Antifa Gets Destroyed By Right Wing Safety Squads In Berkeley

On Saturday in Berkeley, California there was an alt-lite gathering that was counter-protested by antifag communists. Supporters on the right showed up in armor and proceeded to beat up the antifags, sending them running for safety. Here is the surreal footage:

At 30 seconds in, a female antifag got knocked out, sending her doo-doo dreadlocks in multiple directions. The punch went viral.

Before getting knocked out, she boasted that she was going to take “100 nazi scalps”:

She failed in her mission, and is now a meme:

To add insult to injury, 4chan uncovered that she does hairy vagina porn (NSFW link). What’s especially shocking is that she was attractive before infection with leftism, a phenomenon we have highlighted here in the past.

There were casualties on the right wing side, but field medics were quick to respond.

Berkeley police stood down, perhaps to allow antifa to attack Trump supporters, but instead the enemy had to run away from the field of battle in a panic.

Antifa did not bring their best:

Antifa soldier

Pepsi did not halt the violence

It’s clear from what happened at Berkeley that antifa is not prepared for their violence to be met with an equal response. If you plan to attend one of these conflicts in person, be sure to shield up.

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689 thoughts on “Antifa Gets Destroyed By Right Wing Safety Squads In Berkeley”

  1. Feminizm is the spearhead of modern international communism.
    Yet to see one woman condemn it.
    And many are the most vocal and violent instigators…
    Good to see cause and effect.
    Hopefully the police will do their job and arrest these hate crimes advocate bigots(women online advocating violence)LOL
    It is tough in these areas with young kids. Women(mothers) are violent and insane even in an icecream parlor. Intentional bodychecking of me and my kid– yesterday and always.
    So fucking hate them.

    1. you wanna see feral, go over to u tube and watch the melees that break out at Chuck E Cheeses(and yeah, seems like women are the ones who start the problems)

    2. Plenty of women condemn feminism, they (and most men) just don’t realize the extent to which it’s so totally consumed our perceptions of what is normal. When women see strong, charismatic men who get things done on the right, they will move right. It’s already happening.

    3. Prior to this, every conversation post-protest was likely about how they stood up to big government and walked away feeling proud.
      After this, the bruises and cuts will make it much harder to believe that narrative.
      Their minds then decide whether this is too steep a price or look for ways where they are the ones delivering the blows again (the red path).

  2. As a moderate American with not a worry in the world. This makes for great entertainment. Now, someone bring me some mead and women! I hunger

  3. “Police stood down”
    If this isn’t the time for the sleeping giant to awaken, I don’t know what is.

    1. Police always “stand down” to blacks and lefties in cities run by liberal mayors. I have to admit, I do not know who the mayor of Berkley is, but I figure it’s a liberal.

      1. Berkley IS in California, you know…
        Almost guaranteed that the city government is run by liberals.

    2. If police won’t do their job, all it takes is one man with a rifle and a megaphone. Buck a shot into the sky when they get rowdy and then command them to stand down.

      1. They’re doing their jobs when they stand down. When our government opens the borders and sells the citizenry out they’re doing their job.

  4. I didn’t knew the antifa punched by Nathan was a girl….and she deserved it, fucking skank.
    Violence is the only way we can make them understand the message: Don’t.Fuck.With.Us

    1. Yup…. I doubt the guy did either. He held nothing back and pasted what he THOUGHT was a dude. Bet you… nothing… that after getting back up, resting against the wall… she just had the most merciful and blessed WAKE UP CALL of her entire life, from a MAN, who she will most likely THANK for the rest of her life (if not seek him out for sex).
      Think about it. There she is. Filled with righteous ‘rage’ and ‘revolution’ against the white man. Filled to the armpits with ‘power’ and ‘equality’… she jumps into the fray (will give her that) and then…
      F’ing reality. SMACK. Pain… is an INCREDIBLE teacher. Men are familiar and used to it, women… not so much.
      Watch the clip again. Watch her stand there against that wall. You can see she is thinking for the first time in her adult life about REALITY, not the fantasy she has been dreaming her life was all about.
      Good looking dude too. Looking at the photos of her prior normal self, she would totally go for that guy. Good looking, blonde, strong adult white male.
      She’s feeling it… she’s feeling the PATRIARCHY and she is liking it!!!!

      1. Hopefully he doesn’t get imprisoned for the rest of his life for socking an empowered equal womyn.

        1. What can they charge him with? She entered the fray… it is clear in the video. Maybe this is another reason the cops stood down. They would have to arrest everyone. Or maybe… it is with video that they don’t bother anymore. Let the mayhem unfold, why get in the line of fire? Take to social media, run some face scans and then arrest.
          I know absolutely nothing about the law, full disclosure, but I don’t see what she could ask the police to charge that guy with. It was a riot. That would be the legal definition of the event. This was not a singular, personal attack. He was not out to get her, but anyone. And vice versa, she joined the riot to do the same. From a law enforcement perspective (having known a cop), there is just far too much paperwork involved to go after a bunch of kids having a school yard scrap. If there was CLEAR evidence of targeted violence where the goal can be seen to be maim or kill someone, they yes, they might arrest a person. But what do they have here? Just a bunch of high testosterone patriarchs against a bunch of low-T commies.
          When it takes two to tango, I think the police just let them dance because it is a waste of time and resources to do anything more. The DC inauguration violence was something different. That was a CLEAR mob out to destroy property and create a civil disturbance. I can understand arrests being made in that instance because property, ironically, is more important than humans in the eyes of the law.
          Just my two cents and I hope neither one gets charged. Let this be a lesson to both sides. Girls… stay home, you will get creamed in a real fight with men. Lads… take a 2nd close look at the ‘dude’ you are about to knock out.

        2. But isn’t this what gals are screaming about to be treated as EQUALS?? In a way if the dude held back that could be viewed as sexist and patronizing.

        3. Know a cop who likes riots for one thing. Actually, less paperwork on use of force. In individual situations, he has to write up the justification for every single blow. (… and heaven help him if there’s any significant discrepancy between the number of blows he remembers and what a video might show…). In a riot, once they start crowd clearing and waving the baton– a one sentence summary of when he started/why, when he ended/why.

      2. Remember, you’re ASSUMING that she will think logically when she wakes up; these Leftie types don’t ‘do’ logic.

      3. I noticed that the look she had on her face after the punch was reminiscent of “wow, maybe becoming a pinko, commie, demiqueer pansexual isn’t what I thought it was”

    2. There were like 5 geezers on there taking on a whole mob of late sippers. Five more and they would have battered them like they deseserve.

        1. Amazed how the rest were just standing there and not even pushing the line to prevent the little pussycats from sneaking from behind.

    3. @JosephCurwen93:disqus With how antifia dresses how could you tell? Majority are wearing all black, have face coverings…everyone is either skinny w/ no muscle mass or a walking tub of lard, no way to distinguish male or female forms…and everyone has a similar longish hair style with unnatural neon hair colors.
      @maximus_decimus_2016:disqus comment of the day…+1000 upvotes.
      Remember Gents….everyone wants equal rights…but everyone is surprised when they see it comes with equal lefts too.

      1. i agree, i found it hard to distinguish who was who, guess you had to be there (obviously the bloke with the TRUMP flag for a cape was a dead ringer)
        the amount of people taking pictures/with cameras was staggering also

  5. Youtuber Sargon of Akkad said it best when he described these people are revolutionnary LARPers. LARP, or live action roleplay, could be described as a game in which a massive number of people recreate actual historical battles or roleplay a fantasy game. While it can be quite cool to see massive amounts of men dressed as medival foot soldiers charging eachothers, very few of them would have last more than 5 minutes in a real battle. It’s the same with these antifa thugs. They are mostly middle class kids who have been indoctrinated by their professors into communism and they think they are though enough to recreate and take part in a real communist revolution.
    Unsurprisingly, it turns out that right wing masculine men who believe in gun rights are tougher than these revolutionnary LARPers.

    1. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some report that a significant majority of these fascist antifas live at home with their parents

    2. It’s always entertaining to see their expression change when you hit them in the mouth with an ASP baton.

      1. I especially like the change of expression of the dreadlocks bitch when her shield of invulnerability disappeared.

  6. Americans fighting other Americans. And the folks behind the curtain continue to laugh

    1. A proper ass kicking was delivered to thise who had it long overdue. If the folks behind the curtain are laughing, theyll soon choke on that laughter.

        1. ‘They’ include white people as well, dont make the mistake of thinking they dont. This is about old rich families trying to control the middle class. And if you lose your cool, you will absolutely be controlled.

        2. Chaos created more predictable patterns of large groups of people though. They’ll filter and sift the dust and put it where they want. Rules, common rules for everyone are what really scares them. The idea of an even playing field absolutely petrifies them.

      1. Roosh, you really are a bigot. The presence of jews in that kind of movements is just coincidence…..

      2. For fuck’s sake, you can’t tell someone’s religion from their names. Unless it’s Cohen or some other Hebrew word, ‘Jewish’ names are just adaptations of German, Polish, Russian, Czech, and other European places of origin; shared by millions of others. And plenty of people *with* Hebrew names are apostates.
        But no, it’s DUH JOOOOS. Jesus Christ…
        Protip: I’m here, upvoting comments and enjoying seeing people fight back against the statist left and their idiot stormtroopers. I’m Jewish. Huh.

