5 Myths In America That Cry Out For Realtalk

The more wisdom a thinking man gleans as he walks through this cosmic joke known as life, he begins to see lies everywhere. Lies and myths designed to make men pliable for other men to exploit. Most men never figure out the mental and literal prison they’ve been placed into as social engineers and PR flacks tirelessly cheer the mantra of “Freedom!” while the average man knows nothing of what it is to move through life of his own volition and decision making.

Just as with fashion, people ridicule the myths of other societies while slavishly following the myths of their own society. It is verboten to call into question common wisdom and worse, negate it with logic and reason. These are thought crimes beyond measure for most.

But we are men who decided to swallow the Red Pill. So, here are 5 of the most insidious myths of modern times.

5. The American Dream is alive and well

The humble home, decent wife, and two loving kids are a pipe dream, not The American Dream

Ah, the white picket fence. An attractive, loyal wife. 2.1 children. You know, the traditional American Dream that kept men motivated to produce and build up society. Here’s the official definition of what the dream was in The Golden Age of our nation:

The ideal that everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.

It hasn’t quite worked out that way. George Carlin put what it has become in modern times more succinctly and accurately:

It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

Want some statistics to back this claim up? These numbers come from the Economic Policy Institute. Before you poo-poo the source, realize the whole left-right paradigm is designed to keep people fighting amongst each other. Neither side is totally correct or wrong. The left, as wrong as it is on so many issues, actually makes some good points on labor issues. Such as:

  • The U.S. middle class had $17,867 less income in 2007 than in 1979, when adjusted for inflation.
  • From 1973 to 2013, hourly compensation of a typical (production/nonsupervisory) worker rose just 9% while productivity increased 74%.
  • Top 1% wages grew 138%, while wages of the bottom 90% grew just 15%.  If the wages of the bottom 90% had grown at the average pace over this period—meaning that wages grew equally across-the-board—then the bottom 90%’s wages would have grown by 32%, more than double the actual growth.
  • Over the entire 34-year period between 1979 and 2013, the hourly wages of middle-wage workers were stagnant, rising just 6%. The wages of middle-wage workers were totally flat or in decline over the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, except for the late 1990s. The wages of low-wage workers fared even worse, falling 5% from 1979 to 2013. In contrast, the hourly wages of high-wage workers rose 41%
  • In 2013, inflation-adjusted hourly wages of young college graduates were lower than they were in the late 1990s, a trend that held for both young male and female college graduates.

Translation, people are working harder than ever, producing more (in stark contrast to the “lazy American worker” trope promulgated by the media) and yet taking home less. This means fewer people can buy homes, cars, and live prosperous lives. Not to mention the destruction of all things feminine brought on by feminism make The American Dream a pipe dream.

4. Women are systematically oppressed

American women may be many things, like decadent and solipsistic, but oppressed they are not

One only need catch an episode of The Real Housewives of Whatever City to see the decadent lives of totally wasteful materialism and consumerism modern women lead. Half of these worthless bags of protoplasm don’t just buy plastic merchandise for their homes, they graft it onto their bodies with face, ass, and boob jobs.

That’s just the upper crust of society. Down here on the bottom, one only need walk into a grocery store to see women with fatherless children paying for their haul of free food with an EBT card, free dairy with WIC, on top of collecting child support from daddy who’s now an economic slave with the lash of the child support system bearing down on him.

The reality is American women are the most spoiled, entitled class of people to ever walk this earth. They have more power than men ever will. This duality of American women’s behavior – claiming to be victims while living like queens – dates back to the Puritan foundations of the nation, a topic I recently wrote about.

Here’s more proof women aren’t oppressed. Females make 80% of all purchasing decisions in the economy and they spend 90% more than they earn over the course of a lifetime. That sounds like royalty, not victimhood.

3. The drug war is about public safety

The war on a plant is really part of the War on You

Bottom line, the drug war is about eliminating economic competition. Drug dealers run on a cash economy the government has a hard time taxing and are their own bosses. They’re not subjected to the growing, total micromanagement of their lives corporate drones are. In many ways, as Walter White showed us, they’re their own men. The government doesn’t want that. It wants subjects to rule and terrorize. (The Drug War goes hand in hand with the War on Sex.)

The reason there’s violence is not because drug dealers are innately evil. Drugs are readily available all around me, but because law enforcement is lax, there is very little violence where I live part-time on the island of Hispaniola. Violence happens every time a Prohibition is passed. When the Prohibition on alcohol was passed, booze immediately shifted to the black market and we saw everything from Al Capone to Bonnie and Clyde. From the Ganzel Group:

Because of Prohibition, organized crime increased, especially in major cities. Gangsters got richer and more violent as they fought over control of liquor sales and other illegal activities such as prostitution and gambling, which also grew during the 1930s. The public was fascinated by big-city mob bosses who became the subject of newspaper stories and movies. Although they were far from urban speakeasies and gangland crime, rural residents also were fascinated by the underworld activities of mobsters. Gangs and outlaws with names like “Pretty Boy Floyd,” “Baby Face” Nelson, Ma and Fred Barker, and Bonnie and Clyde grabbed newspaper headlines. John Dillinger’s armed robberies took place mostly in the Midwest, and he was named “Public Enemy Number One.”

H.L. Mencken wrote:

Prohibition has not only failed in its promises but actually created additional serious and disturbing social problems throughout society. There is not less drunkenness in the Republic but more. There is not less crime, but more. … The cost of government is not smaller, but vastly greater. Respect for law has not increased, but diminished.

Sound familiar? It’s because that’s exactly what’s playing out today, except with marijuana and cocaine. Has the 40-year War on Drugs yielded any results? A trillion dollars has been spent and rates of drug usage remain constant. There are slight ticks up and down but overall there hasn’t been any change in the number of recreational users and addicts.

What has changed is America has become the biggest prison state on the planet since the Drug War started back in the days of Nixon, with more of a percentage of its populace in prison than any other nation on earth. Most of those in prison are there for drug crimes.

2. New diseases threaten your safety

Diseases named after chickens and pigs are supposed to terrify you

Plague terror is what its opponents refer to it as. The fear mongering over “your safety” covers many areas of life, but medical issues are one of the most insidious ways the media and government instill fear in the hearts of men. Here’s an example of some of the things that were supposed to “kill us all” in the last 15 years:

  • 2002, the media said West Nile will kill us all
  • 2004, SARS will kill us all
  • 2005, Bird Flu will kill us all
  • 2009, Swine Flu will kill us all
  • 2014, Ebola will kill us all
  • 2016, Zika will kill us all

We’ll see what they dredge up this year.

Incidentally, HIV/AIDS has been one of the most successful campaigns of plague terror ever foisted on the populace by government overlords. It literally made people scared to have sex, and even when they did a condom was a must. (Was it all just another population reduction measure? In other words, scare the masses so bad everybody starts using condoms so as to reduce pregnancies.)

The bottom line is, you are NOT going to contract HIV from having straight, heterosexual vaginal intercourse. The Centers for Disease Control’s own statistics state there is a 4 in 10,000 chance for a man to contract HIV from having sex with a woman. Don’t believe me? Here’s the link. The average person has sex once a week. Let’s say they fuck from age 18 to age 75 once a week. That’s roughly 3,000 sexual encounters in an entire lifetime. A man would literally have to have sex for 3 lifetimes in order to be guaranteed to contract the disease through heterosexual intercourse. And that’s unprotected sex every single time with an infected person!

Some journalists are questioning if the disease called HIV/AIDS even exists in the capacity we have been led to believe it does. Joan Shenton has been one of the most vocal, and attacked, critics of plague terror of the last two generations. Brent Leung, who produced the film House of Numbers is another.

To this day, it remains confined to risk groups (gays and IV drug users) and has never spread to become the heterosexual epidemic we were scared out of our wits about in the 1980s and 1990s.

The least personal freedom I have experienced thus far has been right here at home

1. America is a free country

Of all the places this author has been, without a doubt America offers the least freedom. By far. All the important decisions are already made for a person, and if they step out of line there are police everywhere ready to arrest you for everything from renting a sexual encounter to smoking a joint to driving too fast to not tithing your masters enough money each April 15th.

Obey your masters is drilled into the minds of children from kindergarten. A boy’s decisions are already made for him from age 5 to age 18. Go to school and listen to what we want you to hear, or your parents will go to jail. After 13 years of brainwashing, he then goes on to college to chase the promises he was made only to find he is saddled with an average of $30,000 in debt that isn’t dischargeable even in bankruptcy and is trapped in a job he can’t escape because of “life debt” i.e. needing food to eat, clothes to wear, and a roof over his head.

The entire society is geared towards turning people into what Herbert Hoover called “Happiness Machines” or consummate consumers who work themselves to death from cradle to grave so they can mindlessly consume. Shopping and eating out are the national religions. There’s never time to stop and smell the roses, contemplate life, or take a nice, long break from it all.

More, more, more is the mantra.

In truth, while abject slavery was abolished the new model is economic slavery. Try as a man might, there is almost no escape from this system. Nearly every avenue of escape has been closed off.

Revealing words from the patriarch of a prominent political family show us the mythmakers’ mentality

The Mythmakers

All this mythmaking does pose some risk for those making the myth. George H.W. Bush or “Pappy” as he’s known in the Bush circle reportedly made this revealing statement back in 1991:

If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.

Indeed, if there wasn’t so much propaganda and a totally controlled and compliant corporate media shoveling manure into the eyes and ears of the masses on a daily basis, there might be a threat to the power structure. Perhaps those making the myth learned a lesson from a former foe they vanquished in their game of world domination.

How fortunate for leaders that men do not think… Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

Words spoken by Hitler that still ring true today.

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  1. I’m house hunting right now, and it’s insane. Want a new house? Nothing under 300000. Want a decent neighborhood? Nothing under 250000, and that’s for a 30 year old house. Want a small, decent sized house? Sorry, they don’t make that anymore, be prepared for at least 2000 sq ft and up, + basement.

    1. To compound the insult, in new subdivisions the builders are generally asshole buddies with the bank, thus financing is far too easy. “I never thought I could qualify for a $400,000 mortgage!” Fact is, you really DON’T qualify, and the new house is a piece of shit that isn’t worth anywhere near that much. But no matter; you have been chained to the oar.

