40 Images Of The Grand National’s “Ladies Day” That Show How Low Western Women Have Sunk

The Grand National horse race took place last weekend in England and apart from what I heard about it, being in the horse racing community myself, I paid little attention to the event.

That is until I saw the pictures of their “Ladies day”, a pathetic mix of binge drinking, lower tier women thinking that they are 10s and a total absence of self-restraint and public decency.

It takes place at Aintree Racecourse every year in Liverpool, probably the vainest city in the UK, with more fake tan use and sun tanning salons than anywhere else in the country. So it already does not start too well.

The 2017 Ladies Day of the Grand National, gents:


“Oi, Keith! Give us a hand with those, will ya?”


One must know when the party is over.


The “no bra + nascent beer gut” combo


“Better fix my makeup before I sit in someone’s piss”


The lifeless abyss and cold emptiness of the thousand cock stare



“It says here that it is because of our genetics”



I am at a loss for words



Let’s destroy those healthy eggs and that nice, homely face





You go, grrrrl!


Stay classy.





England’s favourite feminine footwear after the first hundred yards


Thousand cock stare: Exhibit 2


Kebab Woman, the worst superhero of our time


Probably wondering why those horses are running in circles


Every inch of cleavage is needed to distract from “The Chin”


Personal champagne bottle : eliminate the middle man and be classy on the cheap




The Anglo plague of hen dos


Tramp stamp and ankle tattoo: read the warning signs


They should breathalyse them before letting anyone near the horses





Do not trip or we are all doomed.


Posing in rubbish. Says it all.



Six more or six less seeing it, who cares?


Who needs a glass when you have class?



Failed feminism at its finest

You would expect that with the price of the entrance (tickets around 25 £ quickly sell out so forty quid is the minimum to get in), the tradition of dressing well for the event and the price of the drinks would spare you the sight of the rabble.

But they found the trick, dividing a 70 £ bottle of champagne between four or five female cheap skates and sneaking drinks in. A few hours later the women, rarely under thirty, are rolling drunk in the grass and pissing everywhere when they don’t stumble away after abandoning their shoes.

A full-frontal display of wrinkled eyes, ankle tattoos and boob jobs that are the only way their saggy tits stay parallel to the ground. Droves of lower 6s and 7s bounce around, tarted up as if they were about to be auctioned to some fat-fetish brothel in downtown Istanbul.

This is what happens when you tell women that they can drink freely, dress the way they want and still be princesses. As soon as you give women their own money and no man is here to keep them in line, debauchery ensues. The Ladies Day is the closest thing a pump and dump and strong, independent women convention would look like.

But with thousands and thousands of attendees, it could not be ALL bad:

Note that this was only a fraction of the girls present BEFORE the races started.

On their side, the lads still seem to have a good time. Dressed well, they bond with friends while laughing at silly slags and might even be able to secure a random gobby behind the portaloos between the fourth and the fifth race.

A visible change

The early days of the Grand National

The world of races used to be classy when women only had access to it under the supervision of their men. The race and meeting friends were the sole focus. Now both sexes enter separately and the only goal is getting blind drunk and taking selfies while dressed in a forty pound pink dress while sprawled in the mud among empty bottles.

The sad part is that white knight MSM media celebrates that decadence with titles like “Our Girls Are Doing Us Proud” and “Liverpool, Capital Of Style” while being delusional on the objective value of these women. Probably the only time of the year their beta writers see female underwear. Nothing exists in our society to chastise them for being so indecent

The race course reflects the decline of civilisation

The Queen at the Gold Cup… and the rest

Those women ruining a sport that symbolised high standards and class in Britain is just another symptom of modern feminism tainting everything it touches. Some men will say that skanks will be skanks, whether you doll them up and put them in a classy environment or not.

But Liverpool is not the only demonstration of that decline. One just has to take a look at the pictures of low SMW women showing their tits at every Kentucky Derby or drunk slags falling in the flower beds after every Melbourne Cup, Derby Stakes or Ascot to see a common pattern.

The Ascot Gold Cup is where you can observe both ends of the spectrum with the Queen of England greeting the crowd in one tribune while at the other end of the racecourse, Kelly pukes her guts out in a purse after her ninth glass of plonk.

This was the Melbourne Cup in the early 1960s:

The Melbourne Cup in the late seventies and 1982:

The Melbourne Cup now:

We can observe it going downhill right after the sexual revolution at the end of the sixties. The same happened to the Kentucky Derby:

It is a good barometer to realise the extent of today’s “Overton Window of dressing like a slut”, but here no one objects or kicks you out for dressing like a prostitute.

Wherever you let modern Western women run free, they will ruin the place just like any English street on a weekend night, spewing between two bins and passing out on the first bench they find.

Un des derniers bastions de la classe à l’occidentale?

I am not a saint and had my share of piss-ups and falling in hedgerows during my student days. But I always kept it on campus without ruining other people’s day-out or putting on a suit on and pretend that I was the dog’s bollocks while having photographers immortalising my crotch. And that stayed in my twenties.

I bet these guys don’t hear much about the evils of patriarchy

It is a parody to let bush pigs and tattooed post-Wall spinsters in on the pretext that they put heels and hats on but still behave like forest animals. Putting fancy hats on plebs do not turn them into acceptable people.

One can wonder if races would be a good place to game. I would agree but only during the regular races and with access to the more restricted areas of the racecourse. Also, as Aintree shows it, the bulk of the quality is very low compared to the few attractive girls and the competition is high. I would also not recommend those days as the quiet spots are rare (though their shame threshold is high) and STDs are rampant in the general public’s enclosure.

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701 thoughts on “40 Images Of The Grand National’s “Ladies Day” That Show How Low Western Women Have Sunk”

    1. Sometimes a haiku
      Will make not a lick of sense

    1. I think that phenomenon is only observable in group 1 flat races. Melbourne Cup, 1000 guineas stakes, ascot, epsom… The only ones that they talk about on mainstream TV. You won’t see that on the races that happen everyday. I have been on thousands of racecourses as long as I can remember and usually girls are rare and the bulk of the crowd are older men with binoculars and the jockeys/owner. Even less so at the trots. Guys are usually old school and almost never bring their girls unless they help cleaning and saddling.

  1. Hate to be the first to say it, but, you decry modern Western women slutdom, yet you talk about game in the same article.
    If you want to fuck single girls, then by the traditional definition you are fucking sluts, as only sluts have pre-marital sex.
    If you don’t like the ‘thousand cock stare’, then stop contributing to it. Your report gives these pictured women exactly what they want; attention. Bravo.

    1. “If you don’t like the ‘thousand cock stare’, then stop contributing to it.”
      We didn’t break the bitches, and it’s not our job to fix them.

      1. That is a reasonable position, but why disparage women for behavior you enjoy? Excluding the overweight examples, the rest are just everyday skanks. They are at least outwardly feminine … dresses, heels, make up, etc. And this type of girl is useful, particularly for men uninterested in marriage, yes? So why the disapproval?

        1. I wouldn’t say I “enjoy” their behavior anymore than I enjoy a 1994 Buick station wagon with a fucked-up transmission and a broken air conditioner. If that’s the only transportation I have, then I’m going to use it; it beats walking, after all. I disparage these women because they’re what constitutes “normal” nowadays. They are pretty much as good as it gets, and it’s nowhere near good enough.

        2. This behavior has been normalized, true, and the percentage of sluts increases, but “as good as it gets”? I don’t know .. that seems a bit pessimistic to me. In fact, it seems sad. Maybe you are one of the older men here?
          I like your analogy. I don’t believe you should be called to task for using whatever mode of transportation is most easily available. Though, again, these girls, while unremarkable and cheap, are useful. Taking marriage/ltrs off the table, they serve your then primary purpose – sex. They will, almost without fail, get you from point A to point B. Rather than a broken down 1994 station wagon, perhaps a gently used Camry?

