The Assassination Of Communist Leon Trotsky

For a time in the 1920s Leon Trotsky was second in importance in Soviet Russia only to Lenin himself.  Many believed him to be the natural choice to succeed Lenin.  But it was not to be; in the Byzantine power struggles that characterized Soviet politics, Trotsky would prove to be an amateur.  His personality—arrogant, dismissive, and lacking in tact and forbearance—would ensure that few voices were raised in his defense as Stalin slowly put him in a vice.  Trotsky was eventually stripped of his posts and forced into internal exile; he would eventually have to flee the country.

It was a stunning reversal.  Trotsky found his way to Mexico City and tried—pathetically, as it turned out—to lead an opposition movement in exile against Stalin.  The Communist world in the 1930s was fractured into two camps:  those who followed the party line from Moscow, and those “Trotskyists” who placed their sympathies with the exile in Mexico City.  And as the shadow of world war loomed in the late 1930s, this situation became intolerable for Joseph Stalin. As the Kremlin saw it, Trotsky was dividing the socialist camp at a time when it faced existential threats (i.e., Germany, Japan, and the West in general).  When the secretive Stalin also learned that Trotsky was writing a biography of him, he was enraged and became obsessed with eliminating him.

This dirty job was assigned to Pavel A. Sudoplatov, the intelligence specialist who worked with Levrenti Beria in a secret division called the “Administration for Special Tasks.”  Sudoplatov would later write a memoir called Special Tasks, which served as the primary source of this article.  One day in March 1939, he was summoned to see Stalin and Beria in the Kremlin.  Stalin made it clear to him that it would be his job to eliminate Trotsky:

“There are no important political figures in the Trotskyite movement except Trotsky himself.  If Trotsky is finished the threat will be eliminated,” Stalin said, and returned to his seat opposite us.  Then slowly he began to speak of his dissatisfaction with the present state of our intelligence operations, which he said were not active enough.  Stalin stressed that the elimination of Trotsky had first been assigned to [another operative] in 1937, but he had failed to fulfill this important government mission.

Sudoplatov thus had his marching orders; he was not sure he was the right man for the job, as he spoke no Spanish and knew nothing about Mexico.  But Stalin waved his concerns aside.  “It is your job and party duty to find and select suitable and reliable personnel to carry out the assignment.  You will be provided with whatever assistance and support you need.  Report directly to Comrade Beria and nobody else, but the full responsibility for carrying out the mission remains with you.”  On this ominous note, the meeting ended.

Sudoplatov assembled a team of agents, many of whom were former communist fighters of the Spanish Civil War.  An earlier clumsy attempt to kill Trotsky by raking his villa with gunfire had failed, and had made him exceedingly cautious in his dealings with anyone he was not familiar with.  The assassin finally selected was a charming and good-looking businessman named Ramon Mercader; his mother was also a devoted communist who had fought in Spain.  Mercader slowly infiltrated himself into Trotsky’s inner circle by posing as an eccentric who liked being around excitement and danger.  He also had a romantic involvement with a woman named Sylvia Ageloff, who was well-known in Trotsky’s circle. In this way he was able to gain access to his residence.

Ramon Mercader

On August 20, 1940, Mercader was able to arrange a private meeting with Trotsky.  Under his coat he had secreted a mountain-climbing ice axe for use as the murder weapon.  As Trotsky was bent over his desk studying a document Mercader showed him, the assassin pulled out the axe and brought it down on Trotsky’s head.  According to Sudoplatov (who heard Mercader’s story in person in the 1960s), Trotsky moved his head at the last moment and the blow was slightly deflected.  Seriously wounded, he began to scream for help and tried to wrestle the assassin to the ground.

The murder weapon

Guards poured into the room and immobilized Mercader; he was nearly killed by the guards but Trotsky told them to spare his life.  The assassin’s mother, Caridad Mercader, was waiting for her son in the getaway car outside the villa; when he did not appear, she fled the country.  Trotsky died the next day after sustaining severe head injuries.  Mercader was arrested by Mexican police under a false name (Frank Jacson); his real identity would not be known for another six years.  The only reason his real name became known was because one of Mercader’s relatives defected to the West from the Soviet Union and revealed the information (his mother Caridad had actually revealed it to the relative, believing the secret was safe).

