Bill Maher Is Being Attacked By The Deranged Leftist Cult He Helped Create

For those of you who somehow missed it, on the June 2, 2017, edition of Real Time with Bill Maher, the HBO host dropped the dreaded “n-word” during an interview with Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse. 

It is not without some Schadenfreudist relish that I greet the great Bill Maher “house nigger” debacle. After all, Maher has long been one of the most irritating ambassadors of Hollywood ultra-leftism, complete with a weekly television program that’s effectively an hour-long, Orwellian anti-Trump circle jerk interspersed with weed jokes.

And considering Maher—the person responsible for 2008’s vehement anti-theism agitprop Religulous—as an atheist, his public crucifixion (at the hands of his leftist brethren, no less) can’t be considered anything less than divinely poetic.

He thinks that dating black women will give him a pass

That a militant progressivist culture warrior and Obama financier like Maher can be cannibalized by the new wave left as a “racist” lends further credence to the hypothesis that today’s embodiment of liberalism has indeed stopped being a political ideology and transformed into a genuine religious orthodoxy. The hydra of multiculturalism, feminism and political correctness has fused into a syncretic moral dogma that leaves no room for ideological deviation of any kind. To refuse one plank of the Church of the Left’s holy doctrines is to betray the whole faith, and it was only a matter of time until a heretic like Maher was going to be excommunicated.

Heretical views

Yes, Maher has been a champion for gay marriage and globalization and socialism and climate change regulation, but on the issues of Islam and identity politics, he has long refused to toe the party line. He’s been one of the few mainstream liberal icons to pick up on the inherent hypocrisy of feminists and Islamists breaking bread, and rather than loudly and proudly support the theatrical hyperbole of today’s campus social justice warriors, he’s called them out on their hysterical childishness.

But today’s liberalism is not a’la carte. If you’re going to go all in, you have to agree with the entirety of the progressivist Tao. You have to think white privilege exists, that illegal immigration is good for society and that carbon taxes are essential to save the environment. You have to think policemen are nothing more than black child-slaying Nazis, that abortion should be publicly subsidized and that Islamic refugees should be embraced instead of shunned. You have to think marijuana should be legal and hate speech punishable by imprisonment and honestly, genuinely believe that more than 50 genders exist.

In the eyes of today’s hyper-liberals, to reject one holy pillar is to reject the entire canon. Perhaps Maher should have suspected the rest of the flock would turn on him sooner or later. After all, he did represent—in most regards—the embodiment of the New Left’s sworn enemy: the white, wealthy, and successful heterosexual male.

Frankenstein’s (liberal) monster

BLM has been given carte blanche to destroy cities and attack police, like they did in this scene in Baltimore

How ironic is it that the same people Maher stood beside as ideological bedmates are now the ones leading the charge to destroy him? The poetic justice of Maher’s career being derailed at the behest of Black Lives Matter figureheads like Deray McKesson—and not the sundry right-of-center groups Maher has made millions of dollars vilifying and demonizing over the years—is almost beautiful, and in some ways, rather befitting.

Maher should have seen it coming. For years, they’ve been preaching a self-deriding gospel that posits the straight, Caucasian male as the nefarious source of all inequalities throughout history. They’ve labeled themselves as undeserving beneficiaries of the system and, at their own expense, supported policies and programs to “level the playing field” for women, minorities and LGBT individuals. They’ve spent their whole lifetimes preaching to others that THEY are the big problem with society, with the hopes that minorities, gays and women would do the “social justice” dirty work for them while they lived lives of hedonistic leisure and conflict-free comfort.

Of course, Maher and his kindred wanted their pawns to only equate white privilege with those who fostered conservative and libertarian ideologies. However, alike Dr. Frankenstein, Maher and his ilk now have to watch the monster they created rampage against them. They inspired an entire generation of young people to despise whiteness, maleness and heterosexuality as symbols of oppression, and now the protective talisman of liberalism is no longer enough to ward off their Creature’s bloodlust. The New Left wants fresh meat, and sacrificial offerings like Maher are now a necessity.

The sin of simply existing

Not even disavowed whiteness or ashamed maleness is tolerated by today’s progressivist horde. The party of FDR and Kennedy has come to hate everything about their ideology’s most important founders, instead embracing a bizarre, open-borders socialist jihad that demands the straight white male fade into the background to usher in the next era of liberal idealism.

Perhaps Maher’s career will recover from his notorious gaffe. More than likely, however, he will not, and public pressure—or to be a little bit more accurate, party pressure—will eventually lead to his ouster from the airwaves. All it takes is one six-lettered word to derail his career, his profession and livelihood, sending him into the abyss of obscurity heretics like Michael Richards, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Anthony Cumia, who have likewise been sentenced.

Even if Maher does rebound, he’s destined to spend the rest of his life apologizing for his sin. Every positive thing he’s done for the liberal cause and culture war has been erased in the blink of an eye. His entire existence is now destined to become nothing more than a lifelong effort to make amends for that one regrettable second of live television.

Of course, secular-progressivist types like Maher are well aware the price they must pay for blasphemy. “For the wages of sin is death,” Romans 6:23 famously states. Unfortunately for Bill, his political orthodoxy isn’t as merciful – under the decree of the Cult of Modern Liberalism, his punishment will be nothing less than a lifetime of perpetual atonement for simply being himself.

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495 thoughts on “Bill Maher Is Being Attacked By The Deranged Leftist Cult He Helped Create”

  1. He is one of the most malignant individuals on TV. I once attempted to watch his show and could not finish. He is not funny, only angry, negative and bitter. Truly a cancerous personality.

  2. Good. Lots of own-goals on the left these past couple of days. Here’s another that dropped yesterday:
    So Comey is going to testify that he told Trump (and Congress) multiple times that Trump was not under investigation (because he wasn’t), and far from interfering, Trump actually insisted that the investigations into his circle continue, and Trump also actually requested that Comey investigate him because he was innocent. Comey refused.But, but, MUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ RUSSIAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
    I think in central and south America the word is: (own-) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

    1. We’ve gone from “obstruction of justice” to them bloviating about “loyalty.” They’ve clearly lost this round. But “muh Russia” will continue as it has been working in derailing Trump. It’s actually very advanced persuasion. If you haven’t read some of my detailing of the propaganda tactics in use here, I recommend diving into Pre-Suasion. It’ll become clear afterward.

  3. Can we have quality content again ?
    These new articles seem to be…what’s the word…
    auxiliary information.
    But we do appreciate the input.

    1. We? For whom do you speak, and what has been your contribution to this site in both article writing and comment section debate?

      1. On behalf of the Quality Written Goodies Society.
        Looks to me like we’ve passed the momentum right after Trump got elected.
        Suddenly brains shut down.
        No thought provoking discussions.
        Not cut-throat info, no policy discussion…just a bunch of loud mouths in the comment section making fun of any serious subject.
        We’re yapping about Cultural Marxism ( the mother and father of all evils on today’s Earth ) like it’s some sort of a old car that materialized out of nowhere and suddenly caught roots in the US. Absolutely nowhere have I read that the connections ( countries ) that still pump money to this day into this large Hell on Earth Creation.
        We’re not talking serious.
        Cultural Marxism isn’t the culprit, it’s a complex-all-area construct meant to disengage man from his upwards climb to completion.
        What’s your problem ?

        1. I agree that these articles are often redundant. It’s why I’ve personally tried to veer away from politics here if possible, but this is an example that needs to be discussed, as it shows the magnitude of the monster and how no compromise can ever be made with it, no matter how much you may have supported it in the past. That Bernie supporting leftist at Evergreen is another recent example.

        2. What about that comedian Hag that got the chop? Griffin. Dropped her to the wolves, thankfully.

        3. The contents on this website is free for you to access and enjoy. Your rant makes you sound like a woman who just complains about the gift she just received.

        4. If that sounded like a rant ( to you ), it means I’m right ( in your case ).
          That complaining woman is a nice touch. But you’re not paying attention.
          Read my comment again maybe It’ll pass through your skull.

        5. I agree the ROK comment section has become pretty split on some key issues over the last half-year or so.
          That the commentariat has a sense of humour and can handle disagreement is what makes it work though. I think it might be a strength of ROK since there are many echo-chamber forums out there to focus on an idea from one particular viewpoint.

        6. guy driving a banged up late 70s/early80s Cadillac was playing gangstarr as he drive by me a few days ago. If that isnt a glitch in the matrix, I dont know what is

        7. nah, I’ve totally noticed a return of the 80’s. White table cloth Chinese food restaurants are making a come back, Arsino had a tv show, high waisted pants on women are back, an (albeit failed) Ghostbusters movie, synth music….I am a headband and a boom box from totally breaking the matrix.

        8. nah, I knew it when I saw the huge reemergence of high end white table cloth Chinese restaurants. It’s the 80’s.

        9. I noticed a tendency to subvert discussions to you and the another dude [bem].
          Your lack of contribution to a general Vigilent readership is worrisome.
          And your ability to subvert and transform serious subjects into funny quotes starts to stink of something evil.
          Just keeping tab, daemon.
          & remember… audiatur et altera pars

        10. do you have a hot tub time machine? Great dumb movie btw, hard to find em anymore

        11. I’ve accidently screwed a lot of dudes broads. I wouldn’t be surprised.

        12. What’s with recent surge of no-sense-of-humor dudes trolling the comments?
          And they always target either you or bem. I really need to up my game.

        13. It is an offshoot of the doom and gloom bitch ass weaklings that have been coming in droves over the last month. Most of them are compulsive masturbators who sit around wishing the world was easier so they wouldn’t be such turd garglers

        14. If you’re trying to beat around the bush that somehow Israel and Jews are being ignored, then I wonder which articles precisely you’ve been not clicking on.

        15. It’s like I have a ZFG attitude about the words I use. Weird, right?

        16. Some people can’t seem to grasp that just because there is ONE subject in life that they find “important” and “useful”, it doesn’t mean another individual will feel the same, for various reasons. That pisses them off, that what they consider important is so easily dismissed by someone else, so they lash out and attempt to guilt people into caring about their problems. To them, it should always be all serious and no games.

        17. Over on the Troy thread from last night I detail a story where I use “faggot” and “fat” out loud in the middle of a club where many people were present. Didn’t seem to offend anybody but a single SJW who, frankly, was the target I intended to offend with the words.

        18. This has been a constant since Usenet was a thing and people were on CompuServe forums. Everybody’s pet interest is “the most important thing ever! You’re not engaged in it like I am, thus, you’re subverting it! Heretic!”

        19. I’m beating around the bush that readers aren’t being treated as they ought to be treated –
          – with unforgiving and unpleasant information about both themselves as individuals as well their local / national societal psychosphere, because whether they understand it or not they contribute to the state of the world.
          The world is partly dripping in blood and shit because of us, that we do nothing to school the young.
          You & others are exceptions ( I learned a few things so thank you! ) but it’s easy to see that the quality of the message is going to an alarming low, even for ROK.
          That’s my quarter.

        20. – with unforgiving and unpleasant information about both themselves as individuals as well their local / national societal psychosphere, because whether they understand it or not they contribute to the state of the world.

          Thanks for clarifying. I’m down with that observation 100%.

        21. The fact that you have no idea of the kind of articles being posted here proves that you are a troll.

        22. You are content with everything that’s going on around you, right ?
          You’re part of the problem.

        23. No idea ?
          Is fornication some sort of an upheaval that elevates the mind ?
          This is what I’m talking about.

