There Can Be No Patriarchy Without Patriarchs

This article first appeared on Social Matter and is syndicated here with full permission. 

An observer of the Western world sees weekly reminders of the folly of women’s liberation. There are parades of women wearing vagina hats. There are women in vagina costumes protesting for no reason besides their party losing. Older women who passed on having children seek the mother experience by welcoming in and working with migrants from the Third World–migrants who are illiterate, prone to rape, and sometimes beat or kill their hosts.

As is often the case with European news reports, people ask, “Where are the men?”

These tragic news blurbs also inspire murmurs from men about the need for patriarchy. This grumbling calls out for its return as if some sort of mystical, ethereal entity will install it. If that is the longing, it’s easy to convert to Mormonism or Islam and enjoy the structural patriarchy enforced by those systems. Exactly how patriarchal does one have to be if the entire community is there to support and enforce one’s side in any argument? And yet, Islam still is not performing eternal vigilance if hymenoplasty clinics keep popping up in France.

To solve these problems, one must restore patriarchy. Not just the shell, but the entire cultural feeling. To summon the patriarchy requires patriarchs. We must admit that modern man is degraded and has shirked duties of leadership, in addition to being a target of the superstructure. As if building concentric circles, one has to first work on oneself, one’s family, one’s männerbund, one’s community, and one’s civilization. There must be a steady drive towards the Restoration because in the absence of a king, there is no power to secure one’s status as patriarch. As the king has responsibilities down the chain, so does a patriarch have responsibilities and duties up and down the chain.

To bring about the return of patriarchy and stop delegating the management of homelife and the means of reproduction to some progressive-controlled central authority, one has to discuss a subject that is often times a status eraser. To call for patriarchy’s return is presently a demerit. In this era of progressive dominance, voicing a return to patriarchy results in a deduction of total status.

As such, one must improve oneself. There must be no chink in the armor, no chip in the stone, and no weakness. View the idea of status as not simply the accumulation of status points, but the idea of a status indifference curve. In economics, an indifference curve shows how consumers will select different amounts of goods but will derive equal satisfaction from the combinations. If you voice contingently low status ideas, you must appear and exude high status to make up for the loss in them agreeing with you.

The Left has been relying on this for decades. They embrace the most wicked of ideas, the most disgusting, and most alien, but these ideas end up high status because the most educated, the wealthiest, or the youngest individuals mouth them. Because money, education, and youth are all elevated as prime status and the Left controls media framing, strange beliefs like gay marrying, Muslims being relocated to Michigan, or abortion on demand are considered superior or higher status beliefs. The hilarious manufactured meme of #SwoleLeft was the elite on the Left realizing that their side was the side of weakness in an increasingly dangerous time.

Become the man everyone turns to in times of need

Embodying The Patriarch Concept

This all starts with you. Working on the qualities of a patriarch is your first task. Employment and having one’s finances in order is a must. How can one support a family or provide shelter as a patriarch, if one is a debt slave? Wealth grants status in our society, so achieving a comfortable level of living is desirable. Reactionary values from the classes of people that the Left derides on late night comedy is to be expected. To hear reactionary values from individuals from higher socioeconomic classes is jarring to the average person. It is a class rebellion.

Primacy is in the marketing of one’s messaging; physical packaging of the messenger matters for ideas. This means lifting weights and taking care of one’s appearance. In our degraded age, the molded bodybuilding aesthetic is a reaction against modernity. Training one’s body fills out the male form as it was intended and designed for: physical activity, manual work, fighting, etc. This is so antithetical to the progressive mindset that the mere sight of muscles is problematic. A male body with muscle is a body that is not taking the coward’s path or the modern path of least resistance. This matters in messaging. No one will listen to a doughy schlub calling for a return of male leadership or honoring and supporting male virtue.

Similar to developing physical strength, one must cultivate one’s mind. One does not need be a fully engaged researcher but a wise man eager to learn. The search for truth and wisdom of the ages. It is not simply reading old books, but absorbing and interpreting the knowledge, obvious and esoteric, within old books for practical application. This flows to another important trait to develop, namely that of good judgment.

As patriarchs will be granted authority, they will have to be good decision makers. This is not just for decisions made, but in decisions to delegate. This does not just involve being a learned or wise man. Patriarchs must be good judges of other men. Having a wide breadth of knowledge will make one a better decision maker and allow for quicker decisions. This will grant status within social circles. Someone who can be trusted is someone who can be granted powers, duties, and privilege. Intelligence is considered high status in our age, but the spread of credentialism has made people unsure who to trust. Demonstrating intelligence and wisdom can earn status as well as make you an anchor for others.

Gods valued not just victory but passion and thumos

The monastic life is not what we seek here, as patriarchs must be men of their community. To steal from the Greeks, patriarchs should not only cultivate wisdom but also cunning or crafty thought. Modern readers may know Athena as a goddess of wisdom, but this is not quite the truth. Athena was the goddess of cunning. Greeks hammered the point home by making Athena the goddess of craftwork. As the daughter of Metis, she inherited that crafty intelligence.

Channeling this concept, one should not just be book smart but street smart, that is, understanding human nature and all its permutations. Thinking fast on one’s feet is a goal to strive for, as it grants status as a man to have in a pinch or a friend in the foxhole. In the practical realm, having hobbies and skills that people can call upon or that one could share and pass on is key to becoming a patriarch. Odysseus was not simply smart, but crafty enough to outwit the Greek gods and mythical challenges on his way home. One becomes not just another man, but an indispensable man to the community.

A patriarch is not a stone-faced man in the home or in public. A leader can harness his emotions. As the West has more broken homes with boys being raised by women, these boys model behavior after what they see: the feminine approach to emotions. Whether raised with a father or not, men must learn to control their emotions and express them appropriately. The patriarch is the rock for his family, his männerbund, his community.

There is another trait from the Greeks that we could consider: thumos

Thumos was the idea of the passion or spirit in the blood. There could be debate about a warrior’s thumos. He may win or lose, but did he fight with thumos? Even in American history, one recognizes the behavior, the gallantry, and the spirit that Confederate soldiers fought with against poor odds. In our modern era, how many men float as if icebergs in the sea of society? The drive for life is sorely missing in the comatose, zombified, and atomized men we see walking our streets.

Build a reliable mannerbund

No Patriarch Exists Alone

Fostering and developing these traits builds one’s family. A man who strives for development and exudes these virtues will attract women. Not just women in general, but the type of women who seek male leadership and will value it in the home. Women want a man they not only respect, but that their social circle respects. A man calling for patriarchy who has a wife leading around by the nose is a false prophet. The community will instinctively recognize this and tune him out.

What this also speaks to is the need for refining rhetorical skills. Not everyone needs to be Al Pacino or Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, but being able to effectively communicate and persuade matters when exploring illiberalism and other ideas unwelcome in Modernity. Speaking confidently comes natural to some, but public speaking is a skill that can be developed. Consistent practice of even the smallest things can make one a more effective presence. Pacing, elegant use of hands, target engagement, and controlled, measured tones can all convey even the most ridiculous of messages in a method and manner that is high status.

To deny that rhetorical skill matters is to deny that we live in a society that overvalues verbal skills. Former President Barack Obama’s entire political career rests on that fact that he was a black politician who spoke so well. President Trump would not be in the Oval Office right now if not for his unique way to message to the masses. Simply yelling ‘cuck’ at people will not do. Darkly enlightened ideas such as patriarchy will pierce initial defenses if spoken in a confident, calm tone. Delivered from a frame molded by lifting and a mind refined by reading, one’s message will become much more persuasive.

It is also important to see these traits in others and reinforce their development. As part of the trait of good judgment, seeing these traits and encouraging their development creates a virtuous cycle. Debating the levels or even existence of agency is a pastime in our circles, so how important can the smallest of encouragements be for anyone attempting to walk the path that society mocks and derides? Simply picking up a barbell and caring about how one looks is a rebellion. Small compliments and story swapping will push a man to return to the gym, pick up a book, or pushback against the high priests of the nation.

