Societies That Fail To Judge Its Citizens Lose All Moral Standards

The demand for refraining from judgment is commonplace today. It’s even elevated to a cardinal virtue, one of the few still remaining. As Aristotle said:

Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.

These things now feature centrally in today’s political rhetoric. This stifles debate, and demands us not to notice things that are bad for society, or especially do anything about them.

There’s a difference between liberty and license. The freedom to act toward one’s best interests, guided by the power of reason, is a good thing. Doing whatever the hell you want doesn’t always work so well. Expecting people not to pass judgment on negative consequences, be they potential or evident, is silly. The demand for radical personal autonomy, and the lack of social pressure to enforce morality, has had many negative effects.

The case against judgment

Making the case for mercy and compassion. Still, remember that this ends with “Go and sin no more.”

The following Biblical passage is well known:

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

As a heathen, I’m not qualified to deliver an authoritative theological opinion, but the way I read this is that you’d better have your house in order before pointing fingers. Another interpretation is as an absolute prohibition, though I recognize limits in its applicability since my patience is not infinite. My capacity for forgiveness has practical limits too; I’ll concur with Edmund Burke:

There is, however, a limit at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue.

John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty argues powerfully in the second chapter for freedom of thought and freedom of speech. In the third, he advocated personal autonomy:

Acts of whatever kind, which, without justifiable cause, do harm to others, may be, and in the more important cases absolutely require to be, controlled by the unfavourable sentiments, and, when needful, by the active interference of mankind. The liberty of the individual must be thus far limited; he must not make himself a nuisance to other people. But if he refrains from molesting others in what concerns them, and merely acts according to his own inclination and judgment in things which concern himself, the same reasons which show that opinion should be free, prove also that he should be allowed, without molestation, to carry his opinions into practice at his own cost.

Theodore Dalrymple, in classic Aristotelian debate form, lays out the thesis before arguing the antithesis:

A man who judges others will sometimes condemn them and therefore deny them aid and assistance: whereas the man who refuses to judge excludes no one from his all-embracing compassion. He never asks where his fellowman’s suffering comes from, whether it be self-inflicted or no: for whatever its source, he sympathizes with it and succors the sufferer.

However, none of that is all to be said on the subject.

The case for judgment

Jesus never said “Anything goes.”

The Bible tells us not to judge, though Jesus certainly calls out others for wrongdoing. (One certainly could argue that being a deity grants the required street cred.) In any case, compassion is granted—quite touchingly, in some passages—for those who repent from sin. Still, hypocrites and the unrepentant don’t get excused from judgment. Righteous conduct is expected, though it’s understood that human fallibility means everyone misses the mark from time to time. It’s fair to say that the Gospel message doesn’t give license to be a rotten scoundrel six days a week so long as one apologizes on Sunday.

Mill’s classic On Liberty argues for personal autonomy, but recognizes practical limits. The basic idea, particularly spelled out in the fourth chapter, is that things which can affect society are legitimate matters of public notice. Thus, where necessary, such things may be prohibited by legislation. It seems strange to imagine these days, but liberals actually used to make sense, at least back in the 19th century.

Theodore Dalrymple’s article describes how the attitude of non-judgmentalism leads to a reckless form of apathy by society. Without outside encouragement to steer the right course, people won’t even examine their own lives (as Socrates strongly recommended) and learn from their mistakes. He describes several instances where women hook up at a bar with violent losers, and then after their Stockholm Syndrome relationship ends, they immediately find another guy just like him.

Although glaringly irrational, this is hardly a surprise to us. What is surprising is that Dalrymple actually was able to talk sense into some of them. Naturally, daring to point out the obvious is a critical first step.

The political angle

This used to be discouraged.

The demand for non-judgmentalism often supports an agenda, particularly to chip away at the established political, cultural, or moral order. This usually is phrased in terms of personal autonomy, doing your own thing, and all the rest of it. Declaring something to be a right, when no legal basis exists for it, is a common rhetorical trick. They’ll state “I have the right to X” rather than “I should be granted the special right to do X“; then the legal system’s nonrecognition of X is spun as an atrocity equivalent to the Mongols wiping out Baghdad. In Rights Talk, Mary Ann Glendon notes that this isn’t constructive:

Discourse about rights has become the principal language that we use in public settings to discuss weighty questions of both right and wrong, but time and again it proves inadequate, or leads to a standoff of one right against another. The problem is not, however, as some contend, with the very notion of rights, or with our strong rights tradition. It is with a new version of rights discourse that has achieved dominance over the past thirty years.

Pat Buchanan, in Right From the Beginning, points out that such demands on society aren’t about neutrality, but rather to promote an agenda:

Traditionalists and conservatives have as much right as secularists to see our values written into law, to have our beliefs serve as the basis for federal legislation… [We must not stop fighting] until we have re-created a government and an America that conforms, as close as possible, to our image of the Good Society, if you will, a Godly country… Someone’s values are going to prevail. Why not ours? Whose country is it, anyway? Whose moral code says we may interfere with a man’s right to be a practicing bigot, but must respect and protect his right to be a practicing sodomite?

Jonah Goldberg argues that society needs to promote its values, rather than maintain a wishy-washy posture of neutrality:

Look, the libertarian critique of the state is useful, valuable, important, and much needed. But, in my humble opinion, the libertarian critique of the culture—“established authority”—tends to be exactly what I’ve always said it was: a celebration of personal liberty over everything else, and in many (but certainly not all) respects indistinguishable from the more asinine prattle we hear from the Left. […]

Without character-forming institutions which softly coerce (persuade) kids—and remind adults—to revere our open, free, and tolerant culture over others, we run the risk of having them embrace any old creed or ideology that they find most rewarding or exciting, including some value systems which take it on blind faith that America is evil and, say, Cuba or Osama bin Laden is wonderful. That’s precisely why campuses today are infested with so many silly radicals, and why libertarians in their own way encourage the dismantling of the soapboxes they stand on.

Finally, Theodore Dalrymple argues elsewhere against drug legalization:

The philosophic argument is that, in a free society, adults should be permitted to do whatever they please, always provided that they are prepared to take the consequences of their own choices and that they cause no direct harm to others. […]

In practice, of course, it is exceedingly difficult to make people take all the consequences of their own actions… Addiction to, or regular use of, most currently prohibited drugs cannot affect only the person who takes them—and not his spouse, children, neighbors, or employers.

Indeed, making people deal with the repercussions of their mistakes is quite a vexing problem. This is especially so when society continually bails people out after they screw up their lives, and a social taboo (non-judgmentalism) exists against warning them of future consequences.

Et enfin

Time to get the roots touched up, I suppose.

Those who demand that we refrain from judgment often refer to it as “shaming”. The unstated assumption is that this is always a bad thing. However, if it makes people think twice about making bad choices and messing up their lives, it’s actually a good thing. The tension between individual desires and what’s necessary for society to function properly is difficult to resolve; ultimately, these are legitimate matters to be resolved by public debate and the legislative process.

Where does judgment come from? It’s the product of the rational mind. When someone advocates refraining from judgment, it’s a demand to turn off part of your brain. To hell with that!

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338 thoughts on “Societies That Fail To Judge Its Citizens Lose All Moral Standards”

  1. I always wondered how bad it would hurt that noggin if I slapped an open hand on top of a horn implant

  2. “Stop judging people for their choices, you insecure judgemental asshole!”
    Jokes aside, I believe that an external moral code (as supplied by religion) is necessary to keep the masses in line. Very few people are capable of thinking, let alone acting towards a path of self-development by themselves.
    The only downside to this is that people will not realize the true value of the morals as they are following it because someone told them to do so. There is no conviction behind their morals and as a result they are liable to break them due to temptation or pressure. This is made clear by all of the societal ills that have formed after liberalism and non-judgementalism became mainstream.
    Individuals who are utterly convinced about the value of certain morals are usually ones who create the moral code themselves. There are stories about Confucian scholars who stood by their values even under pain of death. While Confucian morals and ethics are fairly standard, such a conviction can arise only by deep thought which only few people are capable of.

    1. There are always a few people who follow it because it’s what they believe, bar nothing. Most people, however, follow religion culturally, which is to their benefit.
      It’s funny, I was thinking today about how Eastern (Asian) religion is kind of based on the assumption that society will have no morality, therefore, focus on one’s own morality. Kind of like a feel-good, charitable donation of integrity. Confucianism looks like it kind of ties-up societal loose ends by strengthening the family unit.
      Modern anthropology teaches that culture is “centered on cult”, i.e., religion. I don’t think so. Race is a family unit. Culture represents a family, and religion is accepted or rejected by this culture.

