5 Ways We Are Foolishly Trading Our Freedom For “Safety”

Ben Franklin said it best.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

But socially engineered Americans have no idea the safety-obsessed culture they live in is not only depriving them of living a full life, it’s also making them evermore beholden to a nanny and police state.

The corporate-government complex and their marionettes in the media constantly create nebulous security and safety issues so that a legislature which no longer represents you can pass law after law to “protect” you when it’s actually putting you in a legal cage.

Here are 5 ways the corporate-government complex uses concerns over safety to take advantage of the people.

5. Weather

Carbon taxes will end bad weather, say government propagandists

Bad weather has been with mankind since the beginning. It’s never going away.

But, the media now makes out totally normal, if devastating, weather events as though they’re something unusual. That tornado that struck the Midwest was spun up by the tailpipe of your car. Never mind that the tornado count has been at record lows in recent years and that we are in the midst of a hurricane drought.

Every year the headlines grow more strident that everything from wind, to fire, to drought is caused by you. Be afraid, because Mother Nature is angry.

How do you appease her? By giving up your car and paying taxes on the air you breathe to your omnipotent overlords in government who will use them to end tornadoes, floods, and hailstorms.

Well, not quite. Al Gore was just out in recent weeks calling for $15 trillion of your money. Once they steal it from you, the power structure will use global carbon taxes to institute global governance since a body that has the power to tax the world is by default a world government.

4. Sex

Fear over sex allows government control of this “commodity” as well

Government propagandists have taken the child’s game of cooties to a new level. As I’ve pointed out before, using the government’s own statistics, it is next to impossible to contract HIV/AIDS by heterosexual, vaginal intercourse and blowjobs. Its critics have called this plague terror, as the government regularly terrorizes its citizens with fear campaigns like this one.

That’s not enough. Your masters want sex to terrify you in new and creative ways.

New, creative ways of creating problems that don’t exist to create profit are being devised. Now, a vague human trafficking line has been invented by the spinmeisters as a way of eliminating prostitution worldwide. The program is in its infancy, but make no mistake that’s what its aims are. Even law enforcement officers admit, this is a phantom enemy in many ways.

We’ve got to protect sex by letting the government control every avenue of it. We’ve got to protect the womyns since they’re Strong and Independent but are so weak they can’t make decisions about whether they want to screw after a beer.

3. TSA

As you take your pants off for the TSA agent, remember it’s to protect your freedom

People are naturally scared of flying. The government takes advantage of this fear by manipulating a terror threat, that many think it is the root cause of in the first place, and turns you into the equivalent someone entering prison rather than someone getting ready to fly the friendly skies at your local airport.

TSA has never caught a terrorist. This, even though they regularly sexually assault people at airports, feeling up your Irish aunt’s breasts while whisking someone in a burqa right through the security gate, no questions asked.

Two legs good, four legs bad on the Animal Farm.

There’s also psychological manipulation, as the government now has scanners that make citizens stand with their hands up like a criminal each time they pass through them. White hot rage runs through me each time I have to pose like a felon and be X-rayed (the spinmeisters now call this millimeter wave scanning – did you notice that turn of phrase at the airport?) just to get my seat on the next outbound flight.

TSA is a prime example of the government fucking with people.

2. Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is the gift that keeps on giving as one freedom after another is attacked while the problem is never solved

The government loves the illegal immigration problem. They don’t want it to go away.

“Solving the illegal immigration problem” line of malarkey is a prime example of how the government has stripped Americans of fundamental liberties while letting the hordes continue to stream across the border.

Examples? There are many. Just a few short years ago, Americans used to be able to walk or drive across the border and return to America with a driver’s license. Now, you have to send bureaucrats about $150 and multiple documents to secure a passport. Then you get asked “What were you doing in Mexico?” like it’s any of the government’s fucking business what you were doing.

Marco Rubio, former Presidential candidate, revealed another piece of the elite’s plan to milk the immigration problem, and strip more of your fundamental liberties away. Here’s what TNMM wrote during the campaign:

Rubio once again said we need an Orwellian visa tracking system to make sure people don’t overstay when they come to America. This will be in addition to other Draconian Police State measures at the border which always end up punishing people who follow the law more than people who break it. But, a database that tracks every entry and when someone’s “time runs out” we take Draconian measures to expel them or fine them? I realize conservatives probably love this idea as they continue to wall themselves into the police state, but my concern is what happens when this measure spreads all over the world? We then won’t be able to escape our human farm any longer.

This visa tracking system would be the first step to turning off your cash and other resources if you overstayed in another country, or were outside the United States longer than your masters felt was appropriate.

It seems the only people who aren’t required to have excessive amounts of identification are the illegals themselves.

1. Guns

The Second Amendment will be nullified by default, not by direct repeal

Without the Second Amendment, the United States would already be under abject tyranny rather than the soft and fuzzy tyranny we now have. Even though Toyota Prius kills people at a higher rate per 100,000 than guns do, the government is using the “death by 1,000 slashes” method to gut the Second Amendment.

They don’t have to repeal it. All they have to do is create fear about guns, and then they’re illegal in so many places it becomes totally impractical to own them.

Media propagandists stir up the Eddies out there in public who righteously say, “From my cold, dead hands!” when it comes to the Second Amendment, while never noticing the Amendment, like so many others on the Bill of Rights has been gutted and is more a symbol rather than anything else.

