4 Pursuits That Men Surprisingly Dominate Over Women

To emphasize the fact that men are more or less superior in science, inventions, jobs which require physical strength, and almost all sports, is too obvious, even though the equalists twist, turn and make intricate intellectual sommersaults in futile attempts to disprove these contentions.

Thus it is more interesting to look at less obvious areas, those that one may even associate with typically female qualities such as nurturing, empathy and dexterity, and which require only minimal physical strength.

I have listed four types of pursuit where men are, somewhat surprisingly, more or less better than women. Since I have focused on current times, these differences cannot be explained by lack of female opportunity.

1. Cooking

The housewife ideal is, needless to say, partly linked to the ability to cook. A significant share of men have complained that less women want to be good housewives these days and that cooking skills have worsened in the last decades. Manifold females present themselves as “foodies”, yet they do have little if any desire to make their own efforts into mastering the gastronomic art.

Nevertheless, whether or not one considers this a significant quality, one should not expect women to make better high-quality meals than men. Males are actually better at cooking. The most famous chefs in current times are pretty much all men. The picture just above clearly illustrates this.

2. Equestrian sports

Equestrian sports do not constitute a monolithic phenomenon. Thus there are, not surprisingly, overlaps and palpable sex differences within and between show jumping, dressage, eventing, as well as other less prestigious categories.

But given how many girls who are into horse riding as a hobby in comparison to males, for example about 78 percent in France, it is conspicuous that men often perform better competition-wise. Horse riding is of particular interest since it is one of few areas in which the two sexes compete on equal terms.

For instance, as expected there are more females in the world top of dressage, while there is a clear male dominance in show jumping and eventing. However, with regard to the last-mentioned category, many females place themselves just outside of the top ten.

Show jumping and eventing require particular skills, courage and assertiveness that enables more men to excel. Kent Farrington, Peter Thomsen, Abdullah bin Mutaib, Andreas Dibowski, Frank Ostholt, John Whitaker, Ludger Beerbaum, Marcus Ehning and Rodrigo Pessoa are but a few of the best men in these two fields.

Furthermore, albeit I would hesitate to call equestrian sports a form of art, there is actually some types of horse riding which can be regarded as such, advanced dressage in particular. The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria, is largely dominated by males. I would highly recommend a visit there.

3. Ceramics

Ceramics might be associated with female pastime activity, but like other pursuits it can sometimes be viewed as a serious occupation or cultural manifestation. Is it really the case that the soft female hand is better to sculpt than that of the unfairer sex?

According to this list of contemporary ceramic artists the sexes are equal in excellence, whereas on this one six out of the top ten are males. Who could have guessed?

4. Songwriting

Males almost completely dominate the list over best modern popular music songwriters. Just by mentioning Swedish male pop songwriters such as Denniz Pop, Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson one can witness a considerable male dominance.

This becomes even more striking when one considers the richest songwriters of all time, and more contemporary individuals like for example Babyface, Ed Sheeran and Savan Cotecha.

Underlying factors

Although one can win an argument by stressing that males are on average smarter than women, IQ has little to do with differences in achievement in these non-physical pursuits.

Instead personaliy traits such as higher narcissism and slightly higher industriousness and assertiveness can partly explain these in equal societies. Further, higher levels of testosterone can perhaps directly or indirectly be part of the explanation as well, since it enables greater effort.

Men know that they have to work extra hard in order to become someone in the world and thus put in those extra hours of practice and energy in order to excel. There might be women who feel that they want to compensate for their lack of beauty – servus, Angela Merkel! – by means of being successful in other areas, such as medicine, art or politics. Nevertheless, generally speaking a woman can just be a woman and still find her place in society. Of course there are a lot of men who completely lack these personality traits and abilities, but it is the top talents and/or personality profiles that interest us here.

Moreover, many of these activities hinge on historical realities, such as art, music, and pre-modern equestrianism, where men likewise have excelled. However, that is no reason why females cannot succeed now.


