The Fault Lines In Progressive Paradise

Dark forces have been working for decades to put together an unholy alliance opposed to Western civilization. They may seem at times like a monolithic menace, but it’s really a hive-mind with the wealthy, powerful, and influential forming a center of gravity. For example, the Open Society Foundation has countless front groups worldwide, as well as others it funds to do their bidding.  Many also get lavish funding from like-minded “philanthropic” funds.  Still, that doesn’t mean that everyone down to each activist on campus (or in Mom’s basement) is taking orders directly from Doctor Evil himself.

All the little servile bugs crawling around in The Hive actually have their own agendas, and generally act in a coalition of convenience. But—hard as it may be to believe—occasionally the drones will dare to start thinking for themselves. That’s quite perilous for them individually, as they could get swarmed and stung by their comrades.

Sometimes today’s horde eats its children. It’s not surprising that an ideology specifically designed to create disunity has managed to do so within its own ranks. It’s always been that way—even before cultural Marxism existed—from the French Revolution onward.

Leftists versus each other

Oh, did that icepick hurt, Comrade Trotsky?

Despite general agreement by the Granola Coalition on several major items, it’s the differences that can turn into real sticking points. Communists have no use for liberals, and many liberals consider Communists to be kooky fanatics barking up the wrong tree (and for good reason). The further left you get, the more quarrelsome things become.

Communism has several schools of thought; the major ones include the garden-variety Marxist-Leninists, the Maoists, and the Trotskyists (nobody can stand them). Cultural Marxism is the “Communism Lite” strain, with an iron grip on the educational system, the media, Hollywood and big corporations, and many other institutions that they infiltrated. The Marxist-Leninists consider “deviationism” from Communist orthodoxy a pretty serious matter; people have been shot for that.

During the surreal chaos of the Spanish Civil War, the leftist coalition apparently had much trouble keeping their rifles all pointed in the same direction, fighting each other almost as much as they were fighting their opponents. The pro-USSR faction was the most aggressive with the “my way or the highway” approach. Rival Communist groups (such as POUM) got thrown under the bus. There was little mercy for the anarchists and moderate Socialists, just as happened in the Russian Revolution.

In China, Mao Zedong cleverly manipulated a minor ideological quibble to stir up the Jacobin-like fury of the Cultural Revolution. That brought him back to power after he got sidelined for killing tens of millions with his half-baked Great Leap Forward scheme. On a broader scale, while the USA was pursuing a containment strategy against Communism, the Communists themselves were busy containing each other in Asia. Elsewhere in the developing world, many countries had two rival terrorist movements representing both the Maoist and Marxist-Leninist flavors.

Today, leftists aren’t shooting each other over these matters; instead, various factions of keyboard Red Guards bitch at each other online. (In a way, I miss the old days. If they’d have a Thunderdome-style reality show with Antifags versus critical theory professors, I’d gladly pirate the episodes.) These days, the feminist flavor of cultural Marxism is the goofiest.

Feminists versus women who don’t agree with them

Someone’s triggered.

Feminists are all about female empowerment, right? So in the 2008 Presidential election, when Sarah Palin had a shot at being the first female Vice President of the USA, were the feminists pleased? Au contraire, mon frère. They were caterwauling and saying filthy things about her. Ann Coulter also receives much immoderate screeching from feminists, as well as liberals for whom feminism is part of the package deal. She’s also far better-looking than any big-name feminist out there, which surely contributes to their hate-on more than any ideological disagreement.

Sure, Coulter and Palin are outspoken conservatives and you’d expect this from leftists. Even so, liberal women who step away from the Party Line can get thrown under the bus. For example, Camille Paglia is one of those exceedingly rare feminists who makes sense most of the time. For this reason, the Sisterhood treats her as a heretic. As she put it:

Feminism is dead. The movement is absolutely dead. The women’s movement tried to suppress dissident voices for way too long. There’s no room for dissent. It’s just like Mean Girls. If they had listened to me they could have gotten the ship steered in the right direction. My wing of feminism—the pro-sex wing—was silenced. I was practically lynched for endorsing The Rolling Stones. Susan Faludi is still saying I’m not a feminist. Who made her pope? Feminist ideology is like a new religion for a lot of neurotic women. You can’t talk to them about anything.

Well spoken! Feminist solidarity for all women goes right out the window for anyone disagreeing with them. Even weirder, some soi-disant women’s advocates don’t even understand what a woman is.

Trannies and their enablers versus radical feminists

A member of the latest designated victim group, who became Vanity Fair’s “cover girl” and Glamour’s “Woman of the Year”.

Typically, feminists have severe problems coming to terms with basic biology. Some can’t comprehend that humans are sexually dimorphic (like all advanced species); others do get it but believe this is unjust somehow. Strangely, there are even those who take the side of delusional men who think they’re women.

Feminists smart enough to know what a woman is are called “trans-exclusionary radical feminists” (TERFs) by those who are clueless about basic biology, or who believe reality conforms to our wishes. Note also that actual lesbians don’t bang men who think they’re women—I wonder why? Back in 1979, Janice G. Raymond wrote:

All transsexuals rape women’s bodies by reducing the real female form to an artifact, appropriating this body for themselves.

So here we have an early example of the “everything we don’t like is some kind of rape” trope. (Must they keep trivializing this loathsome felony?) To be more accurate about it, trannies are neurotic men mutilating their own bodies; trying to become something they’re not.

