The Expectations Of Modern Women Have Lost Touch With Reality And Common Decency

I remember my first girlfriend, but not so fondly. I dated her when I was 18 and 19 years old. She was the classic “LA girl”—whiny attitude, demanding, and overall just a bit psychotic. I’ll never forget how she used to put little gold stars in my calendar on nights that she would “gift” me with some action (after the flames died out after the first few months).

Thankfully, I’ve come a long way since those days and can look back and chuckle. But that’s not the point of this article. When I was reading Roosh’s latest article about how it’s perfectly normal and acceptable for girls to do porn now, I remembered her friend.

I came to know her by “The Disneyland Bitch”. Let me tell you why.

The Disneyland Marriage Proposal

This friend of my girlfriend wanted to get married to her Prince Charming one day—if she ever found him. Of course, if poor bastard was “lucky” enough to find her, there were some absolutely insane requirements that he would have to meet before she agreed to take her hand in marriage.

Basically, she wanted her fairytale wedding, and fairytale proposal, too. In this case, the fairytale proposal was quite literally required to take place in front of the Disneyland castle. While my memory is a bit foggy, the general requirements for her to even consider his proposal were:

  • The proposal MUST occur in front of the Disneyland castle.
  • It MUST be on a specific day of the summer (not coincidentally, when she would have the biggest audience of strangers to clap and cheer for her spectacle)—perhaps her birthday.
  • Her ENTIRE family had to be present—he was expected to foot the bill for all of them. This wasn’t just close family, either—she had a list of 20 aunts, cousins, and BFFs that HAD to be present.
  • The proposal must happen at night, at a specific moment in the fireworks/music cue.
  • He must have the proper arraignment of flowers and other gifts, in addition to the proper ring.
  • To top it off, she had actually written a speech for her own proposal. Apparently her father had it locked away. Upon the princess’ groom-to-be asking her father’s permission to propose, the father was supposed to inform the lucky guy of all these insane requirements, and give him the proposal speech (there were a few parts where he had creative freedom).

If he did all of this, he might be lucky to get her consideration for marriage. Man, her father must be so proud to have raised such a strong and empowered woman—who is fearless with her demands! Meanwhile, Southeast Asian girls won’t let you leave bed if you get sick.

Of course, any chump who falls for that spectacle deserves what’s coming to him. While I obviously don’t keep in touch with that girl as I’ve more than moved on, it occurred to me: is this now normal in America?

Expectations Start Young

I’ve got enough young cousins who are still in high school, and let me tell you—those poor guys don’t have it easy these days. Just a few decades ago, a proposal was a private and special moment between man and woman. Now, as evidenced by the Disneyland Bitch, it’s become a public spectacle. A chance for women to show off to people who don’t matter. It’s all status—a way to garner Instagram likes and Facebook comments, just like traveling abroad to exotic locations.

That’s one thing—because the entire marriage industry is mostly just a spectacle, and has been for quite a while now. But have you seen how young men now are expected to ask a girl out to prom?

If you’re not in the loop, they’re now referred to as “Promposals”. Desperate high school boys now ride horses to school, make elaborate food concoctions, or do other silly stunts—all in the name of trying to get a girl to show some pity and go to prom with him (and maybe get to first base).

Remember when you had to try to isolate a girl to ask her out to prom? It was just the respectful, normal thing to do. It was a chance to share a moment of youth with someone whom you had a crush on. It was intimate in a PG way. In some ways, it was one of the final moments of youthful innocence for both guys and girls.

These days? It’s just another stunt to make men into pussies, jumping through hoops for the insane demands of women. Let me tell you—the girl who gets a horse to get asked to prom is the same girl who is making demands like the Disneyland Bitch. You almost can’t blame her—she’s human. If the 18-year-old guy got her a horse for prom, surely a castle is within reason for a marriage proposal?

What’s Next?

Clearly, this cheesy, desperate begging is continuing to trend upward. From elaborate and expensive weddings that no one can afford, to proposals, and now all the way down to prom—the insanity continues.

The only question is—what comes next? Are young men in middle school (ages 12-14) going to have to start doing these kind of stunts to get girls to go to a dance with them? Eventually, the bubble is going to burst. The expectations are going to become so insane for girls, at such a young age, that no boy will ever be able to meet up to them.

Instead of waiting until much later in life to go their own way, young men in high school are going to say, “Enough is enough, I’m not going to bother.” At the absolute peak of their libidos, they’re going to get so fed up with the entire process that porn will sound like a superior alternative.

As Roosh detailed in his article—the girls will fly out of their small towns to do porn—all for a plane ticket and a few hundred bucks. They’ll spread their legs, get gang-banged, and dream of their elaborate proposals, while saying that they’re just “finding themselves”. They’ll say that it will make them a better person for their future husband.

And when no man is left to pick up the pieces, guess who will get the blame? You and I both know. The question is—do they?

If you want to learn how to keep a harem of women, check out my book King’s Code. For advice about escaping American women for greener pastures, check out Ukraine Living.

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459 thoughts on “The Expectations Of Modern Women Have Lost Touch With Reality And Common Decency”

    1. No woman except Marilyn Monroe is entitled to ever use that line, ever. And I’m half way thinking that I wouldn’t have accepted it even from her.
      Your cartoon is spot on, as is your comment. A woman saying that in any context outside of joking is telling you right out of the gate that she’s a force 10 bitch.

        1. Right. The red head-ish 19 year old, ok, sure baby. The 32 year old cocked out druggie? Um…no? Does no work for you?

      1. I’ve always informed every woman who idolizes her that she was s drunken, drugged out whore and any sensible guy will see that as a red flag. I’ve honestly never understood her appeal to women.

        1. She emulates everything they aspire to.
          A no consequences life where she can be a whore, has fame, does drugs, goes to orgies, gets a billion abortions and still be adored and considered special. It is the soul of the modern woman, personified.

        2. Heh, makes sense. My wife’s niece loves the Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn and I asked why not Batgirl. She gave a similar response.

        3. To be fair, that chick who played Harley Quinn would be welcome to suck my cock any day of the week.

        4. Saw a Joker/Harley panel that reminded me of lolknee. Joker has Harley Quinn chained to a wall, with the rotting remains of several other Harleys on the floor. Joker saying something like- did you think you were the only one?

        5. Don’t leave out making a chump out of a totally accomplished, awesome, and admirable husband.

        6. Harley Quinn was a grotesque tattooed psychopathic skank! No woman should ever aspire to be like her!

    2. The thing is, at 29, her best is long gone. It was taken by the convict with neck tattoos when she was 18. He didn’t deserve it either. The only one who deserves her best is the beta who will give his life to her and support her and her children. He certainly won’t get it.

      1. He’ll get her absolute worst, and he’ll thank her for it every single day, or she’ll kick him out, take half+ his shit and start fucking the pool-boy while the neighbors watch.

        1. That’s strange really, I’ve never seen any of my neighbors fucking. It’s like they do it inside or something. Dufuq is wrong with them?

        2. We will do it outside on occasion. Several years ago, we were in the back yard in a sleeping bag. The following morning, there was an ambulance at our next door neighbor’s house. The guy had a stroke. Coincidence? He couldn’t say, or say anything at all after that for that matter.

        3. I hear about people doing it outside or in parks, or in some way in some kind of exhibitionist milieu, but I’ve yet to run across anybody, ever, actually doing that kind of thing. I mean I’ve glimpsed a girl giving road head once, driving past their car, but that’s been it. We’ve banged it out in the deeps of a public park, on the roadside at 2am, in the back yard, even on the hood of my car around midnight when the neighbors were sleeping, or with open curtains in a high rise hotel, but I have yet to see anybody else even approaching doing anything like this. It’s strange because I figured that the odds of catching another couple was somewhat high given how many people say that they do it.

        4. Of course in this context I only meant the attractive couples. I just figured that was understood, heh.

        5. There appear to be 3-4 dudes in this pic… aiding and abetting these spoiled bitches. Talk about low-T, confused “men.”

        6. You are being abusive if you insist that she wait until the divorce to start screwing the pool boy. Expectations of marital fidelity (by men of women) has been added to the Duluth Wheel of Power and Control as emotional abuse. I am not kidding on that. You can look it up.

        7. My second wife was a bit of a nymphomaniac (ok more than a bit). She had a strong preference for sex in risky/public places. It was what it was. A little off putting, for me, to be doing it in the bathroom at Wendy’s while our four young kids were eating in the dining room.
          Anyway, when I was in the Navy, there was a case on the submarine base where I was stationed that was along these lines. The shore patrol was cruising through the base housing area and put the spot light on a Navy lieutenant and his wife who were in their front yard rather early in the morning, engaged in what civilians call oral sex, and which the military calls sodomy. I believe alcohol may have played a significant role in events. He was court martialed for sodomy, and I believe spent some time in prison, before being discharged dishonorably.

        8. It is used by just about every police department in the US as a basis for throwing men into jail on the say so of a vindictive bit…I mean wife = victim of DV.

        9. I could swing both ways on that….your call. I counted it as indoors myself. Not like getting snow on your butt in my case.

        10. I grew up in the great white north. If you got naked outside in winter they might find your corpse come the spring thaw (in May).

        11. Well she wanted this house so I bought it for her. Then she wanted the pool, so I installed it for her. After that I find out she’s banging the pool boy… But that’s okay. Because after all that, I didn’t have enough left money to hire it done, so I AM the pool boy, lol! 😉

        12. One time for a school field trip in Portland Oregon, we went to the Saturday market. A couple of bums were going at it on the grass, there were hundreds of people around. Some things you can’t unsee.

        13. I was mountain biking on a trail in Louisiana along a lake shore, came flying around a blind corner, and a young couple were on the ground getting it on.
          I almost ran over them…. Braked hard steered left, grabbed a lower gear and kept going.
          1 time in my 49 years.

        14. Haha, they do look like the teenage daughter in Family Guy. Washington Women’s March. They should be called Washington feminist march, because there exist many Trump-supporting women.