Finding allies and seeing friends develop or even turning strangers into friends is important not just for them or you, but for your community. The age of irony is partially built on the fear of being vulnerable and sincere in enjoying something. People constantly fear the loss of status anywhere. While small circles, especially circles with the presence of progressives, may chide one another for seeking wisdom, reading old books or developing a skill, one can blaze a path to Restoration by simply approving another man’s small quest. Nudging an atomized male out of his dazed sleepwalk is a small step in forming a männerbund.

A man who exemplifies these virtues will be the type of man capable of building a männerbund or being useful to men who already have formed one. To build a männerbund involves having the wisdom to be an excellent judge of men. It also requires the ability to carefully cultivate a circle of men to strengthen a community and harden it against outside influence. At each infiltration of progressive ideas into a community, there was someone with the courage to open the front gate. A community that works together under male leadership will find a man with these traits useful. This is the type of community that will hear a man speak the truth and rather than object or cry out ‘hate!’ will approve.

From here, the goal of striving towards the Restoration and the return of kings is a logical extension. There can be no patriarchy without the king, and no king without the patriarchy to model. As one is a steward of one’s home, so will one be a steward of one’s civilization. Proper care and leadership within one’s home will demand proper care and leadership in one’s community and civilization.

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  1. The first step to being a patriarch is to respect other patriarchs. There is no such thing as rival patriarchs. Strength respects strength. The enemy of the White nationalist is not the Black nationalist. The enemy of both is the internationalist regardless of color. People in the alt-right would have had more in common with African populist / nationalist leaders like Idi Amin or Muammar Gaddafi than white internationalists like Hillary or Macron.

    1. I just got back from my vacation in one of the lower realms of Hades. It was one hell of a party and I particularly enjoyed Idi Amin and Hitler when they sang the duet “Ebony and Ivory,” it was truly moving…

      1. Did you say ‘herro’ to Tojo while singing ‘I Think I’m Turning Japanese’?

    2. There is no such thing as rival patriarchs.
      History may be at odds with your claim here, hoss.

      1. Rival patriarchs are healthy, nature and normal. There is nothing wrong with conflict. In fact, suppressing all conflict is inherently unhealthy and unproductive.

  2. The first step to being a patriarch is to not let others bait you into quarreling with other patriarchs. That is what happened in the WW1: the great monarchies clashed and the best of Europe were senselessly slaughtered.
    When they try to deceive to get patriarchs to fight and kill each other, a true patriarch must refuse.

    1. “The first step to being a patriarch is to not let others bait you into quarreling with other patriarchs”
      No it’s not

        1. WHACK! BIFF!! BAM!!!
          YOUR .45 IS NO MATCH FOR MY KNUCKLE DUSTER! Won’t be seein YOUR 90’s…

        2. price is going thru the roof bc the techies in Sillicon Valley are switching over to a healthier diet. I guess heart palpitations at 27 from drinking 6 red bull a day is no longer a thing out there

        3. Ive tried eggs and avocado, texture is weird to me…maybe it just needed some bacon

        4. yeah a little too much mush without the bacon. THe bacon adds the much needed crunch

        5. ugh….reason 873 I would hang myself if I was ever forced to step foot into the midwest

        6. Me in The Midwest: Can’t even get decent food – right after I got here, I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles and ketchup.

        7. Plenty of good food out here, all joking aside. But you’d actually have to come here to know it, it’s not like it’s advertised in other areas or anything.

        8. Quite.
          That’s why I prefer a Road Trip. The memories of excellent meals found in “unlikely” places far outshines the shitty ones.

        9. As My Man Carlin once said:
          “I watch it for the crashed – where else can you see a 35 car pile-up and not be IN it!?!?!

        10. Georgie had all kinds of ideas on hiw to improve nascar.

          Have one car drive in yhe opposite direction.

        11. Four avocados for $3.99 at Trader Joe’s. Amazing isn’t it, the avocado wars. Everyone is talking about the price of avocados. Reminds me when cauliflower went sky high.

        12. Maannnnn
          There used to be this thing where monster trucks raced around shooting each other with paintball guns.

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    1. my grandmother still uses “nip” and it is one of my favorites! My grandmother is a simple woman. Her version of world history is great.
      The cause of world war II was the japs wanting to kill my grandfather. Everything else was mere diversion.

      1. great moogly googly. How can your grandmother still be alive??? Aren’t you yourself in your mid to late 40s???
        My maternal grandmother died before I was born and my paternal grandmother died when I was 14…

        1. she will be 98 this year. Other than two unnatural deaths I have never been to a family funeral on either side for anyone under 90. Frankly it is fucking depressing. I simply do not have another 60 years left in the tank. What is worse is she is witty, eats like a college kid and drinks way too much

        2. Interesting. The men on both sides of my family seem to live in to their 90s but the women seem to die much younger.

        3. yeah it is crazy sauce over here….everyone lives forever. I talk to my sister about it and we have made a pack to kill each other around 85

        4. wasn’t this the guy where everyone was wearing white sneakers or some shit?

        5. Yes, the crime scene photos show bodies with the Nike sneakers sticking out. Someone has captioned it “Just did it”

        6. yeah it is crazy sauce over here….everyone lives forever. I talk to my sister about it and we have made a pack to kill each other around 85

          I didn’t know that you played Magic The Gathering. Weird.

        7. “she is witty, eats like a college kid and drinks way too much” Well that explains why she’s pushing 100 Kneeman, lol! I read a thing one time where they were interviewing this Ukrainian woman who was on the north side of 120. When they asked her what the secret of her longevity was, say said she still washed her clothes by hand and hung them out, still gardened, drank a pint of Vodka and smoked a pack of Russian cigarettes every day. You just have to know how to take care of your body, lol!. 😉

        8. Yeah. I remember joking with a buddy at the time that we should start our own web development company. Our motto would be “We promise to deliver a high quality website to you BEFORE we commit mass suicide!”

        9. minus the smoking you aren’t far off. Two years ago her arm was in a sling on Christmas eve from falling while cleaning out the fucking gutters.

        10. thats amazing, its almost like our masters have been trying to kill us off over the past few decades

        11. ya know colonoscopies kill a few thousand people a year? Perforated intestines by the scope. These tests are jokes

        12. For real? Do you have more information on this that you can link to?

        13. yeah, its like getting 100 chest X rays at once. Dont remember if that is worse, or the CT scan. Either way, MRIs are the safest

        14. Patient: Doctor, what should I do?
          Doctor: Take two of these and call me in the morning if the pills don’t kill ya.

        15. Ya know what’s funny Boothe…there is a room in my grandmother’s house that we lovingly refer to as “The Jesus Room”
          It is a small bedroom that is used for storage most of the time and usually provides a place to sleep for one person on a single bed on Christmas eve when there are a lot of people and every bed is necessary.
          The reason we call this room the Jesus room is because there are more freaking statues, pictures and other likenesses of Christ in that room than their really ought to be. It is like after a century of being an old lady you just wind up with hundreds of these fucking things. The thing is, not sure if you know what the catholic Jesus statues look like, but they aren’t the serene, calm, loving jesus of many protestant sects…..jesus is bleeding and in agony in many of these freaking things. Over the bed their is a huge crucifix with a Christ that looks so life like in its agony it is fucking depressing.
          I am not 100% sure, but between smiling at the bleeding christs, reading the obituaries of the local paper and laughing everytime someone hurts themselves I feel that her longevity and retention of her faculties has a lot to do with spite and shaddenfreude

        16. I read the avg age of death for american doctors is 56! Not sure if its true tho

        17. Nah, it is 73.
          Doctor Demento is already 76 so he has beat the curve

        18. Black Nike sneakers. It was a cult that partook of castration and believed there was a spaceship behind the Hale-Bopp Comet that passed the Earth in 1997 that would beam them up or some such. I remember it vividly and even as a teenager thinking ‘What a pack of fucking retards’.

        19. They die young. With a high rate of suicide…I’m sure a lot of that has to do with eventually figuring out they are serial killers in white lab coats.

        20. Each year over 14 million Americans are getting screened for
          colon cancer. Of these, according to the report “Complications of
          Colonoscopy in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System” by the Annals
          of Internal Medicine, an estimated 70,000 (0.5%) may be killed or injured
          by colonoscopy-related complications [link]. This figure is higher than the
          total number of annual deaths from colon cancer itself, 22% higher.