Gloria Steinem objected to transsexuality back in the days when she was a little more sensible and personable. In 2013, when questioned about it, she flip-flopped. Had she reasserted her former views, she would have received torrents of criticism from those who once regarded her as a heroine. Whenever the collective hive-mind decides something, anyone who dissents is in danger of attack. The “TERF wars” get pretty heated indeed. As Sheila Jeffreys noted:

Whatever the topic of my presentation, and whether in Australia, the UK or the US, transgender activists bombard the organising group and the venue with emails accusing me of transhate, transphobia, hate speech, and seek to have me banned. On blogs, Facebook and Twitter they accuse me of wanting to “eliminate” transgendered persons, and they wish me dead.

Sounds like some Social Justice Warriors got triggered there. We understand, Sheila. SJWs get pretty kooky indeed. As we shall see, they’ve ventured into some strange new territories.

Palestinians versus Israelis

Oy veh, what a day!

Israel has treated the Palestinians pretty badly; many leftists have noticed, considering them an oppressed group. As indelicate as it might be to mention, a disproportionate number of leading leftist figures—past and present—are Jewish. Occasionally this makes for a pretty sour note.

Surprisingly, there is a small overlap between pro-Palestinian activists and left-leaning Jews, with interesting results. Sometimes it’s principled, but not always. For example, Gilad Atzmon described how entryism led to parts of the Palestinian movement becoming a watered-down controlled opposition, a proxy in a conflict between differing Israeli interests. Further:

In the last six decades the working people have been plundered repeatedly. The people who used to be called the working class are now the workless class, and many of them are underclass by now. But why?

Unlike the (imaginary) “old good labor-oriented Left” that promised to unite us all against capital and the Empire, the neo-Marxists and the Frankfurt Yeshiva enthusiasts invested a huge effort breaking the cohesiveness of the working people and Western society in general.

I don’t have a dog in the Palestinian-Israeli fight, but it’s refreshing to hear some straight talk for once. He goes further describing the effects of the Palestinian movement being shoehorned into the “social justice” tar-ball, and concludes:

While the liberal Zionist George Soros’s Open Society funded a BDS LGBT tour in America, young Hamas engineers were digging tunnels and building rockets in Gaza. I am convinced that Palestinian Muslim leaders in Gaza grasped at a certain stage that the struggle for Palestinian queer politics may not be the definitive path toward Palestinian liberation.

Is that a recipe for unity and solidarity? Those who are genuinely concerned about the Palestinian situation are right to be annoyed that their movement has been co-opted. It goes both ways too; Jewisn NGOs can get infiltrated by pro-Palestinian elements. Still, this has spilled far beyond the Levantine misunderstanding. As the legend goes, the golem turns against its creator.

Muslims and their enablers versus Jews

Res ipse loquitur.

Privilege rhetoric is the great yardstick of “social justice” arguments; whichever group is deemed most privileged is considered wrong, regardless of actual facts. Some leftists have drawn conclusions about Jewish wealth and influence in politics, and past persecutions only go so far to offset this picture. Privilege rhetoric led to anti-White sentiment (as designed). However, it turned into anti-Semitism too, and has the potential to get much worse. Today, many SJWs are in bed with radical Islam, despite Muslim fundamentalism opposing just about everything that liberalism is supposed to stand for: pacifism, religious tolerance, women’s rights, GLBT interests, and the list goes on.

This “social justice” stuff is a recent development of cultural Marxism. That in turn got started by the Frankfurt School, a Communist revolutionary dream team of professors and psychologists, and almost all of them were Jewish. Well, that’s a little embarrassing! Their actions besmirched their community’s reputation, destabilized the countries where they prospered, and ultimately gave their opponents rhetorical ammunition.

This caused considerable blowback, an error continuing today. Worse, Jewish elites and their supporters have been pushing for  mass immigration into Europe and the USA. Not only do the common citizens suffer, the Jewish community themselves have experienced a great deal of anti-Semitism from Muslim new arrivals.

Really, elites of all backgrounds need to knock it off with their social engineering, or they’re going to go down with the ship. And speaking of population displacement…

Urban turf wars in the USA

Detroit was once a bustling industrial center, considered the city of the future.

The struggle for control over neighborhoods is quite a long one, and is still ongoing. In the 1950s, Blacks began flooding into many new neighborhoods. After that, Whites left, selling their homes at a loss. Many real estate scamsters encouraged this and turned a tidy profit from “block busting”. Government meddling and outright hostility by neocons have made it worse. Sure, the residents could choose to stay, but by the 1960s the ghettos were no longer the safe places they used to be, and the schools weren’t looking too good either. To a degree, ghettos are still “no go zones” for outsiders.

More recently, it goes the other direction too. Developers buy up land in the ghettos, get the property taxes jacked up, and the residents can’t afford to stay. The houses are bulldozed to put up McMansions and condos for trendy haut-bourgeois types and hipsters. Thus, one left-leaning demographic displaces another. Urban gentrification has become a big sore point. Blacks don’t like being displaced by yuppies and urban elves any more than the Whites liked being forced into the suburbs.

Conflicts between minority groups are also on the rise. This featured during the Los Angeles riots, where Korean-owned stores got looted and burnt, I guess for the hell of it. Lately for Los Angeles, Hispanics are ethnically cleansing Blacks out of neighborhoods they’d been in for quite some time. Competition for jobs is also an issue. With a rising Hispanic population, things could get interesting. People promoting multiculturalism as the neatest thing since sliced bread don’t realize that more cultures inside a country means more conflicts.

In summary

Hint to leftists: this isn’t the best way to win hearts and minds..

