A Divine Culture Is Our Only Hope For The Future

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In Part 2 we showed the satanic origins of our modern Western rulers and now we turn to the practical implementation of their ideas.

In 1946 a document called “Rules for Communist Revolutionaries” was published in the US. In the document there are ten rules outlined on how to subvert western society and turn people into coarse, beast like, contentious and materialistic humans who are obsessed with trivial desires such as sports and pornography. The goal is to make them despise their own leaders and implement communist dictatorship as fast as possible while preaching democracy to the masses. Register all guns and then confiscate them. The real goal of the Marxists has always been turning upright, traditional men into wretches who have no idea about human life.

Evolution? Humans Become Enslaved Robots

Communist Rules for Revolution

  1. Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial. Destroy their ruggedness.
  2. Get control of all means of publicity.
  3. Get people’s minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and other trivialities.
  4. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.
  5. Destroy the people’s faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and obloquy.
  6. Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.
  7. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit and produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.
  8. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders, and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward such disorders.
  9. By specious argument cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.
  10. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with a view to confiscating them and leaving the populace helpless.

By just taking a quick glance at the communist rules above we know how the rulers abuse modern people´s minds and we also know that their plan succeeded by looking at today´s society. Only the last step remains: seize dictatorial power and implement a world theocracy where our hidden rulers want to be worshipped as absolute Gods – just like Lucifer the devil did in the Bible.

Dalai Lama On Top Of The Jews – Our World Rulers Spill The Beans


Jews And Muslims Want “Buddhist” Dalai Lama As World Leader – Jerusalem Post 2006

In 2006 Jerusalem Post published an article about putting Dalai Lama as the world leader of all religions seated in Jerusalem – the installment of the prophecied Antichrist. According to MSM Tibet is a place full of kindhearted spiritual people who suffer from the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Is there another story? Why were the first Westerners who introduced Tibetan Lamaism to the west Satanists? How could Dalai Lama have an open door to all the Western leaders for 50 years while being the disputed ruler of a microscopic population of 6 million Tibetans in China? Why is he called the “God-King” or “His Holiness” by the Marxist MSM? After researching Dalai Lama and the history of Tibet we see the Asian origins of the Luciferian conspiracy against mankind clearly. The end goal is that our state officials want to be worshipped as living Gods just like Lucifer did in the Bible.

Speaking of fake news and the MSM conflict between Tibet and the CCP we read a quote from Mao Zedong in 1954 and immediately understand his puppet status:

Dalai Lama is a living Buddha. He is a living God. He was not elected by the people… They believe in the Dalai Lama and its local chief much more than they believe in us. It is impossible to shake his position…

To see the picture in the west we first note that President FD Roosevelt sent a Rolex watch in 1942 at the peak of WW II to 7 year old Dalai Lama – at a time when Tibet had no conflict with China. Then we read German General Ludendorff who said in the 1930s that the Tibetan Lamas had emplaced themselves at the head of all Jewish and Christian secret societies. (“Europa den Asiatenpriestern” – “Europe belongs to the Asian priests”).

Soviet Army Swastika Symbol After The Bolsheviks Seized Power

It might sound unbelievable after watching MSM for decades but you will find that the Lamas cooperated closely with the Bolsheviks, the Nazis, the Catholics and the secret societies in the west. The Lamas had an infamous reputation of being master sorcerers which attracted bad people from the west.

Tibet information: Tibet – The Hidden History Of The 20th Century World Rulers

Tibetan Serfs Begging

The old Tibetan feudal serf society is the real model of the NWO that the Nazis and Bolsheviks adored. A society where 95% of people have no rights whatsoever and there is an absolute despot in both temporal and spiritual matters. Theodor Illion, a German researcher who travelled disguised to the top secret underground city(and survived) in Tibet stated in the 1930s:

”the Lamas…are more dangerous than all their cold and hot hells put together.”


A Spiritual Practice Is The Prime Enemy Of The CCP


China (Zhongguo) means “Center Of The World” in Chinese. The CCP named the spiritual practice of Falun Gong their prime enemy in 1999. Falun Gong quickly spread to 100 million Chinese people in the 1990s. Chinese leader Jiang Zemin became jealous of Falun Gong and wanted to wipe it out in three months. Falun Gong has been illegally outlawed and persecuted in China since 1999 with mass scale live organ harvesting being perhaps the most atrocious crime ever heard of. Despite intense persecution for almost 18 years Falun Gong has spread across the world to more than 100 countries and it still thrives secretly in China.