        21. It’s all about thinning the herd with these guys, so I’m not surprised. I was in line at a grocery store a few years back with an old black woman who was 95. She was totally upright, lucid, energetic as all get-out. The cashier asked her what her secret was. She said she stayed away from doctors, because at about the age of 50, she realized they were killing her. For example she had fourth-stage diabetes (or whatever they call it). Incurable, they said. She sought advice outside the box, stopped eating processed wheat and sugar, and her incurable diabetes magically disappeared. They had her on a slew of medications and she felt like she was slowly dying…then she woke up.

        22. Heck, women sometimes die from fucking themselves with vegetables (or other objects). Cut the walls of the vagina, or perforate a bowel, or nick an artery near their colon if they are using the back door. Doctors ramming a big-ass scope up my ass? Not gonna happen. Common sense is not common…

        23. yep, soft population control, thats why they are promoting the hell outta all this homo and tranny stuff….I always knew microwave ovens were bad, but I still used one. I watched a time-lapsed video, one plant watered with tap, one with nuked water. The latter plant died in a week. Its interesting to note the evil Soviets did not allow microwave ovens in their country when they first debuted on the market in the 1970s

        24. Don’t get me started on Smart Meters…I hear ya loud and clear. People are trusting and gullible as fuck.

        25. Right on Bob. We had a good friend who was 88 when she passed away. She was in otherwise perfect health, got out to open a gate (checking her cattle), an aneurism burst and she died instantly doing what she loved. She was a retired physician and told us to “Stay away from doctors, they’ll kill you!” She wasn’t on any prescription meds, only took vitamins and a couple of herbal supplements. I’ve done my level best to follow her advice. Back in ’12 my blood pressure went through the roof (I mean to the ER stat). The Dr. immediately told me I needed be on blood pressure meds and to cut out all salt. I told him give me two weeks. I did my own research, cut out all sugars and simple carbs. Within two weeks my BP was <120 / 80. The Dr. listened to what I did, looked at my daily logs and said “This isn’t possible, but I can’t argue with these results.” My thoughts were if it “isn’t possible” then how did I do it? I fired him on the spot, went home and other than a hernia repair (so I could get back to serious weightlifting) haven’t looked back. At nearly 58, everyone thinks I’m in my early 40s, so I must be doing something right, lol! And it sure as hell doesn’t involve doctors.

        26. Preach it, brother. There are so many similar stories to yours, involving doctors being at a loss for words when their patients go full-on mercenary and think outside the box and cure themselves. Doctors are among the most malleable human beings in the world, because they are given that huge ego along with their M.D. designation.
          I once had a “Doctor to the Stars” (he was Mick Jagger’s Eye/Ear/Nose/Throat guy) tell me, after I told him I had experienced a near-fatal reaction to a drug he prescribed me, due to what I thought was an allergic reaction, “Well, Bob, you could be allergic to carrots but we aren’t going to know that for sure until you eat enough carrots – finish that bottle of pills I gave you.” I laughed hysterically, walked out, and haven’t seen a doctor since, and that was 27-plus years ago…

        27. an elderly relative of mine around that age was also like that with doctors, staying away, also remain sceptical about some things they come up with

        28. I think those plastic microwave cookware things are probably bad. Never use those again..

        29. True story.
          One dumb broad put a live lobster up her snatch.
          She burned the head so the tail would go crazy inside her.
          Then it laid eggs in her.
          A little later she realized, and died from a heart attack.

        30. I wonder what is worse… the things women put in their snatches or the things gay dudes put in their asses…

        31. I would wager it’s pretty much the same kind of stuff…women and gay men are equally twisted.

        32. name dropping is bad but not as bad as LNDS or Location Name Dropping Syndrome. You know that friend that went to Europe for a month and came back with a completely new dialect. They’d try to make sure you saw them ordering baked beans for breakfast and do their best to mention your apartment so they can call it a “flat.” If you give them a chance to talk, they’ll relate any event or detail to the country they visited no mater how boring or unmentionable it is. F’rinstance: they will interrupt you at a cocktail party to say “these olives are dark green. when I was in France the olives were a much different color. I remember I ate an olive when I was riding the lift over there”

        33. juice which comes in plastic containers is even worse for you than water in bottles- the acidity of the juice allows even more BPA to leech out of the plastic

        34. Actually it is *awful* to use those in a microwave. Might as well be doing direct daily injections of AIDS into your bloodstream. Always use ceramics or glass, no exceptions.

        35. I think dentists have the highest suicide rate of any other profession. Maybe not now, but I know they did for a long time. I always thought that was strange.

        36. I read something about that, too. Doctors and dentists. “Healthcare providers.” Suicidal. Something is not as it seems…

        37. ugh! during the last big soccer tournament (not sure if it was the world cup, euro or champions league but probably world cup) I over heard more idiots talking about how into “football” they were.

        38. I’ve read that professional painters are more likely to become alcoholics or drug addicts because they inhale so much of the paint fumes.
          I’ve also read that dentists tend to partake of their own supplies of nitrous oxide to a significant degree. Maybe sniffing all that laughing gas makes them crazy.

        39. Could be…maybe it has something to do with being around all that decay and rot…I wouldn’t want to stare in people’s mouths all day. That would be like having your face duct-taped to a rhino’s ass.

  4. It starts with yourself. Grow up and be a man.
    Then it is your family. Be the patriarch of your home if nothing else.
    Then it is your local neighborhood. Know them (not in a biblical sense) be an example of those around you.
    Then it is your community as a whole. Volunteer, get involved.
    Then it is your nation, keep informed and vote.
    All steps are necessary, yourself being most critical.

    1. “Then it is your local neighborhood. Know them (not in a biblical sense) be an example of those around you.”
      AHHHHHHH So that’s what I was doing wrong…..

  5. The words “virtuous cycle” and Patrick Bateman don’t belong in the same article.

  6. Thank you man. Great article. In a time where most ROK articles do nothing but complain about women, the elites, races, etc it’s good to see an article that tells men to step up and build of crew of men who stepped up as well. The only way anything is going to change is if we first change ourselves then draw people with similar qualities together.

    1. True, when I first got to this site it was all game and self improvement. Guys like Christian McQeen were trying to help young men be better with women. Now this is an alt right political circle jerk. I still enjoy most of the content but self improvement is the main pillar of the manosphere, not hate and contempt.

      1. I completely agree. IMO these guys are beating s dead horse now. Pretty much everyone on this site agrees that feminism sucks, liberalism sucks , modern western women are loose, and that society cares little for men. But man it is starting get annoying being constantly reminded that. I think we get it by now and there isn’t much more you can say about the topic. Any newcomer to the site can look in the archives for info on this stuff. I think most of these guys are stuck in the red pill rage stage and haven’t moved on which is why most of these articles do nothing but complain.

        1. Exactly, the goal of this site should be to advise men how to get the most out of our current social climate. For attractive men that means enjoying the company and bodies of women without being exploited and used; making a living without becoming a wage slave; breaking free from being a mindless consumer of junk food and Chinese gadgets. Roosh wrote the neomasculinity manifesto and most articles should center around those points.

      2. That’s jerkle cirk to you. Maybe it will shift back as it gets further from the us/eu elections. Would be great to see a return of the ‘escape your crap job’ motif. Something like “tips/pitfalls to small business,” hell even a boring “how to survive tax season and get deductions” would be ok. Hmm…I have some free time coming up. Maybe I’ll try my hand.

  7. I think being led is something that’s hard to swallow if you are a red-pill guy…it kind of defeats the whole purpose of waking up, doesn’t it. If guys are awake, it seems natural that they would be able to lead themselves. Being led by someone else smacks of the same crap from which we are trying to break free. Trump pulled a 180, for example, and we were advised to follow his lead. If you’re awake you don’t need a leader, because you will see the truth. And it will set you free. I’m not big into modern Christianity (more flock leaders there), but the Bible has some serious truths in it. Other than that, I like long walks on the beach, quiet fireside chats, intimate dinners by candlelight, and girls who can mold clay figurines with their vagina muscles. Call me, bitch. And don’t forget to bring your twin sister..