        24. Back atcha,
          You cracker nigger kike spic kraut white trash hunky sheenie-heeb mic chink guinea wetback polak frog dago coon redskin gook yid wop potato-eatin’ sand-nigger….

        25. This strikes me as a very sane, sensible and intelligent point. I assume you will be banned soon so I would like to say nice knowing you. Seriously though, a big problem is that when people are too weak to compete they like to argue that the world should change in such a way that would better suit them. The cognitive dissonance this shows when they talk about former strength and glory is really spectacular. The former strength and glory didn’t come from people being happy with the world they lived in. Building the trans-continental railroad was fucking difficult. I keep seeing people going on about how hard times make strong men and saying we should be more like some fucking 1000 year old society without ever realizing that we do live in a hard society and it is making strong men and those strong men are succeeding and not sitting around being sad little bitches whining that the world is fucked up. The world has literally always been fucked up…whether it was saber tooth tigers or third wave feminism there have always been dangers and pitfalls for men and strong men have always risen to the challenge.
          The fact that they have no sense of humor about this goes to the very heart of the matter. You see, if the world isn’t irreparably fucked up in a way that no one can succeed then their own failures as a man mean they didn’t do something, were too weak to act or were in some other way deficient. So long as it is societies fault there is no personal blame for their failures. So these people are exactly the same as the faggots and the BLM and the feminists and the SJWs. Meanwhile, as they have always done, men have surveyed the world they are given, figured out the dangers and pitfalls, found the ways to create advantages for themselves and ventured out to find their lot in life.

        26. Right? Its like a whole generation of people who never stood around a half-finished car in a garage drinking cheap beer and talking shit about each other’s moms.

        27. Yes. And finding a semi-relevant, humorous anecdote is not necessarily tantamount to obfuscation of a given topic an’ shit.

        28. While well-written as always, I will take away the following today:
          “The former strength and glory didn’t come from people being happy with the world they lived in.”

        29. This site has all kinds of articles catering to all kinds of people. Even recently there were articles talking about the state of society in general. But you are cherry-picking only the ones you don’t like.

        30. There is a thin line between ‘obsolete’ and ‘retro’. It can best be identified as the point in time where you through out a formerly stylish article of clothing.

        31. I dont remember compuserv, but I do remember everyone using AOL chat rooms in desperate attempts to get laid

        32. CompuServe was like AOL except you were expected to not be a total computer illiterate. Heh.

        33. Not to mention, I thought this particular article was very well written stylistically as well as technically. Don’t know who Jimbo is but it’s a nice piece of work.

        34. RoK originally started as a way to teach men how to game. This part of the site will never go away. If you are not happy with that, then you’re clearly in the wrong place.

        35. You always surprise me. No offence, but a lot of people I’ve met who claimed to be nihilists had such very fatalistic feelings, always claiming that life didn’t matter and generaly miserable people that tried to make other people feel miserable. You, on the other hand, are pretty much opposite, for the reasons you’ve stated above. Some might misconscrue your comments as fatalistic and not very serious, but you’re generally a positive person I noticed.

        36. Zany as it seems, a lot of the grab-ass shit going on here has roots in the very issues which interest you. Just different lenses.

        37. I know, it’s just that the approach is…lacking authenticity, like we’re talking about the fucking weather…like we just sit around like monkeys with absolutely no way or ideas to engage.
          Ya know ?
          Of course you don’t.
          Your too busy admiring Putin and his awesome walk and his awesome bald head and lack of seriousness.

        38. A lot of people I have met that claim to be nihilists are like that too. It is true, I am a positive person. I frequently tell people that nihilism is just the belief that value and meaning isn’t bestowed upon us, it is left for us to create. Basically I have a moral system and sense of justice and value that is DIY instead of pre-fab. When you take away all external meaning, morals, values and ethics you are left with a gaping hole. Some chose to become fatalistic in the face of this. Others, myself included, take a more optimistic point of view — it is a chance to create.
          Remember, the number one nihilist out there is god. In a world devoid of meaning he said let there be light.

        39. “Nihilist” has taken on such negative connotations because of these kinds of doom-filled nihilists.
          I propose we use the term “kneehilists” to refer to the more positive kind of nihilist.

        40. And for people from Belgium, we simply refer to them as Phlegms.

        41. Floppy disks most of the time actually. I used to work for that company, back when it existed.

        42. Chevy Chase as the repairman was a perfect “whole way back machine” reference to the entirety of the 1980’s.

        43. I like his profile. It’s interesting that he’s a nihilist, but he’s also the nicest nihilist.

        44. Well, what’s wrong with cheap vodka?
          I’ve got some expensive stuff bought up as well (my plans will likely take a lot, no Absolut though, not ever) that I’m saving for the Comey Drinking Game.
          Every time someone says “Russia”, it’s a shot, every time “no collusion” that’s two. I figure the entire watch party will be under the table fairly fast.

        45. And the Kneeman nails it again! One of my litmus tests for someone being red pill is this question: Where can you find the source of your own problems? If they tell me anything other than the nearest mirror, they never met Morpheus, they haven’t been down the rabbit hole and they remain trapped in a matrix of their own making. We are the sum of our experience and that is based on the decisions we’ve made in our adult lives. If one is unhappy with one’s lot in life, quit whining and change it! The only thing holding you back is you.

  4. Good riddance. One less liberal to hear about.
    Such a beautiful sight to see liberals eat themselves. Who says cannibalism isn’t entertaining!

    1. Even more entertaining is watching them trip over themselves to not offend any pillar of their faith while reporting it. Just like when that fuckstick MUSLIM terrorist shot up the gay bar in Orlando…. The fake news MSM could barely keep a straight face saying the problem was “not enough gun control”. Whoever is running the “Ministry of Truth” right now needs to be canned.

        1. LOL. Now you just have to be an illiterate brown guy to slay White chicks, literally and figuratively.

    1. top story about man murdering his child? Horrible story, but look what their pastor said:
      “He added that there’s ‘no logic or reason’ for this horrible crime.”
      No logic? None whatsoever? Had a convo with a couple of friends last year, they agreed if, at this point(we were all about to turn 40) if they got divorced and were kicked out of the house, rarely seeing their kids…they would have no reason to live, no way they were starting over at 40

    2. That is fucked up. They gave the muzzie an award for writing about “discrimination and diversity”?
      A what point do you say we have a muslim problem and start taking action?
      Also why don’t all cops in the UK have guns?
      That one cop almost died having only a baton to fight of these muzzies in the London bridge attack. A few pistols would have stopped these attackers a lot sooner…

  5. Maher is smarmy and unwatchable, but it’s still bullroar he’s being wrecked for ‘using their word.’ Damn dirty racists. Sadder still is hesitating to type it out of fear of being banned from Disqus.

    1. The word is “nigger” and while it is distasteful and not something to use in polite company, it is nevertheless a word, and when discussing it in an intellectual debate, is perfectly ok to write. We are grown men, not children and not people cowed into “I better self censor or they’ll get me!” I’ve typed it out before and nothing untoward has happened to my Disqus account.

      1. Thank you. I refuse to play along with their game and never, ever type or say the word nigger under any context, especially when it’s reported speech, e.g. “and then he called them niggers.” This shuddering refusal by all white people to touch the word in even a joking or second hand context involves surrendering an integral bit of your autonomy to the left.

      2. yeah, nigger suffers the Voldemort effect. People need to stop being afraid of the word. You don’t bring up Voldemort in polite company, but if you do don’t call him “you know who” have some balls.

        1. When my black friends at work refer to me as “Clark sup my nigga” I still respond with gay shit like “yeah Johnny uh not so much uh my best buddy!?”
          They’ve called me out for talking like a fag but I’m just not used to that lingo.

        2. “Not much, mah crackahs!”
          Stops teh gay and turns the tables, heh.

        3. I consider it fair game to use the word nigger/niggah if it’s used on me first, especially in a friendly context. I guarantee if you threw back “Mah niggahs, what’s goin’ down mah brothahs?!” and did a bro-handshake they’d be down with it.

        4. try using Idiocracy slang on them like “scro” or “esse”, see if they pick up oni it

        5. or when Latinas call you papi….I have one in rotation now…it is so hard not to impregnate a girl when she drops a “papi” on you.

        6. That word from a hot latina is a Sperm Strength Enhancer. Tread carefully.

        7. How is that going btw?
          The Puerto Rican chick I’ve taken on has a new kink (for me anyway), she likes watching me with other girls. Like paddling them or getting head etc., then in a few hours or even the next day she’s all over me.

        8. In rotation now I have a rican who is great but she likes playing wife and I fear that play will turn real so I think the line will be cut. I have yet another Romanian who is in the picture and a girl I am actually very excited about that I will be going on a first date with tomorrow. Add to that the Russian girl who likes to be slapped around that I can go months without calling and then hit with a “hey” for sex pretty much 24/7 and a Korean girl I am kind of enjoying I have a pretty full poon schedule. This Friday should be good though. Young, beautiful, smart, just graduated a good art school, can talk about music (classical and opera) as well as literature, has a little squeaky voice, drinks straight gin, has a delicate little body and super pouty lips. Yes, I am seeing a lot of potential in this new one.

        9. Serioulsy, I think the word “papi” is responsible for at least 80% of the unwanted pregnancies in the Latina community and those fertile little catholic lunatics are very much anti-abortion — not that a Puerto rican girl who lives in the south Bronx would consider aborting a blue eyed baby anyway. Walking on thin ice a little too close to the equator.

        10. I guess its my Southern heritage, but I always go the opposite, especially in a less-than-friendly setting… becoming more formal in response to less formal treatment.

        11. I have many white friends and I don’t censor myself and don’t expect them to. I’ve only had one who used nigga after I’ve said it. A cool ex rocker dude. I have no problem with the word. Many of my latino friends use it with impunity. I don’t see a difference. No bro shakes necessary

        12. boooo
          WHile I do think daddy is creepy the Latina “papi” has a different connotation.

        13. Just “papi” or do we need to implicate the entire phrase “ayyy papi” in this indictment?

        14. Like any questionable/curse/insult – type word it is wholly dependent on the context: usage, audience, etc.

        15. Even though I’m from the South whenever I try to say anything that way it comes out either sounding like Jackie Chan or Bostonian, weird.

        16. I think it would be funny if she switched to Speedy Gonzalez speak and did a “Arriba arriba andele andele!” when she came.

        17. Agreed. And somehow I don’t mind the other when it’s done by a British accent. But around these parts, it comes across as too possible.

        18. all bits and pieces of it. Papi has this “you take care of me” connotation which can be extended to “you make me cum so hard”

        19. All words have intent behind them to be considered. I’ve had women say they weren’t bitches after I’ve referred to them as such in a playful way for example. I’ve never said sorry lol. I was plaaaaying. If someone had a serious conversation with me stating it made them uncomfortable I’d take their feelings in consideration though. I’m a cool asshole

        20. Careful, bang her head against the headboard too much and it’ll be more like Slow Poke Rodriguez.
          (Also, my favorite Hispanic cartoon ever):

        21. Sounds like somebody needs to date younger girls. When you get to a certain age bracket it becomes natural and what you’d expect to hear.

        22. Ok, I’ll stop calling you a faggot, but that’s a really queer thing to ask of another person.
          Then use queer in its original sense whenever you can in his presence. “My screensaver just kicked in even though I was typing on the keyboard, how queer…”

        23. There you go. I’m of the biker mold, so bro shakes are part and parcel with our rituals. If it isn’t in Clarks context, then yeah, don’t do it.