So what are we to make of all this leftist illogic and inconsistency? Saul Alinsky, the granddaddy of the community agitators, advised to “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.” Well, that one is a two-way street! Another Alinsky tactic was “Wherever possible go outside of the experience of the enemy.” Given how intellectually bankrupt they are, framing the debate in terms of logic and consistency will yield interesting results.

Finally, disputes on the left aren’t just fine entertainment; these are opportunities.

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171 thoughts on “The Fault Lines In Progressive Paradise”

  1. So when is this shit show going to be over? I think the world needs to get back to work instead of massaging everyones feels all the time. How much wasted time has humanity had to endure because of the globalist-schlomoists schemes? 100 years? 200 maybe? Alot more I’m willing to bet.

    1. Why do you think I didn’t vote in November. Too busy trying to make a living. Plus, in all honesty I liked neither candidate. Hillary is a lying feminist piece of shit. And Trump? A flip flopping big mouth who got pawned by his own party over Trumpcare. And did I mention he let his daughter marry a Jew? And I suspect both are in the pockets of the elite.
      So yeah, If the rest of you want to play this game go ahead. I’m good.

      1. Yes it sucks everything is hijacked in the big world. Fake news, fake politicians, fake movies, fake charities, fake money, fake diseases with fake cures, fake wars for fake prizes. The only thing real is day-to-day grit, family, struggles, and living until the day you die, however that may be.

        1. Ernest Hemingway knew well that the essence of life was in the struggle, and he frequently waxed poetic on the subject. The final sentence in your post echoes that timeless truth.

        2. Family > Clan > Tribe > Race > Religion > Country
          I would favor a Syrian Christian over a muslim “American”.

        3. Ummm…
          So you would favor a black muslim “hungarian citizen” over an Austrian Christian?
          Or am I reading this wrong?

        4. I do have to admit though, as far as family is concerned. I would favor
          is pretty much a decrepit mental vegetable, and yet still refuses to do
          the decent thing and DIE ALREADY!!!

        5. BTW, I do like what you have done here.
          Reminds me of the “man, wolf, goat, cabbage” exercise.

        6. No, never! Hungary belongs to the Hungarians! To the ethnic Hungarians!
          Even if a black muslim somehow became a Hungarian citizen, he is not an ethnic Hungarian and Hungary would not belong to him!
          He would just live here, as a citizen. But he would not somehow magically become one of us.
          No, I would always favor an Austrian Christian over a black muslim, citizen or no citizen.

        7. Well, I am not convinced.
          I mean, Race is most important in places like America, or Australia, or similar coutries.
          But in Europe, Nation comes first.
          And Nations can co-operate on the basis of being of the similar Race, the White Race.

        8. Bravo! Watch the videos of this channel. They are very interesting:

          And remember Christ: “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John, 16:33)

        9. Well obviously yes, but white supremacy has to come before a nation.
          A race who doesnt believe their race is a superior race, has no nation to be proud of … hence no reason to procreate …
          Logistics dictate the rules of a battlefield …
          If white folk are to win, surety & pride in the superiority of their race is a driving force most europeans can easily unify in.
          The lie’s of men from monkeys, & the cucked concept of sin has demoralised men.
          It is time men realise they are superior to all things, even the cucked gods. & act as superior beings …

        10. Hungary is a 1000 years old white, European, Christian country.
          Right now, Hungary is fighting on the frontline to stop the mass-immigration of colored 3rd world Islamist invaders into Europe, as the Eastern Shield of Western Civilization. While we are continuously stabbed in the back by the Jews and their EU and American puppets.
          Just like our Hungarian, White, Christian ancestors did against the Islamist invasion during the Middle Ages. While they were continuously stabbed in the back by the Jews and their Western European puppets. Same old, same old.
          Any more stupid questions?

        11. Hungary is a state of the Hungarian people, who are indeed part of the White Race, if that’s what you mean.

        12. Great, so you agree hungary cannot be hungarian without a white race.
          Now, how much more driven & motivated would hungarians be, if they understood how superior & advanced they are as a white race, to the inferior muslims invading their country?

        13. I get what you mean.
          But I would describe the situation as widening circles of identity.
          Outside of my family, the smallest circle of people I identify with, have common interest with, and think of them as us against the world, is my nation, the people of my nation.
          A larger circle can be, that I and my nation can work together based on the common denominator of our Race, and common Racial interests, with people of other White nations, against the rest of the world. But it is the second circle of identity, not the first.

        14. I don’t really care to write it but essentially the only reason for any of our troubles is others exercising their own will to power. It seems self evident that as an ideal or principal focus of ones life this only brings increasingly large scale destruction of communities and civilizations. Wether or not that is a matter of concern is an individual matter.

    2. I’m going to place the same wager as you, Raptus.
      Cicero shared his insight on the subject, thousands of years ago:
      “Six mistakes mankind keeps making century after century:
      Believing that personal gain is made by crushing others;
      Worrying about things that cannot be changed or corrected;
      Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it;
      Refusing to set aside trivial preferences;
      Neglecting development and refinement of the mind;
      Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do.”
      ― Marcus Tullius Cicero, (3 January 106 BC – 7 December 43 BC).

      1. Youre big on posting other people’s words- why not start a refrigerator magnet company and profit from it??

        1. We can all get madd travel points on our credit cards from purchasing these magnets and love the lyfe!

    3. “So when is this…going to be over?” This is one facet of the war between good and evil. It has been here on earth since Eve ate the forbidden fruit and will be here until final judgment.