        1. Given we know the ruling class are jewish, or goy Freemasons (a political/religious sect created by jews), given we know the finanicer oligarchy is nearly all jewish, and the central banking cartel all jewish, you are clutching at straws passing yourself off as an example of a ‘good kike’ as if the above doesn’t matter. We know Soros is funding the destruction of Western civilisation/ white people – he openly admits it.
          You aren’t going to fool anyone with such weak arguments about peoples names. Everyone here knows the communist revolution in Russia, which cost 40 million Christian lives and 300,000 priest deaths, was run exclusively by jews. Marxists are ‘jewish ethnic supremacists’. The cat is out of the bag and has been for a long time. The Frankfurt Schools documents are there for everyone to see – i.e that the goal of organised jewery is the destruction of the ‘authoritarian family’ by jewish sociologists, funded by jewish financiers.
          You are no different to anti-porn activist Dr Judith Riesmann, the jewess who exposes pornography, but refuses to point out the pornographers are all jewish, even when there are quotes by famous jews saying ‘pornography is our way (jews) of destroying Christianity as we hate Christ’. All you are doing is showing everyone that even the good kike/ the ‘good shylock’, still runs cover of the kikes that are trying to destroy the West.
          Antifa is jewish, it is clearly jewish and its goals are anti-Christian, ergo are jewish. It is funded by jews and those arrested are jews.

    2. Finally they grew a couple of balls, for me it is very curious and funny that the left come together to provoke Trump supports, it is something that can only happen in that environment of political correctness.

    3. That’s incorrect Bro. There is nothing wrong to “teach” other/fellow people on how to be in their “limits” and how to “behave”.
      This doesn’t translate to ((Same Country People)) fighting other ((Same Country People)). And, ironically, the folks behind the curtain are also the very ((Same Country People)).
      Of course, no body denies the involvement of jews !!

    4. No. We’re due. Bad blood needs to be spilled every 100 years. The leftists need to be shoved back under their rock.

  7. Great footage.
    Antifa try to put up a section of barrier but it gets flipped in a second.

      1. “While I love Wagner, hurting this kind of scumbags does not deserve him as soundtrack.”
        True That!

  8. This is civil war. It has officially begun. Sadly, depressingly, the time for talk and dialogue is over. JFK’s words spring to mind right now and violent revolution is now underway. I pray good Americans can unite and end this nightmare before it takes out the whole world.
    I don’t know what happened to Trump. Some muse he may be drugged and we would never know it and it makes sense. The world watched this man for two years to election day. And after Jan 20th, we watched him proceed immediately to walk his talk. Then… in like 24hrs… a full 180. If not drugs and mind control, there is always the secret grassy knoll footage of Kennedy’s head being blown off to help Trump “get the message.”
    Regardless, this is the inevitable result when those with no power and confidence over their own lives take over politics and culture. The strong… will always… take out the weak. The weak… have been in charge for too long, are too brain dead to reason, and are incapable of realizing their time is up. It is not going to be pretty. I don’t want to see America collapse, but I see no road forward that is peaceful.
    Anyone who has tried to speak honestly, plainly and reach out to the left/feminism/LGTBQism… has been spit on, assaulted and now threatened with death (kill Trump, kill MAGA, kill the ‘Hitler’ and the ‘fascists’.)
    I have seen it even in my small town in Canada. These left wing, virtue signalling, retards seem to think they can threaten people who disagree with them with death… and then get away with it by calling it “just a joke.”
    When I called out this guy (in the gym no less) and made it CLEAR in no uncertain terms that while I was there… there would be no more jokes about killing Trump… he nearly had a heart attack. (old weed smoking fucker, middle class retired waste-of-food boomer) “You stay away from me!!! There is a reason I don’t talk to you!!!”
    The reason?
    “You have all the guns.” (By “you”, he means the right / conservatives.)
    Word for word. THAT… is what he said. They KNOW what is coming… but they STILL refuse to back down. They KNOW we are being patient with them, but they STILL provoke and act like no one is going to smack them and send them to their room without supper.
    This is reality ladies and gentlemen. This… is how empires die.

    1. They’re going to call us fascists, Nazis, etc regardless. So we might as well earn the title.

      1. No. We reject the title, when they use violence we oppose them, and we relentlessly hammer home the point that they are the oppressive, anti-freedom, intolerant group in today’s society.

        1. Nah, it’s time to grow some balls, they control the public sphere. I live in deep blue state. This cannot continue.

      2. Exactly. What’s the point of being called fascist and not behave as such? Behaving fascist has its advantages after all.

    2. Not yet. And dont be so quick to hope for it. Civil wars dont end well. At least not for the middle class.
      Just stand up for yourself and dont let the thugs intimidate you, they will back down quick enough. And once you start winning, you’ll realize they were just loud mouthed cowards all along, and you never had to be intimidated by them to begin with. Then you will start to realize more people were on your side than you thought, and the ones who werent, werent worth much as allies to begin with.
      You will start to drive them out of power, their “long march through the institutions” will turn into a quick rout, once you take away their funding. Keep your nerve and aid all who are honorable, and you will win victories you never imagined possible.

      1. That is why I prayed at the beginning Americans can end this now, before it devolves any further. If this is the height of the political civil war in America, we can all give thanks to God for that. But the realist in me… let’s see where we are in four years and the next election. IF… the left can concede they need to compete on the level of ideas and policy, not identity and race, the worst will be behind America. I pray for this, but I don’t rely on prayer.

        1. I predict secession/partitioning after 2040.
          Not sure I’ll be around to see it, but that is my prediction.

        2. Russians have always had a soft spot for doomsday scenarios for USA. However, it’s USSR, that broke into pieces.
          Not defending what’s going in USA, however Russia’s politicians and paid historians aren’t the ones to listen to for truth. They are working for their own internal supply of propaganda to feed to their masses in Russia.

        3. This is NOT civil war. Duh. Its creeping socialism taking over our lives……………afraid to speak out for fear of getting doxed….for sure……

        4. How.. pray tell.. would Canada be able to hold any territory whatsoever? Canada only survives by virtue of the American defense umbrella

      2. An underlying theme in all my messages is how important economics is to the debate. You said “once you take away their funding” highlights how after every protest, if you look hard enough, you will find that they are placated by money (disguised as outreach programs or diversity training).
        With economics, you force the opponent to declare their understanding of this subject, and while I am not even remotely an expert in economics, I respect it.
        If you can get a leftist to shed the lgbt! insanity and talk about their needs, you can win them over by discussing how to bring back manufacturing, slash gov’t waste, teach resilience and foresightedness etc. They can either demonstrate a willingness to build these up, or continue down the Venezuela route.

      3. You are right, but the time is running out. Moreover, once the social inertia ends (inertia from Centuries of Christian ethics undergirding our thought systems and laws), all bets are off. Suddenly, mercy or refrain from killing are just passé…without an external objective moral system enforced by someone (belief in a deity and his system, totalitarian government, etc.) morality and justice are questions of taste and conflict is unavoidable.

      4. Well said. I was just trying to express similar opinions. There is no need of any “civil war”. The so called “elites and businesses” and few “politicians” are using leftism to create chaos and unrest among common people. Coupled with this, they are harboring & encouraging “femicuntism” !
        Filthy media and entertainment (those fucking 4 news channels, movies, tv shows/soaps, radio channels and blogs) are aiding them to mislead folks on every aspect.
        As you said, violence is not the solution. They should “feel the heat” by few incidents, like in Berkeley. They should “get a warning” that gone those days when people used to ignore their rude, arrogant and impolite antics.
        Lets stand together (I am not “white”, but I am a MAN and I am with you guys !). Believe me, fate of the other MEN is “no better” than Caucasian MEN.

    3. “I don’t know what happened to Trump”
      what if the real one had been replaced by a leftist leaning copy who continue obama’s and his masters’ deeds. I know this sounds lame, but nowadays, nothing surprises me anymore.

      1. Trump is a pure negotiator. He has absolutely no fixed positions, and operates off of the situation as opposed to principal. If he thought he could ‘win’ by being the new Stalin, then he would operate as such.

        1. Yeah, makes him generally unpredictable, and fairly susceptible to the influence of his advisors. With Bannon, he wad hard-right, now with Ivanka/Kush he’s center/left.

    4. I don’t want a civil war at all, that would be a nightmare. However, I have a cousin who constantly posted on Facebook about how Trump supporters are “Nazis” and then escalated into how he dreamed of fighting and killing “Nazis” in the streets. He continued with these posts endlessly, ignorant of the fact that he was calling most of his extended family Nazis and implicitly threatening them with violence, myself included. They really don’t get it and I wonder how that will ever stop.

      1. Confront him and tell him “have a go.” (He won’t.)
        I was golfing with guys I grew up in the old neighborhood in 2005. One wouldn’t shut up about politics and his hatred of Bush. About the 9th hole he muttered, “I would love to kill a Repubican.” I stopped my swing and said, “I’m one. Lets go.” He froze. He assumed everyone had his worldview (natch). I continued, “Dan my man, if you mention politics during the rest of the match I swear I will wrap my 3 iron around your head.”
        We haven’t spoke since.

        1. That’s a neat story lol
          Actually, this guy lives the entire country length away from me and I may never see him again as long as I live (family isn’t very close). So I just accepted the fact that he’s a loser and likely mentally ill (he’s a hipster in his 30s who lives in New York with a bunch of similarly sheltered people and hasn’t had a girlfriend in years). Though I would love to tell him that he should try something, but warn him that I could turn his head into a mailbox at 200 yards if he did.

        2. alot of blokes dont use a 3 iron any more, so a good use for it i guess, alas i use mine so i cant whack any spankers with it! dam it!

