6 Ways To Free Yourself From A Cycle Of Weakness

With our society doing everything it can to keep men down and prevent us from reaching our full potentials, it has become more imperative than ever to learn how to overcome this detrimental influence. The modern world that we live in needs men to be domesticated, weak, and controlled so that women, the state, and the elites can gain in power and wealth at our expense. Towards realizing this project, it induces learned helplessness using social institutions, the media, and the cultural currents to crush men’s spirit and decimate any sign of masculinity. Here are practical methods you can use to fight back against the forces that undermine you as a man.

1. Understand the nature of learned helplessness

First thing you need to do is to understand the psychology behind learned helplessness. Learned helplessness happens when you are trapped in a situation where all your efforts to escape from it has resulted in failure. Those repeated failures will discourage you from taking any future actions as an evolutionary response to help you preserve energy for a better opportunity that may come in the future (or for someone to come and rescue you). The thing is, while this psychological mechanism may be helpful in nature, our modern society has a way of triggering learned helplessness through artificial means. For example, experiments have shown that dogs who have been conditioned to feel hopeless about their chances of escaping electric shocks in a cage will not even make the attempt even when they are physically capable of doing so.

The same happens to the average man in Western society, where he is made to sit down and obey in a controlled environment starting from his childhood. He is to do as he’s told and submit his masculinity to service the interests of women and the state. He is shamed, belittled, and attacked by the society around him to feel guilty about being a man. His very existence must be discouraged to allow the engineered society to flourish while he suffers.

It’s a deadly cycle.

The consequences of learned helplessness are that you stop trying, you start rationalizing and blaming to preserve your ego, you find scapegoats to take out your frustrations on, you numb yourself with distractions, you fall into a cycle of negativity, and you start to feel angry and depressed about your life situation. The worst part is, most men who are inflicted with this syndrome are completely unaware of it and are in denial. It takes a real man to admit that he’s stuck in a rut and that he needs to kick himself in the ass to get going again.

2. Identify your area of weakness

Now that you know what learned helplessness is, the next step is for you to uncover the source of your problem. Identifying your weakness alone isn’t going to solve the issue on its own, but it will help you deal with it. Try to be as specific as possible in identifying exactly what makes you feel so powerless and why. Discover your root fear, investigate why you feel angry, decipher your thought process, and recognize the self-fulfilling cycle of defeatism that you trap yourself in. There is no judgment here. This is simply a chance for you to become aware of your motivations and inner workings in the face of your situation.

At this stage, it’s important to notice how addictive it is to justify your position as being unchangeable. By telling yourself that you’re in the situation you’re in now because of the injustice of the world can make you feel righteous. It starts to become intoxicating as you see yourself as a tragic hero who endures the wrongs thrown at you. Taken too far, you’ll start to come up with justifications as to why you don’t try to change things anymore. You’ll start to feel comfortable in the negativity. You must snap out of this.

3. Practice letting go

Before you motivate yourself into making an effort again, it’s important to take care of your internal state first. You must learn to let go. Let go of all the anxious longings and desperate wants that will only leave you fragile.

Know that you don’t need desire to gain success; success comes with action. The thing is, desire can either help you with that action or hamper it. If you are inexperienced and suffer from learned helplessness, it usually hampers you more than it helps you. So what should you do, you ask? You must let go of that desire from within. One technique I recently learned for letting go is to simply take a deep breath to release any tension so that you’ll be grounded in the present moment—no fancy mantras required. Just be aware of your inner desire and make the conscious decision to let go for your own sake.

You can also try using a technique by Napoleon Hill who suggests imagining yourself already having achieved whatever it is that you desire. He doesn’t really explain the psychology behind it, but I am confident that it is a way of reducing the anxiety that comes with scarcity that obstructs your ability to take decisive action.

Now, some of you may become resistant to the idea of letting go of desire. You may wonder if surrendering your want is the same thing as giving up and conceding defeat, which is what I used to believe as well. But to the contrary, learning to let go will actually help you. To understand, know that your desire is not the same as your passion. And that to succeed, what you need are discipline, dedication, and organization, not mere wants and wishes. Millions of people who merely dream and hope without any accomplishment are a proof to this fact.

4. Create small victories

With learned helplessness, it’s critical that you gain your sense of power back by doing things that restores your belief in your own abilities. You may be inclined to tackle that big goal you have in mind that you’ve been putting off since forever, but your best bet is actually to start with something small. You’ve been procrastinating precisely because the thing you want to accomplish is too large for you to tackle, so either break it down into manageable chunks or do something easier to get you into a momentum. Once you are able to accomplish the smaller objective, you’ll have the confidence and the motivation to go for a larger goal. You can continue on and build on your success to do greater and greater things.

5. Stop saying that you can’t

When you suffer from learned helplessness, you’re much more likely to blame others, make excuses, and give up without even putting in any real effort. And the most visible symptom of this condition is just how often you tell yourself and others that you “can’t.” But behind every can’t there is fear, insecurity, poor planning, a lack of will, and endless excuses.

If you were to closely investigate your can’ts, you’ll discover that it is usually a matter of “I won’t” rather than “I can’t.” Lack of action is a choice you make on your part, not a physical restriction. Try it yourself by countering all your can’ts by asking yourself “why?” over and over again until you get to the bottom of the issue that will uncover the harsh truth. And if you ever encounter an obstacle that is too big and seemingly impossible, follow the previous advice about breaking down your goal into a manageable chunk or focus on something smaller that you can manage. As for matters you have absolutely no power over, you’ll have to develop the wisdom to recognize them and forget about them.

6. Ignore other men who disparage you

“Why are you losers making such a big fuss? I don’t even have to make an effort to get a line of women begging for a chance to suck my dick.”

Any man who brags about his exploits, social status, or material wealth is not interested helping fellow man and is only interested in feeding his own ego at your expense. It’s not like they’re obligated to help you out for nothing, but if they’re not offering anything useful and is mocking your efforts in any way, you don’t have any reason to take their shit.

