Are Globalism And Progressivism Inevitable?

As our world is becoming increasingly polarized between the forces of globalism and progressivism on one side and those who oppose it for whatever reasons on the other, it is critical to understand the machinations that we are facing up against and its implication for the future of all things we cherish and believe in.

The trend towards unification

Once upon a time in ancient China, there was no unified Middle Kingdom that we are familiar with. China was divided among several warring states similar to how things were in Medieval Europe. The different states were in a constant state of war until the Qin state annexed all others to establish the first Chinese empire under the rule of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. To allow the nation to be governed more efficiently, the Emperor standardized the currency, units and measurements, the writing system, and even the lengths of cart axles. As a result, the idea of one unified China has persisted to this date and most Chinese (or at least the Han Chinese in mainland) identify themselves as people of China.

Similar things can be said about the eventual Arab-Muslim domination of the Middle East as well as the rise of European nation states and the more modern concepts of European and Western identity. If you think about it, it’s actually quite amazing that European nations of today are more or less in a peaceful and cooperative state after centuries of brutal conflicts based on religion, nationalism, and ideology. And they will most likely continue to remain harmonious even if the EU disintegrates tomorrow. Think about it: a hardcore British nationalist of today probably doesn’t hold any animosity towards Germans unlike his great-grandfather who would have been cursing the Krauts from the trenches.

So what am I getting at? The point here is that, our world, ever since the dawn of civilization, seems to be trending towards historical unification and formation of larger bodies of societies with shared values and social systems. The bloody struggles of ancient Chinese states who did their best to defend their culture against Qin domination (or the much later anti-Qing resistance by the Han Chinese) now all seem quaint and meaningless to the people of China today who now see themselves as one. Will the same be true in the distant future if and when the people of Earth ever become united?

What are we progressing towards?

Yeah, we have better technology now, but exactly what “progress” have we made as people and culture since the ancient times? Can we really say that we are better than the Romans in spirit and vitality during their zenith?

“Progress” is a funny word. The word has a strong connotation as a process of becoming something new and better. But what exactly are we progressing towards? We’re not progressing towards greater health as more and more people are becoming afflicted with obesity, heart problems, cancer, and various mental illnesses (which are all good business for big pharma). We’re not progressing towards greater spiritual awakening as the world is becoming more materialistic where all that matters is money and consumption. In fact, religion is slowly fading away in much of the Western world. And, considering the reader demographic here, I don’t even have to mention that all the “progress” that are being made towards normalizing hedonism and degeneracy, leading to the moral decay of our societies.

So, what are we progressing towards then? To put simply, we are turning into a world where people are standardized (under the codename “equality”) like livestock to be exploited by the elites. The world is becoming more polarized with those on the top getting richer and more powerful with each passing day. A healthy middle class, along with all the old identities and traditional values are being destroyed so that all humans beings become economic units without race, culture, and beliefs getting in the way. Corporations have increasingly larger control over our lives and so do the governments with all their technology and submissive population. Our so-called progress is nothing but anti-human and anti-life.

What is the drive behind globalism and progressivism?

The spread of consumerism is the first step towards globalization.

Many people seem to have an immaterialist view of the world where competing ideologies fight for a space on the blank slate that is people and societies. In this version of the world, Leftist ideas such as equality, feminism, multiculturalism, and so on are spread like a virus through educational institutions, the media, Hollywood films, and whatnot. These ideas are seen as pushing out and attacking the traditional—but healthy—ideals of the past. This is why you have anti-Leftists raging about Cultural Marxism like it’s the root of all evil. That said, while I don’t think this immaterialist perspective is entirely wrong, it is not the complete picture. To account for what’s happening in today’s world, materialist factors must be recognized as the primary drive behind globalism and progressivism. And not only that, I would go as far as to say that materialism drives the immaterialist thoughts and ideologies.

Consider, for example, that a proletarian revolution would never crop up in today’s Switzerland due to the country’s stability and high standard of living (materialist conditions). No amount of Communist propaganda (immaterialist force) would change that fact. Communist revolutions only succeeded in countries like Russia, China, and Cuba due to instability (and wars), gross inequality, foreign or domestic subjugation, and a large population of poor people living in wretched conditions. The lesson here is that the material conditions need to be set in place before congruent ideas can spread (of course there are historical exceptions, but they haven’t happened recently).

So, in today’s world, the materialist force behind globalism and progressivism is technological progress and the development of consumerist economies towards greater efficiency. Multiculturalism, feminism, expanding government, the decimation of nuclear families, and more are all symptoms of our technological world and ways of securing greater materialist output.

You must remember that technology sees no boundaries, that profit is blind to color. For example, women were flooded into offices (jobs that are only possible thanks to modern technology) to facilitate greater economic productivity. The technological society doesn’t care that it destroys families and lowers birthrate; it can always import cheap labor from developing countries. In fact, the technological society actually welcomes it, for these women now have the freedom to go shopping, facilitating the consumerist economy. In contrast, you’ll never see feminism infecting societies that still live with primitive technology where different sex roles are established.

Technology + Economic Demands = “Progress” and Feminism

Immigration, multiculturalism, and equality are also all advanced by the technological society as they facilitate greater harmony and efficiency for societies to grow. Immigrants lower wage while replacing the native population that’s become sterile thanks to lifestyle that’s only possible due to modern technology. In addition, trading and mixing of cultures also flourishes the consumerist economy with more diverse things for people to buy and experience.

Technology that allows us to communicate and share faster, produce and trade globally, move from one part of the world to another safely, are all contributing to the globalization of the world whether people like it or not. And the reason why the West is being globalized faster than the rest is because of their historic openness, tolerance, and love for freedom, all things that facilitate faster scientific and technological process as well as economic growth.

It is also not a coincidence that the great majority of international corporations and tech companies of today, such as Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Disney, Starbucks, and so on are the biggest pushers of globalism and progressivism. Openness and tolerance lead to greater profit while divisions and cultural chauvinism hampers business.

Not only a Western phenomenon

Korean propaganda family film promoting multiculturalism.

While the common theme is that the Western nations are the only places where globalism and progressivism are being enforced upon, it is not entirely true. Yes, the West leads the world in mass-immigration and PC culture, but that’s only because it also leads the world in economy and technology (as well as having a subversive group of influential minority). If we take a look at non-Western nations that are technologically developed with relatively high living standards, we also see globalism and progressivism that rivals those of Western nations.

For example, although not exactly the most developed, much of Latin America has always been open to immigration while ideas of feminism and gay rights are spreading rapidly. In East Asia, Singapore is a major hub of internationals with almost half of the population being foreign-born, South Korea has openly embraced multiculturalism for some time now, and it looks like Taiwan is also looking to go on the same path as well.

Japan and its anti-immigration policy seems to be an exception rather than the rule due to their contempt for other Asians whom they consider as inferiors. But that still hasn’t salvaged them from declining birthrate and masculinity, not to mention that there is a large support for homophilia in a country that’s supposedly not having enough sex:

Although acceptance of homosexuality isn’t the only measure of progressivism, I think it’s a good indicator of how rapidly things are changing in the so-called traditional cultures of the East (both Korea and Japan have very high levels of pro-gay sentiment among the youth). Simply put, there is almost a direct relationship between social “progress” and the level of technological advancement. Comfortable living conditions afforded by developed economy and technology almost always leads to more progressivism and more globalism. Technology and materialism will penetrate all societies with systemic racial and cultural integration following suit.


I believe the so-called right-wing, nationalist backlash we’re witnessing is due to the efforts of technocrats to speed up globalism and progressivism with their immigration plan and PC culture. Had the elites took the time to allow things to develop more naturally, I doubt opposition to globalism and progressivism would have mounted to anything more than futile cries of fringe groups.

But is the backlash for real? We must remember that there has always been opposition to social progress and that they usually fail. The success of women’s suffrage and the abolition of segregation against the failed anti-miscegenation, anti-abortion, and anti-gay marriage efforts come to mind.

Besides, opposition alone does not mean that the tide is turning or that there will be an eventual reversal. Let’s take Brexit as an example. Yes, the UK now gained its independence from the EU and its Brussels technocrats, but will that really lead to fundamental changes? Will feminism be curbed in the British Isle? Will there be a halt to immigration that coincides with increased reproduction rate for native Brits? Will the British government stop its globalist military adventures abroad? Are the ridiculous hate crime laws and the the march towards total PC police-state be reversed? On all counts: most likely not. There is no capable traditionalist or nationalist party in the UK that even has a chance of getting elected. The slow and steady march of progressivism will continue on unless a massive black swan event were to happen.

Also, we should be prudent and remember that progress is not linear. Sometimes, a society can take 10 steps forward towards Leftist ideals only to take three steps back due to backlash, but it will take another 10 steps forward a decade later when the opposition quiets down, and this continues on.


Reversing the tide against feminism? Trump signs a bill to increase the number of women in STEM fields. There is no backlash against globalism and progressvism in the real world.

Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with them, I believe many people who are against the globalist-progressivist tidal wave are wasting time fuming and getting outraged over symptoms of our technological society instead of addressing the root cause of it all. It’s far easier to vent out anger over Muslim immigrants or take comfort in telling yourself that some nutty feminist is going to die amongst her fourteen cats than it is to do something about the state of the world. The cancer will continue to spread regardless.

It seems too many men still hold to the immaterialist view that constantly pushing anti-Leftist ideology will one day lead to final victory, that things will gradually change with all the wrongs reversed even though it has never happened in the past, that they can have their cake and eat it too by keeping their modern technology while preserving whatever ideals that they wish to preserve. The way I see it, we either have to hop off the train of globalism and progressivism or stop that train from moving forward. The technological system cannot be convinced to backtrack from its glorious “progress” for the same reason why we can’t return to slavery and feudalism.

