How To Use Individual Kratom Strains To Crush Your Goals

Return Of Kings readers are probably already aware of Kratom and all of the amazing benefits this magical plant provides. With all of the different types and strains of Kratom available on the market, it’s important to know which ones to purchase in order to treat specific symptoms, or to achieve specific goals.

What’s most confusing about finding the correct strains for your needs is the fact that there are no established or standardized naming conventions for the different strains. To further complicate matters, many vendors give their own Kratom products and blends branded names, so there are sometimes dozens of different names for the same products.

The easiest and most common way to differentiate strains is using the naming system the farmers and plantations in southeast Asia typically use: color of vein + area of origin.

Three types of Kratom

All Kratom can be broken down into three types, based on the color of the vein on the leaves: red, white, and green. There are also horn varieties, yellows, and golds, but these are marketing tricks or variations on drying methods for the main three.

  • Red vein strains are effective for relieving pain, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • White vein strains are great for treating depression, increasing productivity, and increased energy and focus.  Many use white vein strains first thing in the morning as a healthy substitute for coffee.
  • Green vein strains are the mid-range, providing a milder boost in energy, focus and mood. Much like you wouldn’t take espresso shots late in the day, green strains are better than white strains for daily use in the afternoon and evening.

Though there are now myriad hybrid and exotic strains of Kratom and it is now grown in many different countries, all Kratom plant genetics trace back to three countries: Malaysia (aka Malay), Thailand (aka Thai), and Indonesia (aka Indo).

  • Malay strains are good for focus
  • Thai strains are good for energy
  • Indonesian strains are sometimes labeled as Indo, or sometimes further broken down by the area of Indonesia where they originated. Their unique regional genetics come with different relative levels of different alkaloids, and thus they have different properties. Examples include Sumatra and Riau strains from Western Indonesia, and Borneo/Bali and Kalimantan strains from Eastern Indonesia.

Maeng Da strains are said to originate from a specific plantation in Indonesia that marketed their product as “genetically grown,” manipulating plant DNA to create the perfect Thai strain. The strain itself was lost, but through hybrid crossbreeding, the higher potency genes have survived and are frequently crossed with local varieties to create a “Maeng Da” (literally, “pimp grade”) potency. These days, Maeng Da isn’t a strain so much as a marker of a very powerful Kratom strain.

Now we can discuss the best Kratom strains for specific symptoms you may be experiencing…

Pain relief strains (most potent to weakest)

  1. Bliss Blend
  2. Red Bentuangie Borneo
  3. Red Vein Bali / Red Vein Borneo

Amount to burn: moderate  (2-4.5 grams) to high (4.5-8 grams)

Relaxation strains (most sedative to least)

These are useful for unwinding after a long day of work, or for helping you sleep.

  1. Red Vein Bali
  2. Mellow Bali Blend
  3. Red Vein Borneo

Amount to burn: moderate (2-4.5 grams) to high (4.5-8 grams)

Anxiety relief strains

  1. Red Vein Bali / Red Vein Borneo
  2. Pride Blend
  3. Karma Blend

Amount to burn: moderate (2-4.5 grams)

Energy strains (most stimulation to least)

  1. White Vein Maeng Da Thai
  2. Monkey Business Blend
  3. Green Vein Malaysian

Amount to burn: moderate (2-4.5 grams) to high (4.5-8 grams)

Mood strains (most mood-boosting to least)

  1. Mind’s Eye Blend
  2. Green Maeng Da Borneo
  3. Green Vein Malaysian

Amount to burn: moderate (2-4.5 grams)

Depression strains (most euphoric to least)

  1. Bali Espresso Blend
  2. White Vein Borneo
  3. White Vein Malaysian

Amount to burn: moderate (2-4.5 grams) to high (4.5-8 grams)

Immune system stimulation strains

For the flu or a cold, many take kratom at the first sign of symptoms to dramatically reduce their downtime.

  1. Green Vein Malaysian
  2. Green Vein Borneo

Amount to burn: low (1-2 grams) to moderate (2-4.5 grams)

If you want to crush your obstacles and achieve your goals, make sure you enhance your body and mind in equal amounts, and as naturally as possible. Kratom is one of those hidden jewels that make the difference between a good man and a great one. Much like anything else, it’s a tool, not a toy, and should be treated with respect. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right tool for the job, and the right Kratom for the symptoms you’re hoping to overcome. With the right strains, the sky really is the limit.

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Kratom is not meant for human consumption. Click here to visit Island Lion Herbals.

