How Wealthy Americans Dodge Taxes

The American tax system is graduated, with the wealthier paying a higher amount. Whether or not this should be so is debatable. Arguments in favor are that they have a greater ability to pay and that they receive the most benefits from the system. Still, some very wealthy individuals end up paying a smaller proportion of their income in taxes than most working stiffs. How does this happen?

A closer look at the tax table

Taxation, Dutch style

Currently, adjusted gross income less deductions and exemptions is taxed at increasing brackets. For a single filer (2017 figures), it looks like this:

  • $0-9325: 10%
  • $9325-37,950: 15%
  • $37,950-91,900: 25%
  • $91,900-191,650: 28%
  • $191,650-416,700: 33%
  • $416,700-418,400: 35%
  • $418,400 and up: 39.6%

So the first $9325 anyone makes, no matter how wealthy, gets taxed at 10%; the rest up to $37,950 at 15%; and so forth. (In case you’re wondering about the weird $416,700-418,400 bracket, it resulted from a compromise following a budget impasse in 2012. Bush the Younger’s tax cuts were extended permanently to them and below; those above reverted to the Clinton rate.) The 39.6% tax rate—once you get there—is pretty punishing, but there are ways to soften the blow.

A great way to do that is with investment income. It’s a complicated subject, but the short version is that if you sell property or a stock position after holding it for over a year, it’s taxed at 15%; otherwise, it’s 30% (still not too bad for high rollers). Note that CEO salaries are only part of their income; they often get stock options too. Also, losses offset gains; that helped me out once. At the best company I ever worked for, Superboy the CEO got hired on with a multi-million dollar salary, wrecked the company, and escaped on a golden parachute, but not before my job was “offshored”. At least I got a modest writeoff on my company stock that he trashed.

All told, that seems a bit weird—why are investment gains treated differently? Why isn’t investment income just income? This is to incentivize long term holds, reducing casino-style churn in the stock market. Following that 2012 compromise, Congress did impose a 3.8% increase for single filers with incomes at $200K or joint filers at $250K. Still, paying 18.8% on a long-term investment is considerably better than paying at the higher brackets. There are macroeconomic effects; this is a boost for Wall Street, at the expense of federal revenue.

Also, workers are dinged for FICA tax. As of 2017, this includes 6.2% of gross income for Social Security (the employer contributes the same amount too), and 1.45% for Medicare. If you’re self-employed, it’s 12.4% and 2.9%. However, Social Security tax is capped at incomes of $127,200; you pay nothing more after reaching that limit. Also, FICA isn’t imposed on investment income.

Legal tax breaks

Most of the good stuff is in Schedule A and Schedule D

Retirement accounts, such as traditional and Roth 401K and IRA plans, are tax-deferred. Also, you can make all the short-term trades you want, and the only consequence is pissing off the plan’s administrators. There are modest annual contribution limits, but most people don’t max them out, because they’ve got bills to pay. There’s another tax-advantaged program to save for a child’s education; though it’s not quite what it used to be.

Home ownership provides modest tax advantages. Interest, property taxes, and PMI can be counted on the 1040 Schedule A. (Above a certain income limit, interest deductions taper out.) You also can count other things on Schedule A, such as charitable contributions, medical expenses above a certain amount, local taxes, and so forth. All told, itemizing could get you a better deal than your standard deduction. This is generally considered a middle class tax break, though it must be pretty cool to write off the property taxes on a mansion too.

Corporations also get a number of breaks. They can set up foreign shell corporations and move their operations to whichever country provides the best tax breaks and cheapest labor. For example, one automobile company in particular has a scheme whereby they move parts several times between the US and Mexican border, finishing the parts a little further at each step. That was engineered to maximize tax advantages. Is that an art or a science?

Also, a corporation can file bankruptcy without getting the officers a ten year blot on their personal credit rating. They even can run the company straight into the ground while pocketing a big salary, if they choose. Likewise, they can do a leveraged buyout and plunder another corporation.

The tax system is pretty screwy, and the government is aware of this. The Alternative Minimum Tax (line 45 on your 1040 form) was an attempt to deal with the loophole problem. I passed engineering calculus in college, but still I can’t wrap my little mind around this one. In response, the financial industry has created a number of AMT-free funds, so there are loopholes for that one too.

Funny money

Creative accountants can work miracles

There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of tax breaks, if you’re following the letter and spirit of the law, but not everyone plays by the rules. For the wealthy, the possibilities for fudging the numbers increase, such as fake business expenses. One boss I worked for, a former millionaire, wrote off his Mercedes as a “company vehicle”. (A used rice burner simply won’t do for someone with narcissistic personality disorder.) There are rules about fleet vehicles, but it’s pretty much a matter of not getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Another former boss, a multi-billionaire, had a private resort in Vail, Colorado that he disguised as a fictitious corporate branch office. Awesome gravy!

Charitable contributions are a way to contribute to one’s favorite nonprofits and get a writeoff. Hopefully it’s for an actual humanitarian effort rather than a nasty leftist activism outfit, but yanno… Other than that, lying about the value of donated goods is as easy as saying “I didn’t inhale.” All that is theoretically subject to scrutiny. Still, someone could fudge the numbers so long as one doesn’t get greedy enough with it to get audited.

Again, offshore operations can help too. The government has cracked down on Swiss bank accounts, but the Cayman Islands refuses to cooperate. One attorney I knew, who had a very colorful history, used to fly there with suitcases full of money—about a million on each weekly trip. Everyone thought she was a rich tourist out for scuba diving, rather than a money launderer for a drug operation.

Scams on the low end of the income spectrum

Illegal aliens going to the USA, Uncle Sugar Land

Interestingly, the very poor have opportunities for tax fraud too. Earned Income Credit is a weird reverse income tax intended to help the working poor, but the system can be abused. Setting up a fictitious small business and claiming just enough income from that (but not too much) gets a decent payback. Having at least three minor children maximizes this. Not having a man in the house to help raise the kids is beneficial, since filing “head of household” gets better rates. Friendly tax consultants will help with the paperwork as needed. April 15 is basically a national holiday in many bad neighborhoods.

Other than that, working for cash only (like day laborers) avoids income taxes and FICA. You’re supposed to declare that, but yanno… On paper, they’re still poor enough to mooch off of several programs paid for by everyone else. Here’s something I found online a few years back:

John vs. Juan

You have two families: “John Legal” and “Juan Illegal”. Both families have two parents, two children, and live in Arizona. John Legal works in construction, has a Social Security Number and makes $25.00 per hour with taxes deducted. Juan Illegal also works in construction, has NO Social Security Number, and gets paid $15.00 in cash “under the table”. Ready? Now pay attention…

  • John Legal: $25.00 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 per week, or $52,000.00 per year. Now take 30% away for state and federal tax; John Legal now has $31,231.00.
  • Juan Illegal: $15.00 per hour x 40 hours = $600.00 per week, or $31,200 per year. Juan Illegal pays no taxes. Juan Illegal now has $31,200.00.
  • John Legal pays medical and dental insurance with limited coverage for his family at $600.00 per month, or $7,200.00 per year. John Legal now has $24,031.00.
  • Juan Illegal has full medical and dental coverage through the state and local clinics and emergency hospitals at a cost of $0.00 per year. Juan Illegal still has $31,200.00.
  • John Legal makes too much money and is not eligible for food stamps or welfare. John Legal pays $500.00 per month for food, or $6,000.00 per year. John Legal now has $18,031.00.
  • Juan Illegal has no documented income and is eligible for food stamps, WIC and welfare. Juan Illegal still has $31,200.00.
  • John Legal pays rent of $1,200.00 per month, or $14,400.00 per year. John Legal now has 9,631.00.
  • Juan Illegal receives a $500.00 per month Federal Rent Subsidy. Juan Illegal pays out that $500.00 per month, or $6,000.00 per year. Juan Illegal still has $ 31,200.00.
  • John Legal pays $200.00 per month, or $2,400.00 for car insurance. Some of that is uninsured motorist insurance. John Legal now has $7,231.00.
  • Juan Illegal says, “We don’t need no stinkin’ insurance!” and still has $31,200.00.
  • John Legal has to make his $7,231.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, etc.
  • Juan Illegal has to make his $31,200.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, and what he sends out of the country every month.
  • John Legal now works overtime on Saturdays or gets a part time job after work.
  • Juan Illegal has nights and weekends off to enjoy with his family.
  • John Legal’s and Juan Illegal’s children both attend the same elementary school. John Legal pays for his children’s lunches, while Juan Illegal’s children get a government sponsored lunch. Juan Illegal’s children have an after school ESL program. John Legal’s children go home.
  • Now, when they reach college age, John Legal’s kids may not get into a State School and may not qualify for scholarships, grants or other tuition help, even though John has been paying for state schools through his taxes, while Juan Illegal’s kids “go to the head of the class” because they are a minority.
  • John Legal and Juan Illegal both enjoy the same police and fire services, but John paid for them and Juan did not pay.

