The Battle Of Berkeley Signals The Arrival Of A True Right-Wing Movement

This past weekend, antifascist “antifa” groups attacked a peaceful Trump rally in Berkeley California. The goal of the antifa attack was to deprive these Trump supporters of their constitutional right of assembly. In the past, conservatives relied exclusively on law enforcement to protect them. For whatever reason, the Berkeley police did nothing. That left the Trump supporters with an option—turn tail and run, or fight against the antifa. Unlike their conservative predecessors who would have retreated, the young men of a new nationalist movement took the fight back to the antifa, and scored a historic victory.

But what is the significance of the Battle of Berkeley, and what is coming in the future?

1. The US now has a real right-wing movement

Up until recently, the US didn’t have a true right-wing movement. Yes, we had the Conservative Movement, but this movement is more accurately described as a more moderate version of the progressive movement. The conservatism of today is the liberalism of ten years ago. A true right-wing movement aims not just to preserve what still remains, but to rollback progressivism.

The Berkeley protest demonstrates that a right-wing movement has formed and that it is large enough to muster a significant force to takeover a city that has been a Leftist stronghold for decades. Those who want to downplay this movement in the hope that it will quietly dissipate are engaging in dangerous wishful thinking.

2. Men are now willing to stand up—literally—for what they believe

Old school conservatives like to pride themselves on how they’ve stood “athwart history” but everything has been done from a distance. Yes, conservatives are willing to attend patriotic speeches, listen to talk radio, and even donate to all-talk, no-action “true conservatives,” but they’ve been unwilling to stand up to Leftists in reality.

A recent example of conservative impotence transpired at Middlebury College. Dr. Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, was invited to speak by a small group of students. As a concession to their liberal classmates, the students even invited a liberal professor to grill Dr. Murray—a concession the Left never makes to conservatives. Despite the concession, Leftist students shouted Murray down so that he had to flee. Murray’s conservative supporters have no recourse but to sputter in rage on social media.

Sputtering impotence is nothing new to conservatives. Think about it: the Conservative Movement let all of Western civilization get destroyed in the last 50 years. Can you think of one time that conservatives physically stood up for their beliefs? Can you name one time when conservatives shut down a Leftist protest?

The new Right, whatever its other weaknesses may be, is made up of young men who are willing to stand up for what they believe, even if that means literally fighting for it.

3. The Right can match Leftist organizing

The Left in the US has always been well-funded and organized. The role of Soros and other big donors in fomenting Leftist dissension is legendary. Even back in the 60s and 70s, groups such as the Weathermen were financed by wealthy liberals. While the conservative movement is well-funded, the new right-wing is not. Yet, dozens of right-wing groups ranging from the alt-Right, militia groups, veterans, and Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys were able to mobilize quickly and counter the best that the Left had to offer.

4. The right wing is not dependent on Trump

While the reason for the protest was in support of Trump, it’s apparent that the Right is bigger than Trump. The Never Trump crowd was fueled by the fantasy that if they could just defeat Trump, the alt Right would disappear and its members would go back to voting for do-nothing conservatives like Marco Rubio. This idea was always wrong. Trump galvanized the Right, but he didn’t create it. It formed naturally as a reaction to stagnant wages, poor job market, and replacement level immigration. The real core of the Right is nationalism.

The Right has no single leader. This is a strength for the time being because the movement cannot be squashed by taking away the platform of a single person. This is what the elite attempted by booting Milo from Twitter and attacking Richard Spencer in the press. Neither did anything to stop the rise of the Right.

5. The Antifa and the Right have dehumanized each other

The hippie girl who was punched at the battle of Berkeley posted in her Facebook that she was looking forward to taking “100 Nazi scalps.” To her, the nationalists are not fellow Americans who are entitled to an opinion. They are subhumans who don’t deserve to exist.

On the flipside, there is no love for the antifa on the Right. A young man who was stabbed by the antifa wrote: “At long last I fulfilled my dream of beating the s**t out of Communists.” The polarization between the Left and Right has reached a fever pitch. This is not going to be resolved by a compromise. Something will have to give.

6. Expect increasing violence

It is important to state that the instigators of the violence were the antifa. The Trump march would have remained a peaceful protest if the antifa had not attacked. The only difference was that the Right was ready to defend.

The antifa are not going to give up so easily. They will be back. They’ve already resorted to pepper spray and stabbing. There is no reason to believe they will not escalate the violence in future clashes. If you plan to go to a pro-Trump march or support a right-wing speaker, realize that you may be putting your health or life on the line.

By the way gents, I am certain the antifa will want to take vengeance upon nationalist women for the punching of the antifa hippie girl. Best to leave your wife or girlfriend at home.


The future belongs to those who are willing to fight for it. —@faith_heritage

I’ve never been an advocate of political violence but the Left is making peaceful assembly impossible. In this case, we have a right—even an obligation—to defend ourselves. There is risk but those who live through it will be able to tell their grandchildren how they defeated the antifa.

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415 thoughts on “The Battle Of Berkeley Signals The Arrival Of A True Right-Wing Movement”

    1. Actually, for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my countrymen. I may be growing disgusted with my country as its manifold corruptions are being exposed, but at the Battle of Berkeley (which may mark the start of the civil war I’ve been fearing and predicting) my fellow Americans stood against the enemies of freedom and civilization and drove them back.
      It was better than hearing about the MOAB (which, politics aside, is a really cool bomb), and that had me smiling for a full day.

      1. You are not alone. There are a lot more than you may think on the other side of the pond (where I am) who feel very proud of the guys who stood up to the antifa blackshirts at Berkeley (incidentally, can I start a meme always calling them ‘antifa blackshirts’, it is pretty accurate, since their tactics mimic those of the blackshirts and the sturmabteilung).
        Someone on some comment board said that there was no violence at left-wing demonstrations, but always violence at right-wing ones, implying that this made the right ‘nazis’. But of course it shows the opposite. When the left goes on a demonstration, the right thinks they have every right to do so, even if they disagree, so there is no violence. When the right have a demonstration, the left thinks they have the right to violently shut it down. It was inevitable that eventually decent people would have enough of it and start fighting back. Beware, though, in Germany, antifa resorted to molotov cocktails against the police (who did at least move against them).
        When someone sides with people who are not citizens of your country, who often do harm to your country, is this not the definition of a traitor? The West has a great many traitors in its ranks now.

  1. It’s the Left’s own fault, as always.
    Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon” describes how the Right has always been (how sane, orderly people always are in a peaceful country). We have taken all manner of abuses in our stride, but they’ve just kept pushing.
    Finally, as I predicted a few years ago, the people are growing sick of it. The constant revision of our histories and core philosophies, the denigration of reason, the hatred for all civilization, and the violence have escalated too far. We’ve watched the weakest and most cowardly people on this continent wage war with us, and we’ve just had it.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.</blockquote

    1. Another Kipling quote:
      “east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet”
      might as well be
      “left is left and right is right and never the twain shall meet”
      they represent diametrically opposed, incompatible thought systems

    1. “When we move to the arena of violence, the most brutal guys win”
      The question arises, “when violence does come, who will fight harder, those who are fighting for their homes, their families, and their freedom, or those who are fighting to allow trannies into women’s bathrooms?”

      1. I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve

        – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, 1941
        …why are there so few Tora! Tora! Tora! videos on YouTube…

        1. Thus proving my longstanding theory that you can’t find a sushi bar open for lunch on Saturday because the chefs are all orthodox Jews.

        2. I was waiting for someone to get it. Man, I am bringing A game and it is going whoosh right over people’s heads.

      2. Yep. It’s not even a contest with regard to motivation. Who wants to go to the wall for trannies?

      3. now slow down there cowboy…if these bathroom right involve me being able to use the woman’s steam room at my gym then I think you are in for a serious throw down.

        1. They are requiring you to wear a dress to go in. …..Maybe we should push for a compromise and forget the dress.

        2. btw, seriously, regarding gym locker rooms. The reason for the separation of men and women’s locker rooms is so that people can get changed and showered etc without getting sexual attention. That is fine. But I contend that if they are going to led sodomites into the mens room we might as well just throw the whole concept out altogether and make one extra large room for everyone.

        3. You are seeing more and more “family lockers” which will be more expensive, but solve the question.

        4. sadly my gym has a policy about not letting people with dicks in the ladies rom.

      1. That was the ACLU, but those days are gone. Now the ACLU is a dues paying member of the CTRL-Left. They haven’t stood for principle for quite some time.

