What Does The Globalist Establishment Have In Store For The Human Species?

Once a mighty wolf, canis familiaris now performs tricks and begs for his master only 10,000 years after selective breeding began. How many generations will it take to domesticate man for his masters?

There’s little doubt social engineering is taking place in the Western world. The elite, using their government servants and the power of their infinitely deep pockets are attempting to mold mankind to fit their vision of the future.

Using B.F. Skinner’s principles of reinforcement and punishment, a micromanaged world is being developed in which almost no part of a human’s life is not controlled by corporate or government policy from cradle to grave. The parts of human lives that aren’t managed on the corporate plantation will be managed by the nanny state via an oppressive government.

Part and parcel of this plan is stripping men of their wives and children, a process already well advanced in America and Europe. The next steps will include taking control of human reproduction altogether through the “vaccine” narrative and soon, licensing to have children. (This is why the news media constantly rail on moms and dads with “bad parenting” stories.)

Astonishingly, I saw an ex-Navy veteran calling for licensing Americans to become parents of his own volition as he linked to a “bad parenting” story last week. I had long expected to see this happen, but was astonished to actually see what I had long predicted come up on my Facebook News Feed.

Just as wolves were domesticated into dogs, the elite are attempting to “break” mankind and turn men into their personal servants. This has been the aim of those in power since time immemorial, molding the masses to serve them, but never before did they have the scientific and psychological knowledge to manipulate mankind into loving its own slavery. As Skinner wrote:

If freedom is a requisite for human happiness, then all that’s necessary is to provide the illusion of freedom.

One only need drive around America, as I did for Memorial Day weekend, to see what a police state this nation has become and what a mirage freedom is. As I made my way down from New England to the Midwest, it was truly shocking to see both civilians and truckers pulled over left and right by police, filching pocketbooks.

It seems modern Americans love their freedom, as long as their freedom isn’t breaking any laws. What a contradiction.

What freedoms do we have left?

Shopping, eating out, and football. The illusion of choice – meaningless choice at that. So, just as wolves became Chihuahuas through selective breeding, it’s becoming clear the goals of the elite are 1) to blend all ethnic differences out of mankind and 2) to make us more docile and pliable to their commands through endless rules, regulations, and policies at school, work, and in daily life.

This process of using reinforcement and punishment will create “standardized” human beings:

When one looks at what world governments are doing to the human population in the modern age, pushing “diversity” as a means of mixing out differences in our species to ultimately only destroy true diversity in the human genome, one must wonder what other agendas are being pushed. The problem goes well beyond creating a “standardized” human being through sheer sexual force.

Modern Western governments also use B.F. Skinner’s principles of operant conditioning to help transform man into the equivalent of docile human livestock existing only to produce profit on the corporate plantation and government tax farm.

So, what is operant conditioning? Simply, it’s any procedure that delivers reinforcement to an organism according to some well-defined rule. It is what The Matrix refers to as “a prison for your mind.” The almighty state which creates the prison for our minds operates on two simple principles: reinforcement and punishment.

There are two distinct possibilities for what will happen to mankind once this process advances. The first is extinction.


Once humans have been purged of sexual emotion, will we follow over 99% of other species to extinction?

Personally, I feel extinction is the most likely scenario. The odds are already set against us in that well over 99% of all species that have ever lived on earth have gone extinct. We could easily become the next evolutionary cul-de-sac.

Once the human species is crippled by enough successive generations of social engineering it will not breed well and the psychopathic greed of the elite will completely destroy humanity. There will never be enough money or power for those who run the world, no matter how many compromises we make.

Look at where their schemes have already led us in the West. A dying, weakened white race. Androgynous men and women who increasingly look like each other rather than exhibiting sexual dimorphism. Increasingly miserable people who drug themselves with both illegal and legal substances to try and fill the psychological void created by a society in which the nuclear family is a distant relic and people are taught to compete rather than cooperate with each other in order to climb higher on some meaningless socioeconomic pyramid. Childless, manly women. Weak, supplicating men. A humanity that slavishly follows an infinitely growing number of ridiculous rules rather that doing what’s right. A spiritual and cultural deadness.

Additionally, it seems George Orwell’s 1984 world is already here as Civil War monuments are removed in many American cities. Got to pick the low-hanging fruit before lobotomizing people of the rest of their history.

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.

And this party is just getting started.

There’s little doubt the elite want to use the energy of human sexuality to power the economy without actually letting men and women get off with each other. By pitting the sexes against each other in educational and media narratives and labeling men who desire sexual gratification miscreants, deviants, and predators, the goal is to make sex unattainable for most men, but to use the energy of men trying to get laid to power the consumption economy.

Since the sexual market is the granddaddy of all other human markets, fiddling with this biological drive is a recipe for disaster.

A Life Not Worth Living

It’s not slavery if people don’t realize they’re slaves, right?

It’s not hard to see that quality of life is already well-compromised for the freedom-loving individual in the West. There’s a lot of freedom to choose professions (and become saddled with crippling debt in order to land a job) and buy lots and lots of worthless crap. But true freedom, like becoming independent of the system designed to rule humanity is increasingly difficult to obtain. Who wants to live a sexless life with no children and no family and no true mobility to live lives we see fit?

Using the juxtaposition of the life I have abroad versus the life I have in America when I’m working here part of the year, I’m truly mortified at the direction the nation is headed. It’s astonishing that more people either don’t see where we’re headed or don’t care as long as there are lots of bread and circuses to go around.

When it comes to being turned into a serf living in a Gilded Cage, Emiliano Zapata’s wise words come to mind:

If there is no justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government. It is better to die on your feet than to live a lifetime on your knees.

Perhaps this sentiment has already been engineered out of people. It seems we’ll stumble our way into the New World Order without much resistance at all. Or will we mount a last-minute comeback?

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426 thoughts on “What Does The Globalist Establishment Have In Store For The Human Species?”

  1. I don’t think they really have an consensus on what they want in the end. Some would like extinction of the human population, others would like a global slavery plantation, and a few would want a utopian “perfect” society. Either way, it does not end up good. People are best governed on a local level. That is where people understand the situation at hand. Even with the best intentions, any world government would be inundated with bureaucrats who care only for their own job, or their own philosophy. With no recourse, things would end badly.
    world peace = world tyranny

    1. It’s all based on a fiat currency too. That type of system has a shelf life. There is only so long one can go on ringing up debt, and printing money to cover that debt (and the various programs).
      Once it all collapses, I wonder what their plan is? Autocratic military fascism? I think they are just hoping that it doesn’t happen while they are still breathing. That they live very well, and pass on in a morphine induced haze before the rug of their system based on fairy dust gets yanked out by reality.

      1. If Venezuela, and the collapse of the USSR shows us anything, it’s that there is no plan for “after it falls” because they literally consider themselves infallible and their ideology as the dogmatic truth. You don’t plan for failure when you’re following the dogma of your church, for the church is eternal, omniscient and all powerful.

    2. “I don’t think they really have an consensus on what they want in the end.”
      Yup. That there is some grand scale end game which is being shared by a handful of uber wealthy people as they sit in a conference room, ostensibly drinking children’s blood from goblets, talking about their next move to get closer to a final ending scenario and, naturally, twirling their mustaches is pretty nuckin’ futz.
      Your point about local governance is right too. A large federal government can only be effectively managed in the form of absolute dictatorship or monarchy. Even the Roman Republic knew you couldn’t rule the world with an elected senate. Rome needed to become an empire, an absolute dictatorship, to rule the world with any kind of semblance of sanity. So basically you can have an efficient tyranny with a dictator, an inefficient tyranny with bureaucrats or you can have smaller local governance.

      1. Um, I was one of (((those))) guys and can tell you that the goblets of children’s blood did drive us mad with powerlust to the point where our mustaches twirled themselves! Was so drunk on it, I for one can’t remember where our baphomet head-shaped conference room is located anymore, um… maybe it rhymes with Mold-Fan Blacks? 😉

      2. Cfr
        All real.
        All what you say isn’t real.

        Wealthy powerful people have always conspired to screw over the masses even more.
        Always. You seem to know history better than most.
        The fact that you deny this, speaks volumes.
        They deliberately allow literal poison to be injected, into babies no less, in order to stupify the populace..
        Same with “food”, education and entertainment.

        1. I am not denying that wealthy powerful people have conspired to screw over the masses. That is absolutely true and it would take a moron to deny it. I will say that I don’t know if they all have the same agenda and are doing it for the same reasons but that I doubt it. And further I will say that these wealthy people who have conspired to screw over the masses are a single piece to the puzzle.

      3. I mean, the elites do get down to some shady stuff.
        I agree though that the idea of some kind of guiding force of evil is a bit farfetched though.
        Kinda makes it scarier to me. It’s not some kind of great evil that’s doing all this shit. It’s just us doing it.

        1. of course they do. I would imagine the profit and a sociopathic lack of empathy for who gets crushed is probably far more likely than “evil satan worship” though.
          That said, this is complicated stuff and there is not just one thing.

        2. Really? I don’t think so. Some people are just so insulated and isolated from the world by their wealth that the idea that destroying things doesn’t make any sense…some people are just egomaniacs and think they are helping by pulling the ignorant masses, kicking and screaming, some of them are just totally oblivious.

        3. by the way, I have a near sociopathic lack of empathy for who gets crushed, I just have no power. And remember:

        4. I mean to say that putting aside the nonsense of offering to some horned devil creature, there is far more real tangible suffering caused through the absence of empathy, whether it be deliberate or through ignorance.

        5. oh sure. but that’s the way the world has always been. Could have made the same comment about the Pharos> Wealthy powerful people do what they think is right or what is best for them or what they want to do and don’t care how many people get trodden underfoot…whether its Napolean leading an unfathomable number of people to their death in the snow or some shamen in peru cutting the throat of a virgin. File it right next to tidal waves and bear attacks with shit that has always been and always will be.

        6. Humans aren’t capable of empathy on a global scale. It’s hard not to feel for members of your own community, but we don’t have the capacity to empathize with with all the suffering people we have never met, nor should we. It isn’t practical. If we all did our part on the micro level, we wouldn’t have to worry about the macro.

        7. Absolutely correct
          “I was thinking only of the poor Krakatoans”

        8. Precisely.
          And this is why it pisses me off on a deep level when people pretend to be so concerned with the suffering of those across the world.
          They don’t give a shit. Just like i don’t. Only difference is I’m honest bout it

    3. (((they))) definitely want to keep pushing the white female – black male pairing in movies, TV shows, and commercials whenever possible. It’ll get cranked up more and more. (Oh and of course they’ll censor the comment section.)

      1. No, according to lolkike it’s all just cohencidence!
        It’s way more complicated than this! Oy gevalt!

      2. That is one clear and obvious piece of social engineering that there can be ZERO denial of. It’s not just a trend here or there, it is *everywhere* now from a million different sources. Clearly there’s a measured push going on.

        1. I was actually thinking about just this recently. I had a conversation over the weekend while up with the family about interracial couples with a black man and white woman because there is a woman my aunt knows who just married a black guy and it is the talk of the town.
          One of my cousins said living in new York I must be used to it. But as I have said before, it is EXCEEDINGLY rare for me to see. In fact, I can’t remember more than one instance of a black male / white female couple I have seen walking the streets and their age suggested boyfriend girlfriend and not married. I do see a fair number of white men with Asians and Hispanic women but even that isn’t ubiquitous and if you take out dating or just fucking and relegate it to only married the numbers shrink exponentially.
          The fact of the matter is that in liberal bastion NYC it is still a rare thing to see. It got me thinking about how it is so ubiquitous on television, movies, commercials etc.
          One thought I had is that it is over kill. There was certainly a time when real racism against black existed — not this bullshit “i think the waited took an extra 2 minutes bringing me my food so racism” but there was really a time, 60 years or so ago, when real racism existed. Correcting that racism so that people were put on equal footing to compete was fine and dandy. I have no problem competing against blacks or Asians or Mexicans or anyone for jobs or women. I will stand on my merits and let them stand on theirs and we will see who wins in the end. I don’t need the deck stacked in my favor by society.
          However, in trying to even the playing field and get rid of the actual racism maybe it is the case that is just shot so far past the mark that it got ridiculous. I would imagine that a mixture of well meaning idiots who were trying to do what they thought was best, greedy politicians trying to exploit minorities for votes or money and minorities themselves trying to grab more than they were entitled to. The push for “equality” is very profitable so when equality was achieved (between either sexes or races) no one wants to put down the pitchforks and head home and enjoy their victory. My gradfather was in the steel business with a bunch of navy contracts. He would have been more than happy to see the Vietnam war last right into the 1990’s so long as the navy kept buying and fabricating steel in my grandfather’s factory. And so the war rages on despite it being won and we get to the ridiculous place we are at now.
          I am not saying this is the cause, but it is the most sensible one I could think of at the time.

        2. That would make sense, except that it’s really a very new thing (except for a few sparse cultural landmarks like “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”). I don’t recall seeing hardly any of this shit back when I was watching T.V. in 2003 and prior, and that time was all about “Teh Equalityz” as well. It just seemed to have popped up overnight, like, all at once across all media. I’m not suggesting one force pushing it, but the timing was all very, very recent and conveniently on point message wise across all media.