        24. In real life, I’d give someone the evil eye if they called me “nigga”. I’d feel obligated to respond “nigga” back, which I wouldn’t do. Now there’s a spectacle about “whether I’ll say it or not”, and the least consequences are looking dumb, and the highest consequences are being fired. Hilarious.

        25. Looking at your moniker I wouldn’t think there would be any situations where someone would address you as nigga. As a black guy from bed stuy Brooklyn I can tell you we use the word like one would use the word dude. You can hear “what did that white/chinese/puerto rican/jew/fat nigga bring to the party etc. We’d most likely use another pronoun for you…

        26. Addressing her? Something along the lines of ms lady, sis… Talking about her? Bitch/broad. I don’t hear a lot of hoes unless it’s sexual connotation involved. I was dating a younger white girl from rego park and she came out to celebrate my birthday with friends…we got back home and in bed and she burst out crying lol dated black guys her whole life mind you…but upstate ny…I asked what’s wrong she says “how the guys talked!” I told her if she wasn’t comfortable she could always speak up. I had no problem calling women that bitch or broad from such and such movie or whatever in front of her prior to this. And I’ve actually heard her say nigga with her black friends…so idk

        27. I’d probably just dismiss it as black person behavior, and I wouldn’t get into it.
          But here’s a funny video about niggas that you might enjoy:

        28. Hell ya. All it is is a shit test of a different form. If you cave and squirm stuttering trying not to offend, you get stomped. If you say “yeah my nigga sup homie g dawg rolypoly” with enough juice, you will earn respect. Might get stomped.
          Better to be stomped with your manhood intact then shriveling into your balls like a worm.

      3. I doubt few people will believe this, but I grew up for most of my childhood without ever realizing that “nigger” had a racial context. I heard it used to refer to people of all colors. It was used to describe a person with a very low, very despicable character. I realized that some people used it to refer only to black people, regardless of their character, as I got older. I thought that was stupid, and I still do.

  6. You want to know why ISIS and SJW’s have so much in common? They’re
    pathological cousins. They have differing ends but have the same
    socially destructive pathology. They are cousins, intellectual
    descendants of this pathology which began in Egypt 3,500 years ago:
    Maher has actually been consistent on free speech issues, the dangers of unfettered Islamic immigration, and the other things you mention, so I support him. Unfortunately with him, he didn’t realize the enormity of the phenomenon he cast his lot with. Postmodern liberalism has now entered its full blown Year Zero phase. Anything having any remote connection to the old social order, including anyone expressing any kind of fondness for it, no matter how minor, has to be erased and purified. Every time it’s happened, from Akhenaten’s reign until now, it’s always ended badly. The only option is to stand against it like a rock.

    1. As you said, Bill Maher is generally consistent on free speech issues and Islamic immigration.
      The thing is… he is a slimy, hate-filled bastard. He is also deeply hypocritical in his pro-feminist talking points, while clearly harboring a deep-seeded disrespect for women and all things feminine.

      1. Spot on.
        The funny thing is, if this had happened two or three years ago, the organs of the left would have circled the wagons around Maher and defended him. Now, I think they were looking for an opportunity to burn him. He has entirely too much (1) reason and (2) white-maleness. Both of those things are anathema to the new leftist order.

        1. I think you are on to something. Maher has continued to have “controversial’ guests (i.e., people who aren’t card-carrying communists) on his show, even as the leftists have grown increasingly more anti-free speech and more fascist.
          I know he got a lot of flack for having Milo on and “daring” to give him a public stage.

        2. Completely agree! They haven’t been able to crucify him with his stance on islam and feminism so when this popped up the door was open to tie him to the stake and light the fire!

        3. They want to tear him down and install a mulatto. They have the money backing like Walmart. I once saw this one Walmart being torn down only six years after it was built. Then they built a new building 1/4 mile down the road. It was rumored that the company heads consulted with mystics and the geographical location of the 1st store was negative somehow. Some strange Nancy Reagan shit right there. But they had the unlimited money to do it.

        4. The hard core card carrying commies won’t oppose you so much on ideological reasons. They percieve themselves as being legally in the right so they try to pass themselves off as being legal sticklers and do gooders. I was once speaking red pill truths in a mixed group and this one person tried to tell me that what I was saying was illegal. He didn’t reveal any opinion of his own on what I spake, but he only warned me of legal consequences and of the legal requirement to report such things. He was trying to pass himself off as a good citizen, a see something say something snitch. Truthfully, 90% of what is ‘snitched’ on is nothing more than globalist backed targeting of anything that poses obstacles to societal reengineering. I still regret letting the dweeb go without knocking the shit out of him. A social marxist ‘snitch’ can only go on down the road to cause damage and harm to any traditional community, family, group or in my case vocal individual. They won’t fight you fist to fist. The stasi snitch fights passively by calling out selective social marxist enforcers. Those are the ones requiring level 2 engagement. Street preaching won’t sway them. It draws them out and draws fire.

        1. Saying nigger doesn’t mean shit for his opinion on blacks. Blacks call each other nigger every other sentence. I’m sure some of them think they should be Kangz. It’s a word- nothing more.

        2. “White conservatives don’t always get along with blacks, but blacks are slaves to white liberals, period.”
          That’s my alt-lite reframe.

        3. Does he own a plantation? Does he own slaves? Has he demonstrated racist actions against blacks? He carries zero responsibility for what happened with US slavery.

    2. It’s called a destructive mob. It is the most basic kind of grouping.
      Feminism is cancer.

    3. Very true, Jihadi’s and left wing liberal lesbians don’t make for good bedfellows but do share the same deranged thought processes

  7. Yes, Maher has been a champion for gay marriage and globalization and socialism and climate change regulation, but on the issues of Islam and identity politics, he has long refused to toe the party line.

    (((Bill Maher))) is a rabid Zionist. Of course he wants us to hate Islam and fight for Israel.

      1. No, he is too valuable to the cause. He does wonderful work polluting the minds of the great unwashed and pseudo intellectuals.
        You need to research this guy. He is militant Jew.

    1. One does not have to be a Jew to hate Muslims. They do a dandy job of making hating them very easy all by themselves. They have no love of Christians nor the traditions of the West in any sense, it’s not like we’d ever make good “roomies” in the same dorm.

      1. don’t be absurd GOJ. It is a Zionist conspiracy. The jew is using all their shape shifting tricks to fool you into hating the cave dwelling savages who keep killing westerners in the name of their god and tribal warlords!

        1. Right? I mean they’re out freaking bombing us and running people over with cars, and these are actual Muslims, confirmed, and there’s no question that they hate us to the point of mass murder. Why would anybody not hate that?

        2. 200 terrorists attacks by muslims on the west in 5 years with the death toll easily in 4 digits and possibly higher while they proclaim loudly and often death to America or death to the west and death to the infidel….hating them is a jewish conspiracy for sure.

        3. I guess the same could be said about the civilians in the middle east enjoying the ‘freedom’ bombs that rain from the sky on their homes. Why would they not hate that?

        4. I’m also against our involvement in that cesspool. It’s not an either or proposition. I’m anti-war except for actual non-pre-emptive self defense (meaning we have to be attacked first) and find the meddling in the middle east stupid to the max. I mean that not just in the modern era, but ever since white dudes traipsed over there long before Israel was a “thing”. When Byron went off to “fight the noble battle”, he was being an idiot. And except for the First Crusade, I think that pretty much everything that followed was stupidity squared.
          These people are brute savages and if folks haven’t learned from things like the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire that Muslims hate us without regard to anything else, then they have not been paying attention to history.

        5. yes, big script flip here. Listen Frodo, go play with your little stormfaggots. You don’t have the sack to ride with men.

        6. Believe me, I’m all for separation. Importing Islam into Christian societies is a disaster.
          What I’m getting at is I believe (((Bill Maher))) has ulterior motives behind his passionate hate for Islam and Christianity.
          If the great unwashed aren’t incited with enough hate or distaste for ideological Islam then they may revolt against racking up multi-generational debt, fighting and dying for Israels cause in its middle eastern wars.

        7. I guess my point is that the Muslims are doing a fine enough job as is. Very few people that I know of actually watch Maher, however, they do read the news when they see London, Paris, Miami, etc. being attacked by idiots screaming on about Allah.

        8. What claim do modern Jews actually have to Israel though, other than what a 3000 year old high-fantasy novel says?
          They did actually manage to conspire a takeover of Palestine.

        9. What claim to modern jews have to Israel? No idea. Nor do I care. I can tell you that muslims have been in open and violent war with americans and western Europeans for a while now, that it wasn’t a 20 kikes who flew planes into buildings 2 miles from my house or blew up a bunch of kids at a concert in London recently. I barely know American history let alone middle eastern history but if you gave me the choice of giving land to jews or muslims i’d pick jews.

        10. better than the muslims…they wouldn’t stop the car…they just drive into a bunch of people standing around….#jewishconspiracy

        11. Nothing more nor less than a sword and a strong arm to swing it, just like any other place conquered on the planet. I feel nothing particular one way or the other about the existence of Israel, although I am mightily convinced that the U.S. needs to stop being their meathead enforcers and start minding its own business.

        12. Man, I’d love for birthrights to be taken seriously across all cultures. I’d be prime ruler of all of the U.K. and the world would be a very, very different place indeed.

        13. If I ever die, probably not, I will have the first line of Rafael Sabatini’s Scaramouche as my epitaph:
          He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad. And that was all his patrimony.

        14. Dude, you’d *love* my vision of a 21st century Britain.
          Beefed up military and Navy that basically stayed in home waters. Warrior culture instead of white guilt culture, all with a firm insistence on politeness as used to exist. Mandatory Scotch breaks at work. Fully armed like they used to be as individuals. Restoration of freedom of speech. A healthy re-establishment of the friendly rivalry between England and Scotland in casual banter. It would be glorious man, glorious.

        15. yeah, but they don’t seem very bright. Neo-cons on the other hand must be even dumber than the jihadis to have not seen they were setting a fire

        16. If giving Jews a homeland means they will stop harming other nations with far-left liberal policy-making and cultural subversion, then I’m all for it.
          If getting out of the middle-East will end the conflict wth Islam, then I’m all for it.

        17. “If giving Jews a homeland means they will stop harming other nations with far-left liberal policy-making and cultural subversion, then I’m all for it.”
          I thought they already had one? They probably don’t want Uganda anymore

        18. Hey, I’m just saying.
          And I’m all for giving the Lutherans their own homeland, too. How about Michigan? They just have to promise to sort out Detroit and Dearborn.

        19. Now I didn’t say we ought to give jews a homeland. I merely said that if my choice was jews and muslims I would pick jews every day of the week and twice on sunday. I really don’t pay much attention or have much care about what goes on in the middle east, but I do know that there is a legitimate concern that some fucking cave dwelling camel jockey might very well strap himself with TNT and walk into a place that I enjoy eating and that literally not one person in the world would be surprised. So, to go back to where this all started, no I don’t think we need to drag in a jewish conspiracy to get us to hate muslims…I think muslims do a good fucking job of getting people to hate them by blowing shit up, running people over and flying planes into buildings and they manage to get all this well deserved ire without any help from the jews

        20. From reading previous comments I thought you were in the Jews have nothing to do with Marxsm camp.

        21. You’re not seeing the big picture, man! The Muslims are doing all of that precisely because the Jews told them to!!

        22. No doubt arrogant. But if they’re not dumb how could they not realise what they were doing. They roused a hornets nest in the middle east. That doesn’t mean the hornets aren’t responsible for stinging everybody (or less euphemistically killing everybody) but aren’t the neo-cons just terrorists on a grander scale? I just don’t know how you can defend them? These people are criminals by every measure of the word

        23. There is a spectrum from “all Jews are actively part of an evil, child-sacrificing global conspiracy to destroy everything” to “all Jews are completely innocent and pure in every conceivable way.”

