What The Media Wont Tell You About The Aaron Hernandez Tragedy

Most people in the free world, sports fans or not, are familiar with the Aaron Hernandez saga. The reader’s digest version is that he, Hernandez, was convicted in ’15 for the murder of Odin Lloyd, a semi-professional football player and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Hernandez was later indicted on double homicide charges stemming from a double murder in 2012 but was acquitted last month. Five days after he beat those charges, however, the former New England Patriots tight end took his own life in his Massachusetts prison cell at just 27 years old, leaving behind his fiancee (Shayanna Jenkins) and 4 year old daughter.

Shayanna Jenkins

The main question that’s been echoed throughout the media since his arrest back in ’13 for the Lloyd murder was how could a man who had achieved ultimate success by becoming a professional athlete and acquiring generational wealth turn cold-blooded killer? How could a man who had everything, financial security, a fiancee, a daughter, along with fame and fortune throw it all away over a misunderstanding at a night club?

How it started

Any man with red pill awareness knows that fathers play a huge role in the successful upbringing of strong masculine sons, both physically and mentally. Hernandez obviously had elite physical traits but his mental state was severely lacking.

A few months after his arrest for the Odin Lloyd murder Rolling Stone published an article entitled The Gangster In The Huddle which chronicled the life and times of Aaron Hernandez from his childhood to his seemingly inevitable first degree murder conviction.

I read the article intently before coming up on this paragraph about Aaron’s father, Dennis:

…in January 2006, Dennis checked himself in for a hernia repair at a local hospital. Something happened on the table, though, and he contracted an infection; two days later, he was dead. He was 49, in otherwise splendid health, and beloved by virtually everyone in town.

Hernandez was just 16 when he lost his father. According to the article, Aaron was “shocked beyond tears” and sat expressionless at the funeral while his older brother, D.J., sobbed uncontrollably over the casket.

Young Hernandez and older brother D.J.

By all accounts, Dennis was a good father to the Hernandez brothers. He built them a make shift gym in the family basement so they could train (he recognized both of his sons were athletically gifted from a young age), made sure their homework was completed on time and quizzed them on picking up blitz’s or offensive assignments. He also made sure his sons weren’t subjected to the perils of the streets that plagued his own childhood:

Dennis sheltered them from that life with all his might,” says Gary Fortier. “He was the perfect dad: He went to every scrimmage, and got ’em up at dawn to work out,”

D.J. was like a second father to Aaron

Losing his father at an age where boys need them the most nearly damaged Hernandez beyond repair. He still had his older brother, who was much like their father as far as discipline and work ethic went, but a series of events that occurred before and after Dennis’ death put the finishing touches on Aaron’s transformation from a kid who was a happy-go-lucky goofball into a man with homicidal (and later suicidal) tendencies and an insatiable need for violence.

His mother was not a good influence

As good a father as Dennis was, their mother, Terri was the polar opposite. People who knew the family said she brought a lot of drama into the Hernandez household. In 2001 she was busted for running an illegal sports book when Aaron was just 12. She didn’t do any time but that event was the start of a a rift between her and Aaron. Her subsequent affair with a drug dealer put the nail in the coffin:

Friends say Terri had begun cheating on Dennis with a physically abusive coke dealer named Jeffrey Cummings, who was married to Dennis’ niece, Tanya Cummings.

Terri’s relationship with Cummings, whose nickname is Meathead, was a bottomless source of grief for the sons. There was an ugly spectacle in the stands at a UConn game, says a family friend. Terri, on hand to watch DJ play, was angrily confronted by her niece and slapped in the face. The aftermath, says the friend, “hurt Aaron bad and broke his heart.”

He might have held it together, or handled the fallout better, if Dennis had been around to see him through it. But in January 2006, Dennis checked himself in for a hernia repair at a local hospital…

As stated earlier, Dennis died just two days later.

Terri (left), D.J. (center) at Hernandez’s murder trial

But it doesn’t end there:

Heartsick and furious, Aaron seemed to implode. “He would rebel,” Terri told USA Today in an interview three years later. “He wasn’t the same kid, the way he spoke to me. The shock of losing his dad, there was so much anger.” Small wonder there: She moved Cummings into the house she shared with Aaron, and married him when his divorce from Tanya was final.