If you vote for or support any politician that supports illegal aliens… You are part of the problem!

How it was and how things are now

Long term budget outlook, actual figures as of 2017 with future projections of national debt to GDP. It’s time to fix this before we go the way of Greece.

The federal government used to fund itself pretty much exclusively on tariffs. This incentivized American companies to keep factory operations within the USA, a benefit for working people here. Income tax started as a modest tax on the very wealthy. It expanded greatly in WWI, and went sky-high in WWII, far beyond what we have today. Also, the New Deal created the FICA tax. Today, that’s a pretty hefty chunk of federal revenue and likely to grow larger in the future. After the “free trade” gold fever, tariffs are now a tiny sliver of revenue.

Even all that doesn’t cover the government’s spending. The USA has had a problem with budget deficits since the Spanish-American War. WWI (the “war to end all wars”) didn’t help; the USA should’ve stayed out of that one, but all that’s another discussion. We also made very generous loans to other countries then, and only Finland paid everything back. WWII (the “war to make the world safe for democracy”) drove the national debt through the roof. Later, the arms race with the Soviet Union, and several spit-in-your-eye wars against Communist regimes and Middle Eastern despots, added to the millstone of debt.

Only during the 1990s tech boom has the USA been able to make much effort toward paying it down. This unsustainable spending is enabled by the Federal Reserve, a private banking consortium. All that will have to be repaid, with interest. I’m not a big Ross Perot fan, but he got it right about fiscal responsibility. We need to get serious about things like government waste, pork barrel spending, unsustainable social programs, and misguided foreign aid.

Now I really get political (you knew I would)

Taxation, Russian style

The existence of champagne Socialists is a strange paradox. They’re wealthy, yet support economically leftist policies. Marxists say that rightist proletarians are class enemies who exhibit false consciousness; in these terms, champagne Socialists are all this in drag. More troubling is their support for socially leftist policies, but all that’s another story.

So then, why do they support things like higher taxes for themselves and social programs that act as income redistribution schemes? Is it because they’re so gosh darn generous? Think again. Whatever their political persuasion, the rich aren’t burdened by high taxes as much as you might expect, if they play their cards right.

Wealthy liberals actually are very generous—with other people’s money. Middle class working stiffs who play by the rules get the least amount of breaks from the system. Washington legislates costly social programs, and Middle America pays a pretty big part of the bill. We also suffer other effects of their social engineering, of course. Further, government dependency creates other problems, but once again, all that’s another story.

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  1. An Icelandic friend of mine is still upset about the Panama Papers tax-dodging debacle that happened a year ago.
    God bless those innocent little Scandis.

    1. Icelanders are quite innocent. They’ve never had an army because they’ve never been exposed to danger. In their little country, everyone gets along and they’re too far away for there to be any problems.
      However, I’m sure a few of their Scandinavian cousins over in Sweden are starting to regret high taxation.

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        5. My father is retired, and that has been his pursuit the last 5 years or so.

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          You have to play the song Poofters Froth Wyoming while driving through Wyoming. It will be cool to see pictures. That’s one of those places I’m pretty sure doesn’t really exist

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        12. Oh I would love to ride a motorcycle through the rockies for about an hour so long as at the end of the ride I could get back to a hotel that has a spa, a top shelf bar and Michelin starred restaurant in it. More than an hour on a motorcycle I see as a chore rather than fun. And the rockies certainly are beautiful. When in Colorado I really enjoyed the scenery. I was very glad to get back to the city though. These full day motorcycle trips have never been my cup of tea.

        13. The style of bike that you’ve ridden does not afford one much comfort. I couldn’t do over an hour on that kind either. A nice cruiser, you enjoy the ride a whole hell of a lot longer. I can put in 600 mile legs on a trip, get off the bike after 12 hours, stretch a bit and be ready to check out the sites of the town I’m staying in. Those rice rockets and similar fast sports bikes though, uncomfortable from the word go for me.

        14. I have ridden cruisers. Very comfy. But I would get annoyed at more than an hour in my car which was even more comfortable than a cruiser. I have no desire to do those long bike rides even if the bike was a 1200 cc engine attached to my mattress. Just not something that appeals to me. 600 miles? Fuck that. hahaha. I don’t want to be that far from new York and if I was going to go that far I would take an airplane.

        15. And here we are back to Dark Country territory to me with regard to that. I just can’t relate. I love spending a day riding. You ride a hundred, in a pack, stop off and grab some beer at a distant bar, party with your buddies (not much of course), ride back to your home town hang outs, drink some more, all on a Saturday and you’ve done 200-ish miles. Real long distance rides, the kind where I’m either alone or with only one or two other really trusted riders, where we cover 3 or more states a day, those put me into an almost zen state of consciousness. There are times when I think that it is maybe one of the most desirable states of mind I can be in.

        16. yup….dark country indeed. Riding in packs, hanging out with other motocycle guys, riding for long distances none of that appealed to me. I would wake up at 5, jump on my bike at 6 and ride about an hour at break neck speed out to the beach. I would get off, have a little breakfast and drive back (talking 150 mph plus) and put the bike away. I never had a desire to make my riding a social thing and I certainly never wanted to do an all day ride.
          I would much rather take the thrill of a speed ride in the morning, lock the bike up and then go to the park or a café or whatever in the nice weather.

      2. “Icelanders are quite innocent. They’ve never had an army because they’ve never been exposed to danger. In their little country, everyone gets along and they’re too far away for there to be any problems.”
        I straight up told him this recently and he got offended. Went on about how the US set up a military base on Iceland’s coast during WW2 or something.
        They’re just so damn cute!!!

        1. Lol. The British invaded Iceland during WW2. No actual bullets were fired however Iceland did see a different sort of action – Icelandic women started fucking British soldiers and a generation of English kids were born in Iceland. Obviously the fathers left after the war was over.

    2. Panama Papers was sound and fury signifying nothing. In my country were thousands of people mentioned in there, and the local tax authorities are still trying to read the emails because most are in english (and of course those bureaucrats only speak bad spanish…). None of the people there have faced, to this date, sanctions.
      On a personal note, I used to work with a firm that have business with (((Mossack Fonseca))) and believe me when I tell you Panama Papers was nothing compared to the real shit in there.

  2. If you’re a sane person, then you’ll try your best to avoid paying taxes whether you’re in America, England or Germany. There are too many parasites living off of your hard earned money in these countries.
    And why put in 80 hour work weeks, like I used to, when more of that overtime is simply going to be taken away?

  3. As prolific as we are, I haven’t paid any income tax yet. Six little deductibles has it’s merits.

      1. I am in my 40’s now. I will want to retire before the kid graduates, so I think we are about done.

        1. Well, if you believe there is a God, then yeah a bit. Life’s little surprises being His way of letting you know it’s His universe and He’s in charge.

