Billionaires Are Buying Bunkers In New Zealand Because They Fear You May Kill Them

The popular image of survivalists is that of right-wing preppers from “Flyover Country”; basically the most hardcore fraction of what those Comrade Obama, bless his heart, described in the following way:

It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Therefore, it may come as a surprise that the oligarch class has its share of survivalists, a trend dramatically on the rise. New Zealand is a very popular location lately. Maybe some are motivated by vague, unspecific safety concerns (“just in case”), or want extremely durable vacation homes, but there seems more to it than that. A Daily Mail article from February describes this:

Attracted by a remote First World country that has the potential to be self-sufficient and is on no one’s list of nuclear targets, the super-rich kings of Silicon Valley and Wall Street are buying up vast tracts of its land—in anticipation of the day when they may need to live there. […]

What the catastrophe will precisely be remains unclear, but possibilities include a devastating asteroid impact, giant earthquake, nuclear war, civil war, pandemic, zombie invasion and the Second Coming.

Tellingly, the geeks of Silicon Valley appear to be most worried that it will be a struggle between rich and poor in a world economy turned upside down by new technology—with them as the main targets.

What do they fear?

Is this what’s on their minds – or something else?

I concur with the analysis that class warfare targeting the oligarchs may well occur if all hell breaks loose. It’s considerably more probable than asteroids (bunkers probably won’t help), earthquakes (Mother Nature gives no warning), pandemics (far more modest shelters will suffice), zombies (seriously?), or the Second Coming (if Judgment Day is the real deal, they’re going to hell anyway). So we’re left with nuclear war or civil war as reasons justifying spending huge sums on extensive fortifications.

The article speculates that citizens could be angered about new inventions by tech billionaires—as it suggests further down, this could include robotics. However, anti-robot demonstrations haven’t been too common lately, and there are no groundbreaking advances just on the horizon (like actual artificial intelligence) that suddenly could put millions out of work. That scenario doesn’t explain why Wall Street types are buying hideouts in New Zealand too. So, the public becoming angry merely about disruptive technologies seems pretty improbable.

Are they afraid of political instability? As the article states further:

Local estate agents say their U.S. clients rarely intend to live in New Zealand, but cite reasons for their purchases such as the toxic presidential election and the spate of mass shootings in America.

In the first ten months of last year, foreigners—mainly Australians and Americans—bought nearly 1,400 square miles of land there, more than four times what they bought in the same period the previous year.

Indeed, 2016 was the most turbulent year since the engineered agitation of the 1960s; apparently some interesting things were afoot. Now here’s some more food for thought:

All this panic among the super-rich begs an obvious question: what do they know that the rest of us don’t?

Certainly, preparing for the Apocalypse has been a multi-billion dollar business for many years.

Polls have shown around 22 per cent of Americans believe the world will ‘end’ in their lifetime. Many right-wingers were convinced that Barack Obama would start a civil war by trying to seize citizens’ guns.

Now, there’s the unpredictable Donald Trump to disturb their dreams. More than 13,000 Americans registered to buy a home in New Zealand—17 times the usual rate—in the week after he was elected president.

That’s a very interesting statistical anomaly! A few lefty celebs promised to move to Canada if Trump got elected, but still won’t leave even though they could just drive there in a moving van. Unlike them, these guys—apparently over twelve thousand beyond the usual number of applicants—actually got serious about taking the plunge the following week. Did they get an unusually powerful case of the jitters after the election, or could there be something more—possibly even inside information—compelling them to seek a hideout in a remote part of the world?

Did they fear President Trump might push the button? That’s pretty improbable. He wishes to pursue friendly relations with Russia, the USA’s most credible potential nuclear threat. It was Hillary who was antagonizing the Russians. The sore losers are still at it with the malarkey that Putin supposedly “hacked the election”. (On that note, if it’s possible to hack an election, why aren’t they demanding a return to paper ballots before 2020?) How about other potentially hostile nuclear powers? China wouldn’t go to war over a tariff increase; besides, they’d blow up too many WalMarts. North Korea’s arsenal and delivery capabilities are still inferior to what the USA had in 1945.

Maybe they’re worried about more than The Donald himself. The groundswell that got him elected—even despite the Republican bosses trying to hamstring their own top candidate every step of the way—was spearheaded by the very same people who are calling out globalist oligarchs on their manipulations. The potentates precipitously perceived that they’re not as powerful as they presumed, and they’re panicking about what this perhaps portends. Probably the plutocratic preppers are pondering the possibilities. I certainly see why that scares the snot out of them.

A friendly word to the wise

Public relations for Louis XVI went downhill until things eventually came to a head

The monarchs of old—even tyrants—usually acted toward what they considered the best long-term interests of their countries. The Robber Barons of the Gilded Age were notoriously cheap, but certainly realized where their wealth came from and had civic-minded moments. Today’s aristocrats are often globalists with little loyalty to their countries, acting in the best short-term interests of the next quarterly financial statement.

