How To Gain Access To Hot Girls By Becoming A Photographer

During my last trip to Ukraine, I met my friend’s childhood friend. He knew Kiev and showed us around. He struck me as a total beta male from the first encounter—limp fish handshake, frail constitution, almost no eye contact, and a quiet voice as if he was running out of air every time he spoke.

Think of a prison bitch body with Cuck Rogen’s face

Our discussion soon gravitated around hobbies and he told us about his passion for photography that helped him supplement his income. He focused on glamorous portraits of girls. When he showed us his portfolio, I was in awe at the quality of the models and that the majority of them where only wearing g-strings. Nothing under an 8 by Eastern European standards.

Wasted resources

Hundreds of photos with girls of the same level as this one.

I showed my joy at the perspective that I perhaps misjudged him:

Me: Those are insanely good looking girls. I bet the shooting gets out of hand half the time and you end up banging the model on the table, you dog!

Photographer: No. I can’t do that! I have to be professional! I never landed a finger on them.

Me : How long have you been doing that?

Photographer: Almost six years now.

I was gobsmacked that he never tried to escalate or exploit that amount of beauty constantly gravitating around him. The man regularly takes pictures of amazing girls in lingerie or naked and never made a move or banged one.

He has no idea of his potential worth and does not feel that he is entitled to plow those girls. That is why his dick stays parked in his boxers when he photographs naked beautiful women. What a waste of material and a hopeless beta attitude.

He does photography only as a hobby but has had 180,000 views on just one photographic platform (and it was not the likes of Facebook or Instagram). His audience reach in the city was tremendous. And although he met those girls through social circles, a lot of them contacted HIM. This is an example of a man that is handling gold every day and has no idea what to do with it.

The tools

This plan came up to me last month and let me tell you that I have no extensive knowledge of photography apart from snapping nudes of the girls I just bedded. But that didn’t stop me from executing my plan. I know that I will apply the following steps and I will be successful because the camera is to a woman what a flame is to a moth: irresistible. It appeals naturally to her constant need for attention and narcissistic nature. This is how you can exploit it:

  • Get a second-hand camera with a lens on Craigslist or Gumtree. It needs to be digital as it is too time-consuming to print the photos if you don’t enjoy it. SD cards transfer easily to PCs to be enhanced manually. Before the face-to-face purchase, check its autonomy, the control screen, if the SD cards works, etc. You do not need a professional one that costs a large amount of money. You only need it to “look” professional.

Perfect for what you need to do with it

  • Get business cards printed on websites like this one. Costs around $10 for a hundred of them. That will get you started. You don’t even have to put your real name, you can just use your platform’s name.

  • Dress well so it sends a “wealthy but casual” look: nice shoes and watch but dressed for the weather. You have to distance yourself from the “creep” image by being outrageously confident.
  • Hang out where the hot girls are.

The portfolio

This is perhaps as important as your camera and confidence. It is your resume to gain access to her panties.

You need to be on a platform for them to find you and see your work. Use Pinterest, Facebook or the most popular local social network if you are travelling. Choose an attractive profile pic in your bio by applying the same methods used for online dating (here’s a useful guide by 20Nation). Having a well-designed logo doesn’t hurt.

Include “photo”, “photography”, “pictures”, “art” or “models” when you create the name of your platform. You will be addressing the dumbest fringes of the population. Your plan needs to be idiot proof.

Create a personal portfolio that you will use on all the platforms with a few of your own pictures (landscapes or anything with an artistic vibe to start with) plus attractive but REALISTIC girls that are beautiful but still have flaws.

Add a few glamour shoots from websites like Shutterstock or Pixabay. Change the angle and colours or mirror it. Use those for now and once you have gained the sufficient amount of personal material and followers, remove them.

And of course there’s Instagram, where all modern Babylonian whores come sell themselves for the clicks of love-starved betas. Shoot three of four girls to start with, even if you don’t have sex with them, before opening an account. I am a neophyte with Instagram (I would use this to start with) and despise the whole concept, but we have to keep up with the times if we want attractive sluts to keep deflating our balls.

Don’t forget to tag her in it and tell the harlot to like and comment as she will rarely have something more important to do. The more tags and shares, the higher the value displayed.

I wonder if adding monuments or neutral pictures would have a positive or negative effect with my targets. On the one hand, adding photos without girls give them plausible deniability as I am “not only doing that to get girls”. On the other hand, photos with girls only would increase value as I show clearly that I am not here to play around, screening against girls for which sex is not an option.

