Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge Was The Most Masculine Film Of 2016

Directed by Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge is an intense biographical war film authentically depicting the pacifist actions of WWII combat medic Desmond Doss, the first man to be awarded with the Medal of Honor without firing a single shot.

There are no bars held in capturing the true terrors of war, the nauseating grotesqueness of decaying bodies and the soul-numbing entropy of sudden death and horrific injury through industrialized weaponry.

However, even more valuable than the reality of warfare and military action are the genuine, virtuous ideals and loyal, reasoned adherence to them presented in Doss’s life.

From a traumatic childhood incident and faithfully religious background, he refuses to take another life. The traditional, honest relationships of the mid-1900s in both wartime and peacetime strike out at the viewer’s conscience in the current world of deceit and disloyalty.

Brilliant acting, vividly accurate cinematography, a powerful score, and deep philosophical themes make Hacksaw Ridge a breath of fresh air amongst the vague, vapid, and illogical liberal films of Hollywood (Avengers series, Suicide Squad, The Secret Life of Pets, etc).

Desmond’s Game

Unexpectedly, Hacksaw Ridge provides an invigoratingly enjoyable demonstration of classic American game. After helping save a wounded man’s life with fundamental medical knowledge and carrying him to a hospital, he looks around while waiting, gazing upon an attractive nurse.

As the camera focused on her, the classic cinematic tell of love at first sight, I was eager to see what the real-life protagonist would do in the hurried hustle of a hospital.

He walks straight up and starts a conversation. Absolutely no hesitation. Though the nurse explained to him she was for blood donation, Doss practiced the game rule of literally saying anything, with the opener being that the blood all over his shirt wasn’t his.

After a brief talk, he donates his blood and goes on his merry way. The next day, cornily dressed his best, he states a gushy love confession that neomasculinity would shake its head at.

Image result for dorothy hacksaw ridge scene

One would expect a simpleton beta from his seemingly innocuous Southern background and goofy smile, but he then goes straight for the close of the time: the movie date. She eagerly accepts, graciously rewarding him for his immediate courage and charming innocence.

After the date, in the most impressive and feminist rage-inducing moment, he kisses her without her permission. And it wasn’t a weak peck; it was seconds long until broken off by the girl. Shocked, she slaps and chastises him.

“You didn’t ask!”

“I thought you might’ve liked it.”

“Well I might’ve if you’d asked!”

Won over by his daring and charisma, she easily answers the later marriage proposal, but with unease. Doss asked directly after telling her he’d enlisted.

The Training

Similar to the hilarious yelling and name-giving scene in Full Metal Jacket, Hacksaw Ridge gives an insultingly comedic homage with its own sergeant’s introduction.

Later however, the mood deepens as Desmond’s pacifist tendency to not kill causes serious dissension amongst the ranks. All his senior officials do everything they can to throw the misplaced conscientious objector out of their army.

Even after he is brutally hazed, given incredibly unfair treatment, and accused of being a sanctimonious coward, he still firmly and truly believes in his duty to save life in his nation’s war all while remaining respectful. After grueling resistance, he is finally legally accepted as a combat medic.

“Private Doss, you are free to run under the hellfire of battle without a single weapon to protect yourself.”


Image result for hacksaw ridge

Against all odds he finally climbs the heights to arrive on the battlefield with the rest of his squad, and it is there that his actions demonstrate true valor and faith. As grenades blast men apart, bullets smash through flesh and bone, and flamethrowers roast alive in stunning graphics, he is one of three medics frantically and decisively working to salvage lives from the brutal trench warfare.

Overrun by the Japanese, when a retreat is ordered before a friendly naval artillery strike, Doss carries his wounded friend only to realize he has died. In this pivotal moment, he is helpless and confused at God’s wishes of him. Then he hears the screams of the dying, crying out for someone to save them, a divine sign. Doss rushes back into the hell, demonstrating heroism amidst heroes.

Hacksaw Ridge demonstrates the epitome of masculinity in all its aspects: love, war, abuse, death, family, camaraderie, leadership, and the impact of the individual.

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163 thoughts on “Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge Was The Most Masculine Film Of 2016”

  1. Just imagine how great big picture entertainment would be if the Jew/liberal super majority was replaced with people similar to Mel.
    The best the Jews can do is remake a successful classic from the days of creative pictures gone by and rape everyone’s childhood with a smut filled, degenerate, “modern” version of it.

