Today Is The Final Vote Of The 2017 French Presidential Election

UPDATE: Emmanuel Macron has won the election. Click here for our post-election coverage.

Right now the French are voting on their next president, which will either be Emmanuel Macron, a man who we wrote about in the past for marrying a woman who is as old as his mother, or nationalist figure Marine Le Pen. The vote will take place just days after allegations surface of Macron having an offshore banking account for the purpose of evading French taxes. Feel free to share results in the comments below.

French media goes all-in for Macron

What some Frenchmen may do if their candidate loses

More French propaganda for the globohomo candidate

France today

Is Le Pen going to follow through on her promises if she wins?

Obligatory Deus Vult

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370 thoughts on “Today Is The Final Vote Of The 2017 French Presidential Election”

  1. Even if she loses going from nothing to the opposition in a few short years makes Le Pen a real threat to the Globalists in France and the EU.
    I still find it utterly shocking that after all the French have been through in the last few years they can even considering voting for Macron, former cabinet minister of the economy in the train wreck Holland admin..

  2. It’s not even close. As much as I want Le Pen victory, the gap is too large for her to even make a surprise win.
    But at this point, we should all know better than to rely on democracy or politicians. Men must stand up for themselves.

    1. It’s like the US Presidential race last year. All the polls said Trump wasn’t even close. Lo and behold. I can’t trust the mainstream media anymore. They’re all biased to the point of being completely wrong.

      1. Trump was within 5 points. And USA polls were proven shit tier in the primaries. Eg. Bernie won Michigan despite being far behind in polls.
        French polls were highly accurate in the first round. And Le Pen is about 20 points behind.
        There could be a big boost from shy-Le Pen support (from some moderates/libs whose first choice got eliminated) and MacronLeaks. But I doubt it’s worth more than 20 points…
        Hoping against hope. But truthfully, France is too cucked right now. They need to suffer more. And then they might wake up in the next election. But who knows what will happen to the demographics in 5 years. You never know with these fucking (((globalists))).
        France might be already lost.

      2. Labeling all Left/Liberal news outlets as Bad/Untrustworthy is one of the most effective ways to deny yourself access to high-quality information:
        “I can say with confidence that no pollster has engendered as much controversy, or at times outright anger, as the Los Angeles Times’ operation, which has tended to show Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton. This has happened even as other polls show Clinton in the lead, at times by dramatic margins.”-10/14/16
        The first Los Angeles Times story that comes to my mind is last year’s article by David S. Cloud; his investigation led to this headline: ‘Thousands of California soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war’-October 22, 2016
        As a direct result of the above article, on November 29th, 2016, “Lawmakers reach a compromise to help California soldiers ordered to repay enlistment bonuses”
        And even more meaningful, on January 3rd, 2017, “Pentagon says it will waive bonus repayments for vast majority of California National Guard soldiers.”
        We are fortunate to live in America, where free, fast, accurate and precise information is right here, at our fingertips. Sure, it takes a few minutes to look up specific pieces of legislation at
        or Supreme Court specifics at
        or Department of Justice information at
        …the list goes on and on…
        Learning how to discern the reliability of a news source is as easy as learning how to research evidence-based information, and is a skill that all people need.

      1. IIRC, the “polls” showed Trump narrowing the gap dramatically in the last few days before the election, which was likely the MSM realizing how silly they were going to look if he won. Although on the other hand, there were definitely some shocked, deer-in-the-headlights faces on CNN and their ilk that night, so maybe they really were taken completely by surprise.
        Anyway, I hold out hope for Le Pen even if it doesn’t look good. Would be wonderful if she were to pull it off.

      1. I have a problem with who is lighting the match, for them to warm themselves is not a good thing.

      2. i’m french and i approve this message, this country is ruled and populated with cucks happy to be cucks.

        1. Brother, you should immigrate or come to America and LOAD UP.
          Take plenty for your friends and start networking.
          Take back France.
          Either way, death is coming.
          Be the one to choose the battlefield.

        2. i wondering this every day since this presidential campaign. Most men here are traumatized being men and defend their nation since the ww1&2.
          They adopt the PC stance and prefer disappearing from history than being viewed as racists. those motherfuckers.

        3. i’m thinking since 1-2 years of leaving this sinking ship. But i’m not sure of willing to take back. Too many stupid cucks here, i don’t want to dedicate my remaining living years to save them from what they want.

        4. Wilful suicide.
          I can’t believe what I am seeing. I want to come up with something smart and penetrating to say, but I am all out of words.

        5. What about the younger Le Pen? In a few years, she may find herself leading a movement that is far more militant – with many years of the public’s degradation and social disintegration to bring the remaining blood-French to her side.

        6. the younger lepen.. well it will be a good hypothesis, but i’ve read that she’ll be stopping political field soon and work in private sector.
          I think it’s too late, i saw some graphics (ethnomathematics) the birthrate of foreigners/african/arabic people here will soon override the birthrate of historical frenchies. And those people will vote for the left, will grow stronger and stronger and will vote for a muslim president as soon as one will appear here.
          France will become francistan and nobody cares.

        7. Jesus.
          Maybe it’s time to get to the USA. There is still a chance, here.

  3. Macron is 39 and his wife is 64 years old. This guy is in line be an even bigger cuck than Justin Trudeau.

    1. Not only that, he’s a former Rothschild banker, he wants open borders and bring more immigrants to an already non white France. He is more than a cuck, he’s plainly evil.

      1. When you look at economic policies Le Pen is more a friend of workers than Macron. Le Pen is more for ordinary working French while Macron is for large corporations and the wealthy urban elite. I think France will become highly unequal under Macron’s leadership and combine that with open borders from third world countries, the French way of life will be extinct.
        Germany has been well under neoliberal globalist corporate rule under Merkel for a decade and the German way of life is quickly eroding. Germany used to be a “paradise” for regular working people, long vacations, secure employment, and some of the highest wages in Europe. All of that is quickly going away. Of course prior to Merkel, Germany had a far left Schroder, but Merkel fooled the masses into believing she was some kind of conservative. Yes Germany’s jobless rate fell since Merkel took over but the kind of employment many Germans found since then were low paying service jobs.

    2. And he has no biological children.
      Just like Mutti Merkel, these “leaders” have no stake in the future of the countries they are “leading”.
      Democracy is a failure.

      1. But what is better than Democracy? Democracy has ist flaws but the alternatives are sinister.

        1. Whatever political system can ensure the existence of our people, and a future for white children.
          No political system lasts forever. If fascist revolution is what is necessary to save France from becoming an Arab caliphate, I will support it. I am open to more diplomatic alternatives if they are possible.

        2. Why is “a future for white children.” so important for you? Don’t you think that nationalism – especially in Europe – has resulted in so much suffering, that the concept should be abandoned all together?

        3. If you think destroying the world’s races, cultures, and histories is going to end all conflict in this world, then we see things very differently.

        4. I’m a “race mixer” and therefore despised by most white nationalists. I’ve spent most of my adult life drifting between different countries and cultures, almost always learning the local language. It’s to the point that I don’t feel much more at home among WASPs in the US than I do among Russians or Central Americans (at least the less indigenous upper middle classes, in the latter case). My thoughts drift freely between Spanish, French, Russian, English, Italian, and German. A true multiculturalist, you might say.
          That said, most people want to be with their own kind, therefore multculturalism doesn’t work on a collective scale. it’s natural for white people to want their race to survive. All other races feel this way too, it’s just seen as wrong when white people do it, for some reason.