Sure, you can still buy and own guns and Americans are thankfully armed to the teeth. But each year, another straw is added to the camel’s back with this law, and that ordinance, and that policy. The ultimate goal is nullifying the Second Amendment by default, without ever actually repealing it.

Dangerous Freedom

What freedoms do we have left other than deciding where to shop and what high calorie meal to eat at a restaurant

Once the government gives Americans a completely “safe” world to live in, by not only invading people’s lives through all of the above means but micromanaging their driving with front and rear dash cams (already being considered for legislation in the trucking industry, then in your car – a camera watching you every time your drive) we will all be living in our own The Truman Show.

As Dwight Eisenhower put it:

If you want total security, go to prison. There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking… is freedom.

Remember that next time some government bureaucrat wants to “protect” you. Meantime, Americans continue to eat cake while their public servants turn the public into servants rather than themselves.

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        1. With all due respect to the dearly departed Muddy, I’ve often wondered why he felt it necessary to include that as some kind of brag about manhood? It’s kind of like bragging about wearing women’s underwear and calling it manly.
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        3. True….that song opened my eyes to the line of bull that grandparents fed us that everyone was prim and proper 50 or 100 years ago. I forget the reference, but there is this one black girl that sings in the 1940’s about facesitting, I kid you not.

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        5. I think the hypergamy wasn’t as common because of the lack of birth control, but as far as kinkiness goes……

        6. I actually think that the second one is somewhat plausible. But then that makes Bo Diddly come off as a beta chump by comparison. Heh.

        7. Prediction, at some point today you will stub a toe or bang a knee or something like that just because calling bo diddly a beta chump will never go well for anyone.
          I think both of them are possible. I can see both as being something Muddy would brag about. I know his entire discography and he is not a shy man…lol

        8. either way, both of them make a lot more sense than him bragging that he will nut in 5 minute.s

        9. I have a very old Queen Ann leg Victrola, that plays them old timey type 78rpm albums. The no electricity type of Victrola that you hand crank, and whose volume adjustment is the doors that cover the speaker. As a result, I have a *mess* of really old records, turn of the century stuff (last century) through the 1940’s. The raunch that is on many of them is jaw dropping if you’re under the illusion that people prior to the 1960’s were chaste, pure souls who only procreated for the necessary function of having chillins.

        10. agreed, not as common…but anyone walking around thinking that grandma didn’t polish a little knob hasn’t fully opened their eyes yet

        11. that cannot be underestimated. We have discussed this and I think that porn is as dangerous or worse than any drug.

        12. I think that is why there is such an infatuation with anal this or that. On the TV, poop doesn’t stink.

        13. I’m always fond of the “no electricity” type of nostalgia. Plus it was great when the kids were growing up and we’d get an electrical outage and I’d pull out some big band music or some old ragtime and crank up the Victrola as we pulled out the board games. At night time, if the power went out, I’d also start lighting the various antique oil lamps I’ve collected over the years (restored and functional).
          My kids have memories that are probably almost singularly theirs compared to the rest of their generation, heh.

        14. that is a HUGE part of it. I don’t think it is everything, but absolutely a big part.
          Without kidding, I have often wondered if gay people have some wire crossed in their heads where they aren’t repulsed by shit. The human being is hard wired to get as far away from his own waste as possible. There is actually a very intricate definition on this and why it is so important for man and such a contributing factor to his being a sentient animal with free will…the fact that man takes a shit and immediately wants it as far away as possible, how the smell of shit is repugnant to him that even to talk about shit is taboo is part of our evolved status. I will leave the lengthy explanation to the side and just assume we can agree that all non mentally ill men want to be as far from poop as humanely possible.
          That said, I have often wondered if maybe the mental illness that makes men gay is somehow related to the part of the mind that eschews even the mention of shit let alone the smell or being in close proximity to it.
          Let’s be honest, we have all had that moment in our hygiene routine where our hand has found its way to our own feces. It is literally the worst thing in the world. I mean to accidently touch a piece of crap while wiping is far worse than getting punched in the face.
          I wonder if fags smell shit and are turned on like that part of the brain is fucked up.

        15. “intro students?!??!”
          intro to WHAT?
          I mean, what class in the world requires a preamble like that!?

        16. “Good afternoon class, I’m Doctor Lolknee. Before we crack open the books and start an in depth analysis of Nietzsche, let me first note that your grandmother was a sluttly little whore who took loads of jizz on her face from your grandpa. Ok, let’s turn to page 8 and begin by examining Nietzsche’s take on Christianity….”

        17. With any luck I’ll be inoculated by my somewhat constant live concert exposure to David Allen Coe.

        18. if you read my ratemyprofessors you will see that the vast majority of my students were quite pleased with the classes

        19. I have, and that’s true. Although a few of them had their souls scared out of them by your class, heh. “He’s so dark…” I believe one of them said. Which was funny surrounded by “OMG, best prof evar! Totes cool!”

        20. I think some perversions have to be learned and are not instinctual.
          Back when the Lewinsky scandal was on the news, young innocent Waldemar didn’t understand all the talk about oral sex … I thought that meant Bill Clinton had phone sex and talked dirty to Monica. I also recall some people talking about getting STDs from oral sex and I thought, “How could you catch something from talking on the phone?” So I think for some people, unless the idea is planted in their heads, such acts will not occur to them. I know I didn’t think about masturbation until a girl in 8th grade mentioned she saw a man jerking off in a car.

