Pepsi Ad Celebrating Social Justice Warriors Backfires Spectacularly

On the third of April 2017, the PepsiCo brand released an ad focused on the core values of Social Justice, depicting a demonstration of its usual defenders. The video reaches its climax when ultra-rich SJW Kendall Jenner saves the day and hands a can of Pepsi to an oppressive-looking White police officer. Everyone cheers.

The liquid sugar merchant’s goal was to convince their customers to buy their product, surfing on the legacy media trend of SJW celebration, while showing their support for the dogmas of the left. Let’s just say that it did not go as planned. The right and the left join forces for once, taking to social media to despise and ridicule the cringe-worthy video clip.

Rarely have I seen leftists depicted so accurately

It is simple, they are all here: the Low T beta white knight, the peaceful Muslim with a nose ring, the White woman looking for enrichment, The Asian hipster antifa that plays cello, the racist cis White male…This video is a goldmine of SJW archetypes. It is hard to think that is is not a satire.

America’s tolerant and peaceful (((youth))) demonstrating

Fedora-sporting M’Lady tosser, Religion of peace and Triggered feminist unite!

“As a successful feminist and follower of the religion of peace, I drink Pepsi and wear my hijab which empowers me!”

“There I am, Kendall Jenner, multi-millionaire and privileged because I put a blond wig on”

“I wish I could join the struggle but my White privilege prevents me from doing so”

“As a cello-playing Asian antifa with a beanie and ear gauges, I like to drink Pepsi between two chapters of the Communist Manifesto”

Pepsi : official sponsor of blue-haired false rape accusers and carousel riders

“By Allah! I can’t focus with my itchy nose ring and all these pictures of kuffars. What kind of inspirational beverage could help me?”

Not to worry. Dancing while sporting berets and military fatigues is the way we protest. Breaking windows and looting shops is so the Previous Year.

“Say, Chang Guevara, may I join your rio… harmless gathering?”

“You are privileged cis White scum, but you are a woman, just like Hillary (All Hail the Most High) so I guess we can give you a chance”

“Thank you, O wise Asian antifa, for seeing past my privilege and allowing me to join. Fuck Whiteness!”

“As an entirely White, racist police force, it is our duty to oppress these peaceful protesters”

“Us trannys are here too, with our plastic smiles and stubble poking through our foundation. Statistics proving that we are committing suicide in the thousands are hate speech!”

“I am blue eyed and blonde but it is all good because those black men, one of them wearing traditional Muslim garb, will soon enrich me”

“You have no more distinctively White attributes. So progressive! Welcome, sister!”

“By Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) nine year-old lover Aisha, here is the moment I must capture!”

“Would you stop being such a racist sexist pig for a minute and taste that sugary Marxist goodness?”

“Yes. Let the Equality and Antiracism flow through you…”

“All right, kids. Pepsi showed me the light! Now carry on burning cars, pepper-spraying senior citizens and whacking unarmed women on the back of the skull with flag poles”

“They let us march! Quick, to the train station, before all the Refugees are welcomed!”

#Hillary2016 #Unemployed

Remember that the champion of moral adequacy that stars in this masterpiece is also a Kardashian harlot:

Would Bang But Would Not Give My Seed

No doubt that the executives of PepsiCo think they did the right choice when they chose her to carry the flag of Goodthink

But… but… muh virtue signalling!

With this stereotypes galore, the reaction did not take long. From the left fustigating the ad for portraying accurately their fellow degenerates or culturally appropriating “peaceful” domestic terrorist organisations like Black Lives Matter to the right ridiculing Pepsi’s demagogy and calling out its obvious agenda, every one hates the cringey stint and Pepsi should soon feel the sting of their foolish attempt at pleasing SJW, who by definition, are offended by everything and never happy.

Many commenters try to remind Pepsi that this is what a SJW demonstration usually looks like…

Berkeley riots last February

The Youtube comment sections of the PepsiCo clip is, as usual when a pro-Left brand plays with political fire, hilarious:

Enjoy the shitstorm before PepsiCo sees that deleting comments does not help and applies the usual “failed partisan campaign” protocol and disables the comment section.

Tu baisses ton froc, tu payes

Pepsi Cola, just like fellow globalist beverage Coca-Cola, is extremely unhealthy and participates to the global obesity epidemic in addition of being sold by degenerates. Don’t buy it, drink water.

Taking the risky bet of shilling for the left costs millions to corporations whose goal is generating profit. Examples are legion but you would think that they would have learnt by now.

Here are the poor choices of those brands expressed in financial loss:

Impact of that ad on Pepsi’s share (5 days scale). Red circle represents the day when the Social Justice ad was released

Impact of the “Gender Paygap” Super Bowl ad on Audi’s share (3 months scale). Red circle represents the day when the ad was released

Impact of the transgender bathroom scandal on Target’s share (1 year scale). Red circle represents the beginning of Target’s pro-trans policy

Impact of that ad on ABInBev’s stock market value after airing Bud Light “Gender Pay Gap” controversial ad (1 year scale). Red circle represents the day when the Social Justice ad was released

Social Justice is a giant shit test and must be treated accordingly. Trying to make SJW happy is always bound to failure as there “Ain’t no rest for the triggered.”

UPDATE: Well, colour me surprised. Pepsi just did the courageous choice of taking down this video. What a display of bravery from the Liquid Cancer brand. Somebody could use a safe space.

Defeat. Jenner got free publicity, her money, and this time did not have to be put in a position where her knees are near her ears

Here is the link to the video on Jenner’s account. And here is another backup if the trollop’s masters tell her to “shut it down.”

Read More: Social Justice Warriors’ Updated Version Of The Seven Deadly Sins

495 thoughts on “Pepsi Ad Celebrating Social Justice Warriors Backfires Spectacularly”

      1. Egad, I see all that crap that is posted on my wife’s Facebook from her fat friends. marshmallow fondue or sour cream surprise or any other mixture of junk food made into a dish. No wonder the number of land whales is on the upswing.

        1. Yes, eating food without sauce, cream, goo covering, is impossible to do for some. Steamed veg, poached chicken/salmon, lean beef/pork and some grains with a little seasoning is the way to go.
          The “healthy salads” are highly amusing with 1/2lb. of cheese, 1/2 cup of high calorie dressing. Does anyone know what real food tastes like without all the crap.

        1. I rather have whole meal cereals that have prunes and nuts in them . Dont even mention kellogs. Please don’t. THE FUCKING BRAND WAS SEEN INFILTRATING THE LOCAL SUPERMARKET THE LAST TIME I SAW IT ON SHELVES.

        2. And remember that Kellogg’s cereal (specifically corn flakes) was created as a part of a health food/anti sex craze at the end of the 1800s. The Graham cracker was created at the same time, intended to reduce rampant sexual urges. In that turn of the cycle sex was anti health, and health was anti sex.

  1. “As an entirely White, racist police force, it is our duty to oppress these peaceful protesters”

    As predictable as the sun rising.
    “The cop should have Dr Pepper sprayed her” – Comment gold on the Youtube page, lol!
    I’m starting to believe that we should probably just go ahead and start really oppressing these idiots. White men will bend over backwards, unfortunately, to prove how decent and nice they are. But we get made out into villains anyway so I figure, hey, why not start smashing some skulls? It’s not like they can crank up the hate against us any further, they’re already on 11.
    I’ve not seen this commercial or parts of it until now. Christ on a candlestick, it looks like something the Soviet Union would have made if it were still around today, it’s so thick with blatant propaganda. Why do people continue to watch television?

    1. Either this guy stole this line from Stephen Colbert, or Colbert stole it from this guy. I hope its the latter

    2. It’s propaganda…. it’s institutionalised cuckholdry… it’s cuck-a-ganda!

      1. All it does is make me want to hurt Leftists even more than my normal default setting which is “Smash their skulls with rocks”.
        It’s interesting how well Pepsi captured their insanity, however unintentionally.

      2. My sole purpose is to entertain myself when i watch television not when some paid shills to indoctrinate me which already happened to those whom are too exposed to such mediums.

