We Should Thank Emily Rose Nauert For Scaring Women From Becoming SJWs

During the recent Berkeley fighting between free speech advocates and antifa, Emily Rose Nauert (or Emily Rose Marshall) tried to strike white nationalist Nathan Damigo with a weighted glove. But Damigo quickly falcon-punched her. Her literal downfall after the Berkeley free speech rally, which was attacked by hordes of masked antifa, led to an outcry from white knights everywhere, including Captain America actor Chris Evans.

After she started trying to raise $80,000 on GoFundMe for “hospital bills” and “a new life,” many people across the internet have complained about how Nauert, who goes under the political name Louise Rosealma and pornographic name Venus Rosales, is profiting from being a hypocritical antifa and SJW.

Here’s a quick, glorious recap:

I say we let Emily Rose Nauert (or Marshall) keep whatever money she “earns” through GoFundMe or any other sob story ventures of hers. We should also let her milk any psychological sympathy she can from fellow antifa and SJWs, plus any media outlets brave or dumb enough to support a woman who said she wanted to “scalp” 100 “Nazis” prior to participating in the antifa attempts at troublemaking:

And here’s my reasoning. Have you ever noticed how fats and other oils rise to the top of a pan or pot filled with water? The same can be said of SJWs and their moronic actions. Even with a sympathetic media that would otherwise try to hide their poor choices, mistakes, and crimes, many of these SJWs cannot help but expose their depravity and violence to the world. Their quest for attention and validation undermines them entirely, and has the unintended effect of undermining the causes they fight for. Outlets like CBS San Francisco, which effusively praised Nauert, have nonetheless been excoriated for not talking about her suspected participation in throwing firework devices encased in glass bottles:

In order for us to counteract the pernicious agenda of these cretins, we need examples that serve as a warning to the general public, especially impressionable women. We got it with the Duke lacrosse case, which marked the beginning of the modern rape hysteria. We got it with Mattress Girl, another instance of a false rape accusation. We got it with the Berkeley riots earlier this year against Milo Yiannopoulos’ speaking appearance. And now we have got it again with the patriots vs. antifa incidents in Berkeley in the last week.

Emily Rose Nauert/Marshall has done more for our cause than anything she could ever do for her own side. She is almost the perfect microcosm of everything that is wrong with both the social justice warrior ideology and women infected with feminism. All she really lacks is obesity, blue hair (though she has dreadlocks), and a track record of false rape accusations.

In a world where women supposedly find their bodies objectified by “patriarchy,” Nauert has objectified herself to the hilt, selling her hairy vagina pictures for quick bucks on the internet. She has bragged about effectively wanting to kill 100 “Nazis,” having watched too many Joss Whedon “women can kick ass” films, then had her own ass handed to her. We could go on and on, including about her apparently sheltered, luxurious upbringing in Thousand Oaks, California, a million miles away from anything resembling the proletariat she holds so dear.

We should thank Emily Rose Nauert because her example proves again the following presuppositions:

Almost every victim of “crime” put forward by SJWs commits criminal acts themselves

Why was Emily Rose Nauert pictured holding the sorts of bottles that antifa were throwing at their opponents at Berkeley? Worse still, these bottles like had M80s in them, which is a concentration of dynamite. Take a look:

After the confrontations at Berkeley, Emily Rose Nauert complained to CBS that she nearly had her skull “cracked open.’ What she won’t admit is that the first time we know she was floored (by another man, not Nathan Damigo), she was swinging a glass bottle at people. The punishment she received for that behavior of hers was, in fact, ridiculously light.

That’s count one against Nauert. Count two would be her Facebook comments about wanting to “scalp Nazis,” which is both a serious, violent threat itself and constitutes an incitement to violence. The third count would be her possession of a weighted/studded glove, one she used to strike at Nathan Damigo. This weapon, and it is a weapon, is illegal in the state of California. Finally, Nauert was armed when Damigo hit her. He had even reason to expect an assault from her, either against him or others, and I would argue she committed assault merely by brandishing the bottle. Plus, there’s the battery of her going at Damigo’s throat:

Women know that being a slut or camwhore goes against their true nature and is something they need to hide

“Stop it before it lays eggs!”

For matters of taste (and keeping your last meal in your stomach), I will not be posting the vulgar images and videos that constitute Emily Rose Nauert’s “body of work.” But, as we usually expect, this arch-feminist and opponent of capitalist patriarchy works as a cam girl.

When her friend set up the GoFundMe page for her, he cited the need for Nauert to get a new identity and employment. This had more to do with her being exposed as a slut for hire than what happened at Berkeley. Women intrinsically know that any man who values himself will not settle for used goods, especially if those used goods have paraded themselves on the internet for any lonely man wishing to purchase some obscure webcam currency.

She has every reason to portray herself as a victim of violence at Berkeley, as it sidesteps the shame she has inflicted upon what seems to be her wealthy family and tricky questions about how a woman opposed to capitalism can partake in its most “misogynistic” industry.

Even leftists think leftist gender ideology is moronic when push comes to shove (or falcon punch)

Oh, the misogyny! A SJW who preaches gender equality (read: female supremacy) gets punched by a mere man. She then stands around doing nothing as everyone else (all men) get punched and kicked or dish out punches and kicks. In a matter of seconds, everything Emily Rose Nauert preached or thought about feminism, bar its advantages for women, flew out the window.

I have some questions that the SJWs quite plainly aren’t answering:

  • How could Nathan Damigo know Emily Rose Nauert was a woman? Did she have an identification badge on, one that stipulated her designated identity, orientation, and pronoun?
  • Haven’t SJWs seen the latest Joss Whedon film starring Scarlett Johansson? We all know women can dispatch six or seven muscled, heavily armed men much better than a trained male martial artist.
  • Where were the other Xena Warrior Princesses to come to her aid?

Every sobbing leftist response to Emily Rose Nauert being punched has mirrored what a traditional conservative would have said about restaurant etiquette towards women in 1950. Unsurprisingly, they have also implicitly dismissed non-binary genders and focused on how a man struck a woman. Isn’t Nauert a self-identified “fluid” queer according to her internet presence?

“I was doxxed” is just Newspeak for “I put shit of myself on the internet and don’t want to take responsibility for it”

Many of you have read 1984 multiple times and know about Newspeak, the paradoxical IngSoc (English Socialism) language created by the regime of Big Brother to stifle critical debate and even make it impossible to develop it in cognitive terms. Well, feminists have created a less nefarious version of it to describe the consequences of their poor choices. They put highly sensitive images or videos of themselves on the internet, with nothing but a crude name change to hide it, and then complain when people later connect that media to them. Or they make threats in the mould of wanting to “scalp” others and whinge afterwards that they’re being harassed.

Emily Rose Nauert was hardly doxxed. Her intention to “scalp” 100 “Nazis” was either available to all of Facebook or viewed by at least one disgruntled “friend” who rightfully found her threat offensive and then distributed it. We know Nauert’s real name partially because her poor grandmother, who thought Emily would always be her angel, used to have a sweet creature she could paint a portrait of. A number of other loose ends tied Nauert to her publicly available portfolio of porn.

I would feel sorry for someone who finds their private health history published because of a burglar breaking into their doctor’s office. I would feel sorry for someone whose address is published after they are stalked for months. I do not feel sorry for a woman like Emily Rose Nauert, who desired a quick buck from porn and quick thrills from being a violent antifa activist, only to do almost everything in the public domain. This is not doxxing.

Cheer up, lads!

You have the tools you need to succeed now.

Emily Rose Nauert, like those who have gone before her in the pantheon of deluded SJWs, will have a good number of supporters who will shield her from reality. Yet eventually that reality comes back to bite. It has for Rachel Dolezal, the “transracial” white girl now on food stamps and with such great job offers as doing porn. The same can be predicted for Nauert. Post-Berkeley, she will think her star is soaring, before she falls back to Earth again.

In utilitarian terms, Nauert has done us a great service. Many women will see through her lying facade and even those who do not will think twice about trying to rush Trump supporters at violent rallies. Literally hundreds of thousands of people have eviscerated the media for taking her side, a collective rebuke that is perhaps the best example of “fake news” post-November 2016.

On a more personal note for our readers, you do not have vaginas used to unlock all manner of special privileges in life, from female-only university scholarships to rapid promotion on account of gender quotas. But you have an important knowledge about how the world really works. For all the advantages snowflakes like Emily Rose Nauert may appear to have, they believe their special treatment will continue ad infinitum.

Use what you know to your own benefit. You may not be able to get a CBS news crew to hide any crimes you are accused of. Whats counts for you, however, is that you largely know the rules of the game. You know women respond to status, achievement, social proof, and that even with these, having certain political views can be dangerous in modern times. Additionally, you realize that defending yourself in a similar fashion to Nathan Damigo will still result in you being portrayed as the villain, irrespective of whether you hold white nationalist views or not.

