10 Facts Regarding The US Strike On Syria

With the US strike against Syrian airbase last week, there are endless speculations on what’s happening and what more is to come in the near future. At the moment, the biggest concern is whether the US will escalate their military involvement in an effort to overthrow Assad or not, risking a confrontation with Russia that could spark a major war.

With so much confusion and misunderstanding of what’s happening, I decided to compile number of facts to allow the readers to better understand the situation and the implications of Trump’s decision.

1. You must see the bigger picture

First, you’ll never get to the truth if you think this attack was merely a response to an alleged chemical attack, or if you think this is an issue of whether the US should get involved in another Middle East conflict or not. This is only a single episode in a long process the US and its allies have been taking to destroy stable Arab states for Israel while containing and trying to defeat Russia and its allies. Expansion of NATO to the East; Installation of missile defense system in Europe; CIA coup in Ukraine that knocked out a pro-Russian government while almost cutting off Russia’s naval access to the Black Sea, and therefore, the Mediterranean (which is why Russia took Crimea); sanctions against Russia; sanctions against Iran (Russia’s main ally and the main enemy of Israel and Saudi Arabia); and the attempt to destroy Syria, which is another ally of Russia that provides them with a naval base in the Mediterranean; the recent build up of NATO military presence in Eastern Europe; and so on, are all connected.

We are in the midst of a globalist war efforts against Russia and its allies. And it is with this context in mind that we should view the situation in the Middle East and elsewhere.

We should also remind ourselves that Syria was already chosen for destruction a decade ago. So, whether it is a step towards defeating Iran and Russia or simply doing the bids of Israel, it is clear that the US and its NATO and Middle Eastern allies will oppose Assad’s Syria no matter what even if it means supporting Islamic militants there who are the progeny of Al-Qaeda. With this view, it becomes clear that the decision to attack the Syrian airbase was not some moral decision made by Trump himself or an issue of showing off America’s strength, but a mere continuation of the neocon program that’s been going on for many years.

2. Western media bias and support for the Jihadists

The picture of the boy on the left was circulated all around the world by the MSM to get people outraged against Assad. The boy on the right was ignored because the Jihadists who dragged him out of a hospital to behead him were the “moderate” rebels (AKA the good guys).

Continuing on with the first point, part of seeing at the bigger picture is to understand the bias and the psy-op the Western governments and the mainstream media has been engaging in to manipulate public opinion.

I’m appalled that people from the West from both the Left and the Right seem completely unfazed that their governments are giving diplomatic and military support to Al-Queda affiliated Jihadist groups in Syria. The same individuals who get outraged over some knife attack seem to have no shame that their nation is complicit in supporting Islamic militants who engage in beheadings and suicide bombings in Syria. This ignorance can be attributed to the work of the mainstream media that constantly shows Assad as the butcher who constantly kills children while the rebels are freedom fighters who just want peace and democracy. This war cannot, and should not, be judged by what the MSM tells us.

3. Trump and the US don’t care about civilian deaths

Nobody in the West sheds crocodile tears over the atrocities against civilians if the moderate beheaders do it.

There are many people defending Trump’s decision to launch the attack on the basis that the US needs to show it will not tolerate Assad gassing his own people. There are two problems with this.

First, there is no evidence that Assad attacked civilians with sarin gas. And considering the West was just starting to accept Assad’s stay in power and that Syrian government forces are on their path to victory, it makes no logical sense for Assad to start using chemical weapons to incur the ire of the international community. The more likely scenario is that the Syrian airforce targeted a weapons storage depot without knowing that the Jihadists were stockpiling sarin gas there. There’s even a possibility that the Jihadists killed their own civilians to troll the US into the war (the doctor who reported the sarin gas attack is a Jihadist), which is exactly what they did back in 2013 according to this UN inspector. All in all, it’s too soon to jump to conclusions, but obviously at least one person thought he had enough information to take immediate action.

When will president Trump do anything to save the Yemeni children who are being bombed and facing mass starvation? Oh wait, America is helping the Saudis slaughter them. Never mind.

Second, it’s impossible to believe that the West is concerned about civilian lives considering how they selectively choose which civilians to defend. Poor children? There was no outrage when the “rebels” killed children by shelling their school in Aleppo; the US didn’t launch Tomahawk missiles towards Saudi airbase when they bombed a Yemeni funeral that killed more than 100 people (if anything, the US is bombing Yemen and helping the Saudis with their starvation strategy), and there was no condemnation from the West when the “moderate” rebels killed 31 people in Damascus with suicide bombings just few weeks ago.

The issue isn’t even about chemical weapons either as another rebel group admitted to using them against the Kurds without incurring any sort of response from the West that pretends to hold a moral high ground. The entire notion that Trump or anyone else in the West cares about the poor children suffering the hands of evil Assadists would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

Since this is clearly not an issue of preventing civilian deaths or stopping the use of chemical weapons, it can only be concluded that the US and the rest of the West is only interested in destroying the Syrian nation just for the crime of being a stable and strong Arab state that won’t bow to globalists and Zionists.

4. Is Assad a butcher?

Assad visiting a church. Of course, in the midst of all the propaganda about sectarian violence in Syria, there is no mention in the Western media about how Assad is the only one who protects all religious and ethnic minorities within Syria.

There are people who insist that any and all action is necessary to stop Assad from killing his own people, but is it true that he is a genocidal maniac? Before all else, we must understand that this is a civil war, and civil wars usually have a much higher civilian deaths from collateral damages than other types of wars. The US, more than anyone else, should know how difficult it is to prevent civilian casualties since they’ve killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Yemen.

Heck, just few weeks ago, an American airstrike killed 200 civilians in Mosul. In comparison, as the battle for Aleppo was coming to a close, the Syrian government forces allowed the Jihadists and their family to evacuate safely instead of finishing them off. There’s no reason to believe that Assad deliberately kills civilians like the so-called rebels like to do. So, if Assad is a butcher, then so is America and the terrorists they support, and tens time more so.

When the West is joining forces with Islamic terrorists to destroy your country, you have no one else to turn to but your leader.

Besides, if Assad is so horrible, why is it that the overwhelming majority of Syrians support him? Even a NATO study few years ago revealed that Syrians’ support for their president saw a sharp increase with the war at 70% while only 10% supported the rebels. This is because the people of Syria know that the only other alternative to Assad is the complete destruction of their country and watching Islamic extremists takeover their lands.

5. The US strike helped ISIS

Note how the ISIS force that launched the attack were the ones closest to the bombed airbase.

It should be noted that the airbase that was bombed by Trump was specifically the one fighting against ISIS. Without missing a beat, the ISIS troops in the same area launched an offensive even before the smoke from the Tomahawk missiles started to clear.

Also, the strike on Syrian airbase was also not the first time the US targeted Syrian government forces. Last September, American airforce bombed 62 Syrian soldiers to death in Deir ez-Zor in an apparent “error,” allowing ISIS to later launch an offensive that would split the besieged city in half. Would the US ever tolerate such “error” if it was done by Iran or North Korea?

6. Who’s happy with the strike?

Jihadists celebrating the bombing of Syrian airbase the next day.

It’s quite telling who celebrated the bombing of the Syrian airbase: the Neocons, Democrats like Hillary and Nancy Pelosi, other globalist leaders like Merkel and Hollande, autocratic Sunni states like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and of course, the various Islamist factions within Syria. And along with the globalists and the Jihadists, no one is happier than Netanyahu who’s been calling for the US to do more to destroy Syria and Iran for Israel’s own interests. It should be noted that this is the same Israel that’s been helping out the Islamic militants fighting in Syria. Yes, the country that’s been crying about being a victim of Islamic terrorism for decades is now supporting them in Syria.

7. This strike signals a new approach by the Military Complex

The US government and its military lost all credibility when they lied about WMD prior to the invasion of Iraq. Knowing this, it seems that they have now adopted a new approach to military actions by bombing first and justifying it later (or not). They know that spending too much time trying to get the public on their side will only lead to growing opposition, so it appears they have decided to take swift action while the supposed chemical attack was still fresh in people’s minds. And unlike Obama who at least sought the approval of Congress back in 2013, Trump ordered the attack without any approval, making his action illegal. All American citizens should be concerned that their government can decide to start a major war at will without their consent.

8. Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner

Just before the missile strike, there seemed to have been a drama between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner with the former arguing that a strike against Syria would be a deviation from ‘America First’ principle while the (((latter))) was in favor of it, eventually convincing Trump that it was the right decision. It’s also telling that Bannon was removed from Trump’s National Security Council just couple of days before the strike. Is this a sign of complete globalist takeover of Trump’s cabinet?

9. So why did Trump order the attack?

Interesting analysis…

Trump’s poll numbers:

Embroiled in the Russian connection scandal, failing to follow through with his big promises, and his support starting to get shaky, it’s likely that Trump needed a distraction that would take the public attention away from domestic affairs. The chemical attack incident provided him with just that chance, while also enabling him to prove that he will be tough on the international stage (unlike Obama).

The other, more simpler—but disturbing—explanation is that Trump was trolled into taking immediate military action by the establishment and the same fake news media he’s been raging against. Many Trump supporters believed him when he had said during the election campaign that the US should no longer police the world. It was seen as a sign that the US would avoid getting tangled in foreign conflicts to focus on building America, which is what many Americans saw as a better alternative to the hawkish Hillary Clinton who seemingly wanted an all-out confrontation with Russia.

But it’s now clear that Trump will do whatever he feels is right in the moment and change his position as he sees fit. Watching this statement of his right after the bombing, it’s clear that he either has no idea what he’s talking about or he’s lying through his teeth:

Either way, one thing is clear: Trump has been compromised by the globalists. He is either impulsive and easily influenced by those within his circle or he’s no different from the previous presidents who’s been playing along with the agenda of the military-industrial complex.

