Kathy Griffin’s Beheading Stunt Shows The Limits Of What The Public Can Stomach From The Left

Washed up comedian Kathy Griffin thought it would be funny to take a picture of herself holding a fake bloody head of the president. Imitating ISIS-like terrorist acts somehow qualifies as comedy to the breed of fake comedians who are nothing more than abrasive political commentators. Griffin’s stunt didn’t go as she planned and now she is paying the consequences.

What Griffin did qualifies her for psychological therapy. If America wasn’t infected with the social justice mind virus, the police would have checked her into the nearest psycho ward, not solely because of her actions, but due to the fact that she thinks it was a harmless bad joke that, according to her press conference, was the fault of the white man.

Her fake comedy frightened 11-year-old Barron Trump

According to reports, the president’s youngest son Barron Trump was terrified of the picture, believing it to be real. Claiming that her actions were a mistake is a cop-out because just last December she declared that going after Barron was fair game.

Her claims of it being an accident has no merit what so ever. This was a clear attack against President Trump and his family.

The fake apology

Griffin tried apologizing at first, stating, “I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. I made a mistake and I was wrong.” Then she hired liberal lawyer Lisa Bloom and quickly changed her position to blaming Trump and white men (forward to 22:40 in the below video). At first she brags how she will stand up to the “bully” Trump and then she breaks down in tears saying Trump “broke” her.

No one buys Griffin’s bullshit

CNN let her goAll her scheduled “comedic” events were cancelled. This sends a powerful message to elites who think everybody is on board with their hate mongering against decent Americans. The time when liberals could get away with these stunts are over, and from this point on they will be increasingly held responsible for their actions. In the case of Griffin, it appears to mean the end of her career.

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209 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin’s Beheading Stunt Shows The Limits Of What The Public Can Stomach From The Left”

  1. First.
    Bye bye, you worthless female impersonator.
    Seriously. Look at the top pic. Take away the hair, and that is a man-face if ever I saw one.

    1. I was going to ask about that. I’m neither American, nor have I had a television for more than two decades, so I have never seen or heard of this person before, but this is a tranny, right? A man impersonating a woman?

      1. Just a woman who is ugly and uses a makeup artist to spray paint on her face. A wig is necessary because really look at that hair.
        She is way too skinny resulting in a masculine, skeletal bug eyed look. Older women need to guard against too skinny and changes in facial structure that make them look masculine. Keep it soft and delicate as you age.

    2. Hey Blue Eyed Diablo. I completely understand what you are saying. No, she’s just a really ugly woman who needs tons of hair and makeup to appear half way normal looking. Another thing she did was become way too skinny in her old age. Older women need a little bit of meat of them so their faces don’t look like skeletons with eye sockets. What’s that French saying? After a certain age, “…a woman has to choose between her ass and her face”. That’s not to say that you should be waddling around, it’s just a delicate balance.

      1. Actually you make some reasonable points.
        But no matter how she looks on the outside (I’m shallow, I know), she would still be incredibly ugly on the inside. And that counts for something. A lot, in fact.

        1. Of course. You could approach a good-looking gal and suddenly realize she is a vapid turd. Kathy Griffin is clearly a female who counts on professionals to make her looks acceptable. I never thought she was funny.

    1. Get out the putty knife and spackle. An industustrial grade sander and a crew of experienced gay hair dressers, stylists, makeup artists, wig specialists and a dermatologist on call. Oh yeah, a crew of plaster and paint experts will definitely be needed.

  2. I’ll be honest– I never heard of her until this stunt. Not watching TV is one of the best decisions I ever made.

        1. Really takes the mystery out of the plot when all you have to do is figure out who the Republican is, and you’ll know who did it in the first 5 minutes of the show.

        2. and sam waterston never loses a case! You’d think an ADA with a 100% conviction rate would move on to better things!

        3. What the hell with “white MEN are this”, “white MEN are that” ! I am fed up of with this kind of meaningless cowshit.
          Why don’t these morons (femicunts, vested interests, globalists) simply call MEN !? Why don’t they acknowledge that the same “WHITE MEN” invented Airplane, Medical advances, Educational, Transmission, Transport, Technology, Logistics, Banking and what not !?
          Why don’t these morons call “white whores or prostitutes or hookers” !? When it comes to them, it’s simply “women” or “females” !!
          A rapist is a “rapist” and a hooker is a “hooker” and a bitch is a “bitch” !!