        15. Modernized marriage services would include divorce statistics and discounts on a marriage divorce package deal. The wedding photographers should upsell discounts on professionally shooting your wife’s future cheating.

        1. Look how Mal looks at Skippy and How she looks like nick. No one raised on this show has an excuse for being a beta chump. It was RIGHT THERE for everyone to see

        2. They’re useful for swatting a woman on the back of the head when she says something dumb. That’s about the extent of their useful application on a date in 2017.

        3. I think it is fair to say all women like flowers but what have they done so extraordinary to deserve them?

        4. This bit still kills me. It takes a minute to warm up but once they get going it just slays me.

        5. Well since there are plenty of subtitutes for it now. Doesnt it seem too old fashioned and cheap?

        6. I don’t know. Maybe asking the wrong guy. I really like flowers and always have fresh ones st home.
          I haven’t bought flowers for a girl that wasn’t my mother in quite some time but if there was a reason to do something special I’d add flowers to it

        7. Life lessons from television shows from the age of Reagan.
          The 1980’s, is there anything it can’t do?

        8. I agree. Any guy who came of age in the 1980’s has zero excuse to be beta. None. Zero.

        9. It was presumably most masculine, recent bygone era with suits, fast cars, drugs, masculine bodies except for women with shoulderboards/pads on suits.

        10. only episode i remember is when uncle tom hanks got drunk on vanilla extract (which caused me to try to get drunk on vanilla etract)

        11. That about sums it up. Although few women outside of the big cities wore the Linebacker shoulder type suits.

        12. 80’s sitcom lore was pretty straight forward on that the beta did not get the gal

        13. Yep.
          Fonzie – every girl under the sun
          Potsie – future internet porn connoisseur

        14. If I buy a flower, it goes right on my own lapel. Period.
          The last time I bought flowers for a woman, she said “thaaaaannnk you,” in a sing song voice, and it was like I could actually see the portal to the Friend Zone opening up below my feet.
          Done with that, for good.

        15. very small return. I will give the wife on occasion, never on Valentines or anniversary. Expected gifts is like grocery shopping.

        16. Amendment to my earlier comment: if you must give flowers to a woman, steal them. It will have the desired effect.

        17. Chachi got Joanie
          Sam got Diane
          John Lariquette got every chick in night court
          Hawkeye got all the nurses
          The dozens of guys who got Kelly on married with children

        18. connoisseur
          Dude….c’mon….it’s a French word, I expect you do know it….heh

        19. In your situation, I would if her mom dies, or she loses her legs in a car accident or something. Just to know you are sympathetic. No reason to be completely cold.

        20. Ex wouldn’t even know about it- she and her parents haven’t talked since 2010. And my ex father-in-law probably wouldn’t see the humour in it- even if he did benefit.
          They’ve been good about being there for the kids, went and visited them this past summer. She’s been a better example for my son than his own mother.

        21. I am half tempted to do that for the wife. Start off subtle, and then go to more and more vulgar lingerie.

        22. Haha! I got that one. But don’t forget Steve Urker vs. Stefan Urquelle a few years later. Google that clip and see how the audience reacts when actor Jaleel White adopts a few bad boy mannerisms. It’s the same actor, but they behave as if it isn’t. I’m surprised this clip isn’t analyzed more in the manosphere because it defines a lot of what people have written.

        23. How many types/flavors do you need? I could see getting some assorted toys and stuff, not too brazen though.

        24. Worth doing just so your daughters see the appreciation between husband and wife. Try and create the right expectations for them.

        25. I think it is important to show that you love your wife. It shows your kids that they are in a stable situation. However, if you go to the extreme and you become subservient to your wife, that sends the wrong message, and gives your daughters unrealistic expectations. My dad did that. Good, hard working guy, but was too beta. It set up my sister to have conflict when she married.

        26. Agreed. But I think you’ve got it right– on occasion, not as an expectation, not regularly, not because it’s demanded but as a show of appreciation. The same type of appreciation you’d expect your son-in-law to show your daughter.

        27. Thats the key.
          A man should give a woman flowers when she earns it.
          Day after a great home cooked meal isna good example.
          Gotta give them treats when they behave

        28. Simple and effective: reward good behavior and punish bad.
          I don’t usually have a girl stick around long enough to earn flowers but when they get them it is usually because of a holiday (birthday) coupled with an ongoing pattern of being really well behaved

        29. Bad behavior only gets one punishment; the sight of my ass walking away. My wife has been informed that is how she will know she has crossed the line. She tends to stay far away from the line just to be safe.

        30. Good planning. With rare exceptions my time limit with any girl is 8 weeks….on recent exception and before that is has been years so I never really deal with those issues. Good on you keeping it together in a marriage

        31. Stick to yellow flowers (friendship)
          Vice white (true love)
          or red (passionate love)
          don’t want to give them the wrong idea.

        32. She worked long and hard to wear me down. I never expected it to last. My cost benefit break even point was 4 years. I promised to get her a decent ring at our tenth anniversary; never expected to have to deal with it. We are still married, and she has been bringing it up a lot recently with one year and one month to go. I wish I could take some credit for keeping it together. I have pretty much stuck to my ZFG attitude. Whenever she says, “You’ll never find another woman like me.” I always reply, “Why would I want to, the next one will be completely different.”

        33. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used some variation of that line in response to the “never find one like me again” lol
          Where do they learn this shit?
          My thing is that I like the getting to know you period. They ask all about you, hang on your every word, haven’t heard your stories or jokes yet, fuck like they are trying to prove a point.
          I’ve been in a perpetual honey moon state with between 1-5 women at a time for the last 20 someodd years.
          Having to have some kind of real connection with these women doesn’t work for me. I love em all and enjoy my time with them. I think women are great company but the kind of meaningful bond that is required in a LTR let alone a marriage just isn’t my cup of tea

        34. I found a beautiful young woman that I have laughed with every day for the past 11 years (married and unmarried). Getting married for sex is like flying to London because you like the peanuts they hand out on the flight.

        35. A lovely flower is a fitting gesture for a home cooked meal followed by a no strings lap dance as you relax in your recliner and she finishes by twerking low and steady on your knob, keeping it as low profile as she can without obstructing the view to your 40″, low like a classy vintage chop top lowered Chevy.

          That’s a good wife SO LONG AS there’s more where that came from. If you give her a blossoming wild weed that you pick then sure there’s more where they came from so it’s an even trade. But IF YOU GIVE her a diamond, then what are you supposed to do, magically pull diamonds out of your ass every time she puts out a renewable and plentiful resource?
          Flowers are perfect for that. I myself love flowers, more than diamonds. You wouldn’t catch me with a pocket full of diamonds for any woman, especially a wife. But flowers, absolutely.

        36. “But whenever I meet dynamic, nonretarded Americans, I notice that they all seem to share a single unifying characteristic: the inability to experience the kind of mind-blowing, transcendent romantic relationship they perceive to be a normal part of living. And someone needs to take the fall for this. So instead of blaming no one for this (which is kind of cowardly) or blaming everyone (which is kind of meaningless), I’m going to blame John Cusack.” – Chuck Klosterman, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto

        37. Yeah “never find one like me” evokes the response “Sure honey, you’re unique…just like everybody else.”

        38. Agreed, although there was a good mix of blue in there. The dopey dad stereotype bothered me. But when Al shined, he shined.

      2. He did deserve it because he got it. Don’t ask why, that’s how market economies (for sex or money) work.

      3. “The only one who deserves her best is the beta who will give his life to her and support her and her children. He certainly won’t get it.”… This describes my brother-in-law perfectly!
        He recently split from his current wife (his 2nd marriage) in pursuit of a devious little Australian
        (mother of 7, married 4 times) that he met while traveling for business. They’ve only been together
        for 8 months and he’s already going to leave his two sons, along with his very stable aerospace job and move to Australia next month – with no job prospects or connections – “because he’s in love.”
        After he split from his current wife, he needed a place to stay, so we let him stay at our house from Nov-Dec, and when he wasn’t sleeping, he was talking to his new girl constantly. My wife kept breaking his balls telling him that he talks on the phone more than any girl she’s ever known… This is a 50-year old guy! The sad thing is, he’s actually a nice guy, but he has absolutely no balls. He’s always been with very pushy, manipulative women
        that tell him how to dress, what cologne to apply, even what type of underwear to wear.
        Funny part of the story is that we hadn’t seen him for a few weeks, and he told my wife that he flew this girl out to “meet the family” and wanted to stop by our house as well to say hi. We said, why not (we’re always up for a little comic relief) so when they showed up at our house last week, we open the door and in walks: New Mommy with 2 of her Rugrats in tow and following closely behind is my subservient brother-in-law, only this time, he’s
        not wearing his usual Levis and polo shirt, No – She Has Him All Dressed Up in skinny jeans with an extra medium hipster t-shirt and sporting a fruity haircut!… I almost lost my shit, but I kept it together just long enough to keep it polite. When they left, I just kept shaking my head and said to my
        wife “that’s Your brother, Not mine” – he’ll never learn.

        1. Unforgiven and Chism are two of the best Westerns ever made.

        2. Well how does this not deserve to be listed among the best westerns of all time? Classic Clint Eastwood:

          The rest of the movie is just as good.

      4. Yeah I think we have to take in to account from a masculinist point of view that the wall for women is now actually younger than it used to be, despite the feminists trying on the contrary to continually extend it. This is due to the irresponsible lifestyles western women continue to indulge in such as promiscuity, hard drinking, prescription medication and drug abuse. Because of these factors I would say the wall is around 25 now,. and getting younger rapidly.

        1. For most, I would agree, but it doesn’t have to be so. My wife is 37, and is still decent looking, despite six kids. Of course, she never was promiscuous, never drank, never smoked, she was always a straight arrow, Molly Mormon. She is battling the weight issue to an extent, takes longer to recover with each kid. Age sucks.

        1. Partially it’s the shaming (jobs, improper meals served up) that slow kills the felon with neck tattoos.

    3. When civilization hits the ceiling, these entitled “princess” would be forced to bow to her new master, kneeman the master race.

