“Frank And Lola” Shows A Portrait Of The Modern American Woman That We Know All Too Well

First, let me say that this film is no masterpiece; it is an enjoyable Hollywood film made in the Current Year, of which there are very few, and it displays male and female behavior honestly, which is astounding, and is well acted.  Of course, being a mainstream Hollywood film, it has its flaws.  But I found a rather compelling story here in how it represented the typical American woman that we all have to deal with.

Michael Shannon plays Frank, a middle aged chef in France who is in a new relationship with the young and impulsive Lola.  Amongst a fury of red flags, we see a relationship start, falter, and crumble.  But Frank’s bad judgment expands what should be a 20 minute film version of a ROK game article into a full length film.

Lola, well acted by the ridiculously named Imogen Poots (who appears topless), is your typical early 20s girl, and has the baggage one would expect of a single, attractive American student able to afford transatlantic travel with no apparent source of income.

Frank is the most interesting character.  The film begins on a first date, as Frank makes a remark about how quickly he was able to bed Lola, and seems a bit disappointed that he’ll have to put this new girl in the bang-and-release category.

Signs This Ain’t Her First Rodeo

In this common purple pill scenario, Frank says, “Hey, maybe we should wait,” to which Lola laughs and asks “Wait for what?”  “Until the next time we see each other,” replies Frank.  Lola honestly can’t imagine a reason to delay gratification, and finds the question itself laughable.  She’s never stopped herself from having sex with guys she’s just met before, and it would be absurd to start now.

Is This All She Can Offer?

Frank is at the point in life where many men are seriously considering marriage.  “I’m not playing games,” Frank says, in bed with the topless Lola.  Whether Frank has some naïve image of Lola as a sweet, innocent, honest girl, or he’s simply tired of endless one night stands that don’t go anywhere, he’s clearly a bit frustrated with Lola’s childish response “Well, sometimes, games can be fun.”

Cuts like a knife, but it feels so right, na na na, na na na na na

For a moment, it appears the mood is spoiled, and Frank may lose out completely, as Lola’s emotions change like the wind and she agrees they should just wait, and that’s a great idea.  Until a few moments later when her mood changes again, as she likely thinks about the last rough sex she had with a stranger, and she adds, “Or maybe you could hold me down while you do it.”

Red Flag No. 1 Porn Star Sex on the First Date

Rough sex with a girl you just met is a sign of poor judgment and a long sexual history.  The first time I pushed things with a girl I met just a couple of hours earlier, I was shocked at what I could get away with.  Choking, slapping, calling you daddy, spanking, no-limits dirty talk, all of this is not only possible, but fairly common on first date bangs these days.  This should have been a signal that the girl had an expiration date of lunchtime tomorrow, yet just 10 minutes into the film we are at red flag #2.

2. Birds Of A Feather

Frank meets Lola’s mom, who wears a low-cut top revealing most of her breasts, as she orders tequila shots for the table.  The shameless mom openly flirts with Frank in front of Lola, asking him when he started cooking.  “Young?  How young.  16?  Mmmm that’s quite an image.”  Of course, we’ll ignore the fact that any late 50s man who made a remark about a teenage girl his son was dating would be seen as “creepy” and “rapey”, and just point out that this is a huge red flag, and Frank should have cut things off immediately after this meeting.  There’s no mention of any father, of course, and every indication that Lola is following in the footsteps of her mother.

3. Openly Drinking and Flirting With A Douchebag

Your boyfriend’s a scrow!

Lola graduates college.  One night after work, Frank walks over to a bar to meet her for a drink.  He finds her drinking with a rich, sleazy smooth talker (Dr. Lexus from Idiocracy) who offers her a job.  Women, despite their vaunted high emotional intelligence, never seem to pick up on the absurdity of a stranger wanting to offer a college graduate with no real world skills a job opportunity, without any ulterior motives.  Frank immediately calls her on it, but again, the relationship is not ended.  If your girl is flirting and drinking with another guy, and they exchange contact info, that is game over.

4. Getting Favors From Another Man

Frank comes home to hear Lola excitedly asking someone out for drinks on the phone.  It turns out this is for her new job that the douchebag offered her.  One thing that makes the film so engaging is the attention to detail.  Realistic tiny lies and manipulations are built in to every scene.  There are the all-too-common little word games that women will play like when Lola claims, “Oh, no I’m not working for that douchebag, it’s for this woman.”  When pressed further she finally admits he owns the company, which she would have never volunteered because, hey, “He doesn’t work there!”

5. Friendly And Well Known By Men

When one of the kitchen staff immediately recognizes her as “Lolita” and gives her a kiss on the cheek, Frank just blows it off, but she’s clearly banged the dishwasher.  There’s also a point where another man calls Frank from Lola’s phone.  When other men have nicknames and unexplained histories with your girl, she should no longer be your girl.

6. Accidental Sex

One night Lola shows up late in tears, and she’s really sorry, but she made a mistake and totally didn’t mean to fuck this other guy but stuff happened and feelings!  This is a powerful scene for Frank.  He’s a complex character because he’s obviously showing terrible judgment in keeping this girl around, but here he manages to have strong frame, keeps calm, speaks slowly and deliberately, and even cooly states “Oh yeah, that hotel?  I used to pick up cougars there who really taught me how to fuck, so I like that place.”

He tells her he has fucked a lot of beautiful women, and mature ones that aren’t afraid their mommy is going to steal him away from them.  He cooly calls her out as the kind of weak slut that can’t be without a man for more than 24 hours, then he walks out the fucking door and I’m ready to applaud and go home, but we are only 25 minutes into the movie, and Frank just can’t let it go.

7. The Unreported Rape Allegation

I’m so sorry you cheated on me baby, I know you didn’t mean it!

Frank comes back because he wants to know the truth, have closure, know what really happened, and all those other pointless answers that blue pill men need.  The script, while not boring, is rather rote, and in this respect very honest in terms of the modern woman and her nature.  I wasn’t surprised at all when Lola comes out with the sob story that she was raped by her mom’s boyfriend, and that’s what drove her to have sex with a stranger and cheat on Frank.

Of course, she’s “never told anyone this,” not even her mom.  I’ve had several women that I hadn’t known long tell me rape stories that supposedly no one knows about but for some reason she’s telling Max all about it after two beers.

Frank believes every word of the story, without evidence, and develops one-itis for this girl who has little to offer other than a nice body.  The story gets a bit extreme at times, but the true value in this film is its honest portrayal of female dynamics, and the uncomfortable, painful, but honest portrayal of the beta male.

Great, Subtle Acting

Michael Shannon has an ability to convey considerable emotion from small eye movements and body language.  There were several scenes where you could observe him react to the bullshit he was hearing from Lola, his eyes narrowing a mere millimeter as he reacts to the lies and explanations and stories he’s hearing, but yet his heart somehow gets the best of him and tells him to hang in there and protect this woman.  Of course, that is the nature of man, to protect and provide for women, but it is nevertheless painful to watch Lola manipulate him.

I wish I had seen this film in the theater, as I found myself laughing out loud at what the general movie-going audience would consider very inappropriate points such as…

I didn’t have any intention of fucking him.  I think I just kind of shut down and it happened.

The final shot includes one last manipulation by Lola.  There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s definitely the type of film that can help wake up brainwashed men struggling to maintain unhealthy relationships with damaged women, and it’s a breath of fresh air to see a woman portrayed realistically and not slaying dragons and kicking ass while earning 4 PhDs online and running a Fortune 500 startup and publishing a book on French poetry.

The moral of this story is two-fold.  First, women are like Lola, and second, don’t be like Frank.

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550 thoughts on ““Frank And Lola” Shows A Portrait Of The Modern American Woman That We Know All Too Well”

  1. oooo Imogen Poots…sounds like a mix between an evil mummy and a spunky hot chick. I approve.

    1. In fact I like the name Imogen, there is a Shakespeare character with that name. Another not common female name I like is Galatea, which I think you know who she was.
      And this bitch Poots is hot, would tap that….

    2. The name Imogen Poots reminds me of a segment of a Henry Rollins spoken word album (I think it was “Human Butt”; I used to have 4 of his S/W albums). In it, he speaks of his crush on Darryl Hannah, who, in Rollins’ words, doesn’t shit, but “Poots talcum powder”.

  2. Another interesting Michael Shannon movie is “Bug” (2006), directed by William “The Exorcist” Friedkin. Includes a pretty hot sex scene with Shannon and everybody’s least-favorite SJW, Ashley Judd. This film takes paranoia to a whole new level.

    1. I haven’t seen that yet, but I did see the sequel to it in 2008, “Spray”. Weird movie.

    2. Friedkin, an atheist, became a believer in a higher power after doing research for The Exorcist movie…better safe than sorry I guess?

  3. Imogen Poots looks like the middle picture in a meth progression meme. Bug eyed, wide mouthed, oversized lips, nappy hair, scrawny frame, and chicken legs. I realized some guys like the anorexic look, but I like tits, hips, and ass.

