark among the old, bitter babushkas. Asking about anything in an official building, the harpy will just point at a board and yell “You know how to read, don’t you?” Or when you want to buy something and ask “Excuse me, How much does it cost?”, she will tell you “Do I look like a shop clerk?” The three meanest creatures in Russian cities: cops in a bad mood, babushkas and stray dogs.

People also rarely smile, it’s normal. Smiling to strangers is seen as a sign of insincerity. If an unknown Russian girl maintains eye contact or smile at you, approach. It is a green light

But Russians have a better sense of punctuality. Meeting at 18.00 means everyone is present at 17.45. It’s “18.00, last call. 18.01 we are gone, son.” What I like is that everyone take their shoes off when entering one’s home and guests never show up without gifts and flowers.

3. Without money, you are nothing

A Russian mate told me that in the West, it is virtually impossible to die of hunger with all the governmental help that you can find, even without a penny. Folks at home have now idea how lucky they are and should be thankful every time their plate is full.

The cost of life there is ridiculous compared to the local salaries. The minimum wage in the third tier city I was in flirted with the 180 USD monthly while the prices for fruit, vegetables or meat could be the same as in the US or Western Europe. Only alcohol, tobacco products, petrol and rent were cheaper than in the West. When the cab driver charges you 2 dollars for a regular fare and that a kilo of cucumbers costs the same price, it makes you think.

Everything must be paid for. No healthcare, no help from the state, no concept of middle class. Either you are wealthy or you are destitute. People that contract cancer and do not have the means to pay for the drugs or chemo are left to die. In the grey Soviet blocks of flats, you can find both the wealthy man with his Mercedes and the couple of chronic alcoholics that survive on potatoes and have to shit in a bucket because the town hall cut the water in their flat.

Human life is cheap. The recent phenomenon of the “golden youth” (Золотая молодёжь) appears in large Russian cities. Sons and daughters of oligarchs, driving the latest sport cars, run over people while drunk. Daddy dearest usually pays off judges in millions of dollars for three or four homicides and his little treasure gets 60 hours of community service, cleaning the city’s public fountains. I heard many stories where you can off someone by paying the local police the sufficient amount of money

4. Of game, corruption and distrust

Game works there. With girls, officials or strangers. You can never have to much of it.

An acquaintance of mine was caught parking illegally. Angry old passers by called the cops after writing insults on his windshield. He had no insurance, it was not his car and he had only a French driver’s license. Cops got him for 10,000 RUB (175 USD at the time of my visit) to let him go but he had a written fine of 200 roubles for a invented infraction. The rest stayed in the cops’ pocket.

A friend gifted me with a taser flashlight. They spotted it at the metal detector in my luggage on the way to the plane. They reminded me that it was a weapon and that I should follow for investigation at the local precinct. We showed no emotions, saying that we did not know of the specific law being tourists and gave the taser and a thousand roubles. We went our way as I heard them playing with the taser in the distance. The cop’s son will have a nice gift but I did not give him the plug.

Everything can be bought and is negotiable. Wolf skins, mink furs, caviar, German cars, better exchange rate. If you know someone, can haggle and know game, you will live well.

When you are in your twenties or thirties and well dressed, girls will keep their guard up and will ask you why you are not married. They will sometimes suspect you of being married and lying about it. They will ask where you live, how long you are staying and cross check with what you said previously. Women there are master at analysing body language, frame, sense of style and the weight of a wallet. It is understandable in that environment.

Even young girls can give it all or test you and take you for a ride to enjoy your resources and give you nothing, if they feel that you will be easily plucked.

5. Russia is for the Russians

A majority of Russians seem to be very supportive of their government and president. It is unusual to observe both grandmas with portraits of Putin in their living room and teenage girls with Putin on the phone case of their last iPhone.

The television has at least three shows a day saying that Crimea is Russia, the radio says that gays are degenerates, calling out their propaganda and agenda sent from the West and pushing for it to be destroyed on the spot and everyone is on board.

At the same level of game, wealth, status or fitness, local men will always be chosen by Russian girls over foreigners. If you want to become Russian, you must assimilate. Foreigners and migrants have no organizations or programs to help them blend in. They must do it on their own if they want recognition.

Immigrants of a lower to normal social status, from Central Asia or the Caucasus, will always adopt a low profile in the street preventing the local Slavs to lash at them or attack them physically.

6. Extreme disparity between men and women

Local older men with zero game, shitty fashion style and zero fitness can bang the highest quality if they flaunt their money . You can be a pitukh (a “rooster”, slang for a drunk or a loser) as long as people feel that you have cash.

Not even ugly, but plain girls are almost invisible to the local men, like furniture. Beautiful women understand that they are legion in Russia and that age or a bit of attitude can get them nexted so they are kept in line. You will spot men looking like root vegetables walking with a stylish beauty queen with a flawless figure on their arm.

A well dressed foreigner with a good level of fitness, that speaks fluent Russian and has a normal (and upper) financial status would absolutely trample the bulk of the Russian male population any day of the week. In smaller cities, day game is something unheard of.

7. On sports

It is not a culture but a cult. Sport has a special status of prestige and almost every one takes interest in it. Old Soviet habits die hard. There is no better way to start a social circle than signing up at the local sports club. Gyms are a relatively new fashion, people can rarely afford them and prefer to train outside or compete a living opponent. Old school sportsmen are highly hostile to supplements and protein shakes.

People that teach sports are authorities in the matter and must have been “MasterSport” of the Soviet Union or Russia or have won a few World titles to have any credibility to teach. The idea of a McDojo would not last long there.

I had the luck of attending a few sessions at a local Sambo club. Where everywhere in the West, I would have to show my ID, prove that I am insured and have a written note from my physician, the Russian instructor asked my name, shook my hand and told me to start warming up.

He was 69 years old, four times World Champion and had a grip that could bend iron. He taught us his favourite techniques, slapping us on the head when we were not doing it properly and had a “no bullshit” approach aimed at efficiency in combat. His son was also a World Champion and so were a few of his students.

8. Difference between the family sphere and strangers

In the olden days when the State, institutions or your common man could absolutely not be trusted, the only circle you could count on was the immediate family. Russians kept this trait in their ethos to this day. Strangers, neighbors will always be suspicious when they do not know you and would be the first to hold your head under the water if they can profit from it.

But if you are accepted in the intimate circle of friendship, they would give you their last crumb of bread and you will make friends for life. My local friend’s uncle would give me everything because I am known and in the circle but would roll over slow pedestrians crossing the road with his Gelik if he was late. This is the same with your landlord or the plumber.

The quality of the work is rarely checked when it comes to the normal standard of life and you must pay to get acceptable service.

9. Work ethic

Some people just do not give a shit. Cops smoke on the job, bus drivers are drunk, clerks sleep everywhere at their desk or are on the phone even if you are here to buy them things.

The workers will paint lines on a dirty road, over stones and garbage. It will be gone after the next rain but no one cares. Their job here is done. Customer satisfaction for the general public is a foreign notion and the minimum effort and service is what they look for. To get acceptable service, you must upgrade and pay for it.

