The Ugly Reality Of Online Dating

Online dating used to be reserved for single parents and the washed up spinsters who had an easy way to lock down a beta provider as they would be the only men on there, but today things have changed and basically anyone who owns a smartphone is in the game.

Apps such as Tinder provide an easier outlet to engage in online dating for the younger generation, with an abundance of talent under the age of 35. With easy access to a variety of girls all with the swipe of a thumb, it would appear as though we have hit the jackpot, but for the majority of average guys out there, the harsh reality tells a different story.

Its not what it seems

It does seem like we have an easy and convenient option of meeting new girls, compared to the standard nightclub grind. Now you don’t have to wait till the weekend in hopes that your friends might be keen on a night on the town to hit on women when it’s more than likely you will be ending the night getting smashed and stuffing your face with a kebab while waiting for an Uber big enough to fit your blue balls in.

The new age of online dating has basically eliminated the need to rely on such endeavors as you can now hit on an unlimited amount of girls from your smartphone. However, we are paying the ultimate price for this convenience as it allows the majority of females the opportunity to fulfill their sexual desires at the detriment of the average bloke.

A tool to fuel the female ego

The rise of social media and online dating apps such as Tinder give females a platform for endless attention and validation. These reasons alone provide girls with leverage over most males in the sexual marketplace. Back in the day, girls would have to dress to the nines and smash a few bottles of cheap wine with their girlfriends while pre-drinking to pop music ready to get even less attention than they do now.

In a nightclub, girls may get hit on a few times by the more alpha or drunk guys, and maybe receive a few glances from some other guys, but not everyone in the spot will act on their urges. Tinder and social media provide all girls with an endless source of validation, because any guy can show their interest much easier than real life. The validation may come in the form of a like on social media or a right swipe on Tinder, which over time will cause an inflated ego and sense of self worth.

Set yourself apart to even the playing field

Most of my successes have been in real life situations based and my willingness to approach and the way I presented myself. If I’m in a nightclub and I’m one of the few guys to approach and make a good impression, there is more urgency for the girl to act on my advancements, since there is a chance she might not see me again. On Tinder, however, there is no urgency for a girl to see a guy who she finds attractive compared to a real life situation.

In the digital world, I am just one of many hundred other guys who could have approached her in a given week. It’s hard to set yourself apart and gain the same attention compared to real life when any guy can easily approach online.

The ease of entry for any guy to get in the online game causes an increase in competition for the same girls. For instance, a Tinder profile can be set up quite easily—all you need is a few photos and your mum to take some cool muscle pictures of you while your flexing into the camera.

It’s quite easy to become complacent and rely solely on online game as you can technically approach girls until you get thumb cramp, but with every other guy adopting the same strategy, girls will soon become saturated with unlimited options. This is because most guys are keen to pursue these girls.

Girls who receive attention from a large pool of guys have a false sense of their own value. And if provided with a large selection of potential candidates, girls will only chose the top value men, who may not want a relationship with these girls, but are still willing to sleep with them one or two times.

Things that earn the average guy points in real life like having the balls to cold approached in public along with the confidence and charisma that follows have a limited value in the online world. So while you’re killing your pool workout at the gym and right swiping in-between sets, it will be that tall good-looking meathead with the shit tattoos that will be best served on Tinder.


Many of the average males are left with limited options, as girls who are less attractive than they are manage to secure intimacy with higher value males. Girls who have the option to sleep with higher value males will be reluctant to settle for guys of the same or lower level of attractiveness.

The result is a high number of guys who are not getting any action but are still helping validate these girls online. Due to the large amount of thirsty guys, girls are now in a position of power as they can control the sexual marketplace.

In a time where such harsh conditions are dictating the sexual marketplace, it is more important now to consider other alternatives, as only relying on Tinder will be a poor strategy. As previously highlighted in the manosphere, both day and night game can yield good results, especially if you commute into the city everyday on public transport. It also helps if you live in a city where you have strong social connections.

It is important for guys to realize the current state of dating in the modern digital society in order to be aware of the disadvantages they face, so appropriate steps can be taken in spite of the adversity.

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501 thoughts on “The Ugly Reality Of Online Dating”

  1. I read an article a month or so ago about the “Tinderization of the NBA.” Basically it said all these NBA players were playing better on the road because it was so much easier to get laid–the women simply come to the players hotel room (after matching on Tinder), instead of the guys having to go to the club. What does that mean for those of us that aren’t 6’4, rich, athletic and famous–it means that the nine or ten on tinder is going to chose a night with Lebron James (or whoever) over your average ass any day, whether it just be for the day.

    1. Tinder just cuts any sort of game you might have off. The only reason to use those is if you’re model-handsome. And then you probably won’t need Tinder.

  2. Pretty astute argument for why not to depend on Tinder. Sure it is easier to swipe a bit, but it is also easier to spend many hours doing so, with the payoff being very low. Just comparing this to all the rewards of general pick up should leave pick up as the land slide winner. But there are a few guys, who either fit the metric of tall, dark, or tingle generating, who can get laid 3 times a week on Tinder. The lowest hanging fruit gets the most seekers, because we as a species are lazy and want the more immediate gratification.
    I know of a few guys who are killing it on Tinder, but they exude fun, are fairly attractive physically, and demonstrably fit and over 6’0. If ladies want sex in a basket that seems to be the build most desired. At least on Tinder.

    1. “I know of a few guys who are killing it on Tinder, but they exude fun, are fairly attractive physically, and demonstrably fit and over 6’0. If ladies want sex in a basket that seems to be the build most desired. At least on Tinder.”
      I was one of those guys. I used it for a little less than a year, and it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Match rate of about 50 to 60% with a one-line bio and only three pics. However, I also got a bit bored, and eventually deleted it. Also, because of my age, girls under 27 or so were screening me out, which they definitely don’t do IRL.
      To any guy who’s less than 6’0″ or not facially attractive, look elsewhere. Online has become a haves-and-have-nots kind of situation.

      1. What I find most telling, is there are a few women who I have found on Tinder, who I have banged in real life already, who wouldn’t swipe right! Doesn’t mean I won’t bang them again in real life, or someone of better quality but it is telling that the 6’0 dream became a reality for them simply because of vagina. I mainly go for the trolling aspect now while I focus on cold approaches. To me, cold approach on a sunny day is the real bringer of success.

        1. It feels better to approach in real life. I think it raises T levels.
          A couple weeks ago, I opened a gorgeous mixed-race girl at a local cafe. She was reading Orwell’s 1984. We chatted for a few minutes, and though it didn’t go anywhere, I was sporting wood for about an hour afterwards.

        2. Hah! Since I am pretty well read, a lady with a book is almost like shooting fish in a barrel. Good job with going after what you want. A week or so ago, saw these two gorgeous black girls, who kind of looked like Alicia Keys if she were brown skinned and had curves. Everything about them said approach but since they were eating I felt awkward busting the table up to approach. Even though I went on to get 3 other numbers that night, not approaching definitely sat with me a bit longer. Go figure.

      2. That’s what I tell my acquaintances. Unless you have a pretty good face and the physique of a Greek God, you have nothing to do online. Neither your wit, your “ability to dominate conversations, your bravery nor your masculinity will be conveyed, online you are your face and your physique, only.

      3. The only guy I knew to get any pull on Tinder is 6’7. He’s got personality issues out the ass (anxiety, rage issues, massive insecurity, the list goes on), but put one picture of his scrawny ass standing next to a muscled-but-average-height fellow like me and he’s got tail for days.
        I stole the hottest ones out from under him IRL, though, so I’m not complaining.

    2. I fit this description but i get catfished so often its a waste of time (unless im outside the US, or the girl is foreign.)
      Plus like you said, I can swap the swiping for something more productive, that puts me in a better mood.

  3. Just saw an old friend a few weeks ago. It’s been over twenty years since high school, and he hasn’t gotten any better looking. Gained a lot of weight, really bad long hair, lousy clothing, even the same nerd glasses.
    I gently asked about his love life, and he said he messaged 150 women the last time he subscribed to a dating site, OkCupid. For all of that effort, he received ONE response — from a fat woman who was on heavy anti-psychotic medication. Then he went on Bumble, and not a single woman contacted him. Finally, he gave up and went incel.
    So I told him a condensed version of the ideas in this article. His response: “Well, I also really love Star Trek, and I’m trying to find a girl who likes that.” After I lifted my forehead from the bar top, I signaled for another drink, and laid the tough love: “My friend, you will *never* find a decent looking female Trekkie fan. Even if you did, there are seven thousand other Trekkie guys just like you lined up to meet her, so she’ll have a wildly inflated sense of her own self-worth. And stop going online. It only rewards the best-looking guys.”
    “So what do I do?”
    “Cut your hair, lose forty pounds, and start approaching women in real life. You make great conversation and dominate groups with your wit. Lead with that instead.”
    I don’t think he heard me. All indicators point to him dreaming of the sexy cosplay woman of his dreams … while he just gets older, grayer, and fatter.

    1. I have had almost the exact same conversation with my roomate on numerous occasions, minus the Star Trek theme. I had a female FWB that wanted to introduce her friend to my roomate, but she told me before she arranged it to convince him to groom his shitty beard, trim his fingernails, and tame his vagrant long hair then he might have a chance. Mind you, he hasn’t been laid in almost 2 years so I figured he would be inspired to do something about his appearance in order to get a piece of ass.
      Well guess what, after picking on him for weeks over his grooming habits and telling him if he did all of the aforementioned things, he had a great chance to get laid, he fought me the entire way. “I’m not changing myself for some bitch, if she’s not into the way I am then screw her.” We all ended up going out for drinks and her girlfriend ended up leaving early but not before she telling me my roommate looked like a homeless guy, “and OMG those fingernails!!!”
      Her girlfriend actually ended up asking for my FWB’s blessing to hang out with me, and we have been screwing on and off ever since.
      Some dudes are beyond help.

      1. Extremely feminized is my diagnosis. His response was that of a woman, only an external shock might take him out of his own delusions…

        1. You would be amazed at the results that disclosing your sexual partners to other women brings about.

      2. Fuck that dude. He’s like a fat feminist bitch who wants men to accept her donut eating ass. You should send WhatsApp videos of you fucking that chick to his ignorant ass. Tell him yeah dude this is what you could have had.

        1. He gets to taste defeat every time I tell him I need the apartment for the night so I can rail some chicks brains out.

        2. Not entirely. He doesn’t sound fat but rather just a few minor grooming issues: A beard that could use trimming (have you seen Roosh? :-), fingernails, and a haircut.
          My father told me stories of his dating experiences back in the 1950’s and it sounds a lot similar: The men got crewcuts, greased their hair to make it look even more organized (kind of like gel today, what’s old is new again…), and when they went to a dance, they dressed to the 9’s. Most men knew dance moves but this wasn’t extraordinary since it was considered polite to dance with anyone (even someone she wouldn’t go out with) just for practice. It was considered weird for a woman to dance alone or with her friends. This is why some in the era predicted the dance “the twist” was a product of Satan: A dance move people could make by themselves.
          I remember my mother telling me that her sisters gave my father a hard time for dropping her off and my father was wearing GRAY socks with black pants. Can you believe it?!?!
          But even so, only the most catty women would have dumped a guy over the above things all other things considered. Does the roommate have an advanced degree and good paying job? Is he reasonably tall? Most 1950’s would have considered someone like that a bargain. It’s like finding a corvette in a barn that the farmer’s son abandoned and just needs new tires and a tuneup.

        3. Ya but in this case, it’s not new tires, it needs a whole new frame, to the point where you would be best off getting a new car, despite it having a great engine/tranny.
          The man has shown his true self, he doesn’t care about improving basic things in order to better himself. It’s all downhill for him since his complete out look on life is faulty, even if he is tall/good job.

        4. So what colour socks was he supposed to wear?
          I don’t know, I can’t imagine that a guy who can’t be bothered to take care of basic grooming has an advanced degree or anything else to recommend him.

        5. Happy Monday Englishbob,
          I would expect that he was expected to wear black socks (or some other color to better match his outfit). There’s a lot more to that story (which is kind of personal family history) but I wanted to illustrate that there was a time when men were expected to dress and groom well but, also, the women groomed EVEN BETTER.
          I fell like I ought to warm up the DeLorean to go further. 🙂
          Women dressed and groomed IMPECCABLY when going out on dates or dances. No tattoos or face piercings. It could easily take a woman at least an hour or two to go out on such an event. For home dates, however, it was acceptable to be a little more casual for both genders. After all, most people back then lived within their means.
          One of the things I chuckle about now is the modern post-feminist rationalization for demanding men pay for dates which is: “Well, I take a lot of extra time to get ready for a date so HE PAYS FOR THAT TIME!!!” Well, ok then, you better put that extra time in, yes? But the opposite also largely applied: Men were held to a lower standard even back then because they were expected to be the providers. It’s easy to spend a half day grooming when your day job is something you do as a backup or empowerment.
          Your opinion that you can’t imagine a guy can be poorly groomed and have an advanced degree was actually usually the OPPOSITE of the case. (Watch the beginning of Saturday Night Fever with Travolta and the paint can). Even now, club goers who work as baristas put 2 hours into primping to appear sophisticated and attractive while the academic grinds away at his studies and part-time job to help make ends meet and lives in a bachelor pad away from home will be relatively poorly groomed. One of my best friends has 2 sons who are similar to this roommate: Unkept beards, jeans and a sweatshirt, unclipped nails, the works. They’re both super tall, have doctorates in STEM fields, 4.0 GPAs and one just got married. That girl considers herself SUPER lucky.
          But before that girl snagged the guy, he was very much like the roommate: Dated sub-par women because the regular girls ignored him in lieu of the flashy bad boys. 50 years ago, this didn’t happen as much for a variety of reasons: The girls danced with all the guys (and danced entirely WITH men rather than each other), got to know the guys, and the flashy barista with an expensive suit would have been outed. Back then, a young woman sleeping around with bad boys would have gotten a “reputation”, namely gossip, by other women to men that she slept with bad boys and then perhaps after having a kid with the losers would want to settle down with the bearded “nerd” (back then, geeks were nerds) In addition, successful men in careers knew their worth (and back then, good jobs HAD worth!) This is different than a fat, tatted up feminist who THINKS she has worth because she has a career when her success doesn’t translate into any windfall for a successful man who is expected to take care of himself and provide.
          I don’t want to go into my father’s private business but I’ll talk about my own example: A short guy, decent job, ok groomer (but doesn’t make a different much, see short) but I got “game” and “frame” and made myself interesting. So I hustled and got a pretty foreign woman and got married and have a daughter. Looking back, I was a lot like the roommate in that if I had shut my mouth at certain times and done some clown game, I would have gotten laid but… I have at least 3 friends who got paternity raped and I’m glad I wasn’t them. In other words, I didn’t swim in shark filled waters with a pork chop around my neck. My honesty and hustling attracted and found a decent woman whose about as trustworthy as women go. Today, it’s a LOT more work and some work was required back then, but not as much as today and this is partly because so many men don’t know their worth and create this cultural expectation from women.
          Personally, as frustrating as it was for me in my young days, I’m rather glad I didn’t cave in and stuck it out. When I finally had the decent job, game, frame, and timing I was then able to negotiate a good relationship rather than coming from a position of weakness.
          How we got culturally from there to here would require about 5X more explanation so I’ll let that be. I thought it would be neat to tell some cross generational stories and family history.

        6. Please see my comment above. What you just said illustrates the difference between now and 60 years ago and how men have such a low opinion of themselves.
          Assuming a guy doesn’t do drugs or other vices (in Eastern Europe, the women say “no bad habits”), has a decent job and is tall, that’s about 90 percent of what he should really need to bring to the table. Just add some basic game and that’s that. Those ARE the basics.
          At around the age of 30 or so, the field of available men narrows. Many men hitting the dating scene are 2nd timers divorced and often with kids and a lot of the A-game women in their late 20’s don’t want such men. My wife said it was a big plus I didn’t have kids when she met me.
          Your car analogy is interesting because when I see car commercials with them showing off all the bells and whistles such as built-in-wifi, I laugh. My primary requirement for a car is that the engine and tranny are good and repair/maintenance. Been driving the same car for 15 years. My wife’s is 14 years old.

