Where To Travel In East Asia To Experience Bountiful And Fleeting Pleasures From Women

After extensive traveling throughout pretty much all of East Asia, in conjunction with in depth cultural studies, it is my intent to occasionally shed light on the region and what it has to offer. ROK readers may have noticed my articles on South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines, of which the largest share have specifically concentrated on game and culture.

The current article is no different, but in this piece I will offer a regional overview and add a number of locations, such as Hong Kong and Indonesia, as well as some more recent insights. Although there is no consensus in this regard, I have left out a number of countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. I think that all these are pretty great travel destinations but one has to make a selection. Furthermore, there is some evidence to suggest that China and Vietnam are a bit too conservative (in this context meaning harder to get easy lays), Thailand too exploited, and Malaysia too Islamic. In any case I think that the included destinations are better if one takes into account the totality of experience.

I have also added a number of specific clubs and apps that will make a person with limited time cut to the chase. The aim is to inspire a male to make the more or less optimal East Asian trip, hopefully already this summer. Although I am a strong proponent of “Apollonian” culture, this lean towards ”Dionysian” stuff like having fun – drinking, meeting girls and so on. To avoid any kind of misunderstanding, the tips are all related to sex without prostitution. Everyone has to keep their eyes open for pros, semi-pros, amateur hookers, or whichever proper category they belong to, but I have mentioned locations that overall generally have much less so.

Geographically it is reasonable to distinguish between Northeast and Southeast Asia. Yet culturally, due to large overlaps between countries, it is relevant to call the larger region East Asia. Flight distances range from one hour up to five hours, obviously depending on destination, so it is wise to check out Air Asia or some other proper airline in order to prebook most or all flights.

Preparatory pipelining and online game

A key component in current times is to make preparatory online game, often called pipelining. By using different apps and websites one can make matches and go on several dates upon arrival. Perhaps three dates per day in each city make up a reasonable guideline, but some spontaneity and variation can of course also be valuable.

While most of these tools hinge on picture-related matches and brief text messages before meeting, it is wise to use a computer camera in order to screen at least a number of girls before departure. Additionally, a language learning app such as HelloTalk offers a decent complement, and increases the get-to-know factor. If you want to be a generalist and create a positive feedback loop between online game, social circle game and night game, that is one way to do it. If you pay a small amount to HelloTalk, you can write messages to all nationalities, regardless of which language you and they prefer to learn or conversate in.

If you chat with let’s say 25-50 girls simultaneously and inform them about your arrival, then you can select the best-looking and have a number of dates or meetings. One or two initially platonic encounters, can easily turn into sex if one pushes the biomechanical lever in the right order. That is exactly what happened to me in Seoul last year.

Needless to say, the more language you can speak (more or less) the better, but in all locations listed below English will take you far with girls who have a cosmopolitan mindset (which most tend to have these days). As long as you strive for to absorb new words and phrases in the respective native tongue and positively stand out from the typical tourist crowd, things will generally not be to your disadvantage.

Hongdae and Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea

Most males who travel extensively tend to agree that Seoul is one of the best cities in the world in this respect. Although far from the most optimal place for picking up hot girls, who can be flaky or simply not worth the time and effort, the city has a nice vibe and is just great to spend time in, especially in June. For instance, I love to hang out at the major entertainment offices in Gangnam where you can often run into female K-pop artists. From Cheongdam Station (exit 6) one can reach S.M. Entertainment’s head office building.

Drinking-wise, Hongdae is perfect on Thursdays in particular. Go meet people at the Hongdae Playground, drink some soju, and then head to Thursday Party. Keep approaching and eventually you should end up in a packed club like M2.

The more fancy Gangnam on the other hand is better on weekends, although it is reasonable to go there on most weekdays too. Club Octagon (Hakdong Station), Arena and Answer are worthwhile for the high quality, although it might be difficult to pick up the hottest chicks. But a 7 or 8 is not bad either.

Apps: Kakoa Talk, HelloTalk, Tinder

Tokyo and Osaka in Japan

Although smaller cities in Japan may have their charm, it is safe to say that Tokyo and Osaka rule the land of the rising sun. Specifically the areas Shibuya and Roppongi in Tokyo offer the best clubs, such as Womb and V2. There you will find a proper balance between foreigners and locals. Also make sure to visit Shibuya 109 and have a chitchat with the pretty female staff. Osaka has for instance Ghost Ultra Lounge in its much smaller city pocket.

If time is limited, skip Osaka and go all in for Tokyo. Try to go no later than early July, since you do not want to experience seasonal sky fall.

Apps: HelloTalk, Tinder

Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is nice to spend time in, for example in July, and if you have a couple of days you can also go to one of the city’s beaches or even to Macau and investigate the latest lavish casino building. Why not go to the beach with one of the girls whom you met online?

Party-wise, the street Lan Kwai Fong is great for male travelers. Although packed with drunk Brits and mate-guarding Chinese betas, it is definitely worthwhile, even on a weekday. If you just have some game, looks and/or social connection it is relatively easy to make out with or bang a local 6 or 7. If a girl was truly socially conservative she would not go out and get drunk.

Apps: Happn, Bumble, HelloTalk, Tinder

Taipei in Taiwan

As previously asserted, Taiwan is a great country for scenery and culture, but the capital Taipei nevertheless offers a significant number and share of 6-8s who tend to show up in clubs such as Elektro, located at the front of Taipei 101 Tower. Be sure to be there on a Friday and Saturday.

Apps: Praktor, HelloTalk, Tinder


As an expensive city-state, Singapore is best to make a quick stop in. Besides from online connections, go and meet some Sarong Party Girls at Zouk, ranked 4 in the world in DJ Mag.

Apps: Happn, HelloTalk, Tinder

Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia

Jakarta is much dirtier and poorer than the above-mentioned locations. Hence expect a major negative contrast with regard to material welfare. However, with about 20 million inhabitants you will also have an enormous pool of feminine locals at your disposal, of which far from all, or even most, are conservative Muslims.

In fact, from the totality of evidence from the Roosh V Forum, my own and other travelers’ experiences, it is likely that a Western male will hack all the way through to willing girls’ middle regions. Apart from online hustling, X2 might be worth a visit. Online game and night game will likely be more than enough.