To no one’s great surprise, cops soon fielded phone calls that Cummings was abusing Terri. “We responded to that address on more than one occasion,” says Detective Lt. Kevin Morrell of the Bristol P.D. In June 2010, Cummings got drunk one night and flew into a rage. Grabbing a knife from the kitchen, he slashed Terri’s face and body before she fled to her neighbors next door. Cops arrested Cummings in the yard and charged him with assault and sent him to prison for two years. Terri divorced him that year, but took him back, say friends, when he was released in 2012.

A bad father negatively affects the lives and mental well being of both boys and girls. An absentee father sometimes magnifies those problems.

A bad mother can also negatively affect children in a negative way but those affects can be mitigated and sometimes even eliminated by a good father. Same thing applies with an absentee mother.

Hernandez is arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd

But a good father who is lost too soon combined with an unfaithful mother who acts selfishly and clearly has no regard for the psyche of her sons as a result of her actions has deadly consequences. The multiple victims Aaron Hernandez left in his wake, Odin Lloyd, Shayanna Jenkins, her daughter Avielle, and Hernandez himself all suffered will continue to suffer those consequences for the rest of their lives.

Am I absolving Hernandez?

Of course not. Regardless of our upbringing and experiences, we’re all born with a fundamental understanding of the difference between right and wrong. Aaron Hernandez was wrong for killing Odin Lloyd and deserved the sentence he received.

What was lost in the narrative, however, was the effect his poor excuse of a mother had on him at a young age what with her illegal exploits and affair with a violent drug dealer whom she eventually married and moved into the home she shared with her sons. The media speculated and analyzed his life ad nauseam searching for possible explanations for his metamorphosis into a cold blooded killer.

But men here know how and why bad mothers ruin their children for life as the proof is all around us every day. And as usual the left leaning media conveniently leaves out the female’s role and responsibility in any tragedy. The saga of Aaron Hernandez was no different.

Check out Donovan’s podcast The Sharpe Reality on thesharpereality.com or his YouTube channel

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68 thoughts on “What The Media Wont Tell You About The Aaron Hernandez Tragedy”

  1. For all the good Dennis was to his sons, keeping that harpy around them was worse than anything he couldve done.

    1. I’m forced to agree. Your wife is not an unknown quantity or quality. If she’s doing this level of bullshit, you know as the husband. You know. There is no excuse, you know.
      Might well explain his doing extra stuff for his boys. I don’t begrudge him that, I admire that, but he seems to have been compensating for something.
      Toxic wives, like single mothers, destroy young men.

    2. As a son of a toxic mother and an, on-the-whole good, father, I would have to agree that my dad keeping my mom around was stupid. STUPID!
      Put it this way. Im 31 and in my parents basemen (stacking madd cash mind you), and Im always astounded within minutes of talking to other peoples wives and mothers about how nice they are. Like “Wow, you’re not being manipulative every second? You actually want to do something productive instead of lie, sleep all day, said you worked hard when the house keeper cleaned, and then pay someone else to do something?” The rap sheet on this bitch I call mom is never ending.
      Put it this way. “Malcolm in the Middle” was not funny because it was too real. Whenever something happened in that show it was like “whats so bad about that? That happened twice today.”

  2. While I recognize the value of going through this as a lesson and a cautionary tale, I have a difficult time dredging up much sympathy for Hernandez.

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    1. Hernandez if he was not a multi-million dollar NFL star, would be just another thug on a police blotter report. The only thing that makes him different from other thugs who commit horrific violent crimes was his money and fame, which he threw away.
      Look at Russell Wilson, great example of an NFL star that did not give into wholesale thuggery and other stupidity of many NFL stars. Then again Wilson grew up in a good home.
      Colin Kaepernick grew up in a good home as well, but has a lot of hatred for white people, even though his biological mother is white and so are his adopted parents. I guess he is hating himself, belongs in a looney bin than on an NFL team.

  3. The whole correlation/causation argument……so, if Junior got raped in the butt when he was a preschooler, is that his fault that he became gay? YES. We are fifth dimensional creatures: length, width, height, time, and choice. We cannot go back and have a do-over, but we can make the most with what we have and keep moving forward. Our lives are not some preset movie. We have control over over our actions. Of course, statistically, we have circumstances that steer us into certain paths, but that is a matter of weakness if we allow that to happen.

