240 thoughts on “Why The Manchester Terrorist Attack Will Change Nothing”

  1. Attention teenage girls and young women of the West,
    Your overwhelming brainwashed support of refugees, diversity, multiculturalism, and free-for-all egalitarianism is literally (Hitler) KILLING YOU.
    If you attend a concert in Japan, a country which has wisely given a metaphorical “fuck you” to all the previous things I just mentioned, you will enjoy your concert experience in terrorism-free safety, whilst immersed in a country which is genuinely interesting to visit because it hasn’t been turned into a rancid stew full of unwanted foreign ingredients like in North America, Australia, and Western Europe.
    You will also enjoy the concert experience of all-female J-Rock rock bands like Band-Maid, instead of cookie-cutter crap like Ariana Grande. These ladies can shred like a Mo’ Fo’ and without any tattoos, piercings, or crayola crayon unnatural hair colors like your degenerate (and far less talented) western counterparts.

    1. Damn. That music video really makes me wish I had been born a Japanese man and not a White man. Feels bad man

      1. “…makes me wish I had been born a Japanese man and not a White man.”
        You’re better off being a white man in Japan. The year-and-a-half I lived there was the best time of my life.

        1. “You’re better off being a white man in Japan. ”
          I was about to say the same thing. I literally closed a deal within 5 min of meeting a girl once- played the dumb foreigner routine, then went “you, me, sex, OK?”
          The immediate reply was an enthusiastic “OK, OK!!!” as if I’d just offered her a million dollars.

        2. In Japan?
          Not always, and on that occasion I was feeling particularly ballsy, but sometimes yeah.
          It can also depend what you look like, I guess. Blond with blue eyes will work like a charm.

      2. Someday, I’m going to pop on ROK and you’re going to have a positive comment. And I’m going to die from the shock. 🙂

        1. “Attention teenage girls and young women of the West,”…
          And ladies, don’t forget to check out this classic 2010 article. It’s written by one of you who thought you could move to Japan and get away with the same shit there. The writer was so not used to being ignored she began stalking men and going to construction sites hoping for some street harassment but got no takers. The comments from the men are gold!

        2. I can just see her stalking those poor Japanese men and trying to find street harassers until she yells at them to “man up” and whistle at her!

      1. Not a fan of this sound in general but these girl obviously have chops.
        I actually do like some of the Japanese girl band surf music like the 5s,6s,7s, and 8s….all of their stuff not just the one from kill bill lol

        1. lol this good shit haven’t heard of them before

          I’m a big fan of Yoko Kanno, Japanese composer who has produced some great big band

        2. I actually have this song on several play lists. all their stuff is pretty cool

    2. Japan is not being blackmailed by a certain small group of people. I find it ironic this same group wants to allow Western countries to bring in more Muslim immigrants despite the attitudes of many Muslims.
      Neither is China, that is why neither country will suffer from Islamic terror and multicultural bullshit for centuries.

    3. “Your overwhelming brainwashed support of refugees, diversity, multiculturalism, and free-for-all egalitarianism is literally (Hitler) KILLING YOU”
      Those are profound words, and everything else you said, good sir, but I suspect they are falling on deaf ears as western europeans do nothing to fight back.

      1. ‘….do nothing to fight back.’
        If only.
        Oh, they are ‘fighting’ all right!
        They will sack/arrest anyone who DARE point out ‘who’ is actually slaughtering who.
        These women are dangeros twisted *****es and they now run the West.
        Two days ago.
        ‘Police swoop on garden party where song mocking the death of Osama Bin Laden was played
        Cherry Hinton party-goers deny making racist comments and are furious claiming police overreacted when force helicopter was deployed
        The force helicopter and 10 officers were sent to a home in Highdene Road, Cherry Hinton after a complaint from members of the public the music was too loud and people were allegedly shouting anti-Islamic abuse.
        Initially one officer was sent to the street at about 10pm on Thursday (May 25) but more arrived and the force helicopter was deployed when the officer called in for back up.
        Party goers claim the officer “took offence” at a song mocking dead terrorist Osama Bin Laden being played and called in reinforcements after pressing her ‘panic button’.
        So, the Police b***h turns up to threaten these perfectly normal people as ‘she is offended’ at them mocking a DEAD TERRORIST MURDERER!!
        When they ignore her SHE PRESSES A PANIC BUTTON to show them who is in charge…..
        …this mass slaughter of children will certainly not change English women (I’m English).
        They will keep on getting worse and worse and more viscous and delusional and aggressive (towards white hetro-men. Only) and lazier and fatter and ……….

        1. “…this mass slaughter of children will certainly not change English women (I’m English)”
          And it soesn’t seem like it will change the vast majority of English men.
          It’s both absolutely saddening and painful to watch Thommy Robinson’s interview with Alex Jones. We see the tears running down the Englishman’s eyes because he knows his nation and people are slated for extermination, and fellow englishmen are either too scared to fight or could care less.

        2. Just reading this as I saw your post……………

          Labour’s boost in the ratings is being driven by women who are flocking to Jeremy Corbyn’s Party, a new poll shows
          – *New ORB poll puts Labour just six points behind Theresa May’s Tories * – *The survey shows that women are driving the surge with some 40% of females planning to vote for Labour – up from 31% in mid-May *
          – *It comes after a tough two weeks for the Tories following the social care row’*
          *….I doubt the ‘analysis’ will touch on English women’s instinctive submission to violent terrorism.*
          *There is the usual dishonest crap about the Labor man being ‘an unlikely sex symbol’.*
          *I have not seen the vid you kindly link to yet.*
          *His last interview with AJ was brilliant.*
          *As for extermination, yes, but it’s self mortification.*
          *…everything about it is saddening and distressing….it’s all so unnecessary……*
          *I save my pity for the children of England.*
          *Their ‘busy’ parents deserve their fates, in this world and the next.*

        3. Thanks – if you could – who’s who in this arena? Who is Jeremy Corbyn ? And which party does Thommy Robindon identify with?

        4. Well lets not all push the panic button just yet.
          Yes the bombing was a tragedy but compared to France and the US, Britain has had very few Middle East terrorist attacks given our continued hornet’s nest poking in the Middle East. We’ve gotten off lucky frankly.
          If you leave off the “terrorist” label and just look at mass killings in general (which occur regularly in the US for a variety of reasons) frankly I would be more worried about crossing the street than being killed in a mass attack.
          England’s going to be fine. I promise you. Multiculturalism is not a big issue. Why? Because there is a channel between here and Europe and not only are the majority of immigrants to Britain from Europe, that door will soon shut thanks to Brexit.
          So breathe a sigh of relief, dunk another Rich Tea biscuit in your Tetley’s, sit back and watch the match.