The opener

Approach the hottest girls in your area. Girls who know they are unattractive will not get their picture taken by a pro (those who would still accept are leftists and should be discarded). Tell her that she has an interesting outfit, unusual body frame, or severe nose. Do it in a way that is unusual and could be interpreted as a subtle neg. No direct compliment of her beauty—it only lowers your value compared to hers.

If she has questions, say that you try to capture the spirit of the local people for your portfolio or that you are preparing a project for an art exhibition back home. Another option is to say that you are a talent scout for a clothing brand or an agency with juicy contracts for motivated models.

You are lying. And? Women lie all the time, about their looks, their sexual past, why they went to Dubai, their attraction to status and money, or their promiscuous dating to sort out which suitor has the highest income or status. You want to play fair and be sure to get results? Then stop gaming girls and grow turnips.

First type of photoshoot

Take a few pictures right after the approach. When it’s time to part, give her your card, take her number and then contact her later. If both of you are not in a hurry, take her for one quick drink, build rapport, then propose a photoshoot in a park near a monument or at a nearby beach. Give her the business card with the website where she can check out your portfolio.

If I plan the first photoshoot with a shy girl, I would bring her in some isolated natural spot with drinks, document the encounter, have fun, and try to bang her. Bonus if it is in a wheat field with pagan imagery and fresh air.

You will quickly know exactly how slutty she is when she starts moving and choosing poses. I will then try to lead her to my apartment to watch the photos and try to have sex with her

You can try to take her out on a date after that with no photos involved to test the waters and run usual game if you did not succeed.

Second type of photoshoot

The sluttier the girl, the less you will have to build rapport. Tell her that you specialize in glamour shoots and that she needs to get a photoshoot with you. Be flirty; she must guess your intentions.

Tell her that she can bring only two outfits, one for glamour and one for elegant lingerie. Test her compliance on arrival. Tell her she can change in front of you, that you are used to it. If she is reluctant, tell her that you need to see her to know what you are working with and that you want to see her “true self” (cue artistic gaze).

Fix her a drink and get to work. Focus on making her take pictures on the bed, kitchen counter, or against the wall, places that are erotically charged.

It is not incredible quality that we aim at—we only need to isolate the girl at your place or hers. The camera could be empty for all we care because as soon as it goes “click,” she will start getting wet.

Direct her during the session. Tell her to stand where you point and then correct her pose. No “please”, no “would you…”—be in charge. The more feminine the woman, the more she wants to submit to a dominant man.

Make the poses more and more sexual but take your time to get there. Tell her to take of her underwear inch by inch. If you lack inspiration type “glamour photography” in Duckduckgo and use that.

Touch her neck, her hips. Create the sexual tension by making her expose herself on her own. If she refuses one of your commands, reframe it with: “I thought you were more professional than that. What a shame.” Or “You would look more feminine of you listen to what I say”. Try to avoid crude language if she seems shy. If she reacts positively to your touch, get closer, kiss her and bang her.

Where you have the power

The key of photographer game is that “the pictures are never ready”. They always need more light, one more shoot, some editing, the light was not good, or she needs to come over with her flashdrive as the HD photos can’t be sent online. Any excuse for an additional meeting.

You have an edge. She keeps chasing you because you have something she wants. Once you give it to her, you have no leverage.

Keep telling her that the photos are not ready until you bang her and be firm. They all want them so bad, they will comply. Use their vanity and curiosity to your advantage. Rinse and repeat.

About intellectual property

Are you legally bound to give her the pictures? If the lead is not going anywhere and she thinks that she will get away with free photos without sex, tell her you deleted them as they were not of a sufficient quality. You owe her nothing as she did not pay you. She gave you her approval to take the photos and they were made in a public space (for the public photoshoots).

Nevertheless, you must not underestimate how crafty women are with local laws. Check the local legal requirements regarding copyright and intellectual property. Play it safe by applying these measures.

Protect your own work too. Use an option that disables the “Save image” feature on your portfolio pages. You can also watermark you images. Other options are available to limit the risks.

Pas de problème de concurrence… pour l’instant

This is a specialized niche as you need to have have some knowledge of game, a decent camera, and a social media platform/portfolio. When I think “photographer”, I always picture wallflower betas, flamboyant gays with lisps, and insufferable hipsters with a moustache and a “Feel the Bern” sticker on their unicycle.