Every space designed for the population is rusty, painted in a hurry, peppered with holes. Ceilings are leaking, naked electric cables show everywhere. Flower pots are made of empty oil barrels cut in half or buried tire trucks painted in yellow or blue mark the limit of the children’s playground.

It is an architect’s nightmare. The state of roads, curbs and buildings are often a joking matter among the locals. It will affect your everyday live and is worth considering if you like a cosy lifestyle or think about raising children there.

La Russie est une autre planète

With its long-legged girls, traditional values and endless stretches of land, it would sound like a great base for those who believe in the concepts of masculinity. But this place is another universe with its own rules.

You can not do what you want and thinking about your future or the future of a hypothetical family in Russia, you must understand that you might give up a safe, comfortable life accessible to everyone for a world with a radically different mindset and a lower standard of comfort that only large amounts of money can buy.

Think hard and choose wisely.

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213 thoughts on “9 Cultural Elements To Consider Before Travelling Or Moving To Russia”

  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard any white NES suggest anyone moves to Russia. It’s cold, it’s poor, there’s shortages of everything and it’s dangerous.
    Maybe you’re thinking about ethnic Slavs or Norwegians (although people in those countries neighboring Russia usually hate Russians) . I can’t even believe any French guys would be crazy enough to consider moving there.
    OK, I’ll agree I’ve seen some really beautiful Russian women, but the Russian mafia are whoring them out all over the world, plenty of Russian hookers working the beach resorts of Thailand, and elsewhere in the 3rd world.
    If I had homes in Russia and Hell, I’d live in Hell, and rent out the house in Russia.
    What next for a story? “Living in Somalia”.

    1. This is savage. Upvote !
      It takes someone who knows, to tell how it is…and it ain’t pretty.
      Let’s hope we’ll be seeing a clear-cut-throat article on how ethnic russians live and how their quality of life actually is.
      So far I’ve only been reading that’s heaven on earth with traditional values, beautiful women and Putin.
      Nothing about the mafias, the corruption that’s completely engulfed every single institution, the generally low morale, the poverty, the murders, the neo-communists…etc
      A friend recommended a documentary about how people live in a garbage dump near Moscow, called ,,Something Better to Come”. I did not have the guts to see it to the end.
      Hundreds of people living in garbage, excavators pushing and hauling tons of trash over people, crushing them…dead bodies surfacing throughout the pushed trash…and so on.
      Ethnic russians need help.

        1. Basically all this guy contributes to this site , is lob for these asian countries. He must be a tourism agent or smth.

        2. It’s just I have the experience of living in cold countries, and hot countries. Experiences which many posters on here seem to lack.
          My bro likes to go round Eastern Europe (In Bulgaria at the moment), and I have friends who have escaped Hungary and Russia. None of them have a single word of good to say about Eastern Europe.
          Out of all the countries I have tried, the Philippines is easily No.1.
          (Not tried India, China or South America ……. some of my mates swear by Guatemala and Ecuador). If I didn’t want (much younger) women, I’d probably be in Spain (or anywhere around the Med) or America.
          America’s women are totally fucked, yet unfuckable.
          England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, the weather is just horrible.
          Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Malta, Israel, no women.
          Italy, Spain, France, no women for me.
          I wouldn’t recommend any white try and live in Thailand as it is now (10 years back it was great), it’s teetering right on the brink of something awful, but I’m too old to care too much about the future, if I didn’t have a kid, I would have moved to the PI.
          How many countries have you lived in NB?

        3. Indeed they are. Once you get inside the gated areas of central and south America, it’s a whole different world than the slums outside the gates. And it’s a very beautiful, relaxed, happy world at that.

        4. Poland was nice back in 2005. Now I hear it kinda sucks due to smartphone addicted broads.

        5. I’ve only lived in two countries , two extremes nonetheless. Albania (your typical Balcanic/EE country with a third world taste as a bonus) and Germany ( your typical Western Country).
          So I am quite competent when talking about Europe. I’ve never been outside of Europe it’s true , so I can only guess how things are like out there.
          However you should understand , that while maybe a good option for an old bag like you , permanently moving to SE Asia is no option for young Westerners. A war is in the air around here. An ideological war which may escalate to physical war. If we flee Europe , we lose it forever to the leftists , and every trace our race and civilisation will be gone in no time.

        6. In australia smartphone addiction is so bad that government had to install traffic lights on the ground for distracted pedestrians, nobody is looking up for a green man anymore..on top of that goverment is changing green man to a green woman, they want equal representation…whats next?

        7. Good to know that someone realizes that SE is turning into a shit hole coming from a SE person’s perspective, rest assured that it is entirely true where i am planning to leave this hellhole for good

  2. The article can be extended to most of the EE countries. With that being said, I’m not sure how I would now be able to live there without AmazonPrime.

  3. Great article and very accurate assessment.
    Cultural and language differences aside, the corruption, delapidated infrastructure and cost of living makes it difficult for most. Wife and I considered going back to her home town of Moscow a few years ago, but even she admitted it was no place to raise a family. Other Russia emmigres we know say the same.

  4. I’m thinking about traveling there in August/september. I’m really looking forward to the museums, the girls and the vodka.

  5. The work ethic bit is interesting. You have a residual attitude from the communism years. Do enough so you won’t get shot, anything more is of no help to you.

    1. Same in corporate America when times are slow. When jobs pick up everyone leaves for greener pastures and more $$$

      1. That is the ebb and flow of the market and the contemporary corporate culture forces us to have a mercenay mindset. Everyone has been through a closure/ “down sizing” since the mid-90s and that was probably the last time I ever heard management mention the term “company loyalty.”

    2. Almost everywhere outside the west is like that.
      Work as little as you can to survive. I think their way is the best.
      I certainly wish I hadn’t wasted 30 years of my life just working in the west.

  6. The Balkans , EE and the rest of the world I suppose is exactly like this. This is not “the Other World” , rather “the Real World”. The West is a bubble that produces effeminate child-like males. If every Western Men spent 5 years at some point early in their lives in the Balkans , with no financial means from the West to support them , all the leftist ideologies would be done for in a flesh.

    1. Absolutely. I am not sure how many keyboard warriors here would be able to survive in that environment. I spent the first 27 years of my life over there (military service included), so take my word for it.

      1. Many keyboard warriors here . Notice how foreigners take greater risks in the usa in regards to business? They take all their savings and risk it on a fast food joint and don’t bat an eye. They don’t give a shit . Ask any American to gamble like that and they say “I can’t do something like that”

        1. The Americans/add any Western nationality care about their holidays , concerts , movies , sports , hobbies , travelling etc. They fill their lives with this stuff . All an Eastern Euro cares about is making as much money as possible and fucking as many women as possible. Like literally , they will think and talk about these two only things 24/7.

