The French Have Elected Globocuck Emmanuel Macron And His Pro-Islamic Platform

Globalist Emmanuel Macron, who favors open borders and is backed by Rothschild bankers, has won a resounding victory in the run-off election for the French Presidency. Current estimates project that he will win around two-thirds of the vote. Marine Le Pen, his nationalist challenger, has unsurprisingly conceded.

Yet is there a much bigger story looming? Against the backdrop of this very sad day, which will probably seal France’s fate as an Islamized colony of Arabia and North Africa, the French media was banned from publishing news about a very embarrassing set of email leaks.

Rebel Media’s Jack Posobiec became the first well-known figure to tweet about supposed Macron revelations from 4chan’s /pol/ forum. These revelations include that the new President is gay, gets drugs bought for him by aides, and has offshore bank accounts for the purposes of tax evasion.

“We can’t talk about the hacking details, but Russia certainly did the hacking”

A number of media outlets have quoted ex-Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook to try and push the narrative that Russia hacked Macron. Mook is a partisan hack whose professional reputation depends on claiming that he would have won Hillary the White House if the “Russians” hadn’t gotten involved.

The most common response by the mainstream media about the leaked emails, if you exclude the French outlets prohibited by law from discussing them, has been to blame Russia directly or insinuate that it is responsible. Accompanying this has been an extreme unwillingness to talk about what the emails actually say.

NPR, for example, has continued its woeful record as a biased source. It was quick to carry the leftist torch with this article. Yet despite having easy access to 4chan’s /pol/ section, it mentioned none of the damaging allegations against Macron discussed in the forum, let alone covered the in-depth analysis undertaken by contributors there.

Even far less unreliable outlets like Britain’s The Telegraph have somewhat jumped on the bandwagon, quoting such disgraced “sources” as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, Robby Mook. Having been beaten by Donald Trump, who never had the powerful support of the media, Wall Street, or academics, cronies like Mook have every reason to say that Russia heads a global conspiracy to discredit leftist Western politicians. Again, this article and others like it lacked any consideration of the substance of the leaked emails.

Surprise, surprise… one of the allegations is that Emmanuel Macron is gay


GotNews, whose founder Chuck Johnson was instrumental in unveiling the UVA rape hoax, has seized upon news that the new French President may be on a gay dating email list. Called Vestiaire Gay, the website appeared in the trove of leaked messages. If authentic, Macron’s homosexuality would prove correct the insistence of many of his detractors that his marriage to a woman a quarter of a century older than him is a sham.

Macron possibly lying about his sexual orientation and the reason for his marriage would also raise serious questions about both his character and integrity. France faces close to insurmountable problems, especially of the Islamic and demographic varieties. A candidate already supported to the hilt by high finance who can’t even be open about which orifice he likes the most is one everyday Frenchmen and women not only do not need but should greatly fear.

Macron has taken legal action to counter claims he has offshore bank accounts, but the leaks suggest otherwise

The Cayman Islands, where many are saying Macron has an offshore account.

Just prior to the dumping of emails, Emmanuel Macron initiated legal action against Marine Le Pen for her comments about others’ allegations he has an offshore bank account in the Bahamas. Le Pen, however, did not come close to accusing him of this.

Weirdly enough, one of Jack Posobiec’s key disclosures has been 4chan’s work on suspected offshore financial assets held by Macron at, you guessed it, a Cayman Islands bank in the Caribbean:

If verified fully by the authorities (presuming they are even interested), this would be a supreme irony. Why? Because until he started his own movement, Macron was a key architect of the superficially anti-corporate Socialist government.

Why did the French people vote for more of the same?

The future.

After the Paris nightclub massacre and the Nice truck rampageReturn Of Kings hoped that a more sensible man than François Hollande (or even a woman in the form of Le Pen) would become the next President of France. But, alas, the French people have voted in an establishment figure, a globalist who up until recently was one of the top advisors to the Hollande regime.

While the Macron emails purportedly show top aides buying criminalized narcotics online and references to getting the boss some “c..” (cocaine?), it seems the French people have their own drug of choice: denial. Only this can explain the turn of events unfolding in France over the weekend.

Let’s face it: France is in for a tough five years–five years which in all likelihood will lead to a very miserable half-century. Be warned.

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384 thoughts on “The French Have Elected Globocuck Emmanuel Macron And His Pro-Islamic Platform”

  1. So long and thanks for all the cheese. This is literally the start of a pure Islamic state in Europe. The globalists love it. French people will go down in history as the cucks who helped ferment nothing but war and misery.

  2. Any individual that does not put him himself and his loved ones first is mentally ill. Any group of people that does not put themselves and those who are like them first are collectively mentally ill. The French voted for Macron because they did not want to be thought of as “racist”. Racial guilt is one of the most serious forms of mental illness.
    And it only affects whites.

    1. Definitely agree with you on that score and it’s not just racism. Why is it now that if you don’t like someone or something like for example Tim Farron not liking Homosexuals and they find out you then have to apologise. What’s all that shit about. I know am certainly not very likeable and have been told so but I don’t intend then for the persons who don’t like me to then lick my Arse.

    2. I still can’t understand after the attacks by muslims in Paris and Neice taking the lives of hundreds why aren’t the French clamoring for mass deportations and other strong measures?
      I mean just getting rid of illegals and criminals would thin them out substantially but it seems this wasn’t even mentioned in the election. Perhaps it’s illegal?
      I think the French media is so left wing and the state institutions far too entrenched in society that the Globalists brainwashing is stronger than in even Germany…
      That announcement suppressing the “Macron Leak” was well timed.. I bet a court order forbids the media from even reporting on the content calling it “fake news.”

      1. I always wondered why they built a Disneyland in France . Now it becomes perfectly clear.

      2. “I think the French media is so le(f)t wing an..”
        Yeah. Didn’t the Charlie Hebdo cover say “all is forgiven” a week after the shootings? And one of their moronic writers said he “vomits” on those who were saying “I am Charlie”? The US has an extreme left wing mainstream media. France kicks it up about 10 notches.

      3. Let’s also quit pretending this election wasn’t rigged. My firm beliefs are Trump won both the electorate and popular vote. In fact, the popular vote by millions. All the numbers were fudged. Current elections represent how “fudged” they can make them without starting an instantaneous civil war they’re unprepared for.

        1. “Current elections represent how “fudged” they can make them without starting an instantaneous civil war they’re unprepared for.”
          You may be right!
          It is possible they gave Hillary credit for winning the popular vote so her supporters would have a consolation prize.
          Never mind the WikiLeaks releases of her e-mails in September and October showed them (and everyone) the nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders.
          The only reason I am glad Trump won the Presidency is so that punk-ass bitch will never be President.

        2. It doesn’t matter if Trump wins the popular vote or not. The Constitution, by design, does not decide the Presidency by popular vote. Remember the Electoral College.

        3. That’s my point, he won both. So those naysayers of constitutional validity, and those strict constructionists of the constitution both got showed.. in what I believe really occurred as stated above.

        4. This. Don’t get me wrong, white guilt is a fuckin plague.
          But France has suffered even more extreme muslim attacks of late than the US, migrants are running amok there and in Germany/Sweden on a daily basis, and you’re telling me they voted for the pro open borders fuck wad?
          Nah dude. Something stinks here

        5. They weren’t so much ‘fudged’ as there was massive voter fraud. Illegals and dead people, basically. They probably don’t even need to change the numbers, just set up legal structures where voter fraud is impossible to investigate.

      4. Well. we clamored for it, we elected Trump for it and it is STILL not happening here either. The Libs control the press and will use their power to influence those who are easily influenced. “Moderates” allow these things to go uncorrected. Liberals are the ones agitating for the fall of the West, but moderates are the ones allowing it to happen.

        1. That’s the most frustrating part of all of it, the moderates. They are oblivious to the role they are playing

      5. Can’t help but think that the fact that France is the country with the third largest number of Jews has something to do with that. Like the song Imagine sung by the street pianist after Bataclan attacks calls for a brotherhood of man and imagine there’s not countries, it isn’t hard to do.. In the middle East they are somehow willing to put up with terrorist attacks. Extremes of multiculturalism and racial mixing are allowed in France in the name of the higher causes mentioned in this song. I know from travelling through there, seeing it on the streets, on the public transport etc. Those higher causes are promoted within France. Also, France anyhow has a massive socialist tradition and their laïcité, all this stupid idealism and philosophies from 1968, the French revolution. They are idealistic not pragmatic. They will cling to their ideologies no matter what the events on the streets are saying. There are by comparison an extremely small number of Jews in Germany nowadays, although of course there’s cucks and they carry a lot of guilt. The vice-chancellor of Germany for example who loves Macron had major issues with his father who was a hard-core nazi. Germans are in my experience a less neurotic, more work-oriented race of people. Of course, the denazification after the war went too far and now many of them have gone through excessive brainwashing. But still, watch the French news, and a whole section is devoted to the plight of the homeless, workers laid off in some factory somewhere or another left wing cause. Then they do these political debates on French TV totally unlike on German TV, really just philosophising.. Can say that they like that in the French culture in general, political debates, doing it at dinner parties etc, have seen them do it. Head in the bloody clouds. Anyway I really hope Germany doesn’t catch up to France many areas are still pristine and I have not properly visited the areas where the real shitholes are said to be in NRW. So yeah, not sure with the softness that comes with liberalism if any western country at this point in time, especially un-armed European countries, can stomach the small war that will accompany mass-deportations.