        5. Are you serious? Is the future muslim? Didja know its okay for them to marry first cousins?

        6. “Why is “a future for white children.” so important for you?”
          Because our race (white race) is dying. All the info and projections tell us so. This is not a matter of prejudice, it’s a matter of survival for our race.
          As for nationalism, our predecessors fought hard, worked hard, and died horribly, to build a civilization for us to use, abuse, disrespect, and misuse. We live on the fruit of what they conquered; people, places, and things.
          And YES, I am proud to live in a nation that is among the most prosperous, modern, and inventive.
          As an American, I say death to any nation, color, or creed, who wants to destroy us.
          If that’s a problem for you, you’re free to move to North Korea. There all your problems and troubles and worries will magically disappear.

        7. Democracy is the second worst form of government there is, only theocracy is worse.
          For proof, all you have to do is look at Iran, and Kentucky.
          Democracy works somewhat well as long as the people are honest, love their country, and have a work ethic.
          Hillary and Bernie and the are proof that it is time to take the right to vote away from the idiot masses.

        8. What kind of “race mixer”?
          I am pretty RR & nationalistic as well, but I have no issue with white-asian pairings. And even some of the others don’t bother me that much, as they are few and far between.
          There is really only one mixed pairing I find abominable and unacceptable.

        9. I’m almost 100% of northern European descent (Scandanavian, English, Dutch) whereas my wife is a dark-skinned Latina with a thick accent when she speaks English. She does not look European, but there is a lot of European blood in her family. Baby is lillywhite, even lighter than I am, something everyone comments on positively down here (we’re living in her country now).
          To be honest, I’d never thought about white nationalism or racial issues much when I married her years ago. It is interesting to note that her family and the Central Americans with whom I identify with most do tend to be more of European descent.
          I imagine you’re focusing on IQ when you say you approve of Asian-white mixing, but I actually think of that as one of the worst race mixing combinations because of its effect on the children. A daughter living in the US will probably do OK, but other than that, it’s tough for mixed Asian kids.

        10. This Macron victory is pathetic… I see now why the French have had such a faggoty reputation through history.
          “Let’s choose the globalist Rothchild puppet with no kids and a wife 30 years older than him!”
          What planet am I on???

        11. IQ, work ethic, good behavior…many things.
          Whites and East Asians are very similar. I have had 2 Korean SB/GFs ($$$ was involved, as with all my “relationships”) and we got along fine. I have been to Korea a bunch of times and like it there. About the mixed white/asian male children, I have seen a lot of comments about that on this site. Many references to Eliot Rodgers. I guess that can be an issue, but since I do not like or want kids, I never think about it.
          BTW, I have no real problems with most Latins. Just don’t want illegal aliens breaking in to my country and making babies to grab up welfare & food stamps. But you going there, meeting what I imagine is a nice girl from a good family, and being happy — nothing wrong with that at all. Good luck to you and your family sir!

        12. nightly US news just said he was an investment banker…never said for whom

        13. I don’t really have a problem with any type of race mixing, per se. The thing with white/Asian mixes is that you’re going to have to live in the US (or whatever western country you’re from) if you don’t want your kids to go through hell in Asia. Well, at least that’s true for Korea and Japan from what I understand, but I imagine it’s the same in most Asian countries. Then even if you are in the US, a mixed Asian-white boy is going to have a hard time. Granted, some rise above it, but it’s not easy at all.
          It’s the opposite here in Latin America. More European blood just adds status.
          Definitely agree on not wanting mass immigration to the US of any kind.

        1. “Democracy is especially designed to prevent change”
          I think Nietsche said, “Liberalism ends when liberals come to power.”
          So, Liberal Democrat leads to one place; stalemate disaster.

        2. “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
          ― H.L. Mencken, On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe

      2. The problem with democracy is consensus. Even excellent ideas can be crushed if the majority are too stupid to see its worth.
        The public are like sheep. They blindly trust and follow their “shepherds”.

        1. The issue isn’t democracy. Europe is effectively an oligarchy, lacking all traces of effective representative government. It is already totalitarian.
          What is missing is values. Freedom, history, opportunity, the desire for personal and collective betterment, fighting spirit, moral clarity. Want a better world? Build a republic based on these things. A fascist utopia built without them looks a lot like Germany, Belgium, Sweden, etc.

        2. I noticed that. Moral values have been almost wiped out in just a couple of generations. I don’t think it’s possible to deny a conspiracy anymore.

      3. Democracy is not a political system but a political wish!
        Let’s take Democracys political theory: whatever most of the people vote for is correct… always!
        It clearly wasn’t correct for the last century… or most of it.
        A democratic politician has NO need to be a good diplomat or statesman, a general or a leader, he only needs to be a wild-spoken buffoon who promises stuff to a base of voters, that is big enough to ensure him his election. With these I describe nearly all political candidates in every country that has democracy: one promises social justice, another handouts, here in Greece jobs in the public sector that give more money and it is illegal to fire for any reason at all even when that would be legitimate (i.e. there are people who still receive paychecks inside prison, being convicted of murder!), open borders, close borders or… pancakes!
        The people have been in mistake for decades before they could even notice it: their countries are full of savages and barbarians, their infrastructure is under threat and the future of their children is in jeopardy! Only recently they started demanding things that could fix their everyday life and it is not sure even if they receive them, or if they will push for more good changes the moment their everyday lives will become even a bit better.
        On the other hand traditional regimes (aristocracy and monarchy) did create an elite with only one purpose: to rule the country and secure it’s future, because they were tied to it. Were they perfect? As with everything human no, but at the very least Europe got through them with tremendous successes and it’s countries were world rulers.
        The crucial difference is only one between the two regimes: democracy has no political theory, but traditional regimes do. Politics in these countries were about creating statesmen, diplomats, generals and rulers not bootlicking charlatans. They were given near absolute power in order to do things and their checks were only the bigger institutions (i.e. in medieval Europe that was the Church which ensured a Christian ruling… in most of the case and the nobility which meant every region of the country and in the Byzantine Empire you had instead of the nobility the army, as the nobles were more centralized) and put to ensure that the best for the country is done instead of limiting the sovereigns power. Also, they made sure that no region would be left alone in the ruling process as with most democracies the bigger urban centers generally rule instead of the country as-a-whole meaning that the legitimate demands of the provinces are being overlooked. This could go on and on and on in general the observations against democracy are ancient and Platos work is full of them.
        Lastly on something that I once noticed in the anglosphere: there was an American commenter that pointed out that “democracy is traditionalism because Athens was democratic in the Ancient time”, he could not have been more wrong. Athens used to have a king, following from the dynasty of Thyseus it’s last king sacrificed his own life to defend the city and because there was no one next in line that was not an outsider they started to self-govern. In reality the traditional times of Ancient Greece was the Heroic Age of Homers work: the time of demi-gods and kings fighting the common enemies of Greece (the Illiad, the Argonautics.. it’s not Homers but it is the same period) and coming back home (the Odyssey). It was a time of kings and extraordinary men not of peoples and masses, that characterise our epoch.

        1. Plato spoke well on the shortcomings of democracy. Our children graduate high school with a seventh grade reading level, yet are allowed to vote for national policy.

