Thousands Of Innocent Men Were Wrongly Imprisoned Because Of One Lying Woman

Up to 23,000 current prisoners are expected to be released from the Massachusetts State Prison system because the female lab chemist handling evidence in their cases lied, forged colleague’s signatures, and purposefully contaminated evidence.  Here is the story of Annie Dookhan, nicknamed “Superwoman” for her record productivity at the state crime lab.

Dookhan (then Annie Khan) in a 2001 photo. The Master’s degree claim was a lie.

Annie Dookhan, a female born in Trinidad & Tobago in 1977, moved to the United States as a child, became a chemist, and took a job at the state crime lab in Massachusetts, where she earned the nickname “Superwoman” due to her speed and efficiency running lab tests, primarily on criminal drug cases.  Her productivity was so high, she was processing four times the work of the average government lab worker.  Or was she?

Annie’s secret was to not test the samples at all, but to take the short cut by lying and confirming that whatever substance police told her to check for was present, or to contaminate evidence, or forge co-worker’s signatures guaranteeing the chain of custody of evidence.

In the aftermath, a state crime lab was shuttered, 5 workers were fired for failure to properly supervise this rogue employee, up to 23,000 prisoners are expected to be released from prison, and Annie plead guilty to falsifying drug tests.

This is the largest dismissal of convictions in U.S. history.  But have you heard anything about this story?

Annie’s arrest at her home in Massachusetts

What was her motive?

While it is usually futile to ascribe logical rationale to a woman’s actions, one can make a few observations.  Annie was described by classmates and colleagues as “an overachieving sort of kid,” “normal, sort of nerdy student,” “wasn’t really noticed,” and “hardworking, quiet, smart and determined.”  The only motive authorities have concluded is that she wanted positive attention from others.  In other words, she just wanted to be liked.  She wanted the same thing Instagram models, Dubai portopotty girls, and attention whores want: male attention and validation.

Proof of her collusion with prosecutors and quid pro quo

Another twist is that Annie suffered a miscarriage in 2009, and later stated she was going through a “long divorce.”  There are signs of impropriety between Annie and the court prosecutor, Norfolk A.D.A. George Papachristos, who was forced to resign for his direct phone and email contact with the state lab worker.  Though state police could not find evidence of an affair, Annie’s husband suspects she was cheating, and police found emails complaining to the D.A. that she was unhappy in her marriage.  Annie unethically performed professional (if not personal) favors for the D.A.  Her husband warned prosecutors that Annie was a chronic liar and not to believe anything she said.

How Was She Caught?

In 2009, the US Supreme Court ruled that defendants had a right to cross examine chemists who helped prosecute them.  Annie now had to testify in court, and the following year she was caught lying about her qualifications when she claimed a Master’s education in Chemistry, when in fact she had never taken any master’s level courses.

Due to the time required in courtroom testimony, sample testing volume by other workers in the lab dropped from around 400 to 200 tests per month.  But during this same time, Annie was testing over 800 samples a month.

Once Annie was found to have lied about her background during courtroom testimony, she was investigated more closely.  The fact that her productivity was double the most productive chemist’s, and roughly 4 times the typical workers should have raised red flags.

While the shoddy oversight of her supervisors took a couple more years to reveal her gross incompetence and criminality, finally Annie’s “work” at the state crime lab was revealed, and she was sentenced to 3-5 years of prison for altering lab records (to say nothing of perjury, prosecutorial misconduct, or deprivation of due process of her tens of thousands of victims). She was paroled after serving only 2 years.

Note the soulless eyes

What is the cost to society in man-hours spent prosecuting, investigating, jailing, housing, feeding, and processing 23,000 people?  What is the human cost to the thousands of innocent people jailed by this woman’s deeds?  What is the cost to society by releasing dangerous criminals early?  What is the cost of shuttering an 8 story state crime lab indefinitely?  The forced resignations of the state director of Bureau of Laboratory Sciences and the Public Health Commissioner?  On top of all this, there are the state expenditures of “hundreds of millions of dollars” in dealing with the aftermath of these cases.

It’s difficult to quantify, but the costs are certainly more than the punishment Annie received: two years in prison.  In fact, while many of her victims still sit in prison, waiting to be released, Annie has already served her time and been released on parole.

Annie facing reporters outside the courthouse

The Many Victims

As many as 23,000 prisoners incarcerated during Annie’s 9 years at the state crime lab will soon be released.  These were almost all low-level drug offenses.  Most prisoners fit into one of two categories:

1. The Innocent. Thousands of these victims were likely innocent.  Indeed, while governor Deval Patrick appointed a new cabinet member to see which, if any, cases the state would attempt to prosecute again, it came up with a list of 117 out of tens of thousands.  There are thousands of innocent men sitting in jail today because this woman lied about evidence.

2. The Hard Criminal. Often when a suspicious person is found, say, canvassing a neighborhood late at night with a group of thugs, there is little he can be charged with, prior to catching him in the act of a violent crime.  But many of these types of serious criminals are known to carry drugs.  So police officers search them, and book them for drug crimes.  Regardless of one’s position on drug laws, it is a fact that they are easy way of getting dangerous criminals off the streets.

Is it wrong to blame Annie for the murder of Charles Evals?

Many of the tens of thousands set to be released are undoubtedly violent criminals, and the public is now at great risk as these thugs are released back into our neighborhoods.

One example is Donta Hood (pictured above), a man Annie helped convict in 2009, who was released from prison in 2012 when the state was forced to drop charges due to Annie’s incompetence.  Eight months after being released, Hood was arrested for the murder of Charles Evals.  A murder that would never have happened had his drug sentence been carried out fairly.

How many more people will be robbed, raped, or murdered by criminals released due to Annie’s lying?

A Pattern?

Is Annie an isolated incident?

Joyce Gilchrist Dindu Nuffin.

Joyce Gilchrist was a chemist in Oklahoma City who earned the nickname “Black Magic” for her ability to match DNA samples that other crime lab experts could not.  Joyce simply lied and claimed DNA matched, when it did not, which led to thousands being unjustly imprisoned, and the execution of 11 men.

One of her victims, Jeffry Todd Pierce, a husband and father of two children with no criminal record, was falsely convicted of rape in 1986, and later freed in 2001 after spending 15 of his best years in prison.  The city paid a multimillion dollar settlement to Pierce, but his life is forever altered.

Many of Joyce’s victims have received no compensation.  After Joyce was fired, she claimed she was terminated for sexual harassment.  Despite causing 11 men to die, Joyce was not charged with any crime.

Sonja Farak, a true drug expert

Sonja Farak was a Massachusetts crime lab chemist who smoked crack every day at work, occasionally throwing in some meth, ketamine, ecstasy and LSD.  Because why not?  She didn’t have to pay for it.  She just took it from the high quality stash that the police provided her with as “evidence.”  In addition to using the evidence, Sonja also began smoking and snorting the “standard samples” that the lab kept on hand to compare with seized street evidence.

She did her damage for 8 years before being convicted in 2013. Sonja worked at a different crime lab from Annie, showing the problem is systematic.  Sonja was mainly viewed with sympathy.  She was a “victim of drug abuse,” not a criminal who corrupted the system of justice.

Four Points

1.  These stories are huge cases of injustice that many media outlets are sweeping under the rug.  Thousands of innocent lives were seriously affected, and people died.  All because of the lies these women sought in order to seek attention.  While a stubborn man being forced off an airplane is deemed national news, chances are, you have never heard of the stories of these women.

2.  Be wary of ‘official’ claims.  I take the conclusion of a government panel, official crime lab, or investigatory agency with a grain of salt.  I do not believe stories about chemical weapons (see: Saddam, Assad) just because my government says so.  I do not believe media or government or even most major institutions today.  It pains me to say so, but this is simply the world we live in.  The state crime lab, where workers are free to indulge themselves in as many free drugs as they like, while they lie and distort crime lab reports for a decade with impunity, is not some magical place of truth or justice.

3.  Women will attention whore, to incredible degrees.  Women crave attention and as they leave their 20s if they do not have a happy family and a lifestyle that is in harmony with their feminine side, the outcome can be extreme.

4.  The pussy pass is as strong as ever.  Frankly, even in The Current Year, I would expect a woman responsible for the deaths of innocent men to at least receive a token prosecution, and I would expect the woman responsible for the largest release of prisoners in U.S. history to receive a serious punishment.  But they are not.  Because patriarchy or something.

For a comprehensive investigation of this case, see WBUR’s Special Report: Bad Chemistry.

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  1. These women are obviously vicious cunts. But what they did was no doubt encouraged by higher-ups, at the extreme…or, at the very least, a blind eye was turned to their Herculean work output. That much is obvious.
    What, the supervisors didn’t notice that the lab tests came back faster than was humanly possible? None of them thought to double-check the results of their underlings, at least not for a long time? Sure.
    This would serve to explain the light sentences the women received (or non-existent sentences), and the lack of any investigation into the people higher up in the chain of command. Yep. Sure would.

    1. Well, thanks to you I don’t have to write my comment.
      Good observation, their incompetence is their responsibility but certainly the higher ups were just looking the other way or simply encouraging their behavior. The guilt chain here is far longer than what it seems at first look.

      1. Seems pretty obvious. But then again…they are getting likely thugs off the streets. They may put some innocent people behind bars, but…innocent of what, exactly. In a way it’s a win/win, if you look at it in that regard. Plus, the women involved were humiliated and/or imprisoned. That’s a victory, too. I love the smell of burning SJW hypocrisy in the morning. So everybody wins – except the losers.

        1. The innocent to guilty ratio is too poor to be given credit here. SJW’s don’t care about what is right, but where to fight. The women will be employed the morning after they are released, cause they’s victims. And the system creates more criminals since few places employ those with criminal records.

        2. Yeah. It is crazy all of the cuts being made off of prisoners being given any kind of sentence. Big corporations and big brother advocates Win too much for me to justify a few thugs arrested. Especially when the more sophisticated thugs still roam the streets and corporate offices freely.

        3. I don’t know. Seems like a hell of a lot of innocent man collateral damage. I’d hate to be the guy or have a family member end up on the wrong end of that.

        4. I know. I was playing devil’s advocate. Making lemonade from lemons. I do that sometimes. Probably some form of denial (heh)…

      2. But you can’t criticize women. Look at O’Reilly , Hannity and what’s going on at Fox News…

    2. Bob, dude, you suffer under the delusion that women do not have super powers. Watch any television show or movie, they can do things faster and better than any ol’ man, from science to combat, women are just like super dupery powered. Why would anybody suspect anything when these women were just demonstrating their super badass powers? Hell, if they only had the output of two people it would seem suspicious, hence why going the full 4-person output route seemed more logical.