  3. A strong, functional culture has boundaries on behavior. Without boundaries – a strong definition and enforcement of what is good and what is bad – a nation bleeds out and dissipates to nothingness.
    The Left knows this. All they do, all day every day, is find a boundary and smash it to bits. It’s easy, right. Sluts are bad you say? That’s slut-shaming. There’s only two sexes you say? No, no. It’s a spectrum. Rinse and repeat until the civilization is destroyed and their socialist, one-world-no-boundaries revolution can begin.
    It has been said that the masculine seeks order out of chaos. And that the feminine, by nature, brings chaos out of order.
    What better way then to dissemble a nation than to turn loose the feminine and shackle the masculine?

  4. This is one of the most destructive things happening today. The “you go girl” culture is rotting us from within. Want to be a true rebel? Try standing up for right and wrong.

    1. “The “you go girl” culture is rotting us from within.”
      Those girls are pertinent for the pet product, pharmaceutical and bottom shelf wine industry.

      1. A lot of publicly traded companies rely on you-go-girlism in order to make their quarterly reports pleasing to investors. A good chunk of our economy is tied in with that kind of waste, and it gives capitalism a bad name– consumers going into debt for some China-forged landfill waste, just to make the rich richer and themselves more poor. No value produced or exchanged, anywhere.

        1. I was being a little facetious.
          Don’t blame the companies as you know how it goes with fools and their money (and debt)…
          As 75% of the retail industry is geared to women and they also make most of the household spending decisions (furniture, food, accessories, etc..) it is clear marketers know quite well when you see their advertising.
          Personal student and credit dard debt over $1 trillion — wonder who holds the most?
          Chick power is about out of other peoples money.

        1. Too many of the 20s/30s single girls I know are drinking wine every day. Picking up a bottle on the way home to share with the cat, meeting up with friends to share a few bottles. For the brief time I had a fb page, it was endless meme’s about their love of wine. Legit epidemic in this age range.

        2. I bought skinny girl wine only once. Almost had to go to the doctor for severe gastritis. Rot gut doesn’t even cover it. Live is too short to drink cheap wine.

        3. I don’t often drink wine, but when I do it’s really cheap ‘Quail Oak’.
          I can not discriminate between good and mediocre wine. I’m skeptical of cheap as a metric for quality given the number of times in blind taste tests the cheap wines win.

        4. Trust me. You can only sell women something with “skinny” in the label. Calling a wine “skinny” should be reason to give the bitch the firing squad. Wine is an acquired taste and the palate requires careful development.
          A really fine, smooth wine is like an angel dancing on your tongue.

        5. quality clear spirits allow one to get drunk and keep ones figure with fewer hangovers..

        6. It wasn’t about a hangover. It was the worse gut lining rot that ever existed. Two regular glasses and I almost had to go to the ER. Agreed with all quality spirits, but everything in moderation will keep things in check.

        7. The French wine producers were putting car engine coolant into their wine for years before they were caught.

    2. Women are the top consumers. You Go Girl culture is promoted because the chicks are the ones buying the useless crap sold to us by the big corps.

        1. Disqus comments should come with check-boxes for sarcasm. She’s unbelievable

        2. What if she farts? He’s dead.
          She doesn’t need a boyfriend, she needs an army of worker bees to pump her full of royal jelly.

        3. I don’t know that guy, but he looks exactly like a beta I used to hang out with.
          God, I hope they’re different people…

        4. I stayed in a hotel room next to a couple fucking loudly v_v

      1. This is not get emphasized enough. I like stuff, and I am something of a voluptuary. But, through consumerism we are all paying the cost for our own exploitation. Women contribute to this more than men, for sure– but all of us can probably do better.

        1. Ive always wondered what the margins are on designer handbags and shoes…

        2. The margins get shrunken by marketing and promotions. That’s where all the cash goes. Physical production costs next to nothing. The most expensive part of the production chain is shipping from Asia to the United States. They even build the things to precalculated dimensions, so they can get as many as possible into one cargo container. Materials and labor scarcely register.

    3. The most rebellious, countercultural thing you can do in today’s America is to live a truly conservative life. Wife stays at home, children obedient, dinner every night together at the table, no cell phones until age eighteen. THAT is radical. That life has its virtues.

      1. Dude, I struggle figuring out your politics. Sometimes, you say the most boneheaded, Marxist stuff. But then you go and ruin my opinion of you by saying stuff like this that makes sense.

        1. FWIW I grew up in a house like the one described, though my mother did work. We prayed every night before dinner together, went to church together, went to grandma’s house on Sundays. We were “conservative” in all these senses. I never rebelled either, though my sister definitely did.
          So that’s what being a centrist is all about — recognizing the good on both sides. Cultural progressivism has brought a lot of good stuff (boo all you want, it’s true, stuff like food inspection and rules preserving our clean air and water), but cultural conservatism also has its virtues.

        2. The thing that rubs me wrong with cultural Marxism is it takes away a persons sense of self responsibility. If there are not laws to stop and punish people for a certain behavior, there are programs to support another. Too much intervention.

        3. Um no. Cultural Progressives took away our clean air. In the 1800’s we had the ability to stop trains with a simple law suit. An old lady stopped the trains running near her because her laundry was getting dirty. Then the progressive courts took that power away. Then we ended up with pollution so thick rivers would catch fire.
          It took conservatives Theodore Roosevelt, Nixon etc… to pass laws to fix those issues. Now those laws are used as battering rams to destroy what we built.
          Learn a little history and prospective.

        4. I find it funny that you’re defending cultural conservatives’ track record on the environment …
          … on the very week that President* Cheetolini is announcing his decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.

          This decision will make us the laughingstock of the world. We will be joining SYRIA and NICARAGUA as the only countries refusing to be part of the global deal to preserve our planet.
          Making America great again? We’re making ourselves IRRELEVANT again. We’re voluntarily stepping down from world leadership on what is arguably the most important issue of the 21st century.
          I’m sure you’ll have a nationalist, isolationist response along the lines of “it doesn’t matter, we shouldn’t be the world’s policeman, we just clam up our borders and take care of our own, everything will be right and dandy”. No, it doesn’t work like that. Environmental pollution knows no boundaries — Chinese air pollution, for example, regularly lands in California. There is no sticking your fingers in your ears on this one.
          Our only hope is that Mueller gets the impeachment process rolling before Putin’s puppet president can actually implement the withdrawal. Otherwise, our children will be looking at us and asking: What were we THINKING?

        5. You original point was so outlandish that it wasn’t worth responding to.

        6. Why do you assume that the Paris Climate Accord is actually about “preserving the planet”? Just because it is called the Paris Climate Accord and CNN says its our last, best hope to save the environment does NOT mean that it will do anything whatsoever to reduce environmental pollution. These “climate accords” are bullshit political deals that are really about trade and foreign aid, and have very little actual affect on the environment.

        7. Precisely. A properly managed EPA would run circles around any such globalist overseer in ACTUAL reduction in pollution.

        8. And you completely overlooked the point about pollution being international in nature.
          I know it kills your anti-globalist soul to know that a global problem has a globalist solution. But that is your cognitive dissonance to deal with, not mine.
          Remember though, I’m not trying to persuade anyone here. The problem will be solved by others, definitely not by RoK readers lol. I’m just letting you know what the rest of us are thinking and doing.

        9. And you completely overlooked the point that these “climate accords” have almost nothing to do with actually decreasing pollution.

        10. People who believe that tripe are either cultist true beliverers or simply apart of the global redistributionist scam. Either way they are zealots who will not listen to facts or reason.

        11. I have read that article, among others. The Paris Climate Accord is about money, not about reducing pollution.

        12. I dont get why you are so eager to relinquish what few rights you have left, and sign em over to some supranational governing body? You think the world is gonna get better when some far flung bureaucrat in Brussels/Shanghai/wherever is micromanaging your life for you?

        13. If you have the time and inclination, you might want to read this.

          Followed by exposure of the now disgraced “hockey stick” hoaxster Michael Mann: “A Disgrace to the Profession”

          Climate change is more than just a hoax or con, but a means for undermining national sovernty through junk science coupled with almost religious zealotry.

        14. Furthermore, as if the “third world” and “industrializing developing nations” are going to follow a lick of any of this, let alone sign onto it earnestly. It is about punishing the First World and the Old World (Europe, Japan, etc).

