6 Questions The Media Is Afraid To Ask About Syria

Hours after the April 4, 2017 incident at Khan Sheikhoun in Syria, western media began publishing stories that the Syrian military had used chemical weapons in an attack on civilians.  The rapid conclusion by (((foreign))) media that immediately determined what weapons were used, where, and why, should be an immediate red flag that truth has been sacrificed for politics. We shall examine 6 questions about Syria, after a brief introduction.

Syria was established in 1946, and was governed by a group of well connected elites. A middle class political movement of Ba’athism grew, until it seized power in both Iraq and Syria in a military coup in 1963.

Hafez al-Assad (1970-2000)

A number of coups occurred over the 1960s, and in 1970, Hafez al-Assad, father of the current president, became president of Syria.  He eased government repression, purged the security services, transferred some military power to civilian police, ended civil asset forfeiture, eased international trade and travel, encouraged private sector growth, modernized agriculture and industry, constructed one of the world’s largest dams, rejected EU demands to allow private or international banks and put down Islamic uprisings in the 1970s.

He also increased the power of the presidency, removing checks and balances, and the presidency became a powerful office with a cult of personality.  Political reforms stalled, and the economy faltered, partly due to military involvement in wars with Israel, and the Lebanese civil war in 1976, supporting Christians.  He died in 2000, leaving the country to his son.

Bashar al-Assad (2000-present)

When Assad and his wife visit Paris (Christmas, 2010)

Bashar al-Assad is the legally elected president of Syria, holding office since July, 2000.  He was born in Damascus, graduated medical school, worked as a doctor in the Syrian Army, and attended postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital in London.  He was elected to three seven-year terms as president in 2000, 2007, and 2014.  In the most recent election, which occurred during civil war, he received 88.7% of the votes, and under terms of the 2012 constitution, is in his final term as president.

When ISIS visits Paris (November 2015)

With that in mind, here are 6 questions the controlled media refuse to discuss.

1. Is it legitimate to criticize Assad’s leadership?

Syrians are ethnically Levantine Arabs and Palestinians, and are majority Muslim.  Assad governs as a secular ruler, protecting the Christian minority population, which include Assyrians and native Aramaic speakers that go back to the time of Christ.  The 2.5 million Christians in Syria are a major target for torture, kidnapping, and execution by Islamic armed forces, and have seen disproportional death and extermination.

While Syria’s government is one of an Arab strongman, with all the unpleasant “dear leader” monikers and lack of checks and balances, it is moving in the direction of reform, especially with the new constitution of 2012, and is a relatively stable and functioning government in the region.

Intelligent, rational, European educated

Is the Syrian government ideal by western standards?  No.  Is it a successful government in the region, moving in a positive direction?  Maybe.  Are there any reasonable alternatives to the current Syrian government?  Hell no.

If we are ranking governments by their legitimacy and efficacy, there are dozens of governments that are more valid candidates for “regime change” than Syria.  I would name them, but it would only encourage neocons to add more to their running list.  The last NATO survey shows 70% of Syrians support their government.  Until the US elects a leader with over 70% of the vote, it must refrain from hypocritical regime change abroad.

2. Who are the Syrian rebels?

Red = Assad, Green = Al Queda/Al-Nusra/FSA, Grey = ISIS

1. The initial rebels were the Free Syrian Army, Al-Nusra jihadists, and Al-Qaeda.  While one can argue about the barbarism of using chemical weapons, there have been gross atrocities committed by these groups, including a rebel commander cutting out and eating a human heart  in Syria, and their track record in Iraq speaks for itself.  This is the group receiving US weapons and aid.

2, Soon the Islamic State spread to Syria, after taking vast areas to the east in Iraq.  This group now controls the largest parts of the nation.  Thanks W!

3. Finally, the Kurds, represented in yellow, lie along the northern border of Syria and Iraq.  Kurds are probably the most moderate of the rebels, but they are not interested in running Syria; just self governance for their regions in northern Iraq and Syria.

3. Is there a just cause for the Syrian rebels?

The current Syrian Civil War erupted when the Arab Spring, a pro-democracy movement throughout the region, was repressed by Syrian military forces.  The merits of democracy are debatable; certainly they are not worth the death and destruction that is its byproduct.

While one could argue that democracy worked in America for a while, the American experiment cost around 50,000 casualties, and less than 7,000 deaths from battle in the Revolutionary War.  The Syrian Civil War has seen at least 450,000 deaths in Syria, as well as thousands of murdered or raped European civilians, all in the hope that Syria can elect some Wahhabi theocrats to run its government.

Let’s consider what a democratic Syria would look like.  Muslims, who are in the majority, and are currently massacring Christians in Syria, would either exterminate or expel Christians under a majority elected Muslim theocracy.  Progress and secularism would end.

Al Qaeda and ISIS military leaders would be given political and economic power.  Does anyone believe they would obey international rule of law or restrictions against chemical or nuclear weaponry?  For how many more years does the west expect to have a monopoly on nuclear technology?  Do we want that in the hands of secular, western educated doctors, or Islamic radicals?

Arab Spring revolutions were successful in Iraq, Libya, and Egypt.  Will anyone other than neocon shills like (((Paul Wolfowitz))) dare defend these as shining examples for the Mideast to emulate?

4. What is the evidence for the chemical weapon accusations?

Mainstream media absolutely refuses to answer this question.  I heard a piece on NPR this week that had not a single fact–merely comparisons to JFK assassination, 9-11 inside job, and alien abduction theories, implying that anyone who doesn’t fully believe that Assad gassed his own civilians, is a crazy person.  The entire story was just shaming people who questioned the narrative, without a single fact backing up said narrative.  Ironically, it is western media, who aren’t even present in Khan Sheikhoun, and are only repeating rumor and innuendo, who are acting like nutters.

Syria had chemical weapons stockpiles in the past. According to secretary of state John Kerry, under international supervision, 100% of Syria’s chemical weapons were removed in 2013.  US intelligence has denied any intelligence failure in Syria.  There are 3 possibilities: (1)The US and international community lied when they said all chemical weapons were destroyed, (2) US intelligence is lying now and DID fail to locate additional chemical weapons or (3) new weapons were created or transported to Syria.  The obvious implication of #3 is by whom?

But this time it wasn’t them, we promise!

While there is no evidence of Assad’s use of chemical weapons, the NYTimes reported that ISIS used chemical weapons at least 52 times in Syria and Iraq, two cylinders of sarin were taken from rebels in 2014, who captured a chemical warehouse in 2013, and Islamic rebels admitted to having used chemical weapons in Aleppo in 2016.  How exactly did western governments and media rule out these numerous rebel groups who have been caught possessing and using sarin gas so rapidly, when they are not even present?  Maybe it was remote viewing.