  2. Violence begets violence and since the left knowing they are on the losing side of history has chosen violence in a last ditch effort to hold onto what they have done and advance they are now getting it in response.

  3. The emergence of the rightists in this fashion suggests the left pushed too far. Perhaps the rise of the ‘physical right’ might be satisfying in itself (I had no empathy for the chick that got clocked, for example), there are some longer term concerns.
    I agree, as stated in the article, escalation is a certainty. But does it take the form of bigger gatherings, more violence, and eventually, exchanges of gunfire? I’m not so sure. Perhaps an IRA type campaign of targeted bombings, assassinations of leaders on each extreme, and everyone getting labeled a domestic terrorist is the way it’ll unfold.
    If you concern yourself with things like constitutional protections and civil liberties, we might be entering a very uncertain era.

    1. It will get worse before it gets better. I fear civil war is brewing, the likes of which we’ve not seen in this nation before. It will not be two states clashing over independence, but neighbors turning on neighbors on the fields of our shared communities.
      I anticipate a rather swift resolution should things escalate so far (for one side has no arms, nor strategems, nor effective leadership), but once the blood starts to fall everything will change. Some will be unable to resist the call to war, and will become militant forces for one ideology or another. Others will seek to flood into the vacuums of war for personal gain, many of whom will be wicked men desirous of control. Those many who seek only to return to their homes and lives will likely find themselves beset on all sides by these evils.
      Missionaries and visionaries desirous of peace, prepare yourselves. In such a time of chaos and upheaval, hearts and minds will be vulnerable, and we must be prepared to protect them from the spiritual forces of darkness.

      1. I don’t think it will be a full out war. Shots fired, yes. Armies mobilized? No. They need us, they know that. As warped as they are, they are our countrymen. We have no need to kill them en masse. Once they realize they pushed too far, they will back off, and the political climate will change.

        1. Kent State took the starch out of their shorts in the 60’s, similar to how you describe. I’m a bit worried though that today they are full zombie lost, whereas Kent State all of those smelly hippies at least grew up as normal kids with a good foundation of education under their belts and recognized that they were outgunned.

        2. One big change politically would be to decrease this funding for leftism. Welfare, public education, food stamps, divorce rape, all of it. They have gotten the power and packing they have because of the money flow.

        3. I need to reconcile their hijacking of what once was a respectable mainstream opposition party before completely accepting this. The rank-and-file Democrats don’t seem to realize the type of extremism infesting the leadership. The last DNC chair election featured Tom Perez
          vs. Keith Ellison, for crying out loud!

        4. They’ve been trying to brew a civil war for a while, and the idiot kids are dumb enough to keep going long after they should have realized they cannot possibly have a happy ending.
          BLM and antifa are factions of fourth-generation warfare. They’re driven by ideology – nay, religious fervor – and they are not bound to states or governments. They are a people without reason or hope, and so they see little recourse but violence. They are, quite frankly, children of their father the Devil.
          The civil war I foresee is one where these people, wherever they are, wage aggression against their countrymen. In turn, their countrymen fight back, and so largely leaderless battles are fought all over without particular thought to strategy or tactics.
          Now, all this could change. The leftists could organize (though, being creatures of chaos and wickedness, I doubt it would be very effective), and so could the right. Militias could be organized and deployed by clever generals. Foreign powers could get involved on various sides and escalate things. I just don’t think that’s as likely as a bunch of escalating and chaotic brawls.

        5. There are some people dumb enough to continue the push, but nowhere the numbers necessary to wage a war.

        6. You’re thinking in terms of the large-scale conflicts of the West in living memory. If you scale out a bit, you find that a great many wars involve small factions.
          Mao Zedong’s forces numbered in the thousands for the first decades of his campaigns, and only after WWII did it begin to number in the millions.
          The Spartan armies never numbered more than a few thousand men.
          The many wars of the Americas prior to European occupation were waged between hundreds.
          The Vikings, Scots, and other clan cultures of Europe would wage wars with anywhere from dozens to thousands of men.
          Even today, the militants of the Middle East are vastly outnumbered by those they oppose.

        7. Well, I can’t speak for other right wingers here, but my neighbors and I have…agreements…in place should the govt. decide to come knocking on the door for guns. Or Tyrone from the inner city.

        8. I’ve got tacit agreements with the ex-military men and bikers where I live, as well. It’s just what we must do to protect one another from the many dangers still present in the world, even in a relatively peaceful country like ours.

        9. Those too actually. There’s a lot of loose organization starting to form. I started entering into…talks…with others right around the time of that first rancher standoff. I think that was about the time when we started to grok that we need to start getting our house in order internally. Watching the Fed back down before those guns was a very empowering moment.

        10. When I first heard “Make America Great Again,” I didn’t hear an election slogan. What I heard was a call to all Americans to do whatever is necessary and within our power to improve our own lots in life.
          If that means that we must one day go to war to preserve our lives, liberties, and properties, then go to war we must. If it never gets that bad and it simply means we must organize to clean our streets, manage our communities, and protect from stray dogs and wild animals, then that is what we must do.
          We the people. It has always been about us, from the very beginning.

        11. I dont agree
          Communists spent100 years setting up.
          Not going to quite over one useful idiot getting punched

        12. There’s a chance – it could happen. Doubt, yes. A chance – be cautious. If the mentally deranged decide to test the armed average man – the basic man will shoot and prevail. He’s disciplined, has god, family, friends and home to fight for as his ideology. As apposed to the ideologies of social change/justice. His are more basic…fundamental. What he sees in his vision..his eyes are not laws of bathrooms with men and women on them or of cops pulling him over. The basic man, sees children, hearth, home governed by nonsense common law. Pit what the basic man and woman want against social justice envisioned ideologies and one side bears fruit stays and the other fades. Be it by better grounding and talk, or by bullets. One side will be as true as it ever was. Unyielding in its need to serve family and community and self over a fringe concocted takeover.

        13. “BLM and antifa are factions of fourth-generation warfare. ”
          Well said. Very few people reference 4th generation warfare as a framework for understanding a lot of the conflicts going on in the world.
          It is very clear that the muslim invasion of Europe is a 4th gen conflict, for instance. The foolish left liberals in the EU can’t be bothered to go do some reading on the topic.

        14. That’s because the world’s population was tiny in the pre-industrial age. Given the industrial revolution and agricultural techniques aided by fertilizers, the population took off exponentially.
          Apples and oranges.

        15. Now, I will grant you that our ancestors lived in a less populous world, and usually in less populated cultural groups, but the principle of the thing stands. A war does not necessitate massive powers colliding in massive arenas with modern weaponry.
          When two groups of people engage in long-term hostilities with regular engagements, it is a war. Whether the combatants be the Axis and Allies, or North and South Korea, or the Crips and the Bloods, it is a war.
          …actually, come to think of it, there are examples of very short wars with few combatants. There was that one war in New Zealand that lasted 16 minutes, IIRC.

      2. We have seen serious “civil war” in this country not that long ago (in the overall scheme of things). Without going through the history texts (many of which are intentionally biased) it serves one well to read Gone With the Wind, if you have not done so. It’s a very accurate description of how this type of internal war plays out. With modern weaponry and surveillance equipment it will be far worse as you’ve stated. You’re point of many answering the call of war is also on point. The polarization will gel and young men (and women?) on both sides, that KNOW full well that their way is the RIGHT WAY will be eager to kill each other. And many of the survivors will come out of it without homes or lives to return to. History bears out time after time that we as a species never seem to learn anything from history.

  4. It’s important to protect yourself at these clashes:
    1. Helmets: construction, motorcycle, or football – anything is better than nothing
    2. Goggles: protect your eyes from sticks, rocks, spit etc. Get prescription goggles if need be

    1. Since I had my Lasik I’m overcautious when it comes to my eyes because I have this corneal flap on both eyes that NEVER fully heals (it’s only held by adhesion). My surgeon told me that it would fully recover perfectly fine in just a month – a total lie – if I wasn’t living in germany I’d file a lawsuit but in germany only the culprits are protected – there is no prospect of a victory.
      I would wear three Goggles at the same time.
      Lasik in general is the worst decision ever but considering that a punch in your eye can be a reason for a cornea transplant makes it even worse than the worst….

    2. Even a bicycle helmet: forget about how it looks. These fuckers will be throwing rocks and bottles and punches

    3. A full-face motorcycle helmet would do the trick. They can be had for less than $50, if you don’t care about wicked artwork.
      I’d actually recommend a full assortment of motorcycle armor. The gloves would shield your hands from damages, the pants would protect from low blows and minor explosives like they used at Berkeley, and the body armor sort of speaks for itself.
      Unless the left escalates to munitions, though, it’s best to keep your sidearms ready but unused. We’re all better off if they can be driven off with martial combat like the soldiers of old.

