15 Actions British Men Can Take To Protect Themselves Against Feminism

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The British government continues to march down the dark path of Cultural Marxism. Today, it’s ruled almost entirely by closet radical feminists that are determined to strike blow after blow against men and the family unit. Since 2010, Theresa May, formerly the head of the Home office and now the unelected Prime Minister, and Alison Saunders, the head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), have changed the laws so that women’s claims of abuse and victimization at the hands of men are always assumed true by the police. Men can be arrested and held in custody for 24 hours without being told why. Women’s statements alone can deny a man the right to see his children. There are no definitive civil rights guarantees for men given the family courts’ right to determine what is considered to be a threat to a woman or the family. The Crown Prosecution Service has a de-facto policy of prosecuting all allegations made by women against men, without proper regard to their plausibility.

London Metropolitan Police

This newfound power that hijacks the legal system and overrides due process and fundamental human rights gives women the ability to make false claims and exert extreme leverage over men for any reason they choose. Many men are having their lives ruined before they have had a chance to prove their innocence. We have all seen the news stories about the actions and policies of the Home Office, the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service since 2010, when Theresa May and Alison Saunders took over and applied radical feminist policies. Absurd allegations of rape, domestic violence, and discrimination ruined the lives of men, and many of these allegations were later proven to be false or exaggerated beyond recognition.

Alison Saunders – Head of Crown Prosecution Service

This problem, regrettably, will get worse. As unelected Prime Minister, Theresa May will increase her assault on human rights for men – she wants to repeal the Human Rights Act, which provides human rights for all, but retain the Equality Act 2010, which de-facto defends human rights for women and protected minorities. The net result will be that only men lose their human rights. She will increase state surveillance of men – she has driven through passage of the Investigatory Powers Act, which retains 12 months of your website data and makes it available to local police forces and social services without a warrant.

Theresa May – Unelected Prime Minister

She will continue her doublespeak – a prime example is Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), which is a set of male-hate policies using the front of domestic abuse for criminalising men and putting hundreds millions of pounds annually into the pockets of feminists. She will intensify politicised justice – for example, she appointed feminist Liz Truss as Justice Secretary despite her complete lack of legal experience. She will fuel the gender war through lies and statistics – she manipulates facts, e.g. she defines gender pay gap as the difference between the median salary of men vs the median salary of women without adjusting for line of work, seniority, experience, education, hours worked, performance, time spent away from home, risky working environment, etc.. No economist takes this fabricated gender wage gap seriously.

Feminism isn’t about equal rights for women. It’s about criminalising, humiliating and emasculating men. It is about taking everything men have worked for – their homes, families and careers, away from them at any opportunity. Protect yourself.

1. Recognise that women have become weaponised

The world has changed.  Since 2010, new laws, amended laws and new application of old laws have radically widened the definitions of domestic abuse, sexual assault, discrimination, harassment, stalking, and hate crime to such an extent that just about anything a man does can now be classed as a crime.  Subjective interpretation is a key enabling feature.  Under Home Office guidance, the police must now accept everything a woman says, believe everything a woman says and check very little.  All female complainants are referred to as “victims.”  Under the 2014 Positive Action Policy of the police YOU WILL be arrested. Under the Zero Tolerance policies of the Home Office and Alison Saunders at the Crown Prosecution Service YOU WILL be prosecuted.  YOU WILL be treated as guilty until proven innocent and YOU WILL have to prove your innocence.  Women have not been empowered.  They have become unwittingly weaponised by feminists to destroy men and families.  They want women to hate the ones they love. Feminists and vindictive psychos like to pull the trigger. 

2. Shun feminists and psychos

Avoid feminists, whether or not they’re married.  A false or exaggerated claim can be made by any woman against any man and feminists are far more likely than non-feminists to do this. Avoid women who have degrees in gender studies, use the word “victim,” or think the solution to their problems is to report pettiness to the police (or anyone for that matter).  Assume all women are feminists until proven to be anti-feminists.  Vindictive psychos are more difficult to avoid – you never know until it’s too late.  Men have always had to deal with psychos, usually by gently walking away, but these days they can come back with a vengeance with false claims and with the police and CPS by their side.  Try screening them out by only proceeding with dating if they sign a statutory declaration under penalty of perjury that they have never made an allegation of rape, harassment, stalking, domestic abuse, bullying or trolling.  You can both sign one to be fair about it.  Never have sex with them if they’ve had more than two drinks – they lack legal capacity to consent and they or their feminist friend can later accuse you of rape (but they will still be held legally responsible if they drive drunk). 

3. Insure yourself against false accusations

If you are a man and falsely accused and charged by the police or the CPS you will need money to defend yourself. Check your home insurance, which may cover legal defence.  Alternatively, keep £20,000 in a bank account as a legal defence fund. This account cannot be a joint account and your partner must be unaware of its existence.  The British justice system de-facto presumes men are guilty until proven innocent and innocence may be expensive to prove.

4. Protect yourself with technology

Theresa May drove through the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, which compels all ISPs to log every website you and your family have visited over the past 12 months and make this information available to local police and social workers without warrant.  She claims this is to fight terrorism but she will re-purpose it to fight men.  Fight back. Encrypt all of your hard drives.  Use VPNs for your internet connection.  Send messages only on encrypted platforms such as WhatsApp and iMessage.  Keep every message and email a woman has ever sent to you and record any sexual activity.  You will need this in court to prove your innocence.

5. Stick together as a family

Family breakdown in the UK is now the highest in Europe thanks to state policy and the court system.  You, your wife and your children are the best defence against a male-hating, family-hating state.  Be united in your defence of your children, your property, your religion and your family values against the state’s attack on families.  Spend time with your family building love and trust with each other.  Stick up for one another.

