Southern Poverty Law Center Sues “Anti-Semitic” Blogger In Federal Court For $300,000

Andrew Anglin, publisher of far-right site Daily Stormer, has been sued in Federal Court today for $300,000, stemming from his reporting about Tanya Gersh, a Montana real estate agent who he accused of attempting to extort Richard Spencer’s mother into selling a Whitefish, Montana property. In the lawsuit, Anglin is accused of creating a “troll storm” against Gersh that caused her emotional distress and anxiety.

Here is the announcement from the SPLC:

The Southern Poverty Law Center, along with its Montana co-counsel, filed suit in federal court today against the founder of a major neo-Nazi website who orchestrated a harassment campaign that has relentlessly terrorized a Jewish woman and her family with anti-Semitic threats and messages.

The lawsuit describes how Andrew Anglin used his web forum, the Daily Stormer – the leading extremist website in the country – to publish 30 articles urging his followers to launch a “troll storm” against Tanya Gersh, a real estate agent in Whitefish, Montana. Gersh, her husband and 12-year-old son have received more than 700 harassing messages since December.

The intimidation began after Anglin accused Gersh of attempting to extort money from the mother of Richard Spencer. The younger Spencer heads the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist organization.

Anglin and Spencer are both prominent leaders of the “alt-right” movement that rallied white nationalists behind President Donald Trump’s campaign.

“Andrew Anglin knew he had an online army primed to attack with the click of a mouse,” said SPLC President Richard Cohen. “We intend to hold him accountable for the suffering he has caused Ms. Gersh and to send a strong message to those who use their online platforms as weapons of intimidation.”

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana, Missoula Division, seeks compensatory and punitive damages. It accuses Anglin of invading Gersh’s privacy and intentionally inflicting emotional distress. It also outlines how his campaign violated the Montana Anti-Intimidation Act.

A copy of the lawsuit:

Richard Spencer’s mom described in a blog post how Gersh pressured her to sell her property:

I had no intention of selling . . . until I started receiving terrible threats in the last couple of weeks.

These threats came from Tanya Gersh, a local realtor with links to “human rights” organizations Love Lives Here and the Montana Human Rights Network.

On November 22, Gersh and I spoke on the phone. She relayed to me that if I did not sell my building, 200 protesters and national media would show up outside — which would drive down the property value — until I complied. Gersh’s other conditions included that I make a public denunciation of my son in a statement written by the Montana Human Rights Network and that I make a donation to this organization from the sale of the property. As Gersh announced on Facebook, she was “spear heading” the campaign.

Anglin urged his readers to “take action” against Gersh:

So Then – Let’s Hit Em Up

Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm?

Because AYO – it’s that time, fam.


Just make your opinions known. Tell them you are sickened by their Jew agenda to attack and harm the mother of someone whom they disagree with.

First things first: the Jew terrorist group Love Lives Here.

Please call them

Phone: [removed] (international callers add 001 to the beginning)

They also have a form you can fill with your complaints.


Please call her and tell her what you think. And hey – if you’re in the area, maybe you should stop by and tell her in person what you think of her actions,.

Address: [removed]

Phone: [removed]

You can also leave a review of her business on Google, and perhaps note that it is front for an extortion racket.

Anglin has not been charged with any crime against Gersh, meaning that this lawsuit may set a precedent where a site publisher is responsible for the behavior of his readers. Even if the lawsuit fails, defending against it will involve substantial amounts of money and have the intended effect of stifling Anglin’s speech. On the flip side, SJWs and leftists who engage in doxing and online harassment, as they have been prone to do against us, may now be on the hook for their actions if the SPLC prevails.

As for prudent measures to protect yourself, I recommend not criticizing or speaking against individual Jews in the United States, who can reach out to multiple organizations with deep pockets. Jews are a privileged group that can not be criticized like heterosexual men or white people can by the media or organizations like the SPLC, which came after me in 2012. This lawsuit proves that even a middle class Jewish woman in the middle of Montana has the full backing of the powerful Jewish lobby—with tens of millions of dollars in the bank—to attack her enemies.

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586 thoughts on “Southern Poverty Law Center Sues “Anti-Semitic” Blogger In Federal Court For $300,000”

  1. Like I said on Twitter, I hate Anglin but Gersh isn’t innocent, and the DS’s behavior isn’t really that much different from the SPLC’s in the past. And frankly, the SPLC has been responsible for at least one mass shooting and probably more crimes.
    Hate to say it, but I have to take the Stormer’s side.

      1. Because he’s an immature twat who makes us all look bad? I support him in this very specific instance, but I think we need to get away from the hamhanded GTKRWN crap.

  2. And just like that, another front in the struggle opens up.
    I detest Anglin and his site and all of his crap, but if they are successful with this on him, they’ll be hitting Roosh and RoK next, followed not long after by Drudge, etc.

        1. that takes so many people out of the equation. Muslims, Coptic Christians….How about Bang The Holy Land. This way he doesn’t have to tie himself to a single religion.

        2. That would be flippin hilarious. Imagine being called an extremist for helping ME minorities reach orgasm.

        3. The next PUA frontier: get as many ME notches under your belt before being blown up by a Jihadi

        4. Lol, can you imagine the depraved and despicable things you’d have to do to an Atheist Jew to make her cum?

        5. I actually had the same problem. I was thinking something along the lines of “having to break out the choke collar and scourge on the first date” but… it’s 2017.

        6. Let’s call it “Bang Someones Daughter”
          I think this will trigger the most people.

        7. Palestinian youth will see a book titled “Bang the Holy Land” and say, “Weren’t we already doing this . . . ? “

        8. haha, they will drop their suicide vests, wash the sand out of their asses and go start fucking bishes

        1. It would be worth dating Sheryl Sandberg just to show her some boundaries the moment she started being bossy. I’m aware her late husband keeled over under the strain though

        2. Yes, indeed. Don’t know how “bossy” she is, but Milana Vayntrub (Lily Adams, the store manager in the AT&T commercials) is smoking hot.

        3. I would do all kinds of totally non-kosher things to her, and then loudly pretend to hate myself in the morning.

        4. I imagine there were a lot of people at the funeral telling Sheryl to ‘be strong, and lean in’. Assuming it was an open casket

        5. She’s hot but another stupid pro-refugee bitch. I’d definitely fuck her, but her receiving rough anal would be mandatory.

        6. I’ve had biblical knowledge with many in NYC, and Israel.
          Like all women charming to those they wish to sport fuck.
          Cunty and bossy to those they wish to harness for marriage

        7. I guess they like to keep business and pleasure separate then. Glad to see you’re keeping up with your religious studies

      1. I loved the Jews before you did.
        EDIT: Also, “The Chosen People” is supposed to be capitalized.

        1. I blew out some Jerusalem walls with a girl was visiting new York from Israel. Freaky deeky sex.

      2. Fun fact: when I was in University a Jewish girl had a crush on me…..on me for Odin’s sake!!

      3. That’s a good Goyim *pat *pat*
        “To learn who rules over, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    1. you need to build on commonality. The fact that both Nazi extremists and jewish extremists are annoying shits who are more than likely masking their homosexuality with their belief system ought to be the rock upon which their new friendship is built

      1. it’s a love story waiting to happen. Maybe Mrs Spencer and Mrs Gersh really wanted to move in together. In fact I would have to say that both sides often share the same preoccupations if not necessarily the same interests

        1. the really frightening thing is that thanks to rule 34 we now know there is a porno of that somewhere.

    2. Mostly because Jews have been doing this to gentiles for thousands of years and they create “extremists” where ever they go.

      1. 100+ countries through history kicked them to the curb but it’s not the jews fault.. all those countries were antisemitic..