Mercader claimed that Mexican police beat him nearly every day for years; yet he kept to his cover story, which was that he had killed Trotsky as the result of a personal dispute.  The Mexican authorities would eventually sentence him to 20 years in prison, almost all of which he served.  On his release in 1960 he first went to Cuba and from there to the Soviet Union, where he would be honored with the country’s highest decoration, the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Here ends the grisly story.  While no one celebrates the death of another, it is difficult to find much sympathy for a man like Trotsky, who bore much responsibility for unleashing communism on Russia and then the world.  Stalin himself was certainly no hero.  But perhaps there is crude justice in the fact that Trotsky was done to death by the same types of fanatics that he himself had created and nurtured during his long and bloody tenure as head of the Red Army in the 1920s.

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      1. over a century, tried in 50+ nations, and never has it been an improvement over the previous government.
        But then, it never has been about what the people wanted.

        1. You know how when you were a kid and your parents would take you somewhere on a special outing, maybe the park or zoo or some amusement place?
          You weren’t thinking about the expense or effort they had made to make it happen. You probably at some point saw another kid getting a yummy treat or a nifty toy and you wanted one too and didn’t understand why they got it and you didn’t.
          Then like an ungrateful brat you threw a little fit and spoiled the entire day disregarding all the fun you’d been having up to then and very likely hurting your folks’ feelings a bit and swore you’d never be like them even if only to spite them.
          Now, those of us who are fairly well-adjusted and self-aware grew up to understand better, appreciate what was done for us more, and decided to put in some effort of our own.
          The flip-side is Communism.

        2. It is no coincidence that the vast majority of socialists living in free nations either come from wealthy, insulated families, or welfare cases where they do not see how wealth is produced.

        3. Indeed, hence the cultural norming of keeping adults infantilized as long as possible.

        4. Yeah, I think that’s it along with what Jim is saying, no concept of adulthood for the perpetual children.
          In every example I can think of there is a trend toward allowing women to lock into their “default” setting and an absence (or abandonment) of masculine authority to keep it otherwise.

        5. The word “communist” means completely different things in the West and in Russia.

        6. We didn’t go anywhere, we were too poor. There were a couple of treats, but they were few and far between.

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        1. Interesting.
          Angel investment by Andreesen Horowitz hehe.
          It looks like a cloud-based massive multiplayer platform. Similar to World of Warcraft, but much more up to date.
          Infinitely large interactive worlds that can house any number of players and evolve gradually over time.
          Definitely overlap with the matrix.
          This looks pretty neat actually from a design point of view, but yeah I can see a spike in teenage manboobies as a result of this.

        2. ah, but those with manboobs in the real world have 25 inch biceps and 10 in ding a lings in the matrix…

        3. and my gamer points; always put that shit on a job application

      3. ‘Cuz, well, every other example throughout history wasn’t “real socialism” This time, its just GOTTA work…

        1. As trite as that may sound, that is EXACTLY what every new generation of disenfranchised, feminized dweebs thinks!
          And there’s ALWAYS someone waiting to exploit those misguided impulses….

  1. Those who live in deception die by deception. It just takes a lot longer to get it done nowadays with the current “party”

  2. “He also had a romantic involvement with a woman named Sylvia Ageloff, who was well-known in Trotsky’s circle. In this way he was able to gain access to his residence.”
    Behind the downfall of every man, is a woman!
    To be honest, Trotsky’s concept of Permanent Revolution would have put Communist subversion on steroids. The idea is to focus less on open warfare and more on ideologically subverting the working class populations of other nations with Communism. As bad as Stalin is, he is actually the lesser evil.