        2. “A democratic politician has NO need to be a good diplomat or statesman, a
          general or a leader, he only needs to be a wild-spoken buffoon who
          promises stuff to a base of voters, that is big enough to ensure him his
          well put

        3. Italian?
          In Greece we will be seeing this in this year…
          You know those shows on TV that ask questions to random people on the street about their country or world politics, things that they should know and then answer incorrectly, many times with bravado, and some times admitting that they know nothing or invent events? Well the fact that they vote and demand to have that right, mostly for narcissistic reasons, is beyond me and all the facts I need to throw democracy out of the window.

        4. The quality of a representative government is directly tied in with the quality of its citizens– especially their level of investment and buy-in for the ideals of the nation.
          By degrading the quality of our citizens, we have degraded the quality of our democracy (amongst other things). Nothing has fueled that degradation more that the government educational system. Why? Because power flows away from ignorant and miseducated people. The stupider government schools make us, the more power governments are able to take.

        5. Dumb down the natives, import massive waves of low IQ immigrants who have no problem with voting for bigger, over reaching government.

        6. Yes. They have no social buy-in for the collective good. They are essentially mercenaries, with ideals unaligned with anything beyond personal gain.
          Ironically, they share that with the elites.

        7. American, with northern italian heritage.
          The low point of street interviews was when Jay Leno interviewed a pack of blondes in Hollywood and showed them a statue of Iwo Jima Marines planting the flag on Mt Suribachi in WWII. Probably the most famous picture ever taken in American history. Leno asked them to name this event…..
          To which one of the blondes replied: “OMG, that’s man on the moon, right?”
          It’s funny, but tragic at the same time, because you can guess which political party these females vote for.
          Under my dictatorship, only tax payers would be allowed to vote. Immigrants can vote ONLY after a full honorable discharge from military service.

        8. “Under my dictatorship, only tax payers would be allowed to vote.”
          That’s a good start. Only, it would be better if home owners, business owners, and Veterans of Foreign Wars, were the only citizens who can vote. These are the only class of people who have a stake in the future of America. Most others don’t.
          As for immigrants and a full honorable discharge, I would make them stay in military service for 20 years. After that they can become a full citizen and vote.
          Then again, we should have no need of foreigners in our military. What does it say about a country when you need foreigners to fight your wars?
          Anyway, if you want to do it right, have a benevolent monarchy, not a dictatorship.

        9. Except for deciding from which delivery to order from (pizza, souvlaki, sushi or burger) I am against voting… Okay I add voting by experts on authoritative matters.
          I have something even worse for you from my country: the asked people on the street to name the man who wrote our national anthem (Dionysios Solomos) and… the closer was Garidas (Solomos means Salmon Garida means shrimp)… Oh and I have another worse for you: people answered by making shit up when asked about their opininions on the visit of Kim Yong Un the first black president of North Korea to Greece (the visit of Obama had just ended) and about Clinton being the new president of the U.S.(Trump was elected the previous day)…

        10. Most Greeks are mentally left at the last three decades of the 20th century. If you ask most people in Greece they’ll say that the left is on the rise while it suffering a steep decline after decades of near-complete domination around the world. This is the result of Greece being intellectually under the complete and total domination of the left, specifically stalinist commies. But the last 2 decades they have fallen and their place is taken by anarchists.

        11. We have no guilt…. except outright anarchists and commies who have an anti-Greek hate(because the commies lost the civil war) and they support every enemy of Greece! The rest are just morons. The average European I.Q. is 100 in Greece it is 95 the third lowest in the continent. It is that most people here are socialists the ones who are not always lacked the spine to hit and kill when they could the traitors of this country.

        12. Pre-3rd Century Rome did something where barbarians could earn their diploma[Roman citizenship] after 30 years of service in the legions. I’m all for it.
          Historically speaking, the greatest autocrats were those who lead their men into battle. The worst autocrats were those born into the throne or were non combatants.
          Removing leaders from the battlefield removes them from the common man, and the weight of their decisions. I’m surprised that evolution has allowed fully civilian leaders.

        13. “Removing leaders from the battlefield removes them from the common man, and the weight of their decisions.”
          Worse. It denies them the feeling of what it’s like to face your own mortality. Instantly. Right now.

        14. That’s terrible. The decay is probably because you guys keep close ties to the west. Whereas other eastern European countries don’t seem to be suffering from the Race Card™ syndrome.

        15. We don’t have the race card syndrome! only the 10-15% has it!
          The rest is because most Greeks are socialists and care only for their pockets, the rest are issues of no importance if they do not directly affect them!

        16. “is because most Greeks are socialists”
          Unfortunately, there is a lot of that in Southern Europe.

        17. “No man should bring children into the world who is unwilling to persevere to the end in their nature and education.”
          ― Plato
          It’s easy for parents to supplement their children’s American Public School Education; my daughter’s education was heavily supplemented, with family members sharing of knowledge, and various extracurricular learning and activities we provided.
          “I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning”
          ― Plato

        18. Nice… I did 5 in the Corps, then 3 in the Navy reserves. I’m so glad I took the military route instead of college directly out of high school route.

        19. “Man…is a tame or civilized animal; never the less, he requires proper instruction and a fortunate nature, and then of all animals he becomes the most divine and most civilized; but if he be insufficiently or ill- educated he is the most savage of earthly creatures.”
          ― Plato

        20. It is up to us to maintain the quality of the citizenry; we are responsible for our own, and our children’s educations,
          It’s easy for parents to supplement their children’s American Public School Education; my daughter’s education was heavily supplemented, with family members sharing of knowledge, and various extracurricular learning and activities we provided.
          “No man should bring children into the world who is unwilling to persevere to the end in their nature and education.”
          ― Plato

        21. “The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth.”
          ― H.L. Mencken
          Thank you for your service, Mr. Antonius,

        22. Democracy, a real tyranny by the masses while oligarchy means tyranny by the few. Well put.

        23. Democracies throughout the world generally have higher standards of living than authoritarian regimes or hybrid regimes (The Economist Democracy Index,
          A few comparisons:
          1) The U.S. vs. Russia or China.
          2) Taiwan vs. China.
          3) South Korea vs. North Korea
          3) France vs. Egypt.
          With that said there are nations that do not conform to this model, such as Jamaica vs. Singapore.
          An even larger obstacle than the flaws of modern democracy, is that the quality of each democratic state will decrease due to increased ethnic diversity and low IQ individuals and groups, a topic which have been looked into in depth by the Finnish political scientist and neo-darwinist Tatu Vanhanen in his work The Limits of Democratization (2009). I understand that El Salvadorians want to live in the U.S. but do they even know what the First amendment is?

        24. Democracies throughout the world generally have higher standards of living than authoritarian regimes or hybrid regimes (The Economist Democracy Index,

          What surveys like those of “The Economist” are wont to forget is that the wealth and knowledge base of those modern nations, with some exceptions (USA), were built by non-democratic regimes (read monarchy) whereas the modern parliamentarian/presidentialist regimes are just heirs and administrators at best when not squanderers of that wealth at the behest of ignorant masses and oligarchs.

      4. The more I read on military dictatorships, the less I care for democracy, to be honest.

        1. A militocracy is the final evolution, imo. Not as ridiculous as democracy, not as arbitrary as a Monarchy.

        2. Alexander Dugin said in his book that the Warrior’s cast isn’t meant to be the tool of politics. The warrior’s cast is the politics.
          Men from the military have historically been the best political leaders.

        3. Benevolent Dictator is the absolute best form of government. But he has to be benevolent. You would not want to live under the regime of the Kims or something similar. And of course there is then the line of succession to deal with. Even if daddy is a great leader, junior may be a nut job.