10. What to expect

The bear’s been poked enough times…

Now, this is the important part: What now?

Putin has already made it very clear that he stands against the (((globalists))) when he told Israeli PM back in March that Russia has no interest in turning their back against their ally, Iran. Russia is now the primary target of the US led globalist forces and Syria is just one battlefield. On that note, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be visiting Russia in the coming days and my guess is that he’ll try to negotiate with Russians into to withdraw its support for Syria in a deal that might include lifting of sanctions and accepting Russia’s claim over Crimea. But both out of honor and the recognition that the globalists will not stop at Syria, Russia is unlikely to throw their ally under the bus just to buy time and save themselves.

As a response to the strike on the airbase, Russia has suspended military communication line with the US in Syria and has sent warships with advanced anti-air capability to the area. And together with Iran—a country that knows that they’re next in line for destruction—Russia has expressed that they will continue with their military support for Syria. This is not the first time Russia has been provoked by the US and its allies and we can be sure that they no longer trust Trump to be any different from his predecessors. Both Russia and Iran has now made it very clear that any further attack will be responded with force.

And while many Trump supporters are claiming that this was just a demonstration of strength or some sophisticated maneuver that will not escalate beyond show, the actions and rhetoric just don’t match the speculation. For example, the US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley has stated that Assad’s removal is now the priority of Washington. Rex Tillerson, too, has stated in an interview after the airbase bombing that a coalition was being formed to oust Assad. And any Americans horrified by the idea of having American boots on Syria should know that there already are American boots on the grounds of Syria (illegally, without invitation) operating since last year. At this point, it is all up to the Americans to decide whether they are willing to escalate the conflict by targeting Assad, and directly confronting Russia and Iran in the process.


Although the overall situation has gotten severe with the prospect of a global war inching towards reality, I was encouraged that many Trump supporters spoke out against the bombing. Although I doubt that Trump cares about his supporters’ thoughts and opinions more than that of his own daughter’s, I do believe that his support base has the power to give him second thoughts about escalating the conflict any further if they were to make their opposition loud and clear in large numbers. But if Trump ignore those who voted for him and turns out to be just another Neocon-Zionist-globalist stooge, he just might accomplish what no other president has ever done: unite the Left and the Right against the elites.

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  1. Oh boy is that Kushner a slimy c***. Bannon might as well quit as any of his ideas fall on deaf ears ever since the military boys took seat at Donalds table.
    Hope the UK is not dragged into this Syria malarkey and the fact the RAF has a base a stone’s throw in Cyprus does not help eithe.

        1. I saw him on this tour, thought he was just a bitter old man at that point…boy, was I wrong…

        2. You saw Carlin live at this show!?
          I can boast some great concerts and live events, but not Carlin…

        3. maybe not this taped show, but yeah, the tour…06 or 07…we werent laughing much at his material

        4. As a teen/early 20s I was watching Bill Hicks and Carlin and I never really associated Carlin with comedy. More of a poet.
          I only ever got into this serious side of him but I feel like only now that I’ve hit 30 am I starting to understand the depth of what he was saying here.

  2. The role of H.R. McMaster should not be understated, he’s good friends with and former subordinate of convicted criminal David Petreus (who withdrew his name from NSA position when McMaster’s came up) and both are long time neocon shills. It is not hard to believe that McMaster is manipulating intelligence and giving bad advice to start a war (at least) in Syria. His specialty is after all lying to presidents (his book is called Dereliction of Duty about how lies led to Vietnam).

    1. Oh my god I just noticed thanks to this that there is red in both the American and Russian flags. BETSY ROSS!!!!!! Fucking commie!

      1. And Switzerland too! I never believed that oh don’t bother us we’re neutral up here in the Alps shtick. Pinkos to the core!

  3. As I said before Trump should have brought in a team of right wing experts, to counter the hordes of fundamentalist fanatical israeli military agents infesting white politics …
    The alien agent infiltration of white politics is treason …

  4. If he backs off after this, there may be a chance. If he keeps going, we’re probably fucked and should start stockpiling….

  5. Instead of draining the swamp, Trump drowned in it. If you think it would have been different with Bernie, you’re mad. And Ms. Bill Clinton? Well, her name would have been written on the missiles…

  6. Well well well.
    It looks like the honeymoon is over. I told the guys defending Trump like he was the second coming ” talk to me in a year”. Looks like I was way too optimistic.

    1. Yeah, I also expected things would go down by Fall but I was too optimistic as well.

  7. Trump is in for a rude awakening if he thinks he can screw us over without a backlash. This isn’t politics as usual, this is a time when the majority of the nation is genuinely pissed off and rightfully so.
    I drove 150 miles to see Trump speak and many others have too. That group of people will turn on him and make him our target. Democrats will never embrace him so you’re looking at the very real possibility of Trump having a 10% approval rating if he doesn’t get his shit together and stand by his word.

    1. You honestly expected something different? The man has made his CAREER screwing over marks like yourself.
      He doesn’t love you and he doesn’t want to help you. He never did.

  8. I might be off-par over here but I can’t help it.
    ((((WESTERN MEDIA ))))
    Bhahahahhahahaha !
    And another one…
    ,,The bear’s been poked enough times…”
    Bah !
    ROK has completed it’s journey in becoming a Russian washing machine.
    Take note Russia is jewish owned and run state since 200 years ago.

    1. Russia cannot POSSIBLY be a more jewish-owned and run state than the US is. Not a chance. The jewish heyday in Russia was from the Bolshevik Revolution onwards, to a point, then their communist dream turned on them, and they fled in droves to Britian, France, America, Canada, etc.
      The communist pogroms and the Holocaust brought the worst of the worst to the West, and they were still being freely admitted to the US 20-30 years ago due to “anti-semitism” in the Soviet Union.
      If Russia was as controlled by the yids as you claim, they would be having an equal amount of the western degeneracy: gay rights (parades, adoptions, and marriage), abortion as a civil right, unchecked non-white and muslim immigration, attacks on any symbol of Christianity, etc., etc.
      And Russia does NOT have those things going on.

      1. Sorry to bring you this bad news, man. Looks like you really believe that Russia is some sort of Messiah of some sort.
        1. Putin is not a real Russian name. He’s a….jew.
        2. Bolshevism a.k.a Israelism a.k.a. Talmudism is still Russia’s foreign policy.
        3. The ethnic russian population within Russia is in decline for 40 years.
        4. Muslims are being helped to outbreed ethnic russians.
        5. They bring war and destruction through agents – mostly jewish in the countries they control.
        Us Connection to Russia via Israel ethnic international jewish mafia:
        Frankfurt School is jewish created with funds from Moscow.
        Russia is more israelic than Israel.
        Most if not all of the worlds’ organized crime all have ties in two of the organized crime capitals of the world – be it slaves ( hundreds of thousands of young grade A Eastern European Females are forced into prostitution ) – have the capitals in – Tel Aviv & Moscos.
        Don’t take my word for it, check it for yourself.
        Russia is jewish.
        US is jewish.
        everything is just a big fat scam to give you & me something to yap about back & forth.

        1. What country is not jewish-run? China? North Korea? Iran? Or are they shills on a paylist of fake-money too?

        2. No idea.
          Better to ask a Korean / Chineese guy who have lived there and studied the historical & political elements of the past hundred or so years.

        3. Any country with jewish origin religion is compromised, including islam, christian & catholic.
          North korea, iran & china have made concerted efforts to eject the jews.
          The middle east is a holdover against the jewish element, but dont understand theyre compromised internally by the jewish control of islam, as islam is a jewish religion
          Which is why the likes of Suddam Hussein & Osama were disposed of so quickly …
          This is why christianity has to be ejected from europe, our white leaders will always be compromised by jewish control of christianity

        4. What kind of white leaders would not be compromised? Is there anywhere on earth where we can set up boundaries and keep them out? How do you root out a disease so deep?

        5. I’ve been extremely busy, im just catching up on all the comments …
          A white religion created by white people for white people would be a start. Odinism is probably the most popular, as its endorsed by most white nationalists.
          Also a white dictatorship dedicated, to preserving the genetic gene pool of the white race.
          Hungary & large parts of eastern europe, are great hold outs against the jews. Basically the more undeveloped the country the less parasites it has, as jews cant profit there, moldova is a great example.

      2. Question:
        It is a documented fact that:
        Bolshevism was a kabalistic construct.
        Communism is a kabalistic construct.
        Communism committed genocide on over 60 million Christians ( European Ethnics )
        Why hasn’t communism been tried like the Nuremberg ?
        Because it’s over ?
        False – It continues till this day.
        If Russia is so khabal free like you like to believe tell me…why are there 20 million ethnic russians living in extreme poverty ? Barely having food to eat ?
        Do your homework, friend.
        US is becoming a Soviet State pretty quickly.

  9. Of course there’s more than one angle to all of this but the fact remains is that Trump took the best option out of a hard 3 and choose the right one with a minimal downside.
    It also kills a few birds with one stone.
    Everyone is too conspiratorial to see the big picture.
    It’s a joke quite frankly.

    1. You think conducting a missile strike on a Syrian air base with a large Russian military presence was the best option? I hope you don’t end up as the last Trump cheerleader standing on the pile of rubble.

    2. Why was bombing Syria the right solution?
      Where is it written in our Constitution that we have to go out and be the morality police for the world? There’s even a pretty good chance that Assad didn’t actually gas his own people. Even if he did, why is it in our interest to give a flying fuck? How does this serve American interests?