      1. I really don’t have time any longer for altruism. Used to be a decent fellow, but too many times any attempts of kindness are either not appreciated, or are revealed to be nothing more than me being scammed. Fuck that noise. I’ll still pull a child out of the middle of a busy street, and maybe help out a really old person, and of course real friends and family always get the benefit of the doubt, but for the bulk of humanity they can all go get fucked.

        1. Meh, even helping that child will probably get you sued by the mother if you dare leave the tiniest bruise while pulling the kid from in front of an oncoming 18 wheeler. Or accused of kidnapping. Anything to pull blame away from the negligent mom.

        2. I would still help the child. They are just innocent up to a certain age. Period. You just want excuses not to help anyone, including apparently the most helpless.

        3. Meh, why help a stranger? That’s what all those taxes we pay against our will are for and there’s no upside to going above and beyond. But that’s good news: more heroics available for you. Let me know how that turns out.

        4. Precisely why collectivist thinking doesn’t work, Exhibit A: “I paid my share, someone else will take care of it”

        5. Because kids are literally innocent when it comes to things like a 2 year old standing in the middle of a road. I’ll help true weakness that is cloaked in true innocence, but not a lot else.

        6. I agree. I don’t have the time or energy to give a fuck about people outside of my close circle of family and friends. I’ll be decent to anyone but I don’t owe them shit

        7. The Good Samaritan didn’t go looking for people to help out. He saw a man beaten on the side of the road, and he helped out.

        8. I lost my faith in humanity many moons ago. I’m entertaining the idea of writing an article on what I now call “Civilization 2.0” for ROK, with how now it’s apparenlty perfectly “okay” and also encouraged to be a slut, be fat, lazy, be a liar, dishonest, have no honor or respect or integrity and what to expect when stepping out in public these days.

        9. Now a days he would be sued. While on his way to work, a co-worker of mine, a few decades ago, saw a car in the ditch and on fire. He pulled over on the highway and ran down and pulled the unconscious man from the burning car, receiving some burns himself in the process. He was then sued because the act of pulling the driver from the burning car resulted in a back injury to the driver. That is what altruism gets you.

  2. Avoid soft drinks. But, if you indulge, Coca Cola is superior to Pepsi.
    Also WMLPOMC (would make lick Pepsi off my cock).

    1. Coca Cola isn’t any better regarding SJW crap. Hell, they were probably the first ones who started it with their “diverse” commercial back in the 1970’s.
      Sugar and fifteen unpronounceable chemicals mixed together have no place going into my body unless I’m being tied up and force fed it at a prison camp.

      1. Not saying better on a social point, just from a purely taste perspective. I don’t drink soft drinks often, but when I do, it’s Coca Cola.

        1. I honestly cannot remember the last time I drank a soft drink. Sitting here I’m going back in my head and as far as I can recall it was prior to Y2K. Granted I loathe sugar (the taste) and it just gets more extreme every year (I can taste the sugar in ketchup now, ugh) but I’m also not wont to toss shit into my body voluntarily that I know will increase my cancer and stroke risk by hundreds of percent.

        2. More partial to Sprite and Ginger Ale honestly, but I can see why a person would choose Coca Cola over most brands.

        3. I will say, whenever I go on a strict purge for a while, I notice that if I decide to have a coke, it is overpoweringly sweet. Same for other stuff too. Sugar is definitely addictive, and it is better to stay off it. Alas, it is one of my very few vices.

        4. Water, black coffee, green tea & red wine are pretty much it for me these days. Maybe a shot of high end Tequila on my birthday, but that’s it. Back at the end of 2012 I found my self on a gurney in the ER with stratospheric blood pressure. The Dr. wanted to put me on meds. I said give me two weeks. He said cut your sodium. I did a little research on my own and cut out all the sugars (especially HFCS), all grains (cake, cookies, bread, pasta, crackers, tortillas, etc., white potatoes, white rice, any simple carbs. Within two weeks I was back down to 120/80 and run less than that now; no meds. I feel better now than I did in my twenties. I live on mostly raw vegetables, eggs, as much meat as I want, raw walnuts, pumpkin seeds and some dairy (that’s not all, but you get the gist of it). At 57 I am fast on my way to a six-pack (80%+ there). I get looks (and hugs) from much younger women than me regularly. Life is good.

        5. Last time was when I was intermittent fasting. A coke zero every now and then. But that’s been over a year.

        6. Thank you, Bem, it’s been a challenge. I finally figured out what Christ was saying about denying the flesh (well at least part of it, I’m still a work in progress). Once you get all the processed, sugary foods out of your system the flora in your gut changes and you don’t crave the junk anymore. As I understand it, the critters in a “bad” gut biome actually send chemical signals to your brain to eat more junk. So it’s a vicious carb cycle. I’m shooting for a mild state of ketogenesis to burn fat 24/7 and it’s working. Of course I lift too. I’ll be out walking around the job site with my shirt sleeves rolled up and guys wearing jackets walk up and ask “Aren’t you cold?” I just tell them “No, I’ve augmented my metabolism.”

        7. I’m on the same path. I was a grain-hound all my life and it shows! No more. You’re right, you almost have to ‘de-tox’ to retrain your body not to crave it.
          Carry on!

        8. You too! I do still have one square of dark chocolate a day; it’s good for your blood pressure. But it’s 90% cocoa, so you really can’t call it “sweet.”

        9. I can’t see that. They’ve taken all the goody out of the coca leaves nowadays. Who wants brown sugar water with preservatives and a little caffeine in it? 😀

        10. thats the way to be. They walk around here (work) handing out sugar daily. makes me so mad.

        11. Yeah I know. They do the same thing where I work. One of the young guys, who was trying to get in shape, asked me “How do you go up front to get a cup of coffee and not take a doughnut.” I told him, “It’s simple, you go up front, get a cup of coffee and don’t. take. a. doughnut.” I got a deer in the headlights look. Self control is hard, that’s why America is fat, diabetic and cancer ridden.

        12. Im in Australia and i think we are “beating” you guys with obesity p/capita.
          I don’t believe self control is the problem, its simple enough to avoid temptation. Its literally thrown in your face. Sugar activates the same parts of the brain as addictive drugs and they should be treated as such. These companies know this. If you walk into a service station, you are met with hundreds of kg’s of sugary snacks when you are attempting to complete a siple chore of putting fuel in your car. it is very hard to avoid if you believe you are sacrificing or depriving yourself by doing so.
          At my work, every fundraiser, corporate lunch etc etc.. = sugary snacks. This week twice in one day we had visitors from other departments bringing around cakes and rubbish at 10am in the morning. they really have no idea.
          i watched a terry crews video and he basically said “remove temptation”, i got upset as i usually do with this type of thing and I moved some of the chocolates down to the lunch room where i thought it would be more appropriate, and was called a dickhead for doing so ( iwas considering throwing them in the bin where they belong),but ok i can take it. The next day, someone else replaced it with another chocolate fundraiser. I said, fuck it, ill start a fundraiser selling chocolates for the Diabetes foundation haha.
          Its ok for them to push their rubbish onto me/us who care about our appearance and in my case after years of abuse from smoking and drinking have worked bloody hard to change my life and have been successful doing so, then these cunts just want to bring you down all the time because they are weak minded and have no understanding of what these “foods” do. These extremely obese people who say they have a thyroid problem yet drink soft drinks is fucking insane. You cant drink it AT ALL, no one should let alone if you are already carrying extra weight.
          I can feel my blood pressure rising i better chill 😉

        13. Yeah brother, chill. I know all about that blood pressure thing. What you’re saying is spot on here too. I’ve never been down under, so I can’t speak to the obesity epidemic in your country, but I see a lot of “pregnant” men around here in USA’s midwest. What kills me is I’ll go shopping and there they are in their 350+ lbs. of glory riding a “mart-cart” down the cookie aisle loading their basket with high calorie crap with the nutritional value of cardboard. One guy I know on disability told me his doctor at the Veteran’s Administration said he’s fat and lazy BECAUSE he’s FAT and LAZY. I said “Yeah, that’s why you have back problems” and told him what to do about it. He wants to lose weight. We’ll see.
          They do the same thing at my workplace. There are almost always “goodies” by the coffee pot. We have women that love to cook pastries and candies and bring them in. Any time a vendor comes in they bring doughnuts or pastries. It’s worse around the holidays, because the women will come up to me and tempt me this stuff, saying “This is so good, you really ought to try it.” I’m polite but firm with a “No, you know I can’t have that” I get my of coffee and leave. I’m one of only two men there who’s in shape. Trust me, it has its advantages. As far as I’m concerned, let those other mo’fos stay fat. Leaves more hugs for me. 😉

        14. Sugar is added to essentially all processed foods, along with large quantities of salt.

        15. The origin of the word “chocolate” is the Aztec word “xocoatl,” which referred to a bitter drink brewed from cacao beans. The Latin name for the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao, means “food of the gods.” The cacao drink was also called “bitter water”. Then the Europeans came along with their fad at the time of sugar, something that had been in short supply until the new world conquests. Sugar from the new world was the real money maker , not tobacco, or even silver and gold.