  4. ,,I didn’t have any intention of fucking him. I think I just kind of shut down and it happened.”
    This high level deceiving can be used in many of forms.
    ,,We didn’t have any intention to enslave and commit genocide on the nations of goyim. We think we just shut down ((((THEY KNOW )))) and it happened.”
    ,,There’s a good goy…there’s a good goy…here, have a lust demon and a fear demon, so you can have lots of sex with whores and be too afraid to judge them and call them out, oh and to blind you from the Truth & God.”

        1. Swiss metal band.
          I found them one year after they broke up.
          Catharsis metal music.
          Check out these lyrics :
          ,,I can see for the first time
          And feel freed from the pain
          Redeemed and disengaged
          Oblivion is a just reward,
          A final slumber to end the divide
          And awaken purified.”

  5. My low-lita ex girlfriend said that if we have a baby she will go after my wealthy exwife for child support…
    The scheming…

      1. Yes, unlike many nationalities, Greeks generally believe in passing money and property down the line, but the impression I got while living there is that the boomers and Gen X’s in particular feel somewhat differently and have no problem frittering away their inheritance on good times without a thought for the next generation.

  6. Yeah, I hate when I’m just walking down the street, minding my own business and then trip and my penis falls into a woman’s vagina. That accidental sex, man, it just hits you from out of left field sometimes.

    1. This Mexican maid at the hotel I’m staying at has been making her intentions clear – but she’s married, and I don’t go there. I’m sure if her husband just happened to find out that I banged her (gee, how might he find out, I wonder), she would claim she didn’t know what she was doing and it just happened, or I took advantage of her. She actually took out her lipstick the other day and started sucking the tip of it, prior to putting it on her lips, right in front of me. Keeps knocking on my door, asking me if I need anything (“Anything at all”). Typical “married” woman, looking for a better deal (or just somebody, anybody, to fuck)…

      1. Not having the style or appearance of a GoJ or kneeman, when a strange woman starts making advances I start wondering which kidney they’re interested in, and hoping it’s only one.

        1. Yeah…especially if they’re married. I avoid that shit like I would consorting with demons or smoking meth…

        2. Some natural skepticism as to the purity of all human motives came and sat upon my chest…
          – Roger Zelazny

        3. Yea me too.
          I used to walk to office near times square at 4am.
          Expensive Suite etc
          Very hot women (always 2) in SUVs would approach and try to coax me in the back with their candy…
          Always thought would cost a kidney and not $100

        4. There was an old study with the “surprising” result that when men are offered easy sex(the researchers basically had a woman just up and proposition a guy) they turn it down the overwhelming majority of the time.
          That’s because most men aren’t suicidal. If this happens there’s a fighting chance she is just taking you somewhere to be robbed.

        5. Actually, as with others, you’re free to swing by when you’re in Ohio. Email in my profile. Another guy who posts here has been in Ohio lo these last couple of weeks, and has come out to a couple of bike nights with me.

        6. Indiddly do. I spent my growin’ up years around “The Greatest Generation” and even some of their elders, and they could spin a yarn into a blanket in the span of an hour. Storytelling is becoming a truly lost art, and I happen to want to see it continue. Everything I say is true, I just like to spin it in such a way that it comes out kind of homey entertaining. That is by design.

        7. You have created a persona here, it becomes almost irrelevant that every detail is accurate. The value is in the concepts and ideas put forth under the guise of that persona.
          Much as Lolknee provides a contrasting viewpoint on lifestyle to yours.

        8. Thanks.
          I currently have no plans to travel to that area, but iffin i do, reckon ill give ya a holler.

        9. Somebody should combine the plots of Fargo and Johnny Dangerously. We could call it Fargin’ Fargo.

        10. Same goes if you are ever in civilization here baskets. Might be you’ll learn yerself sumthin’

        11. I was assuming that he’d travel to places that have a higher general level of testosterone to get the hinterland babes.
          Do I like sniping at you for fun? Yes, yes I do. But it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying if you didn’t do it back. Yin-Yang. Heh.

        12. I have a feeling that (((they))) are all over this site. Wouldn’t be surprised if (((they))) start infiltrating neomasculinity the way that they hijacked feminism and the black panthers.

        13. “..she is just taking you somewhere to be robbed.”
          That happened to an acquintance of mine. She posed as a tourist and when he went back to her room, it was already occupied with some unsavory types waiting for him.

        14. (((They))) are the ones coming here to white knight to make it seem like they are the “reasonable” ones when their cuckery is a dead give away.
          Trolling is for the bottom of the barrel invalids who CANT do anything else.

        1. Getting warmer. More slutty red lipstick. Tits are about right. Outfit is off. Standard-issue maid getup. And aren’t all women cartoonish when you break it down…

        2. It’s like a double-knit pantsuit thing. She’s really pretty and her mouth screams “fuck my mouth”. Stop…I might crumble and bang her if you keep this up…

        3. So you realized that the only reason I mentioned her was because I was actually thinking about it a lot and there’s only so much a guy can stand…thanks, bro. Heh.

        4. That’s the young version of that Sofia Vergara chick. Fucking just such a goddamned smoke show, her entire life.

      2. here is where I believe even old uncle bob has some learnin’ to do.
        That Mexican maid has just as much of a chance of ratting you our to the husband as she does telling the husband she fucked you even if she didn’t.
        If you are going to do the time anyway, might as well do the crime.

        1. I have to concede that this is a great point. I was staying in a hotel in Dallas a few years back. Maid did the same thing this one does. Coming by all hours. She lay down on my bed once, while cleaning my room, and said she had told her husband that we had fucked. But it didn’t get a rise out of him at all. I thought she was full of shit at first, but then I realized she wasn’t. She actually told him that. So…yeah…in certain cases, maybe I should bang it anyway. I just have this aversion to fucking married women.

        2. Well, the difference is if he comes after you, your conscience would be a bit cleaner in killing him if you hadn’t banged his wife.

        3. married women need lovin’ too bob……
          IF they ain’t gettin’ right at home us single men have a responsibility to dick them down, pipe them out and send them back as productive members of society. Where is your sense of civic duty?

        4. It’s so fucking tempting. She has this great voice, too, “Hey, Ese…how was your WEEEE-kend”. She tells me about how she fought with her husband all weekend. And it would be nice if she could wake up next to somebody who turned her on. Even if it was only waking up after hot sex and a nap. I’m gonna pass because I am going to stay here for a while longer, and she rings all the crazy alarms, but I might have to consider banging the occasional married woman now and again…you made some good points.

        5. Sounds to me like you’re just being too cheapskate to tip. Heh.

        6. Ahahahaha. Could be. I’ll give her a tip – don’t bet on the horses. Guess who is outside my door right now…talking in a loud voice to the girls laying by the pool (talking loud so I can hear her). Yep.

        7. Of course, if he kills his wife first (as he should if he goes after you) and you only wound him, you’ll have a hard time proving she was lying.

        8. Nothing wrong with having morals and sticking to them. That said, the oldest false rape story i know of is in the old testesment. Joseph was accused of rape purely because he refused to fuck his masters wife. You better press record on your phone every time she shows up. You’ve probably got less of a chance of being accused of rape if you fuck her and she enjoys it too.

        9. Are you saying Bob is a bad guy for not giving a married chambermaid…..the tip

        10. Heh, kinda, but not. He can do the “Hey bitch, you didn’t suck my dick without me asking, no gratuity for you. No scram!”

        11. I do see Knee’s point. Question is whether one believes in the importance of being righteous, either because of religion or morals or another reason, or whether one believes simply in benefiting or minimizing the detriment of the judgment of his fellow man. Some things that are wrong are not illegal, and some things that are illegal are not wrong.

        12. Hey, Luke…dumb question and O/T: Aren’t you a moderator on ROK? I didn’t see that title on your post. Did you hang up your mod status??

        13. Still am. Doesn’t show up on phones viewing the site. All regular staff here can be mods if they wish, some do it, some don’t bother. I mainly nuke spammers and horrific trolls.

        14. Thank you luke but do keep in mind that I still consider myself a righteous man. Sometimes people just think of things differently.

        15. I believe she might want to use him to get rid of the husband, or to have the husband and him kill each others while she is free to look for another cock to ride. Stay safe. Say no.

        16. rule number one for dicking down a married woman: either be the best or the worst they ever had. If you are the best they will never do you wrong and if you are the worst they will put you out of their mind forever and do that woman thing where it didn’t really happen

        1. Ooh. That’s enough to put me off the scent…even though she looks a lot better than that. This girl is probably her cousin. Sick.

      3. I know that chick that I met in a dancing bar… I was with friends… when I get home, I have a Facebook notif… and she found me. With just my first name.
        Anyway. I wake up the day after, she liked more than 30 pics, statuses, in a row, of mine.
        I look at her marital status, and she is married.
        Some guy asked me why I refused to go further with her, but I’m not getting killed for pussy when there is so much available in the world!

    2. …. and almost inexplicable how a condom happened to materialize at the appropriate point in the space time continuum.

      1. The universe is a strange and mysterious place, that much is certain.

        1. The drawer filled with condoms next to her bed. If I had a dollar for every time… a chick once told me, “yeah, I was at an event last week and they were just giving these away, my girlfriends and I thought it was funny and we just grabbed a bunch of them…” uhuhhhh….