      1. Yes: even paintball gear will work – be creative – you can find plenty of safety gear at Walmart or Home Depot

      2. No guns at the front, gentlemen. If you go into the streets for a group action with a firearm, consider yourself an intervention of last resort. Leave the fight to those without guns, unless confronted with mortal danger.

      3. Not the best for peripheral vision though. The rest of motorbike gear is A*, especially the Kevlar gear.

        1. Ideally, the motorcycle helmet would be best employed in a battle formation of some sort to minimize that drawback. Maybe a phalanx, or a hollow square, or something of the sort.

    4. Bicycle helmets..
      Snowboarding /skate helmets
      Mouthpiece like a football player would wear…
      Full cage hockey helmet ( like what college hockey players use…)
      Motocross/ Mountain biking body armor (elbow pads etc..)

    5. Did you see Lauryn Southerns gas mask/ air filter mask? It looked ideal for a fight, nice and lightweight.

      1. I did see it – it looks like a painting mask to my eye. Not sure that could protect anybody from gas. Pretty sure your girl was just accessorizing.

    6. heard on YouTube from “Based Stickman ” hisself he uses a baseball batters helmet cause it has ear holes so allowing hearing…

      1. “Unity” bought with secret police, dungeons, the slaughter of Christians, and the erasure of German tradition.
        I don’t have to admire shit.

        1. None of the people present had a gun pointed to their heads. At that time, an overwhelming majority of the German public
          genuinely believed in Hitler. I don’t agree with everything he did, but he did successfully unite his people.

        2. Except for all the people with guns to their heads, not least his own party members (Night of the Long Knives).
          The NSDAP used mob violence to goon people the whole time. The unity they did achieve was the unity of a criminal enterprise.
          Even their opposition to communism was the opposition of rivals not enemies. The reddest parts of Germany became the brownest. They used leftist imagery (red flags, use of the word revolution), tactics (destruction or co option of traditional institutions), and aims (collectivism and socialism).
          The resistance to Hitler and opposition to Hitler came from the remnants of old Germany, from Stauffenberg to Juenger.
          The facts have to be the facts, including moral facts. Just because the left makes a show of opposing something doesn’t make it automatically good. There was nothing redeeming about a movement that began and ended in murder and destroyed the German nation.

        3. Hitler’s popular support was never particularly high. Certainly not to the level that you suggest. A lot of people preferred them to the prospect of a communist uprising (e.g., bolsheviks killing christians).

        4. I agree, Hitler and the National Socialist movement were disastrous for Germany. In a few short years they ended up losing millions of people, and having their country partitioned into two. Anyone who invades Russia by land is a fool, by the way.

        5. National Sozialistischen Arbeiter partei, as left wing as they come, occupied East European countries could not tell the difference between German and Russian insignia so close were they…

      2. Say what you will about the tenets of national socialism….
        but they sure knew how to put on a pageant!!!

    1. I find it strange that fascism has such a bad reputation when communism has claimed a lot more lives. Anyone calling themselves a fascist runs the risk of being jailed, but you find many people proudly proclaiming their communist loyalties.

  5. This is not going to be resolved by a compromise. Something will have to give.

    Right wing – independent and make their own money and have a work ethic
    Left wing – Couldn’t effectively run a lemonade stand on a street corner, usually dependent on handouts
    Right wing – armed to the teeth with actual real and scary firepower
    Left wing – iPhones at the ready!
    Right wing – corn fed country boys, steely eyed aggressive businessmen, testosterone laden gym guys, and men who have served in the military and now, thanks to Trump, union guys.
    Left wing – hipsters and skinny jeans and clown haired fat chicks.
    Yeah, I think I’m ok with things finally giving.

      1. For the life of me I don’t get why they wanted to provoke us into violence for so long. This is not a winning ordeal for them. No matter who they have backing them, they lose, every scenario outside of “nuke the entire nation out of existence” which, I’m told, doesn’t benefit them either.

        1. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is true. They own the cops. They own state and federal prosecutors officies. Ultimately, they own the military (even if we own Ex/retired military). Not only are they the mainstream media, but they have their fingers on the kill switch for the alternative media (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc.).
          We are fighting now. But, we are still the underdogs. And, I expect that if the violence escalates, it won’t be the scummy looking protesters that we face. It will be the true Soros shock troops: politicians and lawyers, with the power to castrate a movement. Prepare for counterattack.

        2. The military are mostly our sons, and polls across the Marines and Special Forces show them almost to a man willing to turn on the U.S. if they decided to declare war on the citizenry. When you have the United States Mortherfucking Marine Corps on your side, you win. Except in VietNam.
          The lawyers/judges stuff true, for now, but that’s all pre-engagement gear up legalities. The Founders had to run from city to city too until shit got real.
          The way I see it, we have roughly 300 million people. Of those, 1/3 are children and really old people and felons, 1/3 are non-gun owners and 1/3 are gun owners. Kids and old people aren’t even a consideration for either side. That leaves a 1:1 parity with civilians, many of whom may even be on our side philosophically (or…not) but they’re unarmed. And I’m not really worried about a uniformed force of 1.47 million that can’t use nukes on us and who wear uniforms while us 110 million armed types, are “invisible” and “look like everybody else”. Hell, our military has problems against freaking goat herders in Afghanistan, imagine 1 out of every 2 people you look at having a gun with them and you don’t have a way to tell until its too late.
          Then there’s logistics. Who cares about social media if groups of determined men can take out entire city grids via our weak infrastructure?

        3. I wish that I shared your optimism. I don’t think that rank-and-file military would readily turn their guns against civilians. But, the cops absolutely will. Both the unionized metropolitan police, and Federal law-enforcement. Prosecutions will be punitive in nature. Damage done by cops will heal – damage done by lawyers will be lasting and long-term.
          I also think that social media is absolutely vital to indoctrinating, organizing, and retaining the millennial’s. We never could have reached that generation in the first place without it. We will never keep them without it– and that cuts across all walks of life. The Internet is more essential infrastructure then the local water treatment facility.

        4. Cops, sure, agree. Know what? They live right next door to us with their families.
          And I don’t see a slow burn that will allow too many “trials” to occur. The Left keeps agitating and then a few Right get prosecuted for self defense, guaranteed that will pour gasoline on the fire.
          As to water, I challenge you to go a week without it. Social media is important, but you’re not going to last three days straight without anything to drink.

        5. Because they’re completely unable to distinguish fantasy from reality. Think about how much of their favorite media franchises like Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and the like show a band of plucky heroes standing up to oppressive racists and winning with none of the hard work or reality of violence shown. They’ve never even been in a fight so unlike us their only exposure to violence is simulated violence.
          So basically they understand violence about as well as an incel porn addict understands sex.

        6. Funny thing, is that one lefty show actually got things more or less right when the Doctor loses his cool and just lays into a character who wants to start a war of “resisting oppression”.

        7. “The cops are next door with their families.”
          Do you have the teams, intelligence, and logistics to exploit that fact? Because in any coup situation, speed is of the essence. If you aren’t ready to go first, they will be.

    1. “Left wing – iPhones at the ready!”
      True…but sometimes the pen (video/audio) is mightier than the sword (or gun). It’s the only legit weapon they have, but it should be respected- e.g. don’t be stupid when you know cameras are rolling.

      1. We’re already to the point of violence and it’s escalating. The pen, at this point in time, is becoming pointless. Every smear piece they write on us is just used to fuel the fire on our side I think.

        1. You’re not wrong. The MSM is fading rapidly in influence and from all accounts, in this Berkely Battle, Antifa deliberately pushed their women to the front of the line in the hopes that “Nazi’s” would attack one of them and thus Antifa would get the PR coup.
          Unfortunately for them, it completely backfired and almost every comment I have seen and all people that I know, fully back the guy who punched the hairy skank.
          We on the right still have to mindful of “optics” though…one retard, doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, could sway a lot of opinions and thus momentum.

        2. I love how more angles on that infamous punch have emerged. Her hands were at his throat when the blow connected, and there’s a shot that suggests she may have had a bottle or something in her hand.
          Of course, it is not in the interests of the government media to show those images, but the Internet has once again illuminated the situation as fully as possible.

        3. “The pen…is becoming pointless”
          That is precisely what happens when lies are discovered repeatedly.

