There Are Only Two Sexes: Male And Female

The biological principle of sexual dimorphism means that there are two differing forms for males and females. This is a characteristic of advanced species, including humans. It’s a lot more than the feathers of a peacock or a lion’s mane; these are far-reaching genetically-encoded differences. This contradicts the classical liberal “blank slate” idea and the modern liberal “social construct” argument that includes dozens of possible gender identifications.

Men evolved to be hunters and warriors; women evolved to be gatherers and nurturers of children. This has profound effects even for today’s society. The weight of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution won’t disappear by wishing it away. There are many differences, but I’ll describe a few important ones.

Body type

First of all, men tend to be half a foot taller than women. Yes, statistical outliers do exist, such as six foot tall women and 5’6″ tall men. I will be discussing averages, including this. I point this out because those who argue against human differences will muddy the waters by citing exceptions, but outliers don’t invalidate the general average.

Other than that, men tend to be stronger than women, most pronounced with upper body strength. It makes sense that men should be adapted for greater physical strength, since we were the hunters and warriors for ages. Just as estrogen makes breasts grow, testosterone helps muscles grow. That’s why anabolic steroids work. This is why there are different sports teams and Olympic events for women. It’s not unheard of for trannies to get into women’s sports, where they have an unfair advantage; the officials haven’t taken the politically incorrect move of calling bullshit on that.

Overall, male aesthetics are linear and female aesthetics are curvy. The fat distribution patterns are different; a chubby guy will have a big gut, and a chubby woman will have a big butt, breasts and thighs. I don’t mind voluptuous women, but a woman with a male fat distribution pattern looks a bit strange. That tends to be associated with metabolic syndrome and PCOS, which is why it’s hard-wired as a turn-off.

There are even some remarkably obtuse feminists who say that these physical characteristics are only a social construct, and the reason these differences exist is because boys and girls are fed differently. In the real world, one meal is cooked for the entire family, and everyone eats what they want. People raid the refrigerator at will. Do girls today really look underfed?

This sexual dimorphism is reflected in the first two elements of the “666 formula” in personal ads by many women. This is “Must be six feet tall, must have six-pack abdominals, must have a six-figure income”, usually beginning a long laundry list of desired characteristics. The few guys qualifying don’t have to look for personals on Craigslist, but all that’s another story.

Psychological differences

The Rationalization Hamster generating an excuse

Psychology is a much fuzzier science than biology, but differences here can be observed too. In many ways, men and women are remarkably alike. (Dysfunctional female behavior doesn’t happen because women are bad, but because today’s screwed-up society encourages it.) Still, in many other ways it seems as if we’re from different planets. In context, though, there’s an internal consistency to some of it.

For one example, women tend to think men are too obsessed with sports, while men don’t understand why women consider shopping fun. Granted, becoming too emotionally attached to games is irrational, and two hours of shouting at the TV while guzzling chips and beer makes you a couch potato. Still, as natural warriors, this sort of toned-down combat appeals to us. As natural gatherers, women instinctively provision for future needs. Rather than looking for berries and digging for edible roots, today’s endless abundance provides supermarkets and malls. All that’s fine and dandy until it takes a crowbar to get another blouse into the closet.

Women are pretty good at detecting social cues, which involves determining what people are feeling. This is a valuable skill for caring for very young children who can’t talk. Unfortunately, it makes them believe that guys should be telepathic—“I shouldn’t have to explain why I’m upset!” and all that.

Women tend to be more compassionate; that’s also valuable to mothers. However, that’s not so valuable to a hunter or warrior who might decide not to shoot an innocent animal or might spare a dangerous foe. Note that I’m speaking of women in a natural and healthy environment. In today’s conditions corrupted by decades of feminism, compassion in women is at an all-time low.

Other than that, men tend to be more practical. I’ve observed this myself time and again. Part of this is from laxity in current social standards; past generations were far more practical. However, even today, a guy wouldn’t be able to get much mileage by acting like a damsel in distress.

It’s a broad generalization that men are more logical and women are more emotional. There seems to be a biological basis for this stereotype. Maybe one of these days, brain scans will discover the Rationalization Hamster.

Natural sex roles and careers

Lunch break hundreds of feet above ground

The truth is that men and women are naturally suited to different jobs. This is why you don’t see too many women in coal mines, drilling rigs, and construction sites. Modern technology eases labor somewhat, but it can never do so completely.