      1. Oh boy, I needed a laugh. “Super Lab Girl! Super Lab Girl!” (queue music, same melody as the “Wonder Woman” theme). “Her output is 10 times that of any mortal man…she puts dangerous man-spreading males behind bars…she’s…Super Lab Girl!” Fucking hilarious…

        1. I think the technical term is actually “Grrrl Power” which is like a super power, but better because its female and angry. So she would be Super Lab Grrrl.

      2. Take a look at the link i found from Discus main page, it has the rotten bitches edition inside;

      3. So you’re telling me it’s not realistic when a 100 pound girl punches a 250 pound man and knocks him back 10 feet? That’s sexist, man.

        1. No, you got me wrong bro, I’m saying that it’s utterly realistic. Dudes, y’all need to get on board with Supah Powah Grrls and their inherent superiority. Geesh, it’s like y’all don’t watch television or movies or something, you know, where truth is dispensed from.

        2. They cannot lie on TV or in the movies. Everyone in those mediums values god and country over everything else. They are physically incapable of lying. Which means, yes, women have super powers (and being a single mom gives women extra super powers), men are inferior and prone to committing crimes (especially white men), and women rarely commit crimes of any kind, and when they accuse a guy of rape, brother, there is no doubt that some dude (usually a white dude) did some raping. Oh, and being a sweet guy who is a white knight always gets you the girl. Every. Single. Time.

        3. Being the reformed player who goes from jock to sensitive pussy gets you the dorky loser girl who’s secretly hot, and super deep on the inside. Oh, and those white guys just can’t help all the raping. Even when the girl says yes, he still finds a way to rape her.

        4. Right? I mean if television and movies were any more truthier they’d be the internet.

        5. One handed shotgun firing, forced confession submission holding super forces for justice lol.

    3. If the supervisors questioned the speed of her work or double checked the results, she could file a sexual discrimination lawsuit and win that case. That is probably why they didn’t.

    4. If what they did was encouraged by higher-ups, then how do you explain the men in their positions not doing it? The only way to explain that is that it’s the women themselves who can’t handle the pressures of a normal job. We’re all pressured by our bosses but most of us don’t do illegal shit to curry their favor.

      1. I think the love of approval and attention from other people is part of it, and that is more important to the average woman than it is to the average male.

    5. If our “free press” were so inclined, they might look into these labs to explore the perverse incentives for this. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that compensation was somehow tied to successful convictions. And, as there is probably more than one lab in the state, the police will send their “evidence” to whichever one gives the best results, so you justify your funding and continued existence by finding positive tests.

    6. This dynamic is easy to explain when you consider the soft, mushy, cucked out Boomer simps that occupy the management positions in these places. They are such faggots that they desperately want to believe that women and non-Whites are better than their fellow White men, and they will purposely ignore all evidence to the contrary. This deranged self-hatred makes itself very apparent in their hiring and promotion practices.

      1. I work for a manager who is precisely like you describe. I was hired in before he got here, but he took over after my old manager left and immediately started hiring every Hindu and woman he could locate on a ten mile radar. Fucker refuses to hire Americans. And of course, he’s a doughy white male. I suspect that my reviews, which were exemplary in the past, will take a hit this year because, you know, it’s wrong to be nice to white males (in his view apparently). If it weren’t such a high paying job and also work from home, I’d probably scoot out the door.

        1. They are almost all like that, anymore. I suspect a lot of it is deep-seated inferiority complex. They fear true competence and thus true competition. They may be shown for the lazy worthless sacks they are. So they instead arrange a harem of low-IQ incompetent brown people that they can lord over. And they delude themselves that they might get some pussy in the bargain as well.

        2. Old nerds that finally get to bully young normal guys. I’ve had one boss just like that.
          The degree of blue pill for some of these old boomer white liberals is next level.

        3. That’s totally female behavior. A good manager would develop his subordinates to his current level while he himself improves for something higher.

      2. I’ve seen dozens of older men like this. On the average I’ve lost a lot of respect for senior citizen men over the last few years. I’ve realized the fact they are all thinned armed and pudgy has nothing to do with most of them simply being old. Most of them were like that their whole lives and they were just as weak in their minds and hearts.

    7. I have to assume that the PC enviornment in a government office is probably ten times as worse as a private sector office. I would lay money that it had a significant effect on the supervisory interaction or inaction of the managers. I do wonder if other examples of men’s careers being ruined because they wouldn’t compromise their professional principles (ATF agents being fired int he parking lot of Denny’s as one example), might also have contributed.

      1. Who’s to say that these simp managers may one day suffer the same fate like the others he himself put through?

    8. Stop making sense. The DA’s office is only concerned with justice, not its rate of convictions.

  2. File under “don’t trust the government”. If you are ever charged with a drug crime always demand a “split sample” to be taken. That is one that is sent to the crime lab and one that is preserved for private testing by your defense counsel. Some states require the government do this upon request, especially for DUI’s. I have seen more then one BAC come back from private testing far different then the “results” from the crime lab. Even if the discrepancy still shows an illegal BAC while driving, just that alone is enough for prosecutors to back off and drop the case as they don’t want to have to deal with bringing in experts and convincing juries that their evidence was correct.

  3. Is Annie an isolated incident ? NO. Although it might be an extreme example, I believe this type of behavior is common amongst zealous prosecutors, numerous workers in courthouses, the various child support gestapos, DUI departments, and police departments. Thanks so much for a well written article.

    1. DUI enforcement is the worst. I have seen defendants who blow a zero on the PBT still get arrested and charged based upon “officer experience”, “observation”, and/or “the odor of alcohol”. Those actual breath machine are also rigged and if you try to challenge their algorithms courts will deny you access to their documentation because it is a “trade secret”.
      If you are ever charged with a DUI always demand a blood test (and in most states if you make the demand the state is required to do it). And always request a “split sample” so that one is retained so you can have it privately tested.

      1. Those actual breath machine are also rigged and if you try to challenge
        their algorithms courts will deny you access to their documentation
        because it is a “trade secret”.

        That sounds suspiciously close to denying a person the right to face his accuser. The accuser in this example being the engineers/programmers who made that machine. Seems a bit shadowy to use the “magic unknowable powers” argument and have it stick like that.

        1. Doesn’t sound like it because it really is denying that right. Courts have split both ways some demanding disclosure others protecting the “trade secret” by requiring a programmer or engineer to vouch for the accuracy in open court (or lie about it).

        2. And all because of some mothers who got mad when their children were killed by drunk drivers (MADD)…women fucking things up again.

        3. I remember MADD….my Asshole Brother proposed starting a “DAMM” chapter at his school: Drunks Against Mad Mothers

        4. Not sure about these machines, but I do work with a lawyer who was pulled over for speeding and in the process of due diligence had his lawyer demand all the accuracy test results on the speed gun. When the NYPD failed to produce them his case was dismissed.

        5. That’s a fairly common strategy, and sometimes it works. If it doesn’t, well, you’re up the creek, but given as they calibrate those things so infrequently in some districts it can’t hurt to play that card.

        6. We had those going up on street corners and it became clear that it was utter bullshit to most people. Legislation was thus passed at the Statehouse in Ohio that requires a cop to be stationed, in person, on the corner of every light camera that was turned on, so that we had a means to confront our accuser in court.
          Was a rather brilliant piece of legislation, I believe.

        7. At least it takes cops away from speed trap duty so I can get down the road at the pace I choose. Wish they would do that around here, but in libfagtopia, everyone wants cameras everywhere because they have nothing to hide.

        8. Actually it just shut all of the cameras down, cops have real jobs to do, standing on a street corner to personally witness on behalf of a camera is just silly.

        9. If you ever get one of those tickets, don’t pay it. Avoid the process servers for a couple of weeks, and you’re all good. If a stranger comes up asking if you’re so and so, just don’t respond.

      2. Due to the perceived “righteousness” or even “holiness” of DUI enforcement, prosecutors in general, child support enforcement, domestic violence services, child protective services and single mother courts, there really is no oversight over what these people, overwhelmingly women are getting away with. I once again commend the author and Roosh himself for such a well written article.

        1. Right, and even if you think it doesn’t effect you directly, it does. Our civilization begins to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.

    2. You are more right than you know Sir.
      Even out here in Appalachia, the DSS is full of SJWs that hate poor white people — the worst of the worst — fat, entitled, ignorant, and arrogant as fuck. Because there is no accountability. IF they fuck up a man’s life or family through their own error, no one is fired or fined. EVER.
      And go out of their way to break up the few remaining intact white families.
      When the day of the rope comes, as it surely will, a gallows will be built at every DSS/CPS office in this country I’d wager.
      They’ve made a large parcel of enemies here. And these hillbillies don’t forget.
      When it breaks down. the life expectancy of SJWs will be measured in minutes and hours,

    1. With ya on the vote thing. The worst presidents in modern times were elected because of women.
      Single women need jobs, but doubling the supply of labor drives the price of labor down so then all women need to work.

    2. In Maryland, one of the richest areas, Howard County, made a big deal a few years ago about hiring the first female school superintendent. She’s now leaving in disgrace…with a severance package of over $1 million. This is arguably the county’s biggest financial boondoggle ever. Google it. It’s insane. For whatever reason, the media isn’t playing up the “first woman” angle anymore — haha!

      1. Whats the issue? The first 4 pages of google have articles where the new board was out to get her – she’s a victim of course.

  4. The reason why this malfeasance was tolerated and overlooked is because it serves the interests of the state. Massachusetts had no interest in dispensing justice with accuracy. They just wanted to rack up “successful” prosecutions as an expression of power. Khan’s corruption, fraud, and attentionwhoring fully served the interest of the state. We all need to step back and ask what kind of system we are living in, when honesty and integrity are an inconvenience to that system.

    1. Right on.
      The order of the day for the DA is “prosecute prosecute prosecute”, and if he doesn’t do it all the time then his numbers start to “look bad” and he’s on the hook for bad performance, ergo, prosecute everything and get convictions no matter what, by any means necessary.
      Throw in sexual harassment idiocy in the workplace to basically prevent checking up on the performance of women and it’s a recipe for wholesale corruption.

      1. Increasingly, I am thinking of all this corruption as a feminization of our social structures– or perhaps, a “de-masculinization” of them would be more appropriate language. Corruption, laziness, and stupidity are nothing new, and they have existed everywhere and everywhen. But there is a new element: bad faith. Absolutely nothing is to be trusted, and the motive is always something bad. It is something that I would equate with Soviet systems.

      2. It does not help that DA’s are publicly elected, and like to use their “tough on crime” performance to seek higher office. I don’t think they should be elected at all – they should be appointed by someone. But if they are going to be elected, then they should be barred from seeking other elective office.

    2. A system of extortion. DA’s guys are getting paid no matter how long they drag it out– the suspect is paying $400 hr.
      You’ve got every incentive financial and risk avoidance of a jury to plea bargain, even if you’re innocent.
      They get a conviction, you’re screwed.