        7. Reminds me of a funny story told by a colleague whose 6’4″, well built, and has two master’s degrees.
          He went out to a nightclub in Silver Spring, MD and met a pretty girl who offered him her number and he handed over a cheap flip phone to punch it in (back about 11 years ago) and she stared at it like it was a dead mouse and said: “Thanks, but I changed my mind.” He bought a blackberry the next day.
          I found this amusing because he was and is an A-grade bachelor. He even bought a home which he admitted made him the target of gold diggers. If he brought a girl back there to lay, they’d totally try to trap him via paternity suits, going crazy and stalking him, etc.
          My happiest bachelor days was renting a ROOM in a home usually with a matronly woman looking for some extra income and I did everything OUTSIDE of that room: go to cultural events, dating, etc. and if when I wanted to read or relax, I stayed in my room but otherwise, my living space wasn’t a selling point to women. It was my job and presentation. Golddiggers didn’t see a lot to latch onto and left me be.

        8. The Happy Mondays… weren’t they a group?
          Anyway, I have an advanced degree and same GPA but I groom myself perfectamente. Likewise with everyone I work with. But I work for a bank and looking good is important in the business world. Even the PhDs I work with dress decently.
          In truth though, if you want to get laid you got to be in the right place. Generally, stay out of the capital cities… Or if you do, go to the tourist areas.

        9. Banking is sort of like sales where imagine matters more than the actual merits of education (just what I saw working in that industry.) But in STEM, it’s largely the opposite. Heck, this is why the IT tech oligarchs emulated the jean-t-shirt dress code to appear smarter (We’ll make everyone dress like slobs to look more like nerds and that way they’ll be smarter.) Sort of like cargo cult business management.

        10. We’ve got a lot of STEM boys at the banks and consulting companies. I think its more of a culture thing. You come to work, you’re expected to show up in a suit. No excuses.

        11. Agreed. I like this culture at the top banks (I’ve worked at them) in that it helped to send a message of office work. At the blue-jeans type places, management seems to be saying “Well, you’re dressed casually so you won’t mind working long hours”. I always got the impression that structure was better at the strict tie places.

        12. Actually for his day he was a hound. His wife was just a safety net that didn’t mind his playing around on the side, and she provided defense against gold diggers.

        13. “He even bought a home which he admitted made him the target of gold diggers. If he brought a girl back there to lay, they’d totally try to trap him via paternity suits, going crazy and stalking him, etc.”
          These skanks get really desperate in their 30’s and try to latch onto some BETA. A house is good bait if you’re a skilled operator looking to use a few hand puppets..

        14. My former boss did something similar: He made a real estate investment when he started out where he figured he could afford a mortgage if he got roommates. So he bought a home and rented out 2 rooms to friends and it was cheaper than an apartment when the math was all done and he owned the place outright.
          It’s better than a muscle car AND an Italian suit! 🙂
          So the chicks melted when he invited them to HIS home. Sure, he rented out a room to two guys: He’s also a landLORD!
          Better than KY.

        15. Black Depending where one lived many men wore white socks. In late 1950’s and 1960’s old photos now available with old yearbooks of that era.

        16. As a STEM major, dressing up in a suit seems like an inefficient waste of time. I did it when I had to give presentations in college, and they are uncomfortable and the shoes are utterly crap. I generally dress “outdoorsy” or whatever. I figure if what I wear is comfortable enough in 90 degree weather hiking 20 miles a day, it’s comfortable enough to wear in normal conditions.
          I generally don’t like to waste time on appearance stuff, as I have more important things to worry about, especially as my classes get more advanced. I like to just get up, throw my clothes on, grab my pack, and get on campus.
          Of course, I look more like a model than a chemistry major, so it doesn’t matter much what I wear. Haven’t had a problem getting women in the past, though as my classes get harder, I have less time for it.

        17. If your suit and shoes are uncomfortable that’s because you bought a bad suit and shoes. You’re going to have to get dressed in the morning no matter what. How is dressing smartly taking you more time than dressing for the outdoors?
          You can get away with dressing badly at school. No one grades you on your appearance. In the real world though, it will cost you money.

        18. I don’t dress badly, actually. But in the real world, what should matter are my skills and abilities. Especially in STEM, which is kind of above that petty sort of bullshit, other than important meetings and such.
          It’s pretty irrelevant for the moment, anyways. I’ve got so many issues from my tour overseas, it’s unlikely I’ll work again. By the time I get my second hearing, which they can decide pretty much anything, I’ll probably have my master’s, and by then, my labwork is the only thing that should matter.
          Of course, I’ll have to dress up for my dissertation, that’s pretty expected. And most likely, job interviews. Aside from that, a suit wouldn’t really fit into a lab environment, and unless I become a professor, it’s unlikely I’ll wear one much at all.
          My professors do usually dress up for class, but in the lab they don’t. So I don’t really see an issue with it, there’s a time and place to wear a suit. I don’t dress strangely or anything, or try to “express” myself with clothing. I wear stuff that doesn’t stick out and is practical.
          It’s not even really the cost. Spending 2 or 3k on a good suit when you make 150k a year and need it for your job is pretty much useful, and is a small piece of your income. If I end up making a lot of money and have places I need to wear one, I’ll spend the money, when it comes to that, for now, it’s not really practical.

        19. You’ll be shocked how little your skills and abilities matter in the real world. The reason for this is that believe it or not, there are many people with the same skills and abilities. What matters most are your soft skills. What distinguishes David from all of our other highly trained STEM candidates?
          One thing that will distinguish you is the care you take with your appearance. Believe it or not, employers will judge you by it, the same reason why you may choose one car over another because of the colour.
          I have never spent 2K on a suit.

        20. Nah, not shocked. I’m almost 40, been working a long time. I may not be able to work again, anyways(disability ruling by the VA, crippling mental illness), so it is a bit of a moot point. Only reason I’m back in college is because I have two classes left for my degree, might as well finish. I’d like to get better, and eventually work again. Worse case, I’ll hit the trails again, and hike year round. Got all my gear and a hell of a lot of survival skills(both wilderness and homeless variety).
          Only good thing about my disability was the Dept of Ed vaporized my almost 70k worth of loans(was pretty quick, submitted a form and my VA paperwork, took maybe a month).

          I can dress nicely when I need to. Dissertations and job interviews, as I mentioned. I’ve never seen anyone in a lab wearing a suit, though.
          And I know there are people with the same skills and abilities. And most have a better GPA(dropped out 5 times, ect). The fact that I have almost managed to get a Materials Chem BS(significantly harder than a regular chem degree) despite multiple crippling mental illnesses says a lot for my perseverance.
          Though for QM, I wish I would have stuck with taking Calc 3, wasn’t required for my major, thought it was, found out it wasn’t and I dropped it.
          I’m also getting a Geology degree, with my own money, since my last chem courses are spring only. They are significantly more laid back than other STEM majors, and you spend a lot of time in the field.
          But for the car analogy, I’ve never chosen one by color. My top pick for a car is reliability, and I bought cheap beaters, so I never really had a choice in color, a car is an appliance. I never washed my Taurus wagon once in the 7 years I owned it.
          It died in 2013, haven’t replaced it. Buses, walking, and Ubers get me where I need to go. Good riddance, hated driving.

        21. You and I won’t choose cars by colour but employers will. Sorry to hear about your disability but pleased to hear that you’re not letting it stop you. I admire you.
          When you get past 40 is when employers stop giving a shit about you. If you can, try to find a way to turn your skills into your own business. Then you can wear what the fuck you want.
          Hell is other people, after all.

        22. Yeah, it’s been a shitty journey. I may never need to work again, but I’m not going to bet on that, nor do I want to. I’ll most likely need at least my Master’s to do what I want with my degree(it’s basically a mix of engineering, chem, and physics, basically nanotechnology, structurally super strong plastics and crazy carbon nanotube structures, really interesting stuff).
          Yeah, I agree with you about the clothing thing, I think we both misunderstood each other. If I’m getting my Master’s or PhD, I’d wear whatever they wanted me to, and I understand a nice suit for that or job interviews. That’s pretty much expected, and I’m cool with that. I don’t dress weird or have piercings, or look like a goth or anything, so I don’t exactly have a resistance to dressing nice.
          But, in labs, you can spill all kinds of nasty shit on your clothes. There are lab coats, but that doesn’t protect your pants. Also, you might need to quickly get out of your clothes or jump in the shower. I don’t deal with anything super dangerous yet, but as with any job, you deal with worse shit the higher you go and the more training you have.
          And doing my own business isn’t likely in that industry. Our analyzation equipment generally runs 500k and up, and there is a lot of really specialized things that accurately measure incredibly small amounts of chemicals. I’d be able to somewhat pursue my own research with a higher degree, depending on who I work for.

        1. As a young man who takes care of himself and still sttrugle a lot to get dates , the fact that these long-haired fat fucks feel deserving of any pussy and just pop up in the dating scene like they ain’t doing nothing wrong , makes me mad.

        2. It’s one thing if they’ve given-up, because dating market, but another thing if they feel entitled to something putting in zero effort.

        3. No reason to get mad, mate. In fact, in a room full of long-haired fat fucks the average man is king.
          Don’t believe me? Find yourself a comic convention or Renaissance Fair and see for yourself.

        4. His type of attitude spills over into so many other areas of life, I see other people with similar behavior who just love to sit around and complain about their life situation but make not one ounce of effort to change anything about it.

        5. it’s probably the millennial disease. I will say that I went through the recession in a really hardly-hit area, and so I like to think I have a little bit of a work ethic. But a lot of the younger crowd will not do anything or be told anything “offensive”, and try to start fights over normal, everyday things.

        6. I will absolutely do that bro , as I’m a big anime fan myself. But other than that I don’t have much in common with the guy above.
          What bothers , is how narcissistic everybody is nowadays. I bet that fat nerd thinks of himself as some special human being who deserves a special woman etc when in fact he is just a piece of trash. It makes me wanna puke.

        7. He is not special. He is not a beautiful or unique snowflake. He’s the same decaying organic matter as everyone else.
          But he doesn’t know that as well as you and I. His loss, our gain.

        8. Native Just wait until you’re a bit older: say somewhere around the age(s) of about 28 – 35 It’s around that age when all the rejections and negative experiences turn you into a fine-tuned machine, as well as when you hit your physical peak. You will have your choice of women in the 19-35 range. Plus you have the sphere to tap for tips & advice. You’ll be killing it. You’ll look back at yourself today and understand that the frustration & aggravation was not in vain. We’ve all been through what you’re going through.

        9. I know bro. At least I understand things thanks to the sphere. It would be worse I imagine if I was bitter without understanding why shit happens. I’ve already experienced the darkest side of the sexual market and the society in general. It will help me when I get older I think.

        10. The Amazing Atheist (now TJ Kirk) is a long-haired fat fuck and he is dating a cute young girl. Being a popular Youtuber has its perks it seems.

        11. That’s why he is still single. His views on Halloween were unknown to me until the girl told me WTF. They were both engineers in different fields I thought the intro would have been wise. Even after word he still just refused to admit he was wrong about it during one on one guy talk trying to get him advice. Unsalvageable.

        12. He refused to do the cost-benefit analysis of do I want to hold onto my views about Halloween or do I want women. I am the same Christian faith as he is and I am not anywhere near that medieval view. I hadn’t even heard that existed until he brought it up. Either way it’s sad that he can’t adjust that. I’m a conservative but I can go to any bar and turn on my democratic propaganda like I’ve been one my entire life.

        13. If your goal is just to bang, there are some subjects that you need to stay FAR away from with most women. For example, I love video games and will never stop playing them but most women run the other way when a 30+ year old guy is still into that shit. I also learned my lesson about bringing up social/political issues in conversation, nowadays I just keep things light and fun and the women I associate with enjoy my company much more now than past females that had to deal with the opinionated/bitter version of me. A few minor tweaks can go a long way, friend.

        14. I’ve already come to this conclusion. Everytime I brought the topic it was a big turn off to women. I basically only watch some dark gore classics which put like the western productions like the hollywood crap to shame , but women can’t tell the difference. It’s a shame since psychology , philosophy and some certain anime series/mangas are the only things I genuinely like to talk about.

        15. It certainly will. You already have self-awareness and that is any man’s greatest attribute. And I find it an exceedingly rare attribute. It allows you to continually improve yourself while keeping you grounded in reality. Always take time for honest self reflection Native.

        16. Hey guys,
          I just had a daughter but if I had a son, here’s what I would advise him about dating (I have different advice for my daughter, of course, but it will be to her advantage and also ethical and different than the garbage most women get.)
          Decent looking women have a winning lottery ticket and due to the culture, their egos are puffed up. They can be jerks at the start of a relationship because they CAN. As simple as that. I think Roosh refers to it as “spooking the cat”. You’re dancing on eggs. So you can’t be political. You can’t be weird. It’s like those house flipping shows where every room is painted beige and other neutral colors. At the same time, you have to stand out so you pick the best aspects of your personality and puff them up. You like video games? So play flight simulator and spend some time at an airfield and take her on a first date.
          After she’s been wowed and you have some emotional leverage, then you can start to reveal your “true” self in small, digestible bits as her leverage over you decreases and yours increases. It’s like trying to level out a scale by taking sand from one side and moving it to the other but not too quickly.
          In addition, men who figure this out and become “choosers” or on this forum “abundance” then develop the ability to gain even more leverage.
          Regarding someone to discuss philosophy with, etc. That’s why I’m on this forum. I don’t talk about this stuff with my wife because she’s uninterested in it. I have male friends I hang out with and chew the fat on this stuff.

        17. One thing I’ll say about feminism is that they at least have the concept of working together to achieve common goals. Women of my generation shamed each other if one said she asked out her boyfriend (even if he was a nice guy) or used online dating (at that time, meeting at a brothel was more reputable). The idea was to keep men thirsty and desperate via The Rules and then the women could collectively make demands of men both personally and by extension, in society resulting in the hyper chivalrous white knight mess we talk about on RoK today.
          A society full of empowered men is your gain even if they’re competition because they help to create a culture that respects men. There’s the old saying about watching how a woman treats a waiter on a date because that’s you in about a year. The same goes for this guy: When your clown game stumbles she will instantly revert you down to the default view she has of all men.

        18. Yeah “just be yourself” fucks things up everytime. Still, I can’t bring myself to talk about the stupid shit women and some men like to talk about.

        19. Old man advice (for what it’s worth)
          It’s ok to be yourself, just “edit” a bit. If you’re like every other chump, that’s how she’ll see you. So show off your best features but drop the scare-cat stuff for the first few dates/interactions: philosophy, sexual politics, politics in general (unless she’s a Trump supporter, then marry her on the spot), and accept that she’s basically a 10 year old at Chuck-E-Cheese’s for the first few dates because her possession of a vagina entitles her to such luxury.
          I beat the system by keeping the dates fun without too much talking (activity dates such as minigolf, shooting range, tennis, etc.) Dinner dates are the worst: It’s like being on a job interview. Keep it as short as possible. When you’ve rounded 3rd base, then you can start showing her Bluebeard’s different rooms.

      3. My (future) wife told me to shave my beard and trim my nails. I did. Been together for 16 years.
        But let’s not be too rough on the guy. If he did the (at least temporary makeover) and “got his chance”, would that have worked? Or would she just have dumped him anyway over something else?
        40 years ago (yeah, I’m that old), I saw guys like this get girlfriends all the time much the same way I did: The women saw potential in the guys, asked him to make some improvements and after she batted her eyelids at him for a bit, the guys went through with it. If he didn’t, she’d move on. In other words:
        Women had game back then.
        When the post-feminist era kicked in, my generation of women started the “I don’t need a man and if I did, they’ll have to run through my hoops” attitude. Some women just enjoyed watching men pay attention to them for the thrill of it and went home alone.

        1. BTW to guys who chew their nails off, quit that shit or else your front teeth will start to angle outward from you using your front grill as though it is built of molars. The Mr. Ed look dries gut lockers up in a second.

        2. My generation of women (millennials) have no concept of buying low and investing in guys. Or at least it seems that way. As you already stated, you can thank feminism for that, but also social media for giving them the illusion that they have quality men to choose from.
          I think most men really do want to approach girls and ask them out with the hopes of getting a date. But I can tell you right now, the success rate is extremely low and with the high rate of rejection, it just isn’t worth it anymore for guys to approach girls. I still do and I don’t get bothered by rejection, but I can tell you the success rate is pretty dismal.
          To get a glimpse of what I’m working with, I am 6 feet, 200 pounds and workout 3-4 times a week. Since I just graduated, I’ve turned my hours I lost from school into working out and doing more cardio to cut down on belly fat. Whenever I go out, I dress in slim fit dress shirts, fitted jeans and boots and in the summer I’ll wear a slim fit v-neck or polo with flat front shorts or a nice pair of pants. Even with proper grooming, I still get largely ignored when I go out and in all honesty I can say I’m not ugly by any means (I promise ha).
          The most important part of your post here is when you said “Women had game”. I feel like millennial girls only have game when it comes to competing for the “best” guys. They won’t invest in you unless you’re a really special catch and I think that is really unfortunate. Because reality will set in and they will be the ones alone later in life or married to some guy they despise.