        15. I knew this irish guy, off the boat, owned a restaurant I hung out in- told me all about the micromanagement of the farmers once they joined the EU. guy was paid not to grow a certain crop, was growing a little, maybe for himself, maybe he was cheating somehow, fine…but the EU is flying drones over the fields, that is how he got busted…how is this a good thing? out in a rural area, and still being spied on

        16. Out in the farm fields of Ohio, we have shotguns and are usually well practiced at trap and skeet.

        17. the “third world” and “industrializing developing nations”
          where, by no accident, most of the filthiest industrial activity takes place!

        18. I will believe in such accords the day they include the chemical pollution, the pervasive contamination not only of water sources but our very foodstuffs with all sorts of chemicals that act as artificial hormones (xenostrogens among others), the issue of “dirty electricity” and its relationship with a whole array of modern diseases, the worldwide decline in the quality of human sperm and eggs (documented in wide variety of websites and journals), the very real concerns of GMOs, etc.
          They ignore all the issues I mentioned while focusing on unproven claims that men is the most important factor in climate change, ignoring the historical record and other factors of greater importance (the sun, vulcanism, etc.)
          So much for “saving the world”…And I haven’t addressed the consumerist economy the experts advocate, one of “perpetual growth” where you have to buy a car every few years and your girlfriend/wife/daughter’s greatest duty is to squander her and her family’s wealth…

        19. “…stuff like food inspection…”
          That not an appropriate example.
          There has hardly ever been a culture against food inspection or the like as those are not connected to idealogies directly.
          Those things are simply supposed to work as best as possible.
          You can’t pin that on progressivism just because it happens to be progress.

        20. Cultural progressivism has brought us all the good and ill associated with those concepts (which were, themselves, coopted from the populists of the early 1900’s). Culturally progressive lobbyists pushed trans fats on us and pushed us away from trans fats, for example.
          I’m not 100% that they’ve been more good than ill, even on these popular ideas that are not exactly out-of-favor in any party (even many Libertarians like the core concepts), but that they’ve been the prime mover on these issues for living memory is without question.

        21. Make no mistake, the Paris Agreement benefits international bureaucrats and European corporations first. I worked with the committee that finalised the language. It has about 10% to do with the climate, 75% with profit and 15% with public opinion. It would significantly impact working class and middle class jobs, both here and abroad. Notice how a universal income is now being introduced in some European counties? (Oh hi, communism!) Trust me-It was not a good deal. Something needs to be done about climate change and the environment, but in order for companies to get the message, More people must start at home. Check your consumption.

        22. Climate Change is a very expensive UN scam.

 (Interestingly GoogleSJW search and GoogleSJW chrome browser report alleged malware on this site to scare people away – Firefox opens the site just fine, Avast & Malwarebytes don’t even blip)
          Even the perpetrators of this SCAM don’t hide their evil agenda:

        23. CO² isn’t a pollutant. It’s an alleged green-house gas, infinitely less potent than water vapour and methane. It’s also plant food.

        24. I was thinking just that myself the other day as a drone was flying where it shouldn’t have been flying..

        25. Your argument is non sensical. You wrote that Chinese air pollution regularly lands in california. And that America will be the laughing stock of the world if Trump does not sign up to the Paris Accord. However, as a leftist you failed to realise the flaw in your argument. China is allowed to continue polluting. In fact they are allowed to increase emmisions by 50% until the year 2030. India and also Russia are allowed to increase emissions to similar amounts.
          So really and truely, why would you want America to sign up to the Paris accord? It will no way in hell stop the Chinese air pollution reaching California as you wrote.
          Why does the left always fail to see the relevant points of a logical argument?

        26. Then why do you not go over to China and demand that they stop polluting? On your way home why do you not stop off at Russia and then India and demand the same? Only then, will a Paris Accord work in actually attempting to lower emissions.

      2. The kid studying engineering in the library until midnight – THERE’s your rebel.

        1. haaa… my college library closed at ten pm on Fridays. I took that as a sign that God wanted me stop studying and go to a party.

      3. It would make everyone so much happier to adopt this kind of lifestyle. Instead, afterwork, mothers are having drinks with their friends, dads are smoking pot in the basement, often looking at porn, the kids are watching TV with Dominican nanny who is texting her own children on the other side of town. Dinner is processed junk and maybe an avocado-because Gwyneth Paltrow called it a superfood this month. Mom gets home around 7:30/8, smelling like a broken wine bottle. She yells at her husband for not brushing their daughter’s hair. Dad goes outside to take another hit from the vaporizer. The kids go to bed without a bath…and this sort of family life repeats, night after night until one of the parents decides to leave. But hey- at least mom and dad are getting equal pay!

        1. Truth. So no surprise those children will grow up to avoid marriage and dismiss the importance of a good home. If your example illustrates the average family (and it does) who would want one of their own?

        2. Female competition gets geared toward “who has the best job” instead of “who’s the prettiest/ has the most kids”. Female competition will always exist, but the importance lies in how its directed.
          I just went to a conservative area on vacation. Was surprised that everything in the stores was floral and lacy and feminine. Currently wearing the only fitted t-shirt I’ve been able to find, almost bought a lacy pink item.. Where I live, I’m afraid to wear a fitted hoodie that I own, because it’s almost “too” feminine for the area. In the area I visited, women are striving to outdo each other in the looks department.

        3. Looks matter. Do not ever let anyone brainwash you into thinking otherwise. Looks do not mean that the brain is lacking. However one who lacks the brains to make the most of her appearance is becoming far too common. Keep up the good fight!

        4. Thank you! I know a lot of guys talk about moving to other countries to meet women, but a guy with good frame might have luck in a conservative area in the U.S. with old European roots. Not that this area was perfect – I’d heard of women having affairs, and so on. But many women are lovely: think 6 and up who are anal about their appearance. And they are taught to think in terms of religion and being a good mother.

        5. There isn’t heaven on earth, but there are some pockets of opportunity.

        6. HA, didn’t see that you’re a girl. You probably didn’t want to meet a tradwife, lol! ^_^

        7. I am a women and 100% tradwife at home- pleased to meet you! 🙂 I fully support other women, especially when they are not letting the media and 2nd/3rd wave feminism tear us all apart!

        8. Whatever you do, don’t tell us where this “conservative area” is that you visited.

        9. Thanks! No, I know to be careful on here, but appreciate it.

        10. No; I’m an average American, and I don’t know another family that lives as described.
          Do you know a lot of people that live like that? Where is that the norm?
          (I live in the Southern part of the country).

        11. I’m from upstate NY.
          Yes, most of the people I know lived this way. Actually, I should clarify that. For a time my traditional, small town upbringing protected me from this scenario. I wasn’t in daycare at 3 months, I wasn’t in after school care until 6pm everyday while mom worked, my parents remain married, and my mother stayed home. Those I met at Uni and on didn’t experience this. I would like to think the drug use is not quite so rampant, but for them broken families and empty homes were the norm. Not just average, but normal. Acceptable. Even preferable.

        12. No, not mine. But I have seen plenty like this in NYC, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

        13. Drug Abuse is definitely rampant; those sons-a-bitch’s Fat-Cat Big-Pharma, like Purdue (Oxycontin) and Insys (Fentanyl) will hopefully answer for their role in America’s Drug Problem.
          It’s such a cyclical problem; while there are many examples of people from lower quality environments ‘getting-up-and-out’ (not talking money poor; more a dearth of principles, empathy, conscientiousness, industriousness…all the things drugs zap out of people); so many more become a product of that lower-quality environment.
          Just because it isn’t a part of my daily experience; the fact is, homes headed by alcoholics and drug addicts are on the rise statistically, and the picture painted by TheHappyHarpy probably isn’t that far off.
          Thank you for sharing your perspective.

        14. Another poster reminded me of the role that drugs and alcohol play in that kind of scenario; feeling lucky to be me tonight.

        15. Yes, prescription drugs. I had in mind illegal drugs. Prescription drugs are infiltrating places street drugs might not. A boy in my highschool became addicted to painkillers following a car accident. I don’t believe his was the sort of personality to seek out hard drugs. The drugs came to him. Too many drugs and without adequate medical supervision.
          And the younger women I know, the functional alcoholics described above …God help their children if they ever manage to have them.