  5. Just about every single woman I know is totally addicted to these CSI type shows. They are everywhere now. They all have the same format. Nerdy lab woman saves the day and eventually some super hot biracial guy will sweep her off her feet. The perp is always some 30something white male who mocks the system as he carries out his perversions against women he so enjoys to abuse and harm. I used to watch one of these shows with a lady friend of mine and would fill in the blanks (so to speak) as the show went on. She couldn’t understand how I was able to know what was gonna happen as it was the first time the show aired. I told her it’s an agenda, and once you understand the agenda it is easy to follow. These shows are dangerous and filling up your crime labs with these women is even more dangerous. I tell every young person I know to avoid the criminal system at all costs. You will never find justice, truth, or fairness there. Sentencing’s and fines are the only objectives of it.

    1. I should also add the entire system rewards its people for how many you can convict and for the stiffest possible penalty. They literally try to sell every small time offense as espionage or double murder. The Prosecutors, lab techs, even judges are shunned for handing out less than severe penalties for even minor offenses. Doing whats right and just is frowned upon. There is also an incentive for keeping people in the system for was long as possible. I know people who got a minor drug offense (less than 40 dollars) and years later are still dealing with the system. Its crazy.

    2. “She couldn’t understand how I was able to know what was gonna happen as it was the first time the show aired.”
      The script writers only have one narrative. I would surmize if there is actually any reason a man would watch TV these days unless it’s to catch local news or a ball game.
      Good advice you are dispensing. Avoid getting sucked into the judicial system at all costs. Especially jurisdictions where they have civil forfeiture– public servants being economically rewarded for feeding the beast.

      1. “The script writers only have one narrative. I would surmize if there is actually any reason a man would watch TV these days unless it’s to catch local news or a ball game.”
        Reminds me of when I was driving with my little neice in the car (she was like 5) and told her I was psychic because I could predict the exact moment the light would change (obv by watching the other side of the light turn yellow). She was flabbergasted.

        1. yup. right before my greatest magic trick — make the salami disappear

        2. Yup. I occasionally will watch a movie with the wife and she has learned not to make it certain flicks. She is always amazed I always seem to know how the movie ends while only 30 mintues into it.

        3. are you saying that Julia Roberts is NOT going to end up with the total jerk but at the last minute realize that the polite beta orbiter is really the one for her?

        4. At her current age of 102 I doubt she’ll end up with anything except a blanket of cats.

        5. still WB. She is on my would bang for nostalgia list. I don’t care how old she gets there will never be a time where I wouldn’t stick it to her.

        6. Ewwwww…old alien lady sex….dude…that’s just wrong.

        7. Today’s Moral: If you work hard enough for pussy, you will earn and all of her friends will cheer you and heck, maybe she won’t slam that much Alpha cock along the way. Don’t forget the obligatory punching the Alpha in the face, cause why gain all that muscle if you won’t cave in one hit?

        8. nah, she will always be that young Portuguese girl working in that pizzeria in Connecticut to me,

        9. You saw that film too?!
          Or the nerd who belts out certain geek catch phrases and saves the world? The young KAF (kick-ass-female) who knows more than the hardened street cop veterans and throws men twice her size around like rag dolls as she single handily busts the South American drug cartel? The mulit-culti group of do gooders who pull together and make the world a happier place all the while finding the cure to cancer and solving the worlds energy needs by making cold fusion a reality despite the cabal of evil white men trying to stop them?

        10. yes, that film was called every movie in the 90’s that you had to watch if you wanted to get laid.

        11. I would keep her in a specially designed pen with Molly Ringwald and Kerri Greene. knowing full well the cocktail of nostalgia, fantasy, and anticipation will far surpass the joy of any act….

    3. That’s just like any of the Law & Order shows. There’s no need to watch any of the episodes because you know that the Republication/conservative always did it.

  6. good article. The police have often been accused of fitting people up. The presumption is usually that they believe people to be guilty of the crime, so they generate the evidence. Here the suggestion is that narcissism is also involved. At the risk of speculating I wonder if other kinds of politics might be as well in some cases. I’m not aware there’s anything to suggest these women were social justice warriors but the social justice mindset always seems to be to generate evidence where actual proof is lacking. It’s all for the cause of course. I don’t want myself to be guilty of arguing a case without supporting evidence, but in the Gilchrist case what made her lie about the DNA? Did she think a man accused of rape must be guilty? The alternative here is to think that she simply didn’t care, or that she was just trying to please her superiors / up her productivity record?
    Typical of the media to gloss over this

    1. If I were a cop, I would always believe you are guilty of the crime if you being arrested meant I kept my job or got a raise the next week. The next step would be finding out what works to ensure I keep my job with the least amount of questions asked. Not saying all cops are corrupt by default, but clearly the incentives are there to rig the system a bit.

      1. There was a time many years ago when the kneeman went to central booking on 161st in the Bronx. The two cops who were driving me from the 44th precinct over to booking took a little pity on me realizing I was in for a pretty rough 24-48 hours. One thing they told me about the COs was “they don’t know if you are there for jay walking or killing a cop….it just makes their life easier to assume killing a cop”

        1. Damned….Remembering NYC cops, they really could care less about the charges. Still laugh sometimes about my Carvel Whale cake scare where I was assumed to have robbed a local Carvel. All with my Subways sandwich and Subways Bag in hand. It is great those cops gave you the rap to abide by before you got in for booking.

        2. I lucked out in having a PBA card from a detective so that helped. NYC police pretty much assume every single crime is the rape of the first lady followed by the murder of the president. I hated it when I was younger and more….lets call it mischievous. Now that I am older and part of the establishment I think it is great. Someone jay walking? SWARM SWARM SWARM!
          It is kind of like this R. Crumb comic. IT shows a young hippie kind of guy sitting on a park bench smoking a joint and he sees two jobs and is like “fucking cops maaaaannnn” then the next panel is the same guy at 60 and two black guys are walking past him and the cops happen to be there and he is all excited like “FUCKIN’ COPS MAN!”

      2. One should always look at the incentive systems in any situation. Cops needs results. Especially the ones with only 48 hours to prove their hunch. These women are a part of that system arguably, but there may also be other incentive systems in play as well. Career ambition seems to have been the main one for the woman whose the subject of this article, but there are also political incentives, including for such things as rape convictions etc. That’s why the UK has Alison Saunders as it’s DPP. When you have a hierarchy, you always have objectives and performance indicators that need to be met. I have no desire for rapists to get away with rape, but I happen to consider that the imperative should always be to establish guilt or innocence not to tackle low conviction rates (in comparison to allegations / crime reports or however it’s measured).
        I’m not saying the article evidences that, but whenever you see a corrupt individual like this woman (and the others) the question to ask is whether she was corrupt as an individual or whether the system she was a part of, including the wider incentive system, may have been a part of that

        1. Wholeheartedly agree. The same corrupt system idea can be applied to the old IBM and General Motors. Detroit never recovered from their failures.

      3. The police and courts need crimes to justify their existence. Without crime, who needs cops? So they need to show that there is crime, so they make it seem there are more of it so they get more tax dollar funding.

  7. This is why I’ve changed my mind on the death penalty. Women get away with murder. Don’t seem to have any agency…

    1. I would have no problem with women getting away from the death penalty or even spending time in mental hospitals rather than jails if we lived in a society that widely accepted that women are incapable of making free and rational choices.

      1. It does line up with the insanity defense used by women on their period and going through menopause when they attack someone physically or murder them. You might be on to something Knee Man!

  8. Have a buddy who is a judge in Texas. He used to be a criminal attorney. He had this black client who was acccused of robbing a liquor store and murdering the clerk. The case went to trial. My buddy got his client off, because a surveillance camera recorded not only the shooting, but his client’s voice as well. And the voice of the actual perp did not match the voice print of my buddy’s client. The perp yelled, “Everybody hit the floor!” when he walked into the liquor store. The voice print didn’t match, so my buddy’s client walked.
    A couple weeks later I asked my buddy what was up with his client, because he had lost his job after being falsely accused of murder. Had he found another job yet? My buddy said, “Bob, it’s hard as hell for him to find a new job.” I asked him why he was having so much trouble getting work. To which he replied, “Every time he walks in for an interview, he yells, ‘Everybody hit the floor’…”

      1. Read the other day about the woman who murdered her daughter having a hard time dating. She tends to lose the men after they have sex with her. Think about that. A child killer walking among citizens because the desire to have sex with her exceeded the desire to prosecute her.
        EDIT: Casey Anthony is her name I believe.

        1. Ah, that murdering whore. I can’t even believe that case happened the way it did. I hope she gets hit by a truck.

        2. I think she is engaged to one of her attorneys or one of the attorneys’ investigators..

        3. If so, then that guy is a fucking idiot. What does he think she’s gonna do when she’s got what she wanted out of him?

  9. Hey we all know why she was given such a light sentence. If we held government officials responsible for their misconduct the system would collapse.

  10. I can only imagine what these guys are going through now. Being in jail while being innocent. Even if they come out now, and it will be said that they were actually innocent, this will ruin their life, getting a job will be nearly impossible.
    And this whore just had to do 2 years? If I were one of these guys, I couldn’t sleep until I killed her…
    Patrick Bateman Style.

    1. I am going to have to listen to this song now.
      I have 2 principle fears in life. The first fear is going for surgery and not being anesthetized enough so I feel the pain but being anesthetized too much where I can’t say anything or even motion. The second fear, the Shawshank fear, is going to prison for a crime I didn’t commit and having to serve out a sentence. I am never going to prison because I never break the law but if I ever got framed or wrongly fingered for a crime and sentenced I have already made my peace with the fact that I will kill myself before going inside.

        1. I will not be going to jail if I kill myself….or if I do I won’t be in any state to care. I don’t see the point of bloody revenge. The only thing I want in life is my own happiness and comfort.

        2. My father told me a story a friend of his told him. It goes like this:
          A man loves a woman very much. She cheats him and marries someone else. Guy gets depressed and commits suicide.
          Dad’s friend’s logic is: If you have already decided to off yourself, why not kill the bitch first?

        3. I understand the impetus but 1) If you are killing yourself over feelz for a woman then you probably don’t have the balls to actually murder her and 2) even if you did….yawnola…just more work. Better off taking the time you would use to plan and commit a murder and, ya know, get a good sloppy wet blowjob

        4. Guys who get that kind of thing over a woman have never, ever made sense to me. There’s 3.5 billion women out there, if you can’t find a wet sloppy blowjob with those odds, what the fuck is wrong with you?

        5. right? THough it is kind of self sustaining. If you are the kind of guy who would kill yourself over your woman getting dicked down by another guy that is EXACTLY the kind of attitude which will lead her to needing to get dicked down by another guy….preferable, to her, and really to her credit, one that won’t be so bent out of shape if she leaves.