Videos of dead bodies are disturbing, but militia groups have faked them before, and some are already questioning if videos from this attack were staged.

On April 1, days before the attack, Dr. Shajul Islam received a shipment of gas masks.  Why would these be necessary for even military soldiers, much less civilians?  The implication is that rebels knew of a gas attack days before it occurred.

But we didn’t do it! Trust us! It was just a “thought experiment”

Finally, the US reportedly had a plan in 2013 to fake a chemical weapons attack in coordination with UK war contractor Britam Defence and blame it on Syria.  It doesn’t take Jack McCoy to put Syria at the bottom of the list of suspects.

5. Isn’t the Syrian Civil War Destroying Europe?

The UN has estimated over 4.8 million Syrians have left Syria due to the civil war.  Most Christians have left, as their death is certain if more territory falls to rebel groups.  Every major random attack on European civilians, from the Cologne New Year rapes, to the Bataclan concert hall to the Christmas Paris market attacks to German machete attacks were committed either by Syrian rebels, or violent criminals blending in with the other millions who fled to Europe.

Every day that the Syrian Civil War continues, European lives are at risk.  And every day Assad and Russia push back ISIS and Al-Qaeda forces, is a step towards safety and security for Europeans.

6. If these claims are true, then what?

Almost half a million have died in Syria’s civil war, with millions more displaced.  Most of these people will never see their homes or neighborhoods again.  But let’s assume one day, the government, despite taking back Aleppo, and making big gains with Russian help, decides to use chemical warfare, not against a concentration of enemy troops, but in a civilian area far from the front line, killing children who are not even its enemy.

Are the hundreds of thousands of dead, including Christians, including European civilians, and including countless innocent Syrian children, perfectly disposable, but 70 to 80 deaths in a single incident require western intervention?  The western government’s answers of aiding ISIS and Al-Qaeda to victory will spell the deaths of countless more.  Even if all these claims are true, they call for a debate and discussion of the situation, not for illegal war.

Both Sides Could Be Wrong

Bonus Question: Why is the Israel-Syria border controlled by Al-Queda/Al-Nusra? And they haven’t bothered attacking westward?

It’s very possible that we are being told lies AND that Syria acted poorly.  For example, if Syrian jets bombed a chemical weapons store in proximity to civilians which caused their death, that would be a pox on both their houses.  No one is defending an evil regime simply because they ask questions.

In life, things rarely are clearly black or white.  Anyone who is passionate about war because they KNOW Assad is a bad guy, but has never lived in Syria, and came to this conclusion by watching some western media clip, is not to be trusted.  Anyone who insists Russia should just nuke the whole occupied territories, is likewise wrong.  Be are open to the truth, wherever it lies.  But demand it.

Demand answers.  Reject media parroting and name calling.  And remember, with every further lie, the mainstream media becomes more irrelevant.

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  1. The Bataclan attacks and NYE rapes were commited by North Africans from France & Belgium, born there and holding valid passports. I’m just saying.

  2. great analysis.
    pictures of Dresden/Tokyo/Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos/Serbia.
    Other lies:
    Cigarettes are cool.
    Fat-bad, sugar-good, fake sugar better
    Girl-Career is empowering.
    Abortion is positive.
    Rescue dogs are awesome.
    Bombing “terrorists” is ok.
    NASDAQ listed bombs/Phosphor are humane.
    Rocks/Molotov cocktails thrown from 3rd worlders is evil.
    Assad, Gaddafi, Hussain, Komeni, Kimjunwho is a crazed ruler who bombs/oppresses/gasses his own people.
    Controlling oil/commodities is imperative – since beginning of time.
    rest is propaganda.
    Look up the Sykes-Picot treaty World War 1 — British/French dividing up the desert regions…for oils

    1. Love your list, although I’m uncertain why rescue dogs are bad in your view. My dogs have always come from the local county animal shelter and they’ve been fantastic in every sense, no exceptions.

      1. the dogs issue.
        dogs before babies.
        the Facebook, especially women without children, dog issue – is reaching saturation levels.
        seems weird and wrong – dogs before babies…
        but, my cynical mind thinks there is more to it…
        also virtue signalling single old women. pictures/videos of disparate animals getting along.
        my analysis: “see evil white men even Bengal Tigers and rabbits can play together”

        1. haha i was confused for a second I thought you meant there was some kind of horrid conspiracy involving dogs that sniff for bodies after a disaster ‘rescue dogs’

        2. That makes sense, I thought you meant simply that *anybody* getting a dog from the shelter was somehow doing something wrong. Women using dogs as affection surrogates of course is a senseless and idiotic thing, as well as childless couples calling their dog “their baby”, no question.
          And pit bulls, as a breed, need to be removed from this planet. Leftist virtue signaling with that unpredictable and violent breed are utter fools. The whole tiger/rabbit thing you noted, wot?

        3. Those Swiss Mountain Rescue Dogs are just bad news, homey! And they encourage alcoholism as well!

        4. ha.
          no is wrong name – “rescue dog”?
          I gues “rescue” is from perspective of the career woman…

        5. I HATE pit bulls. They are like a fucking loaded gun dog. Why can’t people get Golden Retrievers or something similar?

        6. Pit bulls can not held responsible for their idiotic masters. Moreover many modern Pit bull bloodlines have been bred to be less aggressive.

        7. Pitbulls cause the vast overwhelming majority of dog attacks against humans. The second place dog isn’t even in the same galaxy, numbers wise, as pit bulls. They are a dangerous breed that needs to be brought to an end.
          As to why? I’ll tell you why.
          Leftists. It’s a virtue signaling thing. They take pit bulls and “be nice to them” and then traipse around saying “See? It’s not a matter of breed, it’s just their environment”. In essence, it’s a code for them excusing inner city thugs for their innate violence. I shit you not.

        8. Less aggressive breeding is great, I approve of that.
          The normal line though is unpredictable with or without training, and account for most dog attacks in the U.S. (and likely other places).

        9. bc retrievers are awesome and are never found in a shelter? theres a reason the shelters are chock full of pits

        10. When I see the, “Who Rescued Who” bumper stickers I fucking gag. I could walk through a dog pound with a Browning Buckmark & merc every pit bull/chihuahua orphaned by bottom feeders & not feel shit.

        11. Contractor I see weekly was just attacked by his own, in front of his kids. & still owns both pit bulls lolololol even after staples.

        12. I’ve got a half pit and that thing is an amazing dog. The reason why? Because my wife trained it with none of that “be nice to it” bullshit and taught the dog early that it was’t the boss.
          The ironic thing is that the attitude pit-nutters have about their dogs is the exact same one that is most likely to result in it killing somebody. If it thinks it’s the alpha then it will do whatever it wants.