In Bali it is perhaps even easier, on average, to get laid with local chicks. Bounty Discotheque and Skygarden in Kuta are two good options. The only real obstacle is the hotel guards who are often hesitant to let your temporary light-brown lover in.

Apps: Indonesian Cupid, HelloTalk, Tinder

Cebu in the Philippines

Since I have already dealt with Cebu in the Philippines in a previous article, I will just briefly add that before you focus on local girls, be sure to swim next to the whale sharks in Oslob. That is perhaps even better than to fool around in clubs. With regard to the latter, Liv Super Club in Mandaue City is a proper night spot.

Apps: Filipono Cupid, Pina Love, HelloTalk, Tinder

In summary

Overall East Asia is a great region for male pleasure, whether solely focused on meeting females or just having a good time, alone or with friends. If time is limited I would suggest Seoul, Tokyo, Cebu and Jakarta, whereas Osaka, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Bali can be regarded as secondary destinations.

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  1. Those Asian women in the photos look only partially Westernized, which is refreshing…pretty well dressed, only a couple making the Duck Face. I hope they won’t be twerking in the streets, chugging antidepressants, and hurling shit tests, 24/7, anytime soon, while they simultaneously exclaim, “Gurrrr-LLLLLLL” to all their fellow sluts in the vicinity…but I have my doubts about that one.

  2. I would go for Philippines above all of them. Why? No language barrier at all. English is mandatory and all of the business signs are in English. As an American, you have the triple advantage of wealth, height, and exoticism. Also, don’t be afraid to post pictures of yourself and your child if you have one. They go absolutely nuts over cute American kids.

        1. omg “too muscular”…listen to you . You’d walk over your mother’s corpse to get at that ….

      1. Bikini competitions are a thing here too. A friend of ours is a Filipina immigrant/US citizen who is pushing 40 (hard). She recently did a bikini competition in Duluth. She worked out hard for over a year; lots of squats made that booty primo. She didn’t win, but did score well, and I think finished in the top 5. Remember, the bulk of the competitors were in their 20s.
        BTW, she is the mother of two girls, the oldest is a tween.

  3. There is definitely some top-notch totty in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore (I got 3 notches and 3 new national flags in a 12 day stretch in Singapore myself) but the problem is these destinations are FAR more expensive than anywhere else in the East Asia/South East Asia region.
    Want to mac on Korean or Japanese girls? Trust me mate, they are around much cheaper Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. travelling around just like any other horny westerner.
    Taipei and Taiwan in general is definitely underrated though. Nice looking girls and quite affordable for a 1st world Asian nation.

    1. Taipei apartments on Airbnb are much more expensive compared to apartments in Osaka. On every website they say Taipei is cheaper but when you visit Airbnb all you can see in Taipei are shitty places without windows for 600€/months while in Osaka you can have a nice place for that amount of money.

      1. F___ AirBnB and their social justice nonsense. I just had a local friend set me up in a room for a month and it was the equivalent of like 11 dollars a day (330 a month).

        1. Yep. You can just stay in those capsule places for like $15-20 a night if your there shorter term. And Taiwan is cheaper beyond just the accommodation. Taipei metro costs chump change and a modest meal is just $3 or $4. Double that in Japan.

        2. Well, then I need the contact data of your friend. 🙂
          I actually wanted to visit Taipei before winter semester starts but keratoconus (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keratoconus) destroyed my plans.
          Waited for this trip for 5 years.
          Now I have to waste all my time and money on custom fitted scleral contact lenses…trying to get some since 4 months but so called ‘optometrists’ in germany are fucking useless and unable to give me a pair of contacts that could restore my vision.
          Feels bad, man.
          Advice to the young folks: Don’t delay your vacation for too long, cause maybe you won’t have the opportunity in the future.

  4. It’s not right to cuck the future husbands of these women. There’s a price to pay for doing that.

    1. If they’re on Tinder they have been riding Caucasian Pogo Stick for quite awhile anyway. No sense in having that kind of attitude.

      1. Yeah but you’re going to pay for that later and trust me its going to hurt. Imagine the girl of your dreams saying to you its okay that I had sex with him all of these other girls had sex with him, why can’t I? Would you be happy with her doing that?

        1. “girl of your dreams”
          worry less about cucking future husbands and more about getting some red pill in you before you get divorce raped.

        2. I’m serious man. Karma is no joke. It’s painful finding out the woman you love has had sex with other guys. I’m telling you the guys who are wracking up notches on their belts are bringing on karmic debt for themselves which they will pay for in the end when they feel the pain they have caused others for their egoism. God gives sinners time to repent before judgement is on.

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        1. They’re getting what they want, all of them. Dont cuck yourself by marrying a woman who is into that right ?

    2. Wait, whut? “It’s not right to cuck the future husbands of these women”
      So not only are we not supposed to enjoy the forbidden married fruits who aren’t getting it proper at home, but we also have to be respectful of some abstract future husband? As I often like to quote
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      You want to keep me from fucking a woman put a ring on her finger, a kid in her womb and act like a man for the next 50 years. If she is out looking for dick she is fair game.

      1. Think of yourself as that abstract future husband and then you’ll know what I’m trying to say. You want your wife looking for dick and fools looking to sin with your wife?

        1. That has to be the biggest load of fucking weak ass bullshit ever.
          If I want a wife I’ll put in the work to get a good one and then continue to work to keep her in line.
          In the meantime im gonna be blowing bitches backs out and if they are married and calling me daddy while I do it their husband should thank me…he isn’t doing the work so im picking up the slack.
          I’ve no desire to get married but if I did the kind of girl I would marry would absolutely never fuck me the way I am now

        2. Maybe you should stop living a life of sin. What you are trying to tell me is you think it is permissible to commit adultery. If you truly love a woman would it be permissible to you for another man to as you put it “blow that b***es back out and call him daddy? Should you think him for doing you a favor?”
          Try the Bible, start there and wash the filth off of yourself.

        3. He has a good point. If she is out looking for random hookups it might as well be with him. She will be no ones future good wife. She might be a future bad wife however. She is pre-ruined.

