Hard Lessons From The Life Of Extraordinary Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin

I went to see to the movie “Dancer” a few days ago. This is a documentary on a (relatively) unknown legendary ballet dancer, Sergei Polunin. The movie was released in 2016, but only recently has made it to Israel. The film sneaks under the radar several red-pill truths that are less obvious if one is unaware. I went to see it with a Russian girl, and she confirmed that the movie is true, and that the story is not fabricated.

The movie starts with Polunin sitting in an awkward position, breathing heavily. We do not know what is going on, as this will become clear later in the movie.

Background and story

The movie tells the story of Sergei Polunin by showing footage and interviewing friends, relatives, and Sergei himself. He was born in 1989 at the town of Kherson, an only child to his parents. He was identified in an early age by the local sports authorities as a great gymnastics before switching to ballet. It seems that he also possessed great flexibility.

When he was 9, his family decided to make sure he will not suffer their fate of poverty. So he moved with his mother to Kiev in order to become part of the Choreographic Academy, while his father and grandmother moved abroad in order to provide the necessary means for his academy tuition.

His mother was a major force in his life, pushing him to excel and train hard. At the age of 13 he moved to London, as his mother assessed the situation and decided that this would be the best way to advance his career. However, his family could not join him there so he had to live alone in a new country with no knowledge of its language or culture. He was considered a ballet genius and at the age of 18 became the youngest principal performer ever for the London Royal Ballet. He was compared to Rudolf Nureyev, the great Soviet dancer who defected to the West.

After two years of immense success, Polunin started to “lose it”. He suffered from depression, started to party and use drugs and eventually quit at the age of 22. He could not stand the pressure and just wanted to “rest”. He soon became aware that he needed to dance, but his reputation as a “loose cannon” did not help.

Eventually he participated in a Russian reality show (“Big Ballet”) and then joined The Stanislavsky Music Theatre and Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. It is mentioned that  Igor Zelensky, a former ballet dancer and artistic director, became some sort of father figure for him. That did not work out well, as he quit after less than a year there.

Then we finally understand the beginning of the movie. Polunin decided to quit dancing completely. In order to do so he reached out to his friend Jade Hale-Christofi to create a final dance to the sound of Hozier’s song “Take me to church”. Before dancing that part he actually cried for nine hours. After dancing, and the clip became viral, he actually decided to keep on dancing and even made peace with his family.

Red-Pill lessons from the movie

To achieve greatness you need to work harder than everyone

That was covered by the manosphere endlessly (my favorite example). You can see how much effort and training were poured into his life. At one point in the movie, he says that during his teens, he practiced twice as much as the other kids. We are talking about the 1% ballet dancers in the world, and he practiced harder than them! The guy had talent, no doubt, but he still worked harder than everyone.

Balance is crucial

Polunin, to my understanding, burned himself up. He was doing ballet all day long. In one part of the movie he says that the body is so used to hard work that if he takes a day off it aches. I’m not sure if this is true, but even if it is – rest is required.

Partying all night and working hard all day will get you both mentally and physically exhausted. I don’t care if you are the world leading ballet dancer, you still need to rest. Other commentators in the movie said that being a principal requires a hermit way of life. If this is true, one must make sure to factor that in as well.   It seems that Polunin could not, or did not want to have that. Which brings me to the next lesson…

A father figure is critical for personal development

“Deprived” of his father since the age of 9, Polunin did not see his father for years. The result: depression, partying, substance abuse, and, in my belief, an inability to relax and balance one’s life. As beta as his father is portrayed in the movie, he was still a good influence on him as a child (they both tell how they did stuff together like a typical father and son). No one took his father’s place as a role model until it was too late.

Dominating mother creates lack of masculine maturity

By the end of the movie, we witness Polunin and his mother converse. He says to her that she dominated his life as a child, and she corrects him – she controlled his life. It is not sure if she is proud of it.

The result of four years with a domineering mother was that he lacked the masculine stability to not only reach the top, but to stay there. It becomes clear as he states that he asked his family not to come see him in all the years he has been on stage. He had the feeling that he is not good enough for his mother. That is not a sign of healthy relationship. Which brings me to the next point…

One needs a ritual to move from childhood to adulthood

Also covered extensively by the manosphere (One of my favorite examples). In order to move from boy/teen to adult we all know that a ritual or ceremony is needed. Otherwise a boy does not become a man. Hardships are also part of it.

Polunin decided to dance once last time. He had to confront his inner self and drop the major part of his identity. By doing that, he was able to understand that: 1) dancing is part of him, 2) he could make peace with his family. That is my interpretation. I bet others may have a completely different outlook on that event.

That is one possible ritual


I recommend seeing the movie, as it is an interesting tale of an extraordinary person. What the movie lacked is any glimpse to his romantic life. I took the time to look it up and found that our protagonist is not gay, but dates an older ballerina.

Apart from that, the director did a very good job in portraying a complex person with an interesting life story. Notice also that he had his body tattooed with eleven different tattoos – some childish and some meaningful. In any case, red-pill lessons are “hidden” in the movie. One just needs to open one’s eyes to notice them. Watch the video of him dance; it is inspiring…

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  1. Upbeat article about ballet on ROK. Wow. Nice to see a little not moronic end of western civilization going on. Also, Sergei Polunin’s life is something everyone should familiarize themselves with and ballet is one of the most physically arduous things a person can do — far beyond the core strength of the kneeman.