    3. Yes sure, it’s fun to see your tax dollars working for israel ! How many more billions is it gonna take before you see the big picture ?

      1. I think it is just as valid as anything else here. People are rattling off names of cabinet members and Syrians and shit like I just ran into a convention of hockey fans. Oh Fluh Ferfluhfux had a fliffity floo in seven games against Ottawa? The internets just get more absurd every day.

        1. the only reason message boards exist is to keep people off the streets. Its works to a T

        2. Now that is a conspiracy theory I believe my friend. Add college sports to it.

        3. It’s true. One proof of that is the reaction to Roosh’s proposal to have a meet-up. The moment it went from virtual to real, the “authorities” stepped in

        4. There are certain key things they know are their Achilles heal. That was one of them. I know a few others, but there’s a some things they will fight with any means cause they know it could cause upheaval if it were allowed

        5. yeah, I think they’ve worked out that pretty much anything can be said on the internet (even if they don’t like it) and as long as it doesn’t get taken seriously it doesn’t matter. Or for that matter, even it does get taken seriously, if no action necessarily follows it doesn’t matter. There’s widespread cynicism about what’s happened in Syria over the last few days, even amongst some politicians, but they still get to push their it’s all cos of Assad / Putin line, and get to do what they want all the same. There are no real scandals any more because there’s no real oversight by political institutions, and no effective fourth estate holding up a mirror to their actions

  10. “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power.” — George Orwell

    1. Question (and I mean it I am not just being a shit I was going to ask the next person who quoted Orwell anyway) why the hell do people use orwell like he is some kind of authority. If I go on a food website and look up a recipe for eggs and say I only like green eggs and ham “Dr Seuss” it would be absurd.
      So Orwell wrote some novels and essays that give with the general sentiment of people here. Bukowski did the same for me, I am not running around using his quotes as if he was some wise sage.

        1. what hobknob, rich people like to have famous people around. So forget Bukowski, let me start quoting Jay Z or Bono or Leonardo DiCaprio…they all hobknob with the elite. Orwell was a fair to midland writer who was exceptionally creative. BFD. People use shit from 1984 like it is some secret arcane text of truth

        2. Why isn’t it an apt comparison. Really? Both of them were popular artists. Both “hobknobbed” with the fancy folk. You may like Orwell’s message better, he may have been very timely and may have hit on some things that really hadn’t been done in pop literature before, but he is, in no what shape of form an authority.

        3. youre comparing a writer who was trying to expose their goals to two celebs who are on their payroll- not apple to apples

        4. Meh. I see two popular artists. Apples to apples. But if you want to change it up then why not twain, why not “well Keith Richards said”
          After all
          ” ‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: all mimsy were the borogroves, and the mome raths outgrabe”
          –Lewis Carroll
          Ya know what I mean?
          I’m not against either using quotes or George Orwell, I just think it is important to remember that not every popular artist who shares your world view and sentiment is an authority figure.
          Sure, make your point. Sure, use a quote to spice it up. But the deification of Orwell, that he said it makes it true, is absurd. In fact, the hedgemonic way in which he is used as an uncritisizable authority figure despite just being a pop author is almost—-Orwellian.

      1. Orwell *was* a “wise sage”. I don’t really know how else to describe him. The difference was that, instead of using essays to analyze the events of his day, he mostly used the vehicle of fiction.
        Check out Down and Out in Paris and London or Homage to Catalonia.


        2. It sounds like you haven’t read his work.
          BTW, he wasn’t partisan, at least not in 1984. It was purely descriptive.

        3. you are wrong. I have read orwell. He was clever. I didn’t say he was partisan either. I said people for who the message in his novels resonates tend to use Orwell in appeals to authority which is, frankly, no different than using Jay Z or Jack Kerouac.

        4. Since he wrote fiction, its more like the opposite of an appeal to authority. Like if the onion publishes an article, and it ends up being true a few years later.

      2. Because it’s a form of authority that is well known to many people and echos what a lot of people think. It reinforces a point. Why do people quote Shakespeare, or Mark Twain, or anybody else? Because they’re well known people who made relevant observations. In essence, it’s a reinforcement mechanism. No harm in it.

        1. No, I get that. And I get quoting him to accent a point (which is why people often quote things) and that makes sense. X is my point and I will illustrate it with YZ which is a quote from such and such a poem, novel, essay, fortune cookie whatever. That makes perfect sense. But I get the sense, and maybe I am wrong, with Orwell that it is different. People quote him the way they quote the Pythagorean theorem (not all, but often enough to be noticed) So it isn’t “xyz opinion whatever, you know, like orwell says “blah blah stuff” But rather, “orwell said “blah blah stuff” as if that is the proof in and of itself.

        2. I think that he’s risen to such prominence due to his being the first to really unmask not just the ugliness of Socialism, but also in how they do it via language manipulation. Everything he noted about socialists in his time apply perfectly to modern Progressives, from Doublethink to Newspeak to Room 101, these are all absolutely in the soul of every ardent Leftist. Other dystopian works, such as Brave New World, got only a few things right and a lot wrong, so Orwell basically sits at the top of that pig pile from a prophecy standpoint, as well as contributing to a deeper understanding of the Left through linguistic analysis.
          Or maybe that just why I’ll use him from time to time.

        3. I totally get all that (except for Brave New World which I still don’t see as dystopian…seem kinda great) and I have seen you use orwell almost as a punctuation to your own point. It is the appeal to authority rather than the spicing up of an argument that, I wouldn’t say bothers me but kind of sits wrong. Like I want to say “if George orwell told you to jump off a bridge would you” sometimes.
          There are ways to use popular literature as an accent to making a point, but it is and should never be taken as an authority itself me thinks.

    2. Fair discription of the leftism. Especially the last 8 years of the former administration.

  11. They launched 40-something missiles at that airfield, yet somehow missed the airstrips? I dont even think we launched anything, its all stock imagery.
    This is what happens when there is no independent press(and no reporters on the ground).

      1. they could use footage from WW2 and people still wouldnt question it

    1. One report I heard said they launched 59 missiles, and the majority of them did not hit the intended targets. There are reports that the airfield was actually being used again within a few days after the strike.
      They admit they informed Russia before they attacked, and you have to know that Russia informed Syria.
      I’ve seen some reports that the Russia anti-missile defense systems were turned off for the attack, and at least one report said the Syrian anti-missile defenses were also turned off. But I’ve also seen reports suggesting that the reason so many missiles missed the targets is because the Russian defenses shot them down.

  12. One question to those who are in the know:
    At the start of his administration, Trump said he will impose a life-time ban for foreign lobbies.
    Did that law go through ?
    Where’s the media scandals involving the jewish lobby ?
    Where’s the media scandals calling out jewish lobby in America for the past 50 years ?
    Where’s the scandal concerning genocide in Serbia, and creating the very first islamic country in Europe ?
    WHERE ?!

  13. There are two other dimensions:
    Domestically, he can say, “I’m not Putin’s bitch”
    And it’s a power move on Xi, who was Trump’s guest when the attack went down, “I’m not afraid to unilaterally kick some ass, so check your bitch Jong Un.” it’s a message the Chinese will understand; they wrote it originally: “Point to the Mulberry, Berate the Pagoda Tree”
    Not a big Trump fan myself, but I thought this was a good move on his part, overall.

  14. I was cringing during the elections with Trump. The boot-licking was over the top. Not that he wasn’t better than Hillary, but he is not infallible either. None of us will please everyone, or even everyone on the right.
    A good leader will sometimes have to make tough decisions. There has been a long standing ultimatum about the use of chemical weapons. If Trump didn’t do anything about it, it would have been like Obama and his lines in the sand.

    1. There is fair and authoritative speculation that there was no chemical strike at all. What I’m hearing more and more is that Assad gave up his chems back in 2013, to the Russians directly. The bombing of a stockpile of them was not intentional by Assad and there’s a really good chance he didn’t even know that they were there. What he did NOT do was send out people to gas kids intentionally. We’re being fed a line of bull.
      And, not to put too fine a point on it, since when is it our business what he does to his own people? Everybody there hates us, and if those kids would have grown up, they’d have grown up to hate us too. In addition, recently Israel used white phosphorus on Palestinian kids, where was our response to that? Hell, the U.S. bombs places with kids in it all the time, even strafes weddings (even if accidentally). This moral “high ground” thing doesn’t play with me when it comes to international doings.
      Truth is, he did it because his ghoulish son in law has his ear. No other reason. Trump is loyal to family first, second and last, we do not play a part in his equations or decisions.

  15. Want to know why I only expected a good SCOTUS appointment and nothing else from Trump?
    1. “Lock her up!” – She’s walking around free as a bird to this day.
    2. “Stay out of Syria! Let Russia handle it!” – bombs Syria
    3. “Repeal Obamacare!” – Goes and backs Ryans Establishment Obamacare Lite, which failed since it was just rebranding Obamacare, and now we still have Obamacare.
    4. “American workers first! Stop giving our jobs to foreigners!” – Is now appointing a pro-immigration and pro-H1B individual as his economic advisor, and has let DACA stand.
    And all this in just a few months after elected. He did one thing good, which I voted for him to do, and that was appoint Gorsuch. At this stage in the game I now have absolutely no expectations for this man and know that he will, in a heartbeat, betray every one on the right/alt-right with vim and vigor because he literally has no principles. None. He was a Leftist prior to the election and surrounds himself with Leftists now in his cabinet, especially his Leftist Democrat daughter Ivanka and his ghoulish son in law Kushner.
    But I got what I wanted out of the man, so for that, I’m happy. The next 4 years are going to be one ugly, nasty mess with Trump presiding smugly over it, betraying each and every person who voted for him.

