3 Pieces Of KGB Propaganda Americans Still Believe Today

The Sword and the Shield by KGB insider Vasili Mitrokhin provides a fascinating look from the other side of the Cold War’s espionage efforts. All told, we have confirmation of many suspected and disputed items, along with some new surprises.

For instance, Julius Rosenberg (codename ANTENNA and LIBERAL—yes, really) was guilty as hell of spying during the Manhattan Project. So was his wife Ethel, as well as David Greenglass (BUMBLEBEE and CALIBRE) and Klaus Fuchs (CHARLES). However, the big fish was Theodore Hall (MLAD, formerly Ted Holtzberg), a kid who wasn’t recruited by the KGB but came to the Soviets on his own initiative.

Also, MLK really did have Communist contacts (such as his consigliere Stanley Levison). However, when he wouldn’t denounce American imperialism as they suggested, the KGB cleverly portrayed him first as a sellout and later as a martyr.

The revelations we’ll focus on here were about rumors spread by the KGB’s “active measures” disinformation program; many of which are believed to this day.

The USA invented AIDS

Puppets don’t actually get AIDS.

The motive:

Operation INFEKTION was to make the USA look bad, especially among the Third World, and to draw heat off of the Soviet biological weapons program

The story:

Probably the most successful anti-American active measure of the Gorbachev era, promoted by a mixture of overt propaganda and covert action by Service A, was the story that the AIDS virus had been “manufactured” by American biological warfare specialists at Fort Detrick in Maryland. An East German, Russian-born physicist, Professor Jacob Segal, claimed on the basis of “circumstantial evidence” (later wholly discredited) that AIDS had been artificially synthesized at Fort Detrick from two natural viruses, VISNA and HTLV-1. Thus fortified by spurious scientific jargon, the AIDS fabrication not merely swept through the Third World, but took in some of the Western media as well. In October 1986 the conservative British Sunday Express made it its main front-page story. During the first six months of 1987 alone, the story received major news coverage in over forty Third World countries.

The Kremlin backed off of Operation INFEKTION later, but useful idiots abroad embellished it with propaganda efforts of their own:

The AIDS fabrication, however, was swiftly followed by other, equally scurriious anti-American active measures in the Third World, some of which also seduced sections of the Western media. Among the most successful was the “baby parts” story, alleging that rich Americans were butchering Third World children in order to use their bodies for organ transplants in the United States. In September 1988 a motion in the European Parliament condemning the alleged trafficking in “baby parts,” proposed by a French Communist MEP, passed on a show of hands in a poorly attended session.

The truth:

HIV—the AIDS virus—mutates at a regular rate. Scientists have traced it backwards, determining that the first of four major strains likely entered the human population around the 1920s. Randy Shilts documented the early stages of the AIDS epidemic in And the Band Played On. He speculated that the American phase of the epidemic may have begun in 1976, during a large, international bicentennial party in New York. Then it spread like wildfire through gay hookup culture, particularly the bathhouses. Still, he describes a few known cases in the 1960s, even in the USA.

Nixon cancelled the American bio-weapons program, something which would’ve made him a much better Nobel Peace Prize candidate than Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and The Lightworker, who won for not being George W. bush. Advanced gene-splicing technology didn’t exist until the 1990s. Only agribusiness has done much with it lately, or at least as far as we know.

Olympic athletes threatened

The motive:

As Mitrokhin put it, “The attempt to stir up racial tensions in the United States remained part of Service A’s stock-in-trade for the remainder of the Cold War.” Well now, who would’ve guessed? Unfortunately, it remains the stock in trade of cultural Marxism even now.

The story:

Before the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, for example, Line PR officers in the Washington residency mailed bogus communications from the Ku Klux Klan to the Olympic committees of African and Asian countries. Among the racial taunts devised by Service A for inclusion in the mailings was the following:

African monkeys!
A grand reception awaits you in Los Angeles!
We are preparing for the Olympic games by shooting at black moving targets. In Los Angeles our own Olympic flames are ready to incinerate you. The highest award for a true American patriot would be the lynching of an African monkey.
Blacks, Welcome to the Olympic games in Los Angeles!
We’ll give you a reception you’ll never forget!

This and other active measures on the same theme made front-page news in many countries. When Attorney-General William French Smith denounced the letters as KGB forgeries, Moscow predictably feigned righteous indignation at Washington’s anti-Soviet slanders.

The truth:

Despite a stilted style that doesn’t quite seem characteristic of Fraternity Tri-Kappa, some believed it was real, and a few countries didn’t send their teams. That one was also a “take that” for the previous American boycott of the Olympics in Moscow, a symbolic effort spurred by their invasion of Afghanistan. Eventually, we were making a real effort by supplying arms to Afghan rebels. Even so, given recent history, we should’ve just told the Afghans to deal with it themselves.

J. Edgar Hoover was gay

No FBI officials pictured here

The motive:

To discredit FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in the eyes of the public

The story:

The introduction states:

The KGB was among the first to spread stories that Hoover was a predatory homosexual.

The chapter “Political Warfare” provides the dirty details. Other than forging documents to make him look bad, we have the following item:

A third line of attack deployed by Service A against Hoover was to accuse him of being a homosexual. The truth about Hoover’s probably severely repressed sexuality is unlikely ever to be known. Later, much-publicized claims that he was a gay cross-dresser whose wardrobe included a red dress and boa, which made him look like “an old flapper,” and a black dress, “very fluffy, with flounces, and lace stockings,” which he wore with a black curly wig, rest on little more than the discredited testimony of a convicted perjurer, Susan Rosenstiel, who claimed to have seen Hoover so attired. Nor is there any reliable evidence that Hoover and his deputy, Clyde Tolson, who shared his house, ever had a homosexual relationship. […]

The later commercial success, admittedly in a more prurient period, of fanciful stories of Hoover at gay transvestite parties suggests that in fabricating stories of his homosexual affairs in the late 1960s Service A had hit upon a potentially promising active measures theme. DeLoach was later depressed to discover how readily such stories were accepted as “undeniable truth:”

“Tell us about Hoover and Tolson,” people would say.
“Was it obvious?”
“Did everyone know what was going on?”

