America Has Become So Spirtually Dead That More People Than Ever Are Killing Themselves With Drugs

You know you’re living in a suicidal culture when more Americans now die annually from drug overdoses than died during the entirety of the Vietnam War. What’s more, another grim side of this statistic is more people under age 50 now die of drug overdoses than any other cause of death in America.

But why?

One might argue it’s because the nation has long been spiritually dead and the country runs on people trying to fill the void in their lives with novel shopping and eating out experiences. But nothing they can buy or eat ever quite does it the way having basic human relationships and close knit families once did.

Living in a deeply sexually repressed culture also takes its toll on the human psyche, in which Anglo America has deemed it okay for gays and lesbians (1-3% of the population) to have fulfilling sex lives but frowns upon straight men pursuing sexual satisfaction with straight women both culturally and legally.

As a result of a culture that literally sold out its intrinsic happiness for extrinsic life goals like more consumer junk and McMansions and shinier boxes on wheels, and in which no man is “good enough” for a screw from today’s obese, wannabe goddesses, more people are dying annually by trying to chemically escape today’s modern dystopia than ever before. Anywhere from 59,000 to 65,000 people died of drug overdoses just last year.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein detailed the grim statistics last week, which prove modern Anglo culture is also deadlier than terrorism. Breitbart reports:

To grasp the enormity of the epidemic he claimed that if three mass-shootings as deadly as the Pulse Nightclub Attack occurred three times every day for 365 days, then the death toll would roughly reach that of drug overdoses in 2015.

Once again, clueless leaders address the problem of people being so miserable from Anglo culture they are literally dropping like flies – seeking an escape through drugs until they overdose – by incorrectly diagnosing the problem and applying the wrong remedies, as Groucho Marx famously stated politicians always do. They see it as a law enforcement problem. It’s not a law enforcement problem, it’s a cultural problem.

It’s called working people like slaves, taking their youth, families and free time away, treating them like children on the job and in daily life, creating a materialistic society bereft of culture, and making it the metaphorical equivalent of a moon shot for the masses of Beta male laborers to fulfill their physical and psychological sexual needs. Drugs have become a way to ease the pain caused by the spiritual deadness in modern America and of course, the loneliness brought on by a society that has molded its citizens (and men and women) into each other’s enemy and competitor rather than each other’s neighbor and lover.

Of course, this new drug abuse narrative will be used to impose even more Draconian government intervention into the lives of the average person rather than to give people some of their lives back and let them return to intrinsically fulfilling life goals.

Even More Power For Law Enforcement

What ever happened to Protect and Serve? Not Oppress and Subjugate

At last week’s press conference, Rosenstein set up his agency and its oppressive DEA, which have both colossally failed in their 40-year old Drug War, to aggrandize more power.

Some people say we should be more permissive, more tolerant, more understanding about drug use. I say we should be more honest and forthcoming with the American people on the clear and present danger that we know face.

In other words, more Prohibition, not less, and more jack-booted thugs, not fewer are coming our way. And more importantly, don’t expect a government and its masters in the corporate world to lessen human suffering by breaking some of the chains they’ve placed around their peons’ legs, because both sides of the coin are profiting enormously from the status quo.

People being so miserable that they’re offing themselves with drugs in astonishing numbers is profitable. They buy material things like palliatives to ease their existential suffering and eat until they’re obese, trying to buy their way to happiness. The corporate-government complex makes a lot of money by turning people into consumption machines this way.

When that doesn’t work and the shop-and-eat lifestyle fails to bring a sense of fulfillment into the lives of the serfs, increasing numbers move on to drugs to try and find an escape from the daily hell of the sleep-work-spend cycle. Oppressive law enforcement then lobbies for even more power and more money for themselves to “fight” a problem that can’t be won through force.

The one constant, and the important question to ask is: Who is profiting from this situation? Why, the Establishment is profiting, of course. That’s why the DOJ and DEA want even more power. This is a defining moment for them to profit even more off what is a cultural and spiritual problem, not a drug problem.

This is America in the early 21st century. A truly frightening place for those with the mental horsepower to see what’s going on. How many more deaths and ruined lives will it take before the masses realize clinging to the “leadership” of the Establishment and their goons in law enforcement isn’t working? You’re asking for help from the very people tasked with turning you into what Herbert Hoover called another “happiness machine.” As it turns out, selling out human lives, turning people into profit-producing “machines” for dollars and cents is having disastrous results for humanity but it provides cushy lives for those in power.

We have reached a crescendo of this insanity in modern Anglo society, in which people want to go on doing what they’ve been doing, living vain, materialistic lives while hoping to get different results each time they swipe out at the local strip mall. That’s the root of the drug problem – it has nothing to do with law enforcement not having the citizens even more firmly under its thumb.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not following the masses into destruction. When will we stop listening to those whose lives and finances are based on continuing, and worsening, the current corporate-government (and law enforcement goon) paradigm?

To end the drug addiction/mass drug abuse death issue, treat the root causes rather than the symptoms. That won’t be as profitable, though. So it will never happen.

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  1. Anyone who can only be saved by Prohibition, will eventually find some other way to kill themselves.

        1. I wonder if its just a bot that goes around Discus calling things socially irresponsible. His comment wasn’t even in context.

    1. Prohibition has never worked in the history of the United States. We put a prohibition on alcohol, and all it did was incentivize gang violence and reduce product quality (I’m thinking of moonshine that causes blindness, here). We put a prohibition on many (most?) drugs, and all it did was incentivize illegal activities and gangs while driving down quality (talcum in cocaine, pesticide-filled weed, etc).
      I’d be less opposed to prohibitions if they seemed to do more good than harm, but it’s just not so.

      1. Indeed. Prohibition is too far downstream from the actual problems; it’s just theater of distraction for the proles – much like the airport TSA, or like the road signs sprouting up ’round here that instruct the prog residents of upscale neighborhoods that are feeling the tingles of encroaching diversity to “Lock Your Vehicles, Don’t Encourage Crime.”
        Prohibition is a facade of the Feelz. Just as victim blaming programs are shrouded as “crime prevention” initiatives, prohibition just levies the costs of State sponsored tyranny to those who can (for now) afford to pay.
        Prohibition is the State demanding “MOAR” under the guise of fleeting SafeFeelz; a buttress of State powers and a funnel of public funds to keep the bureaucracy as bloated as the average American.
        In Anarcho-Tyranny land, big Pharma can write 350MM scripts for opiate pain meds every year, largely paid for by the State and signed-off by shady “Doctors” or straight-up pharma mills (“Community Clinics”) and nobody is allowed to notice. Nor is the “Conversaaaation” allowed to veer into why there is so much “pain”.
        The media, funded in no small part by big pharma (“Ask your doctor about Soma”), is literally paid to grease the tracks toward ruin. Our representatives are literally paid to obfuscate the truth, to keep the whole thing spinning to distract us from the elephant in the room.
        Nobody cares about working-class un/der-employed whites becoming isolated, depressed, and demoralized to the point of rampant escapism.
        Partly because rampant escapism is a driving force in our culture, aka economy, in the form of consumerism via debt. Part of the demoralization is that the dead-end poor are realizing that they can no longer keep consuming above board, like Good Americans.
        And part of it is that they – more than those who can continue to numb themselves with iphones, plasma TV’s, and and distract through more upscale bread and circuses, see that they are the hated ones. The facade has peeled away for them.
        White suicide by overdose is just a convenient way to accelerate the death-spiral that is the natural, logical conclusion of progressive thought and policy-making. The christian, Euro-white foundation of this country is the enemy. When the guilt and self-loathing that is a major part of your regular programming runs out of “productive” ways to be expressed, it eats the host.
        Cheap smack is way downstream of rampant “legal” drugs, cheap sugar, free TV, social media, makework “jobs”, Federalized “Education”, open borders, and the destruction of god and the family. So we need to think of the children, just say “No!”, and double down on the War on Drugs!
        Yes, our culture is spiritually dead; it is called progress.

        1. This is an excellent post. Seriously, it’s just the bees knees. I wish I knew you IRL so we could be friends and watch this shit-show burn down together.

      2. Don’t forget fantanyl-laced heroin. That actually regularly kills people (being as it’s like 1000 times more potent than morphine by weight). Death is arguably even worse than being made blind by boot-leg hooch.

      1. True. They will soon make kratom illegal too though. Can’t have people cutting out doctors or insurance companies. Don’t have insurance? Die faster then!

    2. Prohibition doesn’t work but our society is not diseased in that fashion the problem with our western society is we have created a world without Hope, we have a world that is literally stagnating and determined under our current reprobate leadership not to move upward. People are dying from overdoses for the same reason they are getting fat at such high rates the western world is literally not offering its people a future.

  2. I give the author credit for not prescribing more government regulation or restrictions on freedom of action on those of us who are not drug users and live active, productive lives. As such, perhaps this “alt-right” stuff is a step up from the social conservatives (whom I despise nearly as much as I do the liberal-left).

    1. My conspiracy theory side thinks that this opiod crisis has been manufactured as a way to reignite support for the War on Drugs.

      1. It’s not that complicated. It’s a conspiracy, but it is simply a conspiracy of pharmaceutical companies paying doctors to give out prescriptions. That, combined with an aging population, and more surgeries ends up increasing opiod use a lot.

        1. The majority of heroin in the US comes from Mexico. Only the east coast gets their dope from Europe/Afghanistan.

  3. American men need to stop “walkin on sunshine” and start walking over to the international airport. A little time in Brazil, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Poland, Ukraine, or Vietnam etc. will spiritually (and sexually) revive that inner demon which infects every man in this degenerate matrix of a nation filled with blue-haired freaks / towels.

  4. Kind of OT but, for about the last week or so the drug heads around here have been getting thinned out pretty fast with some fake Percocet that contains phentonyle(sic?). It’s killed five or six of them in the last few days.

    1. It’s happening all over…just talked to a guy not an hour ago who told the same story – and he is vacationing here, but hails from Toledo OH…

        1. Michael Jackson died from a propofol overdose. It’s a general anesthetic and not intended for home use and certainly not for sleep problems. It should only be used in a hospital setting with appropriate monitoring, intravenous and rescue equipment should something go wrong. Michael Jackson was a drug addict and no one would tell him that. So was Prince and no one would tell him that. Sad.

        1. Versed and midazolam are used for conscious sedation procedures in hospitals and outpatient clinics.

      1. Mother nature is not a bitch. A bitch fucks everybody except you, while mother nature will definitely fuck you, eventually. Mother nature is therefore a slut, because a slut fucks everyone.

    1. When it’s someone you don’t know, it’s much easier to think about it in those terms (and I agree with you here). But when it’s someone closer to you, a family member or a friend, it’s hard to think about it as Darwinism.

      1. Nah, I fully expect both of my parents to outlive my brother. When he inevitably dies young, I won’t do more than shrug my shoulders.