      1. I’m pretty sure nobody forces you to sign a mortgage agreement. People know if they’re not really qualified for a high end loan, they’re just greedy and make rationalizations to themselves in order to do the “gib me dat!” dance. “Oh no man, really, every year I’ll surely get a 10% raise, we can easily afford this!” I think it’s perfectly fitting when they go bankrupt.

        1. No argument there. I just wonder about the ethics of preying on stupid people who don’t make rational decisions (i.e. most of them). But maybe the chickens are there to be plucked and it’s not worth worrying about.

        2. I don’t concern myself with it honestly. If somebody is greedy and stupid, if you don’t take their money, somebody else surely will. And getting taken to the cleaners is a great way to learn to stop being stupid.

        3. Its demand driven by mortgages. Houses are highly leveraged assets. Therefore, their prices can become well above their real value, but can also fall under that, like in the last crash. Were loans banned except for entry level homes, houses would be so much more affordable. It’s simply a matter of banks taking future earnings from people in exchange for something overpriced. When this house of cards fall, there’ll be deals to be had all over, only for cash buyers, as banks won’t loan anything, nor would they have the money to do so. But I wonder if the gov might increase taxes on homeowners; historically, that’s been the case. But people need to buy a house, can’t wait years for the next crash, and rent isn’t always viable. House prices are often much more than their replacement value (Tobin’s Q is useful here) so having one built is a common strategy.

        4. I wouldn’t say that they’re irrational. Distorting interest rates does genuinely affect the market, especially factor prices. It makes things cheaper, but it makes stupid purchases cheaper than smart ones.

    2. We are doing the same. I know exactly what you are talking about. As a civil engineer, I have a little more insight on what is happening. City planners, DEQ, and other bureaucrats have made subdividing land and building houses so difficult that once the cost of an individual lot is done, a developer might as well build a large house. 150k for a small house, or 200k for a large house. That, and with the two parent income becoming the norm, lots of baby boomers got rich by increasing house prices (spurred on by government restrictions) that money has to come from somewhere. The young families is where.

    3. And dont forget the taxes…..that is, if you want your kids to attend something other than a gladiator academy….

        1. house warming + meet-up might require quite a bit of space. How else could we accommodate the SWJ protesters?

        2. I have a barn for that. (seriously, I do).

        3. In view of your avatar are you from Japan? Don’t you like have 3 bed chest of drawers over there when it comes to accommodation

        4. I have a strong desire to buy a bi-wing WW1 airplane just so I can fly it over the barn repeatedly and act out my fantasy of being a vet just home from the front lines of France in 1919.

        5. Nah, I’m in Thailand (sometimes the Philippines), the more space you have, the bigger your air con bill.
          I had a huge house in the UK, but my (former) English wife took that off me.

        6. Lol, you know there is a furniture store near me that has a desk for a home office where the desktop is literally the 68 inch wing from a WW II DC-3. It is right there in the window of the store.

        7. That would actually be a pretty fucking epic desk.

        8. If you’re going to have fantasies, they should be pointless and expensive and borderline bizarre, I always say.

        9. well just think of the huge heating bill she now has (and which she is probably paying for with your money … but that’s not the point)

        10. it is totally fucking awesome. They polished up the aluminum and fitted the wing with an x frame set of lets. I would buy it but way too much money. $8500 on the price tag.

        11. Two types of parties, those with and those without. Typically the parties with girls will be mellower, and the white knights come around. Sometimes it is better to just leave them at home and get sloppy drunk with a bottle of whiskey, a bonfire, climbing trees, shooting stuff, and just being rowdy.

        12. You know….now that I’m think about it, isn’t that airplane graveyard in Arizona (I think?) still around? I wonder how hard it would be to go nick a wing off a DC-3? Used to be you could take whatever you could tow out of there for free, as I understand it.

        13. She’s on welfare, UK government guarantees an income of $22,000 for a single mom with two children.

        14. There was a show in discovery or somesuch that featured an outfit that mad knick-knacks out of airplane carrion. Some fun.

        15. free house, free money, what’s not to like. Unless you’re the man who happens to be paying for it. Least your kids won’t starve thouugh

        16. In high school, the latter was all it seemed we could get, then about 22, it switched to including girls. I miss just going out to break stuff, inevitably, someone will bring their girlfriend or wife, and everyone has to act proper.

        17. no idea. My guess is that if people are selling desks for nearly 10k a pop made out of them, anything that can be nicked has been nicked. Not to say there isn’t some other clever thing laying around that no one has figured out how to monetize, but if DC-3 Wing Desks are in windows on Madison ave the raw materials are probably already all spoken for.

        18. Its funny, but my own bachelor party was a lot more fun BEFORE the hookers showed up….

        19. Women, even good decent women with no grudge to bear, always change the dynamic when they walk into a group of men who are just standing around talking and goofing off. And not in a good way.

        20. One of my good friends had me put together a bachelor party. No girls, just lots of booze, cigars, a massive bonfire (1.5 cord of wood), fireworks, and 4x4s.

        21. Yeah, nothing against them. Even the women with the best intentions will get some guys to suck up to them or calm their demeanor. To everything there is a season, and one of those seasons is to leave women at home.

        22. fukk…..I shoulda put you in charge of mine.
          My so-called Best Man almost landed us all in jail AND fukked up my marriage before it started…

        23. I saw that happen with one of my friends at another party, hired a stripper and pissed off the new bride. He married long enough to father a kid and spent the next 18 years sending a check in the mail.

        24. ooof.
          Fortunately I didn’t partake in that part of the proceedings and I’m 99% sure the Wife believes me.

        25. Once again projecting your own failure onto others.

        26. I like to piss on bonfires..
          I piss in the kitchen sink too like every decent male should!

        27. Only at the very end the next morning, when you need to put out the fire and disperse the crowd.

        28. Why must men burn things. Give a man a pile of old wood, lawn scraps and twigs and let the fire begin. Oh yeah, must use gasoline just to “get it go’in!”.

        29. There is a serious fascination all guys have with it. My dad burned some asphalt (soaked with diesel) when he was a kid, I spilled gasoline all over me (brother chucked me in the pond), now I catch my son playing with fire.

        30. these same women are in the gym on Saturday around 3pm. Go fuck them for free if you have just an ounce of charm

        31. Well because we invented fire and are really fond of using it when we can.

        32. Without the gory details, lets just say his scheduling of it was less than considerate and the presence of stripper/hookers was not too well received.
          But like I said the Wife trusts me (I think) so all is well.

        33. Shouldn’t surprise. He’s let out before that he likes “girls” who are “built like 12 year old per-pubescent boys”. Dude’s ex-wife beat the fuck out of his soul it looks like, and he’s gone faggot.

        34. Nothing back em off like the piss cloud coming off those embers… Everyone loves the idea of it but it’s a toxic cloud lol

        35. Now I know you ain’t lived in the country.
          Gasoline is probably the worst firestarter. It disperses instead of soaking into the wood, and it’s not as easily combusted as folks like to think.
          Now diesel, that’s a firestarter.

        36. An open field and then it’s game on with those antifafags. Nowhere to hide

        37. As a rowdy youngun me and the cuz’ noticed a big “danger explosive” sign on an oversized can of air freshener. Did what any normal kid would do – put it inside a pizza box, closed it shut, doused the pizza box in lighter fluid, threw too many sheets of paper towels for good measure and lit it up. The fire department didn’t have to show up that time.

        38. aerosol cans are great, throw one in a bonfire, then shoot it with a shotgun from a safe vantage point. You can scatter rocks.
          Heck, just an unopened soup can in a bonfire is impressive enough.

        39. Yeah, I’ve heard that. Frankly, I just used to steal my dad’s propane flamethrower (don’t know any technical term for it) and go to town.
          Except in the scouts, when I had to do it with flint-and-steel and a ball of unraveled rope. Which is fun in its own way, I suppose, but nothing like a five-foot FWOOSH of flames.

        40. Heh. Actually it was the combo we used on latrine duty to burn “the stuff officers are made of.” The diesel burned longer, but it wasn’t flamable.

        41. You can have booze and guns. Or booze and chicks. But you cannot have booze and guns and chicks.

        42. Like my fantasy of a William Burroughs weekend where I hire a psychotic hooker to shoot junk with me in a seedy motel.
          Or rolling in a pimped-out 1927 Model A down the main drag in my city, bumping Scott Joplin ragtime in the subwoofers.
          Weird shit like that.

        43. road flares are one of the better ones, better than diesel. Expensive, but they get the job done and are fun.

        44. double check the Model A was available in ’27….I like my fantasies historically accurate.
          I want to say 1929….

        45. It goes back to the cave. Same as giving a guy an axe or chainsaw – must cut down trees!!

    4. you would be in trouble near me where prices are 2000 per square foot

    5. I think that you’re being a bit dramatic. No offense, but the first page of this search, with no criteria except the city and state, show many, many, many homes under $300,000, and lots of them are even decent homes that are small or normal sized (not McMansions).

      1. Corporate offices are in Ohio, which makes it highly probable that if I make the jump I’d be up there, but until then, Ohio data isn’t particularly relevant.

        1. The point is, that you have a certain set of criteria that you want, and in *that* context, you’re going to pay for those things at the prices you’re quoting. There are always available options that don’t kill the wallet, but you have to change something on your end to get it, it’s not going to just be handed to you.
          Most of the rest of the nation, outside of big cities or notoriously expensive states (Cali, NY, NJ, HA) have decently priced affordable houses.

        2. That’s the problem I’ve seen. My excellent job requires me to live in a place where the cheapest property I’ve seen is $250k, and that townhouse is perhaps the only fixer-upper in the area (proper houses start closer to $350k). Extend the search out to a 30-minute drive, and you still find the same general thing.
          Corporate enterprises seem to exist almost exclusively in areas like these. They’ll be in a major tech corridor (so housing is snapped up by the many employees), in college towns (so housing is snapped up by students), or both.
          That, and I hear another housing bubble is priming itself to burst in a few years.

        3. “That, and I hear another housing bubble is priming itself to burst in a few years.”
          That’s a certainity. Perhaps you could rent until the next crash happens?

        4. That’s the plan. I’ve got my fuck-you fund set aside, and I’m slowly building it up every month. Hopefully the market crashes just as I get a solid down-payment stacked up.

        5. In one short year, sir, the price of housing and mortgages will mean jack shit to me. We’re building out on some modestly impressive acreage in the middle of Nowhere Ohio, cash down up front, no loan, and then I’m on the 4 years until retirement before 55 plan. Building a house that would, if in or near NYC, would cost 4.2 million dollars (but it’s only topping 300k for us).