        3. They don’t even realize how fanatical their indulgences are, I guarantee you that he’s talked about you plenty though.

        4. I am sure he has, but (1) I don’t care and (2) he wasn’t actually in a good position then and, so I’ve heard, he is even worse now. Life choices have consequences.

        5. I mean that this kind of pettiness is a one way street and, as you’ve said this kind of childishness has consequences. I can’t understand the bloodlust on their part but I can understand that turnabout is fair play.

        6. The bloodlust stems from lack of intellectual honesty and self-reflection plus the lazy mans path to dealing with a complex issue— scapegoating.
          I can’t stand being lied to be anyone and once I find someone has, they have lost all credibility with me. I find it odd that people will continuley go back to same debunked sources no matter what the evidence. Which answeres why even when the talking points of folks like Bill Maher or Michael Moore have been deconctructed, they still have a loyal audience. They want to believe despite the evidence.

      2. Tell him to “come at me bro”.

        He wont.

        Tell him to go back to his make believe world.

    5. Went to the local college campus to sign up for a course. I just couldn’t believe all the rainbow flags everywhere. Be gay or else!!!!!

  9. Was nice to see this, but it is few and far between.
    Most of us on “the right” have jobs and responsibilities.
    The Antifa/BLM/OWS crowd has a lot more time on their hands.
    Defend yourself and your property if they come around.

  10. “Hairy Mary’s” twitter post was the best thing that could have happened for that blonde guy who cracked her one. She announced to the world her violent intentions, and almost certainly proves self defense.

    1. yes but i believe that guy was outed by his own people! crazy!
      They should shut their mouths – why do they need to know his identity for? your only get one of your own in trouble!

  11. I can’t help myself – I love this.
    I have seen a lot of left-wing violence, a lot of left-wing “protest” in the streets. I have never seen regular people simply get fed up and shut those hypocrites down. It’s beautiful.

      1. Entertainment for real MEN and real People. Good LESSON for parasites, femicunts and the Media Cesspool !!

    1. Anarcho-tyranny can work both ways. Our degenerate elites didn’t seem to anticipate that pissed-off white men would organize and turn these tactics against their rent-a-mobs.

      1. Agreed. My fear is this: the elites’ rent-a-mob is these flavor of the month protest groups. But, the police are their mob for hire, on the permanent payroll. Let’s see how long they will continue to “stand down.”

        1. It doesn’t matter. If the police get involved in suppressing right wing groups, it’ll play in the media just like it did for left wing groups in the 70s. And before the obligatory ‘the media is corrupt’ comment, I’m not talking about mainstream media. Nobody watches mainstream media anymore. Youtube is now far more powerful than CNN ever was.

        2. I disagree. The media and therefore the majority of people (ie idiots who get most of their “news” from places like facebook) will paint it as cops stopping nazis, because anyone who isnt a transpony majoring in some victim of the week studies program is a nazi dotcha know!

        3. While this is true these people don’t do anything or participate on either side. They’ll watch the (((news))) then go back to work in the morning.
          They are the goyim. Simply cattle. They are livestock and labor for the elite. The cows may grow noisy if they are told lies but will still shuffle obediently towards their slaughter.
          Political propaganda can’t even get most of them out to vote, let alone be a problem. They’ll bicker on Twatter and forward OccupySoros memed on Faceberg, and little more.

      2. They not only anticipate it, they put undercover cops at the front as both Trump supporters and Antifa. There are no grass root movements and everyone should be aware of this and not lose themselves in the mob.

        1. Sorry, this is a bunch of pissed off people taking their country back from the neo-anarchist pansies who like beating up old people.

        2. It isn’t that amazing, unless you have a sub 80 IQ and can’t grasp what I was implying. You might want to learn what pontificate means before erroniously using the word. Far from pontificating, I’m just saying be aware that there are undercover agents in all groups, usually the people at the top, as the Tea Party was exposed to be (yet everyone thought it was a grass-roots movement). If you are aware of this then you’ll be able to think for yourself and not get swept along in a mob, and you’ll avoid getting ensnared by police traps.

      3. Nothing is new. My wife informs me that a rent-a-mob was hired to scream “crufify him!!!” at Jesus’ “trial”….

      4. To me it seems as though the sole reason for these idiots to exist is to provoke people into exposing themselves so that they may better be “dealt” with at a more convenient time.

    2. Yeah you are right. I grew up in a progressive, college town and everytime someone has a protest or a counter-protest, the lefties would show up and trash the place. Yet the authorities would do nothing and let em get away with it.
      As for the Police, they are derelict in their duty to uphold the law and the city government of Berkley should be put into prison now! Oh and Jerry Brown and the entire legislature and supreme court of CA. ( including justice Rose Bird ) as well.

      1. I can’t imagine raising a trad family peacibly within 100 miles or more of that place. And certainly not sending my kids to the local school system. Someone should research where Venus Rosales is from originally. Nicole Brown Simpson was a simple, naive but extremely hot midwestern small town girl before she went to CA and got sanfordized.

      2. so….. citizens arrest, under the ancient common-law doctrine of “hue and cry”, which is legal in all 50 states. You deliver the arrestee and the supporting evidence to the Sheriff of the county, not the cops. The Sheriff is an independent Constitutional Officer.

    3. The leftist violence is one reason why I always carry. I don’t have time to attend rallies, or protests, but you never know when you might inadvertently find yourself ambushed by such an event.

      1. Same. Minding my business in Buffalo a month back when masked bandits started marching towards downtown. I started pulling their masks down demanding they show themselves. They ran like rats back from where they had come from. My CCW gave me the confidence to confront these do no gooders. I believe I did a small part to keep the peace in Buffalo.

        1. Just be careful. Even in Stand Your Ground States you have to be careful not to be seen as the one initiating the conflict. Even if you’re not, they’ll all perjur themselves in court and say you were. So recording (if you have time) an impending confrontation might be in your favor so long as you are following the legal guidelines of self defense. Also, don’t let them get behind you. These vermin are only brave if they can attack you from behind with a sucker punch.

        2. It was a real eye opener watching them surround and attack that woman, they pepper sprayed her and beat her with metal bars.

  12. Heh. Hollywood has propagandized us for a generation now about ass-kicking warrior women who can take punches just like men. I mean, if we keep seeing those characters in movies, then women like them must exist in real life – right?
    So if you feel the need to come to the defense of that silly Antifa girl because you recognize her weakness and vulnerability, then doesn’t that make you a sexist or something?

    1. how long did it take her to pick out that outfit? you know, an outfit that screams “bold and brave”? She looks like she watched Predator before getting dressed

    2. You mean the hot thin blonde on “Criminal Minds” can’t really kick the asses of all those raging psychotic serial killers???
      Who knew?

    3. Watch the latest trailer for Transformers yet? Just saw it the other day…. nothing but girl-fights-better-than-nerd-boy-dateless-losers. How many girls will see this and then think about fighting a boy in the school yard to “teach him a lesson on girl power”.

      1. Undoubtably, that trailer is amongst the most irritating and offensive things my eyes have ever seen.

      2. In the school yard the boy will face a variety of penalties just for being hit by her. If he fights back it will get exponentially worse. The schools have protected bullies with policies like that for decades and if the bully is a girl it will engage hyper-drive.

    4. I cant believe how deluded she is. That punch was a pretty bad punch, he has almost no technique. Still it was enough to put her down. Imagine her in a fight with someone who actually know what he is doing ? LOL. I hope this will be a wakeup call for her.

      1. Not just for her, wake-up call for ALL the pussies who think they are somehow equal/superior to MEN and are “empowered, strong and independent”, while deliberately and shamelessly ignoring the fact that almost everything around was/is Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.

        1. Let’s not get too full of ourselves, gentlemen. Men invented war and rape, too. That said, its up to us to defend the respectful ladies.

        2. Obviously. Whenever myself or someone here refers to females in a “not-so-polite” manner, we are actually referring to “un-respectful” pussies. Every MAN on this planet earth has always been Caring, Loving, Providing, Pampering, Protecting and Respecting “ladies” who are Feminine, Nurturing, Patient, Understanding, Accept & Respect physical/biological gender differences and Know their limits.

        3. Other than my wife I meet few to no ladies when I am out in the world today. Lots of women, yes, but no ladies. And I am old enough to remember what ladies were and recognize one when I see one.

        4. What respectful ladies ? I dont see any respectful ladies..hey see any respectful ladies ? Anyone ? No ?

        5. Men did not invent war and rape. War and rape aren’t inventions. They are events, incidents. They occur. They occur when the rules and laws created by man are absent.

      2. To defend the dude who threw the punch, he pulled it at the last second. He was in the zone when she came at him and at the last second he realized she was some kind of a chick and he held back. Realized she was a lesbo anyway. Dumb lesbo. Men have more upper body strength, so she was stupid.

        1. No kidding, he almost lost his balance pulling that punch, maybe even trying to “catch” her,.

        1. He didn’t have his wrist locked, rolled it a little. She still went down faster than in one of her pornos.

    5. Admittedly, I have little stomach for bare knuckles used against women. But, any man that comes to the moral defense of Antifa Girl is suffering from the worst case of white knight syndrome in modern history. She was not an innocent, nor a bystander. She was a combatant. A belligerent. A hostile, with declared purpose to engage in mayhem.

      1. Who cares? She’s “empowered”. She wants to fight then give her a fist. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way.

        1. Yeah, I know — but that way doesn’t sound as good as when it’s in the order that I did.

      2. This is where I differ. If you intend to harm me then you are an enemy and must be neutralised-genitalia means nothing to me and if anything I would be the one showing a commitment to ‘gender equality’ that they caterwaul about.