      1. You will find these princesses in the back alleys giving $5 blow jobs.
        They will revert to their real market value.

    4. Once they hit the wall and their SMV is depleted, counter intuitively their expectations go through the roof.

  1. American-style romance is all bullshit. It’s just men giving into the the childish and trivial demands of women.
    There are only 2 things I want from women: a good/relaxing time and sex
    Similarly, there are only 2 things a woman should want from a man: a good/relaxing time and the right combination of money/status/power
    All the bullshit and sophistry needs to be taken out of American relationships.

  2. The “getting down on the knee” with flashy diamond ring marriage proposal is one aspect of Western culture I totally disagree with and I’m sure historically, it wasn’t this way.
    If the guy starts off with putting his woman on a pedestal, unless he’s very headstrong and self-aware, he’s setting himself up for failure.
    Heck in the East, it’s the other way around: the girl’s family often times literally begs the guy’s side of the family to accept her.

    1. “you should put a woman on a pedestal.. high enough so you can look up her dress.” – Steve Martin

  3. Who would date much less marry somebody like Disney girl? Don’t be thirsty.
    The day I proposed to my wife I had just had a big career milestone and pitched a win for my softball team. I got home and was still in my uniform, sat down beside her, handed her the best $400 used ring money could buy, and asked “Wanna get married?” We did a courthouse wedding and sheared off three days on an already planned family vacation for a honeymoon (Disney coincidentally).

      1. And, she is getting fat pretty damn quick. Must be all the donuts she’s eating to console herself over the unraveling of her bullshit story.

        1. Solid reference. Took me a furrowed brow, a “Wha?” and about 2 minutes to dust that one off.

      2. Moral of the story– have a best man who will beat the stupid out of you and keep you from going through with something like this.
        Did he have no friends at all?

      3. Look at that dude’s eyes, man.
        He knows. He fucking knows.
        Poor fucking bastard. He knows he just made the worst mistake of his life and its too late. He doesn’t know why, he doesn’t understand how, but he knows he just fucked up and he is fucking trapped.
        Looking at this picture is like seeing a guy drowning, way out at sea, too far away for me to get to him.

    1. They get badgered into it. They don’t have access to red pill philosophy. They’re told over and over that a “real” man does these asinine and embarrassing things. They’re young and eager to be accepted,.. and most of all, may lack a father figure to sit them down and tell them the facts of life.. not just putting the sausage in the bun, but the dangers and social pitfalls of female $#!t tests.

  4. Proposed at a chinsey chain diner over a pile of fried cheese sticks (it’s a weakness of mine, so sue me). Eloped, did a “no family” wedding in Edinburgh with only two attendees, where part of our vows included “Now ye shur ye no’ related are ye?”, which should be included in any legitimate ritual if you ask me, and then walked around Edinburgh castle in my kilt and tuxedo jacket, and my wife in her “Scottish princess” type getup, as Japanese tourists took our picture (because, you see, we all look the same to them).
    The trick is, you’ll likely know well in advance if a girl is a stuck up pig, so if she is, well, don’t propose to her. A good girl won’t care how you propose or where you get married.

      1. Best accompanied by “Blood Diamond” game.
        “See baby, I’d like to buy you a diamond, but if I do I’m supporting an industry that enslaves little children and shoots up innocent families, and I just know you wouldn’t want that on your conscious, would you?”

        1. This might make you barf.
          Ex left her engagement/wedding rings, so I had them and mine melted down and a new ring made. Infinity symbol carved on top with my kids birthstones mounted.

        2. I don’t agree. If my husband is ever stupid enough to buy me a grotesquely expensive diamond ring, it better be a blood diamond. I don’t consider it good value for the money unless the mining process involved at least a couple of deaths and the permanent displacement of an indigenous tribe.

        3. The post was a joke.
          I appreciate your cold heartedness. It’s what I look for in a woman (for real).

        4. No barf.
          That is pretty damn Solid.
          Just like the kids themselves, you took the best she contributed and forged them to your own will.
          GOOD Stuff.

        5. … I wondered if there was something wrong with me, couldn’t just sell it, or throw it away. Kids like it though, kind of a sign of commitment to them.

        6. As you should. We’re quickly becoming an endangered species. Not nearly as docile and fluffy as the Panda, but infinitely more necessary in a food chain largely comprised of narcissistic, manufactured rage and victim hood.
          In answer to your next question: no, I don’t get invited to a lot of parties, at least not more than once 😉

      2. Good for you! I “accepted” (actually it was more of a two way discussion) with no ring. We weren’t that broke but I consider the whole engagement ring industry really icky. Also, I’m really cheap lol! Our wedding bands were about $50 a piece and are made of titanium…which turned out to be great idea because I’m a gym rat and can actually work out in mine without scratching it.

        1. Not to be a safety nanny, but having seen a couple of ‘de-glovings’ of fingers from rings catching on things, I’d recommend leaving it in the locker.

        2. Eew. Good point. The gym would probably appreciate it too, given the ring scratches handles, weights etc but never the other way around lol!

    1. Camping in the desert, went for a hike, proposed under a boulder in the shade, a very private moment for just the two of us. That evening finished dinner off with Cold Duck and Pineapple sherbert (dry ice is a wonderful thing) .
      The ring did not cost anywhere near 3 months salary.

      1. The nice thing about proposing in a desert is that if she says no, you can just pack up and leave her stranded there to die and be eaten by vultures. Nice strategic choice of locations, man.

        1. I actually told her something along those lines when she asked what I would have done if she’d said no, but it included burying the corpse.

        2. I love being forward like that. My wife asked me, when we were much younger, what I would do if she put on weight and I answered just matter of factly without even looking up from my newspaper “Your cousin Jennifer”.
          Once you get past a certain point where she has come to never know what to expect you to say, you can say basically anything you want and not have it result in her getting all butthurt. Heh.

        3. Well, I agree with GoJ’s attitude of letting the dead take care of their own. However, from a concealing the evidence perspective I thought burial was the better option.

    2. My Dad proposed to Mom by putting a quarter in a vending machine and putting a twenty-five cent ring on her finger. They remained married for almost 51 years until my Dad passed from cancer.

    3. Yep. My husband I decided to get married… meaning there was no proposal/engagement ring. We got married at the courthouse, only his parents were in attendance (mine were both dead by the time I was 20). He wore a dress shirt and jeans, I wore a vintage style party dress from a sale rack. We had a little party afterwards at a local restaurant (and that was to accommodate his large family). We’re still married and basically debt free. Coincidence? I think not.
      I also consistently tell any young guys I know “if she’s demanding a fairy princess wedding… run like hell! That is a sign of things to come.”

  5. “He must have the proper “arraignment” of flowers and other gifts, in addition to the proper ring.”
    Were the flowers under indictment? 😉

    1. Charges of first degree misdemeanor distributing of pollen.

  6. Most Americunts only care about the wedding- that’s where they get to sate their attention whoring. They don’t give a damn about the actual marriage. Hell, the more divorces they have the more marriages they can have.

    1. My Ukrainian wife wanted the whole big diamond ring thing but I insisted upon a smaller one ($250). About 5 years later for our anniversary, I indulged her and got her a $1000 ring. She rarely wears the $1000 ring because she worries about damaging it and instead wears the $250 one.
      And that sums up neatly a lot about the consumerist diamond and wedding industry.
      A blowout wedding that costs $20Grand won’t help a new couple out more than, say, spending $2000 a year on a nice vacation for the next 10 years. Actually, I spend about $1200 a year on vacation (for a week at the beach) and those memories are worth much more than a ring or lavish wedding.

        1. With my wife, it was a rather funny story. I met her on she had used as part of an agency and met her in person while traveling from Krakow to Odessa. It was a strange set of circumstances. I had met other girls in the region via IRC (chat) (for the time) and through friends. Personal ads were then still pretty big back then. This was before many westerners were doing such a thing (this is Y2K)
          I had spent a considerable amount of time overseas and in Poland but my first time was for 4 days. I met a girl on the plane on the way there and struck up a romance that didn’t work out (long distance relationship). (Note it failed for other reasons not having to do with distance.) After that, I spent a lot of time traveling sort of like Roosh (not for his reasons but just for tourism or spending months off with friends) so I immersed in the culture.
          So overall, I’d say it’s quite possible even now to meet someone in 2 weeks and then have a long distance relationship but you’d probably be better off finding out about the local personal ads (for the region you’re interested in) and setting something up beforehand because otherwise you’ll have to rely upon luck. You’ll probably get a few good numbers and can date long distance and see how it works out.

        2. That’s a cool story! Thank you for sharing. The program I’m doing is a 2 weeks stay in Nikoli,Ukraine. It’s gotten really good reviews with a lot of matches. I did a ton of research on them before I signed up and saw nothing but good things said. Even talked to a few guys that went on it themselves. It’s something I’m really looking forward to.

      1. I did similar. Started off with a $250 ring. Then the following week (Christmas) I got her a $20 ring at a pawn shop to wear everyday. She hardly ever wears the nice one unless we are going out.

    2. Not sure if it’s true, but I once heard the phrase, “the bigger the wedding, the more likelyhood of divorce.”

    3. As my dear old dad used to say, “Son, women want to GET married but don’t have much interest in BEING married!”

  7. You need an iron will and a fat wallet to control one of these C21 whorebags.
    And if you have these 2 things, why the fuck marry a skank??

  8. That father deserves to be stuck with his daughter the rest of his
    life. At the first sign of profit, she’ll stick both parents in a
    discount nursing home and never visit.
    And let that be a lesson to all you future fathers. If all you’re going to do is feed her attention she will not have one iota of care about your needs when you get sick.

  9. Yep. Sent a limo to pick up my ex wife at work. Pin on a pillow outside the hose to pop balloons all the way up the stairs with me waiting behind the door. Each balloon had 1 letter that all together said will you marry me. She opens the door and there is my beta ass on a knee with the standard three times my salary ring.
    She took my house, my kids, hundreds of thousands of dollars and got married to the guy she was banging within 6 months.
    Oh, the Red Pill is delicious!!! AWALT.