        3. A 1994 Buick Station wagon can be fixed. It can be brought back to new or modified to be something better than it ever was. The women on the other hand…

      2. Yet you and those like Roosh think men should govern and run society. The truth is, men are always leading society. Men have led society to it’s ruin and men are paying the consequence for it (which I believe is the judgment of God, but that’s another story).
        Game is manipulation to guide a woman according to our will. Women are whores because men led them there. If you truly want to judge and save western society, you will have to admit this to yourself.

        1. Whatever happened to “you broke it, you bought it”? Oh, right; men didn’t like that rule, so they got rid of it.

    2. We didn’t make the new rules. We just learn how to succeed in our time. There is not one among us who would not treasure a real unicorn. But hey that’s why they are unicorns.

      1. Your first two sentences encapsulate what I feel is the one and only correct attitude. As for the second two—fuck unicorns. If I ever meet one I am going to make her cry just for fun

        1. LOFL!!! I reference unicorns only from my perspective of they don’t exist. Thanks for the Huge Laugh.

        2. Much obliged. More seriously though, your comment about succeeding in the time we find ourselves in really resonates.
          Too many people, even here on ROK, with the “if only it was like it used to be” attitude.

        3. Man the past is long gone. I am finding in my neck of the woods the online dating is worthless. They have inflated sense of social market value. It’s day game here, period. The more outrageous I behave the greater my success. AND summer is right around the corner….fresh crop!!! Yay! Summer resort area. I turn 50 next month, just roll with the punches, adapt, reinvent, find what works, heck try older ideas from time to time, BUT have the time of your life everyday!! Thanks for the replies.

        4. This words (replacing resort area with NYC and 50 with 45) could have easily come out of my own mouth Snackbar. I feel we are very closely aligned in view point

    3. First of all, game is a tool. Game can be used to jack up your notch count as high as possible, or it can be used to help a virgin get laid for the first time in an extremely difficult mating environment. Game has benefitted me far more from a mental and philosophical standpoint than it ever has from just getting laid. If the sole point of game was only to get laid, it would have one rule: lower your standards.
      Secondly, there have always been sluts. The difference today is in the numbers and percentages.
      The percentage of women who engage in slutty behavior has skyrocketed. And the numbers of cocks that constitute “slutty behavior” — not to mention the variety of different sexual acts — has also skyrocketed.
      There was a time when a 23 year old woman was considered “slutty” because she had had vaginal sex with 6 or 8 different guys, most of them in relationships of at least some length, and maybe she had blown a handful more, but she had never done anal, or multiple guys at once, or anything too kinky.
      That same 23 year old girl today is basically a virgin.
      The average 23 year old girl today has fucked at least double digit cocks, done anal, multiple partners, interracial, and more than half of anything you see on a hardcore porn site.
      That “slutty” girl in the past was also a rarity. Everyone knew she was a slut and she was treated like one. Consider how far — how many cocks, how many sex tapes, how much freaky sex — a woman would have to do today to be really considered a “slut” by other women and shamed for being one.
      Now, girls compete with each other to see who can fuck the most strange cocks. Being a slut isn’t a bad or shameful thing, its normal. Worse than normal — its encouraged. Its encourage for women to be slutty early and often. Its even excused for women who are married.
      Yes, there is a double standard, but the double standard is based on a biological reality. Sperm is cheap and eggs are precious. The “thousand cock stare” is a thing because it symbolizes the damage a girl does to herself if she engages in repeatedly slutty behavior. She is acting against her biological imperative and damaging herself both physically and mentally. Her capacity to bond — with a male and with her children — is diminished with each different swinging cock and hardcore sexual violation.
      Males are biologically wired to try to implant their seed in as many chicks as they can. They will always have to urge to do this. But I’m not excusing the men here. Yes, we have a better ability to mentally deal with pump-and-dump sex, but eventually that shit gets to us, too. A lot of guys who get really high notch counts will tell you that, after a while, it gets empty and meaningless.
      Look at those guys that have multiple kids by multiple different women, and see if they are as attached to their kids as a guy who has been married and committed to one family for a long period of time. When guys do that shit, it damages the women they go through and the kids they leave behind.

    4. The general rule of thumb is to not break girls who are not broken yet, but the broken girls are fair game. In that context, your “shaming” comment makes no real sense.

      1. Interestingly that was the old school attitude. There were things you didn’t try on “decent women”.
        That being said, I think there’s more room for forgiveness than is commonly supposed. If you basically don’t know any different and have been getting away with murder the whole time, would any of us be much better?

      2. I modify this rule a little. I have no problem breaking girls that aren’t broken. Doesn’t bother me one bit —- so long as I am upfront with them…which I am. I will never deceive them or lead them to believe there is more than meets the eye. In the end, when they try to “save” me or be “the one” and wind up broken shells of their former selves it’s their own damn fault. Can’t say I didn’t warn them.
        Further, I am not sure but I think I want to start drawing a distinction between broken and broken in.
        All girls need a good breaking in…like a baseball mitt. They really aren’t any good until they are worn in s little. There is a difference between breaking in a baseball mitt and making it easier to use and torching a hole in one and making it impossible to use.
        I’ve broken in some mitts in my life and I think those girls are better off for the experience

    5. Wrong. What broke these women were white knight idiots like yourself that cant wait to throw a man in the cage the second his slag of a wife cries for the family courts. Youve castrated all the men, taken away all rights of the fathers to manage their daughters, made marriage into a prison sentence for men, and you sit there with that smug stupid look on your face preaching to the rest of us as though we are to blame.

    1. “The problem is they would still have beta slaves lining up to wife them up”
      Exactly. The cause of the problem right there.

        1. How are you involved in the horse racing community?
          I’m French from Normandy and I work with harness race horses

        2. Same. Involved with trotters mainly. Uncles, in-laws, brothers. Almost all of them jockeys, trainers or vets.

      1. yep…men need to stop bailing them out when they screw up.
        as a Christian,i believe in forgiveness and second chances…but after getting burned several times by women who “used to be” whores,i learned something. when a woman says she “used to be” a whore,drug user,etc,that can mean anything.. they like to pull that “i was until i met you” garbage and its always a lie… if a woman slept around or did bad things when she was 18 or 19 years old but has been openly chaste for the past 5-10 years then we can talk about second chances and the past being the past…but two weeks ago is NOT “the past”.

        1. The bible is pretty clear that being forgiven by God does not absolve you of the earthly consequences of your sins.
          Once a slut, always a slut.

        2. uh…the adulteress who Jesus forgave and told to go sin no more? implies that a person CAN turn their life around.

        3. A spurious addition to John’s Gospel that only just made it into the canon. Tacked on to the end, it is obvious that, in style and language, it is an interloper. Wescott and Hort as far back as the 1890’s in a note in their Greek New Testament said of this passage, “Has no right to a place in the four gospels”. So not really a good example to choose!

        4. People forget the difference between redemption and forgiveness.
          Sure if you are sincere you will be forgiven for your sins. However that doesn’t mean you have been absolved of your sins. You must atone, seek redemption.
          God isn’t a magic car wash where you need only say I repent then live your life content you’re going to heaven.
          A lot of people have the false impression they can sin without censure but need only ask forgiveness before they die. Idiots.

        5. Thank you, an excellent example of what I was trying to say. If you murder, you still go to prison. Even if you have asked for and received heavenly redemption for your sin, you must still pay the earthly consequences for your choices.

        6. If we’re going to play that game, we can pick the whole Bible apart; and before you know it, we’ll all be Unitarians. Or Deists.

        7. The adulteress Christ forgives does not imply that a person can turn their life around. What it implies is that a sinner, through earnest repentance, can receive the forgiveness of the lord which is fine and dandy.
          Jesus did not tell her “go, find a nice felllow, get married and forget about your past as a whore because it doesn’t matter” he said “go and live a penitent life of perpetual apology and upon your death your soul will be clean”
          Christ clan clean souls….but not holes

        8. id take your input on Christian theology a little more seriously if you werent an out and proud adulterer who boasts online about committing adultery with other mens wives,and even admitted to getting off on the idea that youre “cucking another man”,and also admitted to getting some kind of satisfaction in seducing a married Christian woman while there was a cross mounted above her bed.