        3. Hello Bill. Sorry if this gets long.
          When I was younger, I spent a lot of time with older generations including guys who fought in WWII and Korea and, it seems amazing now, befriended and spent a lot of time with old women. They were happy for the company (and respect) and I enjoyed their stories and different perspectives on life. The only constant in life is change but a lot of things stay the same.
          One thing that is largely the same now as in my time was that young American women had oversized egos due to over attention. There wasn’t social media back then so most young men had to engage in daygame whether they were good at it or not. I was an early adopter of internet dating (since I was in the IT industry) and women resisted it because they preferred men approaching them in person because of the tremendous power it gave them. As Roosh stated in a recent video, a daygame approach is one of the hardest things to do. It’s like cold calling people on the phone to sell something. With that kind of leverage, the women could insist the men run through hoops and engage in clown game that is crazy even by today’s standards. One of their favorites was the demand that a man be “self confident, but sensitive”: A kind of super clown who would be John Wayne and Chuck E Cheese at the same time.
          My generation bridged the modern era of “no rules” (so to speak) where the winning men could have sex with dozens or even hundreds of women and the 99 percenters who dealt with a dysfunctional sexual marketplace. Before then, when women were expected to maintain a reputation, had a limited sexual marketplace (if she slept around, the whole town would know it without a need for twitter) and society taught them to value a good home and family, they treated men a lot better because she had skin in the game.
          So anyhow, my generation was not much better off and in some ways, worse. I know a guy who hit on about 100 women in a week and didn’t get a single bite. It was emotionally devastating for him and probably puffed up the egos of those 100 women making them worse for the next guy. That was 30 years ago.
          With internet dating, yeah, a pretty woman can get 100 guys flooding her inbox in a week but she also puts into perspective that she has little power over them because there’s little emotional skin in the game for those guys. I actually think it helps this generation in that she can then indulge her fantasy (I’m reminded of the 80’s show: “Fantasy Island”) and then get the tables turned a bit. She now has to filter through all the fakes and gets some of her expectations challenged by reality. In the old system, the women would think that the next guy to stumble up to her and blurt out a line would be the perfect knight in shining armor. I think that seeing 100 fakes on the web helps to create a (healthier) level of skepticism.
          Back then, there were a few hot guys and I love to tell stories about them because it’s similar to what you describe for the hot ones. The women would get all wet and then make awkward approaches like us men but these hot guys at least showed compassion and respect for the women (I imagine if we lived in a non-chivalrous society, these men would behave just as cruelly as women who get hit on a lot.) So times haven’t changed that much as I said. I think the big change happened when the notion of “casual” sex came out. Roosh went to Ukraine looking to have a one night stand and it didn’t happen. There’s a reason for this: In a culture where men compete for casual sex from women, women will become lazy and hostile towards men.
          If you have a chance, google “the playboy philosophy” and laugh because it’s like Das Kapital that describes a utopian European society but instead turned out a lot different.
          I find your experiences rather interesting in that if you’re handsome and well put together and women are ignoring you, that is rather incredible. It’s possible that there’s a new stage in cultural expectations in that millennial women college graduates are ignoring men overall because they’re focused on their careers. Their parents (and themselves) went into debt for their dream job and now they’re going to spend 10 years of their precious youth to get established before even looking at men?
          I did a similar thing myself for different reasons. As I saw thirsty men around me throw themselves down for sub-quality women, I decided to work on myself. I learned foreign languages, worked out, built up my social skills, etc. but this is different than the women above who are developing careers that are of little value in getting the kind of men they’re interested in.

        4. Thanks for sharing. I think you’re definitely correct in that girls are now told to focus on their careers, but it is definitely awful advice.
          I was into this girl from a class of mine this past semester as she exceeded everything I could ever hope for in a woman. We flirted a lot and the flirtation escalated throughout the semester and more so after I asked her out, but she wanted to wait til after the semester since she was in pre-med class along with our capstone (my first red flag).
          So the semester ended and I asked her out “again” and she gave me a runaround about how shes starting summer classes again and works every day and has family coming in from overseas (shes not from the US). So I cut the crap and just told her I was really into her and enjoyed meeting her and ultimately I wanted to take her out on a date. So she told me the real reason she wouldn’t go out with me and that is because she’s studying abroad soon and is moving to the UK.
          She’s 23 so imagine another 4-5 years of Med school and her abroad study might not even transfer to some universities. Tack on an additional 3-4 maybe even 5-7 years of residency and that puts her well into her 30s before she even thinks about having kids.
          That is just one example and she’s really smart so it’ll work out for her. But the other one’s who take their time to get established in careers that do not even pay well or ones that could date but choose not to, are running a huge risk of never having kids or meeting Mr. Perfect, who they probably passed up over a hundred times in their 20s.
          I’m in the same boat you are now where I recently felt this character change where I just do not care about dating anymore. I’m working out more and doing things I want to with my time and I just find it easier to ignore the people who are already ignoring me in a sense lol.

        5. If there’s one lesson that RoK occasionally reminds young men is to work on improving themselves but I would also add that there’s no shame in taking time off and not taking getting laid too seriously otherwise, you’re handing over your *** to a woman (and not just one woman, all of them. This is why white knights are so prevalent.)
          Back then, it really shocked a lot of guys that I had this position that I’d rather not get laid then become a clown. It really did shock them and I got called a quitter or a loser but I stood my ground. It was precisely these sort of invectives that motivated me to try a different path. After all, I wasn’t giving up on women for life. I was just going to focus first and foremost on myself for about 5 years or so and then revisit.
          So I find the attitude towards a guy in another article who didn’t trim his fingernails or his beard and was treated like a homeless guy loser to be rather amusing. Yes, I think it’s perfectly reasonable under NORMAL circumstances to do basics to appear pleasing to the opposite sex but then again, perhaps the guy just has a different life plan even if at a subconscious level. This friend of mine whose two sons look like bears with ratty sweatshirts and beards but now have Fellowships in a post PhD program are laughing all the way to the bank.
          Back in the 90’s, I knew a lot of girls like you just described on super career paths and half of the time, statistically, it doesn’t work out. They can be exceptionally brilliant and attractive but they also raise the bar (pardon the pun) in what they want from men. As a foreign woman, she may have an advantage in that she at least doesn’t have a b*tch thing going on to drive men off.
          I’m going to close by observing (gently) that you appear to have engaged in some beta behavior by flirting with this woman and feeding her attention meter so she thinks that guys such as yourself will throw yourselves at her for months making you ubiquitous and cheap. She said she was too busy to go out with you. I understand that Med studies can be grinding and finding even a little time to go out can be a challenge but, come on, she could have found a few hours to fit in to blow off steam (especially if you suggest an activity date such as tennis, shooting range, mini golf, etc.) Or even just going for lunch together.
          So the proper thing for you to have done was to close within two weeks or so and if she wasn’t interested, flirt with some other women in the class and close with them. I’m curious, was she the best prospects in that class?

        6. She was the only prospect in the class lol. It was a philosophy capstone so like 14 guys and two girls lol. There was another girl but she was really quiet and quite frankly pretty awkward. We only saw each other once a week on Monday nights, so it was difficult to really build a lot of good rapport and get to know each other before I asked her out. And yeah it was my first initial red flag because Im like you can take some time out of your life to see me.
          I did my best with what I had to work with, it just wasn’t the right environment. We didnt really talk outside of class until the semester was over and even then I only texted her to try to meet up.
          I ultimately had to face my denial on that one. She seemed super interested but none of that mattered since we didnt move and do physical things and actually go out.

        7. “That is just one example and she’s really smart so it’ll work out for her. ”
          Actually she’s not that smart and it probably won’t work out as she’ll task to the cock too many times and be late, or not at all,all into the marriage and motherhood game.
          Her jerking you around is a big red flag..
          Build your self confidence more than anything and you’ll score sooner or later. Ladies like confidence and shun desperation..
          Worked for me years ago..

        8. I guess what I meant by that is that she has a lot to offer and someone will put up with her shit one day. I stood up for myself and told her I did not want to be friends with her. So I left it at that. I dont want to be anyone’s orbiter.

        9. I’ve heard before that your generation was the worst for women.
          As far as millenials go, I live in a liberal area, so my perspective may be skewed. It seems to me that there are very few guys out there who can work a real job and actually be good at it. I see more guys who do as little as possible, won’t listen to direction, and try to bicker about everything, in terms of the workplace. They’re “too ‘gifted’ for this kind of job”. The first thing I look for is a guy who works a non-glamorous job and strives to go above and beyond it, and is also in decent shape. At this point, I don’t really think I’d want a college grad. Oftentimes, that’s the path of least resistance.

        10. Could you please elaborate on what you mean by a “non-glamorous” job and strive above and beyond it?
          As a father, I would advise my daughter to NOT do more than a job entails by definition. In other words, if the employer rewards you and treats you with respect, then you “going above and beyond” isn’t really doing that since you’re just performing exceptionally well for an exceptional workplace. If you’re getting paid minimum wage to mop up puke, then you mop it up to the minimum standards (I figured out a long time ago that if someone gives you the minimum, you’re a fool to give them more than that.)
          Cracking that code made my life so much better. The birds sounded better, the air smelled fresher, when I was freed from one sided expectations.

        11. I wish I had a dad like you then to tell me that. I always end-up getting pushed around. I find myself overcompensating for the way I was raised. It was good in some ways, really bad in others. I was raised by college born-agains, and not taught any self-defense at all.
          Concerning jobs, I mean that a lot of people my age aren’t very flexible when it comes to work. They won’t work in a factory until something better comes along, for example. One friend of mine didn’t want to move out of her house until she could afford to live without a roommate. Another thing I hate is going to restaurants and no one can do their job.

        12. Believe it or not, I don’t think these kids you’re talking about are making a huge mistake. Personally, I turn down jobs that don’t pay well in lieu of traveling or taking some classes to improve myself BUT… I’m a cheap SOB and save money precisely so I don’t NEED to take jobs that are less than what I’m worth.
          Restaurants are an interesting example of micro and macro economics. Perhaps no other area of economics is so closely tied to so many things as restaurants. My wife and I walk by a Chinese food restaurant where the local Koreans have their son sitting there doing his homework because they don’t want to pay for a sitter or leave him at home (we often go there. Our Malaysian friends refer to it as “white people food” 🙂 When we go to Red Lobster or On The Border, we overtip. Some people in the restaurant industry work hard for little and sometimes, for a lot (waiters at Ruth’s Chris really clean up!) I LOVE Long John Silvers but they have a hard time retaining a staff other than disinterested teenagers but… that stuff is REALLY tasty! 🙂

      4. Some Guy from the Balkans I was trying to introduce to a girl who was semi into him phuched it up. She sent him a picture of her in a sexy witch costume, his response was some Tirade about how Halloween is a pagan Holiday and against the Religion, that was major turn off, and I kept trying to Tell him deal with the Halloween, pretend whatever, nope he held onto his woman Kryptonite on insisting where does he draw the line with Halloween and women. SMH; Agreed some Dudes are beyond help.

      5. And they feel superior for it, then they will trash and bitch other men having success, “Well yeah he put a lot of effort to be someone he is not”, well fat fuck no one likes who you are now. Misery loves company that´s the guy who try to demoralize you for enter the gym or expending money in good cloth, “pfff bro I paid 1/4 for what you paid “, yeah and that´s why you look like a homeless dude.
        They are the victim of the Hollywood propaganda of be yourself and the universe somehow will give you the ONE. and the one will come to you doing nothing, because is destiny, just have to wait, and wait.

      6. “I’m not changing myself for some bitch, if she’s not into the way I am then screw her.”
        Damn, bro. If your buddy really thinks that the “way he is” revolves around untrimmed fingernails and unkempt hair, that’s just fucking sad. The first thing he needs to do is figure out how to do something, anything, that would create meaning in his life.

      7. Thing is, after going that long without sex, men don’t really need sex anymore. Imagine if you where hungry, and instead of dying from starvation, the hunger just went away. That’s it. You don’t need to worry about food anymore. Now, if you eat you’re going to be right back in the position of having to eat all the time. You’ll feel hunger again. Would you ever eat again? Probably not unless it was something really delicious.

    2. At that point you should have just handed him a straight razor and a pistol to make it quick. Then again, some people want a slow and miserable death.

      1. As I said above, he’s quite happy otherwise. His father died a year ago, and he seems to be struggling with that too.

    3. You… just described with frightening accuracy a period of my life where I acted, dressed and thought EXACTLY like your friend(minus the Star Trek thing, for me it was video games requirement). I’ve progressed a LOT since then, but shit, that’s an awful phase to be stuck in so late in life.

      1. He’s really happy in his work, which is engineering related, but life is more than that. He’s early forties now, and might be too stuck in his ways. I don’t see it getting better.

    4. Is there a more screamingly obvious sign of a self-involved attention whore than a “cosplay girl”? They’re not out looking for love, they’re looking for a “harem” of nerdy eunuch thralls.

        1. Ohhh the nerd queen. Knew a few of those in high school, There is something that I hate from the weirdos, they have no loyalty, They will betray you and backstab you for a pussy or for a limited edition Naruto crap. They are miserable people that hate each other and only are there for the fandom, The nerd queen always have a guardian dog a miserable dude in the friendzone who cockblock all the guys who dares to talk to her (Like the guy named Norm in the movie “there something about mary”), If you manage to get the girl, the weirdos enter in panic mode, 25 confess their love now, You brake the virginal image of the girl of their dream, of course she is not like that, The guy he is dating is a douche, So she is innocent angel the guy must be a con, Then they will try to find evidence but because they are convinced that you are a douche they truly believe they are doing a favor to the girl lying about the guy, ohh he is married, 10 weirdos see you with another girl the other day suddenly. Then they will try to befriend you to get info about you, then they will act as douche in front of you a bad act of what they think a douche must behave, so you trust them and give them the info, but they get the idea from Anime and movies, so they end acting like a stereotype douchebag. they will come and tell you sexist stuff so you confess your sexist ideology and YEAH IS COOL TO FUCK BITCHES RIGHT? RIGHT?! COME ON BRO WE ARE MEN, tell how many bitches you fuck this month, I´m your “friend”, and when you respond one, I´m with nerd queen, they double down in the act. Does not matter they still will lie to nerd queen.

        2. I skimmed it.
          Maybe I should change my picture something more like Jessica Rabbit, less like Anne of Green Gables.

        3. Or maybe I should go for a “save the West” -styled oilpainting avatar. Or maybe a gentle tradwife watercolor…

      1. I know one of these. She’s in her mid 30s, fake tits and presents herself like this ultra nerdy, video game loving, cosplaying chick that just happens to be hot. But after I knew her for a while I saw right through it. come to find out she was just your typical sorority chick who wanted nothing more but to be the center of attention. So she worked her way into the nerd world and now she’s the hottest chick everywhere she goes. Completely self absorbed and lives on FB all day during work. Don’t get me wrong, I kind of like her when I just talk to her one on one but when she’s around her entourage its just pathetic. I didn’t buy into her shit and she actually tried to get her hooks in me and I was like “yeah sorry, we have nothing in common and I’m not going to follow you around playing dress up and magic the gathering whatever.”

        1. No. She thrives on it. Without them, she’s average. And she lives every day striving to not be average. The beta orbiters make her above average in her world.

        2. Yes, she thrives on their attention, but doesn’t respect them as men. They’re just her playthings in the way little kids take to shiny new toys.

      2. And many of them aren’t actually cosplayers… amateurs having fun… but models, and wannabe models who couldn’t give a shit less about the character they’re dressing up as. They’re just furthering their career. Dressing scantily for a convention full of nerds is shooting fish in a barrel. Now you’ve got porn stars doing cosplay to expand their marketing.

        1. These girls wouldn’t touch betas with a fishing pole. This girls are going home to men that wouldn’t be caught dead in a comic book convention.

        2. Comic book and anime conventions, a black hole of neckbeards, weirdoes, and other losers of American culture. If any of these people had any idea of how much the Japanese themselves despise hardcore anime fans, these losers would’ve killed themselves by now.

    5. You forgot to tell him to learn Spanish or Portuguese and travel overseas! That or head to SE Asia or learn Russian and visit Eastern Europe.

      1. Spanish certainly changed everything for me. I feel like an international playboy now. Latinas can fuck so good. The only issue is coming back and talking to american girls is sickening after that.

