Why The 2007 Remake Of Beowulf Was A Powerful Slap To The Ideals Of Liberal Hollywood

In 2007, leftist Hollywood, through some miraculous oversight, released an epic fantasy film naturally presenting traditional gender dynamics and demonstrating the heroism, responsibility, and downfall of masculine men. More than half the film’s scenes are able to set a thousand hamsters ablaze in an inferno of “sexism” and “indecency”. Amongst the heated heap of sizzling rodents lies a burning question…

How was this possibly allowed through the mandatory masculinity culling process?

The answer: It is an adaptation of an immensely valuable ancient work of literature.

Beowulf, named after its valiant protagonist, is renowned as the most important Old English epic poem, used to teach generations of men the masculine virtues of true loyalty, undying courage, and the power of action. In the tale, Beowulf comes to the faithful assistance of his father’s friend King Hrothgar, one he is indebted to. He slays a giant, hellish creature named Grendel that plagued the kingdom, and when its monstrous mother desires vengeance he kills her as well, though many of his men are slaughtered.

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The honorable, exemplary hero of Scandinavia, a wistful far cry from today’s conformist Jante egalitarians

Later, as an honored legend, Beowulf is granted the Danish throne upon Hrothgar’s death, and at his final battle succumbs to his injuries after defeating a classic gigantic fire-breathing dragon.

One would think that Hollywood would attempt to warp the ultra-masculine storyline, to simplify or ruin the manliness of Beowulf and his allies. But no, the creators completely stayed true to the heart and ideas of the epic. Impressively for modern times, the concept of gender equality is not even slightly introduced, and the film’s comically realistic CGI depicts man’s truths and values from start to end.

Courageous, violent action and insightful dialogue revolving around responsibility and honor are combined in a brilliant portrayal of red-blooded men. They are hearty and strong, and, furtively passing through Hollywood’s blind spot, able to sing the most hilariously offensive song about raunchy sex you’ve ever heard (2:40).

Though this version of Grendel is nightmarishly hideous for children, and many incredibly graphic fights and barely indirect sexual innuendos are shown, the movie inexplicably but wondrously maintains a PG-13 rating, perhaps due its being made through Polar Express animation style.

However, there is one provocative and striking modification, one that changed the entire foundation and relationships between main characters: the identity of Grendel’s mother.

Instead of battling Beowulf and directly killing people as described in the text, she is instead a demonic seductress who is the mother of, through irresistible relations with Hrothgar and Beowulf, respectively, Grendel and the dragon.

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Angelina Jolie, a difficult demon to resist

Even though her appearance is never described in the epic, most men of words would at least be able to know a being that clutches an entire man in her grip would not be of womanly size (even BBW aren’t that B). It is almost as if someone told the screenwriters they had to at least include a major female character in the name of equal representation, but were given full freedom to do whatever they damned pleased as long as they met that requirement.

Grendel’s sexy mother represents the destructive modern woman

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Hit it at your own peril

While one would generally roll eyes at the sexual bastardization of one of mankind’s best writings, using an attractive all-powerful denmon woman to play great men to her self-empowering whim, the geniuses behind Beowulf managed to pull off an even greater offense to feminists by actually using Grendel’s mother as a hidden reference to the dangers of associating with modern women and the consequences of childrearing under a psychopathic single mother.

Grendel’s mother acts out the dark side of femininity used purely to extract resources from men for personal gain, then raises her children alone, perfectly matching the profile of a single woman.

She convinces her children, through indirect behavior and direct communication, to become violent, rebellious individuals, and to act as if they are of the rulers of the world. Without strong father figures, these undisciplined beasts are never taught any masculine virtues, such as loyalty, sacrifice, or self-control; traits a woman is almost never able to explain. They consequentially become the aimless, destructive trash of society.

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Get off my back Dad, Mom told me I could do whatever I want

The fathers who unknowingly trust a deceitful Western woman are later haunted by alimony and the inability to be a meaningful part of their children’s lives. In the worst case, as demonstrated with Hrothgar and Beowulf, they aren’t even told about the existence of their child until years later in a recklessly ruinous surprise. At their return, the fathers personally face immense, soul-rending shame due to their innate sense of responsibility at allowing themselves to be tricked intro producing monsters.