To learn more about how our world works, read Man’s Fight for Existence‘.

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380 thoughts on “Are Globalism And Progressivism Inevitable?”

  1. “Trump signs a bill to increase the number of women in STEM fields.”
    Trump is a feminist. I wouldn’t go as far to call him a cuck, but he’s getting there. Get that through your head people, and stop hoping. There is no stopping in the way of this gynocentric society turning into a shit hole. It’s over.

    1. why no initiatives to increase the number of male nurses or male teachers?
      The only way there can be gender parity in all fields (STEM) AND female dominance in other fields (teaching, nursing) is with mass male unemployment

  2. “Communists revolutions only succeeded in countries like Russia, China, and Cuba due to instability (and wars), gross inequality, foreign or domestic subjugation, and a large population of poor people living in wretched conditions.”
    Communism has almost no hold in India despite it meeting many of the above conditions. It seems that religion and strong conservative values counter subversive Communist propaganda.

    1. Communism is very strong in West Bengal, especially Kolkata, and in Kerala.

      1. They don’t have enough support now. The Communist party ruled West Bengal around 30 years with no development. Kerala alternated between INC (utterly corrupt) and CPI (utterly incompetent) with no change in the state’s situation.

  3. They can only destroy a race and culture so far before people are ready for war. Globalization is just a new form of colonialism, which also failed after a massive war (WWII). Another massive war is on the horizon.

    1. Nonsense. Take a look around outside your window and you will find that most white people don’t give a shit. Many even embrace a nice Nigerian BBC for their wife. The era of race is over. It’s all about having your piece of the pie these days and that’s all that matters to most. As for culture we are living in the age of Beiber and the Kardashians. That’s culture now.
      It’s done. The irony is western values of tolerance, individual freedom etc only make it worse. So live what’s left of your life and forget your race/culture war fantasy.

        1. Tough luck, you ain’t got any choice. You can’t stop her, but you can play too.
          Works for me!

        2. i can’t stop it? just like whites can do nothing to prevent themselves from becoming a minority in the next 30 years? It’s inevitable? Nah, there’s a whole lot we can do.

      1. I say no. War is coming. Many whites are in a sleeping trance but they will soon be burst out of it, either by unpleasant forces or their own discovery. A weak man can only stay his idle hands on his destiny for as long as he is appeased and as soon as that ends he has nothing.
        Edit, and for people like me, race is not over. One racialist can do much harm in the tracks of progressive plans, two even more so. For every white baby born (hopefully without autism/adhd) there is a chance to strike at the black heart of globalism.

        1. Nice, that sounded like a really cool action movie quote said with deep cigar voice.

      2. Good point! Ever since Globalism has been introduced, notice the sudden decline in great films and music. It’s all a materialistic society we are living in now.

      3. The era of white race may be over, but it certainly matters to everyone else. Even greeks dont like non-greeks in relattionships with their kids.

      4. Just give up, bend over and take that BBC up the ass. Excellent plan.

      5. “So live what’s left of your life and forget your race/culture war fantasy.”
        That’s probably one of the most myopic comments I have seen.
        Ethnic groups that don’t care about their group identity will disappear, certainly. It does not follow that all ethnic groups will disappear.
        Those ethnic groups that maintain high levels of in-group preference and high reproductive rates will prosper and take over. What the future holds is wars between large ethnic majority groups who do not give up their ethnic allegiances.
        In fact, you can see this today as the most successful ethnic groups (Jews, Turks, Pakistanis, Armenians, Japanese) are also the most ethnocentric. White Europeans (the least ethnocentric) have turned into losers.

    2. We might be just 2 years away from one. WW II started 11 years after the Great Depression and we are exactly 9 years after the 2008 financial crisis, and superpowers are rattling their guns and provoking each other.

      1. “If you admit to being a racist, then what are you doing here breaking bread with black people?”
        “Because he’s a racist as well”

        1. My respect for these people grew a lot after watching the videos. I predict and hope , the surviving White minorities in the Europe of the future , will be Boer-like people.

      2. This guy totally dominated that skinnyfat little Leftist and then for good measure caused the little pussy to wince at his handshake at the end, lol!
        “That’s a strong handshake?!”
        “Am I not a man?”

        1. Nice video. I like how this man was assertive and agrgressive with the little pissant. “No!… No!…” Shaking his finger at him. Rational discussions do not work with these people. There are a lot of reasons why I voted for Donald Trump but the number one reason was to say “NO!” To the leftists. And it was nice to see the tears rolling.
          I have told this story before but I’ll tell it again. When I was in college (over fifteen years ago), I took a few elective classes. Little did I know they would be filled with lefty propaganda at the time. My innocence got the best of me, I thought, “oh cool, I’m going to learn about religion.” In the beginning of the semester, my Jewish “teacher” showed us his voluntourism pics of his trip to Nigeria. One day he said to the class, “white people, I encourage you, if the opportunity presents itself, you should give up your job to a black person.” I was dumbfounded. This was “religions class.” Get this. We spent ninety percent of class talking about the Rastafari. I played along. I was doing really well, on my way to a second 4.0 semester. At the end of the semester I wrote a nice paper about his beloved Rastafari and he gave the white devil a C-. I disputed it and the son of a bitch couldn’t even look me in the eye.

        2. on the final day in my multi-culti literature class, I told the prof (english, teaching AMERICAN lit) and the class “you’re all being naive.”
          Bitch gave me a c- too lol

        3. We have our new Champion of Manliness here. The Boer Old Man doesn’t take shit from anyone. That was Manual domination , when dealing with leftist manginas there.
          I heard he was killed by a black , he had employed to work on his farm. Even in his death , this guy was proving himself right.

        4. I had one of those in high school. Teacher got up and tried to teach us how socialism (though not “socialism”) was the utopian ideal, using the words of a hippie who refused to quote the Bible in any way. One day I called him out and went to the principal, but the principal let me argue my case (I had a LOT of evidence) and he let me off with a warning.
          The man did not return the following year, and I hear he was drummed out of his pastoral position, as well.

        5. His tone of voice, deep and commanding and concise, his mannerism, his refusal to be led down a bad path, his utter aura of old school masculinity utterly eviscerated that pajama boy. I think I can say honestly that I actually saw fear pass that dweebs face at least two times.

        6. I recently attempted to do my accounting degree and one of the classes required me to write 2 essays relating to climate change and a spoken word assignment on the same topic. I just cant be bothered and am going to work in sales. Its not even worth it with how many immigrants there are here now to compete with that are probably just paying others to do their work anyway and if not, they can have my shitty job.

        7. haha. Ive been working as an accountant for 10 years without a degree, currently for a small bank. Im making a rational decision to pursue something that is worth the effort financially, Accounting is terrible money. I work with CPA’s doing the same job and same wage. Degree is simply a piece of paper to make it easier for the girls in HR to select candidates, so they dont actually have to know what my skills and knowledge are. Im choosing not driving an hour into the city to make the same money i could 5 minutes from home selling cars or even washing dishes.
          I will save and buy a small cafe on the beach and cook bacon and eggs and make coffee. That is my dream, the gooks can have my country, job and women if they wish :P.

        8. Zimbabwe used to export food. Now, after driving out most of the whites, they are starving. There is a popular call to bring the white farmers back. I say fuck it. They can starve.

        9. Just lie. Say you graduated. Study the core texts needed then lie on your cv. They won’t care.. Or Hire a someone to write that essay for you.

        10. Haha true. It’s the cost too though. I’d rather do something else. Working full time and studying a course I don’t want to do is not worth the stress.

    3. At least during WWII European Nations were mostly homogeneous – one people, one land, one language. Today, if the WWIII breaks out – it will be everyone against everyone within Western World.

      1. Maybe one land but not one language nor one culture, and if Europe was so homogeneous how do you explain WW1 and WW2, not to mention the devastating Napoleonic wars

        1. Napoleonic Wars France trying to control Europe.
          WW1&2 Germany trying to control Europe.
          WW3 Jews trying to control the world.

        1. It’s the entire world against the White man, and the war has already started while everyone was busy watching TV.

        2. I was reading a book at the time.
          Currently on Alastair Reynolds – Transformation Trilogy.

        3. Nah, the government only holds itself together through propaganda. Things would fall apart quickly, and the government wouldn’t be able to sustain itself.

  4. Economic Globalism has always been the way modern technology has just taken it to the next level. I don’t have huge problem with it to be honest. Progressivism becomes more silly and redundant the more it succeeds which is what we are seeing now. All they have left to whine about is tranny bathrooms.

  5. Yes, I think Korea needs more blacks. If we have to have diversity, then everyone has to have it.

    1. Well, if Trump’s tweets are any indication, SK is about to take a nosedive within the next few years, along with China.

      1. Best thing Trump could do is cut off the student visas. Over 300,000 Chinese students study in the US each year. Why are we educating out future competition?

    2. How progressive of you. You are such a good person for believing this narrative. Your moral superiority is unquestionable. It probably feels nice to be on the right side of history.

  6. You know what the push to increase diversity in STEM means for the future?
    It means there will be no major breakthroughs, inventions, or discoveries.
    The only segment of the population that has ever demonstrated any aptitude (or interest / drive) in scientific discovery and invention is White men.
    And now they’ve pushed white men out of STEM.
    You really think women and blacks / latinos will cure cancer or aging or invent something amazing?