        13. Thats the key.
          Must establish Alpha.
          Mostly not done with female owners.
          And mostly not possible with modern deranged feminists

      2. Ot with bitches.
        Do you have hunting dogs? And can shelter mutts be as good as pure bred pointer/hunting dogs?

        1. Shelter mutts are just a lottery. They can be as good as any pure breed or just inferior depending on the circumstances but many of them are healthier than most pure-breed dogs. Unfortunately the problem is that many breeds have been corrupted due to over-inbreeding practices. See the English Bull-dog or the German Shepherd a once fine dog now prone to hip problems at a relatively young age….

        2. I have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. A lot of name for a mid sized dog. He’s perpetually happy, bouncy and funny. Responds well to training too.
          Some pure breeds these days are nearly un-functional, especially the more interbreeding that they do with their “relatives”.

        3. Depends on the parents, like with anything. I had a Black Lab/Shepard mix, he lived to be 17 years old. Found him in my yard one day, when he was just a puppy. So I’m not sure on the parents/breed.
          That dog was born to kill. He was never aggressive with people, but you couldn’t trust him with animals. He used to get loose in the woods and run. I’d follow him, and I’d often be lead to within 5 yards of game. Deere, Squirrels, Rabbits, anything.
          But I couldn’t stop him from killing. Once day I came home, he’d gotten into the chicken coup, and killed all 12 hens in one day. He didn’t eat them, he just killed for sport.
          I took him places where friends needed varmints removed, moles and groundhogs, etc. He’d wait all day for the kill.
          The only thing he would eat was raw beef from the butchers shop. I had a deal with the butcher, he gave me the scraps for free.
          But one day, he got out of the house somehow, and killed the neighbors pony. Had to put him down after that.
          But I tell you that dog was BORN TO KILL.

        1. Yikes. The terrier took it really tough it looks like.

        2. The Bull Terrier? Yes, a disgrace. German Shepherd a close second. There was time a well trained GS could jump over a 2.5 meter wall. Not anymore…

    2. The article could simply read, “…rejected EU demands to allow private or international banks…”

    3. The Sykes-Picot anti-white crap appears again! Where did you guys read that crap?

      1. WW1
        Lawrence of arabia.
        All about those in power dividing the loot.
        not the arabs, and british-empire peasants doing the fighting

        1. Like it always have been. Why don’t you let Erdogan rebuild the Ottoman empire? #Bettertogether

  3. The middle East from the late 40’s through the early 60’s looks nothing like the hell hole it does today. In fact, they were some of the more advanced democracies outside of Europe and North America. Then the (((interloppers))) came it all fell apart in a decade.

    1. I wonder why there is such intentional upheaval in the area…puppet regimes/countries created from the west after ww1…
      perhaps to prevent other burgeoning empires form getting it?
      I think western Europe/USA are mostly oil independent…why should “we” care?

      1. oil. Europe pretty much has no oil left, the North Sea fields off Scotland peaked in 99/00.

        1. ok.
          so Syria is a fight between Russia and USA over who delivers the oil/gas to Europe?
          Probably not so simple…or is?

        2. I think that Europe gets most of its oil from Libya though, don’t they?
          I’ll admit up front to not being wholly up to speed on the specifics of the topic.

        3. Iran wanted to built an oil and a nat gas pipeline thru syria, terminating at the Syrian port(I dont remember which city it was located in). The west no likey

        4. They got a decent amount from there, but production naturally tanked when Gadaffi was removed from power. Production also tanked and has yet to recover in Iraq since Saddam was whacked, and Iran’s production peaked the year of the revolution(’79)

        5. Fracking gives the west unlimited oil supplies.
          If it weren’t for the profit margins of the entrenched western oil corporations, we could tell the whole Middle East to fuck off.

        6. Actually fracking is great and there’s nothing stopping it AND it is in fact being performed by “entrenched western oil corporations”. Or do you think that ma and pa Kettle are out just a frackin’ the hell out of shale on their own?

        7. fracking isnt profitable at current pricing- its in the low $50s per barrel now. If it costs $60 a barrel, why would you sell it at $52?
          You yourself said you arent farming rice now bc you would be losing money on it. same applies to selling oil

        8. Right? Something so simple that it only takes basic economic literacy to understand.

        9. we were frackin n rollin until oill went back below $75 or $80. A lot of people were let go in the past few years.
          It must have been insane to be an oil man back in the day, CAPEX were paid off in a matter of months, sometimes weeks, bc the oil was so easy to tap and get to market. Upfront costs for fracking are much higher, and the wells become tapped out much quicker, which mean ya gotta find more oil, and build new wells….you can learn a lot over at theoildrum site, no new posting anymore(nothing left to say) but I think they archived everything

        10. Good lead, thanks!
          Looks like last update was 2013, heh.

        11. nothing left to say.
          had good stuff on egypt, syria, and yemen- they started to fall apart when they ceased to be oil exporters. the state-owned oil co’s would use some of the profits to provide subsidies for the people(eg, food). no more profits, food subsidies disappeared, peeps couldnt afford food, and all hell broke loose

        12. I don’t normally disagree with you, but having been exposed to the fracking industry I can tell you it is an environmental disaster. Maybe it’s just that way in Canada’s north and there is more responsible oversight elsewhere?

        13. It seems to be under control here. From what I’ve heard in any event.

        14. Oil was over $100 a barrel a year back. Some might think the price has been manipulated down to close down all the fracking operations because they weren’t controlled by big oil.
          If crude has halved why aren’t pump prices halved? When crude goes up they sure don’t wait to up the prices.

        15. Both the heads of oil corporations and major KIKES in power knows this i wager.

      2. I think it’s kuz Jewish Oligarchs know that if the other middle-Eastern countries get back on their feet, Israel is toast.

      3. Money, power, pussy- the usual reasons people go into government.
        War IS the health of the state, so….thats what they do.

  4. “Is the Syrian government ideal by western standards? No”
    By western standars you mean do they allow transgender mix toilets, puppet 2 faced politicians, pizzagate etc… ?
    I would rather chose a baathist dictatorship anyday.

    1. No one is stopping you from moving. The good thing is you have plenty to choose from.
      – Westerners who have grown up in freedom, spit on the freedoms they have. Disgusting.

      1. How is allowing men into the women’s restroom, freedom?
        Generally I’m with you on your point, but some of what he points out is in fact accurate. If pizzagate is true, that’s institutionalized pedophilia, which is not “freedom” in any sane person’s view.

        1. It is freedom if private property owners do it and no one can force them not to.
          It isn’t if the practice is mandated.