    2. cmon man, its really easy to get hooked on opiods. I had minor surgery on my knee, had a week’s worth of vicodin…first day: 1 pill, no pain, high as a kite…day 2: 1 pill, not much pain, not high though…day 3: 2 pills, no pain, high as a kite…I saw by day 4 how easy it is to get hooked…and when the scrip runs out, you hit the streets looking for H…its a big problem, and big pharma is profiting from the deaths of thousands

      1. See my comment above. In my opinion, big pharma and Gooberment know how easy it is to get hooked. Suddenly you have a society of mutants that can, if need be, controlled. Gooberment uses this as an excuse for more control/police/laws etc. The war on drug has been going on for how many decades? Yeah.

      2. Humbug! I had major leg surgery, got a bunch of Vicodin and saved it all for future hangovers! Any pill that makes you feel better should be avoided.

        1. what is “major leg surgery”? My dad had a compound fracture, tough guy, and even he was on a morphine drip(he refused pills when he got out of the hispital though)

        2. Hey don’t tough guy me, tough guy!
          Similar – and yes I loved my morphine when I was in the hospital too. And like your pops, I didn’t dig the pills afterwords.

        3. After spending three days puking my guts out on Morphine, I now tell all health care providers never to give me Morphine ever again.

        4. Fun fact: As soon as heroin is processed by your body, it is converted to morphine. Heroin is just morphine that has been acetylized to make it more quickly effective (It’s actual name is dicetylmorphine). Tl;dr heroin IS morphine.

      3. Opioids fuck me up in a big way. Half the recommended dosage renders me completely useless and does nothing to deal with my pain (as far as I remember – it does seem to mess with my memory on the drug).
        I can’t get addicted to something like that. It feels awful, so I usually just triple-down on regular painkillers after the first day or so.

        1. They tried to give my wife Oxy for a minor surgery. I ripped up the perscription, soaked it in water and threw it away.

        2. The toxicity for ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen are very low – so low that you can fairly safely take several times the recommended doses of common Tylenol and Advil without adverse effect until you’re feeling better. (Of course, if you have liver dysfunction the toxicity is greater for everything – don’t be dumb about it).
          EDIT: Some toxicity numbers, here
          – Acetaminophen: 7.5g in 8 hours (~30 regular Excedrin pills)
          – Aspirin: 150mg/kg per day (for 150lb man, 10g or ~30 full-dose pills)
          – Ibuprofen: 3.2g/day

        3. With my arthritis I exceeded the toxicity limit on Ibuprofen. My sky rocketing Creatinine levels were strong evidence that my kidneys were being adversely affected. At my age renal failure is a real possibility and not a pretty picture.

        4. She told him to give her 12 inches and make it hurt, so he fucked her 3 times and hit her in the head with a brick.

        5. OOF! I hear that’s massively unpleasant.
          There’s evidence that a low-carb, high-fat diet rich in liver and eggs can help prevent and reduce arthritis. Maybe give that a look-see?

        6. I’ll add to what Taig said, and add that you should try cutting gluten out entirely. If you’re intolerant, it does so much damage to your joints and organs. Every time you eat it, your intestines fill up with water and you bloat.
          I used to think that “all the fat went to my midriff” as a teen. I don’t even no what damaged its caused already, but I don’t even occasionally snack on gluten. It takes 6 months for it to leave your system.
          Usually Northern Europeans are prone to it, because our ancestors didn’t digest long protein chains, unlike other Europeans. Northern Europeans ate things like oats. Celiac’s is a recessive trait.

      4. I guess I am lucky. I have had several major surgeries, and more on tap as I am old and the joints are going, but opioids always make me sick. I get off them as soon as possible because I don’t like throwing up.

      5. Yes. The majority of the American opioid epidemic consists of addicts who got started under a Dr’s supervision. Fact.

  5. I was just listening to Sebastian Junger talk about this phenomena. His theory, which I agree with, is that the lack of challenge or struggle in modern society leads to depression. Humans aren’t genetically prepared to “win” all the time. Our psyche cannot handle it. Soldiers, citizens in wartime, disaster survivors, etc. all report missing those really terrible time and the camaraderie and cooperation that came with the suck. Humans function best when there is some sort of struggle, whether from outside factors or self-imposed.

    1. I think it’s more that a society of humans that is no longer forced to do things, but rather has to choose them, quickly degenerates.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. This is also why, naive kumbayah feelz notwithstanding, there will never be an end to war. Humanity NEEDS conflict in order to develop. It is very interesting to look into the roots of all modern technology and realize that nearly all of them were first developed for military purposes.

      1. They may well have been developed for military purposes. But the greatest inventions, such as the airplane, were made for the thrill.

        1. It’s been a while since I read about the Wright brothers; but I’m pretty sure their motivation for flying had nothing to do with the military. Governments just take people’s most militarily practical ideas and use them for that purpose.

    3. Overcoming a challenge builds character. Very few Americans have real struggles any longer so as a nation we have low character.

      1. “Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope” Romans 5:3-4 (ESV)

    4. It’s good to always have problems to solve, things to fix and/or exert yourself physically. Being worn out and putting your feet up after a hard days work is a great feeling. This is why liberals and SJW’s are always seething with anger because they are not productive, don’t solve any problems, they don’t produce anything useful because they’re fucking lazy. SJW’s want problems to solve but they don’t have any so they have to make them up.
      People want to feel useful.

      1. ” SJW’s want problems to solve but they don’t have any so they have to make them up.”
        I feel like, with some refinement, this would make a fine bumper sticker.
        It basically sums up the whole thing.

        1. not all of them are employed, so again, how can you be useful if you arent needed?

        2. People definitely need to “be useful”– to others. Live selfishly to make yourself strong. Then use that strength in service to other people (or ideals/code), if happiness is what you are looking for. Otherwise, all we wind up being is tourists through life, forever eating the sampler platter, and never getting to the main meal.

        3. My damn know-it-all wife always says that doing something for someone else is the best cure for depression, with exercise being a close second.

        4. Making the jump from living selfishly to service to others rarely works. Like communism it sounds great on paper. Also taking care of little versions of yourself isn’t doing much for “others” btw.

    5. Agreed. I got out of the Army when Iraq and Afghanistan were basically over. I’ll go back in as a reserve or NG officer if an actual war breaks out.
      Being in a peacetime Army is like playing for a football team that never plays any games. All you do is practice.

    6. Also, I think there is a laziness to physicians and psychiatrists. Just push pills and more pills and solve the problem quickly with chemicals. It’s easy and it pays.

    7. It is not just a “lack of challenge or struggle.” It is the fact that the challenges and struggles that we face on a daily basis, ultimately have no long-term meaning.
      Most of us struggle to pay the bills, to meet all of our obligations and responsibilities throughout the week, to prevent catastrophe in our lives day to day, moment to moment . But, all it amounts to is a maintenance of a precarious status quo – a status quo where despite the presence of struggle, no valor, honor, or courage is ever displayed. Just the relentlessness of the machines we have become, grinding our own gears towards failure.

      1. Yes, tread water like some desperate dog to maintain some mediocre, unsatisfying status quo. And if you endure a lifetime of stress, maybe you won’t live like a bum when/if you retire. Then again, you just might… So much is out of our control.
        Victory! My man, I think what you are describing that is missing from our lives is Victory. Not just meaningless victories, but ones that have real value and satisfy your soul deeply.
        The relentless grinding down of the middle class has taken economic victory away from most men and made us, if not losers, at least non-winners. Divorce has robbed men of victory in family life.
        We are left with what most men throughout history were left with – the persistent possibility of Spiritual Victory. Not easy to define. Not easy to achieve. Still, it’s something no man or government can take from you if you go down that road.

      2. That’s probably why many young men (myself included) indulge in and enjoy playing video games. Especially if it gives a feeling of adventure or can draw us into a tale of good and evil. In the back of our heads we know its not true victory or even real victory…but for the few hours we indulge….we get that sense of purpose in our manhood back…if only for a little bit. Only to return to the land of the living and become depressed once again.
        Just as a side note…watching the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie…I could see the interjection of blue pill ideas…but the movie pulled me in because it played on my inner desire to sail off and get into an adventure.

    8. Young Truman: I want to be an explorer, like the Great Magellan.
      Teacher: [indicating a map of the world] Oh, you’re too late! There’s nothing left to explore!

      1. In school, I had a former marine buddy who wanted the same thing. Dude was all PTSD messed up but all he wanted was to go back. He ended up with a law degree teaching at a poor as fuck high school and coaching sports.

        1. Reminds me of the scene in Sherlock Holmes when Watson meets Mycroft.
          “You are not haunted by the war, Dr. Watson, you miss it”.

    9. The body requires foreign pathogens to fight against, or it gets sick. This is the reason for rise of autoimmune disease in first world countries. We are too clean, too antiseptic so our bodies, having nothing to fight against turns on itself.
      Its the same with societies..when life gets too easy for too long, society turns on itself and gets insane.

    10. True, except this: “Humans aren’t genetically prepared to “win” all the time.”
      You don’t “win” without a fight. That’s merely a handout.
      That we are not winning at all is the problem.

      1. I tend to agree with you. In plain English… people need to be thrown a frickin bone once in a while.

    11. Who exactly is “winning” “all the time”? If by “winning”, you mean “not starving to death”, then OK… Otherwise though, millions of people have no health care. Millennials can’t own homes or have children. Fucking Donald Trump is president, pretty much just to keep that psychotic bitch Hillary from getting in (not that the president actually has the power anyway). This is basically the worst time to be alive in America. It seems to me that more people are “losing” than “winning”. And “losing” engenders escapism. Maybe YOU are “winning”. Congrats if you are.

    12. I don’t agree with this. War and strife is what causes depression. The reality is that we’re less social and less bonded as a community than ever before. And we’re heavily marketed/advertised towards and aggressively driven towards artificial consumption and competition. It’s just not sustainable. But i don’t agree with the “winning all the time” comment. I’m not winning shit. A lot of guys in their 20’s with no good job prospects (despite education), and dealing with hyper-feminization in women (so no good mates) are not winning anything at all. And we’re highly depressed because of it.

  6. Working in the club district, I think the blacks have got this figured out better than everyone else.
    Whites and Asians buy alcohol by the liter and get so fucking trashed they spend half the party puking their guts out. White dudes high on molly tweaking like electric shock patients in the EMS tent, rolled around like retards on wheelchairs. 40 year-old white women on steroids lookin like bright-orange comic-book super-villains. Hispanic gangs always find some excuse to start fights and throw chairs at other patrons. Asian foreigners flashing money to compete with the native old-money that drives up to the lakeside patio in giant decked-out yachts
    But the blacks… they show up… sneak onto the boulevard… smoke a spliff with the crew… order one or two bottles of Courvoisier… dance a little to the beat… throw all their napkins in the air… and chill out with the homies until it’s time to go home…

      1. Yeah some female bodybuilders and some ultra-tanned cougars with giant botox lips.. I saw some weird people this past weekend in particular.