    1. I have to say GOJ you were the one who called this the closest. You voted for him for one reason and that was the only thing he did or was expected to do. You did the math right.
      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!

      1. He was supported by the mainstream media. Sure they were giving the left lip service by saying negative things about him, but the candidates that they truly didn’t like (rand Paul, ted Cruz) were ignored which is worse.

        1. When the entire nation is distrustful (at best) of the MSM, having them shit all over you is the quickest way to increase your popularity. I don’t know much about politics and I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories but if the MSM didn’t know that a full out assault on trump would help his cause then I am shocked they are able to pour milk on their corn flakes in the morning.

        2. Msm knew it would help trump. They would have preferred Hillary but they would rather of had trump over most . I seem the same with most elections , you get the most liberal republican against the most liberal democrat.

        3. so the whole thing was a scam based on the assumption that the american public were contra-suggestibles?

        4. I don’t know. That is over my head. But there is absolutely no way that someone didn’t know that People hate and mistrust MSM, MSM hates trump, enemy of my enemy, drives trump support. The math is so easy on that one that women could do it.

        5. well clearly most women couldn’t do it, and thought Hillary was a shoe-in.
          You’re right though, not about it being over your head of course, but that it was pretty clear from how over the top it all was that there was something going on. Most progressive journos presumably believed what they wrote, and were sincere in their wall to wall condemnations, but they’re just grunts, not strategists. It’s clear Murdoch was manipulating things, but now we have the possibility that others too at the top were strategically amplifying the Trump as beyond the pale angle. It’s mostly speculation. But I can think of quite a few drama queens whose objections were so over the top that they didn’t ring quite true. Bill Kristol was one of them

        6. In the end, I am in the “it doesn’t really matter anyway” camp. You should join us. It is nice here.

        7. thanks, I’m sure it is, but I am far too earnest for that, and who knows maybe it does matter. I’d like to think it does at least

        8. Some things in politics matter, but not nearly as much as most people believe. I think local politics you do have some real power when you vote, and you can make real changes at the Statehouse sometimes. I’ve seen it done and participated in it, I know that it works. But on the Federal level, we really have no voice on most things, we’ll never get any real change implemented and we’ll never really matter to them, because it’s so far removed and abstract at that level. What little we can affect up there that matters is almost trivial. SCOTUS appointments matter given that the court is now another legislative branch you want them on your side. The rest…what do they care if I don’t like the tax rate or don’t want to be involved in the military adventure of the day?

        9. well of course, your analysis is correct in the main. But how can it be real power, if it doesn’t really matter, that is change anything? What you are describing as democracy is closer to choosing which flavour of Cadbury’s Options to drink or flavour ice-cream or whatever. These are not real choices so how can they reflect real power? In fact what is being described as democracy is closer to a consultation process, where on important issues the important decisions are already made, but the stakeholders get a say in how those already-taken decisions get implemented. It’s better than nothing perhaps, but why should it be accepted. Ultimately like that guy in the concentration camp – Victor Frankl wasn’t it? – the only freedom we may have may be the freedom to respond conscientiously, but if the choice of response here is effectively limited to accepting or refusing then surely the correct response must be the latter?

        10. Trust me: MSM Corn Flake milk is poured by unpaid interns, or not at all.

      2. Thanks. I think that I have a pretty good hand at predicting politics, having been an ardent observer of them for decades now. I knew Trump was going to win and why, I knew he was going to immediately appoint a right winger (his list of candidates was published) to SCOTUS so that alone prompted me to vote for him, and I knew that in every other respect that he’s a flim flam artist and haven’t really hidden that from anybody before or after the election. I’ve noted that he’s a pragmatic Leftist since the primaries, but nobody seemed to want to hear that, because mob psychology. And some mistook my saying I was voting for Trump as some kind of version of me being enamored with the man, which I am not.
        What comes next from this Administration, we’ll see, but my guess is that North Korea will be the next big thing on his list, and that he’ll eventually come out in public with a “Well, you know, H1B’s are important to our economy” type of speech (he’s already taken the acts, he hasn’t repealed DACA and he’s appointing pro-H1B people to advisory positions). He’s also, I’m betting, going to get behind yet another Establishment Obamacare rebranding and will openly attack his own conservative base for not supporting it, and thus will drift more into “let’s talk to the Democrats and work with them”. It’s what his daughter would do, since she’s a Democrat, so I expect him to follow her advice like a dopey little puppy.
        My big concern with his military flexing is that he really does have a huge ego and when he gets pissed he loses critical thinking and proper judgement. In short, I think that he has the potential to become unstable enough to get us into some real trouble.

        1. I think that just as much as being an astute observer, your refusal to get carried away in the hysteria surrounding trump kept you grounded. Hysteria is what happened. I understand why. People who were and have been marginalized saw someone the thought was fighting for them (like ive said before, thinking that a nyc real estate billionaire turn reality tv star gives a fuck about steel belt values outside of vote collection is insanity). But hysteria is, quite literally, a female quality as you know doubt already know from the etymology. Being swept up in a mindless fervor ala Nazi rallies is the hallmark of losing masculinity and masculinity is where logic resides. So good on you for paying attention, accurately predicting and keeping your head about you while a lot of otherwise sensible and decent people basically turned into girls at a beatles concert

        2. That is correct. But this development is not a good signal. Anyways, human individuals are seldom rational, but collective movements are never rational.

        3. very well said. Once the herd is together there is no rationality. Just a bunch of idiots chanting….whether they are chanting 4 more years or equal pay for dykes or lock her up its all the same…..once the chanting starts the thinking stops.

        4. Lolknee in ’20!!
          THINKING STOPS!!!!!!
          THINKING STOPS!!!!!!
          THINKING STOPS!!!!!!
          THINKING STOPS!!!!!!
          THINKING STOPS!!!!!!
          THINKING STOPS!!!!!!
          THINKING STOPS!!!!!!
          THINKING STOPS!!!!!!

        5. INDIVIDUALS UNITED!!!!!

        6. If all individuals united, we could be one big individual. Which would mean more individuality

        7. So is Ivanka.
          Both have his ear.
          I recall mentioning Ivanka and (((hubby))) many times on BreitBart and other websites and getting shouted down by the fanatic brigades. They also shouted me down when I mentioned his support of single payer socialized medicine, and how he was sympathetic to banning semi-autos, not to mention his close buddy buddy relationship with the Clintons. Nobody wanted to hear it.

        8. Exactly….she is his daughter and all but as POTUS any father that listens to his daughter or son in law for advice on world affairs I have to question his motives. I’m guessing that outside of fashion with Ivanka and New York real estate deals (funded by Soros) with Kushner they both should be sidelined.

        9. Yessir! I brought the cozy relationship with the Billary unit up more than once locally. I explained the dude was a NY business man with the moral integrity of an alley cat. I even sent a note to my state representative who was enamored with him explaining that he couldn’t have done what he did in NYC without being tight with the mob and especially building a casino in Atlantic City! I compared him to a PUA, explained that the American public was the girl and what would happen when he closed the deal. My local “conservative” acquaintances to gave me correction at every turn. When my state rep. told me Trump had enough money that he couldn’t be bought I had to laugh. I explained to her that old man Joe Kennedy had enough money that John and Bobby couldn’t be bought either. How’d that work? Well, she said I was being ridiculous. I agree that getting Gorsuch in is a good thing. I hope he appoints three or four like him. But as for the rest of it, no surprise. I would say elements of the deep state took him aside and explained how things really work in the District of Criminals. He now “knows what it is” as Russell Bufalino would say. He’ll toe the line or else.

        10. A move to ban semi auto rifles would end very badly.

          That would be just about the dumbest thing the feds could do

      3. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”
        You’re such a cynic. No way this could have been predicted

        1. what do you mean no way it could be predicted. It was predicted. In many places, not the least of all right here by several people….me included.

    2. I thought he would do well on trade for one reason…for decades he has been saying the same things over and over. His message on trade has never really wavered. Still have a little hope in this area, although with Jared and Ivanka running the show now, who knows.
      Lock Her Up was so disappointing. It took less than a day for him to nonchalantly wave that off and announce nothing would be done.
      The attacks on us for not wanting Paul Ryan’s Secret Healthcare plan were disgusting.
      DACA has still not been repealed. This was an easy one, all it takes is a signature, and it was supposed to be done early. But again, “the kids”.
      Syria is a clusterF, and is only going to get worse.
      Just as disappointing, for me, is the hordes of Trumplings who can’t even be honest with themselves. They flip their beliefs around in a heartbeat so they can avoid criticizing their leader. America Firsters and “no more policing the world” people were everywhere a week ago. Now, tons of those same people are clamoring that we must fight evil and kill dictators and save the world again, all so they can avoid acknowledging Trump’s complete reversal on his foreign policy.
      They remind me of Obamabots, and that’s discouraging for the future of this country.

      1. So what you are saying is that the 45th presidential administration is shaping up much the same way the first 44 did?

      2. Every time I hear “the kids” I’m immediately put on notice that whatever he’s justifying has come directly from Ivanka.

        1. Yep. That was a huge slap to a lot of his male base who are, more often than not, more masculine than the opposition.

      3. Maybe some of the explanation can be found here:
        Maybe he has more in common with (((the manipulators))) than we thought.
        The article seems well researched enough into a field where cover up is the name of the game.

    3. I never liked him. He is not loyal to his people. Gen. Flyn, now Bannon and Priebus.
      And he’s put his family in charge. WTF is up with this? He thinks he’s still running the Apprentice.