        2. My entire financial life is a gamble (eh.. I would not call it that. let’s say I’m trying to always get the odds in my favor). I don’t know about other immigrants, but that’s what I’ve always done. I lost a lot, I made a lot. When it comes to money, even if I lose it I don’t care because I know I can always make money.
          It is not the money itself, but having the ability to make it is what gives you a little mental cushion when taking large risks. That’s the point a lot of people miss in America. The money is just the score.

        3. That’s because the business environment in the USA is controlled by government. The american is going to be fucked over with ‘why don’t you have a $30,000 compliant commercial refrigeration unit per code?’ type things while the immigrant business gets by with a used residential refrigerator.
          If the immigrant businessman is attacked by the regulators the lefists have his back. If the white american businessman gets attacked by the regulators the lefists cast him as an evil exploiter and danger to public safety.
          All laws are selectively enforced and its the selection of enforcement that is important. As an american with any intelligence or drive you’re going to be selectively enforced on starting in childhood and by the time you’re an adult you know that if you try something you’re going to get stomped on unless you’re somebody somebody sent.
          Immigrants grow up in the “honest” payoff environment of their home countries and see things here much the same way. They also have the ability to simply leave. Government wants $400,000 in fines? Fuck ’em, I’m going home. The treatment of immigrants by the government often reflects this reality. It’s when the immigrant gets seriously hurt by leaving for one reason or another and won’t have leftists protecting him that’s when he’s done for.

        4. You forgot to mention eastern european obsession with name brands i.e Nike, Adidas, Apple, Bmw…..if you wear something in public tht is not branded, generic, you are seen as a loser. Corporate propaganda did its job

        5. This comes from the communist era, when name brands represented everything we wanted to have and did not. It has nothing to do with corporate propaganda.

      2. Actually most guys here have a pretty realistic view of life. Try having a decent conversation with the average 20-smth western chump, who has never heard of manosphere or shit like that. It’s a real pain in the ass. They make me wanna puke.

      3. On the other hand,
        Life is fairly easy in the tropics, they may not have many luxuries, but none of the men seem to work very hard. A couple of hours a day in the fields, then the rest of the time swinging in a hammock drinking rice whiskey.
        In the UK, until I retired, I just seemed to work and sleep.

        1. There is plenty to do and experience if you don’t tie yourself down to just work and sleep. That is a trap set by one’s own mind, that you don’t have to fall into. It’s just that most people choose it as the default route because most people are intellectually lazy or just plain old regular lazy.

        2. lazy guy here,
          currently subjected to the work/home routine.
          I read, I write, I try to stay involved with my kin as best I can.
          I try to be in line with God’s laws as best I can.
          I try to push people to better themselves in behaving like actual complete adults, in writing correctly, in talking correctly, in living correctly.
          I have a few short term objectives that I will eventually touch with relative ease – now after wars and battles fought for it – the easiness I mean.
          Long term:
          I want to travel.
          I want to become complete.
          I want to build a house.
          I want to build a family.
          From my perspective, the above long terms will destroy me financially.
          Do you see something I perhaps am missing from my perspective ?
          Btw, Nice to see you active Mr. J.

  7. Good article . Too many times EE is painted as some paradise people are dying to live in when truly it is the opposite and the lines at the US embassy can be 3 or 4 blocks long

  8. “Where the Englishman would apologise profusely and wait for you to move out of his path…”
    reminds me of this scene

        1. The American South has a pretty good handle on it too. Bless their hearts.

        2. It is really a skill that is difficult to grasp. Subtle insults are much more personal and effective than the overt FUCK YOU. I would like to see an article on proper dialogue with people you disagree with.

        3. My mom’s English cousin came for a visit once. I swear to God, he was putting my parents down, all while smiling at them. Really annoyed me, it went over their heads

        4. Lolknee and I have had that discussion. He prefers the direct “Fuck You” route, because he’s the quintessential New York City boy. And that makes sense. But to me, the South has this large store of code words and body language that is just fascinating. If you’re not familiar with it you can stand and talk to a Southerner for 15 minutes and walk away thinking “What a nice fellow” while all the time he was basically telling you to go fuck yourself. Once you know the code, the South seems much less “nice”. But still, it’s charming. I like the charm. Direct works too, but normally comes across as course and crass to me, however it’s needed in some situations as well.

        5. that example below from “the sound of music” is a prime example. You come off cordial and the better person, but all the while insulting them. Once they replay the dialogue in their head, they realize you are talking down to them.
          However, that does require a certain amount of intelligence on both sides.

        6. Ive never had the chance to experience that, Ive only seen it in movies, like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

        7. tactics like flipping the script or illustrating absurdity by being absurd sometimes works with liberals, but it usually goes over their heads. Sarcasm sometimes backfires because they take you seriously.

        8. That’s what makes interesting to me. Blunt just seems so vulgar and demands nothing from either the one offering insult nor the insulted. It’s easy, and can be powerful if delivered very infrequently such that it catches others off guard, but as a normal thing it’s rather pedestrian.
          Untangling the verbiage and codes of a well defined culture however, that’s great fun.

        9. That is what gets me about lolknees approach. Conversing with him, I can tell he is a very intelligent guy. When he does come back with bluntness, it is like he is selling himself short.

        10. I don’t think so…..he may do a little boasting, but I can tell he knows what he is talking about when it comes to PUA tactics.
          The annoying drunk is easy to catch in their stories. They aren’t worth your time and with them, the overt approach is probably better.

        11. It’s a variation of ‘know your audience’. Each approach has its application and it takes skill to switch between the two.

        12. Now darling, I really think you might be a bit mistaken in your take on this matter. I realize you probably think you know what you’re talking about but, bless your heart, you really don’t. Have a good day now, y’hear.
          All the time baby

        13. For example anytime there’s a “shorts and flip flops” reference.
          “It’s nice out today, you gonna run inside and throw your shorts and flip flops on?”
          They’re pretty much calling you a fag.

        14. You might want to cut the apron strings = Mama’s boy
          Son I think you have a little milk on your lip = same
          I’m so sorry = I really don’t give a crap
          Bless your heart = You’re an idiot
          It’s a good thing you’re cute = You’re the dumbest person I’ve ever met

        15. Every time I hear “bless your heart” my mind automatically adds “You retard”. I wouldn’t be surprised if at one time something like that was tacked on the end and then later dropped to keep things polite.

        16. I’m happy wearing shorts and flip flops.
          It’s a holiday outfit, and I’m on holiday from now until I die.

        17. This is so true. I’ve known some Southerners that were just masters of smiling in your face with the warmest grin, looking you in the eyes with all sincerity, talking to you with that slow drawl just oozing politeness and charm… only to walk away realizing you’ve had a verbal shiv dug up so deep in your kidneys that you can’t ever show your face there again, lol.

        18. I love seeing that kind of thing in action. The English do it well too (hence the origin of my observation). I really enjoy cultural understandings that require intelligence.

        19. Insulting can be great fun. If you ever get me really mad, I don’t just blindly throw a word out:
          “You bowles of an incontinent poodle, I’d break your nose off but that’d be an improvement. X years you’ve been on this earth, and never as valuable as an earthworm. Walk away backwards so I don’t get an urge to lose a good boot in your ass.”
          Not hard, and just making one up on the spot felt good.