        1. There’s an article from your barbackin days, when youve distanced yourself enough, you should write it

    1. I understand. Even in the correctional system, the black inmates will not take any psycho drugs. They love weed. Unfortunately, they also pull out guns and start shooting up the place.

      1. Weed can lead to paranoia and psychosis.
        It`s a pretty common sight in London,UK : Jamaican man in his 40s/50s walking around confused, talking to himself.
        That`s weed for you.

        1. What do you mean by that? What are you saying? Are you talking about me? I didn’t do it!!!!

        2. I’m glad. There are many strains of marijuana (go to any dispensary in Oregon or Colorado to see what I mean), and some are more paranoia-inducing than others.
          The paranoia strains are less pleasant, so it’s less likely to become a habit.

    2. It is because we socialize with our alcohol or drug use. Also being highly anti-crack and hard drugs, save for the gay community and maybe rappers with heroine and ecstasy, you won’t see black people participate in heavy drug use for a good time. Of course selling it is another story since there are always buyers. The idea of using a poison, to its excess instead of to better enjoy company, is dumb. Never understood it honestly.

    3. I guess it may be the case in most places, or at least where you work/live
      However, I think lots of American Blacks are using hard drugs. (particularly Crack cocaine) Visit Atlanta, Miami or any major Southern city.
      You probably don`t see them because you don`t go to places where they live/congregate.

      1. any proof? coke and heroin are pretty cheap these days. honestly havent heard anyting about crack in a long time

        1. CBCB
          I did not expect a comment from you.
          You must be very naive is you believe Crack did completely disappear from the drug market.

        2. Ive spent most of my life in NYC, being naive can have lethal consequences. I live in a “hot, up and coming neighborhood!” and its all coke/pot/H/ecstasy…hell, I just found out we had our first meth lab bust within the 5 boros a few months ago, imagine if that thing blew! would take a few city blocks with it!
          So again, I will this relatively innocuous question: Any proof crack is still a thing in the SE? I was genuinely curious

        3. Thankfully today you didn’t make any comments involving Haitian people and stds. That`s a start. There is still hope for you.

        4. hope for me? coming from the guy who said 95% of this site might like to party with white sheets on?
          This site is getting weird for me- if I said 95% of people over at theroot were black nationalists who hated white guys, I would be banned immediately. This guy continues to troll this site however

        1. Meth is NOT “hillbilly heroin”; that would be oxycontin (aka “oxy”). Meth is “crack for crackers”. Just trying to keep facts in order.

    4. My school drinking buddy was one of the ‘least rich’ asian students. I enjoyed listening to him shout drunk shanghainese into his phone in the middle of a bunch of confused midwesterners. Half the time I had to sign his receipt for him. I think we attended a Liquor School with a growing Law problem. Anyway, he eventually cleaned up and went through with his arranged marriage and raised his own family in NYC. He turned out just fine…but it was definitely social pressure that did it.

  7. Rel writes another great (and in this case and others) very timely piece. I have, and am sure many of you guys have had as well, many friends and family members who due to legit chronic pain, are prescribed painkillers for legit severe medical problems. Can it and does it turm into abuse in some cases? Yes, of course it can and does. Do some people who abuse it use it to escape America’s largely rotten culture/lack of sexual or family creation options/the soulless corporate slave grind, etc.? No doubt. It is oftentimes sad when good people with legitimate problems get caught in a veritable death spiral as a result, as well as infuriating and pitiful when some idiot recreational drug users snort copious amounts of oxys up their noses, hence giving a flimsy justification for Big Brother GuvPoliceState, Inc. to expand the insane drug war and crack down on yet a new class of substances. But with the mainstream media beating the war drums and moron politicians trying to look “tough” before the electorate, it looks as though people in actual severe pain will be the ones who inevitably suffer, not to mention logic and common sense. Surprised?

    1. Yep, oddly enough, the people who will get hurt most by the opioid “crisis” are the people that actually need them the most.

  8. I know a lot of people who take pain pills and think they are perfectly safe because a doctor gave them to them, not realizing there’s nothing safe about taking heroin. It’s works out for both sides, big pharma makes a killing selling expensive addicting drugs then law enforcement gets funding to find all the addicts big pharma created selling heroin in pill form.

    1. Right you are. It is sad to see people in their 50’s who were given percs and oxy’s for back pain and are now having to go to the street to get heroin.There is something in these drugs and it’s not the opiate. I had severe spastic back pain and a friend gave me two oxy’s. I split them in half and took the half pills over three days. After three days I started to sweat, feel nauseated and generally unwell. I couldn’t figure it out and then I realized that despite such a low dose over several days, I was having withdrawal symptoms. Scared the crap out of me!!! It’s just my opinion, but there is something in those pills that immediately hooks you.

      1. Highly likely you are right. It has long been known since cleaning the streets of drug lords, big pharmacy has mad a killing off of drugs being misplaced or unnecessary prescriptions being issued by doctors. Best drugs are easily in the hands of licensed professionals.

        1. 8 years total to become a doctor only to see yourself become the pusherman. Another big bust here recently- an 80 yr old Dr Feelgood. Is he divorced? What does an old man need with all that drug money? Felt like he misspent his youth?

      2. The reason you got those symptoms with such a low dose was that you split the pill. Oxycodone pills are never supposed to be split.

        1. I just googled “can you split an oxycodone pill?” and the jury is out on that one Mr. KnowItAll. The point is, three pills gave me withdrawal symptoms which leads me to believe that, in fact, there may be something else other than just an opiate at work here. The Gooberment and big farma thought that coating the pills so they couldn’t be crushed or smoked or injected would solve the problem. Well guess what, our problem is bigger than ever now.

        2. The jury isn’t out, That is the National Institute of Health, which is pretty fucking reputable…
          “The point is, three pills gave me withdrawal symptoms which leads me to believe that, in fact, there may be something else other than just an opiate at work here. ”
          Why? Some opioids are fucking powerful. Take a look at this:
          Those are their respective lethal dosages, so a high concentration pill of many opioids could very easily lead to withdrawal.
          “The Gooberment and big farma thought that coating the pills so they couldn’t be”
          They aren’t coated so you can’t do that, they are coated because the coating causes a slow release of the medication, which your dumb ass completely ignored.

      3. You absolutely can’t become addicted to any opioids in 3 days unless you have been a full blown addict before, then the neural pathways for that addiction have already been laid. Otherwise, it takes at least 3 weeks of daily use to establish a physical dependency. What you were experiencing was a sort of “hangover”.

  9. I work in the correctional system and 90% of our “guests” are drug addicts. They are generally not from two parent stable homes. What’s your normal? Single mother/father, raised in foster care? Mom and dad are drug addicts and in jail. Mom rides the cock carousel and dad goes for any wet hoe hole around. What’s your normal? Let it burn and let’s start over again? How about this whole Narcan for everyone to stop drug OD’s. I had paramedics tell me that they go to the same house/apt three times or more a week to “rescue” these drug addicts. The nanny state is alive and well wasting tax dollar$ while hard working citizens try to raise a family, work and are bled dry by the Government. Stop it, let it burn down and maybe, just maybe we can start to rebuild.

    1. Actually drug addiction is interesting because it relates to what I described.
      Beating drug addiction is arguably a matter of higher brain function, since the parts of an addicts brain that keep it trapped there are the lower parts, in fact drug addiction arguably atrophies and destroys that part of your brain.
      Why do you think these addicts keep doing something that they know is wrong, and that they don’t even want to do?
      Think about it. Why would someone know something is wrong and bad intellectually and is destroying them and then keep doing it anyways?
      That right there shows you that there is alot more to the human brain than just the “rational” part.
      The mass majority of people have a serious cognitive deficit in that part of the brain and it’s only getting even worse, not better in modern times I believe.

      1. Understood Preston. Some never develop their cognitive function because of the environment they are born into and live within. Therefore, there is a higher amount of drug addicts from the lower margins of society because they have not been challenged by their familial environment. My parents gave us kids a good slap up the side of the head and said, “smarten up”. While my parents weren’t scholars, but they let us kids know that there were expectations of behaviour whether at the dinner table or in school.

    2. Except that the majority of drug related deaths aren’t even due to illicit drugs. Out of the 570 thousand who die annually, 480 thousand are due to tobacco, 31 thousand are due to alcohol, and 23 thousand are due to prescription opioids. Only 36 thousand people die a year from illicit drugs.

  10. I really could not give two shits about people who choose to engage in such self-destructive behavior. We have plenty of other problems in this country that need to be addressed instead.
    Not to mention my annual property tax bill just went up… how much of that is due to having to pay for free Narcan for junkies?

    1. Agreed. The only problem is that it is by and large white youths. Some are painting the picture that they are victims, but likely the same number of people would be drug abusers if things were well. They would ideally just be using drugs less to kill themselves and more in conjunction with their daily activities and raising children.

    2. Problem is the druggies are not in a vacuum. They affect their neighbors, your tax bill, your dating selection, your son’s dating pool. Maybe it would be better to set up those Chinese style opium houses to separate them, but until then, we have to deal with it.

      1. That’s why we need to let them all die off. The problem will solve itself.
        As for my children, I would be a failure as a parent if they considered a worthless junkie as potential dating material.

    3. oh boy aren’t you so morally superior? The majority of opioid deaths aren’t from “junkies” they are from people with legal prescriptions or who previously had a prescription.

        1. But it isn’t those peoples fault. They were in pain, the doctor then either 1) gave them too high of a prescription, or 2) pulled them off it to quickly, either way, it isn’t their fault, it is the doctor who is at fault.

        2. When it starts costing me money I don’t care whose fault it is. For those of us who work taxes are the single biggest expense and every time there’s some drug “crisis” we are forced to pay more and more and more.
          It never ends.
          Let them die.

        3. “it isn’t their fault, it is the doctor who is at fault.”
          Spoken like a true liberal….its always someone else’s fault. More victim culture bullshit.

        4. So you think it’s completely okay that someone with years of medical experience and training gives someone a dosage of something that will make them dependent? How the fuck is some layman supposed to know? They just want their pain to go away…

        5. Your lack of brain power is astonishing. You do realize to solve a problem you have to find the root, right? And that root is the doctors and drug companies.
          “For those of us who work taxes are the single biggest expense”
          So then you should want to solve the problem, right? Go after the medical companies.
          “It never ends. Let them die.” Except that wont fucking happen dumbass. People will steal if they need to get their drugs. As long as we let these drug companies do whatever the fuck they want, we will always have a drug problem.

        6. Just wanting your pain to go away versus becoming an addict is a large leap of lifestyle and lack of control.
          To blame someone else for a person’s lack of self control is absurd on its face.

        7. Seems like the common denominator in all this is the junkie.
          And if you want to pay more to deal with this problem then by all means open your own wallet and do it.

        8. You are the one who wants to pay more. You just fail to grasp long term investment. My solution may cost more in the near term, but in the long run your genius idea of just letting heroin users “die” will be dramatically more expensive in the increased crime costs.