        16. Yeah Mike. The Drs. seem to just go with conventional dogma (and probably whatever big pharma tells them). I avoid them like the plague. In fact, my former Dr., the one that wanted to put me on meds, even told me “If you want to get sick, come here” referring to the clinic where he works. When I told him I was going to take care of my hypertension through lifestyle changes he was skeptical. When I carried two weeks of steadily declining blood pressure logs to him and explained how I did it, he said “This isn’t possible, but I can’t argue with these results!” If it wasn’t possible how the hell did I do it? I thought right then, we’re done. It turns out simple sugars, particularly high fructose corn syrup, can overload your liver and run the uric acids levels in your blood sky high. Then your blood pressure goes out the roof (at least for some of us). I knew something was up, because I ate very little salt. When I ate cornbread, cake, white bread, drank a restaurant Margarita or ate anything sweet I could literally feel my blood pressure go up. By completely eliminating sugar and simple carbs from my diet, I was able to get it under control quickly with no prescription toxins. He did not know that so he is no longer my Dr.

        17. It is hard to find the correct info about food though. You’ve got the medical establishment/dietitians pushing nestle owner shakes that are full of sugar. Tv and other media is little help. Thank god for the internet but even then the wealth of information available makes it hard for the average guy to sort through.
          I watched a show the other night called “trust me I’m a doctor” and it was full of half truths and mis-information. They were trying to say protein shakes are useless and the “average” diet gets enough protein. So you don’t need them if you eat enough through regular food: at no point did they say or even direct how to calculate how much protein is necessary and for the type of activity, or body composition of a person. My friend watched the same show and she gave me a figure of 300 grams of protein. Which the show did not say at all, so I asked is that 300grams of actual meat or 300 grams of protein. Either way i can’t see how that would be correct unless you were eating 300 grams of actual meat and using protein powder supplements. So in defence of a lot of people it is hard to find the right information if you don’t know where to look. I just say stick to lean meats and vegetables and drink as much water as u can minimum 2 litres a day and avoid everything else.

        18. You’re on the right track mate. Check out Max Panzer’s fitness article on ROK today. I personally won’t use his skip a day routine, because I’m light framed and nearing 60. I need 3 days minimum for recovery. I’ve over-trained & hurt myself in the past, so I’m bloody careful now. Check out for a “primal lifestyle” like paleo lite. His book The Primal Blueprint is a good starting point. See geared toward older guys, but a lot of good info. If you lift (or intend to) get Starting Strength by Rippetoe. Study it so you don’t hurt yourself. Read a lot of different viewpoints, pull out the stuff that works for you. My routine: Lift heavy twice a week, Olympic barbell, early AM. Squats, bench press, barbell row day 1, squats, overhead press, dead-lifts day 2. Thirty five double crunches each day done on the bench (for balance conditioning). I do my workout in 30 mins. or less. Off days: pull-ups when I walk by my power rack or if there’s pipe, conduit or angle iron in my path at work. I work on a steam boiler and take the stairs not the elevator. For diet, again read Max’s article. I drink more red wine than I should, but I’m 80%+ to having a six pack by 58 y.o. I use unflavoured whey protein isolate every morning with raw milk, 1/2 teaspoon of local honey, 1/2 banana and 5 gr. creatine mono-hydrate, blended, total 500 ml. I also take a good multi-vitamin and other supplements for my specific needs. I hope some of this helps. More later.

      2. It has fallen a long way since its inception by an old confederate general

        1. If taken with a healthy (?) dose of cocaine, in very small portions, and infrequently, it is a marvelous pick me up with few long term health impacts. But made in mass quantities, to be drunk by the liter, daily, it is the major cause of American obesity.

      3. Replace sugar with high fructose corn syrup and you are right on the money. HFCS is much worse for you than sugar and sugar is white death.

  3. HaHaHa.
    I heard about this nonsense last night, but didn’t have time to watch the “commercial” er propaganda.
    Your interpretation has my side hurting.
    Good work.

  4. Great article. Those pics and captions are superb! Jean-Batave does it again.
    Fuck SJWs and the corporations that subsidize and pander to them.

  5. 1967: Protesters put flowers in the raised guns of National Guardsmen
    2017: Trannies and Muslims offer cops a Pepsi

    1. I hate how ignorant of history Americans are. Did people not realize this event in 1967 was the motivation for the commercial? Are people that fucking oblivious?

      1. And you think it isn’t obvious…how?

        1. well, given that the majority of Americans probably couldn’t tell you which president succeeded Kennedy, I doubt they’re familiar with iconic photos from the Vietnam era

        2. I meant who doesn’t know that hippies put flowers in rifle barrels? Outside of < 30 yo crowd who don’t know anything occurred before they were born of course.

        3. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

        4. Most people don’t know the back story to that clip. The man being dispatched was apart of terror squad responsible for killing serveral police officers and their families. The man’s own wife confirmed it. In fact they caught the litlte rat at the mass grave dropping bodies in it. His executioner was Nguyen Ngoc Loan who is a hero in my book.
          The photographer, Eddie Adams, later regretted ever publishing the event as he saw how it was used as a piece of propanda.

        5. I did not know that. Learned something today.
          Fuck that little commie. Mr. Loan did good.

        6. What communists did is something that is never brought up. If you have the stomach for it, you can read about some of the atrocities committed by communists in Vietnam.

        7. I was just reading the other day about jap soldiers eating everybody including each other during WWII. One can have too much of a good thing. I will defer that google search

        8. Yeah. I knew about that. Heard about them shooting Australian soldiers and before they were even dead, they were hacking them and roasting the meat. Some of the the Aussie units stopped taking prisoners after that.

        9. yeah, it was pretty bad. As a nation they are still reluctant to get to grips with what their soldiers did. It seems though that cannibalism was on the instructions of the High Command rather than anything spontaneous, which kind of makes it worse

        10. Probably isn’t the reason, and even if so I doubt it killed the ones who deserved it.
          Also, the above isn’t politically correct unless you use ‘cheeky’ as a pre-fix

        11. I once made a cultural reference from Casablanca at work to a group of <30 year olds. When I explained it was from Casablanca they shrugged and said, “Never heard of it.” When I explained that it was widely held to be the best or second best movie ever made and that it was made in 1942, they just said, “well no wonder, I never watch anything from before I was born.” I let them know that it was made before I was born to, but I am not an idiot. Lots of very worthwhile things were created before I was born. We live amongst barbarians. How can you have a culture if the people of the culture ignore everything that predates the momentous moment of their birth?

        12. All the above is correct. He was also a North Vietnamese regular army office in a combat zone in civilian clothes. He was summarily executed in absolute compliance with all known rules of war. It was not a rouge wild man killing an innocent civilian, but rather a legally validmilitary proceeding, totally justified.

        13. Speak with any Marine veteran of WWII island hopping and they will tell you that there was very little prisoner taking. Basically, only when directly ordered to by a senior officer, and while being observed, did they take prisoners. My father was in the Army in Europe, third armored, and in a moment while we were watching a war movie where the American soldiers killed German prisoners, he very quietly added that you did what you had to do.

        14. The nuclear bombing of Japan saved millions of Japanese lives. They were indoctrinating grade school kids to rush, armed with sharpened bamboo sticks, the invading American army. The death toll would have been appalling.