6. Distrust police and civil servants  

Meet them with a wall of silence.  Teach your children NEVER to speak to these people without you or a solicitor present.  This is especially true for your teenage or older boys. Don’t be naïve – NHS staff and state school teachers are now social services informants.  20% of all children in the UK under the age of five have been reported to social services. Don’t engage in conversation – tell them the minimum information needed to conclude whatever transaction it is you have with them.  Do not cooperate with the police, especially the Community Service Unit (the relationship police).  They will lie, twist and exaggerate to create a case against you. Video or voice record every conversation or encounter you have with the police, social services, parking wardens, NHS staff or any other state worker. Your iPhone is your best weapon and your best defence.  

7. Embrace women with strong father figures and common sense

 If you are single, seek out women who admire their fathers and brothers. Find those who have experienced real life, who have known hardship, who grew up in well-adjusted social households with fathers and brothers. Seek women who know life is filled with ups and downs.  Do not date women who demonstrate a sense of entitlement, victimization or extreme emotional instability. Be particularly aware of women who threaten you when jealous or make up or exaggerate stories about other men they have dated. Reduce your risk by vetting all women you date with a background check, searches on their social media websites such as Facebook, questions about previous relationships and how they ended.  If necessary, hire a private detective to ensure they don’t have a record of making false or petty allegations against previous partners. 

8. Avoid non-committal Northern European, British, and American women

Two-thirds of divorces in the US and UKare now initiated by women, not men. Domestic violence allegations is their weapon of choice in getting custody of your children and your money.  Don’t be conned by these feminist-inspired women.  Date family-orientated women. Sign prenuptial agreements with a view to keeping your wife honest through sickness and in health, but be aware that British courts are not currently legally bound by these agreements. 

9. Minimise your taxes

75% of income tax in the UK is paid by men.  This is in addition to spousal support and child support payments paid by men, many of whom are blocked by state bodies such as CAFCASS or the family courts from seeing their children.  Taxes paid by men are then used against them by a feminist-controlled state to fund its war against men and families. Tax is theft.  Practice legal tax avoidance and stop funding the state’s war on men. 

10. Stay out of the system

State schools are failing boys.  Boys now make up only 40% of university students.  The heavily feminised state education system is hostile to boys and teaches feminism and political correctness, not critical thinking.  Normal boy behaviour is no longer tolerated and is often classed as ADHD.  So is Dad Deficit Disorder. Ritalin and Concerta prescriptions for boys are at an all-time high.  Send your children to private school if you can.

11. Ditch your TV license and stop funding the BBC

Broadcast television media, most notably the BBC, have become rabidly anti-male.  Men are depicted as bumbling idiots and worse. There are almost no male news presenters anymore.  Witness Women’s Hour (Women Sour) on BBC radio.  Declare you do not watch live TV and stop paying your TV Licence.  You can still stream Netflix and watch DVDs.  Your mental health will improve tenfold. 

12. Be resilient

Suicide is now the leading cause of death of males aged between 15-49 in the UK.  Men are killing themselves at a rate more than three times higher than women.  When a man loses his children, his family and his rights in a system stacked against him it is easy to lose all hope.  Be resilient.  

13. Be great at what you do

Don’t let the feminists drag you down. Be great at your sport, your business, your intellectual pursuits, or whatever it is you choose to do.  Men have a unique ability to compartmentalise and focus without distraction on achieving success.  Don’t let feminists stop you.

14. Stay human  

Don’t turn into a politically-correct male automaton.  Don’t shut down your emotions, your masculinity or your sex drive.  Simply find safe locations and trusted friends to express your humanity.  Exercise every day.  Men especially need it.  Feel the testosterone and endorphins.  Be physically alive.

15. Fight back and defend your rights  

Most men in the UK are unaware of how their rights have been assaulted by the state’s actions and changed over the past years. Get informed and stay informed. Know your rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. Exercise and stand up for your rights and family values.  Recognise the laws are wrong, Police and CPS application of the law is wrong and the justice system has become politicised.  Engage in non-violent civil disobedience.  Rational debate and free speech no longer exist.  Be prepared to risk getting arrested.

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168 thoughts on “15 Actions British Men Can Take To Protect Themselves Against Feminism”

  1. Ah too bad the WW2 vets have all gone to the grave. I wonder how they felt knowing they fought against Germany only to have their cities overrun with Muslims and their grand daughters groomed and passed around by Paki rape gangs.

      1. If only they knew that everything they fought for now is 180 degrees differently. The Germans could have conquered the world crawling.

      2. The great generaion…
        Or better a generation of morons and imbeciles….
        Not only did they fight in a war to end their peoples in the end, considering the circumstances that was understandable, but they gave birth to and raised the boomers, the generation that literally ruined everything! What have they done to protect their countries after WWII? Nothing! The Boomers at least do try to destroy the West and Europe fanatically even today! The Greatest Generation after WWII abandoned all their dedication to their countries and peoples. In reality they allowed a generation of insecure pot-smoking, lsd-infused-sugar licking, bath-o-phobic, skype-licking-and-caring, crybabies not only to ruin their values but even worse to take complete control of their countries!
        To top it all, the greatest generation NEVER took the boomers seriously! Very few people indeed understood their worshiping of third-worlders and their obsession with equality and fighting privilege. The only thing they would think of them was that of ridiculous people that started to worship Budha for some childish reason or hugging trees and worshiping nature and caring more for animals than men for… reasons…. The fact that in the end the most broken generation managed to outsmart them says a lot. At least most of the “greatest” understand how bad they failed and recognize that their contribution was negative and that they would never do what they did if they knew what it would bring.

