The Game Principles I Used When I Picked Up A South Korean Girl

Naturally, a great many men are interested in casual sex. So too are a lot of girls. Why then does it seem to be such a problem for guys to get it? It is because they are failing to recognise the subtle cues that girls give out indicating that they’re keen to get frisky, and they are not acting even if they do. 

It’s something of a truism that men think about sex all the time. Perhaps they do, but the reality is that women do as well. And if anything, girls can be more sex-obsessed than guys. The big difference, though, is that girls generally don’t go around telegraphing this to the world for fear of slut-shaming. A pity, really, because if they did then the players’ job would be that much easier. As it is, we need to learn to be hypersensitive to the small signs that girls give out, and be ready to act on them by escalating things to the next stage.

In my pickup career, counting from before I got into ‘formal’ game and was just going to clubs all the time hitting on girls right up until now, I’ve probably lost more girls through a failure to act than anything else. 

It’s funny. Many men—myself included—get into game from a position of low self-esteem. They believe—erroneously—that the reason they have not been successful in the past is because they weren’t (physically) attractive enough to snag quality pussy. Of course, this is a mistake. In a most cases they have simply failed to deliver their value to enough girls through the medium of game to achieve optimal results. And in a majority of cases it is because they have not escalated when the opportunity presented itself.

It’s less to do with whether you were a hot enough guy for her, in other words, and more to do with whether you had the balls to pull the trigger when the time was right. 

Korean Sex

I recently enjoyed a same-day lay with a cute 22 year-old Korean girl who I met in a grocery store. OK, more a second-day lay I suppose. I met her on Thursday, we banged on the Friday, during our first ‘date’. 

I pulled her through some pretty rudimentary day game. London’s been experiencing a heatwave recently. I was buying some sweet potatoes when I saw this cute, slender chick breeze past in hotpants and a vest. She paused in front of a display of batteries and spent ages staring at them. 

‘You look like you’re choosing a special gift,’ I said, sidling up beside her.


She pointed at a battery in her basket, as though answering a question I’d posed. 

‘Look, I think you’re cute. I’m busy now with friends but another time I’d like to take you for a drink.’

‘Oh. Right. I thought you just ask me about battery.’

I handed her my phone and told her to put in my number. As she did so, I asked where she was from.

‘South Korea.’

‘Well, at least it’s not North Korea,’ I said. She laughed and we parted company. 

This whole inauspicious set took only a few minutes to complete. I was unconvinced that it would lead to anything, but I messaged her on WhatsApp nevertheless and so began a volley of vaguely flirtatious banter that went on throughout the evening. 

The next day was glorious again and she told me that because it was so hot she was going to go to the park again. I had no particular plans for that afternoon so I hit her back with this.

‘Cool – meet me there for ice creams.’

‘Sounds great,’ she said, with a flourish of incomprehensible emojis. 

We met by an ice cream van at the park. I bought two cones and then took her over to a nice position on the grass overlooking the main playing field, where there was a game of rounders going on. 

Her English wasn’t brilliant (and of course my Korean is non-existent) so the conversation was slightly stilted. I pressed on, though, trying to spike things up where I could by dropping in sexy remarks with some cheeky kino here and there—we played thumb wars, an old-school kino technique and personal favourite of mine. In the main though the chat was limited to pretty boring chode stuff about why she was in London, where she lived in Korea and so on. 

Following thumb wars I leaned in to kiss her. The first time she turned her head. The second time and we were making out happily. 

After we’d finished our ice creams I took her for a walk over to the pond to show her the ducks. Then we walked over the grass for a while, chatting innocuously before stopping to watch some people practicing tightrope walking (there’s a nice metaphor there somewhere). Then I walked her out of the park and in the direction of my nearby apartment.

‘I haven’t been this way before,’ she said, looking around.

‘I just wanted to show you where I live,’ I said. 


We got back to my place. I poured her a drink (some lemon-flavoured Malibu my ex left) and we found some funky house tunes on YouTube. A few minutes later and we were both naked, and I enjoyed her exquisitely-proportioned body.  

How Did This Happen?

Clearly I had happened upon what many London day gamers call a ‘yes’ girl—that is, a girl who just happened to like me and was up for sex. Nevertheless, as I said on Twitter recently, it’s actually pretty easy to mess things up even with a girl who is into you if you don’t take the correct steps. I have done so many times before.

So what did I do right? Well, first of all I approached her in the first place. Had I not spoken to her at the battery stand then none of this would have happened. To be honest I was 50/50 about doing it, so it’s good that I did. 

Second, I followed up even though I was uncertain that the outcome would be positive. Whenever you get a number or Facebook details or whatever you really must follow up. It only takes a few seconds and you never know what will come of it. 

Third, I was flexible. Generally speaking I don’t like daytime dates, and I have a pretty strict dating model where I always take the girl to a lounge in the evening and buy her a couple of cocktails before whisking her home. But in this case I calculated that the park would be a good bet. For a start she was sure to be not wearing much given the heat. And also the location was ideal—right next to my apartment. I had already mentally mapped out the possible sequence of events before we’d met up.

Fourth, I got the sense through her compliance that she might be up for sex and so I went with it and escalated. If you read through my account of the afternoon again you will see that I led the whole thing, and the fact that she was willing to be led told its own story.