        1. Who cares what the fuck the “Assifa girl” admits ! Today the Assifa admints, tomorrow the same Assifa rejects and calls us Sexists !!

    2. reminds me of a spat between a husband and nagging wife. 9/10 times, the wife will be the one yelling, screaming, and throwing fits. But, we all know where the real power is. Problem is, the husband is typically too good natured to deal with it and loses respect as a consequence. Time to take back that respect.

      1. “You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” – Al Capone

        1. Speak softly and carry a big stick. You will go far.
          – West African proverb paraphrased by Teddy Roosevelt.

        1. Amen. Cuckolding hippie fools who want the dindu’s can go live on the savannah and paint leopard spots on their back, and maybe national geographic can catch footage of them being hounded by spears and nets.

        1. yours has a sense of honor or dignity (in the stance and action) i can’t find in any guys pictured in mine

        2. I was referring to the dog, of course lol. To be honest, that dog has more spine than any of those “men”.

        1. I would feel totally safe in the bet that more than 70% of the OWS people in zuccotti park were just there to get high and hook up. They don’t have much else going on in their lives and this gave it purpose. However, you can’t pin it all on the left. At the very extreme ends of the left and the right are lunatics who are larping a revolution and they are absolutely all the same regardless of what side they are being nuts for. Totally useless shits on both sides at that extreme level if you ask the kneeman.

        2. How can you look at their faces? Their identifying characteristic is wearing masks. Who is stupid enough to think the good guys are the ones that feel they have to hide their faces. I know, never underestimate the stupidity of the American public.

        3. Right, mostly. The problem is that we are seeing violent strike backs at the Left now, increasingly. They overplayed their hand and I think got a lot of otherwise normal people fired up. Lots of us out here aren’t fond of being so blatantly pushed around like has happened the last 10 years or so.
          The extremes on both sides are lunatics, but the average guy is probably not prone to sit down anymore when Carol Clownhair and Henri Hipster start getting in people’s grill.

        4. I would hope, however, that the average guy isn’t going specifically out of his way to get in the way of Carol Clown Hair and Henri Hipster. Yes, Joe Everybody is no longer going to sit and take it on the chin when Carol and Henri show up and get in his face (we saw that here during OWS where people, myself included, simply were not having it when these hipster fucks tried to do things like hold up the rush hour trains…..I saw or was personally involved with intimidating a good number of them to drop their fucking shenanigans and let real men get to work). However, when Joe Everybody shows up at a Black Lives Matters or whatever idiot group protest and goes out of his way to interject himself then Joe Everybody joins the small percentage of guys I don’t give a fuck about.

        5. That’s where I’m going with this. It’s galvanized a lot of people, it’s not just the fringe types any longer. I know that going out of your way to cause trouble isn’t the right thing to do, but more and more on the right are getting their war face on, or are about to. Whether it’s the wrong thing to do, at this point, no longer even registers with them. And the more incidents we have like this and that other one where some Antifa fucks got beaten shitless, the more it emboldens more on the right to stand up and decide to take the rifle down from the mantel and get into politics.
          I’m not agreeing with them specifically, I’m just telling you what mindset is going on these days. When you can whip up on Leftists in their very den, you get a lot of people saying “Well fuck yeah, about time” and maybe figuring on joining in the fray.
          You know, end of the day, it really wouldn’t bother me if everytime a Leftist lipped off, he was punched. They really have been in need of a correction for a long time now. Maybe things like this will cool their jets. That’s all they have to do, just sit down and shut up for a couple of years and all this anger just dissipates. But I don’t think that they’re smart enough for that honestly.

        6. ah, i was talking about the specimens on that picture only (especialy the one in the center, he looks like a crack addict with a disguting face and horrid frail body), not in general.

        7. how many days until the deep state unleashes one of their mind controlled crazy shooter in a Trump state ?

        8. Dunno. Since almost all Trump states have legal carry, I’m thinking it might be a big mistake, unless they assure that he’s in a “gun free zone”.

        9. I get it and have no problem with it. The only time I have ever heard of antifa is from people talking about how terrible they are so for all I know they are imaginary. Probably not, but for all I know. It seems like a lot of larping on behalf of both the left and the right as you get in towards the extremes. I get middle of the road guys just not taking shit anymore when it comes to town…..that is not just good, that is a great thing. But yeah, the second someone goes out looking for it they become the herd that Nietzsche talks about. The world would probably be a lot better if you took the most extreme 20% on the left and the most extreme 20% on the right put them all in one big group and found a really huge canon to just put an end to all the nonsense so the rest of us can remove it as an issue and go on with out lives.

        10. it was great. The coordinated train stoppings were a hilarious failure because each and every hipster wound up with someone like me tossing them the fuck off the train. THe only thing funnier was when they “disrupted global trade”
          A buddy of mine is a floor trader. Not sure if you ever met these guys, but they have the kind of focus you expect in special forces dudes. They are under insane amounts of pressure and going at 100% all day and never trip up. ANyway, OWS decided they were going to disrupt trade by making a huge drum circle outside the stock exchange to distract the traders. My buddy was great. He said “when the south tower collapsed about 200 yards away we hardly noticed and when the north tower went down the national guard had to pull us away from work and these hippy cunts thought a drum circle was going to slow down trade”

        11. Larping, to me, is mostly harmless. It’s steam and it’s online and big deal. My only concern are the bussed in Leftists who are professional agitators and rioters. These are the kind of people are going to get increasingly hurt, which is fine and all. Generally, the Right doesn’t bus anybody anywhere as far as confrontations go, so my assumption is that for the two events thus far, these are local community guys from the Right. Dunno.
          I do know that if the left doesn’t cool its heels, it’s going to start getting really ungly in a way that their V for Victory masks and pepper spray won’t help.

        12. absolutely, if a bus of these morons pulls up I have no qualms asking them to leave in a quite uncivilized manner. It is when they announce they will be somewhere and the anti protesters show up that I don’t get. Two very different situations. You are driving your car home and there is a protest where they are blocking your road. I am fine with you running them down, backing up to make sure they stay that way, and then continuing on your way without breaking rhythm in your whistling. Situation 2: it is announced that BLM with be in X space to chant and be morons and some well meaning right winger show sup to yell they are all a bunch of dick faces. At that point I am fine with the well meaning right winger getting curb stomped.

        13. Probably should have used another group. BLM shows up and burns shit down and turns over cars and hurts people right out the gate whether there’s opposition or not. If they showed up in Cbus, well, Cbus is a nice clean orderly city and there’s no reason to let them chimp out and destroy fifty city blocks like that. Back when they threatened to show up in Cbus last fall a whole bunch of bikers took “peacekeeping” rides up and down the streets. No name calling, no flipping them off, just driving *real* slow and watching them. Seemed appropriate to me, nobody burned anything except Marlboros in Cbus on that day.
          Now some OWS types or whatever, yeah, sure, all they’ll do is shit on the sidewalks and fuck really ugly chicks in the park while high and chant silly socialist slogans. I don’t give a rot about those types.
          I know what you’re saying, and agree, but this is becoming “woulda shoulda coulda”. I’m not arguing your point, I’m just saying, here’s what’s going to happen more, and here’s why.
          And all the Left needs to do, is just sit down for a bit, poof, problem solved.

        14. When OWS was at its peak, I was just starting my doctoral program. Certain of my professors thought that the protesters were essentially mini versions of John the Baptist, preparing the way of the Lord – Elizabeth Warren.

        15. BLM had a protest here and it stayed peaceful. Just a lot of yelling. My general thinking is that if there is dynamite in a room you should probably keep matches out. If those motorcycle riders were cordial and just “peacekeeping” whatever that is, great. ANd id nothing bad happened even better. But if a riot broke out and people on both sides were killed I wouldn’t give one fuck about any of them from either side. And again, if there is a chimp out in Columbus or in Austin or in Miami or in wherever the people being effected by it ought to fight back. But if you are traveling just to get to the site and wind up in traction you get no pity here.
          There are loads of people with short fuses and high tension and groups on both sides are wound up tighter than a drum skin. Maybe if they all just killed each other and let moderate people go back to the business of going to work, making money and enjoying life without all the political nonsense we would all be a whole lot better.
          My biggest problem is that I think too many people on both the left and the right are enjoying this. There is a certain existential disenfranchisement in the 21st century and people are generally feeling without purpose and as such are inventing bullshit purposes like black lives matter or making America great again. It seems to me that the world would be better served if everyone who spends any significant time thinking about this nonsense would grow the fuck up.