        9. You keep seeming to think that they will simply die. Addicts wont, they will either significantly reduce their quality of life and/or increase income through odd jobs, stealing, etc. in order fund their addiction. Most addicts will do this a looong time before they OD, especially if they know the LD stats for whatever they are addicted to.

        10. If they overdose and we don’t give them free Narcan then the odds of them dying are very high.

        11. Again, not all of them will overdose. But okay? So they end up having to pay for it. Narcan really isn’t that expensive anyways, if you are going to complain about unnecessary things being payed for by tax payers, then complain about the 12 unneeded aircraft carriers, or old people who refused to have children and are banking off of Social Security and Medicare.

      1. Yes, I am morally superior.
        “The majority of opioid deaths aren’t from “junkies” they are from people with legal prescriptions”
        You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about or are being outright disingenuous. Go spend an evening in an Emergency room, asswad.

        1. Actually I do, the numbers I have are official NIDA statistics. 570 thousand people die annually from drug use, 480 thousand of which are caused by tobacco (completely legal), 31 thousand due to alcohol, 23 thousand due to prescription painkillers, and only 22 thousand from illicit drugs. So yes, by far the smallest killer is illicit drugs, and how of those people do you think started on a prescription? I don’t have the numbers, but my guess would be more than half.

        2. The people coming into ERs are far from typical Americans with a prescription abuse. These are the ghettos dregs that are found in their shit hole squatter cubes with needles stuck in their arms.
          They are young kids who steal prescription opioids from their friend’s mother’s medicine cabinets.
          They are trailer park trash meth addicts who overindulge in everything.
          people who smoke and drink alcohol ruin their own lives slowly while increasing insurance premiums for the rest of us. Junkies shoving trash into their bodies for a high ruin everything they come into contact with.
          I am morally superior to both and will judge them accordingly.

        3. Do you just keep repeating these stats over and over again? There is a gigantic illegal drug problem in this country and it is bankrupting this country and my country.

        4. Sure I will keep repeating them, because the fact is for how large the “illicit” drug problem is, the legal drug problem is much much bigger. And there in lies the problem, uptight conservatives like you don’t actually care about saving money, or lives, all they care about is feeling good, usually by putting “bad guys” in jail.

        5. Ironic how you are so against illicit drug users, yet you lack the self awareness that YOU illicitly used oxycodone!

        6. “The people coming into ERs are far from typical Americans with a prescription abuse. These are the ghettos dregs”
          Do you work at an ER? How much am I willing to wager that this ER is in a ghetto shithole? Well no fucking shit the majority of OD’s in a ghetto area will be thugs, but that doesn’t hold true for anywhere that isn’t a ghetto shithole. Predominantly white areas like Maine and and New Hampshire are taking the bulk of the epidemic that has been happening for the past few years, not ghetto areas.

        7. Oh no. They can stay out of jail, they just need to stop rescuing chronic drug users and abusers and let them die. Enough money is spent and wasted.
          Go away now (fart sound).

    4. Probably none of it. Still, I’d rather have junkies keep their own narcan on hand than have taxpayers footing the bill for the ambulance and the medics to do a house call. Either we pay for that through taxes somehow or through higher fees at the hospital so they can recoup their losses. Also, as I understand it, the junkies have to pay for their take home narcan. They don’t give that shit away like condoms.

  11. No we don’t have a spiritual problem actually.
    Yet again you keep focusing on the superficial side effects rather than going deep to the actual source of all of this.
    The real source is that the mass majority of humanity has an inferior primitive neurology with limited exceptions.
    Everything you are addressing at ROK only focuses on outward manifestations of that, rather than the real original source.
    Essentially humanity is a very primitive un evolved species, although it has a small amount of potential, however this mass nature is keeping it trapped in that state rather than evolving higher.
    Watch the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. The apes are only able to rebel after one of them becomes a test subject, named Cesar, who becomes radically more intelligent and mentally enhanced as the result of human animal experiments on Alzheimer’s drugs. This ape is then only able to cause a ape rebellion after he finds and releases the drug to other apes in a primate shelter where they are all being held in cages together.
    Essentially just like most of those apes lacked higher brain function, so does most of humanity.
    You can preach all day, it is meaningless.
    It is not a crisis of ignorance, it’s a crisis of neurology.
    The masses are simply executing a script, just like a program on a computer. The only way for that to not happen is what I described. You could also try to counter program too but currently that system and it’s distribution and rights is far superior to yours.

      1. Not exactly because the goal of society is more to perpetuate, rather than eradicate this phenomenon.
        I think anybody can look at western society and realize that the primary priority is not the highest elevation of humanity at all costs.

    1. Why do I feel like this is all a lead-up to a sales pitch for whatever cult you’re in…where you’ll initiate us into salvation through some bullshit form of ‘knowledge’.
      Gnosticism has been around forever. It’s not new. In fact, the West is through and through a gnostic society. Better living through technology, and plastics and pharmaceuticals!
      You’re just offering us more of the same shit we’re already choking on.

      1. Lol there is no “sales pitch” dude.
        And I’d argue that most people, possibly including you, are already in a cult, they just don’t know it yet.

  12. Why hasn’t the over-prescription of opioid painkillers and the treasure trove it’s brought to big pharma been brought up?
    But as for the “spiritual problem,” there isn’t going to be a solution from the elites, but there can be a solution from yourself. To quote Quintus, a revolution of the mind is needed. This means that not everyone can be saved, but you can do the best for yourself. The personal solution is to take up some old wisdom and live a life of great works and deeds, one which leaves a legacy behind and demands self-accountability.
    Perhaps it’s cliche in some ways, but no one who’s lived in such a way has fallen down rabbit holes like this. Fame may be one thing, but true glory, the renown of your name, demands accountability that famous people who’ve fallen often have lacked.

    1. The overprescribing of drugs and pharma is the covert administration of DEHTH BY POISONING. It has its roots in ancient matriarchal cultures that were run by BITCH RULE . Death by potion and intentionally spreading illness has always been a mianstay with the feral ungoverned female.
      IT IS an extension of ancient baby blood eating toxic alchemy – bad chemistry. In fact a woman’s pathologic chemistry, her physical body and animative energies are bad when she’s not bounded with governing male frequency and male energy fields. A woman functions well as a woman when she’s given a free range area that’s bounded and bordered by patriarch authority – kind of like a ‘funnel’ model where male gravitas inclines the woman to a matrix center, much like a cup or funnel with an adequately sized cushy and comfortable basin where the woman naturally thrives with the positive procreative female energies.
      But this big pharma – oyy. It’s nothing but woman witchiepoo ancient matriarchal culture potion pushing and bitch magic. The favored method of murder by females has always historically been poisoning.
      BIG PHARMA evolved post 1st wave feminism, when the ancient cultures of matriarchal bitch rule began to take hold in the west. We had the matriarchal ‘Amazonas’ baby eaters that spawned their evil bitch seed upon the ancient Aztecs.They went bitch up. Still the matrilineal ‘Miskita’ remain in the Honduran jungles. Fucking animals. The N.American indigenous tribes were matriarchal. All went bitch up. The ‘Muso’ bitch rule culture of China clashing with ancient ‘Sarmatians’ (Ukraine) and BOOM the super matriarch scourge of the perfidious Jew Ashki Feminist spawning was born.
      Worldwide there are tornados and cyclones of ancient matriarch big mouthed bossy bitch baby blood eating cultures rearing their heads. Man is also on the rise and the first call will be to throw the upshoot bitch goblins back into the wells. The forecast looks like squalls of old bitch seed cultures from hell in several locations worldwide.
      Big pharma will evaporate POOF when its matriarchal bitch sponsors are driven back to whence they came and their spawning grounds are turned over. They must be either walled or excommunicated back to their remote islands.

    1. I think we need more than that because the west had those in 1950 but look at what changed in 70 years.
      Obviously those men, even if they had it at one point, had no idea about how to actually create or maintain it.
      I think it was more a matter of circumstance rather than deliberateness.

    2. There is no such thing as “we as a nation” when talking about morality, virtues and self control/purpose/integrity. Those are solely the domain of each individual. Now true lots of people are down the wrong path, but it’s not “as a nation we have none”. The Amish, the Mormons, the Mennonites, many communities in the Midwest and “old” West would beg to differ with your blanket condemnation.

  13. I think the root problem is that America is a soulless place, and Americans are only physically human. American’s are really more like robots or automatons in the way they exist and are further dehumanized in the workplace. Sometimes, the “robots” break down, and you end up with drug overdose deaths. Sometimes they commit violence over trivial issues (e.g. getting a wrong order at a restaurant) when they “break down.”
    If you are one of the very few awakened men who live in America, my recommendation is to emigrate or cut yourself off as much as possible from mainstream American culture.

      1. No fault divorce and child support. It means children grow up without experiencing a traditional family structure so they can’t replicate it when they do grow up and search for happiness in all the wrong places.

      2. The consumerist mentality – this is not a slam against capitalism. It’s a slam against the state of mind that everything is a means to temporary pleasure/distraction, and everything is disposable. Especially people. Especially ourselves.

        1. Pushing back against that mentality has been the centerpiece of my entire value system as an adult. I call it “disposable world syndrome.”
          I refuse to live in a disposable universe of disposable people and things, to be briefly appreciated then discarded and never remembered or cared for again. But I realize that the majority of Americans live in exactly that universe.

      3. Materialism Spiritualism
        When we chucked off God, we embraced materialism and the notion that humans have value if and only if:
        1) they have material
        2) can produce material
        3) can provide pleasure to us.
        “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”

        1. It’s a pretty personal thing.
          Depending on what you want from your existence, I suppose He could be.
          Psalm 2:
          Why are the nations so angry?
              Why do they waste their time with futile plans?
           The kings of the earth prepare for battle;
              the rulers plot together
          against the Lord
              and against his anointed one.
           “Let us break their chains,” they cry,
              “and free ourselves from slavery to God.”

        2. Well, I’d definitely like to not go to hell…forever. That’s probably about as bad as it gets right?

        3. From my perspective, separation from God is pretty bad. It’s choosing the finite over the infinite and materialism over love.
          Like being stuck in an endless loop without newness, hope or intimate connection with others.
          On the other hand, a guy name Paul described the hope that comes with a connectedness to God like this:
          “No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
          and no mind has imagined
          what God has prepared
          for those who love him.”

        4. I actually see it in the opposite.
          I see the embrace of God as the death of infinity.
          Because I see God as requiring submission to ignorance.
          Isn’t that the whole point of God?
          That he is all powerful and you are inferior, and you should trust in him rather than seek understanding for yourself?
          To me there is a conflict in loyalty to truth and submission to God. It is hard to reconcile the two. Like the bible says, it is hard for a man to serve two masters.
          One of my biggest regrets in life is that I have so little life, so little time, and only so much I can ever explore comprehend and accomplish.