Also of course, we had made out, which made tangible to me her attraction. Some guys say not to do this—not to make out in public before the sex since it can break the tension. They have a point. For me, though, it a useful barometer for establishing whether or not something is ‘on’.

Fifth, I led her back to my apartment without asking her permission first. This might not seem like much but it’s actually huge. Working on the hunch that the date could develop into a fast lay I proceeded to escalate.

Again, you’ve got to be flexible in these situations. Actually, I had plans to meet friends later in the evening that I didn’t want to cancel. In the past I might have suggested to the girl that we take a rain check and meet up again at the weekend. Bad mistake. Whenever I’ve done that in the past I’ve never seen the girl again.

It’s also a colossal mistake to think that you have to wait for the ‘right’ time for sex, e.g. at night after you’ve been out for drinks. Sounds stupid, perhaps, but many years ago as an AFC I was dating this cute blonde girl. We used to spend many hours on a Saturday walking around the shops in Manchester together. Why the hell did I never bring her back to my apartment?! I still kick myself over that to this day. It wasn’t like we didn’t have the time to have sex, it was just that I was too much of a pussy, or too concerned with doing things ‘the right way’ to pull the trigger.

If anything afternoon sex is hotter than nighttime sex. Also, girls tend to have their evenings booked up in advance. In the case of the Korean girl she had plans for Friday and Saturday nights, and probably into the following week as well. So you need to strike when the opportunity is there. 

Finally, I fully believed that same day sex with this girl was not only possible, but likely. Actually, if I showed you her Facebook photos you’d likely think she was a ‘good girl’—young, studious, sensible, conservative etc. There’s even some of her in traditional Korean dress. Fortunately I’ve been out with enough Asian girls to know that beneath the cute exterior they can be pretty wild. 

In the case of the blonde girl from Manchester, the main reason that I didn’t go for a daytime bang was because I naively thought that she wouldn’t go for it, that girls didn’t do that sort of thing. How wrong I was.

It’s been said before in many different ways, but it’s well worth repeating—it’s much better going into every situation assuming that she’s a sex crazed nymphomaniac than not. Even if you’re wrong it will encourage you to escalate. And you may well be right. 

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      1. I wasn’t really asking anybody’s political opinions on the matter, I was asking for the technical details.

    2. “Whatsapp” is an app that many people use. You can send text messages, attachments like photos or pdfs or short videos and the connection means is bia wifi connection to the internet. You can voice chat or video chat – via the net.

        1. I believe you but I don’t even really know what a firewall is…lol…I kid a lot but I really am a tech dummy.

        2. then you need the non-technical explanation. it’s the thing the chinese use to prevent people from using the internet, and it causes ass pain.

    3. All anonymous, all free, solid data encryption. Just connect to Wifi. No data plan needed. Messages, voice notes, photos, videos. Free international calls. Lots of girls from South and Central America use it b/c they can’t afford data plans. I’ve been using it for years. It’s essential to game to S. America.

      1. Is it anonymous? I downloaded it and installed it on my iPhone and it seems to require a phone number. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to have it not display my phone number?

        1. GOJ, it’s intended as a free replacement for SMS. In Brazil, Thailand, Colombia etc…. the SMS fees are prohibitive. It’s encrypted very well, end-to-end, but there is no way to hide your phone number, that is the only method to activate the service. It’s great for “rich” (video, voice, emoji, photo….) communications, but the other person will absolutely have your phone number. Almost 100% penetration in the third world for those folks who have smart phones.

        2. Very good, thank you for that information, that’s what I was looking for. Merci!

        3. You mean you weren’t looking for information on the masonic/reptilian conspiracy behind this (((app)))?

        4. That was next. I always like to have the tech specs on file before probing the more shadowy aspects of any given application.

    4. I deleted it bc you cant turn it off/log out…I dont think “free” and “anonymous” go hand in hand anymore

      1. I mean anonymous from the standpoint of people you’re chatting with on it, not from a “can the government spooks spy on me” perspective.

    1. I’m certain they are Jews. See their noses, they clearly had a nose job to correct the “hook”.

      1. That’s dark. That’s like Aliens posing as Humans as part of a dastardly plan to take over the Earth!

      2. Funny you say that, I am lead to understand that many Korean’s get eye surgery to make themselves seem less….slanty.

        1. possible, but I am going to go with all Asians are Chinese in the same way that all Hispanics are Puerto Ricans. I don’t have time for their soccer teams. I am a New Yorker, I need a condensed version of the world. I have more important things to think of than the difference between US states and south American countries or brands of Chinese.

        2. Agreed. From now on, all Asians are Chinese, and all Chinese are Asians. The only time Asians aren’t Chinese is when the term “Asians” is used to cover up some horrific crime committed by a Muslim.
          We will have to negotiate further on Hispanics and Puerto Ricans, however, as I’m pretty sure all Hispanics are Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans are actually southern New Yorkers.

        3. I hate to get all technical here, but that had nothing to do with either piss or firemen. That was a Chinese fire drill. The Chinese fire drill has little to no bearing on the operations of the Chinese fireman, or the amount of pee pee a Chinese will put in your Coke when you are not looking.

        4. It depends on where you live. If you live in SoCal then all Hispanics are Mexicans. If you live in New York all Hispanics are Puerto Ricans. Everyone from Florida is either from Miami or from Mississippi which is where all southerns are from. Everyone who lives west of the West Side Highway and East of California is from “Colorado or Some Shit”
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        5. Okay, I like this system. I propose that all black people are from South Africa, except African Americans, because they are obviously from South American Africa.
          Also, only black people are from South Africa. White South Africans are actually from Australia.