        2. Pedophilia and child rape are not property issues, you nitwit.

        3. My freedom to move freely stops at your nose, meaning I am free to act as I please as long as I don’t infringe on others’ rights.
          Pedophilia infringes on the rights of those children to privacy besides being sick

        4. One would think that the fundamentals of bathing and hygiene would be understood and not require a political party.

        5. According to my historical knowledge, they were a secular, arab nationalist, in an attempt to copy the western world in the late 20th century and at best socialist without believing its principles like class divisions and atheism and encouraging foreign investment to flow in their country. It might not be the best for The ME but it was considerably better than their extremist counterparts.

        6. Is TGOJ even what he claims if we had the chance to see him in real person or might he be you?

        7. no, someone trolled GOJ hard a little while back when the Don was first talking about running for office under the moniker ‘proud jewess’ i suspect this turkey has returned to stir the pot – and waste readers time.

      2. you watch too many flag waving movies.
        Freedom is an abstract word the elites shove down your throat while they screw you up the ass.
        Freedom doesn’t feed my family, doesn’t keep me safe, doesn’t keep me healthy.
        What’s the point of freedom when your govt is rotten to the core.
        First an foremost people want jobs, security for themselves and their families and elected officials who look after their interest.
        Go ask the millions of americans living on food stamps or in temporary motel rooms what they currently think of “freedom”.

      3. Is it !? what kind of “freedom” you are talking about !? pussies randomly kicking MEN on genitals and going unpunished !? pussies doing slut walks !? pussies walking bare chested !? pussies deliberately & desperately wearing skimpy clothing !? citizens carrying guns !? mass shootings !? looting shopping malls !? pussies ridiculing & stopping MEN at International MEN’s conference !? Every other movie showing pussies kicking MEN on genitals !?
        Indeed, westerners are grown & growing up in “freedom” !!

  5. Holy cow, Max, this article needs to go viral. What a balanced and objective look at the situation and region. It galls me how we’re not allowed any opinion other than “Bomb dem sand niggers hur hur hur” by Trump zombies and Democrats (who are increasingly looking exactly the same).
    Any of y’all that are still on social media (seriously, why are you on it again?) should link this article on your feed/wall/whatever.
    Fantastic analysis and information, thanks again Max.

    1. unfortunately – is dangerous to oppose mainstreamthought…
      being screamed at by the crazies is best avoided.
      In fact most me don’t comment on Facebook…
      is women and puppies only…

      1. Silence equals tacit consent for the prevailing viewpoint. Who cares what they “scream”, it’s just a freaking social media outlet?

        1. but its real people/address etc..
          and they have tacit approval for discrete violence .
          got to lay low. just as non of us show real ID here…

        2. They come with a knife, you show up with a gun.
          Being silent and cowed is so 1938. Besides, I don’t think social media broadcasts or gives others your actual address, but I may be wrong on that as I don’t use it.

        3. Employers check Facebook. For me it just pics of food, favorite bands and other shit like that….want to keep my job! I NEVER post pics of my family either.

        4. Your mom would distribute your address on social media?

      2. I know a woman who created a FB account for her puppy. peeps think its “cute”

      3. I’ll say amen to that, my political opinions voiced on social media have already cost me job opportunities.

        1. I stopped posting political comments on social media a year ago. That’s what my blog is there for.
          Furthermore nobody gives a flying fuck about what you post/share/like on the constant flow of social media feeds and women remember you as ‘the political guy’ – and being remembered as political by women is not a good thing, that I can tell you.
          I also stopped trying to change my surroundings. In a country that consists of cucks there is no way to change anything.
          Don’t change your country, switch it and change yourself. Change your habits and your language and you can switch where you live.
          I was walking through the town at midday today because I wanted to find out if I can spot more white couples than usual (on normal work days you only see migrants in germany since 2015). So today was the perfect opportunity because of Good Friday which means germans aren’t working today.
          Still the only thing I could see were german pensioners and african and arab migrants, some of them with german girls.
          I saw only one young german couple. Only one. In an hour. In the middle of germany.
          Then when I drove out of the city I glanced up the hill where the young folks are chilling on sunny days and it left me speechless: a dozen of white girls with a dozen of blacks and arabs – not a single white male.
          You can’t turn things around anymore in germany. The country is dead since 2 years.
          And then people have the audacity to ask me why I want to leave. They tell me germany is the best country in the world.
          Yeah, if you a) are a islamic truck driver, b) have a cuckold fetish or c) like to work your ass off so that third worlders can live on welfare – it’s the best place ever.
          Otherwise get the fuck outta here.

        2. Move to Poland. It’s still right wing. Although Poles fucking HATE Germans to the core….

        3. I understand your concern but why the hell you are blaming and venting out on other MEN (so called blacks and arabs !!, especially when it comes to local pussies who are “deliberately” licking their Dicks) !? Why don’t you blame your pussies !? Why don’t you control your pussies !? Why don’t you blame your Government for providing welfare checks for these “immigrants” !?
          You and many other “western/european” MEN have problem with LEGAL people entering your Country (Students, H1B/Work Permit, Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Scholars etc etc.), even though they contribute positively, pay taxes, doesn’t involve in crime/drugs etc.
          Damn IT ! Enjoy the inflow of Asylum seekers, Refugees and Illegal immigrants !!

        4. Muslims are not allowed to be in any romantic relationship except via marriage. Their punishment must be 80 lashes.

        5. Reading this makes my blood boil on an instinctual level. The only way I see western Europe recovering is an invasion from the east (Russia) followed by intensive cleansing. Until that day happens, I hope you find inner peace in spite of the madness around you.

        6. To be frank, to a speculator like me, Germany as a country is an absolute paradise. Because of Mittelstand, most businesses are extremely easy to analyze and because of the technocratic antmosphere and the fact Merkel is de facto Kaiserin, her economic policies are completely predictable.

        7. Russia has their own set of problem. Alcoholism (vodka), slutty Russian women giving up themselves through bride buying, lawlessness etc etc. It is not a Muh Aryan Christian paradise as you think. I would gladly live in liberal Netherlands than ass backwards, oppressive Russia. I admit I do frequently visit Russia to f-ck the beautiful White Skinned, Blonde haired, blue eyed angels. Then I come back to my infinitely better western European country.

        8. Does your “infinitely better” western European country doesn’t have “angels” to f-ck !? and you call Russia as “backwards & oppressive” !? OMG ! what kind of hypocrites are “your kind” of westerners in general and western MEN in particular !!

        9. I think your country is infinitely better for now… until your newly arrived neighbors form critical mass.
          “I admit I do frequently visit Russia to f-ck the beautiful White Skinned, Blonde haired, blue eyed angels.” I tip my hat to that, Sir.

    2. i voted for Trump and assumed he would HELP Assad and Putin ERADICATE Isis….what the hell is going on? He’s as bad as Obama and Clinton now….