        6. You know, I’ve heard building is way cheaper than buying used. My uncles have done it, and their veritable mansions cost about what you’re paying.
          I’m happy for you, GoJ. Your plans seem to be falling into place nicely.

        7. Neither of those options have turrets or a moat. I think you need to keep looking.

        8. Nobody will build turrets any more, and moats are more of a personal after market project.

    6. Was visiting some friends up on Long Island, starter family homes at 349,000k. Taxes gotta be 15k a year. When my old man was making 25k a year 40 years ago he bought a home for less than that and a new ford for 3k. Do the math, inflation is killing us.

      1. Long Island.
        Long Island.
        It’s like complaining that oranges are super expensive when you live in the north pole.

    7. True even in bumfuck places on west coast miles from civilization with no jobs, the cheapest home I can find is over 100k! Not talking about a condo or mobile home a real house.

    8. Near Buffalo you can get a decent house in a very good school district for under $150k….

    9. I got a totally remodeled townhouse for less than $200k. It’s market dependent. Lots of places developers buy up all the under $200k homes and rent them out (which is what I will do at profit if I move somewhere else).

  2. Not to pick nits — and not that it makes much difference — but Old Man Bush’s family nickname is “Poppy.” A niggling detail, if you will.

  3. One would think the above was written in a classicially left-wing blog but they are worthy right wing considerations as well. The left are becoming ideologically stagnant and the right is moving in to fill the gap.

  4. Oh man, can confirm the HIV stats. First time i got tested was last december and i was negative for everything except i tested reactive for HIV on one of the blotter tests. They did a second one and I tested reactive again. So they had to draw blood and send it off to the lab and then had a councelor come in and be like “ya might have teh AIDS boi”. So naturally, knowing nothing about this i was fucking shitting myself. I had heard the stats and everything and thought it was odd considering ive only been through around 15 girls in my life, never had a blood transfusion, shot drug, or did the gay but i was still absolutely freaked the fucked out for the entire week i had to wait for results. On about dec 23rd i came in to get my results and got one of the best christmas presents i had ever recieved, not AIDS.

    1. What kind of world is it where a guy can’t do intravenous drugs with meth addicted Hatian gay hookers without having to worry about AIDS?

    2. Weird The Test is very accurate, you will need another test in 3 months to confirm. When was the last time of the risk sex encounter?

      1. Last time before the test i put myself in risky situation was when i raw dogged some chick i just met with a questionable background but that was a year prior. If i had gotten it from here it would have shown up on the blood test. And from what i read (i pretty much became an expert on AIDS in the week i waited for my results) the tests they give look for antibodies that have developed as a result getting infected. So the blot tests didnt test for the actual virus just the antibodies. I should probably still get that looked into though as ive heard it could be caused by some other autoimmune disease

  5. Good story, I enjoyed it!
    Small niggle, men having sex once a week from age 18-75, more like once a month. After 40 most guys get nothing, even if they’re married.

  6. It’s worth noting that “The American Dream” was a marketing slogan developed in the 1950s with the aim of selling mortgages.

    1. I’m waiting for Jeff Bezos to bring out ‘Amazon sub-prime’ as a lower cost option

        1. how long til you get served via drone? drop it in your yard, you are curious, you pick it up, BAM! served! drone snaps foto for verification

      1. You know, I’ve always liked that photo. The Left uses it as some kind of “gotcha” but if you examine the actual things it’s really communicating closely, you’ll come away with a much clearer picture of reality.

        1. In a free country, that sign is perfectly legit. For any race.

        2. That is a picture of flood victims standing in line for food or something. It’s not a depression era bread line. And compared to the rest of the world 80 years ago, the sign is accurate

  7. Glad to see Relampago back as his work is always incisive.
    Myth busting is good tactic, although these are a bit thematically loose. The ones we should be hammering home constantly, and which are most obviously related are no. 5 and no. 1. This is the great con of our time: that you can still achieve your dreams in a meaningful way i.e. securely, when the reality is that pursuing that product is the means whereby you will be controlled, and have your wealth taken from you, particularly since wealth has been substituted for the appearance of wealth, that is debt.
    The stats about the reduction of wages in real terms, hand in hand with the expansion of cheap labour through feminism and mass immigration, and the fact that the 1% have expanded their wealth massively at the same time, is the dirty secret of progressivism: the whole thing is at best crumbs from the table for minorities and at worst nothing but a scam. Calibrate this message right and both the left and the right will come round

    1. You can achieve a good life without debt. It just takes discipline. In a short-attention-span, 144 character limit society though, that might seem “impossible!”. But it’s not.

      1. sure you can, but we live in a society geared around debt and indebtedness, particularly now that savings are punished through negative interest rates (at least in real terms). It’s not impossible but to free yourself from debt is exactly what the banks and corporations don’t want you to do. It’s definitely a worthy goal though

        1. I’ve outlined my “buy a car for cash” plan a couple of times already. You can do the same with a house too, you’ll just need discipline for about 10 years. Which, if you start at 18, really isn’t that long. Buy a house for cash (not the best house in the world, but a decent home) by 28 with no mortgage, and then you’re set. From there you can save even more, and by 38 move into a really nice house. It’s all desperately easy.
          I think that the “you need credit!” thing is such a laughable scam. “You don’t use credit cards you won’t get a good credit score which means you won’t be able to get into debt up to your ears that you’ll never pay off! Quick, get credit cards, don’t let not being in debt be your future!” Heh.

        2. that’s a good plan, although I wasn’t in a position to buy cash back then, with one exception which I foolishly passed over. Actually I think today savings means having investments, whereas a couple of decades you could just work hard and save money if you didn’t have to pay exorbitant rent, which i did mostly. A lot of it is down to having your head screwed on and planning ahead.

        3. A lot of it is down to having your head screwed on and planning ahead.

          Precisely. That is almost literally all there is to it, short of bad luck having you get hit by a truck or getting fingernail cancer or something.

        4. and like you said – start YOUNG. Forget this care-free “me years” bullshit proffered by pop-culture.

        5. Yes. Perpetual adolescence is a stupid and very modern concept. Young men used to, right out of high school, venture into the world to “make his fortune” and it was expected that he’d put in the time and work to achieve that goal. Telling him at 18 to go party for the next 15 years and live with his parents would result in you getting a punch right in the kisser from him. It was a matter of masculine pride to be self sufficient.

  8. Plenty of good points in the article, but I think it’s a scootch too pessimistic. The American Dream is still possible, but you’re not going to find your little moral angel in clubs and bars. They’re out here, being raised by strong fathers, and not in the places you’re trained to look for them now (clubs, bars, offices, etc). Gonna have to get out of your comfort zone to score one, and yes, they are uncommon, but they aren’t extinct.
    Income is kind of a weird thing. In terms of man hours worked to afford basics and some luxuries, we’re doing better than 1972 by a long stretch. Inflation adjusted dollars are less, but on the other hand, products are infinitely cheaper than they used to be (mostly) and consider that most inflation is determined by an almost utterly useless metric called a “basket”. Normal staples like milk, bread, meat, etc. are taken out when it becomes inconvenient to whomever is compiling or demanding the figures, and replaced with silly things like “price of a Ferrari”. Also, if everybody’s income is down then the market lowers the overall prices of everything by necessity since you can’t sell to a population who can’t afford your products.
    The points on women being oppressed and the war on drugs are spot on.
    As to freedom, and talking strictly about government restricting it here, we have lost a lot, especially since 9/11. TSA exists and are more or less airport STASI, we have a National Security State that obsessively gathers and stores data on all of our electronic activities (although they don’t really act on it, yet), taxes are revoltingly high, try to expatriate and the government still claims your life, government uses agencies like the IRS to punish political enemies, and SJW’s seem to have enormous power unrelated to their actual presence in society.
    That said, we have some freedoms here that you won’t find in the rest of the world. I can question the Holocaust here without being dragged to prison, “hate crimes” only exist on campus, nobody roams my neighborhood in vans with a little dish looking for “illicit televisions!”, gun ownership AND gun carrying are moving quickly back to our original concept of the 2nd Amendment in the 18th century, and we’re pushing to repeal Obama’s attempt to socialize medicine (hopefully anyway).
    It’s a mixed bag. I think that in many ways we are less free than in the past, while in others, we’re more free, and compared to the rest of the world, well, not to put too fine a point on it, but if the least personal freedom somebody has found is in the U.S. then might I suggest a tour of North Korea, sub Saharan Africa, China and most Muslim countries?
    Overall a good article, not trying to diss it at all, just adding a bit of perspective for balance.

    1. Ageee with all of this, especially about freedom. I am a person that has traveled, and I never feel as much at ease anywhere else the way I do here in the USA. You can breathe the freedom here, right from the air. Nowhere else that I know.
      That is why it is such a travesty to have sjws working to hurt people who exercise their freedom. That is why the feminized safety-fetishists have to be held in check. That is why we have to keep shining a light on the fact that they are poisonous.

  9. “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp Posts.”
    Sarah McClendon could never substaniate that one, but whatever.

    1. I hear the same quote attributed to one of the Rockefellers, who was of course a reptilian.

      1. Me thinks there are a lot of well known quotes that are simply pulled out a journalists ass and spun to feed the narrative. Fabulists are not honest, but everyone loves a good “story.”

        1. “quotes….are simply pulled out of a journalists ass”
          -John Galt 2017
          It is quite easily done.

        2. “Yabba dabba do” – Frederick Flintstone, 10,000 B.C.

        3. “Quotes attributed to me on the internet are largely horseshit”
          –Abraham Lincoln

        4. “In order to save the village, we had to destroy it.”
          — Atributed to a US army officer in Vietnam.
          Three decades later the journolist admitted making it up.

      2. this quote is attributed to every single person that people don’t like.

    2. how come there are so many people here defending George Snr from a probably made up quote? Verifying your sources is important, but heh, why is everybody so keen to defend a dodgy war criminal?

      1. Because people don’t like to be lied too?
        War criminal according to who? Was there a trial?

        1. whoa! Just casting aspersions. Of course quotes should be accurately attributed.
          Re. war criminal, I think a trial date has yet to be set. There’s a lot of sifting through recently released CIA archives yet to be done

  10. When considering the cost of living it should be pointed out
    the disparity of cost increase between material items and the intangible. Today, major appliances, and communication/entertainment goodies are virtually disposable in how cheap they’ve become whereas property taxes, insurance of all kinds, education and medical costs have become major, relentless expenses. Its treading these expenses that keeps the average family from ‘getting ahead’, not necessarily careless spending.
    Also worth mentioning is that “savings” has become an almost pointless endeavor, with interest rates in the shitter as they are.