    1. She (your ex) is going to call you Carpetboy, ATM machine, Bellhop or Corporate slave for the matter

    2. Hey man, you’re not alone. And as hard as it is to hear, it could have been much worse. As terrible as what she did to you sounds, believe me, there are guys who have been through much, much worse.
      And, you have found the Red Pill, which greatly increases the chances that you won’t go through that again. There are plenty of guys who have gone back to the well two and three times on that shit.
      I know a guy who has been divorced 5 times, and he got absolutely raped every single damn time.

      1. Anyone who has been married 5 times is either incredibly stupid with terrible taste in women or an absolutely horrid partner. Or a combination of both.

  10. After some education, my sons know that they will be practically disowned if they try to pull any of this pandering shit with a girl. They know what I think of that attention-whoring. They have learned red-pill wisdom about attention whores and the problems of Western girls. Oldest will not let his GF get away with it, and youngest is seriously thinking about Asian girls who aren’t spoiled / damaged.
    Daughter knows that if she tries to pull that shit with a boy, she’s out of money – I won’t pay for prom, dates, wedding, or any such. She’s expected to act respectable, proper, ladylike, and NOT be an attention whore. So far, her friends haven’t corrupted her – at least not compared to MOST girls.
    They know what I did – proposed over dinner at a nice (not super-fancy, not super-expensive) restaurant, did a low-key wedding, and I got a woman who didn’t divorce-rape me and has given me 3 kids. And I’ve managed to keep her in line all these years. Yes, she has typical female issues, but I try my best to keep them under control. Boys have that example to go by.

    1. Both my boys Graduating from High School In May. My Graduation present to them is to give each a copy of the Rational Male and $100. Good Parenting!

  11. Seems like most American white women wayyyy overestimate their values. They all think they deserve that CEO or CFO with stripper body. And all they offer to men are a chubby body, aging face, that degree in some kind of trash liberal arts studies, 100K student debt, no real life surviving skills, don’t know how to cook or clean the house, stupid feminist ideas and what else?

    1. In all fairness (and reality), young white women who look decent do have a pretty high value in the states since they’re surrounded by immigrant thirsty men who give them attention validation as well as less attractive non-white women.
      I’m going through a similar situation where recruiters call me all the time with job offers. Yeah, I don’t want any of those offers but the fact that some recruiter took the time to write to me personally after having looked at my linkedin profile reminds me I have market value.

      1. Surrounded by immigrants? Dude, where are you talking about, Texas and the illegals? The demographics where I live is 90% white right out the gate.

        1. In that particular situation, the women are a bit more practical although the media and feminism tend to spoil them. Even so, there are other demographics at play: older women who are divorced tend to go single for a while (because they got asked out in “day game” in school or work when they met their ex-husband, they think they’re still in demand which they aren’t) and the ex-husband dusts off his rolodex and although he has child-support payments, he will compete with younger men for the 20 something girls.
          Yeah, these guys have baggage (plenty of it) but they do have a car and a job which many promising young men don’t and this drives up the SMV of young women considerably.

        2. Hur.
          We made it into a county, bitch!
          Check out the murder rate. 14 year span and we have less murders than five hours on any given day in Chicago. From 2001 to 2014 we’ve had 7, count them, 7 murders.

        3. Isn’t Ohio called the serial killer capital of the world? I’m not questioning your stats there but …. maybe the serial killers congregate in another county?

        4. Never heard that before actually. Ever. Not saying it is or isn’t but I haven’t really heard of many serial killers from around here (I’m sure there must be a few of course).

        5. 90% white and less murders over 15 years than happen in Chicago in 5 hours. Surely….it’s because of the weather.

        6. I remember it being said during the Castro case – a strangely high percentage of serial killers and unsolved murders there. I’m sure it’s otherwise lovely though. I would trade Boston leftists for serial killers any day.

        7. I had a long list of serial killers at one time and don’t recall an over representation from Ohio. Need to find that and look again. If we had a lot of serial killers here, I’d probably hear about it on the news once in a while.

        8. Back in the 90s there was a Georgia town that required every citizen to have a gun, and carry it. They even bought guns out of the public purse for those too broke to afford one, kind of like getting a lawyer after the fact, but better. Crime dropped like a rock. No murders.

        1. Women in general age with some ethnicities handling it better (the Japanese in particular).
          I dated a 50 year old woman who was hot and broke up with her about 3 years later. It was amazing how she hit her wall about 2 years after that. That wall is different for everyone, of course. In general, most (good) looking white women don’t hit it until at least 40 or so.

        2. I agree with that, far more reasonable. I see plenty of super hot 28 year old chicks floating around.

        3. Doesn’t mean that you’re right. Because you’re not.
          On the whole, and not accounting for the Fat-epidemic that has stricken all races, a white girl will usually age out around 40 or so, give or take. If she’s done life wrong, then she can age out much earlier, but then, that applies to other races too.

        4. White girls age faster than they should because they think they can live like men and get away with it. Whoring and drinking ages you. Add in junk food, clubbing all night, drugs, crash diets, poor (or no) maintenance ….all of this from 18 years on, if not earlier, and you have a 25 year old who looks like she’s pushing 40. And the worst is this is now the norm.

        5. “White girls age faster than they should because they think they can live like men and get away with it.”
          Well put!

        6. I can concur. I’ve known one girl on facebook since middle school. She was the hottest girl back then and every dude had a crush on her. I was the only one brave enough to say so. Needless to say I must have left a good impression on her if we’re still friends today. However since having 2 kids she looks like she’s aged a ton. I actually did some airbrushing on one of her pics and I easily took over 10-15 years off her face.

        7. This affects girls of all races though, otherwise it would be a factor.

        8. Haha…around 40?? You are wayyyy too generous. I think lots of white chicks look horrible even at age 25

        9. 25 is just being silly chief. Sorry, but it is. Besides, you’re a chick aren’t you?

        10. Your name is deceiving then, or maybe I’m missing some context. In any event, I think it’s quite silly to put a hard limit on 28 (or 25). Removing factors that happen to *all* races (heavy drinking/partying, fat) white women age pretty well, generally.

        11. Back in high school, I dated this fairly attractive girl. 3 months into our relationship, she lands a job at McDonalds and decides to be paid in leftovers. She ballooned up in the space of only a couple months. I had to drop her. She was 18.

        12. Haha! A similar thing happened to me, kind of. I got a job selling doughnuts on campus and I got the leftovers and it was so bad, that when I went to sell plasma for some extra cash they said my blood had so much fat in it they were concerned. I cut back. 🙂

        13. A 28-32 year old who has stayed in shape is like my favorite thing on Earth, e.g. yoga instructors. I love the baby fat left behind, slightly hardened look – the peak of their beautiful flowerly womanhood before they start to wilt.

        14. My wife since the baby has a cute “pot belly” like the girl in Pulp Fiction was wishing for. She’s still lovely but she has this baby bump. She walks the child every day for 3 hours and gets lots of exercise and eats well.

        15. Of course LOTS look horrible at 25 but I think MOST don’t. Even ones that live unhealthy.
          I went to my high school reunion and the women of my youth now at age 50 mostly look incredible. I mean super hot. My wife was in shock that American women can look this good. Just a few had aged poorly but the rest were still quite hot and could turn an eye for most young men.

        16. I went Asian, so I hang with a lot of Asian women. I personally know of one that is in her seventies and still IWB. One that I was friends with worked on the floor above mine, before I shifted to working from home, is well into her 50s. One day she walked ahead of a work colleague and I at a fire drill (wearing yoga pants) and he was amazed she was over 30 much less over 50. I know a Cambodian woman who is the girlfriend of an acquaintance of mine that is 45 and is the bomb. My wife’s mother is still slender with hair down past her butt. Always scout the mother before you get in too deep.

        17. I know a few drunken party girl Asian women in their late 30s early 40s (and beyond) that still have the looks. I wouldn’t want them as they are complete sluts, but walking down the street I think most guys would drag their dick through ten miles of broken glass to have them.

        18. The only high school reunion I have ever gone to was the five year reunion. At that time every one of the hot girls from high school had become hideous land whale beasts. There were a few of the plain Janes that had blossomed into quite attractive young women.

        19. they take longer and longer with each kid. My wife is losing weight from our last one, but she has to work harder at it, and it is taking more time. Age sucks.

        20. Agreed, the hot girls in high school will let it go to their head and let themselves go. The best are the skinny plain Janes. They fill out a bit to have decent proportions, but miss out on the princess treatment.

      2. IDK why everyone singles out white women. Black chics are FAR WORSE in my experience, they can be fat and disgusting and proclaim how theyre the epitome of sexy.

        1. And loud. So fucking loud. Some black chicks were on a patio being 120db and they went inside and I turned to a black buddy and asked “Man, what the fuck is it with black chicks that they have to basically scream to talk”. He shrugged, gave me an “I don’t know man, that shit is uncalled for”. Nobody knows why apparently.

        2. I deplore all the black guys who pump-and-dump white chics and go awol on their mulatto bastards, but in all honesty I can’t blame them for not wanting to fuck their own women.

  12. ” At the absolute peak of their libidos, they’re going to get so fed up with the entire process that porn will sound like a superior alternative.”
    Porn? Rape would be a deserved outcome. Why do you think New Delhi is the rape capital of the world? Right, no other options for men there due to a shortage of available females.

      1. I’ve said many times and I’ll say it again: why in the world would an attractive teacher screw her students? I suspect they are among the harpies complaining about there not being any real men anymore.

        1. Exactly so. And they take the job because they’re predators. Lazy ones, at that. How hard is it to get a 15-year-old boy to climb on?

        2. This! Water seeks its own level. And women are water; they conform to the shape of whatever is containing them. The current container for women is utterly hideous.

  13. 1) Around 1950: the sleeping beauty is waiting for the charming prince to come on a white horse
    2) Current year: the sleeping beauty is just waiting. There is no prince on the way

    1. 2) Current year: the land-whale is waiting for the famous actor to come with his limousine. Some cucked liberal one might actually show up.