    1. She had a few decent guest-spots on “Whose Line is it Anyway?” in the 90’s. I always liked the show, and she wasn’t half-bad, but she did have this tendency to go for “drama-comedy” instead of “ridiculous-situation comedy.”
      Forgot she existed until I saw the stunt. Not as memorable or funny as many of the other folks on the show.

      1. she was on Seinfeld for a few episodes back in the day, thats where she first made a name for herself.

        1. I saw someone who said this press conference looks like it was part of one of those Seinfeld shows that she was on. Her character on the show was a comic that attacked Seinfeld, and when he responded, her character started playing the victim card.
          I really wonder if all of this has just been scripted out for us, bread and circuses bullsht to distract us from the really bad sht they are doing while we’re watching this.

    2. I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing her “comedy” during my TV watching days. She’s one of those self-appointed “comedians” who earnestly believes that she can substitute her gross lack of any talent at the comedic sport with loud, crass drivel spoken in a voice that sounds like two half broken belt sanders running in a large blender.
      In short, you haven’t missed out on anything. Porn stars have infinitely more talent than she does.

    3. OK John, at last, I am coming to terms with you and “up-voted” !! After all, MEN are UNITED.

    4. This woman has no valve!!! In her 50s and never had kids!! A clear example of woman blaming society for her being brainwashed by Feminism to not breed hence her rage directed at the best president ever (Donald Trump).
      No one gives a fuck about your dried up ovaries you mentally retarded woman!!! You have no valve for not contributing to the future of the human race!

      1. Ah. She’s already dead then.
        I know a doctor and he told me he has a large swathe of patients who are childless women over 50. They are all trying to get him to sign off on their “issues” so they can go on disability. They have no social value whatsoever.

      2. Her attacks could be that she’s childless and he has a full-blown family, or it could be that she’s ugly and Trump’s wife and daughter are hot.
        Ivanka is a 9.9.

  3. And Bill Maher is in trouble for saying Nigger. I love it when the white and (((white))) left starts cannibalizing their own. hahaha

    1. i doubt that Bill Maher will be punished. He’s too important of a mouthpiece for the left.

  4. In pretending to cut off Trump’s head, she ended up cutting off her own head. KG’s best comedy ever. Also, Freedom of Speech does not protect cases of libel, slander, threats against elected officials, etc. There can be consequences to exercising freedom of speech when people choose to exercise freedom of choice by boycotting those whose freedom of speech they do not agree with.

  5. slavery?
    Trump’s fault
    Vietnam War?
    Trump’s fault
    The Black Plague?
    Melania’s fault

    1. Well, maybe she can play the old bag on the park bench if they ever bring back laugh-in.

    2. Excellent work Bob. Top notch. You are un artiste. I can’t unsee that. To paraphrase “Seinfeld’s ‘The Kramer’ “:..she is a loathsome, offensive brute, yet I can’t look away.
      Actually I can. True art disturbs us and shakes us at our core, primal being.

  6. “Old White Men” keeping her down???!!! WTF!!! Does this pasty-faced, red-headed, over-the-hill 55+, “ginger” realize she is not a ‘person of color’?
    I suppose mind-F’d libtards can not only gender ‘self-identify’, now she thinks she can race ‘self-identify’. GAWD!! How stupid is she? ,,,,,really?

    1. LOL, she really does look like Carrot Top’s grandma. Somebody please meme this up!

  7. Have you ever tried listening to her??? I love comedy, but she is a perfect reminder why some people should be sterilized.

  8. Yes, we “older white guys” wake up every morning with nothing better to do than plot and scheme about ways to keep everyone else down. But we wonder what would happen to Griffin if she singled out any other racial, gender, or age demographic for this kind of specific abuse and collective blame.

    1. I mean, I am getting tired of this old white men oppressing everyone down shit.
      My suggestion is that we, old white men should really get together, and devise a good plan to oppress the fuck out of everyone and keep everybody else down.
      I mean, it will be fun, and we will have the time of our lives. New crusades, re-colonizing the world, the lot.
      You interested, too?