        9. not sure what that has to do with the price of tea in Nazareth. That’s ok though, if you want to be a judgmental little twat I can accept that. After all, one of the greatest things a man can do is judge other men …. especially ones he doesn’t know.
          Ya know, I may not be moral by Christian standards but that is not a standard I attempt to live up to. I do take solace in the fact that I am not a blatant fucking hypocrite like some cognitively dissonant bible thumpers out there.
          As for what you take seriously and not seriously, that is for you. I am not here to teach you all about your own religion. The instruction manual is fairly easy to obtain. To be honest, anything you took seriously is something I feel men of sense should think very carefully about before accepting into their lives as you seem to be an uptight, self-righteous, “blind fool”

        10. Christ said no such thing. Even assuming this is an accurate representation of His words, which as other have noted is not a slamdunk.
          Then Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are your accusers? Has no one condemned you?” “No one, Lord,” she answered. “Neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Now go and sin no more.”
          Absolutely nothing there about “go and live a penitent life of perpetual apology and upon your death your soul will be clean.”
          In fact, all he said was “stop sinning.” Much like the legal advice Jim Carrey gives his client in Liar, Liar. “Stop sinning, asshole!”
          Which can easily be taken to include, “Go, find a nice felllow, get married and forget about your past as a whore because it doesn’t matter.” With your sins covered by His sacrifice, they don’t.

    2. Wow the only difference i see between your guys good and bad are that some of them are ugly shameless sluts and others are good looking shamelss sluts and than you bitch about all women being sluts ,damn it must suck living in such a honourless society

      1. Wow ! difficult to accept the truth, isn’t !? Sluts are called as Sluts, Whores are called Whores, Bitchy are called as Bitchy. females are sluts & whores, entitled bitches, arrogant and ungrateful to MEN.
        ungrateful: assuming that you are slut/whore (read: female);Toilet tissue with which you “wipe your ass” to the Disqus platform you typed your “comment” !!!
        If you are a mangina, then suck it up !

    3. this is it in a nut shell. People get on my case about blaming men but the truth is, women are only doing what men area allowing them to. I am always fond of saying that when a dog bites you, you don’t blame the dog you blame the master who improperly trained it.

      1. This is just nonsense. You cannot apply cultural norms and standards (something we lack today) in any given society without refering to self agency of some kind and personal responsibility of its members. Look how traditional societies operate: they relies mainly on implementing proper cultural norms and use psychological tools like shaming to enforce them if necessary. The point is you cannot have them without assuming self-agency and some relevant responsibilities (among various classes, ages and genders etc) in the society as a whole.
        The real problem is not just that men fucked up and women followed but rather – from sociological point of view – it comes down to normlesness, hiper – individualism and low social cohesion. We don’t need women who are responsible for nothing (we pretty much already have them) but women who are responsible in their proper spheres and according to their natural inclinations.

        1. ok, I’ll bite.
          If my solution to how to live a life is nonesense what do you propose?

        2. I can not answer that question on the fly, but he is on to something.
          A while ago I read somewhere an interesting remark along those lines: in collectivist societies your worth is that of your group, while in individualist ones, your worth is based on your own achievements.
          So even if individualist societies are able to create more wealth, they do it at a price: the rat race, vapid consumerism, and the like.
          The root cause of what we have now is not feminism. At least, not the ideological movement strictly considered. It is women joining the workforce because that way you can consume more. Feminism enters the picture later as a rationalization of the ensuing social upheaval.

        3. See the problem, I think, is with the either or thinking. The reason things are so great now, and they are, is that we live in a collectivist society which makes room for individuals to transcend it.
          The problem is that everyone wants to be special and, truthfully, most people aren’t.

        4. well said, mr knee……the problem that women do not appreciate good men is that there are so very few good men to appreciate…..as distasteful as these 40 photos are, the mass of loser men surrounding them is an equal reason to roll one’s eyes

      2. “… women are only doing what men are allowing them to”
        You’re more than welcome to try to make women do what you think they should ‘be doing’– but until the laws are changed that protect women’s liberties to act the way that they do now — be prepared to be arrested and imprisoned.
        I don’t fear women — what I fear are the White Knights in Blue Uniforms, and the simps in black robes that these women have at their beck and call to ‘protect them’.

        1. Quite right I fear, the legal system has been transformed into a protector in which equal rights (men and women) have been replaced with a skew towards minorities and women (who are really the majority).

        2. That’s it right there. Half a century of feminism has allowed women to act with impunity……and we see the result. It’s said that the true test of a person’s character is power and it’s obvious modern women have failed that test most abjectly.

      3. I haven’t been here in a month or so and sure enough, ‘lolknee’ is still here, relentlessly alpha-signaling. Scanning every single comment for a chance to thump his chest and announce himself as an alpha. You’re a joke, man.

      4. You seem to have a somewhat jaundiced attitude to women. “When a dog bites you…” So women are the dogs of society and men their masters? I am no feminist but insulting chauvinistic rubbish like this belongs in the dark ages.
        You cannot make a sociological argument out of a microcosm – which is all that the Grand National (viewed thus) is.
        It is easy to find all the misbehaviour in a place and photograph it and represent it as ‘typical’. I am willing to guarantee the same can be achieved in any public stadium anywhere in the world especially in America and process the results to suit your argument. Social theory does not work like that at all, but it can be engineered to appear to do so.

        1. women are natural followers. It is their nature. They mold to the direction they are given. That is just how it works. If you are a huge football fan start dating a girl who has never watched football in her life. Watch. I am really fit and spend a lot of time on diet and exercise. Within a week of dating me a girl is always into fitness. If women are acting in a certain way it is because they have been given opportunity and incentive to do so.
          I will hedge here a little bit. I do not think that modern women are all that bad. In fact I like them quite a lot. I like the relaxed attitudes towards sexuality and the massive reduction in the bullshit puritanical nonsense and prudishness that has plagued americans in the past. That said, women are in fact trainable. They are not leaders by nature they are caregivers by nature. A woman will act in the way that she is taught and trained to act. It isn’t misogynistic nor is it chauvinistic…it is just reality

        2. You must be new here. Go have an encounter seasion wiith someone and share your feelings there, Blue Pill cuck.

        3. That’s why when in leadership they always strive for consensus. They can’t make a fucking judgement call if you held a gun to their heads.

        4. OF COURSE you “like the relaxed attitudes towards sexuality and the massive reduction in the bullshit puritanical nonsense and prudishness that has plagued Americans in the past”. So do most of the people reading this.

    4. If Western women are so horrible then why is it often articles here on ROK suggesting that we should hit on them? This is one thing I don’t get with this conflicting website, some columnists write an article that western women are crap, and before you know it, another columnist write an article about how your life will be so much better if you go out and hit on women and show them how needy you are. Since most of the readers are living in the West, it means that we should hit on western women. My only explaination is that this site is independent and have columnists who have different viwes (kind of like an independent newspaper have columnists both from the left and the right).

      1. You hit on them, and then leave them? I do notice there is no Mens day at these races, perhaps when there is, and men end up getting drunk and naked at these events, or men who have multiple partners are applauded as being heroes in the same way as promiscuous females, then maybe we can talk.

      2. A certain kind of man spends ten or twenty years seducing women, then decides he wants to marry a nice virgin–and wonders why there are no virgins left. Hence the young libertine becomes a middle-aged authoritarian conservative. And then there are the hypocrites who talk conservative and walk libertarian; plus a few sincere lifelong conservatives. Most ROK columnists fit one or more of these categories.

    5. So don’t. Make a stand. Why subject yourself to a life of mysery in the long term.
      Nice girls still exist – never settle for anything less.