      6. “I think the French media is so let wing and the state institutions far too entrenched in society that the Globalists brainwashing is stronger than in even Germany…”
        You don’t even realise the extent to which it is. During the entire election it was next to impossible to post a comment that criticised the left or Mr. Macaroni without it being moderated or sometimes I even suspected I got shadow-banned (you get the illusion that your comment was posted but nobody sees it)

    3. Another characteristic is that western Europeans love historically opening their borders to degenerates in a way no other race does. Open borders and genetic displacement is exactly how the Roman Empire ended.

      1. Yep, just talked to a close Chinese friend who expressed horror at the outcome. What sort of people, he asked, would invite in legions of foreigners with low IQs and a desire to take over the country and change it to reflect their own culture?

        1. Yup. If the Africans in China start acting up they will quickly be deported or “disappeared”.

        2. There were videos on YouTube of Japanese men beating down some muslims in downtown Tokyo. I enjoyed every second of it. Islam is like a feral animal, you have to show it who is boss. The moment you let up, it will snap at you.

        3. Talking of the Japs there not letting any Muslims in to make their own Sake then sell it to the Japanese Youth the way they sell Booze over here in the U.K.

        4. I loved it. The Japanese do not fuck around in some ways. I would have joined them being something of an ‘honorary Nihonjin’ speaking the language and all and would have revelled in it.

        5. I have spent quite a while in Shinjuku last year and the Muslim community is growing there and more (secret) mosques are under construction. Japanese just don’t understand what the problem is. Same for when they travel western Europe, they are amazed by the amount of immigrants – not living up to their image of a white Europe of the 90’s

        6. >Africans in China.
          You know there’s a saying, “Chinese can’t be racist, there are no black people in China.”

      2. Dom it wouldn’t be so bad if at least when they got here there would be some gratitude for . Free Housing. Free Food. Free Clothing. Free Medical and Free Dental Bills . My grandparents came from Ireland and we got sweet Fuk all . But they even complain and say that their not getting enough spending money.

        1. Remember that feral animal analogy we talked about earlier? My state is ruthlessly republican. It is next to impossible to get welfare here, so we only attract hard workers. The few minorities we have are polite and integrate well. The moment we let up and “become tolerant” is the moment we resemble the liberal hellhole state that borders us across the river.

    4. Self-preservation > tolerance/love/peace.
      Any tribe/nation/state that disobeys will inevitably perish.

  3. France is screwed. Not only are they not replacing themselves, but now they’ll continue importing Muslims who hate them and will, the first chance they get, subjugate them – long after they’ve lost any semblance of their culture to the EU.
    The rest of Europe won’t be far behind. The only question in my mind is how long Eastern European countries like Hungary can resist the tyrannical EU, or if they’ll be dragged right down the toilet with the rest of the EU.

    1. “The only question in my mind is how long Eastern European countries like Hungary can resist the tyrannical EU”
      The current generation of Eastern Europeans is firmly anti immigration, so we have a good 10-20 years before seeing a change in sentiment there. Keep an eye out for Black Swan events that abruptly change timelines.

        1. “A black swan is an event or occurrence that deviates beyond what is normally expected of a situation and is extremely difficult to predict; the term was popularized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a finance professor, writer and former Wall Street trader. Black swan events are typically random and are unexpected.”

        2. ” Black swan events are typically random and are unexpected”
          And commonly instigated by elites with the intention of engineering a social change.

      1. That’s the thing about the Muslims they have all the time in the World for they won’t and don’t work and that’s how most of their countries are Shitholes . I have only been in Paris once about 30 years ago . On the train back to De-Gaul airport I was surprised at the Ghettos I seen . If that was what it was like then I dread to think what it’s like now . Gardlyloo and more shit .

        1. I’ve seen shitholes all over France, I’ve really travelled it thoroughly and have not really been able to find any areas that are still pristine

      2. Corrected: “The current generation of Eastern European men is firmly anti immigration”

        1. Politics of mid 21st century Europe will be interesting. An islamic West [I hate saying that, but it is inevitable at this point] and Orthodox Christian East will not peacefully coexist.
          I foresee a massive conflict occurring and the eastern Europeans aren’t the type to back down.

        2. This is something to worry about. As someone who spent a lot of time in Ukraine, I have to say that Ukrainians are brain dead about the threat the EU represents.
          Many people I talked to in Ukraine couldn’t tell me what the EU commission is. They want to join the EU, but they don’t know what the commission is. Staggering idiocy. They said I was full of nonsense that Ukraine would have to obey commission dictates on migrants. Fools.
          Russian women, on the other hand, tend to be much more savvy about the ethnic replacement underway in the west. I hope the Poles and Hungarians are teh same way.

        3. Problem is… we will see a repeat of 1999. When the Chrsitian Orthodox Serbians were kicking ass and taking names in their civil war against the Bosnian muslims, the US and NATO decided it would be a good idea to bomb the shit out of Serbia for 88-89 days. Bosnia was a territory of Serbia at this time.
          Long story short, we now have 2 muslim countries in southeast Europe, the other being Kosovo. Kosovo is/was the Serb holyland where they fought to the death against the Ottoman Turks in 1389, before being occupied by the muzzies for 500 years. Once again, the US and NATO thought it would be a good idea to allow Kosovo to become an independent muslim country, which it is now, and the few Serbs left living there have a miserable existence under the “religion of peace.”
          We now know that any serious eastern European resistance to diversity and islamization (small i) will be put down by force.
          Sadly, the force will be from our own western politicians and military, and not the muzzies.

        4. You hit it on the head. My country will go on a rampage to protect global interests. The difference this time, IMHO, is that we will be a greatly reduced power compared to 1999 and militarily outstretched by mid century to make the same impact.

        5. Unfortunately the (((media))) narrative for war against Russia, another white Christian nation, is getting louder every day.
          What an insidious plan; Emasculate western Europe and Canada while getting America and Russia to fight one another.
          Our enemies are sick fucks.

        6. Don’t forget Albania either-it’s chock full of Muslim assholes that are the vermin of the Balkans.

        7. The process of Muslim colonization has started. Europe can be said to be in the first stage. When the muzzies are few in number they will play the minority card. The politicians will back them and they will get welfare, subsidies and a free hand to run the law. Meanwhile the locals can’t complain because of “Minority harassment”. Apparently freedom of speech is only for muzzies and every dissent is silenced a in the media. Churches will be burnt and mosques will mushroom everywhere. Bombings and rapine will follow but nothing will be done. Never.
          Enter the second stage. Thanks to pampering of the first stage they will increase in number and will outnumber the locals. Conflicts will ensure and most certainly you locals will have to move out. Look at the Serbs in Kosovo, Parsees in Iran or Hindus in Kashmir. “Multicultural” places turn into Muslim ghettos.
          Finally the third stage. Compound the above process over a century. They will fucking demand a separate country. Look at Pakistan, Cyprus or Kosovo. Wherever Muslims become a majority the minorities always get killed. They have no concept of nationality. The Muslim Ummah is supreme. In my country Muslims refuse to sing the national anthem and support Pakistan in cricket matches. It is utterly​ disgusting​ as the politicians defend this in the name of freedom of speech and religion.
          Just wait for a century when the Muslims will outnumber you. Europeans will be partitioned from their own country.

        8. There was a certain (((group))) surrounding Clinton who may have had something to do with US and NATO atrocities while the (((legacy media))) ran cover for them and dictated the official narrative.
          Of course, it’s probably just all a big “cohen-cidence”, yet again.
          Dr. William Pierce gave a great breakdown of the situation:

        9. Typical american idiot, expecting Ukrainians to worry about the EU when Russian subjugation is by far the biggest threat to their independence. You don’t know dick about the region or the damage Russia has done and continued to do even after the fall of the soviet union. Ukraine was completely owned and looted by russians until they expelled their puppet president. Even the pretend russia hating oposition was owned by russians. If they had any sense they’d have sent you packing back home. The endless Russian blowing coming from some on the right is astounding, especially considering they’re no different from any other european country on the issue of islam (IE: they have a significant muslim minority underclass they forcibly imported). the only good thing you can say about Russia is that they don’t hate themselves or fill up their military with trannies, which sounds like a really low bar to meet.