      1. You guys should all just take a month off work.
        At the end of the month the streets would be littered with the rotting corpses of the Kathy Griffins of the world.
        What if there were no men around to keep the lights on and the water running, to truck food to supermarkets, or do about a billion other things that men, and only men do?
        Kathy would crawl into a hollow log, curl up into a ball, and die.
        And so would about 96% of all the other women on the planet.

  9. Kathy Griffin has never really been funny. She has been on the D list forever and she was only ever one of those celebrities who was forced down our throats (an until now, slightly less grotesque Lena Dunham). I will not cry tears for her. She is still worth $20 Million and a few years from now, she will be doing specials again. The only thing I will say in her defense is she has been part of a toxic leftest culture that made her think this was acceptable.

  10. One thing that changed my mind about comedians was an article cracked had on them. Cracked actually has a suicide protocol for its writers forum. Comedians are ofter really really desperate damaged people, not the cool suave personality that is ofter presented.

    1. “Growing up in suburbia, in safe, master-planned Irvine, there was no drama so we had to create it in our heads. My main form of entertainment was cracking my friends up and exploring new ways of being funny. I didn’t have to have the survival mode instinct like other comics, who grew up in tough neighborhoods. I had the opposite. For me, I grew up in Mayberry, and the humor broke the boredom. And there was a lot to make fun of.”

      1. You can tell shes had issues, she had a boatload of plastic surgery. And comedians generally want to look homely…

        1. That was actually Will Ferrel, I was mostly touching on “I didn’t have to have the survival mode instinct like other comics, who grew up in tough neighborhoods.”

    2. Does being “damaged” give them carte’ blanc to bully and denigrate anyone they wish and get away with it – even Griffin?
      Her stunt was a terrorist act.

      1. It means you internally view them as children which will naturally affect how you interact with them in the future.

      2. Faked Terror is a common method to persuade the populace. If you don’t know Sandy Hook(as well as many other recent attacks) was completely faked The assistant deputy secretary of state for three presidents says it was faked-and they just got their payoff for the fine performance, a new 5 0million dollar school. http://stevepieczenik.com/50m-brand-new-sandy-hook-school/
        You know some of it is forced on them too, like I Remember James Gordon in his opening monologue, giving an exasperated look, and “Oh god its another Trump joke..its like there is a law we have to make it”. The retired actors and comedians are the only ones who openly talk about how you are under threat in Hollywood supporting Trump.

  11. Goyim, you just don’t understand. This is what Amwerica wants! We only indoctrinate…er, produce comedy like this because you want it. Like that Tim Allen show we cancelled even though it had great ratings. Okay…not a good example.
    Really, goyim, Ms. Griffin is a great talent and it would be racist and sexist (as well as islamophobic) to let her great beauty and talent go to waste. So, after we temporarily take her off the air, we’ll give her a job on another one of our channels or networks. Like Keith Olberman, her talent must not be wasted, goyim!
    Oy vey!

    1. This. She will be rewarded. Most of the Hollywood elites support her and her actions behind the scenes.

      1. (((We))) have a monopoly, goyim. There’s nothing you can do. As a matter of fact, we’ll rub it in your faces with a movie about a wonderful, kind muslim who teams up with a red-haired lesbian named Kathy who defeat an evil, racist, bigoted, homophobic, islamophobic President who, it will be revealed, is nothing but a Russian dupe.
        Ha ha! Eat sh*t, goyim! (((We))) can do anything we want! Hahahahahahaha

  12. that victim act would have been funny if it was satire, I laughed out loud when she was crying about how afraid she is of old white men, too bad she doesn’t have the intelligence or talent

    1. She even says that these old white men have been signing her checks all thru her career, yet they’ve also been keeping her down somehow.

    2. “I’m soooo oppressed. I’m worth $20 million dollars and I have a couple dozen comedy specials, and I have worldwide name recognition…. but The Man is keeping me down! Wahhhhh!”

    3. Yet she had exactly ZERO issues accepting shekels from the old (((white))) men who own much of Hollywood.

  13. “Comedian” Griffin is, simply put – an extreme left, SJW, feminist terrorist.
    I was so repulsed by Kathy Griffin’s stunt I wrote a brief article and posted it on “President Trump Channel.” My article is entitled “Kathy Griffin’s hateful disregard for President Trump.”
    This horrid act – which I believe was another of this over the hill, vulgar, D lister’s vile attempts at garnering publicity to breath new life into a fading career, blew up in her face.
    It backfired – and destroyed her.
    So what does she do?
    Offers the standard, phoney, insincere, apology “celebrities” offer when they find their asses in a sling. Then turn’s around, hires a lawyer, blames both President Trump and his family for “trying to ruin my life forever,” BLAMES MEN! (of course! – she’s a liberal feminist)… cries SEXISM!!! – “This wouldn’t be happening to a guy, this is a woman thing.”
    And she does all this through crocodile tears.
    My heart bleeds purple piss for you Kathy.