You’ll often hear them say things like, “men today are such pussies” (meaning they’re so much better than the other men) and say generally disparaging remarks about men in general, or casually mention how it’s so easy for them to attract gorgeous women (because they’re such alphas). This is nothing but their attempts at alpha-signalling much like how modern women use the social media to attention-whore. Instead of paying attention to these men who are begging for your recognition, it’s best to take advice from those who have been in similar circumstances as you and have overcome it. Those are the men who can give you practical and actionable advice to help you escape your trap and improve yourself.

Now, on the flip side, you have men who will hate you for trying because they aren’t—it reminds them of their own shortcomings and the fact that they have essentially given up. The obvious example here are the loser men who insult others for trying to form relationship with women by calling them “pussy beggars.” Because the men who make the effort and become successful remind them of their own failures, the only thing these losers can do is to attack others and hope that they fail too. Ignore these men and let them stew in their own misery.


Trying to flip the script on learned helplessness is not an easy task and it will take many failures and trying to start seeing results. As I’ve said, try to focus on the smaller victories to get the momentum going and don’t ever give up. If you need a bit of motivation, imagine meeting your future self face to face. How will you answer to him? Put in the effort now to make him proud that you gave your best when you had the chance; don’t disappoint him that you didn’t start taking action now. You owe it yourself.

To learn more about the ways in which men struggle against the current of our modern world, read ‘Man’s Fight for Existence‘, the ultimate manifesto for our times’

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231 thoughts on “6 Ways To Free Yourself From A Cycle Of Weakness”

  1. “… casually mention how it’s so easy for them to attract gorgeous women (because they’re such alphas) … the loser men who insult others for trying to form relationship with women by calling them “pussy beggars.”
    mhhhhh i have seen such people like these two types since i read ROK comments.

    1. I was about to copy and paste the same excerpt. We all know that AMOG on ROK. We don’t even need to name him .

    2. There is some lack of understanding the difference between courtship and pussy begging here to be sure. Some men are really cut out for relationships, they are good at it (even though it takes work) and it brings them happiness….other men are not and do not derive happiness from it. I have a friend I chat with and he is married. He loves that he comes home to his wife, a cooked meal, and a comforting face. For me, that would make me blow a fucking gasket.
      I think a big problem with people in general, and ROKrs are not exempt, is that they tend to see what works for them and extrapolate it in such a way that it must hold true for everyone. It is no different than saying “i like strawberry ice cream and if you don’t you are an evil communist who is destroying the world.” It is an easy mistake to make because everyone wants to believe that what they are doing is, in some way, “right” in an objective or universal manner. It is hard to step back and to understand that things are never “right” but only right for me or right for you.

      1. indeed, courtship and pussy begging are two different things.
        I agree with the fact a lot of people think that what they have worked for them must be working for anyone. that leads to such aberrations like a good looking man whose advice to the random beta to get girls, is “just be yourself” or crap like that.
        I did not know you were such a philosopher under all your nihilism lol

        1. I think the problem is that the world is honestly frightening — for me, for you, for anyone who really thinks about the fact that we are racing towards death and that we are all doing our best with really no assurances. Convincing ourselves that there is some one absolute right way to live and that we are living it and that every other way is a deviation from good, healthy and normal behavior is one way of coping with the huge abyss before us and the sword of Damocles above us. The problem is that it simply doesn’t work and just makes the person who takes that POV seem like a total jerkface

        2. the link with all sjws here can be made: Perhaps all of these folks are eager to convince themselves and the world that their view is THE only view to be respected and followed, is just a way to cope with their intense insecurity of death, or just the insecurity of being humans with mundane instincts.. like anger and so on, which they despise to other but not in them..

        3. 100% on the link with SJWs. To be honest, I see a lot of similarities with right wing groups and left wing groups when it comes to the extremes. Basically same thing with different seasoning.

      2. Two other important points are that it depends on circumstances and that there is sometimes a hierarchy between options. So for instance the same person who has sex with young prostitutes could have get laid without paying earlier in life but find it more difficult after let’s say 50. And when the other options, sex-wise, are to either watch porn or bang a realdoll (instead of a real doll hehe), it appears the better choice to bang the pros.

        1. I see what you are saying. I, for one, simply don’t believe in a “better choice” only a “better choice for me” or “better choice for you.” For instance, banging pros holds no allure to me. I have never done it and have no desire. My personal psyche and hang ups make the intellectual and spiritual stimulation of sex (the stuff that makes it more than just masturbating with a warm wiggly sex doll) dependent on several things…amongst them being desire. Further, I enjoy dating….even if not courtship. I like going out and doing a night on the town with a girl who is beautiful and fun to be with and even has a few interesting things to say and, most of all, is genuinely appreciative. So the pro option, which is fine or even preferable to others who have different hang ups and desires, simply doesn’t work for me any more than the porn option or the marriage option. People aren’t cookie cutter designed. I have lived a life with a lot of very specific to me things which have occurred which, in turn, made me who I am an informs my desires.
          The biggest mistake would be for me to try to convince myself that I am “right” and that you or anyone else ought to want what I want and do what I do and if you don’t you are somehow wrong. I see that a lot here and frankly it is annoying and speaks of massive immaturity. I think having a wife and kids is a wonderful thing if you are a man who in some ways is fulfilled by that. I know lots of guys who would feel real emptiness without their families. However, many guys here are very quick to say that not only is that how they feel but that everyone who feels differently is basically a degenerate scum bag who is ruining the world. That that says to me is that the person is massively insecure about their own choices and most likely their own masculinity and it is a problem that, like being a transvestite, ought not be scorned but helped. Unfortunately, like suggesting that trannys are mentally ill (which they are) and need help (which they do) leads to outrage, suggesting to a person who thinks that their personal way of life if the only right way of life that there are other types of people who need different things and that their desire to universalize their opinion is a mental illness also leads to outrage.

        2. Largely agree. However, I am inclined to think (and Charles Murray in Coming Apart is stressing something similar) that if there are not universal then at least general lifestyle choices that transcend the individual-particular choices. Such as eating a certain kind of food in a certain amount instead of junk food which makes you fat. Such as to do physical exercise and perhaps read a little (or much). Or to optimize the way look, and even personality to some extent. Such as that classic liberalism is better than left-wing liberalism, socialism and extreme nationalism.

