What The Hell Is Wrong With Sweden?

Two years ago, Prince Prospero wrote about the wreckage of his homeland. His description of the Swedish political scene seems like a nation run by sociology and women’s studies professors. Worse, hordes of unassimilable migrants caused a horrific crime wave. He concludes:

The image I hope to paint is not that of a changing, or even failing state, but that of an already dead society. If you get the image of a struggling people making a last stand against an oppressive elite, I have failed as a writer. Study it, observe it, for it is your future should you choose the same path as Sweden.

He identifies feminism as the root cause of this mess. Although feminism certainly plays a role—and far be it from me to let those darlings off the hook—I’d also consider other varieties of cultural Marxism as contributing factors, and especially the closely related current of suicidalism. Let’s examine how this came to be.

Highlights of Swedish history

A scene from the Battle of Warsaw

The Roman historian Tacitus noted two Scandinavian tribes with some unusual peculiarities:

Arms are not with [the Suiones], as with the other Germans, at the general disposal, but are in the charge of a keeper, who is actually a slave; for the ocean forbids the sudden inroad of enemies, and, besides, an idle multitude of armed men is easily demoralized. […]

Closely bordering on the Suiones are the tribes of the Sitones, which, resembling them in all else, differ only in being ruled by a woman. So low have they fallen, not merely from freedom, but even from slavery itself.

Still, that’s not all to be told of ancient Sweden. To the south were the bold Geats, featured prominently in Beowulf. The island of Gotland was the ancestral homeland of the fierce Goths who conquered their way across Eastern and Southern Europe. In later times, Swedes were among the Vikings. The problems besetting their descendants today are not caused by defective genetics, but rather by ideology.

By the 17th Century, Sweden had an impressive empire centering on the Baltic Sea, even with toeholds in Germany. However, it was not to last. King Charles XII took on Russia. To make a long story short, unusually harsh weather took its toll, giving the Russians time to rebuild their strength and stage a successful counteroffensive; the same scenario occurring twice later in history.

Sweden in the 20th Century luckily escaped the carnage of both World Wars. They didn’t incur the suicidalist guilt trip still poisoning German minds.

Sweden today

John Hydenius also has painted a very grim picture; I’ll go over a few items. Aside from feminism and their crazy policies and demands, he’s written quite often about Muslim colonization of Sweden, and the crimes the invaders commit, basically overlooked by the authorities.

It’s a little anticlimactic given the above, but today’s Swedish culture seems mired in decadence. Then there’s the “mansplaining” hotline:

Unionen said the phone line, which will be staffed by a gender expert and a group of feminist politicians, comedians and scientists, is “about equality”.

While their ship of state is sinking, feminists busily scrub a smudge on the deck.

So how did the Swedes revert to the feminism and complacent pacifism that Tacitus found so absurd? The Vikings, Goths, and Varangians of the days of yore certainly wouldn’t have tolerated this nonsense, not for a minute. The real problem is ideology. Still, there’s a little more to the story.

The push for multiculturalism

Was the present disaster caused by feminism, other forms of cultural Marxism, or suicidalism? Are socialist rabbit people responsible? Could it be Sweden’s conformist culture, similar to Danish Jante Law? Perhaps a cucked interpretation of Christianity is to blame, as it apparently is for their relatives in Minnesota who rolled out the red carpet for tens of thousands of Somalis? All that poured gasoline on the logs, though ultimately influence behind the scenes struck the match.

And a disaster it is. They are inundated by aggressive outsiders who have nothing in common with their culture, attracted by Sweden’s lavish welfare benefits and lax law enforcement. Women are protecting themselves with modern-day chastity belts (an item in great demand), because the police can’t protect them from the hordes of violent, unassimilable migrants that the government let in. This is anarcho-tyranny at its very foulest.

Even leftist municipal authorities are taking notice; truly a sign that things are dreadfully wrong. It hasn’t led to a reversal of these suicidal policies, or even public discussion; in fact, criticizing this is forbidden.

60 year old man mugged at train station

Despite that, Ingrid Carlqvist is speaking out, and taking the even bolder step of naming names. When she researched it, she really got an education; the rabbit hole goes very deep. Carlqvist found that the impetus was brought about by David Schwartz, a holocaust survivor who moved to Sweden. He believed that implementing multiculturalism would neutralize the Swedish threat. This was pure paranoia as the Swedes had no quarrel with his small community, nor had any reason to resent them (before then).

Later, Barbara Specter came in from Israel and headed Paidea. This foundation pushed the multicultural agenda and pressured the Swedish government for funding. These efforts were unknown to the public, until they were featured on a TV show meant for an Israeli audience. So those are two influential individuals we know about, among untold others working behind the scenes.

This strategy backfired badly. Those who actually do have a grudge against their small community are the Muslim migrants flooding in; their anti-Semitic feelings are considerably more intense than their ungrateful hostility against the native Swedes. The paranoia motivating David Schwartz (and the others who followed) to push for multiculturalism became their tragedy. Their common folk suffered from the decisions made by their community’s leaders. What a lousy survival strategy!

The greater tragedy is that the native Swedes themselves may well lose their country, and obviously they can’t pack up and move to Israel if things get worse. This sort of sabotage in many Western nations isn’t very endearing, greatly damaging the Jewish reputation. Note that I don’t hold all the Jewish population responsible for this. I will say that they can do themselves a lot of good (and the rest of us) by prevailing upon their community’s leaders to stop doing things like this.

Who is the most blameworthy? Is it short-sighted manipulators behind the scenes, the unassimilable migrants, or even the naive Swedes (who sadly are more “unaware and compliant” than Americans)? Most deserving to go to hell is the Swedish government for selling out their own people. Protecting their citizens is their number one job, and they have failed. Perhaps their treachery might send them to hell sooner than they expect.

In the end

What cultural enrichment means

In the world’s incarnadine history, there are many instances of invading hordes conquering a civilization, preying on the helpless public, and exacting a heavy tribute. Today, warfare is no longer necessary. Treasonous politicians invite them in and tax their own public to give tribute in the form of welfare checks to the invaders who prey on the public. One might perhaps consider that a sign that the government isn’t working for the people.

Two results are possible. In time, the Swedes might indeed vanish from the face of the earth. On the other hand, there’s still the chance—perhaps remote—that they might wake up and resurrect their nation. The people of the West are patient and slow to anger, but there’s only so far that we can be provoked. Time and again, those who’ve taken our forbearance as a sign of weakness have come to regret it.

What about the politicians, and the powerful figures pulling their strings? As a Chateau Heartiste article on problems inherent in diversity concludes:

Historically, what was done to ruling elites who displayed such open, traitorous contempt for their people? I’ll leave the imaginative answer to this question as an exercise for the readers.

I could hardly put it any better.

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431 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Wrong With Sweden?”

  1. “While their ship of state is sinking, feminists busily scrub a smudge on the deck.”
    A very apt summary of women as a whole.

  2. What’s wrong with them? It’s very simple; they are ideological libtards and that predictably ends poorly for everyone that bears the consequences of the decisions.

    1. Do they rob military bases at night or something? Where the fuck are they getting those grenades from?
      EDIT: The people smuggling grenades into Sweden must have help from the inside. These attacks are not happening anywhere else in Europe.

        1. I bet if you went far enough down the rabbit hole, there’s a good chance some of those grenades come from American sources, or at least American funds.
          Benghazi happened for a reason.

    2. “The grenades themselves have a black market price of about 20 kronor, meaning that they are cheaper than an ice cream cone.”
      I just can’t even. Like, wow, just wow.

      1. why is Haagen Daz more expensive than a grenade? Dont they make that shit over there?

  3. For not being a Swede, you have done pretty good research and looked at these issues from multiple perspectives (not only blaming one particular group or ideology). Well done. Some critical remarks, though.
    First of all, Sweden already has two immigrant experts (with critical yet nuanced analyses): Jan Tullberg and Tino Sanandaji, who have also beeen published in American outlets and various academic journals, and consquently are more relevant to refer to than pure nationalists like Ingrid Carlqvist.
    Like I have stressed in my ROK article on murder, the homocide rates in Sweden are very low, even in the most crime-ridden cities and city areas like Alby, Botkyrka, Norsberg etc (Stockholm), Malmo, Göteborg (Bergsjön) and Vivalla (Örebro). With that said, mass immigration and multiculturalism are indeed not working very well, and as expected the more diverse, the less functioning area. The statistics do not lie.
    But for the most part, Sweden is ridiciously safe. I live in Sweden – have lived here my entire life, apart from travel and longer stays in other countries – and I have been to a large share of the entire country so I know this. Sure, there are criminal gangs, rape-prone unaccompanied refugee children, and Roma street beggars who are quite annoying and commit crimes, but for the most part it is nothing like Baltimore. But that is perhaps cause I look very alpha. Females feel less safe nowadays.
    Sweden has to reverse immigration in various ways, and make incentives for the natives, middle and upper classes (including non-native Swedes or mixed couples – I am not a ethno-nationalist, although I of course take demographics into account ) to have more children; in conjunction with other fruitful changes occuring simultaneously. Only then will the situation become more stable.

    1. Well said. Culture and Nationality come before skin color. If you can’t preserve the countries national interests GTFO. Sounds simple enough.

      1. Demography and culture go hand in hand and since native Swedes are white it is logical that the largest share are made up of white people. But since people want diversity to a large extent one cannot expect the country to be like Iceland or Finland anymore.
        Ps. When I assert that Sweden is safe, I am still very much aware of that the trend is negative. For instance more urban areas are categorized as dysfunctioning, and even better off areas have problems with burglary and other petty crimes.

        1. The ‘people’ who supposedly want diversity don’t count. They’re suggestable brainwashed people, mostly women without a male patriarch master to act as their emissary and to deliver to them their worldview. A brainwashed opinion isn’t one’s own opinion just like a feminized mother who wants to abandon the nest and hari kari on a family unit is acting on heavy suggestion against her nature alone. Those complacent Swedes are beside themselves and have fallen suceptable to the suicide propaganda. Just because the propaganda is administered by semite and other lackey culture terrorists who pose as faux alien authority doesn’t mean politeness must be upheld to ingratiating them or that civil disobedience towards them is to be suspended. There’s a time when you have to lash back and arrest their program. The semite multicult promoters can no longer function in an environment undergoing an upwelling against their culture neutering. It’s the same shell game they play on their host and it has long been inbred into their neurotic nature, especially females of the tribe. They can’t stop patting each other on the back for formenting chaos and culture clash even if it makes the country unsurvivable for them all. They can’t stop. It’s their women and the dark side of female nature presides over them.