        2. At that point you ask for the names and phone numbers of her friends. Heh.

        3. That joke backfired. It would be better if none of the chicks I banged had a drawer full of condoms because she’s bangin dudes all the time leaving me with not one but zero dollars. That would be better. Beat it.

        4. Hey, AWALT, man. We’ve all been there.
          Literally. All of us. In that same girl.
          Eskimo bros for life!

        5. That’s right buddy. That moment when she jumps up to grab a condom out of the drawer like she’s done it a thousand times and you’re like, “oh you little slut.” Ha!

        6. That said condoms can make great pranks. In military school me and my friends rigged the napkin boxes in the dining halls so when people pulled a napkin out(a bit further down the stack) it would cause condoms to come flying out.

    3. Sometimes these poor girls trip up a flight of stairs, through the door and fall on the bed with their legs spread and don’t realize what’s going on until they’re standing in line at planned parenthood. I know it sounds crazy but it happens.

      1. Those poor things, bless their hearts, they really are the victims here aren’t they?

      2. Is planned parenthood before or after they tell their boyfriend he is going to have his first child?

    4. Michael Shannon is a leftist anti-white, anti-Trump turd, too ugly to look at. I’ll pass on this film.

  7. “It just happened”
    My first lesson from the manospher(probably rational male).
    Edit: “plausible deniability”
    Its nowwhat i mock girls about when they are just having a drink with a friend(in a rowdy bar) all dressed up…
    I should know as i was that guy at the bar plenty of times when younger

    1. I once asked a girl,”what about the ones that didn’t count?”
      Immediately went wide eyed with that “I got caught” look, smiled and revised the number.

  8. Well that is a film that must be watched by everyone here…. I mean it. Go and watch it now. Even pay for it. I am waiting…. I’ ll order it online!
    Such films tell things raw as they are to the snowflake generation and to blue-pilled men. The many betrayals makes it a bit more difficult to be believe but far too many men follow up with such women!
    It is rude awakener. It might even destroy fantasies and burst bubbles but make sure every man sees this. This can have the effect that a thousand RoK articles may have. Audiovisual content tends to be easier to follow and because consuming requires only passivity by the consumer it is taken in easily and fast.
    I only will add that if woman deserves to be characterised as marriageable she must suck at bed… women learn sex through their fuckers.

        1. You just shattered my mind-I too pay for my music and effectively have nothing but physical copies of such. The Gods must be truly crazy.

        2. Remember when Adobe Flash went Al Qaeda all of a sudden and started bombing update notices? Guess who won the war with that one… That’s right bitch, I tell you when to Flash.

    1. Ouch! Truth hurts
      But does the movie show her sex-acts juxtoposed with her lies? Or is it inferred?
      Otherwise a real white knight will not get it

        1. I don’t have to pay ’em in every case (unless she’s a whore and a price was negotiated). It’s just the smart thing to do, especially with a one-night stand.. “Cab fare…” Establishes the ground rules when she takes the money. She’s now a whore…regardless.

        2. It’s a vestige of the pair bonding thing. You have sex with a woman, now they want to share their lives with you. Usually, women either need help with things, or need someone to listen to them talk about things. So, you pay for the sex either directly (cash for the act), indirectly (pay for and conduct the date prior) or through means other than money (doing things to help her, or sitting listening to her problems either on the phone or in person.) The reason the last one happens is because women talk to people just to talk, men talk for a reason. She’ll want to talk, and she’ll get pissed if you don’t listen.

        1. I wasn’t stating a topic of debate, I was stating a fact. And if you think I was just talking about money, then you missed my point entirely.

        2. “And if you think I am talking about money, then you missed the point entirely”.
          THIS! A thousand times this.
          Women have no idea the sheer amount of psychological and emotional energy they consume in a man just from their presence. Regardless of how wonderful and pleasant they can be, it takes a lot of energy to deal with them. And there is just no way to explain it in a way they can understand, the costs involved and how it can wear a man down over the long haul.

        3. Thank you, exactly, I was thinking that I was starting to lose my edge. Heh.

        4. There are a lot of women coming around here… sniffing about like dogs hat want to be fed from the hand but still not willing to sleep in the yard. They’re asking mildly probing questions in an effort to appease the hamster.

  9. Ok, I have to get this out of my system because it’s literally (Hitler) killing me.
    Who in the name of Sam Hill would continue on in life with a last name of Poots? Seriously? I mean hell, if I was born with that last name I’d immediately change it once I reached the age of legal emancipation. You just *know* that every boy in that family since the Iron Age has been teased and bullied mercilessly.
    I mean think about it, a guy with that last name joins the track team and guaranteed that I’m going to call him Runny Poots. If he’s on the swim team, he’s Wet Poots, and if he uses the sauna I will be forced to refer to him a Steamy Poots. It’s like this freaking obligation really.

    1. Earl Longbottom Poots settled in Tootenshire on Fartsheim back after the silent but deadly wars of Scratchensniff

      1. They set up an estate down near the adjacent abbeys of Flatulánce and Mephane so I understand.

        1. Mephane is excellent but the accent mark in Flatulánce is just plain inspired

    2. I knew a guy named Mike Hunt. He was in his forties at the time. Never understood it. Go and get in changed…. asap.
      I wonder about the children of these idiot celebrities. Michael Jacksons kid, Blanket… Blanket?
      -Pilot Inspector (Bruce Willis’ kid)
      -Apple (Gweneth Paltrow) Why Apple? I guess because she wanted her kid to be a fruit.
      One of my ex girlfriends knew a girl who named her daughter ABCDE (pronounced “ab-sid-ee).
      There are no words…

      1. Lol! On the upside, little ABCDE could correctly write her name by the age of 3, so she had that going for her.

        1. An ex-girlfriend had maids when she was a little girl. The poor black woman who was their maid had two daughters – Laundree, and Linolea. True story.

        2. They truly are…my ex’s parents confirmed the names of the maid’s children. I didn’t believe it either when my girlfriend first told me.

        3. Shithead (pronounced shith-eed)
          Semaj (James spelled backwards, se-ma-jay)
          Twina/Twinb (twins, duh)
          Aquarious/Aquarian (twins)
          Real names encountered in the ER

        4. “Yo! Dristan!!!! Tell yo brother Dymatap and Yo sister Encephalitis to gets in here”

      2. Die hard really named his kid that? Wow.
        I thought blanket was just a south park joke.

        Black people win this thought
        Iamunique…. Actual name.

      3. Moon Unit Zappa is a classic. I heard that a West Virginian grandpa got cataracts and named kids by pointing at a word in the Bible on a random page, thus was born “Pissum Siv.” (Psalm CIV)

        1. “Well, first of all, I knew that they were going to be unique anyway because of certain other attributes, so why not have a name that goes with it. They all like their names and the kids at school do too. They don’t make fun of them; in fact, most of them are jealous of their names. You know, it always amazes me when someone who is in my age group, or even younger, asks me a question like why did you name your children that. It’s a reactionary kind of question. Why the f*ck not name your kids something like that? They’re having a good time. Besides that, if they ever wanted to change their names they can do it. It only costs about $15.” – Frank Zappa, 1975

        2. “People make a lot of fuss about my kids having such supposedly ‘strange names’. But the fact is that no matter what first names I might have given them, it is the last name that is going to get them in trouble.” – Zappa

        3. Ha! Moon Unit and Pissum Siv. It has to be annoying when every time they introduce themselves, it results in a conversation.

      4. Apple (Gweneth Paltrow) Why Apple? I guess because she wanted her kid to be a fruit.

        Perhaps she saw Zorro – The Gay Blade ?

      5. I was on the phone once with a city agency and a woman I had emailed back and forth and her name was La-A
        I was pronouncing it “la-ahhh”
        She corrected me in a nasty tone/ “it’s “ladasha” the dash is NOT silent”
        Aside from the insanity of the name what really struck me is that she seemed genuinely offended that it didn’t seem clear to me

        1. Right because we all know dashes are not silent. Would have been funny if you finished the conversation, quickly, “ok la-ahhh, it was nice talking to you, we’ll keep in touch,” click. “It’s LADASHUH!”

        2. Righhhttt????
          I mean she was really like shocked like it was if a called a girl named Jennifer “John-infer”

      6. We tried to convince one of my wife’s Filipina friends to name her daughter Ahswipee. She saw through it so we tried for Bootugli. We told her these were popular Italian names.

        1. I don’t know where it came from, but my story is a real no shitter (sea story) and actually went down as described.

      1. Oh, she’s pretty enough. I mean the last name. Dufuq is going on there? That’s passed down by the men, and not one of those fuckers said “Um…no, I want to help my posterity”.

        1. On one hand, I want to congratulate her on not taking a stage name… On the other, it is a distractingly awful name. And on the third hand it suggests escalating inmate interactions to the point she loses continence.
          I am so there.