  5. Those (((Singaporean))) chicks; the one in the middle. Damn, the hook is strong with that one. Guess their plastic surgery technology hasn’t caught up with the (((Koreans))).

        1. So you’re a fellow white person working for the JIDF, heh?
          To my fellow white people: We need to mix with asians.

        2. You know, I find race mixing highly degenerate but everytime I walk through my (((modern))) german town all I see are disgusting land whales and nignogs and I feel the urge to travel to Japan or Taiwan because a) culture and b) girls.
          But what If I get caught by yellow fever and then I’m unable to think straight???
          Will I end up being a race mixing Elliot Rodger spawning faggot??
          Thats even more degenerate than german tatted up sluts.

  6. If you destroy someone’s soulmate, expect to go through a learning experience when you want to be united with your own soulmate. It’s not fun!

    1. People’s soulmate a don’t shag random dudes. Deal with yourself first and foremost, I mean that sincerely.

      1. Your answer was illogical and erratic. I’m not interested in hanging out with illogical an erratic persons.

        1. I like all women who just look good, aren’t bitchy, and are non-degenerate. Asian women don’t necessarily look better than any others, but unfortunately they beat out your average western girl on my latter two points.

      1. Even in Cambodia, it is less than in the West…
        Sadly The rates for TB are very high though…

      2. Thailand has the highest incidence of the most communicable, female to male, version of HIV. I think it is type E.

    1. Dude! I love the East!
      For example, this girl is from the east side of Columbus, over near Reynoldsburg.
      And this one, why, she’s from over east in Pickerington, Ohio
      And this little Eastern beauty (New Albany) is absolutely a cutie.

        1. See? I knew we both secretly valued the enrichment and vibrant diversity of the East.

        2. that top one has a beautiful face and hair but has the shoulders of a line backer and tits that just scream “practice on me until I get fat at 25”

        3. I am confused about the one on the bottom. 1) Was it hard to transplant a woman’s head onto the body of Brock Lesner and 2) When you talk to this thing which eye are you supposed to look at?

        4. Banned, this is my new account.
          Yeah, her body is weird but the face is close to perfection.

      1. That`s really nice but thats not how the average white woman on the Midwest looks like…

        1. It sure is in central/north central Ohio actually. I mean they’re not all 10’s but there are so many hot blonde chicks here that you can’t walk ten feet without running into three of them some days.
          Southern Ohio is awful though, I’ll give you that. Fat landwhales who give Kentucky a run for their money on the ugly meter.

        2. Never been to Ohio…are educated African-American females open to “interracial” dating in major cities like Clevelan, `nati and Columbus? Just curiosity.

        3. I don’t know about Cleveland honestly. Columbus is one of the most easy going cities regarding just about anything, so you’d be safe checking things out. I’ve had pretty black chicks hit on me openly so I assume that they don’t care much here.

        4. Addendum: If you’re serious about educated African American chicks in Ohio, stick to the cities. The counties outside of those three cities (and Toledo) are usually >90% white.

      2. these chicks look cut and can probably play mean beer pong. Too bad most of the defensive line will take turns piping out their twats

        1. Hey, I may be a child but I have my whole life ahead of me….which is more than I can say for you due to your massively compromised immune system.

        2. Why are accusing people of having AIDS? Maybe you have.
          Do you comments make any meaningful contribution to the article? Thought not.

        3. Well they do make meaningful contributions to peoples knowledge of who has aids….namely you.

        4. You are not funny…I doubt you would be considered funny even on Stormfront forum or at a Klan meeting.

        5. maybe the aids is effecting your funny bone….you know the way it effects your dick bone…you know, with aids

    2. A moderator on this site, probably William Adams, banned me of Return of Kings. If it was
      him, the reason is probably he didn’t like my comments about his Iranian friends invading Sweden and raping white women. From now on this will be my new account.
      Bill, if you are reading this, we can meet in Berlin in November and solve our differences as men, unless you are afraid to do something different that clicking behind a screen.

      1. I haven’t banned you. I am not a moderator. I can only edit my own articles and comments. You over-analyze things regarding different opinions. There are dozens of opinions and positions on these issues, I guess.

        1. So, who’s the mod who banned me then? I’m commenting here since years ago and only today I’m banned? and for an innocuous comment about yellow fever?

  7. If the woman on the cover of this article is the best they have to offer, I’d rather stay where I am.

    1. Who has said that? That’s just a relatively attractive East Asian girl. It would be silly to only include models. But you can find “normal” girls who are definitely prettier than that in some of the places I’ve mentioned.

  8. Order of preference.
    The nearly unique rare gem unicorn red head with blue eyes (existence theoretical).
    The viking princess (blonde, fit, with big boobs and an angelic face (usually), which seems to be what is attracted to me)
    The girl next door with auburn/black hair
    *Some* hispanics, usually those who are basically still European Spanish who just happen to live in central or south America.
    That is all. I think some Asian girls can be passably pretty but I really haven’t ever wanted to try one out, even though I had a chance at one time in high school to do so with a Japanese exchange student who had the hots for me.

    1. GOJ
      The first two category : have you ever found nay of those in the rural Midwest in a non-obese variety. I am not trolling, but on my observation, most White women in the Midwest tend to be overweight, particularly (but not exclusively) in Wisconsin.

      1. Sure have, lots of them. Wisconsin (and to some extent, Minnesota), which everybody seems to use as an example, does not represent the rest of the Midwest. In central Ohio the Viking Princess is a staple that you can find everywhere, because OSU has a lot of thin pretty girls that creates a lot of competition even outside of OSU. It is still, I believe, the largest university in these united States (last I checked) and takes up a full 1/3 of the entire area of Columbus. The quality of women I’ve dated here would floor you and most men here.

        1. Try hanging out at ASU. It is the number one party school in the country and has women that leave me speechless whenever I go there (we have a regional office which is just outside the campus).