  3. I hate it when I think a group is full of weirdos I’d rather not associate with, but I have to defend them.
    The SPLC could rightly be sued class-action by every American, at this point. They’re a hatemongering organization whose sole purpose is to abuse their connections to punish anyone they don’t like (and they hate just about everyone). This is just the latest in a line of egregious abuses of the legal system.
    I wouldn’t say Anglin is innocent of any wrongdoing – I don’t have anywhere near the information required to make such a claim. But I KNOW the SPLC is malevolent, and I have good reason to believe Gersh is, so I must side with Anglin on this.

    1. I’ve only visited the daily stormer a few times, when following a link, but each time I’ve read it I’ve found it to be kind of horrifyingly hilarious – or at least I do until it’s my racial identity group that’s getting pounded. The SPLC though is a seriously dodgy organisation, that’s been accused of every kind of malpractice from profiteering to partisan association with hard left politics as I recall. Yet it’s also an organisation that the FBI would link to with respect to their evaluation of what was or wasn’t extremist. The daily stormer is pretty nasty but the fact they’re going to war against this Anglin guy shouldn’t detract from the fact that they tend to gun for anything or anybody right of Leon Trotsky

      1. Same with Murdoch Murdoch, it’s fucking hilarious and fresh. They should be on Adult Swim

        1. I thought I’d never of them before, but it seems I’ve seen the normandy landing one or whatever it was. It was pretty funny actually

        2. Shit is too cliche right now even south park is recycling jokes or going soft. Murdoch really pushes the limits.

      2. You know the SPLC is a dodgy organisation, when the daily stormer looks sympathetic in comparison …
        Billions of dollars of anti-white propoganda, only gives legitimacy to white segregation & white identity politics
        Andrew Anglin is a genius, for leveraging the hate against his white people & using it against the jewish hate peddlers …

        1. well I’d say both sotes are pretty gruesome, but I guess this Anglin guy must be effective at what he does….for better or worse

        2. I can understand why you think that
          At first places like daily stormer can be shocking, but thats because of the cultural media bubble created by the mass media
          Most people dont realise the effect of the mass media, until they cross something which directly contradicts their pre-programmed view of the world …
          Places like daily stormer are one of the few hold outs, directly challenging the mass brainwashing of the masses … which is why sites like his are so important

        3. I’ve probably spent less than half an hour there. I spent half of that time laughing and grimacing, and the other half thinking I should leave. I’m mixed race, so it’s not really an obvious hang-out for me. Is it a hold out for the red pill? Dissent by it’s nature challenges power, but it’s probably not a site I’m quite right for.

        4. Fair enough. I’m a filthy race-mixer, myself, and so insufficiently pure for those folks.
          But there are diamonds in that field of dung. Every so often, someone sends me an interesting piece.

        5. sure, I have a very open minded. I will read all sorts. On the other hand I don’t want to find myself going native…any way I’m off to tinder to find me a mudshark

        6. Places like the daily stormer, are not really about bashing people, its about not adhering to natural ideologies & common sense on issues like race etc
          Its also about creating a space for white folk, which is why you hear alot against race mixing etc
          Basically all races talk like that, goto a space for indians or africans & they all say the same thing
          Most ppl want to preserve their race & culture

        7. Do you have Jewish roots Michaelmobius1? Your comments often suggest a soft spot and defending/diverting their nefarious ways as accidental or for the greater ‘good’ such as Tikkun olam.

        8. It’s funny that you guys’ only real criticism of DS is that you’re not good enough to be accepted there. The ideas stand on their own. They are either correct or they are not.

        9. Isn’t it interesting how many closet non-Whites frequent these comments? Now you understand why it can never go full red pill. These guys care first and foremost about their own race – and always will – and yet they try and bash Whites for doing the same thing.

        10. Full Red Pill = Understanding that White Genocide is real, is being orchestrated by Jews, and that it’s in the interest of ALL races to combat it. Because once they break Whites down, everyone else will fare much much worse. Whites are the only bulwark against global Jewish control.

        11. I’m fine with that mostly, and I’d say there are a lot of sacred cows that are legitimate targets for dissent. Other races may well talk like that on forums, although the question will always remain whether it is necessarily ‘just talk’. Re. the daily stormer one of the few articles I read seemed to be saying they were against any actual violence or illegality. I would say on that basis they should be able to say what they want as should everyone else

        12. I don’t think so, at least not to my knowledge. I am indeed very interested in the history of judaism and jewish messianism, and that includes concepts like tikkun olam. I don’t think trying to explain things in terms of tikkun olam etc is necessarily about trying to rationalise or explain anything away – at least not apologetically. I just think that if you see everything in terms of jews as a ‘hostile elite’ or whatever then you may well misunderstand where jewish political engagement etc derives. Tikkun olam isn’t objectively about the greater good as it’s a specifically jewish concept, although these days it may well be a fairly secular concept (Obama appealed to it as an idea). I would say it is something that has to be understood in terms of the history of jewish messianism and the particularly gnostic aspects of the same; something that gives many jews including perhaps many secular atheist jews a sense of mission.

        13. Don’t get me wrong – half of what I’ve read there strikes me as an overreaction derived from some inabilities to cope with one’s individual perceptions of reality. While there are many valuable points to be made, they are too often polluted by what can only be described as the “anger stage of grief”.
          But you are correct – we are not the DS’s conception of white purity. To me, this is fine – I’ve got a +2SD Indian girl who is more attractive in every way than any of the white girls I’ve encountered to date. Good ole MikeMoby is apparently mixed, something of which I was unaware before this thread because it frankly didn’t matter.
          I still believe in nationalism, and I am entirely unaverse to approaching the Japanese in terms of racial and cultural nationalism (not too far, though – too many logistic problems beyond that point). But I am content to never being part of the Alt-White’s purest sect.

        14. of course people have a right to think what they want. You should not be required to believe x or y about another race, or about anything else under the sun

        15. Ok, thank you for the reply. I don’t always agree with your posts but mostly find them interesting none the less.
          I ask to gather a better perspective of where you are coming from. Jews are not the most forthright revealing their true selves and some would say cunning, lest they expose their agenda.
          I believe the sense of mission you speak is more likely derived from a siege mentality and an obsession to dominate, exploit and control. Of course this does not apply to all Jews. There a few Jews who I greatly admire and respect. It seems a shame to me that such a people with seemingly much potential have mostly chosen a path of darkness.

        16. cheers. I would say I am coming from a position of both fascination and concern. The jewish impact on modern history is a profound one, probably for both better and worse. I would say what motivates that sense of mission we’ve been talking about is rather complex to say the least. If there is an element of seeking to dominate, exploit or control that probably begs more questions than it answers. If such an analysis were correct where would such motivations come from? Personally I don’t think one can understand much about jews in the modern world without understanding something about their history, which means in particular the exile (from jersualem following the destruction of the temple) and the much later messianic movements that arguably ground much of the jewish experience today. The crypto side of things that you refer to is a part of that. That begins arguably as a response to forcible conversions or threats of persecution in the middle ages (particularly spain under the inquisition) but becomes something rather different with the (coerced) conversion to Islam of the false messiah Sabbatai Tzvi. Thereafter there arise dissenting (or even excommunicated) strains of heterodox judaism that make a positive virtue of not appearing to seem as one is. This is not orthodox judaism, and arguably stands opposed to it. What makes it all so complex is that in many ways jews as a community have ended up keeping their ‘discontents’ within the fold

        17. My criticism is that no matter how you herald race there will always be some pure white degenerate.
          The only logical discrimination is by ideology.

        18. Speaking of “fields of dung”, have you read some of the pro-black (and other) sites? Have you ever looked at black-on-white crime statistics.