        20. One I particularly like to throw out now and then:
          “Your socks are ill fitting”

        21. Plus a lot of them are so dry about it that even when it’s apparent there’s a joke most people can’t distinguish if it’s really just a joke or an insult and then they get confused. Then it gets even better after that depending on their reaction.

        22. Every time I hear “bless your heart”

          The best rejoinder to that is something to the effect of “God Bless you too” (and mean it like their comment went over your head).
          It tends to short-circuit most southerners since people who use that phrase tend to be religious (or have a religious background).

        23. I prefer the clever insults normally only seen in movie scripts set in the 19th century or with hard boiled detectives.
          But it all comes down to what Casper Gutman said to Sam Spade:

          The full scene:

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        25. Two standards we Southerners use —
          * You ain’t from around here are ya Hon? (ie, get the hell out of here.)
          * You Poor Dear. (You are so stupid you f’up again didn’t you.)
          Classics in their own right.

      1. Generally “cheers” is the more common currency for thank you in day to day life, outside of commercial transactions and formal events.

    1. I have this movie in my collection – was fuckin’ funny and Eric Idle was great. And this movie was made literally just before Europe starting becoming islamic shit-hole eurabia.

  9. “I also found out that Russian women generally age better, especially in their thirties and forties”
    I have always found that EE women age horribly. The only real exceptions are EE females who are professional model (successful ones) who have the cash to spend on necessary plastic surgery such as liposuction to prevent them from become bloated babushkas, and other things to keep their faces from caving in entirely.

  10. “3. Without money, you are nothing”
    ^^^ THIS ^^^^^ X 1000000.
    Absolutely true. And you need lots of it. And when you have no $$$$, just watch how that sweet little Russian flower who you thought loved you eternally will give you the proverbial Russian middle finger.
    This might be doable if there was plenty of opportunity to make lots of money in Russia (or any of the other former soviet countries), but as was stated – it’s only the Oligarchs and their silver spoon fed children who are wealthy.
    If one is a westerner and relocates to Russia he best have an alternative income stream going on eg.: online business or a financial portfolio that allows him to live off the interest.
    And if that income stream ever fails, just watch how ugly and lonely Russia can be when you are in need. That is when you will truly know the real Russia.
    Communism sucked of course, and now that it has ended, the new Czars are back, and of course that will suck too.

    1. So if I had a retirement income of $100k U.S./year that never dried up, I’d be golden?

        1. Hey, if the wife leaves, or I leave her, or she passes, I want to keep my options open. As I understand it you can buy some pretty sharp castles in EE for beans. Grab one of those for cash, renovate it where needed and then pull in 100 bucks a year and I’m thinking, that wouldn’t be a bad life.

        2. I used to speak Czech (can’t even pretend to any longer, outside of a few fun “get your face slapped” phrases and courtesies), so I figure I can pick up sufficient Polish or Czech again if need be.

        3. Hey, you learned Czech in the army, right? I think you have mentioned DLI.
          Among other units, I was in an air cav unit that had some Czech linguists in our HHC. No other languages. This was in the late 80’s. I concluded that if the balloon went up in Europe, our AO was to be Czechoslovakia or damn near.

        4. No, I was in military intelligence in the Army. I was an intelligence analyst, signals intercept operative.

        5. I was the mid to late 80’s. While I wasn’t near an air cav unit, I’d wager that there’s a high degree of certainty that you probably ran into a classmate or two of mine. Czech was a pretty small pool of people.

        6. Makes sense. Czechoslowakia was one of the major producers of cars, trains and etc.
          Too bad they didn’t modernize the factories. We are still backwards in some things.

        7. They also, at the time, did pilot training exercises in Cuba.

        8. Václav Havel, the first president after the fall of communism, gave away big portion of weapon foreigner markets to western companies and also greatly reduced the production.
          Makes you wonder about all that fall of the communism thing.

    2. Not true my friend according to the AMOGs reporting from their keyboard weapons. All you need is solid frame , push pull, negging, and flipping the script to keep your flower . She will even eat dirt and die of hunger if you have solid frame.

      1. “Not true my friend according to the AMOGs reporting from their keyboard weapons. All you need is solid frame, push pull, negging and …”
        Indeed – there are many keyboard jockeys that talk shit and claim they are experts, though I will say that this particular article is reasonably well balanced.

        1. If you try to buy friends, you are sentenced to find out, money only can rent them. Worldwide phenomenon, not exclusive to Russia.
          Nevertheless: you need money there. A lot, and some more. (A bit less if you can – here comes the frame part – suggest that you are loaded.) But connections go an even longer way.
          Those women being with you because they do believe you have money (regardless its merit) are rentals. So simple. And yes, most of them are gold-diggers to a certain degree anyways.
          It is essential to understand: not even Russia is a Garden of Eden, where 9.9+ babes would selflessly schlob on any loser’s knob. But the system there is tweaked differently, and that can be beneficial for many.

        2. “It is essential to understand: not even Russia is a Garden of Eden, where 9.9+ babes would selflessly schlob on any loser’s knob. But the system there is tweaked differently, and that can be beneficial for many.”
          I hear what you’re saying, but Russia seems too hardcore for me, especially after factoring in the long miserable cold Winters there. There are other factors to consider as a whole.

        3. Like I said in my first comment here: Russia is not necessary the kingdom even for all the Neomasculine (in training) men, and definitely is not for the run of the mill dudebros. You made your personal SWOT analisys, and said “no thanks”. Nothing wrong with that. I find the United States a barren land in terms of women, while Russia is my land of milk and honey. (Maybe it is a heritage thing, me being of Slavic descent. That would also explain how I can enjoy both hot and cold climates: hot still strikes me as something exotic, and cold is the “normal”.)

  11. In America we swallowed the idea of “no one should go hungry”, “everyone is equal”, “no one shouldn’t be with out health care”, “we need socialized medicine, schools and more money towards education.”
    When in reality nothing is free. No even healthcare. It may be morally conflicting but the real thing is that money runs everything and that’s how it is. Russians from what I’ve read the article, understand this perfectly.
    They understand that with money, life is easy. No money on your own with god mercy.
    In the US however, we want to live in an utopia which is completely laughable.
    However, I don’t agree that no safety standards for bus drivers and traffic safety.
    This is why masculine men would want to live in Russia.

  12. Same in Eastern Europe. You either like to swim against the current as a salmon and being able to strive in a hostile environment or you are done for. There is no tolerance for weakness in these cultures and you have to make triple the effort to live at a level similar to what is accessible to the average Western boy. You don’t know how easy you have it 😀 Seen a few trying to live the dream, but most failed miserably 😀

    1. Every other country 18 yr olds are to enlist for military service mandatory. Why is the US the only one that doesn’t do this?
      Maybe that’s why we don’t hear boys feeling wanting to be girls or having an “identity crisis of gender” why? Because they are manning the fuck up at an early age.