Every day, more people are waking up to the fact that this is a problem. If unchecked, today’s trajectory eventually will lead to international feudalism characterized by Third World conditions across the planet, immense extremes of wealth, and annihilation of unique nationalities and cultures. As time goes on, this will become increasingly obvious and unpopular.

Peace is good, so let’s keep things peaceful. Rather than buying hideouts where their supplies eventually will run out if things end badly, I have a better idea for oligarchs who have nightmares involving torches and pitchforks. They can start repairing their image. Their actions have created some public relations problems.

Sam Francis wrote an article about managerial elites selling out their people. It’s quite extensive, and I’ve provided my own take on it. The short version is that the oligarch class is happy to send the public down the primrose path. Really, that’s not a very good way to earn admiration and respect. Maybe it’s time for them to reconsider doing things like that. It’s a win-win for everyone.

As Pat Buchanan put it:

Undeniably, Americans cherish their economic freedom and respect the men who helped make America great, inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison and industrialists such as Henry Ford.

But they do not revere the men who make millions and billions at the big casinos of capitalism. They do not admire a George Soros for winning his billion-dollar bet shorting the British pound.

If their actions are so unpopular that they fear a public uprising, then they need to realize that they’re doing something wrong.  If they want to mend fences, those who got rich from American consumers should start showing some loyalty. They should stop bringing in H1-B workers to drive down wages, sending factories to Third World sweatshops, encouraging population replacement immigration, and the like. Another token of good faith would be to stop virtue signaling and stop promoting and funding crazy leftist causes.

It might be a lot to ask for, but it would be in their best interests to start acting prudently, while they still have a chance.

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172 thoughts on “Billionaires Are Buying Bunkers In New Zealand Because They Fear You May Kill Them”

  1. Their time for honoring themselves will soon be at an end. The judgment for the billions of lives they and their ilk have ruined over the centuries will not be quick or merciful.

    1. they will be culturally enriched.
      the women must be forced to have mixed race black/jewish babies to diversify Israel. it is a well known fact that black men are on average more manly and have bigger penises than the inferior jewish male.
      what we do with the men??? i am afraid my imagination refuses to create such sick twisted variations of justice their sins are deserving off.

        1. The dude is like 90 something, his days of fucking over people are about done one way or another.

        2. Guarantee you he goes in the deep-freeze, with hopes of tormenting future societies when the tech rolls around.

        3. Freezing destroys the cells when the moisture in them expands, if they thaw him out in couple hundred years he’s going to be fucked upper than a football bat.

        4. I wish I was in the cadaver freezing business because I bet his checks don’t bounce.

        5. When you’re that rich you don’t have to have game, you just have to have wood.

        6. I used to be into the science of cryogenics (ALCOR, vitification etc). It’s not going to happen.

        7. So this guy is worth like $50 b and the best he can do is a 45/50 year old Asian with a mouth like a DC-10?

        8. Who knows? When you’re a reptile piloting a hollowed out shell, she might be a 10 in the hell dimension he hails from.

        9. “fucked upper than a football bat”
          I am so stealing that and using it in my repertoire of similes and metaphors.

        10. I’m reminded of the song “Elizabeth” by Ghost. I tried to paste the link, but my phone is being an asshole.

        11. With his obscene wealth he may have his own secret island filled with beauties, or going with the ‘pizzagate’ theme, young children.
          Heh, this vampire could probably bribe hundreds of IVF doctors to inseminate unbeknown women with his spunk.

        12. He is such a weakling he is laughable, literally a human sized worm. He couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag. A shame he has bigger and stronger dudes with weaponry protecting him, because my fists thirst and long for his blood. His bones are calling me to crush them.

        13. No, she just sucks money out through his old penis which is actually has a pipe directly to his wallet. The blood thing is bang on dude.

        14. The Brazilian blower he had took him to court because he promised her a million dollar condo in New York.

        15. Hey, she’s not there for the money. She is there because she loves him and cares about him. It’s not about money!!

  2. I guess what’s amusing is that so much of the Poor vs Rich antipathy has been generated and financed by these same folks.

    1. Both the Russian and French revolutions started as well meaning rich guys with “moderate” reforms. Then the real maniacs took over because they had more balls.
      The jacobins and bolsheviks didn’t start the ball rolling they just took it.

    2. They are all apetite. They couldnt say no if they wanted. On youtube you can see these Russian Oligarchs talk about their rise-then the unexpected rise of the superman putin who turned on them.

  3. They are big, bad, and bold, for as long as the system is rigged in their favor to win. But as soon as it even looks “as-if” the shit “may” hit the fan they are planning their exit strategy.
    And what are they gonna do in New Zealand?
    Count sheep?
    I guess they expect an economic collapse. Otherwise why would they run? One reason could be without money to pay police and military, who’s gonna protect their sorry asses?
    I would say I wish them no ill; and I don’t. But my attitude toward them is the same as their attitude toward me; fuck you.