        4. Agreed, unfortunately it’s hard to identify the benevolent, particularly when they lack power, and one must acknowledge also that power corrupts.

        5. “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”
          ― James Madison
          Only 1% of the US population has been willing to serve for quite some time now…we’ve been flogging our Reservists with multiple back-to-back tours through the Middle East for a long time.
          In fact, “military leaders have shed light on a lesser-known national security concern: a looming shortage of qualified Americans to fill the ranks of our armed forces.
          Data publicized by Mission: Readiness show that more than 70 percent of all young adults in the U.S. would not qualify for military service, as a result of educational shortcomings and a national obesity epidemic, among other factors.

          I believe this continuous “war” situation in the Middle East, rolling into it’s 2nd decade soon, has diminished us. I believe a nation at war with another nation requires sacrifice from all…the fact that I can live my life unfettered, blissfully unaware; while the War-Machine, fueled by my hard-earned tax-dollars, rages on…it’s obscene.
          “Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.”
          ― Thomas Jefferson
          I really think that if we make contributing to the health and safety of this nation a mandatory expectation; mandatory military or civil service (nurse, police, fire-fighter, doctor, paramedics) for the first 3 years after high-school or college; then poverty would naturally be driven down, as our citizens contributed to this country’s health and safety with vocations that paid a living wage.
          It seems like a good way to get Americans invested in this country again; making National Healthcare and Affordable Education a natural extension of our shared interests in National Security.
          I would hope that having the same expectation of people immigrating to our country would facilitate their ‘melting into our American pot’, like it did for my Great-Grandfather, who immigrated to the United States just in time to serve in the Army during WWI; my Grandfather served in the Army in WWII; by then our family was firmly entrenched as Americans.
          “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”
          ― John Adams, The Works of John Adams, Second President of The United States
          Before I joined the Air Force in the early 80’s; my family of Democrats (veterans and gun-owners), never once discussed that a Republican was in the White House…a total non-issue; we were Americans First, and Democrats, Veterans, gun-owners, nurses, small business owners, members of the community…that all balanced on the firm foundation as US citizens.

        6. Yup. Power corrupts and those close to power often corrupt the leader, as we are, unfortunately, now seeing here in the US.

        7. Adama for President, 2024! If he can deny his links to Goldman Sachs, he may have what it takes to win the primaries.

        8. I can’t agree. I think that a benevolent dictator is only the best form of government when the citizenry is stupid. Because our citizenry is becoming progressively stupider, totalitarian government looks like an increasingly better idea. For an intelligent, invested people who share the same root ideology, constitutional republics are the way to go.
          We had something like a “benevolent dictator” in the USA in the form of Franklin Roosevelt. Something about that entire portion of American history makes my skin crawl.

        9. Historically, the best chances of benevolent dictator were kings that lead their men into battle. The worst kings were overwhelmingly those who either inherited, or were non-combatants.

        10. FDR was not a dictator, but rather he used the crisis of the great depression scare the voters and force his horrifically destructive liberalism on the US. Something we most likely will never recover from.
          Augustus Caesar and Charlemagne are good examples of benevolent dictators.

        11. Washington, Jackson, Eisenhower…we didnt have too many. Who did France have in the past few centuries?

        12. Vercingetorix, Cesar, Clovis, Charlemagne, most of the French Kings of the early medieval era, Napoléon, Marechal Pétain…

        13. Military men equate the best rulers. Much rather have a strong man leading men into battle than a sterile commie Harvard grad telling me my country “has no history”.

        14. Well, that’s understandable, considering that the military and political elite have only been separated in the last centuries, when they used to be the same thing.
          A great military career would open you the gates to great political positions in most traditional societies.
          Nowadays, there are no more networks that would allow a war hero to rise as a political leader.

        15. I forgot to say, I only focused on military leaders who made it to the head of the country. Because they are also a lot of ex-soldiers who’ve been leading great political movements withouth running a country, like the I use as my handle, for example.

      5. Exactly: childless people with no stake in the future have no place leading nations

        1. I’d say we should just create a separate State for gays and decadents, but it wouldn’t last more than one generation.

    3. Justin sets the standard for cuckolds around the world…especially when he wears his pink shirt to Pride parades.

    4. In his defense he looks pretty ripped in that Garcon cover, and I’m sure she was smoking hot when he married her. Also, he’s French. Odds are he’s getting quite a bit of action on the side.

    5. he fell in love with her when he was FIFTEEN( I think was his drama teacher). Parents kept them apart at the time.

    6. First, grannyphilia becomes acceptable. Then pedophilia, incest, and necrophilia will be legalised.

  4. By popular vote (or by fraud) Maricon is the new french president. The frogs are brainwashed enough to vote gleefully for their assisted suicide in the hands of a Rothschild banker.
    P.S ‘Maricon’ in spanish means fag.

        1. Yes. You state that he is a Rothschild banker as if it was something inherently negative.

  5. If Macron wins then France will become the 2nd most cucked nation is history, 1st being Sweden of course.

      1. While the situation in Germany is bad, in Sweden is worse, waaayyy worse. Have you ever talked with an average swede? It’s like talking with a fucking zombie, they only regurgitate PC slogans.

  6. We will soon find out if Le Pen is mightier than Le Sword…
    Or will she be Trumped. (After she “wins” – pull a 180.)
    I’m betting on the last one…

      1. I hope not.
        Chase the kikes from Europe and everything will start to get better.
        You are scum of the earth and deserve to quarrel with muslim dogs.

  7. I wouldn’t vote for the guy just on his choice of an old lady as his wife. She brings the definition of old ball and chain to fruition. I can’t believe the French would see any biologically difference than I am looking at it. It shows he is a weak man. Peoples gut instinct will be to heave before pulling the lever for him. I predict an upset.
    Man- that is just gross thinking about some greesy fingered woman giving me a kiss.

    1. True, but you neglect to include the mindset of the guys there. They see him as catching himself a good provider. They’re sick.

  8. Macron will win. The establishment is just to strong on this one and i believe, as a European, that Europe needs to really have a disaster of epic proportions to wake the fuck up.
    With Macron, France will continue its slow, but inevitable decline. Forget that “en marche” crap…In fact, i would call his program as a simple “management of decline”, in other words, a “lets continue to elude the citizens and make them promises we cant keep, until the shit hits the fence and when it does, i will simply go to one of my millionaire friends yacht and party like its 1999, with Obama and other frauds like him.
    Ho yes, my ROK friends, France will continue its anemic economic growth, the submission to Germany frau Merkels financial interests, its stagnating culture, cultural marxism infecting academia, the atomization of its society, increased violence and racism and, of course, the increasing power of Islam that will continue to grab hold of power…all of course with the already usual terrorist attack and the usual cliche responses…France used to be the center of European culture. If you wanted to be someone, you had to go to Paris, you had to speak French, and you had to know all the great French artists and intellectuals by name. But now??? The french are going to elect a corrupt carer politician, that said that France had no culture. I have to say, that a sadistic part of me wants this, because i believe its the only way the french are going to wake up. In other words, France needs to continue its decline, its slain citizens, lying on its once proud streets to realize their collapse.

    1. If Macron wins the jewish Exodus will be even bigger and even more jews will move to Israel.
      If Le Pen wins she will put an end to antisemitism in France.
      It’s a win win situation.

      1. We should not reduce this to the Jews. They have Israel to go to and be protected, as for the french people, where will they go??? I only see Corsicans with the balls to do something.
        When muslim gangs attacked the police and the fire workers, they reacted with violence and guess what…i never heard a problem again.