        5. Man am sad for him.. Compare that with Roosh’s resolved negativity and futility to it all..

        6. Hi.
          This is the current political situation in England.
          All main political parties have succumbed to a welfare state orientated idea of government.
          Thus there are essentially the same.
          All see social problems in terms of ‘what Government can do to help’. All view the wealth generated by the people as a resource to be used by the state.
          They peruse identical policies in virtually every field & as such they have become The Party System of government.
          As with the AfD in Germany and the FN in France, an alternative to The Party System has arisen out of political desperation.
          These are ‘rebel’ political entities.
          However, they have no money, bad organisation and are opposed by The P.System and it’s whore MSM.
          Plus Secret Intelligence & Police etc
          The Conservative Party (presently on government) was once the Christian patriotic party.
          It introduced homosexual ‘marriage’ without even mentioning it in the preceding general election and TWICE managed higher net mass immigration than the ‘left wing multicultural’ Labor Party (two successive record years for net immigration).
          Think uber RHINOS.
          Theresa may is their leader and PM.
          That such a person could become leader is incredible to most observers.
          Such low caliber.
          The Labor Party was once the working class party. They were Union funded and existed to ensure higher wages and build the ‘free’ NHS.
          That done, they went on to campaign for homosexuality & anti-racism and feminism and green policies and everything else that you would expect….
          The quality of the human material in The Party System has visibly declined. These parties do not represent political ideas as they all share the identical default mode. Thus interesting and intelligent people stopped getting involved in politics altogether.
          This left scum, thieves sexual perverts (that’s a whole other chapter) and pretenders to rise to once high political office.
          Labor’s leader is Jeremy Corbyn.
          He has not changed any of his political ideas since the 1960.
          UKIP are the ‘rebel’ political entity that forced the Brexit referendum.
          The only time I have felt proud to be English since the Falklands affair when I was still at Primary School….
          People will only vote for them in ‘local’ elections, Euro elections (that do not matter) and by elections when a sitting Member dies (or these days, goes to jail).
          When it come to the General Election, the English chicken out and vote for The party System.
          As for the EDL….
          Tommy Robinson (nome du guerre) led the EDL out of right wing football gangs. I fund and support these lads.
          They made a decision to avoid all political involvement and stick exclusively to the fight to stop the sex slavery of white English children spreading across the whole country.
          They have failed, sadly.
          The situation, with the direct support of the Police & Social Services, is now out of control.
          We are approaching the third generation of these sex slaves.
          The situation is being facilitated by the state. There is an agenda most would prefer never to see.
          Most choose to look away.
          Whatever you think the situation is, believe me, it is worse.
          As such, TR and the EDL do not ‘fit in’ to the ‘political’ scene at all.
          Instead, they represent the lost men of England.
          Utterly abandoned by their leadership class.
          Skint. Badly educated.
          Constantly attacked by the Police and hated by the MSM and all those whom they remind of their own dog shit cowardice in the face this horror.
          That’s who they/we are.
          Hope that helps.

        7. Thank you for this info, man. This is really sad about the UK. I highly doubt Brexit will make any difference in England’s fate.

        8. “Man am sad for him.. Compare that with Roosh’s resolved negativity and futility to it all..”
          I hear what you’re saying – but do you see any hope? And if so, then how?

        9. “So breathe a sigh of relief, dunk another Rich Tea biscuit in your Tetley’s, sit back and watch the match.
          Sarcasm, Bob?

        10. ‘Thank you for this info, man.’
          No problem.
          ‘This is really sad about the UK.’
          ‘I highly doubt Brexit will make any difference in England’s fate.’
          Brexit was such good news it just does not fix the overall picture.
          It’s just….just Good News!….and ‘we’re’ not used to that 😉
          Let’s see.
          Let’s hope there is some fight left, but it does seem unlikely.
          Too many cowards, traitors and perverts.
          …and that’s just in Westminster.

        11. ‘England’s going to be fine. I promise you. Multiculturalism is not a big issue. Why?… ‘
          That is not funny or original.
          ‘Because there is a channel between here and Europe and not only are the majority of immigrants to Britain from Europe, that door will soon shut thanks to Brexit.’
          Maybe you’re thinking of a different ‘Britain’ and a different ‘Europe’?
          You do not seem to be aware the Conservatives have ruled out any changes to our UCHR regime.
          Thus, every Somali that gets to Italy will HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE IN ENGLAND and to also BRING HIS FAMILY WITH HIM.
          The channel makes zero difference to the modern world.

        12. Mate that’s not happening now. Go check the statistics on net immigration and then go untwist your knickers.

        13. ‘ I think we thought that was basically a one-off. …………. their cover-up that wouldn’t happen again. Wrong,’

        14. Sorry which mass rapes are you talking about? Jimmy Savile? He certainly had State support.
          OK Later on I see you’re talking about Rotherham. But please, make it easy for me. What exactly is your point? After all, numbers of Muslim immigrants are negligible compared to others. And Rotherham is one conspiracy over how many years? And there is still the ongoing conspiracy in the House of Lords.

        15. Sorry Eng. Bob…
          My post is in response to one from ‘John Richmond’.
          It appeared in my ‘in box’ but not here, on the thread (!)
          My connection is a bit hazy. I sometimes cannot ‘uptick’ comments and I’ve been ‘signed out’ a few times.
          I posted a reply to J. Richmond and it went to you !
          I think that may be because your post is in place of his on the thread, but I have no idea….?
          This confusion has not happened before when I’ve used this, or any other site.
          S’a bit weird.
          In response to your reply regarding my seemingly disjointed post…..
          ‘….M. immigrants are negligible compared to others.’
          Yes, however….
          Rotherham’s Pakistani M. population is proportionally tiny….
          ‘Rotherham had 236,438 (91.9%) White British and 20,842 (8.1%) Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) residents in the 2011 Census.
          The largest BME community is Pakistani & Kashmiri who numbered 7,912 in 2011 or 3.1% of the population.
          Yet, the official figure for raped children is ‘at a conservative estimate 1,500’.
          The accepted ‘real’ figure is nearer 4,500.
          That’ JUST IN ROTHERHAM.
          No-one now denies the rape gangs are interconnected across England.
          This is serious business, especially for white girls.

        16. There are a number of these gangs, true and many seem to have “official” help. What I was saying about Saville and his mates – they were protected for decades! And there appears to be one in Westminster and another in Hollywood.
          I guess what I am saying is that yes, this Pakistani gang and the cover-up were reprehensible but this kind of crime is not unique to them but more importantly, Pakistanis do not form the majority of current immigrants. The largest groups are from Bulgaria and Romania right now. The only significant Muslim immigration today is through marriage or family and it is tiny compared to these Eastern Europeans.

        17. I need to clarify….
          I simply do not ‘oppose Islam’ in any way.
          You are correct to identify the official state sponsorship of many, sometimes murderous, pedophile organisations that are NOT M.
          The Pakistani gangs are a real aspect of this situation.
          M. men from other more civilised countries are NOT represented in the Court cases that we see in the MSM.
          Yes, to all that.
          My post to ‘John Richmond’ was in answer to his specific points about Rotherham.
          Even then….the poison is in the state and it’s predatory, almost evil agency.
          NOT in ‘Islam’.

        18. I am sick and fucking tired of leftwing idiots calling anti-Islamic sentiment “racist”. Muslims are a religion, not a race. How ignorant can leftwingers get?

        19. I recon it’s worse than utter stupidity.
          I recon they are liars.
          They all know Islam is not a race they just want to throw the accusation because it gives them more ‘pc power’.
          Same as they know 99.9% of men are not racists and there is no wage gap and windmills will not save planet earth and….
          Lying, manipulative swine, all of ’em…

        20. ….but….but….but then you’ll have a damn fool with opened eyes on your hands.
          Surly I’d be less trouble with closed e……

        21. Am not quite as pessimistic as Roosh but they are increasing in numbers and blue pillers / cucks are not waking up fast enough. Economic conditions are comfortable so even if a few people get raped or stabbed on the streets and the odd bomb or shootup at a concert nothing much changes. People are however increasingly scared of what the future holds.
          Still it only takes a passionate minority to bring change.. The votes received by Marine Le Pen was a new record.. Also, one more 2008 style banking crisis will probably topple the system then the illusion maintained by the politicians, MSM will be hit.
          Is also inspiring that there are a few politicians who use passionate rhetoric like back in the day – here is a link.. He has to be careful what he says though, he crossed the (((line))) a few months ago and it caused a nationwide scandal, they almost kicked him out the party. But he is too charismatic and loved, doing both rally-style and indoor speeches, when you see that amount of charisma and national pride in politics it gives you some hope..