        3. fair point…the whole thing is really strange and of course will have a bunch of different causes. I am trying to remember when I first really started seeing it. I mean even in saved by the bell, Zach and Slater got Kelly and Jessie (she’s so excited) and lisa and screetch were kind of outliners in terms of relationships

        4. I have this strange, almost peculiar feeling that some day I will find a book published by you that will essentially tie all philosophy and history together via Saved By The Bell. And if I do, I will buy ten copies to distribute to friends and family, heh.

        5. That’s the goal. I even have the title of the book. It is a 10 volume book simply titled Water. It is an analysis of Thales that explains the entire history of philosophy, art and thought in general through time and how it interplays with popular culture…….one of the most important parts of that being SBTB

        6. Its interesting to me bc from what Ive read here and elsewhere white guy/black girl is far more stable relationship-wise than the tv push of black guy/white girl. but what do I know? It cant be they are promoting failed relationships, right?

        7. ha, I have heard the same rumors. I have known, in my life, 2 Chinese guys that got white chicks….(also, not sure which brand of Chinese they were, one of them might have been Japanese). One is a body builder who is like 265 pounds with less than 6% body fat and the other is a highly successful cardiologist who is banging a cute but post wall girl.

        8. It’s rare to see white female / black male couples in NYC??? hahaha
          You better get your eyes checked.
          I see more black men with white women than with black women. In fact, I very rarely see black couples in NYC. Every black male pretty much has a white female companion. I would wager in the 18-35 crowd, at least 1 in 3 (perhaps 2 in 5) white females is dating a non-white male.
          Oh their age suggests they are merely dating and not married. Well, lucky us. Guess we still got the chance to swoop in marry those race mixers. How fortunate! Negro Jim gets the fun but Whitey gets to foot the bill for when the heffer balloons up post-wall and wants to settle down. Better put a ring on it.
          Hispanic women stick to their own men. And most white men do not want to date greasy oily Latinx.

        9. “The push for “equality” is very profitable” – yes, explore that avenue of thought a bit more.
          Equality is why parents buy their babies expensive designer clothes or make their 4 year olds wear little suits or why they shell out $35k a year for private schooling. Because if their white kid is no smarter and no better than the African baby, the only way to push them ahead in life is through $$$

        10. “My gradfather was in the steel business with a bunch of navy contracts.
          He would have been more than happy to see the Vietnam war last right
          into the 1990’s so long as the navy kept buying and fabricating steel in
          my grandfather’s factory.”
          And that is why defense industries should be nationalized: so war mongers can’t profit off of misery and suffering.
          You yourself just said he had no problem with Americans dying in the jungles so long as he made money.

        11. No denying the facts…however whether or not this means it ought to be nationalized I don’t know. I am not a fan of nationalizing businesses. The government is just as greedy if not more so than the public sector and usually far less efficient.

        12. I think if I were to specify more narrowly, closer to 1 in 2 white females in the very young age cohort (say 13-20) is dating a non-white male.

        13. For what its worth I wish I had parents that dressed me up in little brooks brothers suits and sent me to Dalton school.

        14. Poppycock. Without the profit motive, we’d lag behind in military technology and quality to the point that even Canada could invade us. Nationalization is the stupidest policy for nearly anything out there, let alone the very thing that keeps you safe at night. Want to fall down in flames fast? Nationalize the defense industries. Just brilliant.

        15. that’s why the execs in a nationalized sector would have to have pay caps or some checks in place to ensure they don’t profit from war etc
          … but of course that’s all utopian thinking

        16. So you don’t think defense companies seek out or even try to instigate conflict to increase profits?

        17. Indeed. I’m also on track to make “horsefeathers” cool and popular again.

        18. I think that this line of thinking is long worn and tired and has been fronted by every socialist group since socialism was hatched. It’s utter lunacy. While there might be a case here or there, they are much more profitable selling new models of XYZ item every five years and sourcing out infinite upgrades.

        19. I don’t know where you spend your time but that is simply not what I see. I have extended, many times, my sincere offer to take go out. Maybe if you are lurching around crap hole neighborhoods its one thing and I am pretty sure that every white girl that goes to any college is going to try out some black dick at least once, but there are simply no black male white female colors in my periphery. If you think 1 in 3 white females between the ages of 18-35 crowd is dating a black guy then you are high as fuck.

        20. Everyone has their own utopia. I am an unrestrained laissez faire capitalism type of guy but that’s just me.

        21. You are on a “college” campus in Greenwich village. I don’t go down there. I have no doubt that you see some wacky shit. Here is some advice. I work in Murray Hill and don’t even really like going that far south. I do my best to always be park adjacent. Extrapolating your experience in Greenwich village to all of New York (much less the rest of the world) is madness. That is like going to the Bronx Zoo every day and then telling people that New York is filled with Elephants and Giraffes. It’s madness. Stick to Madison Avenue and 5th avenue between the Plaza on 57th street and maybe as far north as 86th street with occasional jaunts to midtown where the Harvard, Yale and Princeton Clubs are and some of the high end restaurants in Flatiron and then tell me how many black men you see with white women. You can’t use Greenwich Village as a bench mark.

        22. All these liberals support this degeneration but don’t want their own family to suffer as a result.
          Many of these same people will support things like BLM, but if you see their actually face to face interaction with minorities, most people walk to the other side of the street if they see a black man walking towards them.

        23. I concur with this observation and will add that on the rare occasion when I do see an African American with a white girl, the girl is usually a “fugly” except when the AA is a celebrity.
          I can’t walk two block in NYC without seeing a white guy with an Asian girl.

        24. My experience exactly. I don’t see the fuglys but I know they are there. When I see them it is like a black surgeon or maybe an athlete. You are also right about white guys with Asian chicks. I actually have an Asian in my current rotation, not my norm, and I feel like such an annoying stero type at times when we are out.

        25. Just like the cuckold porn popped up overnight. This shit did not exist up until a few years ago and now is all over the web. Coincidence ?

        26. The white chick with a black guy thing has been around forever…. just think about it, its a basic principle of AWALT. It’s a taboo thing, the ultimate “bad boy” kind of fantasy, a girl being naughty, a woman breaking societal norms, a “good girl” going over to the wrong side of the tracks (literally).
          What is relatively new is the way it is now presented as the norm in media and advertisements. When it first started showing up in movies like GWCTD, it was a plot point. The very fact that it was unusual and taboo was the point of having it show up.
          Now, every other couple on every show and every advertisement is mixed up.

        27. To piss off daddy.
          My black roommate used to get more white ass than a toilet seat at a country club….

        28. The one I am dating now is interesting. She is a Korean and actually from a well to do family in Georgia so her voice is that of a typical southern belle coming out of a Korean. She is very a VERY successful attorney, interesting, smart, fashionable. But between the OTB Korean hard ass family that came here as refugees and is super old school and the southern belle equestrian upbringing she is really very feminine and pliable. She craves male leadership and makes absolutely no bones about it.

        29. Problem is most white American women are blue pilled.
          Reason why some men will go for Hispanics and other traditional women is their values.
          It’s extremely tough to find a white woman with good values and won’t divorce you for trivial reasons. You have to go to more conservative leaning regions of the country to find that kind of woman, even then it will be hard.

        30. I’ve dated several Koreans over the years in NYC. I lived with a Korean actress/model from New Jersey for what turned out to be the worst year of my life. Then, I dated an OTB Korean teaching at some school in Bayside and she worshiped the ground I walked on. I’m sure there are some horrible OTB’s and well behaved Americanized ones, I’ve just never met either.

        31. That may be too much info, lolknee. Can’t be too many chicks of that denomination, age range, profession and accent.

        32. I have dated very few Asians as I am not particularly attracted to their look and I generally don’t like their docile nature. This one pulls the whole worship the ground I walk on very nicely (does things like gives me a towel bath after sex, dresses me, gets on knees to tie my shoes, defers to me in all things, etc) but is also a super aggressive and super smart girl. SHe is one of several I am dating and I am enjoying it for the itme being.

        33. I can thankfully say that categories of porn are nearly an alien thing to me.

        34. truth. This is why I am convinced that every girl with a bachelors degree at this point will have at least one trip to brown town. You can’t be told that it is absolutely wrong by your father, it is absolutely right by the media and it is hot, dangerous and dirty by porn and then get to college and not such at least one black cock. And the black dudes I’ve met, for the most part, are absolutely fine with being Honey’s little experimentation. They will blow these girls backs out and walk away

        35. I know man but millions of people are watching that crap. There is definitely some demonic agenda behind of this. It’s so fucking obvious.

        36. Had a friend back in the US who is African American, he used to date some women outside his race, but when it finally came down to it he married a black woman.
          Most of the reasons people, particularly white woman go for another race, is very superficial, often many of these women are satisfying a sexual fetish. When that wears off, they are in an empty relationship with a person they share no common values. Unfortunately modern American society teaches most women to satisfy whatever animalistic urges that they have, its no wonder so many women are degenerate.
          When white males date outside their race, its not sex they are looking for but a real companion, most modern white woman are very feminist and eschew traditional roles.

        37. think the hip-hop stuff in the nineties elevated the black status and coolness as was not so much the case in former decades

        38. If the women are Americanized all I can say is, “Gross”. Regardless of who they marry or date.

        39. I think it is white men who end up with the unattractive asian women.
          And even if your assertion is correct (which I dispute) that black males only get the less attractive white women, it still has a serious negative effect as it means that if black males take the 3’s and 4’s, then the remaining white women can date up e.g. 5’s and 6’s can now demand white men who are 7’s and 8’s.

        40. OTB Asians don’t date white pigs. Just as they don’t want to date nogs. They stick to their own.

        41. Ok then you should have no problem with an enterprising man offering heroin to school children.

        42. Heroin is illegal. If you make heroin legal and make its useage legal for school children then no I don’t.
          We live in a society with laws.
          I view it like a game with rules. You learn the game, you learn the rules and then you master it. Would it be nice if all of your pawns moved the same as your queen? Sure. But that’s not the game we are playing.

        43. Absolutely, all basic marketing, print, video, audio, from all sources and channels, and all sectors of business have at least 30%+ interracial marketing. Women clearly follow suit and imitate this. Get the “entitlement” program classes of people to bond, and total control is inevitable.

        44. “Thales that explains the entire history of philosophy, art and thought in general through time and how it interplays with popular culture”
          I find the idea of predicting the future of philosophy and art is always interesting to me. What is your take on this:

        45. “think the hip-hop stuff in the nineties elevated the black status and coolness as was not so much the case in former decades”
          Indeed there was a major shift in music in that decade especially in music videos.

        46. In Greece most women in the 80’s didn’t want to even be close to gays or blacks, both they considered, respectively, disgusting and icky… Now they want to have gay friend and think about bedding a black… Still next to no one that is even seeable proceeds to do it…

        47. I think it happened at the time that millennials started to mature and it is aimed towards them! We are the PC generation sadly even our counter-cultures had nothing revolutionary with them… just weird hair
          So having laid the foundation by sowing the seed on us right now they started to add growth agents to sow faster. This last bit shows some worry, panic or just an inability to control themselves…. I mean our “elites”.
          Even In Greece in the start of the 10’s we saw the first tv-serial that featured: an openly gay couple that was sympathetic and tamam a series about a marriage between a Greek woman and a Turkish man and lastly in 2012 an one season series appeared by the name Γ4 (Gamma tessera the name of a class in a public school) that featured a side-story about a black falling in love with a Greek, in the end she ended it but that was the closer it was done… No we don’t yet have enough blacks to push a race-mixing agenda with them (we also ascosiate them with Muslims) and most Paquis (Pakistanis) are scary but 10 years ago the idea to have such people and themes shown was more than ludicrous!
          The fact is that we have culture and TV shoving to us so much pro-muslim filth, also with Turkish serials, that have only the benefit of being the product of a conservative culture but I digress, that no one would have even thought possible, even our public tv has NEWS IN ARABIC FOR THE “REFUGEES”!!! Also close to 2010, now that I remembered as I was writing, we started to be bombarded with pro-Albanians bs… For context: Albania wants some parts in North western Greece and they are Turkey’s lap-dogs… our government welcomed a million of them in the beggining of the 90’s saying to us that they are Greeks that live in Northern Epirus… so 1 in 10 Greeks can be said to be Albanians…..
          Needed to get some thing outtavmiself…

        48. I think it happened at the time that millennials started to mature and it is aimed towards them! We are the PC generation sadly even our counter-cultures had nothing revolutionary with them… just weird hair
          So having laid the foundation by sowing the seed on us right now they started to add growth agents to sow faster. This last bit shows some worry, panic or just an inability to control themselves…. I mean our “elites”.
          Even In Greece in the start of the 10’s we saw the first tv-serial that featured: an openly gay couple that was sympathetic and tamam a series about a marriage between a Greek woman and a Turkish man and lastly in 2012 an one season series appeared by the name Γ4 (Gamma tessera the name of a class in a public school) that featured a side-story about a black falling in love with a Greek, in the end she ended it but that was the closer it was done… No we don’t yet have enough blacks to push a race-mixing agenda with them (we also ascosiate them with Muslims) and most Paquis (Pakistanis) are scary but 10 years ago the idea to have such people and themes shown was more than ludicrous!
          The fact is that we have culture and TV shoving to us so much pro-muslim filth, also with Turkish serials, that have only the benefit of being the product of a conservative culture but I digress, that no one would have even thought possible, even our public tv has NEWS IN ARABIC FOR THE “REFUGEES”!!! Also close to 2010, now that I remembered as I was writing, we started to be bombarded with pro-Albanians bs… For context: Albania wants some parts in North western Greece and they are Turkey’s lap-dogs… our government welcomed a million of them in the beggining of the 90’s saying to us that they are Greeks that live in Northern Epirus… so 1 in 10 Greeks can be said to be Albanians…..
          Needed to get some thing outtavmiself…

        49. If it really was an agenda then how come there are countries where the elite want to outright BAN porn like in the UK? I believe it’s more of a marketing what the masses demand as porn is about making money.

