5 Tips To Maintaining A Beard That Will Get You More Women

Growing a beard is one of the easiest ways to make yourself more attractive to women. Beards are a quintessential aspects of physical masculinity: a lush carpet of hair on your face will make you stand out from clean-shaved men and give you an advantage in the mating dance. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to maintain a beard, and if you do it wrong, you’ll look like a dork instead of like a man. Here’s how to maintain your beard the right way…

1. Grow Your Beard Out Before You Start Shaping It

Many men make the mistake of trying to sculpt their beard before it’s fully grown out. This is a major error. It takes time for a beard to reach a length where sculpting it is possible, and doing it too soon will make you look awkward and weird. Think of your beard as a canvass: it needs to be treated gingerly if you want to develop it. To spare yourself these problems, grow your beard out for at least two months before you begin shaping it.

2. Clean Up Any Straggling Hairs

This is the second stage of beard maintenance. Beards that are thick and dense look more masculine and powerful, so you want to keep your beard as orderly and neat as possible. The thicker the beard, the better: thin beards make you look weak and project vulnerability instead of strength, hurting your attractiveness to women.

Because hairs grow at different rates, you’ll want to trim runaway hairs at the bottom that are growing too quickly in order to give the appearance that your beard is as thick as possible. Do this on a regular basis.

3. Regularly Shave The Neck And Upper Cheeks

The absolute last thing you want is a neckbeard. Men with neckbeards get mocked on the Internet for a reason: they’re gross, messy, and make you look like a homeless person. If you grow a neckbeard, you might as well just forget about women and buy yourself a fedora and a lifetime supply of Cheetos.

To avoid looking like a euphoric atheist, regularly shave your neck and upper cheeks so that your beard looks neat. You’ll want to walk a line between being too fussy and being too lax. Try and make it so that you don’t look like you’re trimming your beard every day even when you are. You want your beard to look as effortless as possible, like it just magically sprouted from your face in an organized pattern and maintains an even length.

4. Keep Your Beard Symmetrical

Scientific studies have shown that people with symmetrical facial features are considered more attractive. This goes for beards as well: asymmetrical beards look weird and off-putting. To this end, you’ll want to keep your beard as symmetrical as possible. This can be somewhat difficult with traditional beard grooming products, as these pictures show…

5. Use A Beard Trimmer Like Pride Grooming’s Beard Shaping Tool

The best way to keep your beard symmetrical and fresh is to use professional beard trimming product, such as Pride Grooming’s Beard Shaping Tool.

Traditional methods of cutting and trimming beards, such as scissors or beards, are risky and inefficient. You’ll want to use the Beard Shaping Tool because it allows you to expertly sculpt your neckline, cheekline, and jawline with the precision of a professional barber. Indeed, both amateur beard owners and barbers can make use of the Beard Shaping Tool in their work.

The Beard Shaping Tool is so versatile that it can even be used to shape your sideburns and forehead/temple lines. To help you out with the process of trimming, the tool also includes symmetry lines to guide your grooming.

The men who’ve purchased the Beard Shaping Tool are happy to have found a product that makes beard grooming an absolute cinch. By using this tool, you can make the process of maintaining your beard painless and easy, and also make yourself more attractive to girls. Enter the code “ROK” at checkout for any Pride Grooming order to receive a 10% discount.

If you’re going to grow a beard, you need to do it right. Indeed, if you don’t do it right, you might as well not even do it at all. By following these beard maintenance tips and investing in a professional Beard Shaping Tool, you can make the process of having a beard pain-free and easy, and also increase your attractiveness to women while you’re at it. Click here to visit the Pride Grooming Store.

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314 thoughts on “5 Tips To Maintaining A Beard That Will Get You More Women”

  1. Number one tip for having a beard:
    Shave that fucking thing you hipster queer.

      1. the reason hippies grew beards was because they were rebelling against masculinity.

        1. there was a serious undercurrent of rebellion against masculinity in the hippies. They looked at the clean cut men who ran the world and made conscious efforts to separate themselves from businessmen, warriors, politicians and anyone who represented established masculine values. Hippies were (are) an effeminate people who believe that masculinity is an affront to their way of life (masculine men will not tolerate being a bum, lazing around, being a slob, being under or unemployed, being lazy, being a failure). It is the masculine energy that says get your ass up and do something and that is what the hippies are most afraid of. Make no mistake, the facial hair they grew was to thumb their nose at society and masculinity. Only outcasts and those who want to look like outcasts will comport themselves in this way. People in college or even in their mid twenties are free to play around, but at some point you just have to grow up.

        2. That’s right. A man in 2017 with a beard is a total fem.
          Sorry frank Stallone, men shave their faces. Get a razor and grow up

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        1. Was it jesse ownens who said that winning a silver medal just makes you the number one loser

      1. I just searched for this photo with Google to see which film this is (I didn’t know it) and I was thinking to myself “Awesome, I didn’t know Mads Mikkelsen acted in such a movie” and then I saw the cast and this is in fact Martin Sheen…like what the fuck. What happened to him? I only know him from The Departed!

      2. From a French Monarchist going by the name de Charette? I do believe you would kill the man who tried to force that beard upon you

    1. I regularly sleep in tents and shoot my own food. Even I look in the mirror occasionally and think to myself, “you goddamn hipster.”

      1. I shite in pots and wipe my arse with poison ivy. My food kills itself in terror and awe of my brute masculinity. Women quiver and men tremble uncontrollably when I enter a cave with only a loincloth and a two handed sword forged by Zeus and Odin themselves in tow.