      2. Eastern Europe will likely survive, much of Western Europe will not. Also this idea of the European Union is a bad joke, its an engine for Germany, not European unity and mass prosperity. Many EU economies are in critical condition.
        I am getting more used to the idea of an ascendant Asia. With the mass degeneracy in the West, China and Russia will become the new Superpowers, while others are reduced to cuck status.

        1. I wish Eastern Europe well.
          However, they are far too poor to survive as they are.
          No money.

    4. a 22 year old patsy kills 22 people on 22nd May (5/17=22)…..
      22 is the highest no# in the tarrot…
      couldn’t possibly be a coincidence…. that most of these strange events occur in 22s ?
      do they even happen at all ?

      1. The “attack” took place at 22:33, and exactly 4 (=2²) years to the day since a 22-year-old Muslim and his accomplice suppposedly beheaded a soldier in broad daylight in Woolwich (at 2:20, incidentally).
        And in response to your final question, I’d reply in the negative.

    5. That was… surreal.
      I dated a Japanese chick who’s sister was in a rock group. She played me one of their songs once. I thought I was going to have a stroke trying not to laugh. It was horrific.

  2. Well … I guess being a semi-recluse who only emerges to run errands at night like a mole person has the benefit of being pretty safe from terror attacks.

        1. You aren’t gonna get a lot of props for this comment but it’s straight up hilarious

  3. As long as they have walls around their own homes with their own bodyguards or preferential attention from police the liberal elites around the world don’t care squat for what threats endanger the ordinary or common folk of their own countries since those are what they deem to be replaceable. The only way that will change any time soon is when the time comes when ordinary people find a place of their own to flee to and be able to leave these elitist globalist clowns alone with their imports.

    1. White Australian and European men with money & assets will be relocating to Southeast Asia in droves for these very reasons in the coming decades. The same with occur with White Canadian and American men relocating to various places in Latin America.
      “Go where you are treated best” and leave the liberal elites with their own sludge on home turf.

      1. Except they always follow us after they tire of living in the nest of shit they created for themselves.

      2. Frankly I believe we need to move into space and start over something like the movie Libra produced back in 1978.

        1. Any colonisation of other planets will be subject to quotas to ensure racial and gender diversity. So there’s that idea out the window.

        2. I am thinking of Gerard K. O’Neill Space Habitats and the thing is once people move out into space they will simply go where they want to go, some UN type may push quotas on those going off planet but once they get off planet they will go and settle where they want, mixing with those they want to mix and there really is nothing the Feds or anybody else can do to stop that.

    2. Here’s the logic of the liberal elite (typical smug well educated whites):
      Limosine liberalism, or the ability to escape the consequences of liberalism via paying more for living in a safe community, allows them to feel superior to working class whites who couldn’t afford to get out. Since the working class whites just weren’t smart enough to escape, then they are “losers” who deserve what they got. On the other hand, the non-whites gang bangers are “victims” so they are not to blame for their actions and if they take out their violence on “privileged”, but poor, working class whites then that’s just SJW in action!
      That’s their mindset and it’s sick, isn’t it?
      So after decades of going along with that, the rare times they wind up as victims (such as a mass influx of H-1bs with fake degrees), then they don’t really know what to do. When others were victims, they mocked them as losers but now, they just pretend it’s not happening.
      Consequently, the “price for entry”, like a door charge at a club, to be a smug white liberal is going up and up. Consequently, the movement is dying somewhat. Yes, it has a lot of institutional power and a large, non-white electorate but the Bernie Sander’s Marxist club is dying out, victims of their own success.

      1. Pretty much that, really reminds me of the decline and collapse of the Roman Republic. Rome’s elite made war upon the world around them because it was a kill or be killed world but in the process of conquering the whole Mediterranean world they had ample supply of slaves so once all the hostiles around them were no longer a threat they moved on the lower classes driving them off their land and replacing them with slaves while reducing the Plebian class to a dependent class who in exchange for bread and circuses rather than starvation kept the patricians in power which they were happy to keep that way because they had no fear of barbarians (Caesar and his predecessors wiped them out or conquered them), No fear of Pirates (Pompey dealt with that), No fear of slave revolt (that stopped being a problem after Crassus crushed Spartacus) and after Augustus defeated Cleopatra they had no fear of a foreign navy invading them, that didn’t change for over Four Hundred years then the barbarians got strong and the Romans got really corrupt and weak the Book of Romans understates the moral mess Rome had sunk into by that time that Rome basically collapsed on its own.

        1. What I find interesting about the Barbarian uprising is to ask what changed in terms of Barbarian tactics? Or heck, how did the Mongols get to be such a force?
          Guerrilla warfare and adaptive economic tactics.
          The barbarians and the huns learned that inferior weaponry (mere archers on horseback) could be superior to better armed but less mobile knights (of the middle age) or Roman centurions by going for the economic arteries feeding civilizations. Barbarians might not be able to penetrate Rome’s walls but they could knock down the aqueducts. Or trash the fields. This is similar stuff that the Romans did but since their population base was larger, that made them all the more vulnerable to such tactics.
          There’s several theories as to why Rome fell but I like to think it is similar to ours in that the upper classes were corrupt (as are ours) and rather than getting together in secret legion of doom meetings to plan how to manage the empire, they are split into factions or just our to make a quick buck and this can suck the lifeblood out of the whole pie ultimately leaving them scrambling to survive themselves.

        2. That was an excellent single sentence. Corporate bosses today do the same thing turning commoners into wage slaves who rely on the company store. Walmart also turns common citizens into wage slaves by aggressively working in tandem with the IRS to enter an area and audit every small retail business for witholding tax violations. The mom and pop stores are then put in a fight for their lives while the town council rubber stamps groundbreaking for the new walmart.
          PREVIOUSLY the town had 50+ main street businesses all family owned and indipendent. Each family was potentially on its way to becoming a millionaire and all owned their own homes and businesses.
          AFTER the walmart opens, main street becomes deserted with tumbleweeds and the successful business families are foreclosed and THE WHOLE TOWN is on foodstamps since walmart pays barely 2 cents above minimum.
          TO ADD to it all, fed money is poured into womens advocacy to accelarate atomization, working class free voucher frivorce with good samaritan jew attorneys offering free ‘services’ and you might as well say the town got firebombed like in an old Vietnam flick. Then NGO globalist jews and other motley assorted semites have a carnival of boat people shipped and resettled to replace the founding stock.
          Hey – where’s the Cherokee and Souix reimbursement for all this? Well it’s not about the Indians or the Europeans. It’s about replacing the population with dumb brown mongrel zombies that easily radicalize and can just as easily be whipped into corporate or agricultural plantation work. A mongrel is so beloved by the globalist because it’s part field nigger, part samsung slave worker, and part irish ditch digger. Also mongrels can be purged by the millions much easier than any pureblood community. The globalists can flush large vats of the mongrels when they’re done with them and start over like an etch-a-sketch. The globalist semite run mongrel plantation state is the end of humanity on Earth as we know it.

        3. “The globalist semite run mongrel plantation state is the end of humanity on Earth as we know it.”
          It’s the end of humanity period.

        4. Rome lasted for centuries, America does not have that kind of luxury. Its kind of interesting that Disney removed an exhibit showcasing the “Third American Century” years ago. Horizons show cased America from 1976 to 2076, it was a wonderful vision of a high tech America. Never going to happen since America is being deluged with primitive third world immigrants and much of white America is brainwashed and cuckolded.