        6. This kind of logic would work if there weren’t 3.5 billion men out there as well. Things getting worse knowing women’s polygamous nature. In the times of Tinder you have to literally fight and win against all the men in your town over a single fucking woman.

        7. Almost the last one of them some scared, frightened, timid little beta who gets cold sweats thinking about approaching a girl. No competition at all.

        8. Sure if you are in the top 20 % or so there is not much to worry about. I was trying to explain to you the fears of Joe Everybody over losing a woman. It’s gotten so hard for average Joes to find and keep a woman , when all it takes Chad Thundercock to send a “Hi” to all bangable females in town is 10 mins. Also I am witnessing game is becoming irrelevant compared to looks , status and money.

        9. Why Kill? They can sloooooowly destroy the child’s life and get paid while perpetuating exponential societal degradation. It’s long-term child abuse mandated by your county- yours truly, GRock.

        10. Dude, it doesn’t matter anymore. Go all out or don’t bother. Bitches act on a whim. You can be buff, sorta buff, or average with so-so scratch. Approach and don’t falter, titanium clad brass balls with platinum engravings method. Things are imploding. People sense it. You know what shocks? Fucking normal. Plain ass normal, be the void.

        1. enjoy having cancer my friend….it will be more than a finger for you

        2. As a friend once told me: “I don’t know why they call that a digital exam; it’s really about as analog as you can get!!

      1. Bro – don’t kill yourself. Kill the people who wrongly convict you. You’ll still eventually die in the process, but at least you’ll start to push the ball in the right direction.

        1. hopefully it won’t become an issue ya know….in the meantime…I don’t care about justice…only my own personal hedonic pleasure.

        2. I know that’s right! On a related note, the ZX handles delightfully well up around a buck fifty. I used to say that when I climbed on the Z, it would always see 100 before the ride was over. Now I have raised the bar…just a tad, lol! 😉

        3. Nice….you got to get a GoPro and hook it to your shoulder so we can get a video of that. I can’t even imagine driving that thing

        4. No, follow the Son of God and forgive them, and receive life eternal, as your reward, and a human lifespan will be nothing, in the here and now!

      2. my nightmares always involve encountering a sasquatch in the woods … seriously … I wake up screaming … had another bigfoot nightmare the other night

        1. Avoid beef jerky commercials like the plague then.

        2. I never have nightmares like that because even my subconscious mind knows I will never be in the woods

      3. Why? Prison would be alright: lots of time to read and workout. Sounds pretty nice to me actually…

        1. I am a man of creature comforts. I don’t know what kind of food they serve in prison but if the sushi isn’t made by someone who studied directly under Jiro I will take issue and whatever the thread count is on their sheets is simply not going to be enough for me.

        2. that’s why you get in with the AB
          Plus I weigh close to 300 lbs … I think there are easier marks in prison, e.g., skinny tweakers / meth heads

        3. Dude, they’d see you as just more cushion for pushin’.

        4. love this episode
          “as long as you are living under my roof you will do what I say! Now butter up that bacon boy and bacon up that sausage”

        5. nah @Waldemar Pabst:disqus thinks the Asian convicts will get all the black dick. No one wants snow nigger asshole.

        6. Tyson said that people were constantly trying to fight him in prison because they wanted a title shot.

        7. I saw him in concert LITERALLY 2 days ago. Dude is getting really old. Packed house. I was 10 feet from him, tops.

        8. I think that he’s 77, or so somebody told me. He sounded pretty good actually. I showed a video clip that I took to lolknee and others on our Telegram channel.

        9. Mock if you must but my observations are spot on as even a cursory walk around a college campus will confirm. White men are alone or with other white men and white women – when they are with a man – are with an indian, asian, or arab (rarely a black) male.

        10. … and there’s the lack vaginas of appropriate quality. Undoubtedly you can charm the female guards, but they may not be up to your usual standards.

        11. I’m going out with a woman tonight who will more than likely be wearing lingerie that costs more than 3 months salary of most prison guards so I’m going to say yay no bueno

        12. I knew a chick that shacked up with him back in the day. She said he was hung like a horse. She also said he told her straight up that she could stay at his place (along with some other chicks), but she would be required to put out and she would catch herpes. Of course the dumb twat stayed there for a while. I was glad she bragged about it up front, because she was pretty, young and hot. At that point she became a whole lot less attractive to me. The Boothe man don’t need no crotch rot, lol!

        13. That’s kind of an anti-pickup thing for her to reveal, lol.

        14. I said she was young, pretty and hot. I never said she was very bright, lol! Of course a little weed and alcohol can often “strip the paint” so you can actually see what’s underneath. All too often it ain’t pretty…

        15. Poor girl probably thought it was an interesting part of the autobiographical movie she’s making about herself in her head… Once again trying to sell things to men that were sold to her. Sad.

      4. I have actually experienced your first fear. It was extremely painful, but oddly enough, almost worse than the pain was being able to feel them tugging around in my insides. I won’t go into all of the other gory details, but suffice it to say it was terrifying and horrible. I was actually really worried at one point that I was going to go insane because I could not do anything at all to stop it, I just had to suffer through it.
        In the recovery room afterwards, I told the attending nurse what had happened, and she laughed it off. I then repeated parts of the conversation she had had with the doctor while they were working on me and I was supposed to be under. The CEO of the hospital came to “just check in and see how I was doing” as soon as they wheeled me back to my room, and the head of the hospital’s Anesthesiology department took over my pain management from then on.

        1. that’s terrible man. Yeah, I read about it a long time ago and have been freaked out ever since.

        2. Imaging the kids that were operated on back decades ago when they discovered that chemical that paralysed you, but you were still conscious and alert. This doctor who experimented on kids thought it was the best thing ever because the kids didn’t move. Then he tried it on himself and then discovered how terrifying it was.

        3. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled (3 of 4 impacted), probably due to my youth partying tolerance, I intentionally tried as hard as possible to stay awake as long as possible. I remember the nurse looking worried at the doctor, then they were checking both their time-clocks in amazement. I’m actually glad I did that, because it proved to them when I went out, I was really out. Fuckin jaw never felt the same afterwards, like those fuckers really wrenched on me to extract the teeth. I really have no trust in doctors, because I know most of them are only decent at that one skill. A logical person’s skills transfer to all realms. Not so with many “medical professionals” I’ve learned. “So you can understand how to perform dual bi-lateral knee scopes, but challenged by changing a tire?” Wonderful.

        4. Christ, dude you should sue. Even if you signed a stack of waivers 7 feet high, they will settle.

        5. oh man, speaking of wisdom teeth. I had my left ones pulled out in Canada under local anasthesia. Then I was going to get my 2 right ones pulled out in India ( I trusted the doctor). The clinic I went to wasnt a high end place where you would go for medical tourism.
          So he goes to work on my lower wisdom tooth, takes him 6 hours of digging in to finally get it fully out. I thought that would leave me with permanent jaw/ nerve damage. He told me I was the most patient patient he had ever seen and I guess I also have to appreciate myself for being that patient.

      5. I would just do mad steroids and pay off as many thugs relatives for protection on the inside.
        Then I’d make a run for the border, have facial reconstruction surgery, burn off my fingerprints and buy a 1 way ticket to Afganistán or Venezuela.

      6. YEP. Just kill ONE asshole and it will be worth going to jail for something you DID 🙂

    2. 15 years of your life wasted in prison because some cunt wanted validation from men. And they say women are the fairer sex.

      1. Women are the fairer Sex? What the goddamn hell.
        Women don’t know what justice is. They only know their own justice, which benefits them of course. Oh, and this form of justice can change in a wink.

        1. I don’t think “fair” is used in the sense of fair play when people say “women are the fairer sex” but rather fair as in the connotation of delicate and beautiful like “my fair lady” which is true despite horror stories like this….the second you start thinking otherwise it is say hello to Bruce time

        2. We tried the woman-experiment. It failed miserably and isn’t correcting like a decent stock in a stable sector. Time to societally divest across all sectors. Emotional whims belong nowhere in positions that affect masses. I can’t think of one instance where it’s working well.

        3. Thankfully the legal director of the ACLU in Massachusetts, Matthew Segal, has been helping represent Dookhan defendants since 2013; because while this Dookhan person has strongly sociopathic-characteristics; I’m more concerned about the Essex DAs who have, “fought efforts to allow those jailed or imprisoned based on potentially suspect evidence freed pending a review of their cases.” over the past 4 years!
          There is no conspiracy by ‘media outlets’ to sweep this information under-the-rug; this was covered extensively, in 2012 (when it was considered Current News); let me blow the dust off of a few of those old articles for you:
          CBS News, September 2012: “Annie Dookhan, chemist at Mass. crime lab, arrested for allegedly mishandling over 60,000 samples”

          “Thousands of Potentially Wrongful Convictions; Years of Delayed Action”-10 Nov 16
          “How many people are in jail based on faked data”-10/29/15 Dahlia Lithwick
          While couching this as a gender issue proves that women can, indeed, be equal to men (finally!); that’s not the best way to approach this issue, which Max Roscoe correctly identified as a systemic problem.
          This 2015 “article notes that the admissions from the FBI and Department of Justice “confirm long-suspected problems with subjective, pattern-based forensic techniques—like hair and bite-mark comparisons—that have contributed to wrongful convictions in more than one-quarter of 329 DNA-exoneration cases since 1989.”

        4. This situation is interesting in it’s lack of media coverage but understandable. You have both sides in the political spectrum meeting on nefarious goals. The left want to see more strong young independent woman of color and the right want drug control and prisons. Both see that they have nothing to gain when real rational people see the story so the story doesn’t get out. Makes both houses look guilty, because the are.

        5. This story has been going strong for almost 4-years now…it’s getting a second and third wind; Return of Kings has even got us thinking about it 3 1/2 years in…the Left has sent in assistance for any of Dookhan’s victims…the Right…has indeed tried to maintain the status-quo.
          There has been sufficient media coverage; now it will be interesting to see if any specific justice occurs for Dookhan’s victims, and if any long-term positive changes are implemented in the DOJ (it’s probably not a priority for this administration, though).

        6. You might remember this story but myself and many other have been completely ignorant to it when other stories (Like the guy who wouldn’t leave the plane) blow up in our culture something important like this hardly get any of the attention. Where are the protests from the left regarding this? This is much more important than their “evil cis white xtian male patriarchy” they always rally against, oh wait I think I understand because the person who was caught in the wrong… is a female “person of color”. If anything they can make her a victim and blame the white patriarchy in the DA and justice system but they can’t even do that because of how involved she was personally. over 20k people in jail that this woman had a hand in putting there, that is unbelievable.


        8. The victims of the state are simply told to ‘man up’ and deal with it. That’s how it always is. There will be no remorse from the left or the right and both will act to preserve the statusquo and advance from it to even more arbitrary power over people.