    1. The future is one of marinating in ignorance. Discoveries and inventions are products of the mind. The white male mind. Women and minorities can function as technicians not as innovators.

    2. Instead of inventing new space ships, they invent new safe spaces.
      Or: Instead of exploring outer space, they explore safe space.

      1. Safety is an unreasonable illusion. Fuck safety, and fuck the mindset that has a fetish for it.

        1. I’ve noticed that it’s become a fetish myself. It’s to the point that not only is it the primary focus of everything physical in the real world, I’ve started hearing it as the standard “good bye” a lot the last ten years or so.
          “OK, great to see you, be safe on the way home!”
          “Going out tonight? Ok, have fun, be safe!”
          What in the hell?

        2. It is mental trash. Instead of telling people to “stay safe,” I prefer to depart with the words, “Don’t forget to rock.”

        3. Since I hear it as a default from everybody but my biker buddies, my stock response has become “Nah, I’d rather have fun” with a smirk.

    3. The future has been fucked as a result of this initiative to diversify STEM

    4. Most inventions and new technology are created by independent white men with little or no formal education. STEM and Universities never create, they only oppress and repress. In particular engines are only invented by white German males. Petrol engine (2 stroke and 4 stroke), diesel engine, rotary engine, jet engine, rocket engine ….. it’s bloody weird.

    5. Black scientists will soon invent a process for making a Grape juice out of tap water

      1. Grape Drank, dude. You are so totally unfamiliar with their culture, stop trying to appropriate it!

    6. i doubt it will come from academia anyway. Itll be someone low level and then the work will be stolen.

        1. yea the type of innovative genius comes when it is un-hindered by formal education. But if you want a good living a degree is good to have i suppose.

        2. For now. Soon, a good stock of ammo will become WAY more important than some pieces of paper.

  7. Guess which snow monkey checked disability AND American Indian on his recent job application? They call me Chief Walks With a Limp. Chief Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

    1. Thats awesome. I picture you walking out of the interview like Verbal walked outta the precinct in The Usual Suspects

      1. Which raises the question was Kaiser Soze a disability cheat? Was that the real scam?

    2. Lol I did the same (checked a disability box) to go on some retarded Labor Union gathering in a different city. All expenses paid for. Skipped most of that BS, went out to restaurants instead, museums, met with a friend, had fun, even did mini-travelling.

    3. I read the other day that the WHO is moving towards classifying “gaming disorder” as a distinct mental illness. Can’t say I have it really, but I could see the allure for some gamer acquaintances…Getting a nice fat monthly “disability” check from the gubment so they can slay orcs or whatever 24/7 and no longer have to hold down those stressful gas station jobs.

      1. Replying to my own comment: I used to work with a guy who definitely had “gaming disorder”. He had no motivation except to smoke weed & play video games, and his presence at the office not only hurt the general morale but it also crushed our productivity, having one guy on the team who couldn’t focus, and barely even made it to work most days. Maybe it’s a positive to have a guy like that paid by Uncle Sam to stay home. Maybe the increase in profit from replacing him with a go-getter offsets the feeble welfare check he’d be paid. It would be hella interesting to crunch those numbers.

    4. I’m stupid. I should have checked “woman” in my applications. ZERO interviews so far.

        1. In STEM, the Hispanic thing does not make any difference, being a woman does. And I’m caucasian after all. It is unbelievable how cunts in my department get ten times more interviews than I do.

    5. Cool, now when they call you in to interview, the key is to look as non threatening as possible. You don’t want to scare HR. I recommend putting a rainbow sticker on each cheek, carry a bouquet of balloons and a Hello Kitty lunchbox. At some point during the interview start sobbing and tell them no one will accept you because you’re a gay Indian.

  8. Globalism, Progressivism and The Enemy behind them can be defeated. The problem is not how feasible this is, the problems are
    1) the lack of the adequate talent and human material within the Resistance: self explanatory. Most people are here just for the fun, to think themselves as ‘edgy’ or take this as an intellectual hobby, but what are they are doing nothing to change the world in which we are living?
    2) the incorrect approach to the fight: you can quote all the Gramsci you want, but cultural struggle is harmless without a sword behind. You can’t defeat missiles and M4’s with Pepe memes.

    1. A difficulty I’m finding is connecting with like-minded men in the real world. I have one friend in my city that I met from the Roosh meetups years ago, and we catch up every two months or so.
      I recently tried to contact this broad Evalion (video below) because I know she lives in Toronto and her videos are straight up 14/88. I’ve gotten no response from her though, and it makes me think that her whole Internet persona might just be for attention. I figured she might be connected to a community I could get in touch with but maybe not.
      Finding right-leaning men of decent quality is difficult when you live in a cosmopolis.

      1. Every so often you can mention ROK in public, but typically only if you think the guy has some red pilled leanings. I know a few men offline who I can talk about this site or this site’s ideas with, who have proven themselves. Some guys in other countries too….like Supes for example.
        On preserving culture, we have to start with ourselves and making sure we are living strong, grounded lives, but you know this as well.
        Not sure how long this window of being able to mention ROK publicay will last. Take advantage while it is an option.

      2. Finding like-minded individuals (men and women) is hard everywhere. One of the greatest triumphs of The Enemy is uniforming the way of thinking through TV, movies, culture, education, etc. Everybody everywhere think exactly the same.
        I know who Evalion is, and found her whole character….odd. At best she’s just an attentionwhore/jailbait for WhiteNationalists/Altright guys, and at worse she’s an agitprop agent for the enemy. Honeytrap is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and the lack of females in the racial resistance movement makes her very attractive.
        As a personal comment, In real life I only have one, and I repeat, ONE friend who more or less shares some positions with me; and he shares them not in the positive way (“I want to secure the existence of my people and a future for white children”) but in the negative way (“I hate jews/blacks/orientals/everything), and he has a lot of character flaws (beta, dedicated stoner, etc). In my internet contacts with people in the ‘movement’ (USA and Europe) I have found everything: 40yearoldvirgins masquerading their failure in life and blaming the jews, weirdos, losers of every stripe, fags, hyperintellectual types jerking off to Heidegger books, III Reich fetishists, alcoholics, drug addicts, you name it.

        1. Yeah same experience here. This ROK Meetup dude I mentioned tried to set up a group meeting with around 10 guys, and the majority of them turned out to be total weirdos.
          Of all of them he still only speaks to me and one other guy we met.
          Same experience… A lot of them turned out to be unhinged degenerates.

        2. Sure. grab a bucket of ice-cold Miller Genuine Drafts and eat a few chili dogs that having sitting under that heat lamp for weeks. Plus- nobody gives a shit what you talk about when youre in a bowling alley

        3. That doesn’t surprise me one bit…which is why I’ve always been critical of the victimhood mentality in WN’s, its literally no different to the BLM crowd.. Part of being a man is taking personal responsibility and ownership in your life. Blaming other groups of people for your own failures is a slippery slope to incelhood. There’s nothing with connecting dots e.g. the JQ, but if you aren’t taking action, you might as well be participating in your own demise

        4. Random meetups can bring out the strange types. I’ve selectively met a few people from ROK in real life now, and plan on expanding that list this summer, with people I believe are well vetted on this site and who are consistent.

        5. Turns out most of the commenters here are actually one, deeply disturbed individual in Indiana.

        6. I’m not certain if they want to be identified, but I can tell you that the future meetup(s) will, at a minimum, include lolknee and, with any luck, Unabashed.

        7. Assuming that I’m able to make it to NYC, then sure, that would be great.

        8. Save me a tit on this, that is keep me abreast.
          bem is only a short expensive train ride away….

        9. I agree with your point about everybody everywhere thinking exactly the same if by that you mean they are not thinking at all and their brain waves are flatlined.

      3. I agree. When it comes to right leaning men, I always run into two types.
        -the unhinged degenerate (as you mentioned below).
        -the guy who seems to have his act together. Professional, takes care of himself, has the right idea when it comes to right leaning values. You can have a nice conversation with this man but the very second you turn your back, he rolls over like a puppy. I’ve seen this many times. Answering to every woman like she’s their damn boss, a yes man, and is very agreeable with the left. This type of man is petrified of pushing back even the slightest bit. If you are right leaning, at the very least you can smile and say no.

        1. The thing is, they are a base medium that we can mold to our way of viewing things. I make it a point to always chime in with little “seditious” comments about feminism whenever the topic comes up, and have found it rather easy to guide them gently towards my position after a while.

    2. ” You can’t defeat missiles and M4’s with Pepe memes. ”
      Pepe memes have convinced people to track Shia LaBeouf’s flag using airplanes, constelations and car Marco Polo.
      You severely underestimate the power of memes.
      As for real world meetups, can you name one successful organization doing stuff like that ?
      I agree with you generally. But I think real world action has to be smart, which means 2 things :
      1) the goal should be to cause ruckus LEGALLY by flying posters, doing crazy demonstrations, doxing Antifa , not larping as street ninja who beat up muslims. The goal is to force media to aknowledge our antics and shift the overton window to the right like the UK organization National Action did.
      2) simply creating networks of masculine White men. Jews got far with networking, so can we.
      But what we really lack is rich sponsors like Soros, that would defend us in courts and finance the struggle.
      My 2 cents.

      1. To be honest, I’m more radical: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”.

        1. I like the way you’re thinking. I believe the correct quote is: “The ONLY political power comes out of the barrel of a gun”.

      2. Any system that relies on such active activism is doomed to fail.
        All of society’s problems would be solved if the police had the balls to fire on a crowd.