        19. Good luck! PLEASE avoid the stereotype of settling for a fat WalMart pig. You could do so much better! I think after Daily Stormer they will come after ROK…then who knows…Newsmax? Infowar?

        20. Thanks. They can come, but they have all the moral authority of GOTs Army of the Dead. I actually think their recent victory’s may be Pyrrhic in nature.

    2. SPLC harasses innocent women. And when they get trolled in return, they cry and sue.
      Perfect example of crybullying. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it themselves.
      Fuck SPLC.

    3. Isn’t this a first amendment issue under the US constitution? ‘I Don’t Agree With What You Say, But I Will Defend To The Death Your Right To Say It.’ to quote Beatrice Evelyn Hall.

      1. Yes and no. Private companies may host anybody they want. Effectively, though in practice it IS censorship…about 75% lets say. Just like the cake bakers who don’t want to make a gay wedding cake, if Google or Go Daddy don’t want DS then that’s their choice. Go build your own internet is the message I guess…or go all dark web and use TOR….which is exactly what they are doing.

    4. The ACLU, SPLC and Anti-Defmation League have done more collective harm to undermine America and its societal infrastructure over the past century than any collection of “far-right extremists” could dream.
      They need to be investigated and prosecuted for treason.

  4. A BLM / Islam thug, who calls himself “Black Jesus” just opened fire in Fresno, killing at least 3.

  5. I had a direct encounter with SPLC in my “liberal stronghold” neighborhood a couple months ago. They were working the sidewalks, soliciting for money to restock schools with a carefully re-written new version of children’s history books that re-contextualizes the history of the Deep South and slavery days. They acted like it was charity, and I didn’t like what I was hearing. I stopped to pay attention.
    After listening to his pitch, I tell the guy “So SPLC wants to replace the existing history books with something that fits your 2017 narrative? Revisionist history for children who don’t know it’s revisionist history?” He’s instantly ready to disengage because I’m actually asking questions and not blindly supporting him (unlike most of the pushovers in my town). He cannot go off script — this becomes obvious as the moment unfolds.
    I finally look at him and go, “You see, there’s this rallying cry for ‘equality’ from certain groups in this day and age, yeah? But it’s really ‘payback’ a lot of these people are looking for. They want to change history, play favoritism in one group over another, and basically there’s a subset in your organization that’s essentially saying ‘We want it to be OUR turn to be the oppressors.’ And that’s not equality, that’s not what you’re looking for! So I think we all need to be a little more careful these days about who we support, and why, and you’re here shaking people down with some kind of guilt trip for the children.”
    Dude had no reply. I got the silent treatment because he was all frustrated. Now THAT is a prime slice of the Southern Poverty Law Center, up close and personal.

      1. He was calling it “Free schoolbooks for underprivileged kids” — that was the opening pitch. Which immediately seemed dodgy and way over-simplified, just from the way he said it and the self-righteous posturing that accompanied it. Although I couldn’t get a straight answer out of him, I could tell he was talking about unauthorized books that SPLC wanted to use to inject their own biases into the educational system. They wanted funding to print those books and insert them into as many US charter schools as possible (knowing they won’t be able to get them into the public school system).
        THIS is is how they are playing their “long game,” by rearranging history in the minds of the youth. The SPLC rep could not handle the conversation.

        1. So many charter schools are dog shit, especially in California. Kids are coming out dumb as stumps from many of these alt-schools.

        2. Yeah, lemme just clear out of here first ;^)
          Folks love to slag on CA (it *is* fun) but we’ve got about a dozen or so “red counties” and millions of non-liberals in this state…

        3. I love how, so far, no one is really up in arms about Calexit.
          I mean, the EU has been going bonkers over Brexit, and everyone gets a bit cross about Texas’ occasional chest beating, but the general tone of Americans regarding the California coast’s desire to secede is “meh.”
          No bills on the floor out there, yet. I think maybe even the loonies out there are starting to realize that they need us a lot more than we need them.

        4. CalExit is a waste of money and it will be D.O.A. at the polls (IMO). There will be a ballot initiative in 2018, from what I’ve heard; it may even come up in late 2017.
          This ain’t no Brexit — these are the early warning signs of a “Revolution of the Stupid.”

        5. In high school, I learned that some of the kids had credit cards with surprising limits.
          I learned that when the Invisible Children campaign (of Kony 2012 fame) suckered them out of hundreds apiece.

        6. Charter schools are the failed hybrid of public and private schools.
          Like school vouchers, they’re a complete non-solution that the GOP insists upon selling as a “silver bullet”.

        7. For every demand unfulfilled, comes the need for supply to fulfill it or accomodate it. It is in these times where oppurtunism will arise to be the one to providence of service or to scam in the hopes of fulfilling empty hopes. Nevertheless, the market for such is wide and endless as long as the demand for it persists.

        8. Thank you sir. I am indebted on the ways you have taught me to comment by observing yours.

      1. That’s why I felt the need to take them to task. Everybody else I saw was walking up to them all “Oh how nice! Schoolbooks for the children!” And I’m like “Wait a minute, let’s examine what the content of these custom-made books looks like.” It was a little stressful but I had to drop a dose of reality on them. I didn’t try to shut them down or anything, but let them know something smells like bullshit. They cannot stand when people like me show up on the scene and pose an intellectual challenge.

      1. Supposedly Thurgood Marshall has an airport named after him. Unlike Reagan, Dulles, LaGuardia etc, it is called by its geographic descriptor instead of its namesake (Baltimore-Washington International; BWI).
        Poetic justice?

    1. I’m thinking it may be time for those of us with Germanic, Slavic, Serb, and Sorb backgrounds to start calling for these Jews to eliminate Yiddish.
      All they did was appropriate words from my ancestral languages and have Jerry Lewis use them in his comedy! I demand reparations from the SPLC, the ADL, and Israel!

      1. I’ve not quite understood why Yiddish is even considered a distinct language. It’s just munged high German. An analog would be calling Fran Drescher’s mangling of the English language “Dreshish” or something. Um, no.

  6. As a member of The Tribe myself, I have found much of value on this site–particularly as related to feminism and its destructive effects on our community, but I’m really getting tired of the anti-Semitism I read here. Do you think this is really going to contribute to your goals of restoring patriarchy (to which I subscribe as well)?
    Also, I can’t help but wonder why the lawsuit is being filed in federal court when it alleges a violation of a Montana state statute.

    1. two kinds of Jews, the rank and file guys out there, and then the power consolidating, George Soros, globalist, power hungry types.

      1. Problem is, if you are a synagogue attending Jew or a supporter of a Jewish charity or civic group, your money is finding its way into the ADL/SPLC or allies’s coffers. A relative of mine is dating a Jewish guy; he seems ok…voted for Trump, NRA gun lover. He has complained about the synagogue he attends with its liberal leftist rabbi yet still goes there out of allegiance to his heritage. I wonder if he realizes that his tithes are being funneled into groups that want to destroy the freedoms that he loves so much.

    2. Suck it up, buttercup. There are no protected classes here. Everybody gets as much shit as they deserve, and then just a little more for the lulz.
      And I love the Jews.

        1. food is so greasy down there, either it turns your stomach and you hate eating, or you become a land whale.

        2. Really, I would like to travel to the South if I ever found myself divorced. I hear they are wild in their younger years, although hit the wall hard.

        3. Most do. I think it’s all the fried food and sun. My wife is 31 with three kids and some people don’t believe she’s old enough to have children, but we eat a lot better than most and she doesn’t sunbathe like she used to

        4. Pick your state and city very carefully. You’d hate to make all the logistic arrangements just to find out you’re in one of the towns of morbidly obese crazies.