      2. The midwest was settled by Germans, Swedes, norwegians and northern European types who are genetically the largest people on the planet. READ: largest which means both height , weight and size. Danes are among the tallest folk on Earth. Plus they tend to be rural farm people who do manual labor and eat a farmer’s diet. Sure the midwest has its’ fatties but women there are just often “big”…. I sure GOJ’s chick pics are awesome , but I think a lot of the dudes here on the comment section like the anorexic , skeletal look in gals. I think midwest gals can be stunning as they have curves and look women…

  9. I would add to the list:
    Phnom Penh, Cambia –
    Beginners should stick to the Thailand-Philippines-Taiwan triangle.

  10. Euro girls or East Asian girls can be a false dichotomy. One can like both. Yellow fever is just an exaggeration and a straw man, although some actually have these specific preferences for whatever reason. There is the expression, once you go Asian, you’ll never go Caucasian, but I think that is partly wrong. After all, everything is greener on the other side of the (Yellow) river.
    Anyway, I really don’t give a fuck – just wanted to share some nice tips and experiences. I spend a lot of time reading, writing and working, and think I am a good person (both as a citizen and as an individual) and want to relax in the Orient sometimes. The conditions are those that if one lives in a first-world country (at least for now) and can hack through middle-class life one can go to the other side of the planet these days. Especially Northeast Asia really is great. People generally are more educated than in the West. If people want to go: great. You’ll likely enjoy, whether you’re a hustler or not.

    1. It is fair. You have your tastes and a lot of other men here also like the Asian women. They are beautiful but there is comparative if not more love for the Latinas. Good article all the same man.

    2. Just wondering, since you’ve been around east Asia, how pozzed is South Korea with feminism? Their new president Moon Jae In seems like a cuck clown similar to Macron.

      1. Hard to say. A general problem with the Orient is that they largely imitate the West, although with some delay. Hopefully they can also notice what the West does wrong and stay away from the negative changes.

  11. Honestly can’t understand why anyone would go to the third world on purpose.

    1. Unlike in Europe/US…you can still find a decent girl in the third-world. But since you claim you are unmarried and have no children, I doubt you would get why is it important.

      1. There are plenty of decent girls here too. I think a lot of guys get the impression from this site that the U.S. is utterly ruined and filled only with clown hairs and land whales. There are areas of the country where it can be bad (the South in particular seems to be inhabited by beach ball people, but even there, there are exceptions), but generally, you’ll find plenty of decent normal girls outside of the big cities and in flyover country.

        1. Yeah. One of the hottest girls I’ve been with was an American girl of Italian descent whom I met in a nightclub in Paris. She was a semi-drunk slut, though.

        2. Europe (that icludes Eastern Europe as well as the UK and Iceland) is utterly f***d, excuse my language. The US is not far behind…
          The so-called third-world (Latin-America, Asia and Africa) is the only place when you can still find girl who are not only attractive and also can make good wives and mothers.

        3. With my very own eyes I can see that you’re wrong and have not been to many of the places in flyover. And hitting Wyoming/Montana you’re almost back in the year 1952 regarding morals and values.

        4. Even in Cheyenne, Wyoming (!) I was offered “services” by a homeless meth-addict woman on the street while spending a day there as a tourist.
          No place is immune in the US/Europe.

        5. I come on here and I read all these guys telling us how all American girls are fat, ugly, tatted up, etc. then I walk outside and see spring fresh, happy faced, thin attractive girls without any ink, everywhere. Sure there are some ugs/bad type girls, no question, but it’s not this epidemic that so many seem to believe that it is. Outside of strip joints and Hooters, and a few bars, I don’t see much “bad”, in looks or personality.

        6. One person does not a city make.
          That’s kind of the point I’m making. Wherever you go, you WILL find bad things if you’re looking for them. I can guarantee that everyplace you consider a safe haven, I can find that same kind of meth addict/tranny/ick thing.

        7. Yeah. Like I’ve said before, America has about 315 million inhabitants, and only simple maths tells us that there are millions of real 7s, 8s and 9s, and a large share of them likely have okay or even good personalities, certain cities, towns and villages in particular. However, the numbers are shrinking due to self-inflicted fatness, ugliness, slutiness, technology and so forth. Thus a lot of really good guys are in a pretty bad position, both with regard to short-term and long-term relationships.

        8. Yup, you would think that Mr Kersey of all people with his infatuation with minorities would understand that you cannot overgeneralize a whole nationality of people based on a few bad eggs.

        9. No disagreement. I’m just trying to assure men here with no real experience who may live in one small town filled with fatties, that all is not lost and a simple move 100 miles north (or whatever) may be all it takes to find that special type girl if he’s looking for marriage.

        10. 90%? Not really.
          I think your exaggeration comes from the fact that I am one of the very few commenters on ROK who does not have a racialist agenda.

        11. The Kardashians, Real Housewives of whatever city and smart phones/social media apps have gone global….its only a matter of time

        12. “Unlike in Europe/US…you can still find a decent girl in the third-world”
          “Hispanic careworkers”
          “third-world (Latin-America, Asia and Africa) is the only place…”
          You were batting 100% in this thread until I took you off subject.

        13. I hope you wore a condom. This poor woman is forced to live in Wyoming, is homeless, is a meth addict and is a sex worker…her life is hard enough without you giving her aids

        14. I met a girl in her 40’s who was always going on about how she was going to settle down and have kids and I did use the term “scrambled eggs” more than once in that conversation.

        15. AS the comment says: “offered” services. I did not accept her “offer”.
          FiY, I don`t have AIDS. She probably had.

        16. Oh, that’s good. At least you didn’t ruin that poor Wyoming, homeless, meth addicted, prostitutes life with your horrible, horrible diseased genitals.
          As for your FIY, come now Kersey…the first step on the path to healing your aids is admitting you have it….unfortunately the second step is losing 80% of your body weight and the third step is dying a horrible death…but still, that first step shouldn’t be so hard….hard…you know, the way you were when you got aids.

        17. Look, lolknee, you seem to be obsessed with my comments.
          In your opinion, someone who has said something positive about African women must have AIDS. That would not be funny even in the darkest corners of a Stormfront forum.
          Why don`t you focus your energy on something else.
          By the way, you are obsessed with AIDS? Are you an HIV-positive?