      2. Ethnicity is not just skin color. IQ, disease resistance, testosterone levels (etc) all vary by it. Also some ethnic groups have massive problems with inbreeding, causing elevated rates of genetic abnormalities, as well as low IQ.
        Flooding in Somalis who completely adapt to Swedish culture, abandon Islam and start considering themselves ‘Swedes’ is STILL idiocy. Not only will they wipe out the indigenous population with their birthrates (thereby reducing global human biodiversity), but changing culture and nationality does not magically solve genetic issues like low IQ or hundreds of years of inbreeding.

    2. “The statistics do not lie.”
      It depends on how you figure them, and what use you have for them.
      “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” — British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

    3. Sweden is doomed unless you idiots stop dismissing people with nonsense phrases like “pure nationalist.”
      More nationalism, as pure as you can make it, is exactly what you idiots need to save your country.

      1. You don’t understand. It is too hard for you. Too complicated. Too much nuances. Too many factors.

        1. Typical response.
          “Im smarter and understand everything. You’re dumb and don’t know anything”…..

        2. Nationalism vs. globalism is not black or white. Everyone who possesses relevant knowledge knows that. But I haven’t said that nationalism shouldn’t balance globalism, leftism and multiculturalism. However, I’ve said that I don’t cherish pure ethno-nationalism. Every ideology who seeks purity – whether religious, ethnic or ideological – ends up in destruction, more or less.

        3. the word ‘pure’ does not appear in your original post. You are inventing a claim after the fact.

        4. I mentioned pure nationalist in my lengthy comment. Then I added my specific opinion. Not hard to understand.

    4. “Sweden has to reverse immigration in various ways, and make incentives for the natives, middle and upper classes (including non-native Swedes or mixed couples – I am not a ethno-nationalist, although I of course take demographics into account ) to have more children (…)”
      You are the guy with the Iranian girlfriend right? Saying this is a little hypocritical then, don’t you think?

      1. I said that I was with an Iranian friend. I think that ethnic homogeneity/heterogeneity is a matter of degree, analogous with globalism vs. protectionism/isolationism. However I think it is, for various reasons, harmful to strive for 100% (or even 90%) ethnic homogeneity; just as it is to detrimental to strive for religious or ideological purity.

        1. You are reading too much Foucault. How is harmful to have a 100% ethnic homogeneity? you want more Iranians friends? your own kin is not enough for you?

        2. As someone with Med background I can tolerate a degree of race-mixing. The Italian racial digestive system is fairly strong, but you clearly see a difference in Northern and Southern Italians, and these issues can’t be ignored. I don’t need 100% absolute purity, but to lose the original Roman phenotype would be a great loss, and there needs to be consideration for quality.
          To increase the Austrian influence would be fine with me, but this flood of sub-Saharan Africans is going to cause nothing but grief. I’d be happier with fewer but high quality Africans rather than a flood of refugees.
          I actually feel differently about the Germans and Scandis, who have fairer features. I don’t understand why at all they would risk losing their beautiful and rare silky white skin, pink nipples and pussies, blonde hair, and blue eyes. That is a unique tragedy.

        3. If a country is close to 100% ethnically homogenous and want to shut its borders it is fine, or if a particular ethny wants to create a new state somewhere it is fine too; but to cleanse nation states of minorities and/or mix-raced people is barbarism. Plus, there are economic and other benefits to have a partially globalized world and openness (under the right premises and with the proper degree). Isolationism is destructive. So it is a balancing act.
          With that said I think that some kind of reversal of immigration, to deport criminal foreigners, withdrawal of citizenships and so forth must be carried through in many parts of the Western world, including Sweden.
          My own kin is my family. The rest is just ficitive kinship. But of course the larger picture matters too so I take group interests into account as well.

        4. I’m going to explain myself: ethnic homogeneity is not the same that racemixing or cohabitation with other races. When I said ‘ethnic homogeneity’ I was referring to 100% white doesn’t matter which white subtype. I’m not a nordicist (and in fact I’m not nordic, I’m mixed between Nordic and Mediterranean) and I want white societies doesn’t matter the type of whites within, I’m OK with nords, meds, slavs, etc as long as they are white. Also, I’m OK with nords, meds and slavs in the same country keeping their cultural traditions but understanding that they are part of a whole.
          Now, you mentioned Italy. Northern Italians are predominantly Nordics, and southern Italians are meds, but keep this in mind: med is not the same as mongrel. The Roman type is one thing, a half Moroccan Sicilian is another; the Roman type is white, the dark half Moroccan Sicilian is not.

        5. “(…) but to cleanse nation states of minorities and/or mix-raced people is barbarism” If a sovereign nation-state who wants to be ethnically homogeneous getting rid of the vibrant ‘minorities’ or the mongrels is ‘barbarism’? ‘barbarism’ according to who? to the Human Rights created by masons in order to subvert the traditional order? to the Jews and their lackeys who are destroying the white race through genocide?
          Economic benefits? the muzzies invading your country and raping your women are bringing ‘economic benefits’?? Rotterham means something to you??

        6. “think it is, for various reasons, harmful to strive for 100% (or even 90%) ethnic homogeneity”
          I don’t see an argument here.
          Japan and Korea seem to do quite well with a massively homogeneous population. So do the Han Chinese.
          Given those precursors, the null hypothesis should be that homogeneity is actually an advantage.

        7. ” to cleanse nation states of minorities and/or mix-raced people is barbarism”
          Ah, so this is not about homogeneity, it is about ethnic cleansing or genocide.
          You could have saved a lot of time for everyone by being clear about this from the outset.
          By the way, the Ottomans and the West had a mass population transfer agreement in the early 20th century. What is wrong with that sort of thing?
          “there are economic and other benefits to have a partially globalized world”
          Trade does not require mass immigration. Duh. If you want Chinese restaurants in Iceland, Icelandic people are perfectly capable of studying culinary arts in China. If you want Chinese TVs, you can trade for them. You don’t have to import Beijing.

        8. And you could have saved time without mentioning Iceland and Chinese restaurants.
          Massive population transfer is an interesting phenomenon. That could be relevant in the future under certain circumstances.

        9. To just ask lots of questions, and “imposing” the opinion on me like these are mine, is just silly. Where have I said that there are benefits with the current levels and types mass migration? Where have I said that I am fine with Rotherham rape gangs? Nowhere of course.
          However, Iranians and Bosnians have done very well in Sweden at the group level, and at the individual many people are doing fine.
          Speaking of economics, politics and diversity, here is an article on that subject: http://www.returnofkings.com/114521/3-lessons-from-political-economist-alberto-alesina

        10. “However, Iranians and Bosnians have done very well in Sweden(….)” lost me there.
          Good luck burying your country, cuck.

        11. Those kind of arguments I struggled with in 2005 or something like that. Ironically I tend to bring them forward when I discuss with leftists. Hence tell that to another person.

        12. You certainly love your Iranians, maybe they fuck you really good?
          You are Evidence N° 8’298.205 that even ‘redpilled’ europeans are just cucks welcoming their invaders with their legs spread open.

    5. “consquently are more relevant”
      Why are they more relevant? Why does being a nationalist mean one’s arguments are less ‘relevant’? Dodgy reasoning.
      If you are an example of a non-conformist swedish male, no wonder your country is screwed. You exude all the national pride and testosterone of a soggy breakfast burrito.

      1. Because they provide the most reliable data and nuanced depiction. If people – whether nationalists or not – would have mentioned things like GDP per capita, wages, homicide statistics and so on, instead of solely focus on alarming trends then it would be better. But many do not: they are either or. Can’t take it really seriously, or at least whole-heartedly buy the analysis. I know too much to just ignore crucial aspects.
        I am hyper-rational human being because I always look at the data and multiple perspectives. Non-conformist? Rather truthist.

  4. Two words: women voting.
    That’s basically what’s wrong with every western country.

    1. I prefer “shit scribble”. Ladies, leave your shit scribble on the ballot and watch your country implode!

    2. no I have a hunch that these sweede women actually have gang rape fantasies, go on Tumblr you’ll see it’s very common, they want brutal domination and to get fucked super hard. the limp wristed beta males can’t deliver and so they import the horde to defile them.

      1. “no I have a hunch that these sweede women actually have gang rape fantasies, go on Tumblr you’ll see it’s very common”
        I heard this too – but do you have any specific examples of this?

        1. Sure. Haven’t you noticed that really petite pretty girls like being choked during sex? I don’t even bring it up they tell me to choke them while I brutally fuck them, I think it is because pretty petite girls are the ones betas “fall in love” with most often and don’t properly fuck them. Lot of pretty petite Swedish women.

        2. “Sure. Haven’t you noticed that really petite pretty girls like being choked during sex? ”
          I don’t watch porn. What I meant to are there sites where swedish bitches are talking about this kinda thing?

        3. I live in an area of America that has the highest proportion of ethnic Swedes anywhere outside of Sweden. I find very few petite Swedish women. Brunhildas are much more common. Asses two ax handles and fist wide are common. Petite little Swedish blondes not so much.

        4. What I meant to are there sites

          The writings of Ian Fleming, for starters. And the observations of Oscar Wilde on women.

        5. Not a “beta” but what is the meaning of “don’t properly fuck them” !? So unless a MAN chokes, whips, spanks and fucks “brutally”, they aren’t “properly” fucking !!? And guess what, better be ready for the same “really petite pretty cunts” to get you arrested any time for raping, abusing, assaulting etc. etc. on their whim !!
          Reducing the real problem to the “fantasies” of cunts doesn’t do any good. We all know the real problem; inferior and weak females coming to “power” ! and the manginas & white-knights supporting them !!