What would initially be thought of as a disrespectfully shameful change is truly a much more frightening portrayal, a veiled view of women and their ability to manipulate children into dangerous criminals and freaks.

It presents an evil much more terrible, and much more real, than the literary original.

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At least he didn’t have to pay child support

Beowulf (2007) was an astounding victory for red pill cinema. It’s friendly PG-13 allowed children to experience a true man’s personality and accomplishments while traditionally displaying men as men and women as women at a young age. Passing under the guide of a shallowly introduced naked Jolie, Grendel’s mother further showed audiences the horrors of the single mother. Though it is a brilliant literary adaptation of the past, hopefully similar jewels shall be allowed in the future as we continue to become more politically and societally influential.

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80 thoughts on “Why The 2007 Remake Of Beowulf Was A Powerful Slap To The Ideals Of Liberal Hollywood”

  1. The influence of a mother upon child is one of the most powerful natural forces in the world. Those who abuse it grant destruction.

  2. The movie was decent, in the sense that’s not a fully poisoned propaganda flick like others; however it has major flaws. I do prefer Beowulf and Grendel (2005) with Stellan Skarsgård, Gerald Butler and Sarah Polley (the blonde from Dawn of the Dead), who while it was loosely based on the poem has a lot, and I mean a lot or landscape porn from the beautiful Iceland.

      1. he did that crap lovey dovey shite with Hillary Swank “PS I Love You” thats how, or that other sh*tter with Jennifer Aniston

  3. Great article & review. This version is definitely underrated. I went to theaters to see this & haven’t heard much about it since. Angelina Jolie’s CGI-ed naked body is a pretty sweet deal.Hard to Believe it’s been ten years.
    My only dispute is that I don’t feel like the movie slid under the radar, past the scrutiny of screeching Hollywood feminism/pc policing what-have-you’s. In 2007 Will Ferrell & those guys that did the Hangover films were still pumping out a bro-y style of comedies that we don’t see anymore. I feel like the Firewalk that movies must go through now didn’t really start to take off until around 2012 when Occupy & liberal fascism came to be institutionalized & completely take over in the media.

      1. But they still manage to make the males look like idiots and the females look like the responsible ones.

  4. I really wanted to like this version of Beowulf, but for some reason the animation threw me off. I didn’t get very far into it before I got bored with it and turned it off.
    My favorite movie (loosely) based on Beowulf is probably the 13th Warrior, which is underrated.

    1. The 13th Warrior, if you ignore the Arab in general and some of his comments in particular, is almost free of PC propaganda.

    2. i think this was the first movie i saw in 3D. It was enjoyable…i dont know why it has been written about here though.

  5. The last picture with its caption is hilarious!
    This was the third epic that I read, the first being digenis akritas (a medieval greek one), the second being the Iliad the translation done by Tolkien himself! The only thing I did not like about the film was that they made Beowulf into a liar that does redeem himself in the end! The film did keep to personal surprise the virtue of honor in posteriority. Beowulf dies at the end but his death is that of a warrior a fighter that does not want to end fighting.
    Today we value only comfort and the days salary, we care not for what we will leave for the future and the leftists and feminists care only to destroy the perfection that they cannot ever emulate… their legacy is that of oblivion, ours of wisdom.

    1. Digenis was truly bad-ass. Did you read the modern Greek or the early Demotic Greek that it was recorded in? I ask because of the whole Diglossia bit with Katharevousa and Demotic and how early forms of the latter and modern are slightly different as you would appreciate.