        3. I think that there is something to what you say, but needs to be parsed very carefully if you want to make the point. For me, I am more live and let live type so long as letting someone else live doesn’t infringe on me and my enjoyment of life. However, if I really wanted to understand this stuff politically or socially I feel it would be important to dissect all the different types of motivation in each category and break them down. Something like “left-wing liberalism” alone can probably be understood in at least a dozen sub categories more if you take intentions of the adherents into account.

        4. In order to live and let live the surrounding culture and political and social climate has to be in a certain way, mainly linked to classic liberalism (United States, roughly), national conservatism (Switzerland and Malta), social democracy (Scandinavia) or a combination of several, mainly Western elements (hybrid discourse or syncretic politics, such as Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan).
          There is overwhelming evidence that left-wing liberalism in totality is causing damage through semi-authoritarian policies (cultural Marxism, feminism and social justice warriorism), neocon interventionism and war-hawkism, mass immigration, as well as dysgenic welfare programs, bad for all racial groups as well as mixed racial groups.
          With regard to social democracy in Scandinavia, there has been some material improvement and immigration is fine in not too large degrees, but also there the generic left-wing liberalism is causing damage.

        5. I will leave democracy in Scandinavia, cultural maxism and national conservatism in Malta to other men. We all have our specialties. I am focusing on nihilism and hedonism in manhattan.

        6. I know the exact dogmatism you’re referring to. Sometimes I try to guard it in myself since it is pretty tempting to believe the way I solved a problem will work for others. Being right and approved for that opinion can be an even bigger drug than cocaine.

        7. I used to be the opposite – prone to thinking that everyone else had it all figured out and I’m the one who’s fukked up….really a rotten way to go.

        8. dunning- meet kruger
          EDIT: this. is. awesome.
          “The phenomenon was first observed in a series of experiments by Dunning and Kruger of the department of psychology at Cornell University in 1999.[1][2] The study was inspired by the case of McArthur Wheeler, a man who robbed two banks after covering his face with lemon juice in the mistaken belief that, because lemon juice is usable as invisible ink, it would prevent his face from being recorded on surveillance cameras”

        9. It is funny but both seem to be two sides of the same coin. One ensures you don’t listen to anyone but those who echo your belief and the other gives your ability to grow over to someone else. Neither is conducive to helping you but at least the second option admits you need help or open to being helped.

      3. “they tend to see what works for them and extrapolate it in such a way that it must hold true for everyone”
        A natural, but self-destructive tendency. Should be diligently stomped down.

        1. nobody believed them. Every single word in those emails was true. It’s all unclaimed money they were too honest to spend.

      4. I think there is a stark difference between courtship and “pussy begging” that most guys (including my younger self) doesn’t get. Courtship is increasing your SMV in order to get the girls to want to come to you. “Pussy begging” is just that, trying to do favors, white knighting, flattering, or trying to buy your way into sex. It is not turning the girl on, it is trying to get them obligated to have sex, however possible. Not a good long term solution.

        1. “… trying to do favors, white knighting, flattering… it is trying to get them obligated to have sex, however possible. Not a good long term solution.”
          as i tested in my younger days, it was not even a short term solution. In fact it was not a solution at all, because i got nothing with such an attitude lol.

        2. and nowadays, it is one’s responsability to learn the proper way to achieve the right way to get sex from women. A kind of rite of passage.. stange era we are living !

  2. The main thing holding men back is themselves because they’re scared of their own thoughts and what others think.
    These days I make moves(as long as they’re positive) even though I don’t know what’s on the other side.

    1. that means you experiment moves that are out of your comfort zone i suppose (because you don’t know yet their outcomes). Good, keep it on !

      1. Correct!
        A man won’t know anything until he tries it.
        We’re all human, so sometimes that’s easier said than done.

        1. “that’s easier said than done”
          and i think that’s a good thing. If everything was easy to get done, everybody would have done it thus resulting to a global raised level of difficulty for everyone (in other way : if everyone is good or intelligent, the harder it gets for everyone. The world would be a harder place than it is if all opponents are good.)
          the courage to experiment leads to deeds, which leads to an upgrade of knowledge and experience. Which, in the end, separates the man who tried to better himself from the masses who are still sitting in their own mediocrity.

  3. The key to man’s bravery is in his … kidneys.
    Most men today have weak kidneys due to too much sexual activity, plus other factors.

    1. it is specious reasoning to equate kidney issues and “too much” sexual activity. While it is true that being sexually active very frequently can lead to dehydration which in turn is no Bueno for the kidney there is a simple way to solve the dehydration problem…..drink more water. With my level of physical activity, both in the bedroom and in the gym, I maintain 2 gallons of water daily. I think most americans are dreadfully dehydrated and suggest 1 gallon per day for everyone.

      1. You had kidney problems, didn’t you? You claim to have been very sexual active throughout the whole of your adult life and you’re in your (late?) 40s?
        Correct me, if I’m wrong.

        1. I have never had any kidney problems. You are incorrect with your diagnosis and pop knowledge of medicine.

        2. I recommend drinking lots of water and magnesium supplements for general kidney care of course. In my comment to you I said that dehydration will lead to kidney issues and that one should be drinking a min 1g of water a day and 2g for people who are particularly active.
          Are you saying that the simple suggestion to keep oneself hydrated or risk kidney issues is indicative of someone who has sex too much? I am not really understanding where you are going here. Your initial assertion that a lot of sex equates to kidney problems is just plain incorrect and at best one can say that a lot of sexual activity tends to dehydrate the body and will require more hydration. So will a lot of swimming, running or jumping jacks though. Trying to link sex and kidney failure is just clown shoes.

        3. It is well documented that people with CKD have sexual problems such us decreased interest in sex, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection and achieving ejaculation.

        4. Yes. People with chronic kidney issues have sexual problems. No argument there. But that wasn’t what you said. You said that too much sex leads to chronic kidney problems not that people with chronic kidney problems often have problems with sex

        5. It is a subtle Chinese medical concept that is not well understood or appreciated in Western medical care. The kidney chi has a lot to do with the general health of a person. The first casualty of being sick is the sexual desire.

        6. You just reversed what you said originally. You said, originally,
          and I quote:

          Most men today have weak kidneys due to too much sexual activity, plus other factor

          When corrected, you now try to reverse polarity.