    1. I think that there’s nothing wrong with being led IF you take a masculine perspective on it. What I mean is, when we follow somebody else’s lead, we don’t do so out of a fawning “fanboi” type of thing, but rather, we recognize that the person leading has skills and abilities and connections/networking that we do not, so we defer to him in the areas where he has expertise. He’s still an equal in a way, in that we don’t grovel around at his feet, but we do come to him for what we ourselves cannot do. Situational leadership in a way, because he could come to us at a time when we demonstrate greater skills in another area of life than he has. I guess, in sum, meritocracy.

      1. Agreed. But a stop-watch should be put on any leader’s ass, as charisma and character are two different things. I don’t mind being led, but, back to the Trump issue – once a guy’s true character evidences itself and you realize he’s a stooge, it’s time to pull the leader down and find somebody else to lead the pack with a torch. And the stop-watch goes on his ass, too. Rinse and repeat.

        1. Absolutely. I was talking more outside the context of politics than inside, but yes, agreed.

    2. Lovely. Personally I like them when they’re tight enough to open a bottle of Maker’s Mark but it takes true dexterity to sculpt with one’s vajine.

      1. Oh yes indeed. Being able to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch helps as well…she gets more points for that.

        1. I’ve never gotten the appeal of sucking the chrome off of a trailer hitch. In what context would that ever be a useful skill?
          Now suck starting a Harley, on the other hand, has some real utilitarian value.

        2. Kids used to suck tokens out of the fare turnstiles in the subway once upon a time.
          @lolknee:disqus can no doubt confirm this.

  8. A timely article that isn’t a 5 point “Learn how to eat celery!” or a bitch fest blaming others in the world for our own problems. A breath of fresh air, fantastic!

    1. At the risk of doing a Pabst “reply to my own post” thing, something just occurred to me. I’ve been really puzzled by the sudden drive to remove all Confederate monuments and historical markers and flags from the public square. I know that the Left seethes absolute hatred at the South, but it is only recently that they’ve become able to apparently convince enough people to topple those monuments, and I’ve wondered why. This article gave me an insight as to the motive; a lack of thumos. They are so divorced from our historical warrior ethic that they no longer even have the ability to recognize and respect the great warriors that we fought long ago. It simply does not exist in many people any longer, so they revert to the feminine “destroy everything that isn’t me me me me me me!” That is exactly what is at play here. Some of us can look at great warriors like Lee, or Rommel or Hannibal and see that while they fought against our nations/culture, that they were still honorable men who showed amazing skill and valor. These leftists….they are utterly blind and devoid of any notion of honor. This is the reason.

      1. My Bonnie lies over the ocean
        My Bonnie lies over the sea
        My Bonnie’s a poisonous potion
        She’s lied since the time she was three…

      2. I am up in the air on this one…haven’t really made up my mind. On the one hand, what you say isn’t wrong. On the other, fuck the losers….the south is lucky we didn’t salt the earth. I am usually fine with beheading the statues of gods and heros once you conquer a peoples.

        1. Not quite my point. This isn’t a group of New Yawkers going down to Georgia, this is the people in Georgia who have utterly lost their honor and apparently identity. The Civil War is a bit of an anomaly because we’re not talking about some foreign nation, we’re talking about other Americans who still live there, as it happens.

        2. Hmmm, even more confused about the people of Georgia. I have no problem with a ban on confederate flags and headless statutes of Lee desecrated and covered in spray paint so long as it is done by the winners…not sure otherwise. I get that the civil war is a bit of a different animal for the reason you say, but when you lose a war your ideology and heros needs to be shamed….that is standard practice for a reason

        3. I’m saying that many people have utterly lost the ability to recognize greatness in others, if those others at one point opposed us. It’s kind of like dealing with women, when she loves you you can do no wrong, when she hates you you can do no right. An absolutist type of “with me or against me!” mentality, writ large.
          I first encountered this about ten years ago when I brought up Rommel in a positive context regarding his skill in armor tactics and strategy, and the honorable way that he accorded himself in his personal life. There wasn’t even hesitation, I was immediately screamed at with feminine “rage” and called a Nazi. I mean, what the fuck? If I observe that Genghis Khan was an amazing warrior, does that make me part of the Mongol Hordes?
          With the Civil War we’re coming to the point where I expect grave desecration of normal foot soldiers whom, I’m betting, had no ideological attachment at all to slavery but were compelled to fight out of necessity. By the Southerners themselves, literally desecrating the graves of their own actual genetic grandfathers. It’s coming, I can just feel it. And that would be highly shameful.

        4. seems strange it is the southerns themselves. Is this some kind of wide spread practice or is it like 4 dickheads in a garage with a copy of the communist manifesto and some interracial pr0n?
          I ask because a lot of times I head “x-ers are all about this” when in reality it is an exceptionally small bordering statistically insignificant amount of people who are just loud and stupid enough to get the attention of the media (i.e., Columbia University Mattress Girls and her ilk) and due to this it is kind of unfair to paint a people (in this case “people of Georgia”) with the brush when really the number of people who expose this kind of idea can be painted with one of those needles that the mountain chinks over in Tibet paint rice with

        5. These are not illegal trashings, they are literally sanctioned meaning that a whole lot of people had to get together to approve it, so it’s not some yahoo kids with an axe to grind and too much time on their hands. The next time I see an article about the next one I’ll flag you to it.

        6. Aristotle’s quote about the truly educated mind being able to accept someone holding a position that does not necessarily align with one’s own is lost on them.

        7. Aristotle’s quote was that an educated mind can entertain a thought without agreeing with it. However, this was taken from a letter Aristotle wrote which has been debunked as actually being from him. Not that it is a bad sentiment, just bringing a bit of the old philo prof today

        8. Kind of like how people talk about Socrates as if he were a real person, when instead I’ve heard it speculated rather frequently that he was a literary device of Plato and not an actual living breathing human being. I don’t know how much validity there is to that claim, but I’ve heard it an awful lot from people who have your pedigree.

        9. I am similarly undecided on this issue.
          Sure, it was an insurrection that needed to be put down, but the Confederacy was still fighting for (what they considered to be) this country.
          And regarding salting, beheading etc. I think there is a strict statute of limitations on these activities. If Things Confederate were to be purged and outlawed it should have happened in 1865.

        10. Actually it’s about 50% true. Socrates was a real dude. That said, at some point in his career, experts will argue exactly when, Plato did start using him as a literary device.
          The fact that Socrates lived, the manner of his life and death, his vocation and avocation as well as his general attitude is not in doubt by anyone. That said, dialogues like “The Laws” have literally no relation to anything he might have done, said or thought.

        11. I had a hamster named Socrates. Kind brings this whole thing back to the beginning nicely, eh?

        12. Ok but I still think that next thanksgiving we need to mass slaughter all the Indians and get that job done with

        13. i’d poke her hontus…..that is until she started in what that moron slow talking

        14. There, that captures some of what I’m bothered about. Purging it out while the city is on fire, ok, no problem, makes sense. Coming back 150 years later in some kind of mindless zombie zeal and it reeks of something entirely different than a sound battle tactic.

        15. Injun chicks can be cute, but they age horribly, just like Mexican women who are, by and large, mostly Injun as well.

        16. Thats not PC these days, preferred nomenclature is Casino or Convenience Store Indian

        17. Maybe that’s what they were saying, I really don’t know. I do think that a lot of his dialogue is wooden compared to Plato and Aristotle, so I entertained that they might be onto something in thinking he was a literary device.

        18. There is no writing of S and the bulk of it is Plato. Aristotle is an assclown through and through. Plato was a decent writer but had some severe lackings…but as to the authenticity of Socrates as man the early dialogues like Euthyphro, Crito and especially the apology are taken as generally accurate, if not somewhat stylized, accounts of his life. The second period with works like the symposium, protagoroas, the republic, phaedo and a few others are probably the most important for plato but start to give off the Socrates feeling rather than depictions of actual events and conversations. After that you get stuff like the statesman, the laws, the sophist, timeas and those are pretty much Plato’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Dialogue….totally removed from anything good, read only because he wrote them and generally kind of crappy. It is here that it is generally understood that there is nothing of Socrates in the writing at all.