        1. I agree, but tell that to the Ray Rice detractors, who objected to his hitting his then girlfriend (now wife) after she’d hit him in the face twice. You ALWAYS have the right to hit someone BACK.

      3. I could not tell she was a chick till I read it later… College is toxic for young people. The before and after pictures of that young lady are tragic…

      4. I like science fiction, especially military science fiction. In on a particularly patriarchal solder says he believes in the old ways, but when a woman puts on the uniform she gets no special treatment. Women are now happy to wade into fights, swinging and clubbing, but only because they 100% believe that no one would dare hit them back.

        1. “…they 100% believe that no one would dare hit them back.”
          Those days are ending. Which is why so many of them are saying (lying through their teeth, actually) that they’re ‘against feminism’ and are ‘anti-feminists’.

    6. To be fair, I’ve seen female martial artists take a huge amount of damage. Credit has to be given where credit is due. Some women are exceptionally hardy and need to be recognized as such.
      I’m also starting to believe antifa attracts the lowest scum in society. I was at one of these free speech rallies and I managed to take out three before having to fall back. I’m not even that well trained.

      1. Hairy porn. That says it all about her values. Not just a porn ho, but a nasty porn ho with a hairy hole. An “I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole” hole.. lol

  13. The left are idiots. That is clear enough. The right though got so easily fooled by an obvious clown like Trump, so I am not sure which side can claim the moral high ground here. Plus, the fact that the both sides are fighting tells me that in the meantime (((someone else))) is rubbing hands.
    Besides this article is highly inappropriate for Easter. I was expecting something more uplifting.

    1. Trump is the first step in 1000 to potentially righting the ship. Hell, hes not even a step, hes a potential stop gap since the alternative was even worse.

    2. I respectfully disagree, Easter to me is good triumphing over evil and that’s what we were treated to today by this article along with some hilarious comments!
      Happy Easter to all, for the devil and his apostates have lost this round!

    3. “The right though got so easily fooled by an obvious clown like Trump, so I am not sure which side can claim the moral high ground here.”
      Fooled? The alternative was Hitlery. How foolish of you unless you are prepared to make the case for the Clinton cause.

        1. Are you intentionally missing the point? In an election, the limits are listed on the ballot. Pending circumstances, your options may be limited regarding other issues.

  14. As for the girl. She really got what she went for – the reset. Everyone woman craves this and I bet if she could she would submit to the man that hit her without the slightest hesitation.

    1. Yes I hope getting punched was a wake-up call for her. Though judging from her appearance she maybe too far gone.

      1. They are never too far gone. Women are capable of reason, despite what many men may think of me for stating that. You have to remember that to a woman, the tribe (girls) are more important than the individual (the lone warrior for men). She is simply following the dominant meme in her tribe group, taken to the extreme to signal she is ‘alpha’ among the girls. If she has a brain, this WILL be the wake up call she needed.

        1. No, it should not, but who said reason must always be verbal. You have to remember that nature of women. They will do anything to be a part of the group and not stand out. If a woman stands out, it is only in proportion to the extreme that she conforms to the group. Feminism/LGBTQism… is now the dominant culture. She is only following her nature in wanting to belong, and signal she is alpha in her peer group. Her thinking is clearly flawed, she may be incapable of being reasoned with, but that does not mean that a sudden, and painful, reminder of reality will not clear the fog in her brain. You have to admit, even men can fall prey to this same delusion of peer group pressure and virtue signalling. We men just get physical faster and thus wake up from our delusion more quickly. I pray she sees the light, but that is all one can do.

        2. Sorry but a whore with a numeber of sexual partners in the double or triple digits and half her body tattooed is the very definition of “too far gone”, this coming from someone who likes brunettes and her “privates” grooming style.

  15. Using the traditional progressive justification for the Civil War Trump could dissolve the government of California and occupy the state with federal troops.
    Unlike the Antebellum South, California is actually committing treason by sheltering illegals and housing communists.

  16. Let’s find the positive in this. While I lamented below that this is the start of civil war in America, it could also be the “ah ha” moment as well. Specifically… for the feminists and leftists.
    This could be the punch heard round America. I doubt there will be a single politically active feminist who won’t see that face smash. The hard core, will double down, but they are insane so that is nothing new. The rest… like this poor girl in the clip… are all virtue signalling. Somehow, they have it in their female brain that this feminist/left shit is how they signal alpha female of the group. It is how they think they stand out as superior among the female tribe. THIS IS KEY. A lot of lost, brain dead women… are doing this feminist/LGBTQ thing ONLY because it is the dominant social group in the FEMALE half of the university system. Women… all submit to the group 9 times out of 10. This is also why anti-feminism is growing, but still demands ‘equality’ yada yada yada.
    How many young women are going to see the REALITY of joining this feminist/LGBTQ cult now with this clip?
    It will be impossible to ignore. If the men’s sphere of the internet spread this meme far and wide (MGTOW will definitely see to that)… how many women might that one man SAVE from going down this path of genetic suicide?
    Women, feminist or not, have lived in a fantasy land for over 50 years. There was never any real threat of violence to themselves so they felt free to keep pushing and pushing men further into a corner.
    Now… the angry, man hating, lesbian psychopaths have taken over the feminist movement. This is why you see such a dramatic change with the brain infection of young women on college campuses. In the past, feminists were still feminine (think 1960s) for the most part and still wanted men. Now, we have women like the above literally mutilating themselves, physically and spiritually, to ‘belong’ to the sisterhood of girl power. And it is not just a few outliers here and there. This girl is now the NORM in the feminist/LGTBQ activist movement on the left.
    Maybe this Berkely riot will be a wake up call, FOR THE LEFT. For women especially. If they continue down this road, it will be more violent. Maybe women against feminism is something the men’s sphere can put to our good use. We can’t win this war alone, for it is a war against HUMANITY, not just men.
    The elite… have gone all in… on feminism keeping WOMEN in line, and marginalizing men. If we can truly win women over… get them to see equality is a myth, that the family unit IS the safe space they so desperately want… THAT, will be the end of the war, the end of feminism.
    If we patriarchs can win over the minds of women to a new patriarchy, the globalists and feminists are finished. I don’t want to act like a prophet or leader, but I think this is the next stage of the offensive against feminism. We must win back women. This woman… would be a prime first recruit now that she has tasted the REALITY of her life philosophy.

    1. But we need more than strength and dominance in the long run, otherwise their hamsters will look elsewhere. That’s why economic lures have a lot of sway – providing stable home life.
      And this is where providing economic lures is extremely difficult for the simple reason that many circumstances have contributed to making the average man’s economic situation a constant struggle.

      1. Economics are important on the societal level and is something we can use to get everyone to get on board a new patriarchy, so I agree with you on that point. But when it comes to women specifically, it is strength they seek most. Just look at all the nice, economically solid and stable nice guys out there… no female anywhere in sight. Even if you take the avg man salary to $60K to $80K, these nice guys might have a girl, but it will be purely economic, not patriarchal. Patriarchy… is about male authority and leadership, not economics. While many women would rather share a so called alpha male with all the resources, that is only because the other men have given up on having their voice of authority and leadership in the tribe respected. This… is what Francis Fukuyama’s “The End Of History” was all about. Democracy… gave ALL MEN… a voice of authority and leadership in the tribe (i.e. state). When that voice was given up (feminism, no fault divorce) by men in hopes of sex, they ceased being patriarchs and became cucks to the alpha male of the group. Economics is important, but more important is returning authority and leadership back to men, and taking it away from women. The longer men allow women to run things, the worse it will get and no amount of economic argument will make a difference. Women… will take a dictatorship over democracy if that is the only means of strength she can find. As long as weak men continue to allow women to rule over them, no amount of economic miracles is going to get women to come back to a new patriarchy. Strength… is all that matters.

  17. That girl. What a waste, especially at Berkeley. The only major university in the country where the average girl is uglier is Cornell.
    She could have the pick of any handsome alpha at the business school and have a happy life as a house wife raising her children in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
    Instead she’s throwing it all away on cultural Marxism. Pathological altruism really is to white women what autism is to white men. And w the rise of weaponized autism, white
    men and women are being driven even farther apart.

      1. “Grown-up children.”
        I think the phrase is, “Over-grown children!”
        Anyway, I agree with you.

    1. at first, before i read the article, i was pleased to see that trashy white rasta girl get punched in the face. But when i saw the before/after pic, i felt disheartened of what that sickness named “leftism/cultural marxism” can do to a beautiful girl.
      what a waste.

        1. of course. what disheartened me was not the girl, but the effect of cultural marxism on a former decent looking girl.
          i have no empathy for her, she’s a stupid antifa who got a good dose of reality in the face.

      1. The dreadlocks and tatoos have ruined that girl. It’s a real waste since she is not fat and has other…qualities left. But what a shame…

      2. Understood. But just a second, you are blaming “leftism/cultural marxism” but not the “beautiful” girl !
        I could buy the Cigarettes, I can smoke BUT I am NOT doing it; because I am AWARE that smoking is INJURIOUS to my Health. And I am NOT blaming the “companies/businesses and government” for selling Cigarettes.
        I could buy Alcohol, I can drink BUT I am NOT doing it; same reason as above. And I am NOT blaming them for selling Alcohol.
        I should be careful, I should be alert, I should be responsible, I should be able to judge what’s good and what’s not and If something goes wrong; I should blame MYSELF !
        Thanks for at least calling that “beautiful” girl as “trashy” !!