        6. Very close…all black people, including ones from Europe and Africa, are African Americans. I agree 100% with your white south Africans are Australians policy.

        7. Actually there is recent evidence that suggests the human split from chimpanzee took place in Greece, not Africa.
          Even Africans are guilty of colonialism!

        8. Fortunately I don’t drink Coke, but I will certainly never leave my soda around an oriental.

        9. Do you really mind that from a cute girl? you want to French kiss her anyway.

        10. I might be stealing that.
          I call Albanians, Bulgarians, Croatians etc “Italianesse”

        11. Metro Chinese and Hong Kong girls are way into it, too. I’ve dated women from both areas and some of them obsess over it even though they know guys like me don’t give a shit (they do it for themselves, all being the usual vanity and competition with other women, etc.). For the youngest generation they’re talking like it’s mandatory these days, the way we see braces for teeth or the way black chicks see straightened hair.

        12. nope, not all of them. an extremely large proportion have English ancestry (i.e., from England).

        13. Wow. Odd. I have this one Korean but its the first Asian I’ve touched in years and once its run its course I don’t see being with another

      3. Hmmm. Well, I know there is no such thing as Jews. Perhaps what I am supposed to infer from this is that there is no such thing as South Korea.

    2. thought the same thing, fake eye contacts, surgery on the eyes to make em look less korean

      1. I was thinking why not just use pics of known Korean women like Li Hyori, Kwon Bo-ah, and Park Han Byul?
        Then you get for-sure Koreans and not some uploaders tagging playing tricks on you in a web search.

    3. No but they’re pretty. Girls from Korea generally look… fat. At least the ones I’ve met. Another gift that the US gave them along with their freedom.

    4. If you go to places like Club Answer and Club Octagon in Seoul you can see girls who actually look like that.
      The best SK lays with regard to ROI (Return On Investment) are what I refer to as cosmopolitan girls, those who for some reason are into Westerners. Within that category one should look for 7s and 8s. Those one can meet online, through social circles (such as friends or university), and occasionally in clubs.

    5. They actually are. I did a reverse search on those images and ended up on some perverse Asian website.

      1. Did you or did you not already have said “perverse Asian website” already bookmarked on your browser?

        1. Lol. Asian porn is really something. Those guys are into some kinky stuff. Armpit licking and men wanting their nipples licked.

    6. Korea is host to some of the best and cheapest plastic surgery on the planet. Most Korean girls get at least some surgery, and these likely got quite a bit.

    7. Had a half Korean chick. Her pussy tasted like strawberries. And it had nothing to do with the amount of fruit she’d consume. Only because she was Korean.

  2. It is a pity I don’t have the opportunity to employ all these picking up techniques I have learned on the manosphere since getting married.

      1. I use a good portion to seduce the wife. Principles like maintaining frame, be direct, swatting shit tests, being mysterious, being spontaneous, etc. Even flirting with the waitress to show abundance mindset helps. Not going to cross the line though.

    1. It’s funny because now that I know what to look for I can tell when a woman is getting the hots for me.
      There’s a girl in another department here at work that always stops me and has had me help her with computer trouble and she stands really close and bats her eyes and plays with her hair.
      Where was all this when I was single? Wasted opportunities…. Oh, well

        1. congrats on the bun in the oven…….have her give you a frontal massage. Not the same, but better than nothing.

    2. I don’t know Jim…the thing about techniques like this is that they really do work…and if you used them prior to being married, and they were working, you may very well have put yourself on a path where you would have eschewed marriage and kids for the constant influx of women. I am not saying that this is bad in and of itself of course, but as you are happy as a married family man, you might very well have missed our on what you were truly constituted for in exchange for a life that in the long run would have made you very unhappy…..not dissimilar to if I had got a girl preg at 18 and married her and would have missed out on the life that makes me happy.

        1. Sure there would be. Planning on a backpacking trip with the older kids up to this high mountain lake in a couple weeks, as soon as we finish the moving stuff. Most guys would love to do that. No choice you make in this life is all roses and potpourri.

      1. I say this to my buddies. The life ive chosen is one of constant instability. Few people can handle knowing that they are desired, but never loved or even understood.

    3. You can flirt when out and about on your own, just keep it at casual and never go for any digits or touch or anything.

      1. I do some, nothing intentional, just happy mannerisms.
        A couple months ago, I chatted with this younger single mother at the swimming pool, kind of ticked off the wife. Still, it is good to know I still got it.

        1. I hear some couples keep things fresh by play acting single and picking each other up. It’s probably like playing Contra with cheat codes, but I assume it can still be fun.

        2. It would be tough to stay in character long enough for it to mean anything. I will have her dress up in some outfit (Daisy Duke, bellydancer, or whatever) As far as the pickup game, that would be tough.

        3. I love Vaughn but I have a general distaste (with a few exceptions like Bringing up Baby, and Chennai Express)for rom-coms, at least American versions.

        4. or playing basketball against your 8 year old daughter. Part of the excitement of the pickup is the chance to blow it. You have a 100% success rate, and it kind of ruins the point, dont you think?