Males are more interested in technology. It goes all the way back to day one. In baby studies, both boys and girls pay attention to faces, but boys pay attention to objects too. In the end, this is one reason why guys are more interested in science and technology. There are exceptions, of course, but programs to get more women into STEM fields won’t do much because few are interested in nerdy stuff.

In the past, women did the spinning and weaving and clothing production. Most cultures in the world had beautiful peasant dresses for the women and traditional costume for the men. Mechanization is more labor-efficient, and during the Industrial Age, women became the garment workers, but were no longer the designers. International standards then were set in Paris every year. Now that gay guys took over the fashion industry, the results aren’t an improvement. Needlework is a dying art. In the past, old clothes would be repaired, re-purposed, cut up for quilts, or used as rags. Today, clothing is disposable, which is rather inefficient.

Combat is best suited for men, notwithstanding the semi-legendary amazons. Today, many “grrrl power” movies show waifs defeating several larger opponents, but that’s just not how it works in the real world. Even martial arts skills (which most people don’t have) only get you so far. This does today’s women a grave disservice by giving them unrealistic expectations. The Antifag activist who boasted that she would take “100 Nazi scalps” discovered reality within seconds. Lowering military standards for political correctness is obviously a very bad move.

On that note, it certainly is right for a woman to defend herself and her children to her utmost ability whenever in danger. However, it’s irrational for anyone to be overconfident and take careless risks. Unfortunately, militant forms of feminism promote aggressive confrontation, as seen with specimens like Big Red. Does a rational man start cursing in another man’s face? He doesn’t, because that’s a good way to get into a senseless fight, resulting in potential injury and legal consequences. Guys never act like that unless they’re drunk or stupid.

Are there some things that women are better at than men? Absolutely! To mention a couple of obvious ones, men are absolutely no good at bearing children or breastfeeding them. We couldn’t do that if our lives depended on it. (We do help get things started, of course.) The ability to create life could be considered a delegated divine power. It’s too bad that the feminists, as out of touch with their own feminine nature as they are, think so little of their unique ability.

All that being said, it’s not wrong for women to pursue careers, but family must come first. Future generations depend on it. Wasting their prime years on partying and pointless consumerism isn’t a good life plan.

In conclusion

Actually, quite a bit.

Men and women are just different. This isn’t a bad thing; in a healthy society, we complement each other. In fact, differences are a good thing. Although today’s leftists have an unnatural desire to make everyone the same (human differences scare the daylights out of them), a unisex world would be dreadfully boring.

Unfortunately, feminism tries to explain away sex differences, usually blaming it all on us. They’re all too often neurotic and unable to cope with reality, yet try to dictate terms to society. Since they’re unwilling to embrace their own femininity, they shouldn’t corrupt other women. It’s even more ridiculous when they try to tell men how to be men. The feminists and other would-be social engineers should just let it be.

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  1. Post-modernism is degeneracy.
    It sneaks into everything under the guise of critical thinking. But eventually devolves into tearing down everything in sight. Results are the degeneracy we see promoted everywhere today.

  2. I was in fourth grade and there was this Mormon kid (before I was in the church) that we tried to explain to him what gay meant. He didn’t buy it. There is no way someone would actually want to stick his thing into some other guys bunghole.
    He later came to be a good friend of mine and was the guy who baptized me.

      1. Q: What do you call a woman who marries/co-habits/has physical intimacy with other women?
        A: A Dyke, A Tribade, A Lesbian, A Homosexual !!!

        1. Sorry Senior ! Any feminine & heterosexual woman can become/be a porn star/hooker/dancer BUT can not become/be a Dyke !!

    1. Oddly enough this issue was well dealt with by Andrew dice Clay:
      “No man is going to go to a beach, see another man’s hairy ass and say “I’m not leaving till I get me a piece of that”

      1. and on bisexuals:
        “nobody wakes up in the morning as asks himself: whats it gonna be – hair pie or balls across the nose?”

        1. I actually said “balls across the nose” property on this one. Do you remember that album. Press play on the tape and the very first thing you hear “let’s say you’re fucking. And let’s say you’re fucking doggie style. Does the baby come out backwards?”

        2. I forget which comedian back in the 80’s said that for bisexuals, all they would need to do is pull a phonebook and pick any name.

        3. His intro’s were pure gold…..
          “so I had my tongue up this chick’s ass one day…..”
          I don’t even remember the rest

        4. “If you’re bisexual, you’re gay!”
          ^Carlos Mencia
          …I still don’t quite get how he “stole” jokes from Cosby, as Cosby was never as politically incorrect or ribald as Mencia.
          I suppose that, back then, it was the only sure-fire way to put the kibosh on a hispanic guy who was alarmingly anti-PC?