        1. I would have to agree with the both of you, gay but underappreciated. But, so is bluegrass.

        2. I’ve tried so many times, watching classical to modern dance, but it just does nothing for me. I appreciate the physicality of dance, but any artistic meaning is totally lost.

        3. I will own up to underappreciating the hell out of ballet. I’d rather watch slow, under-tension martial arts like Tai Chi forms, because that’s something I can understand.
          At least ballet is real artistic dancing, though. The modern shit I’ve suffered through lacks any of that skill and expertise.

        4. Ha, I with lived a singer and guitar player in a pretty serious bluegrass band for two years so I know all the different phases and incarnations of the genre. Steve Earle pissed a bunch of traditionalists off with Copperhead Road. Modern groups like Greensky Bluegrass and Trampled By Turtles are going in cool new directions too.
          Edit: “lived with” I suck at guitar.

        5. I did as a kid, and I distinctly remember walking into the theater and not much else. We did it every year as a compulsory field trip in elementary.
          I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the average preteen boy lacks the right mindset to appreciate several hours of sitting quietly watching costumes prance around on stage. Perhaps if I saw it today I’d be able to get something out of it.

        6. There are lots of genres of music that I have only a rough knowledge of. Since the internet, it really has opened the doors to cultural appreciation.

        7. Whoops. Missed a “with” in that post. I am not a good bluegrass player. I would occasionally strum chords along with the group, but that was it.

        8. It’s fascinating what it is doing to music with mash-ups, sampling, the ability to record tracks separately, etc. Pretty much all music is world music now.

        9. I don’t like hockey, doesn’t mean I can’t intellectually comprehend that there is skill, art and awesome physical prowess involved. I wouldn’t say I am a big ballet fan, but if the seats were good I wouldn’t balk at the opportunity to see a show at the met.

        10. like the steam room at the gym. Sitting around naked with 10 other dudes sweating in a steam room is not gay if you lifted weights first.

        11. For good and bad, Like taco bell turning Mexican into McDonalds, I fear the same will hapen with culture.

        12. For the record, just because I think ballet is gay doesn’t mean I can’t comprehend that there is skill, art and awesome physical prowess involved in all that gayness.

        13. It’s frightening that people are so afraid of even witnessing new or different things. How many people do you know who would turn down ballet tix in order to stay home and watch sportsball or reruns on the tube? I drag the kid I mentor to lots of cultural activities outside his comfort zone. That’s how you grow as a human. Every so often he even kind of enjoys it.

        14. I don’t much care for mash-ups, honestly. I’d prefer a medley or an original piece. Mash-ups are something I do in my head when I’ve got a song stuck up there but I only know half the words.
          I’ve arranged and performed all these sorts of pieces a cappella, and mash-ups are by far the laziest and simplest.

        15. I agree it is a much abused genre that caters to the lazy. However, Girltalk, the Gray Album, and the Wu-Tang/Beatles mash up tape are ridiculously good.

        16. Always with the Jew obsession. I’m starting to think you have a yid fetish

        17. How dare you judge me!
          My fetishes are mine.
          You have your Kathy Griffin fetish, thatsbfine for you, I guess.

        18. Haha I just found out who she was with the whole head thing — I can get down with some strange stuff but that’s a hard no

        19. I bet that pretty much any of those homo ballet guys could beat the snot out of you without breaking a sweat

        20. In a dance off? Most likely.

          In a fight? Don’t be absurd. Exactly zero of them have any sort of combat training.

        1. ‘Think alike’?
          Together, you mean?
          Like, together in harmony?

        2. …what….leave you two alone?
          Alone together?
          Where no-one else can ‘stop you’?
          GAAAa….choke…cough….GA GAA GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYyyyyyyyy……boy!

      1. Why? Because it’s dancing? It is far more athletic than most sportsball sports, it is based on brilliant music from a time where add didn’t exist and it is actually quite beautiful
        Sure, most the guys who do the dancing are poofs now a days but it’s truly an amazing thing and something everyone should check out st least once

        1. We have all different opinions on masculinity , but athleticism , stretching , jogging and such are not my cup of tea. I’m more into big muscles , heavy lifting and fighting. Ball sports are faggy too in my book. Also, I might be wrong but I don’t think women would turned on by the guy in the main image (minus fame/money) . Just as women are turned off by a skinny marathon runner (the idea of a man running instead of holding his ground turns them off).
          So , I’m all about raw masculinity.

        2. “I’m more into big muscles , heavy lifting and fighting.” “I’m all about raw masculinity.”


        3. Not gonna lie. If I were gay or a woman I would probably be attracted by this type of man rather than pajama boy. But I am not , so I’m working to become a masculine man with big muscles myself instead. Now shut up faggot.

        4. I’m with you on all of this stuff, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate an art other than the ones I like

        5. Ballet is essentially, in its physical form, martial arts set to music

        6. wtf is wrong with you ninjas are not faggy theyre the ultimate stealth masters sliding into every pussy they wish

        7. They slide right into brown town. They wouldn’t need stealth for pussy

        8. I understand if you are a professinal boxer or smth. But for street fight you don’t need those. You need to be big and able to take a few punches like a man. And those who only do these kind of things like stretching are superfags. Like those green-eater types.