If you are dressed well, in good shape, and game-savvy, you will stand out because the competition is usually art majors built like tooth picks. Betas get into that hobby (or similar ones like painting artistic nudes) to get near inaccessible women. They do it for free and get no sex while the girls use them like tools. Don’t be a tool. Cash or ass, no one gets a picture for free.

Photography is the ideal hobby to combine with day game. Even as a beginner, you can look it up online, watch tutorials on Youtube and get better. Fake it till you make it.

Success won’t come by itself, it will be built by momentum. You could bring a whole new dimension to your arsenal. Reach girls you could only dream about before. Who knows? You might even be good enough to make it a marketable skill.

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111 thoughts on “How To Gain Access To Hot Girls By Becoming A Photographer”

  1. Depends…..if there was a genuine interest in photography prior to gaming, not a big deal. Some hobbies have more than one benefit. I would agree if he is doing it just for the women and nothing else. Reminds me of the drugstore cowboys that show up at rodeos with their new belt buckles and hats. Women don’t fall for it if it is just an act.

  2. I own a Pentax K30 with a 50mm portrait lens (M1.7) since 2013.
    Still I dont see the reason to pull this off.
    I dont want to be part of the instagram degeneracy.
    I dont want to inflate slut egos.
    Maybe I’m just too concerned with the big picture at this point.

    1. Photographers are mainly faggots
      Everyone is a photographer these days (smart phone) … maybe in 1980 it would have been a good idea but 30yrs too late. You’re not special anymore in these creative fields and they are largely dominated by fags and feminists.
      Its almost as cliche as the boss banging the secretary.
      Its kinda creepy and very disingenious – sort of friendzone with a lens and your flasher boner hanging out of your dirty old overcoat.
      Its much better not to offer anything… you’re straight into pandering to her and bending over for her needs.
      The only advantage is perhaps the easy isolation and one on one time.

      1. indeed. almost all photographers (who mainly do female photographs for purpose) i saw are betas. (feminists and fags ? i don’t know)

    2. i approve this.
      with my hybrid, I only do hdr landscapes.
      landscapes are never disappointing… on the contrary of women.
      (moreover, they age well too !!)

    3. “Still I dont see the reason to pull this off.
      I dont want to be part of the instagram degeneracy.
      I dont want to inflate slut egos”
      Damned good point.

  3. Judgement: Satirical.
    You have to distance yourself from the “creep” image by being outrageously confident.
    Because, let’s face it, this starts out with a veneer of creep and only gets worse from there.

    1. It’s gotta be a parody, right? I have literally (Hitler) drawn a model, and then banged her on the twin-size bed of my studio, though. Just like Leo. So, I think there’s a level of potential here, with this vineer of premeditation that produces the parody.

    2. LOL! There is nothing more cliche than the sleezy photographer who’s only trying to shag your daughter!

  4. If sex is a motivation to pick up a new hobby that improves your current self, then so be it. Most dudes started lifting weights to get in better shape to attract more women. *GASP. It means they’re proactive, not faggots.

      1. Learning how to produce digital photography and run a small studio is better than playing video games all day.
        Hugh Heffner would approve.

        1. I would say both are a waste of my time. And I’d bet photography is a dying industry with technology trending in the direction that it is.

        2. Fair enough.
          I think for young guys this and social media would be a good way to show preselecion.
          Definitely more suited to guys naturally interested in the arts.

    1. The equivalent would be: a scrawny little (five-foot five) bitch that’s never worked out a day in his life… goes out and buys $500 worth of nike dry-fit outfits, prints up business cards, registers an LLC with the state of Nevada, and creates a Wix website – all so he can start walking up to random women at Planet Fitness to offer his services as a “personal trainer.”

    2. It’s why I started lifting… although now I just do it out of love for the feel of hard steel and a good pump. Whatever it takes to get more bros into the gym!

  5. The ridiculousness of this article aside, my experience is that modern girls will do most anything in the name of art in order to appear edgy and cool, e.g. the dude that gets 100 women to pose nude at major international events, every fucking boudoir/suicide girl girl ever, etc.
    For whatever reason chicks dig artists. My third rate comic book/pop art got me laid plenty of times, no scamming involved. Also, if you are you a painter tell a girl that you want to body paint her. It works.