        1. I was once semi-conversant in Spanish, and ahora puedo escribir y leer lo asi-asi, but the memories are long faded.
          Find yourself a pen-pal, maybe one who wants to (and can) Skype. Two weeks of conversation beats months of Rosetta Stone any day (provided, of course, you know enough to get started).
          Now, if you’ll excuse me, 我需要回到我的中文学习。

        2. ahora puedo *escribirlo y *leerlo asi-asi (??)
          Your spanish sucks, and before you say anything español es mi primera lengua.

        3. I’d not correct you in any case, because I haven’t done a lick with it in…golly, almost 10 years. I can read sign boards in Houston, but that’s about as far as I get anymore.
          And I can ask where the restroom is. So, I guess there’s that.

        4. I’m as surprised as you are. But, looking at his sentence compared to my drivel, he’s definitely right (you know how you sometimes can’t recall a word or topic, but you look it up and instinctively know it’s right? Same principle.)

        5. There are sign boards in Spanish there? last time I checked the official language of the USA was English….

        6. We don’t have an official language, oddly enough. In Houston, especially Downtown, more than half the billboards are in Spanish (and a decent number of signs are at least bilingual).

        7. unrelated: what do you think of the area outside of Austin? I know it’s more conservative and that Austin is a less Texas-y area.

        8. First, the wall is a necessity, sadly Trump’s not going to deliver it.
          Second, I’m not mexican, I was born in Colombia from spanish, german and english ancestry.

        9. You’ve got it exactly right. Austin is basically Seattle or San Francisco (sadly, not exaggerating much), but there’s an almost palpable border to the madness. Personally, I think it was a mistake to put a university that close to a state capitol – the two biggest draws for lefties shouldn’t be so concentrated.
          You get out around Round Rock, or into the hill country, and you’re back among good, honest Texans.

        10. I’ve spent a lot of time around Mexicans, and they wouldn’t correct my Spanish even if they could (a lot of, shall we say, broken Spanish spoken in Texas). But I wouldn’t have necessarily guessed you were Colombian.
          Learn something new every day.

        11. So you’re from Houston?
          I was there 3 times back in the summer of 2012. I never sweated so much in my life!
          Just walking a mile made me sweat through all my clothes.

        12. That’s very helpful!, thanks Well, I kind of bot around about liberal colonization of cities, but that’s why they put a university there.

        13. Imagine working an amusement park, peak summer, without shade, fans, or breaks for sometimes 14 hours at a time.
          I’m glad to be somewhere with four seasons, now. In Houston, you have Summer and Autumn (Summer usually runs April-October, Autumn the rest of the year).

        14. Haha…yeah that sounds pretty bad.
          But, I have to day, even with all the heat/humidity, I liked it. Nice place with nice people. As long as the AC is on and there are plenty of pools! I liked Galveston too.

        15. Galveston’s alright, I suppose. And the people are great, and the area’s nice enough barring the mosquitoes and heat.
          It’s just hard to go back, even to visit. It feels like I could slice the air and spread it on toast, sometimes.

        16. lol
          Normie, for me, is an insult. I understand normie as the ‘normal’ people, the ‘average’ people, the people who don’t have anything extraordinary within: people who just ‘go with the flow’ watching the last episode of XYZ series in netflix and enjoying the last (((Hollywood))) movie, thinking that this is the better of the worlds…basically normie is a synonym of the mass-man (of Ortega y Gasset).

        17. Your basic premise is wrong. Being extraordinary is not trying too hard because it IS what you are. A wolf is ‘not trying too hard’ to be a wolf, it’s just what he is.

        18. No need to be harsh. His sentence was largely comprehensible and proved that he’s obviously familiar with the language unlike most people.

        19. This could be debated for a long time. Some people are actually born extraordinary and become reasonably famous and wealthy with remarkably little effort; if you’re born with a massive penis or a massive, tall body like Andre the Giant, you can make it big in certain entertaiment industries while being a fat slob. A very beautiful girl can make it in modeling by simply watching her diet a bit but a guy who wants to attain physical perfection in a masculine pageant (bodybuilding) needs to be a huge try-hard and train hard. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a try-hard and so was Steve Jobs. Other guys are insecure about this lot in life and end up living someone else’s narrative of greatness by copying what made others well-known and great with varying rates of success. Unless you have great innate talent in addition to having a dream, you’ll soon be forgotten after your death except for tightly knit niche circles. The average guy can become great in his own mind and memorable in a small town after busting his ass hard.

        20. “spanish changed everything … “?
          just asking because i tried a bit of japanese, russian, german and spanish, but i abandon each time because of certain “incompatibilities” with each concerned coutries. i dunno which is one for gaming foreign pussies. Tell me more about the benefits of spanish over other languages please.

        21. Most of Bucaramanga is of white descent. I dated a few girls from there when I lived in Bogota.

    6. Its the same situation when you have a broke friend who wont get a job. Or a fat, depressed friend with low self esteem who wont lose weight. Theyre scared of their own success. Theyd rather sit and complain than have their problems solved.
      They need some kind of a life changing refolution to see the red pill, let alone take it.

      1. True enough. Self improvement is hard work and most people only want to do enough work to get by

    7. So the answer is to become better looking? If he becomes better looking in real life would that not also improve his online game?

    8. I disagree man.
      Men don’t need to keep chasing these women even harder, working on themselves, and upping their game.
      I mean they should be doing that, but you are missing a crucial element here.
      Which is where are the expectations and standards for women?
      Where is the pressure on them?
      Especially since this is a feminist world, where they are just as capable (supposedly).
      Why is the response always to blame the male, even among other men?
      Can’t get laid?
      Must be YOUR fault. Become extremely attractive, approach hundreds of women 24 / 7, and run sick game.
      Why is that always the solution?
      Did you ever think that maybe these girls are just cunts, who act like this, because we enable them like this?
      Where is the pressure from men for women to stop being so disgusting?
      I don’t think the problem is just how you play a rigged system.
      it’s the rigged system itself.

        1. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have expectations on him if he wants to get laid.
          I’m just saying we as men are fucking up because it’s a one way street.
          We’ve gotten scammed because there is no standards for women, only for men, for the most part.
          Due to overwhelming male thirst.
          And it will never change so long as you have an onslaught of cucks destroying the efforts of the few men with the balls to do something about it.
          Game makes the problem completely male, but I almost never see anyone address the behavior lifestyle and appearance of modern women like they do men.
          Maybe there is a few articles on places like this about it, but there is no substantial market pressure on women.
          Only on men.

        2. The trouble is, the only men who can sway women are those the women find attractive. No woman listens to a greasy neckbeard’s opinion on how women should behave, but if Adonis is only interested in slim, modest girls who know how to cook and take care of themselves they’ll become that kind of girl.
          It doesn’t help that the ladies with the desirable men in media spout all sorts of nonsense, either. You think (insert actress) got (insert handsome man) because she was “just being herself,” or was it because she keeps herself in shape for her job and sucks a mean dick?

        3. We live in polygamy now bro. These new rules apply. As a man you have to be absolutely top dog to get laid , as a woman you just need a working vagina. That’s what you get for giving women sexual liberation.

        4. “As a man you have to be absolutely top dog to get laid”
          Or money. Plenty of happy massage and escort places around.

        5. We can’t really blame women for that though.
          We enable this, we foot the bill, women are only taking what we are giving them on a sliver platter in the first place.
          I firmly believe that pointing the finger at women in this case solves nothing. This is a male problem and males alone create and enable it.
          Women are just side effects of us.
          It’s just like when you are in a relationship.
          You can object to your girlfriend’s bad behavior all your want, but unless she knows you have leverage and will act then she could care less.
          If there is no actual enforcement or action, then she will just ignore whatever you say and walk all over you, since she knows you won’t do anything about it anyways.
          Same with women collectively. They don’t have to care about our complaints, since we give them whatever they want regardless of how they treat us, just like an abusive relationship.
          And if it was my girlfriend, I’d just tell her to fuck off if she wants to act like that, but too bad brother white knight is there to cock block me.
          And I believe that brother white knight is a large umbrella that in fact includes all these “slayers” and “gamers” who enabling women too, just in a different kind of way.
          Bros before hoes. If you put sluts before your brother, then you can reap what you sow.
          All men have right now is words. “We are angry”.
          But until that girl’s phone stops blowing up, until she stops getting a handout for having a vagina, until she has to treat men with decency and respect to have them in her life, until she has to fend for herself like a strong feminist should, until men take her off their bank account, she could literally give a shit about your “anger”.

        6. We don’t need to sway women is what I am saying. We need to sway other men. The women don’t actually have any power, it’s all an illusion.
          The real source of the problem is fellow cucks who are enabling them.
          If you destroy the cucks, then feminism dies a swift death.
          Our problem is betrayal by our fellow males, not by our women.
          And yes, Adonis can be a cuck too. Even if he’s handsome.

        7. Money is the most important component that makes a top dog. And if you have money and resort to escorts to get laid , you are a fucking loser (not you literally). I can think of 1000 ways to charm the brains out of the hottest women out there and fuck them all if I had a good stable income , without giving them a penny in return of course.

        8. We need both, I think, is more like it. We need to develop ourselves (because that is inherent to being a man), but we also need to not settle. If the desirable men set a standard, women will begin to approach that standard to achieve desirable men (and be rewarded, ideally).

        9. Never said it was women’s fault. Women are just women , tjey will act as they are programmed to. It is thd men who have become total pussies.

        10. “The trouble is, the only men who can sway women are those the women find attractive. No woman listens to a greasy neckbeard’s opinion on how women should behave.”
          You could not be more right if you tried. If some troll tells women to be a certain way to please him, those women would have seizures from fits of laughter. Like if a blue haired fat SJW walked up to you with her demand list of what the ideal boyfriend should be. You would piss yourself laughing in her face.

        11. That literally happened to me once. I just looked at her with pity and walked away.
          It’s really more sad than funny, like when a genuine pauper goes into a cake shop to get a multi-layer cake for his daughter’s birthday.

        12. Well what I have to say about that is, “desirability” is actually irrelevant in a functional sense.
          That is a subjective female experience, it’s not a objective matter of overall group success and function.
          E.g. say you have a tribe. If the men are successful hunters, they are successful warriors, they provide food, they provide physical safety from other tribes and animals, they create and raise children, they provide resources like huts and fire, they provide innovations like new tools and technologies, they control territory, they are intelligent, they are collectively dominant over their females and keep them in a certain functional role (giving birth to children, and nurturing and raising them, and possibly lesser tasks that are important but not like hunting or war) then they are collectively successful.
          However that does not mean they are necessarily “desirable” or ideally satisfactory to the females in the group in a subjective sense.
          Maybe they aren’t like a prince charming romance novel or good looking enough or vice versa.
          So I would argue that desirability is actually not important whatsoever, except as a moral consideration for women.
          This might sound strange but I bring this up because women are actually causing serious problems in the world and in society.
          So saying that the solution is that men just need to be more “desirable” to the whims of women, I believe, is a false solution and part of the problem in the first place.
          Being “desirable” helps you to get laid, it doesn’t actually help society or the world or anyone but you and the girl you are fucking, so to speak.
          The problem is our society has become more about female whims rather than objective truths and actions.
          That’s why I say we don’t need to win over women to change the world, we just need to win over other men.
          We can still seek to be desirable for the sake of women, but we have real problems in this world, such as muslims that want to blow us up.
          And we as men need to act to protect ourselves, our women, our children, and our families, even if that means being “undesirable” at times.
          Sometimes a man must stop trying to appease a women and meet her standards, and tell her “no”.
          And I do believe we are at this point.
          I don’t think the problem is we need to be more desirable. It’s that we need to tell women “no” and stop enabling them and allowing their unreasonable desires and opinions destroy our western society.

        13. I think this is a straw man.
          Reason being that, not every man women don’t find attractive enough is a “greasy neck beard”.
          Plenty of them are perfectly fine, women just have excessively high standards, which are enabled by men in the first place.
          No one is saying there shouldn’t be standards for attractiveness, just that the ones for men are far too high, and the ones for women are far too low.
          And at the bottom root of it all is a plague of mass cuckoldry that comes in various flavors.

        14. I think the contrast is that there is a big difference between personal solutions and systemic ones.
          Problem is systemic solutions require unity and social cooperation and organization.
          Which is alot harder to achieve than personal rebellion.

        15. I’ve been reading all your comments and liking them obviously. I think what you’re saying here has got to the heart of what I’ve been thinking about all this red pill stuff and the manosphere in general the past year or so.
          For me, I’ve never really been comfortable with the idea of game. Not because its something that I cannot do, or something that I’m not willing to do necessarily. But because it is not a valid solution to changing the narcissistic and entitled ways of the modern woman. Like you said, it enables women to continue to act that way, because they’ll eventually find some guy who will push the right buttons even if he’s not a good match for her, but will get into her pants anyway.
          I’m uncomfortable with game because it takes me, someone who I firmly believe is above average in the looks department and above average in social skill, into nothing more than someone who must fit into a specific frame just so that women can “maybe” give me a chance among a sea of other guys she might fancy.
          I can become the most desirable man that I can possibly be. I can even do it for myself and no one else. But it still wont be enough for most women and you’re exactly right, they need to be held accountable and held to a higher standard. As we are apparently being held to impossible standards and long laundry lists of must haves by them.
          Recently I’ve been getting into it with a couple of my buddies, because they are the types who will beg for female attention. Got into a huge argument with my friend because he bought a girl a drink and the second she got that drink, she walked away from him and was gone, forever. Unfortunately it seems like some guys will never change and those guys hurt our movement more than women who take advantage of us.

        16. Agreed.
          I came to your conclusion years ago. The problem I could never solve is that it only works if you eliminate ALL the cucks. I’m not sure how that could be accomplished even in theory.

        17. I think you mean polyandry.
          Probably nobody cares but an Allan Bloom said this 25+ years ago in a book The Closing of the American Mind.
          I also strongly recommend 2-3 things written by Devlin like Sexual Utopia in Power.
          (another term you may want to know is hypergamy.)

        18. To be honest , I don’t think a woman fucks with many men at the same time nowadays. I think a woman shares a man with many other women at the same time. Or maybe in a social circle , 10 women share 2-3 top guys with each other. That is why I use the term polygamy instead of hypergamy. If it was hypergamy everybody would be fucking left and right , but that’s not the case.

        19. Studies have shown, women show a greater preference to sharing a top dog, gold standard, alpha male than settle for an average to above average man all to themselves.

        20. Yes women are put on a pedestal thanks to Tinder Instagram etc. But let’s talk about standards preached on this site about the kind of women many men here want and compare it to what those kind of women want, all based on what is talked about here:
          Men want: virgin or near virgin teens to early twenties (no matter the man’s age) hourglass figure, no fat no cellulite no wrinkles long healthy hair no education no ego no opinions that conflict with theirs always willing to please will never lose their hot bodies even after kids will never say no to sex and bonus if they’re ok with the guy sleeping with other women when the guy gets bored or she gets old.
          Women like that want: Rich/famous/powerful men with generous wallets.

        21. I had a coworker who demanded a “wealthy handsome young man.” I told her, “A wealthy handsome young man has options. A pudgy bespectacled girl with small breasts and bad skin isn’t one of them.”

        22. “Adonis can be a cuck too. Even if he’s handsome”.
          Ring ding ding ding ding. Ashton Kutcher. Ryan Gosling. Justin Trudeau, come on down!

        23. It could be accomplished by sending them to Cucksentration camps. Re-train them to:
          Slap womens’ arses.
          Tell sexist jokes.
          Fuck a woman without being the submissive one.
          Or else they can be lined up and shot.

      1. I hear you. BUT, if you choose to be in the game, it’s always your fault, because the only person you can change is yourself.
        And don’t hold your breath waiting for other men to adjust their approach to benefit you. Ain’t gonna happen.

        1. I think it would benefit all of us.
          What male gains from female entitlement?
          Our dicks got too greedy and now we are paying the collective price for it.

      2. Yeah, trimming your beard and cutting your finger nails is not going to end the Female Fatocolypse, feminism, masculization, their repugnant arrogance and the supreme sense of entitlement.
        I’m seeing well groomed, financially stable, handsome men out there with slim pickings settling for questionable women and putting in a disproportionate amount of effort to keep these sub par females value them.

    9. I’m not surprised, I mean being into nerdy things can be concealed and overshadowed with things such as weightlifting, excessive self confidence and humor.
      But this case runs far deeper than that, it sounds as if he has a poor self image, psychological issues stemming from it, and an unwillingness to evolve and adapt from his incel status.

      1. It’s inertia. He’s comfortable in his slovenly state, and he fears the unknown. Though he’d like to get laid, that desire has yet to overwhelm his personal inertia.

        1. It basically takes a traumatic event, at that point, to get the ball rolling for a guy like that.
          In a way, I understand it; I was picked on for being a nerd when I was little. That only changed when I savagely beat one of the “bullies” in front of my classmates, and desired nothing more than being better than them at everything.