        1. I’m not even going to ask what ‘snowball’ is in the realm of porn.

        2. Fortunately, I have absolutely no idea myself, and just kind of assumed it was porn sounding kind of word. Having said that Trotsky is probably snowballing Stalin in hell right now

        3. Come on, everybody knows what snowballing is. I understand you don’t want to look like a cuck or fag by admitting it, but its one of those things that is so disgusting that people talk about it. It’s so beyond any level of normal or decency that you think to yourself, “Who would even think to do that? And why the hell would you give it a name?”

        4. I have no idea what it means. I just read a book on the soviet union which said that snowballing was an officially approved method of promoting worker solidarity

        5. So, the soviets were all snowballing each other. The things you learn on RoK.

    1. And the social-justice ideology he helped to create resulted in a whole generation of snowflakes.

      1. Great connection. I would upvote this 2, maybe 3 times, if I could.

  3. “Most people do not know it, but the phrase, ‘hot to trot’, is the shortened form of ‘hot to Trotsky’.” – Gandhi

    1. “Most people don’t know this, but let me tell you a little truth: Gandhi liked it in the butt.” – Trotsky.

        1. “Gandhi didn’t eat meat, but he sure ate the bone.” – Rock Hudson.

        2. I read an argument against his legacy by an insider and they claimed that Gandhi would sleep with several, naked young hotties so he could “test his temptation”.
          I gotta try that one. Gandhi Game.

        3. Some Gandhi quotes about blacks that would have gotten him lynched in today’s politically correct, SJW world –

        4. Somebody needs to do a Kimmel/Cooper fusion meme. Have him eyeroll while Kimmel exploits his sickly son for political points.

        5. Don’t go around starving yourself like he did. If you are Gandhi level thin, your penis retracts so deep into your body you develop what scientists call a “Pegina”. Bill Nye was the one who spearheaded the study.

        6. I have an idea how Bill would have measured penis size on his colleagues.

        7. “Day-um, and I thought *I* was flaming gay.” – Richard Simmons, on Gandhi.

  4. Stalin, who possibly was jew (and with jewish wife/mistress) ordered (((Beria))) to kill (((Trotsky))). The assassination was carried by Mercader (Marrano lastname?), who infiltrated through the influence of (((Sylvia Ageloff))).
    But of course, the presence of this number of Jews is just a coincidence.

  5. There were 29 major Communist revolutions across the world since the Russian Revolution and 5 of those happened in Europe between 1917 and 1936. Looks like the Permanent Revolution is still alive and kicking.
    Fact: Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto stated the concept of a community of women. He said that the capitalists took the greatest pleasure in seducing the wives of other men and he intended, instead of a hypocritically concealed, an openly legalized community pool of women who were open to all men.
    The free sex concept that is spreading around the world is an offshoot of this where women have been tricked into commodifying themselves. The end result is not an equalist system, but a weakening of a nation’s moral resolve by destroying the family unit which, incidentally, comes under private property. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
    This link has more information:

    1. Free love actually predates Marx (see Oneida colony). With that, like so many other things, he basically plagiarized a movement and re-branded it as his own. He was after all a lazy, fat, dirty, stinking, no good, useless layabout.

      1. Even if he plagiarized it, his (or his followers) implementation of it is unbelievably effective.

      2. The poet Percy Shelley advocated free love in the early 19th Century, and the idea circulated in Enlightenment circles before that.

        1. Everyone since the beginning of time who took pains to NOT see the sunrise from the bedroom of who he boned has in fact been a proponent of “Free Love”

      3. This is true. Plato, in the republic, put forth an idea that there would be an annual orgy and the offspring would be collected and raised by the state and assigned their role (as philosopher-king, warrior or craftsmen) from a very early age based on natural predisposition. Because of this there would be no preference for the family and everyone would be brothers in Athens.
        Of course, a lot of people take this out of context and call plato a proto commie because no one bothers reading the republic all the way through and seeing that in the end it fails….not least of all because of this state raised orgy babies…..I have always loved the subtlety of the republic. To write out a several hundred page philosophical discourse on the state and the soul only to have it fail in the end to reprove a point about how mankind seeking perfection is at best impossible and at worst an affront to the gods at a time when writing wasn’t an easy affair (I think plato had to use Windows Vista) just smacks of the kind of overly bright, clever and witty genius that made Plato interesting before he totally turned into a twat.