        18. ROK is constantly praising Ukraine. In relaity, Ukraine has the highest rate of HIV in Europe:

          Maybe lolknee brought HIV into Ukraine.

        19. There you go! Your first known attempt at humor. Not very well done, but it’s a start. Baby steps…….

        20. Kersey, I know your aids isn’t funny. I don’t think it is a joke at all. I think this is very serious business. However, it seems odd to me that you would accuse me of spending time in “dark corners.” Are you positive you want to go down that road…like really positive….like HIV-Positive?

        21. I don’t have any eyes so I can’t watch that video, but I am truly, heartily sorry about your AIDs.

        22. You claim you regularly come to London , UK? Would you want to come down here this summer. Let`s see how much of a tough guy you are in real life…

        23. Wow, you literally couldn’t even finish your threat. Didn’t you get so scared halfway through that you stroked out?

        24. I didn’t make that claim at all. In fact I haven’t been to London since 2001. I don’t know why you thought otherwise. Maybe memory loss is a side effect of your aids medications? As far as getting into a fight…no way dude…the last thing I need is for you to bleed on me.

        25. Well, I’m glad you’re okay. Maybe you should see a doctor though. Might be complications from the AIDs.

        26. Actually that’s me who flies to the U.K. semi-regularly. I think you get him and I confused a lot with regard to what we’ve said in the past.

        27. You had a long discussion with GOJ , discussing your experiences in London? You have a memory loss, not me.
          Or maybe you just chickening out a a real-life discussion where you could possibly get hurt…

        28. How close is the UK to the Ukraine? Apparently its all chock full of AIDs, according to Kersey… and he would know.

        29. I did talk to him about my experiences in London. However, I haven’t been there is 16 years. As for me “chickening out a a real-life discussion where you could possibly get hurt…” you bet I am. I don’t want aids!

        30. Oh, don’t look at me….I am no tough guy. You are the one who threatened to fight and called me a chicken when I declined due to my fear of contracting aids from you. I freely admit it. I am scared of you and your incurable sexually transmitted virus.

        31. He’s actually 6′, and jacked in real life. There’s a group of us on Telegram and we’ve seen quite a few pictures of him. Strange really because when you think about folks on the internet, generally you (as in all of us) assume that there are no strong jacked guys who actually comment.

        32. I guess in the way that if one person really has aids, like him, then everyone has aids. It’s a very 80’s sentiment

        33. You have to admit, ROK has gone down in quality because of full-time trolls like him. Whenever someone starts an intelligent discussion and has a slightly different opinion from the rest of the commenters, and idiot like him always jumps in and posts a torrent of absurd insults until the commenter in question gets tired and just disappears.
          ROK should be a decent forum, but it won`t be because of people like him.

        34. Hey, there is no amount of jacked that I can be that will allow me to fight a guy with AIDS. @disqus_AtmzyNwX2l:disqus has the right of this, I am going to chicken out every day and twice on sunday when it comes to any RL confrontation with him.

        35. yuppers. The only difference is that the absolute worst of the fucking worst make a) The most noise and b) the funniest headlines and c) the biggest targets to point at (both literally and figuratively hitler) so we hear about them. ROK isn’t going to publish an article called “Solid 8 Goes To Yoga Class and Then After Has Tea With Friends” or “Really Attractive Women Spend Time In Park On Sunny Day Hoping To Meet A Fit Man”

        36. You’re absolutely correct. We have what, 150 million + women in this country? – Are there are no good women left in that bunch? – I’m not buying it. Sure, a lot of it depends on where you live or where you’re looking, but I think the bigger issue in many cases is that some brothers just can’t look in the mirror and make an honest assessment of what they themselves have to offer.
          Having a calm, confident demeanor and a nice smile can go a long way to getting your foot in the door – now it’s up to them to close the deal. You can’t walk around with a chip on your shoulder all the time and expect women, or even business opportunities to open themselves up to you.

        37. Lets say we have 150m women. How many are in good shape , at least average looking, with no baggage, and have a good personality? If 20% then that’s 30m women for 150m men.

        38. And out of those 20%, how many are in a bangable age range?
          Which is 1x*-29.
          I suppose you may be able to go up to 35 or so for a certain few.
          *Substitute your state’s age of consent second digit for the x…

        39. In the 80s I worked with an engineer that had worked in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He said every woman he met was on meth and/or cocaine. And that was in the early 80s. He said there was little else for a young woman to do other than chemically escape boredom.

        40. I mean, I get it. If you put me in Wyoming and I didn’t have the nerve to just kill myself I would absolutely be addicted to drugs within like 45 minutes.

      2. I can understand why finding a wife and having children is important to some people. Why it is important to some people to go dumpster diving behind the restaurant that is the first world and pick up the disgusting and discarded leavings…..not so much

        1. There is no future without reproduction.
          You better don` t look down on the Hispanic careworkers in NY. Their kids may be the ones to take care of you in a carehome when you grow old. Your children should be doing that, but you don`t have any…

        2. The children of the people that I pay to clean my shit will grow up to be the new people I pay to clean my shit when their parents are too fat to do it any more.
          EDIT: You have aids

        3. “Your children should be doing that, but you don`t have any…”
          Some of us would rather just die than be saddled with rug rats.
          I know I would.

        4. “Why is it important to some people to go dumpster diving behind the restaurant that is the first world and pick the disgusting and discarded leavings”
          This comment has me dying over here.

        5. Your trolling was in rare form today. Almost like you were retaliating against an AIDS epidemic.

        1. And at Mardi Gras those beads will only cost you any dignity you might have. Since I have no dignity (and have zero care for the opinions of others), I was able to get quite a few beads.

    2. Northeast Asia (and Singapore) is first-world, though. You should try Seoul or Tokyo. Just for a brief experence.

      1. I have been, briefly, to Tokyo. It was nice, but I don’t see returning. It is too far away and not enough there to justify that kind of trip for me. I live in NYC so I really can’t see visiting other cities at this point. My ability to travel is relegated to 1 week per year so every minute I spend traveling instead of at the destination is a waste. This is why I stick to French Civilized Caribbean Islands.
        There is a lot for people, I think, in NE Asia if they have the time and money to travel and happen to be interested in that culture. Traveling to SE Asia seems to me like deciding that homelessness and dysentery might be fun to experience first hand.