      1. I read the early Demotic one. Think of it as modern Greek on steroids, you can understand it, minus the slang and the lost intonation, the fact that it still uses the dative can be perplexing though. Katharevousa on the other hand was a language modeled on ancient Greek but using a different lexicon, it basically had made-up Greek words in the place of loan-words and some ancient words it translated them to modern Greek by using root-words with the same meaning. The other difference is that it used more advanced structures that you could find in ancient Greek and it’s inflection is a bit more clear i.e. the accusative case is better differentiated.
        Now if you read many Greek books a lot and you now how to use the dative surprisingly the katharevousa is a bit easier because its newer forms got a bit simplified on their lexicon (I have Aristotle on an old Papyrous edition the translated text is in katharevousa and I faced no problem with it) so you won’t meet many weird words. Old Demotic on the other hand might have more convenient structures BUT it has a ton ful of idioms and expressions no longer in use so to read and understand it you need also a dictionary.
        The version of digenis akritas that I read had one at its end without I would have understood little, as many crucial words are completely different and their meaning cannot be deduced. For example: strateuma (army) is fousato… I have forgot some others but I remember that a book I have of Leon the wise also used those words and mind you that is koine, byzantine Greek, and still have no problem understanding it except from those idioms that I somewhat learned from digenis akritas.

        1. Fascinating. I appreciate the length you have gone to explain it all-I’m most grateful.
          On Katharevousa, I must admit I find the idea of it appealing insofar as it can purify the lexicon as the preponderance of loanwords is sickening. We have the Ant1 television channel and every second word is English or some loan word and I feel the urge to mutilate someone whenever it happens-it irritates me that much. I understand the necessity of loanwords but I much prefer neologisms coined from the existing lexicon as the wanton xenomania is sickening.
          On that, I’m reminded of that famous speech by Zolotas where he gave an English speech in Greek:
          It is Zeus’ anathema on our epoch and the heresy of our economic method and policies that we should agonize the Skylla of nomismatic plethora and the Charybdis of economic anaemia.
          It is not my idiosyncracy to be ironic or sarcastic but my diagnosis would be that politicians are rather cryptoplethorists. Although they emphatically stigmatize nomismatic plethora, they energize it through their tactics and practices. Our policies should be based more on economic and less on political criteria. Our gnomon has to be a metron between economic strategic and philanthropic scopes.
          In an epoch characterized by monopolies, oligopolies, monopolistic antagonism and polymorphous inelasticities, our policies have to be more orthological, but this should not be metamorphosed into plethorophobia, which is endemic among academic economists.
          Nomismatic symmetry should not antagonize economic acme. A greater harmonization between the practices of the economic and nomismatic archons is basic.
          Parallel to this we have to synchronize and harmonize more and more our economic and nomismatic policies panethnically. These scopes are more practicable now, when the prognostics of the political end economic barometer are halcyonic.
          The history of our didimus organization on this sphere has been didactic and their gnostic practices will always be a tonic to the polyonymous and idiomorphous ethnical economies. The genesis of the programmed organization will dynamize these policies.
          Therefore, I sympathize, although not without criticism one or two themes with the apostles and the hierarchy of our organs in their zeal to program orthodox economic and nomismatic policies.
          I apologize for having tyranized you with my Hellenic phraseology. In my epilogue I emphasize my eulogy to the philoxenous aytochtons of this cosmopolitan metropolis and my encomium to you Kyrie, the stenographers.

  6. Kinda reminds me of most older Disney movie plots about never trusting unmarried women: Cruella DeVil, The Queen in Snow White, Madamme Medusa, Mad Madamme Mim, Ursula, Elsa, Yzma, Maleficent. Off the top of my head

    1. Not to mention Mother Gothel in Tangled, the enchantress in Beauty and the Beast (who turned the prince into a Beast for being cynical of unknown strangers seeking favors in return for fancy gifts) along with the wicked witches in Oz the Great and Powerful.

      1. Who was a Machiavellian, psychopathic predator who views other people as opportunities to advance self-interest

    1. All the upvotes for 13th Warrior. First saw it in high school World History class and loved it everytime I caught a re-watch. It’s great.

  7. When I saw this movie, it caught me totally by surprise. I did not know about the original history, so when Beowulf showed up and promised to solve everyone’s problems, bragging about his heroic feats, I was fully expecting him to be the typical, boring caricature of a hero full of himself that is later ridiculed for being a full of hot air balloon. Imagine my surprise when he actually delivered and was just as awesome as he claimed to be. Certainly still one of the best movies I have seen ever since.

  8. I don’t know. I doubt our ancestors were as into fornication and drinking as they are in Beowulf lol. And kicking little boys, and demons wearing heels….. and so on and so on.