        15. Grandfather spent 4 years in the Pacific and was at Saipan and a few other places. So I know the score.

      2. No one ever lost a penny underestimating the intelligence of the American population.
        H. L. Menken (paraphrase perhaps)

    2. As a Buckeye I am proud that at least Ohio got it right when it comes to hippies. Now we should give serious consideration to once again mobilizing the Ohio National Guard and taking out a few of these protestors. Problem is, we’re heavily armed here so the Hipster/BLM riots don’t seem to launch in this state. Coincidence? Maybe we can send the ONG on a tour of the nation?

      1. Got a funny story about OSU and hippies that I’ll tell you some time. My uncle was ONG and on campus in 1970.

  6. The lamb shall bed down with the lion and the Kathoey lady boys will link arms with the sharia-espousing halal eating Muslims

    1. “Refugees welcome!” Cried he as Mustafa’s scimitar fell upon his neck

    1. Look at this ad: it has it all. Globalism, Multiculturalism, diversity. All 50 years ago.

      1. The progressive Left were already activated 50 years ago, they just hadn’t conquered the land yet. I remember a lot of older people scoffing at that commercial and saying many interesting and colorful racist words about.

        1. Notice one thing however: the Leftists have definitely gotten uglier (physically more unappealing)

        2. Without question. At the time of the first Coke Vibrant Enrichment commercial, people were by default thin and hygienic. The hippies acquired the term “smelly” for a reason, people genuinely were repelled by their grotesque odors. The “get fat” thing came later, around the mid 1990’s forward.

        3. it’s something else: even the thin people in the 2017 commercial are somehow ugly. Their faces, hair look sickly.

        4. Being pretty was valued at the time. Today we well know that deliberate attempts are made to cover up and mask any kind of outer beauty. Plus, it can’t be stressed enough, women have become way more masculine and men much more feminine, so that alone will remove attractiveness points without regard to any other factor.

        5. I think there is a “beauty guilt” among the left, similar to the white guilt they try to push. You have seen plenty of before and after feminism pictures.

        6. Yep. They are well on the path to giving us, eventually, a real life Diane Moon Glampers.

        7. Janet Reno was going through the check out aisle at the grocercy store and the male clerk ringing up her purchases said, “you must be single.”
          Janet smiled and said, “you recognized that because of the
          single serving items I’m buying and the small amounts?”
          Clerk: “No. Because you’re ugly.”

  7. So what exactly are the SJWs upset about? This looked like a pretty accurate portrayal of them, if not a flattering one.

    1. They are upset that they are being portrayed as not being upset. Really though, who knows?

      1. The left will come up with a reason to cry, no doubt about it. Never can please these people.

  8. Honestly, I’m amazed that soda and for that matter cigarettes are still a thing. I’m completely against regulating them out of business, but in this day and age, who doesn’t know that these things are incredibly bad for them? Its insane in my opinion.

    1. Some addictions are hard to break. I gave up smoking 40 years ago, but only gave up soft drinks last year. In the end the soft drinks probably were just as bad for me as the tobacco. I am now trying to avoid white sugar and white rice as well as limiting processed grains.

      1. I can’t give up white rice. Its my last vice. Its just so nice. I won’ even think twice.

  9. Hilarious Article.
    You know, some nut protester in Oregon saw the ad and tried to hand their Mayor a Pepsi at a city council meeting, and freaked everybody out. Police descended on the guy. The mayor even sort of shouted angrily at the guy.

    1. Thinking what would be the Mayor’s, and in particular the Police reaction; (gender reversed) if the guy happens to be pussy !

      1. Look it up in the fake news, if you dare. There’s a video floating around. Awkward gold.

        1. Mayor: If this was the Boston City Council… that would’ve ended differently.

  10. Happily, I haven’t bought shares of this garbage seller. I knew SJW-ism makes you lose money

  11. Major companies that are well-established do not need to advertise. No ad campaign is going to move Pepsi stock up or down. People who like Pepsi already drink it. No campaign will entice new drinkers.
    These ads are done purely for their propagandistic / social engineering value.

    1. It is true. They are such a household name, just leave it be, but no! Why not join the bandwagon and… there goes my house in Malaga….

      1. I once did a study of the value retention of brand names that have been out of business for a very long time. It is remarkable the degree of cultural credibility they retain. For example Ipana Toothpaste By Bristol-Meyers has been out of north America since the 1970s, but the name was bought and it succeeded as a discount store brand by another manufacturer.

    1. Fun twist: Brawny paper towel man comes out as gay. You can’t have a macho straight lumberjack in 2017

    2. I upvoted your comment because of your handle name alone. Although the comment was funny too, but good job on the handle.

        1. What’s so funny about that handle? I kept repeating to myself and then…….

        2. Hey, I was just messin’ witcha’. All in good fun. It took me a while to catch it too. 😉 Kinda like the guy they used call for on the intercom at one place I worked: Jack Meeoff

        1. Funny,
          But the money is jewish and the execs are all feminists and cucks.

    1. I wonder what the genuine orthodox Jews with the minoras think about Soros and company.

      1. Someone used to say that fights between opposite jewish factions are simply a fight between rabbis: no matter the winner the result is the same.

  12. but muh capitalism I hear the free market advocates screeching

    the thing about capitalism is that it promotes ugly vulgar anti-values, the complete opposite of fascism which promotes beauty and aesthetic values among the people

    1. Wrong. It promotes whatever the current zeitgeist thinks is cool. We were way more true capitalist in 1910 and nobody was out promoting degeneracy.

        1. promoting self-destruction as liberation has a long history in advertising

    2. Classic capitalism promotes hard working ethics, but current economics is not capitalism anymore. Instead, what we have nowadays is a system based purely on credit and banking, and companies selling useless stuff

      1. Yep. We’re about as “capitalist” as 1937 Italy.

        1. And you cannot deny the keen fashion sense of fascists. It’s almost the same word really.

        2. Spanish fascist general José Sanjurjo died in a plane crash because he insisted on bringing too many clothes and uniforms that made the plane too heavy

        3. Ha! Considering the designer of those snazzy SS uniforms is still making bank.

  13. What are these SJWs going to do with themselves when they realize they are not victims of oppression, and can get a job and vote just like anybody else?

    1. You think this people actually have thoughts or plans? These are mostly just a bunch of drug addicted parrots. I’ll bet a good many of them are going to overdose or die in fires over the few years.

      1. all of the west is an open air mental institution at this point

  14. I challenge advertising firms to do an exact opposite ad campaign. Let’s see if we can get a cheery ad for, say, Cheetos that celebrates the Ohio National Guard at Kent State? How fun would that be?
    Cheetos! If you’re too busy protesting to eat Cheetos, you deserve your fate!
    I’d buy Cheetos if they did that. Heh.

    1. the guy on the ground looks exactly like the Syrian driftwood they tried to tug on our heart strings with:

      1. I think I’m one of the few human beings on the planet who was unmoved by that whole fracas. While the kids death is unfortunate, maybe dad shouldn’t have, you know, boated over from TURKEY (not Syria, he wasn’t escaping anything) on a raft made from, most likely, 2 liter soda bottles (hey, segue back to the article!), and it wouldn’t have happened. What really made me lose all sympathy however was how blatantly it was pushed as propaganda.

        1. guy watched an episode of gilligan’s island and thought he’d tape together a raft made of 2 L bottles lolz

        2. ironically that kid;s father wanted to brave the open ocean because he wanted the superior dental care in Germany … dental work he needed from drinking too much pepsi

        3. Given that almost all of the invaders are military aged young men, my guess would be that she was being bombed, tortured or was left starving under a bridge.

        4. Blows my mind how no one was willing to hold the dad to task. Way too easy propaganda.

        5. Yeah, and they call those of us that protect and provide for our women misogynists. Go figure.

        6. I was moved, but properly assigned the blame for the drowned child. It is not the fault of the west and EU for not doing more to ensure the safety of the invading forces, but of Angela Merkel for enticing them to brave the dangers with her guarantees of safe harbor and welfare.

        1. The rally up here just north of Columbus prior to the election was pretty cool. And we had quite a few OSU big name football players show up to endorse Trump, and Urban Meyers also showed up to support Trump. Never saw it on television? Of course not, because “they” didn’t want that getting out. Once you get the OSU football team to support something in Ohio, it’s going to happen, period.