        5. They were also dependant on a ressource that can only be ‘cheap’ by importing it: slaves.
          It was to costy to produce it…

        6. Rome lasted as long as it did because the barbarians were disorganized but we don’t have that luxury.

  4. I’m guessing no one will target metal concerts … any non-White person would appear realllllllly out of place

  5. Come on Roosh. Some of the immigrants probably don’t want to kill us. And that’s good enough for me.

  6. Roosh, please recall the children’s story of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf:
    Big Bad Wolf: “If you don’t let me in, I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down.”
    Three Little Pigs: “We better do what he says. It would be bigoted to not let him in.”

      1. And not let in straw pig or stick pig. I like how in Goldie and Bear “Sticks” is a cu5e girl pig.

    1. Curious Pabst, why do you say this. I am up in the air on just this question.

      1. From what I observe, this Western death wish manifests itself at the
        micro level (alcoholism, opioid addiction, suicide, race-mixing) to the
        macro level (calling for open borders).
        I say most Westerners want to die because they take no steps to safeguard either their own (mortal line) or the the lives of their own children (immortal line) and in fact celebrate everything that represents an existential threat to them or their line.
        Whether it’s bringing in more mad mullahs or beaming with pride that their little sweet daughter is going to the prom with a nog or their daughter graduated from Harvard Law School and is about to embark on a lucrative though childless career, I very seldom see life-affirming actions being taken or life-affirming beliefs being held.
        The response of a people who don’t want to die to something like the Manchester bombing or to their daughter being raped and murdered by a nog would be hatred and vengeance and calling for closed borders and segregation not issuing insipid platitudes on “full of life the victim was and holding a candlelit vigil.

  7. Inevitable: we will see a new Hitler in our lifetime.
    Things will get worse. The anger will escalate. And in a few decades, Europeans will hit their breaking point and go full “Deus Vult”.
    Or perhaps, it’ll be the Muslims who rally behind a new Hitler.

    1. Unfortunately Europeans can no longer afford the luxury of waiting a few more decades to fight back, because by then it will be too late.

    2. When things get desperate, people are more willing to entertain more desperate solutions.
      Thing is, if the leftist pols had acquiesced to modest and reasonable immigration controls when people first began to be concerned, they’d have their precious vibrant diversity (in the form of quality newcomers who want to integrate and prosper) AND security from the dregs that should have been turned back at the border / deported after their first significant felony.

    3. We need a ruthless dictator to put out the trash there is no one in the West that capable – YET

      1. “We need a ruthless dictator to put out the trash there is no one in the West that capable – YET”
        I am. Only problem is nobody likes me.

        1. The ruthless dictator needs to ask if he can join forces with me, rather than the other way around.

        2. I would also happily be a dictator. I’d relish cleansing places of subhuman Musulmanic and Leftist filth.

        3. I would also cleanse USA of globalists, lazy cabals of wealthy people, the so-called Deep State, etc.
          Too many fools to mention.

    4. Yeah, but notice that no one ever speculates that some nonwhite person, male or female, can become “new Hitler.” We all just assume nonwhite inferiority, and that only a white man could have the goods to pull this off.

    5. Unless “deus vult” is Latin for “make your minimum payment and eat your fast food fat ass” then this is nuts. You want to jerk off while larping some big revolution or collapse go ahead, but all that brain power can really be put to a lot better use dontcha think?

  8. Leftists use the divide and conquer tactic, but weren’t the ones to divide.
    World War One kind of symbolized a greater issue going on underneath the surface. The power structure just got way too complicated. Google how Scottish clans work – way too complicated for anyone to understand. Marxists/ Frankfurt School saw an opportunity and seized it.
    Feminism was also a media construct using smoke and mirrors. No woman was a suffragist until later after the media memed it. Women don’t gather and fight. Bearing this in mind, remember that suffrage is fragile, because it’s an illusion. Make elections turbulent, and statistically, women will drop out of voting.
    I see where you’re coming from with the pessimistic view. I still think that it’s good to focus on what can be done. There is a best way of preparing for the coming storm. Also, I encourage you to read Revelation, which names names and times.

    1. It doesn’t really name times, though, does it? Except in vague terms that people have been misinterpreting as “soon” or “this year” for the past thousand years.

        1. Sorry, I initially thought you were disputing specific names in the Bible, and was going to dismiss your argument.
          Times are referred to in terms of “signs of the times”. One of these signs is knowing the season across Christendom. Until recently, it’s only been pockets of people who have thought that the season has arrived. Now, it’s pretty much unanimous. Ask any Christian who doesn’t come from a church with a rainbow flag.
          Hopes this helps your reading endeavor.

        2. And again, nothing to support your bullshit assertion, so we’ll just leave it at bullshit, lol.

        3. yeah, I’m sure no one gets on here to go around the loop with atheists. this isn’t even the venue for that. if you can’t go one second without questioning your beliefs, on a game website, maybe you should reevaluate. at any rate, you can have the last word, but i’m done.

        4. Glad you’re done, the last thing non-Christians need is inaccurate rhetoric from misinformed persons such as yourself. For the record, I’ve been a Christian for over 20 years, so, like your inaccurate reading of the scripture, maybe try harder?

        5. Of course, I’m married. Unfortunately for stalkers such as yourself, lol. Still not done, though, are you?

    2. In Revelation men ride horses, fight with swords, own slaves, follow kings into battle and endure torments by mythological creatures.
      This sounds more like the world of a fantasy novel than the world we live in.
      And, frankly, I’ve had it with all this nonsense about Israel, which Jews promote to play Christians in the U.S. for suckers. Israel’s existence shows the ordinary reality that people get and act upon ideas from books, not that Israel fulfills some spooky “bible prophecy.”

    3. I go and construct an entire argument, and there’s always some atheist to dispute the one off-point I make about the Bible to get likes.

  9. Interesting short video about the explosion/terror attack in Manchester (watch the first 60 seconds or so and you’ll see a whole new side to this story). I found the Tweets posted hours before the explosion to be jussssst a little incriminating. Not to mention the audio of the explosion, taken outside the arena. The explosion can be heard, and Ariana Grande just keeps on singing…apparently she wasn’t too worried):

  10. Of course it won’t. Just as the London Tube bombs didn’t. Just as the Spanish attacks didn’t. Just as the Bataclan in Paris didn’t. Just as the truck attacks in Sweden and France didn’t. Just as Brussels didn’t.
    Western Europe is suicidal, cucked, and a sub for their African and Arab and Turk doms. They’re doomed. Concentrate on helping the East save itself. It’s time for a new Warsaw Pact, this time based on Eastern Christianity, nationalism, and mutual survival from the Caliphate instead of Communism. Things will get so bad, it might well drive Poland, Czechia, etc, willingly back to the arms of Russia. They may not have a choice soon.

    1. I have to be honest though, as a Western girl who was raised in America, there’s nothing intuitive about me joining the EOC. It’s not the church of my people, if I really even have one. I’d personally have trouble transcending that, even as someone who’s technically open to it.

      1. Central Europe (Poland, Czechia, Hungary, etc.) and the Baltics (as opposed to say Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus) tend to have more Catholics and Protestants than Orthodox from what I hear.

      2. You don’t join a church because it’s for “your people”. True Christianity is not about cultural traditions and holidays and stuff, it’s about the truth in regards to reality and metaphysics and the meaning of this life. Are you a sinner? Do you want to get saved? These are the questions to ask.

        1. Christianity is about truth? Fucking LOL. Religion and physics? Fucking LOL.
          You believe what some guy said thousands of years ago because he claimed to be the Son of God? Fucking LOL.
          Jesus came back from the dead. The earth is 6000 years old. He routinely performed miracles. He walks on water. Noah’s arc. You go to heaven or hell based on your behavior. Fucking LOL.
          I have a nice used car to sell you. Low mileage.

        2. Well no, the problem with Western churches is there is too little tradition. Too few rules, and people take advantage of it.