      1. Ditching Bannon for Kushner should tell everybody exactly what kind of man he is.

      2. Yeah, but he didn’t have vagina lips, which is enough reason to vote for him. Never ever vote for women for offices of institutional power.

        1. The alternative was even more horrifying, true. However, if this is all we’ve got left to defend him then we’re totally fucked anyway.
          “Never ever vote for women for offices of institutional power.”
          I have been advocating for a very long time… not only that. Repeal women’s right to vote altogether.

    4. I must say I was shocked, but not surprised that Trump eventually caved-in to the neo-cons, I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon, so dramatically.
      The good thing is now we know exactly where he stands; better sooner than later.
      A person doesn’t have to be religious to understand how twisted a man must be to give his daughter away across the aisle, but it certainly helps.
      I always knew he as a leftist disguising himself as a conservative; the warning signs were always there in plain sight for those who cared.
      The people who (still) believe he’ll make anything more than an inkling of difference in their lives will be disappointed.

    5. Nice objective analysis. Nice post. These other “I told ya so,” posts are annoying.

      1. It’s Saturday night at the movies every time you turn on the news these days

      2. Man, I had hopes.. Not too happy about what’s happening to the AfD in Germany which also seems to be selling out

    6. I’d like to throw this out for consideration as it ties into something you have pointed out before, GOJ:
      Who is going to fight this war (or any other that may be close to cropping up)?
      Could it be that young generation of conservative and classic liberal leaning kids we can see edging closer and closer to draft age, the ones we are resting our hopes on to affect social change?
      Best way to control potentially “problematic” demographics?
      Hasn’t it usually been the poorer kids with traditional values and strong senses of patriotism and dutiful obligation who’ve enlisted or been drafted? One way to ensure that any immediate future uprising against globalism is stymied.

      1. It’s how the Progressives cleared out most Classical Liberal men in WW1, so it sure is a possibility.
        I mean who the fuck goes to war because some idiot anarchist shoots some useless blue blood? The entire build up to WW1 makes zero rational sense.

      2. I dunno, was an article a few years ago, huge, maybe 40%, of potential enlistees couldnt even pass the physical

        1. Sort of the point,
          If you were someone concerned with a new demographic trend on the horizon showing that the younger generation is starting to tilt away from you, who would you want gone?
          Me, I’d want the most capable and physically honed to catch it while keeping the 40% or so here and malleable to my will. Could even spin it to them that they were superior (or they needed to be protected from soiling their hands, etc.), ie: “too good to waste” to win them over even further.

      3. Right when all this shit started going down last week, I had to renew my driver’s license, and the website kindly told me that they’re automatically updating my registration in the selective service database. I’m 25, and while I’m less than a year shy of being removed from selective service, I’m still eligible.
        It’s a waste of time to obsess over hypothetical situations, but still something about the way things are going, coupled with Trump’s promise to “re-build the military” isn’t sitting well. Then again he’s done fuck all else with the rest of his campaign promises, so I guess it’s not a huge concern.
        Edit: checked draft order, 25s are third to last, my mistake.

    7. So essentially…the tl;dr is the system is hopelessly broken and it’s only a matter of time before the ultra-nationalists take power once shtf.

      1. There never has been a viable system (just props) and they have been in power for a LONG, LONG time mate (centuries), you’re just starting to see further through the facade.

    8. Nailed it! The H1b visa cap was just met under 4 days – all 85,000 spots immediately were taken. He really has done nothing to stop foreign workers from coming in and taking our jobs, and as a result, the middle class is going to get destroyed further. Expect to see more low tier Indians invading our neighborhoods. His appointment of an Economic Adviser that is for open borders just made me despise this President even more. That was the final nail in the coffin for me.

      1. For someone who is a “low tier”, it’s not a surprise to look at others as “low tier” !!
        Indeed, “middle class” in this Country have only one major sector to survive; Computer Science & Information Technology !! And you have “jobs” only in that sector !!
        Don’t know how many people are suffering with the JE&IIC syndrome ! What a disgrace, what a pity !!

    9. Everyone is entitled to have his opinion. it`s good to see you have no illusions about Trump or anyone else.
      Ideally you should not put any trust in the establishment.
      And both Republicans and Democrats, Trump and Hillary are part of the establishment. Trump is not your friend any more than Obama was or Hillary would have been.
      I rarely comment on articles related to politics on ROK.
      While I may agree with many of the red-pill truth, I could not care care less about Trump, the alt-right or any political affiliations of Roosh or any of the regular columnists on ROK. I disagree with the the White supremacist/White separatist agenda that seem to be present among columnists/comemnetrs on ROK and the slightly (or strongly) Antisemitic views of many (albeit not all) columnist and commenters on these forums.
      I believe not wasting time on politics is part of being red-pilled. Some get there sooner, some get there later.

      1. My bad CB, I was trying to be funny.
        The video is about the Syria bombing and I do think it’s good though.

  16. No country for white men. Every politician must bend over backwards for the Tribe’s interests if he wants to have any resemblance of a career. Every Western politician must commit to serving Israeli’s interests before his country’s. That’s the reality we live in folks. Will it ever change? Im quite pessimistic at this point.

    1. Not in washington. When something is so afflicted with a disease the best course of action is to let it die, rather than prolong the suffering it spreads to all in its proximity, or if possible, euthanize all of it.

      1. Didn’t think I’d be posting this so quickly. Trump started dancing to the NWO tune faster than I thought he would. But…did he ever have a choice. Nope.

        1. 2 1/2 months it took the NWO to pull Trumps pa rd down and stick their finger in his ass. Still better than Hillary…….I mean, her name would have been written on the missiles.

        2. I was glad he won. Since we’re going NWO anyway, better to have a man lead the sled-dog team. “Mush, fuckers!”

        1. one of my favorite all time quotes. I had guessed you made the move to Nevada (ala Michael in Godfather II) so radio silence.

        2. All is going well, my friend. There’s a sucker born every minute, and I have no problems with taking a chunk of his cash. How are things in Knee Land…

      1. He went to Nevada according to LK, so that would be Aliens from Area 51 not the cartel.

      2. Nah. Just been aiming my Lidless Eye at other venues. The hobbits have crossed the Black Mountains and are preparing to toss the One Ring into the Lake of Fire. Usual shit, man…

        1. and he totally has a big pee pee…you can tell by his propensity to write his name if 30 foot high gold letters on shit and the fact that he has tailors hide his tiny girl shoulders by putting enough padding for an NFL linebacker into his Brioni suits.

        2. Yea but the fact that he loves to grab random woman by their pussys pretty much win’s my vote…nothing more masculine than grabbing random woman’s pussys for no good reason.

        3. This makes me laugh every time. When peter mentions the tic tacs I damn near lose it.

        4. sorry, we were too busy creating a faster delivery system for porno and gossip

        5. well we got the self tying sneakers and hoverboards, 2 outta 3 aint bad

        6. absolutely. That entire episode is him being freaking hilarious. I love MJF

  17. Still not clear but this 180 by Trump is a true backstab to the people.
    Assad is still king despite the complete rape that the west and middle east are delievering to his once peaceful country, surely for that to happen some thing beyond is aiding him aganist the evil.

  18. Well I just made a large purchase of precious metals, gold bars, silver etc…im all set ready for the bombs to fall.

  19. Cash is out, Gold, and silver bars are in, prediction is by 2019 gold prices will be 6500usd per oz.

      1. Well reality is cash is just worthless paper, I would not be willing to trade for pieces of paper in a war time situation.

        1. You are right. In fact, I think you should get rid of yours right away. You can put it all in a manila envelope and mail it to LOLKNEE PO BOX 12345 New York, NY 100028

      2. Precious metals will always be precious, no matter even if the world goes back to the stone age…gold is king.

        1. No, but my wife and son can.
          I’m more a sword, axe and machete owner. Ready for the coming zombie Apocalypse.

        2. But gold is a useful material, its used in most electronics, and it used to be used as money…before we started dealing with this government issued and backed by their word only pieces of toilet paper.

  20. This is the harshest but most viable critique I have heard of Trump. Bravo Corey!! I voiced my concerns almost immediately about choosing him as a candidate as he was very transparent as a lying showboater. What I expected of him was always the same, the create enough turmoil to have American citizens band together. Whether this was to band together in hate, destruction, or creation, it was all the same in my eyes. There is still another 3 years of this so while it is easy to throw Trump under his own bus here, I am looking forward to him shining a grim light on all of the horrors of our government.

    1. If Hillary won, people would be wondering “But what if Trump won? Maybe we could have had real change!”
      Trump winning was still a move in the right direction, even if he is a shill.

      1. I agree. Which is why we stay the course. He was never the hero others expected him to be, but he was the right president for the world now. People wanted an end to the whole Republican vs Democrat rhetoric. This just might do it.

      2. Had Clinton been elected, war over Syria would have started by December or January. That’s it.

      3. I can’t help but think/hope he doesn’t enjoy being forced to tell lies like this..

    1. Yep, I forgot that “empower wymmmyns” bullshit he did recently.

      1. I’m not holding my breath for him lowering the taxes… pretty much the only reason I voted for him.
        As to the jobs… he played on the people’s ignorance. Those manufacturing jobs never left. They were replaced by automation and there’s nothing to come back. There will be a lot of pissed off people, and I’m not sure he’s going to get passed the first term. Fucking asshole!

        1. Thanks for speaking truth, instead of relentlessly putting the blame (like a “few” on ROK platform) on “dumb h1bs” !!

      2. Oh yeah! That inescapable hurdle of 23 cents which employers owe women. Funny how the topic of 37 cents never gets addressed, but only one of those numbers affects the demographic the establishment wants out.