The truth:

This might actually be true. Whether or not he and Clyde Tolson were roommates and co-workers, or something more, has been the subject of much speculation. One item (as mentioned) was from the wife of liquor magnate Lewis Rosenstiel, featuring J. Edgar getting a handjob in drag. Another was by journalist Pete Hammill, relating some Mafia gossip; the buzz was that they were using compromising pictures of him to get him to back off.

So that’s interesting, but pretty much hearsay; not the sort of evidence that would stick in court. Still, the KGB certainly added fuel to the fire. It matters little now, but it’s still a debate similar to the “confirmed bachelor” status of Ernie and Bert on Sesame Street.

The moon landing was a hoax

Hollywood’s idea of what the moon would look like

The motive:

The Soviets did have a first-rate space program, and quite possibly could have landed on the moon first if not for top-level personality clashes and engineering problems with the N1 launch vehicle. So, they tried to make the public think that American astronauts never landed on the moon and all the funding was diverted to the CIA. This makes the Soviets epic sore losers, almost as bad as Al Gore.

The story:

This one isn’t documented in The Sword and the Shield, but the KGB is considered the source of some of the moon landing hoax rumors. The basic concept is found in a 1960 memo:

If necessary, the necessary documents should be forged using the existing samples… To work out and implement measures on blowing the cover of several scientific, commercial and other institutions, used by the CIA for its spy activities. In particular, to carry out such measures with regard to the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” [NASA] and the “Informational Agency” of the USA [U.S. Information Agency (USIA)].

Whatever role the KGB had, lots of people in the tinfoil hat crowd ran with the story and elaborated on it. Capricorn One, a fictional movie about a faked Mars mission, added to the speculation too.

The truth:

I don’t have the space (if you’ll pardon the expression) to go into all the reasons why the Apollo footage was not a special effects job, but I’ll leave you with one of them for now. For that to happen, hundreds—if not thousands—of people would’ve had to be in on the secret: the astronauts themselves, filmmakers, people to feed Mission Control fake data, and so forth. The launches were seen by the public. Aside from Mission Control, the Apollo missions were monitored carefully by both the Soviets and amateur radio enthusiasts, following the voice and telemetry all the way to the moon and back.

Remember that this was during a Presidential administration that couldn’t cover up a third-rate burglary. Thus far, there’s no real evidence that the USA didn’t land on the moon, not even a deathbed confession.


The phrase “Fake News” gets lots of mentions just after “Pizzagate” emerges: coincidence or counter-narrative? Nothing to see here…

All told, getting the truth for once is like a breath of fresh air. It would be great if all the major powers, in the interests of history, would declassify everything (with the exception of weapons programs) prior to 1960 or at least 1950. Until then, we have to rely on insider accounts like this, as well as leaked documents, to fill in the missing pieces of history.

I would’ve liked to see Mitrokhin describe more about ideological subversion efforts; it’s there, but not in great detail. Fortunately, we have the revelations of Yuri Bezmenov, another KGB insider, to give us a better look at that.

The USSR was a powerful government talking a great game about peace and progress, while spinning events and even resorting to outright lies. I wish I could say that Western governments never did anything like that, but that wouldn’t quite be true. As we can see, it’s quite surprising how easily these propaganda efforts were launched into in the public memespace and took on a life of their own. In some cases, the so-called mainstream media bought into it and even embellished it.

The MSM themselves have been as guilty as hell of their own “active measures”. Quite recently, they came out with the “fake news” anti-concept; that’s quite a case of psychological projection! Let us not forget as well that individuals, private organizations, and other groups with great wealth and power also make similar efforts to conceal their wrongdoing and keep the public in the dark.

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  1. Whenever the HIV/AIDS question comes up I feel the need to post this.
    Not making claims, but everyone needs to think for themselves, and not accept arguments from authority, but rather look at the evidence.
    From what I`ve learned, there is no solid evidence of a retrovirus causing Acquired Immune Deficiency, but rather extreme drug abuse and sexual behaviour is gays, and contaminated water, poor sanitation and nutrition in Africa. (and other places with similar conditions)
    A lot of people think you can actually find HIV in patients, this is not true however, you can only test for lower T-cell counts, which indicate immune system activation, as well as the presence of certain proteins indicative of infection. (western blotting)
    The problem is that both of these indicators can stem from a ton of different conditions, including common infections like malaria, dysentery, smallpox etc.
    It seems to me like an invented disease to sell drugs, (or simply a flawed conclusion by scientist keen on making a name for themselves), rather than facing the real issues that I`ve described.
    But as I said, think for yourselves and don`t assume anything.

    1. James P. Hogan, in an essay called AIDS Heresy and the New Bishops, contained in the book Rockets, Redheads and Revolution, makes a rock solid case that AIDS does not even meet the loosest CDC standards for a disease, and HIV, which happens to be UNDETECTABLE, has no logical link to it. The whole thing is a scam to sell drugs, purveyed cohencidentally by the usual suspects.
      I know, run-on sentence.

      1. I`m not exactly sure what your eluding to, but in my opinion there really is no `authority` or `experts` as such.(Even though there are of course people who know more about certain issues than others)
        You have to get educated on the issues yourself if you want to find any answers, even when they are complicated, there is no other way.
        So, why is Peter Duesberg right and Robert Gallo wrong? Well, you (not so)simply have to look at the evidence available, and use logic and probability to help you. After a lot of homework you start to form an opinion on what seems most likely.
        You can of course never be 100 percent sure of anything, but the burden of proof is on those making extraordinary claims.