        16. I agree with you that appearances do matter. However it is becomming a little dangerous to attempt to dress well.
          The way one dresses determines whether they take pride in their work or not and what other characteristics and flaws they may have in their personality.
          It is increasingly difficult to hire people these days. I refuse to hire absolute slobs. Even men in expensive suits do not wear them well and can appear as a slob. I would prefer to hire someone whom cannot afford to buy a suit but has had a clean shave, a short hair cut, has their shirt tucked in, and hands out of their pickets when they speak to me. And has no tatoos. I have never hired anyone with a tatoo and never will. They are dirty. And what kind of weakling moron needs a branding on thier body? ( military and sailors accepted)
          When dressing better , such as wearing a tailored suit, in parts of the developed world I have been singled out and faced abuse. I have seen very well dressed women singled out and brought to tears by abuse from other women and some times men. This has happened more than ten times in business districts and the suburbs. I assume that the slobs are threatened by decency.
          These days people dress like slobs. What people wear to work these days is disgusting in some developed countries and they become defensive when they see a woman or a man dressed very well.
          The female slobs these days wear flat soled shoes to the office with their shirt untucked. Even on television I have deen this. I have even seen women wearing rubber thongs in the office.
          Male slobs without ties and shirts untucked in the office. And unshaven with tatoos showing. Also on television like this. Many do not even know how to wear a suit properly.
          It is becomming quite difficult these days to remain decent, clean, and hygenic without being abused or singled out. As the slobs can sense you approaching from a mile away.
          Very well dressed women that I know cry offen about this. And have started dressing down. Before where they would put on make up, high heels, a nice dress or skirt just to go to the shops to buy milk, they now put on jeans and sneakers to avoid the abuse. Very sad indeed.

      4. This notion – and indeed reality now – of a conservative counterculture is really interesting. I can’t wait to see what will eventually come out of it.

    4. Wish these kids would fight the crooks running America rather than dress up in blue hair and tongue rings.
      Maybe America would have a future. Too many people think what used to be deviant is now ok.

      1. “those who engage in the lemming like march to the sea often boast of their individualism” – Neal A Maxwell
        The blue haired, tongue ringed idiots are going with the flow of what their peers are doing. They have no desire to stand up for anything. They are the last ones who will do anything to make a change for the better.

    5. Goodness,Truth and Beauty stands on its own. It doesn’t need an enemy to justify its existence. Its inherently self sufficient.
      Just like Patriarchy stands on its own even without feminism which reflects the relationship between God and his people. Christ and his church. Man representing God and Woman representing the beloved people.

    6. One of the most hypocritical parts of the whole pussy-hat woman protest in Washington was that they used an image of a woman wearing an American flag as hijab. These feeble-minded, pathetic women know nothing about right and wrong. All they care about is location of their next cocktail, drunken sexual encounters ,and developing reasons to blame men for their self-made misery.

    7. Yes, try not mutilating yourself. Some of this is a mental illness. I bet they can’t get jobs.

    8. I do, and have done this, a lot recently. It’s amazing how it shuts down these weirdos when they don’t get the expected and required head nodding and soft placating smile with “Oh, that’s so nice”. They literally have no tools to work with when you openly disagree with their “accept me” bullshit and go into “gaze at my own lap” mode pretty quickly.

      1. Good for you.
        “And now his idea of courage and manhood is to get together with a bunch of punk friends and ride around irritating folks…too good natured to put a stop to it.”

    9. Your post reminds me of a friend of mine from the early to mid nineties.
      Him: I don’t have long hair, I don’t have my left ear pierced. I don’t have any tattoos. And I don’t wear jeans and T-shirts like the rest of y’all. Do ya know that makes me?
      Me: I don’t know. What?
      Him: a rebel.

      1. Should have seen my family’s reaction when I told them I was going to get baptized into the Mormon church. I first told my mom, lived there going to college at the time. First question was “who is she?”. I told her nobody, that I was doing it for me. “Well, it’s your life, I suppose”. That evening, we were having a movie party at my house, three of my friends and a few girls were there. She took the occasion to announce it to everyone in a way to best humiliate me. Still, I followed through. Nearly 20 years later, their opinions have changed.

    10. Yeah, but you shouldn’t be standing up’for right and wrong and/or living a conservative life just because you want to be seen as “rebellious” and “edgy.”
      There are a lot of people on the alt-right (like Richard Spencer) who just want to be “edgy” and be part of a counterculture movement. If this were the 1950s, people like Richard Spencer would probably be radical beatnik hippies.

  5. Judge not, lest ye be judged. The most misinterpreted verse in the Bible.

    1. I think that verse cautions against hypocrisy. Do not judge others unless you’re willing to receive judgement in return.

      1. Yes, if we move ahead two verses to Matthew 7:3 we find that Jesus tells us,
        And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
        For there to be a mote in our brother’s eye, and a beam in ours, moral standards must still exist. Apart from Jesus we all would be under God’s judgment.

      2. Just this! I think this is the perfect way to read this. The kneeman is totally willing to be judged as I have nothing that I feel ashamed of. Sure, I have normal human flaws and failures and I have made glaringly fucking stupid mistakes, but I am right with myself and, as I am fond of saying, right with the lord. When I judge you I open myself up for judgment. Have at it.

        1. I’ve distanced myself from religion and the bible since I was little but there seems to be a lot of wisdom in that book. Of course, I know that I have to take cautious in how I interpret the verses there, but I lot of it seem to resonate well with life and give solid advice.

        2. I am a believer, but I maintain that even if it were all a bunch of crap, there still is no better way of ordering a society than with the teachings of biblical Christianity.

        3. Whatever you believe you can’t deny both the influence and longevity of that book

      3. Also, keep in mind the very next sentence “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”
        I am perfectly willing to be judged by the standards by which I judge. I am willing to be measured against the measures I mete.

        1. Greatness. I’m stealing it for the next time some smart ass tried to Pwn me calling a spade a spade.

      4. There was an excellent write up on here a few years ago about a similar interpretation of the golden rule, which is willfully misinterpreted by the muh feelz brigade to justify all kinds of socially corrupt bullshit:

        The Golden Rule Works

    2. The orthodox interpretation of this verse is that we may not judge others in a final sense; that is, we are to leave their eternal destiny in God’s hands. It’s not for us to say that so-and-so is damned, since we can’t know things like their inner subjective state, degree of culpability, or whatever.
      However, we’re permitted–even required–to judge the actions of others, and we see Jesus and the Apostles doing so throughout the New Testament. Romans 1 is a great example, but there are many others. For instance, St Paul instructs the Corinthians to exclude a man who is in a relationship with his stepmother. In other words, Christians must exercise judgement, both in policing their own community and in living among unbelievers with their incompatible practices.

      1. I would have said the same thing, but I got distracted with something else.

        1. haha, that was a real comic and it was very successful for a long time.

        2. hahahaha -me too! Why do you think I amass and distribute 1.2 GB of silly pictures?!?

        3. “hey folks! its TRANNY Bonaduce! Kathy, you look like Ronald McDonald fuct Lucille Ball’s corpse and pushed it down a flight of stairs!”- greg giraldo

        4. Same… Sitting here grinding at my desk, watching my money dissolve in the stock market…
          Thank God for you ridiculous bastards and this board.
          It’s like Church, Tony Robbins, and late-night doping sessions all wrapped into one extra-large chimichanga wrap.
          Beats the hell out of water cooler gossip and stale office coffee.

        5. Kathy Griffin looks slightly worse than a prolapse after a hemorrhoid operation gone wrong. Like something Carrot Top might have tucked away in a special pocket. Like a mutant born of a dozen orangutans’ orgy with Phyllis Diller. Like Rip Taylor’s face reflected in a puddle of vomit leftover from a weekend Seaman and Orange Julius binge…

        6. vendor sent over a breakfast spread this morning. same bitch always goes bonkers about the scallion cream cheese.

      2. That’s actually a good way of putting it.
        How do you like orthodoxy, btw? I’m thinking about checking out a church. Not really sure how to go about it.

        1. Haha, oops. That was “orthodox” with a small “o”. I’m actually Catholic, of a fairly traditional sort. I just meant that this interpretation of “judge not” is the (or at least a) traditional teaching of the Church.
          Another way to say it might be that we are not to judge people as people“; i.e. that we’re not to conclude that any individual is irredeemable or beyond the reach of salvation. But we have to judge actions; to fail to do so would render the Christian life impossible, as we see among people who adopt the liberal interpretation of this verse.
          Having said all that, I’m quite fond of the Orthodox, and have a number of Orthodox acquaintances on the alt-right. Unlike the protestant communities, the Orthodox are an actual Church, with apostolic succession and all seven sacraments.