        1. Hehe. A friend of mine was sick for seven days in dysentery in Vietnam. He was puking/shitting simulataneously for at least 72 hours.

    3. Dude, you’re living in the third world! You know, Earth is the third planet from the Sun?
      (Ugh… That was terrible. I have a fever and I’m half asleep and I’m done for tonight)

  12. I went to China, Japan and Hong Kong, back in the day. Never again.
    Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t try Thailand, or some other Asian locale.
    But the odds are probably 1000-1 against.
    To each their own…depends on how a guy is oriented, I guess.
    Depends on his slant on things.

    1. speaking of odds, as one article I read this morning and agree with wholeheartedly, while you have to risk a lot to make a little (11-1) putting down money on Mayweather over McGregor is the closest thing to free money you will ever see.

      1. It’s an odd fight. It makes no sense. Unless we are going to start seeing crossover fights like this one in the future. MMA vs. boxing champions. Eventually they will rig one to take down a shitload of cash off the suckers. But in this case…uh…I wouldn’t wager on it, personally. And if I did, I’d go for the upset, because I like getting odds. I rarely bet on favorites – but this fight is too weird to bet on.

        1. That is 100% what will happen with a plus or minus or McGregor being so frustrated trying to fight s guy as talented as Floyd that he snaps and gets dq kicking him in the head forfeiting his purse and making me smile and smile and smile

  13. You crackas are seriously deluded if you think the 3 Korean girls under the Hongdae and Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea heading want ANYTHING to do with white men.

        1. You’re right about K-pop stars. They would only date or marry a white pop star or actor (if they would live in the U.S., not in Korea) but that’s beside the point. Just had an awesome time there and think that J-rock and K-pop give some pleasure in daily life. I have a really attractive girlfriend here in the north so I am satisfied in that regard.
          Hope you meet a girl. Intelligent guys should get laid more.

        2. Waldemar: you’re going to have to tone down your bad attitude if you want to remain a commenter here. There are many other sites that are MGTOW and can cater to your needs.

        3. Pabst this weekend…gonna be nice. Come on out, I’ll find out a girl to make pee pee in your Coke

        4. At least Waldemar occasionally posts sensible comments and is generally harmless.
          You should ban the “lolknee” instead. All his does is posting rude comments to users he dislikes for whatever reason.
          His post makes no contribution to the topic, just irrelevant gibberish.

        5. Don’t ban me bro.
          RoK is like my only outlet.
          And I only get my feathers ruffled about Asians.

        6. how come waldmar gets a warning, nothing he said seems innarpropriate
          anyway, seems a bit hypocritical to be imposing restrictions on free speech

        7. Yeah. When I go there I try to find a proper, optimal balance: blonde hair, super-ripped body, and nice fashion-aware clothes. K-pop dominates but fitness is coming as well so this hybrid look appears fruitful. I often stay at fancier hotels – with heavy discount – even though hostels can be nice too every now and then, and then I bring dates or ONS’s there. In this way I will bring a local and global flavor. Not too exotic but still with something extra. I am short but many girls are my height or shorter so I can compensate in front of most girls. Typical tourists who look average and get drunk before they head back to their hostels will not have the same results, although I’ve seen a cool German buy bring back local girls to the hostel.

        8. Have you ever stayed at the Westin Chosun in Busan?
          It seems very nice, from the outside anyway. I have been to Haeundae beach twice, but have not used that hotel yet. Thinking about it for next time.

        9. No. I’ve only been to Busan once and then I stayed in a hostel. Went to Haeundae beach, though.
          Typically I stay in Seoul in various locations, but I would like to see a little bit more of the rest of the country, such as Jeju (like you mentioned in my Malta article).

        10. Jeju is beautiful.
          IMO, though, go there with a girl, as it did not seem to the best place for pick ups. Everyone was “coupled up”. Enjoy the beaches, mountain, & scenery. They even have some small casinos, if you’re into that. And if you are so inclined, check out the Mawon horse restaurant. 7 course meal of horse. At least 2 or 3 of the courses will be raw. Have fun!

    1. I have heard that about Korea (haven’t been there), but every other place is “game on” for western men…
      I’m in my 50s so not going to worry about a 20s pop pub…
      But, will stop over in Seoul next trip to Asia – the price is right, the chicks (on tv) are hot.. and on the way to Bangcock anyway…

    2. Was it you or another RoK writer who laid down the reality of finding a foreign bride? You make a good point about Asian women, at least the ones from first world economies, like Korea and Japan. A white man may have better luck in Philippines or SE Asia where the populace is poorer, but from what I’ve seen, my tastes lay with northwest Asian women and not the SE variety.
      For me, I prefer my own kind for marriage and children. No children, then no marriage. I’m at the point I won’t stick my dick in anything that I would not want to have children with, no matter how good looking she is.

  14. America is increasingly a poor nation. It’s not the 1950s or 1990s anymore. Koreans and Chinese have more money and a higher standard of living than poor Americans (either rust belt natives shopping at walmart or artistic creative types living large in a 100 sq ft 4 story walkup in Brooklyn).

    1. Hello Mr. Pabst.
      I have been to Korea several times. They do not have a lot of money over there. $3K/month would be considered a good income to them. They routinely stay with their parents even when married. And the expense of living in Seoul (where about a 3rd of them live) is just as bad as NYC. Even worse, getting an apartment requires a huge deposit. $20K for a dinky studio is common. And those studios are mighty dinky. Like banging your elbows on everything in the bathroom dinky.
      It’s a nice country. Very clean. Crime free. Public restrooms everywhere, even on hiking trails. But a “high standard of living” they do not have. Maybe compared to Vietnam or something, but certainly not compared to us.

      1. I just checked the numbers. He is correct with the $3,000 per month (actually the average per capita is slightly less). This is based on purchasing power parity adjusted dollars. What this means is that the average S. Korean lives a life that is similar to an American making about $3,000/month.