        6. well I’m just expressing a reality I have dealt with. I can give you a reason for this though. many woman in a feminized culture have become sluts and attention whores. a woman craves to be dominated but publicly spout the opposite and so many polices and cultural norms are introduced which lead men to be more submissive. especially legal issues regarding what is called “rape” which includes a woman regretting it latter. this makes the local men less aggressive and more careful of their interactions. this ultimately leads them to be ultra delicate to the point where they make sex boring and a chore. now combined with hedonistic cultural brainwashing from music to movies to porn and their frustration with their beta boyfriends to give them orgasms, and literature and blogs which fetishize rape fantasies and the ongoing politics of sympathizing and encouraging diversity and immigration, the western woman (Swedish in this example) actually creates an environment where they can get their fetishes realized. they get dominant men in the form of rabid migrants to rape and fuck them while they simultaneously justify it with their identity politics, racism of less expectations and their loathing of their white knight bets peers.

        7. it’s not just Swedish woman it is a plague affecting all western woman. it is a cancer from Marxist and feminists ideology. it’s in Germany and France and soon the US. aside from tumblr though is that 50 shades of grey series now sold more than Harry potter or something? also pop music lyrics romanticize rough sex.

        8. Got it and indeed a good explanation. I was just trying to make a point of being more careful, not heeding to the “risky fantasies” of pussies and concentrating more on the “root” of the problem.
          I strongly feel that there is somebody, a group or an entity or “vested interests”; who are trying to pussify MEN (regardless of race, color, religion etc.) and backing “ugly & unfeminine” females to come to Power. It seems they forgot that “things will boomerang” !!

        9. Will they boomerang though? do we have the means to really fight back?

        10. Can you show me anything on the web in Sweden to this effect? I’m having a debate with a buddy of mine. He’s the kinda guy that goes to shithole countries and gets women interested in him because those places are high crime, poor and war torn, and he’s in a position to rescue any woman from said dump. He’s under some delusion that swedish women will want the same now that the situation there is so bad. It is true that many swedish women are too scared to go out at night, but are they willing to be nice and fuck a white guy who could protect them and or take her away from her situation? Or does the swedish women’s hatred for white men run so deep they would prefer to be raped and murdered by apes?

        11. Believe in “Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY”. Things will certainly boomerang and Yes, we do have the means to fight back; “WE”. WE can fight back by staying as WE, by staying UNITED regardless of color, creed, religion etc. (well, we can fight among “ourselves” later !!)
          Lets stay UNITED.
          =Never trust/sympathize/support/help a female just because that person is a “female” !
          =Never “give up” to the Societal & Cultural double standards that says “MEN need/require physical intimacy MORE than women” !
          =Never “pedestal” females; they have to “earn” but not “demand” !
          =Never (or at least don’t) try to “compete UNREASONABLY” with fellow MEN when it comes to “appeasing” women ! Remember, competition among MEN increases “ego, pride & entitlement” in pussies !!
          Trust me, people (especially MEN) in other Countries might hate/dislike United States for various damn reasons BUT they LOVE, ADMIRE & PRAISE the President, Donald Trump. Guess there is no need to elaborate on this !

        12. I suspect you are right. ending the welfare state is extremely tedious though. and bureaucracy so slow can it even be done in time?

        13. The government emasculated men in the west, so they will not able to protect their women when the economic crisis and migrant invasion explodes.
          Because most of all western men are weak and supplicating males, they are not going to do anything for protecting their country.

        14. Why to worry ! the West is FULL of independent, strong and empowered women !! Let the women protect their country ! Let the fight at the borders ! Let them fight with terrorists !
          By the way, when the government is “emasculating” MEN, what the hell women are doing !? Why didn’t they supported their MEN (grand father, father, uncle, husband, brother, SON) !?
          FACT: women are same anywhere, not just in the West.

        15. That is difficult at best when the recipients of entitlements are allowed to vote and politicians who oppose welfare quickly back down when called inhumane racists.

        16. A complex of nuances does not mean that a problem cannot be simplified down to manageable levels. Have you never heard of Occam’s Razor? I interpret the idea of Occam’s Razor to mean that just because an idea or a solution is simple does not mean it is wrong. Do you get it, or are you toofa king stupid? Just because the answer is simple does not mean it is wrong, but you tried to tell me that my simple answer was wrong just because it was simple. I think Occam was wise, and you are the dishonest fool.

        1. The situation in Europe exactly parallels highly promoted/popular interacial cuck porno.

    3. Give women power, and you will be ruled by their emotions.
      Society will fall.

      It is our arrogance to think we know better than our ancestors .

      1. We’re paying for it. Were the men of the generation compacent, stupid… whipped? Did their fathers just not tell them plainly enough? I mean, the elder at my church said “women aren’t logical” in different words. Most men are dropping the ball.

    4. Time that men get their power back and that boys are educated being men again.

        1. Far less obese than American females, as we all know.

        2. Don’t bet on it. These people are from a culture where public urination and defecation are considered normal.

      1. Just a thought….if they were American women they would be showing their whole bodies with only a few centimeters to cover the vagina, crack of the arse and nipples.
        …..as we all know.
        Yet, yet THESE women seem to be the future?
        ….I blame the Government…..

      2. They’re just following the example of Europeans. From 1840-1946 Europeans fled Europe at 585,109 PER YEAR, consistently. Then they bred like rabbits. Europeans come from 6.9% of Earth’s land mass but compose nearly 33% percent of the world’s population. You talk about hypocrites. No wonder the birth rates are so low. They’ve exhausted their fecundity. SMH???

    5. It got to the point that in patriarchal muslim countries – such as Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi local/provincial level(they only don’t vote for king), Tunisia, Turkey – women voting does not cause such a devastating effect as is in the countries pushed by (((cultural marxist feminists))). And yes, women vote in those countries, despite what the alt-cuck propagandists want you to believe. Also in Eastern Europe, like Poland and Ukraine where patriarchal Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity are strong.
      You can’t have secularism/Protestantism/other forms of weak Cuckrianity and women’s right to vote. Period.
      Feminism is a problem. Patriarchy is the final solution.

      1. Yeah, I agree with this. If the woman is going to vote for whomever the husband (or other patriarch – father, brother, etc…) directs, then they can vote. But this idea that women should be able to vote based on their feelings leads to pure idiocy. That’s why we cannot temporarily restrict visitation from countries known to pose a terror threat – because it hurts the feelz of women. Completely retarded.

    6. Well and succinctly put. I’ve heard that despite feminists’ victim mentality assertions most men opposed women’s suffrage because they felt women would impose their own gynocentric sensibilities on society. As you so astutely pointed out, that proved to be prescient.

    7. “Two words: women voting.”
      The problem in a nutshell:-

      Black Pigeon Speaks Sweden: Censorship Good ? Patriarchy Bad ?

      I lived over twenty years (on and off) in the West Indies all the while watching this disaster unfold in the West (now taking a hold in the W.I.) Been back in the UK for a few years now, the women here are less than worthless and the men pussiefied wimps with my country going the same way as Sweden.
      It was men that did this – to themselves.

        1. There is a civil war coming in western nations some will be over-whelmed before it even gets started others will see death tolls in their millions, just look at history whatever nation (the leftist unrevised history) to see what is coming. The UK, almost half the population died in the last one, only one – for now.
          American civil war? Approximately 620,000 soldiers dead, as high as 850,000 people all in from a population of 22 million. The biggest death toll in wars that America has ever fought by proportion of population by far.
          My point?
          You can be sure as hell women will never take any responsibility for any of it that is coming -ever-. The western worlds biggest death toll. Mens fault, all the while females hiding behind mens coat tails as they have always.
          How do we know this?
          On the macro level just see how men are treated or not under the laws that females have pushed and their complete and utter contempt for men let alone any compassion. Sneering, shaming and belittling at every opportunity. Ignoring facts and figures for men from divorces, education, homeless, suicides, deaths in the work place, etc., etc. Because they just don’t care so can be ignored.
          As Black Pigeon said just – Watch Sweden. Watch the reaction of females when the shÌt hits the fan.
          As an aside, I found it rather amusing after the Cologne attacks, inparticular, and elsewhere, videos appeared on utube from females asking ‘their’ men to protect them from the invaders.
          Me -You go girl-
          Sorry for the long reply, just more than a little pi$$ed off.

    8. Women forget it was a bunch of liberal open minded males who helped let them even get the right to vote.

    1. Chewing Khat and sleeping all day instead of working may have something to do with it.

  5. Looking at it from a common sense sort of view I will never understand why a country would throw open the gates to hordes of people who are uninterested in assimilating to the host country’s culture if not downright hostile to it.
    Your basic leftist SJW thinks that if everyone is thrown together and we all breed into a race of mixed people that war and inequality and all that stuff will end however human nature says otherwise and I have yet to see the advantages of diversity/multiculturalism for majority white countries( l also can’t think of a reason for non white countries to do it either). It’s a left wing pipe dream.

    1. When they say diversity, what they mean is that everyone will eventually think, look, and act exactly the same.

      1. Yes they may all look the same but, in the end human nature takes over and then it’s all about me and my little corner of the tribe.

      2. That kind of destroys the whole point of diversity, that everyone shouldn’t look the same. It’s strange that at one point leftist ideology actually made sense to me.

        1. Diversity means getting *us* to give up everything, there is no “diversity” required of the invading hordes, they are free to destroy us and our culture at will. Basically diversity means “suicide” to the West. How people haven’t realized this at this point is confusing to me.

        2. “Trump: ‘Illegal Immigration Down by Unprecedented 73%’”: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/04/29/trump-illegal-immigration-down-by-unprecedented-73/
          “Decline in Border Numbers ‘Strictly’ Due to Trump, Says Border Patrol Agent Judd”:
          It is unclear if the wall will be constructed, but the sharp drop in immigration is a good sign.

        3. It really does make me happy that this shit is starting to ramp down here. Now if we can just get a bunch of buses and ship the hordes back to Mexico it would be a nearly perfect solution to this entire problem. Say what you will about the U.S. but we have gotten our dander up about this and are at least trying to do something about it, unlike basically the rest of the West (except Australia which appears to be regaining sanity as well).

        4. I didn’t know I was a racist until I went to the McDonalds in down. Hell’s bells. There were roaming children, loud phone conversations. Children with no personal space preferences, staring wide-eyed at my children’s clothing. One guy was trying to help a baby climb the rock wall in the kids’ room. I never let my kids in there… piss and lice. ‘poverty pit’ I actually went there to steal inernet, but I was worried some homie was gonna mug my console. I’m not a total racist, don’t get me wrong, but if the shoe fits. Oh, yeah… all the employees were also not white. Not even half.