          It is well documented that people with CKD have sexual problems such us decreased interest in sex, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection and achieving ejaculation.
          The kidney chi has a lot to do with the general health of a person. The first casualty of being sick is the sexual desire.

          Which is exactly opposite of your first claim.
          Scroll bar, it’s your friend.

        7. You lost me at “chi”
          When it comes to medicine I like science and not superstition.
          That said, your original point was that too much sex leads to kidney problems but even now with this new agey hocus pocus nonsense it is that kidney problems lead to lack of sexual desire. Well, so does the flu. Am I to take it that you recant your initial claim that having a lot of sex leads to problem with the kidney or are you suggesting that since problems with the kidney reduce sexual desire (in real medicine and in fake Asian charlatanism) that the inverse will hold true in some way?

        8. I guess New Agey would be the wrong word. I kind of use it as a catchall for bullshit mysticism. I don’t want medicine from 2000 years ago. Nothing in the world that was around 2000 years ago has any place in the world today. I will take my doctors from Johns Hopkins not from some hut in china filled with herbs and magic.
          More to the point, I am still trying to understand your original point about kidney problems being caused by having frequent sex.

        9. I read it.
          Sorry bud, but it is total bullshit. I also took a quick look over at Mayo clinic and searched a few other sites. The only people who seem to buy into this are the herbal hippies and chinky witch doctors.
          Like milk, scientific understanding, specifically medical understanding, does not improve with time. Discarding the provincial nonsense of soothsayers and snake oil salesmen is important.
          While there is a link to decreased sexual performance and dehydration and a further link between increased sexual activity (and ice skating and baseball) and dehydration the solution is as it always has been….stay hydrated and not the absurd idea that we ought to avoid having too much sex.
          The idea that we need to get out “chi” balanced or whatever reeks of patchouli oil and I would wager that if you ever get chest pains or break your femur or get shot you aren’t going to rush to your nearest Chinese herbalist….you are going to go to a hospital where modern medicine in all its splendor is performed.

        10. Wheels! Levers! Inclined Plain! Bricks! Plumbing! 2000 year old tech, represent!

        11. all things which have been massively improved since their invention. The invention of the wheel was terrific. You want to put 2000 year old wheels on your car? The lever has been made better….and bricks, don’t get me started. Even forgetting the invention of rebar, the quality of the brick itself is much better.
          For 2000 years ago I am sure the wheels they had and the medicine they had were just fine and dandy, but when I had my car I used Pirelli tires, not UHGU WHEEL and when I build a high rise I certainly don’t follow brick recipes from Mesopotamia

        12. Brick! Same shit! Unchanged! Since Christ!
          I know, I was being a smart ass. Strange coming from me, I know.

        13. “modern roman” is what we call the bricks of the 20th century. Same ingredients as the roman bricks at the time of Christ, but in different, stronger ratios and also no longer short and wide, but longer and thinner which 2000 years of engineering taught us would be better…..
          I know you are being a wise ass. I figure I might as well be the pedant in that case.
          Fuck 2000 years ago. Viking ships were amazing, sure but you can have all the Viking boats in the world I will take a Sea Ray Sundancer 540 please.

        14. But….(and I know almost nothing about modern boats)….can you traverse the ocean with it AND also the shallows of lakes and inland rivers?
          That Viking long boat was a freaking stroke of engineering genius in its day.

        15. the Viking long boat was absolutely engineering genius in its day….still, I will take the Sundancer 540 because this isn’t its day, this is today. Back to the original point, I don’t care for medicine from the time of Christ. I love when people say that medicine is 2000 years old as if that is supposed to be impressive. Who the fuck wants to live with the medical knowledge of 2000 years ago. What was the life expectancy then, 3?

        16. Absolutely agree with your point. I just don’t think that you’re going to get an actual reasonable answer from him, and I felt like being goofy.

      2. My highschool track coach taught us that if your piss is yellow, youre dehydrated, and you should always be pissing water-clear.

        1. that is a very good rule of thumb. I look for that myself. By noon my piss is usually clear. Also you can tell if your lips are chapped. I read one Livestrong website something I thought that was good….”if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated”

  4. “The consequences of learned helplessness are that you stop trying. Instead, you start rationalizing and blaming to preserve your ego, you find scapegoats to take out your frustrations on, you numb yourself with distractions, you fall into a cycle of negativity, and you start to feel angry and depressed about your life situation. The worst part is, most men who are inflicted with this syndrome is completely unaware of it and are in denial. It takes a real man to admit that he’s stuck in a rut and that he needs to kick himself in the ass to get going again.”
    This paragraph describes my current situation perfectly.

    1. It’s interesting that learned helplessness as a psychological concept was ‘discovered’ not through observation of test subjects (rats as I remember) in any kind of natural habitat but in an entirely contrived and unnatural situation where they would learn that all attempts to escape would result in electric shock (so that this expectation remained even after the danger of shocks was removed).
      The creators of the experiment here are obviously the arch villains, yet once helplessness is learned it doesn’t matter whether society or you yourself are responsible for this helplessness, as only the individual is likely to be capable of doing anything about it: a catch 22 insofar as an external attribution of blame may or may not be appropriate but insofar as that attribution is made it is likely to be maladaptive / unhelpful
      A related and helpful concept which has been bandied around on these boards from time to time is ‘locus of control’. Someone who suffers from learned helplessness is likely to suffer also from a locus of control that is external to him. One wants the locus of control to be within oneself, regardless of any kind of who is responsible for any given situation.

  5. Heard an interesting talk at church yesterday about repentance. It can be summed up like this:
    We all have weakness in one form or another and try to overcome them. Often, overcoming poor behavior is associated with sorrow, shame, guilt, and work.
    The young missionaries teach the steps of repentance (acknowledgement, stopping the behavior, restitution, and finally reconciliation). Problem is, these steps are not what repentance is at a deeper level. A person can stop their behavior, but not really repent. A person can feel remorse, but still not do it……
    Repentance, in a nutshell, is turning toward God and away from sin. No more, no less. Yes, those steps accompany repentance, but they are not what it is in itself. The moment you fully commit yourself to a better life is the moment you repent.