  6. The only good communist is a dead one. It is a pity that not more met a similar fate. The lives saved would have been numerous.

  7. Trans-global political assassination by pick-axe…..that is just SOOOOOOOOOOO Russian.

    1. The Russians always have great shit like this. My favorite historical revolution was the Decembrist Revolution of 1825. Believing that the people would see them and feel solidarity and the symbol of their protest would be enough, the members of the Imperial Guard who decided on a revolution stood in open defiance after the death of Tsar Alexander when a strange succession left Nicholas the new Tsar. They stood there in Senate Square all day…well, until Tsar Nicholas had some artillery cannons brought out and basically mulched the entire revolution in all of about 3 minutes.
      Moral of the story, if you are going to have a revolution against an absolute monarch….everyone shouldn’t stand close enough together to be mowed down by three pieces of artillery.

        1. that’s the thing about being a Romanov Tsar…Nicholas didn’t have to file paperwork and get approval before killing a few hundred peaceful protesters…all he had to do was give the order.

        2. ROEs? Lawyers? Media Image? Not in this army.
          Man that cannon and let her rip on my command.

        3. It’s good to be a Romanov — well, up until Nicholas II

        4. Communism received it’s baptism with the blood of Nicholas’s children.
          Filthy ghouls.

  8. All funny feel good articles today.
    Come to think of it, this could have have been sub-titled 5 ways to create permanent revolution that absolutely do not work

  9. In the end, the evil will eat their own……..Apologies for quoting a Book of Mormon passage, but I thought this is fitting, whether or not you think it is inspired:
    13 And the blood of that great and abominable church, which is the whore of all the earth, shall turn upon their own heads; for they shall war among themselves, and the sword of their own hands shall fall upon their own heads, and they shall be drunken with their own blood.
    14 And every nation which shall war against thee, O house of Israel, shall be turned one against another, and they shall fall into the pit which they digged to ensnare the people of the Lord. And all that fight
    against Zion shall be destroyed, and that great whore, who hath
    perverted the right ways of the Lord, yea, that great and abominable
    church, shall tumble to the dust and great shall be the fall of it.
    1 Ne 22:13-14

    1. ya know jim, this makes me think—I have read pretty much every religious text back to front, front to back, top to bottom. I used to be very interested in comparative religion and did a lot of work to learn about different ones. Everything from the gitas and Upanishads to the Torah and Talmud, to the New Testament and all of the works of the fathers of the church….Buddhists, Taoists, Islam, the different gods of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians…but I have never once cracked the book of Mormon. I am going to put it on my summer reading list.

      1. about 1.5x as big as the New Testament, easier reading (flows better). Skip 2nd Nephi, lots of Isaiah references which is hard to follow.

        1. I prob wont do much skipping and seeing how one book deals with others is interesting. I am fairly comfortable in Isaiah…after all, if I am not mistaken the book of Isaiah is the book most referenced by Jesus himself.

        2. The most trying part of the Bible for me was all of the begatting and son of stuff. It was relevant some of the time, but most of the time it seemed more like a roll call of the entire middle east back in the 1st century B.C. I was always more drawn to the smiting and plagues. Heh.

        3. Leviticus was tough for me, the plethora of laws or how to build a tabernacle. If I was a chapter of “and Methuselah begat Hermaphrodites”, it was fairly easy to pick out and gloss over.

        4. ha, I can see that. However, that is some of the really interesting stuff and if you are willing to sit with pad and pen and draw it out it is very important. Remember, for the writers of the NT it was important to link Jesus to David. Matthew understood that the whole ballgame in getting Christianity up and running was to show how Jesus was a direct descendent of David and thus in messiah contention as the line of David was said to produce the savior.
          Further, thanks to all the begetting and beggating in the old testament Jesus is able to be lnked not just to david, but before him Jesse, and bal bla bla blah all the way to Jacob and before him Isaac and before him Abraham.