        1. And the extraordinary claim here is that HIV is a conspiracy. The disease exists and I’ve met contaminated people.

        2. I doubt you have done any work on this from what I tell. No offense:)
          Just saying the disease exists is not an argument, and you have failed to counter any of the points I made in my initial comment.
          The people you`ve met could be sick from anything as I explained, including and probably to a large extent the antiretroviral medication, which does a good job of destroying the immune system.
          BTW: A conspiracy is not the right description of what happened with AIDS, it might have started as a mistake that soon became profitable, and it was also a matter of political expediency, as it was easy to blame AIDS on a virus, rather that criticising extreme (homo)sexual behaviour, and drug use.
          It`s also very hard to admit an error of such magnitude once it`s been made, considering millions have been killed by AZT.
          It would also shake people`s basic fate in medicine as a science.
          This is exactly what needs to happen however, as medicine has been totally corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry.

        3. How does one YouTube video prove anything? I guess short of having an electron microscope and knowing how to use it the commoner will never know for sure but I’ll choose to go with all we know since the disease started to mysteriously infect mostly gay men in 1981.

        4. It`s not the video, but the arguments and data presented, which of course is backed up by a lot of other work. The video was an introduction to some of the people working with this.
          Electron microscopy is more an art than a science, and the evidence of HIV in infected patients is very scant. It basically boils down to a few dots, that can, and are being interpreted in different ways.
          There is no mystery surrounding the gay men.
          Extreme sexual behaviour,(like 100+ partners a week raw:) and drug use, in particularly amyl-nitrate, known to cause pneumonia and Kaposi`s Sarcoma, perfectly explains the epidemic.

        5. That sounds more like a moral condemnation of homosexual behaviour than a rational cause to HIV-like symptoms (exactly like in the early 80s when the cause was still unknown, people would believe it was the wrath of god or something silly like that). If there truly was a ‘gay retribution’ or something like that then all promiscuous gays would get the symptoms and no heterosexual people would get it but the truth it that it WAS traced to a pathogen called HIV and it DID spread to heterosexuals so I’ll still choose the official story. You don’t believe HIV exists, like, at all? So would you bang a girl said to be infected with the illusory HIV virus to prove your point? Also, electron microscopy is art rather than science? o.O Nuff said.

        6. “Extreme sexual behaviour,(like 100+ partners a week raw:) and drug use, in particularly amyl-nitrate, known to cause pneumonia and Kaposi`s Sarcoma, perfectly explains the epidemic.”
          How is that not an explanation?
          STD,`s are real, herpes causes KS.
          Together with immune suppressant drugs, as I said, you have a good explanation.
          Heterosexuals didn`t just get it randomly.(KS, etc.)
          It was only found when it was looked for,(It was there long before AIDS) in very specific groups. Those groups where all people who where exposed to immune suppressants like IV-drug users, Africans with serious nutrient deficiencies and pathogens in drinking water etc.
          So Occam`s razor basically, there is a more likely explanation than HIV.
          Retroviruses are a large family of viruses, always thought to be benign until AIDS.
          The “electron microscopy is art rather than science” was a quote from a well known scientist who worked on finding HIV, I think it was Hans Gelderblom, who does believe HIV is the cause of AIDS.
          It is open to interpretation. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9f76d35183d97fa9235dcd65738fc4435e6bf48be214607169f3bc9ab1f73200.jpg

        7. OK whatever floats your boat. I still think that claim is more extraordinary (as in literally, the out of the ordinary claim that HIV does exist) and requires extraordinary evidence and I’ll still wear a condom when I fuck an Indian slut in her slum. If you want to risk catching AIDS, be my guest.

        8. I would definitely wear a condom in those, and most other circumstances.
          If someone told me they had AIDS, it`s a good bet they have one or more STD`s, particularly HHV8, which is a nasty one.

    2. So what is causing Charlie Sheen to waste away & look older than the people that William Shatner went to high school with?
      The guy is 51, but he looks rougher than folks in their 80s. He’s also younger than 0bama, and 0bama is a suspected sodomite and prolific drug abuser.

      1. You should really watch the documentary I linked to:)
        The unfortunate reality is that most of the symptoms of AIDS can be explained by the antiretroviral medication.(AZT)
        The symptoms of the drugs are then blamed on the “disease.” The initial disease can be explained by anything from drug use, to a whole host of other health issues(STD?) that would give you a positive western blot.

  2. “The USA invented AIDS.”
    My understanding of AIDS is French doctors in Africa knew of the disease since the mid-1960s. They were never allowed to publicize this because “powers-that-be” thought it makes a bad impression on black Africa.

    1. 1) If blacks didn’t insist on eating “bush meat”, AIDS and EBOLA would never have transferred to humans.
      2) If the USA had retained the sensible pre-1965 immigration standards, Africans and Haitians never would have been allowed here, and AIDS would have a been a miniscule problem here.
      3) What you say about the powers that be and the bad impression — I find it highly believable. Remember how Obammy refused to ban sub saharan African travel when they had the ebola crisis a couple of years ago? Same thing. He didn’t want to “stigmatize” them. Even at the risk of infecting Americans.

      1. If the USA had retained the sensible pre-1965 immigration standards…

        But then who would vote Democrat?
        And yes, that’s the biggest reason that Ted Kennedy pushed to change that.

  3. The MSM has always loved Communism and Socialism. So much so that they will ignore not only failures, but actual victims. While the Nazi’s were horrible, there is only one country the Nazis ever took power in. Even other Facists would be benign in comparison to Communists and Socialists. The Communists and Socialists will always defend themselves by saying that was not real Communism/ Socialism. Even while wearing the T shirts that contradict their statements.

    1. Not to mention that Communist dictators killed a hell of a lot more people than Fascist dictators ever did.

      1. 1st lady Melania Knavs don’t sound all that American either.
        Dare I mention Ivana Zelníčková ……….
        Sounds like your President is in bed with the Commies!

        1. Whaaaat! HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF TREASON! I was fighting against the bolsheviks when you were an enzyme in your mother’s body! Come on over and get some!

        2. Uhhh, why is pointing out the ethnic origins of names, pro-communist? Respond when you can. Oh and for the record, I am not now nor I have I been a Communist. ( pun intended 😉 )


      3. In antiquity the Greeks, Macedonians and Romans respected the Persians as worthy adversaries.
        “A Macedonian soldier found Darius either dead or dying in the wagon shortly thereafter—a disappointment to Alexander, who wanted to capture Darius alive. Alexander saw Darius’s dead body in the wagon, and took the signet ring off the dead king’s finger. Afterwards he sent Darius’s body back to Persepolis, gave him a magnificent funeral and ordered that he be buried, like all his royal predecessors, in the royal tombs.”