    1. Jesus christ…. as a fellow brother i always felt that modern christianity had been watered down from its original roots. They have often preach about the Silly dogma about “God is Love” crap that i heard often. What kind of love do they meant? Maternal love or Partenal love? Don’t get me wrong but God is definitely not some kind of beta cyka, hippie, free loving fool that they (The modern church) intend us to believe in.

      1. It is what it is. I have some less than manly messages come across the pulpit from time to time. The thing is, we live in a western society that is inundated with cucks and manginas. That is just a fact of life. It goes back to that fact that we do not have the right to not be offended. When someone says, “we need to love everyone, regardless of sexual orientation”, you just chalk it up for what it is, and make sure the correct principles are taught in the home. Yes, we need to love our neighbor, but sometimes loving someone includes showing a disapproval of poor behavior. (a concept that is often ignored)

        1. “Remember son, when someone slaps you on your right cheek, then let him slap you on the right cheek”. -Says the “Cucked” man

        2. ” Yes, we need to love our neighbor, but sometimes loving someone includes showing a disapproval of poor behavior.”
          Wish I could upvote this 100 times. People forget that love sometimes means a foot in the ass. It is very difficult to tell truth to power and even harder, I think, to tell it to someone you love. People rarely realize how much self sacrifice and personal agony goes into tough love.

        3. “this’ll hurt me more than it does you” has been reduced to a punch line….
          It is FACT. Ask any successful parent.

        4. Easily solved issue.
          Love is action, not feelings.
          When you love somebody, you act in accordance with his or her best interests at heart. If love was just “feelz” like the preacher said, then almost all of the life of Jesus makes literally no sense.

        5. I think it has a lot to do with the “forgive until seventy times seven” idea. Is it really alpha to avoid being hurt again?
          I have a coworker who used to crack jokes and tease a lot at work, often at other peoples’ expense. It was all in good fun, I would just fire back. Then one day, another coworker (who has beta issues at home), blew up about it and got HR involved. Now, the atmosphere in the office is cold, especially between those two. The teasing and name calling has stopped, but is replaced by an awkward silence, and behind the back whispering about one another. Was blowing up and whining to HR the alpha thing to do? Maybe he would have been better off to “turn the other cheek” and play along.

        6. Good point ghost the love that is mentioned as a part of the fruit of the spirit comes from the Greek word Agape which is the more action oriented word for love instead of philo

        7. What you said reminds me of this passage from Chogyam Trungpa:
          “It is perhaps most important in working with others that we do not develop idiot compassion, which means always trying to be kind. Since this superficial kindness lacks courage and intelligence, it does more harm than good. It is as though a doctor, out of apparent kindness, refuses to treat his patient because the treatment might be painful, or as though a mother cannot bear the discomfort of disciplining her child. Unlike idiot compassion, real compassion is not based upon a simple-minded avoidance of pain. Real compassion is uncompromising in its allegiance to basic sanity. People who distort the path – that is, people who are working against the development of basic sanity – should be cut through on the spot if need be. That is extremely important. There is no room for idiot compassion. We should try to cut through as much self-deception as possible in order to treat others as well as ourselves. So the final copout of a bodhisattva is when, having achieved everything else, he is unable to go beyond idiot compassion.” (From “The Heart of the Buddha: Entering the Tibetan Buddhist Path”, as quoted in Recalling Chögyam Trungpa, Shambala 2005)
          He also added that true compassion has the potential to be cruel and ruthless. The Westerners who preach Buddhism conveniently forget this. This “idiot compassion” is also the reason why Europe is suffering from the immigration crisis.

        8. I like the story of when the rich young ruler comes to Jesus and asks him what more he needs to do to obtain eternal life. Christ tells him to sell everything he has and give to the poor. Not exactly a sympathetic answer to a kid who has been trying his best to live the gospel.

        9. I never understood the concept of giving to the poor. As the saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
          Its not like if I give a homeless bum a small loan of a million dollars, he will make himself into the next Donald Trump. You can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves.

        10. teaching them to fish would qualify as “giving to the poor”
          Giving is not always defined in monetary terms.

        11. But that is the only definition people care about. For example, take a look at charities. Philanthropists donate billions of dollars with no change in the lives of people.

        12. You can help the poor, but it needs to be done in the right way. If given on a personal level (not an anonymous street beggar, but to personal friends or family, you can help them. Then, at the community level, then regional, then national. The more personal the charity is, the more appreciative and less entitled the recipient is. That, and it needs to be reciprocated with work of some sort. I will give about $100/month to the poor through my church. The local bishop will take that money and transfer it either as food, pay someone’s rent bill or whatever. In return, they will volunteer at the local food shelter, church owned farm, thrift store, or whatever. There are some users of the system, but they are culled out by the bishop who interviews them often.

        13. Some do waste their money, I am sure I wasted some by giving directly to street beggars who used it for drugs, but that is the recipient’s problem, not yours.

        14. I understand your point. It is just that in my life, helping people (even my relatives) always bit me in the ass. Caused me to have a healthy distrust towards charity and “compassion”.

        15. Light a fire for a man and you keep him warm for a night.
          Set a man on fire and you keep him warm for the rest of his life.

    2. Most people are unaware that repent means “to change” so when people say “I repented and accepted Jesus” then continue to do the same old sins, they never really repented. They think it’s just saying sorry.

      1. True enough i only recently learned that at the current church i go to. Every other church i have went to never really taught repentance and how important it is. Hell id argue that most modern Christians don’t fully understand repentance and how it is a necessity for salvation. If you truly see Jesus as lord and savior wouldn’t you change your life and follow his commands. But Satan and the modern world has twisted people’s already lukewarm faith into believing “hey i believe and God loves me for who i am so i dont have to change” when the reality is yes God loves you and through Jesus gave you a way to him but he also wants you to follow him.

        1. Most don’t because most churches don’t touch on the Old Testament and Torah which is the basis for how we should live and points us towards the need for Jesus and why we need salvation so bad. Most churches teach prosperity and hyper grace so they can chase money and sin without ever changing a step. a lot of people have a rude awakening coming when they meet their creator too.

    3. Well. I can live well without “god”. Simply put Ive read too much philosophy and science, bible too in search of god. That thing does not exist.