  9. 1969 National Debate: Do we go to Mars or Venus next?
    2017 National Debate: Can men tinkle in the girls’ bathroom?

      1. Mr Sulu always knew in his heart that the phrase “to boldly go where no man has gone before” referred to assholes rather than space

        1. I can’t watch Star Trek now without thinking about that. “Captain, we’re penetrating the Klingons, ooh, ahh.”

        2. Come to think of it now, the original Star Trek was a form of propaganda to get us into social justice ideas. It had women working alongside with men. The members in the bridge came from different countries, and they were tolerant of aliens.
          I grew up watching it and enjoyed it. Now I realize the messages it sent.

    1. 1960 : Everyone will have a flying car by 2000.
      2017 : There’s global warming, everyone should go back to using a cycle.

      1. Notice that our elites want white countries to deindustrialize, not the Chinese.

        1. We need to industrialize in a smarter fashion.
          However, in my opinion, the asians long-term are a bigger threat than the Jews.
          Once the heebs are out of the game we might end in a “Man in high castle” scenario.
          The Chinese are especially a vile soulless people. I do not trust them and would prefer to preemptively disarm them.

        2. I do notice. Also, they travel to the Arctic glaciers by helicopter to show me how I shouldn’t even travel by car. Bugger off, I took one chopper flight lesson just to get the feelz of it.

        3. Good point.
          If you look at schools like CalTech where affirmative action ISN’T practiced, the student body is 75% asian. Those kids are no joke… they’re serious about their schooling.

        4. There are a lot of factors.
          That nerdy Asian guy doesn’t mind studying hard or working late in the lab because he has a beautiful Asian girlfriend. The white nerd, on the other hand, is lncel or living TFL.

        5. are wasting time fuming and getting outraged over symptoms of our technological society instead of addressing the (((root cause))) of it all

        6. Haven’t you ever considered that they see you the same way? You/people like you go around calling them the enemy when they’re just regular people like you and I, and eventually you’ve made yourself the enemy which consequently reinforces your belief that they are the enemy.
          When you say that they are the soul less ones, you never think that you are the soul less one? You are the one, in fact, that’s saying things only a soul less heathen would say.

        7. Asians have numbers, and not much else. The chinese are vile, but their strategies are simple. If the white man grew a set of balls, dealing with them would be trivial.

        8. If they see us as the enemy, that makes them the enemy. Mutual suspicion is a completely sustainable system.
          And saying that the chinese are soulless is not so much an opinion as a statement of fact.

        9. Ahem, not to be rude but as a chinese myself, i dont even consider a white person any less than a human similar than i am. I also don’t adhere to ideologies that tend to resort to using annhilation tactics when dealing with trivial matters. E.g. Marxist, Communism, etc. While i don’t wish or even hope that the white race to go extinct unlike blacks or browns for the matter as whitey has certainly contributed massively to the world from the 17th century up to the late 20th century (I made the assumption as whites truly contributed to the world by starting the industrial revolution, hence why i choose the starting point from the 17th century instead of other timelines.). You could consider me as an exception to the rule or in other words a sympathizer to your cause.I do not espouse multi racial weddings or intermixing of my race or yours for the matter.

        10. Remember the “art of war”? That was not just about numbers but actual strategy.

        11. I am somewhat nerdy but i don’t have or consider to have a girlfriend as i am planning for my future as an adult( that does not include marriage btw). And girls my age are very sympathetic to first world pathetic feminism and liberalism in my experience but they are not as radical as what you guys are experiencing in the west. Hence, AWALT is a more suitable term.

        12. “Haven’t you ever considered that they see you the same way? You/people like you go around calling them the enemy when they’re just
          regular people like you and I, and eventually you’ve made yourself the
          enemy which consequently reinforces your belief that they are the enemy. ”
          Yes, because we live on a rock with limited resources and as such there are groups with incompatible interests, which they usually solve in the end, with violence. And just because you are kind, doesn’t mean they will be.
          ” When you say that they are the soul less ones, you never think that you
          are the soul less one? You are the one, in fact, that’s saying things
          only a soul less heathen would say. ”
          Westerners don’t harvest Falun Gong practicioners organs. I think that settles who is the soulless ones.

        13. Westerners genocided the Native Americans. I think that settles who is the soulless ones.

        14. They only see you as the enemy because you see them as the enemy. It is not so much a mutual suspicion as it is “who is being suspicious and antagonistic first”. It is not in Asian culture (including Chinese) to see individuals first as bad people. The true soulless ones are you. Because you’re uncivilized and barbaric.

        15. Asians have a culture of humiliating the weakest and engaging in excessive cruelty and repression to force others to submit. For example, the death by a thousand cuts. No westerner has ever committed an act of such senselessness. And asian cultures are full of a thousand other examples going back to the mythical Yellow Emperor who started his Reign by cannibalizing his opponent.
          Besides, the dynamic has been established. It cannot be broken until one holds an advantage over the other. Then an olive branch can be extended. But Asians will extend that olive branch much later than the westerners.

    2. Actually there’s no debate in 2017, it’s just, Men and Women are from Mars and Venus and everyone has equal rights to tinkle in the girls bathroom, except there’s no such thing any more as ‘girl’ and their titties are patriarchal social constructions

    3. Exactly. We are fools for even entertaining the stupid, divisive, non-problems that are the questions of the day. We should be setting the tone and the agenda and leading by example.

    4. The concept is simple. The corporate rich have taken over. Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, and various others are BILLION dollar companies, and need to keep profiting to raise their stock prices and please their shareholders. This comes by any means necessary. If it means importing cheap labor from India and China and firing qualified American workers, so be it. This sudden increase in H1b worker visas and employment based green cards has what’s given rise to mass migration from third world countries like India and China. Coupled with the Wars that the West has engaged in (Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, etc.) we have destroyed countries and as a token of sympathy, we have offered asylum status to those civilians. These 2 things are the major cause of mass migration seen recently. The numbers of migrants coming in through these 2 channels is unprecedented. You have Indian consultancy companies gaming the immigration system and thereby flooding the number of Indians in the American society. States like NJ, TX, CA, NY have been transformed into Little Calcutta thanks to Indians coming in through H1bs and taking all the jobs. The middle class as a result is getting destroyed. Your son/daughter who even pursues STEM will not be guaranteed a job after they graduate because corporations will higher cheaper workers. Lets not forget, these foreign workers are massive breeders and love to take advantage of that birthright citizenship for their child. As a result, they will pop 3-4 kids while in the country. As long as these 2 factors (H1bs and Asylum) exist, expect to see more migrants entering our country and thoroughly changing the landscape of our country. Information is freely available thanks to social media and forums like Quora. It’s not wonder that 40% of the traffic that Quora receives is from people in India. the number one question asked by those Indians: “How do I get into the United States?”

        1. That’s changing now. Mexicans do all the jobs that Americans won’t do (house cleaning, construction, cooking, garbage, etc.). H1bs on the other hand take jobs away from Americans because they will do it for cheaper. By the way, Google “which is the largest immigration group entering the United States now?”. The answer is India, and second is China.

        2. Up until fifty years ago, no lawns got cut, no bathrooms got cleaned, no construction was done, there were no restaurants. Luckily, now there are Mexicans doing the jobs Americans won’t do.
          You should see how clean and well built everything in Mexico is. And the food is like haute cuisine compared to that stupid American food.

      1. Its business too, governments make alot of money from these migrants. It costs thousand for them to get citizenship.
        there are 500,000 foreign students here in Australia currently, i doubt many will leave.

      2. It’s all just happening by accident. Nothing to worry about. Look, bakkabawl!

      1. i bet we could troll NASA and get them to make the bathroom on the international space station gender-neutral

    5. Watch the Japanese Anime Armitage, it basically predicts what comes next. Earth is finally unified under a “Feminist” Government, excess men are sent to off world colonies and the emigration of women from Earth to those colonies is tightly controlled to keep the men in line. It even predicted that realistic sex bots would be the only real threat to such a Globalist plot to control men.
      We done just about fucked this planet up into nothing, the only last frontier we have where we can send our excess men to exploit natural resources is Africa and the Chinese are handling that.
      We will need more and those resources will come from Space, Asteroids, Moons and eventually other planets. Men will perform vast majority of the work which will be dangerous and access to women will be limited as to act as a motivator for continuing such work.

      1. No developed society can sustain a matriarchy.
        Matriarchy is based on a lack of ambition, which only works when there is little to achieve. A lack of ambition causes a lack of complexity, so the system would simplify itself and break down. It’s a pattern we’ve gon through three times since the Bronze age.

  10. In the end, whether it is rain or river, water erodes rock.
    By its very nature, tradition is much more difficult to maintain and requires constant vigil and reinforcement, the moment of its demise is the introduction of diversity and compromise.

      1. general increase in disorder, general smoothing out of temperature differences (analogous to racial / ethnic differences)

      1. mullet, likes 80s heavy metal, always wears a sleeveless Anthrax shirt

  11. What percent of men turn their backs on materialism? There must be a certain fraction of men who say fuck Starbucks, fuck name brands, fuck warby parker, fuck nike, fuck audi

    1. Uh oh what’s my credit score??? I better make sure I have comprehensive car insurance. Bundle it. I’m a good responsible white man after all.

  12. Best red pill article I’ve seen ever. Thank you Mr. Savage on asking the questions I can only think of.

  13. Yes Globalism is inevitable, for those of you who are religiously inclined I remind you that the story of the human race does not end well.