    1. fighting against the wrong “enemy” is EXACTLY WHY the west has fallen. they died in vain and I’M GLAD! look at their cuckish offspring. it’s like vietnam veterans driving around with their stickers and license plates….acting all proud…..THEY ARE FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!! They should have anti gov’t/MIC/Zion stickers and lectures all over their existence BUT no……they “served” their country. saved you and me.
      “please….suck my dick, like you should” ball caps on their heads. FUCK VETERANS!
      I understand being young and dumb but fuck….eventually wake up you veteran fools! if ANYONE should be the most sober minded it should be them! you got used like a 5 dollar whore. and your dead buddies…..that you want to somehow someway justify their deaths….they died in vain and for NO PURPOSE!!!!!!!!! why oh why aren’t u pissed??? the death of our soldiers is, ultimately, why history will always be skewed. fathers and mothers admitting their sons died for the elite? for the wrong side??? comrades saying my bro took one for a cocksucking politician? never! why no! they died for a righteous cause (slavery, holocaust, war on terror, “freedom”, etc) whatever makes u sleep good at night…after the news, night snack and, yet, another orgasm. go fuck urself.
      if u simply look into Libya…..which happened right under our noses….,you’ll see this lying ass country has one hell of an ass beating coming its way
      because its a universal truth….u reap what u sow.

      1. I agree with that rat-fuck Kissinger on a single point he made decades ago: military men are nothing but stupid animals meant for the huge meat grinder called war. Less than 1% ever seem to wake up and understand what was perpetrated against them and their buddies because the realization is simply too PAINFUL.

      2. The country may get an ass beating(isnt it already if afghanistan?), but not on the mainland. Way too many armed people. Except the blue coastal cities, anybody who wants to take them is free to do so.

    2. I also wonder how they felt knowing they fought against Germany only to have their cities overrun with “Bitchy, Arrogant, Slutty, Whorish, Cunning, Selfish, Entitled, Un-feminine and Ungrateful grand daughters”.
      Why to blame other MEN, when the fault is within !?
      By the way, I am not a Paki or Porki !

    3. Honestly, a traditional, male dominated Islamic Britain would probably be an improvement for men at this point.

      1. It would move the burnden of proof to woman, to show that that had not fornicated. That would be fun.

    1. that’s only for British men. For French men it is Kratom Jacques Strap

      1. So we have French dressing, French fries, French toast….and French bikini aka Jacques strap?
        At least it isn’t Jacques strap-on.

  2. Anyone who entrusts their child to the public (or private) school system is cutting their own child’s neck

    1. In the 70s & 80s private (Parochial) school was OK.
      We got hit by the teachers and the parents didn’t care.
      Taught us our place. Not to wise off and stuff like that.
      But yeah, I guess you are right, that kind of stuff is long gone.
      I bet the parochial school teachers don’t even crack on the nogs anymore, like they did back then.

  3. Since you guys are close enough to Eastern Europe it would seem that going for their women would be a better option and spare you from a lot of horseshit.

      1. Baaaaaad news My friend! –> As a Hungarian, they’re JUST AS BAD NOW as western women! Complete and utter BRAINWASHING by the dirty jew media! And as I heard, Polish girls are getting worse as well. DO NOT EVER GET A WOMAN from Hungary if she’s a single mom with kids!!! Yes sadly, lot of them now are very very fit / sexy / and attractive even at a 30-40-45 age range as well, BUT you’ll get FUCKED OVER THE FENCE as soon you’ll make a first wrong step mate! We all love beautiful women, but the 20-30 prime meat range over there are soooo brainwashed now that it’s impossible to find a “good girl” amongst them! Sadly! So NO, they aren’t better…. Them dirty jews with their constant brainwashing and so called feminist propaganda reached their nasty goal: All round ( Europe wise.. ) girls/women are getting the worst out of themselves now! To go there to fuck pretty eastern-European woman…. you’ll succeed, that’s for sure! ( Shame on My native female population over here! ) But to GET A “GOOD” WOMAN from there….. the ONE who is WORTH IT..?! That will be iffy!!! But who knows… They are still BETTER than the ultimately brainwashed Swedish and other Scandinavian women who will greet Abdul and Akbar with open arms until Ali and Mahmood will hop on the party as well and rape her to death!! At least Polish girls are fucking hate muslim scum, so they will produce some nice white coloured babies for you mate ( if you can come up with enough cash..! – To get her dual citizenship or whatnot! ) Not to be rude or crack your dreams.. but it’s the same case over there as well! Finally: The best advice I heard recently: “GET a girl / woman who doesn’t have a fucking facebook!” <–That might lead you somewhere…! Regards!

        1. Europe is fucked. Its changing so rapidly that no one can keep up. Everywhere you go you see man hating girls starring at their iphones.. it might soon be the entire planet at which time there’s no reason to live anymore.

        2. Shit’s everywhere now.
          I was back in my college town (Burlington, VT) a few months ago. At bar, having good convo with an architect. Couldn’t believe the amount of attractive college age women absolutely GLUED to their phone. (Didn’t have smart phones when I was in college. There was actual dialogue at college bars.)
          Made me absolutely sick.
          The only thing which makes me sicker: seeing little kids GLUED to their phone screen. Knowing their brains are being wired to operate around their iPhone.

        3. Guess those fucking “college age women” would never be grateful to MEN who pioneered the Technology !

        4. Naw they can’t be just as bad. They don’t have a feminism government to strong arm men with like the west
          The average age of a Hungarian bride is 30. So yeah they are sluts, but they can’t push the consequences onto males.