      1. I was thinking that since he’s spent 4 years saying things like “Being in Syria is a mistake and bad policy” that he’d, you know, maybe have that position in office. I didn’t vote for him because or despite his foreign policy ramblings of course, but the matter of consistency when he made it a freaking huge point during the campaign is irritating.

        1. I think deep down he’s got a soft spot for kids and seeing little kids choking on gas probably hit him under that hard shell.

        2. You mean Ivanka. Her and her husband Jared are more or less calling the shots with foreign policy now.
          I don’t care about little Islamic kids, to be frank. In fact, I really don’t care who murders who in that region, as long as we’re not over there helping or hindering it with military action. The entire place was stable and functional until Dubya got his little pecker hard by the thought of avenging Daddy by invading Iraq for no apparent reason.
          These people grow up with no care nor concern for my life, my family’s life or my nation’s survival. Fuck them, I feel no need to be altruistic regarding them.

        3. I would relocate the Christians left. Maybe it’s time for the foundation of real Christian state in the Middle East. Provide them arms and let them strive for their survival. But that would require a modicum of common sense and Christian mercy…

        4. Oh man, I’m all about selling them all weapons, as long as we’re not there. At my core, I’m as capitalist as they come. Let everybody over there kill each other and I’ll sit back and sell them the rifles and bullets. Seems nearly ideal to me.
          As to Christians, yeah, agree. The ones left there really need to skidaddle. Assad was their only hope, and now that Trump has gone looney toons there’s no knowing if Assad will or won’t be in power from day to day.

        5. I have a weak spot for middle Eastern Christians. Their faith is somewhat stronger than that of their former brethren here in the West. Europe stopped being Christian a long time ago, and every that passes it is less so. They would find themselves bewildered and isolated in a society that would reject them for not being politically correct and sufficiently pagan in practice. In the end their faith and culture would be destroyed and they would be assimilated by the Borg.
          U.S. is too far away and the current zeitgeist means less people than ever is willing to help their fellow Christians who unlike Muslims and Africans, are persecuted and are capable of assimilation due to their less damaged genetics (Most Muslims have suffered centuries of inbreeding due to the dearth of women, you can guess the consequences) and a culture closer to those of the West. The only way is the creation of a Christian State. If the West is to intervene in that wretched region again, then the creation of a real Christian state with natural defensible borders and with an armed populace to whom arms and technology necessary for survival can be sold is the sensible thing to do.

        6. “Maybe it’s time for the foundation of real Christian state in the Middle East.”
          Maybe just appoint some celebrity as head of the new state: how ’bout Alec Baldwin I, King of Jerusalem.

        7. Christian state and “armed populace” !? Yeh, the armed populace (or shall I call the cucked & pussified !) should then be able to prevent looting of shops & malls, mass shootings in Universities and shopping malls, slut walks, pussies walking bare chested !!
          Because you are a “Christian”, for you it’s creation of “Christian State”.
          Similarly, for a “Muslim”, it’s creation of “Islamic State”.
          Similarly, for a Jewish, it’s creation of “Jewish State”.
          OMG ! Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi .. and now Asad ! Will the west going to stop with Asad ! Things will boomerang, just matter of time.

        8. Hahahaha That’s a good one. But seriously . I thought there would be better options 😉

        9. Actually right now, Syrian and Egyptian Christians in particular would benefit from their own state. But how do you think proposing a ‘crusader state’ would go down in the middle east. You’d think though that the welfare of Christians in the middle east would be the no. 1 priority of the USA as a substantially christian country. You’d think.

        10. But how do you think proposing a ‘crusader state’ would go down in the middle east.

          Of course it would have to be by force, as all things that have been done in that area. But it would be far easier and more rewarding than “winning hearts and minds” and spreading “democracy”…

        11. well right now I’m not sure it could make things much worse. There are jews and muslims eyeballing each other in the middle east, so why shouldn’t Christians get in on the action too. Armageddon is going to make itself happen

        12. “Oh man, I’m all about selling them all weapons” Saudi is America’s # 1 customer in that regard as are Iraq Iran etc big customers of Russia, or both, so little surprise that peace in the ME is not high on the agenda..

        13. About as well as a Jewish State. But…and this is vital…us supporting a Christian State would be in line with our own national self interests, and we’d get better movies out of the deal.

        14. The U.S.A’s numero uno priority is the Jewish supremacist state of Israel and that’s the way AIPAC and the media intend to keep it.

        15. The “dead babies” or “lets spread democracy” is what the media sells to the plebes. In reality, these wars are purely about money. I did macro finance for CJTF HOA in Africa. With one phone call, we would have millions of freshly printed bills from federal reserve Boston shipped in as part of the congressional “Black Budget”. This money was 100% unaccounted for and dispersed to foreigners with zero loyalty, who did God knows what with it. Every time I see a homeless vet or decaying infrastructure I get pissed because I know our government would rather enrich a bunch of sand niggers than take care of their own.

        16. Trump should provide support to secure the safety and status of Christians in Egypt and Syria. Egypt has already at least declared a state of emergency whatever that means in practice, but in Syria protecting Christians means propping Assad, which is against the US / Western position. It really does beggar belief that the policy of western supposedly christian or christian dominant countries should be antithetical to christian communities abroad while propping up jihadi groups most of whom have links with terrorism or as seems likely in a few cases are simply the terrorists themselves. Something is very wrong with the situation as it is

        17. it’s difficult not to think that Israel is a major part of it’s calculation. Neo-cons would probably be war mongers even without israel though.

        18. I was for Trump but it is very obvious that the deep state controls America. Fucking Trump became a puppet. He probably had to otherwise he will end up like JFK and his family. I cannot think of any other reason why he changed 180 degrees in his behaviour and decisions.

        19. Actually Iran buys almost no weapons off foreign countries except the most high tech and certainly not off america. They made a point of having an indigenous arms industry after being held to ransom by America after the iraq/iran war.

        20. True enough but the Russians must love selling them those high tech anti aircraft systems that they can’t make..

        21. i know I was thinking of that as I typed it and I think it proves the point. The hassle they have had getting them. They’ve been withheld numerous times !!
          Anyway your point still holds water I was just expanding on Iran.

    3. I think the Syria beat down is over with. I think the focus is pivoting back to ISIS. Assad got his slap in the face from the USA, sort of telling him “Stop being a jackass, or we’ll drop a MOAB on you next time.”
      The other major concern is North Korea, so I don’t think there will be too much more harping about Assad.. unless he drops more gas.