        5. Definitely, to each his own.
          My reading of the Bible, especially books like Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, is that seeking knowledge and understanding is greatly encouraged and is promised to brings blessing.
          But it’s tempered by the idea that finding wisdom and understanding outside of our creator is kind of fruitless. If he created us to be in communion with him, then that is the meaning of life. That is wisdom. It’s the whole “fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” idea.
          One interesting thing Jesus said is “I am the way, the Truth, the life.”. In other words, truth isn’t a thing, it’s a person.
          Knowing that E=mc^2 is wisdom. But if E=mc^2 is itself a physical construct created by God, then what is the deeper truth?

    1. There is nothing inherently ‘soulless’ about this place. People just condition themselves to be blind to seeing ‘souls’ in anything!

  14. First off, Christianity does not forbid drug use. America has historically had a massive problem with Alcoholism, how exactly is this any different? The vast majority of drug overdoses are PRESCRIPTION, not recreational.

      1. That is very true, and it could also be said that surgery is more viable now so people use more pain medications.

  15. Before I was in the church, I smoked tobacco and binge drank or went to the bars on the weekends. I would try to get friends to go play in the mountains, but people are inherently lazy in my opinion. They want to have fun, but without much effort. Alcohol or drugs is one of those ways. Easy up front, but you pay the full price later. Like the kids who grow up in front of a TV, they have no idea how to have fun otherwise.
    It was somewhat refreshing once I got into the church (absolutely no drugs or alcohol), they knew how to have fun outside of that. Lots of games and activities that I never was exposed to, more ambition to do outdoor activities. Lots of it was corny, but there were hot women being corny, so I didn’t care. Dumb games like “mafia”, “what if”, “mission impossible”, or “capture the flag” filled up lots of evenings.

    1. You are so right on this. I quit about two years ago and it took a toll on my social circle. I just lost all desire to be around drunks. What quitting really helped on was my relationship with my now-wife/then-girlfriend. We always did lots of wholesome things, but with no booze, we had to do even more activities together instead of just partying and engage each other completely in reality. I’d rather play a board game or walk the dog than drink until last call. I’m kind of puzzled by couples that still hit up the bars every weekend. What are they searching for or trying to escape from?

      1. if I had the power to write you into Game of Thrones, Iwould dub thee “Sir Gundog the Moose Slayer”. just sayin’

        1. Ha, unfortunately, I haven’t actually killed a moose yet, just caribou. After 8 years, I’m still learning the ropes. Most people don’t realize how much knowledge and skill is required to hunt big game. Also, the wife and I just can’t eat 500 lbs of meat by ourselves and you have to be freaking prepared to kill and transport one of those suckers. Maybe once there are some kids to help and I have some 4 wheelin’ man toys to help.

        2. Agreed, I took up hunting in midlife as it is part of my heritage. I never looked at deer hunters the same way again. That is some challenging stuff that takes dedication, and a good teacher. Esp on public land.

        3. Every guy who I’ve known to do this has found it extremely rewarding. Where I’m from, you’re given long holidays to go hunt. It can be done solitary or with a group of guys. You can also decide if you want to use a gun or do it on hard level with a bow.

      2. I would agree on the hit on your social circle, but then, you look at guys who continue to drink into old age and see their social circle. Short term loss, but long term gains.

    2. It was somewhat refreshing once I got into the church

      I found the same: I’d got tired of clubs and pubs and all of that garbage.
      And it was so much better to be able to hold a conversation with people who were sober enough to understand you, and without having to shout over the “music”…
      Innocent fun with good people is something which so many miss out on these days.

      1. Took be about 2 years from the time that I questioned the existence of God to the time that the good Mormon girls would look at me seriously. Sure, I would get first dates easily, but I was kind of an outsider as far as building real relationships.

        1. The kind of horrible truth is that former “badboys” get a lot more attention than lifetime churchgoers. Part of this has to do with greater alphaness, but they also haven’t been corrupted by feminist-leaning churchianity, and are aware of the fact that being close to Jesus does not equal lifting.
          They also could have more energy cuz sex.

    3. I know all about Mafia. Euchre’s a good one as well. Sadly, those days are over for the churches in my area. I remember when it was still like that in highschool. There’s not as much good will any more, just relentless competition.

  16. The current anglo culture is truly toxic. Ive lived in the 3rd world and I noticed the tranquility within me there. Less worries about materialism and about the future. People live for the day and actually know who their neighbours are. Its a joy to see everyone sitting outside in the evening time talking with each other and kids playing.
    There is an aspect of loneliness which has led me to certain drugs. I do them VERY infrequently but I use alcohol, psychedelics and will soon be starting testosterone.
    Not your typical drugs to get high, but drugs to make you feel more alive in a a dead world.

  17. The manosphere is so disconnected from reality that this sentence doesn’t even raise an eyebrow: –> “society frowns upon straight men pursuing sexual satisfaction with straight women both culturally and legally.”

      1. Lulz, pretty much the only reason that chick is here is to frown upon straight men pursuing sexual satisfaction with straight women.

        1. Does your mother still insert objects into your anal cavity for a “feminine” experience?

        2. The last time anything felt that forced was the night Uncle Freddy broke you in – am I right?

        3. Yeah, look how I immediately started talking about people shoving things in anal cavities. Wait, that was you.

  18. Well I battled with suicide for sometime I think therapy and god helped me out of that sad state.

    1. If there is a legitimate need for certain drugs, that is great. Problem is, I think they are over-prescribed at times and cause further damage down the road. Not a black & white issue.

      1. I do not disagree the use of drugs in treatments is over used to the point of outright abuse in exchange for profits.

        1. We used to have neighbors on welfare, they were constantly making trips to the ER for “back aches” in order to get pain medication. Must have cost the taxpayer a million dollars a year to support them and their habits. No doubt there is a legitimate need at times, but the level of fraud is out of hand.

        2. Because of the increase of “pharma-shoppers”, as they are labeled, many ERs are beginning to hold back on pain killer usage. Its going to become reserved for those incidences where its obvious that a pain medication is required, like broken bones and lacerations.
          The days of Shaniqua and Deray getting pain meds for “head aches” in the ER are coming to an end…it will be considered racist and discriminatory by leftists for certain.

  19. If alcohol was invented today, it would be illegal for the public to produce/sell/consume it. And for a good reason.

    1. I wonder. That’s an interesting hypothesis. If nothing else if it appeared out of nowhere today it would be HEAVILY regulated…

      1. Note that GMO foodstuffs are unregulated because they’re essentially “grandfathered in.” There is correlation to suggest that the new strains of wheat are more prone to inducing gluten-intolerance in consumers, but there is no actual research on the subject.
        Meanwhile, they came close to regulating Kratom in the US because, despite being a “natural plant substance with a long history of consumption” (an FDA rule protecting GMOs), it was “new”.
        In that light, of course they would regulate the absolute crap out of alcohol. They already regulate distilleries and prohibit the production of spirits at home, after all.

        1. and why was kratom banned again? pretty sure it was bc it helped addicts ween themselves off opiods/opiates, right?

        2. Good news, it wasn’t banned. But, yes, my understanding is that the opioid-weaning properties were what prompted the ban.
          Another great example is drugs like Modafinil. It’s a prescription drug that had an amazing willpower- and focus-promoting property without the stimulants inherent in Ritalin and the like, but you can only legally get it for “sleep shift disorder”.

        3. I heard of some experimental drug that renders the corpus colussum to be semi conductive, no longer an insulative sheet separating the left and right brain. It produces a ‘solid brain’ with direct contact transer of neuro signals between left and right hemisphere. Whales have a solid brain but humans have left-right signals diverted through the cortex which restricts neuron flow down to 13%. It’s a ‘choke’ or governor and is part of a genetically engineered package including the corpus colussum which was encoded into Earth man so he could be programmed for a function – to colonize and extract gold from the terrain. 100% brain function would be maddening if it were sudden and not gradual. It would require therapudic training to use a full brain in increments.

        4. Kratom is ubiquitous and widely advertised in WA State, but normally at tobacco shops, China-Towns , etc.

    2. Those of you who are up to speed on scripture can correct me if I’ve got this wrong, but doesn’t Jehovah give Noah the recipe for wine in Genesis, after the Flood?
      Without the ancient discovery of alcohol, countless numbers of people would have died from drinking contaminated water. Booze saves lives.
      So, yes: I’m sure the government would be chomping at the bit ban it, if it were discovered today.

      1. It doesn’t say that God gave him the recipe, merely that Noah planted a vineyard and got drunk one night. Wine could well go back all the way to Adam.

        1. That is because wine forms naturally from grapes. The yeast lives normally on the skin of the grape (all grapes). When you crush the grape to extract the juice, if you let the skin stay in contact with the juice it will start to ferment. Store the fermenting grape juice for a bit and you get wine without any supernatural intervention needed. Now, how did stone age primitives in Mexico develop Chocolate is another issue.

      2. The water wasn’t safe thing is a myth. Fresh water is generally safe to drink and even if it isn’t, it can simply be boiled. Grape juice automatically starts fermenting, so until Welch’s all grape juice was wine.

  20. Social media plays a key role too. I’d welcome an EMP from the sun to see every chip get fried and render the global village useless.

    1. If its any consolation, the black hole sun Chris Cornell sang about is supposed to happen late this august

    2. Social media? You mean the thing you made your anti-social media post on? Not ironic at all.

  21. Any true Christian that commits adultery would kill themselves as per the laws of Christianity. The spiritually devoid would seek to rebel against the laws of God, these vile hypocrites that infest this area.

    1. Is that why Jesus told the adultress to “go and sin no more”? We are told to repent, in doing so, we bring life out of our spiritually dead selves.
      edit: Christ is who brings life out of us if we put in the effort

        1. Justice and mercy are two sides of the same coin. Justice is the full application of the Law, and no man can live to that measure. However, God who is rich in mercy, gave his son’s life as a propitiation for our sin, and raised him up so that we might also be resurrected.
          Justice was satisfied by propitiation, which was made in mercy. There is a story of a judge who had a young woman in his court for a massive speeding fine. The judge laid out the law and the evidence and sentenced her to the full fine, then took off his robe, walked over to the bailiff, and paid his daughter’s fine.

        2. Honestly, I dig your posts. And, if you have a newsletter, I would like to subscribe

        3. Is not repentance is a prerequisite to mercy? If so, what of those who insist upon their evil? This would include a large portion of this site’s users, as well as the owner himself. Showing mercy to criminals has the result of increasing crime in a population. It is not practical. You are referring to mercy in the next world. I am referring to earthly matters, which are subject to laws Created by God Himself.
          Individual matters are relatively irrelevant. What matters is policy on a systemic basis, and systemic results.