        21. Joe Frazier was being interviewed by Howard Stern some years ago. I never listened much to Howard Stern, but I did want to hear what Frazier had to say. Anyway, mid interview he made some nasty comment about Ali and then for whatever reason just fell down.

        22. Eh, somewhat agree, although oral sex is as old as humanity, hell, some of our closely related great ape cousins do it, and I doubt that they have porn piped into their cages. You’d have figured it out pretty quick by the time losing your virginity gets around.

        23. How old was innocent Waldemar at that point because when the Lewinsky shit came out I had a pretty clear vision of oral sex but I am also quite a bit older than you.

        24. yeah, the one person who said “there is a rumor that his soul is black as ink” was always a crowd favorite. My classes did fill up pretty quickly. Oh man, if only there was more money and less bullshit in being in academia. The world lost a great asset when I stopped educating the youth.

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          I think it’s quite possible.

        27. I listen to a lot of T Bone Walker and Lightnin’ Hopkins. Lightnin’ has no fewer than 3 songs where he outright says he is going to murder a woman and the rest of them aren’t much sweeter.

        28. It is one of those things that is difficult to bring up because it will most likely be either taken as a joke or taken offense to….but the desire to be in an asshole really negates a fundamental part of humanity — the natural inclination to stay away from feces.

        29. could be…..Lots of the issue was so women could pee outdoors without it being a huge hassle.

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        31. Imagine trying to confront somebody like that, “Hey you, were you gettin’ off by the sounds of me shitting?”

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        34. That is the third possibility. the NFG attitude of bragging about nutting in 5 minutes is also pretty great.

        35. This topic is difficult to speak on but I love the sounds of a wet, squishy, juicy vagina being throttled. There’s a place in Europe where the bathhouses are coed and the men and women walk around naked and jump in hot tubs together.

        36. You got me listening to Lightnin’ Hopkins and caused a funny situation. I was playing him alot one weekend when I was doing some projects around the house and the the wife was a bit concerned. She asked if I was planning to kill her. “You keep playing those songs mentioning just that!”
          I listen on headphones now.

        37. see lightnin’ would have turned around, belted her in the mouth and asked her who gave her permission to be listenin’ then possibly threatened to murder her, burry her in a well and laugh when her friends came around asking where she is

        38. My wife is fine with Hopkins….what annoys her is “Fat Bottomed Girls”, by Queen and “Trashy Women” by Confederate Railroad.

        39. I like brevity and simply said, “not lately.”
          NOT funny. Then I really had to reassure her.

        40. I get it. I do take a page from the old bluesmen. I threaten violence and murder constantly.

        41. Give it time, sounds like she is expecting blue pilled ways. I am going through some of that myself. Growing pains.

        42. “She asked if I was planning to kill her. “You keep playing those songs mentioning just that!” I listen on headphones now.”

        43. That commandment of Poon where he says you must fuck a girl incredibly well is WRONG. It comes from a place of lack and fear. If you don’t give her 4 orgasms she’s never gonna see you again! Or she’s gonna fuck the gardener! Bullshit.
          The minute you put her pleasure over your own, you place her on a pedestal.

        44. But, to counter point that a bit, it seems like an awful lot of work to waste just blowing a wad after a minute or two.
          Your comment about the “lack of fear” is half on, half off in my view. For a ONS, yeah, what you said, I’m going with, no problem. But if you actually are shooting for a LTR, you should probably put in a bit more effort than being a Minute Man. That’s not to say be all beta and “for her pleasure only”, but she does have to enjoy it with you to want to do it more than once I’d suspect.

        45. I dunno. If that was me I’d have turn it up louder, singing the lyrics to her with a big kitchen knife in my hand.

        46. Agree and amplify would be a possible solution to the shit test. I would keep the knife out of it though. Maybe chase her and the kids around like a zombie, make a game out of it.

        47. Kids in the house, you will need to compromise at times.
          There are plenty of other opportunities to mold her.

        48. Good list. I am not complaining and will continue working on it, but I also know that the next morning she could drop a bomb. Keeps me in frame actually.

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        50. “took her out in the woods to screw her”
          maybe hold back on any Romantic Poetry efforts for a bit…

        51. I submit most women would rather a man who would “take her out in the woods to screw” than one who would give her Romantic Poetry.
          I also submit that a women who prefers screwing in the woods to Romantic Poetry is the woman you want to keep.

        52. “but she does have to enjoy it with you to want to do it more than once I’d suspect.”
          See that’s that attitude I am talking about. In a situation like that, it can be reasonably said that the woman has not fully submitted herself to the man. And that is the responsibility of a man to inspire in a woman.
          A lot of men get off on getting their lady off, which might be a natural progression in a LTR and is a benefit for the woman. That’s the love component I suppose- where you value her pleasure as much as yours. But that’s a choice some make. I will never place my level of pleasure and satisfaction dependent on hers. That’s a woman’s role.
          My cumming inside a woman is the greatest gift she can ever receive on this planet.

        53. That is, in fact, the love component, correct. End of the day, love is more than a selfish impulse, it does include valuing the other person as well. All this being said, I’m not advocating going out and taking those “Twenty Steps To Pleasing Your Gal” type courses if all you plan on doing is pump and dump. An utter waste of time because really, why would you care what she thought, felt or in any way came away thinking?