    2. beards are only ridiculous now bc guy who codes apps and make artisanal whiskey rock them; makes sense if you were a lumberjack or a fisherman

      1. I will give professional lumberjacks, fisherman and the like a pass but even they ought to consider a nice clean cut look. But if you earn your living sitting a desk making your living and have facial hair I will wag my finger in derision

        1. And we’re gonna call you a city slicker faggot who is too afraid of monsters to sleep outside.

        2. Im not knocking artisanal whiskey btw; had some good shite in Brooklyn. Beards and Elvis Costello glasses dont compute for me

        3. And I’ll call you an uncivilized hick who is too afraid to compete with real men in a competitive arena so you hide in the woods.
          At the end of the day the view is all about where you’re standing

        4. Beards are contextual. You ride your motorcycle in autumn/spring/winter, or you hunt out in the cold, or fish, you’ll understand why men grow them.
          I loathe hipster beards, but that no more makes beards bad than Planet Fitness makes all gyms bad.

        5. respectfully disagree. Beard = Bad. If you are somewhere in the arctic and legit need to keep your face from freezing you get a pass but what the hell you are doing out there brings all new questions. All beards are gay hipster beards. It is time to shave.

        6. Well that’s simply your opinion and subjective to your own tastes and preferences.

        7. If you say so. I think it is far different. I think it is recognizable psychological patterns. If I walk into flagstaff Arizona in august wearing a subzero polar suit and someone tells me I look like a doof and I tell them “that is just your opinion” I am sure they would have much the same reaction. It’s 2017…leaving aside the guys from the deadliest catch or someone for whom climate actually dictates facial hair, having it is just silly. It’s not morally wrong, just kind of an unnecessary absurdity. As a side note, I will straight up not hire someone with facial hair. Zero percent chance. Won’t even look at their credentials.

        8. And yet I don’t fit that pattern, so…..
          It’s just your opinion. Somebody walking around Flagstaff in August in arctic gear is doing something contrary to common sense and may well suffer physically for doing so, like in a life threatening way. That’s not a matter of opinion or taste. A biker guy with a beard, is just that, and nothing more.

        9. “contrary to common sense ”
          I suppose a biker guy with a “beard is just that and nothing more” as you say and I am sure it doesn’t raise eyebrows and seems perfectly normal. That said, I would never hire a man with facial hair as I mentioned. Tis your face and you can bewhisker it as you wish but to your original question about if I see it as a hipsterish thing….yes, hipster, or holding on to some old glory without willingness to move into the current world, or some form of hiding of something…that is exactly how I read it. Does that mean that those things are true? Of course not. If you held up a sign that said “My Name is Freddy” it is perfectly possible that your name isn’t actually freddy. This doesn’t mean that one would be wrong for assuming such.

        10. I submit that per @ghostofjefferson:disqus it IS contextual: Your opinions (yes opinions!) are a product of your time – if you were hiring people in 1980 you would not have this prohibition of facial hair and don’t get me started on ‘if you were a cop/porn star in 1977’…

        11. I was under the impression that cop and porn star were synonymous in 1977?

        12. I’ll keep this discussion in mind the next time mani-pedis and facials come up.

        13. please do. Then I can remind you how proper grooming of oneself in the modern world is a good thing

        14. No, that’s fine, perfectly legit. I mean sure, normally we associate mani-pedis and facials to be the domain of women and fags, and while somebody who gets them might be straight, this doesn’t mean that one would be wrong for assuming that he’s a fag.

        15. ahhhh my #1 favorite failure, piss ant. I’ve missed you. Mom suspend computer privileges for watching too much interracial gay porn?

        16. Indeed, but hey, good business model. Bilk all of the fatties out of a monthly payment, while keeping the real bodybuilder types out so that they don’t scare away the fatties. Kind of a masterstroke of marketing genius, really.

        17. I am sure when the bearded cave men get together they feel just that way…but here in the civilized world we think of things a little differently. We also use “napkins” and other such effeminate bs lol

        18. I could so open up a can of rhetorical whoop ass on you that it would make your head spin right now hoss, lol. But I won’t. It’s your opinion, you’re welcome to it.

        19. What you call “rhetorical whoop ass” I might have another term for 😉

        20. I live in a hipster college town, so I get why people hate beards. But these people don’t ever fit their beards, I find. Either they grow the wrong facial hair for their faces and bodies (e.g. handlebar mustache without being a 20’s bodybuilder), or they are so unmasculine that any beard will look glued on.
          I, on the other hand, have only ever been told that the beard suits me. I keep it well-groomed and short, so that the beard isn’t some stupid fashion statement.

        21. hahahahaha you are just the best. Don’t change a hair for me, not if ya care for me. Just precious you are. You have no idea how you brighten my day.

        22. I’m the same way. I look better and more refined with my beard than without it. A lot of guys either grow patchy facial hair, or just look dumb with a beard. It only works for certain people.

        23. For a hardcore computer programmer, go-to-hell beards and wild unkempt long hair is the elite tell, and has been so since the 70s.

        24. After 25 hours a day in the gym(blathering online), you likely need a pick me up….
          ….over my head in order to body slam you.

        25. I am currently hiring an IT Director. If someone comes in without a cleaned shaved face I won’t even look at their resume

        26. Btw you probably watch a lot of pro wrestling while masturbating so I understand how both physics and success can seem foreign to you.
          Yer welcome to come try my any time you like if your mom will give you bus fare

        27. Correct. It wasn’t until the Plumper/pizza strike of 1983 that the profession was opened up to otherw

        28. man, you are my favorite. Please, continue. When you aren’t out killing the bank I do hope you come back to entertain me.

        29. Incorrect. If a grown adult man wants a real job he will put on a suit and shave his face. I am interviewing someone today with an undergrad and masters in comp sci plus an MBA from a very good school. I have high hopes. But if he shows up here looking even a little unkempt or with facial hair he will get a 10 minute interview and be on his way. We aren’t looking for social outcasts. If he wanted to be a little brat and somewhat rebellious in college that’s one thing, but this is a man’s job and requires a man not someone who is some kind of dickhead who can’t figure out how to shave his face. I am high hopes for my interview today.

        30. Right, when you see a dude with tats and a beard and he winds up to be an ineffectual little bitch, it pisses me off to no end. It’s the male version of the tramp stamped slut rebelling against daddy.