        5. a good father lets her go up 10-0 in an 11 to win game, they you chip away at the lead(and her spirit) and win the game

        6. I think it may help to have her wear a wig with an utterly different hair color and to do her makeup in a way that she normally doesn’t.

        7. I like to mix it up. I win some, let her win some. With my 12 year old boy, I have to pull all stops, and still lose at times.

        8. She will do the heavy makeup for me (totally out of her character), never got a wig though. She has thick, curly hair. Not sure if it would work.

        9. There are some really nice quality wigs out there these days. Another option is clip in extensions to “color streak” her hair in a way that makes her look either slightly slutty, or really slutty. They come in natural colors too, so you don’t have to fret about hinting at clown hair.

        10. Me and Pops were playing Street Fighter II back in the day and I was smoking him so he proceeds to knock the controller out of my hand so he could win. I could totally see his point now.

        11. I have no kids, so I am a font of parenting advice. The other day I told my friend here the best thing he could teach is daughter. I says, go home early, and smack her in the mouf.
          End of lesson.

        12. The best parents are the ones with no kids. Much like the way women are the best dating coaches for men.

        1. This was married guy talk, dude. Not meant for single dudes.

      1. Look below. Gaming is still there, just modified to my situation. I still enjoy sex with the wife. But, since leaning game, the intensity improved, as well as the frequency (3-4/week to 5-6/week)

      2. My wife always says we should “never stop dating”
        You can imagine my surprise when I realized she meant with HER.

  3. The only time I saw a Korean was when I was a teenager taking violin lessons. She was my trainer. I thought she was in her twenties, but in reality she was 40, married and with three children. She was quite hot for her age.

  4. any lads here that has slept with a korean, chinese and a japanese chick???
    which one was the best lay?

      1. You mean like Tony Rocky Horror? They through that cat out the window for giving Marcellus’ wife a foot massage. Don’t you think that is a little excessive?

        1. Now, look, I’ve given a million ladies a million foot massages, and they all meant something. We act like they don’t, but they do, and that’s what’s so fucking cool about them.

    1. I have banged out 1 Korean, a couple of chinks and 1 jap. So far the Korean has been the best of the bunch. The chinks were very timid and the jap was like having a sex servant. My general feeling on Asians is that if you enjoy fucking Latinas you won’t REALLY like Asians too much. That said, in my personal experience between those three the Korean was the best in terms of sex….I also fucked a half Vietnamese half french girl who was great, but she was born and raised in paris so I kind of count her as a frenchy

      1. ay that makes sense. i see south korea has a kind of similar hiphopish/kpop culture as the hiphop scene in USA so i would probably expect them to be more sexual deviants than japan which has a very reserved culture. which is a damn shame as i am attracted to jp chicks more.

        1. agreed. I think it comes down to how you like your sex thought. Who is “better” or “worse” is personal preference. I talk to a guy who enjoys women who are timid and he married a jap girl. To him that is best. Me? I like a nice Columbian bish who will fuck you until your dick hurts.

        2. Asians don’t do it for me in general. I don’t really go for those looks and I don’t like timid women..I like hyper aggressive women.

        3. no, ghetto black doesn’t do it for me but I like upscale women. I don’t mind a black girl but very, very, very specific taste. I like girls in Dior who drink at obscenely expensive hotel bars. There is a very particular subset I like. But the whole Asian schtick never turned me on.

        4. that’s one. Also the girl from Skyfall (though the main bond girl is basically my archetype for what hot it).

        5. There is a black actress named Elarica Johnson to whom I would do unspeakable things for ungodly amounts of time.

        6. certain swirls, why not. I have been pretty clear with that. I mean ghetto hoes, black and white, are unfuckable, but there are some very fine black girls out there .

        7. Ghetto black girls are the weirdest sex.
          “Hey I wanna come on your tits”
          “Lol my boyfriend always says that”

        8. correction: Baby Daddy
          Same conversation with country girls only it is “Brother”

        9. Unfortunately, my cock is racist as fuck. Personally, I’d love to be able to fuck black chicks, brown chicks, yellow chicks… why limit myself? Pussy is pussy.
          But my cock is a card-carrying KKK Nazi asshole, for some reason. Never met a black chick or an Asian chick that passed the boner test for me. It really kind of sucks.

      2. if you enjoy fucking Latinas you won’t REALLY like Asians
        There is that tendency toward curvaceous backsides on the Latinas versus no ass whatsoever on the Asians.

        1. that, and when you get a Columbian or Brazilian or Dominican girl on top of you and then try out an Asian you will see quite a difference. Which one you like better is personal.

    2. All of them. Plus Thai, Vietnamese, Filipina, Malay and Indonesian. Southeast Asians are little brown fuck machines. Northeast Asians are more prudish in comparison but have tight bodies. I love their little apple asses and chiseled erector spinae.

      1. I banged a Korean girl at Caribbean Bay, a water park in Seoul last summer. That was fun.

    3. Agree with lolknee, the SKs, but really it’s all pretty same/same covered in Nuru Gel.
      Substitute Taiwanese for Chinese unless she’s from Hong Kong maybe, throw in some Vietnamese and Thai and look for a Japanese gyaru from Shibuya.

    4. Some of the transfer students from China into my accounting class , and some trips to Hong Kong, really made me cautious about Chinese girls. Quite a few of them aren’t taught proper hygiene. They smelled and often “passed wind” in public. I don’t know what these chicks were eating but I’ve never encountered even body builders on high protien diets that reeked that badly.. maybe they had undiagnosed ebola colon cancer. From personal experience in China, there are segments of that society that have little decorum in the personal cleanliness area. So be cautious. Ususally Japanese girls tend to be very clean.