      3. Sadly I think this is true of many leftists.
        They apparently don’t understand evolutionary biology. If you toss all the world’s people in one massive breeding pool. you will wipe out minority groups. Even putting aside violence, the larger groups that refuse to interbreed (e.g., Han Chinese, Arabs) will dominate. There is no greater recipe for destroying human diversity.

    2. The part in the new Testament about ‘taking the bread meant for the children and throwing it to the dogs’ comes to mind for me.

  6. Boredom?
    As you said, they avoided both World Wars. They were a fairly homogeneous nation (2 races actually – Swedes and Saami) of hard-working Protestant Christians. Where’s the excitement in that? How’s an ambitious statist politician supposed to take advantage of crisis to increase the State’s power if there are no crisis?
    I know, let’s invite hundreds of thousands of savages to invade our peaceful country! That will make things interesting and give us plenty of excuses to ratchet up state authority, crack down of free speech, create more laws to snare regular people, and generally make the place heaven for politicians and hell for citizens.

    1. But the irony is that these savages did NOT ‘invade’ — they were INVITED! Check that — they were welcomed with open arms!

      1. Not entirely sure how “Son of” in Gaelic translates to “duh joos” here…..

        1. I know the movie, I was just being pedantic.

        1. We say that differently in farm flyover country Ohio.
          Cow chicken brown cow.

        2. A large portion of the US believes Chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

        3. That is always what I told my children. but I have a firm policy of lying to my children early and often. The more outrageous the lie the better. That way they learn to distrust authority, and question everything, right from the cradle on.

      1. That is so revolting on so many levels.

        1. Yeah. No wonder Europe is screwed. Who in their right minds would expect a bunch of limp wristed hags to defend their nations.
          BTW, typing “male defense ministers” causes google to show results for “female defense ministers” instead. As if men protecting their nations was simply unheard of.

        2. Want to get really tiffed? Do a google for “white European art” and look at the Images link.

        3. It shows results of Muslims and Blacks. It enrages me, but what I find even more infuriating is the silence of Whites. Every White person roleplaying the Three Monkeys is complicit in the destruction of Western culture.

        4. As per usual, they’re around for the optics during peace time but will be proven useless when the shit hits the fan.

        5. Interesting thread. They’ve been twisting into knots since 2015 and can’t explain anything.
          It’s scary what Google Education will do once it’s better established, really.

        6. Lulz at this response: “If you use racist search terms, you can’t blame Google for returning results which you may perceive as racist.”

        7. “White European art” and “White man White woman” is sooo fucking racist, like, OMG I can’t even!!!

        1. you know what the biggest fetish amongst millenials is? Cosplay prono. cant make this shit up. straight women: lesbians(in the south its big dicks however)
          Edit: D.C. also into bigdicks. read into that what you will

        2. I can see it now: “Five girls, five bags.”
          Or: “Five bags, five bags.”
          Maybe just: “Five bags.”

        1. I reckon you could ask that guy pretty much any question and his response would be to spit on the ground then say “kill them, kill them all”

        2. I would vote for that guy to be President if all he did was go out on the campaign trail and just make that face all the time.

        3. “In 2001, Macierewicz wrote: “Is the hubbub surrounding Jedwabne intended to eclipse the responsibility of Jews for Communism and the Soviet occupation?”
          This guy is smart.

        4. …he’d get my vote by sitting at the end of the bar with that face…

        5. Which is why I love Poland. Right now they are right-wing….at least in name called PIS (Law and Justice party)…however, they want to import GMO food for some dumb reason.

        6. The secret police in Poland during the bad old days were….wait for it…..JEWS! That’s right!

        7. Ugly dyke.
          Bet she gets all the hot “lesbians” who want to show how “gay” they are.

      2. That Poland defense ministers, He invade Germany, He is the Poland offensive minister.

      3. In any case, and having seen other pics of her, def WB the Albanian chick.

        1. Mimi Kodheli is her name. And yeah, I’d do her. The others? Not a chance. Though I’m sure they’re some of the nicest lesbos I’d ever meet. 😀

        1. Well, your country is under siege by aggressive invaders who refuse to follow the law, rape your women free of consequence, are draining your country of resources and are brought in by your own traitorous politicians.
          So… yeah, it’s on the highway to third world status.

        2. It sure doesn’t seem to be the case if one looks at the country in its entirety. Have you looked at GDP per capita, wages, homicide rates and so forth? Alarmism is only so much better than leftism.

      1. But they are all super serious, and making their most empowerrrred faces, with their most aggressive body language.
        Except the pregnant one. She looks like she’s about to vomit.

        1. yeah but because of her pregnancy or just the usual vile socialist bile?

        2. She probably just found out she is having a boy, so she’s disgusted with herself for contributing to the patriarchy.

        3. does Nestle do a radical feminist milk formula? Sour, sour milk destined for that poor babe

        4. I’d bet good money that her milk comes out of the tap sour as all get out.

        5. I believe feminist breast milk has more or less the same PH level as alien blood

        6. If she hates having a boy, why doesn’t she be merciful and abort the poor kid? Worst fate for a boy, is to be raised by a Leftist mother…

        7. I’d think that feminist breast milk should be classified as “toxic waste, hazardous to human life”…

        8. Quite right. Not only is it toxic it is also a literally radioactive luminous green colour too. You can’t give that to kids!

        1. I think sometimes all that underarm hair randomly self-organises into a sweater

        2. Except ‘pussy hats’. Thank goodness that fad came & went (well, it’s summer now).

    1. Get those bitches to a kitchen. Not a WB in the bunch. Look at the pregnant one. She looks like she’s on hard times. The Swedish leader there looks like she doesn’t know what a woman is for. Put down the apple and pick up a dress on the way home. Ever since the garden woman’s trying to usurp man’s power. Men, fathers, sons, husbands, you have to tell your women what’s up! Stop trying to be a man, it’s repulsive.

    2. Mocking the President, No way ! That pussy will literally “piss” if asked to face the President without any entitlement, “kind of” attitude that “I am a pussy so I can comment/bluff/bark anything” !!
      May Lord Siva shower Good Health and Long Life to the President.
      *** Way to go Mr. President, we MEN are with you ***

      1. And a multitude of blessings also upon President Trump. May death come swiftly to his enemies.

  7. Just briefly checked out the numbers. Sweden is the rape capital of the -world- now!? (At least according to the one site I checked.) I just assumed nobody could come close to South Africa.
    They’re simply too stupid for me to care however. I’m sure several of those videos are informative but I’m not spending an hour to tell me what I already know: Sweden is insane and bereft of anything remotely worth saving.
    I mean, sure I’d like to see them suddenly stand up for themselves and protect their women but let’s get real. They’re more likely to get wiped out.

    1. A bunch of masked men ran through the Stockholm train station, beating and threatening the migrant gangs who were robbing and molesting women.
      The feminists got mad, called them racist, and said they don’t need protection.

      1. It is that kind of thing that just makes me not care. If they’re so monumentally retarded as to not defend themselves, then maybe the world is better off without them in the first place. 😉

        1. I remember reading somewhere that “pacifists make the best slaves”.
          I guess that we should just accept the fact that there are some groups of humans who prefer the “ease” of slavery, instead of the “responsibility” of freedom.

    2. I believe the numbers state that it is the rape capital of Europe, not the world.

      1. As usual the numbers are all over the place. The post above seems to say it’s the rape capital of Europe but still not on par with the vaunted South Africa. I found one place that said Sweden was worse, but then… two places that put SA back on top.
        Whatever it is, it’s a mess that’s for sure.

    1. The questions about this kind of foolish, blind stupidity (which denies reality) are:
      — is it an act, willfully denying the facts that are obvious to all but the most indoctrinated? Or,
      — is it deliberate treachery to the country and society that they claim to serve (like Norway’s infamous Vidkun Quisling)?

      1. “The most indoctrinated”! That would be most people in my experience.

  8. Did anyone besides me watch the NATGEO special last night about the Syrian civil war?
    There was a small segment about the exportation of terrorism to European countries in which some born in France Syrian ancestry knucklehead who had been trained in Pakistan shot a French soldier with a handgun then a few days later shot two cops along with school students.
    I don’t recall ever hearing about it in the American press, I thought that would have made news everywhere.
    Gotta give that French soldier credit. The Syrian told him to lay on his stomach twice or he would shoot, the soldier told him to fuck off he wasn’t going to lay down. That took real guts from a real man.

    1. US media won’t report it because it would disturb their Leftist narratives, and stir up the sheeple.
      Possibly the US’s biggest domestic enemy is the Leftist media.

    2. Historically French soldiers don´t lay down they retreat, Did he shot him in the back?

      1. I usually make that same joke but, in this instance you gotta give him respect. He faced down a 9mm and told the guy to go fuck himself.

  9. Western elite have native White blood on their hands.
    Historically, what
    was done with such open, traitorous contempt for their people?

    1. Cultural Marxism. We’re still suffering the exportation of Marxism that the Soviets did to the U.S. and Europe in the 1920’s through 1950’s. They infiltrated colleges and universities and planted the seeds and within a generation we had native idiots parroting their line. It’s madness.

      1. The (((Frankfurt School))) have been successful beyond their wildest dreams , an entire race guilt-tripped into their own suicide via the (((march through the institutions))) , got to give (((them))) begrudging credit where it’s jew …

    2. ‘What was done’?
      Well, for those who fought back; they survived.
      For those who supported (voted for) these elites?
      They were exterminated and no-one wrote their history.

  10. I saw Wonder Woman just to get an idea of why people were making a fuss. I realized the title character is what Superman would be if he was turned into a female SJW. Wonder Woman is a typical 20 something female with superpowers, she is batshit nuts.
    She is the prototype femininist that tries to think she can fix the world and blames the world’s problems one person a man who she believes is all powerful.
    You see the male characters put some logic in the film. Chris Pine’s character believes in sex after marriage but Wonder Woman enticed him into sleeping with her. When she is prevented by him from killing a general that she believes is a God of War she turns on the guy.
    She has numerous emotional outbursts and acts erratically. One moment she saves a village the next she robs another woman of her clothing.
    It’s the perfect characterization of the feminist SJW mindset. At the end of the movie she realizes she can’t bring peace to the world but continues onward.
    It relates to Sweden because feminist SJWs believe they can fix the world bringing in large scale third world immigrants. As a result one of the most livable countries in the world has turned to shit.