  6. Often a woman intentionally searches for a man’s weakness. When she finds this vulnerability, she’ll then attach herself to him like a barnacle, and a “relationship” begins to evolve.
    Why? Because she has found a way to exploit him. This guarantees her place in his life.
    Imagine a woman climbing a sheer wall, searching with her fingers for a tiny handhold. You, the man, are that wall, the woman is the climber.
    To young uns; Women do this after they move out of party mode and into relationship mode.

    1. that is not a healthy way to look at relationships. Keeping your girl in check, right, but looking at her as a parasite? wow.

      1. Unfortunatley, and you will discover this later yourself later, that after you start a serious relationship and cohabitate with a woman she is going to drop the mask and it may not be what you expected. She will get lazy and parasitically drain you finanically as well as emotionally.

    2. This is why I no longer like to describe to a girl the type of girl I’m looking for. They will just fake my ideal to gain my favor, concealing the fact that they are not that type. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let her reveal her true self.

      1. I agree roosh, but to me its easy to tell who is faking it any who isn’t. I can tell if a girl is ‘that type’ or not

  7. It’s as simple as observing our ‘leaders’ (teachers, supervisors, academics etc) and how they carry themselves. A little probing and you will likely walk away free of the burden of giving their views any attention.
    Most instruction any man needs comes from instinct, a well-rounded education and online resources.

    1. Success is not scary itself but the aftermath of it when you become obssessed and rest on your laurels

        1. Have you ever listened to a Tony Robbins tape? That voice once you’ve heard IS one of your voices. Whether your goal is to become a millionaire or to kill kill kill, Tony Robbin’s is the command hallucination that says “you can do it”.

    2. That is the “Jonah Complex” as coined by Abraham Maslow .
      “We fear our highest possibility (as well as our lowest ones). We are generally afraid to become that which we can glimpse in our most perfect moments. . . . We enjoy and even thrill to the godlike possibilities we see in ourselves in such peak moments. And yet we simultaneously shiver with weakness, awe and fear before these very same possibilities”

  8. Good luck trying to ‘flip the script’ in the divorce court, then the custody battle, then the maintenance awards.

    1. two ways to avoid this
      1) Don’t get married
      2) If you do get married, do it well and don’t get divorced.
      If you get fucked in divorce court just look at it like an expensive education.

        1. I don’t know why, but this line is like the funniest thing ever to me. Well done.

  9. Any man who says its easy to get pussy is lying, it takes effort, except if your a star or famous and rich… I look like a god, yet woman give me this stupid fucking look, like they almost intimidated because they know im way to fucking good for them. I goto gym everyday, I eat clean food, im on every enhancement/suppliment I can find except steriods, and I tan with my dark tanning oil for the pool, and I have a pretty good networth financially.

    1. there is a big difference between
      it is easy to get pussy and
      it is easy to get pussy if you put in the effort
      The first is BS as you say.
      The second can be split. What are you putting the effort into. You can get that pussy without putting effort directly into getting pussy…but you still put an assload of effort into raising your own SMV. So you are right, there is no such thing as effortless pussy (minus rich and famous) but you can chose to put the effort either into the women or into yourself….if you put the effort into yourself the pussy will come to you easily and there are other benefits as well — like being an altogether great guy

      1. I find the more I treat woman like shit the more they like me, Im the prize not them…jesus what the fuck do they have to offer besides a filthy hole that’s been pumped by hundreds of strange cocks, and then I come along and eat that shit like a apple creampie.

        1. I dated a retired stripper last year age 30. She had a few fwb before me but wants a baby from me. I want what the other guys had. She doesn’t get it.

        2. I’ve never been abLe to treat a woman like shit. I’m not a pushover but I maintain my manners and gentleman behavior . I don’t think most want to be hit. I’ve told some to leave and was mean and they never came back. So treating them like shit didn’t work for me.

        3. Me fighting with woman, online and offline is just my default mode…if she’s moody, bratty, or demanding…I tell them fuck you, and I said hello in a nice way to some girls playing pool the other day they give me this cut throat look, and so I started shouting at them how entitled ugly cunts they are and to go fuck yourselves. The look on their faces was priceless.

        4. Ohhh I don’t hit them, I just don’t put up with their bullshit, they either get NEXT, or FUCK YOU.

        5. I did hit my ex wife once because she wouldn’t stop provoking me even after I locked my self in my car to stay from her. She found the extra key and kept on provoking me until I couldn’t take it . That was 8 years ago

        6. Yea…they do deserve a good beating sometimes, like an old carpet, you gota give it a good beating to get the dust out of it.

        7. Maybe they thought, “this dude looks like the type of guy who’d scream ‘fuck you ugly cunts’ in public.. we better make him go away.” And guess what, they were right, weren’t they? For all their faults, most people on this site probably agree women have a better developed sense of judging strangers.. probably because, being physically weaker and more dependent than men, they need to. So if you’re as good looking and cut as you claim, but women are still giving you cut-throat looks, maybe you need to take a serious look at your attitude and internal state. The resources on this site are a good start.

        8. It’s hard to have a good attitude after being shit on by women. However yes you have to change and be friendly with a good attitude or else you’ll always be the angry bitter guy

        9. Yeah, I’ve been in that situation too, locked myself away from the nagging …. she found the spare key, etc. Came close to hitting her, but didn’t.
          Why do they do that?

    2. It only takes 1,000-2,000 pesos …………..
      and I look like an old, fat, balding guy with a pension.

  10. I would add to this list: “give up drinking alcohol”. Stop it completely, now. Don’t ever have another drop.
    Since giving up 6 months ago, I have found myself to be much more motivated to do things. Work seems strangely effortless, an experience I have not had since the age of 18 (when I started drinking).
    I’m not sure, but I think the reason is that when you drink alcohol, it gives you a short-term high. But that is followed up by days of a slight low, a slight depression corresponding to the time that we are supposed to be working, leading you to be sluggish and unproductive.
    You are mis-directing the “highs” in your life towards times spent in the bar, instead of time spent in productive work, and this is bad in exactly the same way as socialism in society is bad for prosperity – by misdirecting financial resources from productive people to non-productive people.
    I know this site champions “discipline” over “motivation”, but my view is that discipline is like the starter motor, and motivation the main engine. Discipline can and does get you through a bad patch, but you need motivation to keep you going for the longer term, otherwise you’ll just burn out (overheat the motor or lose battery charge).