    2. I had the same reaction when I found out about queers…I thought my cousins who told me were putting me on.

  3. ah, The Savage Sword of Conan! that comic was like the Playboy for 11 yr olds

      1. If you like over the top gore and busty nekkid wenches in glorious black and white, then yes

        1. those dimly illustrated days…..
          Did you ever get desperate enough to draw your own porn in class?

        2. I remember the first time I saw a kid draw a naked girl in his notebook.
          I was absolutely astounded. I literally thought he was a genius. Not only had he come up with a way to look at boobs anytime he wanted, he had now given me that very same power.
          If I could have, I would have elected that kid president of the world for life on that day.

        1. Those are excellent. In fact, Marvel has other recommended runs like the original Lee Kirby run in Fantastic Four, which is even better in my opinion as far as creativity goes. There’s also Byrne’s run on that same magazine, it’s also quite great and he defined the Fantastic Four for more than twenty years.
          The original Lee/Ditko/Romita Sr. run on Spider-Man is also amazing.
          However, those are only limited runs, I personally believe Savage Sword of Conan was excellent during all the time it was published. I’ve read all of it and I can’t find a single issue that is weak.

  4. There are only two sexes but there’s quite a fluidity within the sexes – subsexes.
    The picture “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” was faked for a publicity stunt of the Rockefeller center.

    1. There might be some variances in the realms of both sexes, but it still boils down to there only being 2 sexes.
      A dude in a dress and wig is still a dude.
      A chick with a buzz cut and a tank top is still a chick.
      SJW’s have muddied the water and made things so crazy with their Baskin Robin’s 32 flavors of gender nonsense that the simple facts of biology are often forgotten.

    2. There is not fluidity of sexes among mammals.
      Six limbs and asexual reproduction is much more common in nature.
      For mammals, penis in vagina is what works.
      XX and XY.
      Anything other than that is infertile, and genes cannot be passed on. That’s abnormal by definition.
      Lesson finished.

      1. There are biological men born with vagina, it’s called AIS.
        Go back to school, teacher!

        1. Tradition was, that the doctor at the birth would accidentally snip off the dangly bit, and they would be an ‘infertile’ woman.

        2. AIS, 46,XY…
          Statistically zero, and infertile. Confirming what I’ve said, and is not a viable path to transmit a genetic legacy.
          Well done, you proved me correct and appeared to be a dunce in one short post.
          So which Democratic candidate did you vote for?

  5. “testosterone helps muscles grow. That’s why anabolic steroids work”
    so youre telling me this chick isnt 100% natural??

    1. Looks perfectly normal, along with the deep voice and pimples all over the back. Can’t imagine what the ovaries look like, probably shrunken dried prunes.

        1. At least the singing transvestite from Europe (“Conchita” Wurst) has the decency to sport a literal beard.
          People on here have told me that the post-tsunami ladyboy phenomenon in Thailand is a myth. This video has me suspecting that they’re blowing smoke.

  6. The whole “X is a social construct” argument is one of the few bastions the SJW’s have left and this can be easily countered as well by giving examples -some of which- that force them to contradict their own points.
    Math is a social construct.
    College is a social construct.
    Welfare is a social construct.
    The list goes on.

      1. “I did not rip her clothes off your honour. I deconstructed what she was wearing”

    1. Yes that´s a fallacy. Gender is a social construct is not an argument for do whatever you want to do. That is why they hate so much the Apache helicopter gender because it follows their logic and show how stupid this gender debate is.
      Following their logic of because something is a social construct can be ignored or removed then, -Rape is a social construct -Yeah but rape is wrong -well morality is a social construct -Yeah but is a crime, Law is a social construct too. -SHUT UP YOU FUCKING WHITE MALE!, -Colors are a social construct also white person please are You just assuming my gender?

        1. Expect this, I´m not a pedo, Numbers are a social construct. age is a number, age is a social construct. There is biological age and Mental brain age so He is not a pedophile he is a 12 years old boy brain trapped in a 40 years old man. So yeah the social construct argument is do whatever the hell you want to do. I´m not stealing from you, property is a social construct well also murder you fucker!

        2. They try the theft or murder ones, I’ll show them assault and battery is also a social construct.
          I know self defense is more accurate in this case but it lacks the “punch.” Bazinga!