  10. I’ve passed this nugget along in the ROK comment section more than once, but here we are, and it applies yet again – especially to you younger guys. If you are dumb enough to start a relationship with a modern Western woman (meaning, one that goes beyond getting sex for cash), always do this preemptive strike. Tell her that you only have but one rule – don’t bring trouble to your door, or you will teach her the waking, screaming definition of the fucking word. It works.

    1. Yes. I was amazed at how much calmer my life became when I adopted this attitude. I also noticed that they don’t stick around very long either. I got in the habit of saying this early on:
      “I don’t do drama and bullshit. If that means I don’t do you, that’s your choice”.
      I use that with every single woman I am with the second they get out of line. If I stop calling texting, and they ask me if I am “breaking up” or whatever, I just say, “No. YOU are the one who chose not to be with me when you (insert no win bullshit test here). I am simply respecting your wishes.
      I have only had one woman that understood and respected this attitude enough to drop the drama when dealing with me. And ya know what happened? She became more of a pleasure to be around and she learned how to maintain some stability in her life. Which in turn made her happier.
      Women today seem to be suffering from some severe cognitive dissonance. They are practically aching for a man that can be a leader and a rock for their aimless drama, but yet they have been raised not to submit to anyone, which makes them incapable of maintaining a relationship with the kind of man they crave.
      And the hamsters just keeps on spinning.

      1. This should be printed out and hung above every man’s night stand. I have used this philosophy for years and years. And like you, most of the woman I’ve used it on fucked things up and were kicked to the curb. But I had one who got in line and was happy to be my main sidepiece. For several years. When I left Texas, she kept trying to find me off and on, for over 10 years. Called my parents periodically, and my friends whom she had known, for a long time. One of the ironic things about it is, only by being extremely firm with her while laying out the rules (“You will never mean anything but a fuck to me; I have a girlfriend and you are just something I’m going to fuck whenever I want; if you ever bitch about the relationship, I will never talk to you again; if you ever cause trouble for me I will teach you what trouble is and that includes the possibility of burying you during the educational process”, etc. ), but the ironic thing was, both of us were happy with the setup – but it was destined to have an ending. This woman propositioned me twice to bear my child – she proposed getting lawyers involved, and air-tight documents, whereby I would have no financial obligation whatsoever. I actually thought about it but finally decided not to do it. The long and short of it was, she was the best woman I ever knew, but there was no way I was going to lose frame and marry her up, or anything like that. Had I done that, after laying out such fervent rues, she would have lost all respect for me. So you try to string it along as far as you can, before things change and you move on down the road…that’s about all you can do if you angle for bachelorhood your entire life. Sometimes the grass on the other side seems greener to me, but then I see where my married friends are, and I know it isn’t. Life is what you make of it. You gotta grab it by the throat before it grabs your neck and breaks it…

        1. I know what ya mean. The irony for me was, I haven’t angled for bachelorhood my whole life. There have been women that I have went in with an open mind that this was something that could possibly maybe worth investing in to have kids or a family. And EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM (not many admittedly) would do something that would make me think, “No way do I want this woman raising my kids it do I want to deal with this bullshit for twenty years”.
          The only one that wasn’t a liability to me and would’ve been a great mom have babies with, she couldn’t get pregnant and became so chronically ill, she broke it off.
          But I figure, this kind of Black Dragon No Drama Mandate, is essential to my mental well being, and any woman worth her salt will respect that. But there just aren’t a lot of women that respect it. They see it as man’s job to put up with their shit instead of their job to make all the shit a man has heaped on him in life easier to deal with.

      2. The last paragraph is spot on. Craving dominance and resisting submission is a real mindfuck. Feminism is the road to ruin and/or insanity. Oppositely, the beta male resists dominance but craves submission from women. Our wires are bit crossed.

        1. Yeah. I see so many feminized men, and I can’t help but think of Tyler Durden in Fight Club. “We are a generation raised by women”.
          I love flirting with some hipster faggot’s girlfriend right in front him. He wants to kick my ass, but is too evolved and educated to give in to his toxic masculinity. She likes being flirted with but hates that she likes being flirted with by such a misogynist pig. It’s amazing.

        2. For some reason I want to help the younger men out and save them from a life of betahood. I’m not saying I won’t smash their girls but I hate to see male feminists and metrosexuals when I’m out in public. I think most men can be saved with the right approach.

        3. I think for most of them, the only approach that will have an impact is to just straight up Chad their girlfriend. If they are young enough, then they will get over it and hopefully learn. If they don’t, well fuck em. Ya can’t save everyone.

      3. Great framing too. It changes the context from you failing to meet her demand, to her having to meet one of your expectations.

        1. Yes. For me to be happy in my life with just me, the bar is set pretty low. For a woman to be a major part of my life and me still be happy, the bar is set VERY high. And the older I get, the higher the bar raises. Sex is pretty much all women bring to the table nowadays so that is all I expect or want. I admit I am not an easy man to be with, but I work hard to be a man worth being with. So if it is to get to where I invest anything of myself, the woman better come correct and be ready to be an asset, because I work hard to be an asset to those I care about. The second she’s a liability, she’s out.
          If a good relationship is supposedly “a lot of work”, then the job of “my woman” has certain qualifications. Since my commitment will always be with more than her pussy, she damn well better have more than that. Sadly, they almost never do. The vast majority of women that I would say quality as a woman I would commit and invest in, were already taken.
          And yet somehow, I have managed to not give a shit, and continue to live a relatively enjoyable life. Women are the potatoes and beer of the meal. Never the steak. Very few women understand this.

    2. I live on a boat. I always tell them, “Deep water. Cinder block”
      I can’t say more to not be banned. They get the picture. I have NO trouble with them.

        1. Lou Salazar the Sewer Tsar did great work with filth
          We’re Filth! We’re FIlth! We come from filth we’re going to filth! We’re Filth!
          “it’s pretty much a symbiotic relationship Lou”

  11. If you wanna see a horror movie(right up there with The Exorcist) check out Last Tango in Paris. It gave me nightmares. really.

  12. “Dark and sexy”
    “…bewitching and intensely intoxicating…”
    “haunting dissection of male jealousy…”
    “Part drama, part psychosexual thriller…”
    “…a noirish erotic thriller…”
    -Frank & Lola Wikipedia Critical Receptions
    And it goes on & on from Hollywood movie critics throwing betasocial engineering doodoo at men.
    My official “Anus Spluttering Feces” review,
    Poots excavates all remains from her lifetime visits to commodes and putricates true AWALT AWALT AWALT.

  13. Please don’t tar all women with the same brush, ‘all women are like Lola.’ I was raped when I was walking home from work in broad daylight. It messed me up a lot, but I would never ever use it to justify cheating. If I genuinely had some unresolved issues that led me to cheating, I certainly wouldn’t use it as an excuse. I’d think wtf have I done and then I would get myself some therapy and break up wth my boyfriend because he deserves better than that. You alway have the choice to get help.

    1. You know, I have a bit of a hard time taking that claim seriously. Usually when a woman or man is severely traumatized, the last thing she or he does is go out and tell 1,000,000 anonymous people across the world about it as some kind of point of debate.
      Color me…skeptical.

      1. You know some guy on the street might have accidentally brushed against her arm while walking by. I’m pretty sure that’s rape according to Buzzfeed

      2. Actually I have no problem telling people because a. I spent lots of time and effort moving past this b. I’m no defined by one traumatic experience nor would I let it make me feel shame or hold me back and c. I’m not exactly revealing a personal thing because I’m anonymous on here. I am not ‘severely traumatised’ anymore. Dude is in prison and my life continues to get better. The people I work with have generally been through way worse.
        Seriously guys, this site caters to my values, I knew I would probably get some hate in joining in even though I’m in agreement, but you can put your tin foil hats down at least.

        1. Account created april 17, 2017. Public. 32 comments. No picture. Only frequented site is RoK. Only comments are in RoK.
          You are a troll, but not a paid troll. You are a man, early 40’s, a total loser in real life, with nothing better to do than troll different sites with a number of disqus accounts. That’s sad.

        2. In total honesty, I set up this account purely to comment on here, I’ve never used the Disqus account before. Is there a way to prove this? What can I do to prove I’m not a man? I will be staying here as I’m a long time reader so you can read into my comments and decide I’m a man all you like really. Once I feel a bit more confident I won’t be trolled to the ground, I may log in with Facebook instead (if this is possible, in not so great with tech generally not gonna lie) So get used to me

        3. While I understand your need for male approval, you don’t have to ‘prove’ anything to anybody here. If you are who you say you are, good for you; if not, good for you as well. I don’t have to ‘get used to you’ because, in the grand scheme of things, your presence here equals zero (this is not ad hominem, this is a fact).
          If you really are who you say you are, then behave accordingly. Let the men talk, be nice to them, and look pretty.

        4. RoK is a politically incorrect site. Most of the commentators here belong to the wide range of politically incorrect tents around, from rightwing libertarians (like GoJ) to evil Nationalsocialists like me. We also have a number of ‘commentators’ who really are operatives from organizations such as SPLC, the ADL and even from Israeli based organizations (IDF? Mossad? Shin Bet?); they are paid to troll, to promote division through stupid internet fights, to be bait talking about illegal acts, etc, etc.