        50. Yeah sure , the masses said ok enough with milf and anal , starting from next mounth all we wish to is black men fuck white women while the white hubby watches and cleans up in the end.

        51. Hey, I like the music Public Enemy makes but do not buy into the lyrics….or even more so the moronic comments by members of it…

        52. Greek police/armed forces have treated Orthodox Albanians just as bad as the muslims. I have heard horror stories from my father. He would work in Greece as a young man. Why did this happen ? I still have a good opinion of Greek people but you are certainly not the angels or the helpless victims you pretend to be.
          I have heard mostly good things about the Greek civilians though.

        53. That’s why I oppose a greek-slav led “kebab cleaning” operation in Albania as some here have suggested. My people will be put in with the rest.

        54. Remember when they switched to digital and they had to make sure everyone could still watch TV? They even subsidized convertors for old TVs with taxpayer money. Everyone has to get their programming.
          It’s like the 1980s “Running Man”. End the signal and the spell could break. Not instantly like in the movies but over time it would.

        55. I’ve seen differently. Go to any major university and ask some black athlete about how many white girls they’ve slept with. And these aren’t all obese land whales.
          It’s true that those kind of couples may be rare, but we aren’t talking about dating relationships, just sexual relationships.
          There was an article on here about a white girl that gave oral sex to a group of black men in a nightclub and it was caught on camera and posted online.
          Sure enough, the girls white boyfriend found out about it, but took her back anyway and defended her. And this girl wasn’t bad looking. A true 7 or 8 IMO and looked good in a pair of short shorts.

      3. like i said in other comment sections. 1. Most people prefer to have families within their own race. 2. Tell your fellow white men to step their game up if they don’t want Jamal pounding Becky’s pussy out.

        1. ” Tell your fellow white men to step their game up if they don’t want Jamal pounding Becky’s pussy out.”
          Bingo. You act like a fucking chump and becky goes and gets skewered by tyrone and you blame who? Tyrone? Becky? Get a fucking mirror. If you want to own some fucking pussy then own it, don’t complain no one just handed it to you.

        2. awww you get triggered by the idea of it being your fault if you can’t hold on to pussy….I will add to my mental notes that you have been cucked and cucked hard.

        3. these guys complaining about all this “everyone hates the white man” are just as bad as the “we wuz kangs ” crowd. Whatever happened to self ownership. At the end of the day you choose your lifestyle in accordance with reality. That is what the red pill is supposed to be about. But man all this complaining and crying on this site about the joos, illuminati, whatever is starting to get annoying. These guys need to stop blaming everyone else for the problems going on with the white community. At the end of the day no one forced Becky to be a slut or Chad to be a white knight. Also its hypocritical to get mad at blacks and women for blaming the white man for everything wrong and then in the same breathe do the same thing except pointing at the jews.

        4. hahaha
          White women will never tell Jamal to fuck off. And Jamal can always go, “Awww Is you racist?” when she says she doesn’t want to date him.
          Becky will have no reservations about telling Whitey to fuck off, he’s creepy.
          White women are always much more courteous and polite to non-white men and treat their own men like shit.

        5. You really have no actual experience with any of this outside of whatever sad little bubble you live in, dude. Everytime you post this kind of thing I just cringe and shake my head at the utter disconnect with reality that you seem to be fated to live with.
          Get out with lolknee and stop this kind of thing. It’s not that you’re wrong, it’s that you’re so stubbornly, consistently wrong and refuse to see anything but your tunnel visioned little academic world.

        6. yeah – @lolknee:disqus and @waldemar_pabst:disqus need to hit the town – bubbles must collide!!
          and of course I demand pictures.

        7. “these guys complaining about all this “everyone hates the white man” are just as bad as the “we wuz kangs ” crowd”
          Literally 0 difference
          ” But man all this complaining and crying on this site about the joos, illuminati, whatever is starting to get annoying. These guys need to stop blaming everyone else for the problems going on with the white community.”
          On top of everything else this is, in my estimation, the single biggest problem. I see more people doing more insane mental gymnastics to come up with any reason in the world for them being a fucking pussy other than just owning that shit and making some changes.
          Until men stand up as individuals and do something with their life they will be run the fuck over. I am a white man (unless you ask GOJ in which case I am a borderline minority) and I am not allowing one single fucking simp a free ride on my success.
          DMX said it best
          “I’m tired of weak ass niggas whining over pussy that don’t belong to them. Dafuqs wrong wit them?”

        8. All women despise weak men. White women love strong, successful white men.

        9. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: somebody set up a GoFundMe and I’ll contribute. Let’s put some cash together and have lolknee take Waldy out on the town and hook him up with some high class chicks.

        10. I had the misfortune of working under the supervision of a black single-mom professional. It was everything you imagine it to be. Through all her ’empowerment’ blather, one nugget of wisdom, a bogey, really, popped out one day. Someone accused here of being “anti-men” and she swiftly replied: “I’m not anti-men, I’m just anti-WIMP!”

        11. I picture her, btw, being Hooks at the END of police academy. That sounds awful;. But yes, I think what pabst is mistaking is all females desire to avoid wimps at all costs with some notion that white women are not interested in white men. Further, using Greenwich Village and the NYU campus as a bellwether for how normal male female relationships are in NYC or in general really is like going to a gay club every single night and then saying “man, so many people are gay”

        12. o she was otherwise intolerable….
          and yes you’re Bronx Zoo analogy was terrific.
          When I moved here I could swear the whole city was 100% black criminal ghetto.
          Now I know it’s only like 30-40%!

        13. It all depends on what side of the street you are on. However, on the east side that line is no longer 96th street. I would say it is a lot closer to 110th.

        14. My white friends consistently kill it white girls, game is game. Race isnt a deal breaker, sure some girls might have racial preferences but with perseverance and brass balls the world is your oyster

        15. You seem to think the only non-white males who are getting white women are black. You seem to think white men are being shut out because they don’t possess the “alphaness” of black males. I see more white girls with Indian/Paki/East Asian men than with black males and last time I checked, Indian/Paki/East Asian men don’t benefit from any positive alpha stereotypes. Quite, the contrary, actually.

      4. So true. I saw a dumb trailer yesterday for some dumb series that is supposed to be some re-imagining of Romeo & Juliet. I said to myself, “I bet any amount of money they make Romeo Black and Juliet White. But nah, so much leftist propaganda in the media lately, they’ll probably give it a rest….” SURELY ENOUGH: Black Romeo & White Juliet. The kicker is that Juliet is from the poor family.
        Funny how it’s NEVER the other way around. Still waiting for the Hollywood flick where a free spirited white alpha rescues a gorgeous Muslim girl from her female circumcision obsessed parents and they live happily ever after in the West as she renounces her faith in that totalitarian shit-hole of an ideology… I won’t hold my breath.
        Hollywood pretends to be so anti-establishment and always claiming to push the threshold… Nope… Just doing the bidding of their masters like they always have. You’ll never see ANYTHING politically incorrect coming out of Hollywood. Not anymore at least and NEVER in the major A-list highest budget flicks.

        1. My wife DVR’d the live Sound of Music back when it came on (how long ago was that? I don’t recall) for it’s one night view. It was fine, looked like a live version of the original in every respect, until, of course, out comes the black woman who played Mother Superior in their Catholic church.
          And I’m sitting here thinking, “Are you fucking kidding me? A black woman, as a Mother Superior, in Austria, in 1938?!? Oh COME ON!” It didn’t even pretend to have a whiff of legitimacy, she was literally inserted to make a mockery of the entire program, with a straight up middle finger to any semblance of realistic expectations for the time and place that the show was set in. And no doubt, all the SJW/Leftists cooed about “her performance”. Bah.

        2. Exactly. I wouldn’t even give 3/5th’s of a shit if their injection of the agenda into every God damned thing wasn’t so blatantly obvious. No issue with black actors, but every single remake HAS to have the token black or empowered female lead. Even the new Matrix supposedly has a black lead who played a black panther in a previous movie. Probably their attempt to destroy the term “red pill”. It’s so fucking sickening.
          Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Let the leftists drown themselves in media slavery while those who still have the capacity to think will redirect their time to more productive enterprises…

        3. A point was brought up one time that I actually found entertaining. Apparently all villains are white guys, no doubt, and all of the Diversity and Wimminz are, naturally, the victims of the Evil White Dude. So they have to team up, this giant group of black scientists, black doctors, women computer geniuses and semi-lesbian gun slingers, together as one, to defeat like one white guy who likes to play classical music in the background as he makes an evil villain laugh.
          Basically it’s saying that white men ARE actually ubermensch supermen that it takes a huge collection of Team Diversity to defeat.
          Yeah, I don’t have anything against actual actors of any ethnicity, I’m just not a fan of cultural appropriation and “remakes” where they, you know, remove “me” from the good guy/hero role and insert Vibrant Diversity. It just reeks of propaganda.

        4. When the point of the remake or the reboot becomes simply to change the race or gender of the characters for some SJW bullshit, then the resulting product is going to be utter crap.
          The Gunslinger is one of my favorite books by Stephen King, and I enjoyed (most of) the other Dark Tower books immensely. The main character is white.. He is described as looking very much like Clint Eastwood. Both of these facts about the character are actually plot points in the book… he even has an ongoing confrontational relationship with another major character in the books simply because he is white.
          Now they are making a Gunslinger movie. The main character is being played by a black guy. The actor is fantastic, I have no problems with that. But the plot of the movie has been “reimagined” so that its like the Gunslinger book, but not really. It’s like an “alternate” version of the Gunslinger where the main character is black instead of white, and all the plot points stemming from him being white are changed… along with other SJW changes, I’m sure.
          This is full retard.

        5. Pretty much my sentiments while watching ‘The Force Awakens’. Last time I’ll ever put a dime in that series.
          All bad guys white, all good guys meticulously engineered mix of every major ethnic group (of course led by a woman and 50% female army). Only female bad guy is “Commander” of the Storm Troopers and only black bad guy converts to the good side.
          Black male and white female lead like always. Female lead had a man’s name and was made to be boyish looking to push gender-fluid agenda. Only alpha male Han Solo dies which is another trend I’m seeing in most major flicks (all amazing characters in Game of Thrones are dead, only men left are cockless betas save a few)… I can go on and on.
          Every single box on my “fuck this movie” list was checked. So glad it happened though. I was so pissed when I got home that I went online and checked to see if anyone shared my opinion. And there it was, first result on google, ReturnOfKings.com, and the rest is history.

        6. Having the gunslinger black makes the entire series inconsistent. I won’t be watching those movies.

        7. Yup. Is Odetta going to be a white racist chick now? Maybe a tranny just for SJW sake.

        8. Yes, but if they do it enough times, people will think there really were blacks in Austria in 1938.
          They did the same thing with the WW1 FPS Battlefield 1 which features Black soldiers on the German side.

        9. “Funny how it’s NEVER the other way around. Still waiting for the Hollywood flick where a free spirited white alpha rescues a gorgeous Muslim girl from her female circumcision obsessed parents and they live happily ever after in the West as she renounces her faith in that totalitarian shit-hole of an ideology… I won’t hold my breath.”
          Truer words were never spoken. To make matters worse, muslim women love their religion and all suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and wouldn’t even want to be saved by a white man. I’ve tried that strategy, it never works.

        10. Remember 1987 Robocop where the criminals in Detroit was an interracial gang led by a white guy who was the biggest criminal.

        11. Personally I’ve embraced my being cast as a societal villain. Since as a straight white male, I’ll be seen as the villain regardless of my actions, then I’m truly free to act however I wish without thought to whatever BS “classification group” I’m assigned. So the only morality that I have within society (not speaking religious at this point), is the morals in which I choose. In a way I almost feel sorry for the “victim” classes who have to maintain their race, gender, orientation, etc. cards!

      5. Let’s start making videos of israeli women cucking their jew men with noggins and see how they like it. Face it my fellow goys, there’s no equal footing in this match, the perverted shylocks willl keep doing it in an attempt to convince all white females to fuck with apes. Have to get medieval on their asses. Plus the man-bint in the video above is clearly a lost cause to begin with (woman in military no hope there folks)

    4. They don’t want peace. Also globalists are pretty much out to make whites irrelevant. Other people can hold onto their culture.
      Ethnic differences will remain for centuries just the white variety will be removed from the mix.