You are more than capable of exploiting, avoiding, or maximizing the circumstances in which you find yourself. Your success depends on a healthy mix of wise self-preservation and the audacity to act when you need to. In a world that seems unfair, count your blessings.

Most often, you will not be in the middle of a Berkeley-style riot, where you and your comrades are attacked by antifa. Nevertheless, you have opportunities every day to operate effectively in a world almost everyone else finds confusing and contradictory.

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690 thoughts on “We Should Thank Emily Rose Nauert For Scaring Women From Becoming SJWs”

  1. I was curious if this Anti-fa beat down was a one off and checked YouTube. No. They have been getting their asses handed to them all over the globe and they mostly appear to be priviledged, middle-class white kids.

    1. You can only abuse the decent so much before finally righteous vengeance is meted out. And my word it is hilarious and gratifying seeing the Leftist fascist retards getting destroyed.

  2. I for one, would love to have a 5 minute conversation with her father. I’m curious to whether it is ‘head in the sand’ willful ignorance or total, unbridled cuckoldry.

    1. He might be one of those “Who’s daddy’s little princess” weaklings who spoiled her rotten. Her (I assume) high school pics showed what looks like a well to do passably pretty girl, so it’s a fair bet she isn’t from a broken home. Just a broken father.

        1. That’s actually a good comparison. She was a cutie. I hate seeing pretty girls self destruct like this and become loathsome Leftist monsters.

        2. The far right always did hotter chics and better attire.
          You don’t see many fucking Lithuanian super cars, do you

    2. He is probably the biggest pussy on the west coast who walks 10 feet behind his ball busting wife while she is bellowing out nonsense and giving orders to him. And he complies every single time. Pathetic.

  3. I hope we see more of this. These violent hypocritical snowflakes have been destructive for too long and it’s time they get a dose of their own medicine, particularly since the cops of California do absolutely nothing to stop these brats from having their fun.

    1. She was armed, swinging a glass bottle, bragged online about wanting to scalp people, and was actively assaulting someone else, and people still cast her as the “victim”.
      The best part was the few seconds after the punch, where she is leaning against the wall dazed as can be. Looks like she was thinking “Wow, so this is what equality feels like”.

      1. Yup.
        This was the moment all the grrl power-types learned that it doesn’t matter your number of orbiters or how many manginas wacking off to you there are, White Knight armor is 2% poly-cotton blend, 8% obnoxious self-righteousness, 15% thirst, and 75% BO.
        None of which can “do” jack in the real world.

        1. Now that I think about it, her pussy will likely remember his name for decades to come. She might even seek him out hoping she can get ‘punched’ more in private. In the end that one punch gave her a 100% reason to remember his name.

        2. Next week she’ll have lost the dreadlocks, dyed her hair back to blond, taken a bath, shaved her cootch and will be looking for him on Facebook to “Friend” her.

        3. One of the great quotes from the most quotable boxer. When asked about fighting Feancois Botha (who had just narrowly beat a german guy) “if he fights me like he fought that Nazi he is going to leave in a body bag. I’ll go up in his anus and kill his soul”

        4. Who would put speedometers and oil pressure readouts on a chick?

        5. Prime Joe Louis vs Prime Mike Tyson would be a dream fight. I like Tyson by KO early, Louis by KO late.

        6. Ali and Tyson could be kind of a bore. It probably would remind you of Tyson vs Tucker.
          Louis vs Tyson virtually guarantees multiple knockdowns and only 1 man would be left standing.

      2. I’ve said for over two decades now that all of this Grrll Powahz!(tm) bullshit was going to end up with women deluding themselves so deeply that they’ll really start to think that they can beat up actual real life men. Even a faggy hipster dude can curb stomp a Power Princess who gets out of line, and that’s a really low bar in and of itself. An actual man, geesh, imagine what the sudden awakening and rush of “Oh my fucking God, men are stronger than me” must feel like to her.

        1. But they can beat up men. Norway is forming an all-women special forces unit. look out evildoers!

        2. The prevailing story in feminist la la land is this “small, weak” man was able to knock down the fearless girl warrior only because he sucker punched her. Not a fair fight! Had she seen it coming and been given time to react, she would have successfully fought him off.
          Is this an example of female specific hamstering? Or just garden variety self deception?

        3. Will they be chasing Arthur Jarrett over a cliff then, I assume?

        4. Life is punishable by a male fist, which I hope she will remember. And your only recourse is the hope that some other male fist, maybe Chris Evan’s, will intervene on your behalf. At the end of the day, that’s all it is.

        5. They get all swelled up and confident like that because the only guys they know are the biggest pussies on earth so they assume every guy is. Wrong assumption.

        6. Just checked. Norway has just under 75,000 active and reserve personnel and 52 tanks.
          Scandanavia is so cucked. I read about the Finns winter wars with the USSR– tough guys– but they are long gone.

        7. that 52 tanks tally has me laffing my ass off. I guess they put that in their recruitment pitch? “Why join the Norwegian Army? Ill tell ya why- tanks. we have 52 of em.”

        8. I’ve seen actual female martial artists that can pound most men into the ground, even certain trained men. Most are smart enough not to go spouting feminist garbage because they know women are at a disadvantage (not that that stops them from trying the best they can be). That’s why most UFC fighters hate SJWism (case in point: Ronda Rousey).

        9. Oh please. Everytime I’ve seen a “tough fighter woman” go up against a man with any real training, they go down like the head cheerleader at prom.

        10. Forget about training. Even fighting men who are only a 5in taller with 30lbs more weight makes a world of difference.

        11. I’d probably just take the “beating” from a woman in most situations. Not gonna hurt much if at all and way better than the probable real world legal consequences of defending yourself.

        12. Oh sure, I’m not suggesting we go out and start pummeling women. Just that when a guy snaps and no longer cares about the law, then little Power Princess gets to eat sidewalk, fast.

        13. Also in this case she deserved it, and I don’t see how he could have been expected to know she was a woman anyway in the heat of battle.

        14. I flew on Finnair to Poland one time. REALLY nice stewardesses ( as compared to the frumpy frauliens on Lufthansa…yuk)….and ate some smoked reindeer in the Helsinki airport. Nice!

        15. I have noted with amusement the failure to connect the current push for women in combat with this video of a real woman engaged in a form of combat with men. Even armed against an unarmed opponent, she remained Xena the warrior princess for all of about the .3 seconds it took for that fist to connect with her face. And from my perspective, I don’t think that was a particularly well thrown punch. 99 times out of a hundred, I’d bet that guy could put a lot more force behind a punch by planting his feet better, judging the distance to the target better to get better extension and power, and rotating more of his body into it. In other words, dirty snowflake got off easy.

        16. Anecdata vs anecdata. Irrelevant unless we do a statistical sampling. Given I’ve seen the opposite, it would be interesting.

        17. You really need Poland’s Defense Minister. He looks ugly and mean enough to stop tanks in their tracks just with his glare.

        18. I have never, ever, not once, ever seen a woman beat up a man unless the woman was 400 pound and the guy was 90 pounds soaking wet and had some kind of really major disorders. Ever.
          And where does one pick up data on men v. women fighting precisely?
          I don’t need data to tell me that the sun rises, when I can look in the sky and see it every day.

        19. In this case it’s willfull blindness. Little Hairy Princess was doing a throat punch.

        20. When my sisters got pissed and started thrashing at me I’d just stand there and laugh. Which pissed them off more– but it made them understand they really weren’t capable of seriously hurting a guy in a real fight unless they could strike the vulnerable bits. (eyes, balls, throat..)

        21. …. I notice the all female force has firearms, I don’t think anyone’s entertaining the notion of broadswords and hand-to-hand fighting to the entertainment of the Norse gods and Valkyries…

        22. There was this one guy who posted on quora (cant find the posts) he used to work in military intelligence and told that when they captured and interrogated taliban they were most afraid of the norwegians who used to conduct raids leaving only one of them to survive so he could tell the others. When one of the taliban refused to talk they threatened to give him to the norwegians.

        23. wtf are you talking about ronda rousey was one of the main spewers of feminist bullshit – she claimed she could beat then heavyweight champion cain velasquez

        24. I have a video somewhere of her distancing herself from feminism. Also saying she can be somebody does not equal spewing feminist horseshit.

        25. When one does not have data, one finds the data and one draws conclusion on said data. An experiment is in order.

        26. come on man seriously, she said she could beat the heavyweight champion of the world, she was all grlll-power before she got knocked death

        27. During the Korean conflict, communist troops feared the Turks (UN troops). I knew a US vet who stated they would drive through a chinese compound at night in jeeps and simply shoot anything that moved.

        28. My Uncle claimed that the Turks thought it was amusing to sneak into Nork camps solo and see how many throats they could slit without getting detected. Just knifework at night competition.