  14. ESPN shitcanning 100 of their 1000 on air talent! A good day indeed!
    They should fire everyone and just keep Barry Melrose

  15. Occasionally I will meet an awkward, overweight, charmless man of barely adequate means who fully believes a beautiful virgin is his God given right. Marginally better than this is the obnoxious, club trawling frat boy type expecting the same. Much more often, near daily in fact, do I see the thoroughly unattractive inside and/or out woman, the one who dresses like a slob, eats like a pig, speaks like a man, whines like a toddler, waving around her arm’s length list of deal breaker requirements for her chosen Prince Charming. The difference being the first two examples rarely catch their dream girl, while these miserable excuses for a woman often score a more than decent man.
    Why some of you will invest more than a night or two with the low quality women you do, I don’t know. I’m floored by what you will put up with. I worked hard to play in my fiance’s league. I’ll be spending the rest of my life working hard or I will be replaced in the 15 min it takes him to text an old gf. Most woman don’t bother because almost zero work will still land you a respectable, if not high quality, man.
    Maybe raise your standards?

    1. I was the obese guy you described in the first paragraph. I got angry, started working out and learning usefull things like game and etc.
      HOWEVER I still don’t meet the “standards” of strong white women. At some moment I am going to just say: “F*ck it.” and marry my job.

      1. But why meet the standards of “strong white women”? This is the equivalent of me trying to make an annoying, beer drinking, immature college boy happy. I suppose I could try but what’s the point if that’s not the sort of person I want.

        1. That’s why the “marrying to the job” comes in the play. My parents made two sons. The older one is a hedonist obsessed with stuffing his mouth. And then it’s me. I have only two options: Babymaking or putting our family’s name into history books.
          And since I don’t meet the “requirements” of a modern woman, what I am going to do is obvious.

        2. You shouldn’t be trying to meet anyone else’s requirements. You should be on the lookout for someone who meets yours. Don’t just get married to the job, pursue some hobbies and join groups. May stumble across someone while you’re enjoying yourself.

        3. As clichéd as it might sound, I suspect you are *more* likely to stumble on someone when you’re enjoying yourself. The, ‘Hello, I’m actively searching for a mate’ vibe isn’t the most appealing.

        4. The responsibility of carrying the family name can weigh heavily on a man, can’t it? By the end of college … and in NYC where it should be easy to meet anyone … I had come to the conclusion that real men weren’t to be found and there was nothing to do but marry my job or join a convent. By real men I mean neither whore loving club trawlers nor simpering betas. And I’m serious about the convent. I learned to look elsewhere. This is what I mean by rethinking the urge to meet the requirements of women you do not in truth want to be with. As m a wisely says, don’t seek to meet any woman’s requirements. They should be meeting yours and they should know it. My boyfriend interviewed me for six long months. Six months without even a kiss on the cheek, all the while seeing (having sex with) plenty of other women he did not hide from me. There was no pleading, begging, groveling, trying to make me happy. No expensive dinners, no gifts, no promises. That alone puts a girl who is accustomed to these things in the weaker position. And oddly, very happily so.
          It’s not obvious what will happen to you, Angry Historian. Not yet.

        5. Marrying a foreigner is also a fairly plausible option. Taking into account also that many modern women have their feet still on the ground (at least in my country). Do not give up yet, bro.

    2. No man has a God given right to a beautiful virgin, however, he does have the right to refuse to settle for anything less. I’m of great height, decent humor, decent fitness, good money, and good intellect, but, here in the midwest, the hot women get married in their early 20s, the good ones stay married, and the ugly and fat ones never do, while the hot but trampish divorce with kids and try to play the field. Will I find a beautiful virgin for me? Maybe, but maybe I’ll be by myself for the rest of it, and that’s the only risk. The good news is that I will never have to put up with an unattractive bitch that I married for some reason, because, while I will not go for an unattractive chick, I absolutely will not entertain the idea of marrying a mean person. This is why you watch her interactions with random people.

      1. Of course you shouldn’t settle, Mr Stranahan. We can be realistic while not settling, yes? And I know a refusal to settle is risky. Honestly, the thought of being alone because I refused to marry a weak beta or immature alpha was terribly depressing. I admire your principled stance. And I think you’re wise to avoid mean spirited or cold hearted girls … though many men prefer this. Reading a few of your posted articles, you seem a remarkable man. I’m sure you will find a unicorn, and not be by yourself. That would be a shame and a waste and you have my prayers that this won’t happen. But I hope Ive misunderstood you and you don’t have a problem with girls in their early 20s. 🙂

  16. It’s not the girls, it’s the beta/geeky (not to be confused with nerdy) guys who enable this shit and shame men who are a little cheap on dates or have money. I cringe every time I see some virtue signaler take his daughter or friend out on “the first date she deserves” which usually consists of dinner at a nice restaurant and some activity.
    However, thanks to the high expectations of women, a first date that is less than perfect means you will not get a second date. Even if you are a tall good looking guy with cool hobbies, a good job and pretty eyes, if that first date is less than perfect, there will be no second date.
    For example one girl had trouble find the right guy so instead of asking what she was doing wrong on dates, her question was why are guys so awkward on dates. I responded saying she can’t expect a guy to be charismatic and it is hard to feel bad for a girl who responds to open ended questions asking about herself with 5-7 words. The response was some obese woman in her mid 30’s telling me I need to have more empathy.
    Thus most first dates are not successful. If you live 10 minute walking distance from a bar it is easier to simply bang her on the first date than it is to get a second date.
    Several years ago I remember simply taking them to Ice cream or coffee and just asking about family, work, and beliefs. She would usually reciprocate asking about you and what makes you tick. I did just fine in getting second dates and beyond.
    Nowadays, you need to have elaborate stories that incite emotion, the right body language, ton interesting questions up your sleeve, and have a ton to talk about just to have a chance at a second date. I can count on one hand how many girls on a date in the last year asked about why I pursued my profession, about my family or something about what I did. I remember one girl had to leave because we came upon an “awkward silence.”

    1. Here’s a little trick. Tell her right up front that the first date is her interview date and it will be over coffee down at the local coffee shop. Make it clear that it is only an interview type date, in a charming way. That way, no expectations. Make it clear also that the good stuff comes later if she passes the interview.
      It sounds like you’re doing the date “for her” instead of with her from your description in your last paragraph. Maybe that’s part of the problem, you’re entering her frame right off the bat. I don’t know you and that’s not an insult, just an observation based on what I’ve just read.

      1. Accurate assessment. Instead of coffee, if he did an activity, there wouldn’t be as much of a need for conversation or to kill silence. Go on a bike ride or do a pottery class or something. My go-to was: museum/planetarium, followed by ethnic restaurant, followed by coffee and a walk.

      2. wow who would’ve thought a rant I finally let out actually gets me some good advice? Thank You.
        Yeah I definitely have been playing in her frame. I never have problems with second dates but that is because I don’t play to her frame. Thank you.

      3. Now that I think of it I did have a successful date because I only had an hour and let her know ahead of time.

        1. Yep, short, sweet, kind of factually based, quiz her a bit on her past and other stuff (talking about for girls that have potential for a relationship). Easy peasy. The prize is you, my friend, not her. That has to be communicated by how you act and hold yourself, without coming across as a total douche.

    1. As it should be. Traditionally, that’s your half of the deal. The problem is women aren’t fulfilling their half. And no surprise because you’re supposed to rent the whore – not marry it.

  17. The film “No Country for Old Men” has a scene in it that demonstrates how smart men deal with shit tests. Actually, the film has more than one scene of that sort. But I like this scene the best. Llewelyn Moss has just walked into the trailer he shares with his wife, Carla Jean. He is carrying a satchel with $2 million in drug money that he stumbled upon while hunting…
    Carla Jean: What’s in the satchel?
    Llewelyn: It’s full of money.
    Carla Jean: That would be the day. Where’d you get the pistol?
    Llewelyn: At the gettin’ place.
    Carla Jean: Did you buy that gun?
    Llewelyn: No. I found it.
    Carla Jean: Llewelyn…
    Llewelyn: What? Quit your hollerin’.
    Carla Jean: What’d you get for that thing?
    Llewelyn: You don’t need to know everything, Carla Jean.
    Carla Jean: I need to know that.
    Llewelyn: Keep running that mouth of yours…I’m gonna take you in the back and screw you.
    Carla Jean: Big talk.
    Llewelyn: Keep it up.
    Carla Jean: Fine. I don’t want to know. I don’t even want to know where you been all day.
    Llewelyn: That’ll work.

    1. Have had that film on my mind a bit lately, have only seen it once though, I thought you were talking about the Javier Bardem character, who is a curious one. Think Lleweyn might be one of the police who was chasing him..

        1. He eased the hammer down on a 1911 type pistol. To clear one of them, you drop the mag, eject the live round and dry fire the pistol to drop the hammer. Then, you can put the loose round in the mag, and load the mag back into the pistol. Easing the hammer down, if you religiously hold the trigger back, is fine, but, if you don’t, you’ll damage the sear as the linkage clunks along as you lower the hammer with the trigger no longer pulled. Very few pistols should be manually decocked.

    2. I cant think of a more red pill writer who is currently alive than Cormac McCarthy. He wrote the screenplay for The Counselor, a little-seen movie starring Brad Pitt.

      1. Yep, he is a great writer.
        Here’s a great scene from “No Country for Old Men”. Note the absence of a musical soundtrack. If you can captivate people without a musical soundtrack, you know its a great film:

      2. Yep, he is definitely a great writer.
        Here’s a great scene from “No Country for Old Men”. Note the absence of a musical soundtrack. If you can captivate people without a musical soundtrack, you know its a great film:

        1. great casting. great adaptation. I think I read james franco is trying
          to adapt Blood Meridian for the screen, but I dont think there are any
          actors alive who could play The Judge…maybe orson welles or richard
          harris, and they are long gone.