        9. Most Masons are Jews. However, you don’t have to be Jew to be Mason. Also they ALL are what comrade Lenin called “Useful Idiots”.
          Because Masons are puppets of Rothschilds and G. Soros, as well as Saudis. At the top level they are all LUCIFERIANS. The nationality or official religion is irrelevant. Also, the top are puppets of Satan and they are HIS “useful Idiots” lol.

      2. If I did 15 years for a murder I didn’t commit on account of this bitch, my request for reparations would be to allow me to kill her.
        I mean, you made me pay the penalty for murder already– aren’t I entitled to the murder I paid for? I mean, they can’t refund the time…

        1. I wouldn’t be asking for any permission. I would kidnap and torture her on video for weeks.

        2. torture her on video for weeks.
          You may not want to record it since they can use that against you.

      3. “wanted validation from men”
        I’m sure if you looked, probably not even very hard, someone out there is claiming she’s an innocent victim of some EVIL MENS, perhaps her mean husband or that vile user of a DA. Most every story of female criminality expresses some variation on this theme.

      4. And they say women are the fairer sex.
        They must be manginas because I don’t see that. I see the opposite.

      1. I actually still have my Walkman. I don’t own any tapes any longer but I still have the Walkman.

        1. Admit it. You have a “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” T-shirt stashed somewhere…and a “Beastie Boys” greatest hits tape.

        2. “a mm and the fb t shirt” more like 10!
          I do have my old beeper still too.

        3. depending on the type of paranoia I have a solution. If you are a germaphobe like me (and yes I know it is cognitively dissonant that I am a germaphobe in all respects but will just lay around a bag of vaginas all weekend) then I suggest using Jbirds Bluebuds wireless headphones with the sports tip. They are water proof and you can literally soak them in boiling water after each use.

        4. by the way, not to far from my apartment they are opening a Whalburgers…Marky Mark’s Burger Chain smh….I am wondering if it will be staffed by the funky bunch.

        5. I think I can safely say that I will never eat a Whalburger (unless I’m really fucking drunk)…

        6. I feel that that might be their target audience. I had never heard of it, but apparently they have a bunch of them in Boston… they have one opening on 85th street and 2nd avenue.

        7. I proudly own both a Beastie Boys t-shirt and have a ton of Beastie Boys MP3s.
          I will also unabashedly rock “Good Vibrations” on the speakers at a pool party, too. I’m just hardcore like that.

        8. I knew a guy named Bologna once. His Bologna Sandwich Shop never took off

        9. That one he did where he spent the whole time running away from the grass was absolutely hysterical. Funniest comedy I’ve seen in years.

        10. Almost surreal you mention this, last night I was rooting through a box still unpacked from my last move, looking for something unrelated, and found my old Motorola Flex alphanumeric.

        11. I knew a dentist who’s last name is Doktor….
          One can only imagine the depths of disappointment his parents must have put him through…

        12. Moving is kind of like having altzheimers. There is all this stuff that is vaguely familiar but not where it belongs and it keeps surprising

        13. Groucho: What’s your first name?
          Chico: Al.
          Groucho: What’s your last name?
          Chico: Zheimer.
          Groucho: What do you do, Al?
          Chico: I forget.

    3. Sadly, after being psychologically broken and “finding Jesus” the victims have no will left for revenge.

    4. It’s grim. 2 years is nowhere near enough time. They should lock up proven false accusers in a cell full of thirsty dindus.

  11. This is the result of men becoming immoral. “Immoral” does not just mean stealing your neighbors cow, or having sex with your neighbors wife, thereby encoruaging her to rebel against him and destroy his life via divorce rape.
    “Immoral” also flattering a woman so that you can get in her pants (beta male game). Cock blocking other men (beta male game), Beta orbiting for hope of future sex (beta male… eh, you get the idea).
    “Immoral” also means pretending that the last 1000 times you got rejected is because all women are dykes, or because they all want money, or some other shit like that. It is immoral because you are lying to yourself. No boss, it ain’t them, you just aren’t doing it right.
    “Immoral” also means expecting everyone else to do everything for you. No, it does not work like that. College does not magically guarantee you a job, you do not have the right to 50% of your brother’s earnings just because you are working in a starbucks. etc.

    1. Yeh, what she did is no different than locking every one of those men up for most of their lives.
      She should be executed.

  12. This article really resonates with me due to a pro bono case I am currently handling for a guy who has served all of his time, and the government is still trying to fuck him over, and the pussy pass is definitely in play.
    But the rot here is much deeper than this article lets on. It is a growing scandal in the legal community that ALL forensic “science” is complete crap – all of it. Fingerprints, bite marks, fiber analysis, footprint analysis, arson investigation – you name it. It is all complete bullshit, and when rigorously tested using the scientific method, these “experts” can’t actually replicate anything. That doesn’t mean that every convict is innocent, but it means that a lot of innocent people are sitting in prison.
    These fucking frauds should be swinging from lampposts for the harm they have done to society. It is corrosive to the public trust in one of our most fundamental institutions – the courts. If you can’t depend on the courts to be fair, why shouldn’t you just resort to vigilante justice? I’m not a big conspiracy theory guy, but honestly, I think that the reason you don’t hear more about this type of shit is because people understand that this is exactly what would happen.
    Anyway, I suppose there’s still a possibility that one of the actual violent thugs she helped put away will track her down and exact vengeance. I won’t shed many tears or lose much sleep if that happens.

    1. How is *all* of forensic science bullshit, I don’t actually understand that. DNA evidence seems pretty airtight. I get if some incompetents or people with bad intent fuck with the evidence or screw it up, but I mean if properly performed, how is that stuff fraudulent?
      I do however think that a lot of law enforcement techniques are utter quackery. Any person who can’t pass a lie detector test while stone cold sober is a freaking loon.

        1. That shit is so clearly nothing but smoke and mirrors and voodoo magic that I’m surprised anybody anywhere ever gives it a whiff of credibility.

        2. As I posted above, it is a useful tool in trying to get someone to talk and reveal something. A method of pressure.

      1. DNA is about the only one that is somewhat legit. But remember, DNA is still only partially conclusive. There is always a chance, albeit small, that someone else is a match. And, that of course assumes it is done properly.
        I’m referring more to the non-DNA CSI type stuff, though there have been lots of problems with DNA evidence too. Here’s a good primer on some of this:

      2. There is no such thing as ‘passing’ or ‘failing’ a lie detector test. It shows what your body was doing and has nothing to do with whether you were lying or not. It’s why routine screening of folks with security clearances has never caught a spy.
        The results are pretty much pre-determined, the guy hooking you up has already decided whether you pass/fail or if he’s going to tell you it’s inconclusive as a method of putting additional pressure on you to geet you talking.

      3. He doesn’t mean all if it I don’t think. He means ‘government science labs’ are full of shit.
        That I can buy.
        Their statistics are bullshit. Their legislation is bullshit. Their official stories are by and large bullshit. So why would we trust anything they produce without thorough independent verification?

      4. All lab work is suspect, for all branches of medicine.
        Loads of people paying for operations they never needed.

    2. Child Abuse Specialist MDs… an epidemic of taking kids away from parents… kid has rare bone disease and brittle bones… state assumes abuse with no evidence other than broken bones and testimony of ‘child abuse doctor’.
      YUGE scam. And at least here, it impacts the few remaining intact white families disproportionately.
      It’s all bullshit all the way down.

      1. One day I was working and I had the radio on. The program is interrupted for an amber alert / and the amber alert announces that some child has been kidnapped. The amber alert goes on to announce that the kidnappers are, read closely, “the child’s Mother and Father”. Huge Red Flag, and I feel like I am the only person in the world that hears the insanity of this. Kidnapped by Mom and Dad, really, and we all just keep slaving away without questioning what kind of sick crazy place we are living in ?

  13. Women lie all the time for various reasons, but mostly because of attention and/or money.
    Now, I’m not fan of Fox News anymore, but I’ve reads a few of these settlement cases and one of the women got a settlement because Bill O’Reilly yelled at her while another one of these women visited Bill at his home a few times for god knows what(Juliet Huddy) and got paid.
    You obviously can’t trust women for anything based on legalities because they rely on feelings and self interests rather than objectivity.

  14. Shocking is the only word I can think of. The level of incompetence on display here it’s staggering.
    Even down to the basics such as checking out qualifications, a simple call to the university where she claimed her masters degree would have shown her to be a liar immediately.

    1. All the imbeciles involved and complicit in these capers should be hung from lampposts as well as their families.

  15. Jewish Power!
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    1. Gas the kikes now for real! Since the aftermath of the Jew-O-Caust, they have been oddly growing in larger number than previously in weimar germoney

  16. “I don’t care what the policeman says I’m gonna
    Break the law
    I just wanna be stoned
    I just wanna be stoned
    I just wanna be stoned
    For the rest of my natural life
    ‘Cause when I’m stoned
    Everything I do seems to t-t-t-t-t-turn out right
    Look, I don’t want nothing much, I just wanna be king of my own chemistry”

  17. So because of this bitch many innocent people were wrongly imprisoned and several real criminals will be released?

  18. This is sick and evil… there is no punishment, even a death sentence, that could properly provide justice in this case.

  19. Scum. This waste of flesh should be thrown to the families of those who had been incarcerated and ripped apart on television.

  20. A question for everyone: How do you think this generation of MGTOW will perform in their professional duties of oversight when confronted with these type of cases and fellow employees to judge, discipline and report?
    Or are they all just a bunch of simpering wimps?

    1. If they want to keep their jobs, they will be simpering wimps. Or they could just leave that job and do something else.

  21. “Lots of people talkin’, but few of them know
    Soul of a woman was created below.”
    -Dazed and Confused, Led Zeppelin

    1. is this one of the lyrics they stole from one of the old blues guys or is this one of the lyrics they stole from Jake Holmes?

      1. That doesn’t get much mileage, given as basically every white band from the ’60’s through the ’90’s lifted lyrics from old blues players.

        1. yeah, I know. Still LZ was worse than most and really, to my ear, didn’t sound very good doing it. Clapton took part in the great blues tradition of redoing lyrics but LZ just seems like hacks to me. Plant was a good guitarist for sure and Bonham was a good drummer but they were really, at best, a fair to midland rock band or a very good cover band

        2. I disagree there. LZ wasn’t doing covers of blues although they were heavily influenced by it. They did have a distinctive sound which I liked. ‘Rock and Roll’, ‘The Song Remains the Same’ and ‘What is and What Should Never Be’ made it onto my mix of tracks to ride a motorcycle late at night at interesting speeds. Oddly, Tull’s ‘Too Old to Rock and Roll’ didn’t, perhaps superstition regarding the ending.
          Might be biased since I’d watch ‘The Song Remains the Same’ movie at midnight on the off weeks I wasn’t going to midnight viewings of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’.