    1. Multiculturalism has already failed, now and in previous ages (romans and barbarians, spanish and indians, europeans and africans) . History is cyclical, next step is a strong united nation who takes the control of the rests of the other nations. And after a while they will pussify themselves and another culture will take their place.

    2. Ah yes, the jewish middle eastern catholic religion will save you from jewish globalism & jewish multicuckism …
      Goy, you are saved!! All hail the immaculate misconception … All hail the muslim feet washing pope …. the goy are saved!!!
      The lulz are real when it comes to jewish middle eastern catholic’s …

    3. There’s no way those uppity colonists can possibly challenge the almighty British Empire. Brittania rules the waves.

  14. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, South Korea, Japan, China all completely oppose multiculturalism with a rabid enthusiasm. They don’t want any foreigners at all, and are desperately trying to remove any other ethnic groups living in their countries by whatever means possible. (Don’t think writer has ever been to S. Korea, they hate every other nationality, but they hate Japan most of all). I don’t see Asia falling to the western multicultural disease anytime in the foreseeable future.
    The only way there could be any change in the west is by another night of the long knives. Someone needs to organize an event where every white man kills as many of the ‘opposition’ as he can get. (Jew, Muslim, Politician, banker, Feminist, Homosexual, Real Estate Agent, Financial Adviser, Insurance salesperson, Lawyer, Judge, Police person, etc.)
    Not that I would be involved in such a disgraceful terrorist crime, I just don’t care what happens to white folk any more. I’m busy breeding with Asians, and having a great time. I’m just gonna party and fuck till I drop (shouldn’t be long now).

    1. This is a simplification and a false dichotomy. In the name of globalist economics and social peace, some largely homogenous countries like SK and Taiwan will try to use socio-cultural integration in order to get a significant share of foreigners/non-Koreans to reside there and be economically integrated (those go hand in hand, more or less). That does not imply, however, that these countries will be like U.S., UK, Germany, Sweden and so on, because 1) the immigration laws are still restrictive, and 2) the demographic picture looks very different.

  15. Everything is meant to condition us into servitude from a young age. Be a simp to girls and women, attend college to get a job so you can pay off government or private loans, make sure you have a credit card and build a credit score (and if you don’t use it every month your score goes down), shop online and use a smartphone that tracks your every movement, always be a good citizen even while the elite rip off the little guy every day.
    It’s a vicious cycle.

  16. Good article, a bit fatalistic perhaps. Remember that “progress” is relative and what is defined as such by someone contends with other fulfillings for the word. Look at history: the Roman Empire fell, and more recently, the European Empires have fallen too. The “all towards one world” may have some truth, yet it bears no necessity and the globalists have conditioned us into seeing this meme as a necessary history when it isn’t. As for technology, it is up to us to take it over, as we have already done much through the Internet. The world is much more malleable and full of potential power than the elites want us to know. We must strive to be the side of potentialities. Entrepreneurship, creativity, even efficient trolling are but ways on this same path.

  17. I’m a pretty lousy consumer. I really don’t buy much. I’m happy reading, writing, and thinking. Perhaps an upside of growing up poor is that I never came to associate pleasure with consumption.

  18. “Trump signs a bill to increase the number of women in STEM fields”. This is a major disappointment!

    1. How the fuk can an administrative act from the executive branch of government make women more interested in something?
      This is the kind of BS social engineering I thought we’d voted out…

      1. Maybe this actually happened in USSR. They praised worked women. As far as I know USSR (and now Russia) had the biggest number of female bosses and engineers

        1. And what a disaster their economy was (and still is), shortages of everything forever.

        2. In Soviet and non-Soviet Russia you’re slave to females. Here females are privileged class

        3. Of course it destroys the society. Females are priviliged class in Russia and USSR. Males are worthless slaves here

    2. Yeah it happened around 6 weeks ago and nobody said a goddam thing about it. It was actually TWO bills: one “encouraging” more women to enter STEM fields, and the second “encouraged” NASA to hire more women.
      Definitely made me lose not only a lot of my faith in Trump himself, but in our community too. Are we really in a war of ideas, or are do we just blindly support “our guy” the way libtards blindly support theirs?

      1. Hopefully you came away with the lesson to never, EVER trust anybody in politics or trying to get into politics.

        1. I prefer to trust those behind the scenes, I think. At least, the few that I’ve known personally. Typically they don’t mask their motives and their actions have more force and precision as a result.

    3. Hey you wouldn’t happen to be Prof. Pavel Grinfeld from the YouTube channel MathTheBeautiful where I am learning tensor calculus from? I remember on one of the videos he said something subtly red pilled praising times when merit was still a thing.

      1. Unfortunately no. I’m just an average Russian living in Moscow and worrying about our future

        1. Ah OK haha, it would’ve been too much of a fantastic coincidence anyway.

        2. I visited a construction site in Moscow one February morning and found 20 of the workers (from the “Stans”) sleeping on cots in the concrete cellar (where the furnace was). It was -25 C the night before.

    4. How so? You expected anything different?
      Dude, the guy has his far Leftist Democrat daughter whispering in his ear now, and his wife is all about many silly Leftist causes as well.
      This shit wasn’t unknown during the election, it’s just that people didn’t want to hear it.
      I voted for the man so that he’d appoint Gorsuch (or any other person on his SCOTUS list) and nothing more. End of the day, he’s mostly a leftist, and people better start realizing this.

        1. Melania reminds of Stiffler’s Mom from American Pie. Has that same look in her eyes

        2. Indeed, the “strong man” worship that went along with his election was very worrisome to me. I researched him back when he was “just another candidate” and it was clear from even casual searches that, by and large, he was and has always been mostly on the Left. Yes, one or two of his positions have “evolved” but his base core is still Leftist.

        3. Mate, not to piss in a bowl of soup, but the alt-right was always skeptical of Trump. The position always was that we love HIS RETHORIC. And to us who push the Overton Window it matters. Delivering on even 10% of promises was more than enough for us.
          The divide seems to be between TruCons who voted Cruz and “alt-light” who voted Trump.
          Cruz was a sleaze and still talked about shit the younger generation does not care, muh abortions. Meanwhile Trump said the right things. Ban radical muslims, build a wall, etc.
          Basically all the God Emperor thing was to keep the faith in him, because of the natural skepticism of alternative right wingers.
          So no, I still think Trump is one of the best things to happen in US.
          People who hate him or shit on him after all he has done are fags in my book.

        4. He’s just the first step, and when he doesn’t come through, you will see the reincarnation of (literally)Hitler

      1. Yep, dude has been leaning Left all his life, Even consistently rubbing shoulders with the despicable Clintons, I respect how he overcame great adversity in his campaign for running for president and I always an ABC dude(anybody but clinton)…but the way he’s being held up as a messiah by the Right and altright is naive at best an laughable at worst. The greatest republican candidate in the last 8 years has been Ron Paul by far, was a huge fan of him, it a shame he lacked charisma

    5. Not really. He is compromising on tertiary issues to focus on major ones.
      Fine by me, I expected him to cuck, just cuck less than others. He is certainly not perfect.

    6. It’s a disappointment. They will ask for more and more and people like him will give in to make the whining stop. When the whining has subsided, game’s over, right? Wrong, it’s on to the next game. It never stops.

  19. Nope.
    Globalism is unnatural. It requires outside resources and energy to promote. This is why you see education, media, and government pushing towards “progress”
    The natural state of man is tribal and without tremendous outside influence that’s exactly what we exhibit.
    The world today has been socially engineered

    1. Yeah, you get it. Man finds his fulfillment by living in extended families, tribes and nations of people who share a common historical ancestry and a common culture. The Alt Right keeps trying to articulate this, often inadequately. Because the Alt Right has a vision of human flourishing and the good life based on reason, evidence and experience (the last also known as tradition), it really qualifies as a kind of humanism.
      And this vision contrasts sharply with our elites’ project to merge humanity into one huge ball of fungible mystery meat, where no one has roots, a heritage or a sense of identity, regardless of how much suffering this causes to the people caught up in it.
      Who really has the best interests of humanity here?

      1. When the left introduces words like “xenophobic”, “misogynistic” and then brainwashes 7 year olds to react violently to them…
        Words become a weapon.
        The problem with the alt right is less message and more strategic. Freedom can not be maintained with a hands off approach when the opposition party is hands on.
        Until we are ready to use the media, education and the government to win, we will be forever a victim of our hands off approach

        1. Leftists captured all the media so they have too much influence on minds. Why right, conservatives gave up power so easily ?

        2. They’re too busy actually doing shit instead of talking about it.
          A classic example of how leftist thinking is feminine in nature – it focuses on endless discourse, whereas the masculine mind seeks solutions and conclusions.

        3. Because Traditionalists view the truth as simple and self-evident.
          I also think most traditionalists find these kinds of methods to be dishonourable. Not many decent men living decent lives are sitting around scheming on how to take over broadcast corporations so they can brainwash their fellow countrymen.

        4. It wasn’t “give up” as in they all started saying “Well, ok, let’s just start hiring people who hate us”. It was more of a gradual evolution.

        5. Traditionalism was subverted by jews & turned into men slaving for stayathome mothers
          Instead of men fighting for nationalism & creating polygamist families with hundreds of children

        6. Well I think we’re starting to see a backlash in the form of alternative media.
          I honestly think Pepe played a role in putting Trump into the White House. Where this is going though is a little less clear imo.

        7. “Not many decent men living decent lives are sitting around scheming on
          how to take over broadcast corporations so they can brainwash their
          fellow countrymen.”
          I only do that on wednesday.