    1. exactly correct. But back when interest rates were great for savings the interest on a mortgage would be enough to dissuade most people from taking one, where now they are practically giving you the money for free if you juggle it right. So you take the money you would save and you buy property in an area with good growth potential. You may not be able to get a 10% CD anymore but you can get a 3% mortgage

    2. When you live in a country where inflation outpaces interest on savings, you are compelled to spend or invest in other venues.

      1. Right. People need to be a little more sharp these days; a little more hands-on in their finances.

        1. Absolutely correct. Whether it’s stocks, real estate or even P2P lending… You owe it to yourself to be highly involved in the process. I’m very hands-on, so real estate has always served me remarkably well. I prefer the tangible aspect of RE, but in the last couple of years, P2P has been pretty nice too.

    3. True. Savings accounts are not a vehicle to make any kind of income. People who in this day and age don’t have a diversified stock, bond and mutual fund portfolio have nobody to blame but themselves for living a life in a trailer and subsisting off of 2 liter bottles of Coke.

      1. Putting money into a regular savings account isn’t an entirely worthless endeavor. One of the best protections against getting caught in a debt trap is to have a regular savings account with plenty of cash in it. This becomes somewhat easier to do if one uses payroll direct deposit to put a portion of one’s regular paycheck into that account.
        Investments are good for making money, but most usually don’t give you the kind of flexibility that you need when “the unexpected expensive problem” happens and you need cash to pay for the cost of it.

        1. I didn’t say that saving money was a bad idea. But you’re not going to make any kind of real income with a savings account. If you need liquidity, funnel some money into money markets.
          But saving money is great. I keep a huge stash of cash in my Liberty safe in the basement. Fireproof and, outside of plasma torches, basically un-burglarable.

        2. Wait… you mean the unwashed savages would get past you with your stash of heavy weaponry? 🙂

        3. Oh, never. Heh. Just noting that it would take a team of professionals and no small outlay of cash money to get into it which, I’m thinking, wouldn’t be cost justifiable.

        4. Whew 🙂
          I do keep a stash of “cash cash” on hand at home in case of emergencies, but that’s on top of the savings. As it was only recently that I got my head screwed on straight financially, it will be a while before I can further expand my investment portfolio.

        5. Just clearing out debt alone is a HUGE thing. Good luck moving forward.

        6. no, I will google. DId you ever see the classic A-Team Episode Cowboy George where Face is trying to become a concert promoter and thinks he booked country act Cowboy George to play for the guys working on a pipeline, but accidently book Boy George and The Culture Club who reluctantly agree to pay and also kick some ass when the bad guys try to steal the payroll….

        7. your savings better be in a safe in your basement and not a fucking bank or come crunch time you will see who really owns your money.

        8. i dont remember anything about A Team, too young, other than Hannibal always tricking BA into drinking that spiked milk so he would pass out so they could put him in a chopper/plane

        9. After the “haircut” Greece gave its citizens, combined with Trump OPENLY SAYING IT WAS A GOOD IDEA, I think that anybody who doesn’t have a cash box stored at home full of Benjamins is a stone cold fool.

        10. Yup, I think a “bail in” was put into that Dodd-Frank bill…if they ever try to pull that here, all hell will break loose

        11. True… just look at Cyprus. No doubt if the right combination of crooks are in power here the same exact thing will happen.

        12. Payroll direct deposit ftw…then you check the account once in a blue moon & say “GAWD DAMn! Maybe im not such a bad hombre!”

        13. For me that’s the only way I’d ever be able to meet my savings commitment. :/

        14. The cash is strictly so that the bank doesn’t have access to all of my cash in one fell swoop. It’s not a savings strategy, it’s a “if they decide to go Argentina here, I’m ready”.
          Besides, I have a *lot* of silver in that safe, and some gold, rubies and diamonds too. And bullets. Lots and lots of bullets.

        15. Actually I have some early 19th century silver coins as well. Kinda the same.

        16. GOJ, how easy/difficult in the US is it to turn those Ben Franklin’s into gold bars?
          as alot round these parts speculate, if the (((banks))) decide that the dollar is to be replaced/canned with a one world currency, gold bars under your bed would be better than Benjamins wouldnt they?

        17. Precious metals held in your hand aren’t really an investment like you think of stocks or mutual funds. They are merely a hedge against inflation and a store of value. There is an issue of liquidity as well with bullion. Not everyone will be interested in cashing bars out or even trading for them if the SHTF. You’d be better off to keep some bullion coins such as silver and gold Eagles in various denominations (or Maple Leaves, Britannias, Pandas, etc. depending on your country of residence) since these are actually currency in the issuing country. The value of a silver Eagle will never go below one dollar no matter what the silver market or the paper money does. And if you do put up a bunch of gold Eagles, even 1/10th ounce ($5.00 face value, trading around $144.00 as of this writing), keep in mind that you might need five gallons of gas or a box of .22 cartridges and the seller might not be able to make change, so having some silver in the mix is a good strategy from that standpoint. Some pre-64 junk silver is a good idea too. But GOJ is right, you’d better have some cash stashed in a safe accessible place away from the banks too.

        18. Have to agree on this one. I asked a friend how old he thought the Fed Income tax was. He said he didn’t know but assumed we’ve had it since the founding. I said, okie doke!

        19. Benjamins will be worthless, especially if some of the proposals regarding ‘money laundering’ go through. Even if the dollar doesn’t collapse, they might just be outlawed.
          Store gold, or go bust. You can probably use precious metals on the black market, albeit at a discount.

        20. Your savings will be wiped out overnight if Big Government demonetizes (voids) the existing currency, as has happened in Burma (now Myanmar) under Ne Win and introduces new currency, most likely with embedded RFID or digital.

        21. Even private gold ownership can be outlawed, as happened in the US in the 1930’s during the Roosevelt administration. I’ve read the penalty for possession was either a $10,000 fine or a 100 year jail sentence.
          Different reasons given, to get us off the gold standard and onto fiat currency to help grow the economy, to end gold speculation, etc.
          Whatever the given reason, you can be sure the real reason was to confiscate private wealth.

        22. The three that I am acquainted with are as follows: Golden Eagle Coin out of Maryland (https://www.goldeneaglecoin.com/) would be my first choice. Excellent pricing and free shipping over ninety nine dollars. Next would be Kitco (http://www.kitco.com/) and finally Apmex (http://www.apmex.com/). You simply have to shop each vendor to see who’s offering the best deal on what you’re looking for. The other thing you may want to consider is an actual physical gold or silver fund. I recommend Sprott Physical Gold Trust (http://sprottphysicalbullion.com/sprott-physical-gold-trust/) or their silver trust. If you’re interested in holding PMs in your IRA or 401K and don’t want to set up your own LLC to do it, this is a good way to go. The gold or silver are stored in Canada outside the reach of US FedGov and it is actually there, unlike the big paper funds. Just remember, you’re not necessarily looking for gains, merely protection of your capital so I wouldn’t put more than 20 – 25% of my portfolio in PMs. If you like PMs and want to see gains, then you need to look at PM mining stocks and revenue streaming stocks.

      2. Name me one person who can actually retire off of their “diversified portfolio”. The Mutual Fund/IRA/401k industry is a scam. You put up all the money, take all the risk…and take all the loses and most of the gains (of the 4% of mutual funds that actually have a gain) are eaten up by fees (and inflation). If there is actually a profit…you only get about 30% of the gain (but 100% plus fees…of the loses). The big lie of the Mutual Fund/IRA/401k Industry is “The stock market, on average, grows at 6%/8%/10% a year. So if save 10% of your income every year (and plug it into this online calculator), you’ll have a million dollars at retirement” WRONG. The Stock Market has NEVER consistently increased year over year. There are entire decades with no net gains (and less due to inflation). The Industry cherry picks data so that “on average” the stock market increases year over year. Yeah…and “on average’ Bill Gates and I are both Billionaires…using valid statistical methods.

        1. Weird, I’m about to retire off of mine in 5 or less years and have an annual income of $100k (not bad, in Ohio, with no mortgage or car payments) drawn from it annually and with the sum never decreasing from the draw.
          Oh, right, forgot, my step mom is retiring on hers, my dad retired on his, and my mother retired on hers.
          You may want to rethink your “research”, you’re being lied to.

        2. Since I left the military, so….22. Employers have always matched. I cranked it up to 15% for a while even.

        3. Nice…
          I’m in maybe 10 years now, employer doesn’t match. That’s why I’m not too impressed with it yet. Starting this year I’m maxed out contribution wise. Have to catch up a little.

        4. You’re completely full of shit. Most people could simply max out a Roth IRA every year (~$5500 cap/annually) and easily retire after 25 years. Investors simply aren’t disciplined enough. The stock market is by far the best way to get rich and retire.

        5. You’re making $100k only from self-directed 401k/IRA stocks, bonds, and mutual funds? (no pensions?)
          If so, you sir (and your family) , are exceptional investors!

        6. 1. If you get matching through work max it out- it’s free money.
          2. Then max out the Roth IRA annual contributions if you can.
          3. Traditional IRA (if you aren’t maxing Roth IRA).
          Stick to broad based mutual funds with low expense rates. There, I just gave you enough investment advice to save up enough to become Jewish.

        7. I agree with the matching, it is free money, but I am still of the opinion the day will come when those IRAs/ 401ks will be seized. I hope I am wrong.

        8. stick to index funds. Buffet is winning his bet that his investment in an index fund will beat out the gains by any hedge fund managed account over a ten year period.

        9. I figure taxes will go up in the future so better for the Roth IRA over the Traditional IRA.

    4. Might I also add that the push for foreign workers in the form of H1b/L1 visas (primarily all from India) have pushed the average wages down, and inadvertently, hurt the middle class. We can fight against undocumented illegals all day, but bottom line is this: the issuance of H1b visas has destroyed the middle class in today’s time. Even former US Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich (Under Bill Clinton’s Presidency) stated that the H1b is really going to devastate the American lives in the years to come. Look at where we are now. The American dream is dead for the Americans. For the cheap foreigners from India, it’s alive.