        1. fuck man, at least the blacks were ACTUALLY promised 40 acres and a mule. I mean, they took the chanting a little far, but there was at least some fucking basis of reality in there somewhere.

    2. he’s not really a closet feminist its just that most trump supporters didnt want to believe he is left wing

  21. For all the true believers in trump who used the word “Trumpening” without irony I would like to leave this video

  22. Nice article.
    No big surprise…another US prez going opposite his stance pre-election.
    Seems to be a tradition.

    1. It’s going to hurt him more than it has past Presidents. The POTUS election thing usually centered around hot topic but essentially frivolous stuff. This election cycle people were *PISSED* and Trump touched on some very open sores that people have developed since the 1980’s in a way that got him elected.
      It’s one thing when you’re a candidate and you say you want to cut the NEA budget by 10% and then renege. Most people just say “Well, yeah, that’s politics”. When you start getting down to exploiting a people who are coming to feel that they’re losing their identities and voice, and then turn on that, you’re in for a big ol’ heap of bad kimshee.

      1. I think you are 100% right here. However, trump got his space on the diner placemats and really that is all he actually wanted imo

      2. America has been betrayed again. How many more times does this happen before we are destroyed?
        We the people can thrown under a bus so many times b/4 we become pavement ourselves.

        1. Man, we all remember the “WMD” excuse to have a war which turned out to be without basis. Then the destabilising of Libya etc. This time it’s so without precedence – Russia had already been keeping peace there for a while. What is America going to do if this bs inadvertently starts a real war..

      3. Then go back to the “what if”. What if Hillary had been successfully rammed in. Would we have had open revolt by now?

        1. I think open revolt is what this country needs, and one packing ARs instead of signs..We need a total cleansing of DC.

        2. It’s quite possible. The mood out here was basically a collective version of chanting “Blood! Blood! Blood!”.
          Policy wise, outside of the SCOTUS appointment and a few budget cut submissions he put through recently, very little would be different. We’d still have Obamacare, we’d still be bombing Syria, we’d still have Womynz Feelz legislation and we’d still be on track to war with Russia.

        3. Yeap, the real government never changes. just the guy standing in front of the cameras does.
          Keep voting, it is working so well so far.

        4. No matter who you vote for, the government keeps getting elected.

        5. no shit, you nailed it. I gave up on voting years ago (George “crackhead” Jr).. Didn’t see the use in carrying on the charade.

        6. Things would be easier for the Republicans. They’d be the ones doing the Impeachment song and dance rather than the Democrats.
          And let’s not forget, the Clintons have a lot more political baggage than the Trumps.

        7. Trump just joined them as a murdering war criminal.. what a fuckup he turned out to be.

        8. Seems by design. They all gotta go, but when it comes to your Congressman (and to a lesser degree Senators), they can stay.

        9. Well, the way I see it, he cemented the reality of “there is no hope”.
          He filled the swamp up with more water and added a shitload more creatures.

      4. “When you start getting down to exploiting a people who are coming to feel that they’re losing their identities and voice, and then turn on that, you’re in for a big ol’ heap of bad kimshee.”
        Korean coleslaw?

        1. Yes. A big ol’ heap of it. That went bad.

      1. I had a glimmer of hope for about 5 days..But of course anyone with half a brain knows the gov has been infiltrated by the jewish mafia.

  23. In the beginning (like, June/July 2015) while I was a little hesitant to join on the Trump bandwagon, I did so knowing full well that I could be suckered, but when it comes to that, all I can do is act on what I know at the time.

    1. Suckered? The global stage wasn’t going to change, but the person handling /making the decisions was the only vote you had. Is Hitlery Clinton POTUS? No? Good enough for me. She was the greater evil from the choice given.
      The best we can get is a couple of SCOTUS picks, lowered taxes and less harrassed by the state. Anything else was fantasy.

      1. He loves authority, so less harassment is wishful thinking. Expect the highway men to confiscate cash straight out of your bank account in the near future. They are already confiscating prepaid cards.

        1. Actually now that you mention it, he has stated in the past that he thought the haircut Greece gave to its population was a good idea.

        2. That is a very real possibility. People who saved responsibly all of their lives will be said to have “been born winning the lottery of life, that’s not fair!” and then poof, 401k’s gone. There was some suggestions of doing this during the Obama administration, and then doling out to every retiree a government pension of X amount. Which basically would put the last nail in the coffin and make us all, literally, government serfs.

        3. That is true and has been ongoing for sometime. The NEW highway men sit in police cars and have stolen billions from the innocent. They took more than all burglaries in the us last year.

        4. I know. I first read about this in Businessweek circa 2008. Clinton mentioned it a few times.

        5. George Carlin had it correct about the owners coming for your retirement money. Add the Zero interest rate destroying savings and presto..everyone starves except the real owners..

        6. I have this *really* nice and very fireproof safe (Liberty safes really are the shit when it comes to safes) that I keep a large amount of not just guns and ammo, but also cash, silver and expensive jewelry and heirloom seeds. If the government gave us all a haircut this afternoon we’d be able to make it through at least a couple of months on that alone.

        7. Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”
          Don spends a lot of time with Henry.
          A Safe in the basement is going to be my major purchase this year.

        8. Make sure that when it’s delivered that you have it bolted to the concrete floor. They sell kits for that and installed it goes for around $75.00. Not that anybody can just up and haul off a safe on a whim, but somebody determined might try that if you go away on vacation.

        9. A backhoe dug one out of a guy’s basement about 20 miles from here..so far they have yet to be caught. It has been 4 years now. Opsec blown all to hell for that dude.

        10. in a moment of actually honesty, Dubya admitted(near the end of his second term of course) that 401k’s were meant to supplement, not replace, pensions…

        11. True. I am a big opponent of civil property forfiture. It incentivizes the police to twist the law to enrich the public coffers (and their department). No one believes the RICO laws were passed for current applications.

        12. I love your optimism bem. I think your percentage is low and think no one is going to retire at 65.

      2. “Is Hitlery Clinton POTUS? No? Good enough for me.”
        No offense Mr Galt but saying things like that does not reflect well upon you. It displays the political naivety of the average Trump voter.

        1. Not at all. I had no hope of Trump being anything but what politicians usually are and I personally despise the Clintons. What I stated was”the best” we could hope to achieve under Trump. The man who gave the Clintons money in the past.

      1. Tell us why the disproportionate involvement of Jews in media, finance, academia, and Hollywood is above reproach?
        Why is that off limits?

        1. I don’t think it should be off limits. Discuss it to your heart content. My problem is with idiots saying people should be harmed or killed

        2. is it really that shocking that a culture of people who value education above anything else including manual labor, athletics, etc should be disproportionality represented in fields that require advanced education.
          Did you play pop warner when you were a kid? I did. A lot of jews playing? I didn’t see any. Do you know where the jewish kids were after school? Learning Hebrew and biblical interpretation for their bar mitzvahs and then going home and doing homework because the only thing that mattered to their parents was that they got A’s. Oh you scored a touch down. Fuck you get an A. Oh you have a girl friend? Fuck you become a doctor.
          You see the same compulsion now with Asians and in a generation or two they will be over represented too.
          I am not putting a value on this. I think those jewish kids got something valuable and lost something valuable. However, that a culture that valued education, money and traditional concepts of being a “success” is pumping out a disproportionate amount of doctors, lawyers and businessmen isn’t something that requires a shoehorned conspiracy theory.

        3. There is also in-group hiring though, which they do at a much higher rate than other groups. So if little Schlomo (is that even a real name?) only gets C’s in his classes and can’t speak two coherent sentences in Hebrew, he’s still going to get preferential “front of the line” treatment by Mr. Silverstein when applying for a job. Meanwhile, Mr. Worthingsmithington III has been lashed his whole life to feel guilty for even considering hiring a straight white male, so he’ll try to hire some unqualified minority or female so as to not look bad.
          What you say is right to a point, but there is an element of, well, preference that works in their favor more for them than for others.
          And, besides, I grew up fishing, hunting, feeling up pretty girls at football games under the bleachers and in all possible ways being as redneck as you can be while still retaining a full set of teeth, and it didn’t hurt my education or ability to move forward in life.

        4. I have only met one Schlomo. He was a low voltage wiring guy…I was shocked to hear it for real.
          Yes, in hiring always happens in every group. That’s just normal. I am far more likely to hire a white male than a black male unless the black male is a demonstratively superior candidate.
          But an entire culture of children hearing from birth that that have to become a doctor or a lawyer growing up to be disproportionately represented in medicine and law isn’t exactly shocking.
          While it didn’t hurt your education to not grow up with that pressure (or mine either for that matter) as it turns out you didn’t wind up in medicine or law. There is a serious push for those two fields with Jews (at least when I grew up). This is a push I see with Asians, most specificlly Koreans and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the majors ethnicity in those fields in a couple decades.
          In hiring. Sure. I just don’t think we need to go global conspiracy to figure out why Jews are over represented by population in certain fields…they are underrepresented in welding.

        5. Yeah, you know I’m not big on global conspiracy stuff. Just noting that Jews do have stronger in-group preferences for hiring.
          As to doctor or lawyer, not really a thing, I’m doing better than most lawyers and probably not bad compared to most general practitioners either, so it’s all good. Plus nobody can sue me for malpractice AND I don’t have to associate with lawyers professionally, heh.

        6. Ha considering insurance the guy shining my shoes is doing better than most GPs
          I don’t blame anyone for in hiring by the way. Dealing with people who have similar values or even similar experience is always a positive.
          Meanwhile, Jews are doing well do to immigrant hustling—a quality that is all but dead in them but living strong in Pakis, Indians, Asians so those are the next groups to garner some power

        7. Redneck….I like that self-description. This Jersey boy who fled south of MD Line approves.

    1. HA! This is a guy who is tackier and with less class that Saddam Hussein. lol. Amazing what people will buy.

        1. ladies and gentleman, the POTUS who cares about the values of working class Americans, nationalism and the best interest of heartland America.