        16. I think you nailed it with the “existential disenfranchisement” point: I’d bet a lot of these scrubs don’t have shit going on in their lives and putting on a mask and going to a rally makes them feel like they’re doing something worthwhile.

        17. a lot? I’d say almost all of them if not every last one…..and it goes for both sides, left and right.

        18. Brilliant.
          There is a reason these antics are confined to childrens play grounds (aka campus).
          A friend of mine was at OSU when the Gulf War kicked off. A bunch of hippies showed up to start an anti war demo just to be surrounded by people antagionstic to their cause. The state troopers had to form a circle around the hippies to protect them and safely get them off campus.

        19. lol I can see that now. Look, I don’t mind a little peaceful protest. I basically classify it in the same category as parades — annoying nonsense that is the price of living in a free society. If the OWS cunts want to go to the park and smoke pot and yell about how it is evil that the people they borrowed money from would like it back or whatever let them. But the very fucking second they started to make attempts at being inconvenient to decent citizens they were shut down. I personally knocked one asshole protester who was trying to hold the doors on the 6 train right on his ass and looked at him in a way that I feel even through the haze of pot and stupidity he knew that getting up was a bad fucking idea. I saw similar things happen before I even fully realized what they were.

        20. I agree and I am apathetic to what ever they whine about, but once they decide to f*ck with you–shut em down.

        21. We tried the peaceful “tea party” rallies almost a decade ago, after being lambasted in the media, it looks like we are left with few alternatives.

        22. Once it’s on, it’s on. At that point, you better pick your side.
          Hint: The people you agree with at least 60% of the time? Like it or not, that’s your side.

        23. Nah, the right response is relatively new. It’s a growning number of people who are finally sick and tired of the Left’s shit.

    3. Never underestimate your enemy. The Ctrl-Left is very well-funded, and it is supported by factions outside of the country that can push increasing levels of violence here without any repercussions. There are people within the Ctrl-Left tribe with actual experience in extremist political violence and terrorist activities. They have shown their willingness in the past to use these tactics against the government and other citizens of their country. They also put a significantly lower value on human life. Their emotionality, irrationality and lack of understanding of reality or consequences are all weaknesses, but these factors can also make them extremely dangerous if properly manipulated.

      1. Yes, they are well funded. I know that.
        Even if they have the full U.S. military on their side, which is 1.47 million (2012 numbers, probably lower now), most of those REMF’s, and if they ask in the entire Chinese military (est. 4 million), that’s 5.47 million against aproximate 110 million gun owners, 95% of whom are right wing.
        Yes, watch them carefully and yes they are essentially animals in the sense you describe, but I don’t see the odds ever in their favor no matter what, ultimately. The minute they start bombing grandmas living in subdivisions to “make a point” they become nothing more than game to be hunted.

        1. Look at that poor fucker’s face… all dignity gone, with his asshole winking at the sky.
          Anybody who is sniped and killed by that crew is among the dishonored dead and may not enter Valhalla.

        2. doesn’t even make sense. The guy is still going to be jiggling his ass, no matter how hard he tries to hold still. It would take far more time to do that than just get down to prone position.

        3. third member of the team will stop ass giggling by inserting his cock in to keep him there.

        4. I am pretty sure that makin’ dat azz jiggle it’s kind of the point of this exercise.

        5. We shouldn’t assume that the U.S. military would side with the Establishment in such a conflict. The last time there was a major schism in America, pretty much all the good Generals joined the rebels. Even when one was offered command of the entire Army, he still chose to join the rebellion.
          Mattis could become the second civil war’s Robert E. Lee, except he’ll win.

        6. It is a different world now. Many Generals are zionist dupes who would gladly start the Armageddon process. The situation is, as bad as the politicians are, many are restraining the rabid lunatic military brass, such as Bilderberg member Gen David Petraeus who had his wings clipped by Obama.

        7. Yea but just like the old days the enemy will still have all the firepower, manpower, and money. We will be standing out there with our deer rifles ready to do battle like gentlemen when the drones come over the horizon and blast us with 50 caliber machine guns.
          My great great confederate grandfathers will no doubt be shaking their heads knowingly in heaven at least they will welcome me with open arms I guess.

        8. You don’t think the defectors are going to leave behind/not sabotage all that high tech hardware, do you?

        1. They will not change their tactic of violence. They will escalate it.
          Then it’ll be open season on ’em.

      2. If I ever got severely injured by Antifa, I’d get out of hospital and then make a videotape of a couple of these antifa pieces of crap going slowly feet first into a woodchipper. VERY slowly. Because I’m a vengeful MFer.

    4. Right Wing – men with attractive wives they wish to protect
      Left Wing – cuckolds who go to protests on the promise of pussy from their ‘girlfriends’; come back and are friendzoned for not being man enough. They then transfer their sexual frustration onto real men, albeit through passive-aggression.

      1. It’s really hard to fear a group of life’s ultimate losers isn’t it?

    5. Yep. That sums it up.
      Add the fact right wing people actually have kids, and thus something to fight for

    6. Don’t underestimate the left’s ability to summon mindless hordes. This will not be a bloodless battle for the right. Even a lion can be killed by a pack of wild dogs.

    7. Don’t forget, the right wing also acquired “weaponized autism” as its most effective psyops asset.

    8. Leftists mock conservatives who go to college and major in degrees from the business school. But that shows that conservatives know how to plan their lives better; they use college to try to become employable right after graduation so that they can start making some decent money.

    9. There will be civil war and/or separation. Leftists will be instructed to report to their assigned oven lol.

    10. And the last thread that connects these lefty scrough to their control over institutions like the women’s advocacy/divorce rape industry cabal, over education, judiciary and media is strained to the limit. A good threshold of negatively affected westerners now have running shitlists in their heads of who needs pummeled. With red pill web stream now running full blast, no longer can they gaslight and cause the people to sleep or forget the ongoing destruction they push.

    11. “corn fed country boys, steely eyed aggressive businessmen, testosterone laden gym guys, and men who have served in the military and now, thanks to Trump, union guys.”
      This shows the true nature of a movement happening. Getting all these different men rallying together shows it’s deeper than some shill ideology. Getting the white union guys was key.

  6. We will see more reality-blind anti fascist chicks to come. They are about to get their game… check out the Battlefield II trailer. The final plot of Episode 9 will be Jedi are evil and almost destroyed the single greatest government for the people that ever existed. Rebels truly are scum!!!
    They even have the girl decked out in black and red. I mean come on… how much more obvious can it get?

  7. Watching nationalism rise in any nation warms my heart. There is something very inspiring in watching people take pride in their country.

      1. I went Adkins/Paleo years ago, I’m still not shooting anybody.

        1. You know, say what you will, but despite that whole “green” controversy, that stuff is pretty tasty.

  8. Now what you Americans really need is a unifying ideology. The right wing spectrum there is fragmentary: RightWingLibertarians, Nationalists, Constitutionalists, Militias, TeaParty, TrumpSupporters, AltRight, WhiteNationalists, etc.
    A ‘big tent’ ideology could unify those fractions without losing their particularities. Most of them agree with some basic points: immigration, guns, nationalism, even some basic racial aspects and a little bit of the JQ. If some of the intelligent people there create a ‘united front’ the right wing movement will be unstoppable.

  9. “The Berkeley protest demonstrates that a right-wing movement has formed and that it is large enough to muster a significant force to takeover a city that has been a Leftist stronghold for decades”
    While enough people might have showed up to “take over” Berkeley, it always has been and always will be a leftist shithole. This was just a street fight to which they had home field advantage.

  10. Apparently a right wing version of the National Lawyers Guild is in the process of forming. The giant is stirring in its sleep.