        2. I never experienced it in the same way, because I was a big kid with a temper. I was ignored instead of bullied for a decent amount of elementary school, and then I joined the football team.
          I can understand it all, though. I get into ruts too easily, and it can be hard to self-motivate out of them. I have to really focus on the massive improvement it will be to my life to get anywhere.

        3. I wouldn’t be surprised if temper issues were caused by female-controlled households and gamma fathers who came from said households.

        4. I am guessing that you had a very good father or uncle or older brother who trained you to fight back and be successful at that.

        5. Mom has a set of issues that messed with me, true enough. And my Dad puts 50+ hours in at the office every week, so in those formative years it was a female-controlled house. I wouldn’t go so far as to say my temper was exclusively a result of my upbringing, but that didn’t make it any easier.
          I mellowed out in college, though, so there may be something to your theory.

        6. Yup, as my Dad said once “you shouldn’t start a fight, but if someone starts with you, you need to finish it”
          That was pretty useful advice, actually.

        7. I prefer my sanity. I didn’t like the person I was back then, but I’m content with the person I am becoming every day.
          No amount of tail is worth the mental strain of living like that.

        8. You were very lucky to have him.
          I was in a similar situation as a kid.
          Very skinny and weak and picked on constantly.
          My father was a former golden gloves boxer,
          but he never gave a damn to realize that his son was a loser who was getting his ass kicked every day. I never complained because I believed taking my lumps “like a man” was the right thing to do. But when a kid has no friends, no girlfriends, no life, any mediocre parent would know that something is wrong. Mine were far below mediocre.

        9. My father was an ultra alpha. Great provider, business owner, ex Naval officer, leader of his group of friends and relatives. He spent his spare time playing golf and banging his mistresses. He died 12 years ago.
          My mother was/is an evil harpy from hell. Even now, with advanced alzheimers, she is as mean as can be, cursing and punching the nurses every chance she gets. My sister is a normal person, because she was attractive and popular growing up. She didn’t need parents to help her become a well adjusted adult. I am a heavy drinking whore chaser. I have my “omega-intellect” that allows me to earn a relatively high income to pay for the escorts.

        10. it’s really weird how the Id comes out as women age. a lot of them are just creeps.

        11. well, I have an omega intellect too. I feel like the internet is a good place to meet other people who want to talk ideas. even if it sucks the life out of you, like Faust on Wishbone. I think I actually read the book, but I don’t remember it.

        12. Man , if your father was so awesome, you should have aspired to become smth like him as a kid , even if he gave you no second of his day. Young boys tend to follow the model of their fathers just by observing them I think. You couldn’t have possibly thought , my father is this great boxer and I’m getting my ass kicked everyday but hey this is totally normal. My father didn’t teach me shit neither but he had some qualities I liked and I would try to copy him.

        13. Hard to explain I guess, but I’ll try.
          Sure, of course I wanted do be like him.
          But from day one of kindergarten, I was an outcast. For whatever reason, the other kids shunned me, and I knew it. And I did win some fights. Until I skipped a grade. And then it was 10x worse, getting crap from the older kids. I have always felt alone. And it took a huge toll on me.
          But yeah, some of his traits did rub off on me. I have exercised regularly since I was a teenager. From about 20 onwards I was actually intimidating. People got out of my way. But only because I was a somewhat in-shape, somewhat tall, somewhat scary “outcast”. Not out of respect or anything. 31 years later and I am still in somewhat decent shape and still exercise 4x a week. At 51 many people think I am in my mid 30s. So yeah, I suppose I did adopt some of his traits. But I was never mentored. He never trained me to be like him. Guys with fathers like that have such a leg up on me.

        14. In my formative years, my mom essentially raised me. My dad put in 60-70 hours hard construction every week. My dad was a total alpha type, but I never learned any of that behavior because my mom coddled me. So I basically mirrored my mom’s personality which was to be super nice and ensure that everyone was happy, even if it was at the expense of my own happiness.
          ive been working diligently to erase that upbringing

        15. My mother ran the show as much as my father. My father grew up in a single mom household, so it was kinda natural for him let my mother play an equal role. Luckily I didn’t have a controlling mother. What did I have? I had a fat lazy mother that literally filled our cabinets with nothing but processed junk. I mean twinkies, little debbies, fudge cycles, tombstone pizzas, hot pockets, cheap white bread, lucky charms, and more boxes of suzi-q’s and ho ho’s that my mom like to put in freezer and eat cold. OH, and lots of ice cream with chocolate sauce around. Not once, did I ever see a ribeye steak or any “man food” in the refrigerator growing up.
          As a result, I rarely ever got to eat meats or healthy fats and get a good dose of protein growing up. Coincidentally, I grew up frail/underweight, and more immature physically and mentally than the other kids. I use to think it was simply just genetics, but when I look back at the terrible processed diet my mother (whose idea of cook dinner was mixing Ragu sauce with spaghetti sticks or making grilled cheese) had that I was on as well, I believe it did impede my development – brain & body.

        16. Well sometimes shit happens. Contrary to what many here believe , we don’t have 100% control over the flow of our life.Circumstances matter. Anyway you seem to be in a good position now. And if you make good cash too , you should be slaying pussy left and right.

        17. I buy pussy left and right.
          To me, slaying is getting it for “free” — yeah paying for dinner, drinks entertainment, but not outright paying for sex, as I have been doing for a very long time. Anyway, it’s almost 5:30 AM here. Time to do the pushups…

        18. Do your goddamn push ups man but stop buying hookers. If you have money , you can fuck all the women you want by giving them nothing more than an illusion.

        19. Absolutely understand and appreciate your advice. But, to be truthful, I am considerably f’d up. Been doing this for a very long time. Not sure I can do anything else. Once again, I do appreciate your positive advice.

        20. I was in the same boat in kindergarten. Actually interestingly enough the guidance counselor put me and like 3 other kids in a group because we “didn’t have any friends” lol. It was really weird to be honest.
          But I unfortunately never stood up for myself growing up as a kid. It was really pathetic the more I think about it. I had some friends but it wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I found my two best friends who I still talk to this day. I was essentially raised by my mom to be nice and treat others how I would want to be treated. Which translated to me not wanting any confrontation (now I cant avoid confrontation, I love it). But those years were difficult because I couldn’t grasp why people (especially women) didnt value my niceness. When I hit my early 20s, I figured it out…
          I was never really mentored by my dad either. He can never understand or relate to what I went through as a kid. I dont blame him as he worked 60-70 hours of construction every week to support us, but I wish I had that mentoring growing up. My life would be much different. Now I see him all the time and we work together on things and do guy shit together. I feel like I’m getting my life together and I exercise a lot and my frame of mind is considerably different than just 10 years ago even when I was still in high school.

      2. If he lives with his mom, that could be a really bad, vicious cycle. A lot of women subconsciously want their kids at home for ever, and sabotage positive change.

        1. It’s only gonna get worse too, since it seems as if moms are becoming more overprotective than when I was growing up in the early to mid 90s.

        2. Living with his mother…
          Good God, what a nightmare.
          Who would put himself through that kind of hell?

        3. That, right there, is a terrifying thought. I was barely allowed to go outside on my own as a kid because we lived a few blocks from some Section 8 Housing (that the meth producers kept blowing up every few years).

        4. That’s not necessarily what worries me. What does concern me, are the moms who won’t let their kids go out and play basketball without knee pads in case they trip and fall.
          It’s nonsensical, but gets my point across.

        5. Someone might who develops a physical disorder in their teens such that they have no choice, no options.

      3. No he is a just snowflake. The fact that a fat nerd like him thinks he can get pussy , means he has a very high self-esteem.
        You know who has a poor self image and psychological problems ? Guys who have their shit together and still get no women because of the current sexual market mechanics. I have friends who are jacked , handsome and make real money for their age and don’t even approach women anymore. They think they are not good enough for the modern women. Bad luck has proved them right a couple of times and now they’ve unwillingly gone MGTOW.

        1. yeah, the only way out of being MGTOW against your will, is to just go dark triad and view it all as a game

        2. That’s what you are when you actually like women , but it’a been a while since you had any I guess.

        3. It’s a dark path. You’ll never be able to genuinely enjoy the company of a woman anymore. It becomes all just calculations.

      4. I think there needs to be a careful consideration here though and a balance.
        Because it’s one thing to say “men shouldn’t be losers”.
        But both this and “game” are a slippery slope that goes from that to “men must be completely amazing” and if a man is failing it’s always his attractiveness, it’s his fault.
        And that’s just “the way things are”.
        Either complain about it or go and get laid.
        It’s never the women’s standards that may be at fault.
        I think I am beginning to see a bit of the chasm here between MGTOW’s and MRA’s and incels and places like ROK.
        ROK seems more to blame the male for his failing, the former seems more to blame the women and the system.
        But maybe there is a middle ground there, because it’s a real shame to see so much infighting amongst men when our western civilization is at stake.
        Why bicker when people are dead on the street from terrorist attacks?
        Self improvement is legitimate, but it can only take you so far, in a system that is against you.
        And simultaneously, men may hate the system, but they also have personal responsibility if they want to be a replacement.
        At some point men are going to have to decide.
        Either they will band together and continue the western world.
        Or they will run and let it burn.
        And unfortunately we can’t do it alone. We will need the help of other males to have a fighting chance.

        1. I won’t, and can’t, speak for any of the other contributors, but, my understanding of RoK is, and also is what I put in my articles, is: Here is accurate data on the subject of discussion, and this is what, in my experience or judgment, works and here is how you do it.
          It’s a manual for the perceptive man to exist and thrive, as best as one can, in modern western world. We will NOT reach everyone, so, while the solution is individual, it is also multitudinous, because, if you reach enough individuals, you will reach the people as a whole.

    10. So here’s the thing: How would this guy do in a nightclub? How is online any worse than nightclubs for ego validation for average women?

    11. & fucker probably works at Petsmart. Hmm, wonder why he gets no pussy….real mystery there.

    12. “I don’t think he heard me. All indicators point to him dreaming of the sexy cosplay woman of his dreams … while he just gets older, grayer, and fatter.”
      We used to just call these guys geeks but now this is mainstream male culture especially if among under 30 millennial types. No wonder our society is a mess!

    13. Leading cause of male virginity is poor grooming and hygiene. Get a haircut, wear clothes that fit and use a good cologne.

    14. I’ve knocked some nice ones down from okc. Lot of foreigners on there. What I want to mention about it is I really think it’s a nsa tool….not only no strings attached…the agency. The questions they ask have hidden correlations. When I first went on there I thought “who’d think the sun is smaller than the earth, doy” I didn’t learn until recently that there is a significant faction of people who do…flat earthers. These people are usually ultra Christians. Being able to box someone in because of a series of simple, seemingly unrelated questions is a dream come true for anyone that wants to pattern behavior. I may write an article on this…after a bit more research…

    15. Nothing wrong with long hair. I’ve had it since I got out of the Army. It’s not super long, but I haven’t had to waste money on a haircut in 13 years, just grab the end of my ponytail and shave off a few inches with my beard trimmer every few years. I had it longer, was down to my lower back, but it got to be a pain in the ass, getting pinned between my back and my chair a lot, and such.
      Now, it’s about six inches past my shoulders, and that feels like the perfect length. Of course, I’m tall, thin, and good looking, so it isn’t a problem with women. I won’t really have time to date once spring semester starts, as that is my final semester as a chem major, getting my degree is more important than dating or fucking at the moment, though the fall semester for a different degree is another story.

  4. Tinder is a waste of time for a man of average looks and means, most women are only using the app for a quick ego fix, how many of you guys have matched with tons of broads who never say anything back when you send a witty opener? They are either fake profiles, or women just using the app to gas up their fragile sense of self worth. Bumble is the same shit, I have a girl that I regularly bang who uses Bumble to go out on dates with men and then call me over to smash the shit out of her later in the evening. Dating apps have become a complete joke.

    1. And I just remembered how rampant the “sugar baby” profiles were and shameless money begging that was going on last time I used that shit. Pathetic!

  5. I use some of these apps out of pure curiosity. I’m curious if I’ll ever make a woman leave the house to actually meet me , like the legend says.

    1. Seems unlikely. Dating app validation from total strangers is an even more powerful ego enhancer than FB likes from friends, and they don’t even have to get out of bed to harvest them.

      1. You might be right about it being just an ego booster in a lot of cases, but as a woman having tried online dating for a while, I found it was overwhelming. Some days I would get 25+ messages. I tried to respond kindly to each because it’s difficult reaching out to someone, but eventually there were just too many. I think there’s a huge imbalance in the number of men vs. women online dating.

  6. Ah, online dating. If you’re going on there for anything other than a quick bang or keks, than you’re in the wrong place. Easiest game was online dating since all one has to do is tell a single mom she’s pretty and you don’t mind kids. Simply glancing at some profiles is enough for some of them and if they have a desperation to them such as recently divorced and broken ego the better.

    1. That’s an interesting sentence. Do you really think that giving someone a compliment lessens you? I rather think it enhances both of you.
      If I tell you you’re looking handsome today, it doesn’t make me feel lesser. And I’d be willing to bet we both walk away feeling rather… nice.

      1. I don’t mind complimenting people when deserved. That’s not what happens. Every girl takes flattering photos for validation. Guys simply don’t get such a positive reinforcement. And then that attention adds to an inflated self-worth. Neither gender is immune to it. The reverse would happen if the supply of men declined below demand.

  7. Absent any compelling evidence to the contrary, we must assume anything is at least a lie and an outright scam to steal your sense of self-worth, if not more.

  8. Online dating has become a malicious tool that exploits a woman’s need for validation and male attention while simultaneously exploiting men’s fear of rejection.

    1. Ultimately all that validation hurts women. It lulls them into the fantasy that they’re worth more than the actually are. As a result, they hold out for their dream man that never comes. This is how cougars are born.
      These days, I pre-open before approaching. If I see a woman I like, I’ll glance and smile at her for a few seconds. If she reciprocates by returning my advances or looks down and smiles (a sign that she is intimidated), I approach. This saves SO much time and energy on my part.

  9. I think if they add a function where you can charge money, things would make a lot more sense and start to even-out.

  10. I met up with this 47 year old last night, from POF. I knew this was going to be an easy lay. For 47, she was decently attractive, but holy fuk, she is a damn trainwreck! No kids, neve married. Just a raging alcohol that stays drunk, meets younger guys for fun, even though she says she “wants to get settle down and get married”.
    She gave me, a stranger from online, her home address and told me to come pick her up; so obviously if a woman gives you her address to pick her up then after you go out then you’ll be going back to her place.
    I hate drinking, I rarely drink. But I had one Jack&coke while she had a margarita followed by 4 Bud Lights.
    I would notice whenever her phone was out that she was getting notification after notification about messages from POF, KiK, instagram, etc. She’s on every social media app. I never thought a 47 year old woman would even know about snapchat, but she is on that too
    If you’re going to use online dating, only use it to get laid with minimal time and cost invested. Don’t get on it trying to meet your future girlfriend or wife. Women online get constant, non-stop messages all day, every day.

    1. One bit of advice I can give about online dating is once you get a reply from a girl to shoot to meet her ASAP. Tell her that you are a spontaneous guy and are not looking for penpals. Say that you are a busy man but you are free at the moment so let’s go out for a drink.
      Let some time go by and she’ll have 100 other guys message her and she will forget about you

      1. None of that ‘friends first’ shit like I’ve seen on OKC. I may try Tinder, but it’ll be a rude, ZFG profile. Hell, I may turn down a chick for sex if I meet her, just for a power kick.

    2. OK, I have to admit, she is well preserved for 47.
      Looks a little like Kayla Marie.
      But CJ, aren’t you a young guy, like in your 20s or early 30s or something??? Why waste your time on these oldies?

      1. I’m 37. I had no plans last night, was bored at home and felt like going out. She was down to meet up and fuck. Not really wasting my time when I had nothing else going on at the time.
        I was in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago for work, and met up with this 52 year old. Very attractive for her age, and had a very nice body. She was also a squirter 😉 Hard to believe, but the sex with this 52 year old was amazing.

    3. Very good for 47.
      Face doesn’t seem to be all wrinkled up.
      Perhaps the morning mirror tells a different story.

    4. “She gave me, a stranger from online, her home address and told me to come pick her up”
      This is how women get laws named after them.

  11. I recently read an article about how something over 200 million/year gets romance scammed out of divorced women through online dating sites.I want in on the action. Anyone have any advice how to work such scams & hide the proceeds should the scammer live in the USA?