        1. i agree and you lift a question here.
          yeah she had her part of responsability about how she let herself get infected by this ideology..
          but here at ROK, people massively acknowledge that women are just grown up children who lack judgement, are willing to follow the herd mentality… thus irresponsible at core ?
          we could also blame the misdeed of alpha (she must have fuck one, at least one, in her life ?) who did not intervene to put her in the good way to be a good woman. Even her father, too.

        2. Agreed. My only point is, Opportunists exists everywhere, in every corner of life; regardless of origin, gender, social status etc. But this should NEVER be an excuse for HE or she “letting themselves” infected by any ideologies.
          If a Father/Husband “intervenes”, they will be accused of; being Oppressive, Domestic Violence & abuse, Sexists and what not !!
          Honestly, I somehow find it “odd & difficult” to accept that women are “grown up children”, especially in 2017 !!. That doesn’t mean I am not respecting fellow ROKers opinions and/or experiences.

        3. “Honestly, I somehow find it “odd & difficult” to accept that women are “grown up children”, especially in 2017 !!”
          hey how dare you be not as macho as you pretend !! (joking)

      3. Patchouli encrusted EDM hoola-hoopers like that bird that earned the middle-school jab are just the tip of the iceberg.
        For every one of those unwashed urban camping medusas there are 10 birds somewhere on the continuum of prog degradation. It is indeed a waste.
        Most single women are drawn to the saccharine nectar of shitlib virtue signaling, but in the past they could still be led away from the abyss by a decent man with a stable job and a twinkle in his eye.
        No longer.
        The lost souls are stacking up. Most women have squandered the goodwill of men and are now seething like vampire hatchlings, eager to suck the last pint from the few red-blooded men who remain.
        I’d like to find their fathers and lay a solid combo on them instead. Rabid street dogs are not born as such. Somewhere there are males who let loose these creatures. Somewhere there are males who cheer them on as they dance around the pyre of civilization in flames. Those males are the problem. Those males need a reckoning set upon them.

        1. “Patchouli encrusted EDM hoola-hoopers”
          lol, perfectly exact, i saw many EDM vids with this kind of girl in them.
          “Somewhere there are males who let loose these creatures. Somewhere there are males who cheer them on as they dance around the pyre of civilization in flames. Those males are the problem”
          exactly what i supposed below in my discussion with Ravi Macho. those girls are the product of a lot of causes, including the lack of strong males guidance (or, the permanent surrounding of weak males)

  18. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s long over due that the left, pets of Democrats and bureaucrats, get their worthless asses beat.
    And the police there did the right thing!
    If they’re not gonna keep the peace impartially, at least STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY.

  19. i want to see the same action (punch in the face) with that guy in red dress .
    nobody got a gif of him getting his ass kicked the way he deserved?

    1. “Media is going after alleged puncher of the girl with the hairy vagina…”
      I hope it’s to give him a medal and a big, fat check!

    2. And now, those suckers are gonna ask for a favor even for a scum antifa who was willing to participate in such violent event ? I’m dreaming. those leftists have no honor.

    3. If that Mic article is to be believed, then the hairy pussy puncher could be in deep shit if charges are brought against him due to another assault arrest conviction. Could be looking at some serious prison time — hope he gets away with it. Rotting in a prison cell over that flea-infested disease vector whore would thoroughly suck.

      1. She won’t press charges, because that puts her on the hook for her involvement, especially since her FB post shows intent to commit rioting/violent acts.
        Puncher only needs to worry about the mayor or DA making an example of him.

    4. There are no more Real Fascist in power after 1975 with the fall of both Franco and Salazar’s regime! Do i have to repeat myself to these idiots? After 1975, there was no more Real fascist in power anymore! Nada, Zero capice? What are they fighting for? Obsolete causes that don’t exist anymore? Look at the presence of nazi skinheads as the minority as they have been since. Man, these people need some bashing to their head.

        1. Stalin started the trend when he branded Trotsky a “Fascist” for propaganda reasons after Stalin won the power struggle following Lenin’s death. Yes, Leftists labeled the founder of the Soviet Red Army a “Fascist” because, as you say, his “politics [Stalin] really, really disliked”
          George Orwell labeled this “Double Speak”. Orwell’s message: NEVER trust a leftist to honor language or the truth.

        2. I see people on the right doing it all the time too, calling antifa and their ilk fascists. To me Bolshevik would be more appropriate but I suppose most Americans aren’t familiar with the term, I suppose due to Marxist influence in education and media.

        3. But the equivalence is historically correct. Fascists and Bolsheviks WERE both variation of Leftism, fighting among themselves like the Chicago-style street thugs they were. A “Rightist” in either Germany or Italy in the 1920s and 30s was a MONARCHIST with no real equivalent in America.
          “Lenin is the greatest man, second only to Hitler, and that the difference between Communism and the Hitler faith is very slight.” Joseph Goebbels, N-zi propaganda minister, quoted in the NY TIMES in 1925

          Since they choose to don the black shirts of Mussolini, they are emulating the Italian fascists making “antifa” a further example of Orwell’s DOUBLE SPEAK.

        4. “Bolshevik would be more appropriate but I suppose most Americans aren’t familiar with the term,”
          Correct. Most American college students couldn’t tell you who Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot were or their corresponding ideologies.

    5. Crazy that someone would go to a protest, knowing it would get violent, and just turn up without even wearing a hat/shades, or some form of means to hide easy identification. They’ll throw the book at him and he’ll get 10 years….unless he moves to a state with a govenor with far right leanings.

      1. Leftists hide their identity. Skinheads never have. You’ll note his outfit, the only thing he didn’t do was wear a tan version of that shirt.

        1. If someone is keen to fight, it is stupid to just give themselves up for identification so easily. That guy could end up doing 5 years in jail. Fighting back is cool, but at least make it difficult to be caught by the law.

  20. Report from the battlefield:

    Those Nike batting helmets are light, but they work! I took a rock to the top of my head yesterday that probably would have had me out.We also tested it before the saturday with a could of good smacks to the sides and back with both dowels and 1x3s. The impact jerked your head, but it protected against the pain and did a reasonable job of getting the blow to skate along the curves of the helmet.
    One of the folks there next to me wasn’t wearing a helmet, and took a nasty smack in the head with a thrown full mini-can of soda. He recovered OK, but there was a LOT of blood. They have video of him getting treated.
    Wear a helmet…even if you are fit and young. I armored up because I am slow, but even those fit madmen dodging rocks on the front line could use it.
    …and VD, They did a fantastic job of keeping the lines together yesterday. They had folks watching for flanking and the berserkers (that’s what those based millennials were fighting like…absolutely breathtaking) at the front were keeping an ear out for the yell to pull back when they smashed into the front lines of the very skinny antifa janissaries. There were only a few incidents of folks pushing too far and getting enveloped.
    Gloves are necessary as well. I started out with my motorcycle gloves, but lost them when I took them off to put some gauze on the fellow how to smack with the soda. Even though I didn’t take a hit in the hands, I still learned why I needed them after the rally when I was heading back home. I didn’t get pepper sprayed directly, but I did go through the clouds a couple of times and helped a few guys holding their head back when they were getting their eyes washed out. Pepper spray residue was all over my hands and when I took off my mask, helmet and goggles, I instinctively wiped my lips. Noob mistake that would have been mitigated if I was wearing gloves. I’m glad there were no cameras to capture my “it’s too spicy” dance.

      1. Is this the napoleonic wars? I had a dream once barking these orders in the battlefield commanding what i think is based on the battle of waterloo where i was standing at the back from the second and third line formation where the first fell from being outnumbered and outgunned. Might it be me or someone else?

    1. Roosh, that shit wouldn’t be tolerated in my state just south of where you grew up. Incite a riot – felony. Participate in a riot – misdemeanor. But….if you destroy property over $1000 – felony. Throw a can of soda and cause bleeding – malicious wounding, at least 2 yrs, and up to 20 in prison. Take someone’s eye out – aggravated malicious wounding, 20 to life. Throw an object at a moving car – felony.
      They don’t play in VA, unlike CA.
      And we don’t have parole.

      1. But given then circumstance, of us beating feminists/ antifa, it would be a big PR fail for Nike if our side wore Nike.

    2. In her interview with Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern said that the antifa came with bear spray. I don’t know if any of you have been around bear spray before, but that’s terrifying. It’s not simple pepper spray, it’s designed to stop an enraged bear. I got a minimal amount in my eye once and it stung badly for hours. I can’t see how a direct hit wouldn’t blind you permanently.

    3. Riot police helmets are readily available online, for $30, including ones with a visor and a steel mesh behind the visor, and enough facial space to wear a full gas mask – plus they have a spine protector at the back.

  21. These atifa-fags are just LARPing a revolution. They are not prepared or capable for an actual force on force engagement. They are ESPACIALLY not prepared to fight an ACTUAL fascist authoritarian state which would be prepared to go weapons hot on these assholes.

    1. i would not at all be surprised if they have been told to push as far as they can, then one side either right or left will brandish a gun someone will be shot police/military squads will be mobilized to go door to door doing gun grabs.
      or something along those lines.

      1. Its actually not my drawing but i got it somewhere from the internet but i forgot the source.

  22. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the girl who got knocked out!
    She does hairy-pussy porn….
    Excuse me….
    And before the riot that her side started, the lass boasted,”I’m gonna take a hundred Nazi scalps.”
    So she participates in the violence, she hits the man before she gets her worthless ass knocked out.
    And now she wants to have the man arrested?
    I guess when antifa and leftists can’t win physically, THEN they take it to court. Sadly, there are plenty of lame-ass, clueless judges who will hear their case.
    Gentlemen, we are on our own.