        3. Can you explain how otherwise rational people believe in some magic man in the cosmos?

        4. I’m not going to argue with someone who’s going to go out of their way to hide their beliefs.

        5. And I’m not here to educate anyone in Christianity. I expect people to do that themselves. I’m really only here to talk to other Christians about it.

      3. I doubt EOC membership would be a requirement. But it would be, by membership, by far the biggest church in the pact. Poles aren’t going to give up Catholicism. But they’re eventually going to recognize the value of an alliance because pretty soon, NO Christianity will exist in Europe if the East doesn’t close ranks. I think the Russians would be wise enough to know this and not try for some stupid EOC jihad.

      4. Disqus account created May 27, 2017. Public. Only frequented site is RoK. 28 comments, 1 upvote.
        I seriously doubt you are who you say you are.

        1. We have a little game here called ‘name the troll’. With you these are the choices:
          1) feminist troll
          2) paid troll
          I bet is the 1.

    2. This could be great. Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and others join the Russian sphere and let the globohomo cucks become extinct,

    1. So you up voted your own comment….How pathetic.
      I read the article you claim is best. It’s a line of shit from the devil’s ass in hell. Most likely where you will be going in the next life.
      Fare thee well, ugly maiden.

    2. “It’s not Muslims or people with mental health problems who are most likely to kill you in a terrorist attack – it’s men”
      But if we lock up all the men, who’s going to open the pickle jar?

        1. Very much so there are women sitting in Israeli prisons that were intercepted before they could detonate not to mention plenty have been shot try to knife people

        2. Huh! For some reason I thought Islam kept them from participating in attacks. Thanks for the info.

        3. Yes, I see. I just thought females would be excluded from blowing themselves up or staging attacks. I thought being Islamic that it was considered a mans job to blow up shit and kill people.
          But I am glad you pointed this out. Thank you very much.

    3. I grew up in a shitlib area where you heard some women talking crazy shit like that. The piece reads like some kind of Valerie Solanas lite. Truth was those shit talkers were ousted from some other conservative places and gravitated to the hippie college town to run their shitlib preaching without getting literally bounced from the place. If you ignore the shitlibs and let them be, then their falsehoods bring their eventual failing. They self destruct. Fine. You don’t have to attack a shitlib femboob unless they threaten to call out a jew pig system swat on your clan. A kook can say all they want about the ‘patriarchy’. Just don’t threaten or directly fuck with a patriarchal family or clan. Threatening to depatriarch a clan by calling nanny state operatives to invade and usurp the throne in the home IS A CRIME against the patriarchy and will be avenged. Say all you want about ‘the evil patriarchy’ but “fuck with my family and I will hunt you down and hurt you” is the dominant thread. It is natural process that a bloodline preserves. No propaganda can arrest a bloodline. In the end, only violent brute force can extrude the life out of a bloodline. Notice in the west how atomized remnants of culture and tribe keep kicking up dirt up from the grave everywhere to avenge those who knifed their clan. Run shitlibs run!

    4. I used to read the Independent ages ago then it wasn’t conservative enough. There was another wacky headline there about “lets just carry on and ignore it” please post if you have the link. What is it about the British and their PC..

  11. Good video Roosh.
    It’s sad to see young people who are out to have a good time get killed for no good reason. And the ones pulling the strings (George Soros, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the CIA, etc.), don’t give a damn at all.
    What can we do?
    I don’t know about you, but for me, here’s what I do.
    1 Acknowledge that the war of all-against-all is on.
    2 I can’t save the world, but I may be able to save myself.
    3 If I’m gonna have a chance, I have to stay free. In other words, I’m not taking stupid chances like starting fights at rallies (which at this point in time are pointless).
    4 Drop what few red pills I have on those who are receptive.
    5 Accept the fact I live in enemy territory. There is no one to count on but me.
    End women’s suffrage? Nice dream. Even if that happens it is too late. The damage is done already. So get rid of those who hold open the gates.
    Take care of yourself Roosh.

    1. Exactly! bring the fight to prominent globalist/open borders types. The IRA, ETA, Organisation de l’armée secrète (OAS) gives us sterling examples of what must be done.

    2. Women’s suffrage, like women’s so-called equality, is an artificial construct much like the welfare state reliant upon a functional society that generates sufficient wealth to maintain it. When there’s sufficient economic or political upheaval, both of them are the first to go. Even when the women’s vote continues to be legal (such as in Eastern Europe), the economic effect of a competitive environment without a welfare state to provide a safety net for women restores the patriarchy PDQ.

    3. I’d say those that live in Germany, France, or. Beligium, leave the country. Leave I mean now!
      This weekend I was in Boston for memorial weekend. I saw yesturday a catherdral in bolyston street that had a banner saying “god commanded to love thy neighbor (Muslims)” I was like “you gotta kidding me!”
      Thank god nothing happened in Boston and I have great impressions of the city.

  12. Western Europe behaves like a woman: she escapes from reality, avoids physical conflict and does silent treatment on who is telling the truth.

    1. Goddamn! There needs to be a screaming mob on Trump’s doorstep halting this. “TRUMPNATION wants oversight of who gets in” should be the protest call. If say they up the number of refugees allowed to 2000, then red pill citizen’s boards of self proclaimed ngo’s need to aggressively push into front and be able to audit each and every application for admission. Citizens HAVE A RIGHT TO CHERRY PICK every one who enters the country seeking residence. No more shady deals with the globalists. Doctors and engineers should be welcome immigrants. Citizens can lay siege to ngo operations that violate the constitution just like any other form of revolt that populists, 2nd’ers and libertarians speak of.

  13. Roosh, there is something we can do. The imperial elites are indeed our blood enemy but they are concentrated at the top of the system. There are lots of intermediate levels of power – the States and the counties and on down to the town, village, even the local school board – between us and them. Look at the county-by-county map of the 2016 Presidential election. We Deplorables control a large majority of the territory, and that territory is almost completely contiguous. The imperial elites are concentrated along the coasts and in a few blue urban islands scattered throughout Flyover. Here’s what we need to do: create two new entities – East Libtardistan and West Libtardistan – and then expel them from the Union. We can accomplish this either through the usual amendment process or a Constitutional Convention that would adopt something like: “The counties bordering the Atlantic Ocean and located between the southern border of Delaware to the souther border of Maine, together with those counties bordering the Pacific Ocean between Los Angeles County to the northern border of Sonoma County, are hereby expelled forever from the Union. Any person residing in said counties within one year before the passage of this Amendment shall be presumed to be foreigners from birth, and shall be admitted to reside in the United States and recognized as citizens of thereof only upon proof of loyalty to the People of the United States on terms and in accordance with procedures established by Congress.” Problem solved, or at least most of the problem is solved. There will be a good deal of moving around as we send the Democrats located in Flyover to the coasts.

    1. Lol. this is like the colon, the stomach and the gallblatter deciding that the body doesn’t need a central nervous system, heart or brain.

  14. Things will change; there will be even more restrictions placed on the rights and movement of citizens who never intended to break the law and are not a threat to anyone.

    1. There is more media attention being shone on a mentally ill man in Oregon who stabbed two people dead. Apparently only reason this guy wound up on the news worldwide is he allegedly made anti-Muslim slurs. That being said witnesses said he was going into an incoherent rant.
      Same amount of attention not being shone on the Arab terrorist in Manchester.

      1. It’s just like when blacks do something in America and the ethnicity gets covered up. Liberal agenda is always of utmost importance to most journalists.