      1. Don’t fall into the trap! Do you have any idea how many others have said those words before she got to this point?

        1. Hahaha!!! Exactly!! 666 cock glare is rich! Just came up with ‘diversified trader’ as a replacement for the ‘fuck boy’ line being shouted by hoes in wide numbers. Someone’s got to bring the ass back to class.

  2. #2 looks like my neighbor- mid 40s(looks older) husband left a year ago, still managed to find another dude a few months later(I’d say hes a few years younger, I see him walking HER dog hahaha)

  3. THIS is who we are paying taxes and obeying laws for? So a poser upper class can roll in filth? Every one of these women remind me of the HR pitbull who revels in authority.

      1. There is no reason that guy shouldn’t have pulled out his dick and put it in her mouth half way into her talking
        Oh, and all MGTOWs are total faggots

        1. “i would like to ask you ajghfdlkjhglkjshglkjhfdsjghfdkjhgkljdashglkjsg”

        2. Or….stop using MGTOW as a label when they mean “incel”.

        3. Seems I used to know a term for this which involved a whore house and a fist full of hundreds

        4. I was talking to this friend of mine the other day…….
          So Bob, I hear you got married.
          Sure did! Best choice I ever made.
          What did you do for your honeymoon?
          We went fishin’ you know how I like fishin’.
          Did you have sex with her?
          Nope, gonorrhea, but we went fishin’ you know how I like fishin’
          Did you at least do her in the butt?
          Nope, diarrhea, but we went fishin’ you know how I like fishin’
          Well, did you at least get sucked off?
          Nope, trenchmouth, but we went fishin’, you know how I like fishin’
          For Pete’s sake Bob! Why did you marry her?
          Well, she has worms, and I like fishin’ you know how I like fishin’

        5. I would add: a 3’6″ nymphomaniac with no teeth, a flat head to set my beer on, independently wealthy and owns a liquor store.

        6. I am not one that buys into the whole leaving of offspring as having any value outside of a man enjoying it like he would any hobby, but the mentality that leads to MGTOW is directly contrary to anything that would ever lead to greatness.

        7. ha! a guy at work just said “i married a nymphomaniac but after 5 years the nympho left and only the maniac remained”

        8. I have a female coworker (and present GF) who says they’re all crazy, every one of them! I tease her about taking “happy pills” but if she doesn’t she’s in her words all “boo-hooey” all the time. Yeah the maniac is always there under a thin veneer of self control or anti-depressants I’m afraid.

        9. a lesson the kneeman knows well. The sad thing is, 9 times out of 10 it is the crazy that I am turned on by.

        10. Yea that Donovan article pointed it out well, there are two groups of mgtow. The group A ones who go out and live life but realize that serious relationships are risky so they opt out. And the group B ones who sit around and complain about women all day on the internet

        11. I have been referring to the first group as MGTOW+
          Going their own way in the sense of not getting into relationships or marriage, taking the whole “you will die alone” and owning it and using that time to be meditative and grow as a man, but still be social and get laid or even have small mini relationships. BUt at this point I don’t even want to use MGTOW+ because I don’t want the connotation with the MGTOW marys. I have been looking for a new term

        12. Kneeman, I’m crazy too. It keeps me from going insane. So yeah, a little bit of crazy in a woman appeals to me. 😉

        13. Anything which cuts to the truths that are not to be spoken will have their terms ruined by associating them with the worst possible elements.
          There will always be the need for new labels because the old ones will be continually be destroyed. PUA is associated with rape. MGTOW is associated with being degenerate losers who just complain about women. It will always be the extremes that end up defining the terms.

        14. Yes, having children is like that of any other hobby or activity a man may enjoy. However, the mentality that causes some men not learn how to repair their own cars or homes or hunt or farm or any other basics of life doesn’t lead to greatness either. But there it has been accepted that learning such things takes considerably more of a man’s time than it did decades ago. That the amount of knowledge and skill to do so so minimally well has increased. And so it has with the demands of relationships with women.
          As the minimum dedication required to any pursuit increases fewer and fewer men will pursue it to the degrees necessary. If a penalty for failure is added then that decline will be even faster. It’s a market response. But for some reason with regard to women it is shamed. As if every man should have an infinite desire to pursue it. Either for the sport of it or for children.
          This market response is what kept women in line for thousands of years. If they demanded too much men would take up other pursuits and they would be left to survive on their own. Men could become intellectuals, go out sea, have military careers, and so on. The state disturbed that balance with welfare and other programs and laws. The state has created a bubble in this market over the last century or so. It will burst at some point. What is unsustainable will at some point not be sustained.

        15. Faggots? You mean bundles of sticks? Surely you don’t use such insensitive, triggering homophobic language regularly?
          And I apologize for calling you Shirley.

        16. The crazy ones are the most loyal I have found. Loyal up to the point of knifing you in your sleep.
          …maybe that is Hispanic I am thinking of…

        17. Really nicely stated dude.
          I will say about the eventual burst: I live in the world I am given. That world has changed some Since I was young and I have adapted.
          Whatever the world brings I will find a way to bend it to my advantage. So I put my time into that rather than into the foolhearty attempts to try to change the world.
          Sure, the tide will change sooner or later. I don’t need to be part of that nor do I feel it is important that it change in the way I want….when it changes, I will survey the situation and act accordingly

        18. “She won’t leave him. She’ll kill him, but she won’t leave him”
          Jimmy Conway

        19. “It’s not finding one who’s not crazy, they’re all crazy, it’s finding one who isn’t mean.” -Dante Nero aka Beige Phillip

        20. if it hasn’t happened by now…..
          plus, women need just enough meanness in them so you feel you are punishing them for something with each thrust.

        21. Keep going bud. I know nipping at the ankles of better men is a hobby for the weak and impotent.

        22. Nip nip nip
          You’re so cute buck.
          Maybe one day you could say something to my face and I’ll Time how long it takes before you piss yourself lol

        23. What good is a woman if you don’t feel she might stab you while your sleeping

        24. What was I saying about ‘alpha signalling’?
          KAIZEN SYSTEM. Google it and get yourself offline. Your alpha larping neural feedback loops are wrecking your life and I think you know that on some level. You’re a mess, bro. I mean that earnestly and with your best interests in mind. Log off.

        25. Hahaha dude you are so out of your element you couldn’t even begin to fathom. I know you have had this faggy crush on me and are trying to deal with it. I don’t know how to help you.
          In the meantime, keep being an internet tough guy if it helps you self esteem. Good god knows you need all the help you can get

        26. You’re right. I am out of my element because when it comes to alpha-larping online, you are a BIG LEAGUER. It’s really not my element. You and Ghost of Jefferson should have a larp-off, cyber cock sword fight if you haven’t already. I won’t be here for it. There’s that thing called LIFE that interests me more. To each their own.
          “keep being an internet tough guy” says ‘lolknee.’ Oh man, the lack of self awareness. Anyway, back to LIFE for me. I’ll check in again in a month or so or maybe not.

        27. The real question is how do you feel about it. If you feel shitty about that fact than you can hide and deny it to yourself by getting married. I for one wil be glad to die alone. I am excited for my last few minutes before departure. I really want to enjoy them and connect with them.

        28. would never happen. You know, sometimes you have to give back a little. Letting someone get their rage out on you. With this one? I might have prevented a school shooting. He seems the type.

        29. MGTOW = involuntary celibacy. They are like feminists who say they don’t need men. Yet. Men need women and women certainly need men (or don’t they like running water, electricity, pumping gas, your internetconnection etc)

      2. I get the gist of it, but I couldn’t make out most of the words in the audio.
        Did I hear “4 More Years”, or was that just a bad flashback to 2012?
        …Is it just me, or does that girl sound like Milo?

      3. And, of course, she throws a tantrum and gets violent when she doesn’t get her way. Why not? She knows there won’t be any consequences.

  4. What the Hell, they look like some spectacle out of one of those hunger games movies…the gluttony and degeneracy of the West is alarming when put on full display….