Religions have not been a challenge to Marxists in modern times since they are easy to infiltrate and destroy from within. Falun Gong only has a Master, no membership, no money, no priests, all information online for free and it supports traditional culture. The focus in Falun Gong is on improving one´s mind and body in daily life by following the principles of “Truth-Compassion-Tolerance” in addition to doing physical exercises. That kind of faith is impossible to control and it´s a nightmare for the Marxists. It has never occurred anything similar with such a wide spread across the world in such a short time.

Shen Yun – Traditional Dance Company Persecuted Around The World By The CCP

Shen Yun Dancers Express Traditional Chinese Femininity (www.shenyun.com)

We have seen the darkness and now we look for hope. The real hope is a new divinely inspired, traditional and beautiful culture, that’s the only thing that can make people kindhearted, humane and happy again. If there has been complete evil and deception in the world for at least 100 years there must be time for a change soon since nature changes cyclically.

We have found a divinely inspired dance troupe that scares the wits out of the CCP. It´s called Shen Yun and Shen means divine being and represents the myriad of divine figures in Chinese history. Yun means rhytm and and conveys a person’s entire bearing. Shen Yun means the beauty of divine beings dancing in the heavens. That´s something which has never been displayed before. 

Introduction of Shen Yun: Shen Yun Trailer(Youtube 30 secs)

Shen Yun has become the largest classical Chinese dance company in the world touring about 150 cities every year with five dance companies and selling out their shows in most places. Since its beginnings the CCP has done everything in its power to stop these Shen Yun shows including threatening theatre directors across the world, slashing tires on touring buses, sending threatening letters to MPs and putting pressure on foreign departments etc. It´s a global persecution in many democratic countries. This year they slander Shen Yun with advertorials in large MSM outlets such as Washington Post, The Age,The Telegraph etc. This is a unique case of a world power attacking a US based dance troupe. This shows us that divine culture is what the Marxists fear most of all and that China does whatever it wants across the world.

Why Shen Yun Scares The CCP

True, positive, inner and outer human beauty – a lethal danger to Marxists 

The first reason is that Shen Yun was founded by Chinese-American Falun Gong practitioners. The very same people that they imprison in China spreads traditional culture in the west through dance and music.

The second reason is that Shen Yun tries to revive the brilliant and divinely inspired 5000-year old Chinese culture with all its different dynasties, legends, faiths and traditions spanning the whole of China. The female artists express true femininity and beauty in movements and costumes while the male ones are powerful and masculine. The CCP has distorted everything of traditional Chinese culture and turned it into a dark and gloomy Marxist version of human struggle with our fellow man, nature and the Gods.

People across the world are starving for spiritual food, inspiration and beautiful traditional culture. They go to see Shen Yun because they get a unique blend of divinely inspired culture, hope, spirituality and beauty. Shen Yun comes with a message that human beings are fundamentally divine beings that came down to earth with the hope to do some good things before returning to their divine realm. Society has reached its bottom and that is when the divine needs to step in and help good people. This message is indeed powerful, inclusive and beautiful and it´s a message people won´t hear in other dance shows.

Part 4: Dr. Day disclosed our falsified science in 1969. We investigate the Marxist purpose and frauds of the Evolution Theory. Finally a few words from prophecies about our predestined Marxist era and the unknown but magical and cataclysmic year of 2017. Finally real men will get their chance to fight the battle of all ages against the evil forces trying to enslave them. 


Dalai Lama Meets Chief Rabbis And Imams

Magic As A Political Instrument

Dalai Lama – Antichrist Of Christan And Buddhist Prophecies

Oracles And Demons Of Tibet

Who´s Afraid Of Shen Yun?

Shen Yun Trailers(30 secs)

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  1. Why is this a sponsored post? the content is very good. Whoever wrote this advert must have been eating his KRATOM.

  2. Wow, a sponsored post full of Chinese women.
    I need to check my kratom for pee pee content.

  3. Never thought I’d see Shen Yun shilling on ROK; really odd grouping. Nonetheless, I have switched my assessment of Shen Yun from purely “corny” (the billboards are all over the Bay Area when they come through town) to “Hidden Red Pill, Crouching Thorn in Beijing’s Side.” Interesting.

    1. dude i just went to a showing here in Chicago is was top quality entertainment also they are vehemently anti communist.