        29. Girl-power =/= Feminism. A lot of those female fighters I know love to challenge themselves and encourage other females but at the same time dislike SJWism because of the fat-acceptance and anti-male horseshit.

        30. I’ve found that a guy being just 10 pounds heavier than me changes the dynamic when sparring. Technique and raw strength/mass both play a role for sure.

        31. yeah, she almost had him there. stupid wymyn. funny. send some more in there vs men and watch the broken noses and concussions pile up. the left and feminists never learn

        32. Spot on. I’ve seen how some women — often the seemingly-bipolar kind — surround themselves with a horde of unprincipled, sycophantic, neutered pseudo-males trying to finagle some poon on the blue pill compromise. We could speculate 50% of those women are somehow just looking in the wrong places for evidence of a decent Shitlord, and couch their faux-feminist game in the complexity of “a movement” to validate and improve their image. The other 50% are spinsters who are either fresh off the Isle of Lesbos; hetero but tired/finished trying to attract men (forever) after failing repeatedly or gobbling up their youths on the cock carousel; or were inherently inept at attracting men in the first place (through genetic or psychological defects, etc.). Percentages may vary according to location…west coast is saturated in this bullsheet.
          There’s a whole “weakness playing itself as strength” vibe kind-of trending in society right now…”through the looking glass” and topsy-turvy, and shades of mental illness.

        33. Not just that; the fucking pussified Media, Entertainment and Educational Systems deliberately “adds up” to the Wrong assumption.

        34. In this corner, we have Bertha von Helldigger, weighing in at 400 lbs. And in this corner, weighing in at 90 lbs, the world champion of tardive dyskinesia, Albert B Strawpole!

        35. Then lets invade Norway and “beat the shit” out of their all-women force !! Beat “anywhere” and “everywhere” (err, sorry, no descriptions !), with all your BULL POWER; after all, they are asking for the “equality”, ain’t they !!

        36. My wife (russian) was muttering that he isn’t popular in russia, and might not have had military service himself. Too lazy to look it up.

        37. It really is sad and pathetic to think that white men tamed a wild frontier in the 19th century and the weaklings and losers now need a safe space when they hear an opinion they don’t like. It seems universal wisdom from years past has been drowned out by feminist and liberal nonsense. It was common sense that men are the builders, inventors, innovators, distributors and leaders for a reason. Now there are 57 genders like flavors of ice cream and there are weakling men that actually believe such preposterous rubbish . I am glad I grew up when men behaved like men and women like women.

        38. All these stupid bitches watching films where the 5 foot 4 inch 115 pound girl uses her martial arts to obliterate rooms filled with 6 foot tall, 250 lb men…these bitches need to watch the fight scene where Alabama fights for her life vs. James Gandolfi’s mob hitman in “True Romance”

        39. dude seriously stop it – youre embarrassing yourself maybe there are some women who can kick YOUR ass but that does not change the overall facts of the dynamic

        40. Being a short guy I also find it to be difficult to switch from fighting big guys to other short guys. You have no choice but to look up which exposes the throat. So when I go back to fighting short guys they get easy shots, scary easy shots. On the other hand, big guys have a tendency to “rain death from above”, which is fine, until you meet the big guy who is crafty enough to slip in uppercuts.

        41. I bet absolutely NONE of those female defense ministers know what a main battle tank is, or a MANPADS system, or even how to fire a gun. But I bet they all know what bouquet goes best with red curtains.

        42. Ronda at least does train for self defense unlike these Antifa folk. Not saying she can beat anyone, she just has more merit than Antifa foot soldiers that have no formal training

        43. I think a lot of fighters say crap like that. It’s just in the nature of contact sports there would be conceded people

        44. That’s the same dynamic as some radical imam in NY city, who runs his mouth about how bad his islamic terrorist buddies are after watching all the girly-men working in their air-conditioned, indirectly lit offices. Wait to they get to the farms, factories, docks, mines and forests and meet real American men.

        45. Figure out how that one goes. It should be obvious, but these brainwashed young women don’t get the picture easily, after seeing Hollywood entertainment with high-school aged girls beating mercenaries butts with ease for the last 15 years.

        46. My inlaws in Moscow say that the rumor in the street is that Shoygu will replace Putin when he retires. His Military experience was is limited to the mandatory conscription he did, but he is an engineer, performed well in his role so far and is a loyal party man.
          Same as it ever was.

        47. “Even a faggy hipster dude can curb stomp a Power Princess”
          Yep. Just watch Not gay Jarod (of Lowder with Crowder) arm wrestyle an avid crossfit girl.

        48. It’s actually quite amusing and predictable. I watched the video several time. You can clearly see in the video, she knows absolutely nothing about hand to hand combat, how it works, how it goes down, ready or not. She steps in, hands are open and relaxed, elbows are in a relaxed position, has no plan to use her hands, she is in shock and awe when the man approached her, like, “is this really happening?” Yes, it’s really happening. It is exactly what you should have expected to happen. Sucker punch? Sorry lady, there’s no bell, there’s no “ready? 1… 2…. 3….” Any man who knows anything about fighting knows this and plans accordingly. You should always be on guard, searching for your target or searching for someone to defend yourself against. If you’re not in this mind frame, you’re an idiot who hasn’t put any thought into this situation. This “warrior” had plenty of time to prepare. Again, when you observe her body language in the video; nervous, confused, flustered, overwhelmed and no plan. “Wait wuddo I do again???” Amazingly predictable and humorous. Conclusion: go home little girl, you don’t belong here.

      3. Men and women are “equal” (my foot) ! and women “shamelessly” call themselves as “Sheros”. Going by that, guess I can call a “manhole” as “womanhole” !!!

    2. “I hope we see more of this.”
      Me too. Subhuman commies deserve a good beating.
      Their parents should’ve raised them better. But they failed. It is now our job to teach them some fucking discipline and manners.

      1. Watched a documentary of the war, the communist managing of it killed as many men as the Finns.
        No retreats, ever, no changing of strategy. Officers that tried to do that were shot. And they had already killed most of their competent officers before the war began. Men were marched straight into machine gun fire to the point that the Finn gunners became sick and couldnt psychologically continue. The supplies were nonexistent, at one point an entire division smelled some sausages that were being cooked for the Finn troops, they went berserk, threw down their weapon and swarmed the food. Simply gave up.
        Thats communism. Thats socialism.

        1. Yes, I’ve always suspected that with Western commanders soviet casualty figures might have been halved.

        2. It gave Hitler the impression that the whole Soviet Union was a rotten house needing only the door kicked in. Wasn’t he surprised when the Slavs dropped the Soviet shit for the duration and became Russians again for a while.

        3. *Jewish Communism. Cuba seems to be pretty ok.
          I read that actually the Jewish Bolsheviks ruled Soviet Russia covertly which would explain the complete lack of empathy for the Soviet troops and extreme ignorance and negligence in how the wars were managed.
          If the goal was genocide by dropping men onto a spinning fan blade, then what better plan is there. Just imagine, one day you infiltrate your mortal enemy, the North Korean government to become supreme commander of the army. And your enemy is your neighbor next door, China. You have 10x more men than China (hypothetically speaking). You would be like a butcher running your competitor’s slaughterhouse, making moves to undercut all of the other competing butcher shops.

        4. If that was all there was to it then Trotsky would have lived and Stalin would have been killed early on.
          Communists in general have no regard for human life.

        5. I will say this, had the Russian gentiles been able to get over their Jew hatred, there were plenty of Jews who would have happily joined them in exterminating the Jewish communists. Its really too bad.

        6. Mostly I do so in a tongue in cheek fashion, as in this case. I really couldn’t give two shits. In fact, I only have pleasant direct experiences with Jewish faithers and I have nothing but respect and admiration for them.

        7. I mostly do so in tongue in cheek fashion, as in this case. I can only judge from my own experiences and I find them to be a respectable (if not shrewd)and admirable people.

      1. Yes, the Antifa is paid from taxes. And the leaders of the Antifa are the sons from politicians like Stahlknecht and Company. Read CDU, CSU, SPD, Grüne, Die Linke.

  4. The root of this problem is the successful indoctrination of the weak Western male. Deep down she needed a strong man to regulate her behaviour, to give her that dose of reality. Deep down, it’s what they crave, and they respect it.

    1. “The root of this problem is the successful indoctrination of the weak Western male.”
      I would say universal sufferage, but it ties into your post. When you let weak, lazy, parasitic people particpate in the decision making, you will get a culture and state that reflects that. Ths is how the Clintons and Obamas of the world end up in the WH.

      1. Turd Flinging Monkey explains this in very simple terms. End the 19th amendment if we want to have a country.

  5. Girls in the ANTIFA front lines is so sad…If only she was hot enough to qualify for a cushy job at FEMEN

  6. “But you have an important knowledge about how the world really works.”
    If you ever forget what the female mind is all about, just search for oral cream pie on pornhub. That will provide all the answers you need.