    1. It hasn’t “destroyed” her. She is still worth millions of dollars. This has made her hugely popular amongst her Hollywood ilk. Yes, CNN had to let her go because of the public pressure, but she will recover from this. Hollywood will reward her for this, she will be taken care of.

      1. I’m sure you’re right.
        Her destruction is only temporary. She’ll be back – bigger than ever.
        I wonder if a white male “comic” holding a bloody, decapitated Hillary head would recover? I think we know the answer to that one.

        1. Well a rodeo clown that dared to wear an Obama mask lost his job and everybody on the left was happy as a clam over that.

        2. Yup.
          The Mainstream Media sure did their best to protect their cute little pet monkey, didn’t they?

  14. While I am no fan of Kathy Griffin, I am opposed to people being fired and ostracized for social media posts. To me, this really wasn’t a big deal. The outrage in this case is selective and over the top for a simple act of bad taste, in my book. Granted, one might say that the Left is finally getting a taste of its own Soviet-style medicine, but I still have to object to some bimbo being fired for politically incorrect speech. Ignore the broad or call her an idiot if you must, but no need to ruin her career over something so stupid.

    1. Being fired and/or ostracized is simply other people exercising their freedoms of speech and association in reply to the original speech. Its not that Griffin can’t do what she did…shes not prevented or prohibited from doing it, nor is she facing imprisonment/banishment/execution or any other government sanction. But others are free to react to her speech however they see fit; they can oppose her with their own speech, they can disassociate with her to the extent they desire, and they can suggest that others do the same. In the case of business entities that have a fiduciary duty to their owners and stockholders, the management has to contemplate the financial risk of maintaining the association. CNN is neither dominant enough nor niche enough to maintain the association without facing a significant risk of substantial lost revenue. And the companies she was an advertising spokesperson for face an even more serious problem as they use her as a representative of themselves–they hold her out as an image of their companies. They face the very real prospect of consumers not wanting to associate with their company due to the speech of their spokesperson–of consumers equating her speech as representative of the company’s..because she is their representative.
      Its one thing to say you wouldn’t fire your representative for their personal speech. But its quite another to say someone else can’t or shouldn’t separate themselves from speech they oppose. In effect it is taking away the ability of one to control their own speech.
      Griffin said what she wanted to say. CNN and Squatty Potty or whatever didn’t like what she said and disassociated themselves from her. Thats the risk you take when you exercise your right to speech, that others won’t like it and will speak out against you or separate themselves from you.

    2. There is a spectrum here that should be recognized. First, there was no government action involved here. In other words, this is the case of a private company firing an employee because of public reaction to that employee’s public political acts. The government may be investigating the possibility of a violation of the law, but there is no evidence that the government pressured CNN to act.
      Second, the employee made a very public, very outrageous political act with the intent to send an outrageous public political statement. This is not the case of an employer acting in an employee’s private statements (in an email or something) that were leaked or hacked.
      This isn’t the case of an employee engaging in normal political discourse and suffering consequences for it. Like a company firing a guy because he gave some money to a conservative PAC a couple years ago, or said something political in a private setting.
      Finally, she mimicked well-known terrorist imagery using a fake severed head of the President of the United States. We are all pretty jaded about things, but this is an action beyond merely making a social media post. It would nor be unreasonable to interpret this as a threat on the President’s life or an encouragement to others to threaten the President’s life.

    3. If any else sucks at their career they get fired, why not her? She’s supposed to be a comedienne but she’s not funny, she’s just a snarky moron.