        10. In 1999 they bombed Serbia because of war against Albaniansl terrorists on Kosovo, then in 2000 they gave us colored revolution. Now we have 17 years of cucked “democracy”, most of the hard Serbs, soldiers and politicians are dead, in jail, or fled the country. War against Bosnian muslims was 1991.-1995. and Republika Srpska was formed in wretched union with muslim-catholic entity “federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina”, but the Republika Srpska Serbs are way harder than those in Serbia. There the streets are named by Serbian war heroes and historical figures and here in Serbia the streets, schools and cities are still named after post WWII communist scum that killed us and stole our property.

        11. In Russia the bomb exploded in 1917, they are currently slowing (?) The decline. Curiously, that makes Russia a moral leader. As a nationalist I support Ukraine, they have been living under the boot of Russia for a long time, even suffering a falsification of their history.

        12. I don’t get how the Jew conspiracy fits. They are the enemy of muslims no? Wouldn’t they want Christian nations to stop Islam?

        13. BlueEyedDevil If the western politicians don’t manage to turn Russia into puppet again, your next “putting down by force” will recieve middle finger, and counter bombing.

        14. >They are the enemy of muslims no?
          Bringing religion into the mix serves to muddy the waters, to be honest. Let me explain.
          First, to preface my argument, it must be said and understood that Jews are NOT White. That is one of the overarching themes of my worldview.
          That being said, Jewry, as a whole, is in the process of exterminating the White race. They have done this by pushing feminism and racial egalitarianism upon the West, along with infiltrating and exploiting every branch of our government, our banking system, our media, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and our educational system (in the United States).
          We need to get down to the most basic level of human existence to understand what is going on here. You have to ask yourself: What is the *race* of those who practice Islam? Who are these Moslems?
          They are not White. They are *overwhelmingly* non-White; namely, Arabs, Africans, and even many people in Southeast Asia.
          Islam is a tool of racial conquest being utilized by the enemies of the White race. You won’t find very many (if any) Jewish organizations within the United States or Europe opposing the massive influx of non-White “refugees” from the 3rd world; you will instead find most Jewish organizations and politicians supporting such population replacement.
          So, no, they wouldn’t want “Christian nations” to stop Islam, because Islam is achieving their racial goals for them while they sit safely in their nuclear armed ethno-state of Israel, provided to them via American taxpayer dollars.

        15. serbia’s only hope is to cede sovereignty and become a russian province. the serbs from kosovo tried to attain russian passports but were denied because us interests were firmly embedded in kosovo. there is current precedent for a province not connected to russia; one only needs to look to Kalingrad the former german war booty formerly known as Prussia, now the western most province of russia packed with Iskander missiles. if serbia gave up their balkan machismo 4C attitide and quit yanking at the poisonous serb hating teet of the EU, they can most cerainly survive a few more generations protected as a province with s500s. serbs are looking at ethnic genocide. the migrant crisis will do what the ottomans, austro-hungarian, nazi, nato failed to do, neuter and make serbia a memory.

        16. You’re so retarded, Islam has nothing to do with race, and at least white Muslims have kids unlike the rest of you who believe you’re victims of “genocide”

        17. “Corrected: “The current generation of Eastern European men is firmly anti immigration”
          Exactly, thank you, good sir.

        18. “We now know that any serious eastern European resistance to diversity and islamization (small i) will be put down by force.
          Sadly, the force will be from our own western politicians and military, and not the muzzies”
          Exactly. With the exceptions of Russia and its controlled countries (like Ukraine for example) the small east european countries will eventually have to islamify or be bombed back to the stone age.

        19. fucking a$$hole from kosovo was in my class, we were doing normal classroom association with common ties to the region; i had a phone call that i needed to take. this girl i was working game on asks him what happened and where i went he tells her maybe i had “menstrual cramps” completely emasculating me c0ck blocking me not for his personal gain but just to be a scumbag; the way the girl looked at me afterwards and when he told me what he did, i saw the damage was done. told him to [email protected] off didnt see him goodbye when he left.

        20. Is that it? You should have inflicted a savage beating for that-that’s scumbag behaviour and deserves an ass-kicking if you ask me.

        21. I somehow think that middle finger / reacting with force is what Le Pen basically represents and the French as in the past, today still just aren’t up to it.

        22. Kiss my ass. They were atheist as an official policy under Hoxha but it’s chockfull of Musulmanic shit and which relish oppressing the Greeks in Chameria.

        23. Correction-Hoxha. Still an asshole albeit a dead Communist asshole who presided over a rat nest.

        24. what can i do in class in a professional grad school environmemt start a fight and get kicked out of school? this happened oncampus not at a bar, unfortunately i had to skip your suggestion due to professonial licensing concerns and assault is not going to help. academically my hands were tied and had to suck that one up.

        25. Yeah. I can understand that unfortunately. That’s why the clown did it.

        26. You push him in the chest while saying fuck you. That way you have asserted dominance and regained physical and mental control.

        27. Nope. Time and time again (((they)) have engaged in behavior which proves they hate (at least subconsciously) white gentiles and Western civilization more than the muzzies.

        28. You don’t teach me about Albania you faggot , I am from that place. I don’t know what the fuck they teach where you live but in Albania we don’t give a shit about Islam. Most Albanian “muslims” go to church on christian holidays , 95% of them have never set foot in a mosque. The biggest Holiday in the country is the “Summer Day” , a pagan Holiday which dates pre-Christianity. Stop pulling stuff out of your ass.

        29. The Eastern Europeans kept the west free of islamic animals with the sweat of their brow.
          They may take the West for a time, but they will never make inroads to the East.

        30. The USG is full of traitors and will have to be dealt with using ENDLESS GUERRILLA WARFARE.
          The cops are 1000% useless sellouts who SUPPORT blm and antifa and the military will never disobey the generals to actually serve the people.
          You tried maga and if denied, the next step will be taken.
          There will be no backing down.

        31. Muslim US?
          Youve not spent much time outside the large cities-which are a tiny part of America.

        32. Thats because they are too busy recreating Resident Evil in their homes.
          Vile animals.

        33. Yes, I stand corrected. The Bosnian war was earlier (also involved Croats), and Kosovo was later. Serbia was bombed because they were trying to protect their fellow Serbs (a 10% minority, I think) in Kosovo from the filthy Kosovar Albanians who were oppressing them, burning their churches, etc. And the fact that Kosovo is a scared place to Serbs.
          In any case, simply because white Christian Serbs were trying to protect their interests, their historical lands, and their people from muzzies, the western powers worked overtime to make those places independent muslim nations.
          Un. Fucking. Real.

        34. Speak for yourself-Albanians love taking it in the ass for that sweet Greek money. Don’t give me that taqqiya bullshit-your brethren are pulling all kinds of shit there, in Serbia, FYROM and Kosovo (which is Serbia) to create a caliphate in the Balkans along with Bosnian shits.

        35. They suck. Amongst the biggest drug pushers in Europe and a kleptocracy in that they function off the proceeds of crime.

        36. Exactly. Russia and the U.S. should be allies not adversaries. Each faces much the same challenges, Russia being a small population is more sensitive to cultural changes brought by immigration.
          Between the two, radical Islam wouldn’t stand a chance. The U.S. looks like it wants to use radical Islam as a foil against Russia and vice versa. All that does is empower the Muslims and weaken the two most powerful military nations on earth.
          We can either have a generous welfare state with strong borders and stringent requirements for entry, or porous borders but a extremely limited welfare state; can’t do otherwise if a nation wants to survive.

        37. You stupid piece of shit.
          You offered up your OPINION which is rife with emotion and NOT logic.
          Go be a cum eating cuck faggot elsewhere, you disgust everyone here.

        38. If they succeed in starting a war with Russia, I will burn their house down until Im put down.
          Fuck these subhumans.

        39. I’ve heard stories about greeks taking it in the ass , never mind. I couldn’t care less about Kosovo traitors , they can all die as far as I am concerned. But I won’t let you shitheads portray Albania as some kind of muslim enemy country here , when in fact the country and its people are as pro-european as it gets , very proud of their ancient european ancestry and culture , and whose National Hero is Skanderbeg , The Protector of Christianity. Before you start talking shit about me , keep in mind I am an Orthodox-Christian , you fucking vermins.

        40. So you’re one of the good ones then. I stand corrected and will admit mea culpa because I’ve encountered some real shits from there who were the Caliphate kind who needed to be smacked around.