    1. “Who can’t stop drinking may get drunken three times a month. If he does it more often, he is guilty. To get drunken twice a month is better; once, still more praiseworthy. But not to drink at all – what could be better than this? But where could such a being be found? But if one would find it, it would be worthy of all honour.”
      ― Genghis Khan

      1. “The greatest pleasure in life is riding the horses, and sleeping on the bellies of the wives and daughters of your newly vanquished enemies.”
        – Genghis Khan

    2. Beer helps my constipation. Generally I feel fine after drinking. I even play sports the next day provided I stay hydrated. To each his own

    3. Exactly how much alcohol were you putting away nightly? I’m a 1-2 glass of red wine per night, I feel it takes the edge off.. the edge off what, I don’t exactly know.

      1. Hi jq,
        I was mainly drinking at the weekend, drinking around 4 glasses of wine per night. Not an excessive amount.
        Sure alcohol takes the edge off any stress you are experiencing. But the price you pay for that is loss of concentration and motivation.
        My suggestion is to try giving up for a few weeks. It is likely to be tough to do, so you will need discipline. And see whether you experience the benefits I mentioned.

  11. Resistance is universal. Also community helps, stay around others who are also free of debauchery, avoid imbibers, and put yourself with those who you can speak openly about truths, not easy I know, but keep working on your associates until you can find those who encourage you to be strong and not indulgent.

    1. Oh yeah, great idea, make friends with a bunch or nerdy virgins ………..
      No thanks, I enjoy getting drunk and whoring.

  12. Remember guys, you are the prize…not the girl…without a pussy they are essentially worthless. I just keep that frame of mind always.

  13. This is going to seem weird, but the really good shit usually does. It’s a little trick you can use to disconnect from your problems. Periodically, close your eyes and slowly roll them around in circles, either from right to left, or vice versa, beneath your eyelids. About 30 seconds works for me, although the necessary length of time may vary. You should experience a “jolt” when you open your eyes again, and this serves to disconnect you from your own reality (created by your own negative thoughts), while giving you a heavy dose of energy.
    If that doesn’t work, you are totally fucked and all hope is lost (just kidding)…

  14. We(men) are the fucking prize…not those worthless hags with nothing to offer but a ravaged hole that’s been pounded by thousands of strange cocks. Fuck them, stupid fucking woman with their demands an shit…they can stick that shit far up their cock beaten assholes.

  15. I view all woman the same as I view a cold hard killer…they are not these poor little angels at all, they are hardcore hardened whores out to fuck up your life anyway possible.

    1. It would be better to view them as children. They are not out there to mess up your life, but, if you let them run your life, they will.

      1. yea….I tried to Children view…but then I end up lowering my defenses…so I stick with the cold hard killer aspect just to be sure.

        1. I talk to them, and any sign of disagreement or non compliance with me they are in the next pile.

        2. I’ve done that too but it gets lonely after a while. Then i go back out to bars to try and score one. Fuck it .. Sometimes you just have to give in a little

        3. Why the fuck do they like to make things difficult…it has to be easy or I don’t even bother wasting my time, I have money to make…tan’s to maintain and gym’s weights to smash.

        4. They have too many options and beta males to clean up the mess. If the options were taken away they would act better

        5. Yea I see those idiot beta’s around, being “Friends” with them…they don’t get sex its just stupid. I just view them like Harry Potters.

      2. I’m not all that keen on having sex with children. If I viewed them as children, I wouldn’t want to fuck them.

    2. I think some are that bad but not all. Some are mentallly disturbed others are influenced by TV. Ymmv

      1. In the end, they’re all that bad, you just haven’t lived with one long enough to find out ……. yet!

        1. I had a guatemalen live with me for a few years. She was really docile and obeyed me, she also squirted like a pornstar. I should have kept her around , I got greedy and went after more pussy and she got mad , then left

  16. Any man who puts down another divorced man and says ” you should have kept your wife in line ” doesn’t know the definition of pure female crazy. The crazy can be so bad that it is not correctable. This is what happened to me. I married a Virgin in 2001 , i was 26 she was 19, and no matter how hard I pushed and told her to shape up the behavior did not improve . At the end of the day some people are mentally disturbed.

    1. Marriage today is obsolete. It’s never going to go back to the way it used to be, bar a total collapse.

      1. Only women who want to reform are former party girls with high miles. They reform only because the party’s over. They even admit that their best days are behind them

        1. Yep. Only date younger women if you can help it. Older women are simply pump and dump material.
          One needs to question why any girl over 25 is single.

        2. Well my Filipina girl friend is 36 im 34, her reason was her husband died she was a widow so she get’s a pass, and she makes a much better mother and partner than any white western land whales with big obnoxious mouths.

        3. That’s the only valid excuse I can think of. And if you’ve found a good woman who treats you properly, then that’s good. But remember the basic premise – AWALT.
          I’m yet to find a unicorn; indeed in England they are incredibly rare things. Even more so than in America or Germany. I just can’t see myself settling down and having children in today’s world.

        4. You’re screwed, England is the worst for ‘entitled’ women. I left 8 years ago, only been back for 2 weeks last year.

    2. When I see a profile that says, ” I want serious man” = “I want a stupid idiot to pay for all my shit”

    3. Been divorced 8 years. Got married when I was 32 and stayed 10 years. My only advice is NEVER, and I mean EVER buy potential when it comes to a woman. Her peak is the day she gets married and after it all goes to hell. Sometimes you just stay on the ride too long as “the church told you so”…
      All I know is that you can’t change stupid, lazy or any other character defect. If your dating and you see it- just run.

      1. It’s true, your best time with a woman is the first week you fuck her, after that it’s downhill all the way. Apart from my wife, I rarely fuck a woman three times.

    4. I recently saw a YouTube comment on a video regarding stories of men who have been divorced raped. It was “You never really know a woman until you see her in court”.

  17. A woman absorbs cocks and cum and DNA, just like an amoeba absorbs anything that gets in its path. And a woman becomes whatever cums in her. Whenever a good-looking woman smiles at me, I usually think, “What a pretty amoeba she is – but that’s all she is.” Women can sense when a guy knows what they are. They’re attracted to guys who see through them. But then, they’re amoebas. They’re attracted to anything, pretty much. Dogs, horses, cucumbers, head lice, doesn’t matter.