  5. Soccer mom hooligans
    Except they neither know nor care what event they are at…and probably have no kids – ever
    Bye bye blighty

    1. These women remind me of the trashy neighbor in “the increasingly poor
      decisons of todd margaret”. couldnt find a clip, but Ill leave this here

  6. My God. Very few bangable, and I’m shocked at the number of hamplanets.
    Many are beyond fat and ugly… they are simply grotesque (i.e. #9)

    1. Yeah, number nine’s titty situation is quite the shit show. I pity the child who has to be breast-fed off those things — barf.

      1. I don’t know if there is a word comparable to “cross-eyed” for tits in the English language. The french would say “one tit that says “shit” to the other”.

      2. Who would make a baby with that? Blegh.
        She doesn’t even have a decency to cover those beasts up. Her level of confidence is amazing.

    2. the thing is, this is an article which has taken examples of the worst of what we have to offer and contextualized it in a way that leads one to believe that this is simply what is out there when, in reality, there are more beautiful women roaming the streets than one has time to fuck….trust me, I am trying to get to them all.

      1. In……..England?
        In America, absolutely. But……England?
        Cocaine is a hell of a drug, sir.

        1. and now chollie murphy is being asked “what did the five fingers say to the face” by Rick James in the China Club in the sky. take er easy

        2. There are pretty girls in the U.K. I was half jesting. That being said, the percentage of pretty girls seems a lot lower in the U.K. than in the U.S., at least to my eyes and experience.

        3. Oh come on, that is totally not fair. There are TONS of super hot women in England…especially in the Polish, Czech or Romanian neighborhoods, the tourist areas and wherever the Russians go to meet rich men

        4. Oh, no question, many of the foreign women in England can be stunning.
          Every pretty girl I encounter in London seems to have a French or Polish accent. Good for them. Heh.

        5. I didn’t see as many hb8’s or better as in the US. However, overall, the average 5 girl was probably better over there. People walked more to get from point A to B.

        6. Oh yes, the French too!
          Yeah, I have an uncle who lives in Prim Rose Hill and when I visited there were so many polish smoke shows it wasn’t even funny. I would be shocked if there were as many hot polish girls in Poland as there were in North West London. Meanwhile, I stayed around the corner from the museum and was really impressed by how hot the women were……none of them English I grant you but still….hachi machi

        7. See if you can think through it and guess where I stayed in London when I was there. I will give you 10 points for the area and another 10 if you can name the exact hotel. Here is the hint…near the museum and super easy for you to guess. Let me know on telegram

        8. Depends on which museum you mean, but either Kensington or Bloomsbury. I’m going by the either the British Museum or the Natural History, given as they’re the two biggies in London.

        9. I can’t give you more of a hint. The area is the most patently obvious place in London for me to stay.

        10. Again yes, but you’re talking Dublin and Belfast for the best…
          And of course they have those Irish accents… mmmmmmm….
          Unfortunately, Irish women are still being laid waste to by, and ruining themselves due to, Feminism…

        11. Swings and roundabouts… but on the whole I’d agree…
          Having said that our delightful English Roses aren’t quite as fucking enormous as their US LandWhale counterparts…

        12. Well, breaking it down, the West side of London seems to be the more affluent and devoid of that good old fashioned Pakistani smell so….Mayfair (near Oxford street and Picadilly I believe)? How that sits in relation to nearby museums I’m not entirely certain. Generally, I don’t go to museums, outside of major big name ones, and even those, infrequently. I’m more of a castle man myself. Kensington is also really affluent though.

        13. It“s somehow surreal for me why someone would come to the UK for the sake of (Eastern) European women…
          However, considering that myself have visited Miami more than once just for the sake of a Haitian-American girl, I think it`s ok.
          Each to their own.

        14. I don’t go to the U.K. for them, I just notice them when I’m there.

      2. Brit here, and I hate to admit this, but yes that *really* is representative…
        Obviously the situation in London is a little better, but these pictures is an accurate snapshot of our…. er…. ‘English Roses’ dressed up in their very best clothes and wearing their very best make up….

        1. I’ve not been outside London, but I believe it. It is probably similar to our situation once you leave NY, LA or MIA — maybe somewhat worse on your end. Like I said below, London is filled with super hot women….only they are all from Continental or Eastern Europe or America

        2. Outside of London resembles, to me, something along the line of a cross between somewhere in the American South and Appalachia, mixed. Exceptions of course, but overall, it’s slim pickings. Speaking countryside, and not other big cities like York or Liverpool of course.

        3. Only place safe-ish is Surrey and Home Counties, where the wealthy live outside of Town and wife up the good(ish) ones…

        4. With the very small possibility of luring me to France, other than the islands in the Caribbean that I can get to in under 4 hours by plane I will probably never leave the US again and very likely will, in 50 years, be able to count the number of non-Caribbean vacation times I leave NYC with my fingers.

        5. I can relate to your analogy.
          in the US, I have only been to LA, Chicago, Houston and Miami.
          Those three cities have plenty of gorgeous ladies…only they are from Mexico (in LA), Puerto Rico (in Chicago), Nigeria (in Houston)Haiti, DR and Barbados (in Miami).

        6. yup, and as the city gets bigger the group gets more cosmopolitan. NYC is far more a land of its own than a city in a country and I feel much more a “New Yorker” than an American. I see girls from every possible culture and background in the world but here I can see they are new Yorkers. I didn’t find the same in Paris when I lived there. In paris there were Parisians and then Czechs or Poles or whatever living in Paris. In new York, however, you leave your national identity for your city identity. So when I am dating a Romanian girl to me she is a new Yorker from Romania.

      3. Oh, I agree there are many stunners around. But still they are a distinct minority… especially here in the USA. I’ve lived enough places (stateside and overseas) and been around both the blue collar and white collar worlds. I insist that in the USA especially, fatties, feminists, and tattooed creatures ( or some combination of those types) rule the day.
        I’m lucky that I snagged a good, feminine European wife, cuz the pickings are slim here in America.

        1. Can’t say how things are out in elvis country, but I find the women here in the city to be the absolute crème de la crème and hear tell good things of women in other areas. I too am partial to European broads so I can’t fault you that, but we have some good stuff here.

        2. My “elvis country” has over 1 million peeps. My “elvis country” before that had almost 2 million. Is elvis country anything that ain’t NYC??
          I’m still not encouraged by the vast majority of what I’ve been seeing over the past 20 years or so in the USA. And the fairly recent trend of the younger chicks getting all tatted up is just tragic.
          Having been around yourself, is it your opinion that, for whatever reason, NYC has a higher proportion of babes than other cities here?

        3. Agreed on tats.
          Nyc has a lot of babies but they count the ghetto trash which I generally ignore.
          I don’t see as many tats on young girls I pass as I do on b and t girls from the outer boroughs or, ugh, lawn guy land.
          You travel in areas here that appeal to you. A tatted up girl isn’t going to make it long in the world I inhabit even if she would do well in Brooklyn.
          As for major cities I pretty much recognize LA and NY. Chicago is a small city and MI is for vacation.

        1. This is not my experience. I find the women to be just as sane as any other women…they are still women — followers, vain, shallow and nearly devoid of logic …. but that is just being women. I think western women as still the crème de la crème despite the fact that there is a very vocal, fat minority which probably ought to be turned into soap

      4. Those pics show that the Grand National is a concentrate of the worse. If they were all like that everywhere in England, All the brits would be on suicide watch

        1. London and Home Counties the best… the further North you go the worse, until our… ‘English Roses’ have more facial and bodily hair than our men…

      1. that was my generation’s worth – just had mouthes like ashtrays but at least weren’t ham beasts!
        The latest lot are fat, uncouth, vulgar slags…
        Amusingly, for contrast, modern British…. um…. ‘men’ have no discernible muscle mass and look like they are about to snap…
        How the two procreate is entirely unimaginable to me!

    1. the bride is cute and so is the girl in white to the right. Maybe the blonde in the blue dress, but I can’t tell for sure.