        41. Sure if you think wasting tuition and getting kicked out of school and not being able to practice your trade is worth showing some Albanian up to tell your trailer kids “yeah I showed him” is the way to go then you I missed that opportunity. Meanwhile I’m one exam from finishing. I still know I made the right choice.

        42. listen, you shiptar goatmolester – Hum, or Helm now known as the balkans was a beautiful place to live for Slavic people, until the turks invaded, and their remnants – the shiptars and bosnian muslim converts, among with the ustashi croats, are the real burden that’s holding the region down!
          you dont belong here, you’re not any ”native balkanians” – you are asiatic islamic invaders and the time will come to deal with all of you scum and send you back to azerbaijan where you came from

        43. its not so much islam in there, but more that they’re asiatic subhumans, like chechens and talibans

        44. Disagree with you about the cops. I’ve spoken with enough of them, and am convinced most are on our side. But they are like good soldiers. They follow orders. And they are not going to jeopardize their livelihoods just because higher-ups tell them “hands off BLM rioters” or “hands off the flamers” who are wearing nothing but jock straps in the gay pride parade. If things get bad enough, most cops will rebel and be on our side. They know the score and will only be patient so long. And they’re not dumb, either. They’re not buying the racial diversity, pro-gay, and other ADL and SPLC-sponsored propaganda training they get any more than I did when I got it at my corporation.

        45. God save the William Pierce, Louis Beam and other american patriots that saw and spoke the Truth against all odds!

        46. You’d think after all the shit Chechens have done Vlad would have vaporised them.

        47. Helm is beautiful Slavic homeland, and it would be miles better without scum like albos and muzzy bozzies

        48. actually, the only falsification of history is made by the so called ukranians and their ((masters))

        49. Ill come to your way of thinking if cops become more politically vocal and STOP violating the Fourth.
          Id rather comsider them an ally, but right now, they can put a bullet in my face over a small bag of grass and not lose their jobs.

        50. Uh….no.
          My mother in law just went to Italy and then Greece for a vacation.
          She did not go to Italy and then Albania.

        51. I think so. Latinos do not like Muzzies. Also will be Russia and few former FSU places against them as well due to Orthodox Christians being strong there.

        52. Not very smart of her. She would have probably gotten the same service in Albania for less money. Anyway , I meant non-EU Balcanic countries. Obviously , Greece is more developed.

        53. I have interests in western Ukraine and I can vouch for what you’re saying. Ukrainians, no matter if they’ve been living in the city or not, possess this idiotic “farm mentality,” as I call it. They see the EU as something that will save them from their embarrassing villages and bring economic stability. The government is currently running this anti-corruption campaign, putting posters and cardboard cutouts in the airports and other public places. This is obviously to make some kind of attempt to prove that they care about being Western for the sake of entering the EU. This is laughable because this country is fueled by corruption. Every city market is loaded with cheap, hot goods from all kinds of shady sources. At every government office, I can pay a few hundred hryvnias to be next in line.
          Here, they think they will send their token singers to wail on Eurovision to prove they are no different than Germans or Poles.
          They will get their visa-free travel in the Schengen Zone.
          And they will eventually get into the EU, because the EU needs willing idiots who will trade their national pride for a few million more Muslims. And it’s not the Ukrainian men who want this. It’s their rising feminist population, the real traitors of Ukraine. They will sell this place out for a shot at a global cock carousel ride that once could only come to them.

        54. Which countries are you referring to? What about those, that are not orthodox, those dont count?

        55. Russia – not likely, its biggest cities are infested with muslims that live and work by their own rules and shit onto rest of the society and russian politicians do nothing to protect christian whites, the same goes for said christians, they just look how muslims occupy their big cities.

        56. Putin knows, that the day he stops paying Kadirov billions, he will lose entire region to islamist radicals.

        57. Never let white knights and manginas get away with it. I know it’s hard because they are masters at their craft.

        58. Well Marco, from Trapoja, my mother in law doesnt have a particular set of skills and she may not be able to skillfully track down and annihilate the low prices and shopping specials.

        59. I got you I know there’s a point with self-respect but what point or are you actually serious that I should have got myself kicked out of school wasted about a hundred grand in student debt not be able to work just to punch some dude in the face?

        60. Dont punch..but you can say whatever you want to him right ? Anyway it’s not a big deal, we all suffer daily because of guys like that.

        61. I’m an American and I totally agree with your post. We’re not all alt.righters who suck Putin’s cock, unlike many RoK posters, sadly.

        62. Kosovo was populated by albanians after WWII by communist government, at the same time Tito forbid Serbs to return after WWII on Kosovo, that’s why there are so many Albanians there… And after “revolution” of 2000. the new “democratic” government and UN allowed albanian terrorists to do crimes to Serbs on Kosovo until they forced all of them to sell houses or run away. They even allowed for Ramush Haradinaj, leader of Kosovo Liberation Army (“moderate oposition”) to be the prime minister after they separated Kosovo.

        63. This is very good information. I wondered how the Serbian holy land of Kosovo became so populated with albos. That damn commie Tito.
          Fuck Tito, fuck the UN and western governments for what they did, and fuck the KLA. Totally.

        64. i did confront him whipped up foreign cuss words and did tell him to phuck off, he did apologize and wanted to hang out like everything was cool, i chose not to he left. never saw him again.

      3. While the instincts and values in eastern european youths are in the right place (literally), I think that the new western europeans generations are totally worthless.
        They are mostly effete hipsters with liberal values who simply don’t give a shit about anything other than the last Iphone, the last vintage bicycle or the last Eagles of Death Metal album.

      4. What we, as Americans, should be more worried about is how to stop the same pro-uncontrolled immigration here. If Radical Islam successfully takes Europe, we are next, as well as all of the Caribbean and Latin America.

        1. I’d be interested in seeing how Latin America fares. Hispanics may have their faults, but they’re still mainly devoted Catholics​, and they surely wouldn’t take a death cult imposed on them peacefully.

        2. I thought about this too. When I try to explain abortion and transgender bullshit in Spanish they usually say it’s the devils work.

        3. Catholicism is very quickly fading away in Latin America and being replaced by consumerist protestantism or SJWism.

        4. I hope it’s slow. The only country that I heard has welcomed muslims is lefty Venezuela and that it was just a goverment thing. I also heard there was a muslim cell in some Mexican state but I can’t be sure of that.

        5. Catholics are liberals and spawned their own saint murder death cults.
          Catholics are run by (((them))) and of no use.
          There are zero catholic countries worthy of being emulated.

        6. Catholics are liberal commies and idol worshipping chimo’s.
          They ALWAYS vote commie.

        7. Some catholics may be deluding themselves, but none of that crap matters since the pointy hat in Rome is an open communist and apostate.

      5. Hungary and other Central/Eastern countries will need to decide whether they are willing to leave the EU and suffer the possible short-term economic challenges in order to save their societies.
        If they stay in the EU it will be a race between the destruction of Western European countries by Muslims and globalists turning people away from globalism vs. the enrichment of propaganda and rise of feminism in renegade Central and Eastern European societies.

      6. The seeds of their own destruction are planted within pathologically altruistic Whites. Just nature at work.
        Thing is, Whites weren’t always like this. Back in the colonial times Whites were unapologetic about pushing around and colonizing other cutures. Unapologetic about the superiority of White civilization. Think of the British in India, French in Indochina or Dutch in South Africa.
        Whites had unassailable frame.
        Even in America luminaries like Teddy Roosevelt made speeches about the importance of loyalty to the White race.
        What happened?
        Seems like Whites were hacked to exploit an inherent vulnerability. Like a virus hacks a cell and fools it into abandoning its normal function in favor of producing more viruses.
        Question is, was this intentional? Or just a random occurence?
        Maybe it doesn’t matter. Weakness is weakness. Nature will cull it.

        1. Man it definitely is a sickness. Can you imagine how many cucked, white French out there must have proudly signed their own death warrants, patting themselves on the back for not being racists who voted for the Front National

        2. Yeah it’s remarkable. They are cutting their own throats.
          Like I said, it’s a weakness. Nature (in the form of Muslims) will cull it.
          Future historians (if there are any) will puzzle for ages as to why the world’s most successful people and culture destroyed themselves.