      1. Conservatives are the worst. They’ve done more financially, politically, socially, religiously, and militarily to prop up ZOG than every other political persuasion combined.
        I get more opposition online from mainstream conservatives than any other group. Ad hominem, emotional arguments, summary dismissal of valid sources quoted based on nothing, and general retard level opposition to plain facts.
        I was Alt Right/ Manosphere before these movements had names. Before the Alt Right, the only thing I had to compare conservatives to were other stripes of conservatives. Very glad to see times changing as quickly as they are.

        1. I’m not alt-right or a mainstream conservative, but the antisemitism is troubling considering I have Jews in my family.
          I’m just plain right wing.

        2. The Jewish Question (JQ) is the hardest to fully comprehend, it’s often the last truth to be realized after race and gender realism.

        3. We tried to give them that option before, but most of them stuck around for the big roast.

        4. Didnt europe do this since the 13th century? Why are we repeating things again?

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        6. Who cares if something is “troubling” as long as it’s true? You sound like a bitch with a comment like that.

        7. I’m a God’s law proponent. I believe an honest examination of it compared to any other law system easily proves it is, as King David wrote, “the perfect law”. God’s law forbids intermarriage with foreigners and foreigners entering the “congregation of Israel”. That’s speaking of segregation, or the geographical boundaries of the nation, not a church service as we think of the word “congregation”.
          What’s called the Jewish Question today has Biblical roots but it is not what most people think it is thanks to the false mainstream conservative religious ideology that has saturated the West. While today’s Jews are not Semites, but non-Israelite converts to the religion of Judaism, it’s very easy to demonstrate the root of “anti-Semitism” stems from the wicked actions of the Khazar and Sephardic peoples (“Jews”) against other peoples of the world. Though, similar to vampires, you have to invite them into your “house” first. Generations of Europeans have unlawfully made covenants with these people, against Gods law, which is a huge part of the problem.
          Speaking for myself I would see God’s law applied to all people who willfully sin against their fellow man whether its murder, theft, false witness, or adultery. This removes the wicked person from the playing field, thus reducing their “team”, and scares the crap out of the other wicked people to deter them from doing wicked things. While there are people of every race who have an undisciplined mind that would rant about the total extermination of any given people, they are the minority and would never possess the means to do such a thing, anyway. The “Anti-Semitic boogeyman” is in reality another purely Jewish invention and a weapon they use to further their political agenda against the West.

        8. Because it’s not true. I don’t buy into those crazy conspiracy theories about Jews controlling everything.

        9. Here is a transcript:

          Jews have taken over most systems of institutional power and banking, leading to a world led by 8000 or so men who worship satan and sacrifice children.

        10. I take everything that comes from Vigilant Citizen with a grain of salt, due to the guy (single guy, of Arab ancestry living in London) is clearly mentally ill. Now, there are clearly some factions within the Elites that practice some kind of occultism/satanism/blackmagic/whatever, there is enough evidence about it like when Alex Jones infiltrated the Bohemian Grove, the existence of Skull & Bones, Pizzagate, the pedoisland, etc. However, I don’t think that they are the majority within them. Do this factions kill little children in rituals? well, they are trying to exterminate an entire race, so I would say it is possible. Do they practice ritual pedophilia? If they do the usual pedophilia (Pizzagate) why not do it in a ritual context? Do they worship Satan? maybe, but in the end who they worship is not what matters, what’s important here is what they are doing.
          About the video itself, I think it is disinformation. The man makes a really interesting mistake, he uses the term Luciferian as synonym to Satanist, which is clearly an error because they are 2 different doctrines. Now, you don’t really need obscure ‘shocking’ YouTube videos of people ‘revealing the truth’ to prove what (((they))) are doing, just look at the newspapers and CNN; their actions are very clear.

        11. That’s a false dichotomy. Either Jews are completely innocent of all wrongdoing, or they are guilty of “crazy conspiracy theories” and “control everything”. Jews sure do love their false choices, presented to the goyim as the only two legitimate paths.

        12. These people have risen to power because of democracy. These types of leaders are inevitable when we accept rule by the weak.
          Also channel was just reposting a video, attacking him is as far left base in logic you can get.

        13. Your answer made no sense in the first place, even in terms of an ad hominem, because you attacked the channel reposting it instead of the author.
          Calling someone mentally ill plays into (((their))) hands. It is little more than a method to discredit opponents now, considering good men are diagnosed and drugged into submission for asking questions while homosexuals, trannies and blatant sociopaths are given ‘a clean bill of health’.
          It makes perfect sense. (((They))) suffered under monarchies and fluorish in democracies (which they brought about) that they further subvert to communism. They work by manipulating the weak against the strong that protect the weak, and then assume the mantles of leadership in the shadows using puppets. It is the weakness of ordinary people that only wish for unlimited convenience with no accountability that allows the ultimate expression of thier flaws, (((them))) to rise to power. Plato wrote about this process in his allegory of the ship at sea.