  4. “A divine culture is our real hope”………True, the communists have done everything they could to infiltrate, subvert, destroy, or bastardize religion throughout the world. Christianity became cucked, Hinduism and Buddism has become emasculated into some meaningless philosophy, Islam has turned into this political weapon against the west. Is there any doubt that this is a coordinated effort?

    1. leftist response: Chinese culture is patriarchal and misogynist, so I’m not surprised that it’s steeped in structural racism as well…good thing Chairman Mao got rid of it for us.

  5. Chinese women: Dressing up and performing traditional dance for an all Chinese audience.
    White women: Twerking for black rappers and athletes
    See the difference yet White man?

    1. weaponized blackness:
      unexploded black ordnance: parachute a crate of blacks into China, dust settles, crate opens … POOF … biological warfare! Every society must be similarly afflicted. It’s only fair 🙂

    2. Are you serious with all this? I’ve never read such a childish interpretation of reality. You must have had a seriously BAD experience with a white woman because your bitterness is palpable. What do you think the nutcracker is? Or opera? Last time I saw an orchestra play, most of the women were white. And if I had a dollar for every Twerking Asian girl I’ve seen in rap videos, well….turn of MTV. I think you seriously need to curb your confirmation bias against white women- which is exactly what it is.

  6. White women: I listen to Beyonce. I hate country and metal music. Blah
    Chinese women: learn to perform traditional music in traditional costume

      1. It’s not the 60s/70s anymore. Check out any top tier college campus in the US: it’s the Chinese students who are driving BMWs while the White American kids drive beaters and work part-time jobs serving the Chinese.

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        4. Constructive criticism is one thing. But you guys are borderline self- hating with a heavy dose of Asian fetish. Looks like the Marxists plan of divide and conquer is working, as you guys so aptly demonstrate. My *pure white* son IS worth a damn. And will demonstrate his worth far more than any of you defeatists could ever hope to.

        5. Wrong.
          Stop extrapolating your little bubble as the norm across America Pabst.

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          and I didn’t know what tinder was till I read about it here.

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        1. There is a community of Chinese Cubans in New York that are descendent from the railroad spikers down in cuba pre castro. There are a bunch of restaurants that serve Cuban Chinese food….it is a delight (muslims might take some issue….I think even the water has pork in it)

        2. Hahaha. There’s one on 39th street. Or at least it used to be there. One of my regular AMPs was above it on the 2nd floor. They used to get pretty rowdy on Friday nights. I guess “Chinese Cubans” are a real pack of partiers.

        3. It’s been too many years since I’ve visited NY. I have lots of family back east (Brooklyn, Queens, Hoboken) all over the place… The Food, The Food – nothing quite like it!

        4. I am often shocked that so many people manage to get so fat while not living in NYC. What the hell are they eating?

        5. Well, in Ohio, sauerkraut, bratwursts and shepherd’s pie. And lots of booze. Lots and lots of booze.

        6. To be honest, the German food here is freaking awesome. Anything you can get in Berlin, you can get here and it’s just as tasty. One thing the German immigrants here did right was *not* give up their food, they just made it “Ohio food”. But if you’re not into German food (and to a lesser extent, Irish fare) you’re kind of shit out of luck unless you can find a decent Greek place.

        7. Funny about the germans not giving up food. My little section of NYC is a traditionally german / Irish place back from before we had spics and jigs and germans and irish were the domestic help. The area gentrified and unless their families made some serious money the Germans and Irish were pushed out. One thing left behind as a testament to the once german population is a lot of really old, really good german places (restaurants as well as groceries and butchers). Their churches are still there but really nothing more than shit stains with crosses but when you want good german food it is available.

        8. Have Muslims actually enjoyed any of the “infidel’s” culture?
          They even hate themselves so no surprise they aren’t going to like Asian or Hispanic culture.

        9. Funny thing, General Tso of General Tso chicken fame was the General who chased the muzzies out of China (looked it up on Wikipedia)

        10. There is a community of Chinese Cubans in Cuba.
          Havana even has its “Little China” district where you’ll feel just like in China, just like New York.

    1. Yeah but I know a lot of white women who can play the flute really well. When they become single moms, their flute playing skills go through the roof.