        31. Beards that are well trimmed and clean can make a man look better. However, many men do not grow thick beards .

        32. That’s your right to have your opinion. I respect that right. For myself ,I prefer the beard.
          I do shave my head as I started to go bald. I wonder If I had a full head of hair how I would think and feel?

        33. Funny you should mention this: inhave a full head of hair but have already decided I’ll never do half and half. If I start to lose hair I will simply shave head. Then I realized I have no idea if I have the right head for that

        34. One never knows until they actually shave the head. And finding a best way is so individual!!! It has taken me years. I think that it is up to the person. For me The beard helps me feel better about myself. The other day i looked in the mirror and thought,handsome! In my life I never felt or thought that way about myself.

        35. I agree with majority of what you say about beards. But for me its mostly because I cannot grow a very full beard that women seem to think was really attractive during the lumbersexual years (we are somewhat in the post years of that). I think really long and unkempt beards are ridiculous and not a true sign of masculinity like most women seem to think they are.
          I just graduated college and I am of the same mindset where I am dressed extremely well and shave for every interview. I have a baby face, so I feel like I’m at somewhat of a disadvantage when I go out in public, because people do not take me seriously. But I will never go into an interview with any sign of facial hair at all.

        36. Take it from an old timer. Enjoy having your baby face. I would give a year of my life for a week having the youthful looks I did ad 22

        37. Yeah it’s nice it’s just I’m 27 so a lot of the girls I meet around my age think I’m immature and inexperienced so I get rejected a lot even with tight game and conversation. Going to try some new things and new places and try my luck with that.

      2. Or a warrior, a king, a rebel (not a hipster fag), etc. that is, someone with the power, authority or influence to go with it.
        Otherwise it could be incongruent and might work against the person.

        1. Interesting, I didn’t actually know that. I just did some cursory Google research and it looks like you’re right.
          Well, given my inherent Sikh bias, the Sikhs, Vikings and quite a few other famous warrior groups definitely did, so 😉

        2. The invading Celts and Visigoths who kicked their ass on a regular basis, on the other hand, did.

        3. I figure that if you are a descendent of Vikings and have the general assumed scary masculine build and frightening visage, then a beard is utterly congruent. Almost necessary, really.

        4. Honestly that’s all the debate boils down to. A beard on a faggot wimp type hipster is in fact anti-masculine. There are no two ways about it, it is simply a fact, period, end of sentence. A strongly masculine man with giant shoulders, a broad chest and arms the size of Volkswagens, on the other hand, sees a beard compliment and even enhance his masculinity. That so many hipsters have beards is one thing, but when I walk by with my beard it makes their “ironic” beard seem utterly foolish. They’re not tricking anybody.

        5. That’s exactly it. If the man has the right physique and right attitude to go along with it, a strong beard will boost his level of alpha-dom like nothing else can.
          You know, to be treated like a King, gotta act and look like one.
          I wouldn’t trade my beard for anything else in the world.

        6. Oh please, it only came to that ‘cos the Romans went decadent (too much orgies I guess) and soft and allowed a bunch of armed refugees within their borders. Fair and square neither Celts (who were utterly defeated before Julius Caesar) or the Visigoths (who had to rely on treachery because open war was not advantageous for them) were any match for the Legions for hundreds of years.

        7. Actually the first invasion of Rome by the Celts was near the beginning of their little venture.
          All I’m saying, is that the fact that the Romans shaved is great and everything, but it doesn’t detract from the uber masculinity of people like the Visigoths, the Celts or the Vikings who were bearded as all get out.

        8. Right, so I have it basically in both directions. To not have a beard would be an utter betrayal not only of my high masculinity quotient, but would be spitting on the graves of my forefathers. I’d get to the afterlife only to find the gate barred by a thousand Scots and Vikings with their weapons drawn, waiting to kick my ass.
          And that’s just bad mojo.

        9. I never implied such a thing, mine was response to the bunch of dudes who believe they are hyper-masculine because of a beard.

      3. Or if you hunt in the autumn/winter, or if you ride a motorcycle in cooler than summertime weather. Strange how all of the hunters and motorcycle men I know have beards. They don’t seem to be particularly wimpy.

    3. I don’t shave since high school (skin problems) and what I do is to keep my ‘beard’ short using the clipper #1 so technically is just a shadow, not a full hipster beard.
      Fucking hipsters.
      In my personal opinion, only Odin, Vikings (which don’t exist) and viking metal singers have the right to wear a full beard:
      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e9634daa8d010b0cf51ef7bb33aca8ce0c1b8a801aee5dc1bf3288d585d13c3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3093aade9787fb14e7013eb9822e0ef826859e418e2b85f9785930050c79b822.jpg

      1. Famous metal singers like this guy
        would be literally unrecognizable if they were shaven as you can see
        Butt chinned, a man can raise only so high, maybe becoming the dean of a middle school at best. Go full steam ahead with the facial hairs with a full on POWERBEARD and the senses are sharpened to the max. Using your beard signals is like learning to ride a bicycle. You have to attune to the surroundings and keep your ‘beardstate’ calibrated. You can let it hang and become a bird’s nest or you can USE IT! Your beard is like any of your other gifts or assets. It’s what YOU do with it. The possibilities could have been endless for the guy if he had cultivated, grown and harnessed the full utility of a beastly large facial ELECTROSTATIC BUSH!

    4. Please. You know what I look like, do I appear Hipster to you chief?

      1. Not at all…except for the facial hair. Facial hair is hipster, dirtbag or fag. You aren’t any of those three which is why I find it so odd that you don’t give yourself a nice clean shave.
        Everyone makes mistakes….

        1. I’m a biker. I also hunt. Beards are utilitarian in winter and cool weather. Never heard a woman complain about it yet.

        2. So you are saying that you wear it because it is cool amongst other people who have the same hobbies and haven’t heard vocal complaints from women and also that it helps you keep warm in the winter? Sorry bud, here is one we are going to simply have to disagree on.

        3. “Facial hair is hipster, dirtbag or fag.”
          I am none of the above
          I have facial hair
          Therefore your claim is Crap!