    1. No, not this time. It’s a German name, means the occupation “ferryman”, and is more low German than High (Yiddish is corrupted High german, low German is more Dutch-ish).

  7. Jeez but you guys need to get over yourselves. This kind of shit has been happening on university campuses forever. Armageddon it ain’t. It’s one bunch of soap dodging studenty types having fun playing fighting with a bunch of soap dodging knuckle dragging ‘patriots’. Also it must take balls of steel to punch a woman half your size. Come back when you’ve got something actually impressive.

        1. The Left has been out being violent and destructive for decades, suddenly the Right starts hitting back and you rush out to create an account to condemn them.
          Not impressed, chief.

        2. Yeah, right-wing kick-back is uncommon (and welcome). Guy got to defend himself. Maybe she should have picked somone whiter and knighter who’d have also figuratively taken it on the chin.

        3. Ol Art here would have jumped in to save m’lady, but he was too busy trying to get his horse properly saddled and missed his opportunity.

        4. You don’t understand, we’re not supposed to defend ourselves. We’re supposed to stand there and be the Left’s punching bag. /sarc

        1. For 20 minutes now, since I read your comment, I have that Aerosmith song going through my head.
          “Dude looks like a lady…”

        2. It was “dude…laid” that did it I think, along with the premise of sounding like a woman. It just clicked.

    1. I know I am putting my neck on the chopping block here but I think I actually agree with your sentiment. The smug, smarmy, cuntish, deekweed way you present your self leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but nevertheless, yeah, pretty sure this is just stupid college kids doing stupid college kids stuff.

      1. Exactly. Not saying that real shit won’t happen but this most emphatically isn’t it. And believe me I know all about real shit.

        1. maybe instead of coming in with douche guns a blazin’ you could enter and make a point like a civilized human being and leave it up for debate the way adults do in the future.

        2. Sir, you’re witnessing lolknee’s pattented triple entendre stealth troll I think. Heh.

        3. a thing of beauty….
          Its like ripping a fart at work and then accusing all the sniggerers of not maintaining a Professional Demeanor….

        4. People roaming the cities and physically attacking people, restricting their rights with impunity is a problem. To the people who dont have a car to go to work come the morning because it’s been burned down its a problem. What is “real” shit to you ?

    2. As a former ‘stupid college kid’ I thoroughly believe you would be selling the praises had the girl been successful with all of her overblown claims. This is essentially damage control at it’s finest. She is a champion if she was successful and if she loses her detractors are assholes who should move on. Clever way to shift the goal post hero.

        1. Yes and no.
          Darwin was right when he talked about the survival of the fittest, but who’s the fittest to survive in the world the enemy is creating around us? That’s the greatest triumph of the enemy, he is literally ‘terraforming’ our world, he is creating an environment so hostile that different organisms simply could not survive.
          For this case in point: if the trend continues like this, we are going to have a completely feminized ‘western’ [sic] civilization in about 2 generations. In that go grrll feminist civilization who will be the most apt to survive: a beta orbiter or an alpha wolf? The alpha wolf will end in the jail after the first ONS, while the beta orbiter eventually will find an ugly landwhale to procreate his decadent sire.
          This does not only apply in the realm of man/women relationships. Take for example political dissenting. The world around us is turning into a soft dictatorship in which you are alone and in misery if you don’t think and act like the rest of the ‘humanity’.

      1. White night motto: Ad utrumque paratus. Prepared to use both pen and sword.
        Well I wonder if they would really swing a sword for a feminist or SJW, or if it’s only keyboard warriorism going on? It’s more convenient to give online help, but I bet that if a guy would save a female offline and manage to film and put it on social media that would be the ultimate virtue signalling combo.
        Ps. I have been attacked while travelling in the world and even in Sweden I have been into fistfights so I am not afraid of using violence in self-dense. Hence no keyboard warrior stuff allegations suit me, even though I am a civilized writer.

        1. Good point. I don’t think they whiteknight outside the internet, because most of the them are physically weak and morally cowards.

    3. It has never been socially acceptable to use violence to control others constitutionally protected rights, such as those to freely assemble and speak with one another. Allowing others to control everyone is part of the problem. This oppression happens in steps rather than in clear stages.
      Hitting people with bottles, punching people, inciting violence against others… It’s not ok and surely you recognize the danger in that. That’s of course not even mentioning the cultural appropriation.

  8. Antifa, y’all, look. Come over to Ohio. We have this great college campus called Kent State that is *perfect* for violent demonstrations. Seriously, they have all the accommodations you need, and free WiFi too! And those Ohio National Guard troops, yeah, they’re there to protect you from violent nationalists. Seriously, come on over!

      1. Yeah, central Ohio.
        I never hit on any Amish chicks, no. I associated with some Amish growing up, but kind of left their women to their own kind. Some pretty girls though, sometimes.

        1. We have some Mennonites around here, very reclusive bunch, but pleasant. I think if you wanted to go that route, you would have to jump in with both feet like I did.

        2. Both feet and a set of vows, I immagine. I bet the dedicated “plain people” would think these antifas are upside-down.

        3. Took me a set of vows and about a year of being fully dedicated before I started to see returns. I think early on, lots of the Mormon girls thought I was doing it just as a ruse to pick up on them (others have tried that). But, in time, they saw I did it for me.

        4. I believe that. I met a guy who had a summer job posing as a blacksmith on one of those amish tourist traps.

        5. Lol! Seriously, that happens in your neck of the woods?
          We still have lots of Old Order Amish and you can walk directly into their workshops in their stores and watch them work (sometimes).

        6. I’m 50-60% being a dik.
          But I HAVE seen the Route 30 tourist traps that are filled with nothing but Chinese crap.
          And I DO know an expert chair caner out there who is the Real Deal.

        7. I thought it was their pastries. Not sure how they make them, but their pies and doughnuts are flour based goodness picked from heaven.

        8. I really wish I liked sweets even just a little bit, that’s what a lot of people say about their pastries, pies, etc. What I love is their traditional home cooked meals which they magically, because they have to be using magic, make in a restaurant buffet environment and have it coming out way better than anything a civilian grandmother could make on her best day.

        9. I’ll have to seek them out for a plate. In the city, usually on Thursday’s, they come by with suitcases and teams of maybe 3 young girls and 1 boy, accompanied by two women, ready to sell doughnuts and pies for the day. It looks like a nice family outing even if it is to make a buck. May try traveling through Wisconsin as I imagine them residing there.

        10. you havent lived until youve given yourself 2nd degree burns on your tongue from eating a scorching hot funnel cake!

        11. I know that we have a mess of old order Amish in north central Ohio (the kind that still don’t even have proper buttons, them being forbidden, wot). Don’t know about Wisconsin. Most of the PA Amish are so out of step with old order that they’re basically just people who wear dorky clothing in hobby form only.

        12. my grandfather always called the amish (which he pronounced Aymish) “the Pennsylvania jews”

        13. if you could find old surplus Crisco before they were forced to stop using asbestos in the recipe I bet you could sell it to Paula Deen for like a million dollars a jar

        14. The problem with Mennonites is branding. Their name sounds more like an alien race that we’re at war with than a religion.
          “Sir, permission to launch nuclear weapons, the Mennonite ships are attacking!”

        15. Im actually doing a road trip in fall to investigate these people. Relative has a weird fascination.

        16. If you head through Ohio, give me a shout. Email in profile.

        17. I worked at a gas station in PA for a while and one early morning a dude came in and asked if the donuts were made by the Amish. He didn’t want any if they were because the Amish smelled like donkeys he told me. I assured him they were not Amish donuts and were freshly unfrozen that morning.

  9. I am so glad I live in a big city so we don’t have to deal with this nonsense. There is plenty of left wing nuttiness here in NY but for the most part people have more important things to do than cosplay a revolution

    1. This is turning into real violence, and becoming more frequent. It could simmer down and be nothing but a little silly hiccup, but it could easily go the other direction. The Left is far too invested in all that they’ve done the last 90 years to just sit back and let it all be dismantled.
      We’ll see, but I wouldn’t get too complacent and ivory tower about it quite yet. A year from now we’ll see where it’s gone, if it goes anywhere further.

      1. nah, ill stay complacent. I have no problem with this guy knocking this silly cunt out. The second she swung her fist she gave up her rights not to be punched out. I even think he showed some restraint in that he didn’t stomp her while she was down. Neutralize and move on.
        I would like to know more detail about why that nice clean cut looking kid was around this rabble in the first place rather than out playing sports or doing his homework.
        Meanwhile, all this antifa and antiantifa or whatever bullshit still registers and cosplay to me. Its just the dungeons and dragons set. Nothing to take seriously imo

        1. Nope. I think he didn’t just act appropriately but in a relatively restrained way. My big question is what was he doing there. Was he walking by and assaulted in which case good for him or did he go out of his way to be in a place that he knew a protest was going on in which case they can both get bent for all I care.