  15. Why would Manchester change things? Paris didn’t change things, Orlando didn’t and neither did Nice.

    1. Any rapid change has to be backed. ‘Citizen force’ with rows of citizens organized and rallying for a cause can happen with state backing since the state has numerous jobbers that can be called to different tasks. It all cumulates and amasses smoothly with media cooperation. Can we rely on media or state?
      The US mobilized quickly after Pearl Harbor because Roosevelt formed the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) in the early 30s. It was a community service themed organization to advertize, attract, recruit and put to work large numbers of people right off the streets. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, the CCC recruitment tables flipped over their signs to read “I want you for US army”.
      That’s what the CCC was. It was set up as a model for taking large numbers of people right off the streets, training them, putting them in uniform and deploying them AT A SPLIT SECOND’S NOTICE. The CCC had the same exact logistics and officers as the military, with CCC captains, lieutenants and so forth. You see, FDR knew FULLY WELL that we were headed for a bloodbath far in advance. HE KNEW a good 10 years prior that we’d be engaged with a Vatican backed axis and with an Imperial Asian secret society insurgence. HIS INSIDERS KNEW and ordered a stand down of the radar towers in Hawaii so as to allow the attack to follow through.

    1. I’ve been thinking about nihilism and I have a few points I want to share with you. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
      (1). The only moral code that exists is the one I make for myself.
      (2). Association with external identities will only burden myself with things
      that I have no control over. E.G: nation, race, gender, religion, etc…
      (3). The purpose of my life is to make the most of it in any way I think
      is best.
      (4). My loyalty is only to myself and my family, and to no one else.
      (5). Everything that exists has no inherent value apart from the value
      that I give it.
      (6). There is no good or evil. You assign those labels to whatever you think
      is good or bad from your perspective.
      I’d like to hear your response.

      1. 1) correct
        2) that depends on you. Some may get fulfillment from it. I have no control over the tides but I enjoy them nevertheless
        3) if you say so. Or not. You have to decide for yourself
        4) again, if you say so. Maybe screw your family. Maybe your loyalty is only to yourself. Maybe to the noble Krakatoans.
        5) yes.
        6) liberals talk about how everything is a social construct and they are fucking rediculous to do so. But this doesn’t mean that nothing is a social construct. It there is anything like real good and evil it is social construct not some kind of “true” thing. Given this, some people can overcome it as all good and evil are are shackles to socialize you.

        1. I see. All of the points I mentioned were things I thought of myself. I did not refer to books on nihilism to come up with them, so I may need some time to understand this better.
          I must say, you are the only person apart from my parents to have any influence on the way I think. Thank you.

        2. I like you, but in my ideal society, if you say things like this in public, you will be sentenced to death by flamethrower. Nothing personal though.

        3. Nothing personal taken. I know that is how things would work in your ideal society. Fortunately, your ideal society is just that, ideal, while mine is here and now

        4. Strange. I didn’t find anything in your comment so morally reprehensible as to warrant a death sentence. Some people are so touchy.

        5. Nah, some people just believe that the cumulative effect of the way I enter the world is to destroy it. I, of course, disagree but I get where French bread up there is coming from. The monarchical structure has a lot of merit to it and is admirable in a lot of ways and collapses when confronted with nihlism.
          His desire to put me in front of a firing squad is perfectly congruous with his admirable belief system. Fortunately for me, as is always the case, I won and neener neener neener

        6. I like the sarcasm. My father brought me up to be a individualist. Nihilism has a natural appeal to me.

        7. I tend to believe that you’d be able to survive in my ideal society, as a Mazarin or Talleyrand’s type of character.

        8. Me? I’m adapatable. I could survive, actually prosper, in any society. Still, there are preferences.

  16. I wonder what would happen if one country(I’m thinking Sweden or Germany) just completely fell before the others. I’m taking open slave auctions, jizya, etc. I wonder if we’d see a continent-wide war and/or something like the Balkans with small hostile states. And presumably they’ll run out of money to redistribute eventually.
    And yeah, I think I need to focus on my own family(comparatively safe in the USA) and unplug from the news coming out Europe for awhile. If 2/3rds of France wants to be ruled by a scheming Rothschild banker with no children(apres moi, le deluge) me being angry won’t help anything. As Vlad Putin noted, a society that doesn’t protect its children has no future.
    That said, I wonder if we could get some kind of matchmaking service off the ground to bring Europeans(inc Afrikaners) into the US and Canada. The Muslims sure as hell take advantage of marriage visas to bring cousin Fatima over, so why not us?

    1. Afrikaners facing threats and ethnic cleansing drives by ANC backed thugs have petitioned the EU for dual citizenship with their ancestral country of origin (NL and GB). The EUs response has been “you have to click all the same boxes on all the forms like everyone else and wait for the reviews” which is several years at best. No NGOs will ever come with speedboats and buckets of fried chicken and church donated gift cards to buy new duds at the mall once they resettle for white people obviously. THEY WANT PICKININIS and North Africans that they can use to radicalize and destabilize the west. Why I’m just tempted to carry a rechargable shaver in my holster. The next time I see some preacher or boat captain flapping about how they’re doing the lord’s work campaigning for the mudding of the west, they’re losing their beard. Ha!

  17. I made the comment on the other article saying that the children of Rotherham were sacrificed on the alter of political correctness because the police were too afraid of being called racist if they investigated. Likewise these latest victims will also be sacrificed on the same alter. I truly believe that if a muslim were to detonate a device at a primary school, kindergarten, etc then that would still not change anything.
    Here is a comment from the CH blog comparing rhetoric about the chance of being killed by a muslim and fighting the Germans in WWII:
    To that I would add that during WWII if a Brit spoke favorably about the Germans then they would have likely been locked up. And if they provided any kind of assistance to them then they would have been shot for treason. But now they are opening their hearts and wallets and offering their children to the invading barbarians.

  18. As Roosh and millions of others have rightfully noticed: “Their egos simply won’t let them change their mind.” Whoever has not experienced this lives in a hidden world without women. Men can be just as guilty of this poisonous taboo of reasoning/rationality, but women have cornered the market.
    As for removing western women’s right to vote, Roosh probably already knows full well that we’ll never be able to put that suffragette genie back in the bottle. In addition to the epic female shitstorm that would ensue, there are too many fully-converted western men who would buck the idea, so the idea is grossly outnumbered as we enter a soft and estrogen-infused new age, and it doesn’t look like we’re going back to 1919 any time soon.
    Thus from 3:20 to 4:20 in the video we see Roosh enter a “fever dream” of wishful thinking that’s sadly comical and ultimately longs for a time when power might once again find itself deservingly consolidated amongst the mentally/emotionally fittest men in a modern world.
    I’ve painfully watched as my vote has been watered down by the grossly uninformed, reactionary, self-entitled “female vote” within my very own family. I suspect about 80% of the women in my extended family lack a proper “rounded rationality” when they arrive at the ballot box, and have no business being there. I hate seeing true power diminished by the weak-minded voter or narrow-minded SJW harpy. I also have a hard time wanting to deny the vote to that 20% of the women who do so based on logic and understand the timeless benefit of traditional patriarchal power structures (file under: NAWALT). Full disclosure: One of these female relatives was the 4-time Republican mayor of a US township (a collection of suburban towns districted together), gets big-time matriarchal respect inside and outside the family, and is currently a huge Trump fan.