        5. “Dude is in prison…”
          Let me know where he is and I’ll deposit come money in his commissary account.

        6. Oy Vey!! You are a patriarchal chauvinist neanderthal white male!! Your must die for the well being of mankind!!!

        7. Hey! I’m a nationalist too bro! I passed the initiation and hazing! Dufuq??!?

        8. And Ainigmaris quotes the fabled words, as was foretold in the prophecies.

        9. Men are skeptical and yes, almost paranoid about false rape accusations. False rape accusers are to blame for this. We have all seen so many liars.

      1. Wow what an original comeback! Good one. If you saw me, you sure wouldn’t be calling me Meg, sweetie. I’m on this site because i believe in its values unlike a lot of modern women, and you’re using juvenile insults against me for agreeing with this article? Lol, can’t win with some folk.

        1. Your argument is false since I am also a woman, I agree with this article, and I see through your bs

        2. Nothing I said is ‘bs’, you being a woman changes not one thing about my comment? I don’t really care if you don’t believe what I say, that’s none of my business. I don’t particularly understand it mind, because I don’t think I’ve said anything particularly unbelievable in saying I’d never use my past as an excuse to cheat, if you think it’s totally unbelievable for someone to take responsibility for their life then honestly I feel sorry for you.

        3. ?? Why do people think I’m a troll? I’m not 100% sure what that means in this context. I guess I’ll go back to just reading and not commenting. I wasn’t really expecting this level of hate for agreeing with an article on a site I like.

        4. Here’s the deal. It’s a pretty well accepted truism that women claiming rape on the internet are more or less attention whoring. Now maybe, maybe, some aren’t. Maybe that’s you, maybe it isn’t, but it really doesn’t matter in the larger context, because you immediately start snapping at us and making yourself into a victim, which as you know if you read here, will cause a pile on of epic proportions at warp speed.
          And I didn’t really see any agreement with the article in your initial post, all I saw was NAWALT.

        5. No one is forcing you to read or reply. If you don’t want me to comment, I’d suggest you stop replying.I literally posted one comment agreeing with the article. Calm yourself.

        6. Hmmmm…. not really. You attempted to focus on a sub-incident which was part of Lola’s larger story of manipulating Frank.
          The article as written, is more a criticism of Frank allowing himself to be manipulated by Lola than a criticism of Lola— the rape allegation in the context of him having walked on her once and how this plays into her history of manipulating him.

        7. You didn’t agree with the article. You said “Please don’t tar all women with the same brush, ‘all women are like Lola.’”
          Most, if not all, women are greedy attention whores like Lola. You yourself are a prime example. Most people on ROK will not believe that you were raped unless you provide us with tangible evidence. Thus, your post can only be narrowed down to one reason: attention whoring.

        8. Right so what you’re saying is I shouldn’t mention my past even though it’s totally relevant to the story? Shut up fool. I have no idea why you’re so bitter but I hope you can address that. If you want proof, it is discoverable online. I don’t really get why such a fine point has been put on my past, my point was that I agree with the article. You can keep bashing me all you want but it won’t change my opinion or make my life story so far any different I’m afraid.

        9. Yeah, and I think it’s common behaviour for a lot of women and bullshit. I commented on this particular part because I relate to that bit and was pissed off at the idea of people using this kinda stuff to manipulate people. That undermines all the fucking shit that I went through. Never would I ever use my past as an excuse for bad behaviour. I still don’t get why everyone is so extremely hateful towards me for this.

        10. I still don’t get why everyone is so extremely hateful towards me for this.

          A hint, and I’m actually trying to be helpful here. Cut out that line and don’t ever use it again. The surest way to get people to rib you is to fall into the role of victim.

        11. Ok, I wish I hadn’t fucking said anything now. I don’t consider myself a victim at all, that’s part of my point. I don’t get how I could be attention whoring, what exactly am I getting out of anonymous internet comments? My point wasn’t about my past, my point was that women using this card to manipulate makes me fucking sick. I was expecting some blowback for commenting but I like this site and I don’t get why I’m getting so much hate really. I commented specifically on that part because of my own experience but I agree with the whole thing – why has this pissed everyone off??

        12. Another super witty comeback, burn! It’s really hard to take someone with the stripper’s name ‘Candy’ seriously.

        13. I’ve rewritten your post for you to demonstrate how to discuss and debate here without this kind of drama. Here is the whole of your post, if I would have written it.

          My point wasn’t about my past, my point was that women using this card to manipulate makes me sick.

          Simple, neat, clean, gets the point across and it doesn’t have this pair of bleeding wrists thrust out in front of the world proclaiming victimhood. We’re merciless on each other many times, and the ones that start quipping about being victimized are the ones that get the most bullshit thrown at them.
          Just a helpful tip. Take it or leave it as you wish.

        14. The fact that you are not able to provide a tangible argument and are digging yourself into a bigger hole every time you comment is slightly amusing.
          Also, if you must know, my real name is not candy. My parents weren’t that cruel.

        15. Hey, I tried to help you out, because deep down, I’m not a thoroughly wretched human being. You claim to like the values here, yet here you are cursing like a sailor and you refuse the advice of somebody who is genuinely trying to guide you out of this minefield. If you can’t see that you’re playing the victim by the quote I gave you, then I simply have nothing else to give you for advice.
          Slainte mhor.

        16. This is what happens when you try to be nice to a particular sort of woman. They are all the same and I’m obviously an idiot. awalt?

        17. How about you post an innocent comment and immediately get loads of hate saying you’re lying about something pretty heavy to you that wasn’t even the point of your comment, but if you point out that it can be proved you’re an attention whore – see if your responses are super polite. I can’t be playing the victim when I am in no way a victim. Again I’m not gonna be going anywhere, I like this site.

        18. So you picked that name by choice? And you call me a retard.
          Argument against what exactly? There is nothing to argue or defend. Literally all I said was I have had this experience and I’d never manipulate someone, any woman who does is gross. And you’re giving me hate for this for no reason. It really makes you seem bitter, why are you looking for a fight? My point was that I agree with the article, I seriously don’t get why this has made you so incredibly butthurt. Again, you can say pretty much anything you want to me, I’m not going anywhere.

        19. I notice in my absence, she did indeed put down the shovel. However, it appears she has procured a backhoe vice ceasing excavations.

        20. Lot’s of men come here to commiserate and debate with men, so don’t be surprised if a woman coming in and drawing attention to herself doesn’t get s very enthusiastic response. You may agree with the values of this site but you apparently misunderstand the general tone of it.
          Generally speaking, this is a place for men. Not to mention, generally men on here value submissive demure women. You aren’t exhibiting that right now, so again, don’t be surprised when your comments aren’t taken that seriously.

        21. This was apparently another female sticking up for you, moron. At first, I was on your side, but now you appear to be a moron. So,
          Shut up, Meg.

        22. Well, see, the ORIGINAL rape case (in the movie) was a load of bullshit. So, strangely enough, everyone here thinks yours is a load of bullshit, too.
          I am shocked.

        23. You are going way out out of your way to instruct this chick. May be pearls before swine, brother.

        24. It’s not so much what you posted, it’s where you posted it. Compare it to a man posting a sad story on Jezebel about being conned out of his money by a beauitful woman. Or a black guy posting on a kkk site about being beaten up by the cops. Get where I’m going with this? I don’t necessarily doubt the truth of your rape story but this is the absolute worst place for you to post it. If you take the time to read past articles and comments you’ll see why.

        25. I always like to give people a chance to step back from stupidity. She got her chance, she rejected it, I moved on and later that day forgot that she ever existed. Que sera sera.

    2. “I was raped when I was walking home from work in broad daylight.”
      Sounds like something from an eighties movie or a comic book. Raped by two thugs wearing leather jackets, wearing headbands and holding switch blades.
      Eh, could have happened….. or not.

        1. Literally lol’ed. Boom’ chick’ boom boom chick’
          It’s just too bad Crocodile Dundee wasn’t there to throw a can of soup at the guys head.

        2. Hey, those gatlin boys came in and gang raped becky in broad daylight while tommy was at work…….

        3. That’s it I’m calling the police. Swoop’ click click click click click, swoop’ click click click, swoop’ click click click click click, swoop click click click click click, swoop click click click click click…

        4. DAMNIT – I cant find that clip from Johnny Dangerously of the guy carrying an old-timey wood-cabinet radio on his shoulder, cord and all…..

        5. Say what you will about Columbine, but it’s nice to see kids show some real follow-through once in a while!

        6. Looks like the guy from Uriah Heep, but without the mustache.
          Or the little psycho from “The Warriors”.

      1. Seriously why are people casting doubt on this? My story was on Crimewatch. The man in question was high on what used to be a legal high. I really don’t care if you don’t believe me, it’s just confusing because the point of my comment wasn’t my personal story, it was to say I agree with the article and that it’s totally messed up to blame a sob story for bad behaviour.

        1. Glad you find it so funny! Hope you choke on your bitterness. If you really want, I believe you can still find it online seeing as you’re so massively skeptical over a comment saying I agree with this article.