  5. I don’t think he says how good the mutual masturbation indeed was. Curious to know how experienced she was…sounds like “I done this befowah.”

    1. Psquare
      You used to be one of the more sensible commenters around here…
      But now you are saying”damn rice muncher”…really, bro?Was that really necessary?
      There is nothing wrong with miscegenation.

        1. He lacks a sense of humor, generally. The interwebs is serious bidness, bro.

        2. No-one was talking to you, GOJ. I may not have your sense of humour. But I thank to the Creator every day that I am not some racist , uneducated hillbilly from Wisconsin like you are.

        3. It’s funny when you try to insult and don’t get a single thing right. It’s like da’ humorz, bro.
          Although an argument can be made that I’m more or less a redneck, but not by people standing in front of me.

        4. I wasn’t insinuating that *YOU* should do it. I mean, unless that’s your thing or something….not judging…

        5. Like a black man calling his friends “nigga”. It depends on who says it and how it’s said.

        6. Blue zone Wisconsin (although that’s changing recently)? Not a chance hoss. I prefer a midwest that isn’t infected with union goons, thank you.

        1. Yeah, everybody but him knows that. And now Psquare will forever be labeled by him as an uneducated redneck hillbilly posting from a double wide.

        2. still waiting for his article “Why you are all racists and Haitian women are awesome”

        3. For someone who was born and love rural USA, your use of leftist terms and cliches in order to refer to your fellow countrymen is very particular.

        4. You are figuring on a hypothesis. I have the article ready, but ROK would never ever publish it anyway. Do you really think Roosh would risk loosing 85-90% of his readers after publishing such article on his blog? Unlikely.

        5. Can you back up your silly statement with reliable statistical data? Or are you just quoting from a stormfront forum?

        6. His words, not mine, hoss. If you check out our, um, “conversations”, he goes into that name calling mode almost immediately with me.

  6. The day the headline says The Game Principles I Used To Pick Up A North Korean Girl, I am impressed.

    1. I think the thing with North Korean girls is, that once you smuggle her out of country, that’s an automatic lay guaranteed. Human Smuggling Game ftw.

    2. 6 Techniques I’ve Used to Pick Up North Korean Women
      1) Have Food
      2) Not be homeless
      3) Not live under repressive communist dictatorship
      4) Only beat and rape once per day
      5) allow her to wear colors
      6) Promise of no electroshock questioning after dinner.

      1. No shit.
        I read something last year about north Korean fashion and how they are wearing lots of brightly colored stuff now
        It had some nice pictures.
        Seemed legit.

        1. Interesting. I’ve always been interested in how these repressive communist regimes made sure to eradicate color. It’s fascinating to me.

      1. Exactly. Rice game would be sufficient. However, the real obstacle is the totalitarianism present in NK. So you need to be really clever to figure something out.

    3. Step 1: Brought her something to eat.
      Step 2: Asked – “Want to come to America?”
      Step 3: Avoided being taken in for “trafficking” when all the other females insisted on coming along too.

  7. I’d love to be able to say I got them both but in Vegas last November I pulled an identical twin who was half Korean.
    I opened with a dumb question, “you look like good friends, how do you know each other?”
    What sealed it was actually their mom showing up and basically approving me.
    One was mean and a little sexier so I was extra sweet to the other one and it made the mean one want me even more. We ended up in her room at the Excalibur till 4 in the am. The training seminar I had gone to LV for the next morning was pretty rough on no sleep.

  8. So this just happened to me a couple of hours ago at the hotel I’m staying at…and it made me curious as to whether or not you guys have had experiences of a similar nature. I’m sitting at a picnic table near the pool just outside the perimeter fence, talking on the phone and drinking a bottled water, and this blonde about 30 years old (I’d rate her at around 7.5), whom I had seen the day before but hadn’t spoken to yet, walks on over to where I’m sitting, all smiles. She sits down and we chit-chat about basics, where you from, why are you here, etc. After about two minutes, she asks me what I am doing today. I tell her I’m working. I ask her what she’s doing today, and she says, “I really hope to get laid today, Bob.”
    Now, I’ve had women express interest in a roundabout way before, but this is one of the few times I can remember that a woman whom I didn’t know, walked up to me, and told me in such a direct manner that she wanted to fuck. I was so stunned (momentarily), that I didn’t know what to say. Finally I said, “That sounds like a hell of a plan.” To which she said, “I hope I didn’t offend you, Bob.” I told her I was pretty much unoffendable. So she is six doors down from me, and no, I haven’t fucked her yet; and yes, I’m thinking about it, and will probably get around to it after I vet her and think about it first, but I am wondering if you guys have ever had a similar experience. I’ve had quite a few women make comments about liking certain aspects of my overall personage, and I’ve had many hint at sex in a flirty manner, but only a handful have ever come out and said they wanted to fuck me after just meeting…

    1. I’ve had it happen a few times with unattractive girls. One I remember was a girl told me “nice shoes, wanna fuck?” But she was about a 4 and I’m a 7 so it wasn’t happening without lots of booze.