        4. There’s nothing to disagree with, my experience is exactly as I outlined. And explain to me why you disagree that a beard when riding on a motorcycle in late autumn doesn’t provide some level of insulation.

        5. you did not read through mr out of context. I allowed for some people to be none of those things and mistakenly wear facial hair for a wide variety of reasons. I actually like the analogy I used with GOJ below. IF you hold up a sign that says “MY NAME IS FRED” it is perfectly possible that your name is Bill but you wouldn’t have any real right in condemning someone who thinks your name is Fred.

        6. But the presence of facial hair is not a misrepresentation in and of itself, as is in the case of your Bill/Fred model.

        7. depends on the sign holder I suppose. Could be holding it for a friend. WHo is to say in this wacky mixed up world

    5. The only women I know that like beards here are the fat wiccans. What self respecting man wants to attract them?

      1. I approve of this ass. In my official capacity as a female ass aficionado, I hereby register this as “Grade A” ass.

        1. Damn, do I love a nice firm piece of girl ass. I keep scrolling down to watch this gif again and again. Too bad that chick put a big ugly tat on her hip.

  2. I’m not going to the trouble of cultivating hair on my face when it grows wild on my ass for free…..where’s the Kratom?

  3. It makes sense that women would be hot for guys with beards. I mean, they keep their own runways smooth, so they miss the hair, subconsciously. And whenever they sit on a bearded guy’s face, it’s like being reunited with their original carpeting. (Sarcasm alert.)
    If a guy wants to be like Dan Bilzerian, I totally get that. However, Dan Bilzerian inherited hundreds of millions of dollars from his daddy, so virtually any hot girl is going to overlook his beard for a crack at dancing with his trust fund.
    I have yet to see a bearded guy with a really hot woman. And I get out a lot. I have, however, seen trashy girls with bearded guys – girls with tattoos, piercings, pink hair, 19 personalities, etc.
    Now, maybe bearded guys are so hot in the eyes of women, that they are immediately scooped up off the street and taken directly to the hot girls’ bedrooms – which is why I never see bearded dudes with hot girls in public. (Could be….but probably not.)
    Here’s a link to some articles on the subject – bearded guys versus non-bearded guys, and what women prefer (as it turns out, women do not prefer men with beards – unless they’re billionaires, of course, in which case, a guy could be a hunchback and still attract top-drawer hot girls):

    1. Beards have about ran their course. I suspect you will soon see lots of guys dress up and be really clean shaven as they are going about.

      1. I am very pleased to hear you say this…but even when not dressed up….can you imagine the duke with a goatee? Sinatra or Dean Martin with a beard?

        1. not impressed with some guy who can’t get his act together well enough to shave walking around the middle of no where with his ersatz penis toys.

        2. that, my friend, is a group of gentleman being as masculine as can be.

        3. Mike Vronsky, though fictitious, was a real, alpha, red-pill, whatever man is every sense of the word. Phallic hunting gear notwithstanding.

        4. the rock looks ok. Simply black tux, clean shaven face, nothing too outrageous. THe rest of them look like hipster doofuses though I will admit I do love a white dinner jacket with black bow tie

        5. Like The Late Great Grandpa Knee said “you don’t have to be a gentleman, but clean yourself up and try to look like one”

        6. Agreed Dwayne Johnson is good. I don’t like the beard/dressed up look on anyone. Peacocks.

        7. Yup.
          I actually read a few articles about Johnson. He genuinely seems like a good guy who came from humble beginnings, didn’t forget where he came from, gives a lot back and has a honestly positive attitude.
          This shows in the way he respects himself and his sorroundings with the way he dresses and grooms himself I think.

        8. I’m not either but at least it is flat black. Also, context matters. He is an action star who got his start as a wrestler. I’ll give the rock his due there

        9. Better eyesite than me! I couldn’t even tell it was velvet. I must be getting old

        10. I would’ve missed it at first, but I tilted my screen, mostly to try to figure out what was off initially (velvet).

        11. isnt that fairy Gossling an open feminist? dont look to that woofter for masculine advice!
          i think The Rock “rocked” a beard in the movie Hercules as well

        12. I know you disagree with me here but having facial hair in the 21st century is nothing but hipster faggotry in my opinion…..there are some hold outs who are holding out for various reasons but in the end all those reasons are incorrect….facial hair is simply wrong. It is 2017. You are not a professional fisherman or trapping polar bears you work at a desk. Shave your face like a grown man. Again, I know you will have an issue with this and such is life. I am implacable on this. A grown, heterosexual man ought not have facial hair in this day and age.

        13. Subjective Opinion Recognition 101. I tooks the class, and gots the A+ in it.

        14. Keep in mind you do live in New York City. I would guess all that wear beards where you are, are hipster faggots. Not so outside the metropolitan areas.

        15. Here, jim, I have to disagree. While going straight to faggot is typical hyperbole from me I will say that I am unmoved and unmovable from my position which is: umless you are in the tundra or deadliest catch or some place where a beard is of real practical use then grown men, city, suburban or rural, ought to shave their faces. There is no reason for an adult man with the exception of extreme climate or occupational conditions such as above to walk around with hair on his face

        16. fair enough, but keep in mind, lots of guys just don’t care and let it grow out, neckbeards and all. I suppose you could call that gay, I would just call it sloppy.

        17. Guys who don’t care are part of the problem. I don’t use faggot exculsively to mean homosexual. Sloppy is bad. The world is full of sloppiness. People talk all the time about the “problems” and “degeneracy” and “decline” of the west and if they can’t bring themselves to shave their own faces I don’t see why anyone should take them seriously

        18. I can’t agree with you more on this one brother! Even though I’m living a more laid back lifestyle these days, and not having to meet with clients face to face as much, I make it a point to shave everyday. From my experience, very few guys can actually pull-off this look without looking unkempt and/or unemployed.
          I don’t disparage those with facial hair, but it sure seems like an awful lot of effort. For me, a clean appearance is just that little bit of “Polish” that’s severely lacking these days… It’s the fresh coat of Wax on the car, the Armor-All on the tires, etc…. It leaves more of a positive lasting impression – we’re always being judged, we’re always competing and we’re always looking for an edge. I’ve closed huge deals over the years solely based on my personal appearance and the cleanliness of my vehicles – it just puts everything over the top.