        14. If you really read the Bible, despite of what you want to see happen, Jewish people are the chosen ones by God, its written everywhere, no matter how you want to twist it. If you dont like it,deal with it, but be respectful to Jesus, God and His decisions in which you dont understand

        15. Hence, as the people of God, nothing pleases the enemy more then causing them to sin, nothing except using them to be a root cause of sin. Jews run the world and Satan loves running Jews. Powers of the air man, powered of the air.
          Satan loves using the Jews to propagate evil in this world.
          It’s like an outside enemy deceiving your white daughters to mudshark, using family to destroy family

      1. I think you mean have YET to see.
        If so I Agree.
        But I have to say, Thunderdome could have been much better. Should have been a hard R like the first 2.

        1. I think he’s referring to Gibson as the director. George Miller directed the Mad Max movies. Gibson just starred in them.

      2. I would actually want to watch a movie about the Maccabees, true Jews and not Talmudic Jews. Or the Vikings movie. I’ll have to settle for him being in a western with Kurt Russell. If he does his movie on the Resurrection of Christ, I hope that is good despite my misgivings over him doing a sequel to The Passion.

        1. I’m still waiting for movies about these guys:

          Otto Skorzeny- first true commando and real life stunt man.
          General Salan- French paratrooper commander, killed dozens of gooks and jawahs, and found the OAS France’s patriotic underground army.
          Koos De La Rey- Boer leader and living nightmare to British troops.

        2. I have it on good authority Mel Gibson knows the truth about the fake Jews. I’ve expressed basically the same thing. He could change the world if he did a Biblical film, especially coming off the popularity of The Passion, that would red pill the entire planet to the true identity of the false Jews.

        3. Not a rumor, it’s true. He was hired to take out ex-Nazis supporting Arab countries.

        4. Not true. He was Nasser’s military advisor, a public position verifiable from historical documents.

        5. I said a rumor because we have to take every single thing (((they))) say with a grain of salt. I don’t have evidence about it, but the articles I have read so far are disturbing.

        6. Yes, he was Nasser’s advisor, but like the article said he was probably working for the Mossad as well. I don’t know if what (((they))) claim about him is true; but if it is, that’s a shame.

        7. He wont though. Hollywood Jews and their media have whipped and beaten him down. Anything he makes will come under heavy scrutiny and will need to pass the Kosher muster.
          Its funny, for decades (((Hollywood))) has metaphorically sodomized white people and Christianity through film and talmudvison but Mel comes along with Passion of the Christ, probably the first movie to slightly implicate or shed a poor light on Jews and the uproar and cries of anti-Semitism was phenomenal. They got their troublesome goy in the end though.

        8. It’s sad to see what he’s reduced himself to. After years of ass kissing and groveling to get the “Jews” to accept him back into Hollywood, he’s still their favorite whipping boy.

        9. It pains me that Mel Gibson is thought of as being to the Hollywood Jews what Joss Whedon is to feminazis/leftards.

  2. Nice write up. I hadn’t heard of this one but going to put it on to to watch list. Well done

    1. And after all that, he got hit and set his own compound fracture. Badass doesn’t even begin to describe him.

    2. Not a badass. By definition.
      it doesn’t even reconcile: he refuses to take a life, but he’ll work to save those who do, so that they can continue to do so?

        1. Which makes him no different than anyone else serving in WW2.
          His justification doesn’t even make sense as he was fighting vicariously through the soldiers he assisted.
          Other Mel Gibson movies (starring, and/or directing) have a theme of the peaceable pansy manning up. Hacksaw Ridge did not.

        2. Exactly. A real man of principle would have refused the uniform at all, and gone to prison for his “faith”.
          Typical of these religious types. They always “reform” their dogmas when faced with prison.

  3. “Hack” and “Fury” are my new favorites. They are reminders of why I hate when certain publications use the term “horrifying” and “terrifying” in headlines where it clearly doesn’t belong.

    1. What is so incredible?
      I’d rather the men of WW2 who had impressive offensive feats be lauded instead. A war movie about an illogical pacifist, what a crock.

      1. I wouldn’t laud this to the exclusion of other such displays of courage. This is just ONE incredible story. Dude had balls of kryptonite.