    3. Especially since about 5 verses latter Our Lord is admonishing against setting what is holy before dogs & casting pearls before swine. Shakespeare’s play Measure for Measure explores the meaning of this verse.

  6. this is what happens when society doesnt judge its citizens anymore(remember when it was a breeze being a college professor?)

    1. In the real world, how much is a degree from this college worth? That’s a rhetorical question.

        1. yeah I was just wondering who those fellas are. Do they just show up to the interview and take an enormous shit on the Dean’s desk?

        2. If you cant get into that college, they should just send you to the soylent green machine

        3. might be the other way around. They don’t accept anyone with over a 70 IQ

        4. you got outta that world in the nick of time
          heres the admissions test:

        5. 98% acceptance rate? That means even I could probably be accepted at this joint.
          And any college that would accept me is probably one I would not want to attend… ;-D

        6. Yeah, I really did escape just in time. There are a few really excellent universities out there and some fair state schools but as a business in general academia is bullshit as a profession.

        7. he woulda crooned em into submission, like a rat pack pied piper…woulda led em all back to their dorm rooms

        8. “Right,
          Phil,but I’d just like to say…in all fairness to Mr. Melon here…it was a
          really big check.”

          I lobbed it out knowing you would pick it up

        10. “Right Phil, but I would just like to say, in all fairness to Mr. Mellon here, it was a Really Big Check.”… What a great movie!

      1. despite being a rhetorical question and everyone knowing that the answer is “slightly less than the paper it is printed on” I will mention something that is noteworthy. Everygreen College is literally a diploma mill. They have an acceptance rate of over 98%.

        1. we’re going to school after school: everygreen’s invited

    2. I want to punch that pudgy, supplicating, white ‘man’ so bad.
      Begging idiot ingrates to keep his mega-salary job. What a whore.

    3. Some very well programed children there. I pretty sure there aren’t any engineering, accounting, or medical students in that lot. These children know how to speak up for themselves, that will help when they land their first job and kid fired after acting this way to their boss. I give them about one week in the real world before all their fantasy’s come crashing down.

    1. I wish Carlin could have stayed in his 50’s forever. The Old Man of the Sea sounding like the most awesome English comp teacher you ever had…who told stories for half the semester before he assigned anything. Who returned your essays three times covered in red ink, and for some reason you hated him at the time but looking back he was the best ever.

  7. With so many young peeps mutilating themselves these days.. tattoos, piercing, horns, ear gauges, and so on… there are going to be some *really* tragic and scary-looking old people in 30-40 years.
    These folks are the epitome of impulsively doing things without thinking of the consequences.

    1. I have a bunch of tats that I got 25+ years ago. All of them are on my shoulders and upper arms and can be covered with even a short sleeve shirt as long as it goes 3/4 the way to my elbow.
      I won’t deny that when I meet a girl and I am in a suit and tie and she is in heels and a dress and we are in a super classy place and in all ways I am ultra clean cut, watching her jaw drop when she gets my shirt off the first time and realizes how tatted up and jacked I am is a bit of a thrill. That said, if I could i’d go back and never get any of them. Since I can’t go back there is no sense in being upset about it…..however, I do tell anyone who will listen, if they are thinking about tattoos, not to get them.

      1. One of my cousins wants to be doctor and was yet considering tattoos. So I told her to get a skull tattoo at the top of her hand and say to her patients, “you are in good hands”. That shut her up real quick.

      2. I feel the same way. I have tattoos from when I was younger but they are easily concealed. I dress conservatively, and most women are (delightfully) surprised when they see my tats. But, if I had it to do over again, I would never have gotten them. No matter how awesome and how “you” it seems at the time, things change, you change, and even if you still agree with or like whatever it was you got tattooed on yourself, 5 or 10 years later, you realize it wasn’t a good idea.
        I keep waiting for them to invent a good way to remove tattoos. Gonna be a lot of money in that.

        1. Yup. I looked into laser removal and even for small ones it never works all the way and is really very expensive. I cant imagine what mine would be. Pretty much from top of shoulder to half way between shoulder and elbow covered all the way around. It isn’t that I object to any of them per se. I just would like to not have them tattooed on me…lol….despite the woman thing.
          If anyone ever finds a way to really remove them to the point that you can’t tell there ever was one there they will basically be able to charge whatever they want. But yeah, no sense in being upset about it now. But if there are guys out there thinking about getting a tattoo for any reason I really would have to suggest not to.

        2. Yes, I’ve looked into laser removal too, which is essentially burning it out of your skin. My understanding is that it leaves behind a scar that might be worse than the tattoo for me.

        3. I have seen it…the scar is ugly…and the larger the area the more scar. Also, different colors are different levels of difficult to get out. I don’t remember which is which exactly but, for instance, green may come out easier than red. The most difficult to remove is black. I have enough going on on my arms that I would basically look, in the best case scenario, as a guy who never had tattoos but did get into a terrible fire…and that is best case scenario, and it would take dozens of visits over several years and would cost a small fortune.

        4. Yeah, my tats are all black, thick and dark. I’ve talked to a couple people who’ve had tats removed, and they both had unsightly scars, one much worse than the other. Also,one of them told me the scar still hurts sometimes… she didn’t know if it was a phantom pain or not, but it would ache every once in a while, and it was definitely sensitive to getting sunburned.

        5. I was thinking that there are billions just waiting to be made in that industry in a few years if someone ever comes up with the 100% solution. As soon as the millenials start to hit their upper thirties, and tats become a symbol of being in the older generation, the tats will start coming off.

        6. There are a couple of businesses like that. If I was a freshly minted college graduate right now one of the things I might consider would be to get into law school and make my specialty divorce law and work specifically with issues that arise in fag marriage….How does Fag-Alimony work, what about Fag-Child Support….hell, when there are two parents of some fucking Asian kid and both parent makes 6 figures and neither of them have a biological connection to the child there is going to be some VERY specific and very ugly and VERY VERY VERY costly custody battles…..especially because fags aren’t exactly known for letting things go. In 7-10 years when the homos are getting divorced in large waves I would love to be there with fag specific experience in divorce law charging these poofters 500 an hour plus expenses for the entirety of a 2 year bitter custody battle.

        7. On the face of it, that seems like a good idea, and it is… until you realize you would have to spend all day every day dealing with pissing, crying, moaning, bitching, shrieking fags.

        8. You might be able to fix gay male divorces, but Lesbian divorces are utterly unsolvable. Consider; how would a judge be able to give everything to the woman?

        9. Doesn’t bother me one bit. A job is a job. I’ll deal with those annoying sodomites if it means retiring at 50

        10. Nah. What do you get when you put 50 lawyers into a room with 50 lesbians?
          A 100 people who don’t do dick.

        11. Well that’s just it. Getting in on the ground floor and getting as much experience in the nuance will put you in high demand.

        12. the new San Francisco Gold Rush! THARS GOLD IN THEM THAR FAGS

        13. When I was young and working in a jewelry store, we had this particular flamer that would come in periodically. I couldn’t stand waiting on him. My boss and I were discussing this one day and he simply said “Queers’ money spends just as good as anyone else’s.”

        14. You are absolutely right Kneeman. I have a relative that thought it would be a good idea to get dragons tattooed down the inside of both forearms (he was big into martial arts). Fast forward a few years, he’s married with kids and gets into the ministry. Now he wants those tatts burned off with a Laser. He has two nasty looking Chinese dragon shaped burn scars that look a lot worse than the tattoos ever did. You could make the situation worse to be sure.

        15. If I am thankful for anything it is that I can wear a polo shirt without anyone knowing I have tattoos.

        16. Try having a flamer as a patient in the ER. I had a coworker that would put every fag that checked in in my rooms. Trying to suppress the gag reflex while they’re holding hands when you start an IV.

        17. Absolutely Brother! That money doesn’t know where it came from. A valid quote comes to mind – “Money doesn’t know about clocks, schedules or holidays, and you shouldn’t either. Money Loves people that have Great Work Ethic.”

        18. The red basically disappears over time. The green is still there after forty years.

        19. Yeah that’s about what I remember. It was a while ago I asked but after several consultations not one doctor even tried to tell me that they could make it look like i never had tats

        20. I’m so glad I’ve never wanted a tattoo. I don’t know why there’s a trend among women to get that “secret tattoo you wanted your whole life” that’s a compass.