        24. I totally agree with you on Islam being dangerous in and of itself. No disagreement there. Mohamed is practically the exact opposite of Jesus.
          Without Jewish influence though I don’t think we’d tolerate the liberal policies that are literally letting millions of them into Western Europe without a true nationalistic backlash.
          I regret starting this disagreement.

        25. I honestly don’t know the answer to these questions. I don’t think Paul Wolfowitz was dumb. In fact, I don’t think any of Alan Bloom’s students over at the committee for social thought at the University of Chicago were dumb. What I believe is that they were arrogant academics who couldn’t possibly imagine anything outside the intellectual framework. Remember, the neo-con movement is an academic one….the only other time even close to this much money and power was given to a bunch of academics to test out their theories was the Manhattan Project. Leo Strauss, Allan Bloom, Wolfowtiz and the rest of them were arm chair academics who should have been writing books and not running the defense department…..dumb? no. I don’t think so. In fact, I think some of them were legit geniuses. But they were allowed to bring academia to the real world unrestrained and with trillions of dollars and the force of the united states military and that is just fucking terrifying.

        26. you are probably right about liberal Jewish influence and liberal policies, but to be honest that is beyond my scope of interest and involves way too many uncertain aspects to be tampered with…the rule of unintended consequences can be a real bear. THe thing is, I like the world the way it is…foibles and all….and don’t want to fuck with the delicate balance more than necessary. That said, on a very real and direct level Muslims have made themselves the focus for just rage and they did that all by themselves. As for a disagreement, I really don’t think we disagree here….in the end my only point is that muslims, through direct and violent terrorism, have made it very easy for westerners not to like them and it didn’t take a Zionist conspiracy for them to do it.

        27. Maybe they weren’t dumb as much as they were greedy. A lot of the neocon elites and their backers have made an obscene amount of money over their various foreign wars and related activities.

        28. greedy I buy. Arrogant I buy. academics with little understanding of real world issues I buy. Indifferent to the catastrophic loss of human life and long term consequences. That I buy too. Oh, no one is letting these bozos off the hook, I just think that it is more complicated than that they were “dumb”

        29. “Leo Strauss, Allan Bloom, Wolfowtiz and the rest of them were arm chair academics who should have been writing books and not running the defense department”
          Well we can all agree on that. But why do they get to walk away from what they’ve done. Why should anyone give them the benefit of the doubt about their intentions? Or for that matter that their concern really was ‘spreading democracy’. I don’t know whether their primary concern was Israel’s defence or projecting American ‘imperial’ power or whatever but they don’t seem to have considered the possibility of there being a difference. Their policies were have made the world a far more dangerous place, and have had an enormous cost in lives, yet how many of them has even suffered a career set back. Arguably their policies are still steering the world towards conflict in the middle east, although it remains to be seen whether their will be a war with Iran.
          When I watch Bill Kristol I can’t get over how personable he is, even if the same isn’t necessarily true of the others, but they are all pushing the same ultimately murderous policies and effectively getting a free pass. Why can’t we focus on eliminating real murderous terrorists AND the at least holding to account the meddling and irresponsible academics who’ve done so much to create the rabid slavering dogs that are lashing out at everyone and everything

        30. why should we walk away from what they are done? I don’t know. Mostly because I don’t care. If you do, then follow up. Meanwhile, I honestly could not care less. My only point, however, was that they weren’t simply dummies…I suppose it is possible that they tried their best to do what they thought would be best for the world and were too arrogant and short sighted to fully understand how it would play out once it was taken out of the academy or it could equally be argued that they intentionally, for any number of reasons, fucked the world half to death for selfish motives. Either way, here we are. You want to focus on eliminating real murderous terrorists and holding to account meddling and irresponsible academics go ahead. You won’t hear me saying you shouldn’t. However, I don’t see the point. But don’t count on my support. My focus is elsewhere, on how to make me own personal world better, make me happier, make me wealthier, make life more enjoyable for me. Global politics? Meh. I have said it before and it isn’t hyperbolas….if offered to live my life exactly as I wished it for 50 years at the cost of the entire world burning upon my death I would make the deal quicker than a 14 year old boy cums

        31. “You want to focus on eliminating real murderous terrorists and holding to account meddling and irresponsible academics go ahead. You won’t hear me saying you shouldn’t. However, I don’t see the point.”
          Well, it’s election day in the UK. The action that we can take doesn’t have to be direct. Surely you aren’t cynical about elections too? You are at pains to put down conspiracy theories, but half of those who come to such things do so because they’ve started to think their vote might not count for some reason. Now suppose some outspoken politician were to say lets Duterte the terrorists with extreme prejudice but also look at the senior management level who so royally fucked up the world. There’s no need for direct action is there. Just a yay or a nay. No need to sacrifice a thing. And talking of which why bother about the neo-cons motives. It happened on their watch and is still happening on their watch. It doesn’t matter whether their intentions were pure and sweet and wolfowitz cries himself to sleep every night for the dead, homeless and displaced. They were the ones in charge coming up with the policies. That needs to be addressed. We can make a scapegoat of them, and then the world community can re-unite. You make a point about just wanting to be able to go about your own business, make money and have fun. But what if I were to say, once a few top level heads rolled (and we’re not even talking literally…..unlike with the terrorists no blood shall be spilt) the scapegoat function will permit things to go on as normal.

        32. I am not cynical about elections. If you want to vote have fun. I have never registered to vote and will never both. I have things to do, important things, not this politics nonsense.
          “But what if I were to say, once a few top level heads rolled (and we’re not even talking literally…..unlike with the terrorists no blood shall be spilt) the scapegoat function will permit things to go on as normal.”
          I would reply that you are absolutely insane and living in a dream world. I have been hearing this all my life. It’s bullshit. Maybe in some silly little banana republic, but come on now. You want to play at this stuff go ahead. Maybe one day you will be able to tell me you told me so but I am willing to bet you aren’t.

        33. you have heard what all your life? That a few heads rolling would make things better? That a scapegoat might make for a more peaceful world? Surely here I’m the one being cynical – if their motives don’t count what’s the objection?
          We put down terrorists because they are dangerous and unpredictable. You don’t object to that I presume. In your past comments you’ve mentioned that security important to you. Well, instead of treating ‘politics’ as though it were something different and on a completely different level why not treat it as exactly the same, as a ‘security’ issue.
          So in that sense politics affects all of us. We are all concerned with security, even if we not idealistic or particularly ‘political. The terrorist threat causes security delays at airports, getting into buildings. All sorts of inconveniences, and disruptions to our quality of life. The very stuff you’re always saying we should focus on.
          But if the neo-cons fuel the fire that makes all those things more likely. You don’t have to take an ideological position on neo-conservatism, just note that it makes the world and you with it, less safe and secure. Even the absolute cynic should oppose neo-cons. They are a pest. It makes perfect sense to think of neo-cons and jihadi terrorists as two sides of the same coin, maybe not cause and effect but highly correlated nonetheless. If terrorists affect our lives, and our security, then we need to go after both terrorists and neo-cons. I don’t mean personally. I mean lets put them on the agenda and vote them all away. Ok you don’t vote, but you do express opinions, usually to tell us that we should do nothing, and accept things just as they are (which in its own way is pretty political) so what’s the big deal? It’s just a minor shift of attention onto people on a slightly higher pay grade.

        34. I have heard all my life that political bullshit matters and everything can come toppling down.
          Look, enjoy your hobbies but don’t try to make me care about them

        35. well fair enough, and lets leave it at that, but who said anything about things toppling down. We’re just talking about the particular neo-cons responsible. Not even necessarily a change of guard. In the scheme of things, what’s the big deal?

        36. Politeness would be inevitable if all men walked around fully armed. In fact conversation among men would take on a whole new dynamic.

        37. You of all people should know 9-11 was very likely an inside job. It was on the damn entrance exam to RoK.

        38. Also keep in mind that one place you are wrong is that I don’t tell other people not to care or participate, I merely state what I do. I don’t proslitize .
          Big deal? None that I can see but who knows—it’s a complicated world. I am fond of saying that it’s foolish to hit on 19.
          Sure the world isn’t a perfect blackjack but it’s a 19 and I’m gonna stick

        39. They were given a homeland – thanks to a deal brokered by the British between them and the Arabs. What happened? War was incited in Palestine. British soldiers were killed by Jewish terrorists. Jewish terrorists hung them from trees and booby trapped their bodies with land mines so that when they were cut down, the bodies were blown to bits. You had multiple factions of Jewish mercenary groups who switched sides more often than a bisexual pornstar.
          It ultimately ended with the two major Jewish mercenary terrorist groups aligning themselves together to collectively wage war against the British.
          Like a dude fed up with his insane bitch, the Brits tucked tail and abandoned the campaign.

        40. Again, fair enough, you speak for yourself alone. I can respect that, but still a lot of the time we speak because we’d have others be of a like kind of mind. Sometimes the soapbox is the least effective means.
          You’re right that hitting on 19 wouldn’t be sensible (I thought you meant 19 year old women at first). The stats would certainly be against you, unless you’re a card-counter perhaps. But is it really a question of betting? One might bet on the next prime minister of the UK, but it is not betting for or against the neo-cons to say that they should be held to account. If they remain at the top of the tree in perpetuity they must still be held to account. Why not get it and over done with. We’re talking about a clutch of has been academics and politicians, all of whom are widely discredited outside their own cosy and amoral circles. It’s a decimation not a revolution

        41. God, I am getting to the point where hitting on 19 year olds isn’t even sensible anymore.
          As for our discussions, I have them for the same reason I do most things…I enjoy them. My point about blackjack isn’t the bet. If you change your state of affairs things will either get better, get worse or stay the same. Those are your three possible options. If they stay the same why bother changing them. So we are left to things either getting better or getting worse. When you have 19 in your hand the odds are that a change will yield a worse result than what you are already holding. If you are really passionate about pulling a 2, I am not, then go on and gamble. If you have counted your cards perfectly and see 100% success rate in pulling a 2 and making your hand a 21 have at it. In the meantime, I am not a card counter and I am not an idealist and, to be frank, I am not a gambler. I like the world. I think it is just super. My 19 is making me happy and I have no desire the change the state of affairs.

        42. Well I like your reasoning, and I think you put that very well, although if life is a casino you are effectively saying that we should just ‘stand’ because everything’s hunky dory. Well, that might be very sensible but it doesn’t really reckon with human nature, or for that matter the fact that if we are already playing blackjack we are in a casino or some kind of game-playing environment. But allowing for that I see your point. Life isn’t entirely horrible in the 21st century west. We harp a lot but most of us at some level probably appreciate that, however we attribute it. But even if we accept those rules – hit, stand, double, split or whatever then unlike in Blackjack we can still disagree with the value of the cards on the table. Which in itself changes the game. We come back to values, or rather the activity of valuing. What if 21 wasn’t the highest value for instance.
          BTW I was reading about some self-made billionaire hedge fund manager and maths genius Edward O Thorp the other day who attributed all his wealth to his mastery (and substantial winnings at) the game of blackjack. It’s not a bad way of approaching the world.

        43. Do you just not care or show yourself to be willfully ignorant for whatever reason or agenda you might have?

        44. 1) It doesn’t matter
          2) conspiracy shit doesn’t interest me
          3) it is impossible to know
          4) even if 3 weren’t true it is still impossible to prove
          Save the conspiracy shit for the elvis/alien/big foot people and go live a life.