        2. Tommy Lee Jones bought the rights to the novel. A lot of people think the book can’t be made into a film. I’ve never read it…but I intend to do so this weekend. Worth a read, eh?

        3. smart move, he can play the judge, and its an automatic oscar nom. book is grim from start to finish, but its one of my faves

        4. Tommy Lee Jones is an enormous McCarthy fan. He made a very Cormac McCarthy-esque movie called “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada”. It borrows from Faulkner too. Check it out.

    3. Excellent dialogue. That’s how you talk to a woman. Her shit tests just dashed to the wall with a few words.

      1. Indeed. It’s the Old School way.
        Here’s another snippet of dialogue from the film, where Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) is getting a little shit test from his wife, Loretta (Tess Harper), and he sidesteps it perfectly:
        Loretta: When’s the county gonna start paying rent on my horse?
        Ed Tom: I love you more and more every day.
        Loretta: That’s very nice. Be careful.
        Ed Tom: Always am.
        Loretta: Don’t get hurt.
        Ed Tom: Never do.
        Loretta: Don’t hurt no one.
        Ed Tom: If you say so.

    4. That’s a great scene! As soon as you figure out how to become a fictional character from a Coen brothers movies, you’ll really be able to deal with women.

  18. Ugh! After having to pay off $3000+ of debt for a lost engagement ring, never again! To this day, I instinctively roll my eyes every time Jareds or any one jewelry store peddles engagement rings on tv.
    Now in medieval times, this would have been worth the whole spectacle if your prospective father in law would have given you say, Aquitaine or Bombay in exchange for marrying her princess of a daughter.

    1. Good point. Makes me wonder if a dowry should be paid to the groom for taking their “princess” off their hands.

        1. Most men would agree to maintenance costs at point of sale, but these days a western woman probably has Student & credit card debt plus a car loan which leaves a guy taking on personal liabilities (with no ROI) right out of the gate.

  19. Who is hurt the most by this phenomenon? The princesses themselves. They are taught that they can do no wrong, and pass the window of opportunity for landing a decent guy in marriage without knowing it. They continue to ride the carousel until it crashes into the wall. Now their ride is over, they lose their princess status, and they have nothing to show for it, only fading memories of Chads. Dads, teach your daughters to appreciate advances from good men and that their time in the spotlight is short.

    1. I tell my 5 year old daughter ‘No!’ when she starts whining, her mother goes totally crazy at that and I just laugh saying her behaviour is unacceptable. I love my daughter more than life itself but boundaries need to be set early.

  20. My first girlfriend openly said she wanted to get me ‘under the thumb’ so I dumped her for being too controlling. This was back in 1991.

    1. Masculinity wouldn’t have prevented that. Taking away their rights , fatherly discipline and men allowing to be mildly abusive would have .

  21. My 14 year old son confided to me today that he worries about finding a wife in the future. He wants a family — he talks about how he wants to have children and a family life. But he said that girls are too difficult and demanding. It’s interesting how this article went up just hours after he said that.
    He has been redpilling himself on YouTube.

    1. Get him to a gym, make sure he doesn’t ink up or get gauges, get him doing some kind of sports and help him along with his red pill as much as you can. GenZ girls and Millenials are dying for some masulinity.

      1. Don’t forget the range, Ghost. That’s going to be my test for next girl on a first date. If the woman objects, I’ll tell her to not be judgmental.

        1. m a said it. Those huge African loops you see in stupid white people’s ears.

    2. My son has the same concerns, brought on by the archetype his mother established and that his friends’ mothers have reinforced.
      Right now he’s at a fairly liberal college getting a STEM degree, and the gender identity/women’s studies folks are doing their best to convince him that women capable of long term commitment and loyalty are a thing of the past. He sees his grandmother as the last of a vanishing type.

        1. It makes my son laugh, he keeps his head down and is getting his work done. I’ve had him read all the false accusation/rape culture BS and told him I withdraw all financial support if he dates a fellow student. He understands.
          I’ve told him just look for women who are compatible. Short term relationship is easy, but like you said, he’s concerned about family/kids and whether marriage is even a realistic expectation anymore.

    3. Younger son is swimming in red-pill. He talked to me the other day about someday getting married – I started to say something and he cut me off, telling me he was probably going to Eastern Europe or Asia, where women were still women. Couldn’t have made me prouder.

      1. Hmmm… tough call, but I think I’ll take the one on the right.
        But that’s just me.
        And I’ll bet the one on the right is at least protesting for something legitimate, like food shortages.

        1. And, she’s built like a brick shithouse. That always sways my sympathies.

  22. As someone who’s in his 30s and still reads comic books and watches Star Wars, I have to say I’m shocked that so many adult women are still fascinated by Disney World. It seems like all the married dudes I know have to take their wives either there or the Harry Potter amusement park at least once a year. I get that it feeds into the princess mentality, but I can’t recall this place being a pilgrimage for adults without kids in past decades. In fact, it’s kind of creepy to be going to a park made for kids without kids.

    1. Not going to do it……..No way I would spend the money to take 8 people to a crowded park that teaches these principles. Might as well spend that money to have a Bruce Jenner operation.
      Bit of trivia here….What company is the largest producer of porn?
      That’s right, Disney. They have bought up multiple small porn producing companies and have passed the mark. Like Buick is Chevy, Vestron Video is Disney.

  23. I distinctly remember at the post divorce therapy session , my ex wife standing up and saying ” a woman should be treated like a princess and spoiled ” .. so another guy stood up immediately and responded ” what did you do to deserve that ?” .. I stood up and responded “absolutely nothing except providing me with a few jerry springer moments during our 7 year marriage ” — masculine or not, no man would be able to game my ex wife. She’s just a plain , now 37 year old, bitch. No amount of machismo or training would have prevented the random fits, the late night crying , the way she would manipulate family members to fight one another and calling the cops on me for hitting her (she was barely touched that night )however I managed to slug her in the lip the last week we lived together . Now that was satisfying

    1. “No amount of machismo or training would have prevented the random fits, the late night crying”
      You just go out for the night, none of these actions happen without an audience.

      1. That’s fine once per week, but I wasn’t going to leave my son fatherless and leave my job the other 6 days . She found a way to initiate drama like most women regardless of my whereabouts . She only understood the language of force.

        1. The 2 plates I’m spinning now unfortunately know. One time they both showed up at the same time, luckily they were on opposite ends of the facility and I managed to run to both of them ( collegiate soccer stamina was key here )

  24. The problem is with the Feminist brainwashing of men.
    Trying to be good enough for her, trying to live up to Female expectation and demads is, frankly speaking, CLASSICAL FEMALE THINKING.
    Fuck that.
    Do not give them shit.

    1. Welfare cases are the same way. You give them more, they want even more. It is not doing them any good.

      1. They hate you for not giving them as much as they wanted.
        Same with a wife.
        Same for overseas aid.

  25. Prom? Pfft, I went by myself. Ended up being a good thing, too, because it ended up being a waste of time. When you’re alone, you don’t need the consent or permission of anyone else to leave an event or place.

  26. One of my sons (now 25) had a girlfriend in his junior year in high school. They had a junior prom that she wanted to go to, but she kept piling on “requirements”. Finally he said hell no. She gave him a my way or the highway ultimatum and he told her, “Buh bye.” I didn’t know all this until she started to ramp up the dramatics with returning their relationship keepsakes to our doorstep. I sat down with him to get the 411. At the end of his tale he was quite calm, and content, and said, “When a woman wants to get in your wallet its time to cut her lose.”
    There is no moment more dear in a father’s life than the one where he knows his son has become a man. I told him how proud I was of him. I didn’t tell him how amazed I was that he had actually listened to at least some of what I had been teaching him. They never seem to be listening.

    1. Good dad. You taught him to recognize shit tests and not blink. Entitlement is over the top these days.

  27. The expectations are always there with females, but it really is all about maintaining frame.
    For my prom senior year, I had a former slam piece that was essentially begging me to take her. She claimed that because her and I were still talking, that everyone figured I was going to ask her so if I didn’t ask her she would go alone. Of course, that was all bullshit as she was a HB8 with double Ds. She bitched and moaned, threatened me, etc. (chick is BPD to the T). Anyway, I didn’t ask her to prom and she wasn’t about to just downgrade to a lesser male, so she agreed to go with me without me asking her.
    It gets funnier. She had a special blue and yellow (nude) dress that she spent about $500 or $600 bucks on and expected me to match it. I went with the black and silver tux. She and her friend literally sent dozens of messages claiming I was the devil and purposely trying to make her life miserable. I didn’t even want to go to prom because it just seemed like a waste of time to me, so her mom paid for my $200 dollar prom ticket.
    Seems far fetched I know, but the point of the story is you would be amazed what you can do to women if you just maintain frame and put your foot down. She fucked me good that prom night too

    1. For my senior year prom I went up and asked the hottest girl I knew to be my date. She was a busty blonde that worked in the Junior departments at Sears with me. She had won a few beauty pageants, done modeling, and was trying to get into TV. I kind of had the bad reputation of a nerd at my school at the time so me arriving with the hottest girl there was a huge self esteem boost. While we had a nice time I picked up that she was uncomfortable being that she didn’t know anyone at my school.
      Later I learned that her and another girl had been stealing money and clothes from the store and I never heard from her again. C’est la vie.

      1. It’s funny, just one year prior to meeting the chick I mentioned above, I had my first serious relationship. I was the standard nice guy. Respecting my girlfriends boundaries, not pressuring her to do anything that would make her uncomfortable, essentially thinking that if I was patient and understanding that I would be able to get in this chicks pants. Wrong. Sure I got the occasionally blowie here and there, but I lacked the frame necessary to activate her submissive lizard brain.
        What gives even greater confirmation to the red pill is the fact that when I first started talking to the “prom chick” I told her I was committed to her. Shortly there after, I run into my ex (first serious relationship) at a concert and we hooked up. Prom chick was competing for me the whole rest of the year with my ex. Crazy how you have to do the opposite of what you’ve been taught/feel is the right thing to do. Sad really

    2. Maybe, it is best I am not a mother. One, I probably would not have bought her the dress or if she bought it I would honestly tell her it was ugly (and that would probably be the truth). My respond to your prom ticket would have been I would not buy it and I would explain to her high school boys have no value. If she was dating a jock I would point out there is a high chance he will end up a nobody when he grows up since most athletes do not get to the pros. In the end I would be mean enough to hit her with reality.