    1. It’s difficult not to sound snarky commenting on this. I’ve tried three different responses now and erased each one in frustration.
      The goal of pickup at some level is a ONS for most here. If you can get that for free, or the price of a drink or two, that’s much preferable to being with some professional who charges you $200 to show you her leathery tits and give you a tired, sad, boring blowjob.

      1. $200? It maybe in betamerica (you let your women vote and they forbid you hookers!)…. In Red Light district Amsterdam for $60 you can get decent sex with an EE WB7-8 with correct blowjob (very few girls know how to do them). So far, I have not been to hookers yet, but I would not doubt twice if I needed to (once I hit 40 or older).

        1. Just some information for you son.
          If you visit hookers you are helping the Russian-Jewish-Soros mafia.
          Just a fact.

        2. And if I get married, I help the feminist-jewish-family court mafia. Is it time to wear the pants, isn’t it?

        3. There has to be a wife-material girl somewhere…
          Let’s be real.
          Don’t use that rhetoric here, we’ve been through this already.
          Having a loving wife & kids is a blessing that every man should experience.
          I, myself am struggling with the lust of fucking bitches…and sometimes I can’t but think that I’ll have to give up the sluts to have a family.
          But get this…since 2 years ago, I’ve decided I want to find a quality girl and my lust for sluts keeps me from engaging in conversation with wife-material girls.
          I’ve programmed myself to steer away from wife material girls because all I can ask from a woman is sex.
          This is just a warning from a guy who’s been there and didn’t even realize that you’re fooling your self.
          No hate !

        4. Hey my anti-communist friend, lighten up and taste the good life.
          Sex with sluts will never give you the bliss of a loving wife.
          Cheer-up !
          Here you go.

        5. I’ve been through a similar situation. I’m pretty sure there is marriage material out there but difficult to find, vulnerable and risky.

        6. Until recently I thought everything was shot to shit with women…until 6 months ago when I went to mountains with some friends and met some freshly married couples.
          Dude…the guys were just normal guys, not alphas…normal 9-5 working regular men…and their wives…not 9’s or 10’s but a family making 8. And from that point onwards ruined 9’s & 10’s don’t deserve a ,,hello” from me.
          But when I see a feminine, educated, loving woman, wife trend setter girl, I lose my fucking mind.
          Whenever I see one now, my eyes lock-up and immediately approach to see if it’s true.
          Believe me, they are out there.
          And they’re waiting for us to make families together.
          Let us build heaven on Earth again.
          But first let’s train to protect it with our minds, souls & fists if necessary against neo-Marxists.

        7. “And if I get married, I help the feminist-jewish-family court mafia. Is it time to wear the pants, isn’t it?”
          Excellent comeback.

      2. “Leathery tits” is such a wonderful and horribly evocative descriptive term….not just describing the tits of the woman in question but her entire body and, indeed, her being.
        When you say “her leathery tits” I don’t just picture the leathery tits but the entire thing, disheveled hair, lazy drunk eyes, bad tan, stretch marks, fading tattoo, bruises on thigh, old dirty flip flops and a cigarette dangling from the mouth.
        Well done on that one

  6. It seems to me that the author does not manage to reach “abundance mentality”.

    1. Yeah, the title says it all: “how to GAIN ACCESS to hot girls by becoming a photographer”… I can assure you, the only time the author has ever GAINED ACCESS to any hot girls was after he signed up for a monthly subscription to Brazzers.

    2. well to be fair, he makes a little farm for himself, until the end where he threatens to kill himself over the pictures

    1. Richardson was known in the industry as a guy who would whip his cock out and fuck the model right in the middle of a session. But this guy is, or at least was, the top photog in the biz and could afford to be such a blatant asshole.

  7. Too much work (not to mention equipment required).
    You wanna know an easy way to get laid via a fake job, and especially if your travelling in South America? Be a “massage therapist” on top of your usual 9-5 gig in your home country.
    Women love massages (and everywhere except SE Asia they aren’t cheap) and if you casually slip that into your conversation early on, build up the rapport and initial attraction, you can then eventually offer her a “free massage” at your place because she’s such a “lovely and unique woman” and you’d “feel bad about charging her” or whatever.
    A lot take the bait, and especially in Brazil or Peru. Sounds a bit devious, But both parties shall be satisfied when it’s all said and done 😉

  8. Might as well just lure them back to your office with the black couch and tell them you’re a talent agent looking for women interested in doing porn.