  12. Online dating is dead in the west BUT it works great for pipe lining women overseas. If you speak the language like Spanish or Russian, women are open to meeting far easier. It works great for me so far.

    1. Thanks for letting me know.
      I seriously didn’t know that.
      (((They))) own: facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, PayPal, Google, Youtube, tinder…we are living in a jewish matrix.

      1. A Jewi$h Matrix is about the best analogy I can think of. Well put!! By extension, we are all acting and thinking like Jew$ now — scheming, lying, subverting, stealing, manipulating, destroying, raping, sex-crazed etc…
        Over 2,000 years of history as a warning and nobody pays any attention to it.

        1. They own all the banks, all the porn sites, all the mainstream media, the big internet companies…and they were kicked out of countries more than 100 times (there was an anon on 8chan this week who posted a list of purges with sources and according to his list they were kicked out of countries 358 times) for absolutely no reason.

        2. Agreed, but we need to be more specific with the terminology as “Jew” is far too general and turns too many people’s minds off immediately. Over history, we have different more accurate terms of who these people were/are:
          Khazars –> Sabbateans –> Frankists –> Ashkenazim –> Zionists –> Luciferians
          * Before the Khazars, their tribal / group name is not as clear, but they were they bankers / money lenders / precious metal hoarders / pimps of Babylonian times also.
          Alternatively, we can simply name them by their family names, which are often fake or at least Anglicized. Examples: Rothschild (originally Bauer), Lazar, Goldman, Warburg, etc. No other group of people in the history of mankind has had such a desperate fascination with hiding their real family names and ancestry — I wonder why?? Oh right, jealously and unfair persecution… lol
          The fabled “anti-Semites” of old, such as Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh Sr., were serious, passionate and accurate truth tellers. Their warnings are even more relevant today.

      2. I’ve been wondering recently if the actual Matrix film was made ironically by the Wachowski brothers.
        In real life it is the goyim that are sleeping, and the machines are the extension of Zion’s control over all information and government force.
        In the film they named the land of escaped humans Zion, while in reality Zion controls everything.

    2. To be fair, (((they))) just seem to have fewer moral inhibitions about parting fools from their money. I’m sorely tempted to start my own online dating service, just so poor schmucks will pay me to keep getting as much tail as they already got (none).

  13. Even for higher quality, good-looking guys with lots to offer, online “dating” has become absolutely demoralizing. The average woman is delusional enough to now firmly believe they are 2-3 full points above their batting average. So a 6 or 7 will often firmly believe she is a 9, and then act accordingly. POF, Tinder, Match, etc. have become seriously ego bruising and a (nearly) complete waste of time for the vast majority of men.
    You will meet no one of any quality and what you might be able to bang (1% chance) is 2-3 points below your social value, which WILL take it’s toll on your mind and emotional status. For example, a few months ago I challenged myself to bang a cute-faced fatty that was dogging me on Match. Chick was pretty well off, cushy job, drove a newer Porsche Cayenne, traveled lots. We initially hit it off with some laughs on the phone after I told her I hated texting. She just wanted me to go to her condo every night and bang her hard — virtually no output of money for anything. My friends and I joked if I could get it up and do the deed! Well, with the help of little blue pills, I managed to bang the shit out of her and slap her around (as requested) for a week or so, but then self-loathing and depression came crashing down on me like never before. What the fuck was I doing???? I literally wanted to vomit the final night I banged her in the ass — I still get queasy thinking about it… On hindsight, I would have been much better off simply masturbating every night of the week.
    As such, I always remind myself and all the hapless beta dudes around me, to save money, time, energy and misery by BANGING CUTE YOUNG WHORES IN P4P-FRIENDLY COUNTRIES. 2-3 sex trips per year, preferably with a friend or two and leave the garbage North American women to their i-Phones and dating apps.

    1. Dang i had the same experience. Instagram filters are so good, I got catfished dozens of times. Also, nothing kills your self esteem worse than the morning after with an unattractive girl. Havent done any sex trips but wouldnt be opposed to the concept.

      1. Catfished? OMGG! Not with any dudes I hope. Yeah its better to scope honeys in the real world.

      2. Continue on your path and take the plunge. I’m actually headed to Tijuana in about 3 weeks. Plan on banging at least 6 young cuties in 2 days / nights. None will be over the age of 21. All will be legitimate 7s and 8s. None will cost more than $20 USD for 30 minutes of the old in/out!

        1. Tijuana is crazy. I went into the Zona Norte one night while attending a conference in San Diego. The strip clubs there are raunchy, basically brothels with dancing. Not into latinas, just went out of curiosity.

    2. Cute faced well monied fatty just needed a man to get her on a weight loss regimen.

      Not saying wife her, just make it more fun and appealing.
      Learn some pimp game.

      1. Even 40 pounds less, this chick’s personality and attitude were shit — plus she is already 35 years old. It was an experiment that turned sour… my friends got great entertainment value from it though, so maybe it was worth it!!

        1. Look at Adele without makeup. That’s just uncanny. You would be thankful that Schumer at least has regular features, even if some of them are male. She’s hotter, because she has a human look to her.

      1. That shit pisses me off so much. A fat average looking female like that in the photo decades ago couldn’t even get a guy to talk to her in public. She uses dating sites as her “dating depot” so she can pretend in her female mind that she’s now one of the “hot chics” that she never could be back in high school.

    3. I work with a 5 maybe a 6 female and she is exactly how you describe. She went out with a decent looking accountant last week and complained that he wasn’t good looking enough. I’m thinking “bitch you ain’t anything special yourself.”

    4. Oh man, I know that feeling all too well. After the deed and usually even during the deed with a below-average female, ya think to yourself you might as well just stayed home and masturbated. Then the depression hits.

  14. The article is spot on but it’s nothing new. Dating sites have always been a joke for men. Think about it, why would a decently attractive woman resort to a dating site? She’s either got something seriously wrong with her and not getting approached in real life, or she’s there for the validation, or both. Either way a dating site is like dumpster diving.
    There are tons of used up perpetual carousel women on them that are DTF, but who wants to wear a triple layered condom and still run the risk of catching something just to bust a nut? Hookers are probably cleaner than some of these skags.
    I’ve always had far more success with higher quality women on just approaching in real life. Much harder for them to lie about their age or looks in real life too.

    1. In jurisdictions where prostitution is legal, at least the sex workers are supposed to be checked for STDs. I doubt the girls on Tinder have that kind of cleanliness.

    2. I’ve tried dating sites before to meet religious guys, but that’s a bad idea. Sometimes I get on them to inflate my ego, and don’t actually meet anybody. It’s always a nice pick-me-up. I even pay the 80 cents to be famous for a day. All the other girls on there are so ugly.
      So, don’t go on dating sites, unless you’re an idiot with a great body.

  15. Every single online date Ive been on (U.S.), the girl was overweight. Yet somehow these same women are all saying ” there are no good men.” Tinder, instagram, facebook, and snapchat have inflated womens egos beyond reparation and hordes of them are dying alone wondering whats wrong with us men for not taking them seriously.

      1. I think it is like that in all western countries.
        Except maybe Poland, if that is considered “western”.

  16. I have a flip phone so I don’t have any experience with this “Tinder” or “Bumble” stuff, but I have tried Match and Seeking Arrangements. They both sucked. If you try SA, be prepared for the flurry of messages you will get from hot girls on the last week of your subscription period.
    I am convinced it is SPAM to get you to resubscribe.

      1. Yeah, I am sure they do. But at least the spam on SA is from hot YOUNG girls. On match you get messages from females in your own age group. I am 51. You can;t believe some of the crusty old bags I got messages from, even though my profile clearly stated I was interested in girls 18-29 only.

        1. I believe you sir, I also remember a class action law suit filed against for having a lot of fake/zombie profiles.

        2. I’m sure we crusty old hags looked at your 18-29 yr old preference and assumed it was a typo.

        3. No offense.
          I have my preferences.
          I know I am out of the mainstream.
          But I can’t help what I am attracted to.

        4. And those women couldn’t help being attracted to you. I hope you were at least a little kind to them when they reached out.

        5. I did not reply.
          Saw no reason to be mean to them.
          If you join a dating/meetup site you go in knowing that anyone can IM you. If you’re not interested you simply don’t reply. That’s my outlook. I tend to think most people do the same. I quit both match & SA after a few months anyway. Waste of time and money, IMO.

  17. Girls who have the option to sleep with higher value males will be
    reluctant to settle for guys of the same or lower level of

    How is this any different to the offline world?
    You want high value females? Then don’t be average.

    1. I’d imagine it’s easier to game girls in real life rather than online. I do a lot better with lounges where I can talk my way into pussy rather than louder clubs. Some day I should make a FB profile and try these online sites but I can’t find it in myself to give these women even more validation.

      1. Actually I have tried it. Its a waste of fucking time. Tried two sites. Nothing. And I am a guy with a lot to offer. On paper I have everything. So I don’t think it matters whether you are high or low value. Online dating is a bust.

        1. Oh yeah!
          And tattoos. And belonging to a bike gang. And physical abuse. That is what gets girls!!!
          Income/net worth does not do one bit of good.
          I am living proof of that!

        2. Yes indeed. Good job, income, net worth. Girls just don’t care. They want pussy tingles and a good job/career doesn’t do that.

        3. Yeah I’d probably struggle. I’m only 5-9 and more of a “cute” than “hawt” guy. This YouTube video shows how incredibly skewed those sites are. It’s just unbelievable.

        4. $$$ gets me escorts, nothing more.
          Being a shitheal gets you worshipped by the hot young ones for free. But you cannot just flip the switch. You either are or you aren’t. I am not. Damn it.

        5. That is illuminating. Obviously a tool for advertising and not really for hooking up. And only a tool would use it.

        6. In the world of online dating, it seems women are only looking for men that have all the accessories which will give them the most bragging points for their peer group. My buddy pulls the most tail out of any dude I have ever known through online dating apps… he has a bunch of tattoos, a cool Rockabilly hairdo, and his photos consist of the following:
          1. “Artsy” picture of himself sitting on his couch playing a guitar
          2. Picture of him in his restored cherry ’57 Ford truck
          3. Picture of him with his dog
          4. Picture (selfie) of him in a suit
          His bio has all the hot buzzwords chicks love to hear and juggles about 10 girls at any given time, all of them are usually 8-10’s.

        7. If there are any bored ladies here in need of some fresh entertainment, forward to the :32 second mark.

        8. Ran a similar experiment on OkCupid, once. Threw up a female profile with just a picture (cribbed it from OKC Canada, used it on OKC in the US – nobody ever caught it) at the same time as my detailed profile. Three weeks later I had no responses on my profile and approximately 500 opening lines on the female account. And I personally think she was a 6, at best.

        9. Completely invalid comparison.
          All throughout human history, females have been valued for their youth and beauty.
          Males have been valued for their ability to provide and protect. That is the natural order of things. After the 60s that all changed, and the western world (civilized world) has been irreparably damaged because of it.

        10. the hot guy probably gets as much attention as an average-looking female. i don’t think that’s invalid or whatever.

        11. Males should not be judged on looks.
          That is my point.
          JP Morgan and JD Rockefeller were not “hot”, but in their time would have gotten the hottest, youngest females around.

        12. Okay, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I understand how that works. I’m talking about something different.

        13. “do you have a couple dollars for a cup of coffee?” could be seen as a neg.

        14. I’m not surprised about the attention she gets. I’m shocked at how little attention he gets however.

        15. Is “swiping right” the tinder equivalent of saying “howdee do, ma’am” or something? Is it beta?

        16. Bro, these half- homo, metrosexual, millennial fags today, are by and large, a fucking joke. These are Not the definition of MEN. Women may gawk and comment, but 99% of them ain’t meeting up to fuck that guy. Women are Obviously more attracted to masculinity,power and strength then they are to men who imitate their actions and try to look pretty and post selfies online. Get fuckin real. And No man will Ever compete with women as far as sexual value. Especially, a beautiful woman. Ain’t fucking happening. Pussy is very easy to get. High quality pussy, is not. You have to find fame,money,power or have intense skills with body language and attraction in order to seal the deal with hotties. It’s not rocket science. And the more attention they get, the harder it will be for us all. But us players… Us lovers.. Us naturals…We’ll always get laid. Because no matter our situation, we always have that look, that way we move and talk..We’ll always bang bitches.

        17. Fair enough.
          If there’s a dryer patch in the UK, I’ve not heard of it.
          London women are….horrible.
          …and time consuming, in my experience.

        18. This is (in a nutshell) a ‘How To Bang Hotties On Tinder’ guide.
          The question is: Do you go and get inked up, have your hair styled that same way, buy a guitar, a dog and a pick-up truck/ motorbike and entertain a conga line of pussy that’s hot but in a generic kind of way?
          Or…do you stay true and keep your integrity in check, even if it takes more work to pull?

        19. To be honest, I have taken the latter path… obviously my buddy pulls more tail than I do, but he also tells me 90% of the women he bangs are total wet blankets in the sack as well as personality. I hold out for quality over quantity, and sleep better at night that I didn’t have to gimmick myself up in order to get laid.

        20. In my opinion, the best girls in London are the black chicks. No other group is so ready to get down as London black girls. Minimal games. You may have to show your Ghetto Pass before you can play though.

  18. The last girl I dated I met on a free dating site. I was bored and lonely, so I decided to say “fuck it” and try my luck online. Im well aware of the modern dating site bullshit and SMV imbalance, so I sure as hell was not going to pay to use one. She was a cute faced fatty ER nurse, and was definitely below my own value, but we initially hit it off and she wasnt too terribly fat not to at least bang for a while. But she was the most entitled bitch I have ever met, not to mention terrible personality and typical unfeminine potty mouth—she cussed worse than me and dropped more F-bombs and Im former military. Anyways, I finally got sick of her shit and was beginning to hate myself for even banging her. Her crazy, bitchy, entitled attitude to hottness ratio was not in her favor. Long story short, online dating sucks, and the only available girls have issues and have an overly inflated sense of their own value.

  19. Of course you should not depend on Online Dating, but it is a good way to meet new women. Of course Daygame and Club/Bargame are more important and better, but you lose many opportunities if you dont use online dating.
    1. Make decent photos of yourself. (with high quality cameras)
    2. Selfies are OK, photos taken from another one is better.
    4. Only 1-4 Pics. Otherwise you look try-hard.
    5. No description.
    6. If you are tall, put it in your profile, if not, don’t.
    7. I don’t know about Android, but you can make yourself Macros. You can use them for your opener. So you can message dozen girls quickly.
    8. Your opener should be just funny and outstanding. No “Hey, Hi, Whats up” she has 100 messages like that.
    9. Don’t waste your time at liking/disliking pics. Simply like all, and choose the good ones you matched with. Or use a bot if you have one.
    10. don’t take it too serious. You will get many flakes, but once you get in, you will flake yourself.

  20. I think these days online can only be useful if you look for someone outside your ethnic group. There are some interracial dating sites that may be worth trying, particularly if you focus on girls abroad and are willing/able to travel to meet them. Even in that case, use your common sense and be cautious.

  21. This is what men have been reduced to. It’s truly pathetic. I’m sick to my stomach. Men shouldn’t even need “game” to get girls. They already have the value to begin with. They shouldn’t need to put on a world class performance just to bed tinder sluts.
    We as men fucked up big time. Instead of putting pressure on women to get their act together, collectively, we put pressure on each other to up our game.
    Too bad the girls we are fighting each other over weigh about as much as a mack truck and have the attitude of a hells angel biker.
    You’ve got to be kidding me.
    Is that why you worked your ass off to
    So that you could beg a bunch of nasty, fat, rude, entitled, worthless women for 5 minutes of bad sex who have no respect for you, or for themselves?
    It’s bad enough that they don’t even take care of themselves, or even have pleasing personalities.
    But on top of that, you have to do all the work too and make it a truly amazing encounter for them, have amazing “game”, along with have high value as a male to boot.
    Otherwise you can go into the tinder thrash bin alongside all the other rejects, since the female has 100’s of options, so if you protest you can go fuck yourself, because plenty of cucks will be happy to beg in your place, and then rub their worthless conquests in your face.
    It’s like dude, you’re fucking retarded. You think you won some prize?
    All you did was fuck us both over. Congratulations, you win a worthless slut with absurdly high standards and a horrible attitude, who doesn’t even take care of herself or you, and expects you do all the work for the duration of your time with her.
    Sounds like a blast.
    And what’s the typical shaming attack for these statements?
    “You’re just mad you can’t get laid”.
    Sorry to say that males will even shame you with this comment, instead of recognizing the torrent of shit they are enabling to run through their society and community.
    I think ROK needs more male personal accountability.
    We can cry about how bad modern women are all day, but until we start voting with our dicks, it won’t mean anything.