  15. The clinton news network let her go over this ? Amazing. There may be hope for the future after all.

  16. Well this is unacceptable. She says, “..here’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me..” What a f***in racist, there are old brown guys, old yellow guys, old pale guys, old incontinent guys that are trying to silence her and she has the NERVE to leave us out. Wut a bitch!
    Just to be clear on Trump “broke me”, I believe i downloaded the super secret video before it was removed:

  17. What’s the big deal?
    Remember that SNL skit with the two people in chimp suits playing The Obamas? Oh, wait…

  18. Not being an American I’m a bit confused about this – CNN and others don’t like Trump at all. Why would they fire her? I find it odd that the liberal news is changing it’s stance towards Trump

    1. Because $$$. Lots of people were outraged by her sh!t and started contacting CNN, their sponsors, etc. to express how out of line this was.

  19. Lisa Bloom on Griffin making a comment about Barron Trump” : “she’s free to practice comedy and her art”
    So if a comedian were to show the Obammy daughters swinging on a tree and peeling bananas with their feet, Ms. Bloom would be perfectly fine with that? I know I would be hysterically, rolling on the floor laughing.

  20. So Griffen did a bad thing, got embarrassed and shifted the blame on men?
    Welcome to the: Modern women dodging consequences magic show starring Kathy Griffen.
    Gotta hand it to her, this bitch did it straight by the book.

    1. So much for feminism.
      Basically 3rd Wave Feminism is now: “Act like a man, a miserable asshole man, and never do anything feminine. If anything goes wrong, cry and blame the nearest man.”

  21. So she shouldn’t be silenced, huh?
    Tell that to Al Campanis. Or Jimmy The Greek.
    And while we’re on the subject, why does Donald Sterling no longer own a basketball team?

    1. Maybe she will be silenced.
      Joan Rivers hated the Obama’s with a passion, publically insulting them at any given opportunity.
      Look what happened to Joan during a “routine clinical procedure.”

        1. I dunno, saw that years ago, thought it was a goof; find it hard to believe she was taken out for a comment like that- she was a nobody at that point

        2. Paula Deen was set on the road to ruin after she made a joke at her friend Michele Obama’s expense. Never be surprised at the level these folks will go to.

        3. Oh she was a somebody alright.
          At the time Joan made her anti-Obama comments she was about the most famous comic on the planet.

      1. I hate to tell you this, what killed Joan Rivers was plain old incompetence. No 81 yo. should be having any procedure done at a free standing clinic that’s not in a hospital setting. I flat out told my physician that I would not have a procedure done at one of these clinics because I “did not want to do a Joan Rivers”.

  22. Isn’t it illegal to pretend to kill the POTUS in any manner or presentation?
    Thru the years in movies and on television, how many times have we seen the White House burned or Air Force One hijacked?
    And that bitch Kathy Griffin thinks it’s fair game to go after a child, Barron Trump?
    It’s funny, isn’t it!

    1. The most repugnant thing this piece of filth ever did was vow to go after that little boy.
      Clearly, an adult woman who goes after a small child is deeply psychotic.

      1. That’s vile. 🙁
        I know she has a much younger bf. I don’t suppose she has children though. Typical.

        1. Holy Crap!!!
          A younger guy goes to bed with that thing?
          I don’t care how much money she gives him, that is one deranged guy. Most 80 yo men wouldn’t want her.

        2. Her boyfriends a lucky guy.
          He must have a big supply of paper bags in his top dresser drawer.

        3. Mr Google informs me the lovely little miss also dated Tarantino and Jack Black.
          It’s a strange strange world, Slim.

        4. Oh, it sure is Miss Shura.
          Especially Mr Tarantino. He dated Margaret Cho as well! Strange dude.

        5. It’s astounding how gay guys will switch hit when money is on the table. Guess Anderson Cooper wasn’t interested.

  23. If I took a picture of myself holding up this bitch’s (fake) severed head and posted it on the internet, you know she’d claim it was a death threat from an evil male Trump supporter. But what she did was art. Yeah right.
    I’d love to see the Channers and the shitposters just flood the internet with thousands of pics of various old white guys holding up her severed head.

    1. Since they can do that to Donald Trump, POTUS, I wanna see Hillary, Bill, Dubya, and Obama, with their rotten heads in effigy, done the same way.
      Hey Secret Service! No harm intended. It’s art.

  24. She’s a head case.
    I’m eagerly awaiting RoK’s follow-up article about how Donald Trump spent SIX YEARS relentlessly spreading vicious lies about how the previous president wasn’t born in this country. These attacks were seen by the previous president’s children, and no doubt distressed them.
    When will that article be published?