        2. Actually sounds like you care a lot if people believe you. Casting even more doubt now. If it is attention you seek, I recommend you go about it in a more positive way.

        3. Again, sounds like you care a lot if people believe your story. Would it make you happy if everyone here looked up your crime watch story online? You would really like that, I can see.

        4. Right so if I don’t prove it I’m lying, but if I point out the story is public, I’m an attention whore? Seems legit. I wish I’d never fucking mentioned it now. i don’t care if you believe me but I will certainly defend myself about ridiculous tin foil bullshit as I’m not going anywhere on this site, you’ll have to ban me first. Why should I shut up when this site caters to all my views? Don’t you want women to accept the world the way it actually is?

        5. I can’t win either way. However I’m not going to shut up, i will continue to comment on articles as I see fit. I don’t think that makes me any more attention seeking than any other commentor. I just commented to say it’s bullshit to blame your pay for bad behaviour. No more no less. Response has been ridiculous, frankly. But I won’t be driven off the site I’m afraid.

        6. It’s good thanks. I see him and my mum every couple of months, they’ve been married like 40 years which bizarrely seems to be unusual compared to my friend’s parents. I’m guessing you’re asking as some kind of means to insult me, so feel free to do that if you’d like to.

        7. Somewhere far in the distance I’m hearing an orchestra quietly starting to play the theme to Jaws….

        8. A picture next to your name, not exactly a wild assumption. Just assume it can’t be you cos you’d never have set it as your profile pic looking like that. Would certainly explain the bitterness though. See you around on the site!

        9. I’m gonna be straight here and bore you a bit at the same time ha. I like this site because I’m a 22 year old woman who basically feels out of place with her peers. Nearly all of my friends and colleagues (most a few years older) have been married more than once or have kids by different men whereas I want what my parents have if I get married – 40 something years of marriage so far. I have a job, I provide for myself, I’m independent. I don’t expect a man to pay for me. However I greatly value men in my life and in the world at large and I’m grateful, and I don’t like this victim culture that has developed around women.
          I don’t like that because I work on my figure to keep me a UK size 8 (I don’t know what the US equivalent is) and dress nicely because I like to look nice for my boyfriend makes me unenlightened or something. I get hate for being attractive (not trying to sound big headed, there are of course things I don’t like about myself but I’ve never been short of attention I guess) Yet they have no problem going out dressing like total sluts for attention from men themselves. Then they complain about men objectifying them. Men who practice game are super sexist. And women who shave their head and are overweight are celebrated for being themselves and not liking their look is some kind of hate crime. Yet men are expected to maintain certain standards at all times.
          I also hated when I started seeing my boyfriend that there were some topics he felt he had to tiptoe around basically because of the current mood in society. Now we even make gallows humour jokes about my past that I mentioned. What happened to me sucked but I worked through it. It’s never an excuse for bad behaviour and what happened to me in my opinion is no more or less traumatic or a sensitive topic as when my boyfriend was jumped a few years ago.
          So yeah – that’s my stupidly boring story I’m sure I’ll be ridiculed for further. But I’m not going anywhere folks.

        10. Well my parents are still together, I have a good relationship with them. I value and would like that myself which among my friends does make me feel like I’m crazy, or different at least. Do you know how many women I meet have the same values as me? So far I’ve met none. I don’t mind people thinking I’m lying or that guy who seems to think I’m a man, I’m not gonna go anywhere cos there’s not a lot of spaces I can express myself like this.

        11. look hun, I don’t know what to tell you about society being unfair or your boyfriend being a pussy but there is a lot of valuable stuff here….that said, I am going to need to know a lot more about UK sizing charts before we continue because a US size 8 doesn’t get responses

        12. I’d consider it, but not yet. I posted one thing and got slated, I’m not sure posting my photo and identifying myself is so wise at this point

        13. 22 yrs old and parents have been married over 40 years?
          I’m 50, and my parents had their Golden Anniversary not too long ago. So, I’m calling bullshit on this part of your threadbare story, too.
          Unless you’re the youngest of 8 kids, I guess.

        14. If you have a boyfriend, what are you looking for on this site? Most men on this site have given up on hopes of marrying Western women and live a life of gaming women solely for sexual relationships. This may be the cause of the discord. We may have the same values, but we don’t want the same things.

        15. Honestly Lily, don’t really expect much more than schoolyard insults or downright cruelty from any of these guys, if you can get any response out of them at all. I’m beginning to discover this for myself. I’ve been coming to these blogs for maybe four years now for the same reasons you stated. I was fed up with our culture and just wanted to know there were other people out there that felt the same way. So I was naturally drawn to blogs like this one. (Female here btw). I always enjoyed reading the articles and it was refreshing to hear other people share my opinions and views on so many things. But then after a while they soon became just a den of hatred. Especially for women. It didn’t matter if I was on thier side on a matter, I’ve gotten nothing but rudeness and spite from these guys. Most of the time my replies have been flat out ignored. I think they must have some unofficial ‘no females here’ rule or something. I used to like reading the stuff, but its all ‘bitches, whores, sluts, cunts, etc.’ now. The vile hatred these guys seem to have for women (mostly white women) is very sad and pathetic. I really want to keep reading the articles because I still think they can be insightful and interesting but it’s becoming harder all the time. I want to consider myself an ally and I’m always defending the plight of men (particularly white men) but lately these guys aren’t giving me much reason to. Of course it’s not all of them here but there aren’t many exceptions. I have a teenage son who is my world and I want to inform myself to try and help him be always one step ahead, but sadly the men on this blog seem to have become the bitter and hateful people they despise themselves. Throw me a bone here guys, something. Anything. Good luck Lily. 😏

        16. I’m not so sure about that, there’s an older Simpsons bit where Apu tells Homer to bring chloroform and he brings colorforms instead.
          (Season 11, Episode 7)

        17. No worries, chicks dig older guys. Offer them a little candy and make sure that your clown suit is fresh from the dry cleaners and you can really do well with them.

        1. Lil’ Chas and Funky Frederick. Icelandic dudes be all up in people’s grill, yo.

    3. Honestly Lily, don’t really expect much more than schoolyard insults or downright cruelty from any of these guys, if you can get any response out of them at all. I’m beginning to discover this for myself. I’ve been coming to these blogs for maybe four years now for the same reasons you stated. I was fed up with our culture and just wanted to know there were other people out there that felt the same way. So I was naturally drawn to blogs like this one. (Female here btw). I always enjoyed reading the articles and it was refreshing to hear other people share my opinions and views on so many things. But then after a while they soon became just a den of hatred. Especially for women. It didn’t matter if I was on thier side on a matter, I’ve gotten nothing but rudeness and spite from these guys. Most of the time my replies have been flat out ignored. I think they must have some unofficial ‘no females here’ rule or something. I used to like reading the stuff, but its all ‘bitches, whores, sluts, cunts, etc.’ now. The vile hatred these guys seem to have for women (mostly white women) is very sad and pathetic. I really want to keep reading the articles because I still think they can be insightful and interesting but it’s becoming harder all the time. I want to consider myself an ally and I’m always defending the plight of men (particularly white men) but lately these guys aren’t giving me much reason to. Of course it’s not all of them here but there aren’t many exceptions. I have a teenage son who is my world and I want to inform myself to try and help him be always one step ahead, but sadly the men on this blog seem to have become the bitter and hateful people they despise themselves. Throw me a bone here guys, something. Anything. Good luck Lily. 😏

        1. It’s never been about attention for me. I’m off the market so what do I care? It was always about coming to a community of like minded people over topics that are relevant to me. It’s not all ‘game’, you know. Your guys skewed version of reality has seriously compromised your ability to see anyone who isn’t a MGTOW or PUA as anything but the embodiment of evil. But just keep on separating yourselves farther and farther from reality. And grow up while you’re at it.

    1. Last fall, Shannon outed himself as an emotionally incontinent screaming communist pussy. Zero credibility remains.

      1. Credibility? Surely you don’t think ANY “actors” have anything in common with the roles they play?
        They ARE actors, after all. It’s ALL fake.

        1. More specifically, I meant credibility as a human, versus what he is. Which is a useless cunt. And I can’t watch anything he’s in anymore without remembering that.
          Lesson to actors: If you can but shut up and do your job, I might continue to pay something for your product. Same goes for musicians, while we’re on the topic.

    1. Dharma has a new comedy- middle-aged woman, career gal, no kids, talks to her imaginary cartoon friend. Im pretty sure its on ABC(Disney)

        1. no, her childhood cartoon friend suddenly reappears. when she is 45. cant imagine it doesnt get cancelled

        2. Holy shit storms, that looks freaking AWFUL. The premise that I’ve gotten just 1:05 through is that she is literally the embodiment of the modern “woman” who hates children and acts like a 14 year old high school chick maturity wise despite being in her, presumably, early 40’s. I couldn’t make it past that, had to put it on permanent pause.