        54. horseshit. that was a different time, all women certainly can be like that, but they werent back then. I find it hard to believe you’d say something like that to a bunch of 18 year olds; if you did, shame on you

        55. I tried romantic poetry early on in our marriage, spent hours writing and revising this love letter for Valentines day. It got returned with a “that’s nice”, it got put away and never looked at again. Some women appreciate affection in different ways. If it is getting bent over the hood of a Buick, so be it. God forbid it is a woman that wants chores to be done for her.

        56. AWALT means she has it in her to do those things, not necessarily that she actually did them. Took me over a decade before I could coax my wife into being that dirty, but she is there, and I am loving every minute of it.

        57. I absolutely impressed upon them that their grandmothers loved to suck cock. If you don’t think that women were giving blowjobs in the 40’s you are being naive. There are cave drawings of women sucking cock.
          Taboo sexuality has been part of the bedroom life of humans, your granny included, forever. Thinking otherwise is for a fool

        58. The idea that breaking taboos sexually is something that is part and parcel of the modern age is a big problem. From ancient times forward there has never been a moment when sexual taboo didn’t play a role in human sexual interaction. Is it possible that some people in more repressive cultures held out? Sure. Is it possible that some cold twatted prudish bitches never sucked a cock. Yeah, probably. But the idea that sex was this kind, genteel, missionary position, procreation oriented activity until the last 50 years is just bafflingly insane.

        59. Also, not to put too fine a point on it, but I am not just into the physical submission from her, I really enjoy the psychological domination as well. I want to own her soul, fully. It takes some level of work, instruction, teaching obedience and compliance and psychological games to get her to the point where she begs you for permission to cum and won’t until you let her, or you say a word and it sets off a huge rush of dopamine in her head that more or less equates to an orgasm. Doing only the self centered “wham bam out in two minutes” thing is not ample time to get this accomplished. In addition, hey, I love the sounds a girl makes when she’s in rapture and the way her body moves under mine and all the other wonderful things that make women of some value to my life. And there’s nothing quite as much of a rush as a girl getting so fucking turned on and orgasming so hard that she literally passes out (no drinking involved) for a minute (kinda scary the first time it happened to me, but I’ve learned to love it).
          I get what you’re saying on one level, but for real LTR stuff or a girl you really enjoy, eh, I like to work all angles.

        60. Agreed, but it probably took a couple years for Grandpa to break her into doing those things, just like it took me.

        61. maybe, maybe not. I am sure Glenn Miller had his share of slutty women that he was pumping and dumping…Buddy Holy too…and those women very well might be the grandmother of some one who thinks of granny as a sweet old lady and not the woman who blew 2 roadies just to get dicked down by the big bopper.

        62. why would you say something like this to a buncha 18 year olds? Is that what young non-philosophy majors need to hear in a 101 class?

        63. I have a lot of daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tin types, cabinet photos and even a couple of raunchy cartes des vistes that say you’re probably misinformed about this.
          The very first series of photographs taken once photography became a thing in the 1850’s was female nudes. Just sayin’.

        64. it is a good way, I found, to get them to look at things they have always looked at a little differently, with more cynicism and a lens which doesn’t have rose colored tint on it.
          You may love grannies kisses but there has been cock in her mouth. Now lets turn your attention to some other things like cosmology, teleology, ontology, ethics and see how many other things we can get you to look at differently.
          Teenagers respond to sex. They tend to pay attention when you are talking about blowjobs. It is also an important lesson: the things you think are pure and beyond reproach, up to and including your own granny, can be looked at critically, dissected, unwoven and we can see the ugliness behind the image.

        65. no one is saying things didnt happen like this way back when- I find it hard to believe he would say shit like that to a bunch of kids. More importantly- why would someone say things like that to kids barely out of school?

        66. I hadn’t factored kids into the equation. Nonetheless, every single opportunity to display your dominance is important.

        67. I get ya. And this is bordering on BDSM, which women today are craving for in their heart of hearts. The cock carousel comes with a soul cringing price. For both sexes.

        68. You need to think a few moves ahead. Displaying your dominance in a physical or vocal manner won’t play well if you find yourself in court or talking to family services (and brother do they hate men). Imagine your kids describing you with a knife threatening their mother to social workers. yeah. Stupid and avoidable.
          Stating your points and sticking to your guns in a calm, but direct, manner keeps you in control as the adult. If she ramps up the drama, flip out the iPhone and start filming. But you must maintain frame.

        69. I’m not. Just saying you should think before you act. There is more than 1 way to skin a cat.

        70. I know what you mean. What you are doing is smart. There is no way your wife will be able to sense that fear in you and exploit it. Keep calm and carry on.

        71. Correct. Not so much fear these days. Women are illogical, unpredictable and emotive children. No matter what their age. Once you understand and accept that, you are free of any obligation to suplicate them. You lead, they follow. Don’t like it? Leave. ZFG. They will huff and threaten, but you should be aware of that and plan accordingly.
          We all know guys who got burned and it is usually because they sunk to her level (got emotional).

  1. I would like to add all the seat belts, helmets, guardrails, age restrictions, building restrictions, toilet volume regulations, Cfc emissions, etc etc etc nowhere are we without regulations . Half of them would not hurt anyone else if they were broken, if we didn’t have the stupid social welfare safety nets in place.