  4. I get the feeling that this movie is like American Sniper, another work meant to “hype up” America’s wartime prowess.
    Personally, I would like to see a no-holds-barred depiction of the Battle of Stalingrad. If one wants to see Hell on Earth, I think such a film would offer a good approximation.

    1. People say that about every war movie from an American perspective. Are we not allowed to make war movies or something?

      1. Every country likes to make war films glorifying their feats, but none of them over-inflate their prowess to the extent that America does. Considering the fact that America sucks at putting “boots on the ground,” as demonstrated in Vietnam and more recently in the Middle East, this over-inflation looks outright silly.
        The Soviet Union did like 80% of the actual work in defeating Nazi Germany. It stopped a Nazi invasion force that was considered to be “unstoppable” at that time. Of course, I am not trying to excuse the Soviet Union’s domestic atrocities, but America’s absurdly over-inflated portrayal of itself in war movies comes off as silly to me.
        And yes, I am aware that this movie mostly concerns Imperial Japan. I just wanted to illustrate America’s absurdity in making war movies.

        1. Were the Soviets at Omaha Beach? Normandy? It’s not as if we’re taking credit for battles we took no part in.
          “Every country likes to make war films glorifying their feats, but none
          of them over-inflate their prowess to the extent that America does.”
          Even if that were true, which it isn’t, you don’t think the Soviet Union of all places wasn’t also guilty of that? You’re also forgetting the massive amount of aid we sent them.

        2. America does like to pretend that it played the biggest role in winning WWII, which is a load of bullshit.
          The aid sent by America did help a little, although the Soviet Union only really started making use of it after they turned the tide on their front against Nazi Germany.
          The Soviet Union did have their own propaganda regarding WWII. Considering what the Soviets managed to accomplish against Nazi Germany though (Stalingrad for example is something no Allied city could have pulled off), I think that propaganda is relatively more truthful than anything America ever put out.

        3. The Soviets were broke. Who supplied them with war materiel? Who kept them alive?
          Who kept the Japs off of Stalin’s back, and then broke them?
          The USA. The Red Army was FDR’s mercenary force, he played his fellow commie Stalin well, exploiting his (supremely ironic) imperialism to get him to do the Allies’ dirty work.

        4. Sorry but were it not for America’s “Lend and Lease programme, the URSS wouldn’t have survived the onslaught and would have been pushed out of most Western Russia. The loses were almost 7 to one against the Soviets and their logistics and auto industry were literally sh*t with no quality control in the latter. To such a extent the American donations helped the Soviet front that Soviet advances were done mostly on American trucks (horses wouldn’t have cut it when it comes to hauling millions of men and encirclements).
          The Soviets fought hard and made thhe sacrifices, that’s right, but the Germans were simply superior at warfare, especially with Stalin, the madman in chief, at the helm. He singlehandedly delivered millions of his soldiers into death through his “tactics” (or lack thereof….)

        5. This is a load of bullshit. The Soviet Union had more than enough resources to support its own war effort. The problems were that the Soviet Union was taken by surprise when the Nazis first invaded and that Stalin was often insane. Of course, the American aid did help a little (e.g. trucks) after the Soviets turned the tide at Stalingrad. However, the narrative that America “kept the Soviet Union in the war” with aid is historical fan-fiction.

        6. This is a load of bullshit. The Soviet Union had more than enough resources to support its own war effort. The problems were that the Soviet Union was taken by surprise when the Nazis first invaded and that Stalin was often insane.

          Hahahaha. The Soviet Union had a deficit of men that lasted for decades after the war as a testament of the unnecessary death toll of that war. Most of the people who died in the Soviet front died due to the madness of the “great leader”. Nevermind that most of the Soviet industry was destroyed or occupied during that time and their quality when it came to trucks and other materiel was just miserable.

          Of course, the American aid did help a little (e.g. trucks) after the Soviets turned the tide at Stalingrad. However, the narrative that America “kept the Soviet Union in the war” with aid is historical fan-fiction.

          Without logistics all war effort would come to a halt. Sorry but they would not have succeed with Buggies. As all the amateurs in logistics and engineering, you underestimate the need to move resources from one place to another. Look the Nazis wouldn’t have been able to destroy the URSS but it’s pretty obvious the Soviets would have been pushed out of European Russia were it not for Germany’s idiotic policies and American Aid.

        7. A good chunk of the stuff that the U.S. sent the Soviet Union was useless during the brutally cold conditions that the Soviets had to endure in the early stages of the Soviet counterattack. The American aid did help a little once the Soviet Union had actually turned the tide themselves. However, it was more like icing on the cake of the Soviet Union’s inevitable victory at that point.