        45. Educating you would be a waste of time because you would just take the YOLO stance.
          And you’re right who cares? The most atrocious act of violence to ever occur on American soil in 50 years only happened within 20km of you.

        46. 80 people will have 80 opinions. you want to wear tinfoil wear it. I have a world that needs dealing with.

        47. Most New Yorkers I know seem to recognize by now that it was demolitions that sent the buildings down, not a plane. You don’t need 20 of them, all you need is one guilty Larry Silverstein who knowingly vacated his business one day whilst profiting massively off of the drop in stock prices from American Airlines shortly thereafter.
          None of us have a choice now, we cannot side with islam over jews, however these are all their machinations to pit us against each other. The jews will never give a damn about any other than their own ilk. The only reason the muslims are enraged are because of the jews and their good lapdogs the american military.

        48. I regret starting this disagreement

          As you are aware standing up for what is right is difficult, especially when freedom of discourse is made socially unpalatable or arduous with seemingly little reward and posing much risk.
          That being said…”Evil prevails when good men do nothing”

        49. They were intelligent in a sense. Milton Friedman was a very bright guy. But any academic who thinks you can fully explain human behavior through a model or algorithm is not what I would call smart.
          Microeconomics is an interesting subject with useful practical applications.. ie raise the price of steak and more people will buy hamburgers. Macroeconomics, which attempts to explain the aggregate actions of an entire society through mathematics or models, is a bunch of bollocks.
          Not only do societies and people constantly change (ie Afghanistan was our ally in the 80s, now our enemy) so do our own values (I used to love democracy and think gays should be married because fairness; now I view these characteristics as evil)
          The idea that one could model and control human beings or entire groups of people is something only an academic could believe.

        50. “Terror” may not be predictable specifically, ie one cannot say when and where something bad will happen but there will be more violent events happening because of the continued American meddling in the mideast. It doesn’t matter if YOU view it as justified or not… people will take retaliatory action that is justified in THEIR mind. The Boston marathon guys killed and injured a bunch of innocent runners because of the harm the American military was causing in the mideast.
          Big Honcho Binladen himself threatened that America must remove its troops from the Holy Lands in Saudi Arabia or face a holy war. It doesn’t take a fortune teller to predict that when the military stayed in the holy land, there was retaliation. It may not be “fair” or “just” but that all depends on one’s perspective. There is a whole lot of meddling going on in foreign countries now that WILL result in Blowback. We can’t predict when or where but I would say it is inevitable.

        51. I’m in the midst of a book about the creation of Israel, and still learning many of the details but it was a lot more manipulation and politics than actual military might that created Israel.

        52. It almost certainly was a conspiracy, meaning 2 or more people planned it secretly. Now, postulating whether those 2 people lived in a cave or in Langley, Virginia or both, is an exercise in futility.
          I do agree with the “inside job” people to this extent: The US Government was responsible for the attacks for either a) the collusion and planning that the Alex Jones types theorize or b) because they planned and armed binLaden and intervened in Saudi Arabia which caused a violent retaliation. If no military bases in the Holy Lands, no 911. Beyond that it’s a waste of time other than to say OOPS and try not to do it again.

        53. Haha, yeah buddy! I am back. I was actually planning a trip up to Niagara Falls next month and spending a day or two in the fantasyland of Toronto.. Was going to ask you for advice. But the logistics were terrible, and I could literally Hitler fly to Bangkok for less money… This country and its shitty transportation! How are you??

        54. I’m good man thanks.
          Just had convocation, nice and drunk getting a late night dinner with a buddy.
          Politics are fucked but I’m good for the most part.
          If you want some suggestions for Toroto after all give me a shout.

        55. I pretty much agree with that, what I can’t get my head around is the rank hypocrisy, and the fact that these people walk around with their reputations and careers intact. Indeed is their influence even any diminished after so much disastrous war-mongering? There are geo-political interests at stake here which aren’t just about the neo-cons perhaps but one could overstate that too. It isn’t clear what the interests of the US, or the west are, because thus far the people who really get to discuss and determine the issue, do so largely from behind the scenes – the fact that those thinktanks publish a few policy documents now and then doesn’t change that much.
          As you say certain types of action make certain types of reaction vastly more probably even if one takes the issue of morality completely out of the question. The problem I haven’t isn’t just with taking those types of actions, which might or might not reflect “national” or western interest (as in classical international relations). The issue is with pretending that the reaction that follows is somehow first cause aggression, because all that was being done was a bit of ‘democracy spreading’ or whatever. There can never be any kind of open democracy if everything that we do is encrypted in such a way

        56. But the rank hypocrisy has always been there, hasn’t it? I remember in grade school having a talk with a fellow classmate and I was *completely* convinced that, no, the Republican party would be the one opposed to the death penalty, because they were the party that believed in Christian principles and were very strict in their beliefs that “thou shalt not kill.” That was an early lesson in hypocrisy for me.
          To any holistic historian, the spread of democracy SHOULD be considered a violent act of war. Every western democracy is currently in moral, if not economic and social decline. The axis of evil are the only ones fighting against it. What a fucked up world.

        57. well hypocrisy is hypocrisy. It’s part of the human condition. We rationalise. We preach one thing, and do another. Politician’s take that to another level, and neo-cons to a level beyond that I would say. I don’t have a problem with democracy per see, although I take very seriously the idea that it tends towards either mob rule, or oligarghy or both (with the latter ruling by directing the mob).
          There is nothing wrong with marketing ideas, or promoting national, democratic (or even christian values) etc. But doing so without reference to the reality on the ground, and without considering that this may in the circumstances (necessarily in muslim nations) be considered an aggressive act in itself is criminal. But even then if it were mainly sincere it might be forgivable – but it cannot be considered sincere to the extent that the (violent) outcome of spreading democracy was completely predictable. Spreading democracy is a violent act of war only if it’s predictable that war, civil strife and instability will result. The neo-cons knew they were setting the world aflame

        58. As an aside, I’m guessing you were raised under democracy. So our cultural norms teach us things like freedom and democracy are unquestioningly good, equality is a laudable goal, etc. These are western values, but it does not make them positive values, or values that promote civilization or cohesiveness.
          Just ask yourself, in what area of your life besides your government do you utilize democracy?
          Do you choose how to run your office based on popular vote?
          If married, do you let your wife and children override your decisions because they outnumber you?
          Does your house of worship decide what is moral or good based on polling the audience?
          If you invest in stocks, would you want companies like Apple or Exxon to do whatever the employees thought best, or do you want them lead by a strong authority figure?
          Democracy is not a system we choose for any area of our lives except government, where it is the default and only option. We are never even presented with any other possibility. There was a good article on it here a while back.
          If one takes a long view of history and observes, democracy is at best a weak and inefficient form of government, and at worst leads to social decay and inevitable collapse.
          Just look at any of the problems facing men, and ask how they will be solved by majority rule. Do you think it is possible to convince 51% of women that they shouldn’t slut around and have fun for their best 10 years, but instead should be loyal and submissive and save themselves for their future husband?
          Do you think it’s possible to convince 51% to reform government spending, or balance the budget, or change divorce rape laws, or whatever else you see as the problem of the day? If not, then ask yourself why you are so in favor of democracy? What does it give you that other systems don’t?

        59. “Just ask yourself, in what area of your life besides your government do you utilize democracy?”
          You ask good questions / make good points, and there aren’t necessarily any easy answers here. You appear to conflate freedom and democracy – as indeed would I – and appear to be questioning both. I am not quite clear whether you want a bit of freedom / democracy or none at all, or believe it is appropriate in some instances but not in others, which if so would be in itself a pretty uncontroversial desire, since at that level that is what we have: as you say when we go to work etc. we are not functioning within a democratic environment but a hierarchical. Since we have such a situation – such a mixed economy of ‘democracy’ and hierarchy / meritocracy etc – already, presumably the issue is about where and how we have them rather than whether we do or don’t.
          Without any freedom or democracy we have only totalitarianism. Within the context of religion that might amount to submission to God or theocratic rule or something along those lines, but outside of such an arrangement it will be more a case of determining the kind and degree of of self-determination we have as individuals within society, including as men and as women, and working out how that may need to be limited.
          I am in favour of democracy, not because I think it necessarily works, or even because it is best of a bad bunch of political systems, but because unless people have substantive choice in their own lives all they can do is blindly follow and blindly agree. The reality of such a situation is that it is likely to breed dependency and passivity – which is something that can be quite useful and desirable from some points of view, but not necessarily for the best of reasons. Even if on such a basis one might perhaps create an optimally working society – or other institution or organisation – one might still object on the basis of the inherent value – or lack thereof – of any such arrangement where the glue that held the working parts together was compulsion, or the threat or force of violence. It isn’t even about compulsion, or violence as an inherent evil, but the fact that any such system that worked on such a basis would likely suffer on account of the lack of assent, the lack of trust, of credence that might otherwise buoy it up and in so doing buoy up its value and status. With respect to women one can lead women with them following two steps behind because that’s just how its done, or because they are compelled to do so, or whatever, or one can lead them with their full-throated consent. Unfortunately if they are free to do as they wish, vote for who they wish, marry who they wish etc. then that latter situation may be a long time coming or might not happen at all. But if it does, and indeed if you can paradoxically ‘command’ such a thing – and some, a few men do have that – then surely it will have greater rather than less value. Of course you and I both know women are hypergamous, and are chaotic in their values and choices, but that’s not just down to nature but the system we partake of, and unlike some I don’t believe that system is no more than the inevitable consequence of democracy. We live in a gnostic, life hating, male hating, family hating democracy, and none of that, well little of it, is down to democracy as an institution, except insofar as it is abused.
          Of course I fully acknowledge the vulnerability of democracy to abuse, particularly by money, and lobbies, but is that even something that we’ve tried to solve yet? We live in a world which is no longer just about subsistence. If we do not have the technology to do X, then we can at least conceive of creating the technology to do it. That goes for curing cancer, and curing the feminism within democracy, and the abuse of money and nepotism and other abuses. I can never understand how readily those who dislike democracy as an institution are so ready to work with their enemies to disband it, just because they think they’ll have it their way if that most fundamental institution of civil life buckles for good.

      2. Maher also has no love for Christians and is hyper critical of Christianity, but the only joke/criticism you will here about Jews from him is harmless stuff like funny hats.

        1. “Jew of convenience” – they love the exclusivity and playing the victim card but give zero fuks about the law of Moses…

      3. “What’s that you’re eating?”
        “Pizza. had it delivered a few minutes ago.”
        “What kind of pizza?”
        “Canadian bacon and sausage. Want some?”
        “No I do not.”
        “How about a beer?”

        1. you laugh, but I am pretty sure most of Spain’s delicious pork and shellfish based cuisine originated in just this way

      4. No doubt, but he is pretty zionist. There is a clip of Oliver Stone and Maher discussing the issue, and it makes his politics pretty clear

  8. He’ll probably be interviewed on the Rubin Report here in a couple weeks. He’ll show up drunk/stoned, and just rant against his former team the whole time.

  9. Similar to Weinstein at Evergreen. He described as ‘beyond Progressive’ in his interview with Tucker Carlson. I have no idea what he meant.
    – People like Weinstein made the mistake of being a little less insane than the rest. He is however part of the problem. He is not a victim.