    1. That is so typical of the feminist doublethink.
      Grrrr, Grl Power!!! I can fight just like a man and be a warrior just like a man. Women are equal…no better…than men.
      —Gets beat down, knocked out by man in riot—
      Help me!!! Im a delicate woman and was assaulted by a man. I need big daddy government and the big tough police men to arrest my assaulter.

  23. I just love how this incident validates the patriarchal world view. All of these fantasies about “strong women” and ass-kicking warrior babes out to fight “Nazis” vanish in an instant when a man punched that silly Antifa girl.

    1. Totally. The best was that King Arthur movie a while back where a 100 pound Keira Knightley was a “Celtic barbarian warrior princess” fighting alongside the men and kicking ass.
      Excuse me, but men around the time of 500AD were even worse than today. Their testosterone was through the roof, they were animals. The entire idea is pretty idiotic.

      1. Scarlett Johansson plays these ridiculous characters in her films as well. Her bitchy speech at the Pussy Hat March back in January shows that she knows the truth about women’s place in the natural hierarchy.

        1. And that is the appeal of a Tomb Raider or Ghost In The Shell type of story… ESCAPISM. Sadly, women seem to think that is reality now. I remember googling something about strength in men and one of the suggested search terms was “are girls as strong as men”. Which means… there are girls out there who are literally starting to believe the kool-aid in the schools and movies. This punch… for every girl that sees it… could save their life.

        2. Just look at the power lifting or Olympic lifting stats. The strongest men in the lightweight divisions destroy the “strongest” womyn.

        3. Well, in all fairness in Ghost in the Shell, the “heroine” was a cyborg without a single smattering of flesh in her body. Just metal and plastic…Just saying.

      2. (((they))) are having another crack at King Arthur i read somewhere.
        SOA’s Jax Teller will play Arthur, just imagine how diluted the story will be this time round, surprised a black actor isnt playing Arthur.
        at least in First Knight Sean Connery was Arthur, and so was the one with Clive Owen in it, as they were poms.

  24. And where were the police to help stop the violence again???? Once again, and this really needs to become a meme or mantra, but the police are not your friend. They are not my friend either. They are friends to the state who pays their salary and benefits. No more, and no less.

    1. Actually these were good police because they stayed out of the way. Our guys don’t need any help from the police, based on what I see in this video.

      1. …until they stepped in and starting arresting Trump supporters. They even arrested BaseStickMan for defending himself. Cops are worthless pigs.

  25. I laughed at her arrogance. I am not ashamed. 95 pounds of estrogen and dreadlocks will not measure up to testosterone and a gorilla charge.

        1. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t do that-you knocked the aggressor down and must neutralise them!

  26. I would fuck her hairy snatch silly, though.
    Nothing cures Liberalism in a White hippie chick better than a Fascist dick.

    1. I understand your perspective, but We the ROK Readers do not slum. We return aggression to the degree it is handed to us, with a little bit more in order to prevail. And we will show kindness and mercy only when the enemy shows humility, respect, and ceases their aggression against us.

      1. That’s God’s own truth!
        We should run unapologetic Fascist Game on White hippie chicks!
        No way would they go to bed with weak Feminist antifa gender-fluid nu-males if they can have one of the God Emperor’s stormtroopers between their legs!
        I bet even thinking about sleeping with the enemy as war-brides would make them moist AF!

  27. Along with everyone else, I’m glad the bitch got her ass handed to her. That’s a good start.
    What I really want to see is the so-called men at these protests/riots get their worthless asses beat down, too. Not knocked down, but beat down.
    And I’ll say it again…..
    If the police are not going to protect peaceful protestors, then stay out of the fucking way when the REAL men among us show up to take out the trash.

    1. What is the end game of all this?
      I want to get some kind of consensus;
      Decent people are finally fighting back. The pot’s boiling over.
      What’s next?
      What’s the upside ROK readers would like to see after the dust settles?

      1. I would like to see weak people no longer enabled by the government. People of means have the reason to keep them, so they are reasonable, courteous, and reserved. Weak people, of nothing, throughout history either stay as silent bitches, or they become of means, thus earning a say. The idea of weak, deluded people having power (borrowed from a leftist government) is artificial and incorrect. They need pushed down and told to shut up and stay down, or change their thinking. No one is interested in their shit.

      2. Whats next, we target and take out the entire workforce of Slate, Vox, Young Turks and Huffington Post to name a few.

  28. In the end, these antifa kids are going to seriously have to ask themselves if they are willing to die for transgender washrooms and homosexual wedding cakes.

        1. some (((you know who))) will write it for Gaga or Beyonce or Rhianna and they will auto tune it, woops my bad i meant sing it.
          EDIT: but its the music video you’ll really love!

        2. “Xe’ll be comin round the mountain when xe comes, xe’ll be comin round the mountain when xe comes, xe’ll be ridin 6 white bronies, xe’ll be ridin 6 white bronies…”
          not too hard!

        3. Wait, there is not a singles song by any famous artist who use their pronouns. Too much risk. Why there is not backslash?, there are not transsexual musician, not even lesbian musician, it seems that the only LGBT involved in music are the Gs.

        4. that is a very good question.
          havent seen any out in the open lezzies in music for a while actually, KD Lang the last in the 90s maybe, and Melissa Etheridge before her?

    1. There should be a distinction here. They are fighting to impose transgender washrooms and homosexual wedding cakes on other people. If they were to open their own homosexual wedding cake making bakery with transgender washrooms the people they hate would by and large actually defend their right to do so. Nobody actually stops them from doing so, they just want to use violence to make others do it.

  29. Love seeing that bitch get punched. Lefties are whining that “He hit a woman!’ So what. Women who involve themselves in Communist violence, feminism or other leftist activity deserve what they get. What? They expect to engage in violent activity and not get hit back? It doesn’t work that way. Act like a lady or be prepared to take a punch….or worse.

    1. Berkeley has become such a leftist cesspit, so much that I’m wondering how that many Trump supporters were around for them to clash with.
      And yeah, I have no sympathy for the bitch either. Violence at protests is a two way street, honey. The mob that ran off Milo? The sucker punch to Richard Spencer? Payback is a bitch.

    2. The shemale transformation was already complete from the indoctrination from the cultural-marxist agenda. Now since she believes in equality, lets give it to them.

      1. Plus there is no he or she remember???? The Left wanted it that way…maybe the puncher identifies as female today!

    3. Why the “lefties” are whining ! Aren’t MEN and women are “equal” !? If that MAN cannot punch that bitch in self defense, then in what sense the genders are “equal” !?
      A pussy can kick, punch, throw a soda can, can use fowl language on a MAN but the MAN cannot reciprocate ! What kind of cowshit is this !?

    4. You only get to play by ‘girl rules’ of fighting if you act like a girl. If you want to act like a guy, accept guy rules. If a flag football players hops on the field with an NFL team, expect to get tackled.

    1. Incorrect. Only the black shirted fascists affiliated with the DEMS are today calling for “lynching”.
      Familiarize yourself with the human atrocities committed by violent LEFTISTS over the course of history. You still haven’t apologized for the Katyn Forest Massacre – a joint production of Leftist Black Shirts and Red Shirts.

        1. You seem to have missed that I said “Red Shirts” too. It is correct to tie both N-zis (Socialists) and Communists together as fellow leftists – even though they eventually fought each other. This FACT needs to be reinforced everyday, i.e. N-zi = leftist. A fact that has been obscured partially by the USA’s WWII alliance with the Soviets.
          The Katyn Massacre happened during the JOINT invasion by Hitler and Stalin of POLAND in 1939. Hitler and Stalin were thick as thieves prior to Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa. the invasion of Russia (1941). Herein like any Chicago DEM street thug, Hitler turned on his erstwhile ally (Stalin) when the Red Army betrayed weakness as it bogged down in the Soviet invasion of Finland (1939)
          “Lenin is the greatest man, second only to Hitler, and that the difference between Communism and the Hitler faith is very slight.” Joseph Goebbels.

        2. Hollywood hasn’t generated propaganda about the Katyn massacre because it involved Communists killing mostly Catholic Polish army officers, government officials, professionals, and even priests – basically anyone in Poland the Soviet secret police could get their hands on who had any kind of authority or leadership ability.

  30. It’s hilarious that the DEMS are so dim-witted and a-historical as to ally with the Fascist Black Shirts. “Stronger Together”, the Clinton/Kaine campaign slogan, unwittingly channels Mussolini.
    This means the DEMS are associating party “identity” with P.G. Wodehouse’s hilariously pompous fictional character (Hillary comes to mind) named Sir Roderick Spode, head of the British Fascists colloquially known as the “Black Shorts” (LOL)

  31. If you don’t own a gun buy one. An AR-15 or AK-47 and handgun for men and revolver for women is highly recommended.
    If you can get a permit to carry in your state do it. You never know when violence is going to break out and when it does be prepared.
    Buy law enforcement grade zip cuffs. Be careful keeping them on your person as that may be illegal in some jurisdictions, but keep them concealed in your car and home. It may become necessary to mass detain idiots such as these Antifa’s at least until they can be processed by the judicial system or properly tried by a people’s court if it comes to that because the standing judicial system refuses to do so. (Punishments the people courts would hand out would most likely be beatings, whippings, and/or stocks. The kind that can be handed out in a quick fashion then the violator can be cut lose hopefully learning their lesson).
    Make sure you have enough ammo on stock. In a fire fight situation that stuff goes quickly
    If you live in a shitty liberal state where you can’t get a permit to carry make the choice to either carry illegally (better to be judged by 12 then carried out by 6) or look into getting a LEGAL knife. A knife is better then nothing.
    Check laws on pepper spray too. Some states and cities have pretty strict rules about carry those items too surprisingly. A knife and pepper spray is better then nothing.
    Back in the day I would tell someone not to resist if they are being assaulted illegally because eventually the system will figure itself out. These days it doesn’t matter. The system is completely broken. Do what you can do if you are being attacked even if it might be straight up legal self defense. Chances are even if it you are caught on video the authorities are never going to come after you. And if they do you have a better chance defending yourself in court then spending years dealing with the injuries you will sustain.