        3. There was/is a 40+ year old fat ugly man that claims he identifies as a 12 year old girl. The courts have sided with him/her. He must be allowed in schools and in the girl’s bathrooms.

    2. Well, if you wanna get technical, math really is just a construct we humans have made, in which the fundamental axioms cannot be proven to be true from within the system. But that’s Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem:
      I get your point though and agree.

    3. Don’t forget “race.”
      Believe it or not I actually heard that recently. Some crazy white woman on television – on Dr. Phil – I believe, insisted she was black and that race was a construct.

      1. I believe that woman made a good living as a regional director of the NAACP, until she was outed as being white.

      2. I figured this was the next stop in the “X is a social construct” express. First gender, then race.

        1. To be fair that wack job stepped on the liberal 3rd rail. You can’t go blackface and claim racism, it causes the whole charade to collapse. Any black guy is going to say dafq, and how can you possibly virtue signal under those circumstances.
          On that note, what they would think if Bruce Jenner ran women’s track and took gold.

      3. Wait that doesn’t make sense. How can you say you’re black a category of race and then say race is a construct

        1. If you’re a leftist crank you can claim just about anything.
          This nut was lilly white and claimed to be black. A poster above said she was a regional director of the NAACP.
          Feminists have been claiming for decades gender is a “construct.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Studies prove time and time again gender is hardwired.
          We have all seen the tests where babies, barely old enough to crawl are put in a room with assorted toys and the baby boys start to play with the toy trucks, and the girls start to play with the dolls.
          How long will it be before species is a “construct?”

  7. People only agree with gender fluid garbage because they are terrified of being labelled “homophobic, cis gender, hater, etc.”. You can see it in their eyes when they are talking about it. They don’t believe it, but God forbid should you disagree with the garbage. I enjoy calling horse shit on it and really don’t care if you label me with name calling.

    1. You’ve got it. Women who identify as feminists don’t even believe in the “gender = social construct” BS; it is just another massive shit test designed to filter out beta male sperm at its core.

    2. The so called straight guys that support homosexuality are afraid of being called a homophobe because being a homophobe means you’re gay. So how are they supporting homosexuality when they see being gay a bad thing and aren’t they the real homophobes as in they’re afraid they are actually gay?

    1. Up until recently I felt a lot of compassion for these people, because clearly they are wounded at best, if not straight up mentally unbalanced. Now I’m beginning to wonder if there are genuine human spirits behind those faces. They’re reminding me of the man/animal mutations depicted in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamia art. Maybe these are the Biblical locusts of Revelation.

    2. “Die cis scum”.

      These “people” really have been programmed to bring about the end of white people

    1. If you change the word order to “boys have a vagina, girls have a penis” it is no a longer controversial statement in 2017

      1. Indeed ! anything/phrase/sentence/argument/ comment/statement that is degenerate, filth, irrational, illogical and one-sided; is no longer “controversial” !!

    2. I know if you read articles on a lot of popular media outlets they will use the terms ‘people with vaginas and people with penises’. I live in the UK and maternity services are not allowed to use the phrases pregnant woman or mother any more after a tranny gave birth here and complained. It’s infuriating.

  8. And yet, not everything is as clear cut as we want it to be.
    Many “females” today with breasts and vagina are in fact biological males with two distinct XY chromosomes due to endocrine disrupting chemicals in our environment.
    Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) is when a person who is genetically male (who has one X and one Y chromosome) is resistant to male hormones (called androgens). As a result, the person has some or all of the physical traits of a woman, but the genetic makeup of a man. As gorgeous as an AIS woman might be, there’s no chance of conception.
    Are Toxic Chemicals Turning Boys Into Girls?

  9. A good way to sort out if a person is sane or insane is to ask them how many genders they believe in. But something in my gut tells me that you would likely find more crazy “men” than women.
    Ever noticed how almost all transgenders are men turning into women? It’s never the other way around because it is more advantageous to have a pussy than a dick. Women are more or less unchanged, but it is the men who are going off the cliff.

  10. Gender differences in personality across the ten aspects of the Big Five:
    Openness: “On both the raw and residualized scores women scored higher than men in Openness. In contrast, on both types of score, men scored higher than women in Intellect.”
    Conscientousness: Men are somewhat more industrious; women are more orderly.
    Extraversion: Men are more assertive ( linked to dominance and agency), while women are more enthusiastic and gregarious.
    Agreeableness: Women are more agreeable. “Replicating previous findings, there was a significant gender difference in Agreeableness such that women tend to score higher than men, and this pattern was the same for the aspects, Compassion and Politeness, when measured in terms of raw scores or residualized scores.”
    Neuroticism: Women are more neurotic in both aspects (withdrawal and volatility). “At the facet level of Neuroticism, women have been found to show higher levels of anxiety, depression, self-consciousness, and vulnerability than men.”