      1. Military service, It’s not the norm anywhere in the west.
        I understand current/former commie countries and dictatorships are still like that.

      2. Because we’re a nation established on the principle that a man owns his own life and is not a thrall of the state.

        1. A fully staffed standing army of the entire nation’s youth is a huge toy for politicians that they would not resist playing with. It’s not like we have a shortage of idiotic skirmishes that we engage in, but we’d have a ton more of them, and bigger ones, if we had a conscript army.

      3. conscripted army with no more than a rifle to carry is little more than cannon fodder. Proper equipment and skills in running that equipment is more important than the number of bodies in the field.

      4. I did “soviet style” conscript military service, let me tell you that as a combat force we sucked. Shot 3 live rounds for each weapon I was trained for, except the 8 for the machinegun and 1 handgranade and RPG each. The only things you learned there were: heavy drinking, defying authority, how to handle boredom and violence and to generally give no fucks about life ’cause whatever you do it does not matter as you can’t get over the glass ceiling. We’ve got a 4% attempted suicide rate in my company too… so go figure how useful it was 🙂 Sure, boyscout camp 2.0 for the brave 😀

  13. There is a YouTube channel called Stop a Douchebag where they challenge people who drive and park on public sidewalks. Sometimes the offending car moves and other times fights break out when nobody backs down.

    1. At least they’re only parked on them. In Paris, they drive on them. In fact, driving in Paris in general is a huge game of Chicken where your life is at stake, even if you’re a pedestrian on the sidewalk.

    1. The commentary is not that interesting. Pretty much what Jean-Batave himself described: rich kids being assholes and their powerful parents achieving way too lenient sentences.
      What I found interesting though is that they are all sorta…khachiki, ie. not ethnic Russians, but from the Caucasus, Central Asia, etc.

      1. ” The commentary is not that interesting. ”
        Maybe so, but it would still be interesting to have the English.

      2. Russia is very much a caste society. If you are a Russian, not wealthy, a professional, or one of the groups that run the country, your betters won’t speak to you or acknowledge you. Status is needed before you can talk to different people. For ex.: An Academician or Professor will not speak with ordinary doctors or what have you.

        1. I had found ample inclusion of the true sort. But starting with your second sentence I could not really follow you.

        2. Simply that your profession and status determines who you interact with; whereas in America not so true.
          By way of illustration: A friend told me how he wanted to interview German generals from WWII back in the 60s. In Germany one would have to know someone who knew them to vouch for him; or be on the professional or societal same status level.
          Being from America he simply went to their door and knocked. And they spoke to him.
          I’ve had Russians tell me – that an important man I knew, if they met them in the shop, would not ever speak to them because they weren’t high enough. They would be invisible.

        3. Thank you for the clarification, now I get it.
          Never had seen this in effect as strong as you described though. (Probably because of my actual status, the fact that I would lie through my teeth and fake more status in need, or if neither, I would just be around regular people.)

        4. By the way, I greatly enjoyed your article as a fellow traveler who has been there. )
          There is a Russian trait that is called elsewhere “tall poppy syndrome”, in that if one Russian begins to get ahead the others will do all they can to pull him/her back down. Mentioned this elsewhere and was told the Aussies were deep into that as well.

  14. I can respect the Russians but would not want to live there. I am an American and would much rather take back my country than leave for another.

    1. America used to strike the perfect balance between the harsh Russians and the Genteel West. We were more or less polite in day to day life, had clean and livable towns and villages and had a sense of community, just like the English used to have, however, we’d punch you straight in the face if you fucked with us or our family or friends. We played rough, we fought in bars, and we didn’t take bullshit from others, all the while saying our please and thank yous.
      That’s gone now of course. The “genteel” part morphed into the supplicating betas and the rough and tumble went to the ghetto and the two do not intersect at all in most people any longer.

      1. The morphed genteelness is only a front though. Not like you guys don’t already know this. Leftists – the herd in general, even – are deeply disturbed, angry, unhappy people. Any appearance of nicety is almost always just a front.
        I come from a pretty small town, and when I was a kid, everybody, young and old, spent a lot of time walking the streets. Everyone, I mean everyone, always smiled and exchanged greetings when they passed, even on the rare occasion when you didn’t know the other person. Then I grew up & entered a piece of shit liberal state college, with a student population 600% of my hometown. I was astounded by the coldness on campus. Everybody was a shoegazer, nobody said hello, and if you so much as made eye contact with passersby, they’d look at you like you were Ted Bundy or something. I knew then and there I’d made a poor life decision. I wish the manosphere had existed back then, bc it took a good 15 more years to figure things out.

        1. My son made the same observation about living on campus. He’s going to move off campus next year, he says that it’s cold (socially) and there are lots of unhappy Leftists everywhere and he’s of the mind that he doesn’t want that in his life.

      2. America was the experiment that took the English gentleman and threw him into the woods to survive. The result was nothing less than world conquering – politically, socially, culturally. Now… not so much, but hopefully America will find its groove again.

      3. Depends on where you go. You can find that old USA in the right neighborhoods. Typically those still white neighborhood islands and some middle class black neighborhoods that haven’t succumbed to the lower class moving in on government aid. There’s a number of them on the southside of the Chicago metro area. The northside however is different. I don’t want to say ‘beta’ but it’s that backstabbing corporate culture thing. It’s rather infuriating and drives born and raised southsiders crazy.

    2. I respect your attitude. Personally, I hate immigration. Whether its people coming in or going out. Something about it strikes me as cowardice and betrayal.

  15. From what I’ve seen (read: from the Boris videos I’ve watched on YouTube), they seem deeply distrustful of anyone from capitalist countries, and especially to Americans.
    I used to dream of moving there and being happy, banging broads like that one porn chick all day (you all know the one, don’t lie) and enjoying the pig-free life. But it just doesn’t seem realistic. Perhaps Eastern Europe is a better long-term choice.

    1. “deeply distrustful of anyone from capitalist countries” – they are capitalist, possibly even more than the West these days. And while the days when an American passport itself was the license to kill beavers by the dozen even in Moscow are long gone, they do not resent people from the West. Not at all.
      Eastern Europe is easier to access, that is a fact, compared to Russia, and while you could get similar results, EE is on the sad track of convergence to the West, so if you do not care what your cake is made of if it is called a cake, you can be satisfied.

      1. That’s what I fail to understand. They seem super-capitalist these days, yet still don’t trust those capitalist Americans? Old habits die hard, I guess.

        1. I had gotten drunk with my newfound bar buddies on their dime in Moscow several times after the sentence: “You are American, right?” (YMMV, though.)
          They do not trust – or for that matter, care about; as described in the article as well – anybody in general. Not trusting Americans has nothing to do with any parties being capitalist, but with the fact that they are deeply nationalistic. (Which I view as a good thing.)

        2. Good to know. Maybe I shouldn’t give up all hope. Besides, after a generation or two, I’m sure my progeny would be accepted in spite of the funny last name.