        5. Oddly enough, a young Bill Cosby had a very funny routine on his album (I had the record) Why is There Air on Noah and the part where God is explaining the exact measurements of the arc to him is pretty hilarious. “Cubit? What the hell is a cubit?”

        6. I was just going to mention Leviticus, which I’m currently slogging through. What I find intolerable is this format (concerning laws):
          “God said to Moses, make sure they do A,B, and C.”
          “The Moses told the people to do A, B, C.”
          “The people did A, B, C”….
          A little redundancy is fine to get the point across, but my eyes just glaze over when we’re talking about how to smear a dead bird around an unclean house…..

        7. I remember that, “Noah!”
          “Who is that?”
          “It’s God”
          “Yeah, right”

        8. god I haven’t heard that in forever. gonna see if I can find it on the intertubes

        9. Granted, I just mean that for me, eh, I really, really don’t care after a while. I know it has actual meaning, but damned if I can sit and chart it out and think that I’m having a great day. Heh.

        10. Dude, I just give you the metadata and a name or two. I don’t tell you every kid my grandfathers begat from the year 800 A.D. forward. Way too much begatting going on to go into detail.

        11. Nah I’d say exodus and numbers with all the ” you got to sacrifice x at x” and pretty much this repeats for pages on end. That was torture

        12. My dad had some of those albums.
          Noah’s neighbors: “Why are you building that ark?”
          Noah: “I can’t tell you.”
          Neighbors: “Ah come on. Can’t you give us a little hint?!”
          Noah: “Well. Ok. How long can you tread water? Hahaha.”

  10. True story: Trotsky played chess with Baron Rothschild
    source: Trotsky in New York, 1917: Portrait of a Radical on the Eve of Revolution

    1. I would gladly play chess with either or both of those men

        1. I don’t even really know who he is, but I am a chess fan and he is a famous Russian guy so I’d play chess with him…so long as we didn’t have to talk politics

        2. well, Karpov vs. Fischer was pretty violent and political in its own right

        3. you must have been the only member of the philosophy faculty who didn’t know much about Trotsky.

        4. actually, the philosophy people who focus on politics are a world on their own…that said, my total obliviousness to politics was rare and frequently derided, but not unique by any measure. I shared an office at a State School with two other professors who were quite like me, totally apathetic to politics. This was during the Bush-Gore election when, as you can imagine, most philosophy departments were lunatic asylums. The three of us were like the Marx brothers, just lulzing on everyone and everything, pulling pranks, getting laid and drunk and generally causing shenanigans.

        5. nah, I just like playing chess, Russians and famous people.

        6. I’m a horse feathers man myself, yelling from night till dawn about whatever etc, but I kind of see you (and your fellow academics?) as a duck soup kind of person. The war rages on between freedonia and sylvania but you’re only interested in the lulz

        7. fair and accurate.
          I remember one guy who was a professor of enviormental ethics with his virtue signaling 20 year Vulva (I mean Volvo) covered in stickers with various liberal messages. The boys and I got hundreds of Bush Cheney stickers and covered his car in it. No one could ever prove it, but everyone knew who it was.
          Oh the antics we got up to. We used to use a conference room for poker games then the idea to get all the drug dealers we knew to play a high stakes game and we would take a vig and serve booze and stuff. 1 am and a dozen fucking thugs are showing up at the university to play hold ’em while I had grad students serving them Hennessey. Oh we were the best

        8. btw I am a horsefeatehrs man too…only I was Chico….only real concerns were alcohol and the college widow…i’d walk a mile for a calomel

        9. sounds like an important ethnographic study of the lived experience of new york lumpenproletariat, not to mention great hands on barista training for your grad students