        19. the real question that that song brings forward, the way that who You’re So Vain is written about or who the real slim shady is, is whether it is the bikini or the polka dots that are yellow.

        20. “we better just get back to our work.”
          now THAT is dangerous thinking.

        21. And the thing is the South was fighting for what they believed was the true America. As we know the vast majority of Southerners were not slaveholders. They were fighting against the same encroachment of the British Empire in 1776, taxation without representation. The North was using political power to undercut the South’s way of producing income and thus make them dependent on the North.
          I honestly believe, after recently reading the biography of Alexander Hamilton, that the North was trying to wrestle power from the South, Virginia in particular. Virginia had an outsized influence on early American politics and if you notice where most of the South’s generals came from you’ll see my point.
          There was already plenty of destruction right after the war anyway. Look at “Reconstruction”

      3. Monuments to men who were better and more virtious than they will ever be. And they know it.
        I would surmize it ties in with leftist’s habit of airbrushing history (eg. Mao). There was an article many years ago about the Smithsonian having a rabid “blame America for dropping atomic bombs” screed next to the Enola Gay. Veterans groups got involved to have it removed.
        The lying never stops with this crowd and the narrative is all that matters to them.

        1. A naval ship was recently renamed the USS (Harvey) Milk…the mind boggles

        2. man they shoulda run for office in NYC- totally woulda won. Woulda have to stayed in character of course- those press conferences woulda been surreal

        3. What would have been really interesting would have been the sign language interpreters

      4. “destroy everything that isn’t me …”
        You talking about ISIS or the American left?

        1. Given as they are more or less openly allied, why not both?

        2. Mutually interchangeable-they’re as demented and murderous as the other and believe some really messed-up shit.

        1. Well if that’s the case, then we need to destroy the U.S. flag as well, because as it turns out, slavery was sanctioned, approved and occurred under *THAT* flag.

        2. Indeed-the Confederacy lasted all of 4 years give or take and supposedly they’re the only ones who partook of such? It’s ridiculous. Besides, how long are the Left and their retarded hordes going to keep banging on about that? As far as I am concerned modern white people shouldn’t apologise for shit.

        3. Pretty ironic. The leftists buy all manner of merchandise that is effectively created by slavery. Sweat-shop labor. These guys are not exactly mental giants, are they.

        4. You can accuse them of a lot of things but intelligent is surely a stretch even on their best day.
          They loathe corporations yet somehow inexplicably Twatter, Facespace, Instaham, use Apple computers and wear Yeezy shoes. Bunch of hypocritical buffoonish spastics.

        5. Malleable robots. That’s what they are. Programmed from the outside without knowing it…

        6. Clueless. Dangerous. Obsequious.
          They have CDO, I wonder if there’s a pill for that – probably not. Because it would be the red pill. And they don’t distribute that one.

        7. Well, Target got well and truly corn-holed by pushing that transtesticle crap-and I for one would support any business with a conservative bent in a heartbeat; if I were in the US Chick-Fil-A would be seeing my patronage for example.

        8. If there was you can be assured they’d want to anally ingest it being the sickos they are.

        9. And too stupid to realise it-in their hubris and protestations of intelligence it happens they’re the most idiotic of all.

        10. We should get it over with and give them the Canadian Northwest Territories and ship ’em all up there. They can hobnob with the geese and caribou and the wolves and dance around like fags and expire from hypothermia…fine with me.

        11. I was going to say throw them into a giant meat grinder (which would be absolutely hilarious) but then I commend your dedication to Mother Nature and being eco-friendly. Circle of Life and all that.

        12. The Left is highly tribal in nature. They need their Goldstein to focus their five minute hate on, every day, or they lose direction and focus.

        13. how anyone can not shop in a place that has the exact same item for less money because of reasons…whether left or right reasons…is so beyond me.

        14. How anybody can shop in a place where the merchandise is by and large cheap crap, is beyond me. I’ve never understood buying based on price over quality. If it’s something quick, like you need a flyswatter for the picnic, ok, Walmart or whatever. But major purchases or purposes for long use, should always be the highest quality you can afford imo.
          Which basically takes me out of the WalMart/Target category for almost everything except fly swatters and cheap ammo.

        15. Better than a flyswatter though, is an electrified racket that resembles a racquetball racket. Hit the fly and “bzzzzzzerp!* it’s cinders. I have one. I can never go back to analog fly swatters.

        16. Ever whack yourself with it? 2kV. Lay you out flat in half a second. Try it on your knee if you are feeling masochistic, and do not have a heart condition.

        17. $65.00????!!!?!??!? Hoooo-leeeee-fuck! I need to start cranking these out and selling them for $55.00 and undercut him in that market!

        18. Walmart would sell them for $.55 and have slaves in china churning them out. THAT’s good business!

        19. I am the kind of person who does not need to touch the stove to see if it’s hot when somebody tells me not to touch it because it’s hot.

        20. And the leftists wouldn’t utter a peep about the injustice…because it wasn’t on TV.

        21. Well leftists are picky regarding their utter lack of discernment, and when exactly to demonstrate it. I find them fascinating in a weird way, like retarded children and rap songs with three notes and train wrecks.

        22. agreed everywhere. However, if I am going to buy, let’s say, a 16 piece Tupperware Brand plastic food storage set and at one place it is 30 dollars and at another place just as convenient it is 20 I don’t care if the place that is cheaper supports faggots or Nazis or Nazi faggots…As for Walmart, they sell car Tires. If I can buy the same make and model tire at Walmart for half the price of buying it at, say, autozone, and I go to autozone because of politics then I deserve to be anally raped by a bear with aids

        23. if you are feeling masochistic
          Okay, so it’s not for everyone. Try it on your kids, instead.

      5. It’s sickening. Seeing how they capitulate like that and the whole fiasco over the Confederate Flag a little while ago was beyond the pale. I’m not from the US but the more I sit and reflect the more I hate the fucking Yankees and all the Coastal weirdos-something sick is going on there or the mind-virus afflicting such is on another level.

    1. I don’t think you need to go to a museum to see a slut. They exist, even in this day and age.

  9. Without a technological collapse there will be no return of patriarchy and proper masculinity.
    You can not talk yourself into being a patriarch, it does not work that way.

        1. Obviously. The article wasn’t about “talking ourselves into” it was “Here are the steps necessary”.

        2. No steps will do in the current social and technological frame. Let’s be realistic about it.
          You can not talk yourself into being a patriarch, when the time requires it, the patriarchs will re-appear.
          As for now, no patriarchs are needed nor even possible.

        3. I would disagree with that. The state we now are in is what is unnatural. Our entire childhood is inundated with a matriarchal line of thought. School, media, political correctness run amuck, feminism is applauded, patriarchy is deemed as misogynistic. Most people do not see it, the few that do are lambasted. No wonder there are as many blue pilled betas out there.
          What is natural has been suppressed, but it still is natural.

        4. Well, unfortunately our current “non-apocalyptic” state is just all we got!
          Try to work with it!

        5. Well I agree with you but it does not mean that men will embrace patriarchy because they might be oppressed. Let alone men today can not pull it off anyway.
          Patriarchy is only needed and possible when women fully depend on men.

        6. I agree with GTO (same initials as Great Teacher Onizuka??)
          How often does an unemployed person talk themselves into being employed? Same for western men.

        7. Please, get over yourself. If you’re here to be Mr. Demotivational Meme, you won’t get far.

        8. Because nobody ever goes out and starts their own business.

        9. Most start-up businesses fold due to failing to realize that there is no demand (or too much competition) for their services/goods.

        10. Just saying, that your only value here seems to be to demotivate. That’s all you do. “It’s hopeless” most of the time, along with soft pedaling a Leftist viewpoint. When somebody starts doing that, well, given as my days of even caring if you people exist or die are far over, then I will mock you.
          We can be the change we wish to see in society, and over time, society will mold around what we’re building. It’s how every single political and philosophical view that has been accepted on a large scale occurs. That you can only see “total destruction or join the feminists” as options shows a very limited range of strategic and logical thinking.