  10. We need another Johnny Carson. The last funny late night host was Craig Ferguson. There really are no safe spaces from the left’s onslaught of propaganda

    1. Funny you mention this…..Bill Maher, back in the 80’s and 90’s, was a frequent and favorite guest of Carson and was very funny.

        1. I’d have to google mandela effect. I really don’t know much about Maher other than that he was a stand up comedian who did a bunch of kind of non offensive religious jokes in the 80’s and 90’s and Carson loved him. Here is a good clip

          He got way to virulent and way too political for me to give a shit about him but he was a good stand up with decent material and good timing

        2. ok.
          he wrote a book about what its like to be a road comic, was well-regarded btw

        3. Same thing happened to Letterman. Funny as hell at first, but devolved to crap in subsequent years.

        4. yeah, but letterman’s was more obvious. The late show ran from 93-2015. I think by 2001 letterman was too old, too famous, too rich to give a fuck anymore and honestly think that after 9-11 he kind of didn’t see the point. He kept on half assing it for 14 more years getting progressively worse. He was, legitimately, one of, if not the, funniest guys out there in the wake of Carson but like with loads of people: money, success and time coupled with a “what the fuck is the point” feeling tanked him. Maher seems different. He is still very quick and his delivery is still really good and he does seem genuinely excited to do his schtick (unlike letterman who you could tell was really phoning it in after a while) it is just that his priorities changed and he became more serious and took the role of social commentator rather than comedian.

        5. goes to show that these tv clowns cracking jokes 24/7 are totally useless. They ‘re forgotten very quickly.

      1. His politics used to be much more libertarian and were very close to mine. He has become rather left leaning on many issues, but I attribute that to the shitty 2 party system we have. If you care about the environment, you must also accept affirmative action and tranny marriage. If you like low taxes you must also accept huge foreign wars, massive borrowing from abroad, and expansion of the deep state. It’s a terrible system.

  11. Shouldn’t it be black-child slaying, not black child-slaying? The latter makes it seem like the policemen are black.

      1. Buzzfeed: Racist and misogynist website, Return of Kings, states that black policemen kill children

        1. oh wait…I thought we were anti-seismic…like against earthquakes. I was totally down with that.

  12. It would appear that Maher learned the same lesson I learned years ago in corporate America: It only takes one “awww-sh!t!” to wipe out all your “attaboys”. I love to watch the left eat their own. It puts their true nature on public display.

    1. “It would appear that Maher learned the same lesson I learned years ago in corporate America: It only takes one “awww-sh!t!”
      You should write an article for this site. For a lot of the younger guys getting into that corporate world, full of pitfalls as well as possible great financial rewards, this kinds of articles are really useful..

    2. I wonder how Maher would fare on his own if he were to break with the MSM. I’ve heard Alex Jones re-made himself after being a somewhat red pilled comedian who was eventually banned by MSM for being too anti status quo.
      A very young ‘Alex Jones’ in 1990 was supposedly the late comedian Bill Hicks.


      Hicks reportedly died in 1993 of cancer. Was Hicks’ death faked after he was banned from the Late Nite show for being anti establishment?

  13. What’s the big deal here. I don’t give a rat’s ass if I’m called “cracker” or “whitey” or “snowman” or “Q-Tip”…it’s all fine by me.
    It’s a much bigger deal to me, when I stop and contemplate the fact that black youths in particular are constantly taught by their elders to defend being disrespected to the death. Respect and 25 cents will buy you a pack of gum. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” – figuring that out is a major part of growing up and becoming a man.
    All it does, if you follow that don’t-disrespect-me mantra, is fill up the private prisons, after its unwitting adherent has a Category 5 meltdown and blows somebody away after the person in question glances at a bus stop billboard that happened to be within five feet of the disadvantaged youth’s head.
    How convenient for the major stockholders of the private prison consortiums…

    1. Yeah. The atmosphere of PC has made everybody very touchy. Casual racism is fine, it’s only a problem when racism enters the realm of assault, which those stupid “honourable” youths are too dumb to get.

      1. It’s childlike behavior, really. You’re upset, boo-hoo, somebody called you a NAME! How DARE they! It’s like crying in the playground when the bully says you’re a pussy. It’s for children. Wake up and smell the coffee…it’s a giant mindfuck.

        1. I’ve been a frequent visitor of Daily Stormer for precisely this reason. I’m proud to say I have successfully inoculated myself from being offended by racism.

        2. Bravo. You’re either all-in for free speech or you’re a cuck. There is no middle ground…

        3. I’m obsessed with ridding myself of weaknesses. For example, when I was a kid, I was squeamish around violence. So I watched Mortal Kombat fatalities and then graduated to Best Gore. Now I’m proud to say I have hardened my heart to the point I’m utterly indifferent to other people’s suffering.

        4. Go the full path, watch the old Faces of Death series.
          Not for the meek nor those not totally immune to pain and suffering.

        5. I’m all for hardening myself. Life is hard. Not to your extreme though. Empathy is a necessity for your humanity. Don’t lose yourself and what makes you a great person because of how the world is or how they perceive you bro.

        6. Whatever it takes…ice baths, jumping out of trees…sometimes a guy just has to shake it up and change.

        7. I understand you point. But in my life and my observations of other people’s lives, I have found very little use of empathy.

        8. I’ll tell you right now, you shouldn’t, if you wish to retain some vestige of humanity that still has sympathy for others. But it’s there.

        9. As much as I don’t care about other people in a general sense, and I don’t, I’ve tried to retain a core of sympathy for my fellow man deep in my psyche. Not a bleeding heart thing that comes out every time I see a starving homeless person, fuck him, I mean more the kind of sympathy you’re going to need if you become a father, or even a mentor to younger men when you get older, if that makes sense?

        10. Of course I understand. My compassion and empathy is strictly limited to my family and only very rarely to my closest friends.
          The rest of the world is just entertainment for me.

        11. It is so refreshing to find real talk: it’s totally natural to only have compassion and empathy for those closest to us.
          I’ve never understood the bleeding hearts for strangers. I’ve learnt to keep my mouth shut, but I will never understand the outpouring of grief for those we are not close to. This does not mean acting in an unkind way at all and I don’t mean being cruel and perhaps if we can help out somebody in need we should but actual feelings of grief is so unnatural.
          It’s so false, isn’t it?

        12. That’s more or less where I am, although I will feel bad if I actually see somebody die in real life, which has happened a few (thankfully) times.

        13. Har!
          No, I’ve seen a couple of people die, but thankfully, not many. Each time it really cut me deeply in my soul. Witnessing that kind of thing first hand changes you. I don’t mean a medical doctor watching a patient pass away type of death, or a grandpa dying on his bed type of death (which is sad in its own right), but the kind where it’s an accident and you watch a human life extinguished forever.

        14. I saw a person die only once, back when I was a kid. I was going to the nearby supermarket along with my parents when some guy got run over by a bus. There were a lot of people near the corpse, but I managed to get a brief look at it. That guy was a broken mess. My father was very disturbed by the sight, but strangely I didn’t feel a thing. As hard as I tried I didn’t feel anything.

        15. I watched a woman die on an airplane a few years ago, she was a wing rider, and actually a rather famous, and good, one. My son and I were just off the tarmac in the seating area and could feel the heat from the blast as the plane came in way too low with her sitting on the wing waving and then the wing just tipped the ground and the plane literally exploded. Big wave of heat. That really, really bothered me a lot, and shook my son up too. Just prior we could see her smiling.

        16. Oh God, we don’t. I love flying and aircraft. It bothered me like you wouldn’t believe. One minute this little thin blonde smiling just in the distance and the next a fireball with heat hitting us in the face from it.

        17. I was on a pier loading a boat when I heard a scream. I looked over and saw a guy about 20 feet away grabbing his chest. His face was bright red, like cartoon bright red. It was squenched up like he was in conceivable pain. I watched him fall straight forward, landing on his face like a sack of wet sand, never even bringing his hands up to try to break his fall. He was dead before he hit the ground.
          I’ll never forget his face, or the sound it made when he hit.

        18. yeah me too – just recycling an old Carlin bit about NASCAR. “Where else can you see a 30-car pile-up and not be IN it?!?!”

        19. “Not a bleeding heart thing that comes out every time I see a starving homeless person, fuck him,..””
          They’re not starving, their getting healthcare, housing and welfare, plus dirtying up downtowns!
          The “poverty” industry is costing working society a fortune..

        20. this is why I browse the hashtag #secretsociety123 on Instagram. I like to desensitize myself to women complaining. I slide in the DM’s of anorexic cutters and chat them up. Then I am on a date and I hear all about a bad day…yeah, ok honey, sorry that bob in accounting isn’t treating you with the respect you deserve….lol. I find it makes it much easier for me when I have to watch them cry.

        21. Eh… I didn’t cry when my Mom died or when one of my sisters died, so I think I’m good without watching the FoD.

        22. Most shook up I’ve ever seen a person was an aircrewman who’d just seen someone commit suicide jumping off a bridge. Crewman was in a car behind this guy coming into work. Guy stops, got out and just walked right off..
          Crewman kept saying over and over, ‘ … he didn’t pause or look he just walked up to the barrier and swung right off…’

        23. It’s more globalist game – speech policing. More infractions to prosecute if not by the courts then by social enforcers. The globalists pour tons of funding into promoting social enforcement leagues. This precipitates down to social customs being modified which is just as regulating on a society as the concrete court system. TV has household members policing each other. Propaganda begets unpaid household cops and makes bickering meter maids out of your own beloved family members who cite you for your non PC speech or values. How dare they.

        24. I watched that when I was ten years old and that was some fucked up stuff. My step mom would watch it and laugh her ass off. Truly an evil woman.

      2. busting each other’s balls ain’t rayciss, it’s fun. I do it all the time with my minority buddies at work. It’s mostly women who take offense in my experience. Can’t hurt their feelings.

    2. That’s my actual concern. That we can be so affected by words. It’s so weak. Short of threats of bodily harm to myself or family words couldn’t provoke anything more than words. I comment on two sites. This one and a hip hop site. I was just having a conversation with a guy before the Mauher, or however you spell his name, situation happened. It was basically me stating the same thing verbatim. Why be moved so much by a word? His response was respect. If someone disrespects you they don’t deserve your respect. If someone doesn’t deserve my respect why would I even bother with them? Or be bothered by them.

      1. Social engineering…on a really deep level, I think. Whatever it is, it needs to stop. We should all be able to behave like adults…
        Check out the clip below…it’s Dustin Hoffman in “Lenny” (1974), as the comedian Lenny Bruce, and his actual use of the word “nigger” in front of an audience that was made up of a shitload of black people (this is definitely a must-see video)…

        1. So the story goes…he was also most likely whacked for what he said in his standup routines…but we don’t know for sure, which irks me to no end – I wanna know these kinds of things, but unless a guy was there, he just doesn’t know…pfft.

    3. Growing up, in high school, I’ve had classmates of different races. Since kids are always mean, we didn’t pull punches, and made fun of everything, from race to weight to family. There were kids who got upset, those who cried, those who knew how to reply back in a witty way, but never once do I remember someone making a big fuss because I told the black kid that I was scared of him during nighttime cuz his body would disappear and I could only see his teeth flashing. Never once about “racism”. I wonder what made it all change, that now we started putting emphasis on it and make a much bigger deal out of it than it actually is? I know the internet played a HUGE part in it.

      1. Kids see other kids as kids, people. It’s the adults that teaches kids about racism.
        Edit: If you get a chance, watch the movie The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.