    1. gotta give up the money to someone…better it be your own kids than the gubbbment.

    2. I’ve paid for years, even with three little deductibles. Last year was the final year I could claim ‘head of household’, so this year’s taxes are going to hurt more.

    3. Everyone pays, since the income tax, among other taxes, is priced into the various products we enjoy purchasing. and services, too.

    4. Jim, I’ve always advocated that when a child is born to a household, or adopted, that household is exempt from all taxes on income.
      Until the last child is a legal adult.

      1. I’ve always advocated that you pay for your own brats. In Florida, we have breeders from bankrupt PR filling our public schools with their offspring since according to your thinking it’s everyone’s responsibility to educate them.

  4. How would an illegal immigrant receive government benefits? Wouldn’t they be kicked out once the government finds out about them?

    1. LOL!
      No, seriously….wait….LOL!
      I’m assuming you’re being ironic, right?

    2. Their US-born children, who thanks to early 20th century judicial activism, are considered natural born US citizens as per the 14th amendment, qualify for these benefits. This is in spite of the fact that the 14th amendment was never intended to apply to US-born children of foreigners.
      Additionally, there are some states and local jurisdictions which offer benefits to people without checking their immigration status.

    3. on top of what @0bsoleteman:disqus man says, which is all true, they also have access to emergency services like police, fire and EMS, emergency medical care and any number of government sponsored (read shit I pay for) outreach programs.
      Running water, roads, parks, libraries….hell even homeless shelters all funded by me and the massive chunk of salary they remove from my check each and every week

        1. that’s not true!!!!! They are only 70% homeless shelters. You forgot “place for pedophiles to gather”
          as a kind of, but not really, off topic: a few weeks ago I went into the Barnes and Noble on East 86th street. IT was right before I went away and I wanted to pick up an lolbook because I didn’t want to bring my tablet to the beach.
          I haven’t been in a BandN in a long time. Wow. The fucking menagerie of low life rejects, cat food eating elderly, homeless and obnoxious kids who aren’t old enough to fuck yet has to be the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a long, long time.

        2. BnN here is still clean and orderly. The worst you’ll see are the hipsters pretending to be script writers over in the Starbucks area. Fuck if I know what they’re writing in their trendy little MacBook Pros, but it’s probably not screenworthy, that much is certain.

        3. The thing is, there are lots of great little places for people to go and write their pretentious screen plays (or do homework, or blog or whatever) on their MacBook pros here. No one is actually buying books…that is absurd….and even if they are chances are they are doing it online. It is really expensive real estate that that BnN is sitting on so I can only assume it is some social program to bring together the elderly poor with pedophiles, pathetic children and violent rapists.

  5. I never had a problem with Leona Helmsley. In fact I think she was railroaded and prosecuted to “make an example out of” to make the dirty unwashed unsuccessful masses feel some schadenfreude and get their “eat the rich” thing going.
    It’s great that the rich avoid taxes. That’s a laudable thing. And even when “we” tax “them”, they just increase the prices of whatever shit that they’re selling us and we end up paying it for them, ergo, we’re getting all Class Warfare on them and then stubbing our toes on our own mauls. The Lumpen type are fools and easily played. So much the better.
    As to you, and I and other mortals, strive to be more like the rich and less like the guy on the bar stool screaming “Inequality! Fuck the rich” and I’m betting your life will vastly improve.
    All said and done, our idiotic “progressive tax code” is little more than social engineering by sniveling Marxist/Keynes types who use it to direct our choices however they want in that moment. It should be abolished and replaced with nothing. Do whatever you can to get to the point where it no longer matters to you because you can get others to pay it on your behalf. Happy hunting.

  6. The rich also use tax-advantaged investing; munibonds, and stocks that are federal tax free, yes they exist.
    A graduated income tax is insane, morally and economically. How about dividing the total amount spent by governments equally among all citizens? Every man woman and child would be on the hook for an equal share. Then we would see a major tax revolt, lol, number one reason why its never done.
    A graduated income tax is one of the 10 steps to a communist paradise listed in the communist manifesto.

  7. Just want to share a few of my tax strategies:
    1) health savings account – single person can contribute (and deduct) approx 3,400 per year. You must have a high deductible health insurance. I use this money to pay for health related expenses. Some ppl use it as a second 401k
    2) real estate investment – I have one investment (so far) and for year 2016 it is showing a net loss of a few hundred (due to depreciation). Note, the property kicked off good cash flow during the year so in actuality I did not have a net loss.
    3) clothing donation – this is where you can fudge the numbers and get yourself a nice tax break just for storing up clothes you don’t want anymore.

    1. I was under the impression that HSAs did not “carry over” into the next year. Can you share which strategy you are using for this?

      1. HRA doesn’t roll over. HSA does. An HRA is employer funded so it doesn’t roll over. HSA is employee funded so it does roll over.

      2. HSAs are not FSA. The HSA is forever. The money rolls over year by year. The FSA is a flexible savings account and the money disappears at the end of the year if not spent. You have to be in a high deductible health insurance plan to contribute to the HSA. There are no restrictions on who can contribute to an FSA. I have asked numerous times where the money goes. So far, I have been told that the company definitely doesn’t get it, that the government doesn’t get it, and the bank holding the funds doesn’t get it. It just disappears into thin air. Money doesn’t disappear. The books have to balance. It goes some where, but no one is fessing up to where.

  8. Btw the John legal vs. Juan illegal really got me heated. I tell everyone who will listen this: there is an evil force that is working behind the scenes of this country (and Europe). And they are trying to destroy our country in so many ways. Two examples here: allowing Juan illegal in the country with all the benefits and by punishing John legal (who is white). Plain and simple there is a war out on white people – white men in particular
    There is no way in hell this would have been accepted 60+ years ago.

    1. Don’t pick up the book Sold Out by Michelle Malkin or you’re really going to erupt. Makes the Mexican illegals situation look like child’s play.

        1. MM literally sold out to the GOPe when she sold her site Twitchy to Salem Communications in 2013.

          Additionally, she has the unenviable distinction of having been “#neverTrump” before that movement really took off as she’s been trying to assassinate Trump’s character (pushing the “nothingburger” the libs/GOPe would run with come 2015) since at least April 2011:

        2. I won’t dispute that, but I have to hand it to her for the work she did in that book – nobody else is picking up the baton. All very well documented and overdue.

    2. God you’re telling me…
      my main take away from this article was “wow I’m working way too hard”

    3. What can we do about it? The only way to deal with it is to punish the traitors. Melanites don’t matter, they are not the target of our vengeance, it is the jews and the liberal white sellouts who must be expelled from the west, forcibly if so. When they are gone, you will see that white man can live in harmony and guidance with people of all colors and creeds.

        1. The lack of “separate but equal” was the justification that 0bama, and my state gov’t, use to take blacks from the majority black city that they have 100% control over and put them into the lily-white suburbs.
          Interestingly, for all the discussion about this being a jewish operation, the blacks are overwhelmingly moved into the jewish areas in my state, leading to them having to reenact Exodus ever few years.

        2. That’s what I mean. All peoples can live on this world just not in proximity. Blacks do not belong with whites, and vice versa.

      1. Its not the friggin Jews.
        Its the biggest red-herring in history and its why you can’t fight your real enemy.
        These traitors come from every background.
        They are all anti-theists. Some are closet atheists, claiming a religion, but do they abide by that religion’s orthodox beliefs, HELL NO!!!
        Its not the tallit wearing, shaking in prayer Jews you should direct your anger at, its Anti-Theists (and many times they have a Jewish, Catholic, or other God Fearing ancestors)
        The people who hate Bible based morality are your enemies.
        The people who hate traditional marriage, hate Christians, hate whites (who took Christianity to the world), these are your enemies.
        p.s. Don’t bring up BS about multiple wives or crap like that, no major sect of Christianity or Judaism does that.