        1. It was glorious seeing that Mohammedan filth being beaten to a pulp-Corsicans have colossal balls and are not to be trifled with.

        2. Dont be a stupid cocksucker too.
          Subhuman islamics and subhuman kikes deserve each other.
          A perfect match.
          If you defend either, YOU are also a subhuman.

        3. The Islamic scumbags assaulted locals in Corsica and then they got their asses handed to them. I think it was on Vlad Tepes blog where video was posted of such.

        4. After the attack on police and fire workers in 2015 if im not mistaken, the corsicans went berserk on the muslim ghettos and guess what??? No problems with violence since then! Muslims only recognize violence and power, its the only way the can respect the nation they are in.

    2. Do you have any insight into the mentality of the average French citizen who would vote for Macron? Why are they against prioritizing France’s national identity/security?

      1. average citizen is either a cuck or a female, and they vote for him mostly because “he’s young and dynamic”. those motherfuckers.

        1. In America, we conservative enclaves like the south and midwestern regions. Does France have anything of the sort?

        2. the south and the east massively vote for le pen, but the south is a region with a lot of blacks and arabs (which is contradictory)
          The west is socialist at core, full of cucks proud to be cucks. Paris is full of leftists and fags.

      2. Looking at his supporters, all i seem to see are young hipsters that live in la la land, colluded with the elites and the media. Its pretty much the same with the states and other western nations…These morons are the same that were murdered on the bataclan massacre and yet, they do not wake up.

    3. “France used to be the center of European culture. If you wanted to be someone, you had to go to Paris, you had to speak French, and you had to know all the great French artists and intellectuals by name.”
      Paris. City of Lights.
      Favorite city of Porfirio Rubirosa.
      He was a Dominican diplomat and playboy. And he lived in Paris most of his adult life.
      When Porfirio, who spoke five languages (Spanish being his native tongue), first came to Paris as a child, no one demanded the French speak Spanish.
      He died and was buried in Paris in 1965. Porfirio Rubirosa is, no doubt, rolling over in his grave right now at the absolute bullshit not just in France, but throughout Western Civilization.

    4. France used to be the center of European culture. If you wanted to be someone, you had to go to Paris, you had to speak French, and you had to know all the great French artists and intellectuals by name. But now???
      The french are going to elect a corrupt carer politician, that said
      that France had no culture.

      Well, I guess every cloud has its silver lining. Revolutionary French ephemeral dominance on the Continent has been the gift that keeps on giving, destroying everything in its path, almost as bad as the English hegemony. For more than two centuries the poison from the “Enlightenment has hollowed out European cultures, especially Germany. I say let it destroy itself and be an example for the future generations.

      1. I think the future of the traditional european powers is going to be interesting. France is going to be one of the battlefields for Europe soul, and i think its going to be where the bottom is deeper.

  9. The hope of the people who believe Le Pen will right the ship and do the right thing if she is elected, is no different than the hope of the people who believed in Donald Trump. It’s a false hope. It’s no different than the hope of a liberal who wants the world to be the way they see it. It’s all emotion-driven. You boys need to wake up. Take care of your own business above everything else. Build your own private world and ignore the media sideshows. Otherwise you’ll forever remain boys…

    1. Well spoken words Uncle Bob. The only things you have control over in your life are your actions and your mindset. Stop worrying too much about everything else and focus on those

      1. “The only things you have control over in your life are your actions and your mindset.”
        Most people don’t even control that. Yet, they want you to abandon Christianity, open the border, and vote for Hillary.

    2. They can’t improve your life, but they can refrain from making it worse. You think Hillary would stay out of your business?

    3. “You boys need to wake up… remain boys. ”
      No need to speak down to the men here. It’s a feminine way of discourse.

      1. Say it ain’t so. You too, Roosh? Believing in free speech, so long as everybody says what you want them to say, is a very common thing. Let me see. Where I have heard that type of hypocrisy before. Oh yeah. From every feminist I’ve ever encountered…

        1. You dumb fuck.
          He is trying to help you.
          Saying “you boys” makes yousound like a limp wristed faggot, among other highly negative things.
          Just stfu, because you apparently still belong at the kids table if you need these simple things pointed out to you.

        2. Thanks so much for your audition. If we decide to debate with you, during a future episode of “Bob Debates a Beta Male”, we’ll call your agent…and thanks again.

        3. “You boys” doesn’t bother me a bit.
          It sounds like something Andrew Jackson or US Grant would have shouted to the troops:
          “You boys better wake up before you get your asses shot off!”. Or something like that.
          I don’t see a bad connotation there.
          In fact, there is only one group that I have ever known to be offended by the word “boy”…

        4. “You boys”…
          In the South we say that all the time. I don’t know if Bob is a Southerner. But it bothers me not at all.
          Just sayin’.

        5. You are free to leave the community then. If you don’t follow the dictates here then you will be banned. You can go on other blogs and sites to exhibit your free speech.

        6. I want to apologize to the community here. Let me rephrase the offending passage –
          I believe voting is the greatest thing a man can do, not only for himself, but for his countrymen.

    4. Excellent comment, but you’re missing the point. The reason why people worship Trump et al in the first place is precisely because they don’t want to do anything themselves besides cheering from the Internet and pretend they’re making a difference.

      1. No, the reason that people voted for Trump is because they desire a framework in which they are able to produce for themselves. Nobody “worships” or is looking to hide from anything.

      2. I think we’re saying the same thing here, using different words. “Get off thine ass and make a difference.” But voting won’t get it done. That shit is decided way before the contestants square off.

    5. On an individual level, you are right. There is not much one person can do. But a nation is a collection of individuals and when that collective identity is being replaced by a foreign culture, it is very hard to not be concerned.

      1. I take what he is saying as we need to stop relying on politicians, and begin to rely on ourselves.
        The EU clearly has an agenda that is divorced from the needs and concerns of the average citizen.

        1. That said, voting isn’t that hard, therefore it’s worth the effort to vote for your country’s nationalist candidate if it’s got one.

        2. Absolutely.
          Trump may not fulfill his campaign promises, but at the very least the American people are now aware that there is a strong nationalist sentiment.
          It’s easy to feel isolated and powerless when everyone around you acts like life is a Pepsi commercial.

        3. Observing the immigration crisis and Trump’s rise has turned me from being indifferent into a hardcore nationalist, and I’m not even White. Even if Trump ends up a failed politician, he certainly succeeded in awakening a nationalistic sentiment in many people across the world.

        4. Same here.
          Careless mass immigration into Europe completely changed my mentality almost overnight.

        5. That shouldnt have to be told to anyone.
          Is anyone here actually waiting for a POLITICIAN to “help” us?
          Politicans are supposed to represent you but thats not 100% of the fight.

        6. Any Frenchman, German, and Swede NOT already actively smuggling in arms to their country at this very moment is a reprobate scumbag.
          This is war and its already hot on several levels.
          How can you eurotrash live with yourselves?
          You were stupid enough in the 90’s to ACTUALLY SUPPORT civilian disarmament…for whoever still even had them….and now just 20 uears later rape gangs and OPEN WAR are upon you and OPENLY SUPPORTED by “your” leaders.
          You laughed at Cleetus when he said “from my cold dead hands”, and now look at you!
          Bent over a barrel for islamic hominids and Cleetus is still living life the same as before!
          Either shed by patriots or shed by victims.