    1. Pagan Germanics….seriously man? They were hard core on basically every front.

      1. Genes are genes, I don’t see us historically treating people a certain way for recorded history, I suddenly don’t see extremely different behaviour a while earlier. This were people with a fairly advanced civilization after all (which we can see from Beowulf lol).

        1. Yeah, Vikings were known for their gentle and politically correct behaviour. Never any hint of rape or pillage in those days.

        2. That’s not what I said is it? Besides, the whole rape and pillage thing is grossly exaggerated. Unless y ou actually believe “Vikings” when you see it. Hint, they didn’t bring with them tons of women to fight like that, there is no historical proof.

        1. there is a reason that the civilized greeks built walls to keep the barbarians out.

        2. Actually the original barbarians were the continental celts. The Germans came down later and displaced them. Both groups got into huge tiffs with Rome, as you are no doubt aware. The first sacking of Rome was by a celt. When the Roman leader complained that the celts were taking too much gold in plunder (as weighed on a scale) the Celt chieftain thrust his foot down on the scale to balance it in his favor and said “Woe to the defeated”. Heh.

        3. Fortunately for us, all attempts by the Greeks to avoid barbarians failed. Look at Greece today, we’d all be like that if they’d succeeded. The Celt-German forces (barbarians, keltoi) basically went forth and established the world as we know it today after the fall of the Western Roman empire. I kinda like the world as it exists today.

        4. Greece today is not the Grecians of yesterday. The savage barbarians were rightly ostracized as cultureless animals by the greeks of Plato’s time. Today’s Greece bears no resemblance to that and not in small part because those walls didn’t hold. The Celt-German forces established the world as we know it….that’s for sure. To bad the people with the brains didn’t do it, the world might be better.

        5. as for liking the world as it exists, I do as well…my little corner of it…but it is filled with morons and the fact that we are the cultural offspring of savages is part of that.

        6. The Greece today is the post-Islamic-apocalyptic remains left behind by the Ottoman Turks. Nearly 400 years rule by Islam will destroy just about everything.

        7. Yes. There is just about zero link between Pericles or Pythagoras and John Stamos.

  9. All I’d heard about this flick was that it was one of the first to gain infamy for using a body double for Jolie.
    Maybe I’ll have to give it a fair shake; could it just have been “guilty by association” with 2004’s oft-mocked Troy?

  10. From my memory of reading this story Grendel was anything but sexy she too was giant grotesque monster who’s life was charmed and wasn’t really about single mother evil.
    If you want old texts on evil single mothers that raise bad children take King Arthur’s stepsister Morgana Le Fey and her son Modred who ends up the chief antagonist in Arthurian legends. Lancelot was also literally a white knight beta male who betrays his own king to take his wife. Another evil single mother figure is the old bride from Great Expectations. Pip was provided by get this a convict he saved throughout his youth to become a wealthy gentleman and Pip thought his sponsor was the old bride who hates all men. Great Expectations does have good red pill stories. Pip’s aunt was a shrew and his uncle was a way better parent. Great Expectations is such a red pill story. The old bride teaches an adopted little girl to hate all men like feminists do and that all men are evil yet most of the male characters in it end up having a virtuous side even if they were a country bumpkin or criminal

  11. He takes a concubine half his age (Ursula) and grows apart from his wife. Not only that, Ursula is crazy about Beowulf (as opposed to the recycled, overused theme of an unhappy trophy wife).
    A bit of a spoiler for those who have not seen it: towards the end, when the dragon is causing trouble, his wife even urges Beowulf to run far away, and take Ursula with him to forget about this whole thing.
    How this film made it to SJW-dominated Hollywood is impressive.

  12. I remember really liking that movie when it came out.
    Most critics said it was terrible, which really baffled me. After reading this article, it all finally makes sense.
    Time to re-watch!