        3. Well it looks like she has improved as an actress. She was so bad in the various TV shows she’s been on – that constant smugness, a little princess forever shouting “look at me, I’m special”

        4. Yeah, for her age, she did age well. I dunno about WB but she has beaten a couple of odds there, no question.

        5. Saw the trailer…ummm, dafuq??
          I say that in jest, completely. Haven’t watched TV in 2 yrs. Little slow on the uptake…

      1. I only vaguely recognize that name, Dharma. Wasn’t she semi-cute? Or am I thinking of somebody else? I’m loathe to do a lookup because, well, that never turns out well after they’ve went past the wall.

        1. She’s from the 90’s so 30 years ago would have been the 80’s and my guess is that she was like 12 then.

  14. porn star sex, revealing blouse, alcohol, flirting, not a virgin, uses sexuality? When did this site become “return of prudes”

    1. The site transitioned hands to the Orthodox Church yesterday at 3pm EST.

        1. Candy, you may want to think twice about showing off your boyfriend in our comments section, here. I get that you are proud of him, and all. Just try and keep it to yourself.

      1. This article reminded me of how Ferris describes Cameron:
        Pardon my French, but Cameron is so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you’d have a diamond

        1. I think that the larger point is to basically conceptualize how women manipulate men and how men should basically watch out for it and the signs as detailed in the movie. Didn’t seem particularly anti-sex or anything.

        2. maybe you are right, the whole thing just reeks of puritanical bullshit to me but that just might be being in a cranky mood Ah, I guess I’m getting too old for my job. Too grouchy. Can’t stand the aggravation. You know how it is.

        3. It seems it isn’t a critique of Frank hitting it, but of him not quitting it, of him sticking with it long past the expiration date…

        4. if your father can’t pay the rent go ask Mickey Mantle and see what he tells ya

      2. This article brought to you by Reverend Shaw Moore who would also like to add ” If our Lord wasn’t testing us, how would you account for the proliferation, these days, of this obscene rock and roll music, with its gospel of easy sexuality and relaxed morality?”

      1. When I was a wee lad, I labored under the misconception that prude and prune were the same thing for a little while. It never made sense to me why somebody who was being uptight was always referred to as a type of common fruit.

        1. A very understable misconception.
          I, as a I child, thought that the planisphere was the natural way the continents are disposed on our ovoid earth. A square portion of earth had land, the other was just the ocean.
          This means that I thought the only way to go from Siberia to Alaska was to cross the entire eurasian continent, the ocean then Canada. The other way around would’ve meant travelling around the entire inhabited face of earth, where there is only water.
          In french military slang, “fruit” is an insult often thrown at a newly enlisted soldier when he appear to lack of situational intelligence :
          “Don’t stand there like a fucking fruit, go hide in them fucking bushes !”

    2. the issue is his insistence on maintaining a relationship with this plate. The sexuality is all good for a night or two.

      1. You are right on relationship but sexuality will last two months not two nights…if it’s good enough

        1. The most disturbing part of that is fucking your ex. I assume she is you ex for a reason and that your penis has forgotten that reason. Good luck brother!

        2. There are few men in the world who better understand listening to the sweet siren cal despite the warnings and chastisements of the ole brain box

  15. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard a woman tell me they were raped I could retire on just the interest. They are so full of shit. First rule is when meeting a new woman do not believe anything she says when concerning her past. Second rule is don’t make her problems your problems. That usually takes care of at least 80 % of women these days.

    1. I heard the classic “I made out with a boy underneath the bleachers in high school and I blacked out as he fondled my boobs” story a few times. In other times I would have been sympathetic, but how can you? Especially if they still talk to their supposed “rapists.”
      As a sidenote that getriatric attention whore Jane Fonda said she was raped when she was 10. Make of it what you will.

    2. I’ve heard about this twice and the women never reported it and I strongly suspect it was a case of drunken sex gone bad.
      Alcohol is often suggested to lighten the mood (including here) but my wife and her family have a rule to not drink outside of situations where they feel absolutely safe. The same should go for men: Forget about drunkenly groping a passed out woman and winding up with your life ruined. There’s also the possibility of getting robbed.
      Young women and men should be taught what their limits are and to stick to them. For me, that’s about 2 mixed drinks.

  16. Sounds like this film should go on the official roster all blue pills need to see as they transition. Probably good to show your sons when they are old enough as well.
    Hey, an aside, let’s start calling purple pill dudes trannies.
    One last thought. If a women is willing to fuck you the first night you meet her, she will Yes to anything you want to do. I know this from experience. So, sex on the first date is the red flag. If you don’t make it porn star sex, that’s your fault for being a pussy and missing out.
    I want this to make sense for anyone who questions my judgement. If a women is interested in you but makes you wait for sex, she views herself as more valuable than you. Therefor, her interest is in your resources and not really you and if you interact with her, she’ll be in the driver seat. In America the only exception to this rule is virgins and very religious girls, and they are not always an exception.
    If she’s willing to give it up the first night, generally she sees you as more valuable than herself and she doesn’t want you to get away. Usually this situation results in the man getting anything he has the balls to ask for or demand. So boys, make those one night stands worth the risk if your going to bother with them.

    1. ” If a women is interested in you but makes you wait for sex, she views herself as more valuable than you. Therefor, her interest is in your resources and not really you” I think it is more complicated then that. Such a woman sees long term, maybe assumes you will not stay, sees you as selfish etc. It is interesting to see woman with that in their mind. I do kind of wonder if this thought process is starting to hit younger women?

      1. These new young girls can’t delay gratification for 10 minutes. If any girl is making a guy wait for sex he is being conned into thinking she has morals.

      2. Women’s who salvaging rationalizations aren’t interesting and the hamster rules from the depths. “Such a woman sees long term”… And yes, younger women are starting to see some of the miserable wrecks produced by the machine but they still will never consider delaying any pleasure that they have access to. It’s a beautiful racket.

  17. The USSA is a cunt-o-cracy. The female imperative is present 24/7 in here. And it is your fault for not wearing the pants.

        1. Until you move, your generation comment is literally fluff. No offense, but when you get out here to flyover (red state, not blue) it will be like time traveling back to 1955 to you.

  18. This movie’s purpose is to normalize this type of behavior in women. Not redpill at all. It teaches men to make excuses for women because they might have a sob story. Very dysfunctional movie. I think a common misconception is that films presented like this have “truth”. They do, everything does, and that’s the point/how the get you on board, but the path you’re steered down is on their agenda. The best way to get people to hold onto a belief is to make them think they are deciding for themselves.

    1. I got the same feeling reading the article. Thousands of millennial snowflake sluts are going to identify with Imogen’s character and wear it like a badge of honor. Hollywood has validated her behavior and a masculine man is bending to her will by tolerating her abhorrent behavior. Movies like this would have some effect if it was a small independent film with no name actors, but since its a major film its just more fuel to the fire.

  19. “Lola, is your typical early 20s girl, and has the baggage one would expect of a single, attractive American student able to afford transatlantic travel with no apparent source of income.”
    Truth about all women, especially the hoes you see on Instagram in a new location every 2 months.

    1. Best I think is available is the ‘Recommend’ button, right above the new comment entry box. It’s a Disqus thing, not an ROK thing, but it might help get it some exposure.

  20. “The moral of this story is two-fold. First, women are like Lola, and second, don’t be like Frank.”
    Regarding point # 2…Hey, at least Frank got a hot young piece of poon for free!!! Do you know how many Betas have to go home to their land whales? Or How many Omegas are whacking off nightly to internet porn? Or how much $$$ I have to shell out to get laid?

    1. Wasn’t “Padme” like 10 or 15 years older than Vader?
      That’s why he was such a freak.Nothing worse than a sicko with a “mommy fetish”…

        1. Well, that would actually be a good match.
          Darth Vader and my mother — aka the three witches from MacBeth all rolled into one.

        2. Oh…this one actually is.
          Try to picture Tony Soprano’s mother combined with Ray Barone’s mother, with a a nice helping of Frank Gallagher’s mother (in personality only, not ethnicity) thrown in. She’s pretty much a mental vegetable now from the Alzheimer’s, but still so mean that she curses at and punches (!) the nursing home people who attempt to change her depends undergarments. A hateful, vile, harpy to the bitter end. Which she will drag out due to spite and nothing else. She’s a female version of Khan.

        3. Yikes, OK retreat! I am dealing with dementia in my parents too, though the violent/schizo one has been my dad; my mom is the vegetable. I feel for you…and mine were comparatively docile before the disease.

        4. Thanks.
          My father (dead since ’05) was an “ultra alpha” who did what he wanted, but not his job as a father. Plenty of golf tournaments, and mistress banging, but no training the kiddo to be like him. He had a horrific temper if you crossed him, but was relatively good natured otherwise. Just couldn’t be bothered to train his son.
          “Ma” was and still is an evil she demon from hell.

        5. No, you are wrong.
          His behavior, IMO, was driven by both his own inherent selfishness, but also to get away from that evil witch. She was and still is pure evil.
          Gave me barbiturates when I was an infant to shut me up. And it got much, much worse from there. Please don’t take the feminist “it’s all a man’s fault” here. You couldn’t know unless you had been there.