  22. This is what men have been reduced to. It’s truly pathetic. I’m sick to my stomach. Men shouldn’t even need “game” to get girls. They alreadyhave the value to begin with. They shouldn’t need to put on a world class performance just to bed tinder sluts.
    We as men fucked up big time. Instead of putting pressure on women to get their act together, collectively, we put pressure on each other to up our game.
    Too bad the girls we are fighting each other over weigh about as much as a
    mack truck and have the attitude of a hells angel biker.
    You’ve got to be kidding me.
    Is that why you worked your ass off to achieve and improve yourself and become successful?
    So that you could beg a bunch of nasty, fat, rude, entitled, worthless
    women for 5 minutes of bad sex who have no respect for you, or for
    It’s bad enough that they don’t even take care of themselves, or even have pleasing personalities.
    But on top of that, you have to do all the work too and make it a truly
    amazing encounter for them, have amazing “game”, along with have high
    value as a male to boot.
    Otherwise you can go into the tinder thrash bin alongside all the other rejects, since the female has 100’s of options, so if you protest you can go fuck yourself, because plenty of cucks will be happy to beg in your place, and then rub their
    worthless conquests in your face.
    It’s like dude, you’re fucking retarded. You think you won some prize?
    All you did was fuck us both over. Congratulations, you win a worthless
    slut with absurdly high standards and a horrible attitude, who doesn’t
    even take care of herself or you, and expects you do all the work for
    the duration of your time with her.
    Sounds like a blast.
    And what’s the typical shaming attack for these statements?
    “You’re just mad you can’t get laid”.
    Sorry to say that males will even shame you with this comment, instead of recognizing the torrent of shit they are enabling to run through their
    society and community.
    I think ROK needs more male personal accountability.
    We can cry about how bad modern women are all day, but until we start voting with our dicks, it won’t mean anything.

    1. Amen.
      But the only solution is to repeal the 19th amendment.
      I am all for it. But how do we get the rest of the country on board?

      1. How will removing the right to vote solve anything? Politicians don’t create or control Instagram, dating sites, tinder etc.
        Women were the gate keepers of sex long before the 19th amendment. When being chaste, submissive and loyal were valued, they were even more so the gate keepers of sex with the male members of their families being the cock blockers.
        Now, anything pretty much goes and women are still the gatekeepers of sex. Not trying to make guys here feel bad but that’s just how it’s pretty much always been. But men are the gate keepers of relationships and always have been. Men decide if they will enter into a committed relationship with a woman. Who proposes? Men. Do you know how many articles there are for women on how to get a guy to propose? Probably just as many as there are for guys on how to get a woman into bed. It’s a strategy on both sides to get a what you want in a situation that you know you ultimately have no control over.

        1. “Women were the gate keepers of sex long before the 19th amendment.”
          No, they were not. They could be with the “hot bad boy” and starve, or be with the steady, intelligent, hard working provider and be protected and well nourished. Now, with divorce, child support, welfare, food stamps, medicaid, affirmative action, etc… there is no reason for females not to slut it up with the tattooed loud mouths. And no reason for them to be attracted to the hard working “boring guys”.

        2. You are frustrated, I get it.
          But know this in a barbaric society the “hot bad boy” is also the clan chief, the boss the first knight or even king.
          He represents the good genes, the natural leader.
          The hard working man represents the worker. The second class, or beta male.
          So no it is not our modern society that did that. If something it has provided the beta male with an entitlement he would not have had 2000 years ago.
          Never have the women been as hot and sexy as they are now. Never have so many good looking females be available.
          Never have the men been such weak pussies as today.
          THIS is the root of modern day millenials sex problems.

        3. With all due respect, it’s a combination of both. But I agree loss of masculinity made things worse

        4. BINGO. Spot on. That is precisely the situation today. Women historically did not have jobs and NEEDED a hard working dependable man. Men owned the dating market then. IF some woman back then wanted to fuck a black guy or some “tattooed bad boy”, she and her kid would starve. Back then, being a hard working man is what made you attractive. Today, it just makes you boring. Affirmative action, welfare, child support, and the promoting of “bad boys” from mainstream media makes it all possible now for the average female to choose to spend her youth fucking losers or even cohabiting with one.

        5. Men are the gatekeepers of relationships, yet most men who get married end up paying the woman and being destroyed by her emotionally, so although the man may allow the relationship to proceed in most cases the woman eventually gains control and then destroys the man and lays a train of alphas in the house that used to be the family home. I’ll pass.

        6. Women already have control dude. Running away from families doesn’t mean we are winning.
          It means we already lost.
          That’s like sour grapes.

        7. I would be careful with equating female desire with legitimate merit.
          Because they are not necessarily the same thing.

        8. I don’t know about that.
          George Washington, Charlemagne, Justinian, Caesar, etc..those guys were Alpha male leaders and they were also intelligent hard workers. The “I don’t give a damn bad boy” was most likely a thief or a bum back in the “old days”.

        9. More than likely, the “bad boy” ended up on the end of a rope or shot dead in the street as he was likely an outlaw or a pirate.

        10. So, women deciding not to be with bad boys and deciding instead to be with the hard working provider doesn’t make them the gate keepers of sex? It’s still a decision is it not? Many women back in the day also choose to be Nuns and keep that gate permanently closed. My point is that women decided who entered, and back then they had more incentive to decide more wisely then they do now, but ultimately it was still their decision and if they said no the guy didn’t get in regardless of who he was, bad boy loser or hard worker. Outside of rape women decide who they have sex with. Back in the day men were more likely to be the seekers of sex while women were the ones sought, because slut behaviour was highly discouraged. Now women are just as likely to seek men for sex so actually they are probably less the gate keepers of sex now, when I think about it.

        11. “Never have the women been as hot and sexy as they are now.” – Whaaaaat? Maybe twenty years ago.

        12. Remove women as a voting block and men start to vote against welfare (because women need it but don’t pay for it, men don’t need it but do pay for it). No more welfare means women are now suffering their consequences of their choices. Got pregnant by the drug dealing felon? Enjoy homelessness and seeing your baby die of rabies and leprosy sweetheart. This leads to women seeing such consequences and then making better choices. Civilization rebounds and we make it to the stars within three generations.

    2. I always look at it as; sorry guy- you lost-not a win when I see these married chumps…. Their prize is greesy fat rolls and heavy snoring. I thank god I am not caught up in these slobs. I married really good and she ballooned out on me like a sow..7 years divorced but not before I had my come to Jesus meetings…No one marries to get divorced but for some reason these woman think they can eat a bus and we are all supposed to support them at our own expense. I am now loving every minute of being single and will stay that way the rest of my life.

    3. At one point at least a guy working an ordinary job could expect a steak dinner (ie decent looking, well mannered woman) for his full time efforts.
      Now, It’s like working your ass of, day in and out, for a McDonald’s Dollar Menu Cheeseburger.
      Or, at least a fat whale that eats lots of them.

    4. To be real, im a good lookin dude by most women’s standards but i stopped playing the “Game” years ago. You see, i simply take care of my body, pursue my passion and any chick i stumble across, hot or not, i don’t really give much of a fuck anymore, that passes my boner test, i talk to, flirt with and see if i can weasle her back home. Online game? It’s just a time waster, but it can be fun if you don’t take it too seriously. The key, i believe, is to simply not give a fuck about them. Do your own thing, improve yourself and when the balls need a good draining, make sure you either have a few you can buzz or go out on the hunt and do what nature and the warrior inside of you does when its crunch time. Get those balls drained and carry on with life. 🙂

      1. That’s fine dude.
        But personally I’d like to have some kids someday and a wife.
        And I don’t want either to belong to the government.
        If every guy is a just a player nailing chicks 24 / 7 and focusing on his own life above everything else, we’d all just die out.
        Plus if you’re not having kids then who is?
        Possibly people who over time are not really ideal if they end up becoming the majority of the human species.
        Isn’t this kind of like the male version of feminism?
        “I don’t need no man”
        “I don’t need no bitch or kids”
        Well if everyone does that then we are all just dead. Plain and simple.
        Kind of like a antinatalists wet dream.

        1. “Kids someday and a wife”
          Though very noble of you, you are choosing an unbelievably difficult and surely soul crushing choice this day in age. How old are you? Not that it matters much, but would give me a better understanding of your viewpoint. I’m 34 and i’ve seen and done alot of shit that i’m not proud of. I’ve been with countless women. Ages, sizes, colors, married, single and divorced. They all have the same fucking nature, my friend. And the good ones, i mean the really good ones, you know- Virgins..Maybe one guy..Thats it?- are so rare, that they might as well not even exist. A wise old man once told me “Find a woman who fears the Lord and truly walks with God to be your wife. And anything other than that, and you’re in trouble”. I’ll never forget those words.

        2. What are we supposed to do?
          Can every man really be a player?
          Do you believe in continuing humanity?

        3. Yes, any man can be a player. A player is just an individual who knows how to manipulate the emotions of women and make them so horny that they can’t help themselves but to indulge in that man’s fantasy 😉
          As far as mankind goes, i think you’re overreacting. Too much fucking going on to be worried about the continuation of the race. Shit, the elite are to trying to control that shit because there are already too many mothafuckas here..But of course, to get to the bones of your question, what we are supposed to do, is irrelevant to what we Are doing. What we Are doing, is fucking up in more ways than i can count. Being a player, is a choice. One i believe, in this day in age, is a wise choice. Especially when considering the playing field. I am simply a soldier in a war. I choose to stay alert,vigilant and uncompromising with my tactics for success. Which, of course, have nothing to do with a bitch. Hard dick and bubblegum from me. And i’m chewing on my last stick of gum.

        4. I don’t think the human race is going to die out.
          But I do think western males and western civilization is.
          We have nothing left but casual sex.
          We are decimated.
          And I’m trying to say that fucking bitches is part of the problem too, rather than the solution.
          I’m just trying to state facts here.
          If western men don’t get their shit wired tight, it’s over for them.
          Kiss your genes and your western civilization goodbye.
          And I don’t know how many blowjobs will ever make that one up to me.

        5. America is doomed, my friend. This is the beginning of the end. The last days, if you will. There is an old saying around here at ROK. “Enjoy the decline”

        6. That’s a personal choice.
          But I’m a persistent guy and I still have some fight left in me.

        7. I’m not telling you not to fight, brother. I’m simply reminding you of the spiritual and physical war to come.

        8. It’s not that hard, good gravy. Just shoved my last one out of high school two weeks ago, this shit is not the huge “OMG Panic!” thing that a lot of y’all think that it is.

        9. Hey, I’m going to give it hell, too, but I think it’s too late for me. The good girls around here get married early and stay married. The single women have been married once, and usually have kids from two different dudes. I’ve reached the point where I have a house I could live in the rest of my life, a stable job, enough money, and am bringing all my hobbies slowly online, but I can see myself doing the exact same thing 40 years from now.
          I see no point in marrying a woman older than about 25-27 for a couple reasons, one being fertility, and the other being history. The longer a woman goes before marrying, the more broken, and broken-in, she is. I know feminists want to have “dude value” and not “chick value” (and thus being relevant into their 50s) but I still value a girl for being a girl, and that ends at 30.

        10. “Fucking the bitches is part of the problem” that’s exactly what I’m saying too. If we “adapt” to this new nasty environment, we are adding fuel to the fire and making it bigger than it is.

    5. The average western male is bitch made and brainwashed into going against his own interests. They also lack critical thinking skills which is why they can’t draw that conclusion for themselves and instead continue to undermine their fellow man and ultimately themselves, making the balance of power into each individual man versus the female collective.
      Men need allies and the ability to trust their fellow man. No man is alpha enough to be a one man show and be able to tell everyone else to get lost with no consequences. That isn’t even what alpha means, it means that you are the leader of the pack which means that you still have to interact with other males who prop the alpha up to give him status. It doesn’t mean don’t cooperate with anyone but that’s what men are being taught and it’s to our detriment.

    6. And the feminists still try to argue that women don’t have it easier when it comes to getting sex. Just unreal.

    7. I screen shotted this comment. It deserves to have way more likes than it currently does. It reads like something Tyler Durden would’ve (or should’ve) said in ‘Fight Club’ nearly 20 years ago…
      What you’ve written here so neatly (and accurately) sums up this angst I felt increasingly between the ages of 23 and 25- yet couldn’t string together in a linear train of thought.
      But instead, I found myself drinking to the point of despair increasingly, in the end leaving a voice message late one night in a drunken haze, effectively telling my parents that if they ever wanted grandkids they’d have to rely on my sister because “I’m fucked, this is just how my life goes”.
      But maybe if I’d read something like what you wrote here, I wouldn’t have found myself in that spiral to begin with. Thankfully those dark days are long past, but I completely agree that women aren’t really the enemy here. I don’t even feel half the disdain for feminist land-whales or entitled 5’s waiting for Squarejaw McMoneybags or Chad Thundercock, as I do for the white-knight faggots and thirsty orbiters who tolerate the worst of female behaviour…
      More guys need to read your post at least once and then memorise the following until it becomes seared into their mind like an engraved plaque:
      Women are only as evil as you allow them to be.

  23. The only time you should ever bother with online dating is if you’re going to southeast Asia or maybe eastern Europe. Though I can’t speak to the latter as I haven’t been there. A few years ago I hooked up with a couple of extremely attractive filipinas that I met on one of those sites, and it was nice to have a local companion waiting for me at the airport when I arrived.
    But American sites/chicks like Match or whatever, no. Just no.

  24. I don’t “get” when guys give fat woman any views or even turn to look….. I was biking today on a trail and saw this guy who was in great shape etc and the wife -or it appeared to be his wife- looked just a bloated pig. Worse, I saw this about 4 times and this trail is hardly used.. I never saw 1 decent gal- I mean, not one who didn’t look like a lard ass and was reasonably healthy looking ….. I am like geeze people-have some self respect and dignity for your fellow man…. If guys need to have sex that bad- hire a hooker 4-5 times a year. Fly down to a 3rd world country and you can buy top shelf with none of drama of some snorty lazy fat pig tromping around your house……Current men it seems are just so fucked in the head. If men are too chicken shit to walk away and lets these land whales fend for themselves -then they get what they deserve.

  25. You have to add that there are 105 or 106 males born for every 100 females and that women find 80 percent of men average or below average in attractiveness. Men consider 50 percent of women average or below average attractiveness. So there are millions of surplus men that can’t get any action to save their life. Welcome to TFL, Incel and mgtow

    1. Traditionally, and all throughout history, males attained females based upon their ability to provide & protect, which is basically the same skill set. Sure, an MMA fighter can win a bar fight one on one, but a rich guy can ensure that his female is always kept away from danger.
      And females were chosen based upon their youth and beauty. So an older guy with accomplishments and assets would routinely attain young, pretty females.
      This all changed starting in the 60s. Government social programs, no fault divorce, affirmative action, etc.. These things have destroyed the natural dynamics between males and females. The sluts now want “hot guys with tattoos and washboard abs” instead of honest, intelligent, hard working providers. And the western world is much worse because of it.

      1. Very true.
        Men have no leverage at this point.
        The only thing we have anymore is primal lust and raw primal sexual appeal and the ability to take it away from a woman if she treats us poorly.
        That’s men’s only options in today’s world.
        Problem is, society still needs men to do all that providing.
        Someone has to do all the hard work.
        Why should men keep supporting a system and women who hate them and treat them like human thrash?
        I don’t see any legitimate reason for men to keep providing their support.
        I believe we should dismantle the system though, not just run away or become players and rebellious bachelors.
        Isn’t that being “reactive”?
        Either way though there is certainly no justification anymore to be providers for the casual sex between sexy douchebags and women.
        If they want that, they can both pay for it themselves.

    2. Mass male sexual eviction has become the new reality, as we can see in an advanced state in Japan. Japan has a funny way of living “20 minutes into the future,” in that trends in developed countries often start there first and then show up elsewhere. The numbers of adult male virgins in Japan has just gotten ridiculous, and you can’t blame it on a traditional religion or a lack of access to nearby Asian countries with legal prostitutes.

        1. Even though prostitution is illegal in china the govt turns a blind eye to it, so as not to have millions of frustrated excess single men there getting disruptive. Its not like china has a surplus of women to spare the Japs. I read where girls in south Asia get kidnapped and taken into china for brides for desperate lonely men.