        3. Let me elaborate a bit on that.
          If you are cool, they are cool. If you act like the stereotypical American, they definitely will “introduce sanctions”, to say so.
          Hope shall not be given up. And please do not take this as malice, but if you worry about last names, you need to build some more frame before trying in Russia. Then – go and conquer!

    2. I don’t see that at all. People come up to me and ask where I’m from (they can tell by the clothing I’m not Russian). As I note above, it’s always “Ah American”, and a pat on the back, an offer of a drink. I’ve even had Russian vets give me one of the medals.
      Of course you need to be an alpha and carry yourself strongly – neither the men or women like wimps.

  16. I think it is a rather spot-on evaluation on Russia.
    We can establish that it’s good to be the King, as a universal rule, applicable everywhere. (What is the name of this site, again‽) What does it take to be the King – shall be the question when thinking about different places and cultures to live in,
    at least for us, men on the path of Neomasculinity.
    This article explicitly answers that question regarding Russia. Certainly, it might
    not be the kingdom y’all aspire for. As for me, it is – mainly because I had made
    it there.
    I might just end up sharing my story with you…

    1. But only in the states did I see young men who had bright futures (and even fortunes) accept being treated like **** from women due to the strong American culture of feminism that hobbles young men to feel inferior and women to add at least 2 points on the 0/10 scale.
      One guy I know had a PhD in computer science (back when that meant something), 6 footer, and otherwise well groomed and likable and couldn’t get **** to save his life.
      Only in the states are there women with 2 kids from different men who have long hit (and passed) their prime demanding online to go out on dates only with handsome, successful men and apparently getting their way (at least in the short run.)

      1. The current state of intersexual affairs in the United States (and in the first world in general) is apalling, no disagreement here.

        1. I just had an interesting thought about an analogy.
          Ever see those pharmacy commercials in the states for different drugs such as “abilify” or “stelara?” They’re like a Soviet communism commercial: “When you’re on Stelara, you can have beautiful skin and people will be happy around you! Ask YOUR doctor about Stelara!”
          And then… the quick text that’s hard to follow with the disclaimers: “Stelara weakens your immune system. If you have a germ that might kill you, tell your doctor before taking this.”
          Indeed, feminism promised women all these goodies and like consumers, they didn’t “read” the fine print. Their immune system was weakened and what originally was a kind of paradise for them in the 70’s and 80’s (certain women got high paying jobs and then continued to marry up) quickly wound up backfiring and now we have this where nearly everyone is miserable.

        2. Astute observation.
          ..and like average consumers keen to sue the companies, having never been forced to observe the millennia-old rule “caveat emptor” (buyer beware), they would happily blame this on the imaginary boogieman, planted into their brains by the bad trip drug called feminism: the Patriarchy.

        3. Although I’m no stinkin’ leftist, I don’t think the average consumer is lawsuit happy. I personally have had at least a half dozen good reasons to sue in my lifetime, but opted not to due the hassle factor. Attorneys were unintersted (almost acting like I was bothering them even though I paid for a consultation) because they wanted easy cases that, as the saying goes, a dead attorney could litigate: dog bites, injuries from auto accidents, someone grabbing your butt at work in full view of witnesses, etc. They wanted to negotiate a settlement and then get a cut rather than prove a case. It’s funny because the ones I know tell me their experiences in lawschool emphasized them developing critical thinking and detective skills but they’re more like pencil pushing clerks in practice.
          They do love class actions against deep pockets though. But they need to start out with at least a dozen or more people with some good injuries to get the ball rolling then hope to get half of the actual award. That’s their dream ticket.
          But as an average Joe consumer, it’s not easy to pull a slip-and-fall as you might think.
          Feminists like to blame the Patriarchy for the same reason that many women like to bitch at their boyfriends: because their boyfriends are NICE to them. You bite the hand that feeds ya because that’s the hand you don’t think will actually hit you back. Feminism’s boogyman is their benefactor. Think about it and how this neatly describes Sweden: A paradise built by men doing the ultimate bad patriarchy stuff (going out and robbing and looting from other nations long before England came up with the idea) and building up natural industries manned by men: steel, forestry, oil, and other manly stuff.
          So naturally the first thing the feminist matriarchy did when they took over was trash the whole place making it a hell on earth now for women one city block at a time. eff ’em.

      2. How many of the guys you know were raised by single moms? They were repeatedly taught “be a (chump) nice guy for women and treat them with (unearned) respect” by their own mothers. I know some here think that isn’t an excuse, but I do think it is a valid handicap that those men have to work harder to overcome. (Your only parent lied to you repeatedly). Some guys don’t make it, but the ones that do learn, and accept, a hard rule as a man: Never trust a woman.

        1. Actually, I think the seeds of destruction were planted by west-west European chivalry by many two parent households.
          One guy told me that he advised his daughter on all The Rules type of behavior such as shit tests, using her sexuality to demand stuff from men, and having materialistic demands of men. I advised that a more respectful courtship was in order and to even practice basic courtesy such as when you’re being taken out by someone, give a gift (even a small gesture) such as perhaps a thank you card. He was in shock. A woman give a GIFT to a man?
          This hypergamy behavior does help make men thirsty overall but simultaneously makes them less intellectually appealing to men. What woman wants a man that she’s beaten into submission like a plow mule? Then the alphas see through the shit tests and do pump and dump.
          But I haven’t gone over instruction for men which appears to me just an extension of childhood obedience to mommy. You know the saying: “Just wait until daddy gets home!”? That’s kind of how the legal system works too. Fathers in chivalrous households become mere enforcers for a matriarchy. They’re out at work all day and hand over the paycheck to mommy which is what feminism is merely an extension of too. So young boys pander to women and later become sexual beta beggars and this happens even in two parent households.
          On the contrary, single mother households usually have SPOILED boys since there’s no male enforcer and the street culture overwhelms any efforts at parenting the mother might try to enforce. After all, she doesn’t understand masculinity very well (which is why she’s single after all) and can’t relate to him. I find it a challenge as well to relate to my daughter as well but since I resolve to get along with her mother, that helps in me respecting her gender and figuring out how to relate to her. But single mothers are clueless in addition to having additional stress to distract them. That’s why young boys raised by single mothers are pretty much gang banger material.
          Many single mothers will then say: “What about war widows and women who divorced an abusive man she met back in high school!?!?” Well, at least in those cases, the mothers made a best effort to make the relationships work which is the essence of good parenting (you can’t be perfect, but you make your best try). Compare and contrast to most single mothers who “phoned it in” (as the idiom goes) and used her sexuality and gender privilege to get attention in her youth and now they are hit, full blast, on their own with the demands of single parenting (something I personally wouldn’t want to do unless I had to.)

        2. Disagree. The fathers from my experience were not “enforcers of matriachry”, but the men who kept their wives in check and took care of their kids. They were the ones that doled out the punishment, so they would contemplate before acting.
          Maybe its different in Polish communities.