    5. The US has begun destroying itself thanks to the H1b/L1 visa program and by granting student visas which can then automatically be turned to work permits for 2 years after an international student graduates. In the past, companies used to grant work visas on a case by case basis. For the past 10 years now, it’s granting a work visa sponsorship on day one if one needs a sponsorship. The country that got news of this kind of processing was India, and pretty soon, 90% of student visas and H1b visas went to Indians as their companies and consultancy companies started hoarding all the available H1b spots. We bring in 100,000 H1b workers each year from India! And once they get in, they NEVER leave. I have seen towns and curriculums changed to allow for Indians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6bAG1BaWlI

    6. Yes there is some disagreement on that level. However they do agree that those not them that get to live will live only to serve them.

  2. There’s little doubt the elite want to use the energy of human sexuality to power the economy without actually letting men and women get off with each other.”
    There is “little doubt” about this?
    Amongst whom? Everyone in the canned good section of the local Parranoidmart? At the underground bunker supply store? Wholesale tinfoil store that accepts bitcoin? Where was this survey taken? I am pretty sure that if the sampling was people who, say, were not total paranoid lunatics that the “doubt” quotient would be a little bit higher.

        1. Seriously? I’m on the other end of 40 and look head and shoulders better than him. I just assumed he was older than me, for the longest time.

    1. agreed, but you got to admit that they will use any means necessary. If it works to keep the sexes separated to gain power, they will. However, it appears they are promoting hypergamy and immorality to gain power.

      1. “will use any means necessary”
        Sure. Of course. But towards what ends? The idea that they all have the exact same goal is nuts. Promoting immorality has a lot to do with what you consider moral I suppose. Religious morality in the west has always had its ebbs and flows. Modernity and technology have influenced mans relationship with god and thus mans relationship with morality. It would be banana shoes crazy to think that there isn’t some organic movement of immorality and hypergamy to to modern mans alienation with the divine — something that has any number of contributing factors…not the least being two enormous wars in the last century that had a serious and lasting impact on the world along with a 60 year period that saw more and faster expansion of technology than the last 500 years combined.
        Are there very wealthy people who do things for their own gain which help this along, which crush people, which really destroy the world…sure. But the idea that there is an office somewhere that a guy is thinking about how best he can create gender confusion is nuttier than mr peanut.
        Sex sells. Sex has always sold. Transgressing “the line” has always riled people up. The problem is, as the line is crossed it is moved and over 2000 years since Caligula that line has been moved to a really far spot. Are very wealthy people willing to forgo what most people consider moral action because they can get away with it and because they can profit on it but further transgressing and moving that line? Sure. I would too. Is this part of the collective group of things that is going to eventually push this line to a terminal point where things fall apart? Yeah, probably…though not for a long while. But the idea that there is some conscious effort to be eeeeevvvviiiiilllllll here is a step too much.
        There were a lot of pagans who saw Christians as heretics who were moving a line past where society would be able to tolerate it. Christian morality is weakening much in the same way that Roman virtues weakened in the face of Christianity. That our current moral system is being replaced by nihilism rather than a new religion is very interesting and time will tell where it goes.

        1. “But the idea that there is some conscious effort to be evil here is a step too much.”
          Shalom, fellow chosen one.
          So you’re talking about eating jewish sandwiches and banging jewish women in Jew York, while constantly ridiculing the Alt-Right.
          The word shill was invented especially for you.

        2. Not always. Times like the Middle Ages and later on in the Victorian era, the more prudish acting people came into power. They were seen as virtuous, and in a better position to lead (however hypocritical). With this day and age, with the advent of mass communication, most people understand that acceptable morality is subjective to the local standards.
          Should this “one world government” ever come into power, the standards could be homogenized. Whether through sharia law, or promoting the sensual, that is up to whoever comes into power.

        3. I really have to thank you. Not 2 seconds after I mention how stupid you are and how I mentally note to disregard all of your comments as buffoonery you go all quod erat demonstratum for me. Way to go!
          Essentially you what have done here is to say “oooh the world is too big and scary for me so I am going to blame all the things that turned me into a weak miserable failure on one group of people and disregard all logic that says that my tiny myopic world view may somehow be lacking by suggesting that the people making those comments are part of the big conspiracy.”
          There was a time when I would have tried to speak to you and maybe make sense of it, but my time here has shown me that you just can’t get through to stupid people.

        4. TLDR: You’re an uneducated kike that never heard about Occam’s razor in his life and tries to gaslight people in the ROK comment section.
          Move along.

        5. You’re the most Eye-talian looking (((kike))) that I’ve ever seen, bro. What’s your name in real life, Guido Meckelstein?

        6. absolutely which is why I mentioned ebbs and flows of course. But the Victorian prudishness in a big way sewed the field for the extremes we see today by overshooting to the point of stifling very nature human drives.
          Talking about communication and morals subjective to locality is interesting. Back in the 4th or 5th century BC Herodotus pointed out the differences in burial customs between the greeks and the Egyptians and how one would consider the other abominable but in the end they are based in the same moral…respect for the dead…just that they manifest themselves differently. I wonder if some kind of understanding with sexual morality could come about in a similar way.
          I don’t see the feasibility for a one world government at this point. If there is one thing that will unite the world somehow it will, I believe, most likely be capitalism and consumerism

        7. Occam’s razor would not lead someone to the conclusion that a small group of elites is cohesively attempting to subjugate all mankind.

        8. I think a big problem is the assumption that ONLY Jews want to amass political power on a global scale. Sure, it is big in their culture, but I am having my doubts that Lenin was a Jew.

        9. 2+2=4 IS an example of Occam’s Razor. You may want to pick something a bit less “agreeing with John” to refute him.

        10. I don’t like most Jews, but it is consistent with their evolution why Ashkenazi end up at the top of many organizations.

        11. I don’t know if Lenin was a jew or not a jew. I know he was a murderous sociopath and I think that was much more of a problem than whether he went to church on Saturdays and sundays. To point to a single group and say “its all their fault” is just silly. It would be insane to say that some very wealthy jews haven’t done serious damage to the world for their own personal profit. Of course they have. But a lot of people do that. It is bad form to not think a little deeper than the superficial. Guys like Soros have more in common with very wealthy WASPS than with middle class jews.

        12. John suggested Occam’s Razor as the measure. Occam’s Razor is that in explaining a thing, no more assumptions should be made than are necessary. 2+2=4 is using minimal assumptions to arrive at the answer. To say it is NOT 4 is to suggest that he’s not invoking Occam’s Razor and making it more complex than it need be.

        13. Occam’s razor would suggest that while there is overlap between some elites’ interests, they are also competitive with one another.

        14. I really don’t see the feasibility for a one world government either, not ever. People fight when their freedoms are encroached upon.
          Sexuality may be looked like that. You and I see a woman wearing a Burkah, and we think they are disrespected, A Muslim sees a porn flick, and sees a woman disrespected.

        15. It’s so easy, even the tiny boy get’s it. Why can’t you keep up with that little youngster, John?

        16. I understand what you are trying to argue. I’m telling you it’s inaccurate and giving you the reason.

        17. Ok, make it clear to you kid. Saying “Jews!” may seem like the simplest solution, but you have to strip away every other variable that would apply, hence, you’re not working on *minimal assumptions to arrive at the answer*, instead, you’re excluding necessary assumptions and data to boil it down to one word. That’s what you don’t grasp.

        18. Actually it would.
          Powerful and wealthy people have always tried to gain more control over the masses.
          We have advanced tech now. They have more tools.
          They do a great job of shaping public opinion on things.
          Look how quickly and effectively they made the meet ups a witch hunt for rapists.
          You think it was a coincidence all those news” outlets in all those cities and countries focused on that so strongly with the same message?

        19. The assumption that elites have a set platform on every issue is incontrovertibly ignorant. They are human and use other humans to accomplish their agenda. There is conflict within their group, just as any other involving human beings.

        20. Weird, given as I don’t watch television and rarely if ever even go to the movies. How do (((they))) control my mind precisely?
          I can post a similar chart regarding agriculture, and you’d find Anglo Saxons/Germanics controlling, basically, the bulk of the nation’s food supply. Does that suggest to you some fiendish plot? They also, it turns out, make most of the beer and a good percentage of the liquor (if you include Celts too) for the world.
          I won’t disagree that Jews are awful at in group preference to the point of obsession. I think that alone explains charts like that. They are a very racist type of people. My solution, and this may just be me, is for us to start re-learning to deal with our own in groups as opposed to holding out our wrists and saying to the world “please slash these, I feel guilty”.

        21. Set platform on every issue? Who said that?
          Their central tenet is to screw over and control the masses.
          This they all have in common and work together on.
          Sure they have some different ideas and methods.
          Its just like war.
          Generals have different methods and they want glory. But they all work together to kill the enemy.

        22. Because the 4th power of the state and agriculture are exactly the same thing….dude, get a brain surgery….or get a brain, at all.

        23. Stop feeding the world, and talk to me about where power lay.
          I’m just noting the obvious. And you are excluding a whole lot of things to try to make this only about Da Joos. There are countless lilly white Anglo Saxons in those industries too, and many media outlets are owned by rich white conservative men.
          There’s a theory Bob Smith mentioned to me not long ago, that this is all a weeding out process by the *right wing* to basically remove idiot leftists and collectivists from the gene pool permanently. True right wing types won’t follow the “fads” that the left does and will continue to reproduce, whilst the Left traipses down the path to genetic extinction. It’s rather intriguing and I actually hope it’s true in a way. And if that’s the case, then *we* are using Jews to do the grunt work, and in the end, the Left goes away.

        24. But it’s a dual edged sword. That same technology makes it easy for us to plan meetings without them even having to know about it. I’ve used Telegram and email even to meet people from here already. No SJW’s even had a hint of what was going on.

        25. Js are 2.2 % of population and hold 81 % of leading positions.
          …speaking of occam’s razor…but yeah, when I use the razor it’s ‘excluding a whole lot of things’.
          Good goy.

        26. If farmers were interested in power or even doing the right thing for people, they would stop taking feds money to grow garbage corn that gets turned into poison.

          But they’d rather get those fed checks.
          Pathetic, really.

        27. They are on team self-interest just like most people. They will oppose each other just as often as they will cooperate. Anyone with any experience in a large industry will witness this between firms. Which leads me to the conclusion that many of you have zero experience with large organizations.

        28. Yep. There is a back and forth, sure.
          But look what you typed.
          No one had a hint of what was going on.

          Meanwhile, the msm successfully brainwashed millions of people into thinking meet ups were about rapists.

          How many minds did you get on your side?
          Not even a fraction of how many they did.

        29. So? You’re suggesting that somehow, being in that/those industry(-ies) means that they’re all colluding intentionally towards a common goal. That’s ludicrous on its face, human beings rarely collude with any consistency at all once you get past the size of a medium size corporation (and hell, even then, you’re only marginally colluding to increase profit, at best). What is the population of Saxons/Germanics in comparison to the world’s population (not much, I’ll tell you that much for free), yet we grow, invent and control the technology and agriculture of the world hands down, not to mention we own basically all of the businesses that are important in the world and, turns out, we also populate the vast majority in government in our own nations. Whites, like all of us, even the gateway minority types like Italians, are what, 14% of the entire world’s population? Of that, how many are Saxon/Germanic? Maybe 25%, tops. So one quarter of 14%, or roughly 3.5%. Sounds to me like a similar deal.
          The only power “joos” have over you mentally is the media. So turn off the television and stop going to movies. Poof, all of their power, gone. You now control your mind. Suggest to others to turn off the tele, poof, more power gone from Duh Joos. Such an easy thing to do, such a truly impotent “enemy”, such a truly pathetic thing to get worked up about. Hell I didn’t even need “Duh Joos” to figure out that the media is fucked up and make the decision to walk away from it.

        30. Wrong again buddy.
          They cooperate more to screw over the masses.
          That is their prime directive.

          Some of the competition you speak of is real, no doubt.
          Some is a show, much like elections, most of the time.

        31. But…they didn’t get “minds on their side”. The masses are without an opinion and go from one oooh shiny to another. If tomorrow they were told to support us, they would, but it wouldn’t be real support. Their “our side” has no brain. Me talking to and meeting with others from here, on the other hand, was truly profitable and really, we want quality over quantity. The day this becomes some mass movement that the masses start yelling for is the day that our movement is destroyed.

        32. Skipped everything after the first sentence.
          Yeah, it’s all coincidence, goyim.
          You are right.
          Now go and buy your daughter a BLACKED membership as a present for her graduation, good goy.
          Btw: Blacked is produced by three jews, but it’s just another cohencidence!

        33. Their prime objectives are not in accordance with one another. That’s the primary failure you’re making. E.g. (((Soros))) and (((Adelson))) do not share similar objectives and are often diametrically opposed to one another. Which according to your concept, should never happen. And don’t give me false flag argument because ain’t no old time Jew spending millions on that.

        34. Interesting. I’m sure what being Jewish has to do with anything? Couldn’t you make the same case and claim that its white men over 40 controlling your mind?

