How Modern Masculine Men Can Bring Back The Era Of The Gentleman

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“I would rather prove my self to be a Gentleman, by being learned and humble, valiant and inoffensive, virtuous, and communicable, than by a fond ostentation of riches.”

– Walton, The Angler (1653)

When people hear the word “Gentleman” today, they seem to have a sort of misconception about what it means to be one. Now, we don’t mean to imply that the following paragraphs are the correct and only interpretation of the word, as everyone has their own opinions; we are merely trying to bring the light back to where it once shone, as time has been moving the lamp bit by bit from the original predecessor. Today, when “Gentleman” is heard during conversation, a manifestation of a well-groomed male donning the finest brand name attire and driving a luxurious vehicle comes about. This man is courteous, says please and thank you and lets the lady go first. This, we can all agree, are the qualities that a gentleman should possess—but if this is it, can we also agree that almost every adult male we know is this said gentleman? With this being the case, is being a “gentleman” simply being ordinary and compliant?

Let’s go back in time for a little lesson in etymology. The prefix of the word gentleman, “gentle”, was given to male kin that were born into aristocratic families. The status of these families allowed these boys to acquire an education resulting in the ability to speak multiple languages, most notably Latin and Greek, and be very well versed in numerous amounts of subjects. In a nutshell, these boys grew up to be intellectual, interesting and mannered-“gentle”. As time continued on and the social classes grew less divided, male children from lower classes were also able to partake in the path to becoming a gentleman.

Manners were taught at a young age and knowledge became more readily available. This was needed, in our opinion, because the more gentlemen there are in the world the better off we are as a society. The only downfall to the art of the gentleman being so easily accessible was that it led to less of an exquisite status in being one and therefore less of a desire to be one, hence the decline in gentlemen nowadays. According to a recent London Survey taken by the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, the era of the gentleman peaked in the 1950’s! So where does the modern male stand now? Is he not interesting enough? Not smart enough? Did he forget his manners?

We at Gentleman’s Alley pride ourselves in agreeing with the 365-year-old quote you read at the beginning of this article, however, like all other gentlemen, we put our own spin on it as well. On top of possessing all of those traits, we believe one should also be a foundation to be built upon. As our Latin-learning gentlemen of the past would say- scio me nihil scire, or “I know that I know nothing”. Never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop saying please and thank you. Respect goes a long way- further than most, actually. Respect that. A gentleman should be intelligent, mysterious, interesting, well-read and cultured. Being rich does not automatically make one a gentleman- being a gentleman is about emanating traits and skills that money cannot buy.

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107 thoughts on “How Modern Masculine Men Can Bring Back The Era Of The Gentleman”

  1. With all do respect and deference to the wonderful sponsor, “Gentleman’s Alley” sounds like a gay bar in downtown Montreal

    1. You see? That’s the problem of accepting fucking faggotry. It constantly undermines masculinity. Fuck liberals.

    2. Lol. Yeah you definitely wouldn’t want to park up ‘Gentleman’s Alley.’

    3. Wrong. A real gentleman is not a metrosexual. Gays have always sought to emulate real, monied and cultured gentleman. Read my post above and get a clue.

      1. Won’t bother reading. Can already tell that any clue you have to give me I neither want nor need. Good luck with whatever

        1. And that’s why your life is so successful. Because you know nothing and had a beta for a father.

        2. Lol.
          Oh I hope you’ll stick around and troll for a bit. Been a while since we have had quality trolling

    1. I usually hold it because I like to check her ass out. Kidding (kind of). The truth is, you are right. There are two ways to hold a door open for a woman. One of which is you being the doorman and servant. The other is a display of dominance. Learning the difference is important. There are a lot of good articles, but I would suggest watching all the Connery bond movies for cues on how to hold oneself as a gentleman, how to hold doors, stand, sit, walk, lean, when to button and unbutton a jacket, to open a door….every single mannerism connery has in those early bonds is perfect.

      1. I think the main thing is to do those things out of courtesy, not because she demands it of you. Tricky when women are trained to be served by the betas. My wife got lots of that when she went to a church school. I pretty much had to quit gentlemanly behavior for awhile because she expected it, then I could go back in and treat her with courtesy once she stopped expecting the princess treatment.