        1. I meant, that it won’t take 20 years, it will take 5.
          You people. Geesh.

        2. we certainly do. At least most of us choke on it, not like @Boothe:disqus who is working on reducing his gag reflex.

        3. lol, giving him static for mentioning above that he is working on reducing his gag reflex.

    1. are you only allowed one pic when you set up your dating profile? Hes into working out and plays the violin, so that is his pic? If he was a scuba diver, would the pic also be underwater?

    2. Fascinating find. It kind of coorberates what Roosh said about dating 7-8 if you are looking for marriage. Funny how truth meets at the middle.

      1. It does, but it also underscores the hilarity of “dating” in NYC. With 4:1 women to men and most of those men being hipsters, over grown boys, living with a half dozen roommates, still living at home or barely surving financially, the rest of us are actually getting tired of banging models.

        1. I’ll play a few delta blues songs today in sympathy for your plight, knee-ster.
          Times is hard….times….is hard.

        2. hahahaha, don’t get me wrong I am not a times is hard guy…I freaking love it. I am more excited than Yakov Smirnoff. America! What a country!

        3. No way!! I know when I go back to NY, it is so easy to get a woman it always feels like a vacation. Doesn’t seem like the models are tatted up or whatever either (God Bless NY competition) but just vapid. Guess when the expectations are all known the desire for challenge kills some of the joy.

        4. I live here and your experience visiting is exactly the same experience I have every day from going out to commuting to and from work.

    1. “and the Number 11 – -do you guys know if she is English (looking) or import from Scandinavia/Ukraine”
      I reposted that same photo in my comment too. I’m suspecting maybe it is a professionally done PR photo with actual young, pretty models brought in from other parts of europe to cover up the fact that the real women that attend this event really make it a swine fest.
      And then after the photo shoot, the young hotties go home and the saggy titted grandmas get drunk, naked, and show off the inside of their disease ridden, antiquated uteruses. Ugh…

    2. Defo all English. Races are just not in the culture in EE, it was frowned upon during Communism. Plus you have to know some Brits to get a group to go together. And EE girls tend (in the majority) to stick with their kind.

  7. “Bush pigs and tattooed post-wall spinsters” for the win.
    Love the writing here. But I guess I can afford to enjoy laughing at the losers that pass for women these days. I’ve had a good one for 20+ years.
    I shudder for the future. My son [13] is being introduced to the red pill as reality even now.

  8. I thought American women were vile until I had to spend a month on business in Stoke on Trent. I have no idea how any British man ever gets a hard on. Their women are gross.

    1. Worst women on the planet:
      1. British
      2. Canadian
      3. Swedish
      4. German
      5. Australian
      6. New Zealand
      7. US American
      8. French
      I’m just not sure about the order…they are all very close to each other.

      1. Western society has some of the worst, but it also has some of the best. Although rare, the good girls out there in those countries are great because they are being good on their own, not because of circumstance. You take an average girl from Ukraine/Taiwan or wherever and move her back to the states, and in 20 years she will be an average western girl.

      2. French at the top, the NZers then I pretty much agree with your order. Terms of beauty, PNG is the lowest of the low with any Melanesian island

        1. Oh come now JB, I have a long and abiding love of the women of france. They are on the absolute top of my list.

        2. I strongly suspect that every manosphere guy will put his own nation at the top. We all think we have it bad and that others have it better.

        3. EDIT: My comment is confined almost entirely to Parisians, the girls of the Cote d’azure and wherever the beautiful, wonderful people who occupy St Barth come from.

        4. Same theory as I have expressed to you regarding vacations. Those folks on that island you went to probably spend day in and out saying “Man, this place sucks, it’s such a drag. All of these drunk foreigners everywhere and there’s nothing to do, I really wish I could take a trip to NYC”.

        5. actually, I asked a lot of them…every single one said they lived in paradise (this is the Europeans who lived there) but the local blacks on St Martin (there are none on st barth) all wanted to go to New York.
          Talking to this guy named ANdrew who has this little whaler that seats maybe 6 people comfortably and 8 people max and all he does is takes them out snorkeling, drinking, site seeing, water skiing whatever…this is a blonde hair, blue eyed French kid…..”why in the world would I go somewhere else but here”

        6. Lad… Paris and Côte d’Azur are only the tip of the iceberg. Pretty sure Clermont or Nantes would show you what i mean.

        7. I would tend to agree. You always can get bored of something you have been exposed to all your life. We have good genetics disposions fro pretty girls in france, but their character is generally awful.

        8. Yeah, I can’t leave major metropolitan cities or bourgeois vacation resort towns.
          I once fucked a girl in Juan les Pins, on my way to either northern Italy or Monte Carlo can’t remember, who was so fucking sexy that despite it being 10 years ago, if I close my eyes really hard I can still see her face like the way the sun sticks in your eyes after you stare at it.

      3. Hey bro do you have any idea about what one can talk with the German women ? I have have had some small talks with the college types about classes and shit like that , but I really have no idea what the average german girls in street or clubs talk about or what their interests are.

        1. Travel. Always works . They are some of the most “travelled” wmoen you can encounter, it’s disgusting.

      4. Where do “Mexican/Latina” fit in on that?
        There are myriad stereotypical “pear-shaped” latinas in the USA, but they’re not US Americans, so, slot them in at “7.5”?

        1. Not going to argue with that point.
          Most ‘men’ in Britain now *are* weak… physically, intellectually, spiritually… by any measure

        2. That’s what happens when boys aren’t allowed to fight, fend for themselves or fail as children. They never develop the strength to become real men, and I don’t just mean physical strength.
          Our political class has failed us, mainly because women and already inferior men thought the idea of free stuff for all was well intentioned.
          Our genepool is now a cesspit

        3. I say it’s quite the opposite at least for the lower middle and working class. The newer generations are a lot softer

  9. And still… 90% of guys are asking themselves if they are “good enough” for these girls and are scared to approach them..

        1. True. Feminism goes against human nature. A natural man wants to lead, provide, and protect their family. A natural woman wants to have children, nurture them, and support her husband. Feminism teaches the opposite for both sexes.
          The ones hurt the most are the feminists themselves. They buy into this rhetoric at the time that costs the most. By the time they see the error of their ways, they are already post wall and have little to offer society and wind up bitter and alone.

        2. You’ve summed it up, Jim. Facts are facts despite how unpalatable they may be to certain ideologies. I think it’s important to continue to fight for your beliefs and not give up or become jaded.

    1. Anyman with good sense and good taste would be scared of approaching them! There’re lawsuits afoot!

      1. And that’s not even considering the STDs that they’re undoubtedly incubating in the Petri dish sewers between their legs.

    2. why would you even wanna approach degenerates? I wouldn’t wanna fuck Miley Cyrus for instance, yuk.

    3. They’re in Europe already. For the price of their clothes, tickets and drinks, they could have taken a train to Eastern Europe and gotten some femininity in their lives.

    4. id happily be with a homely 250lb woman with a mustache but has morals and integrity than to be with a supermodel that has has 30 cocks up in her(and thats just this years number!) these women are literally a waste of oxygen.

  10. From my point of view, those pictures really makes a true image of what the modern western feminist women are in general.
    By the way, a funny anecdote, I ran a sociopath test online the other day because I suspected on of my “coworkers” to be one, I answered the entire questionnaire reflecting what I know from his personality… just to confirm if I was right.
    Very strange thing, I started to notice that almost every question could be answered yes by the average women.
    Example: Are you superficially charming? Do you have delusions or other signs of irrational thinking? Do you regularly tell lies or say insincere things? Do you lack insight? Are you pathologically egocentric, and incapable of love? Do you have poor judgment, and fail to learn from experience? Do you often have to fake your actions and responses to others? Does your partying behavior get out of hand? Is your sex life impersonal, trivial or poorly integrated? Have you failed to follow a life plan? Do you make false suicide threats?
    I mean, this is weird, for those who are aware of the true nature of the modern western women, are you noticing how it really seems that their charming personality has a lot of points in common with a sociopath personality.
    I mean, how can you actually know if a woman is a real sociopath? They all have the same characteristic!
    Or maybe a sociopath is just a man with a women personality on testosterone….