  15. Why would Korean girls want anything to do with Western men? It’s not the 1990s. Western men bring what to the table? Diminishing economic prospects in the wake of active anti male discrimination in education and employment, a reputation for being players and cheaters.
    Believe it or not: Asian women are loyal to their men.

  16. Let me explain something to all you stupid crackas out there:
    In the West, all the female pop stars will date or fuck a guy of another race: Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus etc. Ain’t with white guys. All the young impressionable teenage girls see these women dating black males and want to emulate them and get to the gym to do squats to give themselves a big hottentot booty.
    In the East, all the top KPOP / JPOP female idols are going to stick with their own Asian men and will never date a Westerner.

      1. maturbatory aides may well be a thing, especially coupled with VR but I am very very doubtful of true “sexbots” like the sex slave android Six from the tv show “Tripping the Rift” – that will not happen

        1. We already have AI developing their own non-human languages. Sexbots aren’t that far away.

        2. remotely operated telepresence androids that are under human control like in the Bruce Willis movie “Surrogates” may be possible but not something like Data in Star Trek.

        3. You’re wrong. If you had described an iPhone and the internet to someone in the 70s, they wouldn’t have believed it, either.

        4. yeah well if modem speak has all the logic and internal consistency of English, I won’t be holding my breath

        5. That already happened in the jamie lee curtis / donald sutherland motion picture “Virus”

    1. Actually, that’s untrue. There’s hard data at the CDC available that shows that in the 1990s, the ratio of WF/BM births to WM/BF was about 3:1. Now, since Obamamania ended, it’s down to about 2:1 and falling.
      If anything, black men are becoming more beta and imitating faggy white hipsters more and more with each passing year — and black women are increasingly going after faggy white hipsters themselves (for whatever reason). And, of course, black men continue to chase obese white women all the freakin time. White women instinctively despise chubby chasers, and seeing black men do it kills their attraction toward them.

      1. But most white women in the West–at least in the USA–are somewhat chubby. So why would they despise chubby-chasers? And I haven’t seen these faggy hipster black dudes yet. Most of them still look like indolent hoodrats.

  17. I’m ready to buy a yacht and cruise around the islands…
    surely cebu, koh samui, Phuket are better than Long????

  18. I’m a Malaysian. Malaysians are pretty conservative even among non-Muslims, not the best place to game.
    Otherwise, it’s a cheap holiday destination with diverse cuisine and cultural attraction.

    1. Nice place. I met some really nice girls in Beach Club in KL. One Thai with massive tits. She was a pro but we still made out.
      Apart from that I like the cheap food.

  19. Any non-Korean native man who who can write “Bang Pyongyang”, make it back to the states (or pretty much anywhere else), not end up in a coma, AND (!) provide even semi-believable proof of the flag they attained there… Will have to be lauded as Player of the Century and get to write at least 5 ROK articles, even if he has no writing talent whatsoever. Anything to add?

  20. Jesus Christ…another Yellow Fever article. I think ROK has a valuable message. It is an interesting site. Some excellent articles. But goddammit the white guys with Yellow Fever on here is truly something to behold. Why don’t you losers just found your own website dedicated to your Asiaphile lusts and pathetic uncontrolled fixation with Asian women? Go discuss it over there perhaps? I am sure there are enough of you boys to do this, as I have noticed so many of you throughout my life unfortunately. I like this site, but pieces of shit, borderline pedophile, racist Caucasian fellas such as yourself ruin it for me.

    1. You’re just using straw man “arguments”, exaggerations and bullshit. First of all, there is no “Yellow fever”. It’s never the case that one only focuses on one particular racial or ethnic group, although the thin and feminine appearance is a general strength with East Asian women. One might as well focus on South America, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and so forth. If I write an article about Malta, is it suddenly white fever? Further it is also about having fun. I think that this is a nice region to just spend time in and experience scenery and culture. To be upset about people having fun is just pathetic.
      Pedophile? Well, I am slightly over 30 and I meet girls who are between 20-28 and willingly interact with me. There was this older guy in the comment field who used to talk about young hookers but he is gone now.

      1. Bingo.
        “pedophile” is an extreme, and warped, shaming label and has no basis in reality. We’re dealing with some seriously weak betas who make comments like that.

    2. I like this site, but pieces of shit, borderline pedophile, racist Caucasian fellas such as yourself ruin it for me.
      With your warped, clearly dysfunctional view of men and your (worn out, predictable) male-shaming words, why are you even here?
      Not sure what your obsession with the phrase “yellow fever” is either.
      Simply liking Asian women does not mean a man has “yellow fever.” I love latinas, does that mean I have “cinnamon fever”?
      Seriously, it’s amazing how some project negativity as they’re afraid to go out into the world like men braver than themselves. Don’t hate what you’re too scared to try.

  21. Before I say what I’m about to say, I understand the article is about no strings attached sex, but I know that many guys on here are seriously considering marrying Asian women, and I say NO. Don’t do it. I’ve done the mistake of dating Asian women because they’re easier to get, probably even fooled myself into thinking I prefer them, in order to create an excuse/reason for predominantly choosing them as partners. But I’ve learned, that even though, yes, they’re easier to get, and they, generally speaking, retain more feminine qualities, they’re just an unmarriable as Western Women.
    In Japan, women are basically the heads of the house hold, something many of you don’t know. Also, they’re WAY more materialistic than western women. They live in an ant like culture, and they’re constantly trying to fit in, and if fitting in means being a materialistic bitch, then that’s what she’s going to be. Not much different than Western Women, or all women, for that matter, but remember, Asian culture is HEAVILY about social norms. Korean women are currently the most materialistic of them all from my experiences.
    Not to mention, the majority of Asian women don’t look like Lucy Liu, they don’t use their natural Asian beauty and add to it, instead, nowadays, they all use excessive amounts of white makeup, skin lightening soaps, eye surgery to look like westerners, dye their hair blonde, and wear blue/green contacts. They’re basically like a second rate white woman… might as well get a white woman, they’re better at being white, I assure you.
    In the Philippines, you have more chances of finding a good wife, but one must also think their own European genetics you’d be throwing away if you decided to have kids. A Japanese woman or Korean woman might not look as bad to mix with (part of this is due to all their surgery and make up to look white, so buyer beware), but with a dark jungle person?… food for thought.
    Asian women are not all their cranked up to be by the media, not even half. If you’re looking for a lay, this article is great. if you’re a white man, looking for a white wife, then you’re better of looking for a needle in a familiar white haystack, instead of an unfamiliar eastern haystack.