        2. Where I think you’re getting it wrong here, is that the right hasn’t really ever struck back violently. It’s always been the left out trying to hurt people and set shit on fire. The right normally just calls in the national guard and washes its hands of the affair. That many normal Rightists are now starting to get pissed off enough to start hitting back, that changes the entire dynamics of the situation.
          The “why” is that lots of folks are fed up. That same anger that you didn’t see that got Trump elected is boiling over now because the Left won’t stop being violent when they should have.
          If it was just the Left being the Left, then yes, cosplay. Two parties going at each other though, historically, can result in a build up to really, really bad things.

        3. “Where I think you’re getting it wrong here, is that the right hasn’t really ever struck back violently.”
          Not getting this wrong. This point is absolutely taken and agreed upon.
          ” It’s always been the left out trying to hurt people and set shit on fire. The right normally just calls in the national guard and washes its hands of the affair.”
          Unless they are segregationists in little rock Arkansas who were tough as shit until the national guard told them to stand still and be quiet while schools were being integrated and they rolled over and showed their bellies like good little puppies.
          I get that the right is finally fighting back against a violent left but again, this is college football. Stuff that doesn’t fucking matter to keep the rubes occupied. College campuses will always be a hotbed for stupidity. It used to be all left wing stupidity. Now the right is joining and being morons as well. The vast majority of these people will graduate, grow up and move on with their lives. This isn’t a revolution in the streets…this is nothing more than cosplay

        4. I will submit that anything that takes place on a college campus leans heavily towards the cosplay end of the spectrum by definition though, as our pal here suggests..

        5. Right, because, say it with me, it’s just the Left being the Left. What he’s missing is that the Right never hits back, until now.
          This may well be nothing, and probably is nothing, except a fun opportunity to see a smelly hippy punched in the face. But I wouldn’t get too smug and ivory tower and “it’s just stupid kids” because the dynamics are changing now. Keep in mind that this comes on the heels of a NON-COLLEGE beat down of another Antifa group a few weeks ago, by grown right wing men long past their college days. We also have armed right wingers showing up out West when the Feds start their stupid land bullshit. This is becoming more frequent and things are getting more violent and it’s not just colleges any longer (where I generally think you’re both right on the cosplay front).
          Gotta read the social undercurrents here to get the real picture, and I’m really, really good at reading undercurrents.

        6. I am not missing the point at all dear friend. I think it is you that misses the larger issue here. THe right didn’t get involved before because they were above this nonsense. They were too busy getting degrees, lettering in sports and moving on to good careers. The right has become as stupid as the left now. You are calling it the right fighting back. I see a bunch of dumb ass left wing teenagers on a college campus acting like royal assholes and now I see a bunch of right wing kids also acting like royal assholes.
          this whole antifa non antifa patriot whatever is a game for dimwits who are supplementing meaningless lives with an invented bullshit cause and violence. They can do what they want, but I don’t see anyone worth hiring in the whole mess.

        7. You are familiar with the history of revolts, rebellions and revolutions, n’est-ce pas? They always start out with the young stupid kids beating on each other. Rarely, if ever, do the nursing homes empty into the streets and riots commence with the walker and cane crowd (that could be really entertaining to watch, actually).
          I’m just saying, you’re missing the entire social undercurrent that is creating this, and it’s not just college students (although this one particular event is). That bubble you live in just doesn’t have roots in what’s going on out here, so to you it’s all just “stupid people” and they are generic and one and the same. I like your bubble, and I’d like to continue to live in my own little 1955 bubble as well, but my bubble has roots in this and I get to hear the rising escalation of rhetoric directly in my ear, especially over the last 10 years or so.
          I’m not wanting for it to becoming anything other than what it is in this event, I’m just telling you why it’s happening and why it might merit some concern. One event on a college campus, big whoop. Adults off of campuses starting to get their war paint on, and get violent (and they are), we have something to start getting a bit restless about.

        8. Maybe so, maybe so. I don’t see the roots of this social undercurrent going anywhere relevant.
          As for adults getting their war paint on — they aren’t adults…despite their age. If they were they wouldn’t be getting their war paint on. I call it as I see it and I see children, both young and old, acting like morons because they are bored of having no relevance. Turning into a revolution? I don’t just doubt it, I bet my life on it.

        9. I’m not claiming it will turn into anything, but it has the potential to get way more violent.
          Adults also fight. The Founding Fathers were not children for fighting the British. And whether we like what they’re doing or not, the fact is that they’re doing it, and increasingly so.

        10. no, the founding fathers were not. But a lot has changed in the last few hundred years since you and I were in high school. Revolution is economically unsound. Wait until these idiots have mortgages and credit card debt and a wife who is nagging them and a dart league they like on Thursdays and kids who need braces and college funds and lets see how quick they are to start fights. When they get home with their 35% body fat and clogged arteries and see that big comfy chair in front of the 65 inch HDTV they won’t be revolting….at least not in the sense of the founding fathers. The high school drama that these idiots — both on the left and on the right — is acting out is natural and the internet is able to make it “news” and people like us can discuss in on online message boards. That’s your revolution…..distraction, cheap food and stories about remember the time.

        11. Not in that day and age he wouldn’t. Today’s environment is unique in that there is not only no punishment for being a player, but it’s actually applauded. Back then one whiff of that would have the woman flogged in the streets and the cad shot dead in his sleep. Lolknee was born at precisely the right point in history for his personality type. It’s like now, the early 21st century and maybe late stage Rome for the lifestyle he’s living to not end up in some kind of death/torture.

        12. I won’t repeat myself, but this isn’t just kids. Ignore as you will, it really doesn’t change anything, nor will my paying attention to it change anything. I’m more interested just to see how it pans out in the long run from a political standpoint.

        13. while in general I am not a fan of unnatural longevity sometimes it would be cool to be able to live 500 years. We could sit in a garage with a huge stash of meat and whisky and lay bets on the future.

        14. Warren Buffet said something very interesting to this effect actually. In an interview where he was asked about all the hard work he did in life he mentioned that the number one thing in this world for him was luck, then hard work. He said that if he was born with his particular skill set in 15th century Tanzania he would have died of starvation. He was born at just the right place and time and compared it to Michael Jordan being born at a time when basketball didn’t exist.
          Sometimes I wonder what other things I am naturally suited towards. Think, Mozart sat at a piano and was just a prodigy. Maybe I am the best fucking spelunker in the entire universe, a total natural, but I will never know because I will never spelunk. Possibly I am a harpsichord prodigy or the greatest Tlachtli player who ever graced the face of the earth. So strange.
          As for colonial players…while I am sure you are right and that it was less common….it was probably there, just in a different form. For instance, I might have been Dr. lolknee treating hysteria….you know, when all the wives of those brave men went to the doctor to have their hysteria treated by getting a good cocking, knocking and cervix rocking.

        15. I actually have them mass-produced. All kidding aside, I will tell you a story elsewhere about how I do actually stamp women.

        16. With the success of the personalization of politics, there was going to be a backlash to all the leftist (sponsored) BS eventually. You have a lot of people with time on their hands. It was a brawl. Stupid, yes perhaps, but no different that getting into fights with the kids across town back in the 80s? Not much.
          Three people were killed in Caracas last night when demonstrating against the socialist regime. Starving people have real concerns.

        17. not sure where he came from but he didn’t come from the kind of money he currently has. He has run Berkshire Hathoway brilliantly and made insightful and decisive moves that ought to be studied and emulated. Anyone not looking to buffet for advice on how to run a business is a fool in my book.

        18. To the same point, if you haven’t yet read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, you’d likely enjoy it. He points out the same right place/right time phenomenon (with the right skill sets and work ethic) is more common than not.

        19. Exactly, she’s a got a taste of the real world where if you push the limits you’re knocked down by any sane person.

        20. I actually have that DVD on the backside of “Spys LIke Us.” Bizarre movie with a very tappable Demi Moore.

        21. to be fair, by the time I graduated high school I had a taste of that dish about 500 times and I am still an unrepentant asshole…but yes, she did need an appropriate “welcome to the world of consequences” party


        23. yes, it is just my opinion that one of the wealthiest men alive and one of, if not the single greatest wealth creator to ever live is someone who ought to be listened to regarding the creation of wealth through business :)))))

        24. He was quoting The Big Lebowski. You need to watch that sober so that you can remember it, heh.

        25. I saw that movie in the theater with Jenny Martin. She was such a little hottie.

        26. Similar to Tehran 1979, probe the waters with the kids & if they actually mount something successful, then the bigs guys come in & say “we got it from here kthxbye”

        27. Yes, there we go, precisely. Since the 18th century this shit always kicks off with the college kids/intellectuals (ha!) first.

        28. The time for it to turn into something has already passed, Trump is now heeding the deep state & the media is easing off on him.