      1. ” Eve ate the forbidden fruit and will be here until final judgment”
        I’m kinda hoping for that final judgement right about now; though I’d probably burn in hell…

        1. “I’m kinda hoping for that final judgement right about now; though I’d probably burn in hell…”
          If that’s the case, better drink up Jim.

        2. Well I hear ya. I definitely conduct myself in a much better manner today, but today I shudder at what an asshole I was for decades past. I just hope the almighty takes me in when I cease to live.

        3. “I shudder at what an asshole I was for decades past.”
          I hear ya!
          So do I.
          But neither of us can change the past. We can change who we are and how we conduct ourselves. And we can seek to know God as best we can.

        4. Same here but remember Christ’s parable about the workers in the vineyard one who came in the morning another at noon and another late and they all received the same wage. Same with us, no matter if we were born into the church or we find it late in life, as long as we sincerely follow at the end of the day, we will receive that wage.

        5. Yes – the one drawback about the forgiveness of Christ, is that it can easily apply to anyone – including an ISIS wacko having gone on a killing spree if he accepts Christ before he dies – it’s like the ultimate get into heaven free card.

        6. I’m at the point where I say often “If I knew then what I know now” and that’s what will be my argument in the hereafter.

    1. The bad news about this is that Kushner’s advice is practical for Trump. (As neocon guidance tends to be, initially). And Kushner is not the only element of opposition to the nationalist cause in Trump’s administration, as well.
      Bannon has been painted as a white supremacist and a Nazi. He and a small group are the ones fighting every day for sovereignty and virtue. Kushner wants him gone and he needs whatever support we can give him:

    2. Same thing happened in the election campaign, breitbart campaign manager got kicked out, in came the leftist jew chick …
      The problem is a single right winger surrounded by leftist cucks, isnt going to last very long, even led by Trump …
      Case in point Bannon.
      Perhaps when Trumps whittled down the swamp, Bannon might come back & bring more hoards of right wingers to balance the odds.

        1. It’s the Cover Art on the only album by Derek and the Dominos: Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs; a reproduction of a painting by Emile Théodore Frandsen de Schomberg, titled “La Fille au Bouquet”.
          Duane Allman made that delightful little-birdie sound, at the end of the title song, on his slide guitar…(RIP Duane, 11/20/1946-10/29/1971).

        2. My favorite scene in Goodfellas is when the bodies start popping up from the Lufthansa Heist; The background music was the outro to Layla. Great tune.

        3. The superdeluxe box set version has got some sick jams with Clapton and Allman.. and a way better version of “It’s Too Late”

      1. Get Real. No one is going to save you. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin aren’t the messiah. These are all escapes into fantasy for people who are powerless to solve their own problems.

        1. Theyre stepping stones to white nationalist messiahs, kicking out the illegal jewish invasions of white countries
          White folk will create their own messiahs, jewish messiahs can go burn in hell …
          It is inevitable …

        2. You cant dispute a fact using religious arguements.
          It is a fact christianity was created by a messianic jewish sect & codified by Roman dictat.
          A religious arguement cannot override cold hard facts. Jesus was a jew, FACT.

        3. Given you don’t even know the difference between your and you’re, I guess it is too much to expect you to read the link before commenting (which is answered in the link). Hint, he was from Galilee not Judea.

        4. You do realise that being sadronic and writing “lol” and “lmao” just shows that you have no argument; it is a female form of arguing. If you can’t be bothered to read a piece which would take under 5 minutes to read, then enjoy being uninformed whilst deluding yourself that you’re correct. This forum is meant to be for learning, not conceit.

        5. My argument is that Jesus wasn’t Judean, he was from Galilee, and was termed “the King of the Judeans” by Herod, in the same way the King/Queens of Britain were the king/ queen of India during the Raj, i.e just because you’re the King of a people doesn’t make you one of them (and he wasn’t even a literal King, it was just an insult Herod used). It is all referenced in that article from Biblical verses, but I guess being an arrogant prick is your natural level, and readng a page of info is too much for you.
          Well done for letting everyone know you are willfully ignorant and that you need to be spoon fed data like a child. You can say fuck off all you like, I’m going nowhere keyboard warrior.

        6. “Christ demonstrated a very real antipathy towards the people called Jews, in Bibles published after about 1776, but who would be more accurately described as Judeans, or residents of the Edomite-dominated territory of Judea. Jesus said to the Jews “You do not believe because you are not of My sheep” (John 10:24-27). “I was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Matthew 15:24). In fact, Christ referred to “those Jews (or residents of Judea regardless of religion, race or color) who believed on him,” as “of their father the devil” for although they were children of Abraham, they were not children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and heirs of the blessing of Abraham, nor did they have the faith of Abraham, and were in all probability descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Esau (John 8: 31,44). In contrast, Jesus instructed His disciples – who were from Galilee of the Gentiles, not Judea (Acts 1:11; 2:7) – to pray to And in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus speaks of “those who say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan”. “

  2. That image of Detroit is accurate. That is what the future is going to be like when our overlords replace the kindly white folk whom built the west.

    1. “That image of Detroit is accurate. That is what the future is going to be like when our overlords replace the kindly white folk whom built the west.”
      Depressing but so true.
      Back in the 1970’s my dad and I took a tour of the Ford factory in Detroit – they started us from the very begining of the assembly line where they assembled the framework, all the way to the rnd finished vehicles. It was incredible.
      At times seeing the slow rigor mortis of a dying country seems worse than having it all go in one full swop of a nuke wiping everything out in an instant.
      I’ll sound like a broken record repeating a chorus : I’m glad I never had kids.