        5. I don’t think so Tom!!! :))
          Lots of you Brits are waking up now…
          Less and less English geezer I have to educate on these working sites…
          ONCE your good ol’ British Bulldog Mentality awakens……..
          …well let’s bet: I’ll put My non existent money that NEVER EVER WILL BE FUCKING SHARIA LAW IN GREAT BRITAIN!!!
          All you need is MORE English/Irish/Scottish people to be awakened to the “Truth” !!!
          The magic words are :
          CRITICAL MASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I’m not sure about UK… but let’s see the USA!!-> WHEN THE “AWAKENED” MASS OF USA POPULATION REACHES THE –> 11% SHIT WILL RUN DOWN ON THEM MUZZIES + KIKES!!! <—For goooood!
          For You: just stay strong minded, be ahead of “them” with 2 steps at least and train your body non stop..! <— Will see no problem bud! Oh, and find out at the first/second date that IS SHE SUBMISSIVE ENOUGH / WILL SHE SUBMIT TO YOUR WILL and you can train/mould/steer Her to your best interest My friend!

    1. Half the poles have already come to Britain to live in our affordable housing.

    2. Lativa and Estonia. Traditional women, and extremely racially aware, and probably the hottest chicks in Europe.

  4. Nope. London has fallen.
    It’s too late. The only option is to move. London has a Muslim mayor for chrissakes.

      I’m well traveled and lived in a couple large cities.
      Returned back to my native northern New England couple years ago. Absolutely cannot get over the amount of Muslim Owned hotels now. This area was the last strong-hold white centre.
      I like spending time in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I generally book online via a 3rd party deal. Cannot tell you how stunned I am to arrive and find a Muslim behind counter who can barely speak English. The lack of standards with these people is BIG problem. As in bed bugs and dirty rooms. It’s amazing how I can stay at a 1-star property run by a native white person to area and LOVE it. Yet a 2.5 Muslim Owned hotel is a disaster. It’s all profit with these fuckers. They spend literally ZERO on a vacuum.

      1. It is the poor or middle class natives who get fucked over. The rich natives would never stay at anything less than a 5 star hotel. So they are insulated from the effects of diversity.

        1. I recently spent some time in London visiting my Filipina wife’s best friend from high school. The daughter of her friend was named after my wife and is now about 13. She told us that there were no, as in zero, zilch, nada, zippo, white children in any of her classes. There were a few mixed race and the rest were Asian (which includes Paki and other sub continent peoples). The demographics of London have gone past the tipping point, and will only shift further in the future. The only hope for the rest of England is to have a nuclear bomb in London as an Islamic terrorist attack. Of course, the looney left will deny it has anything to do with Islam, the religion of peace, and immediately march to support Muslims.

      2. Methinks your western neighbor is doing a bit better in that regard. Haven’t seen much of an increase in diversity. But then again I’m far enough away from the ground zero.

        1. The Worst was in Rutland, VT.
          You are in VT — MR VT.
          Don’t care about dated rooms. Will NOT tolerate bed bugs. Discovered these people are operating under Choice Hotels. Fucking sick of these God Damn Muslim owned places by Choice Hotels.

    2. No. We have to double down and resist. There are areas which are purely white, and those people generally know they’re under attack. Go into pubs in London and the community spirit of whites is like that of people behind enemy lines, especially in mudskin areas like Hounslow. They know there is a race war against them and don’t want to capitulate and accept white-flight. This war Trump is about to start in Syria, is going to make shit extreme Imagine 20 million Arabs flooding into Europe escaping Israels expansionist war in Syria.

    1. Arnold; “If it bleeds, we can kill it”
      Chief: “What a horrid misogynist you are Arnold, besides Ms Saunders is way past the menopause”

  5. It’s becoming apparent that the only logical choice a man has is to go his own way.

      1. People think I’m nuts when I’ve been saying MGTOW is the way to go. Yes, war is another option (a better one) but how many guys are going to be willing to do that and when? After it’s already too late? We’ll find out.

        1. I’ve been MGTOW from near get-go.
          My parents divorced when I was in Kindergarten (1989). I saw how easy it was for my mother to discard my father like garbage and welcome a ‘new man’ into my home. I fully DESPISED the ‘new man’ in my home. He had a child from previous marriage and I was supposed to accept them as a sibling. I NEVER did.
          Most who balk at MGTOW are womyn who’ve grown annoyed there’s MEN who actually object to a system rigged against them. I’ve gotten the: “You must be gay” shit from female relatives plenty of times.
          Does it bother me? NOPE.

      2. Assassination is the logical choice. About 300 worldwide would do it and end up saving trillions of dollars and potentially billions of lives. Removing 300 psychopathic cock suckers (literally) with extreme prejudice is all it would take to completely change the world.

      3. War against who though?
        The femi-nazis?
        How would you even do that?
        Seems to me that secession is the only real solution.
        But even then, how to begin?
        Maybe every man for himself is the only solution.
        Find a 3rd world hideaway where females know there place and appreciate a good provider. At least one ROK regular seems to have found a spot like that…

  6. A Feminist wet dream come true:
    No Fault Divorce, VAWA, Child Support, The Brady Handgun Bill……All designed to destroy men in America, Disarm us forever and take out one family at a time. Like Marx/Engels said. If you take the man out of the family he has nothing to fight for.
    The VAWA was designed to take firearms out of Men’s hands for the rest of his life. Funny how it’s used in almost EVERY SINGLE American divorce these days. Can’t wait till this bill makes it to America.
    God Save us all.

    1. VAWA has completely destroyed DUE PROCESS. Police Departments now more focused on collection of federal funds than “protecting and serving” the public.
      In the town I grew up, a woman was assaulting her son. Neighbors called the police. When the police showed, they found husband restraining the wife. Husband was arrested on DV charge — even after the wife confessed she was losing her shit and hubby did no wrong.
      My father’s generation can’t understand how an innocent man can be screwed like this. But his son understands. Feminist legislation has “empowered” courts and police departments to ruin men when they’re offered lucrative federal funding for arresting men for DV whether they’ve actually done it or not.