        29. I think it’s not really about Trump directing anything. Some of the precursor stuff was before he even showed up on the scene.

        30. Yeah the (literal and metaphorical) flabby middle are a barrier to revolution of any kind through their sheer sloth like indolence

        31. Still has a huge stake in coke or pepsi; always has huge stake i world’s top dialysis machine maker…

        32. Right, but Trump was like the left’s perfect symbol of all theyre against & the media was trying non-stop to stoke the flames. Then he struck Syria & left chilled a bit. However, with the current open assault on free speech etc things might spark up.

        33. From my understanding he is a USMC vet that likes trump and when they began assaulting trump supporters he had no problem dropping bodies, male or female.

        34. That is fine with me. My question is this: was he there and this was going on or did he make a conscious decision to be there because this was going on. Either way, if someone throws a punch at you it is totally fair game to knock them on their ass male or female. If he happened to be walking around the Berkley campus and ran afoul of these cretins and this is how he reacted then great for him. If he found out this protest was happening and because he is a guy who likes trump or whatever decided to show up and interject himself than he is as big of a scuzzbag as the protesters in my opinion. Context matters.

        35. Holding right-wing events at Berkley is obviously looking for trouble, although the antifa are still in the wrong for responding violently.

        36. It seems to me to be a lot of misbehaved children with no sense of reality behaving poorly because they are bored….this goes for the left and the right. In general I say shame on all of them and time to grow the fuck up.

        37. Maybe if he threw the first punch but if you show up because you believe they might attack people you back or know and are willing to fight I don’t think that’s so bad. I mean compared to the trump supporters who came wearing body armor and him looking like he came straight from church service I think he probably didn’t care one way or another but the fact that he is a marine vet also means he could probably whip everyone of those antifa people one on one probably helped his decision making.

        38. like I said, I have no issue with him hitting that girl. the video clearly shows him acting in a responsible and sane way and I would have done the same. My issues is with these idiots being there and that is both sides. Just because you agree with one side doesn’t mean they are right. The herd mentality has taken over and I see no difference between the protesters and the counter protesters. They are all immature little faggots who should have been off doing something more productive than making a spectacle of themselves and playing at revolution.

        39. I agree but I’d be lying if a said it wasn’t nice to see it happen. I wouldn’t mind if more of this took place so antifa people can learn from experience that they suck at make believe revolutions and will always get their ass beat. It’s no different than when trump won and they cried revolution the first time without realizing most of them are anti second amendment and don’t know how to handle a firearm let alone lead a rebellion. Until people go out and meet them in the streets and give them a beating they’ll continue to go out and harass people and destroy property. It would be one thing if the cops actually tried to stop them but since they aren’t I’m ok with right wing people beating them up until they learn their best bet is staying on the internet and not acting tough on the streets and destroying property that isn’t theirs.

        40. Agreed there. My thumos, the part of my soul that craves conquest like any man should, loved every second of it. It is the nous, the logical and rational part of my soul that takes issue with the whole situation and doesn’t distinguish sides

        41. Responding to what exactly ? Someone saying something that they don’t approve of ? Someone has a right to defend their right to assemble or speak to people whereas no one has the right to destroy public spaces because someone is saying something that they don’t like.

        42. I saw a great t-shit in NOLA a few years ago. I almost got it for a friend that has a really big mouth. It said, “All right already, I’m sorry, unfuck you.”

        43. Both Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were players. Martha Washington named the white house tom cat Alexander after him.
          Eventually AH said something AB couldn’t let pass (I believe it was an accusation the AB was sleeping with his won daughter), and AB killed AH in a duel. Aaaah, for the days when the sitting vice president could have an outstanding warrant for murder.

        44. he was caught off guard- there is a pic out there of her trying to grab his throat b4 he clocked her, think she was goin for the choke slam

        45. ok, so this guy is just some douche bag who is no better than the antifa protesters looking to supplement a useless life by being a media grabbing whore and putting himself in stupid situations. got it.

        46. I would support you…except that my family hails from a country where even questioning or inquiring about certain events is punishable by prison, leftism is the official doctrine and men (at least commoners) have essentially less rights than women and babyboomers wonder where will their pensions and free stuff will come from since the destruction of the family they caused and promoted the birthrates to plummet. Thank God I’m out but My point is that the results of passivity are not gratifying either, those idiot leftists, in significant numbers, will be unable to survive in the private sector and will become your mayor, your member of the community senate, senator, congressmen, lobbyst etc. that will increase you serfdom taxes and curtail your freedoms.
          Unfortunately you are right, not even pacific revolution will be achieved due to complacency, therefore a violent one is highly unlikely unless someone powerful is interested in it…

        47. Most if not all modern protest is play acting. It simply mimics the symptoms of real protest by interfering with people’s lives but that’s about all. A show for news media.
          I am not certain what this violence to stop people from talking business is. If it’s just the next generation of play-acting in this regard or not but it could be.

        48. Look to who funds these kids’ groups. The answer is probably to going to lead to a higher level manipulation.

      2. It is unfortunate that California may never again have a governor like Ronald Reagan, who during the People’s Park protests at Berkeley in 1969, directed the police and National Guard to use whatever means were necessary to restore order at that protest.

        1. Then he pulled the schools administrators together and explained if they couldn’t keep their students in line and maintain order, he’d be finding folks who could.

      3. Yea but for the most part this stuff is isolated and happening in mainly liberal cities. I haven’t see too much of this liberal crap here in Tennessee.

        1. On campuses, yeah. The armed standoff with the Bundy crew a few years ago was out West though, and it had the real potential to get very, very ugly if anybody had made a single misstep. I’m just noticing our side is figuring out that to win, you have to be aggressive. In the politics of things, we’re the ones with the much higher T count, so this won’t pan out well for Leftists if they continue to push.

      4. I’m an old goat and I remember too well the leftist violence the US saw in the early 70s: Symbionese Liberation Army, Weather Underground, Black Liberation Army, and the more radical elements of the Students for a Democratic Society.
        I am concerned we may yet see a revival of these and other home grown groups again.

        1. Difference between then and now.
          The generation of current Leftists have zero education about history or America, so they have no stable base to understand when they’re being thrust into the mill like the grist that they are. They are wholly indoctrinated, blind fools who are easy to command and manipulate. This is, I think, by design.
          Second, the Right is now not only armed up to the teeth, but almost all states except the really, really stupid Leftist ones, have re-instituted the right to carry firearms in public.
          They pull this shit in Cali, ok, but even there they’re getting a beatdown. They try this in a flyover state and we may see some pretty nasty Kent State level blood on the streets.

        2. Notice how at Auburn in Alabama, there is still the rule of law, and folks want order.
          Police were out in force and made all the fascist anti-fas remove their hoodies and masks.
          Enforce the laws— order. No chaos.

        3. I for one look forward to when the Left in its extreme hubris and idiocy ups the stakes and is summarily annihilated. For far too long decent patriotic people have been browbeaten, humiliated, had their livelihoods ruined so when tension boils over the Leftist scum will be subject to an ocean of molten lead and have nobody but themselves and their degenerate overlords to blame.

        4. I think so, also I think he was somehow involved with a university in Illinois, which is how he came across Obama and became one of Obama’s mentors.

      1. watch a protest and counter protest with antifa and, I suspect, FA or whatever. They are all dressed up and playing revolution.

  10. domestic terrorist throwing bottles with M80s(an IED ) at innocent people.
    Hailed as heroin and oppressed minority…

  11. When I looked at the young woman’s beaver shots, all I could think was that she is a perfect application for Sharia Law. Beating. Circumcision. Burka. Problem solved.

  12. To all the engineers on this site: can you explain to me how one fits an m80 into a wine bottle?

    1. Well, I am not an engineer but I imagine from all of her porn antics she has enough lube to place a bomb anywhere she’d like. Might even make MacGuyver proud.

    2. maybe like a ship in a bottle all the constituent parts were put in and then the m80 was assembled with long tweezers

        1. i set off one just once. we put it under that GI JOE motorized tank. small hole in the ground and not much left of that tank. I never lit one again after that

        2. hahaha, when I was a kid my buddies and I would buy a pack of bucks cigarettes (1 buck a pack) remove the filter, light the cig, put the fuse inside the other end and duct tape the M80 to the back of a stop sign where it was bolted down. The cigarette acted as a timer so we could get a few blocks away. We would watch and see the flash and a fraction of a second later here the explosion and then go and collect the stop sign/one way sign/Slocum avenue sign/etc from the ground.

        3. I didn’t know you were such good friends with Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV that you just called him “destroy”

        4. that is destro’s full name. He is a Scottish Laird and arms dealer from a dynasty of such. DOn’t you know your GI Joe lore?

        5. come to think of it, if I have to justify the use of explosives bordering dynamite for teenage boys rather than more practical alternatives to you then we all might as well just pack our things and go home. shesh

        6. no way that is true. if it is, why would you know that? you should get a game misconduct for that one

        7. well Destro was a scot so if that is true then someone ought to contact the people who wrote GI Joe! Hell, if lucas can make Boba Fett shoot first, we can go back and change this.