        1. I know this will sound odd and counter intuitive, but when I do it the body language is almost threatening. I will open a door and step in a way that you would if you wanted to crowd someone in a bar or when I pull out a chair it is more of a “you sit here” move rather than a “let me get that for you” My entire demeanor with women is a hair away from violence… body language. Again, look for cues in bond. I didn’t have a father in my life to teach me to do things like how to act with women, shave, dress, bla bla bla…so I watched movies. Bogart and Connery were pretty much how I learned how to act like a man and to this day my mannerisms mimic theirs the way many mens mannerisms are similar to their fathers.

        2. took me awhile to figure it out. My dad was (and is) a beta who never earned respect from my mom. In their 70’s, and they still watch what she does, he does the bulk of the chores, etc.
          I did learn a lot from my Grandpa though, he would tease my grandma, help when it was his job, and not when it wasn’t. I think the boomer generation (my dad) volunteered for a social experiment that went horribly bad.

        3. It would be good to see an article on door opening and other type mannerisms.

        4. Oddly enough, my father was an alpha with my mother and then a beta with my step-mother. Because of the timing and the dynamics of the relationships involved, my kid-brain learned that everything alpha was horrible and led to divorce and misery, while everything beta led to success, respect and good relationships.
          It wasn’t until I was much older than I understood all the positive things I saw that I associated with his beta behaviors were actually seeded and grown during his alpha days, and only now can I see how detrimental his beta life was to him and the negative effects he suffered because of it.

        5. The alpha/beta dynamics are different in marriage. You cannot make every decision or boss her around in everything. That will only build resentment. I will make 1-2 meals a week, change 20% of the diapers and clean up at times. (If I clean, EVERYONE cleans) Otherwise, you will build resentment. Sitting on your ass while she cooks and cleans is not alpha, it is tyranny and she will not respect you. Instead, I will use that time to fix stuff, actively play with the kids, or help her out.
          In the end the alpha/beta bit in marriage is about who makes the decisions, not who does the chores. My grandpa was very alpha, but towards the end of my grandma’s life, he took over all the domestic chores. Not because his wife told him to, but because it was the right thing to do, given the circumstances.

        6. I agree you can’t always just sit there while she cooks and cleans. But when it is time to clean it is a great time for you to do some yard work.

        7. True, I will often find something to fix or do some of the more manly jobs.

        8. Not really counterintuitive at all.
          Women pick up on where something is coming from fast, it’s kind of a survival instinct for them.
          Had a college buddy who was the “perfect gentleman” but it all worked for him because it came from a deep deep place of DGAF. As in if I’m not going to GAF anyway I’ll be a gentleman because I want to. He was an odd bird in a lot of ways though.

        9. Yes you can, my wife’s wedding vow was to serve me.
          I don’t ask it all the time, but when told, she serves or leaves.
          There are 3 adult women living in my house.
          Never changed a nappy in my life …….. 5 kids.
          If you had truly followed your religion without compromise, there would be enough women in your household to fulfill their duties.

        10. Agreed.
          The vibe has to be ‘I’m pulling chairs out and opening doors because I want to not because I have to’.
          I had an old school masculine Dad but this habit became ingrained through positive reinforcements from old girlfriends. The fact that I wasn’t acting like a supplicating pussy in my late teens and 20’s even if I was clueless about game.

        11. The Feminists will find ways to redefine doors as tools of patriarchal oppression and call for their removal.

        12. You are a very wise man. Im glad to hear someone else say it. I think these articles and others get lots of men in trouble. You strike the right balance.
          I used live like that. Used have a mind set that its my world and I’m the king. But if you mistreat your subjects they will rebel !!!!

        1. Love this clip. Watch his body language, confidence, SLOW and intentional movements. He doesn’t blink without meaning it. No part of his body does anything without instruction. That right there is seduction 101. I see guys out. Slow it down. Your movements. Reach for a wine glass slower. Your speech. Don’t talk so fast. Even your gestures and smiles.

        2. For me, tempo is a huge part of controlling the frame. Draw her into your rhythm, and you are conducting the symphony of her thoughts and emotions.
          And if you fail, the chemistry sucks.