    5. Boomers always bring up “well when I grew up there was only 1 family car, we didn’t see high school kids with their own cars” or “we only had 1 TV in the whole house, while you have one in your room.”
      Yes we do have more materials, but at the same time healthy food, and healthcare are more expensive. Obesity rates have gone up, more people than ever are depressed and psychotic, kids are in worse shape, etc.
      Also American girls are a lot worse. There was a video where a girl, who wasn’t american, was twerking and a motorcycle hits a car. The girls knew what they did was wrong. In America the entire blame would shift on the male for not paying attention to the road.

  11. ” inflation-adjusted hourly wages of young college graduates were lower than they were in the late 1990s, a trend that held for both young male and female college graduates”
    Perhaps this is because no one really has a need to hire someone with a degree in African American studies or the musings of left handed lesbian poetry. The number of worthless degrees has exploded, and the students should be warned that they are condemned to be pouring coffee at a starbucks for the next 50 years as a result of their choice.

    1. exactly correct, every single person with a 6 figure degree in Barista Studies who is making minimum wage is counted in those statistics. It isn’t apples to apples. Making this comparison is no different than how the wage gap people take huge generalities to try and make it look like women are getting nothing but dirty breaks.
      Just remember, when women complain about the wage gap — or anything for that matter — channel your inner Groucho Marx and tell her ” I know. You’re a woman who’s been getting nothing but dirty breaks. Well, we can clean and tighten your brakes, but you’ll have to stay in the garage all night.”

    2. Who wouldn’t want to to bring in a young person who majored in Resentment Studies? Somebody who spent 4 years working hard to actually get dumber and have all common sense expunged from their minds.

    3. My old man became a contractor on a NASA contract (which are not well-known for their lavishness) in the 80’s, fresh out of college. I got his salary and did some quick calculation, and it looks like he would have made about $2k more than I do working for a Fortune 500 tech giant.
      I also ran some numbers on the small house he and my mom bought around that time. Adjusted for inflation, it was valued at about 1/4 what it is today (and it was new back then). But gasoline costs about the same, as do cars and many other purchases I have in common with similarly-aged dad.
      All this to say, there are a bunch of factors to throw together, here. My dad and I had pretty much the same majors and went into basically the same jobs, and after adjustment we make basically the same salary (in fact, one could argue we still do – government engineers don’t get paid nearly what they do in industry, and he switched from contracting to official employment years ago).

    4. Do you have actual stats for this or is that just a gut feeling? Even wages for sci-tech (hate the term “STEM”) have fallen since then, and even grads who majored in [whatever] studies were getting decent jobs until the 2008 crash.

      1. I’ll accept your word that the wage for STEM majors may have fallen slightly, but are you seriously arguing that what I would call the “social” degrees haven’t dragged down the average wage for college graduates?

  12. NY is giving away “free” college tuition in order to keep the drones from fleeing the North East… Of course you have to stay for 4-5 years after graduation and be a productive citizen… wonder how many basket weaving sociology majors they will produce…The weight of the system is collapsing under its own ignorance !!

    1. ignorance my ass..it is nothing but pure greed collapsing everything,
      same as it ever was

      1. the system needs players to keep the game afloat, no players, no game, and the system is gone, No marriage, no divorce, etc. etc.
        No college students, no college debt….

        1. damn hard to survive in this system without fiats-co federal reserve notes that has lost 99% of buying power since the Fed STOLE the power to create our money in 1913 resulting in a system that is eating itself b/c we are now to the point that it takes shitloads of money to afford the “american dream” resulting in a situation of 1 bone 3 dogs.

    2. yup, fuckin retarded. I got a job offer elsewhere for $60k, but I have have to take a job in NYC for $40k and starve for 4-5 years

      1. Arizona cost of living 40% less, starting salaries double what NY is, look it up. Better weather, taxes etc….

        1. yeah, but if you take a job in Arizona you have to live in Arizona. NYC costs more for a reason…

        2. yeah, bc Giuliani allowed the deregulation of the housing market in the late 90s

        3. Which added wealth to the city. Living here is a wonderful thing and you pay a premium for it. If it isn’t your cup of tea, if you can’t handle the pressure or if you can’t afford it there are other places in this wonderful country for you. In the meantime, you don’t get to live here for nothing.

        4. Posts like this are just you “talkin your book”- you are in that biz. Please tell me how selling empty space is adding wealth to anyone other than the empty space builders

        5. There has been a massive construction boom since Giuliani worked wonders with this city on 100 fronts. There is more money in this city than ever before. The starting salaries for Exec admins are over 60k. There is no metric that hasn’t improved since the 90’s. That deregulation let areas like Long Island City which was a bunch of old factories turn into luxury high rises with views of manhattan and Red Hook which was once an uninhabitable ghetto gentrify. I am watching neighborhoods that people didn’t even think about going to rent for huge rents.

        6. yeah 9/11 really was a wonder.. 2 planes knocked down 3 buildings.. your slimeball fuckin mayor was up to his crooked eyeballs in it.

        7. Yeah, because they know the value of an all day sucker.

        8. ha. have fun with it all you want. The fact of the matter is that people from all over the world are working their asses off to get here because it is a great city and we can charge a premium for it. When a few hundred million people all decide they would give their right arm to live in the middle of nowhere you are free to charge what you like.

        9. Eh…actually there’s some pretty well documented flight by businesses and financially savvy individuals due to the exorbitant taxes. Now models and hipsters and “artists” or whatever, sure, but they’re not what I’d consider anything other than fluff.
          No problem with NYC charging what it can, of course. Like I said, they know the value of an all day sucker, and I would never begrudge somebody a profit.

        10. If a tenant moved out, you could only raise the rent a certain percentage; now, making a “capital improvement”, something as absurd as repainting the walls and buffing the wood floor, can bump up that apt to market rate. Im not talking luxe apts, which I think you build, Im talking older stock, and the prices are a joke

        11. Drop me a line when Ohio becomes the worlds financial capital. In the meantime, I will stick to NYC. You call it an all day sucker and I am pretty sure that anyone not living here is in some way, shape or form just kidding but in the end there are loads of different places for loads of different people. With salaries so high and housing costs so high I am fairly sure that it all evens out percentage wise as goes money

        12. Rent Control still controls the percentage you can raise the rent on buildings that fall under DHCR guidelines. I am fortunate in that 90% of the units my company controls (and all of the ones it has built in the last 6 years) have been luxury decontrols. As for capital improvement, if you think the rules are so easy you are nuts. There are incredibly specific guidelines for Major Capital Improvements.
          As for the prices, if you move out then someone else will move right in. That is why the prices are so high. There is more demand than supply by a huge number. Are you suggesting that if I have 10 people in a bidding war for the same apartment I give it to the person who bids least because that is what is fair? We are capitalists here. We are here to make money. A thing is worth exactly the amount you can get someone to spend on it. If someone is wiling to spend 3k/month on a 750 square foot apartment because it is on CPW in the 70’s should I charge less when a freshly minted college grad comes calling? Fuck them. Let them move to Elmhurst or Woodside and work their asses of so they can move into the city.

        13. Rent in the outer borroughs excluding Williamsburg, Astoria and a few other luxe neighborhoods are perfectly within reason for people making the average salary in the city.

        14. Hey, I’m just noting, the notion the world is flocking there, as in the business tycoons, is starting to lose traction. Plenty of businesses there, no question, but the taxes are way out of proportion to the good received, and companies are learning that they can make their product in, say, Georgia (or wherever) and pay like 10% of the tax that they pay in NYC.
          Columbus is one of the white collar HQ’s of the world, btw. We just keep it quiet.
          As to evens out, riddle me this. Can you, a professional man nearly my age, reasonably buy a 2100 sq. ft. house (forget the plot just to keep it simple) for $4.2 million dollars? I assume that hours-worked ratio wise we make about the same income.
          With staples and consumer goods I believe you’re right about the man hours worked argument. No question. The real estate/housing is *way* out of wack with regard to the average income there though, surely you must see that?
          And again, they have every right to charge as much as they can get on the market. No problem. But situations like cheeseburger note makes taking that “free college” thing a suicide gamble, mostly.

        15. real estate in manhattan is way out of whack with average income but living in manhattan isn’t for people with an average income. about a year or so ago it was reported that for a household in manhattan to be considered middle class they need a household income of at least 200k/year. However, New York’s outer boroughs, many of which a mere 20-30 minutes commute to the city, offer plenty of housing that is well within the budget of the average NYC income. As for the 2100 square foot house, of course not. But that is the trade off you pay for living in the best that civilization has to offer. No, I can’t have a farm stead on the upper east side. But I have the metropolitan museum of art, the Guggenheim, central park, the best restaurants in the world, thousands of things to do, places to go and am surrounded with the buzzing energy that small towns like Columbus simply don’t have on offer.
          What NYC has isn’t for everyone. I am not one of the people who has an objectivist point of view. I think it is great that people in America can find what makes them happy regardless of what it is…not matter if you want to live literally hundreds of miles from anything or right in the middle of the biggest city, if you want to live in the mountains or on the beach or in any climate you can think of we have it and for every person there is a blue heaven. I do not feel that the housing market is out of whack here in the slightest given the amount of space we have and the massive demand for that space. I think a lot of people bitch and complain that they have to live in Queens because they can’t afford manhattan but that’s the breaks.
          As for taking the free college thing…that is fucking insane. I would never recommend anyone doing it. However, it is there for offer and if you do take it I don’t think it is unfair to say you have to stick around and pay taxes in the city for 5 years afterwards. You let the tax payer foot the bill for college and then you put your time in paying it back by paying your taxes. It really isn’t all that different to the GI Bill.

        16. Thats what I thought, friend told me rents in the boonies like Sheepshead Bay and Flatbush are pretty much the same as the hoods you mentioned. I didnt believe him. He sent me links. I couldnt believe it. You live in a bubble(not that theres anything wrong with that)

        17. As for the 2100 square foot house, of course not. But that is the trade off you pay for living in the best that civilization has to offer.

          That’s all I’m saying. Housing is just off the hook price wise, unconnected to the actual economy it seems (from the outside). Granted Manhattan is its own exception, I wasn’t really talking about that because that’s another universe that works on some kind of alien inspired set of rules, and I doubt *anybody* is building 2100 square foot homes on prime Manhattan real estate.

          But I have the metropolitan museum of art, the Guggenheim, central park, the best restaurants in the world, thousands of things to do, places to go and am surrounded with the buzzing energy that small towns like Columbus simply don’t have on offer.