        4. There is a good story about Justice and Mercy. Short version:
          A guy takes on a debt to buy a house. In doing so, he signs a contract that he will pay the debt or be sold into slavery. As the years go by, he fritters away his money, and eventually the contract comes due. The banker (Heavenly Father), wants justice, the debtor (you and I) want mercy. So here we are, one pleading for mercy, the other justice. Neither can happen without sacrificing the other…….
          The guy happened to have a wealthy friend who came in. This man (Jesus Christ) goes up to the banker and says “I can pay his debt for him, I will pay the debt, and you will be justly dealt with. You can ask nothing more” The banker agrees. He then goes to his friend and says “if I pay your debt, will you accept me as your creditor? I will not be easy, but it will be possible” He agrees.
          Justice and mercy have both been extended. The banker was justly dealt with, and the guy was extended mercy. It took a third party to pay the price, and the guy to owe allegiance to him.

        5. It is a matter of earthly vs heavenly matters. The determinant of the destination of Heaven and Hell are quite different of those between freedom and prison, or the death penalty. But, Divine Law dictates both: an eye for an eye can be forgiven if the injured party wishes so, but forgiveness for crimes will not always happen. A systemic policy is required, rather than occasional exceptions of mercy, when it comes to earthly matters, or else earthly crime will increase.

        6. In Christian doctrine, we are taught that there are none who seek after the true God of their own accord. All men are sinners, and as sinners we stand in opposition to God. Therefore, we could not (by our natures) repent. However, God has shown us mercy and not only made a way by which we might be saved through Christ, but also brought us to Him (the Greek word describes the act of water being drawn from a well).
          God showed his love for us in this: while we were sinners, Christ died for us. Mercy came before repentance. In the same way, we Christians share the Gospel of mercy to unrepentant men, so that by hearing they might believe and come to repentance.
          Even so, in this world there are wicked men who have seared their consciences, so that being shown mercy they will merely sin all the more. For this reason, in matters of justice men seek indicators of repentance before we show mercy. Christians are taught to love our enemies, do good to those who persecute us, turn the other cheek, and the like, but these teachings rebel against the ways of our sinful flesh. Therefore, we fail to extend the mercy and love we have received at all times, but we are forgiven these failings.

        7. I am a fairly secular fellow, but this is a lovely, tightly written bit of moral theology.

        8. It is a matter of earthly vs heavenly matters.

          Spot on.
          Jesus came to save men from eternal damnation. Not from earthly punishments.
          For instance, the Bible mandates the death penalty for murder. …And that applies to all humanity, as it was part of the Noahic Covenant.
          The Western world congratulates itself on its “enlightenment” in abolishing the death penalty: in my native land (the U.K.), one can commit murder, spend ten years in an overcrowded holiday-camp, all expenses paid, and be free to go out and kill again. In the half-century since capital punishment was abolished has skyrocketed. As you say, lax laws mean that crime pays — and if crime pays, then crime will proliferate.

      1. Any true Christian that commits adultery has fallen prey to the body of death. Though the Spirit has given him a new life (for we were dead in our transgressions and sins), we have yet to receive the glorification that will come on the Last Day. So we sin, and the Spirit which has given us life calls us to repentance.

  22. Let them die, let the wheat be separated from the chaff. People so weak shouldn’t pass on their genes to begin with.

    1. Unfortunately, these drug addicts fuck and breed like rabbits. Every pregnant women in county jail is a drug addict with the unborn swimming in a toxic amniotic drug stew. Real great way to start out life. Most of them don’t know who the daddy is because they were too stoned to remember. Job security, gotta love it!

  23. It’s because they’re a bunch of fucked ass losers like you who can’t get a girlfriend : )

      1. Cops and firefighters always want to pretend to be big tough men. Funny how they want to be thought of as heroes when their job amounts to pulling white citizens over for going 5 mph over the limit or writing tickets for parking violations. They sure don’t want to go to the hood and encounter PCP fueled nigga zombies who can take 10 shots to the chest and still keep coming.

      2. I’m a traditional guy, anti homo, and I don’t give a shit about you or anyone else. Try a better and more accurate insult next time.

      3. Oh, there are lots of guys with hot girlfriends who adore them. You’re just not one of them ; )

        1. I can’t bust your bubble. You seem happy to be girlfriended. I don’t call mine ‘girlfriend’. I call mine ‘breeder women’. I haven’t called them by name in days. I just say “hey”. Otherwise it’s ho. Or “hey-ho”. It’s a southern euphamism. Well, keep on gaming your girlfriend right, any hole, any time, anywhere and she’ll keep adoring you so long as you don’t become her bitch. And I’ll be proud of you when you make her into the sammitch.

        2. You’re making it all up as you go along. I’ll bet you 100 USD in bitcoin you can’t even get laid tonight. Fatties and fuglies don’t count.

  24. If people are overdosing, let them go. Survival of the fittest. Narcan shouldn’t be over the counter. Let em go

    1. So, keep narcan as something that only emt’s can administer? That makes a lot of sense. Then we have ambulance and emergency room bills the junkies can’t pay. Brilliant. Are you thinking leave them to die? Can’t do that. Lawsuits. Are you thinking just dont go to overdose calls? You don’t know if it’s an overdose till you get there. I think you are letting you emotions cloud your judgement. Take some anti-estrogens or something.

  25. There is talk of “Boomercide” though it’s not couched in the manner of “take this horrible generation that destroyed western civilization and exterminate them” so much.
    And now I know why. Nobody needs to. This trend is nothing but the present point of the vector that the most narcissistic self-absorbed “me generation” has been on since the “revolution of 1968”.
    If we really want to clean the country out of that loser generation and free up assets, job positions, and de-weaponize democracy, just legalize all hard drugs and the boomers will remove themselves from the game. Easy peazy.

    1. I think you are mistaken. It wasn’t the Baby Boomers who messed it all up. It wasn’t the Silent Generation. nor even the WW2 Generation (The Greatest Generation). The current reality was brought into existence by what is called the “Lost Generation,” those who served in WW1 and were born between 1880 and 1900. Think of Eisenhower (who forced desegregation and integration – born 1890) and Clement Atlee (Labour Prime Minister after Churchill who pushed for the right of all British Commonwealth citizens to have the right to move to Britain – born 1883). Both Or think of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, put forth by Emanuel Celler (born 1888). Those responsible for the current paradigm were born 125 years ago and died 50 years ago or so.

      1. I personally blame mothers against drunk driving. The drinking age being forced up to 21; …. now no males/females in bars or anyone learns to socialize. Its iphone world .Add this to liberal schools and you have a mess. Kids now don’t start to socialize until after they are in the workforce and don’t have a pot to piss in with globalization….by that point kids are 26-30 years old then being to start to think marriage or raising a kid in this liberal sesspool is not such a good idea. It goes down from there.

      2. could be but the baby boomers certainly didn’t do their part in changing the status quo. they looked the other way full stop. my mom was a teacher…i’ve already gotten her to admit that the schools were indoctrination centers and she recalls having to reserve her better judgement on many, many occasions throughout her teaching years.

        1. We all know that the schools are there to indoctrinate and not educate. That is why homeschooling has taken off and why homeschooled children far out pace their government educated cohorts in all tests.

      3. Or the Great Society pushed by LBJ, born 1908. This is the moment when the ghetto started a swift decline. Once women could ditch their men and get paid for it marriage was doomed. No-Fault divorce was put in place in 1969 by Ronald Reagan, born 1911.

    2. I was born at the peak of the baby boom. I was 13 in 1968. Exactly what could I have done to stop what ever revolution you feel was going on then?

  26. our whole way of life seems empty and void . Some are catching on though that material things are not giving us the satisfaction that we are looking for, that is why a lot of the stores are closing , people are not fulfilled with buying more and more useless stuff.

    1. It is void and empty.. The american way of life for most people is 45 years of work and then die off. There isn’t any American culture. There are no ballroom dances or partying or anything that remotely resembles a traditional or even functional – we are in it together, fun society…. We all live in a dog eat dog world where libs pile more deadbeats on us. We have our 1 thanksgiving meal and 1 xmas day interrupted by the god of consumerism. We all work 52 weeks a year and if you take a week off your employer looks at you like you don’t have enough work to do. No- society is a complete pile of shit with fat woman on every corner. Religion is gynocentric- and hates the male while making sure females have zero responsibility in any relationship.
      What do you have?
      -The average marriage last 8 years. 50% divorce. 50% are unmarried.
      -35% of females are overweight- which means no normal man will want to fuck with a bowl of fat rolled goo.
      -66% of females would rather read a book than fuck their husband.. .
      So marriage is basically – 1 x .50 x.35 x.66 … = a 1 in 10 chance of success… thats before you add the bitchy woman or the woman who thinks she can spend you into oblivion.
      So you end up single- and do your own thing. MGTOW for life with occasionally fucking woman knowing full well that society is royally fucked and you go down if you don’t take care of yourself.

      1. Easter has been repackaged as Christmas spending part II- not sure if you have noticed this

        1. Good Friday is a day where you get 20% off and encouraged to go buy some worthless fucking trinket for your “glorious” home and your fat ass bitchy wife. I thank God that I am single and free -8 years and counting.

    2. our whole way of life seems empty and void

      Solomon wrote of this in Ecclesiastes.
      A few verses…
      …vanity of vanities; all is vanity.
      I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.
      There is one alone, and there is not a second; yea, he hath neither child nor brother: yet is there no end of all his labour; neither is his eye satisfied with riches; neither saith he, For whom do I labour, and bereave my soul of good? This is also vanity, yea, it is a sore travail.
      When goods increase, they are increased that eat them: and what good is there to the owners thereof, saving the beholding of them with their eyes?
      And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her.

    3. Are people really consuming less, or is online sales just killing the bricks & mortar stores. The generation that grew up with the www loves online and whatever is cool in tech/startups and the online world. If the rest of the year is like the first qtr Amazon will have $180billion in revenue, and thats just one online retailer..albeit the biggest.
      I still think shopping and showing off their new lifestyle is ingrained in the aspirations of many. More people and marketing budget$ than ever are trying to convince you to buy their shyte. Where I live a number of retail chains have shut down over the past year. It is a tough business sector to be in up against online competitors coupled with people having lower discretionary spending as wage growth has flat lined (they have not got more spiritually aware).

  27. Modern liberalism offers no future to the young, the modern liberal does not create a happy home for children nor seek a better life for himself, modern liberals just rot on the vine and do their best to make everybody else around them as miserable and pathetic as they are.

    1. Now if heroin meth or dope made you more productive they wouldn’t be so bad. Cocaine wasn’t so bad in that regard if you kept it under control.

  28. Cocaine is for real men, weed is for pajama boys.
    In all seriousness; Heavy drug users that tax the local 9-11 system and emergency rooms across the nation should be allowed to die. They chose their drug and all the risks associated with it. That I am somehow suppose to subsidize heroin addicts with methadone clinics and increased hospital bills along with increased police state and neighborhood crime is madness.
    I am waiting for vigilantism to begin making a real foothold in our country. Surveilling, intercepting and “ridding” local drug dealers from your community won’t be seen by the locals as a problem. There will be no tears shed.