    1. And ‘sell by’ dates ….. even on products like dried cereals and canned food that will keep for 100 years.

      1. 100 years for Count Chocula? Um, not seeing that as particularly plausible. First, the packaging is cardboard and thin oxygen permeable plastic, which is not vacuum sealed and the plastic is usually opaque. The box itself provides some level of darkness, necessary for long storage however it does not seal out air either and does nothing to shield against variable temperatures. Now if cereal were sold in tightly vacuum sealed impermeable mylar and stored in an airtight glass or ceramic container, maybe a couple of decades, sure.

        1. You’re assuming its made of something biodegradable, like food. I’d say that shit likely has the half-life of Styrofoam.

        2. Don’t be dissin’ the Count, yo. He fuck you up.

        3. Back years ago we had a frozen pizza slide out of the bag and under the car seat. I found it weeks later, in the summer. It’s appearance hadn’t changed on top. There was one spot of mold on the back about the size of a dime. That shit did not deteriorate! God only knows what kind of chemical cocktail was in that thing. I told the wife never buy a frozen pizza again, I sure as hell wasn’t going to eat it. That one incident is what led me to reevaluate my diet completely.

        1. What is grosser than gross? My parents’ dairy barn burned down when I was a teenager, In it, there was a tank that held several thousand gallons of milk. After a couple months, I decided to open the lid and peek inside, the top was this field of maggots floating on a lovely cheese curd.

        2. Right On! You never hear about The Man anymore and you never hear about someone “Selling Out” either. I guess everyone already has…

        3. That was the only time I ever came close to throwing up from a smell. Dead cows, sewage, that brunette who liked Mexicans….couldn’t hold a candle.

      2. We do a bunch of food storage, lot’s of times we will inherit food from little old ladies in our ward who dies. It is amazing the variability on stuff. Dried beans will become tougher than nails in a couple decades, some cans of clam chowder from the 1960’s are perfectly fine, other cans will be toxic. They have sprouted wheat from King Tut’s tomb.

      3. I don’t know about sell by dates on foods and the such but I am damn near positive that the exp dates on medication are just there to make sure you buy more.

        1. Dairy stays good for up till one week after the expiration date if stored properly. Medicines stay good for quite a long time. I’ve been using the same painkillers for 5 years an they work perfectly.

        2. Yep, copped a cheesecake for 30p yday meant to expire on the same day.
          I’ll munch it up like the rebel I am. Phhhroar

        3. I don’t consume much dairy and when I do it is usually on a one time basis, not stored…..however, I have some motrin that is about 5 years old and there is no way I am tossing it and buying another bottle just because it is past the expiration date.

        4. Be careful though, as some medicines age in such a way that they become way more potent over time, which can be very dangerous. I don’t think that applies to Motrin of course (that I’m aware of).

        5. yeah, I wouldn’t screw around too much with, say, prescription blood pressure meds but if the asprin is a year past the exp date I won’t bat an eye

        6. I had a 10 yo bottle of oxy from wisdom tooth which I avoided using. 10 yrs later I pulled by back and chewed one. It must have gotten 10 times stronger with age.

        7. “I’ve been using the same painkillers for 5 years an they work perfectly.”
          I bet they do.

      4. well…i cant agree with cereal… put a box of cerial in your basement for a year and see what happens. open it and its full of weevils. i speak from experience.

      1. They are not helpful. Ozone depletion is bunk science. Ozone is created by sunlight, which is the reason a hole appears over Antarctica every year, the lack of sunlight.

        1. I hope Jesus swoops in and saves all you anti-science folks when you destroy this planet with your forced ignorance.

        2. A consensus of opinion by scientists motivated by government-funding and based (at least in part) on faulty (even faked) data…. that’s not actually science.

        3. Look it up. The forced ignorance is by government loving do gooders who are using bunk science to force an agenda.
          The fact of the matter is ionizing radiation from the sun contacts O2 in the atmosphere, splits the molecule, and the free oxygen atom attaches itself onto another 02, creating o3. The ozone is an unstable molecule, and will eventually degrade into o2, but that process takes time. No amount of CFCs that can be generated by mankind will disrupt this cycle.

        4. Dude, you know that the Smithsonian is some right wing fake news rag. Don’t you even try and go there, Mister! And what’s all of this injecting figures and numbers and big words and shit?!? You know as well as I do that science comes from consensus and talking, and not from numbers and big words and facts. Geez man, get with the freaking program this morning!

        5. Holy shit, motherfucking JJ dropping some real, serious, hardcore, actual science on a motherfucker. Ahhh, yeah, bitches.

        6. More importantly, it gave the government more power, which is what all this shit is about.
          Just like Obamacare was not about better or cheaper health care, it was about nationalizing 1/6th of the US economy. It won’t be repealed, because its a huge chunk of power that the government just swallowed up. Just like you can’t hand a crackhead a brick of crack and expect him to give it back to you.

        7. It’s odd, you’d have thought he would have soundly rejoined you and shown you wrong. I’d so hate to think that he was here just to sneer from a false sense of arrogant superiority.

        8. My wife took a forestry major in school, surrounded by environmentalists. She maintains that you can separate those who truly care about the environment from the socialists using environmentalism as a venue to advance their agenda by their opinion on nuclear energy.

        9. Another thing that always bothered me: Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are heavy. The reason we used to use them in inhalers as a delivery mechanism for the stimulant was that CFCs were so much heavier than air that the drug would reach the entire lung even if you didn’t really take a maximum breath.
          The smallest CFC I can find is freon-11, and it’s three-times denser than ozone. The ways they hand-waved the sheer density of the gases away always blew my mind, because on the face of things there’s a better chance of life spontaneously arising and evolving into a specific breed of monkey in your bathroom sink than CFC’s being in the ozone layer.