    1. I agree.
      When that person writes that article, I want them to include how it is the Clinton Campaign ’08 that started that lie (if it is one).

      1. Yes, and please also point out the various times Obama allowed himself to be presented as being born in Kenya, like on the promotional materials for his book, etc.

      2. And educated in the Madrassa during his most formative years. Is it any wonder he is a mohammedan sympathizer? Or a simply a mohammedan.

      3. You’re as big a head case as Kathy Griffin. We literally have the former head of the FBI going in public this Thursday to describe, for the nation, how our current president is attempting to obstruct justice. We are looking at the biggest political crisis in the history of our nation (minus the Civil War) looming this summer/fall. NYAG office already has a sealed indictment of this lying, treasonous, horrific trash fire of a president.
        Would you like to address that? Or do you want to live in a world of butthurt fiction about a president who’s already been rated #11 of 45 by a panel of historians?
        Be a fucking man. Address real problems wherever they may be found. And for God’s sake, delete photos of yourself wearing a MAGA hat. Your grandkids will have more respect for you.

        1. Dude, you are really becoming unhinged. I think you should take some time away from the computer. Get out and get some fresh air, try to enjoy real life a little.

        2. “unhinged” is an adjective meaning “mentally unbalanced; deranged.”
          A better word to describe my current state is “patriotic furor.” If you’re not angry about this treasonous orange clown, then you’re either not an American or a traitor yourself.

        3. HAHAHAHAHA….
          I do not have a MAGA hat. I don’t wear hats.
          Read my statement again.
          I’ll quote: “I agree.
          When that person writes that article, I want them to include how it is the Clinton Campaign ’08 that started that lie (if it is one).”
          Why could you not address this statement, Mr. Know-It-All?
          “Be a fucking man.”
          Coming from you that’s funny…..
          That’s a picture of me. That’s my real name.
          Who hides under the cloak of anonymity provided by the world-wide-web?
          Here it is again; The only reason I’m glad Trump won the Presidency is so that punk ass bitch Hillary Clinton will never be President.
          My comments are public, just like yours. If you want to you are free to look and see I have stated this at least a couple times before.
          Why don’t you address real problems where ever they may be found, instead of providing links and quotes to support your silly ass statements.
          Before you tell anyone to be a man, YOU must act like one yourself.
          In other words, put up your real picture and your real name. If you are less than willing to do that, at least shut your fucking mouth about anybody being a real man.
          Apparently, you are not.
          Enjoy your weekend, jammyjaybird (if that’s your name…hahahahahahaha).

        4. If Comey says that Trump attempted to force him to shut down the investigation, he’d be perjuring himself.

        5. President Trump’s firing of James Comey revealed strange timing and bad political optics, but was long over due.
          The head of the FBI (quite outside his purview as an investigatory official) announced in summer 2016 to the nation that he had decided not to seek an indictment of Hillary Clinton.
          Then, again in the role of a presumed federal attorney, he seemed to reverse that judgment by reopening his investigation. Then he appeared to re-reverse that decision — all at the height of a heated presidential campaign.
          Throughout such a bizarre sequence, Comey stuck to a (flawed) exegesis about the nature of federal statutes in question (intent is not a mitigating circumstance in the felonious insecure transmission of classified federal documents).
          Comey de facto had assumed yet another new role in addition to his newfound claims to be both an investigator and a prosecuting federal attorney — that of legislator and judge.
          Last summer, the many-headed Comey apparently believed that he would face no consequences for his moth-to-the flame desire for public showmanship — given the widely shared belief that Hillary Clinton was going to be president and that Loretta Lynch would probably continue on as attorney general. (Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton on the tarmac five days before Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview, and, around the same time, Clinton allies said that Hillary was considering retaining Lynch as the attorney general.)
          In Comey’s case, in his public and congressional statements, he repeatedly emphasized that he was conducting an ongoing investigation of possible “collusion” between Putin and those who surrounded Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.
          Yet at the same time, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had casually exonerated Trump from just those charges of collaborating with the Russians. Comey may have confirmed that
          in private to some senators.
          In contrast, in the past, Comey had foolishly put some currency in an unsourced and unverified but tawdry and soon-leaked Fusion GPS dossier of supposed Trump sexual antics in Moscow — fake news stories generated, as Comey should have known, by opposition researchers funded first by Republican Never Trump operatives and then by the hit teams of the Clinton campaign.
          Yet Comey was uncharacteristically quiet about ongoing disclosures that members of the Obama administration had unmasked names of people surveilled by intelligence agencies. At best, if true, the administration unduly revealed identities and then leaked them to the press; and at worst, it deliberately reverse-targeted political opponents, on the pretext that normal monitoring of Russian officials had, mirabile dictu, caught up Trump associates. Either way, it illegally leaked classified material.
          Comey probably understood that keeping silent about FBI inquiries into alleged collusion with the Russians could earn bad enough press to endanger his career. And in the opposite fashion, he seemed to think it was wiser to remain mute about FBI investigations into why and how the administration had surveilled American citizens and then leaked their names to pet reporters.
          In the end, Comey’s gymnastics were too clever by half, and he strategized himself out of a job. One of his legacies will be that Hillary Clinton broke the law in using an unsecured server, illegally passed on classified materials, destroyed a great deal of evidence, and participated in Clinton Foundation payola through the cheapening of her position as secretary of state — and got off not just scot-free but outraged that anyone would suggest she should face any consequences whatsoever.