      2. I had a similar experience. We called each other every name we could think of, the worst names we could come up with. Especially our friends. We didn’t know what half the names meant, and would use the racial slurs on people of every color.
        Hell, my own mother called me a “twat” so much I didn’t realize it was a bad word until my 3rd grade teacher sent me to detention for calling my buddy that.

        1. twat is such a terrific word. I like to lengthen the a to an ahhhh sound.

    4. Actually Bob, I am good with being called a “cracker”. After all, the “cracker” is the guy holding the bull whip. It’s an empowering term from my perspective, lol.

    5. We have to beware of the Left’s (and the Right’s) attempts to mold public opinion ion. It is one reason that Trump disposed with political correctness and tweets. He isn’t going to all the formulators of public opinion to obscene, then twist his thoughts or agenda. In, Germany, right now, Global Warming has become the religion of the State, just as Obama tried to do. When the media has the Leader’s back, within a two year period of drum-beating, public opinion an shift 180 degrees. Most of the public are low intelligence, non-thinking idiots who buy everything they see on the nightly news as gospel. It’s a sad state of affairs to watch the lemmings.

    6. “Nigger” has become the “Abra Cad Abra” of the left. Say it and victimhood magically appears. Soon, “Dindu” will take on magical powers too.

  14. You may disagree with Bill Maher`s views on certain things. However, he certainly has a better sense of humor than most people in his circles. His views on Islam are also quiet realistic. (He was often attacked for that.)
    And considering the gorgeous Black babes he has been dating – he is one lucky guy.

    1. “And considering the gorgeous Black babes he has been dating – he is one lucky guy.”
      Dear God! I wouldn’t wish AIDS even on my worst enemy!

        1. Ukraine is no dream land of mine. I usually check out WHO statistics on an area to figure out my chances of catching AIDS.

    2. Maher may have a good sense of humor, but he isn’t immune to criticism though he acts like he is. Imagining that he is immune when he is actually not is a deficiency which he has acquired over time. This is a very bad syndrome.

      1. It’s good to see a patch being created here that seals the rift between you and Kersey. You made a fantastic totally non-trolling comment and he replied in kind. It was…beautiful.

    3. There is an opening on the ROK softball team- you want in? noobs have to play the “roamer” position. also involves getting beer for the rest of us inbetween innings

      1. Have you made your usual daily comment on Haitian people already? dear Lord, that voodoo must be powerful, since my Haitian brothers and sisters all live rent-free in your mind, 24/7

        1. Do I have to remind you how this silliness started? YOU said this site is chock full of white nationalists, and you wanted to submit an article, but it would be pointless as it would not be published or be met with poorly by the commenters?
          Im merely reacting to what you said, and you are painting with a broad brush. Your original post was kinda rude, yet you keep calling us rude.
          Anyway, apology accepted. Practice is every Monday, games on Wed and Fri

        2. Burger
          Let me answer you on that. I indeed indicated that the percentage of White supremacist commentators may be as high as 95%. Whether the percentage is lower than that or not, you would certainly agree that there are many people with racialist views on ROK. I still believe that an article that says positive things about Haitian -American girls has no place here. Neither do I have a desire to publish one here. Not only because many readers can be prejudiced against Haitians but also because my experience with the few Haitians and Haitian-Americans I met was probably different from the experience US-based readers might have had with Haitian-Americans in some US cities.

        3. Burger
          I am going to mute your comments. I suggest you mute mute my comments, too. Thank you.

    4. I hope you were being facetious about the black babe I haven’t seen a looker in the bunch lol

      1. I think Mr. Kersey married a black girl. Something must be eating at him because he keeps virtue signaling about dating other races. “You will go to hell if you don’t find black women attractive” is his mantra.

        1. Can’t force people to like what they don’t. I like women. If I find her sexy it doesn’t matter what the world thinks. I’m just saying none of the women dude has been pictured with were pretty. 8 pluses. He’s a millionaire on tv for God’s sake. I think he actually likes the hoodrat type. Good for him though. There’s plenty for him

        2. Albeit it is none of your business, I am indeed married to a Black lady and have two beautiful children.
          I was not virtue-signalling. What you don`t get is that I don`t care what kind of woman you date/marry. What I object to is that most guys who talk hatefully about Black women and Black people in general are most likely the ones who cannot get ANY woman, whether White/Black/Asian or otherwise .
          Someone states on the ROK that he started a family with an Asian/Black/Brown Latina lady, and you “alt-right” idiots are on full-blow attack mode.

        3. What is eating you? Jealousy?
          The time you spend here trolling should have been put to self-improvement…I and maybe you would find a girl for yourself, too.

        4. Brooklyndamien. No problem, dude. It`s good to see there are still at least one more sane and polite commenter on ROK.

    1. That’s where Bill made his mistake, had he said “house nigga” they would have been cool with it.

    2. What’s even more fun is Full House Nigger, which is deliciously ironic insofar as it was the most lilly white cast to ever be whited (outside of a couple of Jewish people).

      1. Get me Hollywood on the phone!
        But wouldn’t you classify John Stamos as a “Gateway Minority”?

        1. Lol, we need to add “Gateway Minority” to the leftist Pokémon Collection of virtue-signaling friends and relatives.

        2. Greeks and Italians are, by definition, semi-minorities, so yes.

        3. Absolutely. I constantly recall my “mixed heritage” of being a “partial gateway minority” when congratulating myself for how far I’ve come in life….

  15. Dustin Hoffman in “Lenny” (1974), as the comedian Lenny Bruce, and his actual use of the word “nigger” in front of an audience that was made up of a shitload of black people (this is definitely a must-see video)…

  16. Beautifully written and well articulated article. Perhaps this will serve as yet another warning to mindless showbiz whores proselytizing marxist dogma for social status points that they are simply tools for a “movement” of idiocy that doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass about them…
    But nah… They’d have to be intelligent to heed that warning.

  17. Anybody who champions gay marriage is an idiot of the first order with zero understanding about what our customs are for. I’ve little time for them. Indeed, it is my own personal litmus test on whether or not a person is worth knowing: if they are against or indifferent to it, I’ll want to get to know them. If they are full on supporters, they are fucking morons.
    The whole thing is just one virtue- signalling mental masturbatory fest. Rainbow flags on facebook and all that bullshit.
    Bet he (Maher) thoroughly enjoyed mocking ‘backward’ conservatives. We have social conventions for a reason, you fool.
    An intelligent atheist keeps his opinions to himself and admits that the Christian model is the best damned thing the West has in the way of moral code. You just wait when the Islamists fill the void that Maher and his ilk have mockingly very nearly (if not already) created by denigrating Christianity because, after all, nature hates a vacuum.

  18. Personally I prefer John Oliver as his research is more detailed and verifiable, he is also a lot funnier.
    I am a Christian and yes I am anti Trump as I have followed the mans career for years and until he went into politics there was absolutely no evidence of any Christian values in his actions.
    The one thing that these comedians do offer is a pressure valve for people frustrated with the hypocrisy of Trump.
    The GOP would be wise to spend more time supporting Pence before a car crash happens. I prefer politicians with values.

      1. What I like is that he and his team make an effort to research topics properly and focus in topics around big business damaging the little guy.

    1. Plenty of conservatives have been very critical of Trump. Don’t have to look to libtards for criticism of Trump.

      1. I agree John. For me I do not see the divide, you can still be Conservative and agree with some Liberal issues.
        For me there is a difference between the right to work hard, build a business and look after your family and corporate business that uses it power to drive the small guy into the ground.
        Trump in my view is one of those guys where it is not good enough just to win, but someone else has to be beaten into the ground. Things like not paying your suppliers what you agreed on and use lawyers to delay payment so that they go out of business. Trump in the past has glorified in this practice which proves to me that he is not Christian.
        I add that this is not fake news as this was well know of Trump years before he ever thought of politics.

        1. You’re a bot. Nobody cares if he’s an actual Christian. Everyone went out of their way to compare him to King Darius in the Bible. There was a viral prohecy on YouTube about him being the president. No Tradcon is seriosly sitting around and thinking about whether or not Trump is a Christian.

        2. So you are saying that because I am Christian and conservative that I have to agree with everything you say?
          Do you not feel this is s little small minded of you.
          I care if the President holds Christian and moral values and many of my friends do.
          And finally why do you think me wanting Pence to become President and putting dignity back into the office makes me a Liberal?

        3. Conservative and liberal have lost much of their meaning as both Dems and Repubs want larger gov. Just in different manners. I fall strongly into a libertarian category which alienates myself from both sides. and in this brain dead country nuanced thinking is nonexistent. At the current moment I am mostly concerned with not allowing the libtard policies to spread which is why I am fine with Trump. However, he is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

        4. I think you need to reset your compass. Please read again what I said and that I can see regard myself as conservative and still be anti Trump.

        5. I think you’re a completely made-up person who goes to sites like these to “represent Christianity”. I grew up in the church, and your assertion that “a lot of conservative Christians don’t like Trump” isn’t true. I don’t know a single person who thinks that way.

        6. I think you’re a liberal, because you’re a troll sewing a false narrative.

        7. As I said, I am conservative but Christian first and I have been talking all along about my view. I do not support a man who I do not regard as Christian.
          I also question how you can assume that all evangelical Christians support Trump, I know plenty who are embarrassed by him and would prefer another Republican in office who lives more in line with their values.
          I also know many Christians who are democrats, I may not agree with them but people should discuss their differences and attempt to understand different views in a free society.
          This is something I notice that Trump supporters in general have a struggle doing.
          Meanwhile Trump is isolating the USA in the world.

        8. And this statement is exactly what is wrong with many Trump supporters, if you do not agree you come out with statements like false narrative.
          Look back on my statements, where has the false narrative been?

        9. Okay, well, I’m done to feeding into the female interaction dynamic you so desire.

      2. That’s a fantasy world. I’m very involved in that community, and I witnessed how they went from stomping their feet and whining to taking Trump up the ass and acting like it was never a problem. Dobson ministries even campaigned for Trump.
        The idea of tradcons being divided on the topic of Trump is a myth. He showed his alpha and shut them up good.

        1. No it’s not. I guarantee if/when Trump were successfully impeached, lots of Republicans would be happily dumping on him.

        2. Of course. All the establishment Cuckservatives hate Trump.
          They want their open borders.
          They want their wars.
          They want their taxpayer funded abortions.
          They want their radical feminism.
          They want their surveillance / police state.
          They want their globalist trade ‘deals’.

    2. Either you don’t exist or you didn’t vote conservative ever. I know tradcons, and you’re not it.

      1. So please enlighten me, prior to Trump running for office how Christian was Trump?
        The difference for me is that although you may be naturally conservative, you can still agree with Liberals on certain issues. Being Christian to me is about Love thy Neighbor even if you have different views on Gun control, Obamacare etc.
        Another example of this is that God provided us with the earth and I believe in respecting it. I therefore support the Paris Agreement as the evidence of damage is clear.
        Although I would prefer Pence as President as he is undeniably a real Christian I would still disagree with him on this.

        1. You’re missing the point I keep saying:
          tradcons DON’T CARE that he’s not a Christian. They support him.

    3. Listen tradcon chump. He’s not your pastor.
      And being a Christian doesn’t mean you need to sell out your country and your children’s future.
      You’re worse than Pelosi who said Trump made God mad by pulling out of the Paris accord.
      She’s full of shit and I think Tradcons posers like you are too.
      You love the ‘conservatives’ that lose year after year after year. Why because you’re not really a conservative.