        8. The winter lasted a few months. Without the transport (trucks) as well as the fuel any of the great encirclements that were performed by them on the Nazis would have been impossible. Look no one is denying the comrades were brave and all that. But without American help and their (Nazis) idiotic racist policies, let’s just say that the Americans would really have fought against Germany on equal footing…not the empty husk they found later on.

        9. Shhhhhhhhhh ……….
          Most of this forum is Americans who were never told the truth about WW2 ……. they think they won it.

        10. The Soviet Union wouldn’t have survived WWII if it weren’t for the US 8th Air Force bombing German rail yards, factories, cities and military installations around the clock and engaging and shooting down German fighter aircraft by the thousands while the mongoloid Russians were running into battle in human wave attacks with half of them without rifles. They could fight the the Nazis and maybe survive or retreat to be certainly shot by their units political officer.
          John Deere corporation alone sent them tens of thousands of “D” series tractors and plows so they could attempt to feed themselves. Those useless commies didn’t stand a chance without us.

        11. If it weren’t for us the Germans would have extincted the Soviet Union. We probably should have let them do it.

        12. Soviet Union didn’t stop the Nazis any more than France did. the Nazis kept being mostly unstoppable up until 1943. Soviets just had much bigger territory – and much more people – and therefore much more time. if you compare the invasion of France vs Soviet Union in the same time frame, then France performed much better. they just ran out of territory to give up.

        13. if you compare the size of the Soviet army vs German, as well as the final casualties toll, the Soviets performed quite poorly. their human resources were virtually unlimited though.

        14. sure it was taken by surprise. Stalin was ready to attack Europe and betray the pact with his good friend Hitler. Hitler didn’t have a choice but attack first.

        15. The winter was a major factor on the Eastern front at least until the Soviet Union started to really push back Nazi Germany.
          The Soviets produced almost everything they used themselves. They would not have been able to survive otherwise. You think America was teleporting stuff into the Soviet Union? The American supply chain into the Soviet Union was far from perfect, and a lot of its stuff did not even make it into Soviet hands.

        16. While they performed poorly for the first couple years they did well enough to tie up 2/3’s of the German divisions during the war. Lend Lease definitely helped them.

        17. lol, what a stupid fucking question “Were the Soviets at Omaha beach?” no, but they were in Berlin, and would have won regardless. USA losses in Europe against Germany: 600k. Russian losses: 20 million. The role of USA as the big saviour comes at the END of WW2, when it stopped the cancer of communism from spreading through all of Europe (which it would have), and continued to defend Europe since then to this day. Thank you for that USA, the world would be dark without you, but get the facts straight

        18. and yes I am aware of the “US kept USSR in the war” but if that were true and they relied that much on USA, they wouldn’t have been a force to be reckoned with at the end of the war. They took half of Europe and Churchill’s plan of attacking just wasn’t realistic.

        19. The USSR flooded bodies, no different than China in Korea. It wasn’t the amazing tactical skill of the commies.

        20. That was certainly part of it, but it was not everything. If “zerg rush” is all it takes to win wars, then strategies, tactics and leaders would all be relatively worthless. Of course, the Soviet Union did have a lot of resources and a lot of soldiers. The Soviets also had an “iron will” that the Nazis just could not break. Furthermore, the Soviet Union also managed to decode and fight against Germany’s blitzkrieg tactics in a way that none of the Allies were able to.

        21. Thank you.
          American air power won WW2 in both the Euro and Pacific theaters and it isn’t debatable. The fucking Soviets were using reject American P-39s plus their own shitty designs and getting the bejesus kicked out of them by the Luftwaffe until the Americans hopped across the pond with newer and better planes.

        22. By the end of the war America was producing more war material than all other belligerents combined.
          That was a key to victory for the allies. The arsenal of democracy (as it was called) was both well supplied and immune from strategic attacks by the Axis.
          Lend Lease kept the UK and the USSR afloat until the US got fully involved.
          I agree about the Soviets taking the brunt of the losses. No once can dispute that.
          If you want to know what is was like first hand fighting against the Soviets I suggest the book “Fighting in Hell”.
          It’s an easy read and does an excellent job of conveying the carnage and its impact on the men doing the fighting.
          The descriptions of the great retreat, Soviet human wave attacks, and Germans reactions to slaughtering 10s of thousands of often unarmed Soviet infantry are hair raising.
          It’s not the type of battle the USMIL has been in since the War of Northern Aggression.
          Based on what I know of Russia and its men, I wouldn’t want to be a soldier in an invading army trying to conquer the Rodina.
          And as far as the fortitude of the Russian people a good book is “The 900 Days: The Seige of Leningrad”.
          We can argue about who won the war, but nobody can argue that none sacrificed like the Soviets.