  11. If you take a step back and look at it, the “Battle of Berkeley” is a truly remarkable event that is receiving very little treatment as such by the mainstream media. Step back from your own personal knowledge of the war that has been brewing (and the skirmishes we have already seen) between the Ctrl-Left and the Alt-Right. Look at this for what it is.
    Two opposing political and cultural factions spent time and resources preparing themselves and organizing for physical battle. Personal body armor, weapons, explosive devices, supplies, communications, tactics, training, strategy. Both sides were mentally and physically prepared to inflict and receive violence.
    Watch the portions of the footage that show the mass conflicts — not necessarily the individuals groups of smaller confrontations, but the clips of swarms of people fighting in loosely organized groups deploying actual battle tactics.
    This is tribal warfare. The sole concession to something resembling civilized political discourse is the fact that bladed weapons and firearms were not used. While the level of violence was high enough to potentially result in lethal consequences, lethal force was not actively planned and inflicted.
    American tribes are fighting in the street over their political and cultural differences. The State sat back and watched. The State media has suppressed, discounted, underplayed, distorted and generally scoffed at the realities of the situation.
    This isn’t the first time we have seen political disputes lead to violence in the street. We have seen cultural disputes rise to the level of organized, even terroristic violence before.
    But this is an escalation in the current struggle. The Ctrl-Left has been playing by one set of rules for a long time, and the Alt-Right has only now stepped up to play by those same rules in a significant, organized and dedicated way.
    Regardless of which side might have won tactical victories in the various skirmished by the actual people fighting in the streets, the Alt-Right won the day in a strategic sense simply by leveling the playing field and responding in kind. In all likelihood, that will evoke a strategic response from the Ctrl-Left.
    Based on its prior pattern of behavior, it seems likely that the Ctrl-Left will double down and further escalate.

    1. I’m not convinced this is a good thing. What do you all think happens when guns are used for the first time in one of these fights, as is inevitable?

    2. like how u use ctrl-left and alt-rght- like its a computer program or something…key in the proper strokes, and look what happens

    3. Fundamentally, this battle was pointless.
      Antifa don’t fight, they shut normal people down. They go for just enough violence that small-business owners give way. Their tactics mirror the foraging and scorched-earth tactics of a raiding party, only on the political level.
      We may have dispersed their formations, but we didn’t drive them from the city or turn their retreat into a rout. We countered their tactics, but we haven’t realized their full power, and we won’t until we are also willing to use this direct intimidation for our own political goals.
      In the long run, we need to be prepared for a kind of gang warfare. The battle cannot be between large formations, but as attacks and counterattacks between individuals and small groups. We can’t be occupying the streets, we have to find these antifa, isolate them, and hit then while they’re unaware. That’s where things are going at least.

  12. Im not a trump supporter, alt-right/light, etc…but there is no doubt that the media narrative is against them. For every antifa fuck who gets what’s coming to them, I approve and am happy.

    1. What set Trump apart is FINALLY standing up to the name calling. Even if he turns out to be a mediocre president, he will go down as the guy who threw it back in the media’s face.

    1. And the guy punching her looked like he walked out of a 50s Straightest Crew Cut contest.
      It’s like watching symbols come to life and punch each other.

        1. hollywood will twist it around to him being a neonazi skin head who beats his pretty “innocent” wife and hates his mother.. typical white guy iow.

  13. Didnt Billy Kristol say something to the effect of “white working class males should lose their jobs to immigrants?” Oh well, I will always love him in Throw Momma From the Train and City Slickers

    1. That sounds like Bill Krystal… who is everything wrong with the “conservative” establishment.

        1. really? I worked with a Darrel Strawberry once- youre telling me he wasnt the baseball player too?

        2. Why he’d go all “y’all need to lose your jobs to immigrants” is beyond me. Maybe he was just fond of Andre the Giant and was saying it in his memory?

        3. If Andre the Giant and being a Lakers fan was your sum total experience with immigrants, you’d be pro-immigrant, too.

        4. There is a great book about the ’86 Mets called The Bad Guys Won. In it they recap the story where Darryl Strawberry Ran in from the outfield and took a swing at Keith Hernandez. There was a commentator who said “it was the first time he hit his cut off man all season” Oh man, I miss baseball.

        5. Was that the book when Gooden showed up at Kevin Mitchell’s house, and Mitchell was high on blow? His cat was annoying him, picked it up, RIPPED THE CATS HEAD OFF, tossed the two pieces aside, and continued watching tv or whatever?

        6. yessir. Also about how they were just doing mountains of coke and banging whores in the dug out between innings lol. Great title:
          The Bad Guys Won: A Season of Brawling, Boozing, Bimbo Chasing, and Championship Baseball with Straw, Doc, Mookie, Nails, the Kid, and the Rest of the … Put on a New York Uniform–and Maybe the Best
          It is a great read even if you aren’t a huge baseball fan but if you like baseball and especially if you are a mets fan it is absolutely necessary reading material

        7. Other than Carter, Teufel and Knight, everyone on that team was a real scumbag. And the skipper was a drunk.
          The Dykstra tell-all is supposed to be great too

        8. It was, I read it. Dykstra was my favorite. My lenny dykstra jersey that I got in 86 is, to this day, the only player jersey I ever bought. I got it after I was at a game where he dove for a ball and went directly through the left field wall. God I loved that team

        9. Bad guys is right!
          Remember Doc Gooden, Darryl Boston and Vince Colemen gang raping one of Dave Cone’s bimbos?

  14. The chick who got punched is allegedly a pr0n star called Emily Rose or Venus Rosales.
    EDIT: The memes are fantastic.

    1. Good, I think we can defeat a movement made out of porn stars, fatties, and the mentally feeble

    1. IT´s Modern Nickelodoen. Dib will be a SJW, homosexual or ZIM will fake a gay relationship or human transgenderism to fit in this degenerate society. But He is green a minority maybe the invader will take advantage of that.

        1. True, He quit because Nick wanted to change ZIM like they did with
          Spongebob where they made Homosexual Spongebob and Patrick, and both character were more dumb than early seasons. Just like Homer Simpson, He was considered not to bright but not an idiot but modern Simpsons he is a complete retard. Thank God Spongbob was cancelled. Now we have Beta cuck indoctrination cartoons. No wonder why 3 years old want to be girls. They all see in TV that being a boy is like being a leper, a dumb retard leper of course they would want to fit in and be the brave, smart and strong girls they see in TV, not the goofy retard boy character. Then his crazy mother will chop his penis and little Steven will become little Estela. Then he will commit suicide when older.

        2. Recommend one. it seems that all cartoon have some kind of feminist propaganda. all of them is girl saves the day script.

        3. Star Wars Rebels
          Rick and Morty
          Regular Show
          Voltron the Legendary Defender
          5th season of Samurai Jack currently running on Adult Swim
          Generator Rex
          Milo Murphy’s Law
          Golan the Insatiable
          F is for Family
          That’s just a few I quickly remebered from top of my head.
          I also reccomend Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie. They have great father/son chemistry.

        4. Star wars rebel too much go girlsm and in your face multiculturalism. Rick and Morty is not a kids show, the show is great for adults but I will not let my 7 years old watch it, damn, now I want that szechuan sauce, Regular show is for 30 something stoners with 80s nostalgia, i do not identify with the Seth Rogen type of person that the show is aim for, Samurai jack is ok. I don´t know the other show I will check them, thanks.

        5. Well, Star Wars Rebels went from this:

          to this:

          Also the third season ended with awesome mega battle between Empire and Rebels:

          And to top it all off this is the trailer for fourth season (the last one):

  15. Any violence that occurs from this point on can be laid square at the feet of the conservatives who refused to stand up for a damn thing.
    Smug, gutless, fatuous and corrupt.

    1. Wut?!
      I think the right was trying to play by the rules and do the right thing. Clearly that didn’t work, but blaming them for what the Left has become is a bit silly. Yes, they should have put their foot down sooner but we used to have this notion that “we’re all still Americans” that I don’t think that the right knew that the left had discarded until about 10 years ago or so.

      1. Everybody is responsible for their own actions. Buttmonkey blaming others for his behavior is typical of liberal cowardice.

      2. Exactly. It’s like the movie cliche of the terrorist threatening to murder someone if another person doesn’t give them what they want, and then telling the individual: “If you don’t give us what we want, and I kill the hostage, their blood is on YOUR HANDS!!!”
        Ummm…right. Pretty sure that the rag-head pulling the trigger on the AK-47 has all the blood on their hands.

      3. The right couldn’t put their foot down when the left owned, media, colleges, and hollywood. Trump turned the tables, this is the first time that the right has been able to crush the left since the 60s.

    2. I would have to agree to an extent, not unlike the feminists can be blamed on the white knights and manginas who betray their own kind in the hopes of a treat.