        11. I’d lean toward most start-up businesses folding because people give up. Nothing beats single-mindedness…

        12. Yes, we can be the change but let’s be realistic about it or at least terminologically correct.

        13. And when each man becomes that change, and passes on the message, more men also work to become that change. As more do so, a critical threshold is eventually reached where society itself has changed to serve the prevailing cultural ethos.
          This “destruction or Leftism!” thing is myopic. It is intellectual ADHD. We should work for posterity, and encourage others to do so, and then the world we wish to see will emerge. Demanding instant results and snarling “I quit” when you don’t get what you want immediately is churlish.

        14. Exactly. Single-mindedness doesn’t need anything but persistence until the objective has been achieved. And it might take altering your tactics, but…what a rush when you hit the goal. Pretty soon it snowballs and you realize you control your own destiny. Sylvester Stallone, who I don’t particularly admire, offered this quote: “You have to grab life by the throat before it grabs your neck and breaks it.” It’s kinda like that…

        15. Yep yep. One of the biggest detrimental effects of atomism, and there are many, is that it has wholly stripped the bulk of society of the notion of posterity and working forward to help build a better world for your children and future countrymen.

        16. Atomism. A guy should get off the computer and go on a road trip…and find himself. Speaking of which when are you gonna get that bike of yours on the highway and head west.

        17. Exactly. I’m still of the mind that his purpose here is to work strictly as a demotivator. I’ve seen nothing yet to convince me otherwise.

        18. In fact, I’m driving (car) out to the West in late August through early September. The itinerary is SD, WY, ID, MO, ND and then back down through MN until we get to Illinois and then heading east. Not really the south West though.

        19. Could be. I’m kind of impermeable when it comes to that kind of thing, but others aren’t. So it’s thoughtful of you to raise that red flag…I think a lot of people don’t even know what their true motivation is. Especially in comments sections on the Internet…

        20. One of these days, my friend. Good on you for taking a long trip. We gotta get the band back together.

        21. You take yourself too seriously and talk too much … for a man. Shall I then based on that speculate that you’re a woman?
          Are you?
          p.s. that picture is too gay if you don’t mind me saying so.

        22. It’s the first vacation since the kids where it’s just me and the wife. We were either going to Iceland, or doing this trip. For whatever reason, I went with this trip first, but Iceland is on my Must See list, as in “soon”. There’s about a 90% chance that I’ll be taking a ride with my dad down the length of Route 66 at some point in the near future, just to see what that’s all about as well.

        23. That dude being shot was a great thing. Once the history of it becomes known, it changes that entire picture from one of “OMG! The cruelty” to “Fuck yeah, little bitch deserved it”

        24. Yeah, Clark Gable, total fag. Right.
          Actually I just dislike demotivating leftists coming here to snark and try and counter the philosophies put forth in the manosphere.
          I actually don’t talk much at all in real life, however, I am quite prolific with writing. Or are you calling the male authors in the world, who “talk too much”, females?
          In any event, I can see that I struck a nerve. My suspicions are confirmed.

        25. Start construction about the same time we take off for vacation actually. We have the plans finalized and the building loan is being arranged. Hope to have it done by new years.

        26. Very inspirational my man. Bet you’ll really dig it when it’s done and you get away from the masses underneath all that unobscured starlight…bravo.

        27. And here we go, she fires her cheap manipulative tactics again.
          My suspicions are confirmed. haha

        28. What amuses me is that quite a few here have seen me in real life, so you’re basically making a fool of yourself in order to be snarky. Because ultimately you know that I accurately called you out for your real mission here.

        29. A willy between your legs does not necessarily make you a man.
          You talk too much, you’re argumentative (you started this), you boast about yourself and your best buddy is a NY metrosexual.
          Need I say more?
          No. I’m done here.

        30. Whine a little more whydoncha?
          Dude, you’ve been served. Heh

        31. Absolutely GOJ. A couple of decades ago Constitutional Carry was virtually unthinkable in the places where it is a reality now. We had both the leftist naysayers and the hard core “all or nothing” Constitutionalists telling us we were doomed, we’d never get it done. Now more and more states are getting on board and there’s a real possibility that CCW permits will be treated like drivers’ licenses across the country very soon. We may even eventually shove Constitutional Carry up the left wingers’ keisters through their vaunted “supremacy clause.” How did we accomplish this? Incremental persistence, solidarity of purpose and educating our peers. We can do the same thing with men’s rights and patriarchy in a similar fashion. I have no time for naysaying defeatist girly men. Let them go their own way or turn gay; no skin off my back. They’ll find out soon enough what a tireless minority can accomplish.

  10. As time goes by and I read more about the current changes in society, and the advancement of technology, and related topics, I become more and more convinced that Warhammer 40,000 is probably the most accurate prediction of the future that we have seen to date.
    I’m not saying Trump is the God-Emperor (although I love that meme), but reading all the fluff about the history of Terra and how it eventually turned into the Imperium — essentially a global if not galactic patriarchy (at least in the 30k timeframe) — is really interesting. I think its going to turn out to be pretty damn true.
    Not all the psykers and aliens shit, but the political developments, the rise and fall of nations and clans, the wars, the AI revolutions, the merging of man and machine, the expansion out into the solar system and then the universe. Even the so-called Chaos Gods can be seen as really metaphors for baser human instincts (Slaneesh – perversion, Khorne – psychopathy) in how they will shape the future.
    Apropos of nothing. Just sharing. Don’t judge me.

    1. I’m way less detail oriented on this topic. To me, the world was once great, until it took an arrow to the knee.

  11. A patriarch must not only be a husband and father of an intact family, he must preside over the next generation as well. Patriarchs of the past have influence over 2 or 3 generations of his spawn. Maybe that’s why Mormons do this so well. He at least have custody of his children and ensure his kids are properly married off at a young age.
    Men must be very picky with his first wife. Otherwise, his misstep means he’ll have to restart if his first marriage fails. Try to have 4 kids or more. I know that’s hard, but the more the merrier.

  12. Times have changed. Why would I want to be saddled down with 6 kids and a dependent wench?

        1. I was conversing with lolknee about this awhile back. Yes, there are things that I miss out on having a wife and six kids. (no threesomes, vacations more difficult, etc.), but there are things he will miss out as well (no family life, no joy of raising a son, no home cooked meals waiting) It is just what path you choose, for good or bad. Make your choice and live with it.

      1. Right? It is a division of labor, not Peg Bundy sitting on her ass doing nothing while you work all day. A woman’s proper role as mother and home caretaker is quite valuable when properly utilized.

        1. That’s fine, I’ll take Kelly. It’s a win win.

        2. Oh please. She was a smoke show in her day. But yes, I know, I know….jeans.

        3. the hottest girls on that show were actually the one time actresses that bud used to fuck when he got lucky

        4. Or Jefferson, if you’re, you know, into that kind of thing.

        5. That’s actually true. And the girl who was from France, sweet baby carrots, she was amazing.

        6. in her day I was a raging hormone who would have, and most likely did, fuck every sock in my drawer. Looking at her now (me now, picture of her then…obviously her now is a disaster) she really wasn’t very special….7 tops and MAYBE an 8 if she wasn’t dressed like a homeless woman

        7. yes the French chick!
          On the off shot where bud lucked out into getting laid it was always a super hot one but yes, that French girl might have been the hottest on the show.

        8. On Howard Stern they were discussing how you knew if a show had jumped the shark when he was put on the cast. Heh. And it’s true!

        9. There is no such thing as a “proper role” for a woman. That is a made up philosophy. Many ancient civilisations such as the Celts had female warriors and tribal leaders who looked down on the domesticated women of Rome. Quite frankly I don’t want to be with some woman who has nothing else to talk about other than how many chores she did today.

        10. Sounds to me like somebody with no real relationship experience, or who has gotten burned by improperly handling a relationship. No offense, I don’t know you, but that’s what it comes across as. Jim has lots of kids and a wife in tow and he’s got a great setup going on. There are other family men here too who have done quite well in this situation.
          Now if *you* choose not to do it, that’s fine, no problem. But making universal claims of it applying outside of your experience doesn’t fly.