    1. Openness ….. the women lied on the questionnaire.
      Conscientiousness ….. women more orderly, you haven’t ever seen a woman’s bedroom? Or the cat shit everywhere in a single woman’s home.
      Extraversion …. women more enthusiastic, but not in the bed after dropping a couple of babies.
      Agreeableness …. apart from 1 week a month when it’s total war.

      1. I have Aspergers so I don’t understand bad jokes (a bad joke).
        If sex differences are converging it is likely due to the degenerate single lifestyle and androgynized culture in the West – women have less incentives to behave nice.
        But still females really are more orderly as well as less aggressive and assertive. Probably these sex differences are at least 50% genetic.

  11. If Gender is a Social Construct, how is it even remotely possible that men oppressed women throughout History?
    How do you know they identified as men and women?
    Even after buying into the “oppression” BS, what if, in reality, it was men who identified as women who oppressed women who identified as men?
    Then it was women who oppressed men, and not the other way around, so it is past time for women to pay reparations to men.

  12. Everything you wrote is right on, scientifically defensible, and we all know it is instinctually true.
    Ironic that the left is always bleating on about science when they don’t even understand the nature of human beings, which has nothing to do with a man feeling like a woman, dressing like an 19th century French hooker, and then thinking it is OK to cut off your dick.

    1. And taking artificially synthesized hormones to complete the illusion that one was born the “wrong” gender.

  13. Sex looks pretty real when you bring up the idea of repealing the 19th Amendment or otherwise restricting women’s franchise.

  14. The Weimerica podcast recently had an episode about “identity shopping,” where the deracinated, atomized individuals in modern societies think they can choose their identities, seemingly at random. The podcaster used some obscure community organizer named Barack Obama as an example.
    Apparently this Mr. Obama, a product of race-mixing, chose to identify as black, even though he had a white mother and he spent part of his upbringing living with white grandparents; then he had to choose to identify as a heterosexual, though as the more difficult path because he felt attracted to men; and then he chose to abandon the Muslim faith he grew up in and identify as some kind of Christian, while shopping for a church to join.
    I can see the point here, because people traditionally received their identities as the background conditions of the their lives, and they didn’t have to make these kinds of decisions. Though religion-shopping doesn’t belong in the same category as “choosing” your race and your sexuality, because people in ancient times did that on occasion, as we can see in St. Augustine’s Confessions. Religion-shopping in the West become quite common starting at the time of the Reformation, when the Catholic Church’s monopoly on religion broke down. It looks as if the current nonsense about the alleged social constructions of race and “gender” derives from a false analogy with the social construction of beliefs about the spiritual world.

    1. There is a direct subversion aimed at people to destroy their original identities.
      But one can not live without identity, so they search for artificial ones, which are readily provided to them by the (((identity sellers))) when they decide to go “identity shopping”.
      The latest such subversion is called Gender-ideology, when (((they))) are destroying the individual’s such basic identities as their sexual identity.
      People must realise which were their real identities, the same as those of their ancestors, and to return to them.
      No other way out to find themselves.

      1. Yeah, but what about the lost children of race-mixing? Should Laci Green identify as a Persian, like her father? The (((elites))) encourage race-mixing because the process breaks the lost children’s connections to a coherent tribal identity, and it leaves them with a void which the progressive utopians can try to fill with their imaginary identities like “transgenderism.”

        1. Mixed race people are kind of exceptions to the main rule. They should embrace both the identities of their parents.
          See, this fucking thing is not about what is called Racism, not about discriminating against people, or about hurting people. No!
          It is rather about accepting people’s tribal instincts and not going directly and forcefully against it.
          Tribal nature increases in-group solidarity, and funnily it strengthens co-operation with people of out-groups on an even and just basis.
          For example, proud White people could work together with proud Black people, both understanding and respecting each other’s pride in their culture and ancestors. Or go to war, if their respective interests demand it, but understanding the enemy and respecting it. And this is missing in today’s world, both in peace, and in conflict.