        3. Right not doing blues covers just stealing lyrics and playing mediocre music

        4. I still liked a lot of their stuff. Some bands I know I shouldn’t like, but heck, I do. Like Nickleback. Or the big-band sound of Roman Holiday.

        5. Yup. I get that.
          There is a world of difference between stuff we like and stuff that’s good. For my part I feel I’m split 49/49 between stuff I like and stuff that’s good with 2% left over for stuff I like but it truly abhorrent and embarrassing

        6. The nice thing about having a variety of artists out there, plenty to choose from. Lately I’ve gotten more into orchestral Epic type music. ‘Two Steps From Hell’, ‘Audiomachine’, ‘Twisted Jukebox’ etc.
          I like a lot of country music more for the sense of humor then the music itself – ‘I’ll Pray for You’ Jaron Lowenstein as an example.

      2. Heck the Eagles’ signature tune, “Hotel California”, was lifted almost entirely from this Jethro Tull song –

        1. Jethro Tull stands head and shoulders above almost every other band of their generation and gets very little credit for it. Also, the eagles just fucking suck

        2. Don Henley is an egomaniacal dipshit. He and the remaining Eagles’ members recently sued the owners of a Mexican hotel for having the audacity to name it “Hotel California”. Ironic, since the Eagles ripped the song off from Jethro Tull…

        3. I almost wouldn’t mind him being an egomaniacal dipshit if the eagles just made some decent music. They literally don’t have a single song that is worth listening to. You are the conspiracy guy bob, I don’t know much about this stuff but I have a hard time believing that their fame and fortune was won on their “talent” while a band like Jethro Tull (thick as a brick might be the most brilliant hour of rock music made in that decade, the aqualung album is perfection, a passion play is frighteningly genius in a way that makes pink Floyd look like high school kids — hell even their performance at the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, one song though it was, stole the show) basically amounts to nothing.

        4. they did win the mtv award for best metal band once. I remember the crowd going apeshit- SHOULDA BEEN METALLICA! THEY GOT JOBBED

        5. I think it’s one of those “who you know” deals. That’s how actors and bands make it. I know that Ian Anderson is a laid-back guy. He has openly professed to becoming a rock musician, solely for the pussy. The implication being he didn’t take any of it seriously.
          When asked about the Eagles ripping off that Jethro Tull song, he was very magnanimous about it. He said it was a nice tribute to Jethro Tull (but he could have sued them for tens of millions of dollars).
          The Eagles opened for Jethro Tull, back in the early 1970s. And Tull would play that “We Used to Know” song, over and over, on the tour…heh. (“Wow, that’s a catchy tune, let’s rip the whole song off!”) Weird shit goes on up at that level, and talent has nothing to do with the reasons why anybody, or any band, becomes famous. I know that much.

        6. that you know nothing about them but have probably heard of hackjobs like the eagles, the doors and lynard skynard really says something about the music industry

        7. Skynyrd sucked. I think they were promoted to help socially engineer the Walmart white trash we see today…

        8. Don’t fuck with Skynrd, bro, that’s one step over the line.

        9. haha I like the Eagles man!
          I think youd dig Robert Randolph and the Family Band(if you dont know them already)

        10. Gimme three steps, guys…and you’ll never see me no more. (I swear.) But seriously, I think they sucked. A moderately talented country-rock garage band. They must have known somebody way up top at MCA records…MCA being owned by the mob and all (as it undoubtedly was).

        11. not too long ago someone told me something that I thought was very smart…just when you think you have heard it all. A guy I knew who has serious connections in his industry (high end watches) told me a story about securing a watch for a special client that no other dealer could get their hands on. It needed to be signed off on by Thirey Stern himself as it was a minute repeating perpetual calendar from patek that cost roughly 1.2 million. I had congratulated him on his score. For his business this is as big of a deal as there comes and I said “i guess its all about who you know” and he said (Indian guy with oxford brit accent) “it is not JUST about who you know. It is who you know and who likes you”

        12. you can shake your head from now until the second coming it won’t make Skynard less lousy

        13. That is so true. Interesting story there.
          I think we should start a band…and call it Jethro Tolkien.
          Billions. Billions could be made…

        14. I am literally (Hitler) sitting here typing this out, wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt. SMH doesn’t even begin to express my thoughts on this matter.

        15. ma’ man.
          (I’d flick a lighter and yell ‘free bird’ but the last time the sprinklers went off and I got yelled at….)

        16. Tell me “Free Bird” isn’t six minutes too long…hey, opinions are like assholes – everybody has one. So much for my opinion. There’s no accounting for taste. But if you drink gasoline long enough, you’ll develop a taste for it (until it kills you)…

        17. I saw Skynyrd in concert with REO Speedwagon and Peter Frampton a long, long time ago (very shortly before Skynyrd’s plane went down). Skynyrd was booed off the stage – they sucked that night. From what I understand, they sucked every night. Their studio work was polished, for sure. Anyway, REO Speedwagon played next and the crowd got revved up (even though they kinda sucked, too, at least it wasn’t Skynyrd). Frampton came out last and blew everybody away…that guy is a fucking musician’s musician (he did session work frequently, played with Humble Pie). Skynyrd sounded like an eighth-grade garage band…it was pathetic.

        18. They sounded perfectly fine at Sturgis in 2015 when last I saw them. Of course some of the band members are younger than the actual band now, but still.

        19. Ronnie Van Zant (lead singer) and Steve Gaines (guitarist) died in that plane crash in 1977…I don’t know what the new band sounds like, but they must have practiced a lot, because the first incarnation of that band absolutely sucked in concert..

        20. OMG a conspiracy! Hmm. So okay, they didn’t really die. They came back after getting plastic surgery and formed the band, Milli Vanilli…

        21. The Doors…another joke of a band. I like “Riders on the Storm” to a degree, but…”LA Woman”. That has to be one of the worst songs in rock history. Except for most of The Doors’ other tunes…

        22. Damn, I don’t care for them or the Eagles either, you wouldn’t believe how much hell I’ve caught over the years for that especially considering where I come from.

        23. Riders on the Storm, and The End. The rest of that band’s catalog can just get stuffed.

        24. I get it. They are a marketed commodity not actually music. The sad thing is that (other than Devil went down to Georgia) people like Charlie Daniels are largely ignored for an excellent body of music.

        25. Yeah…I agree. Speaking of “it’s who you know, way up high”, Jim Morrison’s dad was Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison. He was the commander of US Naval Forces during the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Pretty well-connected dude, there, Daddy Morrison was…

        26. Their sound really never appealed to me much. Although I think that “Rain on Me” was also good (I’m assuming that’s The Doors? Or was it some other old band? Dunno).

        27. Oh, yeah, probably them. I try not to get too much into nostalgia music these days, except for a few bands here or there, and even then, in moderation. Problem is that there’s so little decent new stuff out there that I like, except shit I can find independently produced by the actual artists on the interwebs (which, hey, doesn’t suck either I guess).

        28. Exactly. I don’t seek nostalgia, its just that nothing has come along to replace or even compliment what I already like.

        29. It is an entirely excellent song by any measure.

        30. Hey I admire passionate fans…even Skynyrd fans. I catch shit all the time when I express my displeasure for them. So in public, I usually don’t say a word. On the Net? Yeah…

        31. Other people who were incredibly talented and made excellent music that never really got acclaim anywhere near crappy bands like Lynard Skynard:
          Jim Kweskin Jug Band
          John Prine
          Ry Cooder
          Warren Zevon
          Jerry Jeff Walker
          Marshall Tucker Band
          All these people were making legitimately good music and were ignored by main stream for bullshit like Skynard, the Doors and the plethora of commercial successes that didn’t actually come equipped with a lick of talent.

        32. I can’t even bring myself to hate them they are so bad….it’s more like annoyed that they are famous.

        33. Walking into a smoky beer joint around here and saying Skynyrd sucks would make you as uncomfortable as a black guy at a Klan rally.

        34. You can add Metallica and Megadeth comparison. Megadth was far better musically, but didn’t get the fame that Metallica got.

        35. I am with you on that. I mean, I am not a huge Whitney Houston fan or anything but when I hear her sing I totally get why she was famous. She had a voice that would blow down a brick wall and 50 pounds of style in a 10 pound bag. I didn’t have to like her to know she was special. But some groups (the police/sting as you mentioned included) I am usually left with a big Dafuq?

        36. I understand Streisand, not much talent but all the little jewish girls loved her.
          Whitney, Donna Summers, Adele, and Christina Aguilera all have outstanding voices- I’m just not much of a fan of their category of music.

        37. Metallica’s lawsuit of Napster just called from 2001 to remind us all that Metallica are a bunch of sell out beta pussies.
          The Metallica of Cliff Burton and Kill Em All is no more.
          Jobbed they were not.

        38. Don’t bother, it’s dated shit. Old men listening to old tunes.
          Listen to J. Balvin instead ……….

        39. hey cut that shite out, Floyd were leaps and bounds more advanced than Tull, i will say that Ian Anderson is a great businessman though.
          EDIT : agree about the eagles

        40. Ry Cooder is well known to those who play.
          in a related point, its kinda good that some “musicians” dont get huge acclaim and some “artists” masquerading as talented musos get spashed on the cover of Rolling Stone, there is nothing worse than listening to some spank stain wank on about how great Kurt Cobain is/was…. Rolling Stone top 100 articles have alot to answer for.

        41. when the scumbag leftists/antifa/nwo come to take your guns away, blast those mongrels with some Skynard “gimme back my bullets” on the wireless, then let em have it with 12 gauge

        42. Metallica benefitted from Mustaine’s riffs and for the last 28 years haven’t produced anything worth a shit. But in saying that, Coroner are even better.

      3. Zeppelin got me interested in the blues. Friend found Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘It’s a Bloody Life’, on which Page played guitar. Got me hooked…

  22. Donta Hood
    While Annie’s actions were the largest contributing factor in the murder of Charles Evals, Donta’s parents ought to be held at least partially responsible.

  23. “I believe in showing compassion and love to all human beings. But women are not human beings. Women are soulless creatures who were spawned in Satan’s bowels and emanate from the depths of hell.” – Gandhi

    1. I asked a co-worker if she had a family plan for the children(3 hers, 3 his all 5-8 yrs of age) in case of fire because I was genuinely interested.
      She made it well known her kids would come first and only her kids, “I don’t have time to think of his kids.” Men wouldn’t do this, yet 3 of her friends that were in the same type of relationship concurred they would do the same thing.
      They are soulless.

  24. Happened in San Francisco, and god knows where else as well. Women don’t belong anywhere near any position that requires technical competence or decision-making authority. They are total fuckups and losers when they try to pretend that they are men.

    1. Sure, you can point to the odd NAWALT proficient woman, but is it really worth the risk? If we hire 100 women, ONE of them will perform as well as the average man! It’s a chance we MUST take!
      Not when lives are at stake, sweetie. You go play in the kitchen now.