        1. Multiple wives are not a problem. The problem is that in a practical sense, Marriage 2.0, there is no such concept as “marriage”.
          If a woman can be proven to have commited adultery and that the child is not yours, yet you must still give her chold support, alimoney, the house, the car, and half your business, then what you have is not marriage in any actual sense of the word.

        2. Then why is Judaism a protected class? Are these truly those of the synagogue of satan? Pair bonding is one male one female, as it was in the beginning.

        3. “Christian Scientists’ are a protected class, just because they are a minority religion and have special tax regulations built around them specifically, that doesn’t make them our enemy.
          My pregnant, barefoot, & in the kitchen wife is a protected class just because she is a woman, that doesn’t make her my enemy.
          You mentioned “liberal white sellouts”, whenever you hear liberal, just replace it with atheist and it all starts to make sense.
          Liberal Christian Denominations are dying…. the truth is atheist anti-biblical denominations are dying. Why… because they removed the foundation of their religion, The Bible, from their doctrine and are left with dead tradition with no faith to back it up.
          I know Jews who were horrified by Obama and are happier than a kid eating ice cream about Trump, I also know a Jew who was afraid of Trump. Being a Jew doesn’t make them an enemy. Plotting the destruction of Christian civilization is what makes atheists your enemy. Its Christian civilization that gave us the concept of inherent human worth, that invented the concept of inalienable human rights because we are beings created in the image of God.
          Without God being our creator we are just another species of monkey with privileges that the Atheist (not liberal) Elite have no qualms about revoking as soon as they are powerful enough, because who is going to punish them? God? They don’t believe in Him.

        4. I agree, Marriage 2.0 is not the real Deal.
          The real deal is that he commands and she obeys, he provides and she makes babies, that he loves her and she respects him. That is the Real Deal outlined in the Bible, and before closet-atheists with a doctorate in theology grabbed the incorporated denominations by the balls, that is what was expected in Christian Churches. Finding a protestant denomination led by men only is like finding good wife material, practically impossible.
          My main point is that blaming the Jew is a Red Herring planted by atheists, many atheists with Jewish ancestry, but they are tickled with joy when the natives start hating on other believers in God, because then they know they can get away with it again and again. While the blinded hate on the Jews, the Atheists keep their agenda chugging along, de-souling civilization.
          Once the Jews are out of the picture, then Evangelical Christians are the next scapegoats. And its already happening.

        5. A real part of the problem is the men. We don’t have a clear vision of right and wrong, and what’s worse, a lot of us are playing games with each other. We aren’t behaving honestly. And whether it’s undermining men with their women, or undermining men with property, the result is the same, it becomes impossible to achieve anything, and so people focus more on protecting themselves than on creating.
          When we create a market that is honest, that allows for healthy competition even while encouraging cooperation and growth, then we have a bustling market. When we encourage “let the buyer beware”, cutthroat practices against each other, then the results are as inevitable as they are obvious.
          We’re doing that with women even now. No sane human being would ever sign a contract if it was treated the way marriage contracts are being treated. We’ve put women on a pedestal that is too high for any human to even begin to match. All of this was done out of arrogance, selfishness and envy.
          It’s wrong and we have to stop what we are doing. We’re not just hurting each other, we are tearing the women to pieces as well. They can’t tolerate this even less than we can. They are going insane from trying to meet the standards we are setting. Be a nuclear physicist AND be a wife and mother? How is that anything other than an utterly insane standard to meet? And yet that’s exactly what is expected of them. We tell them to be the most shameless whores imaginable, we take away any real emotional connections or any standards, and the result is that they throw themselves at Muslim savages – because they desperately need and crave the boundaries we have, in our feckless cowardice, taken from them.
          And I see this all the time. If I didn’t read websites like Dalrock that describe the “churchian” phenomenon I’d have thought it was just religious Jews. But it’s not, it’s everywhere. It’s a result of confusion and weakness. And insecurity + pride keeping confused weak men from admitting their own ignorance and failings so they can learn how to improve.
          So we have to understand the problem, and we have to try to reach out to each other even while we try to learn what we ourselves need to know.

        6. What about the new covenant? The one forged through Christ which replaced the old one that God had with the tribe of Israel? There are religious jews who follow their talmud that do not believe in Jesus as the messiah, they are clearly not athetists as they believe in some form of God, yet they too are working with Zionists to bring about a completely Secular Jewish World Control, if not downright satanic. Yes I do agree, the major problem is the sentiment against Christianity, but it is not all thrown out by Anti-theists, there are legions of Satanists and Talmudites that all wish to see Christianity wiped from the face of the earth.
          What do you suggest in addendum?

        7. I suggest that people can find enemies everywhere, but just being a Jew doesn’t make them my enemy. You could add the radical Muslims, Hindus, and Communists along with various cults, but now you are facing off against half the world. My beef is with the traitors within the church.
          The biggest enemies are the closet atheists currently destroying the mainline denominations. Episcopals are dead, Presbyterian (USA) is nose diving, and the next one in their sights is the United Methodists (3rd largest denomination in America). They are destroyed from the inside.
          I moonlight at a Methodist Bible Study and when I explained the real world consequences of how pandering to atheists will inevitably make the Bible Thumpers leave, causing the denomination to collapse, the atheist lady across from me said, “They (the conservatives) will have to accept it (sexual perversion) at some point.” Nope they won’t, they will walk across the street to the next conservative church.
          The problem for real Christians is that the atheist ‘christians’ will just flee the financial fallout right behind them and corrupt the next denomination like the one before, destroying all the equity that the Christians built for more than a generation.
          The only real solution is for Western Christians to grow a pair, and start waiving their righteous beliefs vocally in the face of the atheists in their midst and hold their clergy accountable. It works, liberal christians can’t stand real belief in the Bible, and if you waive it in their face like they waive their perversion in everyone else’s face, they complain, then cry, then scream, and finally leave telling everyone what a mean person you are, BUT IT WORKS.
          P.S. I subscribe to ‘Grafted In Theology’ not ‘Replacement Theology’. -Romans 11:11-31
          I am not a Calvinist so ‘Once saved always saved,’ and ‘permanently replaced’ are not in line with my beliefs. I can lose my salvation at anytime if I decide to rebel hard and flip God the bird.

    4. I just want it explained how someone is ILLEGAL and yet can register for food stamps, subsidized toilet paper, etc. Please, explain how this happens? Do you just walk in and ask for it with no registration? Where is that apt. and food subsidy card office. No wonder they refuse to leave!!!!

      1. If you are illegal you can apply for welfare in the name of your anchor baby. see Jared Taylor’s video on welfare below for more details:

      2. The people at the welfare offices WANT to give out the gibsmedats. They love illegals. They want everyone on welfare!

      3. Simple, they can walk in and get free stuff. In 1982, the Supreme Court issued a decision called Plyler vs. Doe. This decision allowed a family of Illegal Aliens working in Texas agriculture to send their kids to the local school district even though they had no right ( or Visa ) to be in Texas or anywhere else in the USA.
        And by the way:
        Go to the Cornell University law site and look up this section:
        Then go to USCIS’ website and look up the 1952 Walter McCarran Immigration and Nationality Act
        Then read up on Title 8 (Immigration and Nationality)
        This is what you need to study in order to debate a libtard on immigration.
        If you want more information, then go to uscis dot gov and look up the section on immigration laws. Pay attention to title 8 and The Walter-McCarran immigration act of 1952. You need to know that “admissibility” is the key concept to immigration. It is the determination that an “intending immigrant” can be welcomed into our society and obey our laws.
        Sadly the sanctuary cities and virtue signaling politicians have violated both of these articles with their policies.

        1. “This is what you need to study in order to debate a libtard on…”
          I hear what your saying, but no.
          The days of debating libtards are done. Time to go ISIS on their ass.