    1. I can’t agree. An issue is standards. Theirs and yours. If you don’t have high standards of yourself, expect the worst if going for a long term relationship as your SMV plummets in her eyes. If you have high standard of yourself, you’ll be fine. Is this any different to whites? I doubt it. Women with standards expect you to be a solid male. If you are not, don’t be surprised by the outcome.

      1. Sea Shanty, so as always, it’s the mans fault correct? Are you female by any chance? Because I have a hard time believing a man on this site would automatically blame the man.
        You see, normally we could agree with you. But the fact of the matter is, women have some pretty fucked up standards of what a solid male is. He has to be rich, way above average height, in incredibly good shape, intelligent, successful, popular, etc. But even then, even when a male has all those traits, there’s always this…
        Which is why a former fuck up, like myself, managed to bed massive amounts of married women, engaged women, “intelligent” businesswomen, educated women, etc. Now, the majority of these women saw me as a one night stand, a little sexual thrill that their hard working, clean cut, great fathers, boring husbands couldn’t satisfy, after all, the media told them so. But some of these girls, one even a Doctor, was contemplating leaving her Husband for me, I learned that the hoodrats I enjoyed in my teens, were almost no different from the “high class” women I went out with today. I knew some of these guys myself, as acquaintances btw. They had almost everything a woman could ever want.
        And funnily enough, as Karma would have it, when I decided to work hard, and be a contributing member of society, I was betrayed just the same. You see, women are social creatures, and no matter how good a man is, if the media tells your woman that he’s not what a woman should strive for, it won’t matter how good he is, she’ll leave, or have a little fun on the side. Until our society is fixed, women cannot be fixed.
        Sure, there are exceptions, there are lucky dogs out there who found that one woman who has the loyalty and appreciation that only the mind of a man is capable of, but the majority of men, will deal with the majority of women, and the majority of women, currently, are in a horrible state of mind. Having a high SMV, won’t stop them from ruining your life nowadays, we’ve seen this with tall, good-looking, rich movie stars. And the average guy… forget about it my friend. The average guy can’t score an average girl, he has to settle for a 3/10 used up, bargain bin hag who’s “settling” for him, when in reality it’s quite the opposite.

    2. I agree to 95 percent. However, the whiteness ideal stems from Japan (Bihaku). I wrote about that in a comment linked to my K-pop article. Furthermore, the beauty ideal – big eyes and proper proportions – is universal.
      However, given the global soft power dominance of Western white women, and their overall higher universal beauty potential, it is logical for Oriental women to look at for instance Victoria Secret models and Hollywood stars for inspiration. The result is a Oriental/European hybrid. They can still claim Asianness but with a higher degree of universal beauty. For instance Nana from the group After School was listed as the prettiest in the world according to The Independent Critics list in 2014 and 2015.

  22. Vietnamese girls are probably harder to get into bed, but that’s a good thing if you are looking to get married and have kids. They seem to have struck a nice balance between being traditional and modern.
    Most men I’ve known of with Vietnamese wives or gfs are relatively happy, and they are some of the best looking and charming Asian women. They aren’t boring like Chinese women tend to be.
    I get that this article is about easy lays, but I think more serious minded men should stay the fuck away from the Phillipines. The women there tend to be aggressive.

  23. One can find slender, skanky slut pussy near home. Why travel half way around the world for it?
    I can understand searching for a long term wife in another country, but for sluts?
    If one happens to be there yes, but special trips? No.
    You are not “seducing” some young thing that isn’t open to it already anyway. Cash talks. You can spend less here at an Asian massage parlor for the same type of woman.

    1. Not even close to the same thing.
      There is no substitute for the experience and fun a man can have with women abroad.
      You need to get out more.

      1. I have. Been there done that. Not impressed. Much more impressed with the Louvre and the V&A than cheap cunt.

        1. Sounds like you didn’t go to the right places, either that or aren’t a very chill guy.
          My experiences were mostly great and the women I spent time with were some of the most awesome (well, not all but most) I’ve ever met. But then again I was willing to learn spanish and make the effort.
          To each his own.

        2. No. My initial statement was about traveling specifically to get laid, not getting laid while traveling.

      2. Exactly. And there is so much more to it than just the girl thing. Although I have to admit that it is sort of the main focus it does not imply that one has to leave out other things as well, whether it be scenery, culture, hiking, food, shopping or whatever.

  24. The article is much appreciated, thanks for the info!
    I always love reading & learning from experiences pipelining/getting with women abroad.
    Im possibly going to Asia this year. At the RoK meet-up in 2015 a guy told me I’d do well in Indonesia so I’ve been considering that rather than Chiang Mai, Thailand. An Indonesian woman working in a store here told me however that I should go later in the year like November – I think she meant because of the weather.
    Of course, I didn’t tell her I’d be pipelining girls beforehand if I go, lol.
    Any other suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.

    1. Sounds nice. You’ll do great. If you are interested in wildlife you should also check out the Komodo dragons on Rincah Island, a 70 minuter flight from Denpasar (Bali) or about 2,5 hours from Jakarta, and then about 3 hours with boat from Labuan Bajo. It is the most Komodo-dense island of the 4-5 islands where they live.
      Climate and weather-wise Indonesia, like Singapore, is tropical so the differences are not big from one month to another. But she’s right: some months are slightly better than other. I had this summer in mind when I wrote, and thus it is logical to go to temperate countries in June, but of course one can just make a schedule which fits ones particular time plan. Northeast Asia is good in October, but becomes significantly darker and colder in November until february.

  25. after many, many years in the game, i have finally settled down with a beautiful, respectful, crazy loyal chinese woman……i wouldn’t trade her for all the bitchy white twat in america

  26. &…………You will come back home with Hong Kong Dong ???
    You don’t have to amputate, it will drop off by itself ??

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