        2. “For example, proud White people could work together with proud Black people, both understanding and respecting each other’s pride in their culture and ancestors. ”
          I respectfully disagree. I think we were never meant to live together. And i’m not talking about racism , i’m talking about a general incapability to get along , no matter which side starts it. Not only white and black people , but all nationalities i think. That’s why we have different cultures that don’t “kiss along”.
          That being said , i find it respectful and required to assimilate in the country in which you live , absorb it’s culture , law , religion , everything and forget anything you were before if you decide to live there. I decided i will never leave Romania so i can always preserve my tradition. When i visited other countries for the short period of time that i did , i never enforced my own views on anyone and abode to all it’s rules / customs / etc. From an inability to do that , i fear , stems the animosity that resides between cultures / races / etc.

        3. Diversity + Proximity = War!
          I never implied living together. Hell no!
          I implied co-operation. Them living there, us living here, and peaceful trade and communication can be the result. That is all.
          How is the refugee crisis in Romania? We may see the day when the whole Transsylvania thing between Romania and Hungary become irrelevant in the face of Islamist invasion, and we will have to hammer out some mutually satisfying solution…

        4. No crisis here, we’re too poor, they don’t want to come here, they prefer German and French handouts :))

        5. Lol, that’s awesome… no handouts, no “refugees”… who could have predicted that?

        6. Are they all taking the Turkey – Bulgaria – Serbia route, no migrant hordes crossing Romania?

        7. I’d rather have a Toyota truck with a machine gun mounted on its flatbed to hunt Islamist migrant hordes with.

  15. Seriously, I find the below statements in the Article as preposterous !:
    “men are absolutely no good at bearing children or breastfeeding them”
    Really ! What about “women are absolutely no good at banging & IMPREGNATING or providing & protecting” !!
    “The ability to create life could be considered a delegated divine power.”
    Really ! What about the ABILITY to **** FERTILIZE ****, to PROVIDE, to PROTECT, to INVENT, to INNOVATE and to PIONEER !?
    Damn it ! Bearing children & Child birth are 100% NATURAL, OBVIOUS and MUNDANE !! females in every other species does the same thing !!!
    But hey, MALES in every other species can’t INVENT Radio, Telephone, Clock, Battery Cell, Refrigerator etc etc etc . !!!

      1. Nothing special or un-usual ! Same thing applies (number of days/months might change, depending on various NATURAL & OBVIOUS reasons !!) to every female in every damn species ! On a humor side, who said to you it takes a MAN 5 minutes ! it might take “SEVERAL 5 minutes” !!
        And, by the way (literally fed up of the 9 months or 10 months story), a female with normal (biological/health) condition will be “physically aware” of being pregnant only AFTER or around 8 weeks !! And again, it’s NOT a mammoth or Herculean task !!!
        woman’s body (again, NATURALLY !) is VERY WELL accommodated (right from the structure of pubic/pelvis bone) to carry, nourish and deliver the fetus; ALL this occurs 100% NATURALLY ! here you are NOT Inventing or Discovering or Innovating or Pioneering !!!
        Lastly, you got it TERRIBLY wrong; MEN’s job will NEVER complete by FERTILIZING women’s eggs ! MEN has to Feed/Provide, Protect, Shelter, and What not !? Far beyond “those 9 months” !!
        PS: Strange enough ! it takes a woman 9 months to finish but the population reached (and out-crossing) BILLIONS !!!

        1. Great ! at least some one said “for both”; instead of giving undue credit to the one !!

    1. Guy, come on, it’s ok to give girl’s credit for their natural strengths. The author was framing it in such a way that it wasn’t just a smear on females.

      1. Again, you got it wrong @Ghost ! Nobody bothers about “giving credit” for those who deserve. But “natural strengths” !? “strengths” !!?? Err, let me check the “meaning” of “strength” in a Dictionary !

        1. I just think you’re being a bit pedantic about it is all. It’s nothing to get worked up over, and honestly, it takes more effort to carry that kid around for 9 months than it did to have a whoopee session for a half hour (or less).
          Obviously the males do a lot, but we already know all of those points.

        2. No complaints ! I guess there is no point in we arguing ! I am quite happy that I got a chance in “highlighting” the FACT of “UNDUE credit” being given to a few; for something that’s (sorry to repeat !) 100% NATURAL, OBVIOUS & MUNDANE !!