        7. You don’t have to be white to love America and freedom, man. To be honest, some of the most effective and passionate nationalists I’ve met are Asians who fled communism to live here. They’re furious that they risked it all to escape that system and then a bunch of yuppies here try to vote it into power.

        8. Trump’s wishy washy actions of late demonstrated just how far down the rabbit hole we are.
          It should wake up a lot of people that still believe the government governs by consent of the people.
          If the Republicans that control all three branches of government do not enact the clearly expressed will of the American citizen, then we have full understanding of the tyranny we live under.
          Europe is the test bed for the policies the globalists wish to inflict on America. Since patriots and nationalists are fully armed here, they will force our hand into violent revolution.

        9. Thing is the US military is the most powerful war machine on the planet.
          I don’t see how a patriots revolution would be able to defeat the US government.
          I haven’t studied enough military history to have a solid opinion on this though.

        10. No offense to our military brothers here in America Clark, but the U.S. military has trouble with guys in pajamas lacking air-power since WW2.
          Our current military is lowering standards for females to become front line fighters and they openly recruit transgendered people now.
          If I were a gambling man I would put money on “good ‘ole boys” in their own backyard with a reason to fight. Not to mention that a majority of the U.S. military would probably revolt and join resistance fighters.
          If globalists want war on American soil they’ll need UN troops for that, and nobody is scared of UN troops.

    6. “Take care of your own business above everything else. Build your own private world and ignore the media sideshows.”
      True. It’s the only way to live.

      1. If you can’t control and shape your own private world, how can you hope to control and shape the big, bad world…the short answer is, you can’t.

        1. “If you can’t control and shape your own private world, how can you hope to control and shape the big, bad world…”

    7. Well put. I wonder, though, what the next step is. It seems that the nationalist vs liberal facade is not only another sideshow to distract the masses to the real enemies, but possibly to further the agenda in itself. They control the red and blue pieces. As you know better than anyone, you can’t win against the house, only take small victories.

      1. “…you can’t win against the house…”
        Doesn’t mean you can’t burn down the house!

      2. It’s hard to say what the next step will be, outside of people having fewer freedoms and less money. You can only take charge of what you personally hold to be true within your own mind. The problem is, most people’s beliefs were shoved into their brains without them knowing it. I think Richard Nixon said it best – “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.”

    8. ^This.
      Always inform yourself about politics. (Not MSM) and then vote for the ones, you think are the best. That’s all you can do.
      Some people waste their whole life, discussing and worrying about politics when there is only very little they can do/change.

      1. It’s like jerking off in a mud puddle (discussing and worrying about politics). If you feel you must vote, hey, by all means, vote. Just try not to get too disappointed when that Knight in Shining Armour turns out to have been bought and paid for by The Usual Suspects…and if a guy gets disappointed when that happens, maybe he’ll realize he should put that energy into himself. But most people don’t ever realize it. They just think it’s their duty to keep jerking off in mud puddles.

  10. I think that it is time for France to pay reparations to the USA for every American soldier that died liberating their country from Germany – just so they could turn around and surrender it to another oppressor, whom they are inviting in with open arms.

  11. The elections are rigged. The brainwashed and very self-hating masses as I know them are going to elect a faggy Rothschild banker and the corpse of the old holy France is going to continue its decaying process for a long time.

    1. on se demande ce qu’on fout encore dans ce pays…
      Allez courage M. De Charette, on en aura besoin pour les 5 ans à venir..

    2. Where is Charles Martel when you need him… Is there no “Silent Majority” in France?

      1. there is, but the majority is still in the PC-leftist-bluepill-brainwashed camp. And concerning Charles Martel, well, that’s history.

  12. At this point modern “Human Rights” Democracy has no place for white identity and white interests. If there ever will be some positive outcomes for whites, it won’t be the result of these so-called “democratic” principles.
    Today, “Human rights” trample the wishes of the majority. Ask any Liberal “Do you believe that laws should generally reflect the wishes of the majority of the people?”. More likely he will say Yes. Then ask “So do you believe if the majority say votes to end pedo-marriages, it would be OK by you?”. And then watch how his face cringes and how uncomfortable he will look.
    Because modern Zio-Democracy will always put “Human rights” before the will of the majority, unless the two coincide.

      1. They hold contradicting believes. A lot of them believe in the voting system as long as the outcomes of the voting are in line with the Liberal dogmas. As soon as people vote for something they dont agree with – thats when they brush aside the principles of democracy.

  13. Au revoir France. Bonjour Françaistan!
    In other news: A recent study into sickle cell disease has revealed that for one third of “French” babies at least one parent is from Africa or the Middle East. The CDC had been confined to those areas but “due to Third World immigration it has become the most common genetic disorder in today’s France”…err, Françaistan.

  14. ” Emmanuel Macron, a man who we wrote about in the past for marrying a woman who is as old as his mother” That pretty much tells you the whole story

    1. Emmanuel Macron, a man who we wrote about in the past for marrying a woman who is as old as his mother”

      Used to be you’d only find that kind of story in a supermarket tabloid next to ‘Space Alien weds two-headed Elvis clone”.

    1. “We will have to save France’s ass again in a few years, won’t we?”
      If you’re speaking of America doing that, take another look and think again. Don’t need a history professor to tell you this country is falling apart too.

      1. Americans deserve criticism for many things, but one healthy aspect of America is our skepticism of Muslims. Europeans don’t share that and that will destroy them faster than American consumerism will destroy us.

        1. “…one healthy aspect of America is our healthy skepticism of Muslims. Europeans don’t share that.”
          I don’t see many Americans sharing that either. Either that or they’re too busy dancing at the gay club to give a fuck.

        2. You’d be mistaken because in the Balkans and Greece there is an intense hatred for Muslims as the occupation and genocides committed by the Ottomans up until the early 20th century are very much remembered and remain in the consciousness of the populace not forgetting the butchery of the Bosnian Muslims and the Albanians and the treacherous Cham scum. Northern Europe is naive because they’ve never been subjugated under the Mohammedan yoke until now and are still in their denial phase.

        3. Northern, western, and central Europe are all fucking themselves by their willingness to allow immigrants that will become liabilities into their country.

        4. And Southern Europe.
          And the US.
          Probably Australia as well.
          Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have it right.
          We can learn from them.

        5. Bullshit. Obama wanted to bring Syrian refugees here by the hundreds of thousands and didn’t because it was such an unpopular policy. Trump’s immigration policies were very well received by most Americans.

        6. There was a video on YouTube of Japanese beating the hell out of muslims in Tokyo. It was beautiful to watch.
          Funny how when you punish a dog [muslims] it becomes obedient [in Japan], but when you’re overly nice, it snaps at you [in the Anglosphere].

        7. I dunno about that- Japan sells more adult than baby diapers at this point, has for years now

        8. I meant about the immigration, but point well taken. Feminism…it can even destroy the land of the Samurai.

        9. I honestly dont know about Japan, a modern miracle to be sure- 130 million people or so packed into a country smaller than California…if it wasnt for the homogeneity, they would have collapsed into civil war a long time ago…same would apply to South Korea methinks

        10. South Korea has higher birthrates than Japan, and the females, for the most part, stay home and take care of the house & kids. Even female Korean celebrities greatly tone down their careers after marriage.

        11. “Trump’s immigration policies were very well received by most Americans.”
          Bullshit. Hillary won the popular vote. I’m glad Trump won the Presidency. But facts are stubborn things.