        5. And remember we are the poorest state which tips the scales (heh) by having more people obese from eating crap food. Take the upper 50%, you know the ones that actually work, and the rate of obesity and downright nastiness subsides.
          Honestly I never knew a lot of fat people until I started working a public job. But my family migrated here so maybe that’s some of it too.

        6. Some of those Southern girls I used to know were smoking hot, but they worked and always ate at home off some good home cookin’. If any of them made it to college, that was over in a span of months.
          I don’t hardly buy the “poor people have to eat crap” story anymore. I’ve been poor – I had $3k to my name when I got to college, and that was my living money for four years (I could have gotten help from my folks, but I’m stubborn). Those years subsisting on home-cooked, up-to-$5 meals were the years I was healthiest.
          I think it’s just a bit of propaganda. It creates victims and provides the solution of bigger government (to help the poor, obese, sickly people). Worse, still, dumb poor people take it to heart and become sickly and obese.

        7. What I meant by that is those people on the dole are too lazy for the most part to work so they just go to McD’s instead of cooking good grub and lay around and get fat.
          Nothing ticks me off worse than seeing someone drive their late model car to the front of a parking lot, hop out and stroll into the store. Get to the front of their car and, yep, they’ve got a handicap sticker for their “disability”.
          I heard on the radio awhile back that 51% of my states “citizens” are unemployed, which means they’re on welfare and too lazy to work. I see “Help Wanted” signs everywhere but these idiots won’t do it.
          Too much white trash and ghetto bunnies. At least the few Mexicans and Chinese we have work.

        8. I agree on the “poor people don’t have to eat crap” we spend 300-400/month on food for the eight of us, which translates to about $2 per person per day. Nobody is starving, nobody is reduced to eating shortening and dog food. A typical dinner will be 12 cups rice (cooked) that many vegetables, onions, peppers, green beans, and about 1.5 pounds of pork chops. $6 will feed a family of eight. Oatmeal and eggs for breakfast ($2), leftovers for lunch. It is not that difficult. A person can spend twice that much alone at restaurants.

        9. Now, personally, I like my meat. I can polish off a pound of pork chops and call it breakfast (in fact, I often do). But even with my extravagant tastes I have to go out of my way to spend more than $50 a week.

        10. A word of advice…..mind your diet. The wife will cook for you, and you subconsciously eat more than your share to show appreciation for her cooking it. You do that for a decade, and you will wind up with a “dad bod” within a decade. I am in recovery mode because of that.

        11. I’m a carnivore. She’s a vegetarian (in the sense she won’t eat flesh – eggs and dairy are fine, as are broths). And I have a thing about women in my kitchen, given my culinary skills.
          It makes life interesting.

        12. Well thats impressive, as a single guy I can spend more than that a month on groceries for one. Granted, I always know I can switch to rice, potatoes, and eggs if the money gets tight.

        13. Now that we have wised up, my wife sees it more appreciative of me to stop overeating and do my morning exercises.

        14. For its flaws, the Magnolia State has the only Southern governor with a spine. It’s also the only Southern state to have not liquidated its heritage in a failed bit to appease SJWs.
          Bryant is easily in the Top 10 current governors.

    3. so tell me something .. are you from Judea?
      Because if you are not, then you are those who say they are jews but are not..
      Research what Christ says about your lies and deception.
      All of you people are living a lie, stealing from the innocent and make me sick.
      Your day is coming, and I will gladly be leading the charge for you ARE the antichrist.

    4. You are also probably tired of the anti-europeanism to which it is a proportional response. But you got a hand cramp and had to stop typing. I totally get that. We all hit our limit somewhere.

    5. Don’t worry about it pal, we rarely hate on our fellow ROKers! Diversity of opinion is what we’re looking after.

  7. Damn, I donated to Roosh when antiFAGs threatened him and his family. I will donate to anglin as well. This is insane. Classic example as to how Jews protect their own

  8. I find this article to be vaguely anti-Semitic and I demand that it be removed or at the very least Roosh could chip in for some Holocaust reparations …

        1. no it should always be in all caps … also the ADL just informed me the correct number is now 66 BILLION …

        2. think about it…following the normal curve, 5 in 10000 are above a nine, five in 10000 are below a 1. She would have to have serious medical problems to be a 1.

        3. Idea for a scale: instead of 1-10, we use standard deviations.
          A 2 where I live would potentially be a 3 in some places and a 1 or 0 in others, but the idea has some merit.

        4. She would have to have serious medical problems to be a 1.
          That’s Grandma Betty. She did die three years ago. Does that qualify as a serious medical problem?

        5. The way I figured it is 1/10000 is 3.88 standard deviations. I award the best in a group of 10,000 a 10, and divide from there, and follow the normal curve.
          10 – 1st best looking
          9 – 9th best looking
          8- 99th best looking
          7- 606th
          6 -2206th
          5 – 5000th

        6. It carries water.
          I just want to look at the unattractive and give them a negative value. Something about that concept tickles me, and it sounds absolutely triggering.
          Plus, tell a 10 you think she’s a 3.5 and you have an instant neg.

        7. Nice picture, I have done a number of FEMA flood studies to calculate the flood elevation based on location. pain in the rear.

    1. It’s like that early Trump cabinet signalling about enforcing federal marijuana regulations (haven’t heard anything in months about that).
      If they went for it, the SJW’s would have to go out and defend state’s rights, and if they publicly backed off we’d have precedent for repealing the costly and negative war on drugs.

  9. Andrew Anglin is a genius, for leveraging the hate against his white people & using it against the jewish hate peddlers, & their hordes of fat sjw’s poisoning the shit out of white institutions …
    This is why Anglin deserves a donation in his time of need
    Every jew defeat, is another fat sjw out of a job …
    This is about saving white civilisation
    With no white race, there is no one to protect the human race, from the predatory jewish led globalists & elites

        1. why dont you just suck the jew cock and quit giving yourself away? it’s pathetic to see one as blinded such as yourself

        2. time is fag kikes better hide.. because soon you are going to see first hand what I and people like me can do. yes this is a threat

        3. And that, right there, is something the mods will probably shut down. We’re shit-talking guys, but directed threats are something we just don’t go for.

        4. we have really nice weapons and we are coming for you..maybe this time we really will take out 6 million..we can only hope.
          hope it is 12

  10. You might not support Anglin or “the naziss”, but they support unshackling you from Jewish control.

    1. Yes, thats whats important, a regular nazi is better, then a jewish psychopath who wants to turn your children into trannies & homosexuals …
      Jewish media promoting children into trannies for political gain, is evil & fucked up

  11. I have a visceral hatred for the SPLC. They represent almost everything I hate in business and law: officiousness, bureaucratic gamesmanship, suit-and-tie harassment, obfuscation, and litigiousness. At this point, the SPLC is -itself- a recruiting tool for everything they oppose. Practically a red pill dispensary. It’s how I found this website in the first place. Govt deference to their “studies” may as well put them in place as government-contracted thought police. If there were ever a class action against them I would be in line to assist.

    1. Whenever I see a quote referenced from the SPLC I laugh. It’s bunk and any close review of their sources or studies, if available, reveals it is simply an opinion with nothing behind it. They are a leftist hate group.

  12. Morris Dees has used his SPLC to accumulate a personal slush fund of more than 300 million dollars. How that organization has managed to maintain its tax-exempt status is unfathomable. But he found a product he could sell — a place for guilty Liberals who harbor ridiculous cartoon fantasies about the South to contribute money and thus assuage their consciences and virtue signal without ever actually doing anything.