      1. Interesting. I had a girl I worked with ask me, “Know what the difference is between a Big Mac and a blowjob?” To which I said no. To which she said, “Wanna go to lunch.” The thing about the girl I mentioned above, is it was point-blank and we don’t know each other. She’s visiting with her mom and stepdad, so I don’t thinks she’s a hooker (which was my first thought, when she said what she said). I dunno. It’s bizarre. She’s probably trouble, I just have to figure out what kind…

        1. Depends on the girl and the proposition. To fuck? Yeah, totally agree. But if she comes up and says hi bashfully, or asks to be introduced to you through a mutual friend, that’s not a bad thing sometimes.

        2. Yeah I just went out again for a bit and she came out and sat by me. I picked her brain for a bit. She is definitely trouble. Not gonna happen…

        3. Ha! She’s crazy, just had another encounter. I like crazy, but not where I’m staying. Hit and run only. “Don’t shit where you eat”, that kinda thing…

        4. You’re absolutely correct sir! My wife approached me in the gym (back in ’94) looking for “workout advice” – Happily married since ’98… it all depends on the Girl and the Proposition.

    2. Hooker alert! Hooker alert!
      Make sure the room isn’t wired for a sting before taking the plunge. Which also means:
      No offense meant, by the way. I’m sure you’re a top shelf guy. But I’ve known lots of top shelf guys, and I have never seen this happen to anyone I know, including me, unless it was a hooker. Chicks are either more discreet, or have to have already established this kind of relationship before they will be so forward.

    3. I cant relate bc Im in NYC and we do not have pools or picnic tables. Additionally, no one smiles at you unless they are about to stab you

      1. How depressing. I get the pools/picnic tables, but no smiling just seems so uncivilized. Not that you should walk around smiling like a dork in heat, but a pleasant smile to and from a pretty girl passing by is a nice thing.

        1. I make a habit of smiling at womenfolk, and 90% of the time they avert eye contact immediately (see @cheeseburgercheeseburger:disqus .comment above)
          But 10% of the time its heaven!

        2. This is the problem when the friends from NY come to visit. They ruin every possible encounter with the “WATCH OUT SHE’S GOT A KNIFE!”

        3. Roosh mentioned in an article a while back, when he finally visited the Midwest, that it was hard to tell if a girl was actually flirting with you or if she was just “being Midwestern friendly”. To outsiders, especially those who do not smile in public as a rule, it can be pretty confusing I’m betting. There’s this pretty girl beaming at you, talking pleasantly, giggling and you’re thinking “Hey…now we’re getting somewhere” and then you discover that she was just being nice like all the other girls around.

        4. Reminds me of a SNL skit from the 80s with Eddie Murphy:
          Every time I see a beautiful women I just walk up and say, “Baby. I want to jump your bones. And 9 out of 10 times I get my face slapped, but mmmm mmm mmm that 10th time.”

    4. Bob, in any other circumstance, I would tell you this woman just wants one or both of your kidneys, and to watch your back.
      In this case, however, it is pretty clear that she has been informed by Maria Conchito Alonzo about your devastating skill in the sack, and so she wants to play naughty lil’ maid now, too.

      1. Hmm…I have seen them talking together at times…could be. But I still need to watch out for surreptitious kidney removal. It’s a tough economy. Thanks!

  9. Part of being red-pilled and alpha is to go for the woman you are attracted to. If you are attracted to women of an ethnic groups different to yours, go for it – do it sensibly, but confidently and unapologetically. Ignore what others may think/say.
    I have never dated a Korean girl as I prefer Black African ladies (I am married to one). I still admit there are some very pretty Korean girls and on my observation they cab become very good wives and mother – even if they marry a non-Korean.
    Also, compared to the average White girl, A South Korean lady might be a sensible choice, in every sense. I would choose the Korean girl over a White girl, without any hesitation.
    As for the racialist comments on this article ; racism is not part of the red pill. The opposite is true. Being red-pilled actually means some universal truth, not a racially segregated one.

    1. Black African is pretty specific. I assume West Africa? Very popular with the White boys in England.

      1. I love me some tall west African girls…that accent melts me and every one I have met has had the physique of a model….

        1. Never really met any West African girls. I’m not terribly familiar with the area, I assume WA is where they DON’T feed people AIDS for breakfast then?

        2. In GOJ`s mind “Africa=AIDS”. Yet, he firmly denies he is an uneducated racist idiot.

        3. lol. I actually don’t know much about WA or Africa in general but I can say the ones I have met have all been tall with really long sexy legs and pretty faces and great accents..I have to say WA is a kneeman fav. That said, yeah, prob aids breakfast.

        4. wait he thinks he IS Africa? That’s absurd, as we learn in the underrated League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Alan Quatermaine, as portrayed by Sean Connery, IS AFRICA

        5. I was a band member in Toto at one time. Maybe that’s what he means.

        6. DAMN IT! You know FULL WELL I was going to make a Toto joke. You know it and took it anyway.

        7. I’m talking about the tribe that gets hired by modeling agencies and moves to the civilized world to wear couture and suck my cock

        8. GOJ
          Seriously, don`t you have any point to make on the article. You are stalking my comment , like you used to do with another commenter (PJClarke).
          Some ROK readers opinions are different than yours. Get over it and stop stalking commenters you don`t like. Thank you. By the way, I have muted you, so you might as well start talking to the wall of basement or trailer or wherever you are commenting from.