      3. I have trouble deciding on a shirt to buy…..
        NO WAY could I commit to something permanent!

      4. I’ve actually designed tattoos for other people (mostly old school bikers, one percenters) but don’t have any myself. I had a lot of friends in the service that got tatted up and then regretted it. I try to tell young folks that tattoos are a permanent testimony to temporary stupidity. From what I’ve seen lately, I’m no longer sure about the temporary nature of the stupidity…

        1. That seems like it would be a really easy way to make money, if you knew how to advertise.I was actually thinking about it the other day. So many tattoos are poorly-designed, and reliant on strings of text. This way, I wouldn’t have to finish a degree I started in graphic design. Instead, I can disenfranchise liberal women from ever entering the marriage market.
          Maybe I could encourage someone of them to get a fajina tatoo on the back of their necks or something really uncanny.

        2. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of pretty cheesy work too. There are already a lot of very good (?) tattoo designs available for free on the web these days. Just check out freetattoodesigns dot org and you’ll see what I mean. Tattoos were still fringe back in the late seventies, so the niche market for custom design was strong due to little competition (and no world wide web). I would take a concept from the person who wanted a custom tattoo and work with them directly to turn it into a sketch. Then I would do a final pen and ink drawing they could take to their tattoo artist. You could probably still make some side cash doing that. I never wanted to do the ink though. I’m not real keen on contracting hepatitis…
          You joke about vágina tattoos, but I’ve seen them. One really slick one was done as an Orchid. But when you looked at the flower closely you could clearly see what the tattoo artist did. The gal was a married libtard too, so I’m not sure that will help keep them out of the gene pool. The thirst is strong these days I fear. The most amazing vágina tattoo I’ve ever seen was prison work. It was on a welter weight Latino’s back and had a beautiful woman’s head emerging from a vágina all done in blue (presumably ball point pen) ink. The caption above it in Old English letters read “Dago Skins” so it was obviously prison gang related (he had a lot of other tatts that made this clear). I’d lave liked to get a picture of it, but he didn’t look like anyone I really wanted to talk to, lol!

      5. When I get out of bail bonds here in the next couple of years, I am seriously considering getting a laser tech certification, and open a tattoo removal shop. Been looking into it, and it is going to be a majorly expanding market in the next decade when all these WooHoo Girls hit the wall and wanna “clean up” for that poor AFC Beta Bastard they hope to snare.
        I’ll hit ya up when I do. I’ll give you a Friend’s Discount. Haha

    2. I have a feeling many were raised by…wait for it…single mothers. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  8. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” This is best interpreted as ‘With what judgement you judge, so shall you be judged.” This is of a piece with “You reap what you sow” or from the secular perspective “What comes around goes around.” This doesn’t tell us not to judge, it is telling us to use wisdom and judge righteously. Our standards of evidence and the principle of being innocent until PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt are based on this.
    As far as Yeshua (Christ) having “street cred” as a deity goes, not so much. It is important to understand that he came here as a man, not a deity. The things he taught and the miracles he performed were through faith, not through divine powers. His “street cred” came through the truth of his teachings and his acts put forth as an example to the rest of us. For those simpering panty waist “xians” out there that think Yeshua was a pacifistic wimp, I would remind them that he braided his own whip and applied it to the money changers (i.e. banksters). And right before he told the harlot to “Go forth and sin no more” he wrote in the sand. Now we don’t know exactly what he wrote, but there is a strong possibility that he wrote out the names and sins of those men standing around with rocks in their hands. That was very probably the reference point for “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” that caused them to drop the stones and walk away. Sin shaming perhaps?
    As many of you here already know, I am a strong proponent of individual liberty. We have altogether too many laws on the books empowering government and limiting our freedom. Part of our liberty those laws infringe is the right to freedom of association. There was a time when shaming and shunning could be used as a social tool (without government intervention) to limit bad behavior. Now if you open a business you are required to do business with people whose behavior you may not agree with. Witness the various businesses that have refused to do business with members of the LGBT community and have been fined out of existence for standing on moral principle. You have the right to engage in behavior I may find morally repugnant only as long as you do not violate the rights of others. You do not have the right to tell me I have to provide goods and services or even to associate with you. In a free society the of choice of whether or not I engage in a contract with you, for whatever reason should be solely my own. But if, as businessmen, we are afforded that level of freedom the leftist agenda will probably go down in flames post haste and the powers that be know this. Hence all manner of “shaming” being considered hate speech.

    1. Very well said. Leftists are trying to take away a persons ability to self govern so they can expand government to take that role.

  9. BTW face tattoos are still considered taboo. They make us flinch and look away. It’s a natural reflex.

      1. and getting the whites of your eyes dyed another color(yes, its a thing)

        1. do you and bem have a giant folder of jpegs on your desktops?

        2. In every sense, that is a “man” who is telling you directly, to punch him in the face whenever you feel the urge to do so.

        3. My youngest was sitting on the couch this weekend giggling and when I asked her what she was reading she showed me.
          “Far Side.” Little brat found my stash.

        4. She already read the “Calvin & Hobbes” books so it was just a matter of time.

        5. Let me guess…..billions served?

  10. Good Article because When a Society fails to get rid of its weeds it pretty much allows those people to stifle the productive, one need only look at the huge amounts of tax money wasted on the deadbeats on welfare that are taken from working people. Add this the medical and social costs of tolerating deviant self destructive behaviors.

  11. When the degenerate and decadent parts of any society are allowed to thrive, decline soon follows. See Rome. We have feminists, the gay-lobby, and self-indulgent liberals to thank.

  12. Our society is like an aging feminist – it hit the wall a long time ago…

  13. Not exactly true. The West is and has been too judgemental for much of its existence due to its Manichaen outlook. When you view reality as a binary struggle between “pure evil” and “pure good,” then becoming hyper-judgemental is sure to follow. The Catholic Inquisition, Victorian England and Nazi Germany are all examples of being judgemental taken to its highest extreme.
    SJWs are also extremely judgemental and Manichaen in their outlook. They just judge based on a different (and warped) set of criteria.
    Of course, there is an irony in all this. Manichaeism originated in the East, yet found its “home” in Western consciousness.

    1. This strikes me as right and leads to backlash which is a big problem.
      For instance, there was a time when a man disciplining his wife and kids, even with force, was seen as an unfortunate responsibility. However, some people took this too far and were genuinely abusive. They didn’t correct problems with force when necessary, they viciously and savagely beat their women and children for their own perverse reasons.
      Because of this people get outraged and in the attempt to put an end to the really horrific abuses by people who genuinely should have been imprisoned for the cruelty they showed their family the basically castrated all men’s ability to discipline their wives and children and makes it impossible for them to do anything but be a victim should it come down to it. This over reaction to truly heinous crimes, after a few generations, creates a world where there is very little discipline and there are no consequences to have actions. I started to think about this is weekend and spoke a little about it here yesterday, but I am starting to think that a great deal of the insanity today begins as good intentioned attempts to stop truly wrong action…..
      The same goes with the faggots. There was a time when people here in new York went out for fun and just beat the fuck out of fags…some of them died. Now I am no friend of the homo, but if they keep to their neighborhoods and bars and they don’t bother society at large I don’t see a reason people should be getting violent with them for fun. Blacks too. Blacks did AT ONE TIME truly have a hard time in the US. In the attempts to stop these absolute abuses we created protected classes where fags and blacks wind up not with the right to walk the streets without fear of being persecuted or not having jobs denied them because of what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom or a fact of nature that their skin is black…but, well, you know how it turns out.

      1. Well, that point clearly doesn’t apply to the Muslims. I wonder why their people don’t get outraged at horrific abuses…

        1. I wonder sometimes. I don’t have an answer but I have a guess. The start of Islam is roughly 630 AD which means that muslims are where Christians were in 1387. I am not sure if this is really one to one but if you look at these back water shithole caliphates you can easily believe there is SOMETHING to it.

        2. Look on the bright side! They only need 757 years to catch up to modern civilization!

      2. The “well meaning” people start the laws/programs/education stuff and see their work come to fruition usually, the problem is that after these initiators are gone you have people stepping in who have no real vested interest in actually solving the problems that the laws/etc. were originally established to solve. Instead they look at these as simply a base to work upon to get *their* pet projects built, which adds a layer of complexity and idiocy, and then this cycle repeats seemingly forever.
        I’ve always been of the strong opinion that we need some direct method to repeal laws that have been on the books for X number of years. Either a “House of Repeals” or an automatic, no renewal sunset clause on every single law, where you can’t re-enact the law until an equal X number of years has passed where the law was in force.