        19. I get what you are saying. I guess I use faggot in a more constrained definition: Homosexual and/or self-emasculating.

        20. Cultural thing, though not necessarily just me as I have spoken to a few guys from around the country on this. Growing up from the earliest ages, any misstep was “faggot”
          Pop fly goes out of your glove. Faggot
          Trip over your shoeslaces. Faggot
          Choke up and don’t ask girl out. Faggot
          And this was to best friends. It kind of was synonymous with wuss, nerd, jerk, idiot, clutz, weakling and any number of other pejoratives. It has always stuck.

      2. How have they run their course?
        Wouldn’t you say it’s just like any fashion, it goes in circles?

    2. Based on my life’s experiences, and even what women have told me, most of ’em do NOT like beards. Even shorter, well-groomed ones. Much less the big bushy ones I am seeing more and more of. Chicks like the nice, smooth face, or maybe a day of two worth of stubble at the most.
      There is also the phenomenon of guys who are bald or balding and grow beards as compensation. In many cases it does enhance their looks somewhat, but I still don’t think chicks dig feeling that scratchy thing with their hands, against their face, or anywhere else :-0

      1. It’s well known that basically every woman on earth likes stubble. They think it’s sexy. Ask Jimmy Kimmel.

      2. I grew mine to match my chest and back hair.
        Women are idiots. Much like modern chicks are trying to brainwash us to believe fat girls are attractive, they have been brainwashed into thinking male body hair is gross. It’s something they say. No woman ever got a look at me naked and was like “Too much hair. I’m gonna call it a night.”

    3. Trashy girls give into their animal instinct, so trashy women look for tall masculine guys, classy women repress their inner chimpanzee and take other traits into consideration like money. but both feel the tingles but one embrace them and the other try to control them. For the classy women is a matter of culture, The clean shave style was popularized in the 20th century, in all human history men had hair, We are humans, human males have facial hair, of course women evolve to love that shit. Reading those article you post is like reading those articles claiming that men don´t love big breast or that men love curves then try to convince you to date a fat chick. Liberal pseudoscience against the toxic masculinity. But eey as a said is cultural, Latinas love that shit, Here in Latin America we said the man who hate beard is because he can´t grow one.

      1. It’s most likely a cultural thing – my observations were U.S. based, and it’s probably different elsewhere. But when you boil it all down…big money and big dicks – that’s what most women want above all else. The rest of it is just window dressing, things women claim are important, in order to mask their overwhelming desire for the first two. Beards are irrelevant, dress is irrelevant, cars are irrelevant, sense of humor is irrelevant, age is irrelevant, etc. There’s this bar meme that is making the rounds. It’s about female bartenders. And it shows a photo of a female bartender and she’s making an “Eww” face (like she’s disgusted). And the caption reads, “I can’t stand it when that creepy old guy at the bar calls me baby.” I laughed when I first saw it. Because if she found out that creepy old guy was worth $20 million and had a big dick, the caption would read, “That older guy who called me baby at the bar tonight – he’s so interesting. There’s just something about him!”

        1. It doesn’t always work out though.

          Richard Patterson claimed his girlfriend choked to death during oral sex
          Posted by Hot 98.3 on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

    4. My experience is when I grew a beard I started to get more women. Even when I thought it wasn’t looking good, women (18 to 30 years old, multiple countries, all races) complimented me. My theory is if you act more alpha it works, but if you act like a beta it backfires.

    5. I was under the impression that every girl liked a little scruff on their muff but a couple chicks complained about my facial hair scraping against their soft baby maker so I just keep a light layer these days

      1. That’s kind of like using sandpaper on a fish in an attempt to bring it to ecstasy – probably won’t produce the desired effect. What I find interesting is guys who grow beards in a deliberate effort to convey a tough-guy look. I know guys who were beardless wimps…then they grew a beard and started acting bikeresque. And we’re talking about the Desert Southwest region of the USA. Hey, whatever works. I admire their dedication to looking like an MMA fighter when it’s 120 degrees outside…and if it scores them tatted up single moms with vaginas the size of the Grand Canyon, well, water seeks its own level.

    6. I have yet to see a bearded guy with a really hot woman.

      I see them all over the place. In fact, I have a goatee of sorts. Women dig it quite nicely as it turns out.
      Now a neck beard or a full Grizzly Adams, sure, but a well groomed goatee, #2 buzz cut, good build and tall and the women line up to get your attention.

  4. Don’t forget your artisan beard oil, hipsters! Problem glasses optional, plaid flannel required you manly lumbersexual! And remember, Portland PD frowns on longboards on the sidewalks near Starbucks.
    Truly, no one wants to see the sorry, patchy shit my face grows. I think my family descended from a rather hairless variety of primate.

    1. You are more highly-evolved than the hairy ape men walking around.
      Nothing wrong with that.

  5. Women get tingles from masculine traits that are the polar opposite of feminine. And a beard tops that list, followed closely by chest hair, larger muscles and height. Doesn’t matter what women say on online polls or even in person, as millions of years of evolution will create the tingles anyways.
    I can’t grow a great beard, and the skin irritation to make it look presentable ain’t worth it, BUT I always get compliments when I give it a half-assed try. Past girlfriends have begged me not to shave despite my preference for a clean shaven face. They may complain about various aspects of a beard (scratchy, unhygienic, etc.), but there really is something about them that pushes women’s sexual buttons.
    I think the take-away is: beards are very masculine and thus often considered sexy (subconsciously), but not often considered consciously attractive and mostly are not socially acceptable.

  6. OT: Anybody see the video of Melania “slapping” Trump’s hand away on the tarmac? Trump needs to put her over his knee and spank that ass back into shape, pronto.