      1. I strongly question whether he intentionally dropped any in the first place, to be frank, and even if he did, I really don’t care, it’s not our business.
        The Norks are the new focus, yes

        1. It’s really confusing to me. It didn’t make tactical or strategic sense. All he had to do is kick back in his palace and have a cigar. The USA was stomping on ISIS, The Russians were stomping on his other rebels. And the USA said several times just a few weeks ago that removing Assad wasn’t a priority. By doing it he makes his ally look bad (being they said they’d get rid of his chemical weapons), he makes removing him from power a top concern for the USA, and he makes taking out his enemies that much harder.
          From an emotional point of view I might be able to see him lashing out with such things, to try and show the world he’s his own man.. and not just the regional muscle man for Tsar Vladamir Putin.

    4. Good article but linking this to Facebook have most people fired and face would be plastered on major tabloids even.

      1. Who keeps their page public who has an ounce of sense in their heads?
        To think, the Founders gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. We give hashtags behind anonymous handles.

        1. Talking about Facebook friends who might report you or friends of Facebook friends. You never really know who is a major leftie.

        2. This is where I am (honestly) out of touch, but why would anybody “friend” somebody who wasn’t a real life friend?

        3. “To think, the Founders gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. We give hashtags behind anonymous handles.”
          Because we are a bunch of damn atomistic, isolated, cowards. Simply that. We don’t want to risk anything, even if we have much less to lose than most fighters in the past.

        4. You are older… Things have changed, very unfortunately. It is very difficult these days to be isolated when it comes to connectivity, even if people are as lonely as ever before. It is almost dystopian.

      2. In my mind, anybody (employer or otherwise) who is bothered by an open mind isn’t my friend anyway.

      1. The skyes-picot plan designed to create previously non-existent states from an anglo, pro-arab/jewish perspective from the aftermath of the war with the ottoman empire.

        1. No but there were distinct regions,population centers, ethnic concentrations and religious concentrations. The basis of states.

    5. We simply need to ask the following: what does Assad get out of totally destroying his country? What leader wants to rule a pile of rubble? By the way, where the heck is Assad and his wife in the shit hole that is now Syria?

  6. Good information, Max. They make this Assad fellow out to be quite the monster. Feels like war with the east is always wrapped in bungled reporting.

  7. This is a very informative article. I didnt know there are still people who actually speak Aramaic.

    1. There are such people sir. In fact, they’re almost wholly illiterate in Latin as well, such that their attempts to scrawl graffiti in the public square telling Romans to go home are utterly indecipherable.

      1. The Roman sentries probably couldn’t read either so it was probably a wasted message. A picture of an Aramaic person pissing on a Roman probably would have conveyed the right message.

  8. So, which elected official can I ask to please stop funding and supplying Syrian “rebels?” Is there such a person?

    1. Well, I think we had an election where we voted in a guy who said that we need to stay out of Syria altogether, but turns out, he was just kidding.

    2. Rand and Ron Paul would have been good choices. But they aren’t as appealing as obeezy and T-rump. Hell even Ted Cruz would have been a better choice(even though i dont see how he can run for president since he wasn’t born in the U.S).

      1. Ron Paul you mean. But he wasn’t running and all evidence points out that Little Rand is a sellout. So what was your point again.

        1. True Rand is not as much of a libertarian and isolationist as his father is but he would be a step in the right direction. And i mentioned Ron because he was running in the 2008 and 2012 election. And true while Rand is not completely isolationist he is still for cutting down our meddling in foreign affairs. The most important point i was making was that Rand and Ron Paul were not as appealing to the American people as Trump and Obama. Hence they had little to no chance of winning.

  9. All those who voted for Trump will be morally responsible for the future deaths of Syrian people.

    1. Wrong to the tenth power. Trump campaigned to stay out of Syria, so people voting for him were voting to, guess what, stay out of Syria.

      1. No excuse for being stupid. It was more than obvious that the man was/is a con artist,

        1. You’re just trying to feel smug and self satisfied. Most people don’t live their lives neck deep in politics. Trump has been on the record since 2013 strongly against intervention in Syria, so it wasn’t like people would be stupid to assume that he was against intervention in Syria.

        2. Like I said only stupid people would believe anything that comes out of his (twitter) mouth. I’m sorry, no excuse …

        3. Get over yourself. There were no options that would have otherwise led to this. Trump at least was consistently against intervention in Syria for years. Hillary and Bernie would have launched nukes their first day in office.
          If you have nothing to contribute but sneers, don’t bother replying.

        4. So do you actually have a point here outside of sneering at the general readership?
          Last post to you, I don’t actually care what you answer.
          Slainte mhor.

        5. Admit you’re wrong.
          Trump has never been on record on anything, since he has never been elected to any office worth anything.
          His record is the same as mine.
          You voted for him? Then you share the blame.
          Get over it. Accept responsibility.

        6. You really should hear yourself. “Trump was consistently against intervention….” Lol! Sure, and the second he got power he did the opposite of his worthless “positions”.
          His non-interventionism was worthless.
          Anyone paying even a modicum of attention to American politics the last 25 yrs. understands that event pols with a proven track record can change when they get to the big chair.
          Voters have a duty to only vote for honest people with integrity. In a representative democracy voters carry the ultimate responsibility. Going to be alot of blood on their hands.

        7. I’m against Trump on basically everything. Meanwhile, you’re just trying to troll because you’re bored.

        8. Strictly speaking America is not a representative democracy. It is a republic with democratically elected leaders.
          The Citizens delegate (meaning assign or entrust) specific powers to the local, state and federal government. All powers not specifically delegated to the government remain with the people.

        9. For a SCOTUS judge. Proudly. And I got exactly what I voted for. Everything else I was quite openly expressing to anybody on this board who would listen, that he would betray them.
          Got anything else, Mr. Smug?

        10. So what? I really don’t care. Nobody else appoints SCOTUS except POTUS, and then the Senate confirms him. It’s not like there was an election for “Supreme Court Appointment Manager”.
          I really, really don’t care about your moral posturing by the way. If Syrians are dead I could give two shits about it. They would have grown up to hate me anyway, so really, I give zero fucks about them or that entire region. Us meddling there is a stupid mistake, we shouldn’t be there or be bombing people and I oppose that on Constitutional grounds, but I honestly don’t care about them as human beings.

        11. Yep, sure did. Fuck the Middle East. If they disappear tomorrow, I would celebrate. Trump shouldn’t be bombing them, but hey, I didn’t vote for him based on his foreign policy or lack thereof, I was simply trying to explain to you, Mr. Superior, how people could easily come to the conclusion that he was against involvement in Syria since he’s been on record with that position for over 4 years now.
          But if they all die in blood curdling screams of anguish, the amount of fucks I give, is zero. They don’t care about me, my people, my nation or my life or my children’s lives at all, in fact they celebrate when we die, so I figure, I’ll return the favor.
          And that’s all she wrote, the pencil broke.