    1. Your relative that you described gives me an image of a large woman with large hands capable of opening large kosher Vlassic pickle jars without a man’s help. A woman who habitually dines at expensive restaurants as she hob knobs with petty local elites, comptrollers and tax fiends. She has good meat teeth and eats like a pig. Maude Findlay comes to mind. Her son(s) only act effeminate as ransom so she doesn’t get ‘twitchy’ like Charles Bronson. And any ROK game smackdown and patriarchal control sweeping through the males in the family would just turn her chakras inside out, like the “bleep bleep” altimeter warning buzzers on a jumbo jet about to nosedive. Maybe I’m a hair off but that’s just my intuition. The congress of my balls, brain and beard usually reads a pretty good fortune!
      The issue of putting the woman’s suffrage genie back in the bottle – Islam would definately do that. If they can do, then so can we. It starts in the family and tribe. Islam is state backed and Imams have more authority than fathers over their own families and Imams have outrageous control over single devout men. But western men have a clean open slate. Getting uncucked for a western man is as simple as standing up and making that personal declaration of independence from the incessant bitch grovelling. Females are weaponized with a kill button and supplicating system support, but the system is fragile and is easily overloaded. We saw a glimpse of an overload with the crying hillary defeatists. Ending women’s suffrage isn’t so much an issue as much as it will be in steep regression with a revival of patriarchy. Crank the horns loud for the glory, empowerment and virtue of patriarchy and the bulk, the greater ‘herd’ of women are humbled. And watch the remaining red corns like your relative pop in the process.

      1. That is very creative! Alas, perhaps we should just surrender some of this conversation to the unknown, where it belongs. And BTW my “red corn” relative is actually a modest, devout, feminine old-school lady who doesn’t carry a grudge or tyrant vibe at all. We have to “open the pickle jar” for her on a regular basis because she is arthritic and needs hand surgery.
        On two of your quotes:
        *** “Getting uncucked for a western man is as simple as standing up and making that personal declaration of independence from the incessant bitch grovelling.”
        That’s a start, and that’s where I’ve spent the better part of my life (just naturally, without need for neomasculine training or web sites), but we can face the reality that this rarely gets co-opted on a mass scale these days. Women are just too integrated in the day to day life. They are part of the modern journey society is on. I operate *inside* that reality and have no time for antiquated, unobtainable wish fulfillment.
        *** “Females are weaponized with a kill button and supplicating system support”
        Well said. In the United States, we can see it. It’s not necessarily the millions of liberated women you’d need to deal with, but the other millions of American men who are now lined up behind them. I find that unsettling, but that’s the reality in 2017. These aren’t the men you know and like — they’re wearing a new mask and its a tribal collective.
        And personally, anything Islamic is out of the question as a solution. I’m not sure why you would even go there. You almost seem to admire them. I find them living in a rotting miasma of “expired truths” that are fighting to die as slowly as possible in the 21st century. They do not belong in the world I envision. Islam is mental slavery.

  19. I am now at the stage where I would happily support a policy that shipped every Muslim- supporting but vehemently anti Christian liberal off to live in a Muslim country. I don’t mind those that hate on EVERY religion but how many liberals do that? They always give Islam a free pass.
    Think the liberal rhetoric you spout over craft beer will be tolerated there, assholes?

  20. In my coutry, pro-immigration acticists have a nick-name, we call their activity “migrant-caressing” or “migrant-petting”, so they are the “migrant-caressers” (migráns-simogatók).
    And I have got a good idea. I am not against migration – if the “migrant caressers” volunteer to take personal responsibility for the behaviour of their pet migrants.
    And if a migrant commits a crime or terrorist act, the “migrant caresser” who took personal responsibility for that migrant would be charged with the same crime and sentenced accordingly.
    I bet we would have much less migrants if we applied that rule.

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me if Orban Viktor wasn’t contemplating this already. I have much respect for Hungary as I have indicated as they know what the Muslmanic hordes are all about and have a colossal pair of balls and thus do not tolerate their bullshit.

      1. We fought off Islamist invaders for 150 long years here in Hungary, so we do have some clue what it is all about.
        For us, it’s nothing new. Islamist invasion, we are the Shield of Christian Europe, while Western Europe does not help us or outright tries to stab us in the back. Same old, same old.
        One of the compulsory reading books in our schools is about the siege of Eger in 1552 written by Géza Gárdonyi, which is a very patriotic book, and also a good read, with adventure and a great love story.
        I myself found it very formative in the building of Hungarian identity. Whoever picked that book for the curriculum did a great service for the people of Hungary.

        1. Indeed. My ancestors suffered for centuries under them up to the 1920s as I had alluded to so I know what they’re all about also.
          One day I will visit Hungary-I’ve always wanted to see Budapest given its architecture among other things. That and pay my respects to Puskas Ferenc-my father met him and I never got to as I was supposedly too young; I jokingly hold a grudge for that

        2. I envy your father!!! Meeting Puskás in person, that is something I would tell my grandchildren. 🙂
          Where are your ancestors from?
          I just realised I know, we have been communicating before.
          It is Greece.
          But I checked which part of Europe was liberated from the Ottomans in 1920 and come to the same conclusion.
          You are very welcome to Hungary, my man.
          You will find Hungarian women hot and not very Feminist.
          Where do you live now?

        3. Yes. My father said Puskas was very approachable and talkative and didn’t play at being a star. Spoke good Greek also.
          My grandfather and his ancestors were fro
          Asia Minor and were subjected to the Ottoman Genocides.
          I’m in Australia and Hungary is definitely on my travel list.

    2. It sounds oversimplified, but it makes a larger point…it’s widely known around RoK how feeble leftists with “no skin in the game” seem, and your post echoes that truism. At this point, yes, people need to “own” their convictions, and deal with the consequences of their ideology and politics. Lefties tend to cut and run and the slightest hint of actual negative consequences.

  21. Manchester is just a tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile ISIS alligned group started an attack on a city of Marakawi in Philippines and did a bomb attack in Jakarta in Indonesia. They are also fighting in Egypt, Afghanistan and Libya.
    Philippines is an interesting case. Duterte told Obama and western countries to f*ck off and “suddently” ISIS operatives are invading Phillipines. Quite suspicious, if you ask me.

  22. There is a little hope for the USA and Eastern Europe. But not much.
    The hope is that the 2nd and 3rd generations of Hispanics learn to identify as conservative. That is, pro-2nd amendment and anti-abortion catholic. I do not have a problem with them being of another race. My son is half Japanese and has tremendous work ethic, is in shape and getting mostly A’s in college. And is a conservative ROTC cadet.
    The problem is the leftist intellectuals who must be kicked out of academia. Academia is the core of the problem. Patriots can create their own websites and media. We can support by reading ROK, Breitbart, Infowars, Daily Caller, Drudge, and a feww others.
    And adopt a pro-family and pro-strength lifestyle. Exercise, garden, network etc. I am happy to be taaking back the culture somewhat and making progress in my personal life.
    I live every moment as a personal combat for my strength, my family, my culture, my cultural enrichment. As the revolution will take place through strong individuals as the forces we are up against have already purchased the mass culture.
    We have only the strong creative individual, and the fortitude of physial strength, willpower, work ethic, self-discipline, creativity which emanates from the individual.So make money, lift weights, get out of debt, learn to cook, grow food, and if you cannot create your own conservative wesbite, support those like Roosh who can.
    Thanks to people like Roosh for providing anonymous forums and articles which can only be read underground. I wish I had the fortitude to wear an ROK t-shirt, but I think I would be ostracized from my friends and family even more than now. Roosh is an underground site. The reaction of the public during his trips to Canada showed that the Roosh movement will have to stay in the shadows for now, even if it can be a significant unseen force.
    Fortunately, there are people who navigate the mainstream better and can be mentioned in polite discussion. Like Jordan Peterson. He is someone I can mention around my liberal friends with the intellectual firepower and respectability to at least challenge marxists academics on their own playing field.
    I enjoy articles and broadcasts of Alex Jones and Roosh. But when speaking to people outside of Trumplandia, I do not get far. I can mention Alex Jones and be criticized. Even mentioning Roosh would make me an outcast.
    They may hate Drudge and Daily Caller, but at least these sites can be mentioned in wider circles. I love reading Roosh, but would never mention his webssite in public.
    Call me a coward if you like. But I want to keep my job. And at least remain on speaking terms (albeit chilly) with my liberal acquaintances.