        9. yeah well you also need enough stamina (jogging) to dish out some good punches (athleticism) and btw. i´d prefer to dodge punches instead of taking them, flexibility helps with that

        10. Would be just as useful as drafting only NASCAR drivers or drafting only stock brokers or drafting only plumbers or decathletes. What’s the point mobious? That the US Marine Corps is better suited tonfighting a war than a professional ballet company? Fine. I can accept that. It in no way takes anything from the impressive physicality that ballet dancers display.
          Ballet is a European physical art which has been appreciated by everyone from kings to peasants for centuries and the idea that it is just a bunch of faggots prancing around is ignorant and, frankly, stupid

        11. Dunno about the “attractivity” of the main dude. Rule of Thumb to measure how women perceive a guy is “the gayer the guy looks, the more women want him” and…
          Also the “birth control theory”, that being hopped up on pregnancy hormones makes women want a sensitive, caring, wimpy dude (or at least a dude who looks like he has those attributes).

        12. Male ballet dancers can be built like brick shithouses. I’ve seen some that make a young mike tyson look effeminate. It is a hyper athletic art form. I’d love to see a martial artist with a ballet background compete in MMA, since their footwork and movement would be off the charts.
          Having said that, I find the dancing to be boring as hell, and I have suffered through my fair share of ballets on dates.

        13. “Ballet is a European physical art which has been appreciated by everyone from kings to peasants for centuries and the idea that it is just a bunch of faggots prancing around is ignorant and, frankly, stupid”
          Don’t get me wrong I love ballet music. The firebird, Petrushka, all great music, but as soon as you add dancers in tight pants into the mix it just becomes so intolerably gay. Personally I think Prokofiev wrote the rite of spring straight after watching swan lake just to see if it was possible to write a truly non-gay ballet. But at the opening night in paris all the gay bourgeois walked out shocked that it was hardly gay at all

        14. I get not enjoying it but not acknowledging the incredible amount of talent, stamina and physical strength that is part and parcel of ballet is just foolish

        15. I’m not sure anyone does doubt the talent, stamina and strength involved. We’re just say it’s a bit …….
          You’re getting a bit worked up about this one you know

        16. Let’s be real man. Did you ever use flexibility in a street fight ? I personally just turn into a mad beast filled with rage and adrenaline , my vision goes black and I kick whatever is on my way.

        17. I just don’t see the usefulness of ballet man. Men are rational creatures. Sports practiced by men should improvise things like fighting or hunting or smth.

        18. A little worked up, yes. It depresses me to see just how slack jawed the manosphere can be

        19. I don’t care how big you are, I smash you in your knees with my kicks, clip your temple or punch your throat and you’re coming down.

        20. Nah.
          Betas marry fatties & ugazoids.
          I see it all the time.
          Guys I new for years married to behemoths and crypt keepers. They can have ’em.

        21. Not as severe (what could be?), but the few fights I have been as an adult in have gone sort of like this. A drunken mess!

        22. Ok you got a real full on lol with that’s like I would have spit something if I was drinking. That joke also works if you are ever called a “stick in the mud”

        23. Except for the part of using the capabilities that have been developed to inflict suffering on an opponent, sure.

        24. I’m never a stick in the mud. If I were a gay man I’d be like “don’t say to yourself that your ass is half empty, say to yourself that your ass is half full’.

        25. The (few!) men I have seen backstage surrounded by hundreds of beautiful, dancing women (changing in between sets); I would’ve definitely enrolled my son, (early in life, so the joy of the physicality in movement could take root, before negative stereotypes); the boys and young men I observed throughout my daughter’s dancing years were heterosexual, with presence.

        26. lol one day there will be pride bird parade with toucans, peacocks and parrots dancing to lady gaga

        27. of course flexibility is the basis for my punching&kicking strength my range of motion and my ability to move fast&dodge punches

        28. Mad beast filled with rage in a street fight against anyone who has training and stamina is going to be dead and quick

        29. I know. I’ve been beat like a punching bag in clubs. But at this point I can’t control my instincts anymore. It’s like I either go berserk mode or I don’t have the guts to fight at all. Good thing I never came across a professional fighter I guess. Also I can take many punches and keep on fighting without falling. I don’t feel pain either. On one case some dude had cut my arm really bad with a broken glass and I was covered in blood but I only noticed it like 10 mins later in the bathroom. I plan on taking fighting lesson sometime in the near future , mostly because I like fighting. I just hope to find a real badass fighting gym , not one of those where women learn “self-defence”.

        30. Well women learning “self defense” is a money maker of bullshit. I liked fighting when I was young but was just telling some guys I know—I don’t think I’ve been in a fight in earnest for 10 years now and would consider it a victory if I didn’t get in another one for the rest of my life.
          Other than the obvious reasons why I wouldn’t want to get into a fight (too old for that shit, my tailor would be mad at me) the fact is that I am a big and musculr guy with good physical presence. If someone is actually willing to fight me the chances are he has some serious training and as such will probably beat my ass. Im literally 200 pounds of lean muscle. People without fight experience aren’t going to want to deal with it and people with fight experience will kick my ass. At my age and my size anyone who can block for a full minute is going to kill me

        31. As a side note, my advice if you really want to learn how to fight is to go to the absolute poorest most ghetto area near you and find a boxing club

        32. Last street fight I had, the other guy turned out to be a boxer.
          He was about to turn pro the next week.
          Mad beast like adrenaline attacks are not always effective.
          Take it from me.
          Oh, and advancing still holding your can of ‘Red Stripe’?
          Forget it.