        3. I just LOVE when people place WORDS in CAPS for EMPHASIS. I could not have comprehended the MASTERFUL arguments OTHERWISE.
          THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Awhile back I remember an article here about the 1-10 smv rating scale describing a ‘shank’ (0-1) which is below a ‘skank’ (2-3). Shankism is very severe and sounds like the ‘POCS’ metabolic/hormonal disorder which the author mentions. There’s SKankism and there’s SHankism. There’s a biiig difference. You couldn’t even do a SHANK if you were piss ass drunk. Shankism has no tits yet a big belly that looks like a butt crack in front. I didn’t know there was a term for them called ‘shank’, but I have seen women where I think – If only their tits were bigger. It looks a bit repulsive. If only they could lose the beer gut and substitute it with beergut-like obnoxiously protruding tits.
    For reference only:
    Next exibit depicts early stage teenage shankism (possibly reversible with no tats). She’s above a 2-3 but the smoke alarms should be going off. Hormone depleted tits (or lack of) are a very bad indicator of things to come. A post pubescent teen female should be sprouting tits out her ears. She needs sent to the ‘Fat Island’ concentration camp at once!
    The lack of tits while accumulating that much fat raises alarm bells. The tits should have way more profile than a ‘b’ cup in proportion to the girth of her torseau, more like a DDD at least.
    **Okay, calm down. Have some dip. The firetrucks are on the way with eye bleach “whreeew-whreeew” (sirens)
    PCOS is a hormonal disorder with heightened levels of male hormone and is characterized by male pattern fat and hirsuitism – occasional hair on chin and surplus belly fat with no tits and poor diet without exercise plays a part. Sometimes I think of the endocrine system like one of those rubber urchin squishy figure toys filled with silicone. You squeeze the belly and the head pops out or you squeeze the legs and the breast area baloons out. It would be neat to re-squeeze a ‘shank’ to look like the fire lady only her tits would turn out rediculously large.

        1. No joke, the girl in the red fishnet reminds me of a particular girl some of her girlfriends were trying to hook me up with. Needless to say, they failed.

        1. Or maybe it would not be a bad idea to, for once, covertly have one of those pesky Islamist guys fly a jet plane into one of these hags.

    1. OOOF! Thanks for the eye bleach at the end, but it wasn’t enough!!! Holy fuck that top picture… some things just cannot be unseen.

    2. Mother of God… That just put me off eating. I have to thank the firelady but she’s getting a raging inferno happening in my pants now :p

  17. With the easy ability to gyms and steroids I can think of a lot of women who are stronger than men.

    1. Uh huh. Sure.
      The measurement is by comparison to the like percentage in the other sex. So if a woman who falls in the 80% percentile in height and weight goes up against a man of the same percentile, she’ll get trounced. Picking a dwarf male and comparing him to a butch dyked roided up power lifting chick is silly on its face.

  18. OT
    I’ve been working out pretty consistently for about a year and am seeing a good bit of muscle growth but can’t seem to get rid of pectoral fat. Any suggestions on how to de-fat my chest? I don’t want moobs

    1. What’s your diet like? If you’re eating a bunch of processed foods, that can effect it. Try eating a tons of cruciferous veggies each day (broccoli for example). Also, it might depend on if you have more fat to lose. What’s your approx BF% now?

      1. I started cutting my carbs down about two weeks ago. Before then I wasn’t really monitoring what I ate. I’ve cut down from about 300 carbs daily to 100 or less(I’m trying to ease myself towards ketosis)
        20-22% body fat.

    2. Lots of protein, vegetables, and fruit. No junk food, sugar, or simple carbohydrates. Also, pushups – lots of them. Start out with as many as you can do – twice a day. As you get stronger keep adding a few more. Work your way up to 100 push ups. Then do 100 twice a day. A push up is simply a reverse bench press.
      (My husband is a bodybuilder).

        1. Yes. But it’s okay to skip the push ups on the days you do your regular chest routine.

    3. TESTOSTERONE. But in all seriousness – lower estrogen increasing foods. I’m sure others have also given sound advice. This is just another one

  19. Transgenderism is a mental disorder. Any society that “accepts” and “promotes” mentally ill people in furtherance of their mental disorders, rather than helping them, is fundamentally flawed.