        2. Of course, just about anyone who matters in Ohio went to OSU and the tribalism around the university is quite intense (I speak as a current student whose entire family attended the university). Kaisch won the primary here with loads of support from the university’s college “conservative” clubs, papers, and alumni.

        3. How have we not met for some drinks already?

        4. Well, if you’re ever interested, my email is in my profile, drop me a line. I just met another ROK’er this last Friday, up at World of Beer on campus actually.

        5. My son lives in Columbus, and I will be visiting him in the fall. What about a get together? He needs a big helping of the red pill force fed to him. I’ve tried, but as his father it is obvious that everything I say is outdated.

    2. that guy’s not dead: he just stayed up all night cramming for an exam and passed out from exhaustion

      1. I take that song as a song of celebration.
        Although I don’t think that it was intended to be understood as such.

        1. Rocks and bricks. And the good guys held the line for a while without firing. These fucking Leftists deserved everything they got that day.

        2. Rocks, bricks, and another nasty little leftist agitator trick, potatoes with razor blades stuck in them. Too bad those guardsman weren’t packing a couple M-60s.

        3. And remember those national guardsmen were mostly 18 and 19 year old kids with zero training on riot control. They were cannon fodder from the beginning. Hand a ignorant young kid a gun and shove him into a riot where he has no idea what he is supposed to do; what could possibly go wrong?

        4. ….you mean besides missing everything he’s aiming at? Everything. Point taken.

        5. Too bad they weren’t Marines; the body count would have been higher, but it would have been accurately aimed fire at the protestors. One shot, one kill.

      2. As I understand it, intra-cranial copper jacketed implants cure the left wing burn & loot disease and prevent relapses 100% of the time.

        1. In 68 there was a very big riot in Chicago. Mayor Daley (the first) issued shoot to kill all looters orders. The riot was over before the orders went into effect. These rioters are not stupid. They know just how much they can get away with in any situation. With our sell out politicians in liberal ruled areas the limits are exceedingly wide.

      1. “So he’s dead, somebody has to smoke that ounce in his dresser…you in or all upset still?”

    3. Interesting question, why was the National Guard even there?
      Apparently riots and the break down of law and order over a week got them called in. The fatality was an absolute tragedy, it was an unrelated student hit by a stray bullet.
      Of course the NG wouldn’t have been there without the rioting, store owners being shaken down to support “the revolution”, etc.

        1. Well in this case, no. Stray bullet struck him like half a mile away if I remember correctly.

        2. And if he hadn’t have been there, it wouldn’t have happened either. Am I “victim blaming”? Perhaps. But if you stay out of that kind of situation to begin with, you’re a lot less likely to catch a bullet, stray or not.

        3. As I understand it he was part of the protest. Half mile away or not, when you put yourself in harm’s way don’t be surprised if you get hurt or worse. I never said it wasn’t a tragedy, just that is was avoidable. As I had it explained to me a few years back when I was trying to deal with a dirty rural sheriff’s department “These people can and will kill you.” Guess what? I backed off. As ol’ Clint said “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” Neither that student nor me are bullet proof, that’s all.

        4. The only tragedy was the stupidity of the hippies. You don’t throw bricks at men with guns. I think that this should be common sense, but apparently they hadn’t reached that level of thinking yet.

        5. I agree. Hurling rocks or bricks at men armed with automatic rifles will get those lacking a self preservation instinct out of the gene pool in a hurry.

      1. That’s correct. What’s interesting is that at Kent State they don’t white wash it. The hippies are not given a free pass, nor is the ONG, it’s actually rather evenly recalled there.

      1. Dust off and nuke’em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

      1. Every military commercial I see informs me that I’m being protected by women and minorities.

    1. Yup, since the advent of the internet, people can check out the truth for themselves. It is only a matter of time before the bulk of people run them out on a rail.

      1. Nah, people are pretty stupid. You could give them a map to an open vault of gold, & 80% would be too lazy to read it or get around to it.

        1. “google maps is down….someone needs to fix it for me…..better tweet this….”

        2. true lazy people will always be plugged in, but at least it is a way to separate the wheat from the tares.

  15. I read this whole article and all I could think was “fuck kendall is hot”

      1. I think she is the archtype but that’s personal taste of course.

        1. Naturally, I’m aware of your particular tastes. We rarely intersect regarding women’s looks, but here, you’re not too far off base. I’d smash her, without hesitation, but I don’t really go for that whole look generally speaking.

      1. His penis is in a mayonnaise jar full of formaldehyde sitting on the fireplace mantle of his living room.

        1. I am old enough to remember him being held up as the paradigm of masculinity. It took a long time for me to stop associating Bruce Jenner with awesome athlete”

        2. Dave Chappelle called him a white super hero, that could beat Africans at track and field and says he misses Bruce.

      1. she is probably wearing what is called a c-string. I was dating a model last swing who wore dresses like that and that is what she used. Fucking awesome things

        1. tits and ass aren’t on the top of my list. Bone structure, legs, clavicle, cheekbones. I always felt that tits were the corvette of body parts….blue collar luxury…fun to drive, but not really top of the line. Ass was the low rider ghetto shit. Also fun to drive but ultimately nothing of value. Bone structure and legs are the hallmark of aristocratic beauty and breeding….it is the DB5 or 812 Ferrari Superfast….it is the true mark of excellence and beauty

        2. Fair point….I do like Mustangs for the bang for the buck….saw a DB11 the other day and the machine is other worldly….cruising it has a subtle gurgling power I haven’t heard in other performance cars….thoroughbred…..
          Speaking of women….if it’s not well proportioned….not too big and not too small….I’m not interested….

        3. mustang is an awesome car and yes great bang for the buck. Love to ride it all around town but yes…a DB11 is a whole other league. Wow that thing is great. Still, the purest in me would take the DB5

        4. Symmetry, fit and healthy, with curves (do I need to define that for the lurking reader? God, I hope not). Everything else is just preference or mood for that particular day. Nothing wrong with that. Bone structure, beyond symmetry, means squat to me as long as she doesn’t look like some kind of freak. Girls that resemble whippets or greyhounds have never done anything for me, and I’ve tested that out in real life when girls that I know you’d instantly pursue, I’ve literally turned away from without even thinking twice. Where we intersect on preferences of course, is not in question.
          So again, we’d be perfect wingmen.

        5. “I know this request is going to sound a bit odd … but … could I see your clavicle? Just a teensy weensy peek at it?”

        6. It’s a musical instrument that originated in Spain I think.

        7. Man, that jaw line though…way too “Dude” for me.

        8. Tits are literally cosmetic, but ass is engine, the way bones are chassis.

        9. yeah, I was pointing specific to clavicle. I do like a pronounced jaw. I don’t like that round apple cheeked look, but this one is a little much

        10. You know, a few years ago I got a groupon to go to a track and drive a Ferrari around a half dozen laps — this was maybe 10 years ago. The drive home in my VW was so fucking miserable

        11. sperm gutter.
          See, to me what a woman looks like in an off the shoulder gown matters.

        12. If her spleen isn’t keen, then I’m not into that scene.

        13. Actually, believe it or not, tits serve a function. Nice tits are nature’s way of telling you that she’ll be able to feed your kids. The attraction by men to them is not accidental.

        14. no one fucks better than a bulimic cutter in thyroid storm.

        15. that is a sweet amp. I have a Fender Blues Junior Tweed Tube amp which wouldn’t hold a candle to it, but in a nyc apartment where I have to be sensible with volume it sounds great.

        16. Have you considered a set of Beats and a bluetooth plugin “amp”? Or do those even exist?

        17. I have something like that but with Harman Karman and it runs through a bunch of effects and it is totally fine when I want to play “loud” but there is nothing in the world like the actual sound of a tube amp (especially if like me you play blues music). No amount of technology can recreate it. It would be like trying to use a sound effect to get the crackling on a record. Yeah, you could do it, but it would never be the same. Most the time when I am playing electric though I do use headphones with the git plugged directly into my computer and it is fine.