        33. Btw Stravinsky wrote rite of spring and it was the atonal 12-tone rows that caused the walk out and near riot. People cared amount music then

        34. it’s possible intolerance of un-gay ballet may not have had been quite as important as I have suggested. Music historians still argue over this issue. I just checked – there’s atonality and discord in rite of spring as well as the violent rhythms but stravinsky doesn’t seem to have actually employed the twelve tone system until after schoenberg had died in the 1950s. That whole period is a very interesting one for music

        35. Have you ever read Thomas Mann’s take on the Faust myth which is tied up in modern composition called Doctor Faustus ?

        36. I didn’t actually know he wrote a novel on the faust myth. I once tried to start the magic mountain but couldn’t get into it.

        37. I bet you do love raw masculinity, fag. That shit was beautiful and if you can’t see that then you truly are a sociopath or something.

        38. I was young when I attempted and gave up on it. I will have to give it another try, but it is a pretty hefty tome though

        39. All your arguments are (unfortunatelly) futile… Very few people have an idea how tough the ballet training is.
          And the other thing is a biassed view that most men have. Not only in USA, but here in Europe too, but it changes slowly. I dance salsa and other caribian dances and there are many men among the comunity, i. e. from Spain, Romania, India, Israel or other non-European countries (mostly South American or African). Maybe it is afflicted by the culture, I’m not sure. I suppose that Dawn Pine (as an Israeli) has different view on a dancing man and the idea is natural for him (as it is for me – my father danced a lot – he was Slovak with some Hungarian roots, BTW).

        40. There’s no better celebration of masculinity than a testosterone laden simulation of war that allows you to legally assault, inflict pain, and assert your dominance over another man.
          Ballet is physical expression of ones feelings and emotions. I’d be hard pressed to name a more homoerotic form of art…
          I agree with your consensus that watching sports is a complete waste of time, but spending time watching a fucking ballet is definitely worse.

        41. I will be hard. I live in the land of manginas. Don’t want to train with jihadists neither. But we’ll see.

        42. It’s ok a guy like you doesn’t need to fight. Somebody like me who is angry and mad at everything needs it. I’m always happy to mess up myself and other people.

        43. Jihadists are great with monkey bars. If the Arabs ever invade an elementary school they will be prepared

        44. Napoleon thought differently and he conquered the world. The tsars of Russia also had a different opinion.
          Expressing logical thought as well as emotions in a physical form is quite masculine I think.
          I think it more men understood ballet they could appreciate it…maybe not like it but at least appreciate it.
          War simulation, on the other hand, seems awfully weak and impotent to me. A bunch of guys running around playing war like little children?

        45. NO ! you are insulting pussies ! you are not accepting that MEN and pussies are equal !!
          You should first send ALL the pussies who feel empowered, strong, independent and somehow “equal” to MEN !

        46. He can do the same to you .. with far more power & precision !! Never “over-estimate” yourself dude !

        47. Being a street fighter doesn’t give you precision and power, sadly it was always the big dudes I fought that ended up using weapons on me.

        48. Are you sure male ballet dancers don’t have pussies – that ‘top secret’ ballet scene linked to below notwithstanding

        49. no. it is because I am competing in the real world and you are playing games like a little boy. It’s ok. You live under the protection that I afford you and enjoy your little games. Now go jerk off to soldier of fortune while I run a major company.

        50. That’s the problem with comments/opinions/replies with a “sarcastic/funny” touch ! (maybe out of context but) what exactly I meant was “pussies” aren’t even “comparable” to MALE ballet dancers (you addressed MALE ballet dancers as “pussies”) ! So send them (the Biological “pussies”, that is) first to the Battle fields !!

        51. Perhaps many are “emotional tampons”, but I know too many are, ah, subletting the same basement apartment as the actual hygiene product.
          I disagree that the theory is overstretched as it seems that hard evidence corroborating it’s “second part” is piling up, testing of small animals demonstrating that estrogen in the water supply (largely from birth control) is literally feminizing males.

      2. An immature view of what it takes to be successful in any endeavor. Whether ballet, or becoming a billionaire, the same focus and sacrifice are common to men of noteworthy accomplishment. Or are there only select male-centric endeavors that are not “gay,” and worth of a man’s attention.
        If you dare say sports is such an endeavor and illustration of male accomplishment — one where men grow accustomed to close physical contact and showering together regularly, then I think you’d have a lot to explaining what “gay” means.

    1. ‘….ballet is one of the most physically arduous things a person can do — ‘
      I’ll believe that when I see Rugby players switching to ballet.
      Or Ballet dancer switching to ice hockey.
      Or marathon runners switching to ballet.
      Or ballet dancers switching to boxing.
      Or ballet dancers who are not so gay.
      Then I’ll believe it.

      1. Ballet is at least as physical as all of those and more physical than some

        1. Lots of top sportsmen face a choice of sport.
          Didn’t some baseball player play grid iron?
          Or other way around?

        2. Pretty sure Michael Jordan did a stint with the Russian ballet after basketball and before baseball.
          EDIT: It was gay.

        3. Perhaps more specialised, but demanding?
          More than, say, tennis at the top level?
          After Nigel Ben vs Eubanks, Eubanks was passing blood in his urine for three days and he won.
          S’pretty demanding.