        8. Everyone knows that Destroy is the 24th of his line in a family that supplied weapons to the bad guys in pretty much every conflict in European and, later, American history.

        9. one of the most famous scenes in movie history he gets wrong, but he has memorized Destro’s pedigree

        10. Loved the cig fuse for leaving 500 count brick strings of firecrackers on doorsteps as a kid. Window wells even better

        11. cig fuse! that is an invention from a generation with
          a) no useful video games
          b) no access to porno
          c) no smart phone
          d) ability to buy beer and cigs at pretty much any age taller than the counter

        12. as for firecrackers btw….it wasn’t a 500 count, but I believe 100. I was in a bar…young, 20 or 21 right around the fourth of july and there was a guy we all used to play pranks on…pass out drunk. Put his barstool with him in it in the middle of the street, tie wrap his finger to the stem of his glass and set his hand on fire you know, fun stuff. Anyway, this was back when payphones were a thing. He went into the payphone and it had one of those glass pane doors that slides and folds. As he is closing the door one of my buddies threw a lit 100 count of fire crackers whil the other slammed the door shut and lay on the floor to hold it that way.
          It looked like the scene when sunny was shot in godfather. I almost laughed myself to an early grave. Thanks for the spark of bringing back that memory

        13. reminds me of my Asshole Friend who managed to get a lit smoke-bomb through the window of the ice cream truck FROM a moving bicycle….

        14. yeah he was jumping around with the pow pow pow. I can still see the absolute terror in his face now.

        15. they are so fucking stingy with those wind breakers. I know a guy who is a DEA agent and I can’t get a fucking windbreaker from him to spare a life.

        16. Hehe….removed a gas line with handyman who just moved last week. He left me his stash of fireworks…wife & I angled piece of pipe towards shitbag neighbors & dropped ordnance into pipe. Shitty chinese rocket lobbed into their weed smoking patio like it was Khe Sanh. We were dying though as we ran inside.

        17. nice! I would really like to get some awesome fireworks for my nieces and nephews upstate this year for the 4th. Way back when I would make a few calls, but it is hard now. I have no connections.

        18. These were from NM, last time I was in Mexico I got ahold of some cherry bombs that seemed like theyd still mangle a hand. Otherwise, best bet is taping up a good wad of sparklers.

        19. I think PA has a thriving high explosives market. The trick is buying it early enough so there are checkpoints set up on the way back to new york

    3. M80 is often used as a term for homemade dynamite. It could be a long stick of homemade dynamite thin enough to fit in a bottle.

      1. the fact that the correct amount of powder can be put into a long thin stick that fits in a bottle rather than a short fat one like we are used to and makes the situation seem implausible is, undeniably, true but nowhere near as funny as all the suggestions below.

        1. I agree the theories as to how it’s done are very entertaining. What I think happened was the hairy cosplay kids where throwing lit M80s at the crowd of well dress, fully employed men. The unemployed smelly hippies were also hurling bottles at the well dress men. Through all the confusion people imagined that the bottles were explosive, which is probably not the case.

    4. According to what I could discover, an M80 is approximately 1 1⁄2 inches (3.8 cm) long and 9⁄16 inch (1.4 cm) inside diameter. Wine bottles do not have a universal size so putting an M80 inside a wine bottle is technically possible.
      However, I would not want to try it. You would have to slide the M80 into the bottle so the fuse that comes out the side is resting on the bottle’s lip. You would then have to light the fuse, slide the M80 through the neck, and throw the bottle, all within 5 seconds.
      That’s an improvised weapon I would not use unless I was really desperate. Too much could go wrong and the explosion would send shards of glass flying in all directions including back toward the person who threw it.
      (Note: I am not an engineer. Your question just got me wondering.)

  13. I sincerely hope that Mr. Damigo did not contract some horrible disease from that skank as a result of his exercise of self-defense.

    1. Knuckle to Face Transmitted Diseases afflict so many in our society. You’d think that we’d have some kind of colored ribbon to help raise awareness of this tragedy.

  14. GoFundMe really have questions to answer, allowing this kind of money raising to happen. Wonder if they’ll let me have a page as I could really do with a nice shiny motorbike.

    1. I once tried to raise money to create a videogame but I’m not as networked as women are (no FB, Instagram etc)
      Result: $0.00 raised. Literally.

        1. I’ve been working more on a game engine than an actual specific game as I’m not that creative but more technically oriented (C++ & DirectX 11). The cash would’ve served to pay story-tellers, artists, a game designer, modellers and maybe a few more programmers. I forgot the exact dollar amount I was asking but I believe it was at most $100,000 as my challenge would be to try to create a quality game despite not having millions. I would’ve paid the talent through sites like rent-a-coder etc. It must be feasible for a well-networked individual. To be really fair, I was not very well organised for a real campaign and created the profile in a few minutes because Indiegogo was new and I did see people raise cash for the pettiest of projects so I thought I’ve got nothing to lose trying at least.

    1. That’s nice to know lucas. Remind me if we ever meet to not shake your hand.

        1. I’m not even hip enough to know what that means but I’ll shamelessly high five cos the cool kids get more pussy
          (This so reminds me of high school)

  15. I know everyone likes to rip on the Marvel movies around here, but I genuinely enjoy them. So the most troubling part of this article was finding out that Chris Evans actually believed that dizzy bitch. Come on, Cap, you’re better than that…

    1. He’s a very vocal sniveling Leftist. He’s always spouting off and is vehemently anti-Trump.

    2. Same here. I am a big comic book fan, but I avoid the actors from the movies (Except Hugh Jackman. That guy is awesome.) like a plague. I am also freaked out, how are nerds obsessing over all new female characters and actresses. For fucks sake most of them are 5’s with heavy make-up.

  16. Where were the other Xena Warrior Princesses to come to her aid?

    Hollywood needs to stop this “warrior woman” propaganda because it will eventually get weak-minded women like Moldylocks killed. Hell, Barron Trump probably could have decked this girl.

    1. Dude, if you scroll to near the bottom of the thread, I said exactly the same thing.

  17. For every Emily Rose Nauert out there getting what she deserves, there’s guys like Bill O’ Reilly, who become one of their victims.
    This shit makes me sick.

    1. say o’reilly on the front page of the paper getting canned from fox. what happened?

      1. He was being accused of (sued for?) sexual harassment and advertisers pulled out because of it, so Fox News fired him as a damage control measure.

        1. what does that even mean. The Rolling Stones would never have had a second album if this BS was going on back then.

        2. it means “I havent gotten the promotion I deserved, so Ill take my version of a golden parachute instead”

      1. Seen it? Talk about complete shame- she has a pic out there of spreading both cheeks & looking back with a smile. Hi dad!

        1. You really can’t have it both ways, do porn and be a political activist. She’s finding this out the hard way. Actually she learning a lot of things the hard way. She must be really stupid.

    1. Brilliant idea! Then we’ll see if he’s the supportive pushover type or the stern type o’dude

  18. Just about every far left “activist” comes from a wealthy family. Funny how if they had to work for a living we would never even have heard of any of these whacked out lefty creeps. What the hell do these people know about “oppression” or having to struggle for anything? They are nothing but attention whores with zero talent and zero work ethic. In short they are spoiled losers and they know it and all the whining, protesting and look at me requests don’t change a thing.

    1. Walter Pabst is blacker than her, I mean does she even know who Promoe is?
      Didn’t think so!

        1. Nitpicking is number one past time among gorrilas. Harambe would have probably liked you to

    1. It was a setup. While normally she’d be able to kick him 8 feet backwards through the air, what she didn’t know was that just moments earlier he had invoked the Power of Greyskull.

    1. Man, I love seeing Leftists all bloodied up like this. They think that they can destroy with impunity, and most of the time they’re right because their Leftist city leaders tell the cops to stand down, but this time, in the very heart of Leftist Hell, they found out that their politics have a consequence. A beautiful, beautiful consequence (to me).

      1. I’m no fan of pain or violence, but there is an elegant symmetry to this…like a complex mathematical proof.

    2. he probably god lucky that night. Not sure what “lucky” would be for these people but at least one of them was probably penetrated

        1. Many years ago, I was in highschool. I got laid, a good six or seven times, with a girl who was the basketball center for the women’s team. I was 6’2″ back then, it helped get this 5’10” chick. Anyway, my first time around, but the pussy smelled. Not bad enough to not fuck it, but enough that I did not ever go down on her. Off I went to college, and I learned, via experiences with other girls, and going through some bad times in engineering school where all you do is schoolwork, sleep, and eat that that smell was not normal. What that smell was was when someone sweats, and it gets trapped in a fold of skin, then sort of dries into a funkiness, and then they don’t shower. I would get this because I missed a shower for a couple days at a time on occasion in school, and, pulling the snake out for a leak made me smell it.
          Basic hygiene is a must. I shower in the morning, and, if I run or do other exercises, immediately after post-workout stretching as well. One should bathe daily, especially if one has body parts that are moist pockets that will always smell to some degree, like women do. A lot of women do not shower daily, and that’s disgusting.