        1. In general ancient Greeks, and this is from Herodotus’s Historiae, did greatly respect the Persians, even if they didn’t like their polygamy. It is a trait of high civilizations and successful nations to admire good traits of other civilization even if they are rivals, only weaklings and failures attack constantly. The reason stems from what unites a people: love for what it is or hate for what it is not. The second are malleable and change their identity in order to be opposite to those of their rivals. In short if a nation is united by hate for it’s rivals it does that because it has no reason to love itself. Nations that do love themselves can show respect even to the nations that are their rivals even if they get attacked and do not pursue their elimination in case that they win over them.

        2. “only weaklings and failures attack constantly…”
          =Losers and leftists relentlessly trying to oppose & blame Mr. Trump.
          =Media spewing venom (24/7) against the President.
          *Chinese & Porkistanis blaming, threatening, accusing and using filthy language online (forums, blogs & articles) against “Whites & Christianity”; by using Indian/Hindu names.
          =Vested interests in this Country are attacking, looting & killing Indians in an “organized” fashion; to damage the image of Mr. Trump, to showcase him as “racist” and to destroy the friendly & cordial relations between United States & India.
          (By the way, did you guys ever noticed a Chinese store/gas station owner getting killed !? A (so called) white “racist” attacking & killing a Chinese !?)
          *There are hell lot of reasons why the Chinese & Porkistanis are doing this; They are jealous of Indians getting the good opportunities/careers, they don’t want India to grow economically and strengthen etc etc.

        3. But, as Arrian points out, against Darius, Alexander said he fought for victory, but against Porus, for this life.
          I don’t recall the Romans encountering the Persians. After all, by 320BC the Persians as an empire were gone. Weren’t the Romans busy dealing first with local Latins and then Pyrrus?
          And as for the Macedonian’s Bactrian kingdoms, the Mauryans eventually got around to kicking Greek asses our of the Vatra Arya.

        4. I believe that, in the time of Alexander, the Persians and the Aryan Hindus were close cousins of the Greeks, and shared similar myths, legends and symbols. The Parsi people, such as Freddy Mercury, who had descended from the Hindu Aryans and took to worshiping the one god Mazda, are the most pure Aryans remaining (so far as I know), due to their strict policy of in-group marriage.

    1. Gee, by some strange coincidence…purely coincidence…, these names all seem to be jewish. It’s not like jews are massively over-represented in communist/leftist causes or have a monopoly in infotainment or anything…

      1. “The whole religious complexion of the modern world is due to the absence from Jerusalem of a lunatic asylum.”
        ― Thomas Paine

        1. Well, yes, we’ve all read “The Age of Reason” where he explains that he is not a member of any Church – especially Christianity. Details, details…

        2. My favorite example of contrived nonchalance, today, is this sentence, “…we’ve all read ‘The Age of Reason…” ; delightfully disingenuous!
          Thank God (!)Thomas Paine gives the detail that he does indeed believe in God, in the early pages of The Age of Reason; because even the great Mark Twain was intimidated by this writing!
          “I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness
          beyond this life…All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian
          or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to
          terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”-Thomas Paine http://www.deism.com/images/theageofreason1794.pdf

      2. The Jews invented Hollywood – were you expecting white bread and mayonnaise?
        Yes, one third the Communist party before the Hitler-Stalin pact were Jews. Pretty funny when you consider Stalin’s purges of the Old Bolsheviks, the murder of the entire cast of the Moscow Yiddish theater, and, to top it off, “Doctor’s Plot” and the mass detentions he planned afterwards. Solzhenitsyn has the details in the his “Gulag”. It makes for interesting reading.

        1. Try again, the motion picture camera was invented by Edison…last time I checked, not a jew. Jews monopolized the industry using racism and discrimination. They have a closed-racist discriminatory system which benefits them almost exclusively. In a country where rats…er, jews are only 2% of the total population, they are 100% of those controlling infotainment, 80% of writers, producers and directors. Only occasionally are the lies from scum like yourself unmasked when one of your own gloats about it: http://articles.latimes.com/2008/dec/19/opinion/oe-stein19

        2. What I find interesting – when someone questions jewish involvement in progressivism – either there is a character assassination, like with Roosh V, or there is a strong attempt to co-opt them back into progressivism by Islamophobia propaganda of a secular Jewish atheist $57 million dollar Islamophobia network, http://www.islamophobianetwork.com, and they push Hirsi Ali. So you question feminism in video games, bam Hirsi Ali appears, Dr. Peterson questions transgender pronouns, bam the Islamophobia Network and Hirsi Ali appear, and so on.
          The other interesting thing is the Islamophobia Network is an attempt to cuck-servatives whites back into SJW values. For example, Milo at first said how bad Liberals were treating Christians … then he was saying how Muslims were evil, then he forced Franklin Graham to “pray for the gay”, because Orlando “and it you aren’t with the homosexual agenda, you are a Muslim terrorist.” Even on Meninist, they are trying to push men back into feminism via “but you are not like those evil Muslims and their FGM.” … and if you start digging into the zionist Islamophobia industry, they exaggerate the claims about Muslim patriarchy and twist facts, exactly the way Hollywood does to Christianity.
          “Isn’t Islam bad – well they have patriachy and Religion, so you white must return to being a feminist SJW cuck.” I noticed that a lot. Because what does Hirsi Ali have to do with video games and transgenders?

        1. I think Mr Kersey would prefer a Goldberg or Silverstein to a Valizadeh. Not to mention ending this Red pill business and returning to promoting men chasing sluts.

    2. yeah they’re all Jews, everybody knows they’re Jews and it’s been known for decades. old news. most of those who defended you in the media during Canadian tour were also Jews but you don’t like to bring it up.

        1. Or maybe it could be an online game where users log in to play. Some in the comment sections could migrate over there and actually be good at something.