      7. The EU is not invulnerable to collapse. I think that Greece financial crisis for example is a bit of a time bomb that is going to pull a country out of the Euro currency sooner or later. As much as the Macron backers love to ignore trucks in Nice and Bataclan etc as the unavoidable cost of their master plan, the economic stuff, printing currency, lending to unreliable countries, donations to unreliable regimes like Turkey might catch up with them badly. If there is another major charge on the borders in the coming times some other countries, like Hungary might build major fences and put Schengen out of action.
        Am sad about the French elections outcome 🙁

      8. I was highly skeptical of any chance for a popular nationalist to win elections after Brexit and Trump. What do you tell a globalist with two black eyes? Nothing. You told him twice. I suspect they’ve been working around the clock to make sure their candidate “wins” this time by any means they can devise. On the other hand, it is the French we’re talking about here, so maybe he really did win. IIRC, around 25% of the French people did not vote. Hopefully, people are waking up to the rigged game of democracy, and everything is going wrong just right. I prefer to see any seeming downsides to nationalist advancement as birth pangs for something better on the horizon.
        Eastern European nations and their strong values are a great thing. They aren’t buffered from the Middle East like Western Europe is, and their nationalist attitude is encouraging because it’s a product of experience. Western Europe is at war and being invaded, but it is mostly the big cities still, and they remind me of the NE USA. New England is a solid blue chunk of states, overwhelmingly white, and they are completely buffered from the realities of the multicultural policies they continually promote and vote for. States closer to the damage caused by multiculturalism always tend to be more nationalistic.
        For any number of reasons, historically European nations typically love an all out war every so often. We’re long overdue for one. The globalists are pushing to fight Russia with all they’ve got. Hillary was briefed and ready to play her part in creating war with Russia, so they’ve had to deal with Trump and get him on board, and it looks like they’ve succeeded. The globalists have accomplished quite a bit in the first hundred days of their new US presidency.
        The Biblical doctrine of national judgment is a very beneficial subject for the modern man to be acquainted with. I hate the idea of war, but understand there is a time for it. Whether you consider the Biblical accounts which demonstrate Christian doctrines literal as I do, or you’re merely a non-believer with academic interest into what you consider mostly allegory, the underlying principles are true and beneficial.

    2. Eastern Europe endured more historical exposure to islam than the self flagellating Germanic countries of northern Europe, so their anti-immigration attitudes are more entrenched.
      The islamization of the west is inevitable at this point. The only thing we could hope for is that a Justinian-type rises from the former eastern bloc to invade and re-civilize the west.

    3. It will be interesting to watch them implode. I wonder how many French citizens will have to be murdered by their Islamic invaders for them to pull their heads from the sand? France won’t be French for very much longer.

      1. I wonder if France might split up into several smaller countries, based upon which provinces voted the most for which candidate? Maybe after a few more massacres by the followers of the “religion of peace”…

      2. I don’t think the average person cares about the odd terror attack as long as their comforts are there and unchanged they somehow don’t manage to extrapolate and see what’s to come

        1. It’s not just the terror attacks with machine guns and runaway trucks though either. Its the implementation of Sharia law in various sectors via intimidation and assault.

    4. I can see one potential solution. The Eastern European countries could designate small portions of their land to Western European, Christian “refugees.” The condition for entry would be to sign a written oath to never engage in or promote globalism/leftism. Violating the oath would result in immediate deportation back to Londonistan or Parislamabad.
      The European refugees would be free to raise strong families and to teach their children of the theft of their homeland by invaders and liberal collaborators. Eventually, in 40 to 50 years, the sons and the grandsons of the exiled Europeans would commence a crusade to retake their land.
      Unfortunately, this could only function properly if the Eastern European countries worked together. Currently, nations like Poland, Russia, and Ukraine all hate each other. So those conflicts would need to be resolved first.

  4. Personally they deserve all the Muslim Shit they get . Just as long as they keep The Muslims in France for we certainly don’t want anymore.

  5. French voters made a big mistake, I hope for their sake they get another chance to save themselves.

    1. I think this is it, sadly. How can you top a priest being beheaded in his own church and a 130 young people being massacred at a concert hall?

      1. Yep you got it in 2 . If things like that don’t tell you that you’re Society is shit there’s something far far wrong up top. Remember though France hasn’t had a glorious past history at settling disputes they would rather just go with the flow . Well the flow is all Brown now and it’s gathering in the Seine and getting thicker every day.

  6. If that’s the best looking this globalist dude can get, then he’s worse than a Huxley gamma. France is fucked!!!

    1. Am certainly no oil painting in fact I hardly look in a mirror these days but Remember it was France that gave us the famous Quasi Moto . Just saying.

    1. This is how a once glorious culture dies. The saddest thing is that they didn’t even put up a fight out of fear of the R-word.

      1. Disgraceful. Cultural marxism vanquished France. The Muslims will just pick up the pieces.

    2. France and Germany are the tombstones of cucked western culture that remaining western nations must take warning from.

    1. Jesus, man. If this doesn’t get the French mad enough to do anything, nothing will.

      1. Yes. It is horrible.
        Speaking of blood boiling, not sure if you are American, but did you ever see the movie about flight 93? Watch that and you will want to see Mecca nuked.

        1. Nope, not american.
          Watching the Mecca getting nuked? that’s even better than a wet dream with Megan Fox!!

        2. I meant to say that if you watch the Flight 93 film, you will be so angry that you will want to see Mecca get nuked. It’s about the flight that was hijacked on 9/11, and the passengers who fought back and tried to get control of the plane from the muzzies.

        3. Film added to my viewing list. I only watch movies recommended in ROK. Thanks.

        4. Why not both? She blows you while you push the button to vaporise that heart of darkness?

        5. Great movie it was. Fuck Al Qaeda and the 9/11 hijackers and the camel they rode in on. We still need to find and kill Zawahiri, he is probably being protected by the Pakis.

    2. But if you are French, you would be apologizing to the terrorist for your children getting blood on his truck.

    3. The MSM would never show such an image but have no qualms about showing a young muslim boy washed up on a beach in Turkey or gassed Syrian children as a means of getting people to support mass immigration from the third world.

      1. man, if you saw the pictures from the recent attack in London. Not many died but man, it was bad, like blood everywhere. No, the MSM didn’t publish that, but beach boy was everywhere

        1. I did see them. One of them was a man under the wheels of a bus. One of the victims of the Stockholm attack was a teenage girl who would have been about 13 or 14 years old. Both of her legs were completely severed from her body with blood everywhere.

        2. That little boy by comparison was merely drowned, intact. This double standard in reporting just shows how sick and full of an evil agenda the MSM and whole system is.

    4. Man, that’s messed up, sounds like the title of that Houllebecq book which I am considering reading.. We should as in we will be better people, the world will be a better place.. Yes, we, without referendum, shall force all manner of dangerous person from the warzones of the middle east to live among you, use your taxes to support them, and they will flip out now and then and randomly kill a bunch of people, but please, learn to live with it and don’t complain..

  7. Offshore bank accounts, tax evasion, support of the Rothschilds, closet homosexual, sham marriage, socialist, pro-islamic immigration;
    main stream media once again covering up or ignoring the truth about a candidate who’s running for high office;
    people with legitimate information being threatened with law suits “for telling the truth!”
    And they seek answers from Robby Mook.
    Of course, the Russians did all this.
    They taught Marcon how to evade taxes, hide his homosexuality, and basically how to be a lying little shit. They may have sent a gay operative to teach Marcon the beauty and splendor of enjoying cocaine.
    The Russians may have even shared a Deep-State tactic of having others to get coke for him and if they get busted in the process, deny all knowledge, condemn such activity, and let them take the fall. Of course, they must be eliminated before they have a chance to speak or leak.
    I would say I feel bad for the French, but I don’t. They elected him. I hope they enjoy their selection.
    “And that’s the way it is, Sunday, May seventh, two thousand and seventeen. I am Edward Easterling, the asshole who posts comments on Return of Kings. Good night.”

      1. “Thank you Mr. Cronkite!”
        Laughing right now!
        I wondered if anyone would get that.
        Good going man!

    1. but feel bad for the french that voted LePen? Not All French Are Like That or NAFALT.

      1. “But feel bad for the French that voted LePen?”
        They had the sense to do the right thing. So it is likely they are better prepared to weather the storm that’s coming.

        1. Perhaps. But the best outcome is for all nationalists across the globe to form bonds and destroy the globalists. We need to form ties/bonds with the minority of frenchman who voted LePen.

    2. Merkel and Macron, both childless.. Shining examples of the behaviour the EU expects from its citizens..

  8. Have no fear, France will be able to stem the rising tide of islamism using candles and teddy bears.

    1. You mean the Model, Rick Martel!
      He retired after couple decades in professional wrestling. He held several world championships. And brought joy to millions of wrestling fans.
      Both on television and live events in stadiums and auditoriums around the world.

        1. Yeah only he deceased about 3 or 4 years ago. I think “Whew!”, Nature Boy Ric Flair could stand in Rowdy’s place. He would be proud to do it.

        1. They should call in Rambo or Spawn. Maybe Hawk and Animal, the Road Warriors. You know, Precious Paul Ellering started his career at Mid-South Wrestling, right here where I grew up. It was interesting to see his career progress thru the years.
          Actually, the Freebirds would be up for the job too.