    1. Nah, teh gay is contagious. Once you get raped in the butt, you’re the gay from then on whether you like it or not.

      1. There was this kid on my high school football team. He would constantly have these racing stripes on his shorts. One particular day, we were giving him a hard time about it, and all of a sudden, he burst into tears and yelled out, in no uncertain terms told us why he had that. Also explained why he was adopted. Sorry dude.

        1. I’m having a hard time deciding between making another gay joke and expressing my fervent desire to brutally murder all child molesters.

        2. Gay jokes are fine, they need to be made fun of. Molesters, on the other hand are not funny.
          Jokes about sex are funny, raping an 8 year old is not.

        3. true, but outside the molestation scenario, they are doing it to themselves, so if they want to take the risk, let them.

        4. That scenario is probably a lot more common than academia or anyone else will ever admit. Gay molesters should be thrown off a roof.

        5. Been saying the same thing just from observing gays. A number of them have no fathers, weak fathers, or were molested while their sexuality was ill defined. Problem with faggotry, you don’t go back once it happens.

        6. That would be lovely. Should be open season on those and we could give each other medals for the most gruesome and stylistic way of eliminating such filth.

        7. I have actually heard of some instances from direct sources.
          So a former boss of mine told me that he had an part time employee who was ultra gay according to his description and identified as such.
          Years later the guy comes back and is married to a woman and has kids.

    2. The idea only one person is accountable is a false dichotomy. If it was up to me both him and his mother would be in prison. We need laws to deter bad motherhood at this point.

  4. Below are two side-by-side screen shots taken from two separate videos – one of them is from a news video allegedly showing police searching Aaron Hernandez’s home, and the other one is from a home-security surveillance video allegedly showing the inside of Aaron Hernandez’s home, which prosecutors allegedly showed to jurors at the Odin Lloyd murder trial.
    The first screen shot shows the outside of Aaron Hernandez’s home. Notice there are five rows of glass panes in the windows on opposite sides of the front door. The second screen shot shows the inside of Aaron Hernandez’s home. Notice there are four rows of glass panes in the windows on opposite sides of the front door.
    This proves that two different homes were used for this particular media sideshow. Either Aaron Hernandez had the dumbest lawyer in the history of criminal trial law, or the whole thing was scripted from start to finish like a bad Hollywood movie and it’s possible that nobody actually died. Guess which one your old Uncle Bob is betting on… (Click to enlarge.)

        1. Heck even the doors are different as is the actual layout. Second shot has a single door and zero sidelights.

        2. People are funny. If they are shown something on TV, they will believe it. And once they believe it, the mind will fight against any evidence that disproves what they were indoctrinated to believe. So it goes…I guess that’s why they call it TV “programming”.

        3. Well you have piqued my curiosity. Could he be a Martian who had to go home? Did the NFL get wise?

        4. Uranus. The Uranus Buttpipes. Krapernick will be quarterback and every 3rd down will involve a nice refreshing colonic.

    1. So, Bob, please explain further. Which picture is the real house? So there was no murder? How did the victim die? Understand that I love a great conspiracy theory. What was the end point?

      1. I believe that Screen shot 1 shows the real house. It’s been featured in tons of media stories. So I would wager the second screen shot shows the equivalent of a Hollywood movie lot. All I know for sure is they used two different homes to sell the story – that’s what can be deduced with absolute certainty. Which means the story is…um…fake news. How deep the rabbit hole goes on this story I don’t know for sure

        1. OK. So where is the body? The victim’s family surely isn’t standing out weeping when there is no murder. Who wanted Hernandez out of the picture?

        2. I don’t know for sure. All I know is the red pill will take you as far down the rabbit hole as you care to go…but I don’t care to go any further down it in this case…maybe someone else will dig, dig, dig, and do the research. But the story is crap. The two different photos prove it.

        3. True, it could be. But like I said, people are funny. If they are shown something on TV, they will believe it. And once they believe it, the mind will fight against any evidence that disproves what they were indoctrinated to believe.
          Richard Nixon said it best – “The American people won’t believe anything until they see it on TV.” Look how high he rose on the greasy flagpole…I’ll bet he knew a lot of things we don’t know.