      2. You cant have an extended family with monogamy, as a single woman can only have severely limited children
        A true extended family is only possible through male preferred forms of reproduction, polygamy
        We can only build a civilisation through the male imperative
        The male imperative builds society, the female imperative doesnt build society

        1. Polygamy works at the expense of the men who do not get laid.
          Polygamy only makes sense if a significant amount of men have become herbivore (Japan) or men are dying like flies (Africa).
          In resource-stable societies of Europe, polygamy is a death knell.

        2. Wrong, polygamy creates natural selective pressures which prevent low i.q vermin from reproducing
          Monogamy has no real selective pressures, allowing the low i.q to outreproduce the high i.q
          In short monogamy is a dysgenic pile of rubbish, & needs to be replaced by the male imperative & male forms of reproduction, ie polygamy

        3. ” polygamy creates natural selective pressures which prevent low i.q vermin from reproducing ”
          I don’t know where you live in, but where I am right now women are choosing retarded low IQ rappers with mixtapes over “boring” engineers.
          ” Monogamy has no real selective pressures, allowing the low i.q to outreproduce the high i.q ”
          Monogamy has pressure because in a market with limited resources everyone will aim for the better product, or at least a large number will. Men lift weights and women go to the salon in hopes of finding a better mate. If they are lazy, they can be forced (fascist solution).
          ” In short monogamy is a dysgenic pile of rubbish, & needs to be
          replaced by the male imperative & male forms of reproduction, ie
          polygamy ”
          Which is why Europe used to be a backwater pile of rubbish while Africans and Middle Easterners were living in paradise, right ?

        4. The family unit in general seems to motivate men to work hard and contribute to society. I don’t know if there is enough data on polygamous societies to be for or against them. I will say, I’d have no problem working hard 10 hour days, knowing I’d have a 3 or 4-some waiting for me at home every night.

    2. By this logic, however, indoor plumbing, clean bodies and cars are unnatural too.
      Do we really want to live like animals? The world has been ok a time line of “unnatural growth and change” since the wheel

      1. The metric of “natural” always bothered me.
        On the other hand, I consider everything humans create to be “natural” in the sense of belonging to nature. Because, universe. In essence I will claim, rightly, that skyscrapers are natural and organic with a straight face and wait for somebody to challenge me.
        “Oh, so beehives are unnatural too then, mate?”
        As far as behaviors, it’s also a poor metric. Yes, taking a dump in the wild is natural, every animal does it, but do we really want people shitting on the sidewalk?

        1. That seems like it would smell very bad
          Dr Moreau should def have had his license revoked

      2. I think he’s confusing “social engineering” with regular good ol’ “engineering”.

      3. Why are you comparing human tendencies to human tools. Stop stretching. You are smarter than that.

        1. Human tendencies are to build larger and more comfortable civilizations including creation of the tools to do so. Living in the woods like a savage is not desireable.
          There is a downside to the natural human tendency towards building more and more comfortable societies but I wouldn’t trade 2017 in NYC for life on the bonanza ever.
          The world isn’t perfect and some things about it are distasteful but we are living in wonderful and glorious times

        2. You keep confusing/ conflating globalism with modern conveniences. Why?
          I think the globalists have you convinced deep down inside that right wing means backwards.
          I mean however could we invent jet engines unless abortion is legal.

        3. You’re missing the key tendency to desire status and power.
          None of that can come from being comfortable, and yet men pursue it.

        4. You really think status and power can’t come from comfort?

        5. Providing comfort, maybe. Using status symbols, only if you have the money to afford it.
          Does a cell phone provide any status to anyone over the age of 12?
          Fear is a better status symbol, and that can only be achieved through violence and overcoming unpleasant circumstances.
          Why would you respect anyone for anything else?

        6. The lack of a smart phone is an absurdity that automatically reduces status. I respect Stephen hawking who isn’t capable of any violence at all.
          I don’t have a ton of respect for violence. Egads man, it’s 2017. If your life has been defined violently you have failed.
          This isn’t to say that physical strength isn’t important. Hell, I am in the gym 3+ hours a day 7 days a week working on this. It is my passion and yes it helps with women — a lot. But so would a yacht

        7. Power is not quite the same as violence. Power is more the indirect application of violence. If you disrespect the beat officer or the gangster, it’s because you should. But would you disrespect the head of the IRS, when he could have your entire city audited for life if he felt like it?
          Respect is a nebulously defined term. You may like Hawking, but I doubt you would follow him: he is kind of crazy after all. It would make a lot more sense to follow someone who knows how to keep a cool head, and can maybe hold his own in a fistfight. Though there are still better people to follow.
          A respectable person has had to achieve something, and that takes struggle and unpleasantness. Maybe not outright violence, but it does require a certain level of character.

    3. Outside influence isn’t necessary a bad thing, you just got weed out the bad from the good

      1. And thus the so-called ‘melting pot’ should actually function like a distillery.

        1. Melting pot tends to create a stronger over all cultural “alloy”. Unfortunately, we have gone from a national melting pot, to a cultural salad bowl. Everyone keeps their “culture” individually separate. Then, throw them all in a geographic area (bowl). Next, marvel at how “strong” you are because of your “diversity”.

    4. Globalism is the jewish occultic child sacrificing, white people hating talmud
      Globalism is the jewish religion of the talmud, jews dont worship the torah
      Only backward barbarian jews, & the hordes of pussified jewish brainwashed christians, bomb the shit out of 3rd world countries
      Only jews hate one of the most open & compassionate races of our time, pagan white people

  20. Excellent article, Corey.
    Modern man destroys more when he constructs than when he destroys. Faith in progress is the offspring of ignorance of history.
    Progress is the scourge God has chosen for us. What is called progress are preparations for a catastrophe. The horror of progress can only be measured by someone who has known a landscape before and after progress has transformed it. “Progress,” “Democracy,” the “classless Society,” excite the crowd, but leave the Muses cold and disagreeable.
    An “ideal society” would be the graveyard of human greatness. The only possible progress is the internal progress of each individual. A process that concludes with the end of each life.
    Progress ages badly. Each generation brings a new model of progressivism and discards with contempt the previous model. Nothing is more grotesque than yesterday’s progressive.
    Social problems are the favorite refuge of those fleeing their own problems.
    Reason, Progress, and Justice are the three theological virtues of the fool. In the intelligent man faith is the only remedy for anguish. The fool is cured by “reason,” “progress,” alcohol, work.
    The crisis of Christianity today has been provoked not by science, nor by history, but by the new means of communication. Religious progressivism is the task of adapting Christian doctrines to the opinions sponsored by news agencies and publicity agents.

  21. Neither are inevitable, that’s just the narrative built up since the late 1800’s by the Progressives. It’s all a lie.
    That being said, technology does make crossing national boundaries easier, in the sense that you can communicate with Hans Kliekermeister in Berlin from Columbus, Ohio for almost free nowadays, and set up trades with him and vice versa. But I’m not sure that’s really globalism. International trade, that benefits all parties, is perfectly legit in my opinion. Bringing everybody’s government “in line” with whomever is captaining the world ship on the other hand, is bullshit.

    1. Show Hans the Hand. Most powerful form of international communication there is.

  22. we’ve all been hypnotised by the “idea of progress” ever since Hegel, and more specifically Marx. Sure technological change (and complexity) may require rationalisation, and some kinds of (global?) standards / standardisation may be part of that, but the idea that this necessary means eroding the nation state / sovereignty etc is highly dubious. It’s time to start questioning many of the fundamental ideas we’ve all grown up with, hopefully without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but at the same time recognising that when we talk of progress it’s always to some extent a question of ‘whose progress?’ rather than anything that could be considered an objective standard. I don’t consider myself to be regressive or a reactionary, but merely to have a different conception or vision to that peddled by the ‘progressive crowd’ (obviously I’d keep transexual bathrooms though because they’re a laff), but if I or anyone else can consider such alternative conceptions of what progress is, it implies that the notion of a unilinear thing called progress, grounded by some kind of ‘motor of history, or material or ‘productive forces’ underlying history, is just a manipulation, a conceit agreed upon by a lot of brainwashed leftists.

    1. I’m currently reading “The next ten thousand years: A vision of man’s future in the universe” from 1974. So optimistic it almost makes the reader cry. The author didn’t foresee the West devolving into a scatological viper pit where the national debate came to settle on where one makes pee pee.

      1. instead of terraforming other worlds, we’re making our bathrooms gender-neutral

        1. The preferred nomenclature is “genderforming”, dude.

      2. not familiar with it, but from the description I can see where you’re coming from. I think space travel for instance will happen but our present transgender bathroom obsessed culture clearly indicates that nothing is inevitable without a will to make it so. One could also argue that space exploration, like all exploration before it, depends upon the revivification of masculinity.

  23. It is not safe to predict the future, it is chaotic. If we seek the advice of modern spiritual strengthened men, Christians Saints, like St. Paisios and St Porfyrios, also Russian Saints like Saint Seraphim of Sarov, although being way apart they spoke the same about our era. Despite the hope of progressives of a secular technological utopia, world will turn to turmoil with troubles. In this time of despair, Christ will intervene in human history and there will be mass return of the Christian world to the Faith and worship and traditionalism. This will happen so Christians do not lose their faith in spite of the technological and secular progress but also for the world to not have excuse for their apostasy. Early signs have appeared already, like the turn of Russia from a godless antichristian nation to the most traditionalist european country, maybe unexpected political turns like brexit and election of Trump. There will be a reburst of Christian faith. In the more distant future people like the Israelites in the desert of Sinai, will forget once again. Contemporary Saints don’t speak much about that time so we can hypothesize that it will be not of our spiritual concern but a problem and struggle for future generations.