        23. Lend Lease really did not help the Soviets much. The Soviets would not have been able to fight effectively if they relied on such a long military supply chain. Keeping supply chains as short as possible is military basics 101. After all, overextended supply chains were one of the main factors in the Nazi’s loss against the Soviets.

        24. Stalin depended on the U.S. for food, supplies, etc. Just like Great Britain depended upon the U.S.

        25. Actually, Great Britain would have collapsed if not for the risks taken by American sailors to deliver war supplies though the German U-Boat blockade.

        26. Agreed. Without all those Studebaker trucks the Russians wouldn’t have had the motor pool available to carry out Kursk or Bagration. We (accidentally) betrayed all of Eastern Europe by giving Russia Lend-Lease.

    2. Stalingrad? We already saw that. Enemy at the Gates, aka “the movie where Jude Law gets raped”.
      Russia vs Germany…It’s difficult to make a movie where all sides of the conflict are the villains, but I suppose they did the best that could be done, even if they did savage the Germans more than Stalin.

        1. When they invaded other nations for no good reason? When they sent civilians to death camps? When they instituted a police state?
          I’m all about a nationalist government, but you can keep your stupid ass dictatorships.

        2. Argumentum tu quoque.
          Logical error.
          Try again.

        3. How is it that American men are so willing to abandon our republican system– a system that has endured two centuries and set the conditions for the highest quality of life, the most freedom, and the most justice ever experienced by human beings? In favor of what? Some “national socialist” death cult that lasted a handful of bloody, terrible years, and visited death upon that nation and all its neighbors?
          Fucking wake up. Grow up. Take back our own culture, and cherish it.

        4. As you know, it’s an unwritten (at least) rule in MSM that the Nazis must be portrayed as the villains, and they must be incompetent and/or ludicrously evil to boot.
          To answer your question seriously, the Nazis were villains when they, in their internecine squabbles, engineered blunders that allowed the Western Allies (and, worse, the Commies) to triumph when they ought to have been curbstomped.
          It’s like how the hubris and petty politics did in the CSA ~90 years earlier.

      1. like i mentioned above, German movie “Stalingrad” (1992) is way better – search YouTube. not to be confused with idiotic Russian movie under the same name from 2013.

        1. I’m not particularly into semitic girls, but she was, in her prime, rather pretty.

        2. Rachel Weisz was hot because she doesn’t look semitic at all, she looks like a french/italian woman. The most beautiful jewess don’t like like jews: Eva Green (mixed with french), Scarlett Johansen (mixed with swede), Bar Rafaeli, Jennifer Connelly (mixed with irish).
          Your typical semitic looking jewess is like Natalie Portman or Gal Gadot.

      1. the German movie Stalingrad (1992) is much much better. you can find it on YouTube. just don’t confuse it with the absolutely retarded fucking idiotic Russian movie Stalingrad from 2013.

  5. He stayed true to his beliefs under extreme duress and led by example. Can’t ask for more than that.

  6. Hacksaw Ridge reminds me of Mel Gibson’s far superior We Were Soldiers, specifically the part where Mel’s character tells the pansy embedded reporter to stop being an idealistic idiot and trade in his camera for a gun.
    I recall Gibson quoted as saying that Hacksaw Ridge wasn’t his project, but that he “learned to love it”. I believe that shows in the lackluster presentation.

    1. Yeah it was an assignment. He had something to prove to the industry at large.
      Let’s hope that he eventually goes back to developing his own projects because they are generally more interesting.

    2. We Were Soldiers was a great movie, alot of respect for those men that movie depicts, and Vietnam vets as a whole.

  7. The first part of the movie (stateside) was better than the second part (war) in some ways; makes one wish we were still living in that America, the America we want to recover!

  8. I think Hell or High Water is in competition with Hacksaw Ride for “most masculine film” of 2016 though.

  9. I disliked Hacksaw ridge.
    As a southerner and as an American, the performances of ((Garfield)) and the British / Australian cast rang really false to me. Vince Vaughn, the only American in the principle cast stood out as being fundamentally unlike everybody else.
    Then the abusive dad stuff was standard blue pill Hollywood.