Whenever something becomes a form of art, or at least more profound skill that requires focus, dedication and industriousness, men will likely excel. If Olympics in diaper changing existed I could bet that men would rule there as well.

The point is not assert that there are no overlaps between the sexes and that females are worthless outside of the stereotypical female activities such as basic child rearing and housekeeping, but rather that men often tend to perform better even in those fields which one tends to associate with the fairer sex.

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  1. Men are better at absolutely everything, whether it is being a woman, getting pregnant, breastfeeding or giving blowjobs! LOL!

      1. Trans men are miserable, they miss the good stuff they had when they were women and then bitch about it, Henry you are not allowed to cry like that for a movie!

      1. Hey, Kneeman… have you noticed how little attention is being paid to Jenner as of late? Now he/she is getting thrown under the bus for making comments against “liberals not being able to shoot straight” in wake of the shooting in Virginia last week.

  2. “Oh but you see, women are constantly oppressed by males that’s why they can never show how much better they are.”
    “Men and Women are equal, stop trying to divide the genders!”
    “Just because you can do XYZ better than me, doesn’t actually make you better than me!”
    This is the type of responses you normally get on the internet when trying to debate this subject. I rarely encounter people who believe(or frankly care) that women are just as good if not better than men. But when I do, I make sure to ridicule them.

    1. I remember reading articles after the most recent olympics which were talking up women like they were better overall athletes, because they brought countries like US, UK, Australia, etc. more gold medals per capita than men.
      “Better athletes”? More like routinely weaker opposition from poorer countries which don’t emphasize women’s sports. Oh and not competing against MEN. Important little point there.

    2. A few months ago, one of my wife’s uber-equality-feminist friends came over for a visit and wanted to talk about women in combat. I laughed at her, and she got incredulous that women could do it. I asked her if she thought she could step into the street and beat me in a fistfight, to which she replied, “well, I can’t, but some women can.” I told her to name them, then she got kind of quiet and I laughed at her. Then I said it’s OK, that she could be proud when her son comes home in a flag-draped coffin because the chick next to him in his fighting hole was worthless. She changed the subject.

      1. HA! They always do that. Good job. Confront them at their bullshit. Delusions like this should be taken down every time it appears.

        1. I do. And the added bonus is that they respect a man who calls them out on their bullshit and it gets their panties soaking also.

        2. Exactly. It’s amazing. And yet the pansies that go all “I respect women and treat them equal” wonder why this attitude doesn’t get them pussy.

        3. Indeed. I don’t. I pretty much loathe women most of the time because they’re vapid, narcissistic, childish, exploitative harpies. The one that is decent and feminine and has a good value system I’d wife up but it’s pretty slim-pickings.

        4. You should treat the unattractive women with respect but be prepared to dominate a woman who is attractive.

        1. Yep. I read that a ranger cadre confirmed the women failed, but it didn’t matter as they were pushed through for political reasons.
          Think of Kara Hultgreen. She should have never passed and she paid the price.

      2. I had a long talk with some military history nuts, and we came to the conclusion that women make great snipers (because the pressure isn’t that high, and if you’ve ever taken a girl out on the range you know they do a solid job) but terrible combat units.
        You just need to have a structure that keeps female units completely distinct from male units.

        1. I don’t know dude. I think women make great snipers under certain conditions. Urban environment where they can take their shot and then go home and fade back into the population, sure. Chuck Mawhinney type shit, humping out into the middle of nowhere, crawling around in the bush and living out there under extreme stress and fatigue for weeks on end. That I doubt. And, if discovered, a sniper’s odds of survival are slim unless he has infantry support. But for females, it is even less. That said, in urban combat, of course I would deploy them. Just for the psychological impact alone of the enemy not being able to trust anyone.