        4. Ok. If you want to be a close minded phillistine mired in homophobia (most likely related to sercretly being afraid of your own homoerotic feelings so needing to cover it up with hostility to anything seemingly gay) that’s fine. But saying that the reason there is no cross over between ballet and rugby is because ballet isn’t athletic is like saying that there is no crossnover between sumo wrestling and basketball because sumo wrestlers aren’t athletes and that is just dumb.

        5. ‘(most likely related to sercretly being afraid of your own homoerotic feelings so needing to cover it up with hostility to anything seemingly gay) ‘
          You hate ‘gays’ and so YOU are a gay.
          Took guts to drag that one out, Kudos!
          ‘But saying that the reason there is no cross over between ballet and rugby is because ballet isn’t athletic is like saying that there is no crossnover between sumo wrestling and basketball because sumo wrestlers aren’t athletes and that is just dumb.’
          I’d rather ‘dumb’ to dishonest any day.
          Anyone can read the comments to see who is being dishonest about the two relative positions.

        6. Yes. Ballet dancers deal with just as much physical trauma to the body as being punched in the face

        7. I remember watching a quite well known biopic of bruce lee. The actor who played him was a ballet dancer with zero knowledge of martial arts
          He probably was hoping he’d get to perform the fist of fury if you know what I mean

        8. ‘Yes. Ballet dancers deal with just as much physical trauma to the body as being punched in the face’
          Oh….you jumped that shark in a wonderful pirouette..

        9. Whatever you say bud. You just keep away from all that gay stuff I think might be contagious lol and let me know when a an Olympic pole vaulter decides to do a cross over to nose tackle. I’m sure he will be just as successful as Michael Jordan playing baseball or is basketball not a real sport?
          It’s a shame you can’t open your mind a little. Being a closed minded twit adverse to things because you are scared to get some gay on you really isn’t going to get you anywhere in life.

        10. ‘Whatever you say bud. ‘
          No, not at all.
          I’m saying you are distorting arguments on a thread.
          That’s not ‘whatever I say’, it’s a serious charge demonstrated in the text.
          ‘Being a closed minded twit adverse to things because you are scared to get some gay on you really isn’t going to get you anywhere in life.’
          Distorting arguments and insults will?

        11. Well then you have been seriously charged but since I don’t have much of an opinion on you I’m just gonna be moving on now.

        12. Sorry, that’s incoherent.
          Above you analyse me & give advice, then say ‘no opinion’.

        13. you mean lower body – trauma, while I wouldnt want to experience that i dont think you can equate the physicality with boxing 😀

        14. Actually what I did was analyize you, give you advice and then when I saw you weren’t smart enough to understand it or man enough to grow I decided you weren’t worth the time and now I’m just mocking you.
          Is that coherent enough or do you need me to draw you pictures?

        15. I’ve a feeling I’ll see you here again.
          Let’s sort out that ‘smart’ thing then.
          I’m off for now.

        16. There is a reason some NFL players take up ballet in the off season. I knew about that 20 years ago. Lynn Swann and Herschel Walker were two I knew of.

        17. It is different than boxing for sure but that doesn’t mean its not just as physically demanding

        18. It was called ‘cross training’ and it was fashionable about 20 years ago.
          For about two years.

    2. Lolknee, I just knew you would do this. You may be an amoral abyss, but you’re still absolutely dreamy sometimes. *swoon* man among boys.

        1. Don’t believe her bro. She is on those pregnancy pills , which make her want nancy boys. Ballet is still gay.

        2. Whatevs dude I’m sure there is some NASCAR althetes you can watch instead

        3. I gotta admit, the tight pants….. gay. But dance… that’s a beautiful thing. Maybe something a little more modern…. and with a female involved.

    3. My Man! My thoughts exactly… it’s nice to see something more upbeat amidst all the doom and gloom lately. God forbid you try to maintain some decorum and actually compliment “This Type” of article… it’s like walking into a Hornet’s nest with these comments!

    4. Sure. They look a little fruity but that doesn’t mean they are.
      Same goes for male gymnasts.
      Very strong.
      Some may be gay. some not. But strong nonetheless.

    5. I’ll say one thing. If a guy who is straight goes into ballet, he’s got a ton of balls. Everyone, and I mean like 99% of people, are going to assume he is gay. Takes some guts to stick with it knowing that.

      1. What do I care what people assume first of all? Second, why would anyone assume that anyway?

        1. I’m not a huge ballet fan but I am a huge opera fan and they use a lot of costumes and make up

        2. Funny, I never thought of Opera as being “gay”.
          Just people with incredible voices singing their lungs out.
          I remember back in the 80s, when Reagan’s son was a ballet dancer. Everyone thought he was gay. At least us teenagers did, I mean. I guess it is more than just the costumes and makeup. The tights, the prancing about. Like I said in the other post, still respect the strength, work, athleticism. Just looks “kind of fruity” sometimes, to an uncultured slug like me, I suppose.

        3. The thing is, if you understand what they are doing it really can be quite interesting. It stops to be a bunch of fruits prancing around and takes on a logical order. It’s like how women look at football and just see chaos and men running around but you might look and see wonderful patterns emerging as a play unfolds

        4. In my youth I saw the Three Tenors (Pavorotti, Carreras, Domingo) perform on TV once and I didn’t think they were gay. In fact, I thought these guys had some sort of swag, especially Pavorotti, considering he didn’t look like your typical alpha male.