    1. I found it strange that Gibson chose (((Garfield))) to play a selfless and patriotic American Christian soldier.
      Made me wonder if this was Hollywood forcing him into a humiliating position.

      1. (((Garfield))) has been trying to build his goyish credentials, he just played a Catholic priest for Martin Scorsese (though it is an interesting and thought provoking film, very unjewish in its message).

        1. Anything made by Scorsese or Gibson is going to be a visceral and quality film.
          It is odd that he played a saintly war-torn Christian in two movies directed by Catholics.

        2. It is, (((Garfield))) is a fine actor as well, he doesn’t look particularly Jewish however and his name is thourghly anglicized.

    2. There’s nothing worse than listening to actors try to portray a southern accent that they have no clue about except for listening to other actors who have no clue about southern accents.
      (I still give Jackie Gleason a free pass though just because he was so funny but, his southern accent was atrocious).

        1. Well then I guess I will have to give you a pass for not knowing any better 🙂

  10. Mel Gibson needs to make a film about the USS Liberty, and its (((attackers))) of course.

  11. Mel’s Kosher Nostra handlers always make sure he puts out a fine cinematic product…as do his Jesuit handlers (“The Passion of the Christ”).

        1. I’m not really even that big into the whole Jewish conspiracy thing but, Kosher Nostra, damn that’s funny.

        2. Neither am I, but I play it up for the believers here…and yeah it’s fuckin’ funny. Heh.

    1. Jesuits are tied with zionists. Hell, they *are* the zionists. There is no difference.

  12. I wonder why there are never any “blockbuster ” summer action movies anymore? Could it be that they have alienated the prime audience (therefore the people who buy tickets to see ) of action movies? They have turned them all into feminist drivel about kick ass warrior women which is as silly as having a bunch of white hipsters playing the parts of Zulu tribesmen.
    Recently I saw a segment on the morning news about some of the gimmicks movie theaters are implementing in an attempt to boost attendance. I say if they want people to pay to go to the movies perhaps they should be making better movies.

    1. Too expensive, and the movies are shit. I could pirate or stream the same movie for free at home. Most TVs have better picture quality than movie theaters and are about the same size relative to the distance you’re sitting from it. Plus you don’t have kids crying, or shitheads with their phone-backlights taking you out of the movie. And ‘concessions’ are cheaper.
      Movie theaters are relics.

  13. No pacifist would ever participate in a war, in any capacity.
    Fighting for (((them))) and big business …… waste of time.
    Not to mention the USA was on the wrong side 14/88.

        1. Give it a rest. The Soviets fought for the Nazis too. Ergo, the Nazis were Jews.
          Do you not see how fucking stupid this “logic” is?
          The Germans should have not struck out and attacked other nations first. They did. They got curb stomped.
          SOCIALISM is the root of all of this decadency and in case you haven’t noticed, kid, that shit was ingrained in Germans long before World War One.
          Stop the victim dance and get over your humiliating loss. Grow up.

        2. I pushed that did I?
          I didn’t.
          Versailles was a mistake, I’ve mentioned as much. All you’re doing now is the same thing as parents of insane psychopaths who murder 20 people do, blame others.
          Grow the fuck up.

        3. From his perspective, he’s right to jab and push. It provokes mature thinking.
          At the time, they were the good guys and they bled and died to save Europe – or so they thought.
          50 years later we now discovered that all of those wars were provoked by ((((THEM)))) on both sides and nothing spells Kosher better than israel’s Big Brother Bully – the US banks, armies and NATO. You fuck with the financial masters ? NATO comes and bombs the shit out of your country till you live like in 1700’s.
          No one can contest the USA’s love for freedom and their sacrifice to achieve it for other people.
          But no one can contest that they’ve been subverted for over 100 years by (((THEM))).
          Oh and make no mistake, what USA has become is a freedom shaped precision war tool for israel, a basic neo-soviet state who only benefits (((THEM)).
          Patton, Kennedy, 9/11, Afganistan, Irak, Serbia – Kosovo – cui prodest ?

        4. Translation : ,,We can now decide who kill next, because we have the higher morality.”
          It has to be said, the world without USA would look like THX 1138 mixed with cannibalism but still…
          Anyway, I have a feeling-like confirmation of a felling that in the next 10 years, the US will breakaway from it’s romance with Israel.
          The most intelligent americans already know so it’s a matter of time until the rest find out as well.
          Oy vey !