      1. “…I’m glad I never had kids.”
        SO true for me also! My favorite utterance nowadays is, “Getting married and fathering children is the biggest mistake of my life that I NEVER made!”

    2. I read a couple of years ago about a woman being attacked at a bus stop in Detroit by a pack of wild dogs. The city is a hole. Worse than Philadelhia or south Chicago / Gary, IN.

    3. I grew up in the Detroit area. The Muslim population was on the rise back then. When I was in middle school, they let us know how they felt about us and they weren’t shy about it. They hate white people and they hate Americans. In middle school, they often became physically violent with me for no reason. I learned how to fight. After middle school my dad relocated for work. We moved to a much whiter part of town and there was no problem.
      The following video is about Dearborn Michigan (near Detroit).

        1. Ya know, I started to read an article on WSJ yesterday(90% behind a paywall), stated foreign $$ were starting to buy up municipal bond debt; not for the major cities, but for smaller cities and towns…makes you wonder who really owns Dearborn at this point

        2. Yep, but I was referring specifically to the ME. US interference has caused much hatred against Americans in Muslim areas.

        3. True, carpet bombing countries for over 30 years, on the verge of throwing off Islam & becoming a secular state like Iraq, is illogical for any country.
          The middle east would have been a rising prosperous 1st world continent, if the u.s didnt bomb it into the stone age …
          Then again the middle east is jew red pilled, & would never allow jewish exploitation of their economy …
          This proves jews are backed by elites because of their babylonian religion ….
          Circumcised penis privilege …

        4. When nations begin to rise, the US and her allies step on them before they can become threats. Libya had the highest standards of living in the area but due to the United African Nations group Gadhaffi (sp?) was making (as well as the gold for oil deals) he was stepped on too. The modern ME-European conflict goes before the US; the British supplied support in order to install the house of Saud to rule over Arabia via Wahhabism. Believe it or not, the Muslims did rule over the world, then the Europeans, then the US. My guess is that the Chinese’ll have their turn next.

        5. I dont think it’ll be the chinese, as they have no sense of asian racial unity with other asian countries.
          I’m pretty sure it’ll be a european entity like the u.n, or even a united trading block like the pan union.

        6. Words of wisdom from someone who knows.
          I don’t hate them, but lately, my opinion of Jews is undergoing a review.

        7. Interesting take. I see China and Russia rising, and England being completely obliterated. Russia would betray China at some point in the future, but would avoid Chinese retaliation, as they would expect and prepare for it.

        8. I think you’re underestimating how corrupt china & russia are, preventing them from becoming a world power. Plus the majority of their country is still a 3rd world status.
          Which is why I stated a pan union trading block as the most logical step, as a trading block sidesteps the inefficiencies individually, now that the U.N is out of the picture.
          Theres also a high probability of the U.N, uniting with Russia & germany & taking out the u.s., in order to ensure israeli take over of the middle east.
          As Russia is still a cryptojew state, 70% orthodox christianity = infested with cryptojews, just like the saudi state & its catholic controlled mosques.

        9. Ford is the case-in-point for why the jew/muslim “zero sum game” is an ironic disaster.

        10. Thanks to Socialism and unrestricted immigration, England (like Sweden, Norway, Germany, and France) seems to be self- obliterating.

      1. Sharia is good. Cut off thieves hands and save tax dollars. Cover women to reduce harlotry. Stone married cheaters to death. EDIT: married, not nonmarried

        1. You forgot one important thing ! MAN can divorce his promiscuous wife by just saying the word “Thalakh” 3 times !

        2. Yeah right. Including getting to fuck all the underage boys and girls you want. If you think Shitria is sooooo great, why not move to the middle east? Planes leaving from the airport all the time. Can I give you money for a cab?

        3. -That’s like saying one should move into the US because of the Constitution. Its undermined. It isn’t the real thing. Citations to support your arguments, please.
          -‘Underage’ is a matter of the area’s laws, which is irrelevant. Biological, scientific laws trump manmade laws. There are many horny 9 year olds, and it would be oppressive to make them wait another decade. If they want to get a guy, they have the right to do so via marriage.
          -Islam does not allow homosexuality. Gays undermine entire gender privacy areas, so its entirely understandable why they are punished so harshly.

        4. Actually didn’t wanted to reply (it’s almost like throwing stone on ….) but still got to make it clear that “your” kind of people suffer with a syndrome called JE&IIC: Jealousy, Enviousness and Inherent Inferiority Complex !!
          What makes you to think that H1B’s are Dumb !? Why you are cheating/satisfying your ego & false pride by saying that “H1B’s work for less” ! Just like the pussies cry out on “wage-gap” !?
          Majority of H1B’s are paid HIGH/MORE Salaries, due to their Experience, Expertise, Capability and Hard working (often, very less number of them are cunning/backstabbing/escaping/double-gamers; when compared to “others”).
          H1B’s pay high (I would say “ridiculous”) amounts of Tax and money in many other forms/ways. They would NEVER get Social Security Benefits or EBT Cards or Welfare Checks or Freebies. Then what is the problem of “your” kind of retards !?
          Why don’t “your” kind of morons talk/make a point/argue/demand the Corporations & Government that employ the so called “dumb” H1B’s !!
          Guess “your” kind of frozen mind people only like Illegal Immigrants, Border crossing people (especially the pussies with 2 or more children and already being pregnant !!) and Refugees; ALL of those who “Officially” leech out Tax Payers Money, Follow & Promote the ghetto style, Deal with Drugs etc. etc. !
          By the way; Dumb h1bs; are you referring to Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Ajay Bhatt or many more like them !? Then it’s time for “your” kind of people to get over the JE&IIC syndrome !