  2. I don’t even know why in the hell yall waste time sponsoring a post if you don’t sell Kratom.

    1. If you read the fine print, all of their products are actually made out of Kratom.

  3. OT: Scott Adams pretty much nailed the Syria situation. All of a sudden, just as it looks like the coast is clear and his regime is regaining a little stability, Assad suddenly decides to launch a chemical gas attack on a target with no apparent military or strategic value at all? C’mon, give me a break. And look at all the pictures coming out of there… it all just screams set-up to me.

    1. Of course it is a set up. Just see The MSM coverage, sensible images all over the news and internet, Like the second holocaust. The are getting what they want, Emotional response, So an attack to Assad can be justified.
      But in Europe… Muslim Truck of peace, ohhh please don´t show images of dead people or injured people, respect the victim, Muslim are the real victim this could led to Islamophobia, let´s pray.

    2. Its a clear set up. They tried it a few years ago and everyone called their BS. Assad isn’t an idiot. Those 58 missiles were ready to be fired months ago, just needed a lie to justify it.

    3. making it clear that Trump is just another zionist shill. No surprise here.

    1. The funny thing to me is the way the driver is so laid back, almost like he’s bored, like this shit happens to him every other day and so its just no big deal.

    2. after rape threat –
      laughs to camera -> “this is the way women are”
      and he probably knows more than most driving drunk/crazies every night…

      1. I knew a guy who, when he was younger, used to drive a taxi in Dublin. He got more sex than a Thai hooker. Especially on the weekends when dropping off the girls coming home from the hen parties.

    3. Asian girl (descendent of vietnamese boat refugee – we have a lot of them in germany) talks to Amnesty International about how yellow fever is racism – and I did a little bit of research: she dates white guys exclusively. LOL, the hypocrisy is huge with feminist antiracists.
      Btw: How can a sexual desire be racist?
      If yellow fever is freaking racist,
      being gay is freaking sexist.

        1. Absolutely!
          She even wrote her bachelor thesis on how girls are depicted as sex objects in german girl magazines. Typical stuff for SJW infested universities in germany. Universities just have nothing to do with science anymore.
          Of course she also blogs at
          And she has a lot of modeling photos on her blog.
          Probably narcissistic.

        2. Vegan, too. Ha. There’s something humorous in thinking about a vegan in Germany. If I were to try to rank countries in order of easiest-to-live-in-for-vegans, Germany would be way low near the bottom.

        3. Snippet from my last blogpost, she fits perfectly in:
          “Wenn sie a) kurze und gefärbte Haare, b) Tattoos, c) mehrere Piercings oder/und d) ein Halsband (siehe 2.) trägt: Vergiss sie. Solche Frauen sind tendenziell Drogen konsumierende, risikobereite, linksliberale Feministinnen, die nicht zu monogamen Verhalten in der Lage sind, bestätigt durch viele Studien […]
          Wenn sie militante Veganerin ist, ist sie auch militante Feministin, zumindest latent.”
          Google Translation:
          “If she has a) short and dyed hair, b) tattoos, c) several piercings or / and d) a collar: Forget her. Such women are tendinally drug-consuming, risk-stricken, left-wing feminists, who are not capable of monogamous behavior, confirmed by many studies […]
          If she is a militant vegan, she is also a militant feminist, at least in a latent way.”

        4. You’re confounding things. The lipstick turns you on, the crazy turns you off.

        5. You’ve just to have the discipline to ‘fuck and run’. Emanate beta provider vibes if necessary, and then after you get the often great lay based on her much too vast sexual experience, you block her number and blank the horrible bitch.

    4. If the police get called out, they should arrest her for at least calling on false pretense.

    5. She would have looked like a fool if she wasn’t clapping her hands while yelling at him.

  4. I’ll be polite to those people that earn the respect. But as far as everyday women, I no longer hold the door for them, and if one lays their hand on me, they are going down. I will take down any person that lays their hand on me or my friends.
    Don’t wear flip flops on a date or when you’re working on your car or house. PUT ON SHOES. In Florida men will wear flip flops to church. I don’t want to see or hear your nasty ass toes.
    I put on a blazer when going out and dress up. Stop being slobs.

    1. Holding a door is sexist af.
      You saw my other post on the german-vietnamese bitch?
      She also talks about daily life sexism in germany.
      At one poetry slam she mentions that one guy showed her a thumbs up while she was walking through the street. Shocking. I told her to go to Saudi Barbaria to finally get treated with respect.