  24. “The picture of the boy on the left was circulated all around the world by the MSM to get people outraged against Assad. The boy on the right was ignored because the Jihadists who dragged him out of a hospital to behead him were the “moderate” rebels (AKA the good guys).”
    The boy on the right looks like a photoshopped head – not visually convincing at all.

    1. The problem is, it doesn’t have to be convincing. They are past the part where they respect what we the people think. The owners have become full in your face “fuck you, what are you going to do about it”

    2. I was under the impression the event actually happened but the thing about propaganda is that when there is conflict it tends to happen in both directions.

      1. “Not fake. You can find the entire video of the beheading online”
        The expression on the face is not something one normally sees when one is beheaded – but I have to admit I’m no expert and I will take your word for it instead of subjecting myself to the actual vid.

  25. For sure there are not simple answers in Syria (it seems like everyone there is our enemy) but I still think that Ronnie had it right about the Russians.

    1. Nevertheless, the global communists are a much larger threat than our old ally turned bolshevik zombie warrior.

  26. Yeah lets conduct regime change to save the “poor and oppressed people” of Syria…It worked perfectly in Libya and Iraq…add 10 more trillion dollars in debt…when people in the US are living in abject poverty. don’t forget the yearly tribute to Israel
    Honestly every country gets the government they deserve

    1. Yep. The subhuman democrats and the rest of the scum who dont bother to vote will do their best to drag the rest of us down.

  27. A person’s decision is only as good as the information on which the decision is based (Garbage In, Garbage Out). For the president, the information is only as good as those providing it. If Trump has surrounded himself by globalist neocons, he’s going to get distorted information to steer him to bad decisions. It’s that simple. He is WRONG to trust anyone from the establishment, period and stop.

    1. the interesting thing is whether Trump always knew it would work out this way, or whether he was simply was besieged by an establishment of wall street bankers and neo-cons and gave in. The rapidity of his transformation is concerning, but there does seem to have been a genuine power-struggle.
      Additionally, his popularity is suffering. If his purpose here is survival, is he really going to be able to continue swimming in the swamp like this?

  28. Its better to nuke all countries that don’t have a mcdonalds..problem solved.

    1. nah, that’s the OL-sen Triplets — famous arab actresses. They stared in Full Hut.

  29. (shrug) Can’t fault the public for buying into Trump’s lies. What was the alternative? Voting in yet another politician that will inevitably lie anyhow?

  30. I’d been assuming the (((Globalists))) would put their plans on the backburner. Give us a little breathing room as they waited a generation or so to let the wounds of the War on Terror heal and corrupt the Nationalist movements from within before resuming. I was wrong. They bet on -all- the horses. Trump is controlled opposition.
    If the West falls, I hope France and England’s new Islamic rulers use their inherited nuclear arsenals to wipe Israel off the face of the map. We’ve given them nothing but handouts and friendship over the years and have been consistently repaid with betrayal and manipulation.
    Is a complete collapse the only hope at this point? I confess, the idea of coastal elites slowly starving in their cities or being hunted by the same third worlders they imported to wipe us out is appealing.

    1. Your Goldbergs, Schlomos and Loljew’s will be on the next flight to Tel Aviv if shit ever hit the fan and laugh as their former goyim hosts burn.

  31. It is articles like this that will keep mutilating the already dead and bloated body of he MSM beyond all recognition. This single post has more information unpacked, from nuance to fact to informed conclusion, than ANYTHING anyone will read in the mainstream. This is what ‘they’ don’t get. People… want… the truth. And those that don’t… are on the other side of the coming civil war in America.

  32. And…..China is now deploying (more) troops on the North Korean border as U.S. carrier group is steaming through the region in a show off force just outside of Nork territorial waters.
    Human beings can be so fucking stupid.

    1. I was just told we dont have 10-15k troops ready to be deployed to Syria, its a lot more…

        1. ha yes! women who have been trained to help other women survive mosquito bites in Yellowstone National Park. These will do. Tip of the spear, etc

        2. Tip of the Spear has been changed to String of the Tampon you misogynistic shitlord.

        3. sorry. 140 lb women carrying 125 lb women off camera, production assistants awaiting with bottled water and Clifs bars

  33. Ahhh… Now we get to see the triangulation of people who want to always be one step ahead. I’m too lazy to scroll up to find the person who wrote garbage’s name. But dude, next time just vote for the establishment provided candidate and you can safely and automatically be against whomever wins. If Syria still has nerve agent like sarin and has the ability to effectively mix the precursors and deploy it after Obama, Russia, and Assad all said Syria was 100% free of WMD’s thanks to the great deal making from Obama we are screwed.

    1. I’m curious what delivery vehicle they’ll choose to screw me over in Ohio. Donkey? Camel? Carrier pigeon?

      1. Ask the fat boy in North Korea a hooker with a bottle full off baby oil an VX?

        1. Wait…we were talking about Assad and Syria. North Korea (wait, let me check….yeah, ok) is a *whole* other country.
          As to Norks, they can’t even reasonably be expected to reach California with their stone age nuke(s), and even if they did, really, wouldn’t that kind of be a good thing? Heh.
          Sorry man, Assad having or not having chems is not our business.

        2. Sure thing North Korea and Syria never ever get caught smuggling stuff to each other… ever… especially stuff to make nukes and nerve gas. purely peaceful items.

        3. Sorry chief, but your war drum beating isn’t really convincing me. I don’t live my life fearing every state that the FedGov tells me to fear. You want war, go join a mercenary group and get your macho on. This perpetual war shit is getting old.

      2. to be fair, if they don’t do anything to you you will still be living in ohio…so, ya know…there is that…those devious Korsyrians with Kim Jung Assad know no mercy

        1. Yeah, it sucks to be living surrounded by rich soil, enough food to feed Europe annually, pretty blonde Germanic chicks and fresh air. We be hurtin’ here bro.

        2. I read that as “middle of no where with beer pong queens” 🙂

        3. Hey, not everybody is lucky enough to live around bony whippet type women with giant alien sized mouths!

        4. Yes, NYC known the world over for its oddly unattractive women.
          Meanwhile, the giant alien sized mouths are evolutionary imperative to fit out giant alien sized genitals in (kinda asked for that one)

        5. I’d have to walk the streets to be certain, because you’re only ever going to post pics of girls that you find attractive, so maybe there are some non bony whippet giant alien sized mouth women there, but I have seen no indication of it as of yet. Heh

        6. Lol. Yes SoCal, nyc, Paris, Milan….all filed with with which flal shirt when compared to the American Midwest.
          Lord oh lord GOJ you are my favorite believer

        7. Paris has lots of beautiful women. SoCal has almost unearthly beautiful women in parts. Quebec has a lot of truly beautiful women. The only pics I’ve seen from NYC are the BWGASM types. BWGASM, heh, that reads funny.

        8. I’ve never be to Quebec and don’t think I ever will but I’d like to go.
          My friend you are missing out on the beauty that is here. Granted, we don’t have any walmarts but I think there is plenty to keep the eye busy

  34. Yes, listen to what one of the proponents of that false war says now: 1:58 Wilkerson joins in.

    This is why War crimes being prosecuted would have prevented the constant barrage of us in other countries.

  35. Bannon For President 2020!
    Just kidding, the time of looking to politicians and would-be leaders for inspiration and change are over.
    Put faith in your neighborhood patriots and ammo up kids.

  36. OT: (kinda) – Justice Kennedy, who is really inconsistent and sides with
    the Left a lot, is now being reported as being ready to retire/step
    If that happens that means 2! 2! 2 SCOTUS replacements from that list Trump published! We’ll shut down the left *entirely* for decades to come! Wa-fucking-hooo!

    1. And Ginsburg ain’t gonna last a whole lot longer either. Things could get better bigly, if we say our prayers, take our vitamins, and keep hangin’ & bangin’ with the Hulkster

      1. I was just gonna say that, too. Ginsburg doesn’t look too good lately. She’ll probably be gone soon.

    2. I hope you’re right Ghost. I’m not so sanguine about the future SCOTUS. Roberts sold us out. (Maybe NSA got some dirt on him and his family.) Bush 1 gave us Souter. I hope that Trump would nominate Mike Lee or Alex Kozinski from the 9th Circuit, or get the chance to nominate both.

      1. Mike Lee authored a book entitled “Our Lost Constitution”, if he had his druthers it’d stay that way forever.
        The guy is a globalist stooge, he’s the face of the #neverTrump mutiny that went down at the RNC, and he has pushed extremely liberal measures during his time in the Senate.
        Instead of putting Mike Lee on SCOTUS, just pass a law that grants Chief Justice Roberts 2 votes.

    3. Before you get too elated, in the buildup for Gorsuch, word was going ’round that Kennedy’s retirement offer was contingent upon McConnell not “going nuclear” to confirm Gorsuch.
      I suspect that Trump was guaranteed 2 from the get-go, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t going to live forever.
      Speaking of “The Notorious RBG”, how is it that Scalia too often went left but she, his best buddy on the Court, never went right?