    1. It’s called the Indulgence Business. The Roman Catholic Church some fantastic coin selling them for decades, but ultimately had to end the practice after the Protestant Reformation caught fire.
      Looks like someone else must have ended up noticing the way in which that left a void within a very profitable market . . .

  13. SPLC is a joke. It’ll label almost any innocuous center-right organization as a “hate group.” Having said that, watching a battle between Anglin/Stormer (right-wing trolls in love with Pepe memes and (((echoes))) ) and the SPLC is like watching the Iran-Iraq war. Too bad both sides can’t lose.

  14. I hate how neo-Nazis are seen as “far right” They’re to the left of freedom.
    SPLC is garbage though.
    “Jews are a privileged group that can not be criticized like heterosexual men or white people can by the media or organizations like the SPLC”
    it’s really only the leftist self-hating Jews that are privileged.

    1. The mainstream media left-right spectrum isn’t a political spectrum at all, its a moral spectrum. Everything they consider good and correct is “left” while everything they consider bad and wrong is “right”.

      1. You’re making the SJW mistake of blaming someone else for your shortcomings. Jews don’t control you or I.

        1. So brainwashing infants into becoming trannies, & turning our institutions into brainwashing camps for marxists & communists …
          Is blaming someone else for our shortcomings?
          Typical fence sitting moron …

        2. You white nationalists are clowns. You hate on blacks for blaming whitey for everything and then YOU go and blame jews for your problems.

        3. anyone with 3 brain cells knows damn well it is the kikes that are the root of just about everything wrong with fuck off

        4. That is leftist communist filth. Those Jews you think about 24/7 are in Israel right now promoting the same filth in Jewish communities. Its not a Jewish plot against Goyim, Its a communist plot involving SOME Jews against everybody.

        5. hmmmm, even if that were true its the whites that consume what they are selling, Your conspiracy defeats itself. YOU buy what your scapegoat sells.

        6. 50 years of communist groups of which SOME members are jews. White people keep all of this in business.

        7. “anyone with 3 brain cells knows damn well…”
          Yes, but people with 3 brain cells are functionally retarded.

        8. too bad there are millions of retards that agree..isn’t it?
          YOU are responsible for the storm that’s coming.. make all the excuses you want. it is not flying anymore

        9. I hate it when I go trolling some troll, and then somehow end up defending the Jews.
          Not that there’s anything wrong with Jews.

        10. history repeats..the storm is brewing..people are burned and know who is responsible.. same shit different century..

        11. i suppose you are blind to research and historical fact if it disagrees with your closed mind.

        12. You fucks have been posing with your nooses and flexing your swastika tattoos and preaching that race war shit for fucking decades. DECADES. And you haven’t done jack shit in all that time. Every single thing you are against has grown and gotten more powerful, while everything you are for has devolved and gotten worse. We just had a half-black, half-fag President for fuck’s sake. We’re fucking overrun with illegal immigrants raping our children and trannies raping our individual freedoms. You are nothing but a boogeyman for your “enemies” to use against normal people who legitimately oppose them and their bullshit. You are nothing but the butt of an old and tired joke that no one even bothers to laugh at anymore.
          You have totally and utterly failed to accomplish anything in the entire existence of your fuckwit retarded movement. You are absolutely fucking nothing.

        13. each day the tipping point gets closer.. ever remember any rumbles @ Berkeley before?
          open your eyes grasshopper.. we are assembling

        14. she lost didn’t she?
          to a fucking clown from a reality show no less.. .but someone as stupid as you cant see how it caught up to them.

        15. And free as a bird with millions intact. Her ugly daughter will launch bid into politics in a few years.
          What “tough consequences.”

        16. SO who is the primary customer that keeps these Jews that you can’t outsmart in business moron? Look in the mirror for the answer.

        17. SO the Jew is smarter than you, richer than you, just better than you . Jews beat White Nationalists every time

        18. your answer is to lmao like a little fuckinnn girl? SO if the Jews are manipulating you why do you keep buying from them? White people are the biggest consumers of every “jew” business you can name. You are your own worst enemy idiot.

        19. If the Jews were so smart they would not let it be so easy for muslims to spread out over the world and be closer to them. Part of the muslim religion is to kill the Jew (read the hadiths). Also they would not let non whites that have high survival instincts near them. It doesn’t matter how smart you are when a group that goes on primal instints have their way they will kill to make room (and do a better job then the white man ever did). If they were so smart no white would ever view them as sneaky and backstabbing but only view them as a little minority. There is a reason whites joke that gypsies are little thieves but say positive things about Jews and then at the next breath say Jews are backstabbing thieves etc.

        20. she dies a is just so much shit.. after so much, it becomes meaningless..she dies a failure..the ultimate slap in the face.

        21. lol, next you’ll be telling me ibm organised all the box cars, transporting innocent loving jews in germany …
          Theres no proof hitler persecuted anyone, he sent a few jews to israel, sure but thats hardly persecution … lol

        22. Its funny to me. Its like these guys believe that white people are the smartest people on earth yet they openly admit that Jewish people are somehow able to mass manipulate white societies. The funny part is at the same time they don’t want to openly admit that Jewish people are more intelligent than them which only makes sense according to their beliefs since Jews are in control. Its the same with the whole iq test these white nationalist guys love to show how whites have higher iq than blacks and other minorities yet they get upset when you point out that ashkenazi jews score higher than white people.

        23. I wish I had her problems. She will live a life style to the end of her days that only a few could possibly have and will still hold status in the left urban enclaves she will never leave.
          Despite getting the majority of votes, she was denied– which I am glad– but power is the ultimate drug and her gentilian ass isn’t about to go quietly into the old folks home. What happend to “lock her up?” Ah. The election is over and the Clintons walk away yet again despite they should be swining from lamp posts.

        1. Socialism isnt primarily a leftist institution …
          Which is why most white nationalists, support tightly controlled government distribution of wealth
          Protectionism is Better then out of control freetrade & open borders

        2. leftism= collectivism, socialism = collectivism, national socialism= collectivism with a nationalist fervor to try to justify the theft.

        3. semantics. there are only 2 ideologies, collectivism and conservatism. Thats it. Leftism is birthed out of egalitarianism which is a fancy word for “spreading the wealth”. You can have leftism without globalism.

        4. lol are you trying to dictate the number of ideologies to two … ?
          Seriously you just sank to a new level of idiocy …
          Plenty of ideologies out there, i hear islam is taking applications if you want proof of more ideologies then two …

    1. The conservative Jews mostly did. The only ones left in decent society are the secular jews currently running amok.

  15. Why is this message appearing when i tried to reply to B1k3: “The post you are trying to reply to has been removed by a moderator.”
    I dindu nuffin.

      1. I replied to your Lenny meme saying that was too many days without jewish memes. Lenny meme is unnacurate, peace.

        1. I deleted that post as I thought it was a bit too much! I love banter as much as the next guy, rarely get offended and at times I have pushed the enveloped with a few comments to test the waters but there are limits. Some comments might make me look radical, however, I can’t bring myself to hate people, I’m too chill.

  16. Not really sure if want to care about a site that’s all about white supremacy, but it was sure funny to watch people of that ilk beat down some progressive idiots the other day.

    1. The thing is only white supremacists will fight for your rights in the streets & the wars to come, funded by the likes of soros
      Christians & conservatives, wont lift a finger to protect you or your family, when your streets get invaded by immigrants & refugee’s, & the cops are ordered to stand down
      This is why white nationalists & white supremacists are so important, they’re one of the few defences we have, against the progressive leftist take over of our state …

      1. I got nothing against the alright. White Christians and conservatives would probably do nothing to oppose the white supremacist. Christians and conservatives will help their own but you need to remember people outside their group are viewed as sexual perverts etc. They are banking that in the worst outcome the muslims would spare their life for not being a Jew and not being perverted ect. But they have to know they would have to follow Shariah law even as a nonmuslim. This is predicable since the German and European Christians did that same betting in Nazi Germany/ World War 2.