    1. My attitude would be the same.
      I don’t understand the point of having somewhere to run to in case of all the doomsday predictions. If that day comes, there ain’t nowhere far enough away to run to.

    2. hey as long as somebody films them being dragged out of their bunkers and shot i don’t care either way

  4. So if they (whom ever they may be) buy land and bunkers in New Zealand, whom ever is pissed at them won’t go there?
    As far as preppers go, fortifications have been obsolete since gunpowder was invented. Locking yourself in a bunker only means it will take a few more minutes for your killer to get to you.

    1. “Locking yourself in a bunker only means it will take a few more minutes for your killer to get to you.”
      Hahahahaha….Sound analysis.

      1. My guess has always been that it would be better to keep moving instead of sitting still. A still target is easier to hit. I guess the bunker dwellers could bribe bandits with toilet paper? Nobody wants to drop a deuce in the woods without TP.

      1. Let’s just say that civilization has fallen and some crafty individual is out looking for something to get- if you leave your bunker even if no one actually lays eyes on you, you still leave signs. They will find you. I’m not really a prepper type( other than hoarding ammo) and it looks to me like being able to pick up and be gone in minutes would be way better than sitting in a bunker waiting on potential evil doers to find me or us or whatever the case may be because when they find you, you are stuck, then it’s only a matter of time.

        1. It depends on how civilization falls. If it falls due to civil unrest you have a point. Any other scenario (nuclear war, chemical war, plagues, zombie apocalypse brought about by science, meteorite falling from the sky, etc) the bunker IS the only option.

        2. In a global nuclear war I don’t think there’s going to be anywhere to go.

      1. I haven’t even thought of heavy equipment, that would probably be even easier than explosives lol

    1. if said “billionaires” paid the maori money, then the maori wont do sh*t!
      the maori are like the blacks you have in the USA, if they are paid off they go away, this whole caring about land/family “talking tough” shite is just nonsense made up by the MSM.

      1. That’s assuming money will be worth more than the paper it is written on. Gold however………

  5. “What do they fear?”
    Well, in billionaire George Soros’ case, I would imagine he fears that that BLM thugs and parasites will turn on him. Much like the robots turned on Mr. Burns.

  6. Bunkers-this could be what Revelations meant about these people running for the high ground and asking the mountains to hide them from what they have coming to them. In a nutshell, they’re fucked.

  7. “What the catastrophe will precisely be remains unclear, but possibilities include a devastating asteroid impact, giant earthquake, nuclear war, civil war, pandemic, zombie invasion and the Second Coming.”
    I think the second coming is what these scoundrels should fear the most, and a bunker will do them no good.

    1. Rev 6:15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

      1. amazing how prophetic it is that they are literally holing themselves up in the “rocks and dens”

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    2. If and when it does come they will be cut down and be cast into the eternal lake of fire.

    3. if that is a multiple choice question, I go with the ‘all of the above’ option plus locusts. Big big locusts

  8. It’s interesting how the post-cold war social order has changed the way that the wealthy and powerful both in East and West wanted to live about a century ago.
    For us old timers, we remember reading Popular Mechanics and other magazines portraying a future with flying cars in magnificent cities with opera, high end restaurants on the like. And this is what most oligarchs now like to live in: New York, San Fran, London, etc. But their policies have increasingly made these places unlivable even for them. Sure, the opera houses are still open and there are fantastic restaurants with Wolfgang or Moromoto making you a personal meal but they are becoming congested hellholes. With 10 H-1bs living in a single apartment and traffic jams, they are increasingly wondering what the point is (as are all of us). I personally get a linkedin message from google and facebook asking me to work there and I laugh and laugh.
    For many of the super rich, they live in Monterey and either go by helicopter or boat or limosine to deal with visiting their sweatshops and getting home in time to enjoy their wine cellar. In some ways, I hope they realize, like me, that them making their cities into hellholes ultimately hurts them as much as me and to perhaps change their ways.
    Oh, wait, we all know the answer to that: People don’t want to change their ways so they would just continue to act the same way and move to a remote island in the hopes they can escape the zombie apocalypse and it makes some sense. When the CHUDs start their war, I’ll be too busy dealing with them to get in my bass fishing boat and go on a month long journey to New Zealand just to take out their sorry asses. But even so, they’ll ironically have to live a simpler life as supplies run low and live much like my childhood on my grandmother’s rural lakehouse.

    1. The future sure isn’t how visionaries predicted. Even Star Trek still depicted France in the 24th century as how it was in the 1800s: White French people speaking French and working in vineyards.