      1. Well, when you’re a girl in highschool, logic is not the most effective medium. Like I said, this girl had serious pyscological issues. I told her point blank that I did not want to be her prom date as I had other designs on my mind, but the more I told her no, the more she wanted me. And to your point, while yes, most jocks do not make the show, somebody has to make it 😉

      2. This is more blue pill. The cold hard reality is, most of the people that are “cool” and “popular” in high school continue to be the cool and popular ones the rest of their lives.
        Yes, “dumb jocks” don’t make it in life, but the captain of the football team usually goes on to even greater success. It’s almost like a heirarchy or something, as if everyone is NOT equal.
        Now, prom queens that blow up into balloons are another story. But the whole “life” thing doesn’t work the same for women as it does for men. Reality is sexist.

        1. The Captain of the foot ball team usually does not become an engineer, ceo, work on wall street, a doctor etc. Nor is his chance in professional sports a done deal.

        2. Actually, yes, they usually do. Unless they bet the farm on going pro, which most don’t.

  28. Three boys wrote on their chest “Go” “To” “Prom?” so a fourth could ask my daughter to prom. Ridiculous.
    My 16 yr old boy is fed up. He doesn’t waste money “feeding bitches” on dates, etc. He lives in a huge tourist town and plays the “cool local guy” who “knows the town” and he does pretty well with tourist girls. He knows that that tourist girls are a renewable resource, they will never run out. He gets it
    I showed him this:

    1. I’ve always lived in tourist towns, there’s a fresh supply every week!

    1. Men lack education about women where if you speak out about it, you can lose your job! At least things have changed since Trump has taken over. I find men are more open to talk about how bad our women are today!

      1. Yes, they do lack education but the information is everywhere now. Let me tell you how I ended up in the manosphere (had no idea such a thing existed). I will tell you only if you promise not to laugh.
        I went to and I typed the following question in that box: “Why do women cheat?”. The rest is history, but it should tell you all you need to know about how clueless I was.
        Anyway, not knowing is not an excuse anymore. Not today.

      2. No, Trump supporters are hateful, stupid, misogynistic little wife beaters who think abuse of women is okay. Failed, weak and stupid little boys with tiny penises. Time to man up, Paulie boy, not women’s fault your sh#tty old man couldn’t raise good men.

        1. You need to wake up from the brainwashing!! ‘Male hating’ feminists still run our country (Hollywood, fake news) promoting hate to men! Now they are turning our children gay by flooding mainstream with gay material for straight children (TV/Hollywood/PC cultural)! Our population birth rate is below the 1.6 which means genocide while Muslims are breeding 3.2. Our enemies can’t beat us by military force hence why most of the funding for Feminism was by our enemies! They are just going to wait and out breed us out!
          I would suggest you educate yourself better where I believe you are just 2 brainwashed to open your eyes!

    2. The ones that do either have one of three things going on:
      1) A psychological issue which makes them NEED to be accepted by the opposite sex. We all want chicks to dig us, but not at the cost of pedestalizing them.
      2) A lack of a masculine influence in their life. Whether their dad is not there or a clueless wimp, or even a lack of friends who have a good sense of this stuff; guys need a mentor that knows how to avoid these pitfalls. I attribute my ability to avoid these to having a dad that at least used to be purple pill, and from the fact that I played sports all my life.
      3. Lack of an inquisitive nature: ROK and other sites are easy to find by Google searching, but guys need to WANT to take the pill for it to work. That entails asking the right questions and looking for their respective answers.
      One or a combination of the three = Disneyland Bullshit

  29. As the saying goes, “you get what you’ll put up with.”
    If modern men are going to kowtow to the whims of these wenches then they are only getting what they truly deserve. I saw the downfall of this a while ago, then decided to simply go elsewhere to find myself decent women who don’t have their heads up their asses.

    1. I don’t think any man deserves modern divorce.
      Along with the loss of his home, his assets, victimization by the police and the alienation of his children.
      No even if he’s a wife beating, child abusing serial killer.

      1. Nowhere in my remark did I say any man does deserve modern divorce, I’m also staunchly against the way men are treated by the courts. I was talking about it in relation to them being mangina, white knight simps. I think you might be looking too deeply into my statement to assume that.

  30. On that Disneyland wedding – ALL fancy weddings spoil the bitch permanently. Ivanka what a bitch. She went the ‘daddy’s princess’ way and by her actions, she could give a rat’s ass about his ideals. She’s literally selling her own father down the toilet, the father who spoiled her. The Don should have arranged Ivanka’s nupts young and proper to a disciplined patriarch for dowry. But dad spoiled her worse than a Jewish princess – because he could both afford to and because high social circles are crawling with entitled heiresses and delusional counterfeit queens and princess bitches.
    NEVER marry a woman in some big ‘wedding’ show put on by some concession booking theater and with this I include wedding churches. ‘Marriage’ was never like this for the common mother/breeder woman. Keep marriage short and simple. The modern ‘big marriage’ industry is a bitch entitling sham business. It’s a SHAM. A wedding with a big unwholesome sugary lard iced cake with bubbly puke frothing weak booze and men dressed like penguins bobbling was ALWAYS A SHAM foisted upon the west. Big gala weddings ALL produce mega bitches. They produce BLEEDERS and not breeders for the west. The bigger the wedding, the bigger the bitch. It’s that simple. Pomp celebratory marriage with regalia is a Jewish princess fairytale like Jewish kibbutz ‘communism’ is a fairytale in that it cannot be made to work on any laige scale.
    Look back at a real ‘princess’ – Diana – the actual ‘queen of hearts’ with her whoring infidelity coupled with her personal record of advocacy for bleeding heart politics. “Feed the world and open the floodgates” ad nauseum. Throw gasoline onto the unrestrained and haphazard r-selection of our species – dehumanize the world in other words. And like all western princesses, Diana and Ivanka are both like identical cultural clones. They all let out the same screeching banshee bitch-whoop of ding bat politics. They along with most all other entitled women infected with ‘princess syndrome’ are leading western society all the way down to the bottom of the same rabbit hole. With Diana, her cultural marxism was all a result of her having the planet’s biggest wedding of the century. Yes her’s was the biggest and most covered. Charles should have avoided marrying Di publicly period. He should have instead held a small private gathering to induct Diana into his family and that’s it. No parade. No papparazi. Then he should have proceeded to horse whip and breed her like a sow.
    We also see the same bleeding heart views espoused by more common beauty pageant winners. Beauty pageant contestants appear to hold the same views as Ivanka/Diana and are groomed to spout the same Disneyland princess/bleeding heart ideals in their interviews before judges. And they too bleed but scarcely breed. And when the confetti from their big weddings is swept up, they then obey and worship their patriarch less and less.
    This whole princess/marriage thing is such a harmful conundrum and must stop. Focus more on laying claim and dominating your woman.

    1. I agree for the most part but, in all fairness, when it comes to royalty, it is going to be a huge wedding. So you cannot really blame Diana for that-she had no say in the matter at all.

    2. Maybe, you do not know how elaborate some non Western weddings are. As for Diana it wasn’t the wedding that made her who she was. She suspected Charles of cheating. She was not incorrect. William and his wife do what royalty seems to expect from them but they also appear mellow and low key etc.

    3. You can’t rely on female children for anything.
      I’m not sure you can rely on any children for that matter, the days of respecting your parents are long gone.

  31. If your prospective bride wants to be treated like a princess, demand that she go all the way and submit to health, fertility, genealogical and genetic checks before asking for her hand in marriage.

  32. Ive been involved in many groups of bachellorettes.
    They are extremely organised and plan months in advance.
    And all so nice…respectful, and truly like them and they respect me. Unfortunately- wish they would be more slutty haha.
    Must be easy to fall for the trap. Because they surely change.
    However, they are all good age – late 20s. Normal and respectful.
    However the women i know in personal life. Drunks, drunk drivers, demanding, intolerable, and intolerant of any deviation of their delusional rules.
    Old- and the older they get the more demanding…

  33. If a woman thinks you are the bees knees and the alpha male of her dreams she’ll marry you in jeans with a jar of skittles for the wedding dinner. Simple as that. Do the jeans and skittles test, see how much she actually wants you. Not saying you should have skittles for the wedding dinner, you’ll probably want a better occasion than that, but you get the picture. If she is willing to abandon fairytale princess b.s. to marry you, the marriage is off to a good start.

    1. 5-10 years later she’ll still take your home, children and pension.
      It isn’t the wedding that’s the problem, it’s your exposure to loss later.

      1. There’s always a chance of that. All I’m saying is that if a woman is prepared to do the wedding the way her husband-to-be wants instead of the fairytale princess b.s. she has been programmed to want the marriage has a better chance of survival. It is far better for her to see you as being the main event of the wedding than ‘the big day’ and all its frills.

        1. So why even consider a wedding?
          It’s a lose lose situation for the man, you can fuck her without getting married. Forget the wedding, as a man you can’t win.

        2. I get your point, but this article is partially about weddings after all. All I am saying is that if a man IS prepared to go down that route, he has a better chance if she is willing to do things his way. The point of whether or not he should do it at all is the subject of another discussion.

        3. Don’t get married, don’t let any woman share your home.
          This has to be the rule for any man with the prospect of owning his own home. You just can’t afford to do it any other way.
          Rent don’t buy!

      2. The author is smart. Went to Asia at a young age where they don’t have divorce laws that create a financial incentive for women split up the marriage. It’s safe to get married there, not here. I only moved to Asia after divorce. It was still a great idea but I could have saved myself a lot of trouble if only I had Kyle’s foresight.