    1. Yes. Apparently that was bigger news than identifying the mass-murderer in Manchester. At least according to Rawstory.

      1. He’s got to get that kind of shit in check, though. He can’t have her making him look bad on the world stage like that.
        Just like a woman to pull some petty bullshit like that in public when her husband is already beset on all sides by raving lunatic enemies. “Oh, you are under a ton of stress and you’ve got people attacking you relentlessly? Let me throw a tantrum and shit-test you in public to make it even worse.”
        I saw one commenter say Melania did it because they were told not to hold hands in public in whatever backwards ass country they were in, but if you look at the petulant look on her face, I think its a bullshit shit-test.
        AWALT. Even the First Lady.

    2. He should turn to her and go “thud thud thud thud”. When she asks what he’s doing, he just says “Helicopter ride”.

    1. Don’t forget to give your beard a good pounding then tightly wrap a ball into the pocket with twine.

  7. Nothing worse than having a beard and shaving it off. Feels like a pet dog’s been run over.

  8. I’ve given out my man balm recipe before, but here it is again. Beard oil is only good for ruing the collar of your shirt. This stuff is the best medium hold hair and beard groom you will ever use. And if you buy the ingredients off of Amazon, it’s like $1.50 an oz. instead of $10 retail. Plus I get complements on my smell quite frequently (that’s with only this stuff – no cologne, etc.).
    1 pt beeswax (I prefer yellow)
    2 pt shea and coco butter
    2.5 pt oils (jojoba, hemp seed, avocado, etc.)
    20 drops essential oils of your favorite smell.
    Melt the ingredients in a double boiler until dissolved. Add essential oils and let cool.
    Mustache wax is a 60/40 mix of beeswax to petroleum jelly with some essential oils.

  9. 1. Don’t like beards. At least, not on me.
    2. Don’t like shaving.
    Usually the stubble wins. But the beard never wins. Well, once, it did, but just for fun. Never again, though.

  10. ROK has the best satirical photo journalists. Those bearded men visually referenced in the article made me realize my extremely thick mane looks great even when I have let it go for a few weeks.

  11. All these comments and not one person has yet dared to mention kratom?
    What the fuck, people!?!??!?

      1. If you get to Ancient Greece I won’t mock you for growing a beard so long as you are an old man….the standard for beauty for ancient greeks is still beardless

        1. 2000 years ago. Wanna go by those standards? That’s absurd. A spartan would cry for his mother if he has to spend one hour in my life. We have evolved my friend.

        2. Not a relevant test for a man today. A man should be able to be master of his environment not some long dead environment.
          Being masculine in a way that was relevant 2000 years ago = being a faggot who can’t deal with the world he lives in.
          Might as well tell me what a good dungeons and dragons player you are.

        3. I don’t watch movies. But I am otherwise very much a skeptic and research thoroughly.

        4. Right. That does make sense and I was being facetious also.
          D&D isn’t my speed-too tame. Now Call of Cthulhu is a different proposition.

        5. We have not evolved lolknee. We have devolved and become weaker and worse.
          Naturally, a Spartan couldn’t handle our environment without a proper long introduction but neither could we handle his. And which one of them is more natural? The one where you fight, hunt, procreate, live among comrades or the one where you’re likely comparatively isolated, obese and look at screens all day, completely dependent on electricity and hundreds of products made by complete strangers in distant lands?
          Sparta was of course not a natural society either. They created a very special warrior caste under certain circumstances, but it was still a lot closer to natural than we are now. A modern “man” standing next to one of theirs would seem like a weak woman in comparison.

        6. It depends on how long that environment is going to last. Being suited to en enviroment that’s doomed to fail (or one who is turning you into something pathetic) is mastering the wrong thing.
          All the communist warzawa pact countries noticed that. They’d been trained to function in the communist world and the shift to capitalism was brutal and deadly for many of them. Their skills were now obsolete, their attitudes a liability. Their entire mindset was maladjusted to the new reality. And that was a small shift compared to if what we’re used to now breaks.
          The hypothetical Spartan who shows up in 2017 could (after an adjustment period) still find use for his skills. Bodyguard, police, military, martial artist. Because such skills are relatively timeless. How timeless are our skills?

        7. So says you.
          The fact that I couldn’t handle living like a savage from milenia ago doesn’t strike me as passingly odd.
          “Weak” by which standards? Standing where? Like I said, man has evolved. I don’t need to make anfire in the woods. I am far more of a man in our evolved world

        8. You know I find this idea so odd. I can find use for the skills of a bear or a dog to.
          Higher order skills are being used now. Man is closer to being a god than to being a wolf. That modern man might look at the wolf and be impressed is such an absurdity it’s laughable.

        9. Yes. Nubians actually. I live in Africa and the murder rate would make my country the fifth most dangerous province in Iraq in a time of war and occupation. Farmers in Southern Africa, on the other hand, have a murder rate per capita four times even that

        10. What the Afrikaaners experience in South Africa is nothing short of white genocide. I don’t give a crap what people say but Apartheid was necessary; they’ve gone down the toilet after its repeal and don’t even mention Zimbabwe. What an unmitigated disaster that is-from first world under Ian Smith to a shithole in one generation.

        11. Evolved how?
          Our technology has evolved, we have not. In fact, we have gotten worse. Where once you needed strength, courage and the esteem of an in-group (honor), you need none of it today.
          They also needed memory, so men learned how to remember. Sometimes incredibly long oral tales like the Illiad and the Odyssey that were not written down until hundreds of years later.
          The average young man would have been in good physical condition, now more and more, he is not, because sits and stares at the screen until the body cannot take it anymore and begins to die from inactivity and obesity.
          What we can do is a shadow of what it once was because we have been domesticated and made ourselves dependent on electrical machines that we now cannot function without.
          This is the easiest time to survive in human history and that also creates the weakest man in human history.
          The existance of feminists, SJWs and all the lot would have been impossible in prehistory. That kind of says it all.