      1. That’s the left’s hypocrisy for you even back then. Spiro Agnew had a term for it: Limosine liberalism. The elite leftist carefully creates homeowners associations and prices non-whites out or travels to white sections of France and watches Rick Steve’s Europe. They don’t have too many PBS series about vacationing in Africa or even South America too much. I wish they did because _I’m_ a more adventurous traveler than the average leftist who learns Klingon (rather than Russian which sound similar) and go to Star Trek conventions.
        The leftist utopia of that era could be summed up as ABBA era Sweden with Disney FutureWorld attractions and just enough ethnicity to be interesting (especially the food) but not TOO much. In addition, women could be professionals but magically the men would still somehow be in charge because even in the later Star Trek universe, who ever heard of a SEXY female captain? (Note how the women have been getting less and less sexy in the ST universe over time…)
        The Star Trek universe’s marxist utopia was especially laughable in that they claimed that people would be working in vineyards or tending bar for fun even if they all had a guaranteed income. What total BS. In the leftist’s mindset, they think that they should get a comfy government or academic job that pays top dollar and that the working class serfs should sling them a latte or look after their kids on the cheap while the leftist complains about how they (the leftists, not the serfs) aren’t getting “equal pay for equal work”.
        At least the replicators and transporters COULD perhaps work in the future but that economic system? Now THAT would take a 25th century technological breakthrough to figure out how to make it work: One set of people doing **** work for free while the wealthy all get to sit around in cafes and holodecks.
        Ironically, their utopia transformed into their own nightmare because in France, the serfs worked for a little bit until they could go on welfare and then started burning the houses and cars of Picard’s ancestors. Set the course to hell at warp 9. Engage!

    2. Humanity has collectively chosen extermination. Or should I say our elites. This has been so since the very moment they substituted social engineering and depopulation of the planet for space exploration and energy research in the list of priorities…

      1. One thing that at first caused mocking laughter among the left when I suggested it and later turned to indignation on their part was my observation that feminism and 3rd world immigration is responsible for a lot of the daily woes that modern people take for granted:
        With career women commuting to daycare and then work, that’s at least 1/3d more cars on the road than 50 years ago. Doubling the population with immigration also adds quite a bit. So the burdened infrastructure in most cities has offset any technological or economic advances. And for career women, any wage increases they’ve seen are more than offset by their husbands being paid less, increase in the cost of living, and of course taxes.
        Imagine if we all had twice the amount of discretionary spending that we do now. It would be like the Jetsons. In the very least, we’d have more children (and wouldn’t need immigration to come in). Sheesh, the current elite/oligarch policy is much like the cookoo nest: They want western populations to work to provide for other people’s children. Career women are busting their butt to pay for other women’s kids! I convert so many feminists that way!
        “I want equality AND traditionalism! I get a lot of money to show up for work sometimes and marry a man who earns twice as much as me and he pays for everything!”
        “Er, what really happens is that your husband gets paid less (sometimes even less than YOU) and your taxes pay for other women to have kids while you work 12 hour days!”
        “I don’t like THAT kind of equality!”
        So now more women would rather say they’re a member of the KKK than a feminist. Google image: “Women against Feminism”

        1. So now more women would rather say they’re a member of the KKK than a feminist. Google image: “Women against Feminism”

          Yeah but they are still feminists at heart, you just spoke to their self-interest (one of the few rational modules of their mind). Just ask them how many children they would like (1 or 2 at most) or if they will support the dismantling of the welfare state and suffrage (as well as the involvement of the State in the marriage business) to see how “traditional” they are…

        2. One of things I like to say to those who claim that women are self-interested creatures is… then why do they so often make such bad choices in men?
          My wife agrees with me that most women shouldn’t be allowed to pick their husband and how it’s good that I’m around to talk her out of a TV viewing session where she seems to want to purchase EVERYTHING that’s on the air (even stuff she can’t even fathomably use, like new screen windows)
          As Freud put it: They don’t know what they want and what they do want, makes them miserable.
          Most working class women despise the welfare state because they’re working for a living for those who don’t.

        3. One of things I like to say to those who claim that women are self-interested creatures is… then why do they so often make such bad choices in men?

          Self-interest != understanding of cause and effect or long term thinking. Most women (>90%) lack both of them…

        4. Because women are traitors to their in-group. Ancient means of survival in war-torn tribal areas that’s carried over to the modern era.

      2. One reassuring thing about this is that I don’t think this helps the elites either in the long run. They prefer Switzerland or France to live and they’re spoiling their own nests due to short term greed and reactionary cultural leftism. So this implies that they really don’t have a secret meeting room in Venice where the Illuminati has the Holy Grail and makes 100 year long plans for world domination.

        1. I think some of them (long-term planning) but whenever your planning horizon goes beyond a year, unexpected consequences and drawbacks should become your second name, since that’s what you will get…

        1. Upside down Crucifixion, 1 double ankle spike, face at onlookers ass level so everyone can shit in their mouths as they die.

        2. You have a certain artistic flair. Maybe do it like our very good friend Vlad Tepes, spike and all.

        3. I was just thinking the humble heat gun. Gotta admit, I watched Game Of Thrones (endured the feminist messages being shoved in my face) and the upside down crucifix guy that was pretty solid.

        4. No, a big pit full of starving ducks. Nibbled to death by ducks has to be the absolute worst way to go. Equal parts slow and annoying.