  9. What the hell is that.
    You are a loser by default if you start something like becoming a professional photograph just for the sake of getting laid.
    Waaay to much effort to get to this point. Also it is not very realistic. I’m sure the author never did anything he wrote here. He just fantasized what kind of possibilities his photograph friend probably has.
    In reallife you couldn’t just bang every girl you get as a customer. Sure you could get some, but most wouldn’t do it. Also once you get that image of being that creep photograph you can forget your photograph career + your overall sex life will be damaged.
    If there is one thing which turns girls off , it is being a creep.

    1. exactly. If you become a school teacher it should because you want to expand young minds Not to get access to kids and expand young anuses

    2. No what turns girls off are decent yet socially inept guys that girls call “creepy” when all the guy wants to do is take them to the movies.
      Actual creeps get the girls all the time.

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      2. Creepy is a very specific word with bad conotation. Its good to look dangerous..its good to be fearless. But if you look awkward you can get that label(and the only way to get past it is trial and error). Anyways you will be called a million things in your life- keep swinging until you find what you want.

        1. Creepy to a woman only means lower than her own sexual market value.
          Women are smart in that everything they do they seek to elevate themselves.
          Diffeeent women have different ideas about what being elevated is, but a man needs to be more than her. Is it smart? Is it cool? Is it handsome? Is it wealthy? Depends on the girl.
          But if she has better social standing than you, a better job than you, is better looking than you and has more money than you chances are you are creepy to her. In the end, for a woman, a man that can’t make her best friend jealous = creeper.
          You can beat, spit on, cheat on, degarage, steal from and humiliate a woman in the most unimaginable ways and so long as she can use you to make her friend jealous you are fine…maybe because you are rich or super handsome or mildly famous or whatever….if not then you are a creep no matter what you do

        2. Then you would expect rich girls to use the word infinitely more…but you dont see that.

        3. No, that’s not how it works. I said that women all value something different. A rich good girl may value a bad boy, a genius, an artist whatever. There isn’t an objective standard to the value because women aren’t logical and objective thinkers.
          What one particular woman values, say a tough exciting street thug for a rich girl…another girl, a Colombian chick who grew up around that, might yawn at

      3. No, what turns off women is ugly looking men, get your facts straight and put down those stupid PUA manuals, they’ll just confuse you.

        1. Yes, life experience, the best teacher of all, and by observing how women behave, as opposed to what they say.

    3. indeed. becoming oneself a photograph just to have a chance to approach girls and see them semi naked… well that is creepy by itself.

    4. “What the hell is that.”
      Good points made, man.
      Let me add in that with the major advances in photo technology today, any douche running around with a camera today can claim to be a “photographer”.
      And chicks, as dumb as they are (“let’s vote for open borders!”), they are not that dumb.
      For this to work one has to actually BE a photographer as a profession – and not just have a nice website with quality photos. One needs to have their images actually published in known publications (fashion publications) with some print work done – and projects that can easily be third party verified.
      The whole “I’m a photographer” angle has been over played for quite a while now.

      1. Exactly. This sounds like a joke from HIMYM. One of Barney Stinson’s attempts to get hot chicks.

    5. He probably only got some because he has an American citizenship. As former model, it’s not how it works. Even if a guy has a consensual relationship with a model he shot with, girls are girls and a girl can regret and destroy the reputation even faster than false rape accusations. NEVER sleep where you work. However, what I have seen that’s powerful, is young gym going attractive guys shooting models, and NOT sleeping with them, but socializing with them. Hot girls hang in packs. So not doing her, sending good quality pictures, he attracts her friends. And her friends are just as hot and that’s who he should make a move on. It’s very powerful if a guy is surrounded by hot women he doesn’t make a move on as a profession/hobby.
      Girls talk and one doesn’t like your advances, the rest know fast. Game is still a numbers game, there isn’t always chemistry with everyone. But girls have friends, it’s a great way to chill, make friends with models, don’t shoot with their friends but socialize and see if something works out with her equally hot friends.

    6. Jordan does have a point. When you start to pursue a hobby for the sake of scoring chicks instead of improving your own self, chicks will see right through it. I mean look at the author’s beta male friend. He had access to a dozen chicks and still couldn’t lay any one of them. A camera will not change your beta mindset. And neither will the fact that your soul purpose for pursuing a certain hobby or skill is to bang chicks. Chicks are attracted to a man who is so gifted and loyal to his art and craft. The type of man who fucks chicks is the guy who would give up a fuck just so he could spend the time with his craft. ROK sometime just posts some really stupid crap.