      1. Jonathan Castle if you make a pact with the devil then you are as morally bankrupt as Trump.
        And with the Paris accord. it is you and people like you that are selling out your country and your children and then children after them.
        The USA is now totally isolated in the world over Paris and it has ruined the countries reputation.
        And as for the last part of your comment, you have managed to contradict yourself faster than the current administration by accusing me of being a conservative and not at the same time.
        Yes I want a return to traditional conservative politics as I do not want the countries standing in the world to continue to fall.

        1. You’re a Godless, globalist scumbucket. Posing as a Christian in a lame attempt to peel off other Christians.
          Trump is the most conservative politician in our lifetimes…by far. More than Reagan who launched no-fault divorce and open borders.
          More than Bush who launched a disastrous war in Iraq resulting in hundreds of thousands of dead innocents. ..and open borders.
          Is that the type of ‘conservatism’ you want to return to? Warmongering and cheap-labor Corporatism?
          You’re an obvious troll. Conservatives don’t worry about our popularity. They worry about what is right.

        2. It is clear that you are placing Trump above God a man who was pro choice until he decided to run on a Republican ticket.
          How can any Christian support a man who has such little respect for his wives and women in general (And before you start claiming fake news, he has been recorded saying these things).
          I think my friend you should start reading your bible as I am hoping that Mr Pence will be replacing this walking disaster soon.

        3. Haha! You Cuckservatives are getting desparate! I love it.
          You really think you can get rid of Trump and put everything back together again. And we would forget that you sold out the country and conservatives every chance you got.
          No way. Trump has forced you to show your true colors.
          You are corporate shills. Globalists, godless haters of the common man. Warmongers. Abortionists. Destroyers of families.
          And because you pose as a Christian – haha, I don’t believe it for a second – why don’t you consider the life of King David.
          He was imperfect like all men. He comitted adultery with Bathsheba. Then murdered her husband.
          Despite this. He was a great leader and King of the Jews. God even called him a man after His own heart.
          The tell that you aren’t a Christian is that you have ZERO grace.

        4. So I do not support Trump therefore I am Godless!!!! I am sure there where people like you in Germany who supported Hitler, justifying the extermination of anyone who did not share their views.
          So far the largest foreign act that Trump has done is to sell arms to Saudi Arabia which is a known funder of ISIS and other Muslim terrorist groups. Perhaps you can justify your masters actions on this related to your supposed Christian beliefs.
          And as a non warmonger please explain why the US military is having such a massive increase in spending?
          I have no problem with the US military being strongest, but you are accusing me as being a warmonger trying to make Trump look like a peaceful man.

        5. Haha! What are you 12?
          Let me help you out: playing the Hitler card when you get flustered doesn’t work in these parts. It’s a sure sign of a lazy thinker.
          Go back to whoever is paying you and demand better talking points.
          I apologize though on one point, as you appear to be more of a libtard than a cuckservative. Even though they are really on the same team, I am truly sorry.
          But you lied to us too ‘Mark Ellis’. By your writing style, you are clearly a woman.
          And your true problem with Trump is that he’s a strong man. …which you hate, hate. Hate. Because patriarchy, and stuff.
          If your gal Hillary had won, i’m sure we would have destroyed another country by now. She so enjoyed crushing the poor people of Libya. You go girl!
          But I must admit, I agree with you that the defense budget should shrink, not grow. Straight up.
          But hey. Nobody is perfect.

  19. All will be forgiven in time-as long as you’re a leftist (or at least not a white guy) in Hollywood, they let it all slide. Now in the case of people like Mel Gibson, that’s of course a different story.

    1. He seems to have regained favor actually, as I hear it.

      1. that makes me think of an old norm mcdonald joke. don’t remember it exactly but Brando says “jews control hollywood”. Brando is then called an antisemite. Brando apologies. The jews accept his apology and say he can continue working in hollywood. Heh it’s just a norm mcdonald and he seems to have been able to continue working

  20. OT…
    Anybody listening to this Comey testimony? I really tried to go into this with an open mind… but this guy is making himself seem like such a smarmy, slimy, weak, passive aggressive little pussy.

    1. well, he was a corp lawyer. I dont get how a non-LEO gets installed an FBI Dir

      1. He was the guy who got Bill Clinton off the hook for pardoning Marc Rich (on his last day in office). Comey is dirty but he’s a team player for the Deep State.

        1. wow, just wow…hes been around THAT long? But I guess thats their M.O., right? private sector, back in govt, repeat

        2. Yep. Once you know his resume, what he’s doing now and what he’s done at the behest of the Clintons in the past, like his crap during the election, becomes very, very clear.

        3. It seems like that would be a key tidbit of information that should be disclosed any time he pipes up, doesn’t it? Yet I had to find that little nugget on Wikipedia. Ridiculous that any one takes this guy seriously- he’s totally compromised.

        4. Listening to him talk, his choices of words, his innuendo, etc… also makes it very clear.

    2. LOL, the former head of the FBI just admitted under oath that he “doesn’t know” if an FBI agent has a legal duty to report a crime if he becomes aware of one.

      1. it must be great theatre. They are all gonna meet up for happy hour at the Regal Beagle when the hearing is over btw

      1. there actually is a minor so what……but the so what is bad on maher. His problem, like so many comedians today, isn’t that he is racist. It is that he is a comedian when it suits him and a social philosopher/commentator when that suits him. As a comedian his line was funny, well timed, well delivered and in all ways excellent. As a serious voice of culture and society it was crass and uncouth and deserves censure — not for being racist but because a man who wants to be a statesman ought to conduct himself and construct his speech in a way where comportment and dignity delivered.
        That Maher wants it both ways is actually kind of a problem with him and with a lot of comedians. I am all for giving a comedian a VERY wide berth when it comes to being funny but which is it. Is Maher a funny man or a would be political and social philosopher. Playing both sides is disingenuous

        1. Whether he’s racist one way or the other, I say let him hang by his own petard by doing exactly what you note. Me not giving a shit if it is racist just throws more fuel on the fire for the Left as they get their dander up and point at me and people like me and scream “You’re just like them!?!?!?!”
          Fuck’em all.

        2. Dammit! We were just starting to get him to loosen up a bit and you got and RUIN it!

        3. Wasn’t George Carlin the same, though? Both comedian and philosopher/social commentator? It seemed to have worked out for him.

        4. He was, but I don’t think it actually worked out and I think he became preachy and annoying by the time the 90’s rolled around.

        5. I noticed this too. The last 15 years of his career was more about long ranting social commentary instead of telling jokes.

    1. Isn’t there some chick blog or website or something you could go sperg out on, rather than inflicting us with your awkward female commenting?

    2. Nigger isn’t a slur as long as “die cis scum”, “all men are rapists”, “die white scum”, and “kill all men” are not. Also, You can’t just remove a word form someone’s vocabulary just because it hurts your feelings. That’s what freedom of speech is for.

    3. Political correctness has been a thorn in my side for years. It has been this fake crybaby finger pointing created to silence dialogue. Are there not differences between races/cultures? Are we not adults that can have different opinions? Yes, it may have been racist, but who cares?

      1. The first time I heard an adult say “F-bomb” and “N-word” instead of fuck and nigger, I almost spit up….

        1. I have no problem with that, If you are in polite company, you do need to check yourself at times, but this crybaby attitude of “What he said was racist” and going after people for things they said, while ignoring peoples actions is counterproductive. Crushing dialogue is one sure fired way to build resentment and real hatred, not the joking like Bill Maher’s comment, or the gay ballerina comments 2 days ago.

        2. the F-Bomb sounds like some kind of WMB that homos are devising that, when detonated, will turn any city into San Francisco.

      2. He was like, “Oh yeah, I’m just a nigger, working in the field”. It was about the most racist thing he could think of to say. It wasn’t even incidentally racist, he went for it! It was so awkward, that other guy was out of facial expressions.

      3. He said the most racist thing he could think of or something, he was like “I’m a nigger on a plantation”. Nothing “incidentally racist” about it. It was so awkward, the other guy couldn’t contort his face in an appropriate emotional reaction. I just thought it was interesting.

        1. The left’s hypocrisy is what is funny to watch. Very quick to point fingers, but quick to circle the wagons if it is someone in their camp. Like when Harry Reid had his “negro dialect” comment, the left was so quick to brush it under the rug, yet if anyone on the right says anything, it will be blown up and used to ruin.

    4. So the phrase “working in the fields” doesn’t conjure up any images in your head of slaves? Really???? He was making a joke off the other guy’s poor choice of words.

      1. I gotta be honest, I don’t know in what direction I should take this comment.

  21. Hey, Roosh, you forgot to ban me from this page for criticizing your latest guru, Osho.
    Man, I feel sad about you, like a leaf in the wind, changing philosophies as you finish a new book. Time to grow up. You live like a boy and think like a restless teenager. Time to develop your own perspective to life.

      1. You really adore him with a passion, it seems.
        When people in a group start to show this kind of behavior, it is time for real masculine men, with real responsibilities, to move on. I’m out.

        1. I have a lot of respect for Roosh, for what he has built and how he has handled a lot of the shit that has been thrown at him. I agree with some of his ideas and perspectives, but I probably disagree with him just as much, if not more, than I agree with him.
          My comment to you, however, had much less to do with my respect for him as it was motivated by my disdain for your weak, self-important, whiny bitch little comment.

    1. Question – If you’re older than 35, do you still have and adhere to the same exact views, philosophies and opinions as you had when you were 18?
      Serious question.

      1. Absolutely. In fact, I still adhere to all the philosophies I held when I was 5.
        Best flavor of Italian ice: Blue
        Opinion on girls: icky
        Desire to go to the park: high
        Try to keep consistent

        1. “You put your head in, you pull your head out, you put your head in, and shake it all about”…..

        2. No Lou…the flavor is “blue”
          It is not raspberry. It is not cotton candy. It is blue flavored. There is cherry, lemon, chocolate, rainbow and blue and blue is the best

        3. I’m just fucking with ya! I’m well aware of “Blue” flavor… The last time I had good Italian ice was at DiCosmo’s in Elizabeth NJ – visiting family – a few years ago.

        4. Haha wasn’t sure if it was a regional thing
          I have, oddly enough, never been to New not jersey

        5. Yea, I still have some family back east, but they’re slowly dying off. I always love visiting – if not just for the food! The joke in our family was “you can always tell the house where the Italians live… it’s the one with the burlap on the Fig tree in winter.”

        1. I worry about a man who can go through decades of life and never once ever question his own philosophies or even evolve in his outlooks. That shows a total lack of awareness for the world as well as demonstrates a complete lack of critical introspection and thinking skills. Not saying you have to jump around all the time, but if you start out with “Hey, let’s pick up girls!” and progress in a decade to “You know, this is fine as far as it goes, but maybe there’s more to life” then you’re growing in a healthy way.

      2. A serious question indeed. This is a very unfortunate fact of life these days… Most adults you encounter are nothing more than just grown children themselves. From their work ethic, to their parenting, to their views on life… just not much there!

  22. Fuck Bill Maher. Spent his whole career insulting christians, working class people, business owners, gun owners, and white people while claiming to not be white.
    Yeah he was anti Islam, so what. That was too little too late. And You can’t say he was a pro free speech leftist because they don’t exist.
    The reason so many moderate and middle libertarians and conservatives vote republican is because the left is so radical they actually want to turn this into 1984. You’re either with us or against us. You don’t get to split hairs and be conservative on some issues. The stakes are too high. He’s done so much damage against good people, it’s about time he learned his lesson

    1. ” You’re either with us or against us. You don’t get to split hairs and be conservative on some issues. ”
      Why. This sounds awfully……there is a word for this…..I am having trouble remembering.

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