  17. Leftism is a pure globalist powergrab, under the guise of socialism & social justice
    Its appropriation by globalist led jews, to push crossdressing for infants & homobutt fucking is what we stand against
    Which is why Socialism isnt primarily a leftist institution …
    Which is why most white nationalists, support tightly controlled government distribution of wealth
    Protectionism is Better then out of control freetrade & open borders
    Socialism & social justice are smoke screens, for talmud occultists & their sick globalist religion
    Globalism is a religion, it is not a political movement
    Globalism is a sick barbaric occultic religion, which practices everything from necrophilia to ritual paedophilia, as part of their talmudic religion
    Jews & christians & muslims, are an entry point & enablers of this sick degenerate, piece of shit globalist religion
    This is WHY we oppose globalism, it is a sick & evil, fucked up talmudic religion
    We have no choice but to stand against them, theyre fanaticism & extremiscism has already put our civilisation at risk, we have make a stand, while we still can …

  18. The real estate agent mentioned in this story is a complete piece of shit. Read up about what happened in Whitefish, they basically attacked Richard Spencers mother, who is not involved in any way with his political activism.

  19. Anglin had to have known this would happen. The question now is whether others will step up and help him. His mother was basically intimidated because of her son’s actions. Low even for a marxist.

    1. They are reprobates that hate God and all that is Christian, White people are the most conservative overall and make up a large portion of bible believers so they are targeted by default.

    1. hard to compete with unbridled greed, crooked business practices and decadence when you are moral God fearing people.

        1. because it is what they do with the money that makes us realize they have to go.. wars for Israel killing innocent people and selling their body parts like fucking vampires comes to mind.

        2. White people are the biggest consumer of “Jew” businesses so white people allow Jews to profit.

        3. I’m not going to blame people for my life, thats a pussy way out. Thats what black people do to whites, I’m not pointing my finger at Jews the same way. You’ll waste your whole life bitching on blogs about your boogeyman all while he lives a better life than you. DOn’t be a cuck.

        4. I use common sense. You will waste your life blaming boogeymen. FACT. you are a social justice warrior.

        5. I am not defending Nazism. I am a full blooded German decedent from a Nazi Youth..
          A NAZI
          And I HATE Jews.

      1. so how long will a few million Jews get to control over 1 billion whites? White people really are inferior then,

        1. Not much longer, white people are slowly waking up to the fact that some (((white people))) are acting against our interests, once you see the puppet strings you can’t un-see them

        2. It was not part of their blood,
          It came to them very late,
          With long arrears to make good,
          When the Saxon began to hate.
          They were not easily moved,
          They were icy — willing to wait
          Till every count should be proved,
          Ere the Saxon began to hate.
          Their voices were even and low.
          Their eyes were level and straight.
          There was neither sign nor show
          When the Saxon began to hate.
          It was not preached to the crowd.
          It was not taught by the state.
          No man spoke it aloud
          When the Saxon began to hate.
          It was not suddenly bred.
          It will not swiftly abate.
          Through the chilled years ahead,
          When Time shall count from the date
          That the Saxon began to hate.

          Rudyard Kipling, “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”

        3. A unified people with a shared moral code (arguably the best ever conceived) has tremendous power to do good.
          A disjointed and relativistic people who despise all that come before and after has only a pathetic tendency toward evil.

        4. We were also good before we believed in the bible, don’t worry about white people, history has shown that we are a powerful force once we wake up and know our enemy

        5. You said Jews are greedy so you want their money. You are an SJW. it must be dawning on your 90 IQ asss by now

        6. You plopped out of a white woman by chance and you base your whole life around white pride. pathetic

        7. you are typical jew.. piece of shit
          only other jews will have anything to do with you and most are faggots

        8. SO you don’t deny that you are another white nationalist crypto homo. so many gays in the white nationalist movement. funny how none of you seem to ever have kids.

        9. He is the leader of the white nationalist ALt right. He does speak for you. Your leader swallows cum

        10. I don’t need one, there has never been a large jewish population in my country, as far back as I can go there is zero jewish blood on my family tree
          I’d be happy to take the test I’m pretty sure what the results would be

        11. Jews are a lie.. I know the truth..there are no jews anymore..just a fucking cult of is obvious by your actions..
          human trafficking is evil.. dont you agree?
          human organ trafficking is you agree?

  20. SO white nationalists are SJWs. They blame a boogeyman for being losers. Well established fact now.

  21. Next White nationalists will ask for “reparations” from Jews like Blacks have wanted from whites. hahaha

      1. There’s more money with the Jews and if blacks bothered to read “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” which was researched by the Nation of Islam, Blacks would see who profited from the slave trade and who owned the slave ships. But hey it’s always easier to blame whitey as he drives down the road in his beat up pick up truck.

  22. Oh the silly bickering of Jack and the Stalk…
    Do any of us ever stop to think that some of the Jewish men are beat down by the harridans in their tribe?

    1. they can leave at anytime and stop living the lie.. no mercy given here.. you make the choices of your life.. fuck them

  23. I’m confused at how many ROKers on here don’t see the connections between Jews and all the shit we’ve been bitching about on this site.

    1. blinded by lies.. the control of centuries of the media and the mindfuck goes deep.. the internet has ripped off the veil.
      My granddad schooled me on their ways when i was just a lad.

      1. Is it a coincidence that when you Google “white man white woman” all you see is white blonde girls with black men?
        Is it just another coincidence that Google forgot about Easter?

      1. Jews are trying to deny ethno-nationalism for everyone but themselves, while at the same time pretending to be just some quirky white guys when it’s convenient.
        Maybe not every single Jew on the planet is a neurotic schemer… But compared to practically every other group I’d say they actually do act as a hivemind. Behind every decision is the question “Is this good for the Jews?”

        1. I think catastrophism is always at work here, and grounds the not unjustified stereotype of jewish neurosis. The notion of ‘what is good for the jews’ as reflecting a community absorbed in self-interest can always be re-interpreted as a concern with preventing catastrophe. I don’t think a community that wasn’t obsessed with the possibility of catastrophe (c.f. woody allen’s neurotic fixation with death) would have such a need to control things. I can never quite understand how the people who gave us psycho-analysis, which is built upon self-analysis often seem so completely incapable of self-analysis of themselves as a people

        2. I wonder how much of it is cultural and how much of it has literally been bred into them from millennia of wandering and entering into pre-occupied lands.
          I am sympathetic to their historical plight (especially the average working stiff) and admire their adaptability and stubbornness. But I don’t think they should be beyond criticism.
          I wonder if they do reflect on their own unique character, history, and psychology, just not in a way that brings attention to themselves. They are not stupid.

        3. jews are a genuinely fascinating people, but unfortunately I’d say much of their identity is defined defensively. Indeed in psychoanaytic terms I would consider the jewish collective sense of self as very much a defended ego. Anti-semitism often takes the form of a wholesale condemnation of everything jewish and I’d say the corollary is that jews very often seem to spend all their energy trying to propagate the exact opposite view – a wholly whitewashed view of jewish history and the jewish people as a heroic defense against evil amelekites who wish to destroy them root and branch. There is something very dialectical about a world viewed in this way, and I would say it is unhealthy in both directions. Hardcore anti-semites are often truly fucked in the head, but equally a lot of jews seem to spend so much time in total denial of everything they are accused of they are incapable of any genuine self-criticism, at least as a community.