        5. Satya NAdella, Sundar Pichai came from IIT. They had exceptional skills. The type of Indian fobs like you are coming from crap universities, dress like pajama fobs with your shit sandals, and you guys are all rapists and fucking stink. Not to mention the poor genetic makeup that you all embody. You all fantasize about Western women, and cry when you get rejected by them. Deep down, you’re all rapists because your parents couldn’t teach you the good ways. The vast majority of you get taken advantage of and all of you will never be like Satya Nadella so stop using that poor ass excuse of an argument. Go back to your shit of a country and stay out of ours.

  3. Unfortunately the fault lines on the right are just as bad.
    – RINOs not wanting to repeal obammy-care in its entirety.
    – Neocon warmongers
    – So called “conservatives” who continue to kiss MIchael King’s dead ass.
    Every man for himself. Rely on yourself and no one else.

    1. It wouldn’t necessarily be as bad, if these neoconservatives actually gave a shit about anything western or traditional. But they don’t. I wouldn’t think of Ben Shapiro as a hypocritical, crypto-neocon, cowardly little fucking twerp if he was in the military, for instance.
      If he was actually going to be there when the shit show started in all of these banker wars he shills for, he wouldn’t be a coward. He would still be a shill with dual loyalty, but not a coward. He is young enough to fight in these wars.
      I do think every man for himself is a bad strategy, though. We need each other. If we are scattered we are defeated.

      1. Not so sure about the military.
        Look at McCain. Or Kerry.
        “Putting your money where your mouth is” doesn’t hold much weight with me. To me, “Baby Ben” would be a “chickenhawk” even if he were a CMH winner.
        Just my opinion here. I care about individual liberty above all else. Leave me alone to make and KEEP my money. I will defend myself — allow me to do that. As long as I have these things I am perfectly fine with any laws and government entities.

        1. I wasn’t arguing the point that the military would “fix” Shapiro. Just that, I have a hard time respecting pro-war shills, especially if they would never take the personal risk.
          Mattis is more respectable to me than your average war porn pundit in US media, even if their conclusions are sometimes similar.
          And your position is entirely understandable. I once shared a very similar position. But after careful study and deliberation, I determined that legally, legislatively, nationally and geopolitically, we suffer from these notions of individuality as a political compass.
          We will continue to reflect a 3rd world police state, in our major cities especially, as long as our social and demographic problems persist. It is a broad problem, and excusing ourselves from the fight on the grounds of our civil-libertarian principles will only make these problems worse, in my opinion.

        2. You make an intelligent argument here, but I am not sure if I agree.
          “We will continue to reflect a 3rd world police state, in our major
          cities especially, as long as our social and demographic problems
          Depends on which demographic and social problems about which you are speaking.
          Once again, IMO, the US was a fine enough country when 85-90% of the population was of European origin. We changed in the 60s and the 1965 Immigration act played a huge part in that change. Are you saying you believe we should strive to return to the pre-1965 percentages? If so, I agree 100%.

        3. “Are you saying you believe we should strive to return to the pre-1965 percentages?”
          Well, that wasn’t necessarily my point. I think such a thing is quite out of reach for our generation, without some major social changes.
          My point is much more dire and practical, in that, this unchecked pluralism and forced multiculturalism must end now. This insane immigration policy must end now. This welfare state, factory farming of entire voting blocks must end now.
          These people who believe in these cultural Marxist principles will dictate our future and the future of the generations to come purely through these demographic shifts if we fail to fight that agenda now.
          And we cannot fight a unified cultural Marxist front in academia, entertainment, finance, the judicial system, the legislative systems, the monetary systems, the food industries, etc… if we are scattered, and focused solely on individual rights.
          We have room to press our rights right now. We still have room to not be short-sighted. We can still control our destiny, but not if we are scattered and caught up in the social trap of individualism.
          Individualism is one of our western “fault lines”, so to speak. That’s no to say that I have no individualist and libertarian principles. But these concepts will fade into a forgotten dream if we fail against this agenda right now.
          That is our demographic problem.

        4. OK then. I am with you.
          It’s just that…as you most likely already know…there are not that many of us. So few in fact that “every man for himself” is the only logical choice. How many guys do you know that OPENLY agree with what you have stated here? Or are you like me, and do most males you know and are in your age range focus on their beta lives (plain jane [at best] wife & kids), sports on TV and “fantasy leagues”?
          BTW, I am an “omega loner”. I am allowed to rag on the betas and their pathetic pursuits…

        5. Most of my friends aren’t even married. Lately, I have reason to hope though. Many of them are making great changes and following positive examples. But most of them aren’t politically interested.
          There are enough of us to make a difference, is my point. Many people do agree with these principles, and have deep sympathies with these rhetorical points. The fact that they can’t stand for themselves socially, publicly, only illustrates the point of how necessary this cause is.
          And don’t let your current state drag you down, bro. Look at men like Hamilton or Andrew Jackson for inspiration, for instance. They were treated like they were nothing by society when they started in life.
          They found their craft, made a difference, and helped shaped the future, and we are better off for it. Don’t be afraid of having personal heroes, or following their examples. Our enemies want us to remain weak, demoralized and hopeless.
          Our success demoralizes them. Look at the last two years, and what’s been done with just a little effort and sacrifice. The West isn’t dead yet.