      1. 100% agree as a former model now designer. If he’s dedicated to the craft, and does self improvement, loves the craft for its sake. Models have other equally hot usually model friends that are great to socialize with and not shoot with. Photographers I know who have attractive girlfriends, it’s usually a friend of someone they shot with.

      2. at the end he was maybe a little bit “I won’t stop taking pictures until we bang or you pay me” lol might seem weird

    7. He’s trading time for quantity. It’s a good idea for a regular guy who’s not necessarily an alpha .

    8. Yes, because a $15 dollar camera and a fake title are too expensive to deal with women.
      The point is the game, not actually being a photographer. And yes, if you approach the right women correctly, and make your intentions clear but indirect, this will work as well as any other technique.
      The point here is that women like being on camera. And if you think game is what you use on ‘nice women,’ you need to find some other site.

      1. You have to be braindead if you think a professional camera costs only 15$. More like 500$.
        And making a professional looking instagram site takes months. Or if you make your own website you have to pay again for hosting and the web script.
        If you can’t handle approaching women like a real man, maybe this is the wrong website for you. Try PUA-beginners-1998 or something like that.
        Im sure you’d like the Playbook from Barney Stinson (HIMYM). There are many sneaky ways to try to “gain access” to hot women.

        1. You don’t need a professional camera, you need a camera that an idiot would think is professional. Which yes, can be had for $15 dollars
          You don’t even have to pretend anything, just say it’s a hobby. What is relevant is the fact that women like to be on camera. It is a quirk of women’s psychology, and we use these quirks to attract them, not to deceive them.
          And of course, there is never any point in ‘being sneaky.’ Women lie to themselves enough, we don’t even need to bother. Is she expecting commitment? Then you let her go on believing that, when if she were at all self-critical she would realize that’s not what you’re going for.
          Bottom line: it’s not creepy if it works. That kind of thinking is what produces beta-males. There are things that straight-up don’t work, but as always it’s a matter of both charisma and judgement.

    9. Exactly, it would be career suicide for a professional photographer to try and hit on the female models he is being paid take pictures of.
      All it takes is one sexual harassment charge, and the photographer’s career is in the toilet.

  10. If you are to undertake a career – all things being equal – surely better if it involves groupies.
    Photographer is up there with lifeguard, biker, surfer, personal trainer, bartender.
    Cubicle slave – not so much

    1. Unless that cubicle slave is a CPA, Engineer, or Architect. You have your 8-10 hours, go home and do something else.

      1. CPA – is anti-vagina
        so are the rest (I’m a software engineer) – work work work chasing tail….
        Only ever pulled one chick at cubicle – and she was the CEO of the Wall St Company…
        Actually getting ready to go out now…
        And game, game, drinking…game, and luck and plenty of cash…
        so much easier to have 5 chicks to chose from while bartending…

  11. As I read this a certain scene from Napoleon Dynamite popped in my head.. Kip.. Kip.. Kip… Yeah…hot babes

  12. Actually what I do to shag hot chicks is visit the park and tell girls I’m shooting a porn movie with my smartphone. Dudes it works every time!

  13. Professional Model Photographers are overwhelmingly (and overwhelmingly presumed to be) homosexuals.

  14. My goodness the everlasting thirst in this site is phenomenal. I love the site but every article is about chasing and getting women, this just grows their ego more.

  15. Even if you are a world class photographer you’ll always be at the bottom of the chain. Girls dont bang the photographer.

    1. “Girls dont bang the photographer”
      That’s not entirely true, but being a photog does not mean instant quick access to snatch niether.