    1. “Make sure you have enough ammo on stock. In a fire fight situation that stuff goes quickly.”
      Absolutely true.
      “A knife and pepper spray is better than nothing.”
      Again, true!
      “If you don’t own a gun buy one.”
      Don’t neglect your duty to yourself by leaving your defense in the hands (or whims) of others.
      “The system is completely broken.”
      Even if the system were perfect, there are still criminals lurking.
      “You never know when violence is going to break out and when it does be prepared.”
      This is what it all comes down to. Even the Boy Scouts taught us to Be Prepared!
      Best comment I’ve read at ROK in a long time. Thanks Dean.

      1. Don’t forget to get a permit to carry if you can in your state. Really unless you live in NY, NJ, or CA you can get one. Might have to jump through some hoops but you can get one.

        1. “Really unless you live in NY, NJ, or CA you can get one.”
          Hard to imagine why a freedom loving man would live in either of those states. But I agree with you.
          Happy Easter to you and yours, Frank!

        2. I can think of 2 reasons, but they are not so great:
          1) Born here.
          2) Can make more money here than elsewhere.
          I do hope to get out sooner than later though.

        3. I live in NYC and after jumping through LOTS of hoops I managed to get a concealed carry permit.

        4. Do you mind educating us on how you did that even if it is vague generalities? I tried to get a NJ permit through some back channels, and I mean really tried, only to be told the “donation” required to the local Dem Club was too rich for my blood.

        5. That is the process just to get a gun to have in your house and carry unloaded. Did you get one to actually carried concealed? I have heard that those are almost impossible to get in NYC.

        6. You just have to show need, as I did. Armed body guards can get them and I know that a lot of the kike diamond sellers have them, too.

        7. Man that isn’t even good enough over in NJ. I know a diamond dealer who was told if he didn’t feel comfortable without a gun transporting you know millions of dollars in jewelry then maybe he should open up shop over in PA (he did). Also know a bar manager who would carry tens of thousands of dollars to the bank every day. He was told no too. I even know one guy who had been assaulted and stalked by two brothers who had a grudge against him. Had a stack of police reports and a private eye report about the stalking. The judge gave him a permit but told him he ought to think about moving out of state as that might resolve the issue in a more humane fashion. Hence why I got out of the NY/NJ metro area a few years ago.

        8. CA is dependent on the county since issue is at the discretion of the County Sheriff. Some operate as shall-issue.
          Others, like LA, San Diego, operate as no-issue other than personal favors/campaign contributors.

        9. I think it was in the early 2000’s when it came out that of the three permits issued to citizens they were all to politicians in the area.

    2. The go to weapon for the coming race war/revolution will be the tactical shotgun. My Saiga with 30 round magazine is ready to go.

    1. No. Did you??? Probably trying to start a hate-crime hoax.
      The historic death toll of Left wing death-squads is orders of magnitude higher than that of any Latin American strong man. Get a sense of history. Black shirts are leftists responsible genocides.
      Americans reject black shirts and campaign slogans like STRONGER TOGETHER (Clinton / Kaine) that directly channels Mussolini.

  32. Don’t start none won’t be none. Also, who in the fuck do you think you are playing with warrior cultures by talking about scalping someone ?

    1. No worries. Women in combat and all that. She just got a taste of equality without lower standards and a controlled environment to protect her from the consequences of her decisions.

  33. The most telling part of the whole video to me is watching the bricks and ied’s landing right next to the camera man.

  34. I like how the antifa chode in the glasses was looking at her after she got punched debating on trying to get some white knight points.

      1. Yep. One simply knows what goes through his mind.
        That is why I fucking love the Red Pill. The knowledge it gives about people.

    1. Funny pic, but Che was a pasty little bitch, cut from the same cloth as Antifa. When these creeps figure out that firearms can be the same great equalizer for them as it was for their idols, we could have a problem.

        1. The moment they fire a gun even the media will turn against them. Plus they won’t dare risk retaliation of that kind from normal folk.

        2. I am not sure. I fully admit that I could be wrong about this, but I suspect that as soon as one of them starts shooting, the MSM will start treating them as astroturf folk heros – just as long as they shoot a commie gun, and not one of those scary black AR-15’s.

      1. Wasn’t the Dallas shooter BLM? And army trained by the looks of the vid that was going around at the time.

  35. Before getting knocked out, she boasted that she was going to take “100 nazi scalps”

    But as always, the Left is acting like the little woman is some kind of victim. Funny how violent thugs are always painting themselves as victims.

  36. The left instigates, tosses M80’s, pepper sprays, assaults then somehow expects not to be attacked. Amazing.

  37. My, my, my, lookie, lookie here. It does this old Marine’s heart good to see the forces of darkness and evil get the shit kicked out of them. So far they haven’t had any push-back. I wonder how the little piss-ants like being on the receiving end?
    If there was a lot more of this happening, I suspect the need for it would rapidly die down. If these pimples on the ass of America start feeling some real pain for their bad behavior, I’d bet they’d undergo some pretty rapid behavioral modification.
    They don’t have to kill or even permanently damage them ….. yet. Mind you, that may be necessary later, don’t do anything to them that won’t heal, for now. Just a good beat down they won’t forget. If escalation becomes necessary, so be it, but getting their asses kicked up between their shoulder blades will probably cause a lot of these ass-hats to mend their ways.

  38. As she was getting smoked by “the punch”, an antifag was on the ground against the wall being speed bagged by a group of alt-lites…he was bloodied when he got up…check out the full video.

  39. That made my Easter Holiday complete.
    “That antifa is not prepared for their violence to be met with an equal response.”
    The left is not prepared at all and their old threats and violent tactics are becoming rapidly ineffective even in the SJW stronghold of Berkley. LOL.

  40. Great video, though room for improvement in terms of strategy. A better organised group with better group communication could have set traps and cornered them, just like the riot police do with ‘kettling’. That is the end game, to have them cornered and unmasked, ID taken from each on and have them all identified – and beaten to a pulp. Once we know who they are, some will squeel and tell who is funding them, and it can be made viral.

    1. Indeed. Beat them into submission, line them up on their knees and record their confession on whom funds them and their identity and then post the videos for all to see as it goes viral. Excellent idea.

  41. “Berkeley police stood down, perhaps to allow antifa to attack Trump supporters”
    One might wonder whether the police stood down because that’s what some puppet-masters wanted them to do. There are some overhead videos of the clashes and there are hundreds if not thousands clashing or just buzzing around and literally zero police. Compare that to situations where the authorities really don’t want violence to break out. Horses, batons, teargas….if there was a will to disperse the crowds and keep the peace there would have been no meaningful clashes beyond a bit of shouting and some throwing stuff at the other side

    1. The cops did stand down. someone went up to 2 cops in a cruiser and asked them “why arent you doing anything?” They said “talk to the police commissioner.”

        1. nope. it was linked off breitbart. Im sure you could find it, but theres probably 10,000 comments on that story at this pt

        2. cheers. If that’s true someone really needs to find out why the commissioner gave those instructions, because I doubt that would be as high as it goes

        3. thanks for posting that. I know cops. There hands are tied. I cant stand the posts on this, and other sites, stating “they only care about their pensions”- its not even about that, they fear losing their jobs for attempting to enforce the law

        4. thanks for finding that. That chief of police clearly has questions to answer. This is all good fund, because nobody got seriously hurt but if the authorities are allowing clashes like this to happen – and it looks like something you would see in a civil war, the question is why. It could be because the situation was unsafe for the police, but would anyone really believe that? They have advanced knowledge of these protests, the antifas were advertising their intentions on facebook etc so for me the unavoidable conclusion is that the authorities wanted this. Why? Either they are passively “inciting” conflict or they want that conflict in order to take some kind of restrictive action

        5. Eh, right now I’m taking a more passive approach to this. It’s like signing up to play rugby. You’re on a team, and you take the field knowing ahead of time that you’re going to get knocked around and suffer a few bruises.
          Neither side showed up in Berkley without intent and full knowledge of what was going to happen.

        6. right now it’s all good fun, because it’s payback for dumb bitch antifas intimidating ordinary people without consequence. I’m fine with that, except I’m naturally suspicious of the idea that this non-interventionist approach is to do with a genuinely more even-handed approach. If it really is about letting people sort things out, and whipping some SJW arses then I’m fine with it. I doubt that’s what it’s about though

    2. Actually, the police standing by and doing nothing is a positive development because then our guys are free to defend themselves without interference. Our guys are quite capable of ruling the streets, if only the cops stay out of their way.

      1. antifas are scum, and it doesn’t hurt for them to get a bit of their own medicine. I just doubt that’s the point of the police standing down in that way. Much more likely to be divide and conquer stuff

  42. Hold on guys. Are you sure this just isn’t another group of KKK persons dressing up as AntiFa just to make them look bad like Robert Reich and TYTs said?