        6. So are European (White Jews) fake Jews/not the Biblical Jews. I think where the Jews went wrong was the Filthy Talmud.
          Also do they not realise mass non-white immigration will destroy the European and Western/American Jewry/Power overtime.

      2. “It wouldn’t necessarily be as bad, if these neoconservatives actually gave a shit about anything western or traditional. But they don’t.”
        This x 1000000.
        Nationalism and the sense of heritage is being replaced by opportunism across the entire board.

      3. There are scads of warhawks who have advocated war while in the US military.
        Until recently, their ranks included Lindsay Grahamnesty, the #2 warmonger in the Senate.
        I actually respect them less than Shapiro as they know the consequences of what they propose in a way that Shapiro, a pampered “child prodigy” for the past 33 years, does not.

    2. This. The Dem v. Rep charade is patently bullshit and anyone who believes otherwise is a fucking idiot. Ideology and blind party loyalty is for the willfully stupid.

      1. Ill repost this:
        Politics, at that level, is simply a spectator sport. Better off putting
        on your elephant or donkey hat and that dopey #1 foam finger and
        screaming at the tv screen

        1. Voting can indeed change things, but since people don’t organize properly, they let you do it.

        1. Washington warned us to stay out of European affairs. But I agree with you. He could just as well said ME affairs, too.

        2. In this case, Middle Eastern affairs and European affairs are synonymous.
          The absurd borders drawn in the Middle East were the product of European colonialism (i.e. Iraq is an artificial creation of European diplomats). These borders tribal territories and were intended to interfere with tribal cohesiveness and have been a major contributing factor to the unmitigated madness that is now the Middle East.

        3. This is libtard bullshit. Those borders are former Ottoman provinces + Attaturk war of Independence. BTW, at that time, MUCH LESS people was living there, making most of those borders irrelevant.

        4. If you’re seriously attempting to make the argument that we can lump people into multi-ethnic/religious states, like Iraq (or anywhere else for that matter) and things will still work out…I’m not sure what to say other than you’re wrong.

        5. That land was controlled by the Ottomans for more than 400 years. Every single country (existing or historical) in the middle east has always been multiethnic, NEVER homogeneous. Don’t blame Europe for some stupid borders in the desert.

        6. It’s not about “blaming the White man” it’s about intellectual honesty. The boundaries of the former Ottoman Empire were not used as boundaries in most cases. And even those boundaries were arbitrary. The point is that unless our intervention is to convert by force to Christianity, destroy Islam or do business there, we have no business there.

        7. My point was that setting boundaries did not matter. Because independently of the boundaries, those countries would always be multiethnical and problematic.

        8. I stand by my previous post. Furthermore, you’ve moved goal posts. Research the history behind the Sykes–Picot Agreement, then the Balfour Declaration; Then return here and try to convince me that drawing arbitrary borders around tribal people had absolutely no affect on the political landscape.

        9. No White guilt, you just have a tough time smelling your own shit. Keep your cherry picked article to yourself.

        10. Cherry picked? It took me ten seconds to find it, it is one of the sources of the corresponding wiki article. And I can give half a dozen more. You just bought the liberal narrative, after the ISIS leader claimed in 2014 that they were “freeing themselves from such treaty”. Then, the left started pushing again this narrative (The Atlantic did the same thing in 2008). You side with Islam and leftists, congratulations.

        11. Lol? Wiki? Google Research? Really? Are you seriously attempting to conflate acknowledgement of objective history with being a sand nigger or communist sympathizer? Scientists should be studying your brain. I bet next you’re going to tell me the Jews are God’s chosen people. Try reading a fucking book.

    3. Unfortunately the fault lines on the right are just as bad.

      What right?
      Both Conservatives (Right-liberals) and Progressives (Left-liberals) are two sides of the classical liberalism coin.
      That is why conservatives can’t conserve anything.

  4. That picture of Detroit. Never been there, but is that really Detroit now?
    Communists killing each other! Feminists hating each other! Jews helping Muslims immigrate to Europe and America!
    And after betraying Jews to the Gestapo in WWII, Mossad has yet to send a hit squad after George Soros!
    What a world we live in, huh?
    Now, since no one looks to me for answers, I will say this;
    “The war of all-against-all has begun.”
    Face it folks.
    No matter where I stand or you stand, everybody is lying to us. Why? Because they are like pimps who wants us to turn tricks and give them the money. That’s right!
    Bankers and industrialists are the only group that profits from war. Yet, who is sent to fight the wars they start? Why, my fellow citizen, it is you and I.
    Has anyone here cast a vote for anyone who got elected without making false promises on the campaign trail?
    Anytime the government stands ready to make a big decision, is anyone surprised that they make the most senseless decision every time?
    “Well, let’s pass the bill so you can see what’s in it.”
    Gee, thanks Nancy!

      1. Max Stirner, “The Ego and His Own.”
        Enemy to leftists, communists, socialists, and collectivists, the world over, and for all time.

        1. I thought you’d mentioned him previously! My spell check is changing Stirner to Steiner which is neat because Rudolf Steiner also spoke of the war of all against all … though I think he had a somewhat different take on it.

    1. Detroit…hell, you can see that kind of crap in Yonkers too…
      All “inner cities” are garbage.
      I have to ask, what is NOLA like?
      I’ve never visited, though I have wanted to in the past, just to see what it is like. But post Katrina, is it even worse?