      1. An old Japanese tradition for newlyweds was for the groom to be set up with a Japanese prostitute prior to the wedding and honeymoon. This was to ‘educate’ the young lad on how to handle a woman for the first time. The families funded the activity presumably so that a live supplicating sex doll would erase any inhibitions from the unknowledgable groom on their honeymoon. If he could get ‘hands on’ skill with a ho, flipping, diving, triple axle, the works with a live rag doll that you can bend like a pretzel and pilfer her every hole they reasoned would somehow help him in properly kicking off their marriage.
        When I first heard of this practice, I thought it was debauchery and it must be what has come back to bite the culture with its curret state of fapping, robot fetishes, nosediving replacement rates and virgin MGTOW. Think what a virgin bride getting mercilessly thrashed like a carnival midway ho on her honeymoon night does for her psyche much less her tiny Asian hip ratio. She’d need a cane to stay straight returning from Fiji. And later on, the early interactions between mother and toddler play a part in the child’s development. It just seems logical to look to the mother when we’re observing grown men who appear to be voluntarily ending their seedline and going virgin MGTOW or pursuing robot faptopia.

    3. Yeh those are 2 factors that make it harder let alone the skew in attention that comes with online dating. Lots of guys willing to drop their standards quite a bit just for sex also skews the market in terms of expectation for lots of women I feel as well.

    4. “Men consider 50 percent of women average or below average attractiveness.”
      Lately I’ve noticed that even the ones that keep themselves in shape are dogs.

  26. If I was a genius hacker I would shut down all online dating websites and apps. Fuck up their code forever, and keep doing it until people get pissed off enough to where they would be forced out of technological inconvenience to get off their lazy asses to go outside and do something with their lives, maybe actually engaging in the highly anticipated fable of fluid exchange. For the betterment of mankind. Oh, and I’d do the same for fakebook, fuck that shit.

  27. I’m all too familiar with dating sites and apps, on and off for years. From what I’ve seen, they are basically filled with females that really don’t seem to care to ever be in a relationship, because you’ll see the same faces on there for years.
    Females that want to be in relationships and are GOOD at relationships and have the capability of staying with one man for a lifetime, are usually taken and married by age 24. Which means they are taken even before then. Which is WHY they are taken so young, because those types of girls are non-combative and easy to get along with and stay married. The rest of the female leftover trash find their way onto dating sites going from guy to guy to guy to guy.
    MOST guys that I personally know that are married to decent good looking quality women met those women when they were in their late teens early 20s, and they met them through social groups, not online nor in nightclubs. I’ve date women that I’ve met online, and in each and every single case, they always had something wrong with them that normal girls did not that made a relationship more riskier for failure.
    I have found nightclubs to be pointless anymore. I believe even that has changed. Because of social media and the “tribalism” mentality of today, most single females are less likely to have any interest in a complete stranger they met at a nightclub. As a guy, you have to somehow be part of their extended social media circle or immediate tribal circle to be able to be successful with them. Even for girls that don’t use dating sites, they already have tons of guys through their social media circles constantly contacting them and commenting them on fakebook and insta and wherever else.

    1. There are a large amount of young girls on those apps. Girls who are 22, 20 or even 18 that are willing to date. I met up with quite a few.

  28. There are a large number of excellent comments here, a lot of people making great observations. This comment thread deserves to be published as a pamphlet or something. I was saying this stuff incl about the online dating apps years ago before anyone was listening. I’m glad there are some vuys out there who really do get it.

  29. “Girls who receive attention from a large pool of guys have a false sense of their own value.”
    Sorry, but nope. Here’s a hard truth. These chicks have an excellent – and accurate – sense of their true value.
    All this social technology provides a highly-efficient, true-value-finding market mechanism for attention, dating and sex.
    These girls really are that valuable. Any guy with a pulse – from 14 to 90 – wants her badly. She’s lean. Her skin is smooth, tight and supple. Sex pheromones waft off her in brain-numbing waves.
    She’s a sex grenade with a 40ft radius killzone.
    We know it won’t last forever, but for now she has a killer hand and she’s playing it to the fullest.

    1. Not long ago it didn’t matter how hot a girl was, if she wasn’t married by her mid 20s she was of low value.

      1. Yeah, the patriarchy social-engineered things – heh heh – to smooth out a woman’s value over time to enable an actual civilization.
        Now, as someone remarked, the West just resembles one giant, seedy Miami night-club. … with sticky-floored bathrooms inside and piss and vomit covered sidewalks outside.

    2. I don’t know. There were times when I catch a brand new girl on the apps. Normally I pull mostly 6s and some 7s but sometimes I can get an 8 to meet up with me if she is new to the app.
      For example I had a solid 8 who came from money not only respond but give a paragraph and ask questions about me. She agreed to the date and we continued texting but then she dropped off the grid saying it just wasn’t working for her.
      Other times I actually met up with these solid 8s who respond with enthusiasm online and there was obvious chemistry on the date. However, all of them claim to have been new to online dating. Also I got more success when I texted the night after the date that I was interested in another date just because in 2 days she could’ve talked to thst 10
      Online dating definitely inflates a girls value because normally she wouldn’t run into that 9/10 guy who looks like a model.

      1. True, but OD just _revealed_ her true value via the attention of the 10 male. It didn’t increase her value.

  30. It really isnt that hard. Have your shit together financially, flat stomach, only date foreign women…& dress well. Oh & chase the ones with more than half a fucking brain in their skull.

    1. “only date foreign women…ones with more than half a fucking brain in their skull”
      That’s a minuscule percentage of women in America. And it’s not practical to expect men to leave the country to chase pussy.

      1. Foreign women in USA usually have a little higher intellect (sans the lettuce pickers) & higher expectations from their family.

        1. It reminds of when either gender sets a standard that only .01% of the opposite gender meets. How many foreign women are in the USA percentage wise? A tiny number. Unless you have a certain connection, that’s not a reliable method for the vast majority of men. Not dating fatties alone eliminates half the women.

        2. ? Dude, just try it. Only date foreign born women, quit making excuses & thank me later. Are you sheltered or what?

        3. I can do simple math. There’s ~20 million foreigners at any time in the US. Of that, more than half are over 35. Down to 10 million. Of those, 60% reside in CA, NY, FL, NJ, IL. States I’m not living in. Down to 4 million. Half will be male. Now it’s only 2 million distributed unevenly over a remaining population of ~180 million. The only foreign women you’ll meet in my midwestern city are Asian students. I have yet to encounter an attractive one. So your method might apply to people living in Miami or NY, but for most men, it’s not helpful.

        4. I must have a knack for rooting out the hot Costa Ricans & all their South American friends. You suck at game bro; chug a nati light or six, paddle your canoe around, & yell ARRRR to anything laying on the beach of lake. Ocean or whatever the fuck, just dont flip canoe. Free beer & grilled hot dogs suck wenches in like stink on a hot summer day.

        5. I’m very good at night game. I don’t have time to do internet or day game. Work too many hours.

    2. What do we do once the foreign women get corrupted too?
      Are we supposed to flee every country that gets turned out by feminist cuckold leaders and governments?

      1. Nyukkah you import the quality product, come on now. The good ones dont get corrupted because they have BELIEFS that keep ’em on the straight & narrow. When they see leftist BS they should be hating it out with you.

        1. That’s all well and good if you can find a woman like that. But it doesn’t really address the mass dysfunction we are currently dealing with.
          Nor the system that exists to push and enforce it.
          For me this is just as much societal as it is personal.

      2. It is a valid question. I joined some foreign dating sites before, just before I visit that country; they’re a good way to make some just-in-case connections. Anyway, I have noticed a disturbing trend creeping in on these sites. The abominable western “fashions” are slowly but surely catching on in many of these countries – the stupid oversize glasses, the attention-seeking dyed hair. Sure, their parents might impart a little wisdom and tell them “that will not get you a man”, but eventually they will lose their parents, and when they themselves become parents their offspring with have no one to be that wise voice for them. It’s just a matter of time sadly.

  31. Just FYI it goes without saying, but if youre trifling with a single mom or a chica with tats, you the fool.

    1. With spring, I see more and more 60+ women with their daughters, shopping, both tatooed on the arms and back. It’s disgusting.

      1. It’s gonna be brutal when tats go out of swing & get shunned again. Inevitable as this current wave ages & will be associated to tats in old age, youngsters will hate tats.

  32. I have said most of the substance in this article to my friends starting in itś in this article but look how many posters talking about this one grooming guy..petty shit..matrix guys dont respect substance (or truth and) dont deserve this valuable wisdom..yes go ahead shoot the messenger and go cheer for your sports team

  33. I pity you all who don’t leave the USA. Leave that pile of shit of a country and go bang young hot broads in foreign countries.

    1. Or…get away from cities and find out that non-city USA girls are perfectly fine AND you still have rights that you don’t have in other places.

      1. I noticed them to be extremely fat and unattractive. And they still have the same toxic cultural programming the city girls do. America is pile of shit, sorry bro.

  34. “Interesting times”, these.
    We have the perspective in this article as well as the notion that millenial women hate Tinder/online dude phenom and want older men..simultaneously. Also..older women on dating sites specifying same or younger (even much younger) guys..even when they have multiple kids.
    MILF and Cougar labels contribute to this.

  35. It’ll be interesting to see how the whole male thirst dilemma plays out. One I girl I banged let me scope out her tinder messages (took some finessing) and she had thousands of matches and the openers these chaps were using were embarrassing. On one hand the competition ain’t shit but the inflated sense of sexual value it’s giving these girls almost makes it not worth it to deal with

    1. “On one hand the competition ain’t shit”
      so when you saw her tinder matchups/msgs were the guys generally high quality in looks compared to her but just doing themselves a disservice with lame openers…or was it a hotchpotch of guys across the looks spectrum? Most of the guys I know who do/did online dating dropped their standards to get results…even the few who did well with fairly regular first date sex said that. Hence why lots of women end up with ONS/flings/STRs

      1. Didn’t look that hard at them, next time I’ll see if I can take a closer look-see. Probably average, some above, some below. I’d say my profile is above average because I actually think about this stuff and chose some sick pictures of me doing cool shit. I do get props for using interesting/creative openers. I feel like you can really screw yourself over with a dumb/lame opener

        1. You can, but it also seems like it doesn’t even matter what you really say to be honest, its what you look like and if you’re attractive or not. I used to craft openers tailored to their profile or just saying something witty and interesting and I never got any responses. I’ve recently had success with “hey whats up”. haha

        2. I feel you. Not to sound like a chode but I am attractive and am able to showcase my musical talents on social media, so that kinda helps me out. I hooked up with a ridiculously hot girl I messaged on IG and she confirmed that this was why she agreed to meet me for drinks

        3. It makes sense though. It’ll set you apart from the rest of the guys who hound her.
          The only date I ever got from a dating app was a semi-attractive girl who was quite boring when I talked to her in all honesty. But it seemed like the only reason she wanted to talk to me, was because I spelled her name wrong when messaging her lol.
          This was about a year and a half ago and I messed up a few of her shit tests, otherwise I probably would have banged that night. It was that instance that actually got me involved in the sphere and here I am..

  36. It is a VERY hard watch, seeing a 4 behave like a 9. I joined a local dating site once and it was littered with them. Fat “women” with multiple kids, often to different partners. The only attractive women were lesbians – I do not jest! It got to the point that it was hilarious, in a very dark way.
    This site also had a messageboard and it was sad to see all these desperate betas white-knighting for the 4’s just to look good in front of the alleged “women”. Just a really depressing spectacle, had to get out quick.

  37. As this and previous articles have echoed; online dating apps misrepresent their actual function which is to keep men single, give women all the sexual power in the dating market, and inflate their fragile egos even if they are revolting.
    Many women seem to be quite happy to use these apps just for validation and the occasional phony date. Its enough to make you think its yet another conspiracy by feminist consumerism to keep men down, women up, the family unit an increasingly remote possibility, and yet another way to generate an undeserved cash flow from men to women.
    And all without the hope of ever getting a date with an attractive and mentally stable woman. Those dice be loaded from the start…

    1. You are describing my current experience with online dating haha. I use an app only as a supplemental means and to kind of experiment and see what happens. I sent out about 100 messages to girls of various SMVs and I got 3-4 responses out of that, so not too bad. After a few messages I escalated to the logistics of a date and it pretty much dead ends right there.
      Seems like they just want the attention and to know that they are wanted. The one girl who messaged me the most is I’d say 2-3 points below my SMV (she’s 5′ 4″ and thicker than I’d like, but has a nice rack so I would entertain a bang :D) and to my surprise, she blew me off lol. Crazy world.

      1. Had you talked to 100 real women in real life, how many do you think you could slept with? Probably a lot more than 3.

        1. Perhaps and I definitely understand that. I definitely prefer approach in person. But it’s no walk in the park either

    2. I agree with you. Most of the guys on dating apps will have no real success. The churn rate on those apps are incredible. Guys join get frustrated and leave.

  38. Social media overall is a tool for anyone’s ego but it’s like life support for the female ego.
    Instagram is a cesspool of thirsty niggs and digital thots “Look at my ass, tell me how good it looks, validate me as i objectify myself.” – The mentality of attention whores

    1. Stop complaining. The universe is in a constant state of change. Evolve or die. I hate people always blaming “niggs” and “thots”. Get off your asz and fcking work!

      1. Objective observations aren’t synonymous with complaining, it’s best you know the difference son.

      2. “Study, Review, Examination, Analysis, Feedback etc.” All synonymous, not Complaining, don’t apply words that don’t apply in the first place.
        (It’s spelled “ass” not asz, you ass.) And yea, i work actually so, nuts to you kid.
        And i don’t really, really don’t care what you happen to despise, so save it for mummy, i’m sure she’ll humor you.

  39. “I’m looking for a well-respected, mature Prince Charming, good with kids, makes money, a career. No Games. I’ve be hurt before.”
    After riding 300 foot of dick 6 inches at a time for 20 years.
    No thanks.

  40. Excellent article. And today its not even about being attractive -it’s really about having resources – money, fame, other kinds of status – or a bridge to something she wants.
    “It is important for guys to realize the current state of dating in the modern digital society in order to be aware of the disadvantages they face, so appropriate steps can be taken in spite of the adversity.”
    Indeed. One should remember this when some great grandpa who was been married for 50+ years and raves on about how easy it is to meet women. Roosh even wrote an article about how one’s grandfather had it much easier back in his younger days, and would have an incredibly difficult time today even if he was in his prime.
    So guys today should understand that it’s not them that’s the problem; but rather it’s the fact that the west unfortunately is essentially on its end cycle, and with this comes worthless females.

    1. my grandpa used to talk about banging girls in the cornfields around where we live lol. Perhaps maybe embellished somewhat, but that should tell you how easy it was. The guy has the dirtiest sense of humor of anyone I know at 80+ years old. So I know he and his friends have had plenty of experience with women.
      It seems at least back then it was worth the time to court and play that game. Now you approach a woman and you get a dirty look or maybe even a drink thrown in your face. Which makes sense because she probably didnt buy it, some cuck boy probably bought it for her.

      1. “It seems at least back then it was worth the time to court and play that game. Now you approach a woman and you get a dirty look or maybe even a drink thrown in your face. Which makes sense because she probably didnt buy it, some cuck boy probably bought it for her”
        Well said.
        With regards to seeking out female affection today it truly is a very, very fine line between being persistant with women, and throwing one’s dignity out the fucking window.
        We’re literally on the front door of “Not playing the game = best choice of all”

        1. Yeah that’s the part that gets me the most is the dignity part. I could approach 100 girls in real life, but if I get my teeth kicked in 97 times just to maybe get somewhere with 3 of the 100, is it really worth it to me? I’d rather work on myself and not be bothered.
          Of course I’d love to get laid more, but at this rate I’d have to break my neck to just get a date. I’d rather build a better product and sell it and be ready to be the best option I can give women and then see what the market looks like.

  41. So Tinder might seem great for the average American girl who just wants attention, but honestly, for a female who actually wants an emotional bond with someone, I don’t think Tinder is the way to go. I tried it for a little while to see how it was and it’s totally unnatural. I’d rather have friends set me up with someone or meet someone through running club. Something like that.

  42. Unless you are top tier in looks and social status just stay away from online dating aka email spamming. There are simply too many average Joes. The pendulum has swung back to the 90’s and pre smartphone era. The old fashioned grind is the best way to meet women, fellas.

  43. I wish you guys would not promote cuckery on this website. It is not okay to have sex with other men’s wives and future wives. This is the sin of fornication and adultery. Sex must be saved for marriage. You reap what you sow. Those who cuck others will eventually get cucked!

  44. Internet dating has been a great avenue for scammers and con artists. There are always plenty of lonely suckers on line who can convinced to give up their cash. There are more than a few con artists on dating websites with fake profiles and copied photographs.

  45. Tinder & Co. is just a waste of time. I’m not there to improve ego of b****es. And you must pay to get a normally functioning app, got to hell!

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