  9. I live in New Zealand and the trend is pretty obvious to anyone who chooses to open their eyes. Of course when you point it out and criticise the government for not taking any steps to protect New Zealander’s interests you’re accused of being a “xenophobe”. Recently the guv has been doing their best to liquidate as many assets as they can think of, even selling off the remaining unpolluted spring water (for next to nothing). The last Prime Minister was a former Wall Street banker who specialised in liquidating companies. He put his skillset to use on my country and once there was nothing left he stepped down. Amazingly some people still sing his praises – “he righted the ship in stormy seas” – yeah, by throwing all the contents of the ship overboard!
    Land is relatively cheap here so that alone is incentive enough to foreigners I suppose. There’s been a lot of interest from Chinese as well, looking to buy up high country farms apparently with the intention of keeping running them as farms. Others have brought up large rural stations and converted them to hunting and fishing lodges, often shutting the gates and excluding the locals from hunting and fishing on the lands they have had access to since forever. Needless to say they are not much liked by locals. Not all of them are closing off access though. It’s a rare thing we have / had in New Zealand – having very little constraint on fishing / hunting / wandering on private land – I wouldn’t expect you guys to understand our sense of entitlement.
    Sadly it is grim times ahead for Kiwis I suspect, though many are too naive to see the writing on the wall. Any mention of it and people think you’re a “conspiracy theorist” / “xenophobe” / or suffering from “tall poppy syndrome”.

    1. Solution: Natives need to stop recognizing the “right” of foreigners to own land in their country

    2. the chinese and injuns are flooding in, the bottle water plant debacle was just grim.
      wont be at all surprised soon if on all the chinese owned farms the kiwis are booted off and either Filipino or chinese slave workers are flooded onto these places for .02 cents an hour.

    3. As long as we can stop the Maori interest in Islam because it seems to be brown people vs white folks, as long as whaleoil redpills more kiwis and as long as a winston without the total self-interest focus arrives we should be ok until Indonesia breaks up and rogue parts of their navy turn up.
      New Zealand is awesome except for the sheeple.

      1. “New Zealand is awesome except for the sheeple” – And the so-called “women”, a 7 is a 10 here

        1. I live on the East Coast bro. I remember the horror of returning home from London where I was banging hot eastern euro girls then having to deal with average solo mums with lousy attitudes and dizzyingly-inflated self worth.
          I imported, but I’d always known I didn’t want to end up with a high-t bad attitude over-weight angry kiwi chick like every one of my aunts.

  10. Bunkers are an excellent racket to get into – problem is, the true Bond Villains out there typically murder, or at least gouge the eyes out of their builder/architects…

    1. We started the morning, and ended the night with essentially the same subject matter. I make a killing installing “bunkers/storm shelters” here in North Texas. Huge profits in Paranoia! 1 out of 5 landscapes that I install includes some sort of “shelter” from whatever… Give me 3 hours and a Cat 450F and you’re good to go!

      1. 20 years ago I used to see those fiberglass burialable( is that a word?) storm shelters for sale all over North Alabama. I thought it was the silliest thing I had ever heard of. Now I’m seeing them delivered on trucks and being put in the ground here in South Georgia.
        I guess whenever it comes up a cloud you’re supposed to run outside and hide in it.
        I’m just going to take my chances because there’s a lot more room for a tornado to go around me than over me. People are scared of their own shadow nowadays.

        1. “People are scared of their own shadow nowadays.” – EXACTLY! The joke in my organization is… “if the Begonias can handle the storm”… (you’ll be just fine).
          So, you’re interested in a storm shelter?… “We’re happy to help protect you and your loved ones.”

      2. What part? I’m working in Borger about a hour from Amarillo, I can’t imagine anybody wandering around out here after a disaster. Good place to be left alone really cause it’s awful up here.

    2. That would be the prudent thing to do for a real evil genius type, he would still be taking a chance on his henchmen blabbing though.

        1. Live by the sword die by the sword. In building the denver airport they never had one contractor build too much so they would realize what was going on. But the internet figured much of it out.

    3. somewhere out there there’s some enterprising individual founding a ‘disposable construction worker’ building firm. The architect and foreman would have to be strong work ethic japanese plagued by the dishonour of some past failure or missed quota

        1. Its fukked up! They come there for work from shittier places, get enslaved, papers ripped up….basically get disappeared!

  11. I don’t know what their hiding from, it’s us that should be hiding from them. Everyone says “China owns much of our debt,” when they own what 2 trillion out of the 20? The remainder being owned by these independent Oligarchs; many of whom are Americans themselves. I say this half facetiously, because we know when the US defaults, it’s laughable to think of them getting anywhere near that all back. Unless they could pay off the right amount of people in the right positions in the right amount of time to get control of the military’s most powerful tools with the right people that know how to operate them… If that’s their game plan, they are probably misunderestimating the loyalty of the US military to the common man who shares their best interests. No rifle will be turned on us.

    1. China owns the majority of our foreign debt, which is a small fraction of the total debt, most of which is owed to Americans.