        5. I saw them live many times and loved it. Pavoratti was the man. He was banging Models 3 at a time for most of his life and more than likely eating an entire leg of prosciutto while doing it.
          There are very few art forms more masculine than opera

        6. ” At least us teenagers did,”
          Us teenagers in the 80s thought EVERYONE and EVERYTHING was gay!

        7. No-one thinks of opera as homosexual.
          It has never been identified with deviant sexuality with the non-sexual issue of the castrati no exception.

    6. Agreed.
      Personally knowing once world-renown ballet dancers from Russia and Ukraine, I’d like to see a documentary capture the inevitable transition from hard-won greatness, to old-age decline and obscurity. That would give men a much more complete understanding of the true cycle of life. Such a film would put the sacrifice of achievement in prospective with the overall outcome of a man’s life.
      TEOTWAWKI is not as certain as the manosphere portrays. However, death, taxes , the futility of youth, and the ravages of aging are certainties for all men, and should be more a concern to men here than the top N ways that _____ is destroying _____________.

        1. I believe it’s the rare spotted GAY seal (L. Pagophilus homosexualus). Indigenous to the icy tundras of Kekistan, its diet consists primarily of the indigenous not-so-rare pepe frog (L. Pepe nonrarius).

        2. if you go to see the bolshoi bears perform that doesn’t mean you’re going to the ballet

        3. because otherwise we’d just assume that he sneaks up behind the enemy guards, then fucks em up the arse when he should be dispatching them with extreme prejudice. And to fight extreme prejudice

        4. Well, according to ‘lolknee’…..
          ‘Ok. If you want to be a close minded phillistine mired in homophobia (most likely related to sercretly being afraid of your own homoerotic feelings so needing to cover it up with hostility to anything seemingly gay) that’s fine.’
          So that means as you use scripture to reference homosexuality….you ….must….be…

        5. I imagine it contains a lot of brothers in arms action and chapter titles like “fire in the glory hole” and ‘night goggle fandango’

        6. good one. Maybe also a slightly dyslexic entry: ‘penetrating enemy’s behinds the lines”

        7. OT: Interesting username… What does inspire you to pick it (besides the song) and why?
          I’m sorry for my curiosity, but i have listened to this song very much recently… Coincidence?

        8. Hi Hecate.
          The username?
          Well, a couple of years ago I was in love with this woman.
          ‘The Autumn leaves were turning to the colour of her hair.’
          For whatever reason one morning I was singing that line, as I walked to school, with autumn leaves that actually were the colour of Kirsty’s hair, falling.
          I happened to play the song from time to time during that period.
          Here’s my personal favorite version, the original
          Superb opening Horns and isn’t the Harp at ‘…..Or a carnival balloon’ superb?

          Anyway, shortly after I moved abroad to a country with a somewhat ‘restricted’ view of political expression.
          A wanted to open a new e-mail account as it might be ‘sensible’ to post comments under a different address to all my work ‘n applications & Embassy correspondence etc.
          Couldn’t think of anything I wouldn’t ‘y’know, forget straight away.
          Except that.
          That’s it.
          I recall Hecate from Macbeth of course. Though I know it’s earlier.
          Greek isn’t it?
          …or are you just actually an evil witch;)

        9. No.
          No, you can’t possibly expect me to not demand ‘your story’, please.
          Waiting to read it…..
          I’m a simple teacher but this country has a tortuous process for gaining residency.
          Oh, is English your mother tongue ?
          If not, you must have been a superb student.
          “And the early autumn leaves, encountering skies of lesser blue, are now painted, by your absence, in
          the colors of your hair”;
          …is truly wonderful.
          Thank you for posting.
          I should perhaps delete it though…..
          I’m coming over all ‘Kirsty Lawton’ at those lines, and that’s not my plan.
          ‘And because she is a triple goddess and my favourite number is 3, there wasn’t much to think about.’
          Or just needing something memorable?
          ….story please….don’t make me beg…

        10. Looked forward to your response.
          Saw it in my ‘in box’ at work.
          Home now, got to,’ …younger than me…children.’
          Where’s THIS going….
          Reading on.

        11. Hi Helcate.
          Thanks for posting.
          Full disclosure, and I hope you are not alienated, but….
          I’m a pretty serious Christian and that means that your status & children matter enormously.
          For example, you might be married and have young children, for instance.
          You might be widowed and with a man who is not their father.
          Or any other combination.
          That status defines my appreciation of the emotional geography of your tale.
          It defines it, for me.
          As I’m unaware of those (for me, definitive) details, I cannot engage with that aspect.
          I do not presume that you would wish me to.
          I do not presume that you would not.
          I would like to ask you about the, ‘our’, song.
          Was it a part of your emotional imagination BEFORE this girlfriend recorded it?
          Were you playing it and reflecting upon it before?

        12. …you don’t get away THAT easy!
          I received the whole post in my gmail.
          Awaiting any response to my post commencing ‘Hi Helcate.’….if you feel like posting one.

        13. Thank you for giving me a feedback. Wouldn’t you mind to continue the conversation via private e-mail? Here is mine: hecate(at)atlas.cz You could sent me a short message from your e-mail and I will write you back. And please, could you delete this one in the conversation?