    1. The dealers only exist because of the junkies. Get rid of the demand and the supply will go away.
      Bonus – getting rid of the demand also gets rid of the crimes committed by the same to fuel their self-destructive habit.

      1. Why not attack the issue from both ends? Rid yourself of both the criminal and user element of the community.
        Trying to clean-up junkies is tougher than shoving a gun in the face of a known drug dealer while taking his cash, car and gun and dumping his product down the sewer.
        Just saying.

        1. Dealing with the supply side has been how the War on Drugs has been fought from the beginning. Outside of not reducing demand, it restricts supply and drives prices up further. This means the junkies have to commit more crimes to pay for their self-destructive habit. On top of this, the drug trade is so lucrative that even if one supplier is taken out eventually another takes its place.
          Conversely, without demand for drugs, there’d be far less incentive to produce and sell drugs.
          The junkies are the cause of this problem.

        2. I’m not disagreeing with you. My point is if dealers find it difficult to do business in a town of woke vigilantes giving them trouble, both the dealers and users will move elsewhere and eventually be cornered in ghettos where they belong.
          While its true that the war on drugs has been a failure, providing “rehab” and counseling for users is also a failure, up to 60% of attempted rehabilitation ends in relapses.
          First we save suburbia and rural communities. The urban and ghetto dealers and users will always be urban and ghetto. But at least they will be contained and users will need to travel to already gutted and rotting neighborhoods instead of creating new ones in rural America.

        3. A town full of vigilantes has few if no users since vigilantes are rarely users themselves. There was once a true vigilante spirit even among public educated kids. We used to talk all the time in grade school of the neat things we could do with dope dealers and scoundrels. Torture wheels, you name it.The class was all white with mostly two parent families. All they seem to teach today is tolerance, reducing the pain of living, comfort and euthanasia for all and suicide along with genderlesness. It’s no wonder so many x-ers and y-ers say shit like “I don’t want to raise any child in this painful world”. That sounds like a woman. Shit women eat pain during the birthing process. That’s what they need and they need a strong man’s arm to keep them spanked straight. And more men need to be vigilantes and teach the vigilante spirit to their sons.

        4. I recently came back from three weeks in the Philippines. They have a new president, Duterte, who has gotten serious about drug crime. Everyday in the papers there were articles about the shoot outs between police and drug suspects over the prior 24 hours. Surprisingly, none (as in zero) of the drug suspects survive these shoot outs. Several of the shoot outs involved barangay captains (think Chicago aldermen). Mayors of some smaller (so far) cities have also ended up dead or in prison. There are also a number of reported random killings where the victim were known drug king pins. The method is two guys on a motorcycle in horrible impassible traffic where the one ridding pillion shoots the guy several times, usually at least from short range into the head, and then flee through traffic. They never get caught.
          I think this is starting to have an effect, and seems to work better than seizing their property or imprisoning them.

        5. So, quit cutting out the supply, drive the price into the basement, and let the addict off themselves by OD’ing. Simple solutions usually work.

        6. I’m all for ending the War on Drugs completely and legalizing all drugs. At the very least a junkie who sincerely wants help won’t have to risk a criminal conviction in getting it.

        7. Drug dealers don’t fear police, the police have rules. Dealers are incarcerated for a short amount of time while their business is held together by proxy and while in prison they get stronger by making more connections.
          Dealers can only fear for their lives and their business if the locals act randomly and viciously. We’ll see how it pans out in America. But men without options watching their communities wither from the effects of drugs will have impetus to take action, especially if government continues to be as ineffective as it is regarding just about everything.

      2. So, what do you suggest? Just stand all the junkies next to a long pit, plant a round in their forehead, kick their corpses into the ditch, shovel some dirt on them & call it a day? China used to execute opium addicts. Wanna be like China?

    2. Very true. Paramedics and EMS rushing to the same residence numerous times to Narcan an overdoing junkie. The time has come to say ‘ENOUGH”.

    3. As a prior tobacco user (Quit at age 21) let me add that heart patients (I am one as of age 47), emphysema patients, and lung cancer patients who smoked, and especially if they still smoke, should also be just allowed to die as the result of their choices. But then we have the single mothers by choice living off the rest of us who don’t suffer from their bad choices (only the rest of us, especially their children, suffer from their bad choices.)

      1. Single mothers are a blight to our nation. They should be shamed outright. Any man that would date or marry a single mother should also be shamed and mocked.
        Public shaming and humiliation is what a culture does to keep its civilization in harmony. Asking the government or even the church to do this is folly. Its an individual and community effort outside of institutions to correct culture with bullying.

        1. Those who do it seem to get painted now as being less enlightened and of lower intellect. You’ll get shammed for shamming these days.

  29. I’ve noticed in the last year a lot more white men limping around my apartment just outside of DC. At first I thought “Great, more guys who probably crippled themselves with irresponsible behavior demanding government benefits”.
    However, the other day it occurred to me “are they shooting up heroin?”.
    I remember being told over a decade ago that the reason why heroin addicts are stereotyped for limping is because they shoot up between their toes. It gets infected and then they limp.
    I’m wondering if that is what is going on.
    Also, while I agree with much of the article, part of the problem is that it looks an awful lot like SJWs infected the medical profession and said that pain had to be treated when once upon a time you were told to just deal with it. Dr Drew rants and raves about it all the time with Adam Carolla. I wish that I could remember his exact argument but google is not helping.

    1. That’s right in line with my comment above. The news rags are full of the “ooh noo we’re facing an epidemic” bullshit. The editorial pages are all defeatist like “what can we do?”. Just once I’d like to see a front page headline like:
      “Villagers and civic leaders round up a magnificent pile of dope dealers over the weekend and arrange a spectacular ‘Ulfberht valknut’ in the town plaza:

      1. The population of the Philippines got to that point. The “extra judicial” killing now going en masse are the result. Our politicians are doing everything they can to stop it, but the people of the Philippines are down right ecstatic about it. They were being terrorized by the drug gangs that are now being hunted down and killed.

  30. Unfortunately, your last statement sums it up perfectly – “To end the drug addiction/mass drug abuse death issue, treat the root causes rather than the symptoms. That won’t be as profitable, though. So it will never happen.” – ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.
    There are so many ways to enrich our lives, and you’ll have such a huge advantage over others if you just stay the hell out of the medical system and the penal system.

  31. to avoid hysterical sensationalism and stay realistic, all mentioning of “drugs” in this article should be replaced with “opiates”. most of other so-called “drugs” are not any more dangerous than alcohol.
    the opiates epidemic in the States is a relatively new thing – and the unusually enormous death toll is solely attributed to opiates.
    i’m surprised that this particular author didn’t mention it – as he himself knows it very well and has a very reasonable and commendable approach to the topic:

    1. Prescription based opiates or are we talking heroin? I thought heroin’s time as the in drug was back in the 70s when it came in from SE Asia. I thought meth was the cheap drug of choice sweeping through rural America.
      I agree with someone above that they are the weak in society and oh well too bad, but at the same time it is a reflection on society if drug use is at record levels (I don’t know if it is…60,000 in a population of 325 million is a drop in a bucket). The gap between the haves and have nots is as big as ever and upward mobility is quite low despite the rhetoric from some that anyone can make it rich it in amurica. If those people in middle rural america and the fringes of the big cities had jobs with reasonable pay and a future with prospects and a strong family/neighborhood network I am sure many less would turn to drugs to tune out. If it wasn’t heroin would it not be booze instead. I really dont think the US govt of any stripe really cares about the underlying reason why it might have so many drug users, rather it will be pitched as a need to get tougher on crime.

      1. When it comes to the recent unprecedented death toll, it’s mostly due to heroin (as well as fentanyl and other opiates, prescription or otherwise). You’re right that up until recently heroin was all but marginal and nearly forgotten drug since 70s. Its return to mainstream in the States is something unheard of (look it up).
        As nasty and dangerous meth and hard alcohol can be, their death toll is negligible compared to most opiates.

        1. I dont think there is a big direct death toll when it comes to meth or alcohol, but indirectly I think its otherwise. When taken to excess or to the point where the person has to rely on them to function at a somewhat normal level, they are nasty addictions and take a big toll on the health & welfare of the person, and ultimately will contribute to a death before their time, though it wont appear as their cause of death.
          Just read an article talking about heroin’s rise over the last decade (mostly with whites, poor & middle class), and it seems it piggybacking on the rise in prescription opoid use and also the subsequent crackdown on them. Its opposite in the UK with use down.

  32. Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. Revelation 9:21 (KJV)
    καὶ οὐ μετενόησαν ἐκ τῶν φόνων αὐτῶν, οὔτε ἐκ τῶν φαρμάκων αὐτῶν, οὔτε ἐκ τῆς πορνείας αὐτῶν, οὔτε ἐκ τῶν κλεμμάτων αὐτῶν.
    Note that “sorceries” is the translation of φαρμάκωνpharmakōn

    1. That word also means ‘poison’ and/or ‘medicine’ based on context in Greek.

  33. Drugs are not the problem; they’re only a symptom. Those who abuse drugs are spiritually bankrupt. How does this happen?
    I recall, when I moved to Southern California in 1988, the price of housing was sky-high and rising. I read an article in one of the local papers that addressed this point. Basically, the writer stated that it is almost hopeless for a kid to graduate high school, work, and save enough money to buy a home in a couple of years. And a new car? For the average kid! Forget it.
    Even graduating college, which was a sure-fire route to success “once-upon-a-time”, no longer held much value. Why? Well, about 60% of the waiters and waitresses in America have college degrees. But they are not working in the field they majored in. Wasted time. Wasted money. Student loan debt to repay….
    So, to make a long story short, the scene in America, for many to most, is hopeless. No future to look forward to. Various sports championships if your team wins is the high-light of the year. But no real prospects, no matter how hard you work, of ever having a life you look forward to waking up to.
    The MegaMillions jackpot is big tonight. Buy a ticket. Maybe you will win.
    Fuck. Who am I kidding. You know that shit ain’t gonna happen for you.
    Get some sleep. Tomorrow you’re gonna need it.
    Good article. Sad but true.
    Who profits from the drug war?
    Follow the money.
    Words smear shit all over the world. But action never lies.

    1. Fucking exhausting, I know. Everybody is plugged in somewhere. I just want a family. I took a friend to the hospital by the mall today. Two hour wait. I went to the mall. Where the fuck are all the girls like in the posters at the mall? They’re not at the fucking mall, I’ll tell you that. I had one or two girls make eye contact. I had a girl try to sell me something by telling me, “Come look at this. I have something I want to show you.” It was the second time in my life, at age 35, that I’ve had a girl initiate a conversation with me. Scouts honor, I’m not fuck ugly or any of that. I know girls don’t initiate, but the cute saleswoman (who I denied) knew what gets a man’s attention, and you know what? Not only do women know what a man wants to here, and not only do they withold it; they withold themselves. They’re all waiting for someone they’re expecting, or told they need to spend more time alone, be more independent. It’s a fucking lie. For real happiness they need to learn how to go out and look for the other half of something good. That’s what the Christian God tells girls to do. Why aren’t the malls full of Christian women. There were like 3 unatatched WB’s in the whole place.
      …I guess they’re all out fucking overdosing.