  12. This is news to me as a New Zealand citizen and resident. Thanks for highlighting this. It’s made easier for foreign buyers to purchase here as there is no legal measure in place to prevent foreign ownership. The Chinese are currently exploiting this better than anyone else. This sucks bigly as they, including my immediate neighbours to the north, tend to their lawns maybe once every 6 months. And even then it’s with a weed eater and not a lawnmower.

      1. Why should we recognize the “right” of rich foreigners to own land in OUR countries?

        1. There certainly need to be safeguards in place to make it unattractive for them. NZ is very small both in geographical area and population. It’s very sensitive to external influences. The housing market in particular has become nigh on impossible for many locals to get into due to the influx of cashed up foreigners.

        2. What’s the point of having a country if it buys you nothing? For patriotism to work loyalty has to go both ways.
          Fuck me? No, fuck you.

        3. dude! you been under a rock for the last 5 years or so???
          John Key looooooooved the chinese, the whole National gov looooooooooves the chinese, even the biased MSM “fake news” lets slip/throws in your face how we are powerless against the torrent of chinese

    1. A big part of the Chinese foreign land buying is apparently due to the potential devaluation of the Yuan and investors trying to find a store of value other than paper money. From what I’ve read, the Chinese government has made it more difficult for Chinese citizens to do this now. They apparently are worried about the capital outflow. So it appears to be more individual Chinese people attempting to protect their wealth versus an actual government push to buy up foreign properties.

  13. When all this bad stuff happens I’m going to get some leather chaps and an old black car with a carburetor and a points type ignition (to protect myself from EMP) then I’m going to race up and down the backroads raping, pillaging and fighting over toilet paper.

      1. I’d have Arthur Brown’s ‘Fire’ blaring while blasting a flamethrower out the window myself. But your choice of vehicles is excellent-nothing like a muscle car while raining death and destruction down.

        1. I saw people selling it on the side of the road when I was down there a few years back. It’s amazing to think there’s an underground market for TP in some places.

  14. These shelters are not self sufficient. They need servants, technicians, security specialist…and those people have families.
    If the proverbial shit hit the fans, those people will discard ‘richies’ quickly and inherit the bunkers.
    As usual.

  15. I’d always heard all the serious bunkers were in the US – Denver airport etc if the hearsay is real. I doubt there are any significant ones in New Zealand – hard to keep that secret here.

  16. I believe it’s a pre-WW3 scramble and that those “in the know” have been told; and as I have been saying from before he was elected, Trump would be the ideal WW3 president: flag-waving, brash, populist, patriotic, capable of rallying the rednecks… Hillary could do none of those things.
    Meanwhile, the US has 2 and soon will have 3 carrier groups parked off the Korean coast, presumably covering east, west and the southern shores. For years J Skousen has been warning that NK would be used as a WW3 trigger.
    If it’s any consolation, I believe China intends taking Aus & NZ during WW3, if it can successfully (with Russia’s help) neuter the USA’s main nuclear forces before breaking out into the Pacific. Russia and China, to this day, wargame WW3 on the basis of them making the first move, but they need a pretext. Trump could give them that very thing if he goads NK into attacking SK or if he uses tactical nukes in Korea to stem a land invasion from the North, a scenario others have written about.

    1. your third paragraph is some terrifying sh*t for us down here in our little corner of the Pacific.

      1. If it’s any comfort, the thing that has held both China and Russia back has been delays in modernising their armed forces. Russia in particular has added a new generation of ICBMs that far outperform anything the US has, but their navy needs upgraded; the Chinese need to get their new combat aircraft into service and to finally work out a huge headache that has plagued them for years: how to do joint operations (between all their branches of the military) properly. They also want a “blue water” navy, or so I heard, but are a little behind schedule with that.
        Of course, the US might try to force everyone’s hand before they can be ready and the Russians and Chinese might feel they have to go for it now, short of full war readiness.
        BTW, I live in Latvia (but come from the UK) so I am really on the front line if WW3 kicks off!!! I had to drive back to the UK a few weeks ago to get my kid’s passport renewed (among other things) and on the way west I saw several army convoys heading east, and of course, from time to time here in Riga I see more NATO planes flying in or warships visiting the port, so the buildup is very real for me.

        1. “the thing that has held both China and Russia back has been delays in modernising their armed forces.”
          Russia’s power projection will be limited to surrounding borders, much to their neighbors discomfort, and it will probably always have a lethal ICBM arsenal on hand. The MiG 35 holds up well and it will be interesting if their T-14 (protype) battle tank will actually do what they claim it will. Regarding their navy, it will probably stick with subs like the old soviet doctrine as they only have one aircraft carrier.
          Outside of their reserve of shear manpower, which is shrinking, I do not think China would fare very well outside of their borders. Their carrier is a soviet hold over and the J20 fighter has engine difficulties which is being solved by buying MiG35s from Russia. Their penchant of industrial espionage allows them to skip the whole R&D process, but they have a hard time producing and maintaining alot of their moderinzed equipment internally.