        2. Whaaaatttt? Ok, I know but when I wrote that ascii text blurb, that was when I would talk to them. I know, I made a mistake but use this information to talk to family, neighbors and friends about what our immigration system is really about. Then we can destroy them through the “isolate and dissolve” strategy. It’s just like putting ice cream in a dish and then covering it with Hydrochloric Acid. It’s the best!

    5. One inaccuracy I see in the article regarding John legal vs Juan Illegal is that the premiums paid for health/dental insurance DO NOT come out your net income. Instead, they come out of your “taxable income”. This therefore reduces your taxable income and could potentially put you in a lower tax bracket depending on your cost of insurance premiums.

    6. And it goes beyond that. The story stopped short. Juan Illegal’s kids get a free college education for being brown colored. And it still doesn’t stop there. Once Juan Illegal’s kids are adults and out of college, they then enter themselves into the “diversity circuit” and will get multiple offers from numerous corporations for affirmative action/EEO/diversity jobs. John Legal’s kids, after college and while in debt, will have no job offers and will likely move back home to live with John Legal. Now if John Legal’s kids are white females, then they’ll enjoy the same “diversity circuit” job offers from corporations. The usual victims will be John Legal’s white sons.
      Absolutely noting fictitious nor exaggerated above. It’s truly what happens today.

        1. Maybe he didn’t know he had a choice, overworked all of his life, the pupperteers behind the curtains made it seem to him like that is life and he should take it or leave it!
          So he did, because as he saw it he had no other choice! A sad story for sure! We know better, but we’re not the majority, we’re the enlightened minority!

        2. Not knowing is not an excuse anymore. The information is everywhere but the blue pill investment is too strong for most.
          “If you do what everybody else is doing, you will end up just like everybody else.” — from some book I don’t remember, but so true.
          Fuck normal people!

        3. That’s mean-spirited of you! John Legal does not deserve to be treated like that. He didn’t know what was being done to him at all. The media did not inform him that he was being screwed to death by the system! You should show some more “tolerance” and “compassion” toward John.

        4. Yeah, who wants to do anything but despise the guy who, due to his own well-meaning innocence was willing to carry more than his load?
          Lets look down on him. No sympathy.
          We are all better off laughing at him instead of trying our own courage against the big bastards, to face those shitheads and destroy them and upon it build up a better society for this stupid innocent bloke.
          I am all with you. Why should I not?

        5. He is not innocent. That’s the point I’m trying to make. You tell him how he’s being fucked every day, and he will laugh to your face and call you weird and unpatriotic.

        6. Agree to a certain extent. A good society is dependent upon these innocent do-gooders.
          The fight we have to engage in is towards those who destroy.
          But, by all means, introduce Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ as mandatory reading in all your schools.

        7. The problem isn’t John Legal. John Legals are what built this country, or any developed country. It’s just that now this country does not appreciate John Legal, and is doing everything to destroy him. In the past, our government did everything to protect and keep John Legal happy, because it recognized the vital part that he plays in an economy. Hell, everyone can’t go MGTOW. Shit going to start breaking down.

      1. Yep, here in NY, the gov just passed a law ensuring families making less than $125k/yr will have free tuition for college. Sounds noble, but who winds up paying for this?

    7. Here we have the people who work on the private sector vs the people that work on the public sector and their families, and tax skipping happens, everywhere, but the middle class, because it mostly lacks ways to hide it’s income….
      Illegals, mostly “refugees” only in recent years started to receive welfare, paid by foreign N.G.O.s and the E.U. in some cases liberal mayors rent houses for them. With the exception of the mayors given help, the rest subsidies are abysmally low but not even them they deserve, plus the few that work do it illegally so they keep everything, even serious tax-evading Greeks can’t really hide all their income.
      In short Socialism ruins every countries economy. It takes from hard-working law-abiding citizens and it gives to parasites, beggars and thieves. In short it is a form of burglary, but a legal one.

    8. ” allowing Juan illegal in the country with all the benefits and by punishing John legal (who is white). Plain and simple there is a war out on white people – white men in particular”
      Exactly. People need to become aware of this and take action.

    1. ” horrible inheritance laws ”
      yup. Nothing like taking the same money twice. Fucking shits.

      1. Twice? You must be kidding. They tax your money when you earn it, again when you spend it or save it. Then they tax you again when you invest it, then again when you cash in your investment. They tax you for having property, and when you try to give it to your children, and finally they tax everything you have when you die.

    2. No rich person ever pays a cent in inheritance tax. It is so easy to avoid (legally) that you would have to be an idiot to pay it. All the rich families put everything they have into trusts. Lots of Rockefellers have absolutely not one red cent to their names. They do, however, have the use of family held in trust assets like homes/mansions, yachts, private airplanes, cars, and just about anything you can imagine. And when they die not one cent passes through probate.

  9. This is why I no longer care about the national debt, or any deficit. I take every single legal deduction I can and stretch it as much as I possibly can to reduce my tax burden to as low as it I possibly can make it.

      1. No kidding. I’m making damn sure my kids don’t make this horrid mistake. Thankfully I am able to teach them that income taxes are another form of legalized slavery, as opposed to the “taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society” garbage that they’d be learning if they attended public k12 schools.

        1. hey, learning lessons is often an expensive proposition. At least you got the lesson down.
          I understand some taxes for a civilized society. It is in my best interest to have well maintained roads, water, emergency services and even some minor form of safety net…not welfare the way we know it, but just enough cheese to keep people from starving and having it turn to a riot. Nicely maintained city parks which are open to the public, museums all these things are great and I am willing to pay my fair share for it. The problem is that I am not paying my fair share. I am paying nearly 30 times the national average and my water isn’t any hotter and I don’t get first crack at park benches.
          Give me a fair percentage on a flat tax and responsible administrators who are genuinely accountable to the people for the way the spend it and I will deliver the check by hand with a firm hand shake and a thank you every year.

        2. I’m almost relishing the day when my kids earn their first paychecks and they have the same glum, dejected look on their faces that I had when I saw how much I earned versus how much the government let me keep.
          Only this time, I will tell them “most of that money the government took went to pay for bums who don’t want to work.”

        3. exactly and when they have the cash in their hands you should immediately confiscate 70% of what is left after the gubment takes their just due as “living expenses” and show them….well, what is left is ALLLLLL yours

        4. I don’t remember a lot of Cosby show stuff despite remembering stuff like Mr. Horton getting Dudley to play “Neptune king of the sea” with him in the back of his bike store on Different Strokes, give a police sketch artist perfect descriptions of the two fat women who raped Monroe on Too Close for Comfort, am still pissed off at Uncle Arthur for gettin’ him some 15 year old Mallory on Family Ties, clearly remember the blacksmith who raped Sylvia on little house on the prairie, Remember that it was Counselor Perry who molested Wesley on Mr Belvedere and, of course, can recite Jesse’s caffeine pill rant from memory…but Cosby show stuff I hardly remember.

        5. Uncle Ned was Tom Hanks….that is when he is an alcoholic and it is all fun and games until he slaps MJF in the face. Uncle Arthur is an old family friend who worked at the station with Steven and grabs Mallory’s ass during an all to tight hug and then while apologizing and insisting that he still sees her as a little girl grabs her and open mouth kisses her. When she tells her father his reaction is to “have a talk with him”

        6. an easy mistake. Now I will be thinking about boning a young Justine bateman all day

        7. Don’t look her up. I tried a narrow “young” and “family ties” search and it just really had no mercy on me. Oh God….the tragedy….

        8. oh, I will go with memory or youtubes of the show. There is no way I am putting that in a search engine.

        9. I threw myself on that grenade for you man. Let my pain be your warning.

        10. I actually keep canned laughter recordings on my phone to play whenever women feel terror.

        11. She was a cutey, no question. Her and that girl who played Ferris Buler’s girlfriend were brunette angels in their day.