        1. Not really.
          I’m one of those guys who gave up a few years ago.
          My father’s generation was of that generation where entry level jobs were actually ENTRY. My father got into UPS 35-years ago where the entry-level wage was equivalent to 18/ hour now. And Justice was Blind.
          I was a product of the 90’s education system. The “You-Go-Girl” Crap was overwhelming. I saw how easily men were destroyed. My parents divorced in ’89 and Mom quickly brought in another man — who I DESPISE.
          I’ve read RoK for many years and loved this website. The progression cycle of Not Caring is so accurate. Man, I never understood what made someone “Not Care” as I ran a business. Well — I’ve finally reached it. I absolutely cannot stand society and have for the last year been living off savings. I’m like a Ted Kaczynski just wanting to be left alone.

      1. Fuckin’ white knights, like rats in Boston, there’s just too many of them.

        1. FUCK Massachusetts.
          God Damn, do I HATE people from Massachusetts. Sweat pant wearing douche bags / ESPN Lovin’ A-HOLES escaping the drug infested shit-holes of MA. Commonwealth Citizens fleeing the Bay State, spilling over the NH Border like cockroaches.

    2. What about this: Firearms for all women but not for men. And they are allowed to shoot us if we behave “rapey”..holy shit

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but because of the Dunblane Massacre, no one in the UK is allowed to own firearms (outside of the police), correct?

        1. You can still have shotguns. They collected in all my handguns, but did pay me RRP for them.

        2. So, they collected all handguns, but still allow you to own shotguns? I thought it was every and any firearm out there. Thanks for clearing that up.

        3. You can also own rifles if you have a license too, including semiautomatic rifles. You need a license from the police for them, which as you can imagine is quite hard to get.

        4. You can also own rifles if you have a license too, including semiautomatic rifles. You need a license from the police for them, which as you can imagine is quite hard to get.

        5. The Dunblane Massacre, where MP George Robertson supplied the gun to the killer, and was immediately promoted from a Scottish MP to the Head of NATO. We also had a fake shoting in Hungerford in 1987 which got assault rifles banned. No one died, there are no death records or video footage, we just have to believe the state that it happened. BTW if you look into death records (and birth records) for the Dunblane victims, there are no records of any of them existing – just as there is no death certificate/ record for Jo Cox (the “Brexit murder victim”)

      2. They’ll have to redesign most of them to account for smaller hands and other ergonomic factors. They’ll require a good number of male engineers and specialists for that. Not to mention maintaining an efficient logistics supply chain, manufacturing lead times and quality control standards. Basically the shit men invented and are great at…

      3. Save this for 5 yrs down the line.

        Look at all the crazy shit we have now. Send that info back a decade, no one would believe it

  7. Awesome sponsored post. Used your own capital to provide a psa. Good show

  8. Saunders amd May.
    Just look at those faces.
    Men are literally not citizens anymore…

  9. Two observations:
    First, note that all this is brought to you by a CONSERVATIVE government. Imagine how much worse it will be once Labor returns to power.
    Second, none of this applies to Muslim men, for obvious reasons. Might makes right.

    1. Labor and Tory reanact all the same social policies. Tory are coorportists whilst labor focus on increasing public spending. They only disagree when it comes to economics.

    2. The rw government are under the same jew ownership as the left wing one.

      1. Boy am I glad to hear that. Nice to know my Tribe is running the show no matter who’s in charge.

  10. I need some poster-sized pics of Theresa May and Chanty Binx. No, it’s not for weird jollies. Let’s just say a fellow ROK commenter from a rust belt American state would approve of my use.

  11. After 30 years of marriage in England …….
    1. I was falsely accused, falsely arrested and held for 3 nights in 2009, zero tolerance has been in action since 2001.
    3. Home insurance won’t protect you against a partner or other family member living at that address.
    6. I had a very good criminal lawyer, his advice was “Tell the police you weren’t there, and you didn’t do it”. The police will try and record an admission you were there, from the moment they first speak with you. If you admit you were there, at any point in the interview or questioning, the police will arrest and prosecute you, it’s very hard for them to prove you were there, witness are reluctant CCTV is usually too poor quality for positive identification.
    8. Women change, the day you marry, tradition Christian, blah, blah, a week later rampant feminist. If she isn’t already, her friends, then her lawyer will soon convince her.
    12. Don’t kill yourself, kill her, the moment she accuses you. That way you keep your house, your children, your savings, and it’s only 10 years in a comfy jail at worst. Suicide and divorce are life sentences ……. murder only 10 years.
    15. I was represented by a consultant for the Court of European Human Rights. Right from the outset he said, “You have already lost your, house, all access to your children and possibly your freedom if you stay in the UK. The police will charge and arrest you again and again until they convict you of something if you stay in the UK”. There is no defense, she can stop all access to your children for 5 years with no evidence of any kind (by which time it won’t matter, she will have poisoned the kids against you). Court orders can be broken by her, women suffer no punishments for non-compliance.
    First court order from family court is always a ‘non-disclosure’ order. You can’t tell your children what is happening, not one word or you will be jailed for contempt. As far as they know you just deserted them…… which is what she will tell them the moment you are removed from your home. All they will ever know is “Daddy is no good and deserted us”.
    There is only 1 action a UK male can take to protect themselves.
    WALK AWAY, move abroad where her false accusations of stalking, threatening, etc will seem unbelievable. Start again in a different country with fairer laws. Within two years of leaving I was remarried with a new child on the way. If I had stayed, I would have been a victim chasing a lost dream, working to pay child support to kids I could no longer see.

    1. Number 12 is incredible perspective. Women never let go when hate is involved because they will not assume responsibility or accountability for what they did wrong and hammering their ex day after day suppresses their failure in the relationship.

    2. Jesus man! Thanks for sharing a bunch of truths on the court system. No wonder you checked out.

    3. Non disclosure part is extra crazy.
      10 yrs for murder? Wouldnt they throw the book at you for killing a woman? Your wife?