          Museums mean almost nothing to me, and San Francisco (or Paris, really) has probably the best restaurants in the world, bar none (I wouldn’t live there either of course). There’s plenty to do and see here too, and buzzing energy gives me a headache (a common trait for midwesterners is that we’re not all A type personalities).
          I’m not really debating NYC because that’s your thing, and not my thing, and we both agree to live and let live, so much as noting that cheeseburgercheeseburger seems to have a point with regard to just managing to afford to rent a ten foot cardboard box on $40,000 a year as a new grad is basically impossible.
          And, when you consider it, NY offering free college and then mandating “stay here!” might be indicating something below the surface that you don’t quite see? Why would they need to lure in and keep people there if everybody was desperate to get there already?

        18. A lot of Chinese and Russian $$ being laundered thru real estate, esp in Manhattan. The mayor says he gonna crack down on it, but I doubt that

        19. noting that cheeseburgercheeseburger seems to have a point with regard to just managing to afford to rent a ten foot cardboard box on $40,000 a year as a new grad is basically impossible.
          I honestly have no idea who is making 40k here when the average salary for a basic secretary starts at 45k (for exec admin 60). NYC Public school teachers have a starting salary range of 54k-81k. Yeah, living on 40k/year for a fresh grad is hard. You have some choices to make. You either move further away than is convenient, you move in with a couple of roomates, you get married to another grad who is also making 40k/year or you move to a less than desirable neighborhood. These are the choices that 21 year old kids freshly graduated from college have now. It is the exact same choices I had when I graduated from college. The only difference is that there were still parts of manhattan dangerous enough to be inexpensive. People talk about how low the rents I was paying in the east village were in the early 90;s….sure…they forget to mention that there were crack dealers on my corner, gang violence was ubiquitous and it was worth your life to come home later than 11. I would actually get girls to stay over by keeping them there until sun down and then what…it’s either me or the gang rape outside. Sure things are hard when you first start out. I am sure there are difficulties everywhere for young men who don’t have wealthy families when they are first getting their feet down.
          And, when you consider it, NY offering free college and then mandating “stay here!” might be indicating something below the surface that you don’t quite see? Why would they need to keep people there if everybody was desperate to get there already?
          This is possible. Like CB says….the cost of living here means young people just starting out will have a rough time. I don’t advocate taking NYC free education. That said, if you do someone is paying for it….that someone is me and every other tax payer. I don’t think it is in anyway unfair or even surprising however that there is a residency requirement for a certain amount of time in exchange for free school. Why should some dickweek who lives in the sticks be able to go to college on city tax payer dime and not have any responsibility to ever contribute to that pot? I think the residency requirement is more to keep people who live in crappy parts of long island from coming to CUNY and getting a degree funded by city residents and then going directly back to long island and never paying a dime in city taxes.

        20. In Elmhurst or in Corona you can get 1000 square foot apartment for less than 2k a month and a studio for 1200-1500. My mother lived in a 3 bedroom in Bayside before retiring. She had a small backyard too. She paid 2400.

        21. This guy had the right idea:
          To those who hate links without context, a college grad moved into a freight truck on Google’s lot fresh out of college in 2015. By now, he’s probably paid off all his student loans.
          Granted, he doesn’t have a lot of amenities in that box, but Google didn’t seem to mind (after all, a lot of employees park more-or-less permanently, just driving off for food and sleep) and he’s saved a good bit. To date, he calculates almost $40k in savings over right around two years.

        22. “about a year or so ago it was reported that for a household in manhattan
          to be considered middle class they need a household income of at least
          right, so a “middle class” family with one kid wont be eligible for free tuition under Cumo’s retarded plan for college, but a family in the stix making half that(and living much better) will. Dems really are insane

        23. Look I agree that the free college plan is dumb. However, if you are going to have it at least make sure that the people who take advantage of it pony up some money in taxes when they are done.

        24. Im not saying its completely dumb, but why not index eligibility to cost of living by county or something? Why can a non politician think of this, and the clowns in Albany cannot? Everything dems touch turns to stone

        25. yes, there should absolutely be some kind of algorithm that gives you a number so you can say I have a 65 livability rating or whatnot.

        26. I read an article about a decade ago that the Netherlands was considering making female students pay back their “free” tuitions. The state realized they were a lost Investment as it seems after they graduated, most of them didn’t work long enough to pay taxes to even pay for their education. To many of them got married and stopped working. Shocker.

        27. “I think the residency requirement is more to keep people who live in
          crappy parts of long island from coming to CUNY and getting a degree
          funded by city residents and then going directly back to long island and
          never paying a dime in city taxes.”

      2. why is the residency thing an issue. You get to go to school on the tax payers dime and we want you to contribute takes after you are done for a proscribed period of time.

        1. Rents are high in manhattan, but you can still find reasonable priced places in parts of queens, Brooklyn, Staten island and the Bronx. Manhattan is 22.5 habitable miles and the demand is such that a 5500 dollar studio when put on the market will have 3-5 applications down on it that day. So what, it should be cheaper? We have a fantastic public transportation system and outer boroughs for fresh college grad students who don’t want roommates.

        2. again, talking your book. we had this convo over a year ago- how much did you pay for your studio downtown 20 years ago? how much is it now. wages mostly flat, rents tripled/quadrupled since the late 90s. younger folks are struggling

        3. supply and demand. Why would a landlord rent for one price when they can rent for a better price? That’s insane. Also, new York wasn’t as good 20 years ago. No sir, wages have gone up significantly in the last 20 years. Younger folks can either have room mates or move out of Manhattan. There is too little room and too much demand for it. If the occupy wall street crew wants to live on 5th avenue adjacent to the park or in Union Square or in the luxury buildings in the east village let them turn that desire into motivation to become wealthy. Their complaints that the average 22 year old kid can’t afford to live in one of the wealthiest and geographically smallest cities in the world fall on deaf ears.

        4. NY was just dandy in the 1990s and you know it. It wasnt as homogenized, no dudes with big guns and black outfits, no cameras everywhere

        5. Homogenized…homos…dudes with big guns and black outfits…cameras recording it all…
          That all fits, somehow.

        6. New York was better in the 90’s than it was in the 70’s and is much better now than it was in the 90’s imo

        7. Yeah, I really don’t get the allure. In the 21st century we even have great restaurants out here in the sticks, at 20% the cost for the same exact food (both in quantity and quality) so it’s not like we’re missing something vital that you can only get there.
          Not really directed at lolknee, he’s where he’s happy and that place is cut out for him to a tee. But people moving there voluntarily strike me as really strange. It’s like moving to a big shiny dystopia of STASI, corruption and constant monitoring, with very few individual rights preserved that we take for granted OTC (outside The City). Again, talking about people who didn’t grow up there, moving there. Makes no sense to me. Hell, if I wanted contacts and good business networking, I’d choose LA over NYC any day of the week. It’s the same place with bigger sprawl, minus the STASI macho flash and besides, it’s warmer.

        8. ha! and I dont get why tourists come here to shop these days- you can just buy it all online

        9. I agree 110%…but then again, for the sake of argument, if I had been born and raised in NYC (god forbid), and if I had spent my entire life there, I’d doubtless have a similar view to what lolknee has. But yeah, I’ll take the wide open spaces any day. There’s not much wiggle room in a fish tank like NYC. And those goons in black outfits with big guns, you know they’re just dying to fire off some rounds. And they aren’t your friends…heh.

        10. My wife, daughter and mother are going to NYC this early summer. My daughter was asking “Let’s go shopping!?” and my wife gave her a “I thought I raised to be better with money than to do something like that”. Hell we don’t even shop in London, and they have some pretty unique and cool shops. Amazon, as you say, makes it pointless.

        11. Even Broadway sucks. Tens years ago, I saw The Iceman Cometh. Now, we get shit like Ground Hog’s Day- the play (yes, based on the flick)

        12. The only places where it’s worth spending money on the road are places where supply and demand are wildly different.
          An Italian suit or handbag is way more expensive in the US than in Italy. A Black Forest cuckoo clock costs a few bucks if you’re actually in the Black Forest. Over here, French cheeses are a fine imported delicacy, but in France they just call them “cheese.”

        13. Oh, absolutely. Bag pipes and wool tartan blankets in Scotland are pennies on the dollar. That’s why I own a set of bagpipes and many nice wool blankets.

        14. High culture!
          Next – Beavis and Butthead Take Broadway!

        15. Exactly. I don’t get why tourists go to Africa, either. I can watch National Geographic instead. To each their own…

        16. We’re in the fecal age of Broadway.
          I used to be an amateur musical actor, and I once seriously considered trying to get into show business (before I realized the madness of that market). But I’ve kept up with the shows over the years.
          You know you’re in trouble when Andrew Lloyd Webber’s mediocrity and Hamilton are considered masterpieces of the arts.

        17. I dont know how those actors survive anymore in the bigtown. They must all be peddling their bodies to make the rent. I remember reading an article on Dustin Hoffman, he was roommates with Gene Hackman on the Lower East Side in the ealry 60s. Their rent was less than $100(and they still had trouble making the rent)

        18. I noticed long ago that there were basically no actors on Broadway who were averse to sucking dicks. I also noticed that not a few of those actors weren’t gay or bisexual before they left for New York.
          You draw your own conclusions on that one.

        19. Ebay, buy straight from china..cut out the middleman..FUCK THAT COMMUNIST PIECE OF SHIT BEZOS

        20. eBay has become a clearing house for PRC, no question. I can’t remember the last time I even looked at it, been years. If I wanted really cheap pointless Chinese crap, I’d go to wall mart and remove the electronic middleman.

        21. “ELECTRONIC” middle man. Meaning basically that I can get it now, today, without waiting on shipping and doing PayPal.

        22. Start spreadin’ the nudes
          I’m leanin’ toward gay
          I want to be a part of it
          New York, New York…

        23. awww instant gratification..pretty hard to beat a single point sling for the AR15 I just picked up for 2 dollars free shipping..
          but hey, go ahead and pay walmart and state taxes.. who am i to tell you how to spend your fiats?

        24. I make my own slings, heh. And they last longer than 6 months too (I do leather work).
          Technically speaking, I’m not fond of shopping in Wall Mart either. Just don’t like Chinese crap is what I’m trying to get across.

        25. dont kid yourself, china is making decent stuff..walmart forces them to make the lowest quality cost shit possible. if you dont believe what I say check out the pardner pump shotgun 870 clone knockoff made in china.. it is not china’s fault Walmart demands cheap cheap cheap.. I never shop walmart.