        12. Your ancestors’s overlords, the Peers of Great Britain, created the mess in the Middle East. So your hate is misplaced.

        13. Dude, don’t you get it? I don’t care about your blame game, your finger pointing or your smug moral posturing. I mean seriously, I just don’t care. What do you expect me to do, sit and grovel for forgiveness? You can take that expectation in one hand and a quarter in the other, squeeze and see which one comes true.
          And besides, if you want to get really on my ass, my family WAS at one time the Peers of Great Britain. And I still don’t give a shit about a single Muslim life, at all, nor will I, ever. So fuck off.

        14. I kind of gathered that from your own words. No wonder you chose to be a paid mercenary.

        15. Yep. Happily. With, as they say, gusto. If I returned to the age of 20 tomorrow, and it was 1985 again, I’d happily re-enlist and do it *all over again*, only this time, I’d take more pictures, fuck even more broads and ensure that I got the best seats available when villages got lit up. It was a freaking blast.
          Fucking hippies like you and your sneering and primping and virtue signaling are nothing to me. I run my politics on logic and I don’t respond well to whimpy little twits who try to shame me into having Good Feelz. I’m all about not being in the Middle East or engaging in foreign wars based on Constitutional law, but if the choice is between war, or allying with you pachoulli smelling hippy peaceniks, I’m going with war every single time.
          Don’t you have a pro-rapefugee event to attend or something?

        16. Spoken like a true SJW. He wasn’t even alive. Do you believe in “White Guilt” as well?

        17. He’s an idiot hippy. Here I am agreeing with him about intervention in the ME and he gets all snotty because I don’t fall on my knees and beg forgiveness for being, I dunno, whatever I am. Betcha a dollar he’s into white guilt wholesale.

        18. Fuck the Middle East! They cause too many problems, they just get in the way, they hijack planes and raise oil prices-why not kill them all, have a ball and end their fucking crisis?!

      2. Nope, you are morally responsible for putting insane megalomaniacs into positions of power.
        If a voter can’t judge the character of the person they want to vote for, then they shouldn’t vote at all.
        Pols lie, been that way since……forever. Trump was an obvious liar and fool who changed his position with the wind. No record of standing on principle.
        You cannot know why individual people voted for any particular candidate, totally impossible. Same as saying Trump was wealthier than Hillary, so people who voted him in want wealthy presidents.

        1. I’ve already covered this topic, your contribution is moot.

      3. Of course, voters aren’t responsible for what politicians do, and the last election is correctly interpreted as a rejection of more neocon wars, but I still really like the bit George Carlin did about voting:
        “You voted them in. You caused the problem. You have no right to complain.
        I, on the other hand, who did not vote — who did not even leave the
        house on Election Day — am in no way responsible for what these
        politicians have done and have every right to complain about the mess
        that you created. That I didn’t have anything to do with.”
        I used to be horrified that my father didn’t vote. Now I realize it doesn’t really matter. Like Mark Twain said, if voting made a difference, they would outlaw it.

        1. Totally cromulant opinion. If a guy is all about one position for years, and then runs and one of his campaign points is that one position, then you vote for him because you share that position, it is absolutely ludicrous for these hippies to say “You voted for this!”

    2. Because voting for killary would’ve been sooooo much better
      Or are you a Bernie bro?

    3. Don’t blame President Trump. Remember, no matter who is the President and which party is in power; things will happen according to the wishes of “elites and businesses”.

    4. Ah this old chestnut. Western democracy…the illusion of choice. Both democrats and republican representatives are championing the assault on Syria.

  10. I think we should pack up our shit and go home, let the Russians handle it. Politically we can’t do what needs to be done there but, the Russians aren’t usually concerned about The Court Of Popular Opinion so they CAN do what needs to be done. Get out of the way and let them, that way it will be dealt with and we don’t have to get our hands dirty.

      1. Is that like a riddle or parable or something? Dirty hands would already be dirty so do they get dirtier? Anyway we could wash our hands of Syria and be on our merry way.

      1. So..basically you’re a neocon. Got it. Thanks for your contribution.

    1. Russia has a zillion miles of kebab-border they have been dealing with for a zillion years. They are much better prepared and motivated to deal with this.

    1. These two are far better than “pussillary Clinton” or any other pussy president !!

  11. Don’t ask the media anything, they don’t have any answers period. What the people need is a news report akin to a channel that is not related to jewish influence in any way, shape, or form. We’re getting close on this platform, but not quite there. Keep calling out the long-tongued liars and the back-biting snakes for what they are and their obvious falsehoods. Don’t cave in to pressure.

  12. The only question that matters:
    Does anything that Syria does threaten the United States of America?
    Answer: No.
    Then the question is:
    What the fuck is the United States of America doing getting militarily involved in Syria?
    Answer: Because the USA no longer operates according to it’s own laws, treaties, or established international law.
    The United States of America is a rogue nation, with an illegitimate government which has also used banned weapons against its own people.

    1. What do you mean by “illegitimate government”?
      Reading that term feels like another holocaust all over again.
      Please remember that my family was turned into a dozen of lampshades by evil white males.
      I advice you to delete your comment.

    2. This is because the People do not understand the flow of power in America. Ultimate authority or sovereignty flows from the Creator directly to each sovereign Citizen (not to the leaders, not to groups, not to majorities and not to bureaucrats).
      Therefore it is the right and responsibility to overthrow this government.

      1. We are the greatest ally of the west.
        Now cut your balls off, smoke weed and have sex with a 5 year old, it’s good for your mental health, goyim!

        1. Oh gawd, how could I, a dumb fucking goyim-cattle, be so middle?!
          This is just tewwible.

    1. ll wars are fake wars. Some are short and some are long, but all wars are ‘created’.
      Every war is a war of secrets. Wars with the greatest number of secrets take the longest. A war without secrets is ‘a bashing, a mugging, or a trial run’.
      Every war is a social experiment whose end is always ‘new ways of controlling the masses’. All wars are a front for creating social change.

  13. It’s Assad’s brutal and hamhanded policies that are ripping his nation apart and sending millions of refugees into Turkey and Western Europe. As for Russia (and Iran), they are not focusing on on ISIS or AQ. They are busy destroying pro-western anti-Assad rebels. If Assad had the decency (ha!) to step down, or was hanging upside down from a lamppost, this would all be over. Since much of the RoK readership and contributiors alike are Putin fanboys, I don’t expect many “likes.”

    1. Didn’t read the article, huh?
      Big into things like holocausts against Christians are you?
      Assad had things in line and order there. Neocons like you caused a power vacuum in the region when you got your blood drums beating to take out Saddam. This is on you, home fries.