  13. I didn’t see this movie but based on the 9 minute clip above it really fucking blows. I think that the OP of the article is right in thinking that these are themes that ought to be more prevalent but liking the fact that a movie doesn’t bow to liberal standards should not equate thinking it is good. As far as I can tell this movie is fucking awful. The acting, the dialogue, the set and costume design it looks like something that would be performed by an 8th grade theater class if all of the actors and the teachers in charge had hit their heads really, really hard.
    Such a dangerous trap to fall into, thinking that since something doesn’t suck at the teat of the left that it is automatically good. This is one of the easiest ways to find that thar slippery slope.

    1. Gotta admit – and you’re a stronger man for that too; some leftist loonie films are theatrically very good.

      1. When I watch a movie I really don’t care about the message. A lot of guys here seem to think that everything has to be politically dissected. Whatever. I don’t fucking care about politics. When I watch a movie I want to be entertained ya know. What a person finds entertaining will vary but this movie is objectively bad. If a person is watching a movie because of its perceived right wind message they really need to get out of the house or, I don’t know, play in traffic.

        1. Hollywood and the rest of the leftist media entertain and “inform” us with leftist propaganda because most of us don’t realize we are being spoon-fed the propaganda that influences our thoughts and the decisions we make. Look at ANTIFA. Do you think anyone would be behaving like that if they weren’t unwittingly conditioned to do so?

        2. The antifa shit is nonsense as are people who are against it (fa? Antiantifa?)
          I don’t use words like “leftist” either.
          A healthy dose of growing up would be a good idea. I’m not one to shit on a man’s hobbies but this pLOLotics stuff is getting out of hand.
          It is spring in earnest now. Time to back away from the computer a little, put down the cheese doodles and go enjoy the very excellent real world out there

        3. After taking the red pill – it was hard not to cringe at entertainment and it’s hidden message. However after a while – I learned to just watch things to be entertained as you said. Unless it’s a virtue signaling pile of hot garbage ass.

        4. Yup. Look I want them to make big budget bible movies but Noah with russell Crowe sucked more ass than a bulemic cutter who you just called fat after she told you you remind her of her dad.
          On the same note, the last thing we need is another big budget action film

  14. I liked this film. It was refreshing to see men acting like real men, and women acting like…well, like they always do. The scenes with Grendel are creepy. After the midway point it kind of bogs down, but all in all I definitely believe it is worth a look…or two.

  15. This is one of my favorite films. I thought it was even better than the book thematically. Too bad its so underrated

  16. So an animated movie about an epic poem that has to do with monsters and dragons, has a demon succubus that’s supposed to represent modern day women, 10 years after the movie was made?
    This is the biggest bullshit circle-jerk mental masturbation article ROK has ever put out.

  17. Reading this article makes me wonder if single motherhood is not the better choice.
    “masculine virtues, such as loyalty, sacrifice, or self-control”
    What a CRAP! These are the virtues of a slave. An alpha male follows the dark triad, if you ever even heard of it. The Trump didnt get to where he is by beeing loyal, sacrificing himself for the greater good or excersising self control.
    A guy who follows your so called “masculine virtues” would be Mr. French-Cuck-macron who still kisses (sick) and perhaps even bangs his ex-teacher. He sure has self control (to even get it up) and certainly is no stranger to sacrifice (he could bang 20yo models) and he does it all for the greater good and stays loyal to his old hag who seduced her 15 year old student back in the day.

    1. They’re vales if you choose them yourself. If they’re self imposed they are indeed chains.

  18. Beowulf is one of the few adapted materials that actually resembles the original. Look at most comic book films, because of modern political correctness Hollywood has transformed every major comic book character for the big screen.
    Compare the Superman films from the late 1970s to modern comic book films, the title character is a strong masculine character, the “heroes” today are all “flawed” and “human”.
    The 70s Superman would be considered misogynistic by today’s standards.

  19. The bad bastard, raised solely by his bitter and vengeful mother, is a common nail and bail shaming literary theme.

  20. Consequently this film didn’t do well in the box office. I can’t recall, did the dialogue stayed true to the modern English translations?

  21. Beowulf actually kills Grendel’s mother with a weapon that wasn’t made by man’s hands and he swims deep into the pond to face her
    Also Grendel is the descendant of the Biblical Cain the murderer blood in his veins. Not sure about Hrothgar being his biological father though

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