        26. was that when Dennhey was in it?
          I have lived here all my life and have gone to a sum total of 3 broadway shows. One was Iceman Cometh, one was Copenhagen and the last was opening night at Evita when I was banging a girl from Disney theatrical who got us into the premier and was pissed because when some hot shot I had never heard of asked if I liked the show I responded “i think it sends the right message…that a woman shouldn’t try to do a man’s job”

        27. shopping is an actual activity here. It is funny. I am guilty of it too. Sometimes I will just go out to Madison avenue with the intention to “buy something” I don’t know what. It is a bad habit, but it is just something people do here. Now, on the bright side…I never use credit cards…I buy everything in cash and I didn’t do this kind of stuff until I was in a place in my life that I could afford it.

        28. side note: I know you said you don’t understand why people from outside the city move here. I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone who doesn’t live in Beverly hilly doesn’t move here immediately. That said, I am often confused by tourists. The stuff I love about this place simply isn’t available to people who are here for a week and the tourist stuff that is I avoid like the plague. I never understood why so many people visit even if I do understand why so many people would move.

        29. I haven’t seen Hamilton, but I understand that it’s revolutionary in that it marries hip-hop with Broadway — and does it *well*.
          Right there with you on Webber. I never understood the appeal.

        30. yeah, probably around 2000! But that’s ok, I see time as coming in three different denominations. There is “The Other Day” which means yesterday to 10 years ago. Then there is “like 10 years ago” which covers anything from 30-10 years ago. Then there is “a long time ago” which is 30+ years ago

        31. ha, yea Im just gonna start using “musta been 10-plus years ago” for the fuzzy memories

        32. see you have to parse the language correctly. It covers a 20-30 year period only if it was “like 10 years ago”

        33. It’s a fad, like Stomp or Cats. People are initially wowed by novelty (easily wowed, these people), and by the time the novelty wears off it’s “A classic and seminal work of art” that you feel obligated to pretend to like.
          Now, if you want to see a new and interesting musical, find a venue playing “Curtains!” It’s a murder-mystery set at a musical hoping to go to Broadway, starring a detective with a love for the theater, every actor stereotype in the book, and even the conductor (who, not to spoil anything, actually has a role in the show). Funny, pretty light-hearted, and with one of the best scores in decades.
          Amusingly, from the guys who brought us Chicago, source of the scariest GRRL PWR! songs out there (tip for college guys: if she loves Chicago, next her immediately).

        34. New York was fine until Gozer the Gozerian nearly destroyed it. I hear you all were wading in molten marshmallow for months after.

        35. The “Starving Artist” is a myth: any of these actor-types in NYC are heavily subsidized.

        36. “I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone who doesn’t live in Beverly hilly doesn’t move here immediately.”
          Unless you come there with a shit-ton of money or a lucrative gig lined up you will tread water at best.
          Besides, rent’s for suckers….

        37. Ahh yes Gozer the Traveler. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg! Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant Slor! Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!

        38. I was assuming the shit ton of money. Rent is, indeed, for suckers. I am hopeful to get out of that prison in the next 1-3 years.

        39. NYC’s become basically a theme park for rich kids to piss away their “me years” and a playground/wealth haven for the transnational elite.
          And the dwindling natives are making a fortune off it!

        40. Yeah, that’s what we need, a marriage of African rutting music and Broadway. The world really needs more African rutting music inserted into every activity.

        41. Personally I always wanted to be roasted in the Gatekeeper’s Giant Slor instead. Zuul xermself always looked like the epitomy of 80’s andogynous glam to me. I would take Sigourney any day.

        42. I make less than $100/day more now than what I made in 1999. Yes, I suppose it is still doing well, but I hit a ceiling in the late 90s as an IT Consultant and without starting my own consulting agency, its about as high as I am going to go.
          Luckily, I am still in the same studio in the ‘burbs 10 minutes over the city line. And still drinking cheap booze. So I was able to save a little over the years, at least on rent & booze…

        43. Was better in the 80s.
          Like the wild west — from 8th Ave westward, anyways. Fun times.

        44. Then absolutely do not see “The Lion King”, because African rutting is all that is.
          A few years ago my Korean SB begged me to take her to it. I tried to talk her out of it, but to no avail. After we got out, she had a perplexed look on her face. Then asked me “why was everybody black”?

    3. You have to stay in NY State but not NY City. Get a job upstate someplace where the rents and cost of living aren’t nearly as bad as they are in the City. The Capital Region is nice and just a stone’s throw from the Berkshires.

      1. didn’t realize it was NYS and not NYC. Well that is absurd then. If you can live anywhere in NYS then it is a no brainer. Hell, you can live in the Hudson valley and take metro north into grand central every day and clear a city salary. I have an uncle who did that his whole life.

  13. The rest of the world is either dying (Russia, Japan, Spain) , being invaded by Muslims, is bloody dictatorship, corrupt (Brazil) or a Third World hellhole.
    With all problems, the US is still the land of opportunity for bright people. Pot heads will never be successful anywhere.

    1. Really? James Garner admitted to smoking pot most his life.
      damn fine actor in my book.. Willy Nelson is probably if not the best, than arguably one of the best songwriters in the world’s history..
      dumb ass

    2. And, if his memoir “The Garner Files” can be relied upon, he likely
      had a puff or two of cannabis on his way down his last dusty trail.
      From his memoir:
      “I started smoking marijuana in my late teens. I drank to get drunk
      but ultimately didn’t like the effect. Not so with grass. Grass is
      smooth. It had the opposite effect from alcohol: it made me more
      tolerant and forgiving. …
      “I smoked marijuana for 50 years. I don’t know where I’d be without
      it. It opened my mind to a lot of things, and now it’s active
      ingredient, THC, relaxes me and eases my arthritis pain. I’ve concluded
      that marijuana should be legal and alcohol should be illegal. But, good
      luck with that.”
      James Garner..
      Stick that in your pipe with that closed mind of yours.

  14. The American Dream only ever meant this:
    Your life is what you make of it because of the design of the USA; you live in a republic with no nobility and thus no caste system.
    But over the last 100 years, the successive Congresses have wrecked that design. You no longer live in a caste-free society. You no longer live without nobility.
    It has never meant “equal opportunity”.

  15. The american dream is not your dream. It is your wife’s dream. Now go slave for it.If you don’t she will divorce you, take you to court and make you her wage slave anyway.

    1. I cant wait to see her destitution once the child support runs out in a couple years!!! Years of picking my pockets and living high will hurt when she is back to minimum wage

    2. This. My American dream is just an apartment in a college area near young chicks, and a few months of banging bitches abroad.
      There’s a book called ” brandwashed” which talks about surveys done on men. The conclusion was that deep down, most men desire sexual attention NOT from a woman, but from large groups of women.

  16. “Down here on the bottom, one only need walk into a grocery store to see women with fatherless children paying for their haul of free food with an EBT card, free dairy with WIC, on top of collecting child support from daddy who’s now an economic slave with the lash of the child support system bearing down on him.” See it 90% of the time a woman pays at a store.

    1. The safety net is for women only. Society knows (but will never admit) that women really can’t handle life without help from someone/thing. Free healthcare/food/housing/etc. Not so liberated as they may think

  17. “A boy’s decisions are already made for him from age 5 to age 18. Go to school and listen to what we want you to hear, or your parents will go to jail. ”
    Homeschooling is the solution here. My kids will never step a foot in a government run school, where they’ll be forced to read books about how white people are evil, about a little 7 yr old latino boy who is in fact a black girl deep inside, or where they ll be diagnosed with adhd by incompetent teachers.
    Keep your kids safe, keep them at home.

  18. To ROK-readers: every country has its pros and cons. However, on the positive note despite all the problems, the US is still probably the best place to live. Yes, even for you.
    The author compares the current living standard with the 1979`s standards. Of course the living standard for the average citizen is lower that it was in 1979 – almost anywhere in the world. Remember, the world`s population was less than 4 billion in 1979…today it is somewhere between 8 and 9 billion and counting…
    If you are a US-citizen living in the US, you enjoy freedoms and have opportunities that most of the world would give half of their arms for. I suggest (if you can afford it) you spend 2-3 months somewhere abroad. It will help you to see things from a different perspective and will help you to love the USA more – in a sensible way of course.

    1. This is so true. As much as I agree with most of the content on this site, things are pretty good in the US. You would think the world is coming to an end with some of the articles. Any one with a basic knowledge of history should be able to come to this conclusion. We are humans, we are barely evolved apes. We will all soon be dead and in 100 years no one will even remember you. Life is short and literally doesn’t mean anything. The world is too complex to figure out. There are no easy solutions, just trade offs. Find your slice of happiness and enjoy life as much as you can.

  19. “The whole left-right paradigm is designed to keep people fighting amongst each other. Neither side is totally correct or wrong. The left, as wrong as it is on so many issues, actually makes some good points on labor issues.”
    This is powerful and a concept that I have been trying to articulate to myself lately. I don’t know if its just me but wish there was more of this sentiment in ROK articles. I feel like there are a lot of pseudo intellectuals in the comments. I especially can’t stand the name calling and personal ad-hominem attacks. Anyone can be tough behind a screen. I try to look at things as objectively and critically as possible, and while I agree with a lot of things on this site, I can see the perspective of others as well. I try to remain as egotistically indifferent as possible and see the TRUTH. There are no EASY solutions to COMPLEX PROBLEMS, just TRADE OFFS. Of course as humans we are all biased and emotional and our ideas are an extension of us that we don’t like to see destroyed and attacked.

  20. I would argue that the Sixteenth Amendment effectively nullified the Thirteenth.

  21. You can add Australia to the list of countries that are totally enslaved. We are a total police state, and if you dare step out of line once, they will totally step on you. Unlike America, guns are completely banned here, and we’re led to believe that the government and police are the only ones that ought to have guns to protect us. Yeah, right!
    You can add climate change to the list of things which are going to ‘kill us all’. The idiom to which they propagate wildly that we will all die from heating the world to hell is only to serve itself as a distraction to what the elite are truly doing, along with another way to invent a tax to embezzle more dollars from the public purse. No, I do not trust if it is also backed by ‘science’. Science, big-pharma, doctors, police, lawyers, the courts, banks and big business are all part and parcel of government propaganda that wants you to continue consuming the bullshit you’re force fed. They are all arms for continued government propaganda and control.