        1. Sure was. All brought to us by Neocon meddling in the region.

        2. The biggest problem are the people, who don’t understand that there isn’t one universal way to rule a nation. Democracy doesn’t work everywhere.

        3. Leftists are by their very nature idealists who are almost completely out of touch with reality.

      1. Indeed. The fact of the matter is the Middle East/North Africa is full of inbred retards and the only way you can keep them in line is by having a bigger asshole running things. Iraq, Syria, Libya were much better off under ‘tyrants’ as clearly democracy has been a spectacular failure being that they put in murderous Islamic theocratic cunts in control.

    2. Assad’s still the leader because his people want him to protect them. And if Russia isn’t targeting ISIS how did they take Palmyra?
      Actually, it’s clear you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Don’t bother posting garbage comments and call everyone else Putin fanboys if you don’t even bother reading the articles.

    3. My question is who cares? Has Syria directly attacked the U.S. Absolutely not so its non of our business.

      1. Dude, glad to see you back, hope to see you posting more again!

  14. There’s only one question that matters. What does Syria become is Assad is removed. The answer is – the capital of ISIS.

  15. I have an announcement to make, you’ve had an imposter in your midst for a while now. He claims to be an alpha, tall, rugged, strong, lifts weights, attracts women, keeps his 11/10 wife interested et cetera, but this is all a mask, a lie lived vicariously.
    A tragedy. Well no more! We must free ourselves from Omegas such as this “man”, otherwise we will never free ourselves from the Jews! Who “he” is but a part.

    1. @Ghostofjefferson a traitor beneath our midst. Have you reached to the conclusion of “Et, Tu Brute?” From shakespeare’s julius caesar being stabbed?

  16. Neocons and the media are celebrating the dropping of the MOAB in Afghanistan without the slightest bit of irony condemning Assad for gassing babies. From what I understand the MOAB was used to hit a tunnel network inside a cave. Those that did not suffocate after all the air was removed probably saw their insides turned out in the blast. I assume the death was incredibly cruel. I have no sympathy for the ISIS soldiers, I just don’t understand why Assad was condemned for the use of poisonous gas, gas which he denies having. No investigation was conducted, just quick retaliation for dead babies which are unavoidable in all wars. The best way to avoid killing women and children is to avoid war. If we can’t avoid war can we at least let the problems in the middle east work themselves out?

      1. Red pill, blue pill.
        I do my best to explain it to the blue pillers but honestly they are more interested in sports ball or keeping up with the Kardashians.

    1. Remember this not about Assad or even Syrians. Nobody, certainly not the powers intervening in Syria really care about them it’s more about geo-politics or another rehash of the “Great Game.”

      1. I wish our politicians had the balls to just say the real motives for their actions. Instead they use emotional arguments like gassed babies, weapons of mass destruction, brutal dictator, rape rooms and on and on.

  17. We need a new Nuremberg style trials to try Assad for crimes against humanity. Oh, and also those murderous neo-cons who bare primary responsibility for turning half the planet into a charnel house. Trump, if you’re listening bring Steve Bannon back into your circle of trust and put him in charge of the arrangements

  18. The astonishing thing actually is that half the public if not more doesn’t even believe our governments or the mainstream media any more. They are absolutely cynical about it, and the amazing thing is that some of that cynicism is even entering the MSM in places – ambassadors and journos openly doubting that Assad was responsible. What this means is that the PTB – in this case Trump and his administration together with the neo-con deep state he has on whatever basis accommodated to – don’t even care about convincing people any longer: they’ve worked out that it doesn’t even matter whether people believe what they’re saying as long as they can keep on saying it without being brought to account for lying through their teeth. It was a false flag? Big deal, maybe it was a false flag, maybe it wasn’t. “We can neither confirm nor deny, but we’re sure as hell not going to change our position”
    It’s kind of funny. We now live in an open cryptocracy.

  19. All this shit is way more complicated than it sounds.
    I honestly don’t know too much about this, so I can’t ignorantly spout out my opinions on either side of this subject and or the endgame.
    All I can say is that I hope this gets handled soon.

  20. If Israel want “regime change” in Syria (and let’s be honest: that is what this is all about) then let them bloody well do it. Don’t try to dupe feeble minded American Presidents into doing it for them. There is absolutely no benefit to the US in Syrian regime change. But there are major hazards such has hundreds of thousands of more Muslim refugees flooding into Europe and America. (And let’s be honest again: no one gives a sh*t about the Syrian Christian refugees: not even the Pope.)

    1. “And let’s be honest again: no one gives a sh*t about the Syrian Christian refugees: not even the Pope.”
      Applause. Very well said. Christians (in fact people belonging to every other religion) are in every Country ! Why should You or anybody worry about something that’s beyond the limits or interests !?
      What matters is You, Your Family, Your Tribe/People and Your Country. Without You being safe, secure, happy & well-off, what’s the purpose of religion !?

  21. Back around 2003 I had an interesting discussion with a black American who converted to Sunni Islam. He opposed the neo-Con war and stated that those people are unruly. They cannot handle democracy. They need a strong man dictator; otherwise chaos will prevail.

    1. I’m a white man who converted to hard line Christianity, and I believe the same thing.

  22. “America is the moral conscience of the World” Said the USA Ambassador at the UN.

    1. That whore Nikki Haley cheated on her husband. She should focus on her own morals.

  23. Why does this article gripes soo much about Christians getting massacred. For me it’s just one Abrahamic cult murdering another Abrahamic cult. Just grab the popcorn and enjoy the show.

  24. EXCELLENT article. This is the best, most clear, and objective column that I have read regarding this whole nightmare of a story. Many thanks!

  25. Syria and especially Assad represent everything the “free West” hates from the bottom of its capitalist heart: the sovereign nation state, independence from the US, a coalition with Russia (that has one of their last bases in Syria) and a slightly socialist domestication of economy.
    Assad signed his death warrant when he refused to join the imperialist war against the sovereign people of Iraq in 2003, when Saddam Hussein was murdered in order to create this kind of barbaric ISIS chaos.
    There is no reason to idealize Assad but you just have to compare Assad to the sheikhs of Saudi-Arabia the US loves so much, to Erdogan and Qatar to know on whose side you should be.
    We also shouldn’t hold it against Assad that the Mullahs of Iran support him. They simply know who, after the destruction of Syria, would be next on the menu of American imperialism: “Nam pirata non est ex perduellium numero definitus, sed communis hostis omnium.”

  26. The Middle East was a nice place to live in, until Arabs and their Islam dominated the area. Then Europeans colonized the area and created countries with different groups of people and gave all the power to a minority group, which of course leads to social unrest.
    And now they pretend to safe these countries, while they actually give weapons to small rebel groups, who are either extremists or only fight for their own piece of the land, like the Kurds.

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