        3. I don’t mean to imply this was common in the Polish community or your own but rather pointing out that western culture, particularly Anglo culture, was and is more chivalrous than most others with the exception of the Scandanavian countries (which has their own form of matriarchy) but both are similar in that just as the Vikings would be off on their adventures while the women at home ran things, the American frontier and factory workers also largely had a lot of absentee fathers who nonetheless supported the family but allowed women to jump into the power gap.
          Yes, my father often took my side when he got home but keep in mind that he was tired after a long day at work and it was my word against my mother’s as I’m sure was the case in other households. I’m just saying that’s the logistics of it.
          In addition, chivalrous honor of women meant that a lot of men not only defended women physically but considered themselves disposible. This is the core of how man-hating feminism evolved from supposedly noble suffragettes to today. It’s an entitlement culture. Men had to EARN a living while women had it given to them simply for breathing and making children (if they chose. Even back then, some women didn’t have children by choice.)
          As a kind of neat allegory to this, I’m reminded of a guy whose writes a travel blog (Mathew Klint) who was kicked off of a flight for taking a photo of his business class seat for his blog. The stewardess was one of those fascist types and got upset and asked him to put away his phone and he did. He then later went up to her and said he didn’t mean any harm and hoped she would be ok with it.
          Well, as we know, some women are just out to look for an excuse and this one did. The captain came up to him and said: “The FA says you refused to stop taking pictures and her orders so I’m ejecting you from the flight.” He said he not only complied with the order but only wanted her to know he meant no harm and the captain said: “The decision is made. Want me to call the marshall?” and he left.
          So this is a neat allegory I think of what often happens: A man with other tasks to do (the captain wants to get the plane in the air without wasting anymore time) so didn’t want to listen to his story and just let the FA crack her whip. He later got the story out to the media and this helped to illustrate how we have to be careful when dealing with sky warden FA’s.

    1. I miss the bears on unicycles from this video.
      Also funny how there is not one Slavic beauty shown, but women with ambiguous racial background and typical “English roses” instead…

    2. I don’t want to sound like a queer or nothing, but what ever happened to old Robbie Williams? He wasn’t half bad. Seemed to be the only man’s man that came out of the boy band era…Right when the world needed them most.

      1. Been a fan of his since the late 90’s. I think some of his work in the early 00’s is pretty good and I still have a lot of it it in my play lists. His newest video “Mixed Signals” kind of got on my nerves though. He plays a beta whipped boy crying about a girl not responding to his text messages. We the viewer follow through a first person POV of the girl as she’s out drinking with her friends, robbing a poor guy at a bar, and cheating on him (in the alternate ending versions).

        1. He could very well just stick to jazz finally, that would make him a legend. He has the talent for that. But swinging (pun intended) between styles like that will not yield him immortality. This way he will end up being the boy band singer who could never truly emerge from pop… Sad.

    1. With the notable exception of maybe the top 1% game magicians, if one goes there for the girls only, not interested in undertstanding and exploring (or being afraid of!) the circumstances that developed that particular female population, he will fail. Not saying that he would not have some good lays, but eventually the result still will be bitterness, sense of failure, and the question: “Is this really it? Screw this, I am outta here.”

  17. your experience of a big city will be the same everywhere you go, thanks to globalization. I’ve been everywhere, it’s more or less the same shit. I bet people would be much different had you gone to small towns. People are generally much nicer as soon as you escape the horrendous city life.

  18. If Hillary would of won I would of made it a mission to leave and Eastern Europe was top of the list, Russia 2nd.

    1. I actually did have the same contingency plan. (Russia only if the dyke hag ostensibly would have been unable to spark a war.)

  19. As attractive as Russian women are…it’s a generation away from being a place I’d like to live, this article makes it sound like a sewer.
    Of course by the time it sounds good, it may be the equivalent of Toronto, ugly cunts and PC mother fuckers……

    1. In my opinion sanitary places bring out the maladies in people. Biologically as well as culturally. You can’t have top (consumerist) life quality, freedom and societal mental sanity at the same time.
      Also: safe and sanitary things are practically never fun.

  20. Funny, but generally true in my experience. Liked the
    “Razreshajtje” comment. I’m a fairly big guy and walk directly, but usually politely, and noticed I was getting buffeted a fair bit by Russians walking into me.
    Gave it a little thought, and figured “fuck the politeness”. Thereafter I simply walked more resolutely, never looking at the people in front of me, rather looking through them to the distance. At that they all, even the big guys, got out of my way. Gotta show’em the alpha.
    Russians love Americans. Typically I’ll get asked where I’m from “Gdye vwi?” and I say America, with their response a big “Ahhh, Amerrrica”.
    Russian women in general are thinner and more feminine than American women, but pretty American women can hold their own on looks. But Russian women are extremely materialistic; and in spite of what you hear about Russian men being alpha they are played for dolts by the girls. If they only have 1000 rubles, or whatever, to last them the rest of the month, the girl they are out with expects that they will spend the money, all of it, on her at her command or else he is simply “greedy”.
    Anyone who goes out with a Russian girl without a game plan is naive. And the majority of girls would rather you simply make the offer, give them money to fuck them, than go out, because then they can use the money for what they want – cosmetics, clothes, rent, etc.
    American guys who know how to make love, and insist on good sex in return, are loved by Russian girls, and will always come back for more, because the Russian men seem only to know how to pump and dump. But oral and anal sex are a staple in Russia as the men insist and the girls accommodate them. Maybe anal was their birth control under the Soviets.
    All the girls know how to give head. When they strip all you have to do is point to the floor and they know that means get on your knees and start sucking. But I have to say I have rarely not had good sex with a Russian girl – they want the man to enjoy himself with their body and have a big orgasm.
    A favorite Russian saying is “eto Rossiya”. Why doesn’t the toilet work, are their potholes, no money for food, or whatever – Eto Rossiya (Its Russia).

    1. Could not have said it better myself!
      While true indeed that Russian women are materialistic – are Western females not? At least with the Russians the equation is simple, and they never get access to the core wealth without the man’s express consent. Unlike in the West…

        1. For me it is certainly easier to understand and accept, play along and enjoy that process, than the shitshow in the West.

      1. Generally speaking Russian women are more materialistic compared to westenern ones, you never gonna find russian girl pay for dinner and drinks whereas many western will if she is into you, it won’t be a big deal for her.
        Like it or not western women are the least gold digging out there.
        I think russian women peak earlier and age badly, after 30 they start getting that babushka look, they age more rapidly, ass start getting loose and saggy, flat…bad diet, smoking, harsh conditions are all contributing factors

        1. Look, David – AWALT. I am way too old for the romantic, women-glorifying approach that your comment suggests (“if she is into you”; c’mon!). Truth being: it is a transaction, full stop. But unlike Western females, Russian girls do appreciate your resources, because they are fully aware of the transaction, not to mention their own expendability.
          Aphoristically: I prefer to dine and pay the hefty bill in an expensive restaurant, on my own terms, than being robbed and shot in the head on my way to a “Makdak”. (Russian slang for McDonalds.)
          Paradox as it is, but Russian women dig their gold that hard because they are way less entitled and know their value (and on what curve it does decline) better. “Gotta make it whlie I am young.” – and yes, they lose it fast. (But they don’t want to be out there alone after hitting the proverbial wall, as they are not generally blinded by the current year feminist bullshit. They constantly fight – because they have to – for your resources with everything at their disposal, and they expect you to fight for said resources. If one fails to do so, the other one terminates the agreement. Simple as that.)
          And so what, if the quality of food in that said expensive restaurant drops, but the prices remain, there are still many freshly open to business places for men to spend their money.
          I personally refuse to beg – to be robbed and tricked, then dumped. Russian women taught me that this does not have to be the only way, that there is mutually beneficial solution between the sexes. Which is largery forgotten in the West.