    2. If she tells you she would “elope”, that’s also a good sign when combined with other factors.

  34. Men > women in nearly every aspect (Then again what we consider “greater than” is societally based, in actuality this means we are equal but not same).
    Women need men, not the other way around. What we have in our current climate is that (I’m not going to mention the elite/zio/nwo social engineering and conditioning, as well all know well enough), is that white knights and manginas are still tares in the wheat. They must be purged. Alphas that aren’t redpilled formally – must be. We men of varying statuses must practice solidarity in the sexual marketplace. We must have women understand that we Men talk about “low value” , “high value” that is for Us to label- not women. Women should be happy *any* man approaches her and if she is already taken – be polite and respectful in relaying this (the men should acknowledge her position and respectfully move on as well).
    Women must also know sex isn’t a “gift” she gives, but receives; they receive pleasure too without even having to work for it. The only way I’ll agree that sex is a charity given to men is if a woman can’t biologically orgasm. So if anything they should be asking for it but they do not get to say they choose alphas only. Their position is to be grateful when any man bold enough beds her. Oh wait, I think I described Russia.
    With all this being said – why do we spend resources, time and effort only so we have an opportunity to perform sexual activities that benefit them as well? What do they do that brings the same assets to the table?

  35. It’s sad, isn’t it, when women have these crazy and unrealistic expectations of men? Something for a few people here to ponder, while waiting for their 20yr uneducated virgin submissive housewife who will turn a blind eye to their sexual infidelities.

    1. Yeah, some women are terrible. But as you are pointing out these men on this forum are also going to have issues with mellow women. Not a shock they are starting to have issues with foreign women. Some mgtows want artificial wombs. That said they do not realize the elite are going to only use it on animal with low number if it comes about.

    2. Sad that there are so many misogynistic, unattractive and stupid little boys who are so insecure when it comes to women. Nobody smart people find you boys repulsive.

  36. I always thought that a “traditional marriage proposal” was where the young man went to her father and they negotiated a dowry that her dad would pay him to take her off his hands. Apparently I was mistaken.
    These days, I prefer the “Rocky” Proposal. “Yo Adrienne, you gonna marry me or what?”

    1. I should point out cultures that have a virgin dowery paid to the bride or to father seem to survive . It is interesting the other cultures that do not lean that way are economic terrible like india or dying from low birthrates.

      1. You missed my point. It was not about dowries, it was about the modern definition of “traditional”.
        I strongly suspect that the Diamond engagement ring was a creation of De Beers™.

  37. When my fiancee and I started talking about this topic, she told me three things that caught me off guard.
    1) She would be mad if I went broke buying an engagement/wedding ring for her
    2) She planned to “say yes”, whenever I planned to propose
    3) She reiterated that she hates “Disney Shit” (which I knew already) and that our wedding and honeymoon should only be “solid”
    One thing I’m glad I did when using game, was to use leading questions enabled me to screen women out, based on how shallow they were. The less shallow, the better.

    1. One piece of good advice I received (but didn’t take at the time) was that the purpose of a 1st date/impression was to get a 2nd date. Nothing more.
      Most women, especially in terms of dating, are worthless on the 1st care. The culture teaches women to be total brats at a Chuck E Cheese (and the men to be their clowns) on a first date and “ghost” on him the second she isn’t entertained. Even nice girls are at their worst on a first date.
      I found that the best way to test a woman (kind of like our version of “shit tests” but in a scientific fashion) is to get a hook in them. Go out with them for at least 2 weeks. Even have sex (or at least 2nd base) with them and then tell them no. Not arbitrarily or capriciously, but see how they act when they are expected to put their needs aside and accommodate you for a change.
      The nice ones may get angry (this is kind of like giving a child broccoli) but will quickly rescind their demand. The ones I knew weren’t keepers went b*tsh*t insane and I saw their REAL side come out. Then I dumped them.
      In other words, it’s difficult to effectively judge a woman when she holds all the cards. Unfortunately, as men, we have to suck it up and learn all kinds of game and work our butts off to get a few cards of our own to play.

  38. My senior prom (early 1990s):
    1. Call 16-yo sophomore girlfriend, tell her “I’ll be taking you to the prom, yeah? Cool cool. We go. Gonna be a good time. OK, sure you can help me pick out the tux to go with your dress, ladies choice. Let’s skip the limo — I’ll drive. Dad just bought my stepmom a new Cadillac. I’ll look ridiculous pulling up at your house, it’ll be awesome.”
    2. Table for 8 with 3 of my best buddies; bunch of bad boys and underage beer drinkers with near-4.0 GPAs (all college bound). Party down with little interference from chaperones, teachers or admins staffing the prom.
    3. Blowjob in the Caddy on the way to the after party. Bonus. Wasn’t even expecting that.
    4. Next morning, hangover breakfast with the same 3 couples, then straight to Six Flags for the rest of the day.
    Simple times, simple pleasures. Moments like these helped set the tone for the rest of my life. It’s a shame to see all the sucking-up and weirdness young dudes have to suffer through now, just to supply a girl with the appropriate level of drama and ass-kissing. This is a move in the WRONG direction. Pull no punches, gents…

    1. What bullshit and nonsense – who would want to #$## your tiny, smelly little #$#$? Nice try, idiot boy.

      1. If that post was a lie, who do you think I’m actually lying to in this situation? Exactly; we lie to ourselves the most, whenever we lie. It would only end up hurting me in the long run.
        My advice for you: Don’t waste your time chasing hawks, little angry sparrow.

      1. You wish, harpy. Running low on mood stabilizers, huh? Gonna have a depression blow out online, I see.

      2. Oh my god you’re still a little fucking boy!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!! I thought I was dealing with a man…

  39. “To top it off, she had actually written a speech for her own proposal.
    Apparently her father had it locked away. Upon the princess’
    groom-to-be asking her father’s permission to propose, the father was
    supposed to inform the lucky guy of all these insane requirements, and
    give him the proposal speech (there were a few parts where he had
    creative freedom).”
    There it is…right there. The father…who could have kept this girl better-educated about the reality of life…instead seems to be an enabler of this dogshit. He listened to all of her fanatical requirements for this event, and is even going along with it, facilitating it? Good lord…does he want her to be single forever?

  40. The real problem is there are just too many men per eligible woman. It’s simple math. We’re in a massive shortage, and it will only get worse.
    **The glory days were the baby boom, and when was the baby boom? Right after two world wars that wiped out tens of millions of young, healthy, able men between the ages of 18 and 40.** Not coincidentally, the men militaries find fit for the battlefield are really the same men who get chicks.
    Now that we’re not drafting men into the military and sending them to their deaths, there’s too many men per decent vagina.
    Even if there was a war, unless they’re drafted, very few eligible men go to war–aside from a few great patriots and young naive poor kids. But that’s moot because there are no wars in the first-world on the scale of a Vietnam, WWII, WWI.
    There’s simply too many men per eligible woman.
    Unlike men, who want and can fuck a 20-year-old girl until they die, women are really only attractive until 35, and definitely not marriage material after 30.
    Again, there’s a ton more men but per eligible woman these days. And eligible woman, is fit and between the ages of 18-35. That’s even generous. Back in the 40’s, any unmarried woman over the age of 30 was almost doomed to a life of self-reliance no matter how attractive.
    Yet another factor that worsens the ratio, the segments of society with the best genes are reproducing the least at the moment, while the bottom rungs continue to defecate invalids into the market.
    Finally, we’ve introduced western women to the internet and **social media**, and they use it as a platform to market their goods. The price of the attractive ones go up further–as they’re more accessible than ever before. Pre-internet, I had no idea who was hot two towns over.
    Bottom line, there are no wars, no men are dying in wars, women are only fuckable between 18-35 while men want to fuck until they’re dead; you have the largest pussy shortage in history.

  41. National Lampoon once did a parody issue of martial manuals, or how to pick out a good spouse. For the whole issue. Just one piece of advice after another. Which made me giggle and snicker a lot. Until about half way through. That’s when it hit me. The advice was not funny at all. Because it just made such good common sense. And began to wonder, if they had simply found a manual from the 1950s or something, and reprinted it, calling it a “parody”. So became obsessed with why they thought it was funny. That was before I knew it was published by leftists, and what that means. Leftists think common sense is a joke.

      1. Afraid I didn’t check. I’ve checked online before, for back issues of other defunct magazines, with no luck. I’ll get back to you if I find something.

  42. I didnt even go to prom. Flat out rejected two girls who wanted me to go (one with her, one who wanted to dance with me). What a waste of money that would have been. I have absolutely no regrets. Does anyone even remember prom?

  43. I’m reminded of a college classmate. She still has a laundry list of demands for Mr. Right. She thinks she is a catch because she owns a house and is a Psychologist. She is also 40 years old, 5’3″ and weighs nearly 300 lbs. No, I’m not exaggerating.
    She gets some drunken dick every so often, but no boyfriend, no husband, no children, which she desperately wants. She does have two cats and four dogs that she dresses up in costumes. 😆😆😆

      1. Um, we are in the same professional organizations and are thrown together often, so I hear all about it. Not sure how that equals obsession. Project much, Troll?

  44. I’m in high school what game I know can only get me so far.Girls really only date boys with criminal records.I and most other boys were not even able to get a date to prom about 2 weeks ago.

  45. Timely article for me. Was talking to this girl for about a month, until she informed me that we weren’t going to be a thing because she got her masters degree 5 years ago while I’m still in college. Honestly knowing she is that stuck up, I’m glad to be rid of her. Once again my experience has proven that everything rok says about women is true.

  46. Attention whores of all kinds are the absolute worst. The idea of a public and staged proposal is nauseating and artificial. These are the kinds of marriages that end up in divorce. Same goes for bridezillas who expect their stupid weddings to cost 1/2 a million. They’re often just orange-skinned, bleached-blonde bitches who are marrying life-size Ken dolls who will inevitably cheat on them after the 2 year mark (if not sooner). However, this article kinda lost me on the bashing women who are into porn, especially since this whole website was created by a man who travels the world to sexually harass and assault vulnerable women. And the same guy who said rape should be legal on private property. Double standards aren’t cool.

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