  10. Not a bad article, but you didn’t have to insert the same Joe/Jose email that so many of us received over the last few months and present it as your own content.
    Also, as for this: “There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of tax breaks, if you’re following the letter and spirit of the law, but not everyone plays by the rules.”
    If nobody is following the rules, then FUCK the spirit of the law, that’s for suckers. If it’s legal, do as your corporate overlords would do and take advantage of it until such time as it is not.

  11. Nice article. Basically highlights how the scum at the top and the scum at the bottom are in cahoots to fuck over whats left of the middle. Cant last much longer, can it?

  12. There are some other ways people cheat the system:
    In Asian societies, the wife does not take the husband’s name upon marriage. Thus, to any outside observer, it’s impossible to know who is married (as the marriage is registered in another country). Thus, you will see Asian women at the social service office to get EBT even though they are in fact married and the husband probably makes good money. It also makes it very hard to identify nepotism, e.g., when a Chinese researcher hires his wife etc.
    Orthodox Jewish couples only have a religious marriage and not one recognized by the state, so again, the woman can claim to be single mother and get a lot more benefits.
    It comes down to this: These people don’t care what America or Americans thinks of them. Only Mr and Mrs John Jingleheimer Smith are running down to the courthouse to get their marriage certificate like it’s a fucking dog license.

    1. Here’s how you know you got yourself a real good woman: she’s willing to forgo the civic marriage and help scam the system for the betterment of the family. If she’s willing to go to the social service office and say she a single mother to gather more resources for the family, she’s a solid woman. If she wants you on the hook and doesn’t trust you or feels it’s beneath her to sign up for free shit, she’s no good.

      1. Parasite. Yeah, hard to find a woman who is good at being a parasite. Where ever could you possibly find one of those.

        1. a woman willing to put her children and family before what others or society think of her is a good woman indeed

        2. Parasiting off of decent people hardly a decent person makes.
          I’m not going to spend ten pages debating this with you.
          Get out with lolknee this weekend and get a bike ride in with him.

        3. Nah, I agree with Wally- let it all go, be greedy to the point their is nothing left to steal. I got muslims(and I assume other groups) milking everything for all its worth. They arent married legally in the USA, so the woman and her kids come over, qualify for goodies(there is a setup in JFK airport just for this, they get off the plane and there are people there to give them the proper paperwork) husband comes later(they arent legally married here) he works off the books. The hasidics know how to game the system too- some upstate were taking fed dollars to be used to buy pcs for their schools, but they arent allowed to use pcs(hmmm…) the feds busted them(years and too many tax dollars wasted to investigate them) and a woman they interviewed after the bust, man, she was a pro- it was almost like she rehearsed for the day her hubby got busted…

        4. So let’s all adopt the same winning mindset as ghetto thugs and white trash! Just like feminism wants! Yay! Law and order? Restoring rule of law? Forming healthy families? Pshaw. Get some bitch knocked up with a bastard and have her leech off o’ duh man, yo!

        5. the system is too far gone; best to let it implode and start over.
          Here is another scam(and an example of scum at the top and bottom screwing over the middle): section 8 landlords charging more than market rate for apartments- say a one bedroom here is $1600, and they are getting $2000 via section 8, person pays next to nothing, like $400, and the difference gets footed by the taxpayers.

        6. First, it’s not going to implode. The USSR took 70+ years to destroy itself, and it started on only fumes and duct tape. The U.S. will still be chugging along long after our grandkids are dead, this “lounge by the poolside” mentality is nothing more than shorthand for getting a bunch of decent guys with a lot of potential to start acting like the illiterate inner city thugs in all possible ways.
          I hold myself to a higher position than that. Sure the system is fucking me, and if you can get out of shit then by all means do so. But that’s not the same as getting one’s Ghetto Thug Lifestyle On. I have too much self respect and I come from a better type of person than to accept that as my fate, or allow my kids to grow up thinking that it’s right.
          Most of the things you’re describing sound like big city shit anyway. Maybe the problem is, you know, being in the big city?

        7. Yes, the middle class gets squeezed: the landlords profit and the welfare scum get a free place to live.

        8. It took Russia 70 yrs, we’ve been running on fiat for over 40. What is the avg length a fiat currency has lasted? about 15 years?
          Im in the big city bc my gig pretty much limits me to the coasts, and I have personal responsibilities Id rather not divulge online

        9. Point being, home fries, that they started with little to nothing and it still took them 70 years to run it into the dirt.
          We can coast on fumes for centuries.
          I can not and will not rationalize myself into adopting the same mindset as little Trayvon or DeMarcus or Cletus down in the holler. Avoid as many taxes as you can, yes, clearly, in fact it’s obligatory as part of being an American. But living off the system like a leech as some sort of moral high ground thing? Y’all are rationalizing it as something it isn’t. It’s a complete disregard for not only others, but for yourself as a human being with dignity. Nothing is collapsing and nothing is going to bring this shit down for a long long time, so I’ll go the path of being a man who takes care of his own shit.

        10. I’m more like a barnacle: a leech at least drops off after it has gorged itself on the host’s blood

        11. All that money on your education wasted, to allow you to justify living like BLM thug.
          Whether you’re trolling or not, we’re done for today.

        12. They extended the life of the state by enslaving large numbers of citizens and working them to death. It also helped keep the rest in line. Even then the quality of life was so bad the life expectancy was like it was in the middle ages. I would think the guns will come out well before Americans will allow the government to trash them that bad. Maybe I am an optimist.

        13. no one is saying you should adopt this mindset- I understand where Wally is coming from, and Im not rationalizing something that isnt- I just gave you a few examples. Not feelz, factz

        14. Food for thought: When you consider how much money the government has extorted/stolen from you in taxes over the years, if there exists a way to recover some of it (good luck recovering all of it), that may be worth taking advantage of.
          As a disclaimer my statement is far from endorsing anything specific suggested pertaining to your debate, seeking out shady schemes, or taking sides. Just pointing out another example of something that depends on one’s paradigm.
          For example, my paradigm is a person should own their own chunk of land perpetually, which no government has the authority to tax, debt is released every 7th year, and anything over 10% tax on one’s increase is theft. Just a few economic principles and they are pretty radical ideas for a majority who think a home should cost so much it takes a 30 year, usurious loan to pay for, the government taxing us up, down, and sideways is normal, and it is also normal we can never really own our land because the power to tax is the power to claim sovereignty over something and we expect to always pay taxes on it. A bunch of slaves debating over the finer points of our slavery makes the jobs of the slave masters a lot easier.

        15. Agreed with all except the point about Russia. They took a long time but that society historically has always been repressed and poor. There are plenty of other societies out there that collapsed QUICK, with Afghanistan being a prime example. There used to be new roads, power grids etc. It all was gone in a few years.
          If a war is involved it can be a matter of months or years….. especially relevant because thenlibs are dead set on provokoling one

        16. How much of a threat was the USSR really during those 70 years?
          The USSR had entire “Potemkin Armies”, and was living like North Korea is today. I wonder if, since that that was assuredly as known in DC, did DC inflate the “Russian Menace” all those years for political gain?

      2. Isn’t there the risk that if she ever gets cross with you, she’ll play the victim and tell the Long Arm of the Law that you (the man) coerced her into scamming welfare?
        That said, I can see the temptation. My local gov’t throws so much money at single mothers that they’re at risk of drowning in it.
        I wonder if single mothers are as easy as the norm here as precious few men of private means could provide for them and their brood as well as Daddy Government.

    2. My point is a woman truly loves and trusts you if she’s willing to forgo the American dog license marriage certificate to help gather more resources for the family.

    3. Basically, the people who built America and their descendants tend to not want to cheat the system. They are loyal. Outsiders aren’t loyal.
      The problem is that there are so many disloyal Mexicans, blacks, Jews, Muslims…etc in America that it makes you wonder whether it’s worth being a loyal citizen anymore. I know for a fact that Americans in 1950 didn’t face this dilemma.
      Still, I would feel incredibly uneasy illegitimately taking what other decent people have paid in to the system.