    1. I normally type “Dude, spoilers!” and was about to do the same this time as well until I realized just how little of a shit I give about Wonder Woman.

    2. I notice a few things in your short plot description of the film:
      — when a man disagrees with a woman — even if it is to save her from making a horrible mistake — she will cold-heartedly turn on him;
      — before a woman (a supposedly “SUPER” woman, at that) would accept and believe a truth that she prefers to not believe, it will take the sacrifice of an innocent’s life (usually a man’s).
      Some things never change…

      1. Several of the Amazons including Wonder Woman’s mother are Scandinavian actresses.
        It perfectly portrayed the stupidity of modern women.

      2. That is the way it is, you get all these White Knights trying to prove something to women who don’t deserve such treatment.

    3. So she act like a woman. What´s wrong with that? You rarely get women acting like women in movies, you get a bunch of dikes acting strong, You wanna see a rude, acting like a man wonder woman, see justice league war, that version is an entitled dumb disrespectful bitch. The movie version is naive, Heroic, respectful, well spoken, educated, pleasant and let the man lead, and is told what to do by a man. In the end is men who saves the day, Wonder woman in movie was like a naive child needing protection, LIKE A WOMAN!! What do you want? A Mary Sue like Rey in Star Wars who can do anything better than any character or a Man with a vagina like Furiosa in Mad Max saving the dude ass all the movie?

      1. Nothing wrong with women acting like women, but I just had to point out that the movie perfectly portrayed the illogical and mentally ill mindset of most modern Western women. They want to be everything in the world types.

        1. That is wonder women since her comic conception in the 40´s. What do you want? Wonder woman in a traditional marriage with kids and a loving husband?

        1. Yes, In a real post apocalyptic world, Women will beg to be part of the harem of the king, Those women were royalty 99% of people live in shit. The one girl who wanted to return and beg forgiveness, that was the only portray of a real woman in all the movie. Joe kept order in chaos. Those stupid women give free water to all the people, the water well will dry in days and everyone will die. Also they should have changed The gate of the Valhalla to allahu akbar.

  11. “There will be a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, a dictatorship without tears, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda enhanced by pharmacological methods.” – Aldous Huxley

    1. Just read that elsewhere yesterday.
      Drugs and propaganda blasted at the populace from a fire hose.

    2. The ones with wifey and kids. Like me, except for the ex. We’re stuck in a system that is so big it’s out of anyone’s control. How many you think would throw the switch if we were given the opportunity? Makes you wish there was a new frontier out in the world. Didn’t take us any time to mess this one up.

  12. Why does everyone try to invade Russia? When in military history has that worked?

    1. Somehow Germany thought fighting a two-front war would be a good idea a second time.

        1. “Socialism hasn’t worked before, because it wasn’t done RIGHT!” (IOW, “…because I wasn’t put in charge!”)

      1. It could be argued that what the Mongols invaded and conquered wasn’t actually Russia when they did it.

        1. It is still a debatable point, especially from a military strategy point of view.

  13. Not a bad write up, but this is just beating a dead horse at this stage.
    Nothing will change in Sweden until life get`s much harder for women, (and everyone) as a consequence of Muslim immigration, and the fall of the welfare state. Only then will things change.
    Sadly, since most people never learn from history, you will probably have an overreaction at that point. It would not surprise me at all if Sweden eventually ends up with extreme Nationalism and Hitler/Napoleon 2.0

    1. Na….
      There will never be any kind of ‘reaction’.
      Not ever.
      The real men will leave.
      That’s it.
      Who cares what happens to the feminst Sweden they leave behind?
      Not the women, so….

      1. Historically it has not been the case that men leave when their women are in trouble. But then again women have not betrayed their men(or been duped) to such an extent ever before, and also the possibility for men to move elsewhere are much greater now than ever before. So you might be right.

        1. But the women have made sure that they can’t be considered “their women.”

        2. Indeed.
          Have you seen the Swedish women protesting….
          ‘Do NOT try to protect us.’
          ‘We are NOT your women.’
          ….when a small few Swedish men tried to launch patrols around the train stations where all the attacks were happening?
          True story.

        3. Not had the pill before.
          Not had a ‘family’ replacement Welfare State before.
          it’s all new territory.
          I’ve already left, it’s what REAL men do.

        4. May I ask where you went?
          Going to the Dominican Republic soon. Mostly to relax and have fun, but i`m also considering expatriating. At least for parts of the year.

        5. Hi.
          I’m in the Middle East in a very friendly country.
          Zero tax.
          Zero pc.
          Zero pc.
          That’s three good reason to be here.
          Good luck if you choose to move.
          Only two very basic things, I kno but; if the money is right and the people are fine, you’ll struggle to think of reasons to return.

        6. Ok, sounds good. Hadn`t even thought of the middle-east as an option, I`ve heard some of the gulf states are very nice though.

        7. Dubai will blown your mind if you are not expecting it.
          Lovely people, and NO PC, don’t know if I mentioned that.
          I’ve lived abroad before, but this is the best.
          As you know, moving out of the West is as much ‘push’ as ‘pull’.
          It’s about saying, ‘No. Screw you. This is not good enough for me. I turn my back on your gay pride marches and your language Police because I choose to.’
          It’s such a great feeling for a man.
          Smells like victory.

        8. I have to read up on that. i must admit I`m not very knowledgeable when it comes to the Gulf states.
          Are there many religious restrictions? And what about the picking up women/dating scene?
          I do like the no tax part a lot though, as I`m disgusted with being forced to finance all sorts of leftist degeneracy.

        9. ‘I have to read up on that. i must admit I`m not very knowledgeable when it comes to the Gulf states. ‘
          I did quite a lot of reading before moving out here (second time in ME).
          The fact is that some things are simply not put ‘online’.
          There ARE restrictions on what you should put onto a public forum.
          For example, direct criticism of Islam itself and/or the ruling Royal House.
          That’s the only bad news.
          Good news, never heard of anyone ever getting into trouble for the above.
          Further, English/American (same thing as far as locals are concerned) are held in VERY high regard.
          You won’t believe it, but we (I’m British, I take it you’re American) are held in higher regard than Muslims/locals/Arabs.
          …and that’s held in higher esteem BY Muslims/locals/Arabs.
          Hard to explain without typing out too much.
          Details if requested.
          I work 12 hours a week. That’s it, no hidden duties.
          I net £40k UK that’s 51k US, just looked it up.
          No rent.
          No electricity.
          No gas.
          No water…..bills.
          All included also swimming pool, gym.
          £3000 ‘bonus’ for every year out here.
          16 weeks paid holiday.
          Don’t know if I mentioned it, but zero PC.
          Zero homosexual propaganda, zero anti-[insert].
          I’ve done none recently but there is a large ex-pat community, obviously.
          Some of the above will depend upon your line of work.
          Happy to answer any more questions if I can.

        10. Thx for the info. 12 hours a week and £40k?
          How`s that possible? Sounds great otherwise:)

        11. Hi.
          I’m an English qualified teacher.
          So, we don’t teach the children……
          Islamic (each day).
          Arabic (each day.
          ..so take all those lesson out of the day already shortened by the very hot weather….
          Leaves 12 1/2 hours in front of children each week,
          Less than half my teaching in the uk.
          Total time working in the uk = 60 hours all told.
          Do ya dig it?
          Get yourself out here/somewhere.

        12. I would kill and die for my wife and my mother. Other women? Not so much.

        13. They are either looking forward to getting ganged or simply too stupid to live. Not worth the effort either way.
          I would feel differently if I had children though. The thought of my children being taxed to death to feed and shelter the half-orcs that will be produced from this might make me more proactive in preventing said nightmare.
          I’d bid the smart Swedes to head for the USA. If Europe is going to survive this attempt at genocide they’re going to have to go head to head with their own governments first, and that’s going to be hard to do given their disarmament.
          As for the US, as long as there is a 2nd Amendment there is hope.

      2. I agree with you, unfortunately. There will never be the kind of reaction people are hoping for. Instead, the Swedes will wow us with just how much brutality they can endure. Sweden will have to be saved by an external force.
        Women don’t usually die in wars. Evolution proves this with their reaction to threats of it. Some die, but most just get new husbands.

        1. I know, I know…..
          There is no ‘external force’ to ‘save’ them, however.
          WE would see it as saving them, but their women would see it as denying them the forceful, dominant men they sexually crave.
          ‘Instead, the Swedes will wow us with just how much brutality they can endure.’
          Three years ago, an official Report into Rotherham detailed 18 of unfettered child sex slavery.
          In broad daylight, children (all girls) were raped in school car parks at lunchtime, as a for instance.
          The enlightened, progressive, feminist teachers did not notice……
          I won’t be surprised by Sweden.
          Not after Rotherham, Oxford, Bradford, Manchester (Google ‘child grooming now normal in parts of Manchester’)………..
          I won’t be paying attention anyway.

    2. One can hope. Though I believe women will love the third worlders even more they more they get brutalized. It think there is a Dutch saying that “the more a billy goat stinks, the more the nanny loves him.”
      it is the men that have the potential and need to change.

    3. The men need to take control and fuck the senses back into their women

      1. Ha ha. Swedish ‘men’ are capable of taking control… of their gaming computers, iPhones… maybe their bunny rabbit pets. That’s about it. The most emasculated, useless men on earth. Even worse than Germans.

        1. Time to resurrect, we don’t want other MEN to become pussies ! Any change in this scenario must start from the United States; of course, already started with the Donald Trump winning the elections but it should be furthered. Amen !

      2. Swedish men lead the world in importing Thai mail order brides. They have intimate knowledge of their women and want nothing to do with them.

        1. they can be more normal with the Asian brides, displaying healthy masculinity because those cultures are not fully infected yet.

  14. “Is American multiculturalism a failure?”:
    This guy does not mention any of the problems that result from multiculturalism. He just paints Trump supporters in a negative light as closet racists. But that heading may indicate a crack in the agenda, as there would be no need to question it if everything were going swimmingly.

    1. “He just paints Trump supporters in a negative light as closet racists”
      lazy writing, and a guarantee to having it published!

      1. How strange, they say race is a social construct yet they accuse Whites of racism…

    2. But I am a racist. Not a closeted one, though. Why’d you have to go and make racism sound so gay?

      1. Sure they do, when they masage that shit out of a cow’s backside by blowing into it. I’m not going to post the video.

    1. It would be far easier to list things that AREN’T wrong in Sweden. It’s everything.

  15. Hahahaha, so many but hurt over Sweden and Germany. 2 countries with low debt, tend to refrain from supporting puppet or dictatorial regimes, hardly ever organise coups, fairly respected around the world and clean up the mess of others by taking in refugees.