        12. I seem to recall an incident of Koreans chasing down black soldiers back in 80s or something, after a bunch of incidents where the blacks had been harassing local females. As I stated above, we can learn from the Asians.

        13. Actually right now the public opinion is swinging sharply against muslims and refugees. A bunch of Syrians were dropped in MN but it turned out they weren’t vaccinated and now The Measles is being passed around. Guess how bad the locals want them out….

        14. Thank you for telling me. Seriously. I’m glad to know that. Not people getting sick but locals wanting muslim refugees out of their neighborhood.

        15. It was only a matter of time before Bob and Linda realized that Mo. and co. weren’t the best neighbors.

        16. I thought the vaccines were the super defense against the disease they claim to inoculate against…

        17. Son of a gun…you’re right.
          I just checked the stats and SK does have a lower birthrate than Japan.
          Really strange situation for a country where women’s lib has not yet caught on to the extent that it seems to have done in Japan. They do get married somewhat older in Korea. I guess that might have something to do with it.

    2. this time, no, thanks. let this cuck country drown in misery alone. It deserves it. And that’s a french guy saying this.

      1. Rouse your brethren, and calmly plan and wait. When the liberal jew-controlled fools and their pet orcs are in disarray, that is the time to strike.

    3. Last time you “saved” us from what would’ve been the best political regime since the Monarchy if it hadn’t taken place under a foreign military occupation (Vichy), you brought back the Jewish banksters and masonic elites who “freed” us to make us what we are today, so no thank you.

      1. “…you brought back the Jewish banksters and masonic elites who “freed” us to make us what we are today, so no thank you.”
        I agree!
        Those enemies you cite are exactly who Hitler was fighting.

  15. Jeebus…a 64 year old woman.
    What a freak!!!
    From what I have been reading, the feminists love this guy.
    They are saying things like “it’s about time!”.

    1. only feminists and degenerates are blissed by such a couple.
      Sane people find this just repulsive and abnormal.

  16. I’m tired of reading about how this young guy has an old wife. Don’t people realize in French culture it is completely acceptable for a young Alpha male to have a wife and multiple girlfriends at the same time? He has an old wife for political and probably financial purposes. Not because old women are as sexy as they were when they were in their 20’s. I imagine if you really drilled down on his relationships you would find he is also banging a 20 something model and a 30 something wife of another woman. That is how the Frenchee’s work.

    1. ” That is how the Frenchee’s work.”
      I don’t think so.
      Isn’t the correct formula to marry a girl 10-15 years younger, and then when she hits 30/35 or so, start with the mistresses.
      This guy is some kind of a freak. No doubt about it.

      1. Do you know anything about French culture? This guy has multiple women on the side. You are stating the “correct formula” for the US. As far as the Frenchee’s go this is just the course of business.

        1. “Do you know anything about French culture? This guy has multiple women on the side.”
          Correction: He has multiple dudes on the side. He is another closeted gay running for the pinnacle of power… ala Obama and Hillary.

    1. There are exceptions to that article.
      The better of two evils so to speak.
      Palin would have been better than Obammy.

      1. Agree with everything you’ve said, but I have to ask…what about Pakistan?
        By what miracle have they not supplied muzzie terrorists with nukes yet? Are the former ties to the US still so strong to prevent them from doing that? I know its somewhat off topic, but your comment made me think about it.

  17. Congrats to the French for putting the final nail in the coffin for their culture. France is going to get what they deserve.

      1. I dunno man, I dont think there are any miracles at this pt- only “miracle” makers…

    1. I’m sure the African Muslims they take in will be great contributors to a peaceful and advanced society.

        1. No worries: I will laugh at those silly French frogs shot at concerts or run over by Mahmoud the truck driving man.
          Smooshed like bugs!

  18. It looks like the French are smart enough to turn down fascism and hate.
    By 2018 Brexit will either have been cancelled or neutered via a ‘Norway’ deal and Trump will be impeached and hopefully jailed for sex offences.
    Vive la France. Vive la Republic and God bless the human race.

    1. You should start reciting the Koran, assuming you’re French. You’ll be needing it soon.

      1. Ha ha ha. I’m going to enjoy tonight.
        It’s nazi hunting season again and there is no bag limit.

        1. enjoy your paycheck too- you earned it. You get paid by the word or by the post?

        2. “…off the clock tonight.”
          Translation: Welfare checks just came in, I have free time to troll with my new account.

        3. careful: the last person who set out to collect Nazi scalps got punched in the face

    2. You should start memorizing the Koran. You’ll be needing it soon. Assuming you’re French and not some random troll.

    3. haha If by “France,” you mean Africans and Arabs, then sure, viva la France lolz

  19. This is how the world feels tonight now that you nazis have had your arses handed to you all over again.

    1. If you’re speaking of the election in France, it appears the Nazis won. Only, a more subtle form of Nazi.
      Bon jour!

      1. Of course they did sweety. Liberals represent a society that is the polar opposite of the nazis.

        1. This one is quite a troll.
          Said something below about being a “nazi hunter”.
          I think it might be the hairy girl with the big nose who got cracked in the head a couple of weeks ago.

        2. The same liberals who attacked Lauren Southern for expressing her opinions and the same liberals who attempted to drown out Milo’s speech?

        3. National Socialist = Nazi.
          Where do modern liberals draw their beliefs and support form? Socialists.
          Take your miss-informed lying ass somewhere else…Sweety!

        4. Another thing that make ROK such a great site.
          Freedom of speech.
          I’ve been banned after one conservative or RR comment on liberal sites. Here you let the libs speak and show their ignorance. And even giving the guy a warning. One more example of true conservatives practicing what they preach. Good stuff.

    2. Don’t worry. I will laugh and even jerk my dick off next time there’s a terrorist attack in France. I don’t go to crowded public places like concerts or shopping centers. I won’t die in a terrorist attack. Hope you French liberals like getting smooshed like the bugs you are.

  20. You have no choice when the options are between a mangina and a vagina.
    Democracy is a hoax.

  21. Got to go bumboys,
    Enjoy crying into your beer because you lost.
    Better get used to it because the people can now see you for what you are.

    1. Jon, you are engaging in psychological projection. The only people who cry and throw temper tantrums when elections don’t go their way are leftists. Learn the difference between crying and expressing disappointment, which is what the commenters here are doing. You will not see populist nationalists cry and engage in property destruction over this because they are not as emotionally and psychologically fragile and immature as leftists. I for one am not disappointed by the result because Le Pen and her party have done far better than they’ve ever done in the past. Populist nationalism continues to rise.

  22. Meet France’s new president – Jacque Attali (Macron’s handler)
    Jacques Attali is a philosopher-globalist, a writer of colorful utopias of how all nations and states will disappear from the face of the earth during bloody conflicts, and the survivors of humanity will unite under the banner of democracy and under the control of a World Government. Moreover, for many years Attali was well received at the Elysee Palace and is one of the most influential advisers of generations of French presidents, from François Mitterrand to Francois Hollande. Local media, calling him “the true president of France” is hardly exaggerating.
    It is Jacques Attali who created the link between financial capital and the elite of the ruling Socialist Party, which he supports. He is exceptional in his ability to skillfully wrap the predatory plans of the bankers in beautiful leftist slogans.