    2. I actually saw a performance of Shen Yun recently and it was pretty fantastic, if a little long for my tastes. I don’t know if it would catch the interest of ROK readers or not – it certainly had a lot of Asian women in it, but they were already legally residing in the U.S, so “baby, I can get you a green card” wouldn’t have much traction.

      1. “baby, I can get you a green card” wouldn’t have much traction.”
        Indeed. Every female on this planet “trades” SEX or “thinks” she can trade SEX for something or the other !

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    3. White daughter: I play piano and sing beautifully.
      Sounds like some white women are doing it wrong. Sucks to be them.

  7. Confucius say… if a dog barks… it’s undercooked.
    How do you blindfold a Chinese man? Use dental floss.

      1. Opium production is a staged chimera by Pyongyang. They were making North K all the time. The deep state must have it.

  8. I took about three or four bites of this article before I returned it to the chef and said, “Needs more Kratom.”

  9. When I was in Macau, the Las Vegas of East Asia, in 2013 I saw a great water show which was sort of an inter-cultural exchange between the West and East, with both European and East Asian actors. I have a penchant for East Asian culture, whether traditional or pop (some of it), but it also reminded me of how much Westerners need to connect with the traditional past and make new forms that work in the future. Apollonian instead of Dionysian; that we have too much of already.
    Westerners need to be friends with the Chinese (and with the Russians), well “we” can be friends with everybody. But if people don’t get of their smart phones and start working hard again Europeans and Americans will be global second class citizens.

      1. Yes, good point. I have read that article many years ago. Derbyshire has written a lot of good stuff I guess but I haven’t read him in the last 3-4 years or so.

  10. the CCP has done everything in its power to stop these Shen Yun shows including threatening theatre directors across the world, slashing tires on touring buses, sending threatening letters […]
    I’ve seen Chinese agents in the US standing around making their presence known where Shen Yun pamphlets were being passed out. They don’t interfere with the promoters directly, but they do intimidate any Chinese passing by, who will not take the pamphlets out of fear of being watched and recorded.

  11. In the event the dalai lama comes at you with magic lightning shooting from his hands just stay calm

  12. This article interests me. It seems anti-commie (especially the Chinese CCP) & anti-dalai lama, but pro falun gong. Both the Dalai lama and the falun gong are enemies of the CCP. That might seem to make the dalai lama and the falun gong natural allies except that doesn’t appear to be the case. There isn’t much info on the subject from a quick search, but there is some suggestion of tension between the two, for instance as described in this article about an address by the dalai lama that was heckled by someone complaining the dalai lama had failed to show solidarity with the falun gong during their persecution by china http://www.tcs.cam.ac.uk/news/0028285-dalai-lama-unperturbed-by-heckler-during-first-speech-of-cambridge-visit.html
    I’m not quite sure what to make of the claim that the Dalai Lama & other tibetan lamas are satanists. The Illion guy quoted seems widely regarded as a fraud, yet it’s worth noting that as far back as Blavatsky Tibetan mysticism has been associated with the occult and drawn on by occultists. The website that has sponsored this post also considers that “much in common was found between Jewish Kabbala and Buddhist Tantric mediations”. Tibet buddhism also seems to involve the kundalini awakening / serpent power that occultists speak of.
    I’d be interested in the thoughts of any one who might have a clearer idea about any of this

    1. It would make sense that there are globalist narratives behind modern Tibetan Tantrism. Falun Gong is far more heavily persecuted (look up organ harvesting) than Tibet, yet the latter gets the lion’s share of sympathy from leftists while Falun Gong is often called out for being anti-homosexual or for advocating racial purity. As a persecuted group, Falun Gong has little presence in the MSM despite its pre-suppression number of 70 million, but the Dalai Lama’s plight is common knowledge.
      Falun Gong’s doctrines are clearly conservative and traditional (it seems a bit like a Chinese answer to Mormonism, but with less central organization), while many hippies seem to have taken inspiration from Tibetan religion to create and popularize strange ritualistic sexual practices. Not suprirsing the MSM and today’s globalists would prefer one over the other.