        5. You think any group ( ethnics / mafias / Muslims / Jews / ) inside any country aren’t being monitored or protected ? Although that depends on who their protectors are.
          Here’s a scoop:
          Inside my country, the local gypsy mafias – who by the way can’t even spell their own names – had protection from russian-jews infiltrated inside my goverment & national security services since 30 years ago. These are the people who drive 100.000 $ BMW’s that can’t even have a conversation but are or have been used as very effective tools of…well…international organized crime with protection from inside our institutions, via Moscow & Tel Aviv.
          Btw, I’m a EE country.
          Start here :

          Useful information :

        6. I’m reading “the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by William L Shire for the second time. Read it years ago. It is a very unbiased history of the time from a man on the ground in Germany. The history leading up to the war is almost as interesting as the conflict itself. The amount of rivalry and intrigue in Europe at the time was incredible. The story of the Czech take over alone is worth a look. Poland, Hungary, Romania were also looking for a piece of the pie. From what I have learned Germany were not the only protagonists in the ultimate war. Anyhoo take too long to get into it here but good read……..

    1. You mean we were on the wrong side because we didn’t back an effeminate moron who led one of the worlds finest military forces to total destruction in 6 years.

  14. Daft movie. The guy was heroic no doubt, but why would the US Army set up a base at the bottom of a cliff that had Japs up top? They would have been slaughtered from the high ground. Also, I was waiting for Vince Vaughan to burst in to a comedy routine at any minute, seriously mis-cast. And the end, Mel Gibson just blatantly ripping off Band of Brothers with a montage of the peeps who were actually there. This was nothing more than another torture-porn epic from Mad Mel.

  15. “Immediately after the date, in the most striking and feminist rage-inducing moment, he kisses her without her permission.”
    It goes without saying, but the reason the majority of 3rd-wavers rage about stuff like this is because this is how they’d like to be treated by a man who aroused them. But when your personality is so toxic that you only attract socially inept, sexually awkward fags, you’re not getting what you want. And in classic “If I can’t have it, nobody else can!” fashion, these feminists bitch about “rape culture” and “consent” (because they’d love to be pursued by a man who was socially savvy enough not to require wilful exclamations of ‘Yes!’ or signed consent forms in order to fuck them) and “sexual objectification” (when they’re too old or unappealing to be the object of said objectification).
    Most of what feminists bitch about is projection, plain and simple.

  16. The only objection I have to this movie is the choice of actor for the
    leading role. Because apparently, there is nothing wrong with having a selfless and
    brave soldier of German-American descent portrayed by a frog-mouthed, curly-haired, beady-eyed jewboy with a lisp.

  17. I can’t say a single film Gibson has directed is anything short of stellar. The grit, the sturggles, the humanity and the attention to detail surpass most of Hollywood’s cuckschmucks of today.

  18. goddamn sick of ww2 movies and Wind Talkers was a clear sign that they were out of ideas (the russian front is underrated and enemy at the gates scratched the surface), but Mel Gibson is legit. Apocalypto was awesome, dare i say a masterpiece in film making. I’ll have to check out hacksaw ridge.

  19. “Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge Was The Most Masculine Film Of 2016”
    Which is not saying much.

  20. Well, it’s certainly better than that disgrace of a movie called “Fury”. About those 3,4 guys who killed an entire SS-division. Elite soldiers, probably one of the most dedicated soldiers in history. Like that ever would have happened. In American movies it can, because Americans are so amazing. Policeforce of the world. The goodguys, the “freedom bringers”. Meh

  21. I never really enjoyed war movies. Joining the Army and getting deployed a few times made me not like them even more

  22. A film about a pussy masochist who got his ass kicked by the entire world, then sucks up to them in every way possible? Lay down and take it is not manly advice, but I guess you daddy’s girls have kind of bought into this crap.
    Don’t make me laugh. When I want to take advice from some fucking loser who can’t even stand up for himself, I’ll let you know.

  23. Mel Gibson may have sold his soul to regain his status to you know who. But the story of Doss is inspiring. As a bible believer I tend to agree with 7th day adventists like Doss. But I will say, the scriptures clearly state the Masiach telling us to sell our possessions but keep your sword. The fight will rage on brothers. Stay protected and well trained.

  24. A truly amazing film that covers themes that other modern hollywood films rarely dare to touch. It gave me hope that there are still films being made with someone like me as their target audience.

  25. No it wasn’t. Green Room was. Gibson’s film is far too saturated by that cheesy sentimental nationalist kitsch that most american war films have. Despite not shying away from violence, It’s a pretty romantic depiction of war.
    And although it’s about “weakness”, I thought Nocturnal Animals was one of the best explorations of masculinity since Peckinpahs “Straw Dogs”

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