        2. The reports out of the Chechen war where there were female snipers indicated that women were good snipers when they had skin in the game and a hatred for the target. They used Olympic shooters against the Russians.
          Also notable, and this was from soldiers’ accounts I read around 1999-2000, was they did aim for the balls. Those that got captured were basically raped to death.

        3. I heard the use of female snipers were exaggerated for psy op effects. No real confirmations.
          I did read the account of a Russian captain that they would pick up suspected Chechen terrorists and do a number on them (which I won’t post here), but in the end the would link two 155 mm artillery shells together and “pulverize” them to dispose of the bodies. He only asked for volunteers as what was required wasn’t for the meek.

        4. I’ve also heard the female sniper thing is greatly exaggerated. A small few have been relatively good, but it has become a good story and a progressive narrative, so it has been blown out of proportion.

        5. I don’t recall her name, but the famous female russian sniper from WWII was eventually institutionalized for her mental issues (PTSD).
          I read about Vasily Zaytsev not being fond of training women as he found they tend to get alot of people killed on the front line.

        6. An IDF soldier’s account of their “female combat units” to counter the point that “the Israelis have women in combat”:
          Most females that were in combat situations in recent years were usually unit KARAKAL (the IDF integrated unit) or MAGAV (Border Police).
          KARAKAL’s main role is patrolling the
          borders and preventing illegals / terrorists from entering the country,
          so they conduct foot patrols and vehicle mounted patrols, ambushes at
          trouble spots etc.
          MAGAV are a police unit, and their job is police work on the borders and in “Palestinian territories”.
          They might see action because we are fighting an insurgency within our own borders.
          There are some motivated, capable women in those units but they are nowhere near as combat capable as the male infantry units.
          The soldiers in these units are “fighters”, but they would not be the
          ones sent out into enemy territory (Gaza, Lebanon etc.) to kick ass.
          They fill a specific function and do their job well, but that is not at
          all comparable to an infantry unit.
          AFAIK the IDF has never sent a female/mixed infantry unit into intentional battle.
          I think female fighters can have their place in combat-capable roles
          (checkpoints, base security, patrolling near FOBs, maybe light mounted
          scouts etc.) and they can take the load off the grunts in less dangerous
          areas so those grunts can go and fight where the real shit is.
          I wouldn’t want them to be fully integrated into a regular infantry unit, let alone SOF.

        7. I think it would be better not to have them there at all. Too many guys go through the army and walk out damaged, can there be any question that it will have at least the same demoralizing effect on women?

        8. Yeah what I saw was not official either. It also described that when a Russian was captured they took out his eyes and cut his dick off. But I have not read anything further on that sort of thing.
          It’s believable though as things do get very nasty in that region. Which is why nothing short of destroying the enemy and killing them all will work.
          (real men, real decisions, not this manlet-driven foreign policy we deal with now)

        9. There isn’t much prisoner taking with the jihadis and God help you if you let yourself be taken alive. As a serb once told me, “save the last bullet for yourself.” I think most American marines and soldiers knew what would happen, but goes unsaid.

        10. A couple of books out there, but what comes to mind is “Enemy at the Gates” – book, not the crap Jude Law movie.

        11. Actually, in the 1948 war and a couple after that the IDF tried mixed units in combat. What they found is that the casualty rate amongst the men in these units was disastrously high. An infantry man goes out on a night patrol and gets wounded, the other guys wait until they can get him back safely. If a female gets wounded all thoughts of waiting are dashed from the white knights and they all get killed trying to recover her.

        12. Source Please!
          This argument gets thrown around so easily and I’ve never seen a valid account of this – when and where did it happen, a specific place or battle, witness accounts, historical records?
          Even in the 1948 war I know only of women that were guarding outposts or kibbutzim or being irregular guerilla fighters and spies before the IDF was officialy formed .
          I’ve never heard of IDF fielding units with women in front line combat. Not intentionally.

  3. Denniz Pop, Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson …
    Babyface, Ed Sheeran and Savan Cotecha
    Never heard of any of them …
    ‘Member when we had singer songwriters named Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and Neil Young?