        35. If you can’t read more than one sentence then you’ve already conceded the argument to me. Great. I accept your surrender.
          Slainte mhor.

        36. You’re not a very intelligent person. Perhaps you should stop a bit before hitting “Post” as you’re doing your fellow travelers with your opinions no favors.
          If by mongrel you mean little kids that look like they were sired by Thor, well, ok, but I am of a strong Norse line so….that’s not really any kind of bastardization. But thanks for the well wishes, simple man.

        37. We do want quality .
          But they don’t.
          They want quantity. They want people to think how they want them to think.
          Hive mind is real.
          Malleable jello brains are what is desired.

        38. Until your daughter’s boyfriend breaks up with her and that puts her off white men and she starts seeing a Paki or Sikh when at college.
          The winds can change very quickly.

        39. Exactly. People say North Korea is such a horrible place. All I know is that the grandchildren of those Gooks who fought in the Korean War are all Korean while probably half of the American Korean / Vietnam War vets have mixed race grandchildren.

        40. ” and many media outlets are owned by rich white conservative men”
          Really… list them. You’ll find almost all are Jews, and some (e.g., Ted Turner) are so pro-Jewish that there is no point differentiating.

        41. ” they’re all colluding intentionally towards a common goal.”
          Straw man, no?
          You can have emergent behaviour without collusion or central control.
          Local decision making can lead to macro level patterns. That’s a basic lesson of complexity theory.
          In this case, ethnocentrism, a culture that demands success, and winner takes all markets explains a lot of Jewish over-representation in certain fields. Certainly conspiracies exist, but the general drive to outdo other ethnic groups is not a conspiracy.

        42. “Couldn’t you make the same case and claim that its white men over 40 controlling your mind?”
          I would love to see such a case that didn’t reduce to a bunch of Jewish people. Freud, Derrida, Marcuse, Bernays, etc etc.

        43. I bet you can’t name one Sephardic jewish woman of notariety whose name rings a bell and none of feminist infamy. Their women are unknowns compared to the Ashkenazi women. Two vastly different tribes. I believe Sephards are 20% of total jews.

        44. It is common in Hollywood and Talmudvision for Jewish actors to be cast as Italians.
          Italian or other Mediterranean variants would make a good cover. Especially if Loljew is sporting a characteristic ‘Jewbeak’.
          You must have an exceptional eye and perception for Italians to say with such confidence.

        45. Sephardic Jews are less intelligent and seem more conservative. Though Ashkenazi are the minority in Israel.

    2. The majority of men (beta schlubs) are not getting laid. Yet they live in a highly sexualized culture where nekkid women are paraded in front of them non-stop.
      This is observable fact. What’s questionable is whether all this sexual frustration can be used to power the economy. I think not given the rise of the herbivore and mgtow movements.
      More likely the pornification of our culture is designed to emasculate the male and degrade and isolate everyone.

      1. I recognize that my experience is different because I am in a much different type of place and I surround myself by much different people, but the VAST majority of men I know are getting laid with a lot of frequency. Mind you, living in new York city and spending time almost exclusively with type a personality people in finance, corporate life, legal profession or, on occasion, in the medical field my existence may be quite different. But in a city with a nearly 4:1 single female to male ratio, where everyone is hyper aggressive, where the city brands its own condoms and gives them away, where sex is generally seen as casual fun for men and women, well to do, type a personalities who are ultra aggressive can hardly keep their dicks dry. If that is different in other places I can’t say. An observable fact from my point of view is that successful and inshape men who tend to be viciously aggressive get to fuck many, many women.
        As for sexual frustration powering the economy….it is one of the things that always has. They don’t put pretty girls on advertisements because they think it isn’t going to tap into something in the consumers mind.
        I don’t know what the herbivore movement is (all these different movements are really just starting to sound to me like the right wing version of all the gender distinctions of the left) and as far as I can tell MGTOW isn’t a movement so much as it is a bunch of socially inept people who have banded together and kind of are trying to make their inability to exist in society seem like a noble cause instead of a huge failure.
        As for pornifcation of our culture, I can’t agree more and this is why I never watch porn. Yes, porn is being pushed on you and yes it is emasculating and bad for you in 100 ways. But come on, how hard is it to NOT watch porn. I mean, it ought to be the easiest thing in the world to NOT do something.

        1. Herbivore movement refers to the nearly retreat of Japan’s version of Millenial men (who are not hipsters, just the age range I mean) from the sexual marketplace. It’s like freaking huge, 36% of men in the “can baby up a woman” age range are choosing not to have girlfriends of sex with women, so it’s not some fringe thing. Given as Japan has already had a bad run of luck with replacement birth rates before this, if the Herbies don’t start having sex soon with actual women, there’s a fair chance that Japan is a deserted island of empty steel buildings in less than 50 years.

        2. wait…are they choosing not to have a girlfriend the way a MGTOW does or are they choosing not to have a girlfriend the way I do.

        3. I mean that they are having NO contact sexually with women, at all, period.

        4. yeah, that’s weird. I guess it is a golden age for guys with yellow fever.

        5. From what I understand, and I have no first hand experience with modern Japanese women, but the guys are doing it because their women have become absolutely intolerable. Like take all of the worst things about feminism and mix it with all of the worst things about Asian culture, and that’s your modern Millenial aged Japanese girl now.
          But again, I have no real knowledge if that’s the case or not. There’s got to be a reason though.

        6. I don’t believe I know any Japanese women. When I was in Tokyo for a few days in 1999 I met some, but it was short term, I was a drinking foreign tourist at the university and I am not shy so they see me.

        7. No need to gratuitously throw those groups of men under the bus.
          I think you might actually be considered mgtow. Doing your own thing. Making your own rules. Not wanting to get married.

        8. Actually, at first I proudly said I was MGTOW. A man going his own way. That idea appealed to me for sure. Then, as I learned more about it, I started saying MGTOW+ with the + meaning “i date a lot I just eschew monogamous relationships” but as I learn more and more about mgtow I felt (and feel now) that there is a legitimate weakness and failure of character there. These aren’t men going their own way, these are boys afraid to grow up

        9. And there is also a wage gap.
          Come out with me and take a look at the crowd at Lavo on a Friday night and tell me what you see. Then 1 OAK and all the places in the meat packing district. Come up to the hotel bars.
          I am out and telling you it is 4:1 easy. I don’t know what you are doing andnwhere you are going or where you are looking but you are flat out wrong

        10. No, they have 130 million people. They’ll wise up before oblivion.
          Compare that to Irish or Swedes, who number at most in the 9 million mark.

    3. So the labeling of men with normal sexual desire in media narratives as perverts and rapists, masculinization of women, feminization of men, efforts to increase the androgyny of both sexes, confusing people about with bathroom to use, confusing children about their sexuality/encouraging them to go transgender, prescribing hormones like estrogen for gender confused boys, encouraging women to go au naturel and not remove any body hair in media narratives, selling Go Girl plastic penises for women to pee out of at Walmart, passing endless sexual “harassment” laws and endless rape laws and narratives (Josie was drunk, Jake was drunk campaign) and literally making it illegal to flirt with women in parts of England and Wales is all just coincidence? Not to mention feminism encouraging women to be more like men rather than more like their grandmothers.
      That doesn’t drive a wedge between the sexes while sex is shoved in their face on every screen and in every advertisement. Hmmm.
      Go stick that head back in the sand. It’s cooler down there.

      1. I see your ability to read is at least consistent with your ability to write — short on nuance, detail and ham fisted insistence on singular causes.
        Wish you the best is the world you live in. Seems like is is pretty terrible. I think I’ll avoid your sad sack, conspiracy driven, paranoid articles in the future.
        I need to be more discriminating in what I read and who I talk to. I’ve been remiss in my mixing things up with the rabble too much as of late

  3. The agenda is population reduction and sustainability. I support the agenda because lets face it, the useless eaters aren’t going to manage themselves.

      1. You sure the (((diamond industry))) can’t convince you to spend two months salary on an intrinsically worthless piece of crystallized carbon for your girlfriend?

        1. What is the problem here though. So people who have, cut, polish and set diamonds are trying to convince the world that they need to buy diamonds. That is just normal business.
          If you don’t like diamonds then don’t buy them. No one is holding a gun to your head. Just because they have a successful advertising campaign doesn’t mean you have to buy it.
          Look at Boar’s Head Cold Cuts. They are absolutely disgusting and, I am fairly sure, seasoned with cancer. They manage to grow slime in ways that nature doesn’t predict, are loaded with salt and at their very best taste really, really badly. Yet I have seen people in butcher shops where they will make fresh roast beef, ham and turkey daily get genuinely aggrieved that they can’t by Boars Head for twice as much money as the actual food that is for sale.
          Can’t blame a company for selling their product.

        2. There is no problem other than the goyim’s stupidity, while (((they))) laugh all the way to the (((bank))).

        3. Well, that sounds like something *we* need to solve.
          When somebody wants to sell me a pick’em up truck for $90k I laugh at him and point, just like this:
          *ha ha ha ha!*
          But some other schlub who thinks “Ooooooh….shiny….status!” will buy one even if it means that he misses all of the payments for the next ten years on his double wide.
          So if the product sells well and at the best profit point with a high price, what incentive does any merchant have to lower the price?

        4. Precisely. Speaking of which, luxury cars are one of the dumbest purchases you can make as well. An $18,000 Toyota Corolla (which you could negotiate down to $15-16k) gets the same job done with better gas mileage than any Mercedes or Lexus which you pay tens of thousands of dollars more.

        5. Luxury cars are teh stupid, agreed.
          High performance sports cars, on the other hand, are fantastic.

        6. right. and the stupid is when people buy performance cars for STATUS while driving then in the same capacity of the more economical Toyota.

        7. That is true. If you don’t intend to roar down the road or a track at top speed on occasion, don’t buy the car. Just like if you don’t plan on going out and hauling lumber out of a plot of forest, through the mud, or working on a farm, then your need for a 4×4 is more or less 0.0%. Granted, we’re all free to buy what we want, but slapping a lot of money down with no real intention on using the item as designed and just as a status symbol strikes me as a very stupid way to spend one’s loot.

        8. well that’s an informative video but that’s not really what I got from the happy merchant gif

        9. People became fixated with status after the doctrine of equality was foisted upon the West. If we’re all intrinsically equal, the only way to differentiate oneself is through materialism.

        10. funny isn’t it?
          While people always craved status, it sure is stoked by presumptions of equality!

  4. We should have a contest or competition to see who can best envision what the new eventual apex species on this planet will be when homo sapiens go extinct. Will it be cunning, bipedal, simien-esque, or an amorphous gaseous cloud? What say ye? The consensus winner gets an authentic TRex mandible and their cremated toenails buried in a space capsule launched into a dwarf moon of the planet KlingonUranus-Alpha9.

  5. good article, and glad to see relampago back.
    Some debate below in the comments about whether the elites have it all mapped out, or are riffing on the theme of totalitarian tyranny like some demonic jazz ensemble. Well, we can debate that until the cows take over the world in a world system of cow matriarchy. What I don’t think should be disputable (though it still is by alinsky types trained to ‘deny everything’ even when confronted with a mass of evidence) is that social engineering is happening on a massive scale, which begs the question can one have social engineering without substantial agreement on the ends of the social engineering in question. For those below arguing like that policeman in front of the exploding fireworks factory that there’s “nothing to see here, move along now” I would be interested to know if you think that we’re all just imagining that there is social engineering going on?
    If there is no social engineering going on i.e. elite led social engineering I suppose that would be completely compatible with organically evolving change such as one might expect would occur in a freely self-determining democratic society. But if there is widespread social engineering going on, what I would like to know is: where does the mandate for that come from? Where does consent for these little plans to ‘evolve’ humanity come from? And if there is no mandate, and there is no consent, how is that not criminal?

    1. That there is some social engineering going on is, as you say, absolutely beyond question. The question comes in the form of the why. People have been engineered to be consummate consumers. That is what modern man is….a consumer….and it is the result of a lot of social engineering Ok, fine. But here is the real question: was this done as some nefarious plot to destroy masculinity? Was it done by people who realized they could make a fortune and just didn’t give a shit about the effect? Was it done organically as the result of the horrors the world say in the 20th century annihilating real faith in god? Was it communism? Was it feminism? Was it pornography? Was it art or music or literature? Was it some mix of all of these things? There is a lot of post hoc thinking and a lot of conspiracy thinking and a lot of it is tied up in the psychology of the people making the claims. Do we really want to be so naïve and small minded as to say that this was as easy as “handful of evil billionaires deciding to bring an end to the world as we know it?” I mean, are we really going the Blofeld route on such a complicated issue?

        1. so your answer here is that the progress of history and society over thousands of years isn’t a complicated mix of many different factors and their cumulative effect on human psychology but rather just “Joos”….got it.

        2. no no no…I totally get it. You’re a dummy. I understand. It has been mentally noted to disregard anything you say in the future as “stupid”

        3. Yeah, because you don’t have any arguments and you don’t add any value whatsoever.
          I’m more than 4000 miles away from you and still I can easily smell that you’re a kike.
          Now tell me about your jewy sandwiches and jewy bitches in Jew York again.