        2. Demolition may also be worth calling in-Ax and Smash can lay waste to all and sundry.

        3. The Steiners would clean house as well.
          & the Midnight Express too.
          Mid South wrestling. Wasn’t that like triple a for the NWA? You must have seen a lot of great wrestlers come up through there.

        4. Mid-South Wrestling Association was an independent promotion owned by Bill Watts.
          Paul Orndorff, Jake Roberts, Precious Paul Ellering, Ted DiBiase, Kerry Von Erich, Rob Steiner, Junk Yard Dog, Dusty Rhodes, Ernie Ladd, Ric Flair, Dick Slater w/Dark Journey, Jim Garvin, Dick Murdock, Andre The Giant, The Grappler (best North American Champion ever), The Freebirds, The Samoans, Skandor Akbar,etc. Too many greats to mention either started here or passed thru here countless times. I saw a lot of really great wrestling and wrestlers here.
          Although Ric Flair defended his NWA World Championship here many times, Mid-South was independent and the top title here was the North American Heavyweight Championship.
          Some of these matches are on YouTube. You will enjoy them.

  9. Porfirio Rubirosa, the Last Playboy, is rolling over in his grave right now. The city he loved so much, Paris, handed over to the enemy without a fight. Not even an argument.

        1. “They’re absolutely, completely and utterly fucked.”
          No kisses given. No condoms used. Everyone gave it up for free.

  10. Unsurprising, given the rampant idiocy in France and Europe lately. It’s not all bad, either, as the timeline for the coming Islamic catastrophe and the subsequent rebuild just accelerated quite a bit. Which is better than the slow decline of the west, imo.

  11. Why can’t the West be flooded with illegal but hot, fertile, Russian women? Instead, we get the dirtiest, lowest IQ rejects the globe has to offer. Under my dictatorship, a fecundity law will be instituted that 100 nubile reproducing aged woman be imported for every male immigrant taken in. Vote DA for president in 2040.

    1. “Vote DA for president in 2040.”
      You again!
      Benevolent monarch.
      Anyway, I like the idea of hot, fertile, Russian women, flooding the West. That’s the only immigration policy that makes sense.

        1. I may be deceased by then. You better run in 2020. Otherwise, I may not be around to support you. And if I am not, best of fortune to you!

    2. Vote? Fuck that-violent coup where we exterminate globohomos and other cucks with maximum contempt. Much more gratifying and a service to the populace.

    3. There will only be tribes by 2040. Spread your seed and grow your tribe. These hosts of fools calling themselves governments and nations are nothing more than a charade of poorly-realized caricatures.
      The best thing to happen then is for two tribes to join forces and then in turn find two more to team up with until there is enough power to start claiming territory, however small. It will take a hundred years if not more, but our race, bereft of jewish influence, are the true leaders of this world, meant to guide the rest to kingdom come.

    4. I’m Russian and I can tell that Russian women arent hot. They’re cold, rude, angry bossy bitches

  12. I’m finding it hard to keep justifying these elections as “political correctness” and “biased media”. There must be something seriously wrong with the European public at-large. After one Islamic bloodbath after another, after one crime by a “refugee” after another, they still elect en masse open borders globalist shills. Their brothers and sisters were slain by vermin who were brought in by politicians, and yet they want more of them. Is there a doctor in the house to explain such mental illness?

    1. I’m not a doctor but I would say:
      1) pathological altruism
      2) brainwashing since Kindergarten
      3) heavy presence of non whites with french citizenship

        1. And since Kindergarten. The french Lycees start teaching about egalite, liberte and fraternite since kindergarten; they are literally indoctrination camps.

    2. They choose to ignore history and human nature.
      While I have hope for the native whites of Europe, I must come to terms that the weak must be culled if they willingly prostrate themselves to the horde.
      Can America, Eastern Europe and Russia defend the white race?

    3. Yes. You are right. We’ve been subverted. Asking my French friends to vote for Le Pen was like asking them to drink acid.

      1. man that’s incredible to hear. Can you elaborate a little on what the enormous aversion was..

        1. The National Front is totally demonized. Actually, it is not even a “far right” party anymore. People don’t even read programs or think by themselves. They ended voting for a bankster. Leftism is a suicidal religion.

    4. I think it’s the power of a left wing media. I saw news articles saying Le Pen is a descendant of officials who sent Jews to concentration camps. That’s pretty far fetched but I know somebody believed it.

    5. I dunno man. It’s so weird. Surely they have to be screwing with the election results.
      It’s insanity.

  13. Macron is exactly where “they” want him to be.
    Just as Trump.
    Just as planned.

  14. Does France honesty think it’s going to be any different than the other countries Islam has conquered?

  15. The future

    I suspect after this election, the muzzies will stop using the French flag burkas as PR, since the French are so cucked it doesn’t even matter.

    1. “She lost because of sexism just like Hillary…”
      You are right!
      France voted gay-power, rapefugee, and cuckery.

  16. Prepare for a much-needed dose of optimism, gentlemen…
    Take heart and have NO doubt — nearly-lost in the noise + uproar is the fact that, as of today, France is now more populist/right than it was before (despite the Macron win)…this election was a resounding rebuke of the far left-wing by any measure (except as it pertained to the actual/positional win). Millions of people got pulled to the right and away from the leftist ideology…it may not feel like it in the #s today, it’s not a “win” in the absolute…but the Overton Window has shifted. Sometimes these things take time.
    If you paid attention to the 4-way runoff a couple weeks ago, this is why we have GloboCuck Macron in the hot seat now (everyone left of him was soundly rejected).

    1. Perhaps. Maybe that globohomo will piss off enough people and they’ll bring back the guillotines. One can hope anyway.

        1. Peanuts for them. They already gunned people down and ran them over. Even if they’re blowing up the Metro or the fucking Louvre, the retards will still light candles and hold hands.

        1. I’m willing to fight. Problem is, good, strong men will die again so that the ungrateful weaklings can live and continue fucking up things.
          We need to find a way to make sure the weak are weeded out of civilization.

        2. “We need to find a way to make sure the weak are weeded out of civilization.”
          Yours is a positivist aggression if ever there was one. For so, so long I resisted this notion for what I believed was “the greater good.” I was young and wrong. Bell curve is real and so is the fight for ascendancy in the Modern Age (in a crowded world struggling over resources and ideology).
          Now, I am prepared to die a good death if it comes down. Every man worth his salt on ROK knows the feeling, and many will “activate” when the time is right (I personally feel that time is now). My life in America has felt too cushy; there’s something unnatural about it, and I pine for the clash if it comes to me. I really hope I’m not merely kidding myself (in a state of strong-willed ignorance), since I’ve never had to actually live like Thomas Paine and go to battle.

        3. Regrettable how rational these kinds of conversations might actually sound in 2017. I wish it hadn’t come to this. I sway between Alpha+/Gamma+ on the masculine social scale (after an honest inventory), and a large part of me just wants to get along and enjoy life and discover amazing shit like Elon Musk. Hhaaa

        4. let’s prepare to die for it!

          Absolutely not. I will not die for people who have shown that they don’t appreciate the sacrifice. Let them die for their freedom first.

    2. Maybe Macron, despite the harm of the open borders etc, will do some good to the economy, encourage business etc during his term.

    1. I know far too many high-integrity, bad-ass French red pillers to ever say that, my friend! You may call it “tilting at windmills” but I say ever forward with the good fight. That said, I do understand your sentiment here today.

        1. Worst case scenario can never be dismissed…they may well defect to USA or UK after this 🙁

  17. The only thing surprising is that anyone thought she could win.
    Western Europeans have been brainwashed into believing that it is better to destroy your societies than be called a Nazi and that the greatest values for a society must be to be nice and compassionate to invaders. When the majority of women would rather be raped than not have Muslims, you know you have a lot of work to do to get the majority on board with saving your society.

    1. They definitely passed out some stupid pills this week. We’re starting to see what happens when unrestrained Stupid out-breeds, and a retrogressive disaster occurs.

  18. We, in the United States, should carefully watch what happens in both France & England. And we should use the coming Islamic colonization of these countries as an example of WHAT NOT TO DO! Our nation is protected by the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans, we should use that geography to guard our nation’s future.

      1. All these Somalis are now crossing over into Canada at the North Dakota and Manitoba border because they know they’ll be denied asylum in the US. Even under Obama many of them were denied asylum but the left are making out it’s all due to Trump.

        1. thats what i thought as well, i thought that oddball Trudeau was all about getting a whole lotta mooslims to enrich Canada

        2. Well, you better start working to stop that in Canada or you’ll end up like the French. I’m sure Trudeau’s anus has ben wet since learning the results of the France election, thinking he’ll get to keep doing the same.