      1. Hate to break the news to you, but Mexicans have built most of our country — literally, they’ve constructed many of our buildings. And Jews paid for a lot of that construction.
        I notice that you conveniently leave out the fact that the white man sitting in the Oval Office has been lying to and cheating people for most of his adult life.
        tl;dr Parasites come in all sizes and colors.

        1. If that’s true then I stand corrected. It’s just not the impression I get, with a lot of the Mexicans coming over causing trouble and cheating the system.

        2. Um, could you provide documentation for this claim? How many Mexicans were in New York city working in construction in 1900? 1800? I’m beginning to think that you are a racists!

        3. ” Mexicans have built most of our country”
          Evidence please. As someone of partial mexican descent my bullshit radar is going off. Chicago was largely built by whites, Detroit, etc.
          Why are you talking about Trump? This is not Breitbart.

    4. Including those “sister wives” types. The first marriage is legal and the other “marriages” are not. Ergo, the other 3,4,5…..”wives” are single mothers.

    5. Hmmmm, maybe me and my significant other should just cohabitate and deny the state it’s cut? Yeah, let’s do it!

  13. A few years ago, I was on food stamps. Why not? I was a poor grad student. Should have seen the look on the cashier’s face when they rang me up and they saw me reach for a card in my wallet assuming it was a credit or debit card only to realize it was EBT. Priceless! “Damn, shit must be bad out there if white men are on EBT…” haha

    1. Good for you. I finally saw an example of the fraud a few weeks ago- woman, well dressed, but not too flashy, whips out the card. I follow her out of the market, she gets into a Benz(not brand new, but still, I dont drive one). How does someone who drives a high end car qualify for food stamps?

      1. I was on medicaid for years too: I didn’t feel like I should pay several thousand dollars a year for the student health insurance.
        My only regret? That I didn’t push for gibs. I shoulda gotten a pet rabbit – a fur baby – and said I was a single father.

        1. kill too birds with one stone — get a service dog for your anxiety that Medicaid pays for and then claim it as a child. That’s a ton of win.

        2. It craps all over the floor of the store … little round pellets. When the clerk tries to object, I upbraid him, “What are you looking at, you fuck? I’m DISABLED!”

        3. Nathan Hale, 1776: “‘I only regret, that I have but one life to give for my country.”
          WP, 2017: “Shoulda pushed for more gibs…”

      2. There’s a local estate near me, flats from the local council provided for the less fortunate ones, however, the amount of people who own new/expensive cars is quite high even for a middle class neighbourhood.

        1. Sometimes it baffles me how easy it is to make a killing selling drugs. I have childhood friends selling coke and everything they make, they keep. I just wonder, if I ever got in to the business, I could secure my future very quickly. But what would that make me? A criminal…morally bankrupt, hated? I don’t know. I’m doing alright for myself anyway.

        2. You’re turning out to be quite the minority ghetto thug. Good job. All that education and you’ve used it to rationalize becoming a cave man.

        3. No. It’s like checking the Amer-Indian or Spic box on a job application. Out comes the pomade. Shine the pompadour. They want to play games, I’ll play games. I don’t care what other think. I’ll claim to be the disabled mixed heritage fruit loop if it gets me the job / promotion.

        4. Strangely enough, most people I personally know in the trade haven’t been caught yet. And even if they do, they won’t get much of a punishment over here in liberal England.

        5. Judging by the number of rap videos he posts, he’s quite the wigger. The whiteboy on the block.

        6. Who’s that wigga in my neighborhood
          Judge Order! Jury, have you reached, have you reached a verdict?
          Jury We find the wigger GUILTY!!!!!
          Judge I here by sentence you, wigger, to a 100 years confined to a chair, forced to watch episodes of the Andy Grifith Show, Hee Haw, and Lawrence Welk. No parole

        7. You know what I believe the secret of life is? Doing something very hard really proficiently. It doesn’t matter what. It can be , with your hands or with your mind, or indeed both of the. That’s why men are generally more successful than women. It’s not because we’re naturally more intelligent than them, it’s simply because we tend to stick with challenges the harder they become…we won’t be beaten!.

        8. The key is to make your money quickly and get out. The problem with that is the money is so good that greed takes over and you keep dealing. They had stories of drug lords in the 70s and 80s Miami that had stacks of hundred dollar bills in their basements because they couldn’t spend what they made. Floor to ceiling stacks filling the whole basement. Yet they would kill some one over a few thousand because otherwise they would be thought a pussy. Eventually they all got caught. Stupid is as stupid does.

        9. “The secret to life is blond twelve year old girls, two when ever possible.” From Hannah and her Sisters, Woody Allen

        10. This is true. The key to me seems to be to make enough money to invest in business (real estate is good) so that you have a good cash cow to fall back on once you do leave the trade.
          Another thing I have found is that a lot of the dealers I know are almost broke and in debt, despite making six figures. But then again, they have extravagant lifestyles, renting fast cars, buying designer clothes and big branded cigarettes…the big financial killer is mismanagement of money, and this applies to so many people from all walks of life. People are stupid and literally cannot plan and stick to basic math.

        11. I know two retired drug dealers (from the west), they did spend a few days in jail, but were never convicted. They were part of large gangs who protected them and dealt with any potential police witnesses.

  14. Here’s another way they fuck us:
    Why do universities expect parents to contribute toward their “childrens’” college education?
    At, 18, they’re considered legal autonomous adults, right?
    So why are parents expected to contribute to the education of their adult offspring?
    What if I made a million dollars a year and refused to pay a cent toward my child’s college? How can the universities punish the applicant based on the inability of the parents’ to plan? Maybe an applicant’s parents make good money but gamble or drink it all away.

      1. Either, they’re an independent autonomous adult at 18 with no strings attached, or they’re still their parents’ ward: it’s one way or the other

      2. That’s an issue because of the schools, not because of kids. Used to be, an 18 yo kid could work summers and finance his way through college if he had to.

        1. Yep. Then came ‘student loans’, easy money for the kid to get qualified for that they couldn’t go bankrupt on. So… schools started raising their costs– no bid deal kid, you can just get a loan…

        2. I could have gone to my state university for $600 per semester back in the day. I chose to let the military pick up the tab via the GI bill. But, at $600 per semester, I could have worked, lived at home, and paid as I went.

        3. All this ‘student loan’ business started with the gubimint guaranteeing the loans, hence easy money to get. And because of that colleges had no problem attracting more students and raising the tuition. Everything the gubimint touches turns to shit.

        4. In the 1970s UK, the government paid all my University fees and paid me living expenses as well. Same for my Postgrad. No loans and no debt.

  15. And they wonder why Latinos don´t succeed. There is no need for. WHY? haha Yeah I will become legal to pay taxes, no fucking way. I know illegal dudes with all the opportunities to become legal but they refuse, Married for 20 years with an American woman and with American Born kids, And the miserable never care to get the citizenship in all those years nor even to learn english. You either too stupid or too greedy, Then they cry racism when they caught and got deported back to Mexico. Like they said “De gorra hasta que me corran”

    1. The Left is open about it though. Why is Sharpton still not in prison?

  16. Socialism: when you know you’ve got nothing to offer, and no intention of doing, its time to demand that everyone else ‘share’
    Want to see ‘socialism in a picture’??
    What is a fair share of what someone else has earned??? It has to be EARNED before it can be taxed and stolen.
    No service is free– they just want someone else to pay. And the government to use force to take the money from others.

  17. In any country where a privileged nobility class is not instituted by the government, the only thing that matters is money!
    And in those countries: without money, you are nothing!