        1. If prison isnt so bad, and you’ve got someone to take care if the kids, thats the better option than dealing with a bitch ruining your life.

        2. One would have thought so ………
          But the last 10 years (which would have been spent in jail if taking the ‘murder’ route) have been the best ten years of my life. You wouldn’t believe the sexual adventures that have happened to me in that time, highlights include living with a psychotic nymphomaniac hooker half my age, banging many woman really beautiful women between 18 and 35, marrying into a Bangkok drug/extortion gang, and producing a really good looking son. And lowlights including, machete attacks by naked drunken women (twice and one is my wife), going boozing with gang members (from my wife’s gang) so dangerous, they might murder you, getting drunk and having a hot teenage girl on your lap, when one of you mates notices they are all ladyboys (and ‘she’ already has her hand in your shorts and ‘her’ tongue down your throat), going whoring with your wife’s brothers and they suggest a gang bang, girls in a club suggesting buy one, get one free, driving a m/c around with your new baby held under one arm ………
          ……… I gotta say, ‘murder’ though looking attractive at the time, would in reality have been a complete waste of my life.
          Until you’ve been in SEA, you don’t know what sex is!
          As white guys living in the west, we never knew how cucked we were.
          From my 30 years as a married adult in the west not one worthwhile memory.

    4. Where do you move though? People always harp on about SE Asia etc but despite dating middle class girls out there I still found the cultural issues too much. Most European countries other than the UK are on the slide towards a complete toxic matriarchy, and Eastern Europe is no good for a fair skinned blue eyed like me. Mexico, South America etc? Even in those places don’t you just end up with an uneducated peasant who at best makes a good mother?!

      1. My uneducated peasant was sent to high school, and now University.
        Soon she’ll be an educated peasant.
        As for the culture issue, just ignore it (and them), I’m going my own way. Just because I’m living with foreigners, doesn’t mean I have to live like them.
        I would suggest the Philippines for minimum culture shock, they all speak English, many girls are educated, lots of guys from your home country around. And it’s easy to stay, you can fly in and stay 3 years before you need to leave for a couple of days, then same again.

  12. I hate to advise against marriage, as it is so important. But I understand some dudes that simply live with a girl and buy a house together. So they are just co-owners. I guess that means she cannot divorce him and take his shit as they were never married. In my state, we do not have common law marriage.
    Does anybody know how that works ?COuld she scream domestic violence and take the house ?

    1. She needs to have her own home, and sleep there 4 nights a week, for your home to be safe. Once she moves in (under any pretense), it becomes her home, and you become homeless. If you need to house share, share with other men.

      1. Absolutely correct. She will know she owns half the house, but believe she owns 100% of you.

      2. Not true in the UK-a woman who moves into a house a man has bought does not automatically get the right to call it HER home. However…
        IF she can prove she has paid for stuff then she may have a claim against the property. ‘I paid for groceries, the electrical system’ blah blah
        Now the ‘judge’ may think that paying for these things does not give any claim but why take the chance? Why live with the stress of that kind of shit?
        My advice is to get her to pay you rent with a proper rent book. Do it all properly and above board-then what your relationship is like does not matter. Being romantically involved in ITSELF is not claimworthy but paying for stuff ‘around the house’ very much is. There is no such thing as a common-law wife in the UK at the moment but, trust me, there will be shortly as it is far cheaper for the state to get a man to pay maintenance for an ex than the government. Follow the money. IF they can fleece a man, they will.

        1. But she can still claim you attempted to rape her and get an exclusion order. No evidence required, and you would be homeless for at least 6 months.

    2. Idk, but I do know that if you have the potential to pay, an attorney can be hired for anything, and then you HAVE to hire an attorney to defend yourself. States can pass legislation to make it a Common Law state. Then what do you do? It’s not worth the drama, no woman is.

    3. These are usually a bit murky but much easier to settle. Usually one or the other has to buy them out of the house or you get off the deed since you broke up and you don’t want the bank coming after you many years later. Biggest mistake is buying a house with a partner just put your own name on the mortgage. You can put them out if you break up but will need to go downtown to get an eviction notice unless she leaves on her own she’s not entititled to the house just from moving in.

      1. Not entitled except in Spain I believe. Then, she can have you locked up for three days on trumped up domestic violennce while she stays in your home. And can even stay longer with the right judge. And keep you out.

        1. And this is why everyone should build their own home, and have it modular, so it can be quickly taken apart and moved 😉

  13. It’s a shocking mess. In the same country where muslim men gang raped white girls by the thousand across the country!! Very insidious in all areas, islamification, political correctness, terrorism, feminism (silent on rape of white girls) but everywhere to oppose donald trump. we have some warriors like Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson – just have to make it grow so that everyone has the mentality of people like him.
    Seen this after the Islamist terrorism last week? Couldn’t put it better myself.

  14. “The British government continues to march down the dark path of Cultural Marxism.”
    This article’s about 70 years too late. Britain went down that path long ago. Not much you can do about it now.

    1. You can blame the welfare state 100% on the Greatest Generation. Everyone here likes to dump blame on the boomers, but we ere all children when the GG erected this shit heap.

  15. Honestly, we are getting to the point when western men are going to have to start raping the women who get out of line.
    Rape can serve as a pleasurable experience for the female and a form of correction.

    1. The feminists are seeing to that themselves. They have already shot themselves in the foot by allowing perverts to go into female bathrooms because they ‘identify’ as a woman and by welcoming thousands of savages over from foreign lands who think it’s all well to force their dick in anything that moves.

      1. See thats exactly my point.
        Feminists, and the birds they brainwashed, want to be raped. I think it would be moral for western men to say “if our women are going to be raped, its gonna be by us and not some filthy sand fucker.”
        And after a while, saying things like that will again, rightly, become outrageous.