      1. Im a wall, i couldnt bang anyone unless i collapse like uncle berlin wall or stand strong through time like grandpa great wall of china

  20. What a wonderful article.
    Yes, there are only two genders.
    From what I have witnessed, healthy well adjusted men and women fit beautifully into their “traditional,” instinctual male and female gender roles. Both genders have very special and unique attributes which should be admired and celebrated – not condemned, despised, and denounced as feminism preaches.
    Men and women have each been outfitted by nature for their specific role and purpose in the procreation and survival of the human species. It’s pretty simple to understand. Look at the way men are built, and the way they think. Look at the way women are built and how they think.
    Gender is most assuredly not a “construct”, and infants are not “blank slates” as feminist harridans would like us to believe.
    Gee maybe that’s the reason my husband enjoys hunting and fishing with his buddies, while I prefer to stay at home and cook, sew, clean house, and care for my kids.

    1. Not to be like that but men are actually better at cooking too. The chef masters worldwide are males. When something is a type of art men will often excel.

      1. A sharp and obedient woman will listen to the chef man and learn. Women also tend to excel in liberal arts college due to the fact that they obediently and passively consume and regurgitate the subjective material without argument and because they’ve been instructed to do so.

      2. Men are better at sewing as well since tailor was a male dominant profession. And gays dominate quite a bit of the fashion market

      3. Cooking in ancient times was actually a skill towards preserving food way before we had fridges and canning. Spicing was toxic to bacteria so it was commonly used to preserve food. Pies were a means to preserve food like meat and vegetables, the filling was food to be preserved in the air tight pie. Cooking was a science and very important to preserving food for merchants and soldiers

    2. Genders, of course are grammatical terms.
      Humanity, and the vast majority of life on earth is one of two sexes.
      Stop using the enemies vocabulary.
      Correct them always and everywhere.

  21. Ya, i have an aquaintence who is trying to use modern medicine to become a man. If gender is a social construct, why does her “transformation” require medicine? Better yet, this person is poor AF so why am I having to fund this crap?

  22. Speaking of, I rarely pay attention to fashion, but when I do, I notice a trend: most female celebrities get their fancy dresses designed by men. And what surprises me more is that not all male designers are gay. Make one wonder, in the age of you go girlism, why more rich women don’t support their sisters.

  23. Women and Men are NOT EQUAL!!!!
    We are COMPLIMENTARY when done right. Each one puts the other before themselves and good things happen.
    Anything else is selfish and delusional.

      1. Oh look a smear. By a guy who clearly doesn’t read the width and depth of the content here.

      2. One has nothing to do with the other you dumb fuck.
        You just mad no one tries to pick up on you, fatty?

        1. Whoop de doo.
          You ARE stupid enough to think guys trading notes on getting girls is somehow bad, so you definetely have a screw loose.
          Hypocritcal squatter, do you think a single man the world over is going to troll Cosmo’s comment section because it features an article on how to “Get any man you want”?
          You arent virtuous. You arent moral.
          You are a hateful, pearl clutching busybody and a prime candidate for the Scold’s Bridle.

        2. If you think guys trading notes on how to get girls, you are certifiably insane and a danger to yourself and others.
          When Cosmo runs an article saying “Get any man you want”, do you clitch your pearls and run for the hills?
          You arent virtuous. You arent moral.
          You are a judgemental busy body.

        3. When cosmo runs an article like “How to get any man”, do you clutch your pearls and virtue signal then also?
          You arent moral, you are a hateful busynody.

        4. Liar.
          You troll a men’s comment section. Thats lame.
          Has a guy EVER troll Cosmo after seeing a headline about “Get any man”?

    1. If the Left says we are all different why are they saying men and women are equal? Differences means there will be certain people better than other people on certain things and there is nothing wrong with that as long as we dont give them too much praise

  24. So, conclusion of “her” field search: straight guys dislike “girls” with a sausage. Good work, Sherlock.

    1. Did he say that he wouldn’t tell potential partners about being trans?! Isn’t that illegal?

  25. Looking at this article’s rainbow meme thumbnail:


    Brought to you by The Ralph Wiggum School of English?

  26. Women tend to carry purses as part of their carry a lot instinct. Too bad women can’t carry heavy loads for several miles in the Army. Women have also been obsessed with phones since their inception. Remember when phones were just a device for communication? Women hogged the line just to tell their girls that the handsome guy looked at her or that she took a shit, yes even before social media and vine women told every tiny detail in their life to friend.

  27. ” The feminists and other would-be social engineers should just let it be.”
    No….they should be purged. The former should be reeducated to the truth and the latter destroyed.”
    Also…femicunts use the whole “we can give birth, we’re goddesses” trope. Let’s not be a bunch of tradcon fags, and tell them to sit down, stfu and know their place. They have to earn respect, and their femininity was the key. But since they discarded and rejected it, they lost any right to that claim.

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