        9. Actually I was talking to lolknee, you’re the one coming in and sniping at me, chiefy.

        10. Seriously though, my (limited) experience with west African women has been uniformly excellent. That said, you kind of invite a little abuse on yourself by being so sensitive. You are very much like Kratom at this point. I get the point about the African chicks. The ones I have actually met and spent time with have been exceedingly lovely. But when you can’t take a joke you invite abuse. Now, before you respond…stop, take a deep breath and think in which way you really want to take this.

        11. He really doesn’t have even a shred of a sense of humor. He snipes at a lot of people and if you don’t tow his multi-cult line, then you’re automatically a “uneducated racist hillbilly”. That’s what I’ve found anyway. It’s best that he blocked me, so that I can make jokes at his expense and not have to have a yipping pup at my heels when he blows a gasket.

        12. Honestly I have seen some attractive women from Africa here or there (at least, pictures of them, and a few ones here who moved here for some reason). Not my particular wheelhouse, but they can be lovely sometimes.

        13. yup. not my wheelhouse either but there are some that are really, really beautiful. I assume that for every nation there are some very beautiful women….I have the good fortune to live in one of the cities that beautiful women from all over the country and, indeed, the world tend to flock to. So my experience of, say, West African women is of West African women who have come to NYC which already says something about them in that they have managed to come this far…….I assume that the women I meet here are usually cut from the top 5% of wherever they originated from.
          A funny thing is how shocked I was when I got to Brazil. As it turned out, not every single woman in brazil was a stunning knock out which is what my experience of Brazilians in New York lead me to believe. In reality the top 10% were stunning the bottom 60% were some level of gross and invite there was a pretty good range of fuckable women. The problem is that like 90% of the Brazilians in New York are like fucking smoke shows…hell, even the guys all look fit and athletic and generally have great attitudes so this is what I expected…a country full of beautiful people.

        14. From what little I can tell, that little lovely seems pretty easy on the eyes.

        15. OK, you like black girls. Big deal, no one really cares. But what you have to understand is that for the most part, this is an American site. And Blacks cause a SHITLOAD of problems here. Many of us have formed an opinion of them based upon the reality of our experiences. And that opinion is not going to change due to some guy on the internet telling us how much he likes black girls.

        16. The hottest African girl I ever tasted was from The Gambia. Nubian goddess I tell ya. But overall, I think Ethiopians are insanely hot. Very unique look

        17. Well said, the cultural differences are what I can’t stand. Nobody likes an entitled snot.

      2. Albeit there are some gorgeous ladies in West African nations (particulalry in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Senegal) I Actually prefer ladies from Central-Eastern (particularly Rwanda and Uganda), Eastern (Kenya, Tanzania) and Southern Africa (Namibia, S.A, Botswana and Zambia). My wife is from Southern Africa, so I guess I am bit biased on that.
        From Black Caribbean ladies I would only consider dating/marrying the ones from Haiti and Barbados. The rest of them on my experience (particularly Jamaicans) are just too much racism and drama. No offence if you are from the Caribbean.

        1. Botswana has some of the baddest African babes imo, its a damn shame AIDS is so rife there, almost ironic.

        2. Now you are talking sense.
          By the way , the country indeed has very high rate of people living with HIV. However, it`s normal for girls to get tested for STD`s before engaging in any kind of intimacy, for obvious. To be fair, the same precaution should be taken in the Western world, too – as increasing number of girls have incurable std`s…

        1. as a rule, when talking about celebrities you are always talking about the hottest incarnation of them. When I saw I would fuck Brigitte Bardot until I broke her in half and then sew her back together and do it again I am talking about this

          and under no circumstances am I talking about this

        2. cmon man, that is a pic when she is heavily madeup to play Liz Wuornos the serial killer

        3. Thank you for making that clear. I was deeply concerned about you for a while.
          In any case, the pic I posted was from 2003, the movie Monster. I was having a little joke with Bem.

        4. well I know. As a caveat to all laws is that while mocking people they can always be suspended.

        5. most of the girls I have ever been with have turned out to be African…..African BITCH!

        6. It is really incredible. I was downtown on a first date with an entertainment lawyer and we were at a bar and saw Brinkley and the lawyer I was with knew her and called her over to the table. I was literally stunned by how pretty this woman was. Like unbelievable. Anyway, I said “let me take a picture of you girls together” and then after taking it I said to CB “if you give me your phone number I can text it to you” She laughed and said “aren’t you on a date” to which I replied “aren’t you Christie Brinkley”

        7. your before and after is NOWHERE near as bad as the Kneemans or Bobs for that matter

        8. That’s the point. Everyone has their wall. Some later and smaller than others. Brinkley is one of those rare, true GILFs.

        9. Looks like a drug addled white in the first pic.
          Teeth and eyes make it no.
          I am honestly surprised you wouldn’t bang the old hag, for whatever odd reason you make up.

        10. The ugliest person I would have banged was Amy Winehouse. No matter how fucked is looking she was I would have totally banged.
          As for my reasons: one man’s magic is another man’s science

        11. Not to tell you your own business, buuuuut .
          You’ve said you would bang several broads way worse than dopehouse .

          Ugly old dykes

          Do what you wanna.

        12. A lot of it is hypothetical but I guess you are right. Queen Elizabeth! WB

      1. Hey Mr Pabst. After Work today, when I was walking to my appointment at the AMP on the west side, I saw a not so bad looking white girl with blonde hair & blue eyes, about a 7 I would say, with a short, chubby, effeminate Asian guy…just thought you’d like to know.
        I don’t see it as often as you seem to, but today, there it was.