  16. I support political violence. Although I would have sided with Great Britain in the American Revolution, I find nothing inherently wrong with the violence utilized by the Continental Army, aside from the treasonous aspect.
    We have been indoctrinated in left-wing/progressive schools that “violence is never the answer” and “use your words.” Violence and non-violent negotiation are both conflict resolution tools, there really isn’t any real moral baggage attached to either from an objective point of view.
    Calling out the other side for “resorting to violence” is an effective political trick to de-legitimize your opponent.
    In truth, all power is held at the barrel of a gun or the blade of a sword. All the negotiation in the world means little if one side is willing to slay the other in order to get their way. Alfred the Great rightly used violence to achieve political ends: making sure England didn’t become Daneland. As did Charles Martel against the Muslims and Arthur Wellesley against the proto-SJW’s of the French Revolution.
    Utilizing force should not be a “last resort” or other flimsy excuses for failing to take up arms. Violence should be used when it is the most effective means of conflict resolution (and likewise with non-violent negotiation).
    Just use the appropriate fucking tool for the situation, and don’t let left-wing/progressive morality dictate how we resolve conflicts.
    As to whether the current situation would be best resolved by violence, I don’t quite know…yet. However, I am 100% certain of which side will prevail in such a (very bloody) war: the side that has the guns, training and will to use them.

    1. You’d side with Britain? Are you British? Have you read Thomas Paines Rights of Man? The American Revolution was the best of British (colonies) fighting the British nobility. America is the best thing British people have ever created.

      1. In hindsight, the U.S. has been a good thing. But in 1775, the colonies were paying less in taxes than the UK mainland was. And they were complaining about having to pay for a war that protected them from savage Indians and even worse, the French.

        1. Fair point. Perhaps if those colonists were given a voice in parliment, history would have been different.

        2. And *that* was the entire gist of all the discontent. I think that they knew that they had a decent life over here, but they were given literally no voice as proper Englishmen, all the while told to shoulder the responsibility of being an Englishman. And not to put too fine a point on it, but the French and Indian war was fought with American colonists just as it was with British, because we were all British at the time.

        3. My ancestors fought cause they liked to fight and wanted to be left the fuck alone. They left Ulster for a better life on the winthrop fleet. Little did they know…

  17. The police did not interfere. (((Someone))) wanted the clash to happen. (((They))) sponsor both sides of the argument.
    Don’t rejoice yet.

    1. vast majority of cops are conservatives and vote right wing, They wanted the liberals to get beaten.

    2. That is true, but if one knows there are agent provocateur, they usually stand out as they are always keen to start fights. Our side shouldn’t start fights, just end them in brutal fashion.

  18. The left is a cult. Trump has destroyed any trace of validity they could have pretended to have. If liberals get aggressive pummel them.

  19. Guys : we ve got exactly the same “antifa”/”black block” degenerate-parasite-faggots here in France, but my question is : in a big fight, how do you differenciate both sides as some of the “nationalists”(we) are wearing black helmets/gears/boots and even sometimes masks as one can see on first picture from article?? Thks guys

    1. You stick together and fight like Roman legions, capturing stray antifa exactly as the riot police do. The riot police are the model to copy as their methods always win. Just watch them at IMF protests with ‘kettling’.

        1. i also notice in the Berkeley protest the “Patriots” thats the good guys wore US flags on their person (cpt America t shirts, bandannas etc) where as the enemy tried to burn the flag.

  20. Fact is its easy to to be a liberal, no self control is needed, no responsibility, no standards so it can easily be the ideology of the majority. Conservatism requires self control, responsibility and high standards and most humans are too weak. All we conservatives can do is push the needle to the right again and again not because we think liberals and the pussies will “convert” but to make the new norm more centrist center/right.

  21. You hit the nail on the head when you said “conservatism today was liberalism 10 years ago”. And this is why movement (cuck)conservatism never really caught on with that many people or got anyone excited.
    It lacked substance and conviction. It was pretty much just content to *try* to slow progressivism rather that promote a platform that people could really sink their teeth into and actually believe in that better days are ahead.
    God bless those who supported the right wing cause in Berkeley. We will win this war and create a better world and life for our children and grandchildren

  22. Most people are not cut out for the rigors and duties of citizenship. Any “right-wing” movement that doesn’t address or acknowledge the failures of democracy might as well be with this “antifa”. Relying on democracy to produce reactionary outcomes is a strategy that has not worked thus far.
    This whole idea of a “social contract” and “consent of the governed” is not only overrated but entirely fictitious. Government is force. Law is force. There is no consent involved. Democracy is just a god-awful method of trying to introduce some degree of “fairness” into an inherently hierarchical system that is inherently unfair. When “fairness” interferes with what works its time to throw “fairness” out the window and go with what works.
    This is what the Thomas Jefferson quoting gun-obsessed morons in the GOP don’t understand and this is why they always lose ground. Until they decide to grow a pair of balls and thrust a spear into the heart of the problem (democracy) they will continue treading water like drowning morons until they eventually sink completely and their country is gone forever. It is a fate richly deserved. Irrationality is its own punishment.

    1. Before you disparage democracy, remember that you may not like the alternative.
      It’s all well and good when you have the power, you take it for granted that you or someone like you will be on top and call the shots, but imagine yourself as the simple peasant and somebody you hate as the all-powerful monarch / village elder / religious leader, and tell me which system gives you a better chance to improve your station in life.

      1. With the current system (not a democracy) the elites have thought control and indoctrination down to a science. They have deluded enough fools, and there seems to be a never ending supply of fools, so they can destroy the cultures and nations they are in in favor of taking over the world. Then we will all be sheep in their fields. We will be shorn then eventually slaughtered when it suits them. Anyone that can oppose them, or capable of independent thought (men in general and white men first), have to go. You can’t hate them or kill them because they are hidden. They only act through dupes. Even the dupes don’t know who is pulling their strings.
        In the alternative you propose at least the all-powerful monarch / village elder / religious leader
        can be hauled out into the street and strung up on a lamp post. Revolution against a known evil figure is much easier than against a hidden cabal of ultra rich corporations and people (the ownership class, you know, not us).

      2. Not true. I would accept Hillary Clinton as absolute monarch. In fact I think she would make a good one. She would of course govern entirely the opposite of her alleged “positions”, as any rational person would, and be exposed even moreso as a scam artist (if that’s even possible), but that has never seemed to bother her before. As monarch she would prefer to own/preside over an English kingdom as opposed to a Latin American one (the latter obviously devaluing her estate) so she would close the borders. She would prefer to own a solvent kingdom as opposed to an insolvent one and would thus seize control of waste and overspending. She would not give a damn about Middle-Eastern countries anymore than she does now but would have no incentives to reward any buddies in power with fat defense contracts so she wouldn’t bankrupt her kingdom doing so. See how everything just falls into place when you assign ownership of something to someone? Nobody wants to shit in their own living room. The problem with republics is that noone owns the living room.

  23. The culture war is heating up and I hope the manosphere doesn’t get swept away because new seekers will need help coping with whatever emerges from the ashes.

    1. Its not about race. Whites can assemble all that want as long as they are assembling for approved political and cultural reasons.
      Its only once you start having that dangerous badthink that they want to shut you down, regardless of race.

      1. The only people the leftists hate more than unapologetic hetero white males are conservative minority folks. They get really incensed when the ‘slaves’ make an escape from the regressive liberal ‘plantation’.
        badthink is a bigger crime than skin color/gender/sexual proclivities.

  24. Hey fags, I need to show you something. I know this is off topic but I don’t give a fuck. The male victim in the United Airlines incident is innocent. Take a look at this video:

    He was being calm in the video instead of how United Airlines describe him as “belligerent.” Fuck all of you for that dumb article that was posted nearly a week ago here.

    1. Yeah, except we saw the whole video and not just the carefully edited one.
      AND…you don’t get to tell a cop “no” when he tells you to move along, you craft beer sipping, skinny jeans wearing, ironic glasses little homo.

      1. Correct: when the cop says get off the plane you get off the plane at which point you have the full force and weight of the American judicial system to air grievances if you feel the action has been unjust. The second a police officer tells you “get off the plane” you have only one choice that doesn’t end up with you not in a very, very bad situation — get off the plane.

        1. These entitlement minded, spoiled, gormless little faggots really take the cake. They have almost no idea of how the world works.

        2. It really is unbelievable. It isn’t like the cop came over and said “bend over I am going to fuck you in the ass.” “get off the plane” Do people really think you are going to say no and he is going to go “oh, well, since you don’t want to that’s fine.”
          Here in the city we have random search of subway passengers. I have never been searched as they have a good idea of what they are looking for and I am not it. That said, if a police officer says “open your bag” I will open it. I have seen them do it to people. It takes 3 seconds. Now, I suppose I can try to explain to that police officer my rights as an American citizen. About halfway through that conversation I will be handcuffed and brought to the tombs to go through the booking process. At some point in the next 72 hours I will see a judge at my arraignment at which point I am free to make that case again or leave, probably on my own recognizance but possibly with bail, and then return with a lawyer to make my case that it constituted unlawful search and seizure. At some point you have to be a little pragmatic.