        4. your fear and impotence is the reason that men no longer enjoy the power that was once their birthright. It is weak men that allowed the walls to fall. You should attempt to be strong and be smarter instead of being a part of the problem that has lead to the downfall of masculinity.

        5. “The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.””
          – Joseph Goebbels

        6. No, you are mistaken. I am using insults because you have opened yourself up to them. If you can pay really close attention and muster all three of your IQ points I can explain this whole thing in terms of an analogy.
          You speak like a weakling and an impotent little faggot so instead of taking you seriously I treat you like the joke you are. You assume that makes me a jew because jews caused all the problems and I don’t agree with you and not agreeing with you means that you are responsible for yourself as a failure and it isn’t someone elses fault.
          THis is exactly what feminists and black lives whatever people do. Tell a woman she is unqualified for a job and its toxic masculinity…..regardless of her qualifications for the job. You are basically pulling “muh wage gap”.
          I am more than willing to discuss this with people who aren’t tiptoeing around the intelligence of mayonnaise and of course there has been a malignant effect of very wealthy jews on the world. However, your silliness only deserves mocking and derision and not serious replies. So in getting what you deserve you need to create a psychological defense where it must be the fault of the world and in no way can it mean that you are a fucking moron, so joooooooossssssssssss
          No charge for explaining yourself to you. Go forth, and be stupid no more. As for now, I am done with you.

        7. yeah, I get it, you have a learning disability and can’t concentrate on things that aren’t brightly colored, shiny or in the form of a catchy slogan. The fact that you can’t read something that is 3 paragraphs long and written clearly is very much indicative of someone who can’t see the kind of nuance that exists in the world and points at one thing and says “its all them”
          John Milton said that the truly good can never see any evil. It simply doesn’t make any sense to them. Likewise, there is never anything complicated for people with simple minds. The answer is always simple. The world will always seem simple to you because you are simple. This is why you can’t be reasoned with and only mockery is proper

      1. The world is not black and white. In my opinion the social engineering you mention is a result of the combination of all those things you mentioned plus some others that are out of our view (I am not in those über wealthy evil-doers committees so I cannot know). In my view a lot of the social engineering we have observed can be blamed on the unforeseen effects of technology (T.V. and radio for starters, let alone cars and mass international transit and nowadays smartphones and internet) as well as certain individuals who thought /still think the world should a bad copy of Brave new world/1984 (sponsorship of feminism from its very inception and the promotion of all sort of anti-traditional behaviours touted as the next best thing after sliced bread and steaks which seem to lead to our own extinction or a least our waning numbers…, encroaching surveillance and so on).
        In some cases, opportunists will just observe the events and think: hey if everybody’s become a stupid zombie with less brainpower than a stray dog and the attention span of a fly, it means our time has come to rip them off/swindle them/sell them useless things/make my fantasies come true as tyrant etc…it’s the best time of our lives. After all if the opportunity knocks your door why will you make her wait. It doesn’t men they caused it, they will just take advantage of the opportunity.
        In the end all civilizations die, IMHO. The point is what will you do about it.

      2. “People have been engineered to be consummate consumers. That is what modern man is….a consumer….and it is the result of a lot of social engineering Ok, fine”
        So you’re admitting the Bernay’s type marketing, and the wilful creation of a consumerism and generalised commodification of everything. But is that really to say anything very controversial? I’ve never heard anyone – left or right – disagree with that idea: that modern man has been socially engineered to become a consumer, and to give in to desires, most of which he didn’t even know he had before he was tempted by slick marketing. No-one’s really going to dispute that even if they might dispute the ways in which it’s done, the implications or the degree to which identity politics and consumerism / commodification might be related to one another for instance,
        So for you people are inventive and perhaps to a limited degree collude (but not conspire?) with each other in the very human business of being greedy cunts. Again that’s no more cutting than watching Michael Douglas in Wall Street, or Leo as the wall street wolf. It’s an already conceded point.
        You seem to be conceding those points simply in order to deny any deeper planning, which is what social engineering really implies. It may be partially organic, self-organising or improvisatory, but for it actually to be engineered it has to be top down in a meaningful sense.
        There is a degree to which I think you are right. We live in a complex culture with a complex history:. Was it a mix of communism, feminism, pornography, art or music or literature, or a mix of all of these things? Yes, of course. But there absolutely has been higher level planning as well. We know there have been conspiracies, and grand plans, designed to help humanity “evolve” or to achieve ‘peace’ and to prevent (male) violence, or to perpetuate a particular brand of “civilization” (be it, british / american empire etc). We know bankers, and latterly the CIA etc have funded all sorts of revolutionary and subversive movements and we know that masculinity, family, nation has been consistently the target of those movements. Please point out to me the CIA / Rockefeller funding for the patriarchy, or for the straight nuclear family, or for vanilla sex? That would be pretty difficult to do, but in the other direction the elite / deep state etc always seems to be busy promoting the kinds of causes it should on the surface be inherently hostile to?

        1. “Bernay’s type marketing”
          correct, and they always have. The Church, the cult of personality that was the Roman Empire, all of these things have been sold. Consumerism is just the latest. Sure, it is just as you say. But how is it different from the overwhelming religious fervor or the nationalistic fervor. The human being is fairly easy to manipulate. People have been doing it since there have been human beings and for the most part they have done it for wealth and power. Nothing new under the sun…the same sun that idiots made fucking blood sacrifices too.
          ” It may be partially organic, self-organising or improvisatory, but for it actually to be engineered it has to be top down in a meaningful sense.”
          ANd here is it…for me. SUre, I will give you that there is real social engineering. The interracial marriage shit on TV that I was just chatting with GOJ with seems to be pretty clear as does the idea that 3/4 of the world are faggots and 90% of doctors are black. “Partial” is the only concession I want. That it isn’t ALL this one thing. That other factors, like people being susceptible to this because of the horrors of the two world wars last century, or that the immediacy of information and communication that technology has brought has forever caused an epistemic shift, or that sexual taboo is a line that needs to be crossed but every time it is crossed it is pushed and we have been at the pushing of it for so many thousands of years that now we have to go to a vanishing point to transgress it and any number of a million other things including the power of teachers unions, the industrial revolution, the entertainmentization of news, the demystification of politics, the waning faith in god…..my problem has never been in denying that large and powerful groups with certain agendas often push those agendas…that is a clear fact….it is the idea that they are doing it for some kind of satan worshipping reason, the idea that it is somehow more closely related to their religion than their socio-economic status and most of all the idea that it is THE ONLY thing causing the world to move as if everything was as simple as a bond plot that “grinds my gears.” The lack of nuance that people are willing to display in just pointing a finger and blaming every single thing they don’t like in the world on one cause is, itself, one of the causes
          “But there absolutely has been higher level planning as well”
          Sure. But to what end? I think that “bringing about a satanic world of eeeeevvvviilllll” is a lot less likely than “profit, wealth and power at any cost” or even just plain egomania.

        2. Well we were talking about social engineering – of any ilk – but now I sense that you want to address the issue of conspiracy theory or rather Conspiracy Theory writ large. You seem to concede the possibility that social engineering does happen, including at the level of the media trying to persuade us of the joys of gayness, black doctors etc or even that there might even be larger scale conspiracies but that the bottom line would be that if there were such things, they would be motivated by “profit, wealth and power at any cost” or even just plain egomania” rather than religion or a satanic will to do evil or whatever. You are in other words pretty much referencing what Daniel Pipes and others have referred to as beliefs in some kind of overarching “world conspiracy”, something often accompanied by charges of satanism and often anti-semitic in nature.
          There certainly have been such beliefs and as far as I’m aware they go back to about the time of the French revolution when I think the freemasons and / or the jews started getting the blame for lighting the fire. In fact I think it was first the freemasons and then the jews. Later on some, more excitable religious types started seeing the whole thing as a battle between the forces of good and evil, taking place on a cosmic and historical plane.
          I doubt that many people think in such terms today, although there are no doubt some. Personally, I’m not referencing any kind of supernatural conspiracy – which would be silly – but it is worth considering that the Abrahamic religions (as well as the ancient greek and egyptian mystery religions) continue to provide a framework and repertoire of ideas that even atheists may draw upon to interpret events in politics and history. The first point I would make in that regard is that when one seeks to assign motivations to historical and political actors distinguishing too carefully between secular and religious / spiritual motivations isn’t always very meaningful.
          The west conquered the americas, the indian subcontinent etc and the motivations were both material and “spiritual”. I would be inclined to think that “the material” was more a motivation to conquistadors and british imperialists than a desire to spread the gospel, but for the church and its very influential churchmen the spreading of the faith was often extremely important. If we fast-forward a bit then the same is probably true. Messianic judaism, christian utopian socialism and both jewish and gentile enlightenment values have often provided the “spiritual” motivations for progressivism in all its myriad forms. Yet when we think of say communism, something Daniel Pipes himself considers to be an example of a conspiracy theory, we think of it as pure materialism. The young Marx though made (some fairly obscure in fairness) references to satan in his poetry and later communists like Lunarcharsky drew heavily on the occult for instance. Did either Marx or Lunacharsky believe in a supernatural Satan? I very much doubt it. In the romantic period satanism came to be associated with the revolutionary, with the revolt against God, and against the ancien regime of the old order of things. So, is there a satanic element to progressivism / communism? Very possibly, at least if one considers the cagey admissions of progressives / communists themselves. Inevitably religious conspiracy watchers may interpret that as something supernatural, but the point is even if there is nothing supernatural about it at all many progressives over the last couple of centuries might have welcomed the idea that in the secular romantic sense they were somehow ‘satanic’.
          I wish at this point I could make a distinction between the ‘romantic’ spirituality of those revolutionaries shaking their fists at the old order and billionaires trying to make money but it isn’t always as simple as that. Many of the movers and shakers in today’s world, including billionaires seem to be as motivated by something akin to a secular spirituality – a kind of historical sense of mission to change the world – as they are by any kind of crude materialism, and they are often highly effective and organised in promoting their visions. Gates has his foundation. Soros has his. Rockefellers have one too. They and others like them work with governments, NGOs, etc. to promote ideas which are often highly homogeneous, if not completely identical, at least when it comes to promoting globalism, climate change, immigration, feminism, lgbtq etc. Rockefeller famously claimed he was proud of the accusation that he we was trying to promote a new world order – in other words it wasn’t just about making money. He already had money. In his own mind he was trying to make the world a better place.
          Why is there so much consensus instead of competition at the top? Why does the apex of the pyramid seem to be an economic and ideological cartel? Maybe it’s some kind of regimented groupthink. Many of these people are probably in some way drawing on shared quasi-messianic notions of progressive utopianism, including christian socialism and no doubt jewish tikkun olam. I was reading some kabbalist – Rav Berg – the other day who was saying that money was merely a medium to spread kabbalah. How many jewish billionaires think like that? Maybe not many, or maybe a great many. If so, is that for good or evil? Some jittery christians worry that the kabbalah is evil. Most jews – if they believe in kabbalah – presumably believe it is good, or about creating a more utopian world. Bill Gates or the late Rockefeller would probably have a more secular viewpoint, but still more likely closer to the latter viewpoint.
          None of that makes for the kind of over-arching world conspiracy Daniel Pipes is worrying about but when so many of the people at the top seem to be thinking on the same wavelength, and are effectively able to impose uniform visions on everybody else it pretty much might as well be a totalitarian world conspiracy because the views down below, which are those of pretty much everybody but the elite are not getting heard.