    1. Lol America is already the most multi-culti haven in the world. But i agree with you. Don’t you worry , they don’t need America when they have the most cuckolded countries of Germany and France so close , both of which cater to their every whim and donates their money and women to them.

    2. We are also protected in many parts of this country by the second amendment. More and more states are doing the right thing and going to Constitutional Carry.

  19. Thank God for Donald Trump. At the end of the day, France was disappointing, but was nowhere near as important as November 8th.

  20. France is DOOMED… I don’t get it. How does a population lose their survival instincts and let their country be permanently changed by immigration ???

    1. The same way that a nation loses its survival instincts and allows the country to be molested and permanently changed by corporations and Zionist Israel-firsters.

  21. If this is the fate that France has sealed for itself, then they deserve little to no sympathy for their blinding stupidity. I can only feel bad for those who didn’t vote for this tyrannical cuckasauraus.
    PS, why is he married to his grandmother?

  22. I have zero sympathy now for the fucking French faggots. They’re so cucked they probably lubed up their assholes preemptively as a courtesy for their Mohameddan masters to anal rape them easier. I spit on them.

    1. “I have zero sympathy now for the fucking French faggots. They’re so cucked they ”
      I share your sentiment. And this attitude is pretty much throughout every western european country.
      As I stated, I’m tempted to punch the next european I see.

    1. Ok, let’s say they do that. Who will they profit from when they’re done? They aren’t even bringing in the “best” the Third world has to offer. They’re bringing in unskilled, lazy, criminal muslims.

  23. Why is no one mentioning the fact that Macron is a pedo victim who married his predator, who is now the 1st lady of France instead of going to jail. She cheated on her husband for 10 years with him since he was 15 before divorcing him….WTF is wrong with France! Why did the world turn blind and let a pedo walk around in spot light like nothing happened

    1. Basically low collective I.Q. caused by mass brainwashing since early life and a refusal to wake up.

    2. Perhaps he has Stockholm Syndrome? The left is hailing the relationship as proof that men desire much older women. Her children are as old as he is. Family occasions are going to be awkward.

  24. There are two reasons that, in my opinion, disqualify Macron from the presidency of France. Supposedly being gay is not one of them:
    Reason 1. At the age of 15, he developed a fetish for a 40-year-old mother of 3, and married her when he was 29 and she was 54. That screams of mental stability issues.
    Reason 2. He is a 39-year-old married man with no children. Not even adopted children. He has no stake in France’s future.

    1. It is so deeply abnormal this woman so much older than him, man, something is so incredibly wrong with the world

  25. Cheese eating surrender monkey’s
    Don’t bother calling on us when the muzzies start killing and raping in your country you deserve every thing you get you spastics enjoy your downfall

  26. here’s a clip made for nagging le pen for failing this election.
    I let you all judge the mediocrity of globalist-pc-leftist brainwashed french people.

  27. The attitude demonstrated by the french is pretty much what we see throughout europe. I am really starting to resent europeans big time; seriously. Open borders, increased terror attacks, the elimination of everything rooted in a 2,000 year western legacy (the best and most civil and humanitarian) , and eventually the native population to be thrown in the ghettos, or liquidated depending on whatever their new islamic overlords decide.
    I swear I’m tempted to punch the next western european I see.

    1. I’m from Europe. Oh well. At least i live in Romania , where immigrants didn’t want to come because we’re too god damn poor. Our problems remain electing the same ”democratic” party that is actually a continuation of the previous communism that we had. Because basically , no offense intended to anyone , but i tend to think that the majority of people in any given country that is needed for the 50%+1 vote are actually very basic and low-iq. I always believed that is what the democratic system is based on , counting on the majority of people as being stupid.

      1. I edited to say “I’m tempted to punch the next western european I see”
        Thanks for weighing in.

    2. “I swear I’m tempted to punch the next western european I see.”
      That would apologize for getting in the way of your fist.
      I have quite a few French men on my team and was not surprised at all by the results. They hated Le Pen, and I am not sure if they casted a ballot, but if these guys (>50 years old with grown kids) didn’t come out, then it’s a lost cause. Driving to work this morning, the radio had recording of interviewing people on the street and one woman said, “Le Pen supporters are nazis.” Operant conditioning at its finest.
      As the old saying goes, people get the government they deserve.

      1. The Alt-Right should embrace the nick-name “Maricón” for French president Macron.
        It would be just the funny and cruel, unrepentant shiv the Alt Right is famous about.

  28. Although i expected it , it still saddens me , even if it’s not my country and even knowing that probably Le Pen wouldn’t have changed anything even if she got elected. But as it is , France voted it’s further islamization and population replacement knowingly and willingly. Let’s see what will happen to Germany in September.
    I still have faith for Europe and my country that we will one day wake up to the once great and respectable nations that we were. So much history thrown down the drain , we are shaming our ancestors by our very existence.
    One thing is clear , there is an enemy , a common enemy , hidden behind the scenes , slowly killing our culture , slowly indoctrinating and enslaving us , brainwashing us and keeping us stupid , docile , and away from the truth. Europe is a cucked mess in it’s current state , a shade of it’s former self and in shameful existence. I bow my head down to my Dacian ancestors and apologize for this mess. We need to unite in taking back our countries from the foreign invaders.
    L.E. : not advocating for violence , just in case someone decides to quote me.

    1. Will be interesting in September.. In Germany the equivalent candidate can’t win for sure but it’s a question of how much of a minority they can manage even 15% throughout the country would be a success

    2. “… probably Le Pen wouldn’t have changed anything even if she got elected”
      Same with Trump, however is indicative of people waking up, and moving to next stage.

  29. The French do realize that the immigrants in or coming to France are not fond of gays, blacks, and dogs. Once the French see their lovely dogs killed thats what it will take to realize the mistake it was to vote Macron.

    1. It is ”modern” and ”hip” to accept and love immigrants because ”it’s the current year” and ”progress” and ”cultural enrichment”. We have so much to learn from the third world. They will never realize the mistake and will continue to die in denial , believing that all people are equal. They prefer that instead of voting for the far-right that they associate with Hitler’s regime and all the lies told about it. At least Hitler was waging war on other nations and not his own.

      1. Once their dogs start getting killed, they’ll revolt. They don’t have anything else to live for.

    2. Once the French see their lovely dogs killed thats what it will take to realize the mistake it was to vote Macron.

      You’d think seeing hundreds of people dying right and left in radical islamic terrorist attacks would teach them that lesson.
      My guess is that when the stuff you mention happens, the French will blame themselves for not being tolerant enough. That seems to be a big thing with white leftists these days.

  30. That’s my country and it’s really sad !
    Macron worked Rothschild banks for years and he is globalist, ultra liberal, anti nationalist candidate. A leftist who just follows the European court orders like a good dog.
    People there have been beta-programmed for 30 years with “anti-racism” mouvement. They react to Lepen name with a stupid Pavlovian response.
    People have been beta-programmed in order to believe that immigration, feminism… are good things. No more man here.
    The elite can lower people resistance and better dominate the country.
    The only places which maintain healthy nationalism are the country side (because they haven’t been brainwashed like in big cities).
    It’s game over for us.
    I can’t bear this country anymore… i’ll expat myself somewhere else !

    1. Dude although i agree with your sentiment , never bail and never stop fighting for your country. Do your own small part of switching over people to your own beliefs and they will follow. I do that in my own country and i already awoken a few people to some truths. All is not lost !

    2. The fact the media portrays him as “centrist” shows how corrupted and twisted society has become. A hard leftist considered a “centrist”. Before you know it, “conservatists” will advocate sucking other men’s cock.

  31. Come to Australia. Im a black American living here. And I see why so many Lebanese live here. It was because of Muslims taking over Lebanon. And As I mentioned I’m Black American and I have experienced very little racism so please ignore what some might say about Australia. I do predict a lot of Europeans will migrate here or there will be civil war in Europe.

    1. What part of Oz? Fellow Ohio expat (Germany) here.
      Last I heard, it is tough to emmigrate to Australia.

      1. Love the name. Just reread Atlas Shrugged. I live in Melbourne. I married an Aussie girl so it was easy. Not the reason I married her but it seems to be one of the best ways to gain residency. There are other ways but depends on the circumstance.

        1. I heard alot of good things about Melbourne… property prices are through the roof these days, so i here. I went to Oz about 10 years ago (Sydney, Cairns) to visit some friends, so I do envy you there! Of course, they were all Irish guys who married Austrlian women as well.
          If you can get through Shrugged, let alone re-read it, then hats off to you. The only thing I read longer than that, was “War and Peace.”