  16. If you want to watch a great film about this style of game I highly recommend Blow Up. This dude was literally swimming in pussy.
    I’ve been doing photography for years and make a decent side hustle doing headshots. I’ve tried pulling the “I’m a professional photographer, I’d love to shoot you” bit and it does work, playing into girl’s vanity. You should see how their eyes light up when you ask them if they’ve ever modeling before. Putty. In. Your. Hands.
    However, converting those shoots to lays is much more difficult. A better approach is to do a normal pick-up and take her out for a drink on first date. Then while on the date mention you do boudoir (lingerie) photography, and have a studio at your place. Then take her to do a ‘photoshoot’ back at your place, or if she’s on the more shy side do a second date outdoors during golden hours (sunset) and then go back to your place afterwards for the more ‘intimate’ part of the photoshoot.
    Being an artist, you pull the finest of broads no doubt. Just like when Jack Dawson does a nude painting of Rose in Titanic, girls love to be used (dominated) as a muse. I always find it funny when blue-pilled meatheads wonder why women choose a skinny mf like me over them. It’s because artists are keenly aware of how to manipulate emotions through their art. All. About. Da. Feelzzz.
    You do have to be careful though with your reputation if you want to work professionally. If you haven’t bedded the girl first, it’s best to keep the photoshoots professional (no touching, flirting) and then after they are done, run game and if she’s not interested keep her as a ‘friend’ and invite her to your bachelor pad for parties/hangouts. She will no doubt come and bring her attractive model friends for you to game.
    Photography is an awesome hobby, and a very valuable skill set for bedding models and business. It’s best to use your judgement as to whether you want to run pipeline game or go for the ONS. But I wouldn’t recommend offering your services up front as it will be a waste of both your time and hers.

    1. It sounds like a lot of photographers do their models. A rumor I heard way back was that the stars on the ‘P’ in the Playboy magazine cover represented the number of times the photographer banged the model. Some claimed it was the number of times Heffner banged them to seal the deal as centerfold model.
      They appear as dots on the ‘P’ that are clearly stars when zoomed in.
      (note the 3 stars)
      Some are a no brainer
      But Dolly? No way. I guess all promoted celebs had to submit in the beginning.
      Stars on the outside of the ‘P’ were believed to be the number of fialed attempts of Hef (or photographer) to bed the model. Sometimes symbols appear outside the ‘P’–sxI64qKN–/
      Even when the cover was unconventional, the stars still appeared as on this tee shirt
      The stars/symbols appeared from 1965-1979. Only a handful had no stars during that time. No stars represented no bangs. After 1979, no stars are used at all. Perhaps there’s a different secret coding after ’79.

      1. Yeh I doubt any photographer would have banged Dolly back then.
        People forget how fine she was in her 20s and 30s.

  17. I think it would be less creepy & more successful if you approached said harlots with story of, “Hey, Imma start this amateur porn site…wanna fuck for some starter material & I’ll throw you $200?”

  18. “Hey we’re shooting a re-enactment of a ‘Femen’ march in my back yard.”
    Then you shoot the film. Hell it might become a quality independent mini-film. Or it could suck and end up as youtube bullshit.

  19. Don’t try to be photographer just to get girls for god sakes. If you enjoy photography, then fine. Do it because you enjoy it and do it well. Doing it just to get your dick wet is just creepy.
    Get yourself in shape. Improve yourself for you. The only person you need approval from is you. Once you get that down, the girls will follow. But do it for YOU. Not for her.

  20. And if you have the means, I highly recommend “Anesthesiologist Game”.
    For the relatively low investment of 8-10 years of college you can get access to women and the legal means to render them unconscious!

  21. In some parts of Europe that photographer shit still flies. Plenty of photographers fuck their models and even marry them over there. It is pretty common, but I agree with one of the comments below that it is a field that has been undermined by greater access to cheap technology.
    Unless you are a pro or some kind of fine art photographer, most women won’t give a shit unless you are some underage kid wanting to date 16 year old girls. Most grown women won’t buy into that shit.

  22. Ive gotten a glimpse of the modeling world and yes photographers get laid like mad but models are typically the most boring kind of girl you can imagine. At one photoshoot I went to the girl wasnt really even treated like a person(and she was doing it for free as was standard for magazine work). They were telling me its crazy how many models dont even know how to drive. It tempers your enthusiasm for hot girls when youve had a few who were zeros in bed.

    1. Doing it for free is not standard magazine work. She probably wasn’t a model – just some worthless bimbo wanna be

      1. It is or was standard, then the models get exposure and make money when they do ad work. Models in general have kind of a shit life unless they get to the elite level.

  23. I used to know a staff photographer for a large east coast newspaper. He also did glamour and fashion work on the side (this was well before digital cameras). He was very effeminate, thin, soft spoken and this being a very small town, practically everyone thought he was gay. But I started seeing a pattern. He would have beautiful women (sometimes two or three at a time) at his place for the whole weekend. I asked him about this and he said they were just models. I said “Sure they are. Do any of them try to get you to go straight?” He just laughed and gave me this knowing smirk of ‘I just got caught.’ He wasn’t gay. He was banging some of the prettiest woman I’d ever seen using “I’m gay try to fix me game.” I doubt it would work as well now, but it definitely worked in the late seventies.