        1. You mean Ezra Levant from The Rebel Media?
          It’s true they did give Roosh a platform around that time.

        2. unfortunately klein is the kind of journo that does no favour to other jews, and helps keep the flames of paranoia alive
          he’s also the guy who ran the left-wing journolist, which was basically about trying to coordinate the media agenda from behind the scenes. Here’s a quote from the wikipage about an attempt to resurrect it, by proclaiming with pride the epithet ‘Cabal’:
          “After Klein shut down JournoList, a new group, calling itself “Cabalist” was started by Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic, Michelle Goldberg and Steven Teles, a professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University.
          The group, which had 173 members by late July, was made up mostly of
          former JournoList members. Its existence managed to stay secret for several weeks, until The Atlantic magazine correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg revealed its existence in a blog post on July 21. Goldberg reported
          that one recent discussion concerned whether or not members should ignore the articles on The Daily Caller website. “In other words, members of Journolist 2.0 were debating whether to collectively respond to a Daily Caller story alleging—inaccurately, in their minds—that members of Journolist
          1.0 (the same people, of course) made collective decisions about what to

        3. Herein lies one of many snake like chew tricks.
          They act decent to roosh for a bit, while promoting crap like this.
          Deception is their central tool.

      1. fair enough, but when I read Doctorow’s Book of Daniel, loosely based on the Rosenberg trial it was kind of implied that there was a miscarriage of justice involved. Been a long time since I read it, but the fact that the guy turned out to be guilty as charged is worrying. Sure it’s wrong to draw assumptions or condemn everybody simply because they share the same heritage, but the point is it wasn’t really a witch-hunt as it was made out to be. When someone like Doctorow turns out to be a poor guide to the truth – and I used to think he was a great author – what are people supposed to think? They’re going to go in the other direction, with the danger that they may well make connections that aren’t there. But if that happens surely it’s in part the fault of left wing media establishment that has whitewashed that era and misrepresented what happened

        1. I don’t have any sympathy for anyone who transferred military secrets to the Soviet Union or supported or covered it up in any way.
          Now I don’t know what Doctorow wrote and why – but it’s possible he honestly trusted the sources that were available to him at that time. When it comes to nuclear secrets it’s hard to know the truth – especially when most info is still classified. It can take decades until we learn what exactly happened – if ever. In any case Rosenbergs got executed so I guess their Jewishness didn’t help them too much lol. Plus anyone who passed military secrets to the Soviets also greatly endangered Israel – so sure as hell they didn’t have any kind of Jewish interests in mind either.

        2. For as long as I can remember the dominant perspective in the media has been sympathetic towards those persecuted under McCarthyism and condemnatory of the latter as irrational fear-mongering. Literary figures like Doctorow, jewish or otherwise, tended to be wholly behind that perspective, and I would find myself wondering whether Doctorow really agonised about the issue of the Rosenberg’s actual innocence or guilt. i appreciate you can’t comment on the matter, but I think it’s disingenuous to think that there is anything evidence-based about the attitude of a left-wing literary / media elite towards left-wing subversion.
          With respect to the specifically jewish angle, nobody as far as I’m aware has ever suggested the Rosenberg’s were acting in the interests of ‘all jews’ but equally it is true that left wing sympathies have been fairly endemic amongst jews (if you consider say voting habits), and that has often included a disproportionate sympathy towards communism, and where that hasn’t been the case, and at the risk of generalisation I would say that Israel has often been the divided line. So sure, jews as a community may be divided on the issue of left wing sympathies (which is a quite separate issue from support for any kind of espionage but which may determine the attitude taken towards it) but they do seem to be have been very prominent at defending left-wing activism or at least minimising it. The fact that most jews are concerned about anti-semitism unfortunately seems to mean that even jews with conservative sympathies are often complicit in seeking to minimise jewish involvement with communism or subversive politics. Jews like Horowitz of Discover the Networks, Jeffery Goldberg etc have done a lot to try to balance things, but that tends to be addressed as a left-wing versus right wing thing. Maybe it’s time conservative jews started to address the fact they may have or have had a bit of an in-house problem. There is a jewish angle to transformative politics (not just commie obvoiusly) and it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for either jews or gentiles to start bringing that into the open.

        3. We’ve all read about Venona, they were guilty as hell, and rightly weenie roasted for it, Coney Island style.. And that, sir, should be an end on’t.

        4. well maybe Doctorow, were he still alive, would have written a follow up novel about the fact that they were guilty as charged (it seems likely the wife was too) and how the media and literary establishment he was a part of whitewashed the whole thing on account of their pinko politics but I think we know that would never happen, and that if it did, it would never see the light of day, and would have been quietly buried by that same establishment. Sure, these were crimes of a specific nature that probably has no clear analogy today, but the cultural problem – the fact that the media and literary establishment remain pretty much beholden to subversive leftist politics (communist, feminist, progressive etc.) and continue to push those subversive ideologies in such a way that they might as well be working directly for the defunct Soviet Union (and no, I’m not suggesting it still exists as per the conspiracy theory) means that this could be considered very much a live issue. And of course we don’t even know for sure who the fifth man is, with respect to the contemporaneous Cambridge five, despite evidence it may have been Victor Rothschild himself (I’m not saying it was, merely that some believe this has been demonstrated). So how can we just move on and pretend that it’s all water under the bridge.

    3. They are Jews. Not all Jews but the Jewish mafia of bankers and politicians and Hollyweird is the real enemy.

    4. Julius Rosenberg
      David Greenglass
      Klaus Fuchs
      Ted Holtzberg
      Stanley Levison
      Jacob Segal
      But of course, its just a coincidence.