    2. Not to mention how he entered Russia via Canada with an American passport.

      1. Sutton seems to suggest that that may have been authorised by Woodrow Wilson himself.
        “President Woodrow Wilson was the fairy godmother who provided Trotsky with a passport to return to Russia to “carry forward” the revolution. This American passport was accompanied by a Russian entry permit and a British transit visa. Jennings C. Wise, in Woodrow Wilson: Disciple of Revolution, makes the pertinent comment, “Historians must never forget that Woodrow Wilson, despite the efforts of the British police, made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an American passport.”
        Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

  11. Seems Trotsky was jailed a few times, sent to Siberia a few times, and deported a few times, all as a result of his political activities.
    I’d probably have taken a more practical approach and simply concluded that I’m not able to play the game well enough to avoid the ice axe in the brain.
    Something about those fervent communists, though..

    1. The lust for power is unreal for some guys. Many clamor to be first in line to be killed.

      1. Everyone has their lusts I guess. In his brilliant autobiography, Life, Keith Richards says that Mic Jagger had a lust for attention like no one else. He HAD to be with the most beautiful woman in the room, he had to be the center of attention, he HAD to be the rock star…”it is hard living with mick. it is hard living with a man who is addicted to attention. I was much easier to deal with, I was just addicted to heroin. As long as we had a steady supply I never bothered anyone”
        I imagine if my lusts, which happen to be lust, were focused on power I would be quite an asshole…I mean even worse than I am now.

        1. I couldn’t imagine having to debate in congress, spending all day, surrounded by assholes, Would make me feel like Dark Helmet.

        2. If I get one more spam phone call, I am going to smash my phone with a hammer and toss it into the swimming pool. (Unrelated rant over.)

        3. I’m telling you man, treasure those things. They really help me stretch my improv wings and I honestly look forward to the incoming call with “unknown” or “washington d.c.” in the caller ID window.

        4. Great fun. Same here. My improve skills are coming along. I like to go for subtlety because it amuses me the most. And if you screw it up, you know you’ll always have another chance. Back in the day, my dad used to answer those with a “Heil Hitler.” Drove my mom nuts. Dad “it’s my house I can do what I want.”

        5. I’ve pranked them so many times now that I think they put me on their “DNC” list and spread it across India. Been a while since I’ve gotten any kind of “computer issue” or “IRS you owe us money” calls.

        6. Hilarious – It’s pure comedy! I have a separate voicemail setup just for solicitors for the business. All those calls get diverted to “Harry Taint.” The repeated solicitors actually get quite creative in their attempts to reach Harry… We go through all the voicemails at least once a week for a good laugh!

    2. fervency always seems to die out with a lack of funding…call me crazy

    3. exactly. It is like in Shawshank redemption when Tommy is bragging that he has been in and out of all these different jails and Andy suggests he changes careers because he obviously isn’t a very good thief if he keeps getting caught.

      1. Tommy was nowhere near as smart as Andy…Andy managed to chip away at the walls of his cell for decades, and nobody heard him doing it, or caught him in the act…nobody saw him dumping rock in the yard…nobody ever looked behind that poster. That guy was smooth, man.

        1. Plus, he was able to reattach the poster back to the wall from inside the hole. How did he do that shit?

        2. I pondered that one myself. Did he go through the hole feet first. Did he put fresh sticky tape on the bottom of the poster, so it would swing back to the wall and stick to it. I like the film but whenever a movie gets more and more implausible…I check out mentally. Here’s another implausible thing in the film – Red does the voiceover when describing Andy’s first morning as a free man. “All told, Andy visited nearly a dozen banks in the Portland area that morning.” Banks back then opened at 10:00 a.m. But let’s cut Stephen King some slack and say the banks opened at 9:00 a.m. He closed an account at each bank, and withdrew the money. And that takes time. A dozen banks, that’s one every 15 minutes. Which doesn’t include drive time. No freakin’ way. This film should be put into the Implausible Theater Hall of Fame…

    4. Trotksy was not his real name, it was Lev Davidovich Bronstein. The name alone should reveal all about him. While he is long gone and dead, there are many out there in 2017 just like him, plotting against Western society.