        10. I’ve heard similar comments about electric cars. In the long run, the amount of environment damage done by an electric car is significantly larger than just a basic combustion engine car (before they started putting all the environmental controls and electronics in them).

        11. Coal powered cars, ah yes, aren’t they lovely?

        12. Hey! You! What heresy is this?!? Density has no place in this discussion! You will bow down and believe, or you will be righteously sneered at!

        13. More significantly to me, I don’t trust electric cars the same way I trust older models of hydrocarbon vehicles. As a guy who works on computers regularly, I know all the ways they can go wrong simply because of a bad programmer, not to mention a hacker.
          And batteries explode. The more energy in the smaller package, the more devastating the explosion. Tesla batteries are dense and big and expensive.
          If I’m going to drive around in a vehicle storing shit-tons of chemically-stored energy, it seems more efficient and less dangerous to use hydrocarbon as your “battery.”

        14. If they developed nuclear energy to the point of not needing fossil fuels and manufactured fuel, I would be pleased. That won’t happen anytime soon with our current state of politics though. It is more about control than what is best.

        15. Nuclear is ideal for power plants, but it seems less so for mobile energy. Of all the easily-transported energy sources we currently possess, liquid hydrocarbons (gas) store and release the most energy, produce a consistent amount of energy, are compact and light-weight, and are the least disastrous in case of machine failure/impact.
          The other technologies provide one of those things or another, but hydrocarbons give you all of them. If thorium proves even better, which it may in the next decade or so, then this will necessarily change, but for now I just don’t see a viable alternative.

        16. Wait, you mean that the hole in the ozone layer wasn’t created by people in the 80s using trillions of metric tons of hairspray?

        17. True, but there are fuels that can be manufactured. If electricity is cheap enough, coal can be liquefied (Nazis did it in WW2) or new fuels like hydrazine could be used.

        18. No, I don’t think it’s just being snarky GOJ, it’s Greenism. It’s actually a religious conviction and it doesn’t matter how much of their dogma is based on pure BS as long as you believe it. Gaia (Mother Earth™) is their god, the UN is their Vatican, the IPCC is their Archdiocese and the Ark of Hope contains their holy books. Their holy books are the Earth Charter and the Temenos Books. Their orthodoxy is that humans are a disease on the face of the earth, CO2 is a pollutant and we need to eliminate both inexpensive sources of energy along with most of the world’s population. Their priesthood consists of people like Al Gore or Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace who said “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.” Never mind that we’ve had nearly two decades of flat temperatures, not global warming. Never mind that Valentina Zharkova’s very accurate solar double dynamo model shows we’re fast headed into a Maunder Minimum with global cooling presenting a real threat to crops and human life. Telling these Greenists they are being played by the ruling elite for money and power is about like telling a Baptist you saw him in the liquor store. They will deny it to the end.

        19. Jim, IIRC the Dupont patents on Freon® ran out just about the time it was banned. Then Dupont was Johnny on the spot with politically correct replacement products. Purely a coincidence I am sure…

        20. No, but you can give a crackhead a brick of crack and he will probably do you the favor of invoking the law of natural selection. Now, if we could just come up with something irresistible for the government to O.D. on…

        21. Yeah, a “zero emissions” car is a lie the Greenists love to spread. Never mind the environmental disasters in China from rare earth magnet production. Never mind the fact that these cars are essentially coal powered as GOJ points out. Never mind that the government has had to increase the acceptable number of eagles getting killed by wind turbines. Electric cars are merely “elsewhere emissions” vehicles and wind turbines are giant Cuisineart bird choppers.

        22. Quite right. That’s the Fischer-Tropsch process and it can be powered from nuclear produced steam. With the U.S. sitting on 26.8% of the world’s coal reserves, we really are the Saudia Arabia of coal. It’s okay to sell it to China, just not okay to use it here anymore.

        23. Yeah, I’m somewhat familiar with the eco-religionists. They are truly a cult.

        24. Absolutely. And the weird thing is DDT is essentially harmless too humans. But if you want to use mosquitoes to spread malaria for your eugenics program DDT sure gets in the way…

    2. We have so many “laws” today that infringe upon a citizen’s freedom it’s mind boggling. Take speed limits, for example. If you break the speed limit who is injured? Law by the original intent requires an injured party.
      Yet, a government agent can break the speed limit to chase you down and extort money from you because you broke the speed limit.

      1. Yes and if you ask them who the injured party is, they will say “the state”. Just ask them what the difference is between that and the tooth fairy and watch their heads spin.