        6. Whew!
          I read a lot of WikiLeaks. You said all this better than I can. Thank you a million.

    2. you were kinda right about the chinese shelving 130- plus coal-fired plants; but what about the remaining 200 or so on the drawing board? Only bringing this up bc you read one thing, I read another, and it still doesnt add up…

    3. During a debate for his Senate seat he admitted he was not born in the US. The controversy regarding Obama’s birth certificate was partially created by Obama.

    4. Trump wasn’t photographed holding a bloody, decapitated Obama head.
      Which would have caused the little Obama girls more distress – hearing there was a possibility their buffoon of a father was not born in America, or staring at someone holding what appeared to be his bloody decapitated head?
      I wonder if constantly hearing their parents being referred to by millions of Americans as misandric gender and race baiters distressed them?

  25. Deranged Peedoqueer! She was paedophiled and is a paedophile!
    “Griffin discussed her eldest brother, Kenny, who was a drug addict and homeless at various times, and revealed that she was “afraid of him until the moment he died” due to his violent, abusive nature. Griffin states that Kenny would climb into bed with her when he was 30 and she was 7 and “whisper” into her ears; Kathy refused to speak to him or be in the same room as him for years but didn’t tell her parents until she was in her twenties, at which point he openly admitted paedophilia to their parents.”

    1. CNN booted her when sponsors started pulling out. They are just whores who respond to the all mighty dollar.

  26. I disagree with just about every post on this board today, at least all the ones who say she just torpedoed her career…to the contrary, once the smoke clears she’ll rake in the cash on the SJW/lib/homo circuit, as this cohort now considers her some sort of brave hero. Just watch (actually, let’s not watch — waste of time).

  27. Her career is NOW over, you say? I think this was an over-the-top-attempt to revive it. Haven’t heard shit from her in at least a decade. She’s like the female version of Andy Dick; fucking weird to look at & a God damn mess. At least some of his stuff was actually funny.

    1. “Kathy Griffin now on suicide watch.”
      Got herself fired. And now she wants to kill herself?
      What a weak ass bitch!

  28. “Never heard of her until this stunt.” “Forgot she existed.”
    Exactly. This is how fading b list celebs revive their careers. Shock value is popular and creates opportunities. Look at how it helped get Trump elected.

  29. coulter pointed out her fan base is all the gayz. But to libs, muz beat ghey. If they’re not interchangeable victim groups (Tribe Called Quest’s lyrics mocking normies “muslims and the gays, god we hate your ways”).

  30. I wasn’t even aware she was a comedian. Isn’t the job of a comic to be funny? In all honesty, I have yet to come across a female “comic” that is.

      1. Male comics are simply far superior to female ones. There is no comparison between someone like Bill Burr and Sandra Bernhardt.
        Mean spirited? I find only the women to be particularly crass as a percentage. They’re mostly the female version of Andrew dice clay, just not funny.

    1. Wanda Sykes used to be funny. I don’t know if she still is. And Cheryl Underwood. Only two women I ever heard who I thought was funny.