  18. I figured out how the jews maintain their wealth (this article pointed out some of the methods but it left out jew control of our law-makers and government institutions, banks, the Federal Reserve, finance houses, etc). A less obvious method is as follows: First, the jew is clannish, keeps to himself and fellow jews, and maintains relations (business/monetary/financial/social) solely within the jew community. Example: A very wealthy jew businessman will have only jew lawyers, judges, accountants, tax people, banks, financial advisers, etc. He will attend and donate to a jew synagogue. He will donate money solely to jew charities/schools/scholarships/hospitals/clinics. He will conduct his trade exclusively with other jew businesses: doctors, architects, grocers, butchers, bakeries, caterers, dry-cleaners, liquor stores, opticians, furniture stores, office supply stores, tradesman (plumbers/carpenters/electricians/auto mechanics-if there are any jews who do this work), et al. Most likely, the trades, lawn-care, nanny/housekeeper will be goys and illegal aliens to whom they can pay under the table, thus saving a lot of money. Most jews do the same as our wealthy jew businessman example. This takes place on the high end economic scale of jew millionaires and billionaires, the middle scale of doctors, lawyers, and high end professionals, jews in the media/press/entertainment businesses, and the lower end scale of jews who are not in the high or middle scale. The big takeaway is the jew control of our government, our law-makers (through their campaign bribes, that is cash), and the levers of our govenment. They have the gold and make our rules/laws (to their benefit and to us goy’s detriment). Thus, their wealth circulates amongst their own, but as little as possible makes it to the nation’s tax coffers. The jews are similar to Juan Illegal. Juan and the jew get the benefits. We goys get to pay for it.

    1. never understood peoples fascination with jews. If anything; they are doing what we all should be doing.

        1. Yes it is. Because all laws serve the interest of the owner (goverment, king, pope, warlord, chief whatever) – stealing from the owner is therefore the biggest crime of all.
          The real question would rather be: Is crime bad?

  19. I had a failed business last year . I defaulted on my sba loan and claimed chapter 7. Before claiming chapter 7 I ran up all unsecured credit cards and spent it on house upgrades . All the negative income subtracted from my corporate job (sole proprietor ) , amortized the useless assets ,and Ill recoup my initial investment within 2 years .

  20. The fact nobody ever mentins when it comes to taxation.
    Here it is.
    You are beeing owned.
    He who has to declare his income is no free man.
    All who have to pay taxes, are like cattle and have an owner.
    Nasty, is it not? Nevertheless it is the truth. You have an owner, just like a dog.

  21. One of the other rich man’s scams is to partner in a business near where you like to vacation. You don’t even have to lie. You’re a legitimate partner (probably minority partner) in a legitimate business. Trips from where you are to the business are business expenses. I learned of this when I bought a car from a dealership in Melbourne, FL. One of their partners was from NY. The Melbourne, FL airport is an international airport, about 1 mile from the dealership. He liked the bahamas. So he’d fly to Melbourne to “confer” with his business partners. Then he’d pop over to the bahamas for a few days, and then return to melbourne. Most of the cost of the flight to the bahamas was a business expense for traveling to the dealership. All he had to do was buy the round trip tickets separately. The NY to FL and back was a business expense, and the FL to bahamas and back was personal.
    One thing the article got wrong. FICA and medicare/medicaid payments. Your employer doesn’t “match” your payments. They send money to FICA and M/M instead of paying it to you. So you’re really losing about 15% of your income to those scams, not just 7.65%. You have to understand how a business decides to hire. Say they are thinking about expanding their production. Maybe hire one more widget maker. Well, they look at how much they expect to be able to make in gross income selling the widgets you make. Let’s say that’s $60K. The owner figures it’s not worth hiring you unless he makes $5K from your work. That leaves $55K for the expenses of hiring you. Out of that comes your salary, his “matching payments” (which you don’t get), his payment into the state’s unemployment insurance for hiring you, his costs for your health care benefit, etc. So after he’s paid for everything else, there’s maybe $45K left to pay to you.
    There are those who think that “greedy corporations” (there’s no such thing, corporation have no emotions; there MAY be greedy owners or managers, however) would keep that money if they didn’t have to pay it, but they won’t. They ALREADY pay that money to hire you. They don’t care if they pay it to you or to the government. It’s the law that makes them pay it to the government.

    1. What if your widgets are so good the make 1Billion in profit from you?
      Are they gonna give you the extra $900M?
      What if your widgets are crap and they lose $50k?
      Are they gonna keep you on?

      1. First, they’re already selling widgets for a certain price. So if they can sell your widgets for over $1Billion, instead of the $60K they were expecting, I’d say the person forecasting that should be fired, because they really screwed up. And no, they won’t give you the extra profit, unless they have a profit sharing scheme. Profits go to the owners/shareholders. If your widgets are crap, they’ll fire you long before they lose $50K on your work.

  22. The reason investments are taxed a lower rate than income is because its already been taxed once at up to 35% federal and 6% state.
    Consider a theoretical rental company I own:
    $100,000 in rental net income in LLC
    -35,000 tax – fed, state and local
    = $65,000 income after taxes
    $65,000 in dividends is issued
    $9,750 at 15% on Qualified Dividends
    Total net after both taxes = $55,250 or 45% tax rate – and that’s with a much, much lower rate on qualified dividends than up to 39.6%++.
    Personally, I don’t think corporations should be taxed at all. Raise import tariffs and taxes on the top 3% to cover the taxes on corporations and call it a day. It’s a win-win-win for everyone in the US.

    1. No matter how much they raise taxes, net income for the gov. stays pretty much the same. Besides, corporations pass any increase onto the plebs.

      1. Or they do other things (lower wages, outsource more, move their HQ to low tax countries like Ireland through inversions, etc).

    2. It’s the opposite where I live, hardly anyone pays income tax.
      Tax is raised from business and sales tax.
      Works well.
      I would tax big corporations into bankruptcy, they reduce employment, reduce wages, and rarely contribute anything worthwhile to humanity or the country they operate inside. Small, single state business is the sensible way to go for everyone apart from a (((few))).

      1. “It’s the opposite where I live, hardly anyone pays income tax.
        Tax is raised from business and sales tax.”
        And where is this at, exactly? In the US, Business taxes are only about 10% of total taxes collected federal and only around 7% in aggregate. And we have the highest corporate tax rate on the planet, even with all the deductions, shell games, and off-shoring (hair over 20% effective tax rate). The OECD average is 9% of taxes come from business vs 24% from personal income tax, 26% on payroll taxes like social security, 20% on VAT and 13% on other goods and services, . In other words, you are full of sh!T.
        “I would tax big corporations into bankruptcy, they reduce employment, reduce wages, and rarely contribute anything worthwhile to humanity or the country they operate inside. Small, single state business is the sensible way to go for everyone apart from a (((few))).”
        LOL – just simply enforce anti-trust laws and cronyism. BTW – tax laws and regulations in general hurt small and medium size businesses far more than big MNCs.

        1. Thailand, foreigners aren’t allowed to own more than 49% of any business.
          That rule would sure help the USA.

        2. You do realize Thailand’s corporate tax rate is 43% lower than the US tax rate, right? (headline 20% of income vs 35% fed here)?
          The vast, vast majority of US businesses are more than 49% owned by Americans. Most foreign companies that want to buy US companies have done inversions after acquisitions to lower tax rate countries like Ireland or the UK.

  23. Hilariously, the libs can get burned by their own tax breaks, to an extent.
    In my local metropolis, the budget is determined by a set-in-stone formula based on the property values as the tax coming in from them is a constant (only reassessed every few years). The problem is, the libs handed out 10+ year property tax exemptions to their big corporate donors and the budget formula doesn’t account for this.
    Normally, the state is called upon to bail out the metropolis when this happens, but the state is broke so now the libtards are hoist by their own petard.

  24. Poorly researched and misinformative article. Capital gains tax is 20% for the highest tax bracket, but the author reports it as being 15% overall. Also, illegal aliens rarely get housing subsidies. And for that matter, what do illegal aliens have to do with ‘How wealthy Americans dodge taxes’? Overall, I find this article to be schizophrenic, where an apparently conservative author trashes conservative outcomes: wealth creation and wealth preservation.

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