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    3. add air bags. They add several thousands on to the cost of a car and they malfunction. It’s why we can’t import cool cars like Land Rover Defenders and the iconic Toyota HiLux ….The obsession with safety is a chick thing too, feminism . It’s changing the national character. One thing that made Americans unique is our being risk-averse i.e. risk takers. This is being squelched…

    4. Seat belts and helmets are one thing. They do save lives. Charles Tucker designed a car that had seat belts (so you don’t go flying through the windshield) and safety glass (so you don’t get cut to ribbons if you do), but the Big Three auto manufacturers (Ford, GM and Chrysler) ganged up on him to suppress it. Eventually lobbyists lit a fire under the legislators’ asses and they lit a fire under the Big Three’s asses forcing them to include those safety features in their cars. That’s how they became standard.
      So do guardrails…sort of. Speed bumps actually cause accidents killing 88 people for every one they save. Blood alcohol limits…okay, as long as you don’t keep arbitrarily lowering the limit, as people’s tolerance to alcohol varies enormously and most accidents are caused by sleep deprived drivers (and quite a few careless idiots).
      Restrictions, hmmm…CFCs are naturally emitted by volcanoes. When Mount Pinatubo in the Phillippines erupted in 91′, it released more greenhouse gases in the space of a week than all the greenhouse gases (including CFCs) emitted by Man since the Industrial Revolution. No Climate Change?
      Some laws are for health and safety (for real), but the rest are just more bureaucratic red tape and make-work programs. Someone has to pay those drones who go poking their noses in your business…guess who.

  2. Good story, all true!
    Thanks for writing it Mr Furioso
    PS. someone needs to shoot Al Gore in the fucking head.

  3. Way too myopic on the 2nd Amendment. We’ve been taking back acres of ground every month since the mi 1990’s on that one.
    Compare Ohio in two different years:
    1991 – Can’t conceal carry legally, open carry gets you a boot on your face from a thug cop if you try it in a major city, Assault Weapon Ban, “ugly accessories ban” (bayonettes, pistol grip stocks, etc), gun “buybacks” sponsored by crooked cops and politicians.
    2017 – Unfettered licensed concealed carry, unfettered unlicensed open carry, repeal of AWB and UAB, suppressors becoming mainstream and about to be taken off of the NFA list, ranges cheerfully rent you a machine gun, and more guns sold to regular See-villians than in all of our previous history combined. Huge upsurge in young men starting to re-enter back into the shooting sports, and all kind of carry has been mainstreamed and is normal and not taboo in polite company any longer. Proposed legislation to make concealed carry permits on equal footing with driver’s licenses from a reciprocation standpoint. Constitutional carry on the docket for approval at the statehouse (no permit needed for concealed carry)
    Great points on the rest of the article though. TSA needs to be constitutionally challenged up to SCOTUS.
    Sex and illegal immigration is a given, we talk about this all the time.
    “Weather”, heh, that always cracks me up. They didn’t even do anything original, all they did was resurrect shamanism and put math symbols around it and called it science. And if we sacrifice to the gods of weather, why, next year the crops will come in! But if we don’t, oh, the gods of weather will smite us cruelly!

    1. “all they did was resurrect shamanism and put math symbols around it and called it science.”
      going to be using this and, if I am being honest here, probably not giving you any credit for it. As for sacrificing to the gods of weather….I am fairly sure we already do that. Now say 5 hail Clintons and 5 Our Obamas

      1. That’s cool man. I don’t credit you when I do the “happy ending massage” joke most of the time. It’s all good. We indulge in intellectual shareware.

      1. It can in fact be quite painful, especially if you are smote with the mighty hammer Mjölnir.

    2. It would be incredible if wr could get suppressors off the nfa.
      My ears woukd be grateful.

  4. I am about 50/50 on this article but I have to give credit where credit is due. The line:
    “Government propagandists have taken the child’s game of cooties to a new level. As I’ve pointed out before, using the government’s own statistics, it is next to impossible to contract HIV/AIDS by heterosexual, vaginal intercourse and blowjobs.”
    is a straight up work of fucking art.

        1. Y’all are going to get lolknee here quick. This is a big chink in his armor.

        2. Osmosis. Stole the chink-in-the-armor joke I was going to fire off next…get out of my heaaaaaad, etc.

        3. Charlie ain’t your friend, bub…and don’t forget it…he’s everywhere…in the jungle…

        4. Damn, man, breaking that Pitot would have been a major bad move, lol.

  5. What are you going on about, Relampago? You need to get your priorities straight…like, I just found out…Nick Viall and Nancy Kerrigan were ELIMINATED on “Dancing with the Tards” last night…OMG, like, that is sooooo cray-cray, righ-EEEET?

    1. Damn, man, put a warning on that shit. Now I have to go dip my brain in bleach, FFS. Nasty.

        1. I aim to please.
          Both of them. At the same time.

        2. Meh. If they pleased me, then made me a sammich and cleaned my toilets while I took a nap, I might please them, too.

        3. I’m just in one of those kinda moods today. Feeling all trippy and mellow and at peace and shit. It’s like I’m the mother fuckin’ Dali Lama.

        4. I’m normally more into blondes and red heads, but these two right here trip my trigger today.

        5. Hey, I wasn’t judging. You do what you do, man. Peace, love and FFM threesomes, brother.

  6. I’m a Palestinian and fly often, and always thought it was funny how I could walk through security with no problems, yet I’ll turn back and see TSA frisking some old white lady lol
    Although it’s a much different story when I fly in and out of Tel Aviv

    1. I think the policy is risking airplanes full of innocent people is worthwhile if we can avoid just one person accusing us of racism.

  7. Hey, we still have our goddamned Internet don’t we. And free online porn. Spam phone calls, divorce-rape, white-male bashing, hypergamous sluts, job-outsourcing, and fat women. If you don’t like it, move to Russia. Now in Russia, they got calluses on their hands from diggin’ in the dirt with shovels all day. And they’re all hooked on vodka. And they don’t type LOL or LMAO, all they do is grunt and say, “Nyet.” And their women-folk don’t shave their man-traps and they can beat ya at arm-wrasslin’. So count yer blessins. Love it or leave it. Patooiee! (Spits in can.)