        18. I remember favoring one of those Van Halen type Peavey amps back in the day.

        19. Cool man I didn’t know you could swing an Axe. Probably the best non-tube amp I’ve played is the Peavey Bandit. Not tube but still has a very balanced “analog” sound to it.
          It sounds good even at low to medium volume, but it can get decently loud too. I’ve never tried blues junior but Fender tube amps always sound good.
          Fender Twin Reverb is arguably the best amp ever made.

        20. I lust for both interchangeably…..
          Excessive expense, ultimately impracticable….would piss off my wife….

        21. I can play proficiently, but never really had a lot of natural talent. I have been playing 30 years or so so I have a few licks in me. I play a LP Standard so that Vox amp sounds great, but I do like the fenders (both the Blues Junior and the Front Man) for their abilities to be fuzzy but then get that super clean tone.

        22. I had a budy who loved Peavey Amps. he was a rock guy though. I like very clean tones mostly and occasionally some fuzz for Howlin’ Wolf kind of stuff

        23. I had a history teacher who used to like to grab body parts and announce how easy they would be to harm….I still hear him with his hand clamped on my friend’s collar bone….”it only takes 11 lbs of pressure to snap your collar bone….this is about 8…”
          He did the same bit with ears.
          A real character. Think Prof. Turgeson from Back to School.

        24. a dirt bike…..loads to fun to ride in the mud….im looking for something with more sophistication when we talk about dating.

        25. Mud. Puh-leez. That girl would rip any mortal man into shreds between her legs, and look good at a fashion show later in the evening.

        26. would she be a good lay…probably….fashion show in the evening? If there is a new line of John Deere coming out I suppose

        27. I have a feeling that you’ve never experienced the Barbie type dressed to the nines. I have. We go to parties with physicians fairly frequently (yes, I do dress up, strange right?) and many of them have Barbie trophy wives who *kill it* being dressed to the nines and covered in impossibly, stupidly expensive jewelry.
          In reality, nobility and royalty had both types, the greyhound/whippet types that you like, and the “trophy wife” Barbies that I like. My sister looks similar to that girl there, and was “the shit” in her prime, and looks like a lot of women in my family, and you know my pedigree. Hit the castles where my family used to live and you’ll find scrawny bony types and Viking Princesses. The genetic line favored both in those circles, for pretty obvious reasons. There’s a reason that Barbie girls are still the standard of beauty for the majority of Western culture as well as why runway models are the standard in that industry. Same roots.

        28. “Introducing, a Mr. and Mrs. Jeans and their valet, a one Mr. Kangaroo”.

        29. making a bet on things I haven’t experienced is a bad move lol. Just not my scene. Like I said, always looks like a corvette in a line of Ferrari’s to me. All things subjective

        30. How is this not upvoted to top? Legs say a lot about the quality of the rest of machine. Big tits just wear out early.

        31. If Mustangs & Camaros were the size of a 90s M3, they wouldnt look so blue collar small dick.

        32. they are great cars and they are fun but they aren’t engineered as well by a very long shot…and that is just an M3. Compared to the aforementioned DB11 a Camaro isn’t even actually a car.

        33. Modern Corvettes will rip your clothes off from the suction created by their passing by so fast. The ZR1 tops out at 205 mph and goes from 0 to 60 in 2.95 seconds.
          A Ferrari has a top speed of 211 mph and actually comes in slower than a Corvette in the 0 to 60 (3.11 seconds).
          You might want to pick a lower end sports car. Cletus, he ain’t driving a Corvette and hasn’t since the mid 1990’s.
          I’ll ride all day in my little Corvette Barbie and not feel even a twinge of regret about it. And I’ll still beat ya’ between the lights. Heh.

        34. Lolknee makes valid point. Blondes have a very short window when they look premium…then they go into the dark roots/blonde white trash look. Brunette/black hair with sculpted lines is always stunning, does that wank call it the Parisian look?

        35. you enjoy that, but put that blonde next to Cindy in her day and she just looks like another po dunk trailer trash bimbo and the ferari is still doing that 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and is engineered a shit load better

        36. Big titties do, no question.
          Sporty B cups though, those last all the day long.

        37. My experiences with blondes note otherwise. Any woman can age badly and many do regardless of their initial starting looks. Blondes can age as gracefully as any other woman, as well, and I know this because of the blonde(s) I have known most of my life. Some of them would knock your socks off even to this day, in their 40’s.
          Whippet women can turn into total axe faced hags. Just an FYI.

        38. I think the issue is, finding the type of blonde you speak of & her having more than two brain cells rub together. & a voice that doesnt sound like a complete airhead while we’re at it.

        39. I find that the “blondes are stupid” meme has utterly run its course. It’s just a stealth way to make fun of white people. Blondes generally come from the smartest white people who have ever been whited.
          Finding two brain cells and a non-aggravating voice on *any* girl isn’t particularly easy.

        40. Ive seen hot older blondes, but my point is that the bell curve of hotness is much steeper & narrow than that of brunettes. As in, youll see 9 dumpy blondes for every bangin’ dialed in one.

        41. the Parisian look is exactly how to describe it and yes, it is perfect.

        42. I’m of the mind, and of course this is only from my experience, that hardly any women are aging nicely any longer. Whether whippet girl or blondie or Rosy Redhead, the general trend is to get as fat and ugly as possible as quickly as possible. The ones that stay thin, these days, do so from excessive drinking and smoking, and it shows.

        43. Kind of my point.
          It’s the Vette doing 2.9 seconds. The Ferrari comes in behind it at 3.11. I’m a stickler for being pedantic. Heh.

        44. Ferrari stats at 2.9 on their 812. Doesn’t matter though….im not pedantic. That vette could do 0-40000 in .00004 seconds and it still wouldn’t be a better engineered machine

        45. It particularly saddens me to see a girl who, if she would just wear something other than PJ bottoms and a sweatshirt, would be a legitimate HB8+, traipsing around in public. Both her father and her mother utterly failed her.

        46. I see lots of Vettes from the 50’s still on the road.
          Ferraris….not so much…

        47. EXACTLY. yoga pants are beyond played out, & most women in public dont have the body for them. Id rather see them in a pencil skirt, colorful dress etc.

        48. Same here. While I have nothing against jeans or jean shorts (lolknee does, I don’t), I do like a girl in a dress or skirt far better. I was a huge fan of the leather dress/skirt thing back in the 1980’s.
          If yoga pants were only allowed to be worn by HB8+ chicks, then ok, but really that shit on anything less than an HB8 can be scary ugly.

        49. because there were fewer made and they are collectors items.

        50. My 46 year old Polish bride (from Poland) wants to lose ten pounds…but she is KILLER (like a 10) compared to all the muddy hippos at our local Pizza Hut last night…Jesus, I told my wife THAT woman is the new 5 according to ROK (woman weighed about 160 and was 5’4″)….gimme a fucking break, America!!!

        51. Tube amp is the only real way to play electric guitar.
          But I have had a lot of fun creating Frankenstein pedal boards. Years ago I put together a rig where I split my signal so my clean tones would run through a bass amplifier, and my pedal board would run through a tube guitar amp. Got some really interesting mixed sounds… Was able to play as a one-man band like that using a loop pedal as well.

        52. I know a guy who can loop pedal himself into insane shit…I just don’t have that talent. But yes, tube amp is always the right way

        53. You’re a classic Fender Tele or Strat guy 🙂 I love Fenders myself. Started out with them as a teen then gravitated later to the Les Paul humbucker guitar models. The Peaveys just added to the heaviness overall.

        54. Nah, because the Vettes are/were well made. There was a lull in the mid to late 70’s (like every other car made in the U.S.) but the quality of the 50’s and 60’s Vettes is top shelf, just like the ones made today.

        55. I have always been a Gibson man, but I have a tele at home.

        56. I even dig the high waisted mom jeans…as long as tgey are hourglassing into a SLIM waist

        57. Spain shows that women who avoid food & just smoke while drinking sherry remain hot into 40s. Gaining 4 lbs a year is what whittles women into age & destitution.