      1. yeah, I think that is pretty much on the mark. The dalia lama ticks the right boxes for the western media; the Falun Gong ticks the wrongs ones mostly

    2. “Blavatsky Tibetan mysticism” is theosophy. And it is deeply tied with satanic/luciferian people on all levels – the elites included

      1. most probably, but the interesting thing is it’s genesis, and it’s connection, if any, to western esotericism. I find Blavatsky difficult to read – not that I’ve really tried – but when she claims inspiration from the east, one wonders if eastern mysticism is her only interest or whether she simply considered it’s exoticism easier to market.
        Blavatsky did say that Satan was the God of this world or something like that (that might have been Albert Pike possibly but there are definitely a few satanic references in her books) and people like Alice Bailey who followed her do seem to have been Luciferians of a sort (Lucis Trust etc)
        There’s a whole section on Tibet in her wiki entry although it hedges her bets on whether she was a traveller to the country or an accomplished fibber

        1. Pike, Blavatsky, manly p. Hall, Annie besant, Bailey all have called lucifer god. And as a reader of the true word of God, they aren’t wrong. Lucifer is god of this world, but not for long.

        2. Amazing how consistent these supposedly diverse esoteric doctrines are. Pike should have nothing to do with Blavatsky as far I’m aware, except they seem to be reading from the same page when it comes to satanism / luciferianism.

        3. My research has come to the conclusion that every esoteric/occult/secret society is stemmed from the same source no matter how they’re packaged. Many prominent members of the elites are involved in many of the same groups. This permeates into the policy secret societies as well – trilateral, bildebergs, cfr, brookings institute, of course the Frankfurt school, U.N. (Lucis trust was affiliated with the U.N. as well.)
          For example, Rockefeller was most likely a mason as well as the founder of cfr/trilateral c., bush sr. and jr. we’re masons as well as skull and bones, etc…

        4. it does look that way. Ideologically I would say you have western esotericism, kabbalah and rosicrucianism. Blavatsky’s approach from eastern and tibetan ideas seems to skirt around this, but there is no obvious incompatibility. Someone once linked to an article which suggested Blavatsky’s low-key husband may have an intellligence operative. If so, that’s going back way before any of those intelligence agencies and thinktanks etc you mention. There is clearly a masonic link with some of this, but pretty much any secret society can be re-purposed if necessary. As clear links are difficult to prove I’d say there is greater need to think about methodology if “genealogies” to be meaningfully asserted

    1. Dalai Lama goes to a hot dog stand and says “gimme a hot dog” Guy at the stand says “whatta ya want on it” and the Dalai Lama replies “I’m the Dalai Lama” so the Hot Dog guys says “ya want mustard” and the Dalai Lama says “I’m the Dalai Lama” and the Hot Dog guy says “ya want kraut” and the Dalai lama says “i’m the dalai lama” so the Hot dog guy says “ya want onions” and the Dalai lama says “i’m the dalai lama” so the hot dog guy says “look bub, I don’t care who you are. what’s do you want on your hot dog” and the dalai lama says “I’m the dalai lama….make me one with everything”

  13. This was a bit odd. After giving up the sustainability practices that made the perpetuation of the Chinese imperial system possible, the Chi-Coms are in for a rude awakening. (Even if they think the resources of Africa can save them.)

  14. This article has some great points, but its attacks on Buddhism are ridiculous. Dubious sources, bad scholarship, just terrible.
    For those who are unaware, Tibetan Buddhism is a Mahayana branch of Buddhism, and one thing that Buddhism (unlike the 3 Abrahamaic religions) does well is adapt itself to the culture and native religions of the land it goes to. Tibetan Buddhism is part Mahayana (the branch that believes the Buddha became a god – Therevada, or “original” Buddhism does not teach this at all), and part Native Shamanism. The Shamanism comes from Tibetan natives, and was incorporated into Buddhist beliefs.
    It’s similar to Shinto Buddhism in Japan. Shinto being the native shamanist religion of Japan, mixed with mahayana buddhism.
    It isn’t “satanic.” Such a claim is ridiculous.

    1. Any belief or non belief system that doesn’t claim or believe that Yehushua Hamasiach is the Masiach is satanic. The devil doesn’t care if you don’t believe in him, he just Doesn’t want you to believe in Yahuah. “The greatest lie the devil created is that he doesn’t exist.”

      1. Any belief or non belief that doesn’t claim or believe that Zeus is God is evil, and of Hades. Hades doesn’t care if you don’t believe in him, he just doesn’t want you to believe in Zeus. The greatest lie Hades ever created is that he doesn’t exist.
        Doesn’t that sound ridiculous, as a Christian?
        Probably so.
        That’s how you sound to me.

  15. My friends, I wish to inform you that as of last friday, I am officially a drug dealer, having sold 22 grams of Kratom for 25 dollars.

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