        4. I agree with all of this.
          There is no open forum for diplomatic discussion between Jews and Gentiles. To participate in one is to acknowledge that there is indeed a conflict between these two groups, and I don’t think most people are ready for that.
          The PC culture is instead forcing people to create underground movements because we can’t be open about these kinds of issues in the real-world.

        5. A lot depends though on how these things are phrased or ‘constructed’. To speak of conflict might not be necessary, and indeed to do so would predispose any discussion on that basis as combative. All that is necessary perhaps is to make the case for free discussion of group interests or in modern parlance identity group interests that are not being acknowledged, and as such which the orthodoxies of the moment are incapable of acknowledging. Speaking of white genocide for instance is intentionally combative – it functions as a direct challenge to the more conventional notion of genocide, and indeed that it is what it is designed to do. But an alternative to this is simply to point out that many white people living in western countries are worried they are going to become a minority, something which seems to me perfectly fair to point out. If an argument is framed properly it cannot automatically be disqualified.
          The same goes for feminism. I cannot see any reason why it should be wrong to point out that jews seem inordinately prone to feminism, or for that matter that their history and the religious ideologies they may hold – e.g. the concept of the shekinah etc – may have been a determining factor here. The problem arises if the starting point of the argument is “you jews are trying to undermine [whites/heterosexuality etc.) It’s all about framing arguments to make them acceptable – assume people (in this case jews) are reasonable people and they may well behave accordingly. That in my opinion is what most critics get wrong with the result that we get the same back and forth without end

        6. Good post.
          Thing is these groups are in a position to conquer, and frankly I doubt that moral incentives will count more than economic incentives when push comes to shove.
          If this can be solved diplomatically, that would of course be ideal.

        7. I don’t think it’s about appealing to some better nature, particularly if at the top of the tree we might be talking about raw power. Its more a question of the nature of force itself. Get the discourse right and it’s force may be irresistible. Soft power beats the harder variety every time except in extremis, and that’s notwithstanding the iron fist that may live within the velvet glove.
          I would say most power play these days is about getting the other party to show aggression. Naked aggression is almost always an automatic fail

        8. “I would say most power play these days is about getting the other party to show aggression. Naked aggression is almost always an automatic fail”
          This is particularly important now, where democratic perception influenced by media (including independent media) plays a very important role. Optics is crucial in this culture war, and this is one thing the Trump Supporters got right this time around. They used powerful and impassioned humour in a way that signaled they were the more committed, united, and energetic group force.
          And I agree that naked aggression wreaks of weakness and desperation. Deception on the other hand is a powerful tool of war, and many groups including Jews and whites have used it to their own ends. Whites with their “war on terror” nonsense, and the Jews with their Marxist schemes. Both have cloaked their own goals in favourable rhetoric, and both are plagued by those determined to expose them.
          But organized aggression is the ultimate bottom-line, and most of history has been written in blood. Keep an eye out for allies, and keep building upon your own strengths. Violence is still a fact of life in much of the world. Just don’t fool yourself into taking for granted our comfortable democratic existence.

        9. I imagine the situation could change very quickly if things turn nasty, and democracy would be the first thing to go out the window. So sure, violence / force may well be the bottom line if things go south, but even then the narrative, the discourse is always crucial. If you wage war, through words or guns or whatever, it must still be seen to be a just war. That’s why amongst other things there is so much concern today with false flags. I’m not necessarily talking about conspiracy theory, but the simple and accurate reasoning that claiming the better part of justice these days may require demonstrating to the world that it was you who were attacked and not the other way round. This logic is in play even if events labelled as false flags by tin foil hatters are nothing of the sort. Unfortunately that might predict that deception of whatever kind is likely to continue to be a basic strategy for all parties. On the other hand countries like Russia under Putin although it would be a mistake to think that they are transparent have gained a lot of sympathy by appearing to ‘tell it like it is is’ rather than always play the victim. That too is a part of the culture war we are witnessing

        10. So, other tribes should copy this mentality. It has apparently led to domination of the western world.

        11. This is the proper way to frame an argument if your hope is to discuss it with a Jew and gain agreement or compliance from them. But it won’t do you too many favors if the audience at large is your target, and a Jew you are discussing this with is just an opponent in a debate. This all depends on audience.

        12. part of effective rhetoric is calibrating your argument – the case you are making – to the listener or intended audience, so yes, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all – but my main point is about the kind of conditions that need to be satisfied for a topic to be considered legitimate and indeed legitimised for general discourse. At present genuine concerns of many groups cannot be discussed and are not discussed within respectable discourse

        13. I think a moral life would be better… I’m looking back on my Christian roots these days and thinking “wow… I guess this shit actually was necessary for people to act like somewhat sane human beings”.
          But yeah… I think whites need to recognize each other as a group with common history, genetics, and spirit, if they want to compete in the new world order.

        14. Actually if you learn your history, Christians understood Talmudic Jews were a huge threat back in the 3rd and 4th century, Chrysostom (father of the Church) has long sermons called “Against the Jews” which served as standard operating procedure to keep Jews from destroying society. They were put in ghettos, people were warned about taking Jews seriously, they were warned Jews would lead them to degeneracy and hell, etc.
          Basically everything Chrysostom said about the Talmuds was true 1600 years ago as it is today.
          Christianity is pretty much the only thing that can protect people from the Talmudic religion, which is why the first thing the Jews always do is denounce Christ and seek to destroy and persecute Christianity.

        15. If you learn your history, Christians understood Talmudic Jews were a huge threat back in the 3rd and 4th century, Chrysostom (father of the Church) has long sermons called “Against the Jews” which served as standard operating procedure to keep Jews from destroying society. They were put in ghettos, people were warned about taking Jews seriously, they were warned Jews would lead them to degeneracy and hell, etc.
          Basically everything Chrysostom said about the Talmuds was true 1600 years ago as it is today.
          Christianity is pretty much the only thing that can protect people from the Talmudic religion, which is why the first thing the Jews always do is denounce Christ and seek to destroy and persecute Christianity.

        16. “If you learn your history, Christians understood Talmudic Jews were a huge threat back in the 3rd and 4th century”
          It’s been a bitter awakening, realizing the historical context to all of this. I’ve gotten to the point where I wont even listen to the apologists who are luke-warm on the JQ. It is abundantly clear to me the direction they want things to go, over a multi-generational scope. Of course the working-stiff Jew might not be wise to or at all responsible for these machinations, but nonetheless I see them as having a different spirit than the God-fearing European.
          I can admire the craftiness and necessary patience of what they are trying to do, but from my point of view it is the most unacceptable evil. I find it so evil that it has begun to consume me such that my previous PUA lifestyle, all the pot and video-games, all my socially acceptable accomplishments, all my acquaintances, mean pretty much nothing to me anymore.
          All I want now is to find other men who feel the same way.
          Thanks for the reference on Chrysostom I’ll have to look into that. I’m beginning to appreciate your insistence on the value of Christianity to the European peoples.

        17. The Talmudic Jews were kept in ghettos, as Christians took Chrysostom’s advice seriously, until Napoleon emancipated them (google Jewish Emancipation). That was the beginning of the end for Europe. It is widely rumored (I haven’t been able to find the source myself) that one of Napoleon’s greatest regrets on his deathbed was freeing the Jews.