        1. There seriously needs to be an article on what AWALT means. I am certain my wife is not like that. Yes, they all have the hamster wheel, they are all narcissistic, fickle, and want to engage in slutty behavior. But, not all women are like the girls in the picture.

        2. I went to a 15 year high school reunion party a few year ago… I was shocked !! Very similar to those picture… I saw only 1 women who was still hot, only 1. They where all fat and totally grotesque. But keep in mind the context, this is a party… , not all women are like the girls in the picture all the time ….

    1. I’ve noticed how, in general, I have a slight feeling of discomfort around just about all the American women I interact with. It’s hard to pinpoint or articulate this feeling in precise terms, but it’s similar to the feeling you get when you know something is just not quite right, like something is “off.”
      It’s like the body is instinctively trying to imply that there is only a veneer of sanity — a thin layer of truth, civility and goodness in this individual, and to always be on your toes for the possibility of that dissipating for God knows what reason. Statistics show that only something around 2-3% of the population have Cluster-B personality disorders. I would bet if honesty existed in the mental health sphere — and that it wasn’t dominated by women who undoubtedly possess these disorders themselves — the true number of women with Borderline/Narcissistic/Hystrionic/Sociopathic tendencies and full-on disorders would be roughly 40%; with about 70% comprising the under 30 demographic.
      That feeling of discomfort I get in my gut is there for a reason, and it’s not paranoia.

      1. Adam Sacks, divorce lawyer in LA, estimated that something like 60% of divorce proceedings include accusations abuse.
        So with all the divorces, either there is an epidemic of abuse or there are more sociopaths on the loose than I thought.

    2. Sociopaths are very rare and they are mostly men. Estimates among professionals vary but even on the low end you’re looking at 5 times more men being sociopaths than women.

      1. Seriously doubt this…
        Maybe in ‘official’ figures, but only as a result of anglobitch pedestalisation. Same as crime figures are manipulated so as not to reveal how many are committed by minorities!

      2. It would appear that female sociopaths / psychopaths are now designated as sufferers of “Borderline Personality Disorder”. …Because we don’t wish to stigmatise women, now, do we?

    3. Problem with these tests is they tend to conflate narcissistic traits into sociopathy/psychopathy, when in reality the only universal characteristic psycholopaths/sociopaths have is the lack or near lack of a conscience, so to speak, an ability to feel guilt, regret, or sympathy.

      1. So, I don’t get it…your idea is that we should just surrender to the third world hordes rather than trying to fix our own civilization?
        We don’t want to preserve 21st century vacuous western civilization, we want to bring back the glorious western civilization that existed in the early 20th century and beforehand.

  11. Anglos…. Anglos being classy…
    Honestly the average Greek is a moron, still such a thing would shock me if I saw it!
    I’ll drink myself to oblivion to forget those images… with tea!
    Why is it as bad as it is? Seriously now?

  12. Thanks Jean. I’ve been working on suppressing my gag reflex and some of these pictures are great training material. Oops…didn’t work…just threw up in my mouth…

    1. Ya know boothe, you really opened yourself up to a whole can of flaming dog poo with this comment lol

        1. By the by, I’ve got a line on an unmodified 2010 ZX-14R with only 6500 miles on it. I hope the pendulum swings that way for me.

        2. So far, you’ve talked about repressing your gag reflex, and swinging pendulums.

        3. just out of curiosity, you think this 14R will outperform the Suzuki GSX1300R or will the differences be so minimal as not to be nocied.

        4. Stock to stock I think the ‘Busa is a tad quicker even though they call the 14R the “the ‘Busa killer”. After I get the 14 it won’t be stock long, I assure you. I just want to be sure I get one that wasn’t modified from someone who was scared of it. I want to be the one to get all the goody out of it. I don’t want sloppy seconds. 😈

        5. Just stirring sh!t my man, just stirring sh!t…this is my Friday. I mainly wanted to see how many sickos I was cross posting with, lol! FWIW, I’ve worked with a lot of former sailors that seemed to have a male oral fixation based their frequent requests (probably something to do with submarine duty). As I explained to them, with a gun to my head you might get it in my mouth, but then you’d see something you’d never seen before: the other end of it.

        6. Oh yeah, it was lolknee that brought up the pendulum thing first. He’s not coming out this unscathed either.

  13. You know, I’m starting to understand the rapefugees’ perspective. Western Europe must look utterly ripe for conquest. You turn on the TV and there’s Conchita Wurst. You grope a girl on the subway and her boyfriend doesn’t come to her defense. You’ve heard that the women over-indulge in alcohol when they go to college but you see that most still don’t have it out of their system by age 30.

    1. I was thinking the same thing very recently. Maybe these thoughts are reaching a kind of critical mass among more people.
      The market has spoken: women prefer rapists over manginas. So much so, they will steer their nations into debt to import rapists so they don’t have to make time for manginas. So much so, they will accuse manginas of being rapists, but will defend rapists as cultural enrichment.
      Western men failed a critical shit test by entertaining the gynocentric worldview. Now we are so compromised, most men think it is immoral to even question feminism. Why does a man let his woman get defiled in his presence and do nothing? Feminism.

    2. Western Europe looks like a brothel to them. And what do people do in brothels? Fuck. Exactly.

  14. Where is Uncle Bob Smith?
    Can you imagine what he would have down with the images in this article by now?

      1. LOL! Yeah… corrected!
        Seriously though, does anyone know what happened to him?
        *Miss* that guy!!

        1. He’s been around? Round? Does he get around? Get around? Round? Round? Does he get around?

        2. Hes in Boise, Idaho. No, no, no, wait a minute, Hes in
          Anchorage, Alaska. No, no, wait, hes in Casper, Wyoming. hes in the
          lobby of a Howard Johnson’s and hes wearing a pink carnation.

        1. Bet he wouldn’t give a shit. He was a real estate tycoon in his day, script writing was his one off hobby, nothing more.

        2. He actually discarded his works after they were put on show. If it weren’t for an associate of his saving the scripts unbeknownst to him, we’d never know who he was today.

        3. Amazingly this is true of quite a few so-called ‘literary geniuses’… The Roman poet Virgil wanted his works, including the Aeneid, burnt on his death!

        4. “He was a real estate tycoon in his day, script writing was his one off hobby, nothing more”
          Where is the evidence for that? Thats news to me, though I am a fan of Shakespeare so I’d enjoy learning more about him.

        5. Beethoven threw his “Heroic” 3rd symphony into the fire when Napoleon decided to get his Emperor game going. So many great works we have today were saved only by luck and circumstance.

        6. He wasn’t really a Donald Trump of course, but he did basically start real estate investments and made income from them. I was kinda half kidding when I relegated his writing to hobby status.
          From here.

          For Shakespeare, the lower middle class son of a social climbing glove maker from the country, the security and social stature that came with the ownership of a substantial property portfolio, particularly in his home town, must have carried a strong appeal. After all, this was a man who used his new found wealth to acquire a family coat of arms – even our greatest poet it would appear suffered from status anxiety.
          From the moment he found success, Shakespeare started to plough his profits into property. In 1597 he purchased New Place (the second largest property in Stratford on Avon and, by all accounts, something ofa “fixer upper”) for £60 in silver. His acquisitions in Stratford continued in 1602 when he acquired 4 “yardlands” of arable in Old Stratford (about 107 acres) for the sum of £320; later that year he purchased a garden and a cottage on the south side of Chapel Lane facingthe gardens of New Place. In 1605 Shakespeare laid out the enormous sumof £440 for the half interest in a lease of “corn, grain, blade and hay” in various hamlets around the town. This was Shakespeare’s income play, yielding about £60 a year before rents and taxes (although the sketchy records of his time in London suggest that Shakespeare was nevermuch one for paying taxes if they could be avoided).
          By 1613 Shakespeare’s career was starting to wane yet there was time for one last deal, the purchase of a house in Ireland Yard, Blackfriars,his first and only known investment in London. While convenient for both the Blackfriars and Globe theatres, any occupation by Shakespeare seems to have been short lived, by 1615 the records show the property as having been let to one John Robinson.