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    5. Too bad he didn’t finish his unauthorized biography of Stalin, I would like to have read it.

    6. “What are you willing to fight for, what are you willing to die for…for whatever that is…that is what you truly believe” – something my dad said to me in one of many smoke side chats.
      I abhor communists, jihadists, basically anyone who wishes harm to me and mine. Despite those people being my enemy I can begrudge a little respect if they are willing to lay their lives on the line for what they profess to believe.

  12. Thats why (((Liberals))) hate Stalin so much – because he physically eliminated most if the early (((bolsheviks))) and then relocated thousands of Jews to the Russian Far East. Look it up – that region is still called “Jewish Autonomous Republic”. There’s only a handfull of them left today, since most left that region after Stalin’s death and later immigrated to Israel and the West.
    PS. Trotsky has blood of millions of Slavs on his kosher hands. May he burn in hell for eternity.

  13. Off-topic, but interesting nonetheless (weird, isn’t it, that “nonetheless” is one word).
    Here’s a 2017 arrest report update, brought to you by the NFL (the National Felons League):
    2017-01-02 CIN Adam Jones CB Arrested Assault Accused of poking hotel security employee in the eye in Cincinnati, obstructing police.
    2017-01-10 LAR Tre Mason RB Arrested Eluding police Accused of fleeing law enforcement, careless driving on an ATV in July 2016.
    2017-01-12 GB Sam Shields CB Charged Drugs Accused of misdemeanor marijuana possession from Oct. 19, 2016.
    2017-02-16 LAC King Dunlap OT Arrested Violating court order Suspected of violating protective order in Nashville stemming from domestic incident.
    2017-02-16 NYJ Darrelle Revis CB Charged Assault Accused of aggravated assault after altercation in Pittsburgh. Video shows two men on the ground unconscious.
    2017-02-25 BAL Matt Elam S Arrested Drugs Pulled over in Miami Beach, accused of possessing marijuana, Oxycodone.
    2017-02-25 IND David Parry DT Arrested DUI, resisting arrest Suspected of stealing golf cart, driving drunk, resisting arrest in Scottsdale, Ariz.
    2017-03-05 LAR Ethan Westbrooks DT Arrested Domestic violence Suspected of domestic violence in Sacramento after police observed injuries to mother of his child.
    2017-03-07 KC Demetrius Harris TE Arrested Drugs Suspected of felony marijuana possession as passenger in car pulled over in Missouri.
    2017-03-26 GB Makinton Dorleant CB Arrested Police interference Accused of interfence after scuffle outside of bar in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
    2017-03-26 CHI Deiondre Hall CB Arrested Disorderly conduct Accused of disorderly conduct, public intoxication and interference outside bar in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
    2017-03-27 SEA Trevone Boykin QB Arrested Drugs Accused of marijuana possession, public intoxication. He was a passenger in a car involved in accident in Dallas.
    2017-04-01 ARI Marquis Bundy WR Arrested Disorderly Suspected of failing to obey police commands after getting agitated outside club in Scottsdale, Ariz.
    2017-04-06 SEA Trevone Boykin QB Arrested Probation violation Suspected of violating probation with March 27 arrest. Probation stemmed from 2015 bar fight while at TCU.
    2017-04-06 SF Tramaine Brock CB Arrested Domestic violence Suspected of felony domestic violence in Santa Clara, Calif. Officers said female had visible injuries.
    2017-04-07 WAS Junior Galette LB Arrested Disorderly conduct Accused of getting into a fight and running away from police in Biloxi, Miss.
    2017-05-07 NYJ Robby Anderson WR Arrested Resisting arrest Accused of fighting police and security at music festival in Miami.
    That makes 17 NFL players who have been arrested so far in 2017…you might notice something else all that virtually all of the offenders have in common, besides being NFL players…and no, sorry, facts are not racist.