  43. That warmed my cold, cynical heart. Just what I wanted to see on Easter. I laughed out loud for most of that video, they absolutely got their shit rocked.
    Call to arms, men. This degeneracy could come to a town near you. Do some push-ups, get a helmet and gas mask and learn how to swing. It may come in handy.

    1. It’s worse. I encountered some nigs fresh off the boat speaking in fucking clicks at my local Walmart the other day.
      Long story short I cut those monkeys off mid stride, flexed on them a little. Pussies weren’t about shit.
      Time is now.

      1. I’m not necessarily talking about race so much as these groups based around an ideology that supports destroying the country.

    2. What pisses me off is that she’s so typical of her college crowd that pursues leftist degrees and then gets preferential hiring in NGOs, education, socialist work, HR, legal/judiciary and law enforcement. The ball rippers in the system all have old college stories of being anti western, anti trad culture radicals.

    1. Modern education culture wastes all females the same. She’s no different than the next. She’s only one who incidentally got featured. But there are many many more of her that need contained. The real tragedy is the whole crowd of young breeding age white females that are just like her. It will take a very stern form of patriarchy to strap these females, spanning perhaps 2-3 generations to remove the virus from the nervous system completely. (brains primarily)

      1. ” The real tragedy is the whole crowd of young breeding age white females that are just like her. It will take a very stern form of patriarchy to strap these females, spanning perhaps 2-3 generations to remove the virus from the nervous system completely. (brains primarily)”
        I absolutely agree. It’s just sad. I have a friend who speculates that there may be some sinister force (high tech shit implemented by the CIA perhaps) causing women to abandon their natural instincts as loving wife and mother.

  44. Ha! In other times I would have condemned that man for punching that woman. Now I condemn him for not punching her harder.

    1. hit her in the forehead. he punches like a girl, I assume he learned from watching Angelina Jolie movies

      1. In fairness his feet were in a patch of uneven soil when he threw, hence he fell forward. Better to land an off balance straight-right than be cautious and not throw at all.

        1. As well as, there was a lot going on around him. Trying to maintain SA on other more capable assailants may have taken some of his focus off the assailant in front of him.

  45. Heroes all of these kids…
    That chick that got clocked I didn’t know was a girl till I read it later…she looked like a dude hence the beating…

  46. Oh GOD how I wish I could have ben there.
    Gentlemen, the tide is turning! We will show these f* ggot leftists who is boss, even if we need to crack hundreds of their skulls to do it. MAGA!

  47. Right wing death squads-it is time to respond to the largesse and hubris of the leftist scum. Fire up the rotors!

  48. antifa girl now has a gofundme campaign going on.
    Best comment so far:
    Please use this money to buy a razor so you can clean up that monstrosity you call a cunt. You got what you deserved and I hope a never ending onslaught of trolls plague you until you cleanse this world of your filth.

  49. I’ve never hit a White woman before, but these evil, dumb, anti-white leftist cunts need to have the shit kicked out of them on a regular basis.

  50. What is funny is the Anti-First Amendment commies thought it was cool when the isolated and beat up female Trump supporters and claimed it was OK to punch a Nazi where anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi… Now they are crying because this twit got decked and they got their commie butts kicked… when they out numbered the normal people… in commie central…

  51. Interesting: the guy in the Jolly Roger shirt for the main article image friended me on Facebook recently

  52. One of the worst aspects of living in the South in our current political climate is that I will almost certainly never get a chance to go to one of these “street battles.” No real antifa presence in Dixie.

    1. I won’t be reconstructed and I do not give a damn. Oh I’m a good Ole rebel, now that’s just what I am

  53. I just posted an ‘equal rights for women’ comment on the antifa Disqus comments, deleted immediately and I was banned from the site, nothing over the top. Guess they don’t want equal rights OR free speech.
    She looks a little more aggressive in this photo.
    I would say they were trading punch for punch.
    Convicted Felon Vs Porn Actress = Felon wins.

    1. The liberal idea of ‘free speech’ is only speech they freely approve. They’re only against violence if they are subject to it.

    2. She’s playing hard to get. The real rules of engagement in the pic aren’t visible. They’re the local judiciary ultimately policing that she doesn’t reproduce with that white man. In nature, her hairy snatch emits pheromones that trigger the man in blue shirt to drag her back to his cave, pebbles and bam bam style. She has too many options is another factor limiting her likelihood to fulfill her primary biological functions.

    3. If you look at the video in the article she threw just one punch at him at his throat. He justifiably then acted in self defense and put her on her ass.

  54. This is probably what the elites want left wing vs. right wing violance to destabilize the country causing guns to be taken away.

  55. B.B. King: “Now, when you fightin’ with your woman, don’t be goin’ upside the head.”
    Mr. King, I must respectfully disagree.

  56. I love it. These snowflakes needed to be given a dose of their own medicine. Enough is enough with their tantrums and destructive behavior. Too bad the police these days don’t do anything, especially in California where their liberal mayors and politicians and liberal judges have made them out to be the enemy.

    1. Oh man, why did you put that up??? I really wish I hadn’t clicked on it. That is one nasty snatch.

        1. A shame a woman that could have been a hot mom and reproduced good looking children was corrupted by the mind hive virus. That snatch is still nasty though.

      1. Roosh had to include her porn link. Yeah I don’t think there’s a baller on here that didn’t go for it like candy other than the speed readers. Well it’s a typical hairy one. Just a typical anysnatch USA appearing snatch. Any humble and loyal Catholic or Mormon mother of five primarily doesn’t shave either, other than the excessive follicle blessed ones with a dad gum beard down there. And then they only clip the obfcusity down to accomodate the occasional swimwear on family outings. So her snatch by itself is neither nasty or unusual. Most trad moms don’t wax it like strippers or cheerleaders. Her road to descent needs to be probed though. She’s viral now and ROK should do a feature interview with her (point/counterpoint style) and expose the factors that led to her current state. We know her already inside out, the way we’ve unearthed the true nature of the shebeast. I’m sure we have more anecdotal and hard facts on her typical state to deconstruct her completely. Alex Jones invited the Obamaphone lady once to an interview and turned her into a convert. It was a cinch.

      1. Some guy ‘Chris’ commented on her ‘Look at me play with my oily snatch’ pics with “so how did your 100 (Nazi scalps) goal go”
        Then it clicked. She wasn’t referring to the scalps on their heads. She secretly and for some convoluted reason imagined getting 100 notches of ‘little scalps’ from the beefy ‘Nazis’ and MAGAs. Her psyche being a porn exhibitionist doesn’t jibe with the psyche of a warrior. When I saw the checkerboard image of all her masturbating pics with dildos, it all clicked. She’s an extreme hypergamous freak. And too stupid or naive to know that typically redpill/ MAGAs prefer submissive women. You don’t shit slap a man and grab his collar for his little scalp. Well most of the time you don’t. Yeah she secretly wanted to be overpowered and dominated like her feminist/antifa pansy crowd could never seem to deliver.

        1. Good God, you’re probably right. Her end game is to kill everyone in the alt-right/lite by giving them syphilis.

        2. Nooo a shebrain wouldn’t think of such a thing. Are AWALT? Man has survived millennia assuming their women couldn’t possibly be like that. For some it was blissful ignornnce towards their woman not being like that. But society helped shaming women like that. Women do need constant firm and tight control. Many women always had that same crazy bug just itching to get out. It lies dormant so long as you simply follow the rules and keep her under your beard. They are simple creatures with a rodent wheel and with a wonderful function but a disposition that must be tediously managed and A TIGHT LID kept on it.
          The legendary Pandora lived way before modern feminism. Ask Pandora “Why’d you do it”. Her response is “Just because”. And you say “Just because WHY?”. And she then says “Just because because”. So stop right there man. You’re talking to a child brain. A woman brain.
          THE BUG (or virus) is something warned about in scripture. Countless families thrived with the drums of patriarchy booming constantly in the society. They need to hear the everpresent “BOOM BOOM” of the mighty and wrathful yet graceful authority of man over them. Many men have never flexed a muscle against the enablers of feminism. They’ve never fought a war even. Once feminism is buried and slain, the authority will flow from your pores just standing there looking at her. You’ll barely have to say a word and she’ll curl up like a kitty cat, obedient. She can smell what the patriarchy is cooking. It’s an aura we must reclaim – an aura we had in effect not too long ago in fact. It’s an aura that’s forcibly curtailed for a population that has been slated for culling by an invasive authority.

    2. Is that what she does for a living when she’s not scalping Nazis? lol
      Very hard to take these degenerates seriously.

  57. Gee, the lefties aren’t so tough when they can’t sneek up and attack people from behind.
    BTW: The guy in the red dress sure is ugly.
    P.S: Calling these antifa idiots “soldiers” is an insult to the members of the armed forces. The majority of those idiots couldn’t make it through basic training.

    1. I thought he was the guy from the local ‘red’ Irish pub. It looks like he’s just trying to get to work but the orange plastic net is in the way. The matching socks and St Patrick looking shoes – it’s too work uniformy looking to be antifa.
      Wait. The boobs I just noticed. Definately antifa.

  58. Antifa are socialists. Which is funny considering fascism is a form of socialism.
    “The term “Fascism” is mostly used by the Left as a brainless term of
    abuse. But when they do make a serious attempt to define it, they
    produce very complex and elaborate definitions.
    In fact, Fascism is simply extreme socialism plus nationalism. But
    great gyrations are needed to avoid mentioning the first part of that
    recipe, of course.” – John J. Ray

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