        3. “and then I told the cops they could go fuck themselves and their mothers and I was going to do whatever I want and they put me in handcuffs! can you believe the police brutality!

        4. All of that writing, and not one word of respect for me because I managed to use the word “gormless” in an insult.

        5. You’re one of those “what have you done for me lately” types ain’tcha?

        6. It starts within wanting to search your bag and ends with:
          Police officer:’Citizen we have scanned your face and the scanner reports a 72% possibility that you have committed a crime. Under the Criminal Justice Bill of 2023 you are hereby sentenced to 1-3 years in Federal prison. Assume the position Citizen!’

        7. but it doesn’t end with that anywhere but in the absurd delusions of the paranoid and Hollywood movies.

        1. You inspired me today to tighten up my insult game with your exchange with lolknee.

  25. I can’t help but feel like they’re just antagonizing the right to get a severe enough reaction out of them (aka: guns) that they can then officially send in the police and say “look at these right wing nationalists gunning down peaceful protestors! It’s home grown terror!”
    And let’s be real… even if the left were the ones to first pull a gun and injure someone, the right would be blamed.
    The fact that the media is smothering this (this is a BIG story) tells me they’re probably going to try and use it later as evidence of something or other.
    Don’t mind my cynicism… tough day, and all that.

        1. Weird chick.
          Will be an Olympic gold medalist of the oppresion Olympics for the left henceforth.
          I had a NYC striper with hair down to her legs once. However the roots were on her scalp.;)

  26. I won’t bother to be cute.
    I am 52!
    For as long as I can remember, I have hated the left and the punk-ass politicians who pansy and cater to them.
    I had hoped when I was younger there were more right wingers like me in America.
    And I am happy to see NOW THERE IS!
    Young men and women on the right, you are doing the right thing by standing up for OUR rights. Fighting for OUR rights. And putting a beat-down on the vermin in Berkeley this past Saturday.
    If the police won’t protect us, let’s protect ourselves.
    Take a real good look.
    This is my real name.
    That is a picture of me.
    I am on the internet but I ain’t no keyboard jockey talkin’ a bunch o’ shit.
    To everyone on the right in America, stand up to these left-wing vermin.
    They’ve had their way for over a hundred years. It doesn’t work. Our fight is for common sense and stability, not wishful thinking and fantasy.
    I love this article. Thank you Michael Sebastian.

    1. Take 100 individuals like yourself.
      Now take an organized group of 10 antifa (assume they are all male)
      At the very most, it would take 5 of them to hit you with virtually no risk. Repeat 50 times for two groups, and you have them knocked out. Take out 3 in an hour, and you have a grueling 16 hrs, but nothing more. The news won’t go out that fast unless you have at least a few strong connections. Knifes are silent, and bodies can be hidden.

    1. This fucking hoe ran right at the guy looking for a fight. I would have used both fists. She is lying through her proverbial leftist bullshit face. This horrible leftist bitch needs a good kick in the head.

    2. I love how these people describe everyone who opposes them as “Neo-nazis” and “White Nationalists”. No, bitch. They’re everyday Americans who are tired of putting up with your shit.

    3. Call for violence on social media, instigate it, then play the victim card. Bullshit, more shit, piled higher and deeper. She’s definitely got a degree in SJW studies.

  27. cut the head off the hydra and it just grows back, sometimes even stronger than before. It has begun and antifa don’t have a chance in hell.

  28. Is making a public statement that we will not concede public spaces to the enemy a worthy goal in itself? Does it help with the long-term struggle?

  29. i got lost on Youtube the other night (watching the Berkeley thing) i stumbled onto a good video of Patriots standing up to antifamily activists, the one where the wimps have a US stars and stripes on a pole upside down and they are on a nifty 50 riding round, then a couple of US Army fellas chase them down and grab the flag.
    yet another vid where a biker club steps in and scatters the antifamily activists who were burning the flag.
    and probably the hero of that video, a lone FedEx driver, who single highhandedly rescues a flag from those nutters who were going to burn it.
    im not American, nor do i live in the USA, but dam it was great seeing those spankers flee like cowards when Patriots showed up.

  30. Recommended for the use of “athwart” 😉
    But it’s a sad day when blowhards like Alex Jones are considered to be the saviors of the Right and Conservatism in general. It’s about time the silent masses rose up against the real fascists — the Left.

  31. I’ve been saying this for a long time but here’s just another example why liberalism (actual liberalism) is completely useless in dealing with extreme left movements. The best way to lose a battle is to chain yourself to principles your enemy doesn’t agree with.
    It’s useless to support free speech and the free exchange of idea in the culture war against the left because they don’t stand for these principles and therefore will always beat us by supressing our free speech and refuse to debate. We have to fight fire with fire. There should be a right wing antifa that goes to every left wing protest and beat people to a bloody pulp. Yeah it sucks and as an ideological liberal (not practical, see above) I think it’s terrible to see my principles violated that way but without this temporary violation of my principles, there will never be a time when I can uphold them again.

  32. But the Yes California Independence Campaign faltered after its president, Louis Marinelli, revealed ties to Russia. Marinelli said in a lengthy message to supporters Monday that he is seeking permanent residence in Russia because of his “frustration, disappointment and disillusionment with the United States.”
    Me thinks his request will be denied and he will slither back under his CA rock.

  33. Thank God, It’s about time the right grew a set and started fighting back, the silent majority no more!

  34. First off recommend this article.
    Let’s be fair to the old conservative movement and recognize their contributions. Since the late 50’s with National Review which the writer refers they have been standing athwart history yelling stop and have won important victories in the process. For example Ronald Reagan’s presidency would not have happened without the conservative movement. The long running strategy has been to convince intellectually of the rightness of our cause and too many of the old right we owe a debt.
    Almost no one else was there to fight these battles and for decades they where held the line.
    The issue has been that the left declared war on America in the 1960’s and has not been afraid to take violence to the streets to get their way. That the old conservatives have decried right wing violence is to their shame. But remember violence for it’s own sake is simply anarchy, the very thing the leftist want. if our stand is not informed by a deeper ideology, and Nazism or racism should be rejected out of hand in this, then we will end up in a failed movement. No man will control more than his arms reach and chaos will rule.
    Civil war is now inevitable but just as in 1861 – 64. We have to have something to fight for not just against or we become what the Leninist’s accuse us of. Celebrate the victory in Berkeley and prepare for future fights but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
    What will we fight for beyond just beating the left down?
    The White armies in the Russian Civil War never answered that question nor did they have an overall leader or grand strategy and the Soviets defeated them piecemeal. 30 millions died and for 73 years Russia was ruled by communist tyranny. Plan on how we win a civil war not that we’re willing to fight in our separate battles and we will see this through.

  35. We are being forced into a binary choice here and that is not good. Human beings live in the grey area and this “either your a lefty faggot or a right wing extremist” attitude has got to go. Whenever we are forced into a binary decision no good can come of it. The elites have run their actuarial programs and have a solution ready for both outcomes. But they cannot plan for a grey area outcome. This fucks up their binary thinking.

    1. As much as I support the defense of our well being- I can’t help but know that we are playing right into the elites hands of the false left/right paradigm.
      You are very much correct

  36. Why do you also call them antifascist, when they are the fascists? At least put the word in quotes, which will show that that’s what they call themselves and that it’s not accurate.

  37. Brazilian protests in 2013 and 2014 were attacked by Black Block types – pretty much brazilian antifa. They pretty much destroyed the protests’ legitimacy by infiltrating them causing chaos, disorder, looting and vandalism. It was later found out these guys had a money trail leading them as far as Soros/Rothschild.
    These protests included a lot of right-wingers, but not totally.
    Only reason we aren’t hearing right-wing protesters here getting attacked by Antifa types is, I guess, the fact brazilian police is pretty good at crowd control. Military (ostensive) policing is handled by state govs and the PM is a military organization, so its less likely a governor will simply tell the police to sit there with their dicks in their hands while people are getting beaten.
    Also, the fact police is on our side.

  38. Prediction: Pikeville KY this weekend will see the first shots fired, from Left to Right, although we will be blamed.
    See you on the ramparts.

  39. “Those who want to downplay this movement in the hope that it will quietly dissipate are engaging in dangerous wishful thinking.”
    Hopefully they won’t “dissipate” but increase their numbers to hold off the leftist scum. It is wishful thinking to turn the other cheek and let the neo marxist/anarchists carry the day.

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