  25. Wonder how many highly competent and honest men were passed over for these crime lab positions to fill some “diversity quota?”

  26. Perhaps it is because my Friday afterwork beer, but I can’t understand why women are allowed with their feelings based decision anywhere where decision could ruin someone else’s life?
    This make no sense..

  27. “You all become sushi meat now” says the chink lady working in the forensic department of examining corpses.

  28. How many men are sitting in prison, or have their lives ruined by women lying about rape? Probably more than 23,000.

    1. Or “he hit me” or that old saw “he threatened me”.
      All it takes is an accusation by a female and the male is going to jail, evidence be damned.
      There is a special category of Assault, called “Assault on a Female” and it only applies to men.
      A 300lb bulldyke thrashing her 100lb lover isn’t going to be charged with “Assault on a Female”.

  29. the following year she was caught lying about her qualifications when she claimed a Master’s education in Chemistry, when in fact she had never taken any master’s level courses.
    Seems like the sort of thing you’d want to verify before hiring a crime lab chemist.
    Annie is still an evil cunt, but complaining about the cost of the cleanup is less compelling now.

  30. Ha.
    Ha ha.
    Ha-ha ha!
    Ha-ha, ha-ha!
    Hah! Hah-ha-ha!

  31. Oh Bob let’s not park here.
    Oh Bob let’s not park.
    Oh Bob let’s not.
    Oh Bob let’s.
    Oh Bob.

  32. she was caught lying about her qualifications when she claimed a Master’s education in Chemistry, when in fact she had never taken any master’s level courses.
    If she actually had a Masters Degree, she would still be “Super Woman”, yet more innocent men would be going into the cage, and we would know nothing about any of it.

    1. Now here, I’m of the “he’s overrated” mind. I’ve never really liked Neil Young.

      1. We have to get Skynyrd and Neal Young together, and talk this whole thing over, on “Oprah”…grin.

        1. You know, and I’m being half serious here, there seems to be something here that makes each band mutually exclusive to their base. Like, you won’t hardly ever find a Neil Young fan who likes Skynrd, and vice versa. Has to be genetic.

        2. It’s weird isn’t it…maybe it has something to do with the precise timing of the exposure to the music, and the circumstances surrounding it. For example, you hear Skynyrd for the first time when you’re banging some hottie you were crazy about, back in the day. Or maybe you first got exposed to them when running with a crew of guys you really liked (school buddies). I don’t know what it is for sure, but it is odd, as you noted, exactly how bands can pull an avid following, while some people follow another band avidly, and bad-mouth the first band. Sociology, man. With a dash of genetics. Who knows for sure.

        3. My theory is that we each have kind of a “rhythm” and set of chords/notes that we respond to more than others rather embedded in us. An artist hits enough of those cues and we like him, otherwise we don’t. And I think that those cues have antonyms, meaning, Neil Young would be the opposite cues of Skynrd, and so on. Dunno. Just kind of pulling shit out of my speculation inclined ass this morning.

        4. Anything outside the box is my kinda thing. I think what you wrote has definite merit. Supposedly Neal Young had this mansion he built on an ungodly number of acres up in Canada. So he put these gigantic speakers in the master bedroom (upstairs) of the house, and another set of gigantic speakers (supposedly scores of them) in the guest house. Then he opened all the windows in those structures. So then he goes out on the lawn to listen to a song he had just recorded. And as he was listening to it, he yelled out for an engineer to turn up the volume on one side – “More guest house!”
          That song must have resonated with his pre-programmed cords/cues you mention, GOJ.

  33. “Many of the tens of thousands set to be released are undoubtedly violent criminals, and the public is now at great risk as these thugs are released back into our neighborhoods.” ~ Another asshole who believes the Broken Window Theory. I really hate my countrymen. America harasses, intimidates and imprisons more of its citizen-slaves than any other nation on earth and nearly everyone is just fine with that. While what this vile bitch did turns my stomach I bet the family farm she is a neophyte compared to many men in authority out there who are doing the same things and a whole lot worse!

  34. Wow… well guess what… in Greece… there are no Lab test for narcotics…. The police claims they found drugs… the defendant doesnt challenge their narrative (being defiand towards the police when you get busted is a bad idea generally)… and people go to prison with that kind of “due process”…. They justify this by their budget being always short…. no need to waste taxpayers money on fellons… I am not suprised at all that this mindset infected America itself…

    1. America’s ‘war of drugs’ is a branch of the ‘terror war’ and is to standardize checkpoints, random stops and a loophole to make blank arrests, usually for political reasons.

  35. I work in a lab….its run by incompetent women and staffed with lazy women. Its no wonder this happens. Most are too busy on the internet, texting or making personal phone calls.
    As long as you are sucking up to the company or know someone you get the managerial positions, if not then be prepared to spend several thousand dollars in upgrading education just to be considered. But you won’t get it anyways, it will go to some bimbo who is allowed to do said “vital” education upgrades while she worka the position. They spend their time in a million meetings or doing homework allday in their offices and barely have a clue of whats going on in the Lab they “Manage”.

    1. This is yet another testament as to why men should avoid “Institutions of Hired Learning” and all corporate jobs like the plague. Educate yourself about whatever it is you might want to learn. Or be an apprentice somewhere, and learn a trade. Start your own gig. Always. If enough guys do it, the world will change. And I so want it to change to the way I envision it, because, like…liberalism! But seriously, guys…do your own thing. Even if you have to suffer economically for a while.

      1. Actually this is an opportunity if you play your cards right. Since corporations are more concerned about virtue signalling than results, there is a niche for being the experienced independent consultant who arrives to actually do the work (for an inflated price).

    2. “Bought new shoes from Zappos, picked out my new bedroom, chatted on Facebook and updated my Singles profile all while putting three men behind bars today!”

  36. The horrific injustice towards men perpetrated by woman, how long will we put up with this shit?

  37. So you’re telling me nobody checked this bitch’s transcripts to see if she was actually qualified to do this work? Nobody saw anything odd about her record-setting pace? There was massive collusion, more so than we’re told, and only a handful of people got tossed under the bus.

    1. They only flush one or two down the toilet for PR purposes but the bloated corrupt system still has an agenda and a schedule. The system will never fix itself and has a hard shell to crack.

    2. She fills at least two affirmative action qualifiers, being a woman and a minority, so no.

  38. Maybe that’s why Islam has a rule that women must have a witness to support her statement in court. Because they understand women’s nature; manipulative. They know it’s highly unlikely for women to tell 100% truth. They feel the need to put drama and some other “spices” to her story.
    I know how much people here hate Islam, but I gotta admit there’s some truth to it.
    “Hell will be filled more by women than men. Because of two holes in them (women). Their mouths​ (gossips, lies) and their vaginas (promiscuity).”

    1. Nobody here “hates Islam”. Some people simply are willing to acknowledge the fact that people weren’t getting run over by stolen trucks pre invasion.

      1. And their system of belief is completely antithetical to Western values.
        To whit: women as property, honor killings, female genital mutilation, child marriage, bachi bazi, and every other fucked up thing they do that disgusts us.
        That, and the fact that they are 100% intolerant of other faiths and view all practitioners of said faiths as inferior heretics worthy of death.
        It is a barbaric political system masquerading (Taquiyya) as a religion.
        It has no place in civilized countries.
        I have not 1 drop of fear. Only a wish for them to be as far away from me as possible at all times.
        I don’t give a fuck what they do to each other in their own countries — I believe in the right to self-determination.
        But don’t bring that barbaric 80IQ superstitious shit to my doorstep.

        1. You missed- death penalty for homosexuals, I think that’s antithetical to purported Western values.

        2. “To whit: women as property, honor killings, female genital mutilation, child marriage, bachi bazi, and every other fucked up thing they do that disgusts us.”
          Most of that sounds OK ……
          property, don’t have a problem with that.
          Honour, seems reasonable too.
          Mutilation, comes under equal rights, many men have the end of their cocks cut off.
          Child marriage, would depend on the age of the couple.
          Bacha Bazi, many RoK members seem to worship the Greek homos.
          Death, (m a), nothing wrong with deviant deaths.

        3. Dude, do you even understand that what you call Western Values are the result of utopian socialism? “women as property, honor killings, child marriage,” these things were practiced in Rome and the West even as late as only about 100 years ago. Your “Western Values” are really socialist and communist values. And you don’t even see/understand this. I guess that’s what “public education” is for…

    2. I hate Islamic terrorists because they hate me.
      I actually know a very nice Muslim family that I have no issues with, but they don’t hate me.

      1. I suspect they do hate you, but are slightly more circumspect in revealing their true feelings then the usual extremists.

        1. Perhaps, but then they join a large group of non-muslims that hate me as well.
          They’re fairly liberal live and let live folks. They have as much to fear from the terrorists as I do, maybe more. They’ll be blamed for not adhering to the tenets of the faith.

      1. Oh, I remember. Muslims don’t do anal. For them, it’s considered to be the same as gay sex. Anal sex is forbidden; even if you’re legit husband and wife. LOL

        1. So how do they explain Camels being ships of the desert (Because they’re full of Arab seamen).

  39. Great piece, with a nice historical summary.
    I was reading about these sorts of incidents 15 years ago…the fact that the most egregious incidents are by women needs to be pointed out.

    1. Who the hell empowered her in the first place. She should have been horse traded into marriage young to some . . eeh . . I guess some Indian looking guy with a machete. She would still cheat and make a great box dinner, claiming to have made it from scratch.

  40. This kind of reminds me of that CEO Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos where they claimed to be able to get blood lab work results with just a drop of blood sample. Later, this was proved to be total BS. Whi knows how many patients she and her company put at risk for inaccurate lab results.

    1. Who with a functioning brainstem could not see that it was complete and utter horseshit? As soon as I saw mention of it I said out aloud ‘This is a fucking scam’ and lo and behold what happened.

      1. The Donald’s (cuck) Secretary of Defense James Mattis couldn’t see that it was completely bogus…

    1. Jack Rubenstein? Uh, he died in a jail cell from cancer. Yep. Has to be true. Saw it on TV. Somebody else will have to pull the trigger here…Jacqueline Rubenstein, maybe.

  41. Annie Dookhan should be doing life in prison. The paltry two years given her is a truly sickening indictment of our third-world justice system, and the fact that the state never even bothered to verify Dookhan’s educational credentials before entrusting her with a job on which our justice system depends nullifies all credibility in our current system of government.

      1. Men who did time for murder should be permitted to kill her.
        I mean, they’ve already paid the penalty for murder, they should be able to perform the act they were punished for.

  42. If I was wrongly imprisoned by her; I would hunt her down and she would disappear. These people disgust me. she would need the witness protection program to keep her going.