    2. Trying to walk through men in a country where the national sport is sambo (practiced religiously) is a good way to wind up missing a few teeth.
      I am Russian. Grew up in the Soviet union. Most of what you say is hogwash, both about the men and the women.

        1. Alpha people don’t say idiotic things like, “be alpha” or “gotta show them the alpha.” Take your own advice.
          And Razhreshite is an honorific that means “with your permission”. Notice the “te” at the end. The rude version wouldn’t have the same ending. If you are in Russia all the time, you’d know this.
          But hey Russia is a big place. Maybe you’ve found some small insular culture bubble (like the center of Moscow) where people are willing to let tourists get away with shit behavior. You’ve been really lucky.

        2. You are cucking again. An obvious gamma.
          As to Razhreshite, you can argue with the author. I commented upon the reality of the rudeness, not the language.

        3. I can argue with whoever I please.
          The reality of the rudeness is, more often than not, if you try to bump a large, Russian man out of your way in the street, you’re going home with broken legs.
          Oh, and fuck off with your pathetic attempts to categorize me. You sound like a five year old.

        4. You’re clearly to much of an idiot to come up with anything other than playground insults. That’s pretty boring.
          You are a fat american coward that claims to travel overseas to find prostitutes because you’ve let your own women get too fat and ugly to even pay for. Go back to McDonalds and eat your happy meal like the whale you are. Just because you’ve managed to get sucked off by a desperate, homeless, hooker doesn’t mean you know a thing about Russia. You’ve obviously never even been there.

        5. You really are a gamma. I practically live there, and have been in many of the large cities on business. Go play your games elsewhere gamma

        6. You mean making assumptions about people without knowing anything about them is stupid?
          Who would have thought… idiot.

  21. It’s more often than not a very cruel country to live in on so many different levels. Essentially, most of them aren’t civilized and lack the values and sensibility that made the west the most habitable zones on this otherwise sad and confused planet.
    Perversely most western countries are in the process of destroying themselves through a form of Marxist self-hatred that would have had us all live since time immemorial in mountain cave utopias, bouncing bones eternally off each other heads………

    1. Yes. Russia is actually about the same as Brazil, but it also has oil and gas wealth making it look better. Ukraine is definitely worse than Brazil.

  22. Anybody here read “High Heels and Dirty Deals” by Brett Tate? If so, how accurate is it?

  23. Americans are much nicer and polite while keeping arms length distance. You can greet your American neighbor and live next to each other for over 20 years but the most conversation will be short and something about “nice weather” or typical fake “how are you?” but the chance that he may invite you to his home are slim.
    Russians, even though, they may appear colder and standoffish, once you get to know them, they will open up to you faster than American. While Russians are more blunt and will be upfront with their feelings, they will also share their culture with you.

  24. my experience is fairly removed.. i went to a university in China, but many classmates, were Russian, Belarus, Siberia, Khazakh. They are fairly distant until you pass.. I passed, because, as one guy put it “you aren’t a normal American.” This was a comparison to the NYU students on campus, who seemed to be on a mission of democracy and human rights. Being a native New Yorker, I was cynical enough. Recently a Coloradan, I tapped into the stoic, patient, dry Front Range thing.. a Kyrgyzstan friend loved to think of me as a cowboy. A Vladivostok buddy shared his dreams of traveling the USA on a Harley. They don’t take shit, but they can also be incredibly romantic in their ideals. It also helps to get the joke. A Siberian 8/10 practiced her English with me.. as in saying.. “I want to.. kill.. O ba ma!” I could tell she wanted to see my reaction.. getting the joke was a big part of the shit test. Once you pass, they seriously have your back. Fast forward to life back in Denver, shortly after the Boston bombing, my bag got dumped out and searched at a campus event.. my friend, a Russian (no vowels in her name) said it’s because my looks (my family is part Cossack). So, I understand why Russians feel singled out.

    1. “..said it’s because my looks (my family is part Cossack).”
      You were profiled after a terrorist attack. That’s a good thing especially when you look like the ethnic group doing the killing. I get asked to dump all my luggage by US customs everytime I go back, but it has to do with my long absence outside of CONUS and some of the places I have been. It’s understandable.

  25. Are you kidding ? I’m Russian living in Moscow.
    Russia is feminist matriarchal country at least since USSR !!
    Most men here are ruled by women and I heard that Russia has the biggest number of female bosses in Europe. Russian women age horribly and are rude arrogant cold career oriented bitches
    Its a shithole !
    This is how girls are trained to lead boys in kindergarten:

  26. Ha! Ha! The hen-pecked hubbies, dweebs and “Ooh-I’m-a-real-man-because-I’ve-grown-a-bushy-beard” types who inhabit this site wouldn’t last 5 minutes. Including the clearly inadqueate individual who created it.

  27. In the third picture in your article you should be aware that a lot of these babushkas that are on their knees begging with a picture of Jesus in their hands are actually not white Christian Russian grandmas but in fact central Asian Muslims
    Russian Babushkas usually try to sell fruits and mushrooms they’ve gone out and gathered from the forests

  28. @Jean-Batave thank you on an excellent article. Just one question, how would the nine points you detailed compare in Poland? I’m planning a trip to visit Krakow next month with friends.

  29. Something the author kinda alluded to but did not quite expound on is the Patriarchy. But first you have to understand that Russia has been and still is a Matriarchy. Contradictory? Yes. But Matriarchy is the historical pattern of the country. They call it The Mother Country for a reason.
    But wrapped in that is the Patriarchy within the family unit. A man over there is expected to be the head of the clan. Not just his offspring but the in-laws, sister, brother-in-laws, etc. The trick is understanding the transfer of Patriarchy. At 22 you could have a wife but still not be the Patriarch. Come 40 and your worth has been proved all the sudden you find yourself being asked all sorts of queries from the extended family. You are now head of clan.
    How do I know? I am married to a Russian.
    Second item. My wife would not buy anything beyond normal household items without talking to every peer she has about it. It is apparently bad form to upstage members of your circle about your buying patterns. That is dying out in Russia so I suspect it is a Soviet hold over habit that is slowly fading.
    Last item. If you want to have a good time Russia is a great place. But you have to ‘get known’ by some locals. That is when you really get to know the country well. Cold and forbidding otherwise. Lastly, don’t get into a drinking contest. They are professionals. Most Westerners only do it on weekends. You will lose.

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