    1. Rape capitol of the world.
      But at least you don’t have a dictatorship….officially. Sure you can be put in jail for criticism of certain topics, but hey, that’s just Freedum, amirite?

        1. It’s a down home, barn raising rape-a-polooza!

        2. Makes me think of that episode of Blackadder:
          “In 1492, after the death of Randolph XII of Saxony and the collapse of the Treaty of Insects, Europe was in disarray. Kingdoms rose and fell; borders, even languages changed; men were killed by their own side and women raped by soldiers from up to seven different nations every week.”

        1. As far as they’re concerned, it’s only ‘rape’ when White men do it.

    2. -The public debt per capita in the EU is app. 30.000 Euros.http://www.debtclocks.eu/public-debt-and-budget-deficit-of-the-eurozone.html
      (have 30.000 Euros to spare?) The unfunded liabilities bubble with the inverted demographic pyramid is enormous, and can never be handled.
      All of this is made much worse by immigration, which is a net drain on society.
      -The EU is a dictatorial regime.
      -Sweden is fast becoming a joke to most people.
      -Germans have such a low fertility rate, that they will soon become minorities in their own lands.(which is true for most European countries.)
      .-The “mess of others” would be the wars and conflicts instigated by “our leaders,” with people like Merkel and Carl Bildt etc. at the center of events.

      1. I don’t know man, Sweden seems pretty cool. Just been there recently and of course there are Migrants walking around selling stuff in their small outlets but the Swedes outnumber everyone by a clearly visible margin and they seemed fairly laid back about their interactions with the Muslim migrants, who to be honest to the contrary, just seemed grateful and humbled. All the Swedish Viking looking dudes were all drinking laddish and loudly, didn’t see a stupid feminist or SWJ in sight.

        1. I would guess that most of the problems with crime and violence aren’t actually from the migrants, but rather their ungrateful children who have regressed to the IQ mean of their homelands.

        2. True true, most European terrorists are European by birth. It’s a dilemma man.

        3. ‘seemed grateful and humble’. yet we know from countless videos and news stories that a good portion of the population is anything but.
          The third worlders will keep a low profile UNTIL they are 40% of the population. Then you will see that humility disappear.
          Go find the video of the lecture in Holland being disrupted by Muslim men shouting ‘muhammed’ and ‘allahu akbar’. It was at some university, can’t remember which. Then read Bruce Bawer’s books about how many cultural events are being censored due to the threat of violence.
          Those populations are already a problem. Just imagine them at 40%.

        4. Depends on where you visit of course. In parts of Stockholm and Gothenburg you will be hard pressed to find someone that is not a Feminist/SJW.
          Sweden is one of the few European countries that have been able to maintain an acceptable fertility rate of around 1.8, but still migrant women have more children, and there are fewer ethnic Swedes in existence every year that goes by. The net non-EU born population is at almost 10 percent and growing. So the trend is not good.
          Also the media, academia and politics(mostly) are literally insane in Sweden.

    3. Germany weapons programs selling to dicatators is a multi billion dollar industry and the state dismissed the will of the people (two thirds) not wanting the rap-u-gees in their country.
      Merkel may think she has the election stitched up, but alot of dumb cunts have been making that mistake lately.

  16. “Later, Barbara Specter came in from Israel and headed Paidea. This foundation pushed the multicultural agenda”
    Barbara Specter & Paidea genuinely fascinate me. If you go to the Paidea website it appears to be a serious academic institution dedicated to preserving and promoting jewish culture, ideas and history, yet the person who founded paidea is to be found to be overtly promoting multiculturalism as something that is necessary for european survival. Spectre’s infamous interview is actually incredibly open and forthright but she doesn’t tell us why her policy is necessary for european survival. I know what the alt-right belief is with regard to this, but I still don’t know what her rationale is? How would she explain what she said about european survival, and how would she relate that to the work of Paidea which appears to be completely unrelated? I think she’s still on twitter, but I’m not aware if she’s responded to all the controversy surrounding what she said

    1. Why do you equate “promoting jewish culture, ideas and history” with “european survival”?

      1. I don’t. Spectre as I recall Spectre refers to multiculturalism as necessary. She says something like “otherwise Europe will not survive”. She doesn’t explain why she thinks it will not survive without multiculturalism. The interview is infamous, and she must know that, yet as far as I’m aware she despite having a fairly prominent public presence (well, she’s on twitter at least) I’m not aware that she’s tried to explain what she meant, or for that matter what the hell promoting multiculturalism has got to do with promoting jewish culture, ideas, and history etc.

        1. Maybe spamming the hell out of her Twitter feed with this question will make her cough up something.

        2. I think you should assume she meant “swallow this or else we’ll fucking kill you.”

        3. It’s probably more subtle than that, but what she says doesn’t seem subtle. I just think she lacks any kind of self-awareness. She thinks she’s helping to create an anti-racist society yet can’t conceive that there might be legitimate criticisms of the methods she is in favour of. The fact that most of the criticism of her stance comes from the alt-right etc., just lets her off the hook with respect to justifying her position

        4. “Europe will not survive” – Probably just the same old aging demographic, failing birth rate justification. ‘We need more workers to support social services for our aging population’. Which of course is completely laughable as importing all of those jokers will kill social services.

        5. It didn’t sound that pragmatic to me. She comes across as someone with a kind of vision of how the world must be and that’s just all there is to it. Everyone else has to get with the programme

  17. as a muslim arab that has lived in middle east and knows the bullshit that comes with us. Pls sweden wake the fuck up and kick those basterds out before its too late.

    1. Sweden can’t wake up. It can’t be saved. It must be saved by an external force. Maybe Russia. Who can say. I even doubt that.

  18. I can put it better.
    Good questions but incorrect answers.
    You over estimate the power of ‘politics’ and also ‘ideology’.
    No ‘ideology’ can produce these Swedish women, at 10 mins 40 secs…..

    ….nor the rapturous applause.
    The Jeeeeeews are not responsible for this.
    Not even their ‘leaders’.
    ps Barbara Specter talking about multi-cult in Sweden is on ‘Youtube’ somewhere.
    Where are the Jeeeeews creating havoc in Germany, Denmark, Scotland?
    Surly the intelligent right knows that Cultiral Marxism just isn’t a satisfying answer to all this madness?
    The Marxists had three generations of total domination in Europe’s East, and their creed is reviled there today.
    Can it REALLY me the work of 200 academics spread across Europe and America?
    This man is an atheist and I do not share his values.
    However, if you are interested in a more logic based enquiry regarding the Fall of Western Civilisation than ‘Cultural Marxism’, then this presentation has some vital data.

  19. I’m generally non-interventionist when it comes to foreign policy, but I could understand the argument for an American invasion/occupation of Europe to help deport the refugee population.

    1. Yeah but the US won’t even deal with its own problems. I doubt it can handle Europe. Even with Trump, I think a US invasion would be to bring MORE immigrants in.

  20. Becasue I like data, I pulled some 2016 info on frequency of rape x nation, and whipped up this chart:
    There is a ton of conflicting data out there– for example some lists put Canada in the top 10; others put Canada in the bottom 10. All seem to agree that South Africa is the worst offender, but there is disagreement to the degree. This data came from statisticsbrain.com, and combines stuff from several sources. So consider it an approximation.

    1. It all depends on what your definition of “rape” is. For example, the definition of “rape” that the left applies to the actions of Bill Clinton would produce very low rape occurrences in the US. Using the definition of “rape” that the left applies to **words** spoken by Donald Trump, the US would be at the top of that list.

      1. yea in Sweden I think you can be charged with rape even if you arent having sex yet. It only counts as rape in S.A. if she has lost at least 3 teeth in the process

      2. Yep, I’d like to see ‘violent rape’ or ‘rape between strangers’ as a statistic, not ‘rape’ in general.
        Also, some countries are exceptionally intransigent when it comes to actually recording rapes in official statistics, or even at following up on complaints. India, for instance, is notorious for not giving a damn about rapes. Women who have been raped don’t even go to police because they know it is of no use.
        Same would go for female victims of muslim rape gangs in the UK. The police have clearly demonstrated that they are aiding the rapists, so why would a girl bother?

      3. Statistics gathering is always interesting. While El Salvador is a shit-hole by and large, with overwhelming murder rates, they also count traffic deaths (not uncommon) as a part of the homicide rate, thereby inflating their statistic.

    2. Ah looks like by that accounting, “good old” South Africa is back on top again. (I actually wrote this sentence without initially thinking of the context. :-D)
      Seems Sweden is definitely the worst in Europe however. It should be a lesson to all nations. Don’t be moronic, or you’ll end up like Sweden.

    3. Does Lesotho define rape in the same way as Sweden though. I’m just thinking back to the accusations levelled against Assange. Sometimes the devil’s in the detail

    4. What are we looking at: Convictions? Reported cases? Is there any differentiation between “sexual assault” and “rape”? Is this all rapes, or only rapes of adult females?
      Lies, damned, statistics, and all that (polls and such like).

  21. In many ways, it was easier for Europe to get rid of the Nazis than these people.
    Islam been insidiously growing over the years. They’re not coming in as soldiers. We’ve given their people citizenship. As long as they say they’re practicing their religion, they’ve got a license to get away with all kinds of b.s. We have to accommodate them. As their numbers grow they get more demanding and outwardly hostile to the host culture. It’s the frog in boiling water.
    Sweden in particular seems oblivious to how their policies are aiding in their own destruction.

    1. “Sweden in particular seems oblivious to how their policies are aiding in their own destruction.”
      It’s because they don’t WANT to see it; it would upset all of their Socialist agenda and expose their ‘multicuktural’ nonsense for the wishful thinking that it is.

      1. When I was a kid, we all made dumb Pollack jokes. Now they’re one of the few European countries that can see reality and act accordingly.