  5. Nice Article!
    I had the good fortune of witnessing / learning many of these traits from my father; he was a Chef from Italy, classically trained in French Cuisine. Growing up in the restaurant business (70’s-80’s), I remember, even as a little kid, watching him greet guests – always sophisticated, hospitable and generous; making everyone around him feel completely at ease, but make no mistake about it – he was always in total control of the situation.
    My father passed away a few years ago, but I remember those times like it was yesterday. Having the ability to ingratiate those around you, yet remain in control is the mark of a gentlemen. Men, we need to hold ourselves to a much higher standard.

  6. I honestly don’t mind sponsored articles like this. ROK has to earn a crust same as everybody else and some of these products look cool.
    Now if they can get Kratom into a wipe…

  7. John Wayne said this:
    “You’ve got to be a man first before you can be a gentleman.”
    He was right.
    Unfortunately I am neither.
    Although I do try to be as decent as my circumstances allow.

      1. Yeah, I know.
        You get to see a lot when you are on the outside looking in.
        “There was an old owl who lived in an oak.
        Much he saw but little he spoke.
        The less he spoke the more he heard.
        We should all be more like that wise old bird.”

  8. Way off topic…Trump hit Syria…NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is letting the McShamnesty and Lady Graham and the rest of the Neo-Cons get their way! How can he sell out like this???!!!

        1. Political realities win out over idealism every time. As GoJ likes to say, enjoy the fact that we got a conservative Justice, because that’s the only victory you can really bank on.

  9. to hell with “the gentleman”. it is some nonsense 1950s concept. how about we go back to the rugged men? men who wore overalls and had calloused hands!

    1. Already got that. It’s just a pot-belly and body odor go with it. 🙂

    2. I think women have different tastes. I prefer men with a more gentlemanly demeanor and this is why I love east asian men.

  10. This is why I love east asian men. The majority of them are natural gentleman. I suppose women have different tastes. Some prefer men more rough and rugged but that’s not really my thing.

  11. Penis envy in the whyte supremacy culture, began with the whyte male’s envy of the genetic power residing in the Black male’s testicles and phallus. Whyte envy of the black phallus is addressed unconsciously when whytes constantly concerns themselves with the comparative size of the black phallus versus the size of the whyte phallus. This help to explain why whyte males who wish others to view them or wish to view themselves as strong and powerful, puff and suck on huge black cigars. It’s an attempt to draw attention of others to themselves with their long black cigars ( their symbolic phallus). Also the more important the whyte male perceives himself, the longer is his black limousine. Both the car and the cigar can be viewed as phallic symbols.

    1. BS. Blacks are no larger. My Dick is 8.5 to 9″ hard and five soft. Never yet saw a black with a bigger one in a locker room. Take that blue pill shit and shove it. Frenchmen have bigger dicks that Nigerians and Kenyans.

  12. There should be a monastery for red pill training and education for this blue pill generation of men. Teaches men how to fire a firearm, hunt, fish, farming. It teaches the necessary academic work like paying bills, mortgages, the kind of laws women and the court weaponize against men. The monastery has an intense weightlifting gym with over 10 power racks and just two treadmills comes with sessions and powerlifting meet and competition. The meals are prepared by the students, meat from the hunt and vegetables from the farm they grown in. Managing nutrition etc.
    More useful courses like mechanic work. How to do quick repairs to cars, changing a tire etc.
    Lessons on being able to take hardly anything into something like what if you become homeless after your wife screws you over with divorce, incarceeration etc. Be able to make a radio out of paper clips and a broken walkie talkie stuff like that.
    A MMA fighting ring with punching bags and training to build yourself into a fighter.
    More hands on blue collar job training for oil reefinery work, construction etc. Maybe have it’s own outlines to them to make money for monastery
    Make them go through a trial where they are left in to woods without anything but everything you’ve learned to fend yoursself. Salvage food, hunt etc. Send a veteran alumni to attack the student in a fierce engagement of territory and fisticuffs. When he comes is not planned. Show enough guts, spirit intelligence and manliness and you graduate

  13. So, they pulled my post because it was better than the original article. And hats why you people think you’ve discovered something new. Nope. Old news, you just got screwed by your mommies.

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