        11. The author of this article is such a twat though:
          “Ted’s time on Married with Children was another six years. While some “Married with Children” purists will argue that Ted’s appearance on the show killed the program, this pop culture addict actually blames the creation and spotlight on Al’s men’s club “No Ma’am”.
          First of all….faggot. Second of all, we all know that Married With Children was brought down by Bud’s alter ego Grandmaster B

        12. I don’t sound like anything. You have chosen to employ a passive aggressive ad hom attack because I exposed your lazy mentality towards women.
          I don’t know how much relationship experience you have had where a woman is happy being told that her proper role is in the kitchen. Not much I am willing to wager, at least since the 1980s anyhow.

        13. I think that it’s assumed that entertainment writers are faggots right out of the gate.
          I peg its slide into obscurity to the new kid they brought on once Bud and Kelly basically grew up too much for “with Children” to apply any longer.

        14. Yeah, only 25+ years of marriage, what do I know?

        15. You are right about that aspect of the slide, but also–the show ran for 10 seasons….slide? It was over.

        16. The phrase “jump the shark” basically means they just start having the characters do all kinds of crazy, far-fetched, outlandish things just to grab attention.
          That was essentially the entire plot of Married with Children. It was literally impossible for Married with Children to “jump the shark.”

        17. That’s one relationship which presumably began in the 1980s. Try telling a modern woman that her proper role is in the home and see what happens.

        18. You don’t tell her that her proper role is in the kitchen, you guide her, and give her responsibility in the home. Let her come to that conclusion on her own.

        19. I know a couple who are 30 and under who have no issue with it.
          You’re extrapolating your experience into broad generalizations about the world. That never holds.

        20. Right, because hearing her talk about how making Instagram comments on her latest post-workout pic and who the gay guy at her office is blowing this week is way, way, way more interesting and enriching than listening to her tell you about her day raising your children and all the cute and fun things they did together.

        21. lol
          Ok man, you’ve got the skinny on everything. Good luck.

        22. No. A woman with a career and her own ambitions in life is much more stimulating to me than having some frumpy housewife. Why do you think so many men back in the day had women on the side? Because housewives are boring.

        23. I always say “jump the shark” (of course related to Fonzie’s jumping of an actual shark in bathingsuit and leather jacket on water skis) as a move by a show which sees its own eventual demise to try to reinvigorate the audience and, like any guy who realizes that he isn’t getting laid and starts over doing it to every girl he sees, winds up just seeming foolish.
          One classic Jumping the Shark move is to do a character shake up…Steve is our, Jefferson is in in this case….so it doesn’t always have to be outlandish. Also, the premise of Married was never originally crazy or far fetched. In fact, its popularity in the late 80’s was because of how accurate it is….under educated, not particularly bright man who still revels in high school glory marries young and watches wife turn fat and ugly, has disrespectful kids, is stuck in low paying job and does his best to imagine his life doesn’t suck while his neighbors do significantly better than him financially and are total tool boxes.
          When they started doing stuff like bringing in Anthrax to guest star you could tell that the showrunners knew the show was going downhill and they wanted to milk it for a few more seasons and thought bringing attention to themselves would work.
          In the end, the show lasted 10 seasons which is a respectable amount of time for any show and it came to an end before anyone got too embarrassed.

        24. All good points. I acknowledge and accept your superior analysis and argument regarding all things Married, with Children.

        25. Great, good luck with that. This site is not for you… yet. Come back in 5 or 10 years. Thanks.

        26. Nothing to argue. You’re being retarded.
          You go have fun with those Strong, Empowered, Independent Career Womynz bro!
          You know, honestly, if that was your thing, that’s fine. Your problem is that you’re saying your way is the only way in regard to how others should choose and act.
          I think that I may be talking to a wall at this point though.

        27. You may want to check out “artofmanliness”. It is good for guys who are striving to have some resemblance of masculinity, but are still hanging on blue pill ideas.

        28. I don’t need websites to tell me how to be a man. I’m a real Alpha. I use the internet to provoke thought not act as a father figure and mentor.

        29. Oooooh, you’re gonna try to out Celt me are ya’?
          There was one recorded celtic battle queen, Boadicea, in Celt antiquity (specifically, Brythonic celt antiquity). Thing is, she wasn’t really any kind of battle queen so much as she watched her husband (a king) be murdered and then her daughters and herself raped,

          It is not as a woman descended from noble ancestry, but as one of the people that I am avenging lost freedom, my scourged body, the outraged chastity of my daughters,”

          …so she went medieval (literally) on the ass of the Romans, and died shortly thereafter.
          Celtic women tribal did occur now and then, just like English queens, but only after the seat was left vacant of male patronage. In other words, the king died and necessity made her the only heir to the position of power. It was not normal or part of daily life, and you didn’t have celt women strutting about as power princesses ordering shit around.
          The first recorded celt in history was in fact a female, and she did belittle the Romans, but you got the context wrong. She noted how effeminate their (Roman) men were and how British women only pursued the strongest and most capable men. You see, by the time that Rome got around to Britain, they had started to adopt some tenants of what we’d now call feminism. When the last Roman boots left the shores of Britain in the 400’s (apx) they were a wholly defeated, destitute brood of manlets much comparable to hipsters, except without craft beer.

        30. Depends what you mean by white knight. If I see a White woman getting molested by a refugee on public transport then yes, I will saddle my horse and defend her honour.

        31. Jim, my friend, this man is a “real Alpha,” okay? I mean, he literally just told you that. You need to just step back and bask in his Alpha glory. Maybe, just maybe, if you are really lucky, you might learn something about how to be a real Alpha, too.

        32. I was more referring to the women of the Gauls.
          “The women of the Celtic tribes are bigger and stronger than our Roman women. This is most likely due to their natures as well as their peculiar fondness for all things martial and robust. The flaxen haired maidens of the north are trained in sports and war while our gentle ladies are content to do their womanly duties and thus are less powerful than most young girls from Gaul and the hinterlands.” — Marcus Borealis

        33. Sorry, I suppose you may be right, being he is stimulated by an ambitious career woman and all. I mean, if you can’t be turned on by a girl acting like a man, what can you be turned on by?

        34. In and of itself a sound observation, but it doesn’t mean that these were fierce warriors or strong, but rather, that they were fiercer and stronger than super rich spoiled Roman women, which, is a pretty low bar. The same could be said of the Germanic women of the time too, but I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut, that any given man could still beat one of them to a pulp in a fair fight.
          Think of Roman women at the time of the quote as equivalent to a woman like Scarlett O’Hara. Rich, entitled, weak, never had to work a day in her life, is the center of attention and in all ways has no survival skills. Now pit Scarlett there against, I dunno, a farm girl from Indiana and see which comes out on top. That doesn’t mean that Indiana is home of Strong Pwrrrr Grrrrllz so much as it means that rich spoiled women are simply weak.

        35. Agreed, both were college kids for more than six years. Kelly wasn’t post wall yet, but if she is post wall, living at home, bad for ratings.

        36. I suppose he is used to having a frumpy housewife, he knows what he is talking about. Would rather have a career woman to cuckold him.

        37. It does literally mean they were fierce and strong.
          “Here the women met them holding swords and axes in their hands. With hideous shrieks of rage they tried to drive back the hunted and the hunters. The fugitives as deserters, the pursuers as foes. With bare hands the women tore away the shields of the Romans or grasped their swords, enduring mutilating wounds.” — Plutarch
          It’s a cultural observation from Ancient times which proves my point that there is no “proper role” for a woman. In Rome women were boring slaves and whores and in Gaul they were just as strong and fierce as the men.
          Today women in the West are encouraged to be independent whereas in the miserable and backward Islamic world they are oppressed pieces of property because patriarchy is written in the Koran.

        38. It’s nothing to do with a girl acting like a man. You should just go ahead and convert to Islam and be done with it. You can have 5 wives who will obey your every command and you don’t even have to let them drive if that’s too manly for you.