        2. Some good points there. As I understand it, the Russians intend to upgrade their submarine forces rather than invest in carriers as they feel carriers are increasingly likely to become liabilities because of the new generation of anti ship missiles under development.
          By MiG 35, I think you mean Sukhoi 35, a “4.5 generation” fighter developed from the Su-27. Again, from my understanding, the Russians have been reluctant to allow China the top of the range equipment they use themselves, and as you say, the Chinese are taking shortcuts; it’s probable that could cause them problems on down the line.

        3. What you say is true. A carrier group is highly vulnerable against missiles, but the power projection it offers is a different facet of diplomacy.
          Pardon. Yes, the upgraded SU27. I have no doubts the Ivans keep their trade secrets to themselves (Americans did the same selling M1 abram tanks to Egypt). I need to ask my wifes cousin. He is a LTC in the russian reserves (air defense).

    2. Some of China’s actions are posturing to keep the interior policed like the 911 posturing tightened up US internal metadata gathering and made travel and crossing borders more controlled for citizens.

  17. “The short version is that the oligarch class is happy to send the public down the primrose path. Really, that’s not a very good way to earn admiration and respect. Maybe it’s time for them to reconsider doing things like that”
    Though I agree with you 100% that for the long term this is what the elites should do, but I highly doubt this is going to happen. They will always be thinking “I’ll never get caught”.
    IMHO the best way to solve this shit is to collapse the banking system world wide. When money loses all of its value, because that value is merely a perceived value – nothing of true value like silver, or water, ammunition, medicines, razors, toilet paper etc, – then the elites and globalists are effectively nuetralized.

  18. If you want the facotries back then you have to play fair and curtail the abuses by the unions.
    Im not saying to remove tariffs, but it really says something that companies absolutely dont want to build their stuff in the US. That has to change.
    You also have to remove those laws which cause more harm then good in dealing with companies. Some regulatory systems like OSHA, you want to keep in place, but others, like some of the environmental protections are not realistic. Even if ideally youd rather not poison a certain region, you have to accept that some damage needs to taken. Child labor laws should probably all be scrapped, as no kid is actually compelled by starvation to work, so the law will only cause harm against children who want to work in fields that they can benefit from and no actual good.

    1. “I’m not saying to remove tariffs, but it really says something that companies absolutely dont want to build their stuff in the US.”
      It is a doubled edged sword, but I agree the US needs to radically alter their stance if they want to foster economic growth in industray again. The unions are throw-backs to a dead age and need to be booted and defanged as they are nothing but a political tool these days. Government needs to cut the regulations, lower taxes and get out of the way.
      On the flip side, after knowing more than few county commisionars who try to get industry into their areas. Companies (especially foreign) need to stop demanding free water, tax abatements and then give nothing back in terms of jobs, contracts or a penny to the local tax coffers (reminds me of how the Chinese operate in Africa). Applicants who want a job need to pass the mandatory drug testing, so they need to put down the blunts and get their shit together.

      1. ‘Women in politics’ has killed our home grown innovation. A century ago before the ‘waahs'(wars), a boy could rummage around in their junky back yard and piece together a flying machine and eventually become an auto mogul or avation enterpreneur. Now neighborhood association henhouses packed with hen pecking biddies police your backyard and the color of your curtains in some areas. This leaves only faggy fields like fashion design as the career avenues that emerge from a boy growing up in a junkless yard and a legally empowered mankiller bitchmother. A ‘manly’ yard ornament like a fine boat or RV must be stashed far away from sight in a rental lot and away from manly maintenance. And the man goes to the underground mancave dungeon below the house. Cookie cutter HELL
        is what you get when you let women involve themselves in law, politics or policymaking!

        1. ” A century ago before the ‘waahs'(wars), a boy could rummage around in their junky back yard and piece together a flying machine and eventually become an auto mogul or avation enterpreneur. Now neighborhood association henhouses packed with hen pecking biddies police your backyard and the color of your curtains in some areas”
          “is what you get when you let women involve themselves in law, politics or policymaking”
          Quoted For Truth.

    1. Yeah. Or are they just testing it’s structural integrity with HAARP before they move here. No nuclear reactors here at least!

  19. Who do they think they’re fooling?
    If AI’s going to take all the jobs then what are all the illegal aliens for?
    It’s a sure bet they’re dragging out the old ‘robots gonna take over the world’ schtick as a cover for what they really fear.

  20. The Maori in New Zealand would do far more damage to these fools than any person in their own nation.

  21. I’d love to be there when the people park a guillotine outside congress and out in Hollywood. Love to see Zuckerberg’s smirk when he and his family are dangling from a noose.