        6. Okay I will go with your opinion. My mom and dad took care of me so for me them being a little jerky or bitchy because of life is fine. I know other people had it worse then me and would had traded parents with me. I personally worry that if I married a man he would do a personality flip or I would discover stuff he was hiding.

        7. “Gave me barbiturates when I was an infant to shut me up”
          And some women wonder why their sons cut them out of their lives.

        1. Even 4 months older is too much.
          I’m into the “young stuff”.
          Can’t understand how anyone else could disagree.
          But then again, I have a good reason for aversion to older females. See below.

      1. Never had a father, his surrogate father figure died posthaste, and he was pulled away from his single mother (inexplicably), so I can see how Padme filled the void.

  21. Men say they don’t want a Lola, but I don’t believe it. Men will leave the chaste female in favor of the Lolas of the world. At least this has been my experience; and I’ve been left heartbroken and sad.

    1. “and I’ve been left heartbroken and sad.”
      And was that due to being left by:
      1) A drug dealer
      2) An “Eminem” wannabe whigger
      3) An aggressive, obnoxious, tattood loudmouth
      4) A member of the crips, bloods or MS13

        1. So a muscular jock?
          Or a popular club goer?
          NO way I will believe he was just an honest, decent, hard working guy. That only happens if the decent guy becomes a millionaire/billionare. Amber Heard wouldn’t spit on Elon Musk if not for his money.

        2. Well, I thought he was honest and decent…at least at first he was. I don’t know that he was very popular, but he was into the club scene. He came around a few years later but I refused to take him back.

        3. “I don’t know that he was very popular, but he was into the club scene.He came around a few years…”
          Was he looking for money too?
          I would be 99.99% certain someone else did take him back. Those guys always come out on top.
          Apologies if I came off a bit nasty. I am a lifelong loser (with a capital L) with females, despite being honest, hard working, somewhat “intelligent”, making a 6 figure income for over 20 years, and having a 7 figure net worth. The only females I get are the ones I pay for by the hour. Didn’t mean to take it out on you. Take care.

        4. Aww, thanks. Apology accepted!
          No, he never asked me for money. He just tried to talk to me again like we were cool. He did apologize, but I still didn’t take him back.

      1. I have had this exact scenario happen to me. No matter how good you are to her, no matter how hard you make her cum, ya just can’t compete with the dope man.

    2. Unfortunately, I have to agree. Men can be attracted to drama, good sex and intensity just like women. I have been guilty of it in the past. I passed up on a really good girl back in college to date a BPD psycho slut and have regretted it ever since.

      1. yes me too.
        dumped a perfect women. took care of everything: massage, manicure, pedicure, best food, great sex, completely and utterly committed to me…
        and left for BPD dangerous, damaging, pscycho…wild sex.
        it must be the excitement, challenge,,
        and this is a new bullet point for me:
        “Frank comes back because he wants to know the truth, have closure, know what really happened, and all those other pointless answers that blue pill men need”

        1. That quote resonated with me also. As I’m sure you know there’s no closure with BPDs and I made a fool of myself trying to get it from her. You have to just next girls and not look back or care what happened. They’re just going to lie and deflect responsibility anyway.

      2. ” … a perfect women. took care of everything: massage, manicure, pedicure, best food, great sex, completely and utterly committed to me…”
        So we see the fabled unicorns do exist, yet in truth, apart from breeding perhaps, men don’t want them. They want psycho whores. I’ve seen maybe half a dozen RoK articles exploring and bemoaning the evil nature of women – but you want us to be evil. I can understand why men prefer erratic, mean spirited sluts, but I don’t understand why men pretend otherwise?

        1. Men want good girls don’t get it confused. I was 21 and thought with my penis back then. I’m 29 now and I run from away from any girl that seems even kinda crazy.

        2. i believe you. However, I wonder if men are prepared for certain aspects that come with dating some women. Are men ready to wait for a woman if she tells you she’s waiting until marriage to have sex? Can you respect her wishes and remain loyal and not run off with the Lolas?

        3. Not a chance. If she’s holding back sex she’s playing control games. There aren’t chaste girls left here anymore. There may be good, marriageable women out there but they’re not waiting until marriage. Somebody is hittin’ it.

        4. I find it fascinating how you see it. Control games….
          I don’t know if you’ve been exposed to traditional Latin families, but it’s sort of an expectation.

        5. The point is men seem to bend to pyscho whores because of availability of sex. Like shura my parents put me on the straight and narrow. However, as I read what guys post and say it seems like they want women they consider whores but pretend otherwise.

        6. Yes they are. It is just that we are not willing to wait for something that has been given way many times with no waiting. We don’t want to be the victimized beta bux that she is not interested in fucking, but does want his commitment (i.e. money).
          I am living proof of this. I waited through two years of chaperoned dating to marry a 25 year old virgin. But would not have done so for a born again virgin that has seen more cocks than a John Wayne western.

        7. I went to the other side of the world to a patriarchal and traditionally religious community to find my chaste woman. I found a true virgin in the small village in the back end of nowhere. Our dates were chaperoned because in truly traditional societies they know that women are sluts, and will say yes in a heartbeat given the chance. Hence, they don’t give the young girls any chance to say yes. My now wife didn’t say anything, but it was quite clear while we were dating that, absent the chaperone, she would not have waited for the wedding night, or even the next night.

        8. No, if marriage doesn’t seem like a good idea then sex is all that’s left. Not sure what’s up ?

    3. Men will tolerate more shit from a prettier woman, what’s the mystery ? Why are there so many women on here trying to play money penny now ?

      1. ime To some degree men will. If I’m standing next to a plain girl, you will give me your attention and ignore her. Until you understand I won’t have sex with you. Then you will go home with the 6. Frank wouldn’t have put up with Lola’s insanity had she not been as promiscuous as she was. And yet her promiscuity was their downfall. ie Sexual availability trumps beauty.

        1. True in regards to reality, however in the movie he tolerated her insanity because of him not her.

      2. True, to an extend but at the end of the day it is about sex. Let me give you an example a guy tries some model that is hot but she says no because she has a modeling job and has decided she will only marry or have sex with some rich guy. So the guy moves on but he sees a regular hot girl at the club but he also knows a girl next door type girl that is not overweight and is cut. Guy goes with club girl for sex because he knows the girl next door would require more work and she would probably only want to be with a guy committed to her.

  22. Isn’t Shannon an SJW cuck? I liked him in Broadwalk Empire and a few other movies. Then he got political and any balls he had dropped off. And never ever quote Bryan Adams lyrics ever again……

  23. This movie synopsis reminds me of another movie full of red pills, “Blue Valentine”. There’s so much truth about gender dynamics in it, but I advise you to only watch it if you want to feel like shit the next day or so. Really soul-crushing stuff.

    1. Agreed. Blue Valentine is a gut-punch. I saw it in the theater, then got the dvd, but I’ve never watched it because it has a strong effect on me. But I’m glad to send the creators some lucre and put food on their tables.

  24. Some would say it was rape to spike that girl’s drink at the bar and then, pretending to be her caring friend, dragging her outside and fucking her in the alley, but really it was accidental sex. You see, my uncle once said to me when I was about 10 yeras old “Do you want to come upstairs with me” and that really traumatised me. Now that I think about it, maybe he just wanted to show me his guitar collection because he was indeed a famous guitar player in the 80’s but… whatever, rape story makes the victimhood train go faster.

  25. Gents when the red pill is right in front of your face how can anyone possibly go on being blue pill. These harpies keep choking us by the nuts just to get that puss but at the end of the day, if we keep sharing their truth, giving the red red, maybe we will have respite. I’m glad this movie got made but it sounds like Frank didn’t win in the end did he? perhaps a realistic scenario but I would have loved him kicking her to the curb and fucking all her classmates but that doesn’t sound like it happened

  26. I used to put women on pedestals too. I used to write poetry and day dream about them. Lol. I still cringe thinking about that sht. Then…I went to Australia and fcked some college student after meeting her an hour earlier. The next morning she had her boyfriend pick her up. The movie sounds interesting.

  27. Ms michael shannon is the sloppiest cunt in all of doucheywood.
    Best scene with him: the end of bugs where he immolates himself AND asshole judd.

  28. My standards these days can be summed up in one qualification, “not fat.”

  29. F michael Shannon. But I did enjoy him as the guy in that Russian roulette movie and as General zod

  30. This may seem off point. But Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit, once did a ‘naturalistic’ story in the 70s, about a young aspiring cartoonist, at a weekend mountain retreat. He meets an attractive older woman, and they wind up doing it in a barn on the property. As they lie in the hay, he tells her his dreams and aspirations. “I know I’m going to make it.”, he vows. Meanwhile, her husbands arrives that night. He’s late for the weekend with his wife. As chance would have it, he discovers them in the barn. The husband bellows, “You said you wouldn’t do this anymore! You promised!” So he beats her. She screams, and screams, begging her husband for forgiveness. And they wind up doing it, rolling around in the hay. The young aspiring cartoonist, quietly slinks out of the barn. As he realizes, this is simply how that couple does it. That is their foreplay.
    Who knows the frightening needs of the human heart? The Spirit knows.

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