        1. Being under the brutal thumb of the Soviet Union for over fifty(?) years and experiencing the truth of the “Marxist Worker’s Paradise” showed them the load of tripe and nonsense that Marxism/Socialism is.
          Instead of Muslims, we should be bringing ‘refugee’ Poles here instead; there’s nobody more anti-communist/anti-leftist than someone who has had to actually live under communism. (It reminds me of when I was in the military: at one of my commands, we had a senior petty officer whose family had had to flee Cuba when Castro came to power — he HATED Leftists, communists, and illegals with an intensity that had to be seen to be believed! And naturally, I got along with him just fine…)

  22. Oh look, another country turns into socialist shithole after granting women the vote and obeying everything they demand.

  23. The cities will tear themselves apart (mouse universe experiments anyone?), but as a bard one said:”a country boy can survive”.

  24. Scandinavians descent from simple farmers and men who were not suitable for naval expeditions. The real Viking warriors are all extinct. They were brutal, because the living conditions were very hard. They traveled the sea in search for wealth and a better land.
    Imagine how they found the British Isles a paradise compared to their own land, while the climate in the UK is one of the worst in Europe.

    1. No. All civilized people have been farmers – historical processes are transitional. Native Swedes have high IQ:s, probably around 102-104 before third world immigration started, and are thus suited for everything from scientific discoveries to naval expeditions – and war. They were tough when they needed to, like for instance during March Across the Belts in 1658.
      The pussification is mostly due to peace time passivity and ideological indoctrination. Humans are largely malleable.

    2. The Viking Era happened during a warm period in Earth’s history, that is why called Canada “Vinland” which means “land of the grapes” because they supposedly found grapes there. The Scandinavians had a population boom from the longer growing seasons.

  25. You can trace Western civilisations problems back to World war One.
    Western Civilisation lost its confidence and believe in God then.
    No world war one no Russian revolution or Nazi Germany.
    No one would have heard of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin or Mao.
    Marx would have been all but forgot.
    Europeans would still rule the world and it would be a much better place than now.

    1. Absolutely. The banksters formented WWI to destroy Europe.

  26. Virtue signalling in response to the “white guilt” Politicians invite them in to look like the better person, not caring about the damage they are doing to the public. Leftist plebes are the same, not caring about their neighbors, so long as they look good in their social circles.

  27. It’s interesting that the people talking shit about my country (Sweden) actually have more non-whites than Sweden (as a portion of population), such places as the US, the UK and so on.

    1. That’s because we have better ideas about how to handle violent and entitled people than just let them get away with their actions and hope for the best.

      1. Like the police in Rotherham? Pretending things aren’t happening so they won’t be called racists?

    2. And yet those countries aren’t in the upper tiers of the rape list. I find that “interesting”. 🙂

      1. They would be if they counted like the Swedish system, meaning if you would rape a woman a hundred times it would count as 1 rape in all the other countries, but 100 rapes under the Swedish system. Do you seriously believe that Sweden has more rapes than the Congo? We haven’t had anything about the grooming gangs that work in Britain and so on either.

        1. Don’t expect a serious reply. Data and nuances are irrelevant for most commenters.

    3. For now.
      How many indigenous swedes are there between 15 and 35?
      What is the average age at which an indigenous woman gives birth?
      How many children does she have, on average?
      The bulk of your population is old. Old white fogies who can’t fight or breed anymore.
      The bulk of the migrant and immigrant population is young. You can see this in the schools in Paris, London (etc) as well.
      Under those conditions, and with continued immigration, you can expect to be outnumbered in the younger age cohorts in a decade or so. As the old fogies die out, the population will very rapidly skew towards third worlders.
      Exponential growth starts slowly, until it overwhelms you. And while the white population breeds at an exponential decay, the third world population is on exponential growth.

      1. So what’s your point? There is more young white swedes as a % of population than there is young white americans as a % of population. Or French or British for that matter. Germany has the lowest birth rate in Europe.
        I’ve never said Sweden isn’t on the path to oblivion either, but all western countries are.

      2. It’s amusing that both left and right find things to enjoy about the film Idiocracy and the taboo subjects of how most western nations continue to practice a form of eugenics whether they admit it or not. In the case of the west, the welfare state punishes the productive and encourages the non-productive to breed. Most leftists I’ve seen praise the film are so insular that they fail to see that the logical conclusions. For example, the cucks at cracked.com:

        In the meantime, nearly all of my childhood friends who became leftists back in the 1980’s are now either single and childless OR a few of them married conservative women who wear the pants in the family and order them around (and they have children.)
        In the west, the cultural rot will be checked when the disease reaches the “brain” so to speak whereby the requirements for a white leftist to survive won’t merely be a reasonably high IQ to go to college and earn a good living (and to rationalize the insanity of their beliefs) but rather exceptional luck. The left in the USA has already alienated working class whites and most middle class whites as well. When they leave, that’s the end of the leftist party as a Marxist party since there is no significant non-anti-white left third party that can attract these exiled voters (The green party is basically the same as the Democratic party on cultural issues). In Europe, economic leftists with nationalist agendas can unite with fiscal conservatives in parliament but this is not how the two party system works in the USA.

    4. Fair, but Sweden has problems. Problems that I don’t wish on any European country.

      1. Sure we do, but all western countries do really. Or well mostly. I’ve never denied there being problems.

  28. If you look at historic European populations, including Sweden, you’ll find that when any given European nation was racially, culturally, socially, religiously more homogeneous they were much less in overall population. This holds true for times in history when European nations were un-cucked and nationalistic.
    I could comment at length on this truth and speculate on the different relevance it has to current situations in these countries. Here, I just want to point out that even though Caucasians are a racial minority on the world stage, there still appears to be a much higher Caucasian population in European nations then has historically been the case. So, among this higher population take away the cucks, liberals, leftists, etc. and see how many are you left with. A very sizable population that is comparable, or greater, than historic populations that made these nations nationalistic forces to be reckoned with.
    Then, consider the daily evidence that the failed human attempt at government we call democracy is failing all around us. This is a good thing because it is Western governments who are the greatest criminals and enemies of the Western people. Regardless how bad the globalists want their intrinsically flawed system of government to work, how much “money” they throw at it, or the tyranny they frantically impose to prop it up, the square peg will not fit in the round hole because the universe functions on facts and truth not the wishes of evil men. Good things are coming for the West and the tide will turn.

    1. Not sure I buy this but then… I’ll take a positive opinion any day. Too much negativity everywhere lately. 🙂

    2. The past was more homogeneous because there was poor travel technology. Similarly, Populations were smaller due to lower carrying capacity of the land with primitive agriculture, little trade to make up for shortfalls, and higher mortality rates due to poor medical tech. Population and homogeneity both relate to the available technology level, rather than one relating to the other. Although there does seem to be a big correlation between a generous moocher state and the explosion of the population of mooching minorities.

      1. You’re overlooking the mud people mystery meat that inhabit the once white Middle East. Non-whites inhabited that area as well going back to the Sumerians. They were neighbors.
        Technology of times past, in any event, was not as dumb as we modern people like to think it was. Egyptian archers on chariots, for example, could produce a higher rate of fire than modern Apache helicopters can.
        Morality is ultimately what keeps homogeneity regardless of technology levels.

  29. ” On the other hand, there’s still the chance—perhaps remote—that they might wake up and resurrect their nation”
    I hope so but I’m not holding much optimism.

  30. This type of Jewish activity is exactly the same reason why the Germans went all Holocaust-y on their Jewish asses during WW2.
    And this type of Jewish behaviour is exactly the reason why we are heading towards the next pogrom, the Holocaust 2.0 this time for real as a Final Solution, and a WW3 with Muslim migrants in Europe.
    Fucking Jews can not rest in peace until we killed every last one of them. SIEG HEIL!

      1. Why? You have a right to freedom of speech no matter how odious you may regard the content as.

        1. If only that were true.
          In Canada, if you publically declare the holocaust being a fake, staged event in order to tilt the global narrative into the hands of the Jews so they could continue to profit from guilt payments both spiritually and financially – uhh darn lost my train of thought…

        2. Why?
          Because ****s like that are going to get free speech banned, that’s why.
          If you were a ‘NWO’ operative who hated R of Ks and wanted it shut down, what would you post here?

  31. Sweden is the rape capital of the world in part because the feminists that run it label the smallest of grievances as rape.

    1. You can bet that “the smallest of grievances as rape” are only made against White heterosexual men.

  32. “As a Chateau Heartiste article on problems inherent in diversity concludes:
    Historically, what was done toruling elites who displayed such open, traitorous contempt for their people? I’ll leave the imaginative answer to this question as an exercise for the readers.
    I could hardly put it any better.”
    Call to arms IMHO.

    1. As a non-German, Merkel’s native people should really take care care of her…

      1. She was actually raised in the former communist East Germany…makes a lot of sense.

    2. Hmm. I’m pondering but it tended to involve scaffolds or guillotines.

    3. After WW II, the normally peaceful and pacifistic Norwegians tried and found Vidkun Quisling guilty of treason…and stood him up against a wall and shot him (which the traitorous fifth-columnist deserved).

  33. Thank you for the mentioning.
    Having lived some time away from Sweden now and seeing it from afar is a strange experience. I sometimes feel like a crewmember of the Titanic watching the ship sink from the safety of a dinghy, while my former fellow crewmembers refuse to get into the fully operational lifeboats, actively trying to hit another iceberg just for the hell of it and calling everyone trying to save themselves “racist”.

  34. Most people choose to ignore the major achievement of white western civilization. Is it rule of law, science, engineering, symphonies, etc. etc.??? Big things. But the overarching accomplishment is —–
    mass murder, on an industrial scale. Only in the last 50 years or so (due to the atom bomb) have we managed to forget that. Genetic war is horrific and whites do it best.

    1. And with the ability to kill every man woman and child on earth, the white man has virtually eliminated large scale conflicts. Of course we will soon see what the muslim black and brown man will do with such power as they will soon control the nukes of Europe. My guess is mushroom clouds for everyone.

  35. Western society (not civilization because to civilize, one must first be “civil) was built solely for the benefit of white men who claim to be straight. It’s done under the guise of creating civilization but as soon as they try to do something civil, like allowing others to participate in democracy or not killing innocent people under the guise of law enforcement, white men who claim to be straight start losing their grip on the society. They could never win a fair match in any non-barbaric so their only option is to organize the barbarity. They shifted their dysfunction to Africa in the 15th century and now that Africa is escaping their hold, they stir up Western Asia (known as the Middle East).