        1. Yep. It’s getting more common.
          That’s why these people who think white women are going for black guys because they are more alpha or more masculine are not getting it. I see more white girls with Asian or Indian or Paki men – who are usually even less alpha than white men.
          The common thread: they are all non-white.
          White women will date any man who is not white: black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian etc

        2. I laugh when people claim women want alpha men or masculine men. They don’t. If they did, I wouldn’t be seeing tons of effeminate gay acting Asian and Indian men with white girls. They want non-white men.

        3. Depends on her stage in life. I strategically avoid girls over 30 now that I realize they are looking for a meal ticket. Smart asian/indian engineer is a dead ringer.
          Hit up the college bars and throw parties. Totally different world.

        4. I’m seeing younger girls (college age: early 20s) with Indian / Asian males.
          That’s why I really think people who harp on the black male / white female issue are missing the mark. It’s not a alpha / beta thing. It’s a white / non-white thing.

        5. Sorry, have to chime in here.
          “Smart asian/indian engineer…”
          A myth built up by the “Hollywitz Blvd / Madistein Ave” hate machine.
          Plenty of good, old, American engineers and programmers, far superior to the Sanjeevs and Mings, have been laid off in favor of those H1B counterparts. And guess who trained them? That’s right, good, old American Joe the Programmer. Please don’t buy into this “smart asian and indian” crap. They are inferior, cheap labor. Tech coolies. Allowing greedy American corporations to screw over their own people for the almighty buck.
          But, I do have to say, avoiding females over 30 is a very smart thing to do. I am 51 and I too avoid them. Religiously.

        6. The blackie-o’s get the ugly-o’s. Unless it’s Tiger Woods or something, the only time you see a black guy with a white female she is either morbidly obese, hideously ugly, or a druggie.

        7. Over 30? All American girls are looking for a meal ticket… cuz they can always get side sex without consequences.

        8. I think you could actually make money from it if you find more people who are eating it up like him.

        9. Yes. People who claim white girls are going for blacks because they are “more alpha” are turning a blind eye to all the white girls with Indians and Asian males.

      1. Are you Albanian? Nearly all young Albanians I know in London are in interracial relationships.

        1. Yeah. Albanians will fuck whatever they can get their hands on but they prefer white pussy. Don’t think they are in interracial relationships because they like it.

    1. Just like a Camel Jockey to rip off somebody else’s shit and post it as his own. Go screw a goat!

    2. Yup…..I whole heartedly agree. I know some S Korean chicks….they’re either short and dumpy….. short and exceedingly cute…. the birds in the first pic have some Asian in them perhaps a generation ago….. especially the one with the sublime tits……

    1. yep – 100% accurate. But then come the follow up calls etc.. Gotta understand what to avoid those traps as well.

  10. I do like the sounds Asian women make when they’re about to come.
    “Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye! Awww’huh waww!”
    It’s some funny shit. Watching one cross the street is funny too…like when a cat walks really fast.

  11. Sorry “Troy,” but I call bullshit on this fantastical tale. No girl from SK would actually say they’re from “South Korea.” It would simply be “Korea.” I’ve met enough in my life to know that.

  12. ..and then you woke up, in the morning, with the bed wet and you realize it was just a dream?
    you have a future as storyteller man, write some books and im sure you’ll make big money with the average joe’s

  13. None of this seems to actually work IN Korea. I live here and Korean women are super conservative. I guess Korean women OUTSIDE of the homeland are prone to be more liberal. At home, they have to maintain an image because they’re so concerned about what EVERYONE thinks of them; word gets around fast.

      1. Not true. I actually did take a Korean woman to my house the day after I met her. She was a rarity but it still happened. Using your skin color as an excuse to NOT get something is why no one gets anything.
        You know as well as I do this is the case. If she doesn’t want to be with me because of my skin color, that’s her loss. 🙂

        1. That is true to an extent!
          Here’s what I noticed here in Korea (and by some extent Japan). In order to go out on proper dates, you do so through what they call “meetings”. If you’re in a public space (party, language exchange, etc.) and there are a plethora of ladies around, that’ll give each person a chance to really screen each other. In Korean culture, it isn’t common for men to approach a woman in the street. This isn’t to say that it can’t work but it just isn’t common.
          I’ve seen many black men and women get with Koreans through the meeting method. Most young Koreans don’t have a problem being with black men. 🙂

  14. Ok I don’t want to poke (haha) too many holes in this but…..
    I don’t know if it’s just my experience or it’s a general cultural thing, but Korean women in anywhere but Korea (and maybe there too, don’t know haven’t been) basically hop into bed after giving them a sideways glance. The “game” consists of saying “Hello.”
    I used to think maybe it was just a California thing until I rant into some here in Italia. Same deal. Though the funniest was definitely back in California. A Korean girl actually -argued- with me about coming back to her place. As in… she was arguing to convince me to go.
    Crazy world sometimes. 🙂

  15. Just be white, not boring and not appear broke.
    SK women are known among Asians to be the white people of Asia.
    Nailing an SK chick is the same as nailing a western chick. But they’re just better at math.

  16. You’ve never picked up a south korean girl. Yeah man, I get 5 bangs a day in south korea! wooo hooooo

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