        1. You are absolutely right about how it happens. Not sure about whether or not the solution would work. I mean, yes, it ought to work. But lots of things ought to work until lawyers get their hands on them. At some point, my guess is that like everything else, a House of Repeals or even a sunset clause on every law would be manipulated to serve the greater interest of the people who fuck up the original laws in the first place.

        2. Yeah, I always assume that when talking about human beings, that I’m talking about the fallible ones who work on self interest and who rarely are cognizant, or care if they are, of how their own ambitions affect others. Never been wrong going in with that assumption.
          There has to come an end to this at some point though, bureaucracies/large governments always, without fail, collapse in on themselves in time. It would be nice if we could find a way to stop that from happening, but I don’t really think that there are any long term, permanent solutions to this that don’t exclude “human nature”.

        3. Everything ends…that’s the nature of things…human nature or as Nietzsche might say Menschliches, Allzumenschliches. Nice to find a way to stop it? Meh. Reminds me of when Bart realizes his 52 million shares in an internet start up are worth nothing and the CEO tells him, as he bashes open the walls, ” Bart, it’s not about how much stock you have. It’s about how much copper wire you can get out of the building with!” Things end and things begin and the world goes on…there is always a way to profit.

        4. Problem in any bureaucracy is also ‘The Peter Principle’ guys get promoted beyond their competence. But, they’re hard workers and want to be productive, and get noticed and promoted to the next level.
          What do you produce as a manager in bureaucracy? Rules/regulations and ‘new’ programs (or reorgs, so many useless f’g reorganizations…). Hardest thing to do is actually– nothing, allow a program that’s working well to continue to do so. You also don’t get promoted saying– hey, everything is working great and I’m making sure it continues. You have to identify a problem and propose a solution. You end up with piled on do-nothing programs, regulations, often contradictory rules from different departments, actually impeding folks out on the edge getting work done. And, an ever expanding bureaucracy administering those rules and programs.

        5. Good post. Once organizations are formed they start hiring and promoting people based on feelings rather than actual merit — we colloquially call it Affirmative Action. And before long entire organizations are staffed with marginally competent to completely incompetent people, but they ‘look right’. No matter if they can’t do their job.
          And now we have an entire country based on feelings rather than merit, and the results are about what logical and rational people would expect: shit.

  14. Nasty Godless people everywhere these days. Best to leave the first world and go out into nature, stay away from hubs, decadence filth and rot infest these places like a disease.

  15. Freedom will only lead to a productive society when it is combined with the belief there is an objective morality, which is a belief in steep decline since the rise of atheism and their reckless throwing of the baby away with the bathwater modus operandi.
    People should be free to do whatever they want within the limits of objective moral standards because human nature will push us towards vices, or sins. This is obviously an enormously complicated question which I cannot fully answer at my young age but I wish we could as a society move past the pathological liberalism that afflicts us and look for a sensible middle ground between dictatorial traditional-conservatism and the degeneracy that plagues the Western world.

    1. Regardless of the question of objective vs. subjective morality, the ideals of the Enlightenment upon which our Constitution was founded are assumed to only work if people, on the whole, agree to and abide by a certain set of values and morality. In this case, that would be a morality and set of virtues and values that are based on a combination of Christianity as it was understood in the 1700’s, combined with the classical virtues are espoused by the Roman Republic and to some extent Ancient Greece. Lacking those, our healthy and beneficial rugged individualism devolves into atomism, and the rest of the structure crumbles from there. Which, I’ll submit, is exactly what has happened once the Left started screeching about “muh expression” in earnest in the mid 1960’s.

  16. The mutilated guy in the first picture can’t figure out how the police spotted him. He also can’t get a job. Go figure. However, his girlfriend is the chick who has all the needles in her face. Every pot has a lid.

    1. This is like the strop and frisk policy in NYC. I am almost never dressed without a sports jacket at least. I consider a knit tie and wool trousers “casual” The other day I wore jeans and a tucked in button up shirt because I visited my family on the farm. I shave every day, my hair is always neat and guess what…I’ve been stopped maybe twice since the policies were instituted in the late 1990’s. Both times were routine “sir can you open your bag.” “sure” unzip bag, quick look, “thank you sir”
      When I see the tables set up in train stations I am looking at skells and thugs, gangbangers being pulled over and being searched and often times immediately cuffed afterwards. This isn’t “muh racism” if you want to dress like a fucking gangbanger don’t be surprised when the cops treat you that way. The police will, more often than not, treat you according to the image you present…not unlike, ya know, every other single fucking person in the world.
      How you present yourself is not you…but it is how you will be judged and it is a reflection of how you see yourself. If you are dressed like a slob, if you are dressed like a gangbanger, if you are dressed like a freak with needles in your face or have mutilated yourself — what do you want me to do? Try to see the inner you? Fuck you….if you are dressed like a thug or a slob in my mind you are a thug or a slob, you are a person who isn’t worth knowing at best and to be scorned at worst. You want to have the style of a social outcast…..fine…that is your right…..but don’t act all offended why I treat you like the social outcast image you are presenting. I don’t care who the fuck you are on the inside and guess what, other than maybe your grandma, no one else does either. If you are fat I am going to treat you like a worthless and lazy sack of shit, if you are dressed like a thug I am going to treat you like a blight on society…don’t like it? Too bad, fuck you. GAH I hate people today

      1. Yup, you see these deviants living in a way that brings shame, and they are so quick to point the finger “how dare you judge me?” How about “How dare you for being a slob?”

        1. It really is crazy. I don’t have a problem with someone who wants to look like a freak or a criminal. You can do that. You aren’t asking me to pay for it then it doesn’t bother me at all. But the absolute expectation that I will treat you with the same respect I treat a nice clean cut young man sitting and reading a book on his lunch break is mind boggling. It’s just more of this wanting it both ways. “I wan’t to project the image of an outlaw” AND “How dare people treat me like I am some outlaw”

        2. Same as women dressing to emphasize their sexuality and then complaining that people notice and act on their emphasis on their sexuality.

        3. That guy in the top picture. I’d like to know what his life will be like 30 years from now…
          People who get tattoos or body modifications are almost impossible to take seriously. They just don’t come off as intelligent, responsible adults. Tattoos are for life and these people just do it on a whim without any regards to long term consequences.

        4. I don’t think a lot of the people that do that shit to themselves will last to get really old. Doing all that shit to yourself is just a sign that, at some base level, they have some fundamental problems. Mutilating yourself is a sign of mental illness, an expression of self-hate and self-destruction. They are, more than likely, self-destructing in other ways, too… drugs, risky behaviors, etc. They will more than likely off themselves, directly or indirectly, before growing old.

        5. They play it off that however they dress is because it’s “comfortable.” It’s a hot day, ass riding shorts and a cleavage exposing top are comfortable! Don’t teach me how to dress, teach boys not to rape!!

        6. In the US boys have been taught not to rape for at least +100 plus years.
          Noticing sexuality, particularly when dress emphasizes it, has absolutely nothing to do with rape no matter how they try and portray it. It is a normal human reaction, and it always will be.
          Don’t b*** just because guys you’re not interested in notice along with the one you are interested in.

        7. A true story. Idiot was wanted by police. How did the police spot him? He had on a winter toque and turtle neck on a hot August day. He had a tattoo on forehead and across neck.
          Another ner-do-well tattooed a pistol (gun) on his cheek and then realized how easy he was to spot. Can’t cure stupid.

        8. I find that the teach boys not to rape shit makes me angry whenever I hear it. Teacher murderers not to murder, teach druggies not to imbibe, teach burglars not to burgle? Why is rape any different? Because it strikes at the heart of female power by bypassing their normal selection mechanism. More penis envy on the part of feminists.

        9. The thing is, 99.99% of the guys know not to rape already. You cannot get the .01% taught, or preemptively imprison them.

        10. But that’s the point– they have been taught. 100%. They know damn well it is morally and legally wrong. They choose to commit the crime anyway.
          It isn’t a matter of lack of training. No rapist in the US pleads– oh, hey, I’m sorry, nobody ever told me that forcible penetration of another person was illegal. I was quite surprised to find out and really wish someone would have taught me that at some point.
          (Except immigrants from some Islamic cultures. Apparently they’ve successfully pled that in Europe)

        11. You can bet the Muslims have been taught that as well. However, the leftists don’t want to “offend” because apparently rape is an acceptable cultural norm.
          “the soft bigotry of low expectations”

        12. “Tattoos are for life and these people just do it on a whim without any regards to long term consequences.”
          This. Fucking this.
          It’s mind-boggling whenever I hear someone claiming they want a tattoo. And it’s usually for some bullshit reason like that it’s trendy or that the group of people they are hanging with do it or(my favorite) to “cope up with past traumatic experiences”. I don’t know how ruining your body can help you cope with your troubles. If anything you are just opening yourself for more of them in the future when your body’s skin gradually changes and the tattoo either stretches or loses its ink to the point that it looks like a blop on your body.
          And the response is always the same “My body, my choice”.
          And I respond “And if you’re going to show it around, don’t expect everybody to like it. It’s your right to do what you want with your body. It’s also my right to treat you like the mentally retarted clown that you are.”