        1. How could Nixon be so astute in his private philosophy, yet so horribly wrong with his public politics?

      1. “The Earth was created by the assistance of the sun, and it should be left as it was. The country was made with no lines of demarcation, and it’s no man’s business to divide it. I see the whites all over the country gaining wealth, and I see the desire to give us lands which are worthless.
        The Earth and myself are of one mind. Perhaps you think the Creator sent you here to dispose of us as you see fit. If I thought you were sent by the creator, I might he induced to think you had a right to dispose of me.
        Do not misunderstand me; but understand me fully with reference to my affection for the land. I never said the land was mine to do with as I choose. The one who has a right to dispose of it is the one who created it. I claim a right to live on my land, and accord you the privilege to return to yours.
        Brother, we have listened to your talk coming from our father, the Great White Chief in Washington, and my people have called upon me to reply to you.
        The winds which pass through these aged pines we hear the moaning of departed ghosts, and if the voice of our people could have been heard, that act would never have been done. But alas though they stood around they could neither be seen nor heard. Their tears fell like drops of rain.
        I hear my voice in the depths of the forest but no answering voice comes back to me. All is silent around me. My words must therefore be few. I can now say no more. He is silent for he has nothing to answer when the sun goes down.”
        ― Chief Joseph

    5. Neither do DA Roy Cohen or Judge Irving Kaufman, so of course they must have been Commies too, unlike that fine upstanding American Alger Hiss.
      Give a rest, Roosh, will ya?

  4. Rosenberg, Greenglass, Holtzberg, Levison, Segal, Rosenstiel. Hmmm, I’m starting to see a pattern here, can’t quite put my finger on it…

  5. The fact that J. Edgar Hoover wielded a lot of power in one capacity or another from the First World War until his death in office in 1972 matters a lot more than whether he dressed in drag and engaged in gay sex acts.

    1. The mob supposedly had audio tape of him going at it with his second hand man; that would explain his “the mafia doesnt exist” stance until the late 50s, when the mafia outed themselves at a small gathering in upstate NY.
      So I do think it matters that he was a homo- he was blackmailed over it for decades

      1. Supposedly a family member of mine was Hoover’s bug man in the 40’s. Supposedly he was tapped on at least one occasion to search that man’s residence for listening devices. From close inspection of the place, his impression was that Hoover had regular intimate contact with the ladies. Hearsay of course.

  6. So, if Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos could send people to Mars, will the conspiracy nuts call that accomplishment a hoax as well?

    1. It is necessary to improve the audiovisual techniques to “travel” to mars, do not expect to see much, it will be basically like the idiots transmissions of the International Space Station but with redder.

    2. Capricorn One?
      …I wouldn’t sign up for a trip to mars on a Musk rocket as Musk is a conman who has learned that failure is, when you’re funded by $5 billion+ in US tax dollars, more profitable than success.

      1. Sorry, I can’t view video links, the Discus server feeding my area has broken for 6 months, and they can’t seem to fix it. I just see a black window, can’t even find a link. OK, managed to view it in your profile.

        1. You’re free to believe however you wish. If it makes you feel better to think that it happened then go ahead.
          I encourage everyone here to tour the Smithsonian and actually look at the Apollo exhibit real close.
          It’s very entertaining.

        2. It doesn’t necessarily make me feel better. It’s just a retarded conspiracy theory.
          And I’m not saying all conspiracy theories are illegitimate necessarily either, but the moon landing hoax is absurd.

  7. The landings on the Moon were made possible by the mathematics of 3 black women and Hollywood’s audiovisual production. No white man did that.

    1. Hollywood has to retcon the history of the space program because some Germans from Nazi Germany played a huge role in it – and we can’t show that now, can we?

    2. If it was in a Hollywood movie then it’s true. Everybody knows how good black women are at math. MIT is almost all black female students.

  8. All this revealed miss-information by Soviet-era operatives should be exposed by MSM.
    They should have made hundreds of documentaries about these things already.
    You think they ever will?
    These facts merit more attention, should be
    “crammed down people’s-throat”, like socialism, feminism, atheism, and degeneracy. Instead, you are brought up-to-date with the latest pervert to be a star in sports or entertainment.
    The USA is in danger. Not by an outside force. No. From useful idiots inside the country; government, corporate, athletic, entertainment, religious, etc.
    Thanks for the article Beau. Great story!

  9. Russian subversive propaganda is as strong as ever. Many westerners have been taught to hate themselves and parrot Kremlin talking points especially on foreign policy. The Russians seem to be extremely sharp when it comes knowing what will catch on in the American/Western mind.

    1. That’s no shocker. Communists infiltrated Hollywood, academia and other media outlets decades ago.

  10. “For instance, Julius Rosenberg (codename ANTENNA and LIBERAL—yes,
    really) was guilty as hell of spying during the Manhattan Project. So
    was his wife Ethel”
    The wife was the instigator. Nothing will ever convince me otherwise.
    Just look at the expression on her big, fat, frying pan of a face.
    You just know this yenta pushed her wimp of a husband into this.

    1. If that were the case, it’d be less depressing than the reality that we haven’t been to the moon since 1972.

  11. Sometimes, I visit the Wikipedia entries for highly sensitive characters like many mentioned in this article. I do it for intellectual masochism: I want to see how they blatantly lie and distort history.
    In example, the entry of Theodore Alvin Holtzberg, there are a number if interesting details:
    1. “In the fall of 1936, despite the protests of their parents, Edward, his brother, changed both his and Theodore’s last name to Hall in an effort to avoid anti-Semitic hiring practices” In 1936 the US was receiving with open arms all the jews runing from the Fuhrer. In fact, the entire Manhattan Project was like a little Guetto where more than half of its relevant members were jews.
    2. The title of the short paragraphs about his treason and anti american activities is titled: “FBI investigation”. So, basically they are basically creating doubt in the reader, even when there are more than enough proofs that he was a spy and a traitor.
    3. Related with N° 2: “The Venona project decrypted some Soviet messages and uncovered evidence about Hall, but until their public release in July 1995,nearly all of the espionage regarding the Los Alamos nuclear weapons program was attributed to Klaus Fuchs. Hall was questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in March 1951 but wasn’t charged. Alan H. Belmont, the number-three man in the FBI, decided that information coming out of the Venona project would be inadmissible in court, as hearsay evidence, and so its value in the case was not worth compromising the program.” Again, they are creating doubts in the reader saying that he wasnt charged, so he must be innocent….
    4. They quote the man confessing his treason and involment with the CCCP as a “near confesion”:
    “I decided to give atomic secrets to the Russians because it seemed to me that it was important that there should be no monopoly (….)”
    So, he is confessing acts of treason against the US, but that somehow is not a confesion but a near confession….ok then.
    Wikipedia is just a propaganda machine manipulated by them, and we should not believe a single word that comes from it.