        3. This was really interesting but I just think it could be reduced to something much more simple like: when it comes to profit and power the big players don’t care what happens to the peons.
          As to your questions, I don’t know. But I do believe that people who are in the top 1% of wealth holders have more in common with one another than with other people of their race or religion or country of origin. If there is concensus amongst the world’s richest men it wouldn’t strike me as odd at all…no less than the way the many blue collar guys hold similar views and values.
          I am nothing if not very much a capitalist, but the commies didn’t get everything wrong. Nations and races and religions don’t matter. A black billionaire from Tanzania has more in common with a WASP billionaire from Massachusetts and a Jewish Billionaire from Eastern Europe and an atheist tech billionaire in Silicon Valley Then Any of those people have in common with others in their regions or races or countries.
          Put simply: class and wealth matter more than religion, race and nationality
          So sure, I will buy that there is some collusion (I don’t think it is mustache twisting SPECTRE villain shit as much as it is just apathy to who gets hurt in the attempts to seize money and power) but the motives matter. The satanic cabal shit seems way to crazy for me. I’m not in the room, I can’t rule it out( but it’s just to insane and far fetched

        4. “I just think it could be reduced to something much more simple like: when it comes to profit and power the big players don’t care what happens to the peons.”
          Well I didn’t say they did necessarily, just that their actions might not always be guided by crude atomistic individualism – successful people need to believe in what they’re doing to be successful. If you believe yourself to be the steppenwolf of steppenwolf street or whatever that may be harder to do.
          I agree that if the elite of the elite have more in common with each other than the plebs. That might have to do with the kind of values and concerns that arise with having and controlling and seeking to increase wealth etc. but it might also have to do with the kind of values that get you into the club in the first place i.e. talent and ideas might count, but if you want to get into that club (circle of trust?) you may need to function in certain ways: the right values and making it clear that if push comes to shove you are ‘amenable’ to pressure might be minimum conditions.
          The “SPECTRE villain shit” is probably a question of peoples’ imaginations running riot – it is easier to conceptualise conspiracy and collusion if it is done in a conscious, concrete and hierarchical way. If there’s an underwater volcano HQ involved as well even better. The elite are probably also quite happy in the main for people to misunderstand them, and misconceive how they get up to their mischief. It is necessary to be misunderstood sometimes. The satanism stuff in the popular imagination is about a garish kind of evil, about cults that exist to do harm to people. I don’t know about that. There may well be truth in the suggestion that the people at the top may be compromised through blackmail, or otherwise beholden, but that may or may not relate to the ‘satanic’ side of things. I would say if we’re talking about values and the value systems of the elite, then the eyes wide shut stuff would be pretty much take it or leave it. What might be useful – and it’s worth remembering that these are probably very pragmatic people we’re talking about – may simply be the ‘satanic’ idea that one should be one’s own master, be true to one’s own will, and do what is necessary to exercise that will. Is that even satanic? It would probably describe the thinking of a great many successful people down the ages, but not necessarily as a a conscious belief system.
          It might all be insane and far fetched but we often live in an insane and far fetched world

  6. With Jews you lose. Let’s face it the globalists are mostly Jews and their non Jewish servants.

  7. “In order to awaken, first of all one must realize that one is in a state of sleep. And in order to realize that one is indeed in a state of sleep, one must recognize and fully understand the nature of the forces which operate to keep one in the state of sleep, or hypnosis. It is absurd to think that this can be done by seeking information from the very source which induces the hypnosis….One thing alone is certain, that man’s slavery grows and increases. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man.” ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

    1. “We talk to ourselves incessantly about our world. In fact we maintain our world with our internal talk. And whenever we finish talking to ourselves about ourselves and our world, the world is always as it should be. We renew it, we rekindle it with life, we uphold it with our internal talk. Not only that, but we also choose our paths as we talk to ourselves. Thus we repeat the same choices over and over until the day we die, because we keep on repeating the same internal talk over and over until the day we die. A warrior is aware of this and strives to stop his internal talk.” ~ Don Juan, from Carlos Castaneda’s “A Separate Reality”

      1. “Let us take some event in the life of humanity. For instance, war. There is a war going on at the present moment. What does it signify? It signifies that several millions of sleeping people are trying to destroy several millions of other sleeping people. They would not do this, of course, if they were to wake up. Everything that takes place is owing to this sleep.” ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

        1. “The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” ~ Don Juan, from Carlos Castaneda’s “Journey to Ixtlan”

        2. “You are in prison. If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you can’t escape.” ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

        3. “Intent is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. Intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated. It operates in spite of the warrior’s indulgence. Intent is what makes him invulnerable. Intent is what sends a shaman through a wall, through space, to infinity. ~ Don Juan, from Carlos Castaneda’s “A Separate Reality”

        4. “Conscious faith is freedom. Emotional faith is slavery. Mechanical faith is foolishness.” ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

        5. “Personal history must be constantly renewed by telling parents, relatives, and friends everything one does. On the other hand, for the warrior who has no personal history, no explanations are needed; nobody is angry or disillusioned with his acts. And above all, no one pins him down with their thoughts and their expectations.” ~ Don Juan, from Carlos Castaneda’s “Journey to Ixtlan”

        6. “The crowd neither wants nor seeks knowledge, and the leaders of the crowd, in their own interests, try to strengthen its fear and dislike of everything new and unknown. The slavery in which mankind lives is based upon this fear. It is even difficult to imagine all the horror of this slavery. We do not understand what people are losing. But in order to understand the cause of this slavery it is enough to see how people live, what constitutes the aim of their existence, the object of their desires, passions, and aspirations, of what they think, of what they talk, what they serve and what they worship. Consider what the cultured humanity of our times spends money on; even leaving the war out, what commands the highest price; where the biggest crowds are. If we think for a moment about these questions it becomes clear that humanity, as it is now, with the interests it lives by, cannot expect to have anything different from what it has.” ~ G.I. Gurdjieff

  8. They are trying to destroy everything that makes a human distinguishable from other humans and gives him an unique identity. Race , religion , sex , nationality etc. So men can not form bonds. White men can not associate with other White men anymore , christians can not associate with other christians , masculine men with other masculine men etc. So when they come after you for going against their agenda , nobody will have your back. You will have no tribe anymore. No rebellion will ever be made this way. They want humans only to be united under the banner of globalism , consumerism and liberalism as mindless zombies with no free will or thought.

  9. I do not think America’s two-faced attitute towards sex is the result of a top-down conspiracy. Rather, it seems to be the result of Puritan influence as with so many other problems in America.
    The secular version of the Puritan work ethic weaponizes sex and uses it against men to keep them on the corporate treadmill. Meanwhile, Puritan-influenced judgements are used against men who actually seek sex (prostitution being illegal in most of America is a good example).
    Of course, American men are not blameless because they support and encourage this fucked up state of affairs.

      1. Not really referring to some secret Puritan sect but to large-scale Puritan influence on American culture.

    1. Modern liberalism is the lineal desendent of puritanism. “Look at how GOOD I am, compared to all those racists!”

      1. True. I actually think that liberal virtue signaling is the secular version of the Puritan holier-than-thou mentality.

  10. I never seem to be able to pin down what true freedom is in pieces like this. Just like the article, I’ve sat among friends who rail against the “illusory freedom” we have now. “We don’t have true freedom”, they’ll say, without ever really defining what it is they want. It seems to serve the purpose of letting the listener believe what they want to believe. There’s widespread agreement, so long as nobody finds out what somebody else thinks the definition of true freedom is.

    1. Most people haven’t even read the Bill of Rights, which is the codified standard of freedoms upon which this nation was built. Of those freedoms there has been some clear infringement in some areas (warantless searches/surveillance, gun control, abrogation of some state’s rights, etc) but all of those still have legal remedies for those inspired enough to put in the time, effort and money to get the job done.
      When you boil down the BOR you come down to
      1. Freedom of religion
      2. Freedom of speech
      3. Freedom to keep and bear arms without government permission being required
      4. Freedom to be safe in one’s person and effects from a government search without cause
      5. Freedom to not self incriminate
      6. Speedy trial, no double jeopardy, no cruel or unusual punishment
      7. State’s rights, meaning, powers not delegated to the Federal government explicitly in the Constutition are reserved to the states or people respectively.
      Now we can all note that all of these have had some infringements, but on the whole, they stand and where there is true weakness today (such as warantless surveillance) there are active campaigns to get this stopped.
      All in all, I can go to the church of my choosing, say whatever I wish in the public square, own and bear arms as I wish, get by in life without having cops stop me at random and demand that I submit to a search without probable cause, get a speedy trial, not be put on trial twice for the same crime and not be tortured. Plus, hey, those British soldiers are NOT quartered in my house!
      This varies some depending on states, but outside of the few deep blue zones where people have demonstrated that they’re incapable of acting like civilized adults, this stands in pretty much most states in the union.
      On the whole I think that we’re still pretty freaking free, although we could sure do better by hammering away at the infringements we see before us when they crop up. Destroying warantless surveillance and stripping the NFA of 1934 of all power stand out as low hanging fruit.

      1. “Plus, hey, those British soldiers are NOT quartered in my house!”
        Thanks to us.

        1. and thanks for the statue of liberty too! without her we never would have been able to destroy the wall of negatively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime around the Manhattan Museum of Art and be able to stop Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf, otherwise known as Vigo the Carpathian, from his plan of releasing himself from the painting that his soul was stored in and returning in the body of baby Oscar to conquer the world.

        2. I could def see young Sigourney Weaver WHILE she was possessed by zool but yeah, once she Zool was gone he should have backed off and then once she had the kid….oooooffffaaaaa.
          Plot armor though.

        3. You gave an assist, no question, but you weren’t the only army on the field, hoss. Make no mistake, unlike a lot of other Americans, I respect the French and what they helped us accomplish, but it wasn’t like y’all were proxy fighters while we sat back and drank beer and cheered from the sideline.

        4. Hey! I find her interesting because she’s a client and because she sleeps above her covers… FOUR FEET above her covers. She barks, she drools, she claws!

        5. I know, I know. I just like to remind myself of that time when we were the strongest horse in the yard.

        6. The Prussians were up there, too. Back when Fred was around. But in this corner of the world every other place is named Lafayette street, square, alley, or mountain.

        7. I always wondered why peter had 300CCs of Thorozine with him to inject dana with. I mean, he didn’t know she was going to be possessed by Zuul the Gatekeeper of Gozer. So we have to think that in the process of getting ready for what he must have assumed was just a regular date that peter would have taken an ungodly amount of Thorozine (300CCs is like 1/3 of a liter) and a HUGE syringe with him…

        8. “Creedmore treated me very good
          But Paine Whitney was even better
          And when I flipped on PHC
          I was so sad I didn’t even get a letter
          All of the drugs, that we took, it really was lots of fun
          But when they shoot you up with thorozine and crystal smoke”

      2. True, we still have the big things. The biggest encroachment, in my opinion, is the thousands of little laws. I have the right to own property (just bought a house last week), but if there is a “endangered” snail found on there, it shuts down my ability to use it.

        1. I do agree, that needs fought as well (and it can be fought, but it costs money).

        2. Tight fit, but we should pay it off in 10 years. Right about when the kids start moving out. Unfortunately, it necessitated moving to a bigger town. (about 300 people)

        3. One thing I like about this site is getting exposed to only the premium clips, so I don’t have to wade through hours of uselessness.

        4. 10 year loan costs about half a 30 year loan, 1.5 x/ the monthly payment for a third of time, made sense to me.
          At least put the valuables in the back yard. Not sure if we will lock up when we go on vacations yet. Not going to lock at night or quick runs to town though. Too much hassle.

      3. I don’t think most people I come across are in this frame of mind; most are much more juvenilistic. I suspect some of the people I’ve known to say this believe true freedom is something simple (simple, in the retarded way) like free airfare in order to fulfill some ill-defined right in their own head. Others, I am certain it’s the impractical, like everything in the grocery store should be 100% government funded and “free” for everyone.

  11. the fact is that generally speaking people today are dumb, they are not able to break their chains, and that’s what “they” was working about in this years using media, law , terror, femminism and so on.
    Today is everythings already over, nothing left to defend, no country, nothing to believe (apart the Idiot phone maybe?) and the few who understand the situations can’t do much more than run blogs, sell books and things like this.
    You better open a beer and enjoy the decline, facts are that actually u cannot even say and/or write a word such “rebellion” you will have your ass busted in minutes.

  12. Has anyone tried blaming the Jews yet? I understand those crafty Jews have stolen *everything*, including the last shred of your free will.

    1. Look down the comment sections. Plenty of them there. People blaming jews, I mean. Not actual Jews.

    2. The amount of shills in this comment section has increased by at least 1000 % over the last few months. Always the same.
      You go to a place -> redpill like-minded (not kike-minded) people meet up -> the shills flood in -> the redpilled move on -> the shills flood to their new place -> the redpilled move on….
      Just like what happened to 4 chan and then 8chan.

  13. I interned at a place and I noticed a lot of my coworkers worked at the same company for over 20 years. I can count the amount of people in their 20’s who worked in the same company for over 3 years on one hand.
    Nowadays if you want to move up, you need to apply elsewhere. Every 2-5 years you’re moving to where the work is. Thus you never have the time to create a large support network of friends, let alone finding a quality girl to marry and have kids with.
    Instead of being a 45 year old man living in a modest house with a doting sweet wife, and a healthy son who’s on the middle school baseball team, you will be a 45 year old man living in an empty apartment, or with a roommate who could care less about you.

    1. Waaaaaaay to defeatist. LinkedIn is your professional network now, not guys at the water cooler, and where you need store your referrals and keep your professional support network up to date. Change with the times and you’ll be fine. I’m in that age bracket you mention and did just peachy.

        1. Chinese guy goes to an eye doctor. Eye doctor tells him “you have a cataract” Chinese guy says “no Rincon Continental”

        2. It is the answer to the problems he mentioned. It’s not so much a “social network” as a place where you keep your professional contacts updated to new career advances or challenges, as well as more or less creating your own kind of online resume. Lots of companies look at LinkedIn now, and it is vital to keep your professional contacts, usually for the “list 4 people for character reference”. The trend of jumping jobs every 1-3 years is very real in some professions, especially IT and IT related jobs (Analysts, etc).

        3. It’s like Facebook but the attention whoring is on a professional level, literally. Had this one chick write 1 short article about accounting regs and 10 about team work and regurgitated motivational crap.
          Also, it’s a place where recruiters find your details to harass you with job offers.

        4. Business profile is posted along with experience. Makes it easier for recruiters to find you and hook you up with a possible better position.

  14. Globalism is another word for Zionism. End result is the white countries will be cucked. Rest of the countries which are not white will go on with their business. Worst thing of all is that most whites signed off on this.
    History and life will continue onward.