  22. I’m a second generation small business owner. I have loads of respect for business owners who create jobs, and hard working people. Every night my dad and I prayed together “Lord please bring daddy more work.” Not money. Not free stuff. More work.
    On the other hand, when our government taxes the shit out of a business, imposes ridiculous environmental laws, affirmative action regulations, feminist regulations, and doesn’t tax imported goods, I can see why business owners start to outsource. Or worse, IMPORT H1b employees on the tax buyers dime (that is a slap in the face.) Morally, I would never run my business the way those liberal startups do in Silicon Valley, but I also believe our government should incentivize and motivate them to STAY, and HIRE AMERICAN.
    It’s like our own government created situations where it’s more profitable for business owners to outsource, import foreign workers, hire illegals, or leave the country altogether (and sell the same shit back to Americans!).
    That being said, my company is moving to Puerto Rico this year for the tax benefits. Corporate tax is just ridiculous and California basically punishes you for starting a business. Within 5 years, I’ll probably be even farther away in Asia or Argentina.
    Unless our next two presidents are capitalists, it’s time we all start building an international business/retirement plan while we are young and motivated.

  23. Hahaha, good! They should be afraid. But who do they think is going to be moving their belongings to their remote bunkers or flying/driving them there?
    Good luck hiding, douchebags.

  24. Step forward, those who would serve! For an army will be raised. The powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests, and cast out into the cold world that we know and endure. Courts will be convened. Spoils will be enjoyed! Blood will be shed! The police will survive, as they learn to serve true justice. This great city… it will endure.”

  25. Currently listening to the american suvivalist series, where the dhs uses the cover of a solar flare to set off a dirty bomb and militarizes FIMA to mop up anyone self sufficient.
    Could happen. *Stares into the sun*

  26. Too bad this is public. I think Russia would turn New Zealand to glass and ash out of spite now that this little tidbit is known.
    The pretty much set themselves up to be executed like French nobility. Their MSM brown-nosing lackies have made them public enough make identification easy. Even if they delete their identities from their slaves’ sites, the deep and dark webs will not forget. There will be a way to reach out and touch them.
    If the shit does hit the fan, there will be nowhere to hide for the elite.

  27. Don’t want them in New Zealand, either. This is probably why our foreign land ownership rules are so loose, and also why they are not likely to change anytime soon.

  28. Bit by bit they flood the western world with third world immigrants then want to use their money to escape the chaos and unpleasant life it creates.
    What will they do when New Zealand and Canda have become as “diverse” as California?

  29. I’m not quite sure I even understand why anyone listens to them at all, ever. They never actually do anything and even worse they actively harm their own countries and people at every turn, yet people still listen to them and vote for them year after year and have been for all of human history. It is quite baffling really. Just like how feminism can’t exist without cucks, elites can’t exist without their favored partner in crime, the stupid and the ignorant, which unfortunately comprise the majority rather than the minority of humanity. There is literally almost zero accountability for the elites and any attempts to do so are done through their own system which they designed and own in the first place. Why people think that the elites can be trusted to serve justice on themselves, through the rules that they create and control to begin with, is beyond me.

  30. We dont know all the tech they are hiding at this point. Just look how well theyve been hiding weather modification while talking endlessly about global warming. And weather mod is 50 year old tech(seeding clouds with silver iodide worked). They are on gen 4 weather mod now. Looks like they have diseases that can target specific races(a leaked recent video shows a researcher giving a proposal in the pentagon for a disease that can reduce zealotry in religious fanatics). Looks like they might be able to cause earthquakes in area that naturally have them(one geologist using equipment to look for oil caused an earthquake in a fault). And we know where they are fracking earthquakes drastically increase. So so very much tech..but why hasnt CNN told us about all this??

  31. or maybe a nuclear civil war! there will be no where to hide while I still live though. I will chase them to the moon

  32. The billionaire [email protected]#-heads fail to realize that the Chinese seek to control the whole Pacific Rim, New Zealand included. NZ is like a defenseless puppy. The Chinese will over-run the country and not care that they are billionaires when invading and confiscating their bolt-holes. Pretty sure the kiwis will not be too eager to defend their billionaire neighbors.

  33. In the future I will collect the foremost of these elites as specimen in little jars.. they will be my very own haemonculi. Some, I will turn into jade sculptures, their agony will be unending.
    Is there no end to my terribleness? Scarcely.
    Him that sitteth on the throne has given us free reign to do as we please with the demons in human form.
    Who shall be able to stand?

  34. They are afraid because the alternative media is giving the MSM a run for its money, alternative sites get more traffic than those owned by the big giants. So that means an alternative message which is not as rosy being sent to the masses.
    Trump isn’t the one scaring them, its the wealth of real information on the web that is scaring the elites because the masses are not as easy to brainwash as they were in the past.
    The system that exists made Trump extremely wealthy, why would he want to change it? While the media is harsh on Donald, its not the same on his daughter and son in law. Why? Its because both of them are elite moles in the White House. And really Trump is one of them.

  35. No surprise when embittered, facially-challenged dorks are put in positions of wealth and power. Loathing themselves and the world around them, cowards through and through without the balls to stand up to their convictions, from star to finish they’ll always have it bad. The money, fame, and power barely compensated.

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