  12. Hundreds of thousands of people in on a secret… You mean… Like all the workers on the stealth bomber and other secret US projects? Yes, it’s clearly impossible for large numbers of people to keep a secret.

    1. Why would the soviets collabarate? Why hasn’t any other international agency provided proof of said claim?
      It transpired. Biggest arguement was why dd we spend all the money to put American men on the moon. Ironically Space X made the news today.

  13. This author is about as naive as they come. He clearly believes the BS about HIV and Apollo hook, line and sinker. Poor sap.

  14. I was putting it to a Jewish broad one evening and she said, “Give me all you got”. Started laughing at her. She was not pleased.
    Seriously. Her hole was like a hockey puck. No walls or depth.

  15. ” As we can see, it’s quite surprising how easily these propaganda
    efforts were launched into in the public memespace and took on a life of
    their own. In some cases, the so-called mainstream media bought into it and even embellished it.”
    Back in the Cold War, the MSM was the Fake News! I can remember the proxy wars that were occurring in Central America and how the media parroted anything from a “progressive” source. That and what about the aftermath of the war in Cochin China? Anyone remember The Boat People? Why did they leave Vietnam after the war by the millions? Oh maybe it is because of the employment opportunities in the Tech sector?
    Try me, Chronkite you Bastard!

  16. The moon landing hoax ‘evidence’ falls apart upon knowing that the dirt on the moon is black in color. This renders their shadow evidence moot. There’s no telling in those conditions what is a shadow and what is just the color of the ground.

    1. The first Moon landing, they only took 20 selfies. The most important event in world history and only 20 snaps of the astronauts? My misses can do over 20 while eating a pizza!
      Neil Armstrong, most famous person in the world, never done an interview in 30 years. etc., etc.

      Something stinks!

      1. You forget the difference between film and digital convenience. We had 36 pics at most on 35mm or 120 medium format, and now are limited by gigabyte memory cards for digital.

        1. You do understand 36 was a marketing decision. I used to load my own 35mm cartridges, 50 was easy. I’d go out to a concert with 10 x50 in my pocket, shoot the lot, develop the same day.

        2. Apollo 11 moon landing, they used modified Hasselblad 500el cameras. A magazine would hold film for up to 200 shots. They returned with 900 b&w and 500 colour shots, of which only 20 showed pictures of the astronauts.
          As for your 35mm format cartridges, I used to load my own cartridges, 50 shots in a roll using standard film was easy, then there was special ultra-thin (Estar base) film available, I’m thinking 75-100 shots in a cartridge. Or do you think NASA only bought ‘off the shelf items’ from their local Walmart?

      2. P.J., a little off topic here. I understand you are in SE Asia and used to own firearms in UK. Are you familiar with CQB International in Bangkok?

      3. I’ve heard the case for the moon landing hoax before. It’s nonsense. There are 32,000 photographs taken on the moon missions. I even just took my copy of the book “Full Moon” off the shelf. It’s a book of photographs on the moon missions scanned from NASA’s master negatives.

        1. There are so many moon photos, that several taken on different missions, on different parts of the moon, have the same backgrounds.

        2. I’ve yet to see a convincing moon landing hoax theory.
          The problem is that a moon landing hoax would have simply been too easy for the soviets to prove, and yet none.

        3. You’re so out to fucking lunch, that’s it’s kinda of amusing — but in a really pathetic, sad kinda way. Like a kid with Down’s syndrome droning on about the existence of the tooth fairy.

        4. At least NASA was competent enough to retain the master negatives of its photographs.
          I don’t understand how pre-0bama NASA could have been so incompetent as to lose the master video tapes of the moon landing footage.

        5. I’m being insulted for not believing in the moon hoax conspiracy. Hilarious.
          Maybe you missed the mythbusters episode.

        6. But what happened to the telemtry data (actually proved we went) to the most important journey ever undertaken by mankind?
          NASA ‘lost’ it.
          Something is ‘rotten in Denmark’ indeed.

    2. I’ve heard / read a lot of BS trying to prop up the Moon Landings as being legit, but your dirt hypothesis takes the cake!! So according to you, shadows just “don’t work” on the moon??

      1. If you want to believe a bad conspiracy theory believe it, I’m not stopping you, but don’t assign me an argument to keep believing in it. I did not write shadows don’t work. I wrote that the nature of the surface material of the moon as clearly visible on the space suits creates a situation in zero atmosphere that results in photography that looks like what it looks like. The surface material is highly reflective and there is no atmosphere. But then again I actually have a book of nice prints of photos taken on the moon. The kind of photos the hoax side doesn’t recognize exist.

        1. Is it possible for you to be more in denial?? I really don’t think so.
          Because you actually believe that this piece-of-shit craft (hastily made model) went to the moon and back….. I mean there’s gold-colored Scotch tape on this fucking thing!!! Open your fucking eyes gent! You’re either stupid, lazy, avoiding cognitive dissonance or all three.

        2. I see you have absolutely no clue. If you believe that moon landing hoax stuff you must believe everything Richard C. Hoagland sees photos of Mars rocks.
          The LEM was used only in space and its weight had to be minimized. Hence the use of foil over the structure for shielding. Scotch tape etc is like RCH seeing SUVs in mars rocks.

  17. If the Americans and Russians teamed up they would stand a good chance at getting the rest of Europe on board with a White Race Union. However, the myth of the Russian boogeyman is as strong as Feminism in the American psyche, so its a just a pipe dream at this point.

    1. I expect that Putin will play the White genocide/White nationalist card at some point of the Jew world order keep pressuring Russia.