        18. I think the Pope should actually discuss this…if he was a right winger, he would instead of kowtowing to them.

        19. I worry about black lives matter coming to my exurban neighborhood and causing trouble for my family.

        20. The very second you organize a talk such as this, you WILL BE branded an anti-semite. Good luck, dude.

        21. anyone can brand anyone anything. They still have to make their case. Discourse is about borders and boundaries, and those are things which change over time, however much it might seem othewise. Also returning to Anglin, the guy is a genuine anti-semite, and I have no problem with him being called out as such, but if you call everybody antisemitic and everything antisemitic, then you run the risk of absolutely nothing being regarded as anti-semitic, which is the danger the likes of the SPLC and the ADL face. It’s pretty difficult to deny that calling out antisemitism is something that can be and is abused by those who wish to avoid certain kinds of scrutiny. There is no ‘official’ recognition of that. Yet.

      2. Which, assuming JQ, leads to the question of which Jews “draw the short straw”?
        Ex: in my area, democrat politicians-largely Jewish-are using tax dollars to move blacks from the bowels of the inner city ghetto into the rich, “whiteopia” suburbs nearby. Those suburbs are predominantly Jewish, and those Jews are royally screwed by this.
        I suppose the JQ proponents have some explanation for this “friendly fire”?

      1. I never claimed to be a neo-nazi 14/88er… But the link between Jews and nation-destroying leftism is obvious at this point.
        Europe is headed towards a century of Holy Wars with Islam because of this progressivist open-borders Kalergi plan pushed by The Tribe.
        Europeans are responsible for letting their guard down, but the Jews are responsible for exploiting their gullibility. The ancient war between Jew and Gentile continues, and history is simply repeating itself.

        1. Except the war is being conducted by one side. It’s like shooting the gentile fish in the barrel at this point.

        2. People need a big ole bucket of icy water to wake up. They don’t really think or want to think about the world around them.
          However, living in a state of anger most of the time ain’t good for ones health

    2. You’d be wrong to assume that Jews have not taken notice of the site and assigned some dedicated shills to working it every day.

    3. It’s not racism to state a fact such as blacks populate the prison system more than any other people or Jewish faithists dominate the media industry.
      What is racist is hating people for facts like these.

  24. First they came for the PUAs, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a PUA.
    Then they came for the NeoMasculinists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a NeoMasculinist.
    Then they came for the Alt Righters, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not with the Alt Right.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    1. It’s good to see ROK publicy defend neo-nazis. I hate it when people are namby-pamby about their racism. Only question: why is anti-semitic in quotes in the headline? Is the implication that the neo-nazi ranting about the “Jew agenda” and “Jew terrorist groups” not actually anti-semitic?

        1. Everyone else knows what it means. I guess modern terminology hasn’t reached you down there in Mayberry yet, Gomer.

        2. I would dismiss you as a semi-literate kook, but you really impressed me with that “yiddish twat” part. For future reference, the term “neo nazi” is generally used to distinguish people who ascribe to some sort of nazi affiliation TODAY, from, you know, “the actual nazis from history.” Learn new things, look smarter on the internet. Resort to “yiddish twat” and “retarded jew cuck” less often because you find yourself at a loss for words. Good luck to you, son.

        3. Wrong, its a fake jewish term, just like racism & anti-semitism are fake jewish terms
          Theyre designed by illiterate jews to demonise goys from creating their own white identity, or having strong white nationalist heroes, ie. ww germany
          Feel free to use that bagel appropriately …

        4. I know what the term means, so that makes it an “actual term.” You have some strange ideas about language. p.s. Considering the amount of words you were unable to spell properly in your previous post alone, you might want to think twice before you accuse anyone of being “illiterate.”

        5. It’s in the dictionary. I’ll take that over the word of an eighth grader on ROK (I’m saying you’re an eighth-grader, if that wasn’t clear. Now rant something else about bagels, Phyllis.)

        6. Neo-nazi is a fake jewish term invented by some bagle blowing jew …
          Dont use shitty dictionaries, real dictionaries dont have fake jew words … feel free to go back to blowing nazi’s like a foreskin sucking jew …

        7. That’s awfully vague. Does it apply only to those who wear swastika armbands and collect WW2 memorabilia, or does the term also encompass those who notice Jewish over-representation in media, banking, academia, and law?

        8. I don’t think collecting memorabilia necessarily makes someone neo-Nazi, but what, in your mind, qualifies as Jewish “over-representation?” Who decides how much a group should be represented?

        9. Who decides over-representation? Well let’s go by Jews’ own rules – everything should break down in approximate proportion to the demographic numbers in the society. So, Jews are allowed to have up to 2% of the power positions. Blacks get 13%. And Whites get the vast majority.
          How many White Christians run major Hollywood studios, big city newspapers, cable news channels, or national magazines?
          How about admittance to the Ivy Leagues – ever look at those numbers? It’s odd – even when you control for aptitude and proven ability, Jews are over-admitted by a jaw-dropping factor. And as we all know, the Global Elite recruit from Harvard.

        10. Awesome explanation. You must be horrified how over-represented males are in the U.S. Congress. I imagine you want it at least 50% female, yes? Sadly l, they are less than 20% – shocking, I know! Men are over-represented by a jaw-dropping factor!

        11. The jews do an excellent job at maintaining their proportions when it comes to military service.

      1. You’ll forgive me for requesting a definition of the term neo-nazi. There has been so much abuse of the language lately, I’m not sure anyone knows what these words really mean anymore. So before I debate any point I’d like to make sure we are all clear on the definitions being used.

        1. Not at all. It is a caricature term. A buzzword. Only fools use terms like that and expect them to carry any weight. You must be more specific.

        2. It’s not a “caricature term” or “buzzword,” it’s a well-know term that’s been used for at least a generation and is in every dictionary. Denying the existence of words because you don’t like them is kid stuff.

        3. One of usbis struggling. Do you really need a stranger on the internet to refer you to a dictionary?

  25. Three People Killed In Fresno Shooting Spree; Shooter Screamed “Allahu Akbar”, Hated “White People”
    keep it up motherfuckers..another straw..

  26. S.O.P. of the S.P.L.C, they did the same to Aryan Nations in Idaho. They sue the individuals or organizations they think will/are really dangerous; and of course the sue is successful (thanks to some black or jewish judge) and those individuals and organizations end broke and in misery.
    Anglin is reaching vast numbers of people through a wise mix of trolling and political analysis at the DS, and those people are radicalizing every day; he is literally waking people….and that scares the enemy.

  27. If I hate on blacks, then I’m racist.
    If I hate on Latinos, then I’m racist.
    If I hate on Asians, then I’m racist.
    But if I hate on Jews, then I’m anti-Semetic. Amazing how the Jews have their own special word that defines hate against them, as if it’s degrees worse to hate on them than on other groups.
    Where’s the equality at? Is it not as bad to be racist against blacks than it is against Jews?

    1. Well, because Judaism isn’t necessarily a race, but more of a religion.
      And before anybody jumps on me, I know Polish Catholics who converted to Judaism to marry some broad. They didn’t change their DNA, pretty sure they’re still of Slavic stock.
      To call Judaism a race one would also have to call Islam a race. It doesn’t quite fly.

      1. But Semite refers to an ethnic group, so they should figure out their own terminology.
        They should just call it Judeophobia so the Islamophobes have someone to hang out with.

        1. Right, I know. That was kind of my point. It’s like calling being anti-Norse Mythology “Daneophobia”

        2. The filthy kikes are a race though. They are a multi-ethnic race with their own set of evolutionary traits.
          There is a book called Culture of Critique which outlines their group cohesion based on ethnicity and their evolutionary traits.

      2. true….but there’s no word for hate against Christianity or hate against Hinduism. But I guess the Muslims got a new word for them, thanks to the liberals, “Islamaphobia”. Seems a bit silly as it’s not really a phobia

      3. False. Jews sub-race within the Caucasian gene pool. Jew DNA is easily identified via testing. Israel uses it often to make sure no non-Jews are given citizenship.

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