    2. Rape is a sex positive experience. Women just dont like admitting it.

      1. Women would rather destroy our civilization than give up the power of the pussy.

    3. It doesn’t need to get there. We just need to teach young men not to get suckered into having a relationship with a slut, or one that is incompatable. If she is not totally submissive and a follower, then there will be problems. I have found that the best women, are those whos fathers beat/ hit them for misbehaving, which essentially spares us the job as she has been socialised. You aren’t going to be able to socialise an adult female, by that point it is too late.

      1. “We just need to teach young men not to get suckered into having a relationship with a slut, or one that is incompatable.”
        Why is this mens fault? Why are we about teaching boys to be men instead of women to be women.
        And youre right, it doesnt need to go there, but it is getting there indeed.

        1. That isn’t our job, to train women. If a father doesn’t socialise his daughter, she’ll be damaged goods by age 15. This is about educating young men not to fall for the honeypot/ femme fatale.

  16. “Theresa May drove through the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, which compels all ISPs to log every website you and your family have visited over the past 12 months and make this information available to local police and SOCIAL WORKERS without warrant.”

    1. Social Workers have been able to overturn Family Court Orders for a long time now. Social Workers trump Judges!

    2. Pretty soon we will see people have their children adopted because they viewed websites like this one.

    3. Add to that the current/ newest American DSM for psychiatry lists right-wing beliefs as sociopathological/ anti-social. The social workers and there pseudo-science are going to be the new Stasi. BTW most of social worker graduates are niggers/ half-niggers; so we have a group of foreign scum with totalitarian powers at their hands, and a sub 100 average IQ.

  17. What the hell is a social worker? Why should they have my personal data? (rethoric questions)
    Social workers are the fucking XXIst century STASI. And we let this happen. And they did not have to shoot a single bullet.

    1. All that “for the children ” shit started right after women started voting.

    2. They are a tyrannical bunch childrens services. All you have to do is a quick Google search on them and you will be shocked at what shows up. Every parent in this country is terrified of them and rightly so they have power to take any child they want and have them fast tracked for adoption.

    3. An ex-missus of mine became a social worker, on route to becoming a clincal psychologist; she was horrified at the type of people on the social worker course. It is basically the worst, most vinictive, controlling people being given executive powers – add to that it is a field people choose as they aren’t smart enough to do STEM fields.

  18. Re: avoiding feminists. Here are markers I’ve found to be reliable:
    – Dying hair strange colors (purple, red, green etc)
    – Dreadlocks
    – Underarm hair
    – Any mention of “social justice” or “gender gap” in any way
    – Strange piercings of nose, eybrow etc (these are also cries for attention and markers of mental instability)
    – Saying she’s “bisexual” or has hooked up with women
    – Doesn’t know how to cook and proud of it
    – Lawyer
    Avoid avoid avoid.
    Markers for stable, non-feminist girls:
    – Wears modest skirts or dresses
    – Goes to church regularly
    – Intact family
    – Long hair
    – Modest makeup, no “cries for attention” dress or body-markings etc
    – Likes to cook and cooks for you in a giving way

      1. Social work. Thats a very obvious feminist profession. Avoid any woman who works in social work like the plaugue especially those who work on the front lines.

    1. In my experience most women in the UK have defacto feminist beliefs and most men are shackled by the balls and they go along with it. Only the ones who want to shout about it opt to throw it in everyones faces by dressing like hipsters.

      1. That isn’t true. Feminists are a minority, they are just highly organised and vocal. Most women would love to be housewives with children, but it has been deliberately taken away as a population control agenda (i.e house prices rises and mass immigration, as white women do not like to breed in captivity, and can’t afford the cost of living).

        1. The feminists who are aggressive about it and shout about it are the minority. Defacto feminists are not. Defacto feminism is a widespread problem. I guarantee if you ask most women what their beliefs are they will support things like gender equality, they will say they want a career outside the home or that they want to travel and ‘find themselves’. The majority of women also believe in laws like maternity leave. I live in the UK, maybe where you live it’s different. A majority of women deep down may want to be housewives and mothers, but they have been taught that they are not allowed to acknowledge that.

        2. I myself can attest that my views have completely ostracized me from other women . I simply can’t talk about them in female company. I have even been banned from the red pill women subreddit for saying these things.

        3. I’ve lived in Cardiff and Bristol…now Wiltshire…why would you go the wrong direction over the Severn? Very appropriate username for you then!

        4. My husband works in Cardiff so we had to move to one of the surrounding areas in South Wales.

        5. Oh they have the UNESCO World Heritages sites of Barry, Newport and Bridgend.

    1. Yeah, cut your balls off and suffer a life of pain ……..
      What they don’t tell you about vasectomy, until it’s too late!
      ” NHS clearly states 1 In 10 chance of chronic testicular pain for life on their website.”
      Don’t think I would chance it after reading this.
      “I’ve been in pain for 13 years. Thousands of men have complications from vasectomies. There are university studies that show up to 30% of vasectomies have problems in the future. 15% have major to moderate problems. Mine started within 2 weeks!!! Im in the moderate range and my testosterone dropped from 980 to 240 in about 2.5 years.”

      1. Dude I got one either unplug from the system or become a slave to it. All those guys sound like a bunch of babies building a case to claim disability.

        1. We have a Darwin award winner.
          Dude, the NHS website says 10% suffer chronic pain.

        2. It’s not a walk in the park to claim disability in the UK. I hardly doubt that.

        3. It is if you are an arab or or just got off the boat from Nigeria. Or are a woman with a cunt and a baby in the belly. The only people who struggle to get welfare here are the single white males, born here.