  22. I hate the conservative glorification of capitalism. Which is such a key part of the left-right dichotemy. Conservatives are supposed to get on the bandwagon of supporting the ultra-rich, “they’re just good hard-working americans” while they’re outsourcing our jobs, shipping in illegals to steal our jobs here, promoting women in the workplace to destroy our families, corrupting our food with sugar and gmo’s, and many other evil things they do. We’re supposed to be against the evil commies and be glad we won the civil war when In reality our rich overlords decided that we should accept all the social policies of communism and instead of using it in an attempt to benefit the people as a whole, should be used to make them richer than they were before.
    Communism is portrayed by conservatives as this evil assaulting a world of good when in reality the bourgoisie were creating conditions which forced women into the factory to destroy the family and enslaved the men to large corporations as seen with the company stores in american mining towns. The communist manifesto, published in 1848 touched on how women in the workplace disadvantaged men.
    Conservatives need to stop kissing wealthy ass.

    1. you limo liberals are just as guilty. You think Liz Warren is on your side? She is worth 25 million. Nancy Pelosi over 200 million – came there with 250grand. They are long term members of the liberal corrupt establishment.
      A liberal- bill clinton signed NAFTA and that giant sucking sound grew like a tornado. Capitalism built america- it lost America when we decided some gutter Chinese or other 3rd world deadbeats were more important than Americans and for what we stand.

      1. I hate Bill Clinton, Pelosi, and Liz Warren. I know they’re greedy scum and NAFTA is a prime example of the rich people screwing us with outsourcing.
        And being a white nationalist, jew-bashing, homo-hating,ROK reader that thinks women need to be strictly controlled by men shows that I am certainly not a liberal.
        And America was built on the toil of white farmers, shopowners, conquerors, and other professions. Then the industrial revolution happened,women were pushed to work in factories, our people started living in crowded cities, and leftism soon spread and southern and eastern europeans started moving to america and taking our jobs. What exactly is it about capitalism that made America great?
        In a sense corporations founded America because they founded Jamestown and Plymouth but they did not build America and over the course of our nation’s history corporations have grown powerful as we have grown more decadent. This country is worse off under unfettered capitalism then when our people worked for themselves and their families. What do you disagree with me about?

    2. Saiga boy you are young and you are just starting to see the surface of things.
      In the end, it is only very few people who are responsible for the wealth of a nation.
      The majority, what you call “the people” are not willing and not able to do much. They lead useless lives and dont want it any different.
      Doing something “for the people” is just words. You cant do something “for the “society as a whole” because there is no such thing.
      What you can do is improve yourself. Have a family and kids. Raise them well and live a good life, where you earn enough to have a SAHM and enough time to fuck her often. Nothing else really matters.
      The rich are the rich. Some people are smarter than others. Some people are luckier than others. Instead of hating them try to become one of them. Thats the original american dream.

      1. I am well aware that rich people hold a lot of capital and given the trillions of dollars the government gives to banks your statement doesn’t surprise me. However, wealth does come from the people. The people are the ones that farm the rich people’s food (though admittedly this is becoming more mechanized), the people mine the metals that compose their houses and build their houses and tend their lawns and golf resorts and do virtually everything else that is needed to support their riches. Money only has value as a bartering tool, it isn’t inherently meaningful in and of itself, which is why money becomes worth less the more of it there is.
        And I do not want to be rich, what good does wasting myself in luxury do when my people are dying due to feminism and other liberal policies. All the wealth I earn and try to pass onto my kids can be taken from them if this country is conquered by the brown hordes flooding in. My kids will likely have to marry another group and convert to their beliefs in order to retain their wealth and power. In the end your people need to be safeguarded from their destruction, your own kids do not exist in a vacuum. So I will go against the rich people destroying my people. Because I am capable of seeing past my life.

        1. “So I will go against the rich people destroying my people.”
          You are smart. But not smart enough to see the whole picture. Nobody can destroy you, only yourself can do that.
          There are no evil overlords destroying “your people”. It is these people THEMSELVES who want it the way it is.
          You may think, perhaps correctly, it will destroy them; but will they believe you?
          Answer: No. They wont. Jesus did try that and see what happened to him and countless others who were stupid enough to do the same.
          The “people” are not “your people”. They have their own thing going and dont need you.
          If you think you are smarter than the average guy, even more so if you happen to be blessed with good genes from a race who has invented 99.99% of everything we use on a daily base, your prime concern should be having children (plural). What happens to the country you currently live in is of little importance. Even if it is the US. Wealth and power can be moved, when the sun sets in one corner of the world it raises in another.
          Dont be a fool.

        2. While you statement above is mostly true, it is possible to be destroyed by others. Especially when others create a culture where it is nearly impossible to have a healthy family. And the overlords are the rich people that seek profit, their policies are destroying my people. They are evil by most convential standards, though they may be justify it with their own morals. I am not trying to convince the rich of what is right, as the bible says, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of god. When people get to endlessly suck off the teat of a status quo which is centered around them they will fabricate any belief to justify this action. Everyone does this to some extent.
          And these people, the white american people, are my people. We are not individuals that can live away from others. It is from these people that I would need to find a wife, from these people that I buy my food, these people that I go to when I wish to have a conversation, and these people that I must align myself with in mutual defense against an enemy. Just because they have their own lives doesn’t mean that they aren’t my people. I do not care much about this country, it’s current political structure is unredeemable. But the more land available to my people means that my descendants will fare better and the people that they live amongst, my and their people, will fare better. It is mutually beneficial.

  23. illegals, Nafta and selling the middle class out to third world gulogs did america in. We can blame the feminist etc but in the end. .Like all third world countries; the pie gets fought over and with more people fighting over the pie; the smaller the piece for each person it becomes. Ronald Reagan had 220 million people and a big pie…..now america is 325 million soon to be 350 million.Its not going to get better as we fuck ourselves into poverty.

    1. There is no pie. People fighting to take what doesn’t belong to them are thieves. End public welfare, both corporate and personal, lower taxation and deregulate and the rest will sort itself out in short order.

    2. I think you will find the extra population is non-white.
      So unless you are non-white “as we fuck ourselves into poverty” is incorrect.
      Because nothing you do, or don’t do, will stop the invasion and conquest.

  24. Its so bad here(the states)that even a certain central EU country is better despite the crawling rats trying to take advantage of the generous system designed to spur the local population to have more children. But pretty soon the cancer of the west will kill this culture as well. Sad and scary times we live in.

  25. “What has changed is America has become the biggest prison state on the
    planet since the Drug War started back in the days of Nixon, with more
    of a percentage of its populace in prison than any other nation on
    earth. Most of those in prison are there for drug crimes.”
    Hardly anyone is in prison for drug charges, they are in prison for rape, battery, robbery whatever. The drug charge is just tacked on the rest.
    I’m not sure what you are trying to say either? Are you defending marijuana and cocaine? They are both dangerous, they are not alcohol.

  26. The ‘American Dream’ is really the jewish dream, and ‘American culture’ is jewish culture, as far as I’m concerned.
    The mainstream right-wing ideology is neo-conservatism, founded by Trotskyites, aka jews. The left-wing ideology is identity politics, founded by the frankfurt school, aka jews.
    The american dream was popularized by jews, describing their expectations of america. Average americans like my grandfather never had these expectations, hell, they really didn’t have much of a national identity. I have two indian treaties named for my scots-irish ancestors, but they never gave a fuck about the country because they were too busy pioneering it.
    And the ‘Melting Pot’ is literally a book written by a jew. What else do you expect from a group that want to be treated like they’re normal while still maintaining their weird customs? Would anyone even know they were jewish if they stopped acting like it?

  27. It IS a FREE country..
    1) People who claim to be Jews.
    2) Women.
    3) Single mothers.
    4) College women.
    5) Minority women.
    6) Women who claim to be Jews.

  28. I agree with all that except the part about women not being oppressed. We have the same declines in income as you. We cannot try to do things out of the rule book like you. If you have custody of the kids and can’t make enough money at your job to afford everything, you will get the same food stamps too. It is just that little kids are a big burden. They cannot be left alone, so we must pay for child care to work, and then there is little money left to take care of the other necessities of life. You are participating in the same divide and conquer as you complain about with the right and the left, but you do it male vs. female. Lets all rise up together to knock down the few at the top that are making it this way.

  29. No. 1 – black people are oppressed, particularly economically in America. This is the one that gets people murdered. In truth blacks in this country are about as politically free as anyone has ever been anywhere and they live far above their wealth-generating abilities by living off of whites. Left on their own, even with an intact modern infrastructure, their incomes would collapse to probably not a third, possibly not a fifth, of what they are now earn within five years. Look at Detroit (et al.) – and that’s WITH billions of white tax dollars propping it up. This is the number one blood libel of the murderous, white-hating left.

  30. So, if even the liberals admit that wage growth stagnated over the past few decades. and they supposedly stick up for the little guy and the working stiff, I’m waiting for them to loudly object to the importation of cheap labor, either illegal or ought-to-be illegal, via H1B and other visa sham programs. The various “guest worker” programs as well as the presence of flat out illegal laborers drive down the cost of labor throughout the marketplace and everyone knows it – their own stats bear it out, yet silence from the supposed protectors of the common man. Abject horse shit.
    Fucking sellouts have come from both parties in that area. The article kind of take a a turn to conspiracy theory nonsense from this point onward though….
    As to the bit about the drug war, pot was made illegal in America in 1937 and barely anyone outside of a few jazz musicians noticed. There was no instant violence as a result of prohibition, since the population at large didn’t have enough stoners to cause a fuss. Fast forward past the baby boom decadence and whaddya know, we’ve got legions of slackers (with either no job or low-end jobs in the current economy). That plus the pothead dealer going from a harmless cheech and chong type in the 1970s to a cartel-connected solider more willing to use violence changed the picture just a bit. To stop the pot problem, people just have to go back to not using it. No law can do that – it has to come from within, a desire not to be a stoner.
    And this – “The Centers for Disease Control’s own statistics state there is a 4 in 10,000 chance for a man to contract HIV from having sex with a woman.”
    Sure – you go to Africa and test that theory. Even if you avoid Africa, a .04% chance of killing you still means you win the lottery if selected. It ought to be enough for you to do a little risk avoidance. Probability is not risk management.
    The last two quotes seem racy enough, but are a difficult to corroborate, especially the Hitler quote, which sounds more like Goebbels anyway.

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