  23. For now all I can say is if that Globalist piece of shit Macron wins France will be finished. Of course I know the election won’t affect me since I don’t live in France but it will be a damn shame to see a country with such a rich history and beautiful culture crumble and burn under the rule of a man who wants to create a psudeo-Islamic nation in the name of “diversity” so I pray and hope that the folks over there grow some balls and take back their nation from these Globalist pricks just like UK did last year with Brexit.

  24. Start the war already, enough of these shenanigans! Kill the invaders, repel the swarthy hordes back to Mordor!

  25. I will never understand the French. This guy that they voted for was an economic advisor to one of the most unpopular Presidents in France’s history. More dilution and ruination for France and Europe.

    1. Easy to understand.
      They are so hopelessly cucked, the fear of being called “racist” outweighs their drive of self preservation. Liberalism is a mental illness, and one that only affects whites.

    2. french = mostly brainwashed people by cultural marxism, anti racism and political correctness.
      protecting the country, its interests, preserving its culture and maintaining good genes pool by preventing mass immigration of low value people is literally hitler for french. Thus they don’t vote for Le pen.
      And you know what is the most funny? Even people i talked to and who agree to all the stuff i said about the need of preserving our culture…. still voted for macron because they were afraid of le pen !!
      Those suckers deserve the fate they voted for.

      1. Good morning Faraway2. I spoke online to a couple of friends who live in France. They are ex-pats who cannot vote. They confirmed everything that you said. While, I hear it and see the result, it is still difficult for someone like me to get their mind around. Do you think the email leak will gain traction or is it inconsequential now?

        1. Hello Mike,
          i don’t really know if the mail leak (which i heard of only today !!)
          will do anything to change the mind of people. That’s a double standard : if wikileaks reveals something about one random guy, people will think they must been right, but even if wikileaks reveals documents about macron, people will deny it.
          And now, the results are here, there will be no aftermath if it is true. people will get angry but nobody will move.
          I really suspect that a lot of people have been hypnotized by many many years of social engineering here.

  26. Macron is perfect as the new face of modern France: childless, investment banker married to a woman 25 years his senior. Perfectly apt: France’s future is childless but filled with lots of luxury goods.

    1. UK’s Theresa May is childless too. That became an issue when a rival candidate Andrea Leadsom said she would make for a better leader because as a mother she had a stake in England’s future. She was ridiculed for saying it.

  27. Prayer rugs now on sale in France.
    Its a damn shame we’re losing Europe to globalists. White heritage is being erased as we speak.
    America may be the last stand…people better get ready to sack up.

    1. i think places like eastern europe and russia have more of a chnace than us, we’re eroding fast

      1. You can keep telling me whatever you want. I won’t become a perpetual Debby Downer like some here.

        1. I’m not a pessimist, in fact I believe that even when the situation everywhere is bad we still can win. How? Using armed struggle against the enemy. As this show us, with party politics and playing the democratic game we are going nowhere. Internet activism and Pepe memes is just mental masturbation.
          Political power comes from the barrel of a gun. Period. End of story.
          Sadly, most people out there can’t understand this.

        2. True. But it would take men not just willing to risk their lives, but knowingly giving their lives (knowing they will die in the process).

        3. I understand it but I think we can both agree that the world is not ready for that yet. It’ll take a lot more to light a fire under the average Joe. Perhaps France falling is something the “normies” need to see before they realize how bad it is.

        4. Yes, and once again, just like during WW1, it will be the best of the male population dying in the struggle while the weak misfits keep their heads down.

        5. I would do that.
          Seriously I would.
          As long as I get a month or two with a top notch “comfort girl” first.

  28. France would have lost either way.
    Had Marine Le Pen been elected, she would have done a Trump, jettisoning her campaign promises without the blink of an eye. She might not have a son-in-law called Kushner but she does have a long term ‘partner’ who’s an Algerian of Jewish descent. And she did dump her father from the party because of his ‘anti-Semitism’ and opposition to Israeli land-grabbing.
    In addition she’d face a deeply divided Parliament.

    1. disagree the National Front has a long been calling for reduced immigration and especially Islam, trump was newer with his ideas

    1. My french is rusty, but that thing is speaking french or some kind of African dialect?

      1. if you could travel back in time 100 years and show them this video, they would thrown down their guns and marched home from the trenches

      1. Nukes are overrated, at least in their scale. Really only 3 countries that can cause serious damage with them. Everyone else is just a nuisance.

      2. It’s an interesting question: once Muslims become a majority in France, will the French military turn over the launch codes to a Muslim president or Muslim parliament?

  29. R.I.P. France… Macaron won. Que Dieu montre de la miséricorde sur vos âmes, parce que les musulmans ne le feront pas.

  30. France is a great example of why democracy needs to be abolished immediately, especially in Europe. The citizens are thoroughly brainwashed by the school system and the lügenpresse, the latter of which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the globalists. The cucked and bought-out politicians all threw their support behind Macron, as their controllers told them to do. But hey, that’s democracy right?
    It’s also a great example of how much damage cuckservatives and “libertarians” can do in elections. Most of these self-haters voted for Macron because Le Pen didn’t fully support “muh free market”.

    1. Libertarians are non-existent in France as a political force and many of the serious libertarian thinkers have recanted in their initial support for open borders (Rothbard, Hans Hermann Hoppe, etc.)

    2. except the objection to globalism, and money / behind the scenes force effectively buying elections can only effectively derive from a position of defending democracy. Without that, all you can depend on force, and the problem is despite a lot of people talking a load of rot about rising up with their firearms it is the state and the forces of globalism that have taken over the state that tend to have a monopoly on force.

  31. Good opportunity here to shine a spotlight on the relationship between big money / banking and socialism. How do you get those two to work together again? Better ask Attali. Better ask the Rothschilds. With Goldman Sachs having virtually engaged in a hostile takeover of the US government, now’s the time to start scrutinizing the connection between banks and politics and the danger to democracy this represents.
    And for all of you whining about democracy. This isn’t result isn’t a failure of democracy, it’s a result of not having democracy in the first place

    1. The only reason Trump prevailed was the Electoral College, in the eyes of liberals it gives smaller more white states more influence in the Presidential elections than larger more multicultural coastal states. In reality the founding fathers created the electoral college to protect the government from disproportionate influence of more populous regions.
      In France the most populous regions have the greatest impact on the nation’s culture and politics. We just saw that in the elections last week as Macron easily bested LePen.
      Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a narrow margin, but Trump won enough key states to push election in his favor. That being said, I think Trump would have preferred a situation where he won the popular vote while Hillary won the Electoral College, after all he described his movement as a populism.

      1. some good points there. France does seem horribly beholden to socialism and it wouldn’t surprise me if the voting system had something to do with that

        1. That and the large urban areas have disproportionate influence on the economy and politics. Some people say Brexit was a move to Le Pen style nationalism for Britain, I disagree, most of the Brexit supporters were angry at the EU rules and the increasing cost of living in Britain, which is the most expensive country to live in Europe outside of Switzerland and Norway. There is a strong strain of left wing socialism in the UK just as there is in France.
          Theresa May is no LePen, Britain still is having serious issues with Islamic fundamentalism.

        2. Some people say Brexit was a move by Britain towards nationalism, not quite, what its really giving Britain the ability to renegotiate deals with the EU. And much of the reasons for Brexit are more economic than cultural. Britain is the most expensive country to live in Western Europe.
          We do not even know if Scotland will break away from the UK towards independence. That is still a possible outcome.
          Trump was clearly hoping for a LePen victory because it would add legitimacy to his movement, but he seems to be moving towards more a neoliberal leadership than a nationalist one.

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