    1. Wrong … lol
      Jebus never intervened in 1930 when 90% of white people were exterminated, he’s not going to intervene when the remaining 10% of white people fight back
      1930 – 30% of the world was white. 1960 – 10% of the world was white

      1. That’s because the third world has a huge population explosion due to the charity of Europeans/Americans/Canadians/Australians, not because suddenly we culled out 80% of all whites.

        1. Inoculations and grain shipments. When there is a global meltdown and the logistics fail, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a 3rd world hole.

      2. There are more White people now than EVER before. It’s just that we’ve been feeding, er, uplifting the mud men and they have been breeding like the vermin they are.

  24. When our Jew-hypnotized people are once again proud and knowledgeable of their Nordic culture and concepts, and do not need to or want to lean on the nasty mutterings of a bunch of old Jews.”
    -George Lincoln Rockwell about Savitri Devi’s books.

  25. Here’s my take.
    It’s all artificial.
    This idea that “Globalism” is inevitable as a process of history is bullshit. No one wants 3rd worlders in their country. They have no use. They are brought by a genocidal elite.
    Same for homos and trannies. All forced down our throats by a vocal minority.
    Mark my words, “Progressivism” will not survive the age of internet and peak multiculturalism. A breakdown is inevitable.
    Also, think about it this way. How long can you pump air in a tire before it explodes ? We are already seeing mass terror attacks every week. Soon muslims will be doing attacks every day. This will either end up with a 4th Reich or a European caliphate.
    No other way.

    1. Yes it is artificial.
      But those artificialities are controlled by the left. Microsoft, Alphabet, apple etc are the internet and they are not on our side!
      Progressivism will stay for a long time

      1. Everything is inevitable and will never end, until the bullets start to fly.

  26. The end of globalism would mean end of high living standards in the West as the current Western Empire (the Anglo-American) is only thriving because of its global political and economic policies to steal and exploit the resources of other countries.
    Look at Britain, for example, it’s a small and cold island without any significant natural resources. Without the help of Jewish finance and trade, and the sacrifice of millions of the native people, the all-mighty British Empire could have never happened.
    Are you prepared to live in a third-world country with third world wages?
    Progress is the scourge God has chosen for us.

        1. To be fair, Jews have sticked their noses everywhere.
          If I really wanted I could cherry pick and say that the US was a “creature of Judaism” too.

        2. US is the continuation of the British Empire, so yes it is also a creature of Judaism.
          US is the equivalent of Byzantine Empire of the Roman world.

        3. I am curios, what do you consider the opposite of a “creature of Judaism” ? Can you give an example ?

        4. there’s probably some truth in that – how much is difficult to say. The Larouche / Webster Tarpley line traces it all back to the Venetian bankers I think. Some also think that the John Dee may have been influential in setting the course for a future imperial destiny

        5. Maybe the Roman Empire ? I have a theory that if Our Lord choose to appear during the Roman Era, it was because the Romans had the best civilisation of that time and He saw the good in them.
          One reason why the Jews hated Him, is that they were expecting an anti-roman revolutionnary, when he appeared to be quite the contrary.
          After all, his best convert was the Roman Centurion.

        6. Yes, but Rome had issues with Jews. Just like everyone who ever contacted with them.

    1. Lmfao.
      Tankers of Cheap crap from china is not a higher standard of living than one heirloom.
      But hey, dollar store on my friend.

      1. It’s not my idea of high standards either but the materialistic wealth is the measure today.

  27. Globalism is inevitable. Sounds like some very marxist way of seeing things.

    1. Exactly. It’s part of the brainwashing.
      Tradition = backward
      Globalism = inertia
      Technology = liberalism

  28. Globalism will fail, it is nearly impossible to unite all cultures under the same banner unless something incredebily dire happens(alien Invasion, yellowstone volcano going off, a virus epidemic ect) the only thing that makes globalism spread like a virus is the internet and technology. You kill the internet and tech,you kill globalism. If just takes one incredible blast of energy to fry the internet(EMP) The sun is known to produce incredible amounts of EMP energy and releasing it through solar flares and other phenemenon.

    1. I have a different theory.
      If you disarm a group of (((compassionate fellow beings))) then a lot of problems tend to solve themselves.

      1. Are we speaking about genocide against liberals and hipsters? Lol that would be quite ironic

      2. We are the humans from earth. Even if one group has a tendency to do one thing more than another, that same tendency is inside of us all to one degree or another. It is also a fundamental law that nature abhors a vacuum.
        Even if a certain group is behind all of society’s current and past ills, “getting rid” of that group will only shift the problem, not solve it.
        If you truly believe that every other group on the planet will just happy get along and leave each other in peace the moment that any certain group, or even a series of groups, were removed… then you don’t really understand life, human nature and society.
        Even if we were all born exactly identical with similar traits and IQs, our environments would shape us. Our inherent tribal natures would push us into new groups, and we’d mark ourselves out to show to which group we belonged. The groups would vie for power, resources, prestige, etc…. because that is human nature.
        Blaming one group, any group, is just simple-minded and lazy.

        1. Well stated. Besides, getting a good genocide off the ground is a logistical nightmare.

        2. ” If you truly believe that every other group on the planet will just
          happy get along and leave each other in peace the moment that any
          certain group, or even a series of groups, were removed… then you
          don’t really understand life, human nature and society. ”
          Never implied that. But in this particular case they are the wrench in the bicycle wheel. Once we remove them we are free to go after the other ones. When someone goes around stirring trouble, you remove them and some tension is relieved.
          ” . Our inherent tribal natures would push us into new groups, and we’d
          mark ourselves out to show to which group we belonged. The groups would
          vie for power, resources, prestige, etc…. because that is human
          nature. ”
          Of course. So by rule of tribal warfare we must promote our interests ruthlessly just like they do.

    2. “You kill the internet and tech,you kill globalism”
      I agree partially – the net indeed is poison. But the monetary system has to collapse – and local banking systems not interfaced with other banking systems has to be established.

      1. Not power lines and outdoor transformers, which are most of them.

      2. Huh? The US Govt admitted an EMP can knock out the grid, and 90% of Americans would be dead within a year if it ever happened. Where did you get that nugget?

        1. In fact very little is emp proof that is not shielded in one form or another of a faraday cage. I guarantee you that everybody’s little iZombie would die instantly.

        2. Thats one of those doomsday scenarios you gotta ignore lol
          The last one that hit was when- 1870s? All it did was fry the telegraph lines. Now, we’d have planes falling outta the sky

        3. Um, basic science is science, chief. The science of electromagnetic pulse is pretty well understood even in high school level science classes, as well as the methods required to shield for it.

        4. All they HAD was telegraph lines at the time of the Carrington event. And it fried them ALL.

  29. Something I thought about from listening to one of the disreputable podcasts I follow:
    Jews in the culture-making industry (Hollywood, literature, music, etc.) have promoted nihilism in white societies for decades now. Why does it surprise them that we have become indifferent to their Holocaust propaganda? If nothing matters in life, then Jews’ problems don’t matter, either.
    Gentile outrage at the Holocaust really requires an effort to maintain traditional moral sensibilities: Oh, look at what those mean white men did to poor defenseless Jews! The fact that Jews have screwed this up shows that they can work at cross-purposes like everyone else.

  30. We are the victims of our own success.
    We created civilization, invented amazing technology, and (generally) conquered our environment. As a species, we have defeated all of our natural predators and external threats (broadly speaking). The hard, physically-demanding and primitive lives that we led are (generally) gone, replaced by cubicles, air-conditioners and the internet.
    But what once hunted us and killed us, what once gave us calluses and broke our backs also made us strong and hard, focused us on the important things in life. It kept our populations relatively small, allowing us to flourish in smaller pockets of tribes, villages and the occasional city-state.
    Now there are billions of us, amassed in multi-city population areas of millions upon millions, packed like roaches between the walls and scurrying over each other like ants. As our populations have grown and we interact will more and more people daily (in person or electronically), we’ve become more self-focused and internally focused, and much less community-oriented or tribal in view. As a result, we are too numerous and too selfish to govern ourselves. Most of us have lost our sense of the greater good, and many of those that seek some form of “greater good” have lost all sense of proportion or reality (i.e., environmental nuts and globalist true believers).
    The things that are our biggest killers are primarily self-induced. Stress-induced diseases eat away at us — but *not* because of any real, true stress… rather because of the *lack* of any real external stress. Without external threats to overcome, without fundamental needs to meet, we turn our mental and emotional energies inward, devouring ourselves.
    Man is best when it is striving, driving, pushing forward to reach an external goal, struggling against common enemies or fighting to overcome some looming obstacle.

    1. This is one area where people are utterly myopic. The “space race” was our one best chance to keep ourselves active in a productive, non-self destructive way. Without manned exploration to asteroids, the planets and eventually the stars, we’ll just continue to grow weaker and get more self defeating behaviors attached to us.

      1. Amen. So glad to hear someone else recognize that. We sit here on this rock staring into our own navels, dying our hair different colors and watching each other dance like clowns for our entertainment.
        Manifest destiny must be extended out beyond the planet into the solar system and eventually further. We are hardwired at a fundamental level to discover and explore, to expand and to colonize. When we aren’t busy doing that, we are busy destroying ourselves.

      2. Yeah, it must suck for the science fiction writers born in the 1930’s and 1940’s who haven’t died yet – Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Gregory Benford, Vernor Vinge, Ben Bova – to realize that they have lived long enough to live after the abandonment of a technologically progressive “space age” in the 1960’s. They had written their stories in their prime based on assumptions like we would have space colonies by now.