    1. I feel you are being sarcastic, but this is actually how I feel pretty much.

  8. Here is a little meme that I invented and have been playing with lately. I will ask some young female cashier/employee/slave if she likes working for a corporation that forces her to dress like a man. Most of these clueless women will vehemently disagree that they are “dressed like men” simply because they are wearing trousers and a polo shirt. But the sad fact is that women now dress like men more than dressing like women; and the worst part is they don’t even comprehend this fact. If you ask them if they would like to start seeing men wearing dresses or if they would find a man attractive if he were to approach them in drag they will not hesitate to voice their opposition, but they simply can not/will not see that in their capacity as an employee of a faceless and soul-less corporation they have lost the very thing that makes them feminine and attractive. 99% or more have no clue! They are NOT to be seen as a fuckable woman but just another sexless/androgynous robot/humaton because true human relationships get in the way of the almighty profit. So go out there my brothers and spread this “You Dress Like A Man!” meme and perhaps we can stir up a little shit like the faggy left ALWAYS does…

    1. A girl in a polo shirt is second only to a girl wearing a necktie on my scale of Androgynous Fashion Wretchedness. (AFW, patent pending.)

    2. A-freaking-men, man.
      Except that, technically, and I know this from long experience, women love when a guy properly wears a kilt. There is no surer aphrodisiac on God’s green earth to 95% of women than a strong strapping man wearing a proper kilt.

      1. My nephew wore one to his prom, and I believe that kid is awash in snatch, so your theory checks out.

        1. St. Patricks Day I always wear my kilt ensemble out and about on the town, because it’s kind of a prank thing I do since the Irish have not historically ever worn kilts as a national or cultural “thang” so in essence, it’s me covertly aligning with the Protest Orange Scots who inhabit Northern Ireland. And the fun part is everybody thinks that I’m being all totally “Irish!”.
          The women go *freaking insane*. They’re already boozed up and then I walk in with a kilt and what little inhibitions they have fly right out the window. Shameless, they are, just shameless.

        2. It’s not the outfit, it is the confidence. A guy has to be a stone-cold ego ninja-assassin of pure grade “A” man-confidence to really wear a kilt boldly and unironically.
          LARPers don’t count, however.

        3. Yep. The question they always ask, because they’re so original and stuff, is, take a guess…..ok, here it is “Soooooo, what are you wearing underneath?”
          My stock response is “A Freudian slip”.

        4. Exactly. This kid Has It – and (big surprise!) he’s generally successful in all that he does.

        5. When you see guys wearing kilts in Dublin, it is usually when Scotland is over playing Ireland in rugby. Damn good time.
          I dated a girl from south Armagh and the prods usually don’t wear kilts unless it’s “maching season.”

        6. Aw, thanks man, that’s really nice of you to say. I’m all verklempt.

        7. We’re working it into a cultural meme, the likes of which will make kek weep.

        8. Whats double fun about kilt “history” is the patterns.
          Many people believe certain patterns have “belonged” to a clan for centuries. Ha.

        9. Yep, for example, the Scots in Scotland think this. Tartan it’s called. Some of that stuff is just random made up, but the major big name clans had distinct tartan patterns that are easily historically traceable. That being said, they were originally more region oriented than clan oriented for a long while.

        1. You wouldn’t get executed for showing too much skin? Those kilts are above the knee, after all.

        2. took a road trip down to Tombstone last winter. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of eye candy down there.

    1. It’s still here. DIsqus does a lot of weird rendering sometimes, once in a while you’ll need to exit the article, then come back in and you’ll find “removed” aka “lost” comments.

    2. My girls wear dresses or skirts 90% of the time, They love to feel feminine. My wife will about 50%, she had more of the feminist influence in her life. Nothing wrong with wearing grubby clothes when needed for chores, but I think we have become too casual as both men and women. It is rare that I won’t wear at least a button up shirt when I am going to town.

      1. The only time I don’t wear a shirt with buttons is at the gym or working outside.
        The only time the females in my house don’t wear dresses/skirts is when sleeping or swimming.
        My daughters don’t even wear pajamas. They wear gowns to bed. We have a clear delineation between the sexes

        1. Can’t take all the credit. It’s how my Dad raised me and it’s only recently that I started seeing the true value of it.
          I always complied and my wife’s dad was the same way but it was more obedience on my part than anything. But seeing the state of our world now I am thankful that this was taught me

  9. Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -Benjamin Franklin
    and in the words of John Stossell “sure,we need laws….but do we really need millions of them?”

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  11. So is “stop and frisk” OK, then? Police stopping and searching some poor sod just because he’s the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood not only violates the 4th Amendment, it rapes it and tosses it into a ditch. Yet I suspect many on RoK think it’s A-OK.

  12. FYI, forty-four of our state constitutions also recognize our right to keep and bear arms. It should be fifty.

  13. “Safe” is now the dirtiest four letter word in my vocabulary these days. I seldom use it as it has become the holy grail for everyone. Even at the expense of being effective as well as safe.

  14. Just watch daily news… 99 percent always negative. Putting fear into your emotions…
    Anytime … getting you to fear something, suspicious and report everything… turn on and snitch on your family, neighbor, etc.

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