  5. The guy was a murderer. Contrary to SJWs bone-headed idea that ROK promotes “rape tactics” and other such criminal BS, we do not sympathize with murderers, rapists, kiddy fiddlers, etc. at all

      1. (((George Soros))). But after he destroyed western civilization I left him a voice message, essentially telling him to take a hike.

    1. I have a hard time feeling sorry for Aaron Hernandez. If he was convicted of killing his step dad, who was beating his mother, it would be another story. But the reality was he killed another person for some minor misunderstanding.
      Just cause someone endures some tragedy does not give them an excuse to harm others.

  6. Article with substance on a different theme, thanks. Have never heard of the guy before or the murder, had a quick read, sounds like they were both mixed up with guns and violence.. But would like more articles about fatherless and messed up female parenting. Certainly does red-pill us..
    Odin is a Nordic God btw.. Unusual name for someone of that skin colour getting involved in shady stuff in clubs.

  7. “we’re all born with a fundamental understanding of the difference between right and wrong.”
    In fact we are NOT. What we see as right or wrong is called “social programming”.
    Dont believe me?
    In the middle ages people saw it perfectly right to torture and kill non-christians to save their soul.
    Today most would consider this murder or genocide.
    Today cultures see women with clitoris as un-marriageable while most of us in the west consider their practises as cruel.
    Not too long ago, a bit over 100 years only, we would rate killing a black slave about as bad as killing a dog.
    Bottomline: What is right or wrong is imprinted by society and changes over time.

    1. Cheetahs don’t kill other cheetahs. Elephants don’t kill other elephants. (talking same “tribe” or herd here). It’s genetic.

  8. But wasn’t he a closet homo on the down low?
    That’s what the papers are saying this was all about.

    1. True. That said, Thor was the protector of humanity. Odin was an artsy fartsy degenerate who was all about transexual bullshit. That we know his name today is a curse on humanity. His son Thor was a true hero, an utter man’s man.

        1. Tyr, Thunnar (Thor) and his hot wife Sif, I’m in 100%. They were about mankind. Odin, to hel with him.

      1. Damnit. But isn’t that just speculation as the specific term “seidh” isn’t very well defined and it can mean many things?
        However I just looked that up now; if you have deeper knowledge I would like to be corrected.

  9. I haven’t read this yet. I saw the part in the headline e about how his mother is left out of the picture. Without reading this yet, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she was a Single Mom.

    1. Well, I was close to being right. She drove her husband into an early grave, THEN she was single.

    2. A lot of people have a weird definition of single mother. Some people say mother are single mothers only when their children are born and they are not married at the time the children are born. I disagree, women who were married when their children are born and then divorce their husbands are also single mothers. Same with widows, but in the case of widows they had no choice in the matter.

  10. This case is sad but unfortunately many young athletes who make it the pros often think with their success they have a license to do whatever they want. Hernandez clearly believed that but learned it the hard way.

  11. aaron hernandez was a knuckle dragging super athletic puppy dog. this observation of his difficult to understand behavior is right on. his intensity was so much that without direction it went full retard.

  12. Anyone that’s read “Pimp” has heard a similar tale. This reminded me of how the writer, Iceberg Slim, was mad at his mother for leaving his step dad, who was a good man that he loved dearly, for an abusive piece of shit man. It was his first lesson in the “game”. He believed that if she had stayed with his good, nice, beta stepdad his life wouldn’t have gone down such a dark path.
    Not to downplay the role of a good father but sometimes it is just anyone that will listen, male or female, that can help bring you from the brink. I was on such a brink at one point. My anger was to a degree where I was just about to convince myself that killing was an ok thing to do. One of my girls, the one that I had put through the most shit, was the one that brought me back from it. All she did was listen and let me know she cared. Or at least she made me believe she did. I’ve told her many times that either she is the most congruent liar I’ve ever met or she actually cares.
    Either way, the point is if you do not or did not have a strong guiding force in your life, at least find a confidant. The fact you feel no one wants to hear what you have to say and that your weaknesses will get you nothing but contempt is why male suicide rates are so high. You don’t have to be a cry baby bitch but you don’t have to feel alone in your pain. Let Aaron be an example for us all.

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