    1. You should go for a beer with G.Gil two posts above……
      ‘Gil G • 6 hours ago
      RoK = claims to hate Muslims and their Sharia law then claim the solution is to install Christian Sharia law.’

      1. I agree. But the oligarchy you support maintains a pecking order amongst its oppressed subjects where the white males get to subjugate all others. European men have never built a social system where there wasn’t some form of slavery. Today, poor white men are the house slaves and everyone else are field slaves.

        1. Not in pre-colonial/pre-Arab Africa. Not in the Americas and not in Australia. No Western/Arab style slavery there.

  36. RoK = claims to hate Muslims and their Sharia law then claim the solution is to install Christian Sharia law.

    1. Christian “sharia law” led to the enlightenment, then the abolishion of slavery, then the industrial revolution, and then the exploration of space. muslims resulted in war torn turd world countries where they marry their cousin, have sex with their goats and any small boys too slow to escape, use technology they never could have invented to kill non muslims and muslims alike, and destroy any culture or people who aren’t exactly the same as them (ie all minorities, plus the alphabet soup). I don’t particular care about religion, but I know which of the two I prefer and it’s not even close.

      1. No logic and reason did. Christians had some 1600 years to make positive changes ye expect to take credits for the last 300 years.

  37. Aha, give everybody equality, real equity through natural rights, not this one based on parasitism.
    Women would lose absolutely everything. No free protection, no education, no technology.
    Inferior males, would not be able to reproduce. Just natural selection.
    No more state inventing rights, buying votes, stealing from men.
    Google, Hollywood, etc.,would lose absolutely everything too.
    Those who invented rape-myths, would get a real rape-culture.
    Those who supported trans-culture would get exactly that, castration.
    Those who created laws against the man, would not get any mercy, no rights.
    For abusing the sexuality and empathy of men to steal, they would lose their freedom.
    Just count the damage they’ve done, their debt is impossible to pay, slavery would not be enough.
    Aha, real equality, true fairness, ..being measured for what they’ve done, and judged relentlessly with no emotions involved, would represent their end. Equality, true equality, aha, yes, give them that.

  38. ” Note that I don’t hold all the Jewish population responsible for this. I will say that they can do themselves a lot of good (and the rest of us) by prevailing upon their community’s leaders to stop doing things like this.”
    I understand that you are trying to be diplomatic, but the fact is that the vast majority of Jews agree with the aims of the Jewish “elite” even when it ends up to their own detriment. There are some exceptions (Jewish right wing nationalists) but they are a tiny fraction.

    1. Traditional Torah/Tanahk following conservative Jews who decry against zionists are also in that minority.

  39. Women have a biological imperitive to breed with the strongest men available. Feminists easily and totally cucked Swedish men in a generation and while women may preach about equality and this and that at the end of the day they have a biological need to breed with strong, masculine men. This means importing from the third world men who do as they wish and take what they want. In a couple of generation thanks to Feminism white men will be a small minority in that country. In another few even if Islam is driven out everyone will look like Southern Italians or Spaniards.

    1. the strongest man yes in a primitive culture but in the western world that translates to the guy who can provide and who often ends up divorce raped.

  40. You need to retitle this as what the hell is wrong with Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Britain, Ireland, Austria?
    Much of Western Europe is ruined.

  41. Stop focusing so much on cultural marxism and focus more on the alteration of people.
    The people are changing themselves, not just the ideas or thinking.
    You are missing the bigger picture over here at ROK.
    None of this is possible without a radically altered populace.
    Stop failing for the bait of cultural marxism and open your eyes to the real threat.
    Ideas themselves are much less important than the nature and quality of the people who accept them.

    1. Agreed.
      See posts below for confirmation no all think CM is the culprit.

  42. And those feminists in Sweden don’t say a word about all the young etnical Swedish girls being gangraped by the hords of Arabs they have invited. Nor do they stand up for the oppressed Muslim women’s rights. Or the “balcony girls”, those Muslim women in Sweden who are thrown out of balconys by their men. Yes, it’s a thing in today’s Sweden. So no the feminists aren’t after equality, or even all women’s rights. It all boils down to increasing their own sexual opportunities and power. Sweden has the worst possible Middle aged women and there is a lot of them.

    1. ….nor the genital mutilation of children.
      Feminists missed that one as well.

    2. “It all boils down to increasing their own sexual opportunities and power.” I think so.
      Apparently lots of older Swedish SJWs are enjoying sex with ‘refugee’ teenagers (well, ‘teenagers’ in most cases), some even get paid for being their foster parent. In these cases they claim altruistic motives, since having sex is therapeutic for the troubled ‘refugee’.
      “The ongoing scandal has sparked accusations that so-called ‘Batikhäxor’ are not driven by ideological convictions, but by hedonism and lust.”
      Batikhäxor: Swedish feminists accused of widespread sexual exploitation of young refugees

      1. It’s quite obvious that these middle aged women are driven by egoistic motives rather than altruistic, but isn’t it great to be able claim altruism while getting laid with something young and exotic on the expense of the state? I have a theory why things gotten so bad in Sweden. We were one of the earlier countries to adopt women’s rights and “equality” and free abortions. Also a huge part of the female population has been on the pill. (what that does to the female psyche might be part of the problem). This has led Sweden to abort close to 1.5 million since the seventies. Out of a population of about 8 million etnical Swedes that’s no small feat. That’s not counting all the prevented pregnancies. This has led to the fact that we are missing 1.5 million young etnical Swedes under the age of 45,seriously changing the dynamics of our culture. It’s now driven by middle-aged women, sjw, who are the larger age group. They now lack own children and grandchildren to focus their maternal instincts on. And isn’t it a coincidence that we now have imported just about 1.5 million Foreigners, although 95% are young Arab men? Would have made a lot more sense not aborting those young Swedes to start with. What a great country we could have been with them.
        By the way, here’s a list signed by close to 4000 people accusing the Swedish government of genocide.

        1. Petition names Zionist interest in media & government, international speculators, and mentions the Kalergi plan.
          This is interesting:
          “If Sweden’s neighbours begin to perceive the deteriorating situation as a threat to their own interests – perhaps even a threat to international peace and security – these countries can, under the R2P principle, choose to militarily intervene against the state of Sweden over its enormous failure not only to protect its own population, but actually driving an agenda of genocide against ethnic Swedes.
          We leave it to the prosecution chamber to decide what is best: that Sweden solves the situation internally or that it remains passive, and through that invites foreign countries to launch a humanitarian intervention – an operation which for obvious reasons is likely to have a
          military dimension.”
          Russian intervention? Rest of Europe is equally effed up.

  43. Sweden may be the country that save the west. If they collapse fast enough all the other ones may finally see what their future is made of and act. And by “act” I mean the people will grab the elite by the skin of their but and behead them publicly.
    At this point that’s all that’s left of sweden. The one example that may wake up everybody else.

    1. You don’t think the globalists will just double down? You don’t think the controlled media will just shift the blame on straight (white) men?

  44. no sympathy AT ALL
    their women cucked and castrated their GOOD men
    now they pay the price because when u weaken GOOD men- Evil takes over
    Nordic women deserve everything that the have received and IS coming for them!

  45. That is definitely bad. On the other hand, why are you such a god damn loser and why can’t you get a girlfriend?

    1. You are the pathetic loser, you chickenhawk. Looked at your profile wondering why anyone would call themself that. You’re a one trick pony, insulting ROK readers by claiming they can’t get laid. Surely you can find a better meme to push – more thinking and less typing please.

      1. Tell it to your daddy, bitch boy. After he’s done pounding your booty hole and you thank him for it.

  46. The government emasculated men in the west, so they will not able to protect their women when the economic crisis and migrant invasion explodes. Because most of all western men are weak and supplicating males, they are not going to do anything for protecting their country.

    1. I just heard the statistic by Stefan Molyneux that US men’s testosterone levels have dropped 1% every year SINCE THE EIGHTIES!!!!

  47. They’re toast. Kaput. Nuked. Gone.
    Watching Europe sleep walk to their death is surreal. And we aren’t far behind

  48. anybody curious about the real Islam should check out acts17apologetics and Dr Bill Warner on Youtube.

  49. In Israel a 8 year old Arab girl can get denied entrance to see Harry Potter but Barbara Specter Lerner is lecturing Europeans to accept wholesale Muslim immigrants, even if many do not possess the ability or will to integrate into society. Germany accepted nearly 2 million new immigrants since 2015, mostly from Muslim nations, most of them single men of military age. Only about 3 percent of these migrants have found work, so you can safely assume the rest are on the dole.
    I would love to hear Ms. Lerner explain why an 8 year old girl who happens to be an Arab cannot even enter a movie theater in Israel, while pushing Sweden and other European nations to admit more Muslim immigrants who will almost certainly wind up on welfare, and certainly be at the bottom of society, and as a result many of these people will wind up hating their host nations. This is the cycle of how radicalization happens in Europe, because so many of these people fail to integrate into society.

  50. I think there will come a time when the Swedes that see the writing on the wall will emigrate out of Sweden and try to come to America. Britain is almost in the same level of disarray.

  51. 90% of the Muslim population cannot assimilate into western culture. 90% of the Muslim population believe even the other 10% are apostates and infidels deserving of death.
    Almost all Sunni or wahabi are inherently trouble for host nations

  52. Sweden is the biggest “progressive” rat lab in the world. You’re not a citizen in there, but a rat, nothing more, nothing less.

  53. In glaring contrast to the suicidal, self-hating Swedes, there are the healthy and proud nations of Eastern Europe, for example Latvia. Here we have a mass festival of traditional folk songs being sung by incredibly good-looking Latvian people:

  54. To the extent a man carries lust in his heart for women not his wife is the extent a man carries the desire for himself to be a cuckold. If you enjoy lusting for women not your wife it is like enjoying other men to lust after your wife.

  55. I was born in Sweden. Didn’t stay long . But the country of my birth from that time in history was a tough little European independent nation that had the balls to bomb the shit out of Soviet Submarines who DARED delve into Swedish waters with no fear. They were a country that took care of their elders, a place where every able bodied man was a soldier till their 40s so that every part of the country was defended by a Swede. They were the ones who brokered quarrels between the West and East along with the Swiss. They were the ones who created an Air Force that had some of the best technology in the world. And with less people then the population of Florida. That Sweden and this Sweden are two DIFFERENT Swedens. I long for the Swedish Bikini Team? … remember them.. lmao.

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