  14. People like to talk about the Jews like they’re invincible but this is a good example of a time when they got beaten badly by a ragtag band led by a Mixed-Blood Tartar(Lenin), gangsters from the Caucasus(Stalin and friends), backed by Russian muscle.
    The radicals were in two parties, Mensheviks and Bolsheviks. The Mensheviks were the more Jewish and intellectual faction.
    Trotsky defected from the Mensheviks at the last minute once the Bolsheviks had the upper hand, and to the outrage of many close associates of Lenin he got promoted straight to the top as commander of the Red Army.
    Trotsky was perfect for his job because the other top Bolsheviks hated and envied him from the start. Just me reading in between the lines: this was exactly how Lenin wanted it—an insurance policy to make sure his highest general couldn’t get too big for his boots. So when Lenin, Trotsky’s sole sponsor died, the victorious head of the Red Army found himself surrounded by enemies instead of accolades.
    As far as I can tell, Trotsky, was never the wiser about how hugely he got used as a tool and outplayed in a game of office politics. That realization probably would have shattered his sanity, Lovecraft style.

  15. Trotsky also was the inspiration for the (((neocons))). Of course there is nothing conservative about neoconservatives. Other than their desire to conserve communism.

  16. IMHO Stalin has redeemed himself, by terminating that psychopathic humanoid reptile !!

  17. In the end, what can we learn from this ?
    Is that when one deals with the devil, one gets devilish results.

  18. I detect a curiosity for communism.
    I would encourage you all to read-up about what ,,they” did in the countries they engulfed after the 2nd world war.
    Please research ,, Pitesti Experiment ”, to anyone who wants to know what kind of fundamentals communism has, because make no mistake, communism is very alive and kicking ass all over the world.
    Your searches will ultimately give you the following conclusion:
    Communism is violently anti-Christianity.

    1. Which is crazy because it’s never once been successful as a sustainable system. But hey, people keep trying the same stupid shit over and over.

        1. That experiment I wrote about…if you would have done your homework instead of agreeing like a robot would have convinced you that :
          – communism employed mental, physical torture just to make hundreds of thousands of subjects to renounce Christianity.
          Now, when you talk about a system that actively fights against God and His laws – the laws by which modern society was build…when you have a system that works against that and against your freedom….
          ….How can you even use the words ,,sustainable system” when referring to communism ?

        2. Ok dude, clearly you suffer from reading comprehension issues. I said that communism isn’t sustainable, and that people who keep trying it are idiots, lol.

  19. After the communists came tanks first into the former Kingdom of Greater Romania, the first thing they did was to indict by show-trials and execute by firing squad all of the nation’s political elite. Afterwards they instituted neo-gulags and new prisons where they incarcerated any person who would manifest Christian Virtue & Values. Priests Orthodox, Roman-Catholic, Greco-Catholics, Professors, Teachers, Scientists, Trainers, Leaders, anyone who was a leader in his profession was incarcerated and sent to re-education.
    Re-education was basically the torture physical and mental of all collective individuals to renounce their values in which they were born and raised, namely Christian Virtue.
    Inside these prisons, they [ hebrew & russian speaking men] manifested a special aversion towards the Christian men & women and even children. They tortured, raped, stabbed, with hot irons, forcing them to make the cross sign to sculpted penises, to eat the body of Christ by being forced to eat shit with a spoon and severely beaten, many times to death.
    The goal of these programs of re-education was to create the very objective of communism, which is … The New Man.
    The New Man…which comes from nowhere, has no values, betrays his fellowmen and women in the first second, kills and can be co-opted in any situation by the state.

      1. The New Men & Women exist today. They walk the Earth prepared in a split second to betray anyone and anything under any circumstance. They are the ones who silently accept any abuse and who will betray you in a heartbeat if it benefits them. You could call them zombies, because that’s what they are.

  20. There’s a pretty good movie about this on Netflix Instant Play for anyone who’s interested.

  21. Excellent article.
    Check the experiment in Venezuela. Nobody in America cares.

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