      1. I’ve always been a huge fan of stand-up comedy, but not many female comics really ever did it for me. Kathy Griffin is insufferable and she seems like she tries too hard… nothing really original or even remotely funny. Most female comics these days just seem to play it too safe and pander to the sjw/lgbt crowd, etc. You mentioned Cheryl Underwood… now when I look back at some of the older Def Jam Comedy Specials… that was some funny shit… Sommore had some really good stuff, along with a few others.

        1. Now that’s the kind of comedy we need more of. Making fun of homosexuals and bisexuals… ah, glorious days.

      2. I can’t even attempt to watch them anymore. Used to watch Just For Laughs all the time. When a female comic came on, it was time to throw a piss (at least I was near a toilet so I could throw up quickly if I heard something particularly stupid through the door).
        When a man is vulgar, it’s usually funny as shit. When a woman is vulgar, I find her distasteful and extremely unattractive (even if she is physically hot).

  31. We had eight years in which the left assumed that they could insult, belittle, threaten, and attack anyone they disagreed with, and that they would suffer no consequences. Now people are getting tired of their garbage and fighting back. Since she is a leftwing woman, she will play the oppressed woman card.

    1. You hit the nail right on the head.
      Barack’s gone and Hills lost the election. The liberal/Dems are pissed. They know their free wheeling days of unchecked hate, and bigotry aimed at anyone who goes against their grain are over.
      It might just no longer be so easy to hate on and blame the white male – creator, builder, and maintainer of the civilized world for their imaginary problems, and stupid choices anymore.
      Times they are a changin’
      Griffin is a liberal, a SJW, and worst of all a feminist. Barack did anything and everything humanly possible to push female entitlement and privilege, removing accountability, and consequences from women for every disgusting, violent, or reprehensible action.
      The Kathy Griffins of the world are the vicious, infantilized, entitled end result of eight years of Obama.

  32. This is a nice change of pace, but it’s going to take a long time and a lot of work to undo the damage that liberalism has done to America and the younger generations.

  33. All I know about this woman is that every now and then she likes to take her shirt off just for attention. In fact she strutted around Times Square in her bra for New Years Eve. Mind you, this winter was mild, even in New York, but still, a woman must be really hungry for attention if she wants to get naked in the cold. This one was taken a month ago. Since those saggy relic tits couldn’t just get the job done, she pulled this stunt.

  34. As for her going after Barron, children have never really been
    “off limits” for most women, even their own.
    They don’t hesitate to use and manipulate their own children to
    butt-rape their husbands in divorce court.

    1. Let’s not forget the vast majority of infanticide- about 98% – is commited by a child’s mother.

      1. Let’s not forget the vast majority of child abuse and murder where the mother stands by and lets the boyfriend abuse and murder her children. Case going on right now with the “Baby Doe” trial. Drug addicted hoe bag mother meets guy when buying drugs and lets him move into the home. Of course she’s a victim. She pulled a deal for no jail time in return for testimony. Shouldn’t be allowed.

  35. The fact that she blamed Trump when she got fired by CNN for her work shows how utterly insane the left has become. How in the hell can anyone negotiate with insane people. The left needs another beating next fall. I am scared shitless if one of these leftist nuts gets into power.

  36. In a masculine country who values ethnic integrity and honor, this bitch would be found on the sewers.

  37. Barron needs to stop watching t.v. It’s becoming a really bad influence on him.

  38. Watch the ‘apology’ video and look for the following:
    – closes her eyes for too long to be a normal blink
    – rolls her eyes
    – smirks right at the very end
    She’s not sorry in the least.

    1. The only sorry this miserable cow is is sorry for the controversy it created necessitating having to spend money on an attorney and supposedly losing gigs.

  39. The problem with good people is they usually only go on the offensive from the corner rather than from the middle of the ring.

  40. I just couldn’t figure out who she looked like with her skinny long face and buggy eyes. One RoK commentor really hit the nail on her head – she looks like Adam Lanza in a red wig. She is one physically ugly woman, here’s where too thin just doesn’t look good on an older woman. I always thought she was annoying and I could never figure out what she was doing on the New Year’s Eve show. AC needed a beard.

  41. I hope the Photoshop artists out there will be busily spinning images of someone holding Griffin’s bloody, severed head. And if they don’t, I will learn Photoshop and do it myself. The image of her own Isis severed, and bloody, head is something that Griffin should have to see .. and for a long time now.

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