  24. figured this out a long time ago. some photographers also act as pimps for models looking for extra work.

  25. i agree. im in South Africa and have a friend who has been shooting both photos and videos since forever.Although he overwhelmingly shoots “wholesome” photographs he has gotten some pretty interesting gigs along the way. from a girl that wanted to be filmed having sex with her BF (BF chickened out) to a lady that had him shoot a very steamy series of pics while in the shower. Apparently the pics were tasteful enough such that the BF told him “nice work” before closing with “don’t do it again”.
    So many times he has had sex with a girl after a hot photo-shoot. Sometimes i do take his stories with a pinch of salt. But when i look at his computer im convinced.His computer is always full of images at various stages of editing featuring mainly females in saucy outfits in various poses on beds and couches . Wonder what his wife thinks of them.
    Anyways, in the townships its a known fact that guys who take photographs have access to women in a way other men can not and can not understand.
    In america it was the postman who enjoyed bored housewife attention during the day while hubby was at work winning that bread;in Southern Africa its the cameramen.Urban legends have it that most stayed poor because they were usually paid in kind and not in cash…

  26. I’m a Fashion Filmmaker and this author has it all wrong..
    I’m around beautiful models all the time and if you are not doing it for the ART and just trying to get laid you’ll be quickly outed for being the fraud that you are..
    I deeply appreciate beautiful women just like any other guy.. But a key upside of this work is that it desensitizes me to the visual spell that beautiful women use on a daily basis. This in turn gives me better perspective on their character and allows me to make much better choices on who I invite into my life or not.
    Shameless plug below of my latest work..

    FB & IG william.lee2112

  27. Should be titled…”How to become a perv”…I think all men over 40 have seen the guy who sits in the club handing out business cards…..”hey I’m an agent….I’m a photographer…I can make you famous….” It works if you are legit and others vouch for you…..but then… takes years of training and big time bucks in equipment to be legit…

    1. “These “models” fuck photographers because they want to go up in their careers…”
      Precisely. It would be cheaper to simply rent an escort since the reason dynamics would be the same – the model fucking a man for advancement in career, the escort fucking a guy for direct ca$h. One should never think he has found true “love” just because an attractive, disease ridden skank is spreading her legs for him after the photo session; but it would seem that men seem to be hell bent on their illusions.

    2. The usage of quotations is correct x1000. Most of these hoes are exactly that – hoes

  28. This article is backwards: the inverse is true. Try to bang your photography models and kiss that whole “professonal” adjective goodbye. DON’T try to bang your photography models and you will gain their (and others’) respect, be seen AS A PROFESSIONAL, earn more money, and you can bang more hot women who AREN’T your models due to your increased social capital and presence.
    Who knows, maybe the women you bang will end up becoming your models, and that’s the way it SHOULD work.
    Otherwise you’re just another Terry Richardson.
    EDIT: I just read the article for the second time and I can tell you that pursuing the line of actions described here is a fantastic way to guarantee you end up with more legal trouble than pussy.

  29. Don’t do this. If you like taking pictures of girls, you do it because you like taking the pictures and making the girls happy. If you have an intention of going around trying to take advantage of models, you better watch out for the slap in the face or worse, the angry boyfriend looking for you.

  30. Oh and another thing, I’m willing to bet the friend of the author most likely does not photograph actual models but thots that aren’t worthy of the rolled up jizz napkin under my shoe.

  31. This would have to be one of the most moronic editorials I have ever had the displeasure of reading.
    These so called PUAs, or more accurately “PUSSY BEGGARS”, need to seriously reavaluate their lives, and start needing to use that thing in their skull called a brain.
    So the fool who wrote this drivel expects a professional photographer to risk a potential sexual harassment charge which in turn could ruin his career.
    He then insults the photographer by calling him a “beta” for not trying to hit on these women.
    When will these PUA clowns realise that when it comes to relationships and sex, women are the CHOOSERS, and as such women PRESELECT the men they want based on his looks and race. You can’t talk or “game” your way into a woman’s pants, if there is no physical attraction ie. if the said woman doesn’t like your looks, it’s GAME OVER.

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