      1. Some parts, yeah! I rarely ever go there myself. I live across the lake from there. But NOLA was never as big as Detroit. And Detroit was never devastated by a hurricane, although I have heard the winters up there are very severe to savage.
        I would have to actually live in NOLA to be able to say whether it is better then or now. I have visited and been thru there countless times.
        That’s about as honest and accurate as I can be. I hope that helps.
        But even in New Orleans,
        “The war of all-against-all has begun.”
        Enjoy your Mardi Gras!

    2. There are a few corners of Detroit that look like the photo. They have made efforts to rebuild downtown by putting Tiger stadium and Ford field at the heart of the city along with new condos. The north side of town is actually pretty nice once you are north of Royal Oak and St. Claire Shores. Even further north (Rochester Hills, Macomb, Lake Orion, Clarkston and Washington Twp) are really nice suburbs. I would even recommend them as great places to raise a family (if you like the suburb lifestyle).

      1. I appreciate your insight.
        I have heard of cities looking like warzones in America, but that picture, damn, is a disaster.
        Seriously, if someone showed me that picture and asked me to guess what place it is, I would never have guessed any place in America.
        But I am glad they are making efforts to rebuild Detroit.
        And to think, at one time, Detroit was the heart of American manufacturing.

      2. I have my doubts about this.
        Steven Crowder, a right-leaning YouTuber, posted video evidence that driving a mile in any direction from downtown Detroit left you in what amounts to a more temperate Somalia.

  5. Modern leftism is like one of those famous Pinochet helicopter tours but with the leftists chartering the flight and throwing each other out the side into the heaving ocean below.

  6. Is it really surprising that mass immigration from non-Western venues, entrains importation of old-world bad blood?

  7. Along these lines, if you want to read some hilarious shit check out anything about the “cotton ceiling.” Its the fight between “transsexual male lesbians” who claim they are women and lesbians and that their ‘girl penis’ isn’t the same as a man’s penis, and the “terfs” who don’t want to get ‘raped’ by men who claim they are women. Its lolz all around!

  8. PART 1
    “Make the enemy live up to their own rules”. This actually worked for me in the 80’s, brainwashed me and made me a liberal for over 30 years. When lefties would say Christians were not acting Christian, I saw these people as espousing a more pure form of Christianity. And perhaps a few of them really were.
    PART 2
    I realized like many, perhaps too late but I hope not, that most of these critics of Christianity were just God-haters willing to say anything to undermine Christianity and Western culture. This was around 2009. I was kind of a left wing meditation, new age hippie foodie into organics and gardening (which I saw as a left wing anti-hippie establismment thing. And came to realize that whether it is food or God, left just wants deconstruction of everything. Families (feminisn/gays), religion (atheism/feminism/gays), genome (cloning/GMO food/). Gay couples wil be used to create a demand for Borg like patented lab babies. Men who want real babies will be attacked for making their wives undergo the pain of birth.
    PART 3
    Action. Lately I have been looking at ways to fight back to do my part to create a bottom-up grassroots effort to take back a spiritually whole organic, traditional lifestyle. Comtinued my gardening, even creating a school orchard to teach kids to grow on food. Use as a platform to discourage GMO’s, chemical foods. Liberal approve too, so I am below radar there. Bought land in country to do same with orchard, working to create off grid bug-out. I have also noticed that in the culture, people are fighting back. Alt-right has done a pretty good job at pointing out how LEFTIES DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR OWN RULES. Using Alinski tactics against Alinski. While welcome, I have noticed that this does not work, as their psyches have already been fragmented and deconstructed. They are comfortable with their schizephrenic ADD state.
    Pointing out contradictions to someone who has no aspiration to be whole does not work. Some level of fight/engagement has to go forward, but the real victory will come with a more life-affirming approach. Networking with like-minded people.
    Book studies and prayeer meetings in home. Re-connecting with old friends you remember as conservative. Starting a hunting club or target practice group.
    A large part of my social life was destroyed by arguing with liberals in my extended family. That is sad, but I am very optimistic about the steps I am making to create new groups based on common interests and beliefs rather than DNA.
    I envy people on the same wavelength as their extended families. But I am excited about some of the home church groups and bible study I have found. Especially as it is oriented toward Rudolf Steiner and bio-dynamics. And finding a couple of buddies interested in a shooting range.

    1. Families are all shit, best not to interact on any level with them.
      I’m lucky, none of my family speak English, I can just pretend I don’t understand them.

  9. I notice that the two libertardian clowns that appear to be posting here 24/7 about how “it’s not the jews” are conspicuously absent.
    They must be busy working out, picking up hb9s or hanging out with their billy badass biker buddies, for once.

    1. It’s awesome how you guys are combining not knowing anything about women with not knowing anything about the world. Synergy!

  10. The progressive utopia is only in the progressives de facto segregated neighborhood. The rest of us have to deal with the abuse and problems caused by their agenda. For those elites, diversity is a place they love to visit. Not live in. They claim to care about people. But care nothing for their own. If they honestly cared about people as a whole, they would have enforced the laws on the books. In addition, they would have worked with people to get mental health issues addressed and de stigmatized so as to encourage people to actually get help and not fear penalties for it. There is no honest evaluation of success and failure. Facts are ignored vs feelings.

    1. Soros is just another cog in the machine. His masters and their masters all answer to the real dr. Evil

  11. That picture of Trotsky is a thing of beauty. We need to make damn sure we leave our descendants fine artwork like that.

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