  43. We can agree that both the male and female sex can produce dysfunctional psychopaths. However, this extremely destructive behavior pattern is completely ignored, if not outright promoted in women, while being severely penalized with extreme prejudice in men.
    How can you call such a duplicitous civilization good or fair; such a double standard in morality and justice is at least on equal footing with outright acts of terrorism in terms of pure evilness, and no one even seems to be raising an eyebrow to change this in the utterly corrupt feminist lands of USA, that is why modern America has become an maleficent abomination upon this world…

  44. Cunts are gonna cunt. And they dumb fuck pussy boys who won’t prosecute these cunts are only making it worse.

  45. The US has roughly 200 mil incarcerated citizens. The bloated pork barrel prison industry is not manufacturing based like in China. It is another neo con sponsored bleeding out of the national wealth and treasure, much like the foreign conflicts.
    Annie was a working part of the bloated system until they had to pin her and flush her down the toilet to save face. But there remain countless more ‘Annies’ in the system earning gravy salaries for doing nothing productive or useful. Her slack performance was needed though for the ‘waah’ on drugs . . or rather . . ‘war of drugs’ being hyped. They all need shut down. Rape tests get forged, paternity tests forged – beauracracy is all a sham. Shut it all down.

  46. Between this hag and FBI bitch who married that ISIS thug, I am no longer surprised at how low lots of these women are sinking in their lack of judgement for others.

    1. I want to know why the ISIS bitch was allowed back in the country? Just watch, she will be the poster child for the poor, helpless female victim of a very bad man.

  47. The leftist tell us that services like these must be performed by government agencies and not by private contractors. As if being directly employed by the government has some magical power to make people immune to greed and corruption.
    If this had been a private lab, the victims could sue the company for damages. Now there is nothing for them.

    1. Surely they could undertake a class action and sue the state for wrongful imprisonment and so on. It can’t be the State is absolved of responsibility-that’d be a perverse denial of justice.

  48. As pear-shaped as these situations are, the nexus of blame must always fall on the blue-pilled betas and the economically jewish marx-slave system aka lunocracy we live under. We can argue all day about bitches but this is the only thing that will change it. A decrepit, satanic, and inherently malfunctioning system of life must be eradicated. These doughy higher-ups allow shit like this to happen because of the unnatural inversion of the pecking order in humanity. The people at the top are unable to lead, and every single one of them is only interested in greasing their pockets and perpetuating the international rat race that is destroying all chance at a rebound.
    The time will come when this system falls, they will suffer indignation, defeat, and death. Their movements have been eclipsed, it has all been foretold.

  49. Might want to start sending samples to independent labs for verification or send bogus ones and see what the results are.

  50. The story is focused on women but these women would not be able to get away with what they did were it not for the state…aka the real man in their life. The pieces of crap who allowed these women to abuse the taxpayer and convict innocent men are the real problem. No doubt other men who hired or covered up for these incompetents.
    Now, because of this coddling, the sheeple out there are facing 23,000 potential criminals ready to “reintegrate”
    Unbelievable. No shock a few of these debacles happened in the fair liberal cesspool of Massachusetts.

    1. Years ago a female DUI conviction super trooper was (rightfully) thrown under the bus because she fabricated and falsified evidence in hundreds of DUI cases that were subsequently overturned. Before that, I’m sure some of her peers, higher ups, and lower downs knew the score but didn’t want to incur the wrath of MADD and risk their careers.

      1. One of the most hilarious court cases I ever read:
        “A corporation in another state called American Traffic Solutions operates the camera system, chooses the photographs on which to predicate enforcement, recommends the Montgomery police department initiate an action against a vehicle’s owner, and is paid for its work.
        On cross-examination, I established that:
        – He was not present at the time of the alleged violation.
        – He has no photographic evidence of the driver.
        – There were no witnesses.
        – He does not know where Adam MacLeod was at the time of the alleged violation.
        And so on. I then asked the question one is taught never to ask on cross—the last one. “So, you signed an affidavit under the pains and penalties of perjury alleging probable cause to believe that Adam MacLeod committed a violation of traffic laws without any evidence that was so?”
        Without hesitating he answered, “Yes.” This surprised both of us. It also surprised the judge, who looked up from his desk for the first time. A police officer had just testified under oath that he perjured himself in service to a city government and a mysterious, far-away corporation whose officers probably earn many times his salary.
        The city then rested its case. I renewed my motion to dismiss, which the judge immediately granted.”

    2. Eh, who cares? They’re sheeple anyway; right? Once you’re a criminal you are always a criminal. There is no such thing as “Paying Your Debt To Society” and moving on with your life. You are branded with the Scarlett Letter on your ass forever. Finding a job or even a place to live is next to impossible once convicted…
      “How do people get to this clandestine Archipelago? Hour by hour planes fly there, ships steer their course there, and trains thunder off to it–but all with nary a mark on them to tell of their destination. And at ticket windows or at travel bureaus for Soviet or foreign tourists the employees would be astounded if you were to ask for a ticket to go there. They know nothing and they’ve never heard of the Archipelago as a whole or any one of its innumerable islands.
      Those who go to the Archipelago to administer it get there via the training schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
      Those who go there to be guards are conscripted via the military conscription centers.
      And those who, like you and me, dear reader, go there to die, must get there solely and compulsorily via arrest.
      Arrest! Need it be said that it is a breaking point in your life, a bolt of lightning which has scored a direct hit on you? That it is an unassimilable spiritual earthquake not every person can cope with, as a result of which people often slip into insanity?
      The Universe has as many different centers as there are living beings in it. Each of us is a center of the Universe, and that Universe is shattered when they hiss at you: “You are under arrest.”
      If you are arrested, can anything else remain unshattered by this cataclysm?
      But the darkened mind is incapable of embracing these dis­placements in our universe, and both the most sophisticated and the veriest simpleton among us, drawing on all life’s experience, can gasp out only: “Me? What for?”
      And this is a question which, though repeated millions and millions of times before, has yet to receive an answer.
      Arrest is an instantaneous, shattering thrust, expulsion, somer­sault from one state into another.
      We have been happily borne-or perhaps have unhappily dragged our weary way-down the long and crooked streets of our lives, past all kinds of walls and fences made of rotting wood, rammed earth, brick, concrete, iron railings. We have never given a thought to what lies behind them. We have never tried to pene­trate them with our vision or our understanding. But there is where the Gulag country begins, right next to us, two yards away from us. In addition, we have failed to notice an enormous num­ber of closely fitted, well-disguised doors and gates in these fences. All those gates were prepared for us, every last one! And all of a sudden the fateful gate swings quickly open, and four white male hands, unaccustomed to physical labor but none­theless strong and tenacious, grab us by the leg, arm, collar, cap, ear, and drag us in like a sack, and the gate behind us, the gate to our past life, is slammed shut once and for all.
      That’s all there is to it! You are arrested!
      And you’ll find nothing better to respond with than a lamblike bleat: “Me? What for?”
      That’s what arrest is: it’s a blinding flash and a blow which shifts the present instantly into the past and the impossible into omnipotent actuality.
      That’s all. And neither for the first hour nor for the first day will you be able to grasp anything else.”
      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956

  51. This is the largest dismissal of convictions in U.S. history. But have you heard anything about this story?

    Surprisingly, CBS’ Elementary featured an episode about this, “name dropping” this corrupt female MA DNA lab supervisor (while creating and prosecuting a fictional copycat in CT).
    The kicker is that the episode also featured and jealous lesbians who were emotion-driven murderers.
    How such a “racist, sexist, homophobic, mysogynist” episode ever aired on leftist CBS in then-Current Year, I don’t know.

  52. This article tries too hard to outrage me. This isn’t journalism, it’s outrage porn.

  53. “Thousands Of Innocent Men Were Wrongly Imprisoned Because Of One Lying Woman” ~ But then later in the story it reads “Many of the tens of thousands set to be released are undoubtedly violent criminals, and the public is now at great risk as these thugs are released back into our neighborhoods.” ~ WTF??? Are they innocent as stated in the headline or are they violent criminals just waiting an opportunity for rape, murder, arson and rape?

  54. I can’t say I am shocked despite this being extremely horrible. Similar things happen in the UK in family courts. Children’s services fabricate evidence by paying professionals to lie about parents and paying their supposed opposition to sabotage their victim’s case against them so they can free children for adoption or get the outcome they want. The courts in the western countries don’t see true justice as the most important thing any more, especially when a case or trial involves the accusations of rape or domestic abuse and custody of children. It’s all about the feminist agenda to keep patriarchy at bay by subjugation of men and the women who support them and to undermine the family. It’s also about keeping the far left status quo alive and well and putting control into society by manipulating the law, which is already far too complex to begin with.

  55. Also, many of these men are probably guilty, but since the evidence was compromised, they’ll be let out, too.

  56. “born in Trinidad & Tobago”
    While true, her place of birth is largely irrelevant in terms of identifying her ancestry which is Indian: If Dookhan had won a Nobel prize or some other accolade, you can BET the media would be reminding us of her full ancestry!
    Between anti-white, anti-male and strong lobbying from different foreign groups (such as NASSCOM), unqualified scientists have flooded into STEM fields in the states. Management also likes them because they can (pretend) to do more work for less pay (although that doesn’t happen but they pretend otherwise.) Companies and universities spend more for less while claiming to save. Our great Soviet economy at work…
    Note that white males aren’t blameless. Many of the management types don’t seem to mind throwing other white males under the bus for a quick buck or to just go along with the flow.

  57. As a feminist, I feel that it’s absolutely disgraceful what this woman did.
    Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be- as the kind of feminism I believe in calls for equal rights for women AND men.
    Did you know that men can also (and do also) get raped, by women?
    Men, unfortunately, also face oppression from a system that needs massive improvement. A male is far more likely to be accused of rape, and to be convicted for it. Women that do this are doing more than ruining an individual, they’re demeaning all of the men and women that suffer from this brutal crime.


  59. I may be late to this discussion but this is not a woman problem. Maybe a particular facet of it or a particular side motivation but the lies and such to put people in prison is not. This is a human nature plus government power / incentives problem.
    Not only are there people who simply enjoy locking up their fellow man there are those who do it to advance in their careers. People advance by getting convictions, not by finding the truth. Yet others will do it simply to forward their own ideas and agendas. This is the consequence of government power.
    The idea of using drug laws to find a way to lock up so-called potentially dangerous people is no better. Tool laws empower the state and its employees. Tool laws are wide reaching in that they can be used on just about anyone. The war on drugs laws may be a little less utilitarian than setting a speed limit below the normal speed of traffic but in the end we are talking about the same thing. A non-crime being used to select those arbitrarily declared “bad people” and harass/punish them.

  60. Events leading to ARMAGEDDON are in full motion. Before, you all die, you will KNOW that JEHOVAH is doing it to you, because you refused to repent. See, I don’t even care what you say or even if I go ever to jail, it’s about time for WW3 now and GREAT TRIBULATION. So unless you become Jehovah’s Witness, you are dead.

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