        58. Dont you talk shit about an e30 or e36 M3!!! We’ll relegate you to a hair dresser’s Porsche Boxster in yellow!

        59. Fucking boxter. Ugh. barbie’s Porsche.
          You will never hear me talk shit about an M3. I used to sit in mine and just quietly meditate. That was the finest thing I ever owned

      2. The mother is Scottish. Really. And they are Armenian, not Iranian

        1. her mother is an olympic athlete … and stunning and brave …you intolerant shit

        2. Very similar, lots of Iranian genetics in that region, mixed with Turk.

      1. would take her 6 weeks in the gym with that body. My guess is these pics were taken in down time

        1. she can’t have glutes the way a fitness model would. If she did she wouldn’t fit into the dresses

    1. That did cross my mind….
      I saw bits of the commercial and didn’t get it.
      There are just no writers out there any more….

    2. Nah, you need to see peel off the layers , these Kardashian whores are the most overrated broads in history

      1. all the others I agree…but Kendell is right up my alley

      2. Yep. every single girl has had work done. they all should look more like the fat, excommunicated brother

  16. “Liquid Cancer”…..I like it. Should be pushed hard, graffiti, etc., on vending machines, advertising billboards, wherever their brand is displayed. Let the games begin….

  17. Can’t wait till the SJW’s completely turn on Pepsi and ban the sale of soda for rotting kids teeth. I mean if business can’t sell fur in Berkeley or plastic bags in SF then why not…

  18. OT: Shocking news everyone. I know this is hard to believe, but it is true. Barry Manilow has come out as gay. Barry fucking Manilow. I hate to be the one to break it to you guys, but it is real. That paradigm of masculinity. I mean, we all knew he was a man amongst men but….ya know…not in that way. I am frankly shocked beyond belief.

    1. Was he ever straight? Is the question. All together now….”oh, I can’t smile without you…..”


    2. So that song was a tribute to Rico, and not Lola?
      Damn….I’ve lived to see so many things that I thought were eternal fall.

      1. you know, there isn’t even anyone faggy enough to drop a “next you’ll be telling me x is gay”

    3. Some grandmothers out there might be shocked. Reminds me back in the 80s when George Michael was big with the girls in HS. They just didn’t see it.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. I knew girls in high school utterly devastated when they found out about George Michael and my buddies were like “uh….hmmm…errrrr yeah”

        1. I had an after-school job and got stuck working with one chick who wouldn’t shut up about him. After a few hours I told her to forget him. He’s gay. She huffing and puffing wanted to know how I knew that. I said, “Step back a second. He’s famous and rich yes? Who is he dating? No one. Uh huh. Next time you watch MTV look how he prances around on stage and all the ass wiggling he does. I know it turns you on, but he isn’t doing it for you cupcake.”

        2. Around the same time I had a younger aunt try and tell me that Boy George wasn’t gay. I just laughed at her.

        3. Andrew wasn’t gay??? my lord, wiki says you are correct!

        4. It is funny to hear people talk about George’s “coming out” as if it were some kind of surprise. Fuck, who didn’t know back in the 80’s that he was a flaming dick sucker? Everybody knew and talked about it openly. In what way was he ever in the closet, is my question?

        5. I recall he was one of about a dozen celebrities in the 80s accused of running gerbils up their dirt-chute.

        6. Yep, and thank YOU for bringing that torrid memory back to my brain, where I’d thought I’d scrubbed it out of existence.

        7. There was always something about that guy’s look that made me think he was given over to perversions. It was the shape of his lips I think…just something that always looked gay to me.

        8. Right?
          Some people have even told me that in the 80’s they didn’t know that the B-52’s guy was gay. I’m thinking “Just how fucking oblivious to reality are you?”. If your gaydar doesn’t ping 100% while watching the Love Shack video and hearing him telling you about his car that is as big as a whale, you need to get that meter into the shop, ASAP.

        9. Remember the video for “I want your sex” where they kept putting the word “MONOGAMY” on the screen to show how conscious they were of the threat of AIDS. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

        10. It really was. You are “a little” older than me so I still had high school girls who were going bat shit in love with him and we would all roll our eyes. Somewhere there is an ROK article to be written about female self deception and the mass hysteria behind GM coming out.

        11. …or how ’bout the perceived desirability of obviously gay, generally British men among American bimbi of the ’80s?

        12. oh shit, I haven’t thought about that forever. lol. wow. yeah. amazing stuff that was. BTW the word video + Sex immediately made me think of Wicked Games by Chris Isaac –Helena Christensen: there is a girl I am not googling recent images of

        13. I think he let george dress him, that was probably where the confusion was. dude has wife n kiddies

        14. I crossed paths with her in an airport about 10 years ago. Wife beater and tight blue jeans. 100 feet away, I couldnt tell who she was, but she caught my eye. 50 feet, saw she had no makeup on. as she passed, I knew she was the Wicked Game chick…

        1. why is he dressed like ted knight in too close for comfort at the beginning of this video?

        2. Must be why people in suburban Chicago are often accused of raiding his wardrobe….
          (CB_2 – this should be a softball for you….)

        3. o COME ON!
          “does Barry Mailow know you raid his wardrobe?”
          “that’s another week – you wanna go for two?”

        4. Ill say it again: Nelson’s angsty teen performance is the best ever(at least for a male)

      1. Despite being a rather decadent period, at least the women of 70s mass culture were attractive.

  19. It’s like living in USSR under Brejnev. The desperate MSM bombards us with propaganda but most people know it’s horseshit. I hope Pepsi dies.

  20. Nutritionally bereft beverage with an ad campaign to match. They just couldn’t be content with merely rotting our teeth, eh?

  21. Hilarious article! Great job!
    I like how the article features (((this))).
    Every time I see someone using brackets on rooshvforum he is geeting ridiculed.
    But that’s not surprising because on this forum some guys think it’s good that africas population will grow because ‘that means more young black pussies to eat’. These guys can’t stop thinking with their dicks. Not even for a minute.
    Isn’t it funny how different the ROK and the rooshvforum crowds are?
    Rooshvforum: Guys who only care about the penis in vagina game. They think mentioning the (((J))) is nothing but lunacy. They also talk about fucking hookers in Cebu and GOMAD.
    ROK: Guys who are interested in different topics of philosophy and sociology (cultural marxism, feminism, race differences -> JQ) but also care about health and game.
    That’s the reason I dont create an account on rooshvforum.

        1. why thank you sir. It is ok though…I am right with the lord.

        2. I wasn’t going to name names, but upon further reflection, I think perhaps doing so would make a great article.

        3. no no no my friend, you have me all wrong….my soul is pure.

        4. So what’s the lolknee 411 on life, cause I’m getting privy. Live in target rich environ, bang everything worthy within 40 mile radius, ignore news & travel…make bank/work out, & carry on? I travel free a lot with work & am coming to same conclusion. I can slay fish via rod but am resorting to fuck it, would rather buy tuna filet at store. Same with hunting, why clutter my home with hobby shit when I can buy cheap tri tip. About to throw half of shit in my life away & just have top shelf furniture, art, etc. & ignore hobbies. As in, my bookshelf & coffee is all the labor I need to tend on a day off. Even my bomb ass purple sports car, cant say I enjoy the maintenance.

        5. More or less bud but 40 miles is way to far a radius for me.
          I’ve never traveled for work and always thought that would be cool. I imagine it adds some components that I don’t fully understand.
          As for ignoring hobbies, I wouldn’t suggest that st all. Yiu have to have something right. For me it is the gym and some oddball things I enjoy writing
          I got rid of my car a few years back. Was a hard call but in the end I simply didn’t need it.

    1. Hmm. Forums are really granular. This is a website. Apples and oranges.
      Returnofkings vs game. Why would you expect anything different.

  22. This >> 50s Schlitz ad:
    And the Pepsi ads of the 50s got all points right.
    * Submissive breeder worthy and slender strawberry blondes
    * ample supply of said women
    * depicting ‘hands on’ interaction as natural with white men and white women. The women aren’t screeching when you rub their lower back in what appears to be the traditional circular motion. So trad. Love it.
    *domesticity on steroids like it should be
    The fact that these ads if ran today would bring lawsuits and cities burning is a clear pointer of who and what needs to be cleaned up in the west.

  23. The pic where the broad has two fingers up is great.
    …..shes saying, im gonna get pounded by two black dicks. Muslim dude says yep, om gonna stuff my fist all the way up her ass.