        39. Yeah, chasing down wounded men, man, fierce. Totally hard core.
          Second, women are not taught to be independent in the West, they are taught to be wholly reliant on government for any and all success in life. The government has, in essence, taken the role of men and women now marry to the government philosophically.
          Look, I’ll just come straight out with it. We’ve been taught since the 1960’s to value traits in women that are actually traits of attractiveness in males that women traditionally value. Strength, intelligence, drive, ambition, a “good career” aka financial fitness, warrior spirit, these are all masculine traits across cultures across the world throughout history. What you explicitly say you are attracted to are all, thus far as you’ve openly expressed it on other posts, masculine traits. Think about that.
          TL;DR – it’s not too hard to see why so many men are going gay these days.
          Your “no role for women” and “power girl” fantasies and disdain for patriarchy, dude, I’m thinking that you really don’t have a lot in common with any of the philosophies on this site. It rises to a level of foolishness that I can only attribute it as you doing nothing more nor less than trolling for kicks and grins.
          Have fun with your muscled powrrr grlllz bro, I’m off to another thread.

        40. Maybe, if he’s lucky, he can post on craigslist and find him a nice BBC to cuck him, to please her.
          Dude is trolling. Nobody “enjoys the articles here” and comes away with 180 degree opposite views.

        41. So many strawmen in there it’s funny. I have not been “taught” anything at all. You seem to base your sense of masculinity on surrounding yourself with weak submissive women.
          You should convert to Islam.

        42. Yep. I told my son at about 16 to “Leave home now while you still know everything! Get back to me on how that works out for you.” LOL!

        43. That is the ideal age to seek employment, as you are perfectly qualified for all jobs and careers in the entire world.

        44. 90% of the girls in my office would take offense to that, the rest are just here as college interns.

        45. Ha I wouldn’t I will let her get raped to death, while I eat popcorn enjoying the show…because…”We dont need a man”

        1. Well what are we talking about here? That was an entire article about becoming a true patriarch.

  13. I’m tired of leading in this society. Hamstrung every single time, by bureaucracy and social graces.
    Sick and tired of whiny bitches bringing me all of their issues and problems, wanting me to solve them and not even lifting a finger for themselves.
    No, I will not lead in this society again.
    I will, however, keep getting the basics in my life right, be a man with his shit together, build my own little tribe and work with other men, and decent women to live a good life. But, they have to bring something to the table.
    I’m not being a patriarch for those not worthy of it. Been there, done that – The world can burn.

  14. The patriarchy calls for HAIRY motherfuckers with big bushy electrostatically charged BEARDS!
    I read the article first @’Patreon’ from the link at beginning and noticed the pictures have been changed with shaven GQ looking men in suits with neckties. It is an excellent article but the men without facial hair is neo-conning the look and the presence a bit.
    Men must embrace the ultimate power trio of BEARD, BRAINS and BEEFSTICK.
    1).The Beard enables conduciveness to the cosmic masculine energies – but a shaven man becomes a likable puppy dog.
    2).The brains goes without saying and the unfurled BEEFSTICK with foreskin intact is the cranius minor.
    3).The dickhead also intuitively acts as rightbrain for the beard, giving the beard antenna field emotive preprocessing capabilities.
    But for physiological patriarch man to function fully, the neuro communication loop between BEARD, BRAIN and BEEFSTICK must be continuous, never restricted, severed or broken.
    CIRCUMCISION reduces 80%+ nerve signal traffic in the entire ‘BBB’ loop and hinders the brain’s input greatly. A chopped dickhead is like placing a Mexican border point of entry type pedestrian turnstyle across an LA freeway – – total flow is reduced to such a trickle that the traffic jam would back up into the ocean.
    WHEN YOU SHAVE the man like in the GQ pics in the article, to where they look like Milo, then the man’s patriarchal function is reliant on his brains alone. Without beard and beefstick, a patriarchal brain might even become compromised like Milo. Observe how Milo is able to achieve getting one thing absolutely dead right, but he severely falters on something. Most would agree that Milo is sensory deprived in some way. IT’S THE BEARD AND THE BEEFSTICK (foreskin) folks. I’m tellin ya!
    The shaven dickchopped man cannot fully harness the masculine forces and energies of the cosmos. Natural forces are powerful and patriarchy is defined as man’s being able to conduct these forces through mind and body, and to modulate and focus them like a laser. The shaven dickchopped man trying to wave his arms and summon his inner patriarch is like a boy on a farm trying to run after an untamed horse. He has trouble mounting and straddling THE HORSE OF PATRIARCHY. He lacks the BEARD and BEEFSTICK.
    And don’t circumcise your sons if you’re circumcised yourself. I’ve told even Jews this till I’m blue in the face. For starters Jewesses especially will require cliterectomies. No exceptions. Jewhats and Amish can try to grow some atomic beard to compensate, but the full BBB trio is the only truly unbeatable combo. So it may take a generation, but the dickchopping must stop at once.
    So men get on your
    your BRAINS
    and your BEEFSTICK
    Hail the patriarchy!

    1. So beard before brains then?
      As stated in previous comments, I had a beard for 25 years, since I was 19/20. Did me not one bit of good. When the grey started coming, the beard went faster than you could say “John Robinson”. Good riddance!

  15. The issue is that it takes so much to get a woman to submit today. Women will allow celebrities, athletes and rich men to dominate them in every aspect of their lives. Average men, and even slightly above average men have to work very hard to earn their submission. You must have something that separates you from the rest of men (status, fame, big dick, money, etc.) you don’t need these things to bed them but you do if you want her to submit to your will on a daily basis. Its not worth the hassle for most men.

    1. you only need 1 dick to breed a million woman. And women would be fine with 1 dick breeding every last one of them. The state being the new sugar daddy.
      Patriarchy is a mirage. That somehow , if you just become a bit better the world is your oyster and you will be able to lay pipe like a North Korean dictator.. not gonna happen. A man is better off becoming a wary pig- take it when you can get it but realize that its fleeting and a price to pay.

      1. Patriarchy is certainly not a mirage and the goal of patriarchy is not breeding or anything sexual really. Patriarchy is submission and obedience to the man of the house in the community and submission and obedience to the male imperative in society as a whole. Its the way the world has always worked until about 40 years ago. Its the only way to have a stable, functional society.
        And you can most certainly improve yourself and bed more women. Your pessimistic mindset isn’t going to help you much in life.

        1. I wouldn’t say we had top dog down heirarchical patriarchy 40yrs ago. More like shades in between. A ‘3/5 compromise’ betwen the sexes is necesary for a civilization to form and sustain. Total top down patriarchy might be like one single giant reptoid elitist ape at the top and the rest resembling the Eloi. Two holes in the ground don’t look civilized. I see that between a woman’s legs and I know it to be not much resembling of a gleaming civilization.
          What is ideal is a society of patriarch(s) plural, like a patocracy where some cannon laws protect the order while the natural laws are the foundation. In addition, no engineer of civilization deserves to have their balls shamed, threatened or stomped on. Those balls are the golden eggs of civilization itself and are jeapordized by toxic cancerous feminism.
          Feminism and women’s entitlement must be treated at once full blast with chemo and radiation. THE AXE to feminism and now. Nature will kill feminism but not fast enough to save civilization. We must end feminism actively and begin enforcement of patriarchal order.
          In peacetime patriarchy where there is an abscence of feminist instigation and where women’s entitlement is only a wild fairytale, only miniminal enforcement is necessary so men can sleep without worry of creeping shadows of Lorena Bobbit looming. Properly managed women are a 99.9% happy group. The defective 1% aren’t feminist. They’re connection to the herd is broken. They’re just damaged.
          Most women fall in line though with true nature like blades of wheat blowing in unison. The herd must be turned to nature and nature being a jungle, the patriarchs must chaperone women back into nature where KING DADDY rules with his dick, his brains and his beard.

  16. No return of patriarchy without a war. It will take a war to rally the people against the 5th column of globalists and degenerates in universities and gender studies departments.

  17. This is a great article, with lots of relevant salient points, but I think the whole message is lost when the person who runs thing site and curates its content still lives with his mom when he is pushing 40

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