        13. Benicio del Toro: They treat me like a criminal.
          Kevin Pollak: You are a criminal.

      2. I’m average height, average build, average looks- I can fade into a crowd. A blessing and a curse- I’m often mistaken for other folks. Odd arguing with strangers about your own identity. My name isn’t Dwayne and I’ve never been to Sao Paulo, Brazil. My name isn’t Jeff and I’ve never been to Alberta. Why put an easily identifiable mark on myself?
        In the Navy I did a double take noticing a sailor who tattooed his ear lobes. Little stars. Kind of his little protest about not being able to pierce them. He smirked and asked what I thought. I told him I figured he must be a very law abiding man. He looked baffled….?
        “Well, obviously you’re not worried about being picked out of a police line-up.”
        His division chief got quite a kick of the sailor’s concern that the Safety Officer would immediately think of the implications of tattoos in criminal identification, and what they hell I might have done in my life.

      3. That needs to be printed on posters en masse and hung in high school classrooms….

      4. In my youth, every time I was “up to something” I wore a suit and tie.

  17. In 20 years, after feminism has run its course, and people as a whole return to a patriarchal society, these tattooed pincushions will be the dregs of society.

  18. Jesus asks us not to judge the heart or soul of the person, but we do have an obligation to judge actions.

    1. And to call the mentally ill what they are so that they can receive the proper treatment, rather than pretending like their actions and behavior are normal and allowing them to infect the minds of the young.

    2. I judge their actions are fucking fat atheist non-gender-binary things.

  19. “Just because I’m a tattooed pierced weirdo freak doesn’t give you the right to call me a weirdo freak “.
    You’re right, happy Halloween muddafucker now carry on.

  20. For me it’s not a surprise that this garbage is mostly visible in Western countries. White people have the tendency to feel superior over other people, so they see conservative countries as backwards and primitive.
    Well, good luck with your country where everything is tolerated, even the toxic behavior of lowlifes and retards. They call this ‘freedom’ and ‘being civilized’. It only proves that they can’t handle freedom, because otherwise they wouldn’t fall into degeneration.
    You see the same in Islamic countries. These Arab monkeys need a dictator, because otherwise they will steal, rape and murder. Freedom won’t work for them. Western countries are not that bad, but freedom won’t work.

    1. It is worse. Western societies are starting to be engineered to cater to the outliers… the dregs, as it were. An action that offends someone is by definition ‘bigotry’, ‘hate speech’, etc. Policies that leave a few people behind are ‘oppressive’. The problem is that there are always nutbars, malcontents, mentally ill people in any society. If you design a system to cater to their issues (e.g., a transit system in which a passenger can stop a bus if they ‘feel unsafe’), it will be permanently in crisis.
      An example being transgendered people. They represent a tiny fraction of the population, diminishingly small. Yet the political system is locked up in debates about washroom use. A terrible misallocation of resources.

    2. The reason we see ourselves as superior is “Modern Technology” and “We invented basically all of it”. And, honestly, it’s fun to conquer shitholes where feces is in the street and people are starving while surrounded by food. Keeps our spirits up.

  21. Our society DOES judge and does judge more rigorously than many of the Christian societies that came before. We’re just not judged according to a Christian moral anymore.
    But the judging itself has gotten far worse. Like, I remember a teacher who always said that in the past, the ruling class didn’t care at all what their subjects thought about taking a piece of land from this prince and giving it to that foreign duke. Today, it is even worse, though. They care GREATLY what we think and we must even THINK the right thing.
    It is not longer enough for us to simply shut up and submit – the modern state demands accomplices who do not only follow the law but also, in their heart of hearts, support the law. Just look at how many shitcunts don’t even let you out of a conversation about Trump and refugees and feminism, etc. It’s not even enough to submit you have to become partner in crime.

  22. As a believer I think we are called to judge behavior but not people.
    We have brains to make judgements.
    “I don’t know this person’s eternal fate but they are sure acting like an asshole,” for example

  23. I agree ,our system seem’s to be upside down when they call decent people evil and degenerates good.

    1. There are so many examples of up-is-down. As a general rule if I hear some news I think the opposite of what they want me to think.

  24. My moral compass is Mel Gibson.
    Honestly it even says in the new testament that the ones they judge to be insane are actually the sane ones in the eyes of god.
    Look at the values he adheres to and the values of those who judge him.

    1. My father told stubborn young me, “You will be controlled on the inside, or you will be controlled from the outside.”
      Authority, self-control, and the respect for these things is born in the home. I am not aware of any other place such notions can be effectively ingrained (certainly not the schools, at least today).

      1. which is why leftists are trying to get people to stop exercising self control. It increases the demand for outside control (government)

  25. the horn implants must surely be an attempt to play the devil or be some kind
    of dragon. These are perverse and disfiguring but would actually be quite cool if they could be sprouted (and retracted) at will. I imagine that kind of body identity transformation is just round the corner

  26. I don’t want to sound homophobic or anything but this is my absolute worst nightmare. Not only did some poor french guy get killed in a terrorist attack, but then some gay guy turns up and ends up marrying him posthumously. I bet he was completely straight and the other guy was just renting a room or something. Talk about adding insult to injury. Dammit, this could happen to any one of us at any time. Or maybe it’s just the french I don’t know

  27. If my daughter ever showed up with that thing with horns I’d shoot them both dead on the spot on principle.

  28. How many of you have noticed that it’s always a young woman who criticizes you for being judgy or judgmental when you call out a third party’s bullshit? And the irony is, she herself is judgmental for saying such a thing. My response to all that is to ask (if it hasn’t happened yet): Well then, why don’t we have sex.
    Of course she will decline, and I then call her out for being judgmental.

  29. BEAU: “I’m not qualified to deliver an authoritative theological opinion, but the way I read this (Judge not, lest ye bu judged) is that you’d better have your house in order before pointing fingers.”
    Well, I am qualified and you’re spot on! 🙂

  30. The big problem is that the West became multicultural so the idea of right and wrong became blurry as a result.

  31. Part of the evil of current identity politics is that it tells people that because they fit into a certain group they should be able to do whatever they want to without suffering the consequences of their bad behavior and poor choices. During the Obama years we were told that we were not allowed to criticize people’s behavior because of their race, gender, religion, or socio/economic status. Because they fit into a certain group they were allowed to act without consequences.
    SJWs have been brainwashed to believe that politics justifies their violating the rights of other people, and that their feelings and desires outweigh the rights of other people.

  32. Was thinking about this just the other day. In places like South Korea where they rightly “slut shame” and “fat shame” you see people act more responsibly and take care of themselves more. And I suspect they are genuinely happier as a result of this. The fatties of the West are fooling no one with their false smiles and phony rhetoric; they get home and look in the mirror and no amount of chanting “BBW” can hide the truth, and they know it.

  33. Drug prohibition has nothing to do with true judgement or shaming and more to do with the establishment, and of course drug lords, making billions of dollars off the natural inclination of humans to want to tweak how their brain works.
    Theodore Dalrymple is a great commentator but has always failed to address the main issues when it comes to drug prohibition. He is able to identify the problems with drug prohibition but never address them, and will rather argue, hypothetically, for what will happen if drugs are legalised. It always sounds like a typical Prisons Guard Union rep or the DEA lobbying for more political power and a bigger budget to tackle the problem, a problem they’ve failed to correct for a good 50 years, with each year getting worse.
    What would be a most practical solution is a more rigorous health campaign on the dangers of drug abuse. It worked with cigarette smoking, it’s working with obesity (although our beloved feminists still shriek “fat shaming”), and nobody has had to go to jail for that.
    This might come off as cherry-picking at the entire article, but that’s because your articles are always almost flawless. Just wanted to point out that drug prohibition was a needless addition to a great argument. Criticisms to steer people onto the right path doesn’t necessarily have to be enforced by law in all circumstances, especially when in that circumstance it does more harm than good.

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