    1. Oh damnit man, perfect comment and I wish I’d thought of it first!

  24. Ha ha ha, All the dislikes on Youtube. We have another Ghostbusters trailer

  25. I’m reading this right now on the sodastream. Drink of the sodastream. it will set you free, and give you diabetes like me

  26. actually anything that draws a direct link with social justice campaigns and big corporations is doing us all a favour. I’m actually grateful to HSBC for introducing a bunch of gay titles you can use on your mortgage application
    These include Mx, Ind, M, Mre, Msr, Myr, Pr, Sai, Ser and Misc, and correspondence.
    If Pepsi wanted to help LGBTQ people why couldn’t they buy Gaytorade and fill it with female hormone mimicking chemicals. Or maybe they’ve already done that

    1. I think Sensei should also be acknowledged as a titles. Whenever my name gets called out they would have no choice but to call me Sensei Bike and I would give them a little bow in respect before drawing my katana!

      1. You would get a lot of respect, or complain of descrimination if it wasn’t forthcoming. I think I might go with ‘Archangel’ for myself

  27. I’m usually a live and let live type but, the more this kind of stuff is pushed on me the more it causes me to think of having a .38 in one hand and a bullwhip in the other and send them all scrambling to their own commie utopia. Damn, now I’m probably on some watch list again. I guess I should drink Pepsi.

    1. Might I recommend a double stack .45 semi-auto. A .38 is sooo eighties. Now the bullwhip…that’s a timeless accessory and don’t forget the leather bomber jacket and safari hat. 😉

      1. You don’t shoot rodents with a 45. Likewise a guy in skinny jeans .
        9mm. Cheap ammunition

        1. That’s what the bullwhip is for…oh, yeah…and for the rodents too. No need to waste ammo.

      2. I have given this question a lot of thought, for quite a while, and haven’t been able to resolve it. Which hand do you carry the bull whip in and which hand do you use to hold the gun? Lets assume right handed (90% of human beings).

  28. Well, these kinds of people are everything I never want to be and completely dispise. Not because I’m racist, I think black men are just as fucked as other men in this sjw feminist shit. I hate these people because they’re weak and conformist scum. Yeah, blue hair, piercings tattoos…makes you, um, unique? Ha, you’re a carbon copy of that other “unique” freak. Fucking conformist. Above all its the supremacy on display. These weak and unremarkable people think they’re better than others, which is the root of the very thing they say they are most against. Especially jenner, this fucking creature adds NO value, in fact, she, like pepsi, keeps minds dull, bodies stagnant, leading to many health problems.
    Optimism. Yes, optimism. It’s apropos that pepsi made this shit advert. Just like this ideology soda is old. I mean who drinks this shit? Soda is fucking bad for you and everyone knows it. The real “progressed” people don’t drink soda. It’s high fructose corn syrup artificial and, hey, has ground up dead human babies in it. The trend is not on pepsi’s side. And it’s not a superfluous trend, like tattoos, this trend is out of medical necessity. Drink soda and you will get sick.
    Soda is going down just like cultural marxism.

  29. I wouldn’t mind leaving a big ol red hand print on Kylie’s ass….on second thought judging from the rest of her family, no thanks.

    1. Too bad. They are still decently hot and young, unlike their Kardashian siblings.

        1. A while back, one heard of a rumor that there are underage porn material involving both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Apparently both had sex with the same man. The family did threaten to get the FBI involved if the material ever got released.
          Having said that, you would think the older Kardashians would learn their lesson and take care of their Jenner siblings. But no.

  30. What a bunch of complete dunces. I thought the screen grabs coupled with the captions was ace, I would definitely be into another takedown of liberal propaganda done in this fashion

  31. Fuck Pepsi, Fuck Coke, and fuck any other company that poisons our children with chemical laced corn syrup.

    1. yea this is where im at. they are worse than tobacco companies because people will still willingly give this filth to their children. Call it what it is, poison! plain and simple.

  32. After watching it, this commercial triggered my feelings…..of boredom.

  33. Despite the fact that the commercial was a bust, SJW Jenner should have made enough off of that gig to by herself another Lamborghini.
    Just another poor oppressed female.

  34. It’s annoying overall because liberalism is a cancer.
    Who protests something that is supposedly advancing your cause?
    Liberalism is so dumb….

  35. You know what would have made this commercial really cool? Instead of Kendall Jenner, they should have had Hillary Clinton skipping through the crowd, fat ass jiggling, she would give the cop a pepsi, and then he’d blow her away.

  36. Great Article, Love the Breakdown.
    This commercial ended up being a skit for how incredibly ridiculous SJW’s and the snow flakes are.

  37. To the author of this article.
    I don’t know who you are or what you want. But I will find you. This article made me laugh so hard I spilled coffee all over the documents I was reviewing.
    Been some pretty damn good articles here over the years. But this one…Well done, sir.

  38. CMPML, Department of Warfare.
    The Sun-Emperor and the Goddess have decreed that the Seal of the Solar Emperor should be composed using a girl toy stamp set. We felt this was appropriate under the circumstances.
    Remember that the Leader of Evil Jews : Choronzon is even more eviler than Skeletor.
    Trust the Fuhrer.
    End of Document.

  39. De la bombe de balle… Just like everyday on ROK! ROK rocks! Long live to ROK! Cheers from Alsace!

      1. keep it up JB… i m spreading the word in proud Alsace anyway and even further. Ton travail est essentiel. People here in France read ROK too and get “red-pilled”… enfin, nom de Dieu!!

  40. Looks like these big corporations aren’t on the Right, they’re on the progressive left. But somehow, “the conservatives are the source of corruption as they’re just rich evil white men drunk with power.”
    Well, if they are, then it’s just the cucks. This is largely proof of it..

    1. The left clamors to positions of power. It is in their nature to control others. If not in the government, then in large corporations.

      1. Yet they claim corporate fascism is their enemy. We ALWAYS knew who the real nazis and fascists were

      1. By doing technical analysis instead of drawing a circle and claiming effects. And I am not a fan of technical analysis, but drawing conclusions as you did, from a damn circle onwards is ridiculous.

        1. Red spot is when they pull their pants down. Value of the share immediately decreases. No coincidence, you just need eyes to see. Share your own analysis with us

  41. The ad shows how far from reality SJWs can get. The people who made it are mostly NYC jews which explains a lot. At least one has an ivy league degree which is consistent with the message. I think the ad will wake a few people up and bring a few over to the side of sanity.
    Watching it reminded me of the white girl who joined the BLM protests in Baltimore and had her jaw broken for being white, and of the white girl who joined a BLM protest in St. Louis and was raped and beaten. This is the likely outcome if Jenner were to actually go to some of these events.

  42. haven’t seen the add but as a blond man i feel offended they used my hair colour as some sort of symbol of oppression. cunts. Continue poisoning the world with sugar water. Where were all the fat bicthes who drink that garbage?

  43. “The liquid sugar merchant’s…”
    You mean the liquid GMO laden HFCS merchant. Actual sugar would be an improvement.

  44. Guess what, i was sitting a way nearby a coffee shop and heard white foreigners talking about IQ disrepancies between different races ( I believe that they could be australians) and about tyranny and Islamism in generally calm tone. Could they be possibly be one of the ROK readers and commenters here? And btw, havent i heard about this before in the comment sections where IQ is Race based?

    1. That is from phrenology. A pseudo science. I will argue for socio/cultural implications of race/intelligence correlations. But no actual science to back genetics based reasons.

  45. How dare sjws think this is bad. POS’s are complaining. They need to stand by this as it sinks. The DO Not get to move the goal post. I fkn hate when regressive leftists bash something from their own, this is your garbage. Like they took a shit on the street but blames a dog. Inbred mongoloids

  46. This makes me so happy… When will these treasonous fucks learn that mindless pandering to leftist radicalism isn’t going to increase their sales? I’m almost under the impression that they don’t even care. The only possible reason to push these absurd ideals is to create instability, which will further sabotage their bottom line. What are they gaining from this?

  47. “Would Bang But Would Not Give My Seed”. Lol a rating I would use for her as well as 99.5% of attractive women I meet in real life.
    What an idiotic clusterfuck of a commercial.

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