        12. “Higher order skills”. How are they higher?
          I find it laughable that we would be closer to gods than a wolf. We are animals, just like the wolf. We are not gods and never will be. Pride comes before fall.
          We look at the wolf with envy because we know deep down that we’ve lost something very important. We’ve lost our essence and we’ve auto-domesticated ourselves.
          You’re on this site so you cannot possibly believe in the constant evolvement towards utopia like the liberals? Yet, you kind of speak like them in this context. With derision for past men and think you’re so superior now (nose up in the air and all).

        13. I find it funny that you think the ability to do unskilled meanial labor as gifts.
          I don’t look st the wolf with envy. Let me know when the wolf can do fucking geometry.
          If you want to be an animal or want to deify the ability to do unskilled manual labor go right ahead.
          Great men of the past were just that, great men for their times. I don’t look st them with derision I look at them with admiration. I look at derision at modern men who want to be like people who would starve in this world.
          Want to be a man? Stop looking at the past and adapt to and conquer your environment

        14. No those aren’t skills, that is cleanliness and grooming. You should give it a shot. Life might get better and you’ll be less of a bitter twat

        15. You truly are a modernist when you look at manual labor as something unskilled and unworthy of you.
          Like sitting at a computer like most of us do today is so special and enlightened. We were never made to sit still and be so unphysical as we are today. We were never meant to be obese and isolated. Never meant to live only for ourselves in the way many in the west now do etc. That’s how we’ve failed. That’s how we became worse. That’s how we started requiring safe-spaces and became invaded by those westerners tend to see as less advanced.
          Unfortunately, I’m as much a product of this wicked environment as you are. The only difference is that I don’t think it made us stronger or better on the whole. I see you and me as lesser in most ways compared to many of our ancestors.

        16. You make a lot of assumptions here.
          Also, the difference between you and me is that we were thrown into an environment and I succeeded and you failed.
          You and I may or may not lesser or inferior to our ancestors. I don’t know. But you are inferior to me.
          Here is a million dollars worth of advice for free: stop being a pussy

        17. Haha. What? You say I make assumptions and then you assume to think you know I’ve failed? At what?
          Not worshipping at the altar of technology?
          And then you assume I’m inferior to you. hahahaha. That’s a good one. Let’s just put it this way. Going from what I know of you, I would never want to trade places. I just don’t value what you have and what you are.
          And final assumption, you think I’m a pussy. So random. What in the world made you think that?

        18. Your words drip with weakness, fear and impotence.
          I hope one day you find it in you to be otherwise.
          My best wishes go with you

        19. Of course you had no real answer.
          Classic projection. Deep down you fear you’re a loser so you project loser qualities upon people you don’t know online. Sad really.

      1. Until Peter the Great outlaws beards with a punishment of beheading via axe, a punishment he took part in the execution of. Those little fairies in their skirts were tripping over themselves on the way to the barber withe their own piss running down their legs

        1. Axe will always trump tradition, as well as choice. And I might point out that as soon as that troglodytioc Francophile was safely in the ground, the tradition returned.

        2. And the moment Peter was in the ground Russia started a rapid decent towards the fall of one of the oldest Dynastic Houses in Europe, communism, poverty and eventually rule by mob. Peter made Russia a first world country. That they resorted back to their barbarous ways afterwards is neither good or his fault.

        3. All dynastic houses go to shit eventually with or without clerical whiskers in the periphery.
          With regard to same I’m guessing Pete’s motivation was a misinterpretation of “fashion” as “progress”.

        4. Pete’s motivation was basically that if Russia wanted to be something other than a third world shithole they needed to start comporting themselves like men and not like beasts. True enough about dynastic houses, but going backwards into the muck is always a good sign.

        5. Agreed on his motivation, and he was successful. You must know however,that I will never concede your equation of ‘whiskery’ with ‘primitive’.

  12. Started a new contract back in March. There’s a tubby little 5’6″ hipster in my office, complete with beard and hollow earrings in both ears. Looks a little like the guy in the first picture’s shorter, fatter younger brother. In other words, he looks like a somewhat queer moron.

  13. 6. Faithfully taking your Kratom every day. Studies have shown that Kratom helps making a beard symmetrical, furnished, majestic and totally masculine and non-hipster.

  14. I understand growing a beard if you look too much like a woman… other than that- I don’t get it.

  15. any advice for guys with greying beards. i’m blond on top and used to look great with my full almost black beard. now the facial hair is starting to grey and …. should i try die? a little bit of just-for-men?

    1. Melanin is low. Up the vit B5, Folic acid, B12, C and E. Dyes come with a blindness warning but people rarely go blind. They contain hypochlorite which can burn the eyes but rarely blind. What happens in the case of getting the stuff in your eyes is that the coloring in the dye will impregnate in the tissues of the cornea where you will see brown like you see as if you are looking through sunglasses. It literally colors your eyeballs.

      1. i can reverse greying beard with vitamins? any sources for this? i eat a lot of fresh veg and nuts, and fruit. wouidn’t think diet was a factor, i’m early 40s

      2. I cannot recall a time ever where I had beard dye near my eyeballs.

        1. Skip the beard dye. Let it go full grey.
          THIS WOMAN has the thousand fuck hairdo
          It matches her obviously loyal partner. Roosh did an article once on telegeny and microchimerism where male DNA incorporates into the female through male body fluid intake in the female vagina. The microchimerism phenomenon must be linked to receiving the proteins from the live stem cells in sperm imbedding into the vagina similar to an permanent ink stain on a piece of latex. Inner uterine skin is receptive to adhering proteins. It has to be. So it’s a permanent impregnation of the tissue but not a fertilization. The egg-less uterus gets plastered with sperm and readily absorbs the proteins – a tattooing-like effect. So if your old lady screws around, she gets ‘tatted’ where you can’t see it!
          The ‘thousand cock hairdo’ is different from the ‘thousand cock stare’. One signifies a loyal partner and the other means she’s a ho bag. The woman here likely has a long and consistently loyal relationship to the grey wolfman. (He has pattern screwed her so many times they’ve got the same hair now thanks to microchimerism!)
          The thousand cock stare on the other hand is easily explainable. The next woman in the doctored up for mass media viewing is a notorious gutter pounding mudshark. Antelope, buffalo, tree monkeys and every other creature of the night and day has left their dna footyprints in her deepest crevaces and voila, the thousand cock stare is blank, expressionless and as soul less as a toilet bowl that looks up at every ass that sits to disrespect it. You don’t have to be a scientist to figure out the STARE on this woman:
          or the HAIR on this next woman
          Basically your woman will have a thousand fuck hairdo the longer you are into LTR. Make sure no other motherfuckers are coloring her junk.