    2. Problem is, it’s only white males having those vasectomies. Which is part of the overall plan to wipe us all out.

  19. Very nice, Jim Johnson. I was engrossed with the article enough that I forgot to make the customary Kratom remark that goes with sponsored posts.

  20. where are all the “Romper Stomper” “Rise Of The Foot Soldier” & “This Is England” & “Bullet Tooth Tony” aka Vinnie Jones style fellows in the UK?
    you cant tell me they have all been snuffed out?

    1. Actually, most of them have been jailed. What happens is, an arab will perpetrate a terror attack, the romper stomper types gather for a demo, then the left wing turn up and provoke them into kicking off, then stand back and let the cops wade in and arrest us all for “nazi thuggery”, most of the EDL guys I know are all serving time due to the very means of entrapment I just spoke of. The Jew liberals are literally rounding us all up. And putting us away for years for the slightest offense.

      1. very sad to hear that mate, i now understand why so much of white England is returning to my neck of the woods.

  21. You are NOW going to ignore the problem when the ship is about to sink. It’s time to abandon it mate. You had your chance to ignore (small scale) and fight (mid scale).
    Enjoy the feminist decline as a mgtow if you choose not to abandon, OR leave and become a traditional patriarch in a community for the future.

    1. In a few years they will be a caliphate, so the feminists won’t have power that long.
      Unfortunately, the rise of islam in the UK will bring another set of problems…

  22. I stopped reading to say
    1. Pack up and leave “Great” Britain
    The End. I think Trump should be deported to be Britain Prime Minister the need him more.

  23. There’s only one place in UK that is worse than England for this kind of shit and that is Wales- a shithole run by matriarchal nannies. But the bigger picture is that the whole of the UK is a degenerate shithole that doesn’t have a fucking clue about what it is-led by the USA or Europe? So on one hand we have people on the streets and on the other busybodies sneaking round to see how much fruit you are putting in your kids’ lunchboxes. None of the freedom of the USA where there are homeless people but at least laws are laxer with all the bureaucracy of a nanny state. Absolute shithole.

      1. Don’t blame you. It really is run by matriarchal jumped-up nannies who focus on shit that does not matter. The women who can see the bigger picture exist but let’s face it they are very, very, very, rare-it takes a man to see the bigger picture. These nannies really would be rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

    1. Wales is a test ground for every new government policy, e.g the 5p charge for plastic bags, and ‘community service’ were trialed in Wales first. It is small and docile enough to be used as a social engineering petri dish.

  24. Doesnt seem like a sponsored post….
    But it says it is…..
    Kratom anyway!

  25. “The following article was sponsored by Jim Johnson” wtf …. our local Mormon?

  26. Why men are so passive ? Women have political power, but men dont ! Isnt it stupid and ignorant ?

    1. Men are not so much passive, but more disorganised and individualistic. Men used to organise in the workforce and in pubs after work, but now there is no industry, men have been atomised. The women are ALL government workers, highly unionised and organised. Look at any leftist protest, it is government worker females protesting.

  27. What are British men waiting for to organise a MASSIVE anti-feminazi protest against this? Not saying it is easy but aren’t anti-feminists also connected to other anti-feminists? And is there really no billionaire who is against feminazism and could fund us?

  28. I’m struggling to see a rational alternative to avoiding women altogether in the UK. Even if you find a unicorn, be aware that every day everything she reads, watches, and listens to is pouring feminist poison in her ear. Sure, she’s nice today. How sure are you about next week?
    And if, and when, either she changes or one of the many hiccups in the friction of human relationships crop up, the full and mighty power of the State is arrayed against you. Perhaps ten years down the line, after you long lost contact, some former flame dyes her hair, pierces her nose, and accuses you of something as heinous as it is absurd.
    “Miss Binx says you raped her ten years ago. Can you prove to us that on 5th April 2007 you didn’t rape her?” What were you doing on that day? I sure can’t remember.

  29. The UK really is a terrible place right now. The authoritarian left have gained progressively more power since the year 2000. I can’t see things getting better for this country any time soon.

    1. Sadlt the best thing that can happen is for Russia to sweept into Western Europe and take it back for Christandom.

  30. Tinder Get Pregnant Service
    Swipe right for a baby: hooking up to co-parent
    “Mr McHale said under Victorian law, if a single woman went through a
    “procedure”, she was presumed to be the mother of the child born, but
    the man who produced the semen was not considered the father.”
    The UK might be the furthest down the track, but others are chasing down on them, not the law in South Australia states the Sperm Donor is not considered to be the Father… Orwellian at its best.

  31. We white brit males are the most demonised in the world. Apparently we are all evil racists and rapists etc. Because of the empire and all that. Even our supposed rw media is far left, here. We recently had a terror attack on Parliament. The media totally under reported the fact it was an asian muslim under islamic instruction and all but tried blaming it on “far right extremists” (anybody with a white face not indoctrinated by marxism) instead. I predict it will only be a matter of short time before any and all criminality by blacks, arabs etc, is 100% blamed on the nearest white male and they are jailed for it instead. The Frankfurt school has done a number on this place. We are 100% under Marxist control and mindset.

    1. I seen it when I was there 15 years ago. The white guilt associated with bringing civilization to a good portion of the world (200 years ago) is unreal. May the BBC go down in flames.

  32. Feminism, the hard core cancer that is effectively killing human civilization not just society. Show me one successful “matriarchal” society… You can’t, there is NONE, no history of one either.. WHY? Than answer lies rooted in how women act. No species even in the animal kingdom do females run things. they birth feed nuture children. they do not build anything, maintain anything do war successfully. They give birth, feed, and bathe offspring. Look at how modern women act, that is why destruction is well under way and terminal. Please tell me how misogynist I am , I will wear that label like a medal of honor because the the TRUTH is evident.

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