      1. I hear you!
        I reclaimed my Christianity recently. Let the haters be damned.
        The vibe I get is God wants me to enjoy the rest of my life.
        I’m not a ladies man, PUA, Casanova, or any of the other shit society pretends to look up to in a man. But women initiate conversations with me about half-a-dozen times a week. Why? Hell if I know.
        Man, I say try to build a good legacy for yourself. And enjoy your life. If you’re married or going steady, if she loves you, good for you.
        Most bitches are just like most males. They looking for something to make them feel good, even if it kills them.

      2. Bit of a rant here. Rust belt Ohio is bad. Really bad. Worse than commonly believed. It’s gotten to the point I actually miss having coke head clients. The coke heads still had an intact mental ‘input-output’ I guess you’d call it. They’d generally listen to you and had some self-awareness. But heroin? Jesus. Most are older millenial generation or X. They just check out of life, out of all other sensation or input, let their kids starve, the kids’ teeth rot out of their heads and they become functionally retarded from all the missed school. These guys absolutely incinerate tax dollars. They fill up the courts and the hospitals, none of them are insured. Thousands and thousands of units of narcan; Hospitals can’t even keep it in stock and don’t have beds for legitimate patients. I’ve never seen open MRSA infections this gruesome until these past few years. I could have thrown a quarter through the hole in one woman’s arm. The walking dead.
        I don’t know the solution. Bringing back jobs is an idea, but who the hell would show up to work? Conventional treatment is virtually useless in terms of raw statistics. Almost all clients in residential or outpatient relapse eventually, usually immediately. I do see a decent number of ‘normal’ people who had shitty pain management and got addicted. However, the most effective thing I can think of is to stifle the massive influx of opiods through violence. Killing dealers and distributors. Military intervention abroad. Full Duterte. This is not weed. This shit is so addictive that as long as it exists and the world is flawed, people will be there to abuse it in proportion to its availability.
        On the one hand I hate addicts. They try to steal from you, they let their kids fester and ruin the next generation, and they annihilate public resources with no return. On the other hand, at the most fundamental level, they are logical. Especially for younger whites in the midwest, the world has gone to complete shit- why invest in the future when there is no future.

        1. Once you get past a certain age, don’t have an education, have a drug addiction and no job, you are screwed. Very few come back from the point of no return. They are wrecked for life.

        2. However, the most effective thing I can think of is to stifle the
          massive influx of opiods through violence. Killing dealers and

          The Central Intelligence Cocaine Import Agency would fight back. 😉

          Military intervention abroad.

          The driving force for the drug trade is military intervention abroad. When the CIA needs to do something in a foreign country that they can’t get Congress to fund, they’ll raise the funds through their drug-smuggling operations.
          (See my comment & linked video above.)

  34. Pain makes you strong. Pain numbing drugs make you weak. One aspect of a shitlib is that they can’t stand to see someone else suffer. That’s why shitlibs will advocate for assisted suicide, euthanasia and a medical system that ensures that no one ever has to feel anything. Who the hell are they to judge what others feel or how they process pain signals to the brain.
    PAIN IS GOOD FOR YOU. Modern appliances reduce what shitlibs consider painful chores. Drugs eliminate sensation or give dopamine reward for nothing. Shitlibs tolerate the government green lighting boatloads of heroin pipelined everywhere because they were euthanasists to begin with and they themselves are too numbed to jump to a brainwave state to take charge and exhert masculine force on their surroundings, bringing rectification to the shitlibbery and poison pushing authority.
    I once had an ill dog that was lethargic. A shitlib kept telling me to bring it to have it ‘humanely’ put down. I told them to fuck off. If he’s in ‘pain’ that’s nothing new. I gave him water, food and he lived for 2 yrs walking slow and licking himself. He got a good ass aching two years out of it. Woof. People who wince when they perceive pain elsewhere can piss on themselves, but they need put down a notch if they have any authority to qualify euthanasia for others.

  35. I was a heroin addict for more than 10 years.
    I am striving to be clean now, with the help of sub maintenance.
    And while getting clean, and taking a long and hard look at myself and my past, without making excuses for my bad lifestyle decisions and while taking full responsibility for my past actions, I had to realise one fundamental truth.
    Heroin wasn’t my real problem.
    My real problem was that, due to my Feminist and Blue Pill conditioning, I was not able to form sexual and normal relationships with the fairer sex. Basically that made me an incel, an involuntary celibate. That is why I turned to Heroin. And that is why I saw no reason to quit in the past.
    Then I found the Manosphere, and Game and Red Pill knowledge literally saved my life. I found the Manosphere in cca. 2013, and since then, it is a long and hard struggle to get clean and to fix my life, including my relationships with Females. The rest is history.
    And finally, I am on the right path and winning, God willing.
    That is all I can say on the topic of hard drugs.

  36. taking their youth have been thinking about this one recently as the number of years it has taken me to live the kind of life I would like to have been living in my mid-twenties.. Yes, what society has evolved to be certainly throws many people onto the scrap heap am only happy have been spared that but it has chewed up years overcoming the things it has thrown at me

  37. Shopping and eating is probably a biproduct of general cultural decline. We live in a “low-energy” society. The recent trend of “craft beer”, which is going from one craft beer place to another and trying a new beer every night, is essentially a continuation of The Death of Nightlife. Guys once went to the club and ended-up sitting around the bar, now they have an excuse to go somewhere and exclusively sit around the bar.
    I agree with the author: the root cause is Death of the Family Unit, which makes the culture go from anti-fragile to fragile. The biggest reason for Death of the Family Unit is directing love, care, and life purpose to anyone but members of the family, such as caring for strangers and caring for self. As long as a strong family unit is in place, people have hope and can bounce back from anything. The second biggest cause for our low-energy society is the Issue of Sexuality, which is actually the Restriction of Productive Sexuality, that is often talked about here. The third cause for a low energy society is the Death of Culture, which facilitates and vitalises both the family unit and productive sexuality.

  38. I used to look back on a period even as recent as the 19th century (and, pretty much any decade before the 20’s) with a sense of relief that I wasn’t alive back then. They seemed like such dull, primitive, ignorant times to someone like me growing up at the end of the 20th century with all the electronics, transport and information at my fingertips.
    But now I look back on those ages past differently- they seem to have been a time of bold industriousness and innovation, fuelled by the Protestant work-ethic and a distinctly masculine spirit of understanding boundaries while calmly (and rationally) developing new technologies and concepts that we (by and large) take for granted today.
    If you were to take somebody from, say, 1870 and bring them to The Current Year (TM) and show them the blue haired land-whales, weaboo’s, proud casual prostitutes and faggots that dominate western culture today? I could totally understand if they went “Take me back! No more!”
    We regard third world countries with pity but in some cases I think they have something we lack- strong family and spiritual values. Here in the west, we live in an age of material abundance but spiritual and intellectual poverty…

  39. Illicit drugs is small potatoes compared to most legal drugs though, both in terms of human suffering and the violence it creates.
    Otherwise I heartedly agree with everything in this article.

  40. Not seeing how the opposite of prohibition – legalization – would help anyone here. Legal or illegal, you still have the dead culture referenced in the article .

  41. People using drugs and other things to make up for the lack of fulfillment in their lives. Food, movies, other lazy pursuits to forget about their bleak reality.
    Many foods in the typical American/Western diet have opiate like substances in them.

  42. It’s all about escapism. It’s why people get drunk, it’s why people shoot up. That is literally what drugs are. They change the way you think and feel (usually for the better; at least that’s how it is perceived). So many people are dying from drugs for a few reasons…
    -The pharma industry (specifically purdue and merck, iirc) flooded the country with massively potent opiates for like 15 years. Being as opiates literally induce the best feelings the human brain can feel, people liked them and the supply also supported a black market. They reduced availability of these opiates by some degree in recent years but…
    -Heroin is fucking everywhere now. Seriously it’s everywhere. Go to any Walmart and walk around the parking lot for five minutes. Make sure you wear shoes because you’ll find syringes along with the empty bags. Also, it’s cheap as shit (a lot cheaper than “legitimate” opiates).
    -American life is totally unfulfilling. Especially when everyone has access to as much information as we do (so we can all see how unfulfilled we are and how unachievable fulfillment is). More than just that, people really are realizing that they are in fact slaves, with millions & billions of dollars being the only road to freedom. The thing is, making that kind of money is straight up impossible to do morally. And most people are mostly moral (go ahead and argue this point; show me someone who is fabulously wealthy that did it without fucking anyone over; I dare you to try). People are realizing that positive social change is basically impossible because the game is completely rigged. The so-called “American Dream” is a lie and almost everybody knows it now. It’s like religion’s promise of an after-life. It’s merely an idea propagated by the slave-masters as a way to keep poor people enslaved and productive, ever hopeful that things will get better for them (haha they won’t). Meanwhile, marriage and The Family have been effectively dismantled so nobody has any close family ties or social support structure (well many people, anyway). Which brings me to…
    -Women are intolerable now. Seriously they are just awful. Totally amoral infantile ruthless sociopaths. In my adult life, I haven’t met more than one or two that weren’t. And I suspect that’s because I didn’t know them well enough. Really. I’m sorry but I cannot overstate what repulsive irredeemable pigs most women are. Many many many men have come two this realization and have discarded even the pretense of seeking marriage and family. These men know that to do so is synonymous with “losing”. I am told it’s a problem in The West, and that there are countries that don’t have this problem. I don’t know. I only know American women.
    -People are broke. Especially millennials. And they know things aren’t going to get better. They’re going to get worse. Millennials can’t own homes or have children and they know it. They know they will live shorter shittier lives than their parents did. What is more depressing than that..?
    Aside from feeling great (really an understatement since opiates are basically a hack for the mammalian brain to directly stimulate normally-unachievable levels of pleasure), opiates also have more abstract mental effects. For example, they completely take away stress, worry, and depression. They basically stimulate an artificial mental well-being. In a population that is constantly stressed, worried, unfulfilled, depressed, and too poor to do anything else, is it really surprising that, in an environment where such things are so readily-available, people will engage in such escapism? Sci-fi writers have predicted this ‘bored & decayed society’ phenomenon in depictions of the near future. They write about populations who are medicated to the gills 24/7 just to stay reasonably sane & happy. The problem is that the drug that does that right now & in real-life is incredibly physically addictive, socially damaging, and dangerous.

  43. I’m a former drug addict. I’ve been clean for coming up on 4 years and sober from alcohol for 3 & some change. I’ve got to say this write up is spot the f*ck on! It very well explains a lot of the underlying reasoning behind why I ended up following that path for so long. I just hope society at large begins to understand the facts you are talking about.

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