        7. I had to pause and reconsider before I posted that actually. But…I meant as in bajillionaire. He was pretty insecure in a noveaux riche kind of way, yes.

        8. Aye. The complete diametric opposite of the modern world where ‘any old slop(TM)’ will get put out due to the author’s lack of shame *cough*50 Shites of Grey*cough*

    1. For the life of me I still don’t understand the point, or what these people were thinking, when they decide to crib a couple of pages of text onto their skin. For women doing it, my only guess is so that guys will have something interesting to read when banging them out. Or something. I really don’t understand it.

        1. Actually that “read it” thing is a good way to intro yourself to a tatted up hottie. If there is such a thing. I’ve literally hands on turned a girl around while “reading” her tattoo. I had no interest in her of course, but it was to shiv one of my buddies who had the hots for her and was getting cold feet on approaching her. I just went over, introduced myself, started reading, made a comment about the origin, she smiled and agreed, then I basically said “Let me see the rest” and pivoted her around slowly while reading aloud. She was giggly. I returned to my buddy and said “See? She ain’t special”.

        2. I get your point, and that’s good advice, but if she has a tat long enough to read or in a prominent place like that, she fails my definition of “hottie” automatically.

        3. Part of my whole “if there is such a thing” disclaimer.
          She was cute, and if she hadn’t been covered in the script to a broadway play, she would have been bangable. That ink though, Christ, why do they do that?

        4. Because getting tattooed has become nothing more than a fad, and we all know how bitches love to follow trends. It’s quite mindless.

      1. Because deep down, they know that they’re basic and are desperate to have SOMETHING, anything, about themselves that’s interesting or unique……but are too stupid and/or lazy to do what it takes to be interesting or unique without having to rely on appearances.

    2. That’s the thing, I saw the pic and the only thing I could think about was “Bet it must smell like ham too down there”

    3. She ought to get a Macdonalds menu tattooed there instead. That way she can order straight from herself.

        1. Reminds me of that one:
          Guy bangs a 10 £/hour pro in the cheapest whore house and sees littles things jumping up and down her legs:
          “Fo’ fuck’s sake, are those crabs?” he asks
          She says “So what? you thought that for ten quid, you’d get tiger prawns, love?”

        1. I’m starting to wonder whether this is some kind of ‘Terminator’ Scenario….
          You know like one of us lot, in a few years, once the Matriarchy has destroyed pretty much the entirety of Civilisation, in the worlds dying breaths takes a one-way time trip back to the late 70s and writes the definitive guide to escaping the nightmarish future, but can only get employed as a comic book artist because most people can’t believe his horrific vision…

        2. truly the alexander of the modern world. I think he was literally the guy who came up with the phrase:
          “get yer tits oot fer the lads”, and ever since British women have been complying accordingly

    1. I always liked the word “slag” even though we don’t use it much here in the States. Very visceral and descriptive. We should bridge the pond and find a way to use both terms in modern Game parlance.
      I think “slut” should be reserved for women at the peak to middle of their cock carousel career, the ones who have only begun to show the wear and tear of their choices.
      Then “slag” should refer to the slatternly refuse they become on the backside of the carousel, as the cock mileage catches up to them and they degenerate into cock-craven, worn out, torn up, tatted and battered fatties.

      1. Seconded!
        Let’s refine and make more precise our definitions. This is a science and a serious field of inquiry after all…

        1. Good lord yes!
          Get the fucking leftist nonsense out, and replaced with some fine redpill linguistic distinctions!

        2. actually that makes me think has anyone produced an actual red pill dictionary? Would make a wonderful coffee table book or stocking filler at xmas

        3. It will come… surely, as redpill thinking goes mainstream it will come!
          Actually a well produced, witty and lightly presented redpill dictionary could advance our thinking dramatically… it’s a great idea!

  15. I saw these photos on the Daily Mail website. Why do fat women think that chunky strappy shoes with flesh pushing through is attractive. Note, shoes get removed after walking around for an hour because they never wear any shoes other than flip flops or fat flats.

        1. Ms
          Ms Camelia Toe TheHutt
          She’s the latest up and coming British IT Girl and fashion model…

        2. Know to her friends as ‘Hutt the Slut’…. they are still looking for her last ONS in the second to last fold on the right hand side next to her camel toe…

        3. Still alive, no less!
          He had been living on the remnants of old KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and other quality meals that he scavenged from her…. folds…

        4. Quite… in fact thank goodness she lost them down… there… it has improved the…. er… ‘fragrance’

        5. her pussy almost surely resembles a well cheesed carafe of French onion soup

      1. A little story. Had breakfast yesterday morning with my elderly dad. He’s quite funny and sarcastic despite his physical condition. I had my back to the door of the restaurant and caught my dad’s expression of wide eyes and staring. Two women went past our table, one was trim and the other had on a pair of yoga pants that were stretched to the max to cover an ass that truly had its own postal code. I looked at my father and said, “well that answers the question of whether those yoga pants come in larger sizes”. We had a good chuckle.
        Oh by the way, those aren’t ski pants. As dear old dad would say, “she ordered those from Omar The Tent Maker”.

    1. Why do fat women think that chunky strappy shoes with flesh pushing through is attractive[?]
      Just another example of feminist poison. Nobody has the right to judge, fat acceptance, everyone should feel positive about the way they look regardless, etc.

        1. Here is the order in which I look at things on a woman
          1) Face
          2) Hands (specifically fingers for width and grooming)
          3) Feet
          Then from feet I follow the legs up to the rest of the girl.

        2. 1) eyes/face if approaching from front. Ass/legs if from behind
          2)feet (a WEALTH of information in the foot-gear)
          4) cans

        3. Width/breadth – if she’s fat that’s where I stop
          Shape – Hourglass, athletic, thin

        4. Ahhhh, see I wouldn’t even list width breadth because by the time I am looking for attractiveness it is assumed at least a certain level. We are talking about women here, not fat chicks.

        5. Given the absolute lack of standards that some men have, I felt obliged to at least mention it on the thread when discussing this topic. There are even admitted “Yeah, I fucked a hog” guys on ROK here and there.

        6. You are right but I don’t like it.
          I can’t believe that when I say “what do you like in a woman” I have to qualify it by saying “what do you like in a woman who is a 7 or over and not fat”

        7. A woman with immaculate hands and feet will always have an immaculate twat. Look to the nails my friend. Thin, elegant fingers capped in perfectly manicured nails and feet to match…you can take the kneeman’s word….that pussy is going to be spectacular.

      1. I have a pair of flats but my feet don’t flow over the sides. I don’t wear flip flops except on the beach. I wear up scale flip flops.

        1. Oh know your term is perfectly evocative. Fat flat. Love it.
          I too wear flip flops on beach or while doing beach related things that don’t require boat shoes.
          I never understood flip flops as day to day attire.

        2. Flip flops were created only for the beach. Absolute worse thing you can wear on your feet – no arch support, dirty feet, no foot support. Trailer park trash and fat chicks wear them because of price and those ham hocks won’t fit easily into anything else. Walmart has the best selection of fat flops, especially if Wally Land is located near a beach community.
          Now don’t get me started on crusty heels and dirty half polished toe nails.

        1. Sadly, she’s got several bullets in the arse, but they never penetrated deep enough….
          Having said that her drunk boyfriend never did either…. in fact he couldn’t find it (but he did find her iPad, Car Keys, three bottles of Pinot Grigio, and the KFC Family Bucker she lost ‘somewhere’ last week…)

        2. I feel personally offended that that hog is smiling. People that fat ought not be allowed to smile.

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