      3. A technologically progressive space age would give smart young men something better to do with their lives than, oh, building sex robots, writing code for yet another useless computer game or worrying about how hostile AI’s will destroy us all.

        1. Exactly correct. We’re funnelling all of our highly productive energies into literally a void right now. Obviously things like medical science and engineering are being productive, but nowhere near where they could be if we had real challenges to face us on, say, Europa or Mars.

        2. I hate AI and people writing shitty code pretending they’re supersmart. And I’m developer myself

        3. Aren’t we at war with Europa? Or is that Eurasia? I can’t remember er who were have always been at war with.

  31. Globalism is only for the elites and only they profit from that. It does not make a difference for regular people or it can make it worse actually.

  32. I think the current state of things is a phase that will evolve for the better. People don’t live forever and with new leaders will come new ideas.

    1. Nope.The educational system is tainted. It will take years to purify. 22nd century at the earliest.

  33. We really need to challenge this “Ascent of Man” myth. When evolutionary biology and anthropology began in 19th Century Europe, the early white scientists looked around and thought that “mankind” meant people like them as the final product of evolution.
    Now we know that only certain populations of humans whose ancestors migrated from Africa in prehistory and mated with Neanderthals, Denisovans and other related species in Eurasia became the sort of “mankind” these scientists thought of as the representatives of the Homo sapiens.
    Uh, no. “Mankind” really means Sub-Saharan Africans, who stayed put in the species’ ancestral environment for many thousands of years. The rest of us have descended from unrepresentative populations in other parts of the world. We may have “ascended” relative to the source population of humans, but just from sheer numbers humanity as a collective doesn’t amount to much.

  34. Granted countries like Japan, India and others joining the tech revolution are by extension identifying with American culture and progressivism.
    However this doesn’t explain the push for acceptance of Western Universalist values in regions radically opposed to them such as the Middle East, Africa and remote areas around the globe.
    This is being orchestrated by Western governments and their NGO affiliates under threat of aid and trade constraints to bring reluctant governments into line.
    Globalization is being accelerated by both natural and engineered means then- naturally for the more technically and economically advanced nations and forcibly for culturally different and less developed ones.

  35. Problem is you are missing history. Globalization be it Rome, Ottoman Empire, Genghis Khan, Egypt, they all die in one big massive correction that shatters cultures.
    Hell the EU came together and is falling apart in less than a generation.

    1. The laws of nature and economics do not care what people believe or where they are from.

  36. Title is misleading.
    There are no causes mentioned, only effects and long-term effects of certain actions, certain nations took.
    Who influenced those decisions ?
    Who are the advocates of open-borders policy ?
    Who are the advocates of feminism, transwhatever…etc etc etc
    Who are the advocates and purveyors of national degeneracy ( which applies to all nations ) ?
    Who wants you to disregard the laws of God, which dictate your attitude within your nation and external as well ?
    Who ?
    Cui Prodest ?

    1. Well white woman are too good to have sex with white men…well thats what I keep hearing for the last 15 years of my life.

    1. Globalism is the deliberate destruction of self-interest and values (not traditions, being disgusted by gays isn’t tradition)
      Moreover, it is political and not economic.
      Economic globalism would suppress all antisocial behavior far more than what we have now. Trade requires trust, which can’t be had if there are no standards.

  37. We have always been at war with EastAsia.
    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Diversity is Strength

  38. I recall that back in 1985 the CIA issued a report saying that the Soviet bloc was on solid ground and would last for another 75 years. And, we know how that turned out. The jews, their white Shabbos goy traitors and their criminal, parasitic, evil non-white subhuman pets are living on borrowed time. 14/88!!!!

  39. You’re using a perspective from the past thousand years, which is understandable. However, progressive thought is based in a concept that we are “all equal.” Whether it’s men and women, gays or straights, Muslim Immigrants or Western European immigrants, it all goes back to one point and that point is “Universalism.” This was the immaterialist concept that all souls were equal, thus would go to heaven.
    This Dogma set about ideals of “all men being created equal” not technology. Everything else from then on was one more piece of a structure.

  40. Depends on if and when Ai comes about. Until then, only nationality and patriarchy can create a stable society.

  41. I have to disagree with the author on one point: while globalism might have been inevitable, this form is solely due to mismanagement.
    A society cannot be run without some form of morals. The existing moral system was destroyed by the communist/globalist class, because it was politically convenient. Likewise, the ghettoes are hellholes because it is convenient for the democrat party. Maybe the republicans should just let the democrats rule, but at this point identity politics has made this impossible, as all-powerful democrats would destroy republicans.
    I mean think about it, The British empire was the first to pull off globalism, but they went the entire 1800’s without causing these rampant social ills. They has a solid mechanism of control. Meanwhile, the biggest cause of crime in the United States is that dealing with any systematic criminal patterns is beyond the capabilities of local police departments, Does a disunited system of mini-states, none with full sovereignty, sound like real globalism to you?
    Globalism isn’t bad, but first it needs to have a sound moral and political basis.

  42. “Globalization” and “globalism” are euphemisms (just like saying “elites” instead of ruling class). What we are actually witnessing is the worldwide spread of the capital of a very few American corporations who rule the world through nuclear blackmail and are only therefore “international” or “global.”
    This process results in the worldwide convergence of all economical processes and the convergence of all living standards on a very low level. The monopolised capital either goes to misery (e.g. outsourcing jobs to India and China) and/or imports misery (mass-immigration of low-wage workers) until all of the oppressed class is equally susceptible for economic blackmail.
    This is the simple reason why racism against immigrants has come out of fashion, but a racist and imperialist attitude towards their native countries that need to be “liberated”, has not.

  43. We need a plan………………
    A Ron Paul/Bernie Sanders revolution. But from grassroots and ready to swat down the excesses of both. As Ron Paul has the answer to individual rights and rural problems. Sanders has the answer to problems where mass institutions are a necessary evil.
    On an individual level, the answer looks like the life of my grandfather, born in 1897 and who flourished during the depression. As he had individual survival skills (dairy farmer, produced almost all of own food with chickens, canning, gardening) and a foot in the public sector (high school agricutlre teacher). His son also succeeded in academia, but was a 1st class tinkerer of mower and car engines.
    The key is on the grassrooots level, we need to gain skills for mass economy, be it corporate Fortune 500 or bureaucracy. Pay into a pension and social security. Areas where Bernie might be helpful. I personally would welcome his ideas on fighting vulture financiers with a things such as a .01 percent tax on each Wall Street transactions. These high speed transactions and other insider scams allow crony capitalists to skim the profits that a layperson investor like myself attempts with my 401K.
    The Ron Paul mentality comes with the rural escape and individual hunting, farming, surviving skills. My grandfather had his mainstream job in the regular economy. So when sales of dairy products dropped, his farm did not go under. He had his paycheck, even if it was often 2-3 months late as the state was also near bankruptcy. But with my grandmother canning aand sewing clothes from feed sacks, they did fine. Well fed, well dressed.
    I am also trying to emulate that to a degree by buying my own 5.5 acre piece of rural land for practicing with my guns and planting fruit trees. And like the soviet peasants with their individual plots and commie job, my suburban lawn is totally devoted to gardening.
    I do not yet have my bug-out shelter in the boonies, as I am currently working on my own suburban resilience projects. Secret OPSEC well-camouflaged survival chicken coop under deck that HOA has never discovered and never will unless the NSA does a Susan Rice style Trump-ian leak. Not worried, as I am small frye.
    We should use the leftist worship of egalitarian poverty to develop a “tough warrior monk” mindset. This includes optimizing each minute of existence. Living frugally and accumulating wealth in the system while taking excess wealth to gain emancipation.
    Ron Paul mindset patriots would pay off debt, buy guns for defense, bury gold and silver, build a strateegic re-location retreat both as an investment and tacctical maneuver. Bernie folks that are not fake leftists (although Bernie caters to PC too much for me) could protect the common folk from excesses of the insider cronies. The blue collar dude who wants an old style leftist defensse of union hardhat interests ccould be of sme value here.
    In both cases, the moder PC democrat party which is promoting PC social justice waariior agendas such as gay rights, feminism, welfare etc. is an enemy. The Roosevelt dems who got social security woorker benefits that will allow me to have a paycheck for survival as part of my off the grid plans in the boonies was actually positive. Modern democrats, however, want to squander this and give it to immigrants and freeloaaders. Social security is not a central focus for dems aany more.
    Problem is, dems can never escape their control freak utopian agenda. So a government policcy that promotes resilience and autonomy of little guy is important. Such as 2nd aamendment freedom.

    1. The only way is for men to simply stop going to work all at the same time and let all hell break loose. Just for a day.

  44. I think in order to turn the tide something big does have to happen. It may or may not be apparent immediately. For instance science as we know it was pretty much born during the Hellenistic era and was halted when the Romans took over (to them science didn’t have any immediate benefits) and even further when they adopted Christianity. Similar thing happened after the Roman empire dissolved in terms of civilization. So progress can be stopped, but it would need to be something material.

  45. To me, feminism is the main problem. It is a form of institutionalized gender bigotry and it can be stopped the same way racial bigotry (Jim Crow, KKK) and religious bigotry (Nazis) were stopped. It’s going to take a mass effort to do it though.

    1. Kike inspired feminism is the problem, but then the kikes are responsible for most of the evil being perpetrated upon us. It would be a wonderful thing if White women in the west adopted Margaret Sanger style Aryan feminism.

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