    2. I believe beard dyes work fine, and some even state “touch of gray” so that it leaves a few grays in just so that it doesn’t looked dyed. Test it on some skin first that nobody can see, because some dudes have a bit of an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in it. And by test, I mean a full 24 hour test, not three minutes.

  16. Wow looks like a lot of guys here can’t grow beards or somehow most guys here have chiseled features and square jaws.
    Those of us with baby faces need to grow beards. I’m in my mid 20’s and when I shaved, people thought I was 19 or 20.

    1. Every patriarch needs a beard. A beard acts as an array of antennae sensors. You can turn it on or off like the wifi function of your phone meaning you can either ignore vital beard signals or you can learn to read them. In other words you can spend all day guessing your way through situations, overriding and overspeaking your own beardsense, or you can modulate extraneous information with additional beard filtering and honing or triangulating. Learn to listen to your beard. Use it.
      A beard can sense danger and successful bearded pick up artists have reported to experience a ‘pushing’ sensation on their beards when in the presence of a manipulative and lethally dangerous woman! For the ‘beard empowered’ man, it’s so much easier to walk away and next that woman. And it’s always the clean shaven next sucker that MARRIES that same piece of shit vamp and has to experience the full HELL RIDE that she has to offer.
      Civil War generals often had lengthy beards nearly a foot long along with sideburns as we see with CSA Maj Gen Wm Mahone from Virginia. He appears highly awake and alert in this photo from 150 yrs ago, almost looking like he’s focusing on someone or like he’s mindreading others in the room.
      They could sense danger in the battlefield, often sitting high atop their horses and calmly swaying from side to side while stroking their beards as balls of shot whizzed by. Meanwhile barechinned and shaven troops would fall like cannon fodder. Ever wonder why the bearded commanders lived through so many battles? The beard is why. They listened to their beard.

  17. Have a beard if you want to but don’t start acting like a homosexual and being a power bottom because you have facial hair.

    1. Only “ironic” beards, that is, a big old Grizzly Adams on a skinny jeans, flabby dude. A stout masculine man with a beard still radiates testosterone.

    2. They’ve absolutely fukked up tattoos…
      A tattoo used to be the Sign of the BadAss.
      Where I work, three people have tattoos:
      2 queers and an SJW…..

      1. and none of them look good either…in fact the SJW attitude cannot make a single tattoo, good or bad look good…on SJW all their tats look like the last emo step before their suicide…

  18. What’s with all the beard hating in the comments?
    Can’t believe you think a timeless symbol of masculinity is ruined on account of a few hipsters here and there. Our male ancestors had beards. You think cavemen were clean shaven?
    Reclaim the symbol.

    1. Exactly. And people have been shaving for as long as we’ve hard iron available as well. To declare beards unmasculine is just silly on its face (no pun intended).

        1. to many look like slobs or hipsters or gay men….as society got fatter all the looks got worse..the age we are desperately missing is the fit greek and roman look sans the moral corruption….

  19. My beard comes in totally gray and chicks think I’m ten years younger with a fresh shave anyway, so beards are out for me.
    Fucking shit itches anyway.

    1. Same problem here. Mine is 75% Grey with some black streaks, guys compliment me on my beard, however I become invisible to younger women.

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  21. Please don’t try to look like these metro little bitches. None of those guys look like real men. Carefully trimmed beards on weakling losers is so common now that honestly a clean shaven face is more masculine and less common place. I wear a beard and have done so for 15 years, but right now hipsters are ruining the look. A beard does not a man make. That first picture was about as gay as possible. Get this fucking shit out of my face.

  22. I’m considering to grow a beard but they often remind me of either 18 year old boys (all undergraduate students wear a stubble, hardly anyone is clean shaved), or of Hipsters.
    Problem with these alt-righ-ish circles is that they don’t go out enough. Like, they believe that Richard Spencer brought back the “Hitler youth haircut” whereas this simply is the Macklemore and David Beckham haircut basically EVERY single regular dude on every college campus is already wearing.
    Same with the beards. They believe they look like a Viking from the Hitler Youth but actually just like Macklemore with a beard. Or even worse since the average person doesn’t like David Beckham or Macklemore but is slightly overweight, might have a receding hairline and glasses etc.

  23. It is crazy that men are doing all of this shaving, bike riding, and other things just to impress American women.
    I do not care except having a good heart and personality for foreign women.
    If a woman (American or foreign) is not satisfied about how I look or so, she can find someone else. I can easily move on to another woman especially in a foreign country.

  24. If you take this website seriously you’re gonna need more than a fuckin beard to get women

  25. If you want to emulate Men, then look to the last group of Men that inhabited this Country. The Greatest Generation were not FOP’s (look it up). They did not wear earrings or dress fancy, they simply got the job done. Just do the job. You know what I mean.

  26. A full beard, especially in combination with that fag-ass haircut in the image at the top, has become one of the hallmark signs of the effeminate nu-male trying to hide his insecurity behind outward symbols of masculinity. Walk past any hipster coffee shop and you’ll see hordes of them clinging to their pumpkin spice soy latte while chowing down on avocado toast with extra kale and activated almonds. A real man is clean shaven, not a ponce who spends half an hour in the morning styling his beard like a woman using pathetic products carrying ridiculous names like “man oil” in a feeble attempt at dressing up their effeminate purpose.

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