        2. One should bathe daily, especially if one has body parts

          Yes, especially then!

        1. wow, what is the bigger shocker:
          1-she is only 20
          B-she spends alot of time contemplating AI

        2. I’m totally not surprised she’s an INFJ. It’s the personality type of all these SJW fuckers.
          That being said, I wholeheartedly retract my earlier statement about her looks. I would totally pound the fucking crap out of that girl. A little bit too heavy on the dreadlocks, but okay.

        3. Not surprised that she has no idea that being an asshole doesn’t mean she’s ‘strong and opinionated’. It just means she’s an asshole.

    1. If you’re at an antifa protest and you’re wearing their gear and charging, I will fucking destroy you, regardless if you have a dick, a vagina, both or one of those weird transgender contraptions.

    2. They act like there’s no such thing as video. The bald face, totally contradicts hard evidence lying of the left is unbelievable.

  19. It’s amusing to see SJWs protesting against “the patriarchy”. They are retarded pawns who are willingly being used in a game they cannot fathom, a game that will ultimately destroy them. White patriarchy owns pretty much everything that isn’t nailed down – most especially the very media that showcases SJW antics. But they can’t do the requisite math and figure out that the people who own the media are the ones they should protest against (because, duh, the media owners are the ultimate white male patriarchs). Instead, they attack random people in their very same economic class. I mean…if that isn’t an endorsement for the NWO’s notion of culling the idiots from the herd, I don’t know what is. One of these days a whole gaggle of these clowns is going to get machine-gunned. And believe me when I tell you they won’t be putting that one on CNN. Heh…douchebags. They got it comin’…

      1. Well hello, Mr. Verelst. I was preoccupied with some business. But I’m back now. Will put a couple of covers together soon and thank you for the kind words.

    1. You know, that culling part you mentioned reminds me of that scene from The Ten Commandments, where Moses throws the tablets on the false idolaters. Some people are so lost they are not worth saving.

      1. I’m convinced the manipulators up top look at it the same way. Like it’s a vast social engineering experiment. They shake things up constantly, apply various stimuli, molding people into what they want them to be, and the people who drink too much of the Kool-Aid (like antifas and SJWs), they single them out as being irreedemable. So I have to agree with that one – “some people are not worth saving”.
        Once you jump the shark to this type of degree, you should be put down, because, well, what the fuck good are ya? – which is probably why Moses utilized those tablets you mentioned…

        1. They willingly fall into the abyss of degeneracy and try to take as many as possible with them. Personally, I think the world will be a better place if SJWs and liberals worldwide were to just disappear. No one will miss them.

  20. Unlike most of the hot chicks who uglified themselves to embrace feminism (as illustrated in a previous post), Emily Rose still retains a strong level of bangability. Truly tragic.

      1. well she needs a good hard scrub or better still a good fire hosing. To me she looks like one of those birds that get themselves caught in an oil slick and will wither and perish unless someone cleans them up. In this case Marxist ideology and feminism is the oil slick polluting the oceans

        1. “she looks like one of those birds that get themselves caught in an oil slick”
          That’s a great analogy. It works visually as well as metaphorically.

      2. perhaps he meant that she’s not fat
        and seems not to have piercing and tattoos on her face too.
        these tho facts sets her above the majority of girls like her (i mean feminists sjw antifa etc)

        1. She’s half-way decent, but those atrocious dreadlocks, the unshaven armpit hair and possibly the annoying leftist attitude make me want to thrown up.

      3. Yep… snaggletoothed with an ugly shnoz. And she’s 20, so even the bloom of youth is not doing much for her. Count me out.

      1. This is Berkeley, where the mayor, a fat Latino poofter, implicitly egged on the violence against Milo. I’ll up that bet to 50 bux.

        1. also anyone on campus that is anyway connected to conservatism is discriminated against to the nines.
          I am sure they figured their cuck warriors were going to clean up

      2. So they’re like women then? They need to be told what to do, instead of actually protecting the public like they were supposedly hired on to do?

        1. They follow orders like soldiers..and their job is not to protect the public, it is to raise revenue for the court system..

        2. there were two cops interviewed by “we are change” or whoever and they strongly implied they were under instructions from the chief of police to stand down
          Police of Chief is very unlikely to be the top of the chain here

        3. I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote, but I’m just amazed that others don’t seem to grasp that concept.

        4. So if it comes to say, rape or murder, if the police stand down, then it’s completely acceptable. It’s not their fault. They were just following orders. Got it.

        5. The vast majority of us understand that the job of the police is not to protect to public but to enforce the law, and that they have politicians and policy people telling them what laws to enforce, when and how. It’s fairly self-evident if you look at it.

        6. They’re mercenaries. I get it. It’s just that the public mindset, is that the police are supposed to protect the public. And that needs to change. They’re not your friend. They’re not my friend. They are friends to those who pay their salaries and benefits.

        7. “The vast majority of us understand that the job of the police is not to protect to public but to enforce the law, and that they have politicians and policy people telling them what laws to enforce, when and how. It’s fairly self-evident if you look at it.”
          What you said.

        8. It’s not really a question of individual ethics, if there is an instruction not to intervene then how can two police officers pacify a hundreds if not thousands of rioters. The real point though is that there must be a reason that order was given

        9. Just because I understand the reality of why the average cop on the street chose to follow his police chief’s orders and stand down does not mean I think it was acceptable for the police to stand down.

        10. When my son started driving I had him sit and watch this entire video with me, as well as the ACLU videos about how to decline warantless searches and not give police any leeway regarding violating your rights. Excellent things that all people should know I think.

        11. I agree that the police should have arrested the violent anti-American protesters, including this disgusting skank was about to toss a bomb had it not been for the heroism of Mr. Damigo.
          But the cops here are no doubt in the same position in which the cops in any major city find themselves. Should they enforce the law, the odds are that the city, led by their own version of Marilyn Mosby, would pervert the full weight of the “law” against the police.
          Most cops in these situations, at least the ones who haven’t found a job elsewhere, really don’t want to deal with that, so they stand down as ordered.
          This won’t change until the people of these cities stop electing leaders who hate the USA.

        12. Keep in mind, you will be sitting on the curb for awhile as the police obtain the warrant pending on iniatial contact and behavior.

        13. Refusal to consent to a search without probable cause does not legally generate probable cause in and of itself. They try that shit, and I own their department’s annual budget. Ohio law is great like that, denial of rights under color of law means that I can sue the PD responsible directly AND they have to pay for it if I win. And in what you just stated, I’d win, hands down. They’d probably rush to get a settlement out of court actually.

        14. You would have to prove the probable cause and request for warrant was due to the decline to search. They will cite something else.

  21. had a tuff chick try to punch me out once. wildly swinging while telegraphing her punches and screaming at the top of her lungs,in about 90 seconds she was totally winded and started to cry. I just went back to drinking my vodka.
    I find it very amusing that the media portrays them as ninja warriors.

  22. Emily Rose Nauert merely demonstrated the female propensity to see themselves as the passive, innocent victims even when they are the aggressors and instigators.

    1. Despite alcohol and heels that bitch took a shot from a bouncer and stayed on her feet. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not supporting her case nor am I saying she is tough in any real sense of the word….I will say, however, that I dig a chick that can take a punch. She can it. WB

        1. I would love for there to be some sound on that video. Get the full scouse bird in battle effect. Probably just the local courting ritual

      1. It looks like she’s going back for more. Either she liked it or she was saying “is that all you got?”

        1. yup. like I said, WB. Any girl who enjoys abuse and can take a punch belongs in my bed.

        1. in this day and age you can never be sure, but I would think so. A nice 6, all dressed up to pass as a 7.5 and the fact that she can take a punch is not just sexy, but useful.

        2. Yeah, even as I typed it I figured that, considering her high degree of skill and balance in those heels, she’s probably a legit she.

  23. OFF TOPIC- We need a new cooking article, hear ye Quintus. Perhaps on cast iron, smoking delicious garbage, oddball cuts of meat, grillin’ technique charcoal vs gas? Ill throw this one out there- chuck eye steak…”poor man’s ribeye” only two per cow.

  24. Staunch feminist and hairy snatch porn starlet. She’s in a niche market for ‘creepy’ 50+ men. Oh, the irony!

  25. “Nauert/Marshall, who goes under the political name Louise Rosealma….”
    Ever notice how a lot of these types have pseudonyms they’ll use in everyday life? This is a major red flag for BPD, as it’s tied to lack of sense of self. Explains a lot.