  23. Until people start accepting that Islamic religion is pure evil. Nothing will change. People point to the bible; but I don’t recall Jesus saying kill all the infidels.

  24. It is never a lone wolf.
    Someone is paying these “poor” people for these trips abroad for their training and bomb-making materials. How many of us can afford regular trips abroad like that?
    And why aren’t the mosques that these terrorists attend being investigated?

    1. What took it so long then? You have it backwards: Western Civilization is declining along with Christianity.

      1. What took it so long? Are you kidding me? What took it so long? What took it so long is it took a long time to succumb to the latent homosexual vibes from Jewsus Christ’s teaching. That’s what took so long.

  25. the way to defeat the war on terror is to prevent the war on terror narrative from performing it’s job as a means of controlling domestic and international politics (in that order). That is true even if all the conspiracy theorists are wrong, and that no western government had anything to do with Al-Qaeda, ISIS etc. The collusion comes at the very least from the lack of political will that relates to the usefulness of that narrative.
    Look at the UK. Some Labour candidate (scandalously) pointed out that the timing of the Manchester attack was helpful to Theresa May given the current election. This was widely condemned however May was quick to take decisive action: troops on the street, action against ‘extremists (note: not necessarily terrorists, but any ‘extremist’), and now the proposal that there will be a terrorism czar. Ordinarily this type of thing works, except now people are growing tired of the rhetoric. They are making connections between neo-con aggressive wars, open borders immigration etc and the nasty shit now happening on their doorstep. May will likely still win, but her majority may not be as great as she assumed, and it is weariness of government aggression, including the actions of the US/UK & co in Libya, the country where the bomber came from. There is no sympathy and a great deal of anger at the bomber, and the fact that he was ‘home-grown’ but there is growing disillusionment with the way western governments think they can prosecute un-mandated wars then spin the removal of the domestic populations’ freedom in the name of keeping people ‘safe’.

  26. Yet another Sandy Hook flavored drill sold to the masses as an actual slaughter. This site must be run by kikes.

    1. it’s pretty obviously a real terrorist atrocity. The idea that every attack is a false flag actually plays into the hands of the psy-op shills as it automatically discredits the person making the suggestion. There were hundreds of witnesses of this attack

    1. A fairly cogent response, IMO…I want to hear what the rest of ROK thinks of this. This web site cannot survive in a protected vacuum of self-congratulatory masculinity, and must admit that female responses such as this (in the link) extend the argument. I would love to hear a well-considered rejoinder from Roosh.
      Good find…thanks for posting.

    2. Why do men, like Roosh, blame women for the decline of the West? Are we scapegoats? Couldn’t say the tone of her article grabs me the way the ROK articles do, however this idea that stopping womens voting would fix everything could probably be just as well or better implemented with a rule where net tax payers rather than those getting handouts could vote. It is a more productive idea as it has an intrinsic fairness about it and you are not fighting half the population.. Even Russia, Poland etc allowed it in the first half of the last century only countries like Saudi Arabia are very late adopters and not like they are really role models..

  27. I would say that the “elites” do not wish to control anybody… In truth most Muslims are already out of their control the only thing I can think of right now is that they want white-genocide over all and they don’t care if the structures that support them can continue existing at all! As societies we are very easy to control from the 70’s from when we became completely broken.
    That was achieved back then as we lack character and idea homogeneity! We are put one against the other on pet issues for decades so we listen to everything. Most of the “elites” are furthering the destruction of their own power structures by bringing more third-wordlers in… or else we should accept that investing, banking and advanced corporations can be sustained with an impoverished inbred and idiotic people under it. These people cannot learn even to clean their own homes or to not defecate on the streets!
    What they want I think is not anything that can be understood by rationality any longer as at the very least us they control with extreme easiness, them they don’t. What this could escalate to, by the perspective of power politics can be only the elevation of Saudi Arabia provided that they manage to become the centre of the Islamic world.
    Still with white countries gone most trade cannot work, as we are the global buyers of everything that is made in developing nations, the trade that sustains the current “elite” will be impossible to be found and in the end raising the global economy to previous heights will be nothing but impossible!
    So the goal is white-genocide… end of story, why? I ‘d say due to inbred hate and deadly jealousy but your guess is as good as mine… needless to say I do invoke a certain… certainty!

    1. Perhaps it can be derived from simple hate and jealousy but they also say we meddled in their lives and “used” them (through conquest, manifest destiny, globalist capitalism, etc.). And the singular sense of revenge has a long, long memory. Throughout history, the subordinate powers have always wanted to inwardly or outwardly destroy the power that rests at the top of the totem pole above them. This seems to stem from nature’s core design and hierarchy. This is why power is always in flux, and never stable. In the case you mention, the fact that anybody wants to initiate some form of white/Euro genocide helps prove just how incredibly successful that power has been over the past few hundred years (and then some). To be wanted dead is, in some ways, a distinct sign of success and the baggage that comes with dominance. Oh yes, we’ve made enemies and they are problematic…but the Shitlords of our kind view their anger as divine and elevating. Mostly they have failed to realize that nothing is equal, and nothing is fair, despite whatever political gibberish they’ve been force-fed by modern society.

      1. Actually I do believe it is revenge mostly in the end: they have a veeeery long memory with a twisted point of view that removes from them all that makes them bad while at the same time they can see nothing of their inefficiencies. This makes them saints in their eyes and us, as with every group that they ever considered superior to them, as devils. It is the problem of a nation that can see only that is wronged while it is unable to even notice when it wrongs.
        On a side note the white man was made to be hated by everybody else! He is superior in everything, even his morality! No other man ever would dare to think of people of different races or even nations as anything but inhuman, only he did it he thought of patronizing them! This deadly naivety proves to be his only deadly shortcoming!
        In the end he cures, clothes and feeds his enemies and gives them shelter, something that not even their neighbours would have ever done!

  28. Please Roosh. Why don’t you do some fact-checking before making claims such as “Macron got voted in by women”? 68% of women voted fo him. He got 66% of the votes. So there were more women voting for him than for le Pen. The problem isn’t women’s suffrage. What you say is silly, can be chacked in a matter of minutes and makes ROK lose credibility. Womwn might tend to vote for leftists generally but the current situation has nothing to do with that. It’s a far bigger problem and I don’t understand why you say what you say.

  29. The reason nothing will change regarding the threat of radical Islam is because our leadership, male and female, would rather talk a big game rather than actually act. All we have heard for years is talking about what we’re going to do rather than take action. Any excuse we make (Israel, values, etc), don’t take away from the fact that all the terrorists want to kill us regardless of what we believe. We need to wipe these organizations from the face of the earth. Kill the members of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc…with no apology, no quarter given.

  30. I can’t believe the title is news to some people. Yeah, that’ll wake them up, another terror attack…

  31. You can’t fix STUPID !!
    ” We are cancelling your liberties to keep you safe “!!
    Your loving, concerned democratic government .

  32. Hey Roosh looking good my man. Stay positive….which just means for a man…realistic.

  33. See if that was my country…..I would be literally setting up ambushes for these clowns.
    Take some boo’s on the street and when they mob on your guy…..ambush…long bows and staffs ought to handle their bitch ass knives.
    Cops show up….pepper balls on their asses those enabling fools deserve it.
    They start shooting….run like a mo fugger.

  34. One more thing…fuck Minnesota…got a taste of that shit hole for a few years…sad sad place for men.

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