  37. I think this article is missing the big picture. Look at the context: Trump was meeting Xi that same day. The US has a problem, namely North Korea which in 2 years will have nuclear missiles capable of hitting San Francisco. The chemical attack gave Trump the excuse to flex muscle in order to show China that either they control North Korea, or the US will intervene in their back yard.
    Meanwhile the maneuver utterly destroys the MSM “Russian puppet” false narrative (you can’t be a puppet when you’re angering Russia) and pauses the attacks from the neocons. CNN now would look silly pursuing the Russian angle any more. EU leaders come to support him and all he lost was a couple of missiles which hit an airfield with low importance, which by the way is still half operational. It seems like a great tactical move if you ask me.

  38. The more influence Kushner takes on, the more uneasy I get about an already bleak futurescape. If I wanted a (((NYC liberal))) in power, I’d have voted Democrat. I think the observation here about the irony of Trump finally uniting left & right — against him — is becoming increasingly likely.
    The question is, where will the online hotspot be, where that all takes place? During the election it seemed like r/The_Donald was resistance HQ; now it’s just a nonstop circle jerk where you’re going to get banned on the double if you so much as raise any question about Mr. President’s apparent abandonment of his Nationalist campaign rhetoric. So kids, help me out. I’m an old man, and I only have so much time to find the pulse of rebellion. Where do we go from here to stay united against globalism, ESPECIALLY if Trump turns out to be untrustworthy?

    1. I said it before:
      When are you all going to wake up and realize that we (including Trump, Hillary, Ivanka et alii) are being played like violins by the handlers in the shadows.
      The farce!
      Taking sides for one or the other is pointless.
      Please, let’s wake up once and for all.
      The music isn’t pretty, and it’s only going to get worse.
      Stop looking for a savior, whether temporal or eternal.
      Have the courage to stand alone
      And, full with virility,
      To ride the tiger down the bottomless pit.

      1. I’m with you bro, esp if you’re a fan of the Tao as well. But that, for me, was the beauty of Trump: general paradigm has moved too far to the left & globalist elites are pushing towards the reinstatement of serfdom for the common man. The campaign Trump seemed intent on moving both of those back towards the center where they belong, and if I have to choose a leader for the people, that’s the kind I want.

        1. Холодная и темная ночь прошла почти незаметно

    1. Maybe (kike)kushner is what he is, a snake. Meanwhile Bannon may simply be more noble, i.e., non manipulative.

  39. (((The Jews))) recaptured their rule over Washington via (((Kushner))).
    And if it is in (((Jewish))) interests, (((they))) will have no qualms to start a war between the USA and Russia.
    Now that would be White Genocide escalated to industrial level, God save us all!

    1. WW1 & WW2 were a white genocide, primarily aimed at white people
      Before WW1 30% of the planet was white, after WW1 & WW2 only 10% of white people are left
      If white people dont organise & form communities able enough, to march into the white house & throw these jew politicians, out into the streets where they belong …
      They will genocide the remaining 10% of you white people
      You have to organise & maintain an armed presence, outside the politicians homes, to ensure they are more scared of you, then they are of the bankers
      Either you as a people control your country, or you keep a gun aimed at every politicians temple to ensure they do as you say
      Groups of constant vigilant armed working men with their guns constantly fixed at politicians temple’s, is what is required when dealing with a system of vermin & parasites

        1. I second that. Or better yet, keep taking out these politicians until some get in that don’t coddle to the banks. They’re afraid of the banks sending assassins to kill them? People who are driven by their own desires will get the job done much faster than some heartless satanist assassin for-hire.

  40. What ever happened to, “Make America great again”? Did that go down the “swamp” as well? Here we go again meddling in other countries.
    If Americans don’t regain control of their government, they will end up like Germany after WWII, what happened to the Germans 72 years ago was a horrible crime, in the case of the Americans it will be nothing but justice.

  41. Nothing changes. The US supported the ‘good’ mujahadeen in their fight against the russians, and ended up with a new enemy which they have been fighting ever since. We went marching into Iraq to remove the ‘evil’ Saddam, and made a nice cozy space for ISIS. People get the government they deserve. In the islamic world, that is a totalitarian government that can keep the nutjobs in check, democracies are far too weak to do it. Arrogant of us to assume that the democratic systems that evolved in the West in the last couple of centuries can just be pushed onto other civilizations and take root overnight.
    I don’t think Russia is the big enemy of our society anymore (it was in the first half of the 20th century), in fact I think it may be amongst the few places where Western civilization still has a hold by the end of this century. It will be gone from Europe, and I have no great hopes for Australia, Canada or the US, either, because our own governments are working to bring it down.

    1. Russia never was and never will be stronghold for western civilisation or high morale or values. Its rather globalist on the inside – its morale is low, big cities are invaded by millions of muslim guest workers who have no regard to christians or any other religions in Russia and Putin does nothing to stop it.
      Its degrading, it always has, those, who never lived oppressed under russian rule, often have opinions based on only pro-russian propaganda and thus fail to see that theres no “bad jews controlled US&A versus holy mekka of spirituality ran by Putin”. They both know how to stirr shit up in their areas of interest and pat their allies at the right time just to flush them down the drain when its convenient to do so.
      Russia still remains huge threat to the North/Eastern Europe.

  42. For the first time I read a real analyze for the Syrian situation.
    God bless you… you made it clear.

  43. One would think after all the other BS we got ourselves mixed up in that America would learn not to get involved in all these fights that aren’t our fights. Cut off foreign aid, especially military aid, stop meddling where we have no business meddling-America first.

    1. This is our fight though, as Trump so often stressed, we created ISIS.
      Just like the Afghanis in the ’80s, if we weren’t supporting them, the Russians would’ve annihilated them long ago.
      Assuming that he does want to, I wonder how does Trump cut off the from Congress & the “Deep State” the flow of money & materiel to ISIS?

      1. We did create it and we also helped them ( moderate rebels) get a foothold in Syria. Get out, let the Russians take care of them, it ain’t our fight.

  44. Sorry I don’t want to unite with the left. I want the left to realize their folly and foolishness, then I’ll consider them worthy of allies.

  45. Its all part of the plan, I wonder which “hero” idiots will worship next who ends up getting us into another war by destroying Iran after Syria.

  46. Past presidents got us entangled in the Middle East. Our New Fuhrer must try to straighten out the mess. Give him a chance.

  47. Is it possible that Trump is playing his globalist “Fifth Column” with this?
    Supposedly, Russia knew of the attack in advance. Trump attacks, does no real damage, Bannon/Putin play along, and his Fifth Column (Kushner, Pence, Haley etc) & other globalists (McCain) are fooled, while simultaneously destroying the “Putin helps Trump” media narrative?
    On this, Democrat sympathizers are currently suggesting this very strategy and they’re being mocked for it. So, if this-what they allege-is true, then mission accomplished, with a heaping helping of irony?

    1. If Trump never meant MAGA, then what was the point of him running?
      Hillary is, by far, better at being a globalist neocon. She’s also a confirmed “crony corporatist”.

      1. What was the point ?? Maybe to depress more the American working man & woman in to hopelessness ??

  48. What a bunch of pathetic defeatists. The majority of you just need something to bitch about constantly. You come here and read and comment and read and comment but you never take anything of value out of the content. No matter what you will bitch because your lives plain suck. You need something worthwhile to do.
    Either that is the case or this place is getting shilled hard.

    1. How about we chain you to a gate and make you watch your wife raped and children beheaded you little bitch.
      Because this kind of shit and the killing of christians is what my country is helping.
      And i want no part in it

    1. Tony Blair seething in outrage. Demands ICC tribunal.
      London mayor outlaws jews.
      News at 11.

  49. I would laugh when I heard people saying that Trump would fight against the Elites. He’s a fffin Billionaire. How is he not part of the Elites? Smh

  50. Very few Westerners realize that Assad Jr. (and his father before him) have for decades protected minorities, especially Christians. They did so in a region that of barbarians. The only way to maintain an inkling of civility in the ME is to be brutal with the barbarians. It has always been that way and always will be.
    I don’t know what the hell Trump is up to. I hope he is not a lost cause, but every day since those cruise missiles flew has been a spiral downward into the same old shit we would have had with that bitch HRC.

  51. USA: hey Syria, sell me your oil in US dollars
    Syria: No way man.
    USA: I’m giving you warning or we will blow up your country.
    Russia: Hey Syria, sell your oil to us in our currency.
    Syria: Hey USA I’m selling my oil to Russia.
    USA bombs Syria.

  52. The only good arab is a dead arab helps to explain what happened, it doesn’t matter what side they are on they are all mentally defective.
    Good riddance….

  53. 1) “the US and its allies have been taking to destroy stable Arab states for Israel”. FALSE. Iraq was not at all bellicose towards Israel by the time the US invaded. BTW who did they invade? KUWAIT. Who the fuck do you think requested US intervention? Likewise, Syria was completely in hand except for some monetary assistance to Hezbollah, which was rendered neutral yet again in Israel’s 2008 strike on Lebanon. Israel doesn’t need the help. SAUDI ARABIA and THE GULF states are the allies we are fighting for currently.
    2) “We are in the midst of a globalist war efforts against Russia and its allies.” Who the fuck do you work for? A) Nobody was fucking with Russia until they INVADED TWO COUNTRIES and B) Who the fuck cares if there’s a globalist “war” on Russia? They’re not our allies. They butchered millions and tried to erase dozens of cultures. Aren’t half the articles on here about how bad communism is?
    3) “Besides, if Assad is so horrible, why is it that the overwhelming majority of Syrians support him”. Hmm, IDK, maybe it’s the fact that opposition parties are illegal? Or the censorship of the media and internet? [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights_in_Syria]
    4) You might have also touched on the fact that it was a complete sham of a strike; advance warning, little damage, airfield operational within 6 hours. Pretty bad Zionist warmongering.
    What a mockery of an article. In the words of Connor McGregor, “Who the fook is this guy?”

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