  2. NSFW……these gay comments are beyond me being able to keep composure. Can’t stop laughing

    1. I have thoroughly shit all over this thread. I’d apologize, but that would be… you know…

      1. No.
        No, I don’t know.
        Would be what?
        C’mon….would be what?…..what would it be?

  3. Ballet is very very bad for your feet folks. You would have to be on PCP to not feel your feet being destroyed.
    I can’t judge if putting your feet into a meat grinder is gay or not but it’s pretty fucked up. The peter pan motions might connotate gay but rarely do you see gays doing triple axles on the street. Gays might just stare at you but that’s it. I haven’t seen many ‘prancing’ gays. Usually they walk flat footed on the streets with limp wrists and speak with lisps or they might dress normal and conservative but you know they’re gay when they do awkward shit in the men’s restrooms like tap their foot or they awkwardly fling their doinker out at the adjacent urinal and semi fap it while looking sideways to see if you’re showing off your pisser too as they piss. Creepy. I always huddle close to the urinal so fags can’t see and piss down to not splash myself and sometimes I let a repelling blast of sulfous gas 3/4 through just because.
    But this ballet is murder on your feet as far as I can tell. On the flipside, famous male ballet stars and ice skaters all get the primo tang, although the ballet dancers sacrifice their feet. Too bad. The ballet dancing style is humanly unnatural, kind of like the nigger break dancing and robot dancing is ergonomically unnatural and can be hazardous to your neck and skull. Likewise ballet is hazardous to your feet. It’s like ice skating barefoot without the skates. Be my guest and go fuck your feet up. No one uses the end of their big toe naturally like an extended weight bearing rod and shock absorber. There’s a proper way to walk and run using the bottom flat of your foot. Why on earth all the old commie iron curtain countries pushed ballet like it was kratom I don’t know.
    ALSO you don’t use your forehead to bang on a door when knocking or to bang loose a tire from the hub when changing a flat. Then you use the bottom stomping surface of your foot.
    Eek . .

    1. Whoa.
      Looking at those pictures, perhaps China Jyna can abandon the practice of foot-binding as ballet is a classier, accepted way of getting the same results?

  4. True story about one kid, ballet, and fatherly advice:
    Age 12, Christmastime. I’m going with my mother, sister and some others to a classic ballet/symphony rendition of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” at a proper city venue where the talent was world class. By age 12, like most boys, the book or cartoon versions of this story had gone stale, corny and uncool in my eye, even though I knew the music was greatness. The stage version, OTOH, blew my mind. What started out as a chore to please mom (“he’ll be cultured and whatnots”) actually ended up being a pinnacle view of art, flexibility and brute strength on the part of the leading male cast members.
    They could have been warlike beings in life, but instead forged themselves in the pursuit of the study of flow and exacting technique, a sort of artful torture. The truth of it was in the dance.
    After being mesmerized and inspired by the precision and the inner notions behind such grueling training that went into the two or four main ballet dancers, I felt a youthful stirring as I glimpsed the peak of a “human body-motion art form.” That opinion, about the athleticism and hard-won skill set, holds to this day. The orchestra and the ballet, in perfect harmony, simply woke up every nerve ending. It was not gay or even sexual, this moment.
    And truth be told, the teenage girls and women on that stage were stunning. At 12, I wanted badly to get near them and jealously *knew* the men/boys on stage, if they were at all heterosexual, had more than a fair shot at some of the most classically gorgeous females I’d ever seen. That was the sexual part. I had an instant puppy-dog crush on most of the female cast. It was as if they were cast out of porcelain, and somewhat unreal.
    When I saw my dad later, I brought up the memories from that night and excitedly told him that ballet was something “MEN do.” I said it looked hard enough that I wanted to try it, in addition to my established interests fishing, hunting, motocross, skateboarding (+ other board sports), distance running, drums, boy scouts + back-country survival stuff, etc.; I went pretty much nonstop but was ready to dabble in new things and “movement arts,” which is how I also see surfing at the highest level.
    With dad being of slightly Jack Nicholson-like or Hemingway-esque countenance, I already felt a manly rebuke was coming. CORRECT. He immediately gave me a friendly but condescending lecture about “perception” — of course this is from the man I idolized and learned most of the good shit in life from. I didn’t cut him off, but I knew he was wrong this time, and he wasn’t wrong much. I wanted to debate him like a MoFo, but wouldn’t dare play “student becomes the master” at that age, so I let him finish without complaint. He was the kind of dad you could debate with as a kid, but not in this subject apparently. Ballet was just flat-out FagLand to him. He laughed like Pai Mei and bluntly said “that stuff is pretty gay, with the tights and skipping and everything, come on!” I meekly attempted to tell him that yeah, I know, because I initially thought the same thing, but ended up changing my mind; where he saw (or feared) something limp-wristed in the mix, actually it was more radical than he thought. He said: “Don’t even waste your time — please don’t make me hear your mother’s dropping you off at ballet practice.” I felt a bit dejected but let it pass and carried on. “I’ll debate the old man another day…”
    My remedy was to pick up some quality recreational break dancing skills (great at select parties) and parkour for that “dancing beauty” / natural gymnastic side of life I thought felt good (man). Since then I’ve known countless men, including a Navy SEAL and a Marine, who understood the masculine magic of dance.
    This article in some ways shows how my dad, in all his timeless wisdom, was wrong. He’s ancient, alpha, a cigs-and-scotch kind of hunter (yet dedicated to the craft), clever and up to date on world affairs and technology, red-pill long before red-pill had a name, and yet slightly outdated.
    I’ll send this one out to my dad for Father’s Day (as perhaps few but him possess the stamina to have read this far anyway)…