        2. I also lived in Perth, Western Australia which is the most isolated city in the world. Alot of black americans (ex navy) in Perth who married Aussie girls of different backgrounds as well. So OZ is very multi ethnic. And they dont confuse it with multiculturalism which is what happened to Europe.

        3. Exactly. I’m always surprised people mistake ‘international community’ with ‘multicultural community’, the first being literally a mix of all nationalities and the latter being islamisation in the making.
          I’ve had Australia, and especially Melbourne (love the Docklands) on my emigration shortlist quite a while now. However, when I was in Brisbane in december my gf was harassed by these three Somali muslims. It made me wonder if Australia is just becoming the next Europe so we’d have to move in couple years again. That;d be a waste of time

        4. Nope. The population hates them with a passion and are waiting for them to do something incredibly stupid or brazen so then they will get their skulls smashed. Cronulla was only a small example and if something does happen it can and will get very ugly.

      2. It can be very hard and quite rightly so. The former Howard administration did a rather bang up job as far as that was concerned albeit they were thoroughly cucked with the issue of gun ownership.

        1. I think it’s a bit late in the game for me to emmigrate anyway, but I could see me living there– my kind of people culturally speaking.
          If the laws are immoral, such as gun restrictions, I would say it is your duty to break them. They are not for your protection, but theirs.

        2. By and large. You get a lot of cucked types but it isn’t so much that they do so because they have ‘education’ it’s more they’re too good-natured and naive for the most part.
          As far as the laws, the gun ownership ones are laughable and you cannot even defend yourself-the Sudanese have been running riot and they can assault at will without so much as a slap on the wrist; if you defend yourself then you end up being pilloried. It’s leftist lunacy.

        3. “..too good-natured and naive for the most part.”
          Thats fine, but not when you are being fucked out of your own country.
          Again, when the law is failing, you need to go vigilante and target the problems. The longer you let them walk, the worse it will get.

        4. Indeed and it has me wondering when they will finally wake up to themselves.
          The law is failing and if and when it does break down it will be very interesting.

  32. I will say Jean Raspail the author of The Camp of Saints knows the mind and heart of his fellow country men well.

  33. Brothers! Being a black man from a racist city (Cincinnati). I still dont wish anyone the hell Whites and Christians are going through now. You cant tell me whats going on in Europe isnt social engineering! Anti immgration and deportation should start soon or more people will get killed and I dont mean Europeans. As there is no way Europeans are gonna let the rapes and terrorism slide. For instance Sweden should still have some Viking spirit left, or is it gonna take several of their many beautiful models to be violated or their precious dogs to be killed.

    1. Hey, another Ohioan! Columbus native here.
      What are your thoughts on Cinci’s situation currently? When I visited there it appeared that the city was improving its image but also catering to liberals and I saw some disturbances among the black community there.

  34. God almighty.. if the Macrons’ marriage is not of the “lavender” shade, then I’m blind. Brigitte is naught but M. Macron’s beard, and even through the leathery 60-year-old complexion, anyone can see she is a lesbian. I bet marital relations are limited to Mme. Trogneux giving him a good pegging once a fortnight.

  35. France would have lost either way.
    Had Marine Le Pen been elected, she would have done a Trump, jettisoning her campaign promises without the blink of an eye. She might not have a son-in-law called Kushner but she does have a long term ‘partner’ who’s an Algerian of Jewish descent. And she did dump her father from the party because of his ‘anti-Semitism’ and opposition to Israeli land-grabbing.
    In addition she’d face a deeply divided Parliament.

  36. That “marriage” with the old cow is just smoke and mirrors. Whoever believes these two are proper couple is a fool. The agenda is to mess up with people’s brains and to win more women’s votes.
    Macron is most likely another pedo-gay-pervert as without that sort of sex black mail he would not have been s-elected to become a president.
    Macron Whistleblower Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances
    An Emmanuel Macron aide who died after collapsing on stage during a campaign rally is suspected to be the whistleblower who leaked details about Macron’s financial misdeeds.

    1. Also supposedly 1/3 of voters either didn’t vote or screwed up their ballot somehow.
      With that kind of apathy, Le Pen couldn’t have saved it anyway.

    2. Looks like most migrants are in the northeastern quadrant or along the Med coast, whereas Brittany and most of the south are like Vermont: isolated from it all, and still stuck on stupid… at least for now.

  37. I don’t think even if Le Pen had won things would have really turned around. France is either going to have to fight its way back (ha ha) or be resigned to oblivion.
    It’s really too bad. I rather like the French. But it does serve as a good example of how standing for nothing at all is a path to obliteration.

      1. Well… I thought Frenchie women were better on my first trip there from the US. Then I went to other countries.

  38. Assuming it was a valid election, as in the actual votes were counted, not manipulated.
    France already had a far left majority, so this is no surprise. The culture war in France is finally over; the far-left has won. France, as a European nation, is over.
    America, wake up, this is us in a few years.

  39. I appreciate you taking the time to write all of that and all but alot you metioned about racism and Cincinnati is not at all close to what I was saying or meant. You lost something in translation perhaps? Also you come off a bit condescending as well. “Good day Sir”, I heard that before. Not very nice.

    1. I think he is referring to your blind spot about black affinitiy for violence and hatred of whites.

      1. Nawwww…he lost me. He meant well but not what I meant to convey. It my fault. I may have not explained myself correctly. Its hard smoetimes when your use to speaking face to face and also you hear the tone in voice so its easier.

  40. France did something stupid? Don’t worry, they’re like that: the rest of the world has survived French stupidity.

    1. That´s the main reason people still think the white flag is the french flag, they like to surrender their anus to the invaders.

  41. Am I the only one seeing the elephant in the room?
    The choice was between EU puppet, or a woman!
    the loss was a long time ago when the “resistance” decided Le Pen was a suitable leader.

    1. I wouldn’t say that having a woman like Le Pen as the head of your political party is the worst thing, but she definitely shouldn’t have been president.
      Le Pen has done a lot of good work in cleaning up FN, but she should have known better than to try and become president herself.

    1. For the same reason that mostly old women frequent nude beaches… so you’ll cringe.

  42. Ha, I had never seen those rumours before and was already wondering whether he could be gay because no red-blooded high achieving man would marry his mummy, and also, his mannerisms are borderline so there might be something to it.

  43. I almost don’t give two shits about what’s going down in France.
    Mass killing via islamic terror will be part of their realty for years to come.

  44. De toute façon ça fait longtemps que tout cela avait été planifié.
    Faut pas s’en faire.

  45. “If authentic, Macron’s homosexuality would prove correct the insistence of many of his detractors that his marriage to a woman a quarter of a century older than him is a sham.
    That might also explain Hugh Jackman.

  46. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned it yet, but it turns out that his wife may have “courted” him when he was underaged.
    Yeah, a couple of winners.

  47. Off-topic but worth mentioning: The governor of Texas signed a bill officially banning “sanctuary cities” yesterday. Ignoring the ridiculousness that a law is required to enforce existing laws, it’s hopefully a step forward for the un-cucking of the Lone Star State (and trust me, as a resident, Texas is completely cucked by illegals). At least there’s still a glimmer of hope in the US.

  48. Considering how far France has devolved, five years should be all that’s needed to fully and completely destroy its culture forever.

  49. Blame the French voters and their hopelessly globalist mindset for this. But wait, I thought RoKers don’t want women in leadership positions?

  50. Oh, and let’s put an end to this “cuck” business, OK. “Cuck, cuck, cuck”; sounds like the mating call of the alt.right faggot bird.

  51. Nice attacks – you mean where the French state deliberately destroyed all the CCTV camera footage from the entire city? I wonder why they did that?
    Everyone here ranting about Islamic takeover – you realise that France imported thousands of Algerians and North Africans after the War in order to help with reconstruction? Any now the 3rd generation Muslims who live there are responsible for attacks that are highly suspicious, have evidence destroyed, and lead, most conviently, to martial law being declared?

  52. Of course Macron is gay. That desiccated carcass next to him that resembles the Grinch is his “beard.”

  53. France has chosen its path of self-destruction. Let it go.
    Perhaps in a generation or two another Charles Martel will repeat the feats of his forbear and a wiser France may emerge from the chaos.
    And if not? Well, even countries have lifespans. France’s final senility may most likely be fatal.

  54. Robby Mook was the same ego inflated fool who advised Hillary not to campaign to white working class voters. Hillary lost Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Basically the key states one needs to get the Presidency, four of them did not vote Republican since 1988.
    Russia hacking??? Minority voter “repression”. Minorities were not jumping for joy at the thought of a Hillary Presidency. There were plenty of minority voters who could have easily showed up in those three states and give the Presidency to Hillary. And hackers were not the ones who hacked into Anthony Wiener’s disgusting mind and would make him engage in his disgusting actions, which caused Comey to reopen his investigation.

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