We Are Re-Opening The ROK Shirt Store

After getting shut down by Shopify back in November, we have built a new store at Red Kings Shop using our own platform. We’re going to do a soft launch on our email list first and then open to everyone in about a month. This is the first shirt we’ll be offering for sale:

Hired model with amazing mullah beard

If you want to be among the first in line to get your shirt, visit Red Kings Shop and enter your first name and email address on the main screen pop-up (the form will be removed in 48-72 hours). The beta launch will take place next week.

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35 thoughts on “We Are Re-Opening The ROK Shirt Store”

    1. Lives by his own rules. In a video a few weeks ago he Agreed and Amplified us on the beard, heh.

      1. I’m not saying I don’t dig it. I neither do nor do not — it simply IS, and there’s a lot to be said for that.

        1. Nah man, to each his own. I think that may be the Tao of Beardedness that you don’t get, maybe. Lots of guys just wear them because fuck you, that’s why.

        2. I had one from 19 through 44.
          Did absolutely nothing for me.
          Just a p.i.t.a. to trim, nothing more.

    1. Who cares !? Those “cheap morons & retards” (CNN, MSM, NBC etc.); good for nothing pussies !!

  1. Great to hear the store is coming back! I am continuing to enjoy the shirt I managed to order before the original store was shut down.

  2. Have some T-shirts with knights and Vikings on it. You can even add one for ancient one Persian and Hindu warriors for “diversity”.
    Martial stuff is not so bad.
    Subtly funny anti-feminist shirts or Agree and Amplify shirts are good as well.

  3. This t-shirt should be wore by men who intend to identify each other through meetups so you can easily know who is “member” and who isn’t.

  4. The male version of the Thousand Cock Stare. LOL. Seriously. If the guy truly has his shit together there wouldn’t need to brand this out to everyone with some tshirt. This is beyond pathetic.

  5. Roosh, gotta get that “beta” crap changed. Do you even know your audience?;) BTW, this could be the “shiv” shibboleth as we carry on our daily approaches. Be cool to create a “Where’s ROK” geocache. Reported “sightings” around the world.

  6. How much are you paying to have people advertise for you?
    And you’re looking like some terrorist from Yemen in that beard. Is this your new plan to pick up girls? Terrorist game? haha

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