      1. Nice?
        Nice is gay.
        Not read the above post, probably erudite and interesting.
        S’jus ‘nice’ is Gay bem.
        ….don’t think you can slip your Gay in with me on watch…

  5. I like going to see ballets. I have a few that are on the approved list: swan lake, nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet. Others to follow.
    Criteria for approval: female to male ratio must be pretty lobsided so I’m not forced to stare at men in tights with their junk protectors bulging out all over the place.
    The wife thought this was a fair compromise. 😀

  6. Wow. Just reading the responses and its like I’m sitting in a high school cafeteria next to the jock table where some outsiders are trying to fit in by puffing up. I thought independent thought was valued here as manly? One article about a male ballet dancer and a few guys agree with it and everyone else loses their shit and throws out gay accusations, ” Look jock I’m macho too pick me pick me!” If all you saw were the words ‘male ballet dancer’ and your mind shut down without actually getting the point of the article you need to work on your insecurities and need for validation and acceptance on a site full of people you don’t even know and will likely never meet.

      1. My bad for saying everyone else, yeah I see some humorous stuff and I was referring to the other posts, kind of like the one above me.

        1. There are a few here that are genuinely racist or hate gays. But most here are just enjoying a venue where political correctness is ignored.

        2. ‘There are a few here that are genuinely racist or hate gays.’
          …using liberal progressive logic; most of em are black queers…

    1. ‘If all you saw were the words ‘male ballet dancer’ and your mind shut down without actually getting the point of the article you need to work on your insecurities and need for validation and acceptance on a site full of people you don’t even know and will likely never meet.’
      With respect, that accusation could be leveled at you.
      It is manly, intelligent and sane to admonish homosexuality at every opportunity and in every medium.
      This is because, sadly, we live in a society that is promoting this tragic perversion at every opportunity and in every medium.
      It has never been about freedom.
      Instead the pro-homosexual campaign has been cultural, moral and spiritual.
      Thus, the question of ‘insecurities’ is, in my estimation, a misunderstanding on your part.
      ie it is not ‘compassionate’ or ‘humane’ to ignore the promotion of heroin use or the promotion of obesity.
      Obviously, opinions differ.
      ‘……..need for validation and acceptance on a site full of people you don’t even know and will likely never meet.’
      That’s all sites, isn’t it?
      That’s the internet.
      I read the thread as a playful return to juvenile banter.
      I read the jokes as self referential.
      I read the ‘accusations’ as ludicrous in the Pythonesque tradition.
      …but then again, I’m not g…..

  7. Who wrote this fuck shit? If my son (brother, father, uncle, etc) ever asked me to take him to Ballet lessons or attend his ballet recital (<— that just sounds gay as hell), we’d have a fucking problem.
    A ballet dancer is nothing to aspire to as a man. Ballet is nothing but a “bread and circus” event for the soft-assed SWPL and liberal elite.
    It’s all social jockeying. So that these yuppies can drop the word “ballet” or “symphony” in conversation with their yuppy neighbors after they talk about how “life changing” their most recent trip to Africa was.
    As men, we need to be extremely careful in how we spend our time.
    Our time needs to be spent serving our communities and setting high standards of manhood for our brothers, sons, wives, sisters and daughters.
    Real men are Police officers and Firemen. These men are out here confronting known murderers and rapists, getting shot at, running into infernos (and risking being burned alive) – just to protect YOUR wife, children, and community- and ultimately getting little thanks and respect for it.
    Real men are Engineers and doctors. They are building tools like automobiles, rockets, and airplanes. Real men are thinking up solutions that that will raise the standard of living for everyone in the world. Inventing medicines to extend the average persons lifespan by decades.
    A grown man of purpose doesn’t devote his life to entertain fucking SWPL. He doesn’t prance around in leggings, stretching, and contorting his body to try and figure out how to appear to be more limber and graceful.
    Besides, even the most elite ballet dancers are barely over broke making a meager $45k/year. That’s basically fucking minimum wage. Fuck that. And fuck this.

    1. Largely sympathetic.
      A very close friend of mine is now ‘lecturing’ in Contemporary Dance.
      He was top in his field for years.
      Performed all over the world, tv, etc etc etc…blah blah blah..
      However, he never lost sight of the fact that it was utterly irrelevant to ‘real life’.
      It wasn’t ‘breaking new ground’ or ‘reflecting society’ or ‘raising issues’ or any of that crap the ‘profession’ told itself it was doing.
      It just looked great as was great fun.
      + as he is straight, he didn’t sleep alone for best part of 20 years.
      So, dance is important?
      It’s just fun.

    2. Baltimore City police officers rather infamously let themselves get beaten almost to death by feral thugs in the 2015 Riot.
      I would strongly suggest that anyone who stands there and lets his skull get bashed in, because he was ordered to stand down, is not a real man.
      …especially when that order comes from a crazed, libtarded female mayor.

  8. All that dedication and devotion comes at the cost of a significant portion of humanity. Of course, this poor kid had numerous factors that had him used by (literally) everyone. Burn out would be an understatement.
    There’s another movie that kind of touches this theme as well, “Hillary and Jackie” (although it is a bit challenged by the truth, but that is another matter). One of the comments in that movie is that performers come to feel like monkeys at the behest of the wealthy.

  9. In America, ballet is definitely a gay thing. But in the Slavic world, as I understand it, it’s actually quite manly. No one questions a dude’s sexuality if he’s a ballet dancer.
    But not so much here.

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