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    1. Seriously considering naming my penis “Maeng Da.” But it is the purple veined strain.
      Pimp grade!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Looks like I missed the Kratom! boat. Now I’ll never beat Ivan Drago in a fight.

      1. They tried to schedule it. It lasted a week. You can buy it online. It’s illegal in a few states. I’ve tried the tea. A friend used it to get off of percs.

    1. The planets have aligned – now, I finally have to try this stuff. I’ll buy some tonight.

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        Never bead an issue with “HERBAL SALVATION “

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      It’s a little like being on Kratom.

  1. I sprinkled some kratom in the gas tank of my Craftsman lawn mower and a week later it had transformed into an M1A2 battle tank.

    1. Damn…now I have to go try that myself….always wanted an M1A2.

  2. I put some Kratom in the fuel tank on my Freightliner and turned it into a PeterBilt.

  3. Which one of the three is Maeng Da? Never mind, I found it in the article.
    Is Maeng Da a good “all around” Kratom? And how do you know if your Maeng Da is from Borneo if it doesn’t say so on the package? (mine doesn’t, it’s not from Island Lion)

    1. Maeng Da is a stimulant at low doses, comparable to chewing Coca leaves. I use it to treat my illnesses since it’s safer than meds.

  4. What would happen if you took some Kratom while also wearing your RoK
    Is this even safe to do? I guess I’ll have to give it a try tomorrow morning and find out.

    1. Wear a MAGA hat also and you have a singularity rip open the space time continuum.

  5. That bit in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when they opened the Ark of the Colvenant: Kratom.
    The bit after that where the nazi’s faces start melting off: the reason FDA approval is still pending

    1. In the same idea, the infamous blob was originaly a kratom flavoured jelly. They tried it once, never twice.

  6. Since I started trying this stuff, my life has changed. I’ve been crushing my financial goals. Flipped 6 houses already this year, if you count duplexes, condos, and trailers.
    My dating life has been out of this world. It’s as if all the distilled animal magnetism of 100 politicians, athletes, musicians, and motivational YouTube personalities has been magically bestowed upon my once-humble shoulders.
    I tossed out the pheremones, the spanish fly, the expensive aftershaves and colognes. All I need is Kratom and a custom suit, and I can SNL any HB9+ I set my eyes on. Just last month I AMOG’d a whole group of frat boys playing beer pong and scooped one of their fly honeys. Whenever I needed a power-up I just slipped away to the shitter and blasted another bump of Kratom.
    Everything was going great until a couple weeks ago. I started needing more and more Kratom to feel the same effects. I developed some troubling side effects, such as shingles, bloating, and excessive mucus.
    People stopped returning my calls. My real estate deals stopped moving. I had one clown try to sue me. My parents keep spreading rumors to my sisters and brothers that I am doing dope.
    I solved these problems temporarily by shooting the Kratom with a classic heroin rig. Cotton ball, spoon, lighter, belt…the works. I felt like a fucking junkie man, but it felt so good – so clean. You wouldn’t believe the rush, even if I could describe it!
    Now I’ve graduated to shooting this stuff straight into my dick. I am living in a motel and this prostitute works next door to me. She comes over and gives me freebies every morning because I can keep her going for an hour. Only problem is my erection hasn’t gone down for about 36 hours now and my dick is turning purple.
    Anyway, if anybody is thinking about going down the Kratom road to easy riches and success, just think twice is all I’m saying. And if any of you guys need somebody to talk to, somebody who has been through it, I’m here.

    1. A++++
      “Now I’ve graduated to shooting this stuff straight into my dick”. That escalated quickly.

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  7. Time to slaughter that goat I have been raising for the past 6 months. But first let me feed it Kratom.

  8. i hate infomercials, but this very one makes me laugh.
    Kratom seems t have some kind of mystic influence on ROK.

      1. Well, it’s not an innocuous substance AT ALL.
        Withdrawal syndroms are not a joke if you take it continuously.

    1. The reason for this is that the Kratom suppliers hit RoK sponsored posts hard a couple years ago…so Kratom became something of a local meme.

  9. Low dose Kratom is far better than other Opioids + Coca leaves if you are permanently sickly like me.

  10. So much bullshit and brand new blend name self agrandizing. I was gonna post this till I saw all the bullshit names and blatant sales bullshit. Krat dont get you buzzed if you’re using it for opiate withdrawal. This wasn’t posted by me cuz all your stoner mentality magic bullet bullshit.

    1. I haven’t bought from the sponsor here, but Happy Hippo is great. However, I’ll be trying the sponsor next time.

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