    2. How could there be a racial union involving the Ruskies when so many of them look distinctly Asiatic?

      1. Ah, I didnt want to go that far, but its actually a Neanderthal Identity issue. Russians are considered white to the majority. With Asians being, well, Asian.
        The real problems stem from anything south of the Balkan Peninsula in Europe ( minus that small part of Turkey which needs to go back) and south of the USA.
        p.s. Roosh is our Ahmed ibn Fadlan.

  18. I am shocked, shocked to learn that dirty, evil kikes betrayed America to their fellow dirty evil kikes in the jew-SSR! Now, if only Putin would open up those war time Russian files on the holohoax. 14/88!!!!

    1. I know your post is a parody but it should be pointed out that the USSR was very antisemitic.

      1. Top level of USSR was largely Semitic, so how can that be??
        However, can’t blame the proletariat for hating the enemy though, can you?

  19. I don’t think people actually believe the J. Edgar Hoover one, it’s just the only joke Americans have come up with that never seems to get old…

  20. Mattis is keeping an eye on Russia for us:
    “(Mattis) also aimed strong criticism at Russia, saying its “violations of international law are now a matter of record.” He was referring to its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region in 2014 and “mucking around insider other people’s elections and that sort of thing.” He also cited Russian outreach to Afghanistan’s Taliban as a concern.
    Mattis hinted the Trump administration was close to deciding how to respond to Russia’s recent deployment of a ground-based medium-range cruise missile — an action the Pentagon recently declared a violation of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty.” http://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/03/31/mattis-says-north-korea-got-be-stopped.html

    1. Mattis is perhaps Trump’s worst pick to date, the guy is a liberal and a globalist.
      One of his “claims to fame” is being an enabler of Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos scandal.
      I thought he had just acquired his bad habits after spending ~5 years kissing 0bama’s ring, toeing the line to avoid getting fired like Stanley McChrystal was, but it was brought to my attention that Mattis was screwy even under Dubya.

  21. I wonder if Hoover was a MGTOW or simply asexual. Whatever it may be, he was a force against Communism and cultural marxism. He was getting too old in the late 1960s, a time when more vulgarity and coarsenessincreasingly creeped into entertainment, to do anyrhing about it. His big mistake? Hoover didn’t go after the Frankfurt School subversives that infested Columbia University.

  22. So based on the title picture, a certain prominent network was left out of those ‘executing truth’. I guess no one at that network has ever lied or spread malicious propaganda. #pizzagate

    1. Except they knew about the Van Allen Belt, shielded the craft accordingly, made sure they went through it REALLY fast and avoided the worst parts. #scienceforthewinbitches

      1. Sadly, when one starts taking a granular look at the available data it becomes apparent rather quickly that the moon landings were as real Star Wars.
        Hint: what is the operating temperature range of moon rover’s battery packs and at what temperature range did it operate while on the Moon?
        Hint: many irregularities around the Hasselblad cameras and the 110 film used in the famous photographs.
        There is much more.
        The bottom line is that most American adults don’t understand math in general, and are also incredibly ignorant of fundamental scientific principles even though they might be intelligent, make lots of money, and have ‘good’ jobs. I know a very successful lawyer who had to be convinced that the earth orbited the sun, not the other way around.
        Combine that with a lifetime of brainwashing us to trust the government and you end up with people who stubbornly reject real evidence because A. they don’t understand it, and B. they don’t like the implications of the evidence presented.
        So you have a rather large population of Americans who believe Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack, that men landed on the moon, that WTC 7 collapsed at free fall speed perfectly symmetrically because of the burning of some diesel fuel and office furniture, that a 96 lb Adam Lanza could carry 60 lbs of kit and shoot with almost 100% kill ratio with no training in a chaotic environment killing 26 people in 90 seconds, that Russians hacked our election, that Hillary would make a good president, and that the US MSM tells the truth.
        There are many more popular myths like Osama Bin Laden, Iraqi WMDs, and our favorite: equalism.
        Each and every one of these myths can be easily debunked with careful examination of the facts and data. But the conclusions reached will be neither easy to stomach or reassuring.
        Our entire existence is based on lies.
        I hesitate to investigate any other so called truths because I suspect they too will be revealed as the bullshit they are.

  23. Thank you for the article Mr.Albrecht. Even though I disagree with one of your points, I wish to primarily emphasize my appreciation for your effort at composing the article and sharing the information, and your point of view.
    With that written, you and I differ on one main point.
    You *think* that the moon landing televised by NASA in 1969 and later, was real because of televised footage, “all the reasons” too numerous to list, and your opinion about the behavior of individuals with Top Secret (and higher) military clearances, who you believe would not be able to keep a secret, based on some unrelated situation…and that the “launches were seen by the public”.
    When I try explaining the concept of game to “normal” guys- It’s slow going, because his first instinct is to keep insisting how correct his opinion is. Many guys are simply oblivious to all the signs in front of them.
    People believe what they want to be true. Children believe in Santa Claus. Catholics believe in a creator that eternally tortures everybody *except* Catholics who go to heaven after death. Nice guys believe women are attracted to nice guys.
    And people without military experience, or top secret clearances, or strong abilities in deduction and logic, math and physics, *think* that politicians are corrupt, but somehow a government of politicians is somehow truthful and honest, and everything you read is true, and everything you see on television is true. Many people are simply oblivious to the signs in front of them.
    If you ever decide to take the red pill for historic events, or the red pill for government policy – you’ll experience a horrible horrible feeling of disconnect. So I don’t advise it.
    But the purpose of my comment, is to get you to ask yourself;
    “How many more red pills are out there?”
    Thanks again for your article. Much appreciated.

  24. To be fair on the moon landing one.
    It is more plausible than the USA being the first ones to land on the moon. Since they’d consistently failed to get anywhere before the soviets in regards to space exploration.

  25. Someone would have stuck something on WIKILEAKS by now in regards to any fake moon landing. You’ve just got to hear Neil Armstrongs responses to conspiracy theories down through the years;he quickly gets annoyed as hell.

  26. can’t remember the sources off the top – but as for the aids virus; it has been said that this was another mk program designated as MK NAOMI. It was a CIA/nazi invention for depopulation.

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