      1. Good luck with that one.
        I eat and absorb cow, chicken, pig, pheasant, turkey and any other succulent tasty meat I can get my hand on, where aforementioned meat is chock full of DNA. I have yet to sprout a tail.

        1. I have often noticed that couples who have been together a long time start looking like each other, probably from the woman absorbing the man’s DNA though her womb, which wouldnt happen if she sucked the guy off and digested the spunk.

        2. Yesterday b/w 12 and 4 pm I manged to put down pork, beef, lamb and chicken.
          The only thing I expect to sprout today is a well-fed toilet bowl!

        3. Now see, I think that this is because we all tend to choose people who bear some resemblance to us. Just like we choose dogs and cars that kind of “look like us”. As you age the finer features go away leaving you with a similar base appearance.

      2. I’ve seen plenty of women with horse faces. And women who look like their foo-foo dogs. I think telegony has merit. It doesn’t mean a woman will instantly start looking like a horse if she fucks one. But she might get an itch for some oats now and again. Her laugh might start sounding like a whinny. Etc.

        1. No doubt about it. Science is all about fudging data to come up with the exact results that the super rich want. There are mountains of evidence that back up the science of telegony. But as you said, pursuing the truth of the matter would short-circuit the narrative – on a whole lot of fronts…

    1. “Women can sense when a guy knows what they are. They’re attracted to guys who see through them.”
      This… this right here… is the core of the Red Pill. Perception, that is ALL the red pill is. Once the rose colored glasses come off of women… everything changes with them. Game is simply your natural change in response to new information and not really all that complicated.
      Blue Pill – Girls are nice and sweet and loving. I will be nice and sweet and loving and get a girlfriend.
      Red Pill – Girls are ruthless, clinical and cold in romance and use love to twist a guy into pretzels, the best pretzel being diamond in form. I will be aloof, skeptical and wary because I need to be sure she is not going to screw me over. I may or may not have sex with her, and I really have think about making any girl my girlfriend, let alone wife.
      That… is all Game is. You don’t need anything else, just correct perception. Note as well, the Blue Pill is much simpler to believe and act on. Red Pill is for intelligent guys. Blue Pills won’t change because it means they have to think about women on a deeper and more complex level than “love” and “romance”.

  18. I will be very happy when all these fucking miserable cunt western woman die alone with their equally miserable cats, I will be old myself…but I will not forget..and I will revel with joy, meanwhile I will be in Thailand, Philippines, or Indonesia creaming filthy bar ladys and prostitutes.

      1. I want to bash those fucking beta’s except they are useful for paying for my drinks at the bar.

    1. I have a friend who is a Kansas farm boy. He also races modified dirt cars. Hardened so called alpha male . He only meets women on the internet and they over 45 with kids. If they have a nice body he falls in love. He brags to me about how he seduces old hags.

        1. He tells me how they pay for dinner and that’s a bonus . Whatever . I can’t take women like that seriously

        2. wow…a woman paying for dinner…I can pay myself, I don’t want, or need a woman to pay, I have plenty of money, but if a woman offers to pay, it certainly makes me look at her in a better view. It just means she’s not going to be a drain on my finances.

  19. cumming inside filthy prostitutes pussys = living the dream. Just knowing she’s had thousands of strange cocks pummel her holes and im next…wow just wow.

    1. You think your wife or gf is different?
      PS. On a purely biological note, almost every piece of human tissue in the human body is replaced within a year. So just wait a year, and she’s almost a virgin again.

  20. Point 6 reminds me of that post that Roosh wrote on how no one wants to see you succeed. A lot of men who you think are your friends will just tear you down and do not actually have your back. Its best to work in secret, and keep your goals to yourself.

    1. I will admit I’ve been jealous of successful friends at one time or another . However, I have given it my all in sports , career, and attempted a restaurant business last year. I failed in most of my endeavors and those failures erased all my jealousy . Why ? Because at least I tried my best to get to their level .

      1. as that guy in caddyshack said- the world needs ditch diggers . Seriously though- reduce your stress in life more than anything else. Thats the key to it all……. Fortune against envy; fame against oblivion. Thats why people do what they do.

        1. Yes sir. A friend of mine keeps asking me why I keep going to high end hotel bars when most of the time I leave empty handed. I respond : ” i am going to keep trying until I strike gold with a 9 or until i die. In the worst case scenario i can always rent the best looking hookers there when the end is near”

        2. yes, when your younger you gotta eat and taste it…
          I get it. Don’t leave anything on the table as either its you or some other guy…. I am a little older so my frame has shifted from money to health with an occasional pickup to keep the drama going. There is a point where you will make that transition as well.

      2. Bars and restaurants are probably the biggest risk ventures.
        You need to be on top of your game to have a slim chance of success.
        Looks easy but isn’t.

        1. Not too hard to run but tough to keep going and tough to keep employees motivated . Customers can be very unforgiving even when you go out of your way to please them

      3. I think this is really what sets men apart… just trying, taking the risk. Even if it ends in complete failure, you can always look yourself in the mirror with RESPECT. Most men can’t do this. This is the root of mid-life crisis. I have seen it first hand in my life with someone close to me. Whatever dreams you have, no matter how absurd, try, just try, to make them a reality. It will only give you strength and most importantly peace in doing so.

  21. The mind is the fastest evolving part of you. People doing as they’re told won’t risk deviating when they’ve been taught a ‘lesson’ or scolded. People conditioned in blind passivity can be lead out of their dungeons by being exposed to someone who sets an example of how to thwart or beat the rigid confines. Defeating an enemy starts with brave leading souls taking on the first victories openly and making examples of the defeated. Others more timid will then follow and the collective mindset being a model of symbiosis reinforcing itself thus evolves quickly, quicker than the hard and concrete attributes of the physical body. Mindstate is an energy and is faster and more rapidly morphing than matter.

  22. This is was thoughtfully written- and helpful to me as a woman. I don’t think anyone, regardless of gender, wants to be domesticated, weak and controlled. I have met plenty of men who are visionaries and want to lead, but plenty who are happy to float. The same is true of women. Don’t you want those with a calling to rise up regardless of gender?

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