  15. The world is not going to depopulate. Globalists are going to neuter all Western nations.
    Billions will continue with their “traditions”, those us who happen to be white won’t be in a good position.
    If you really believe the world population is in decline, well I got news for you, its only in the white Western nations where the population is in permanent decline. In Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America, all these regions are growing fast.
    Globalism is a plot bring down the West below the “Third World”, in other words bring predominantly white nations below the level of non-white developing countries.
    The MSM has been harping about the BRIC nations for years. Their are gaining and nothing is changing that for a very long time.

  16. Well the simple solution is just move off into space and start over, the late Professor Gerard K. O’Neill of Princeton advocated Space Habitats in his book The High Frontier, T.A. Heppenheimer in his book Space Colonies did even better on this.

    1. I read those too. Also, James Oberg’s “New Earths.”
      Unfortunately, the collective response of the brown Earth to all the utopian musings of the White male mind was a level 5 chimpout about muh feels

      1. Just get the word out, keep reminding people, and eventually it will sink in especially when the liberal elite keep screwing up on them letting things like Manchester happen and our jobs go overseas. We need to start over.

  17. Just wait until we transition from our current “information age” to the “AI/robotic age.” What do you think the elites have in store for the now obsolete millions (if not billions) when that comes to pass?

  18. Whats tragic about resisting this social engineering is the simple, initial steps of turning off your TVs and video games that men won’t do in the numbers required for true social awakening.
    All forms of media are designed to control the narrative. I see the latest Far Cry game has the player fighting against American militia groups, because you know; patriots are white, evil, uneducated mid-western types.
    Turn off your media and join a motorcycle club or gym. When masculine men get together red pill observations and real-talk are almost inevitable.
    Forming groups is where the resistance begins.

    1. Turn off your media and join a motorcycle club or gym. When masculine
      men get together red pill observations and real-talk are almost

      A to the plus, capital suggestion. I do both and highly recommend both.

      1. Or more relevantly a gun club, shooting range, dojo (non-exercise), or other physical group.

    2. When masculine men get together red pill observations and real-talk are almost inevitable.
      My cynical side says the number of guys who are all-talk is higher than I’d be happy to discover. That is, they check their masculinity on the way back in the front door to their homes.

      1. That they are aware and conscience of red-pill understanding is enough at first.
        There are still way to many willfully ignorant blue-pillers out there.

      2. Biker gang types generally have their women in tow and in line. If women show up at an event, they go and hang with the girls and the men stand around and bullshit, with only a few trips between the groups for smokes.
        I don’t think he meant Corporate Bikers who buy pretty Harleys and keep them polished at all times and who wear corporate gear.

      1. I get what you’re saying, but when you overtly meet up as a group associated with PUA and neo-masculinity you’re already on the radar.
        When you engage in groups and activities that are time-honored as masculine and traditional for males then you can go unnoticed while cementing values and recruiting for the tribe to resist.

      2. There is more meaning in that reaction than we have acted on – it tells us that they really do see that as their Achilles heel. It was only a societal reaction as the media stirred it up with lies. It’s a crime in many places if a citizen stirs up people to hate a group.. Would like to see another try at the meetups but with a more sensible (clandestine) method of communicating with everyone – trusted networks rather than advertising on the internet, and meetup locations also not visible online like that.

  19. I don’t feel it’s an ‘us’ vs ‘them’ scenario. The globalists might have a lot of power, but they will suffer the consequences of their actions the same as everybody — nobody wins.

  20. What do they have in store:
    Look no further than the black community and what was done to them. They want to make every family broken, every man a juvenile criminal apt to kill over the most minor slight, every woman fat and “empowered and strong” and completely out of control.

  21. Frankly these globalist pricks need to stop dying in their beds and start dying in trauma centers after successful assassination attempts.

  22. Well written article and very much to the point. People have endured Communism and Naziism in the past, this is what they have to face at present. The current challenge is possibly more dangerous as the antagonists are trying to undermine basic human nature and the foundations of society. If the previous problems mentioned caused so much death and destruction to eradicate then one can only imagine what it will take to get rid of the present one.

    1. The old communist gulags were a piece of cake to escape compared to the matrix of today. In a gulag you could whittle a 38 snub nose special out of a bar of soap, overcome the guard with a throat punch and make a stalwart getaway to the Swedish border. I’ve noticed today even animal control carries a sidearm in rural jurisdictions. The cops are beefed up assholes in flyover land always waging a ‘war of drugs’ that their system seeds in the first place.

    1. Actually, the veritable and eternal, ultimate goal of the human species is to become the hiero, the hero… a representation of the sacred ‘godhead’ in microcosm, not as an absolute state (which would be the aim of those mistakenly aiming for ABSOLUTE power)… but as a miniature manifestation of the Great Magnum Opus. A hologram of ‘God,’ recursive and reflexive in its revelation.
      Our teleos, and that of the Universe as a whole, is to become apperceptive of our true Self… to become conscious of the primordial, pervasive Consciousness that is alpha and omega of the ground of being… to become whole, holy, holistic, healthy… sane… ultimately…
      To understand our inextricable interdependence of existence and act in harmony with the spheres. To celebrate and compose our own musical accompaniment to the great symphony… and to sing it loud and proud…
      You know you have arrived when you hear the undeniable voices of the chorus of heavenly angels singing hallelujahs…
      Time stops. Forever comes into view. To the rear, one can see that the clocks have melted. Ahead, one can see only eternity, a land beyond time…
      One finds oneself walking amongst legends.
      It is at this time, that we experience…
      The Return of Kings!

  23. Intriguing article. I’ve often wondering myself. A few other factors if I can add in:
    If the globalists have their way, then it’s Agenda 21 – reducing the World’s population to 500 million – something like that requires a hunan extermination program that would make the holocaust look like child’s play.

    1. Actually, it wouldn’t take much of an extermination program at all to get the global population under 500 million.
      If procreation rates can be lowered far enough, even consensually, then within a mere seven generations, the target can be reached. 150 to 200 years. Nothing.
      Already procreation rates are significantly below replacement rates in many, if not most, advanced economies.

      1. Good point. Still the chinese and sharia apes will have to be convinced to stop having children.

    1. Notice the sluttiest girl — the one in center with the shoulder tat, tramp stamp, and thong & string bikini — is also wearing a wedding garter. God help the poor beta schlepp that slipped a ring on that finger.

  24. We need to look at the reasons why things are happening the way that they are. There’s the obvious major push to import millions of Africans and Muslims into Europe and North America. The question is why is it being funded? I believe that most of us here understand that social (re)engineering is taking place. But why is that worth funding?
    I hypothesize that the banking industry funds this because they will recieve a major ROI. How? Flood western countries with millions of working age men that will work for the lowest wages, busting unions and preventing wage increases in the process. The banks will lend them all sub-prime loans. That’s where the return is. These men don’t mind living 7 to a house to pay off the debt. Look no further than DC to see that half of the Horn of Africa is already doing this.

  25. RE:” endless rules, regulations, and policies at school, work, and in daily life”
    Should we (men) also use the various ‘equal opportunity’ and ‘human rights’ tribunals and the like that exist in most western nations, to get our grievances against employers and government agencies that pedestalise women at our expense addressed, or work through other means for the eradication of both?

  26. Once a mighty wolf, canis familiaris now performs tricks and begs for his master only 10,000 years…
    You’ve obviously never met a minpin, pug, or yorkie.

  27. if the robots starts replacing humans in everyfield and job, then yes the next possible step is the extinction of humans

  28. I was never into the idea of guns being quite as freely available as they are in the US but with the these developments can see the sense in that amendment of yours. Okay, a million invaders recently came into Europe, but it could happen on a much larger and more evil manner if the elites so decided.
    So there’s iphones, hollywood, gender mainstreaming in schools for brainwashing but the army or police is not going to turn on its own citizens in a massive way. I think that’s where the mass-immigration comes in. The brown and black skinned newcomers can be stirred up to do some dirty work.
    If the floodgates of the Mexico border were opened up, at least you guys would stand a chance, there would be a lot of shooting going on in towns around the US. If something like that happened in Europe, most places are totally unarmed, everyone is going to be going at each other with iron bars and knives, but the Europeans who are well softer now from years of relative peace are not going to do to well..
    I worry about this floodgates thing being used as a weapon one day.

    1. ” Okay, a million invaders recently came into Europe, but it could happen on a much larger and more evil manner if the elites so decided”
      Well, that ape Erdogen from Turkey did a call-to-arms for muslims already in Europe to stand up and ‘take europe’. He was unable to pull it off, but when the number of these lower primates already in europe hits critical mass, the order to attack could easily come from outside europe, from a non-EU leader.

      1. Learned a few days ago, that the Turkish „Leiharbeiter“ who came to work in Germany in the decades following the war, did so under pressure from the USA which needed a NATO favour from Turkey to allow them to put a base there given the Russian threat, which back then was probably real. Had never heard this before, not sure if it is true, but sounds plausible. Is mentioned here (German) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZm5TNm2gOI

  29. There are only so many ways I could see something interfering with this plan. First something along the lines of a spiritual awakening by the mass, ie the return of Christ ( if you want to go Biblical) or an outside force interfering. IE Making contact with an advance alien race(s) that come and change history for the worse or better. Just some of my thoughts.

  30. It will go the same way it has always gone. The elites will push too far and things will fall to ruin or the people will rebel. Either way it will end with a noose.

  31. Domestication and fungible human resources is what they have wanted from the beginning. However who are the enforcers of their vision? Our neighbors. The enslaved masses themselves. In another forum today I merely mentioned that using the common conveyance on a public way was once a right and today it has been reduced to a privilege. That got me more responses than anything I’ve ever posted there. All negative and some insulting. I did not even take a side if driving was a right or a privilege I merely brought up the historical change. I even agreed that it is effectively a privilege because people believe it is one.
    The problem is the so-called elite have had control of the schools for over a century. Nothing we do will work until the people take the schools back. Re-establish the original concepts and structures of american public schooling that were replaced when the “elite” created compulsory government provided free schooling in the Prussian model. A model designed to create fungible human resources.
    Training and conditioning has to be replaced with the original system that taught self-learning for independence. With real education. The same way these “elite” educate their children. Our dear ruling class still educate their children using the old american system that results in independent, thinking, and self learning people. How their government system for us is to be as Carlin put it, “obedient workers”. Their experts replaced how the children of the masses were educated for their own benefit, not for ours. That’s where it started and until we get that back fundamental change will be temporary setbacks for the elite and nothing more.

  32. Eventually, the Tower of Babel falls…
    The hierarchy fails, the pyramid crumbles… and the people stop being of one mind, no longer working for a common interest… they still use the same words, but now being of differing perspectives and seeking differing objectives, speak different languages… the change in the status quo is sudden, dramatic… unanticipated…
    Higher orders of social organization and complexity thus give way to dissolution and chaos… fragmentation… Civilization collapses. Again.
    The attempt to rise to the level of a god fails… eternally…
    Only GOD can be thus… the manifest Universe otherwise unfolds in decentralized fashion through distributed agency.
    Humility is lost, but pride goeth before the fall…
    Eventually, a new order arises from the dust left behind… and an ubermensch emerges from the ashes of the old smoldering society… a New Man is born.
    Starting the cycle of the Great Ouroboros anew…
    Like Kronos giving way to Zeus, the cycle is inexorable… it cannot be stopped…
    The son will always overtake the father… proverbially, figuratively, killing him… taking control of the forces of his life… and violating his mother (figuratively) in claiming creative mastery of his life…
    These are eternal truths, not myths.
    The “elites” will fail. IT IS WRITTEN.

  33. I doubt that global elites have any kind of grand, organized, conspiratorial scheme or actual plan for a specifically designed New World Order, but I don’t doubt that they all share two desires in common: Money and Power.
    There are, however, several disturbing trends mentioned in this Op/Ed, socio-political-economic analysis, an especially ominous one being the constant media and educational narratives pitting the sexes against one another.
    This us-against-them mentality and resultant warfare between the sexes has been going on for some time now, but is intensifying in the last 20 years. Back in ’93, I dated quite a wild little redhead who turned out to be a radical feminist. (I wouldn’t even call it “dating” and a real relationship. It was more like a two-year fling.)
    In one conversation–we were talking about marriage and what we both thought it meant– I said, “Look, it’s not ‘us-vs-them, men vs women’, ideally, men and women are supposed to work together as a team.”
    She scoffed and shrugged. Her view was plain and simple: Marriage–and having babies and a family– is slavery for women (but not for men). From what I’m seeing all around me these days, it’s even worse for young men and women today, especially in the US, even more so than Europe.
    And ironically, and perhaps fittingly and deservedly so, feminists have enslaved themselves by demanding, and in many cases getting, “equality”. If you want to see white women having more babies, make young women, just like young men, register with the Selective Service for the draft.
    Then when there’s a major war requiring the reinstatement of a US draft, watch as white pregnancies skyrocket through the roof!

    1. If you look at fractal reserve spending – you’ll realize, money is not on their lists of objectives. They are the money lenders. They do care about power, but not just simply in the case of earthly power. They believe they will be come gods whom their master will grant them the power.

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