    I ‘member …

      1. I don’t always listen to songs about WM/BF miscegenation, but when I do, it’s Everclear or Kid Rock not this shit.

        1. not exactly about miscegenation but since we are at modern pop..have you ever seen black gays Pabst ?

  4. You would think that Golf is a sport that women could perform almost as well as men, beyond a shorter 1st drive. But they get creamed in that too, to such an extent they need their own separate tour.
    And youth, beauty, and fertility (and the diversity cult) matters most in Womens golf too. Korean – American hottie Michelle Wie has never been ranked higher than 6th in the female game and she’s maybe the only one you might know of.

    1. I’d rather watch her than Serena Williams grunting as she thwacks a ball with her overly muscled brute arms

      1. The womens’ game has been totally ruined by the she-beasts. Stylish and elegant play can’t compete against muscular manly brutes.

        1. Yes, the Williams sisters would break a blonde barbie like Anna Kournikova in half and use her as a toothpick

    2. I have said It before and will say it again, with a proper amount of time to train (not more than any other competitor) I will beat any professional woman athlete at her own sport. I will score on any WNBA player, I will beat any female UFC fighter in a ring, despite never having played tennis in my entire life, with one year of training I will school both fucking Williams sisters.

      1. “I will school both fucking Williams sisters.”
        I initially read that as “I will screw both fucking Williams sisters.”

        1. ill do that too. I’ll put those big ape bitches over my knee and spank their asses. I might even remind them that they are women.

        2. ahhh, come on, sport fucking the Williams sisters is the womanizing equivalent to hunting man on a private island.

      2. Are there no tennis courts in the Bronx? Fat Tony,Big Frank and little Carmine must be so disappointed. Lol

      3. The world record clean and jerk for a woman is over 400 lbs. I don’t know you, but I doubt you can clean and jerk 400 lbs.

        1. You are talking about Tatyana Kashirina…the one banned for illegal steroids at the Brazil Olympics.
          Given an appropriate amount of time to train (not having to go to my day job and living at the gym the way that lifters do) I would absolutely break any record that that bitch puts up and I would beat her roided out records totally natty.
          If I started using the gear she was on I wouldn’t even need to quit my day job to drop numbers 30% higher than her

        2. The world record woman’s mile is just over 4 minutes. I don’t know you, but I doubt you can run a four-minute mile.

        3. with proper training…why not? I can run a 6 minute mile now and I am not by any means an avid runner and am twice as old as these women.

        4. If you have the resources and time you could get up to a standard where you could destroy a woman at anything very easily.

        5. I don’t know anyone who is an avid Runner who thinks they can train down to a four-minute mile.

        6. that’s correct. No, I can’t beat an Olympic gold medal winner on my lunch break this afternoon at the sport she trains at 16 hours a day but with resources and training I will beat any woman at any sport.

        7. Dude, homeboy is arguing that the exception proves the rule. There is no point to arguing with this fucktard. He lives in an alternate reality fueled by Obama’s cumfarts.

        8. I know you are one of these guys who likes to take the contrarian side of this. So I can sit here all day and tell you that men will beat women in physical competition every single time given an even playing field and you will say they can’t. I don’t have the patience for it. In the end, I am right and you are wrong and that is that. Move on now.

        9. I think the only thing you can say now is, as the kids say-FLAWLESS VICTORY. FATALITY. Or for the mathematicians amongst us, QED.

        10. The world record for a woman running a marathon is about 2 minutes slower than the men’s record. I don’t know you, but I doubt you could come within 2 minutes of the men’s Marathon record.

        11. He is, and what’s worse that exception isn’t even really true. Mind you, the woman he is talking about, Ethiopian runner Genzebe Dibaba might not be doing so well as she recently lost her trainer who was, uhm, arrested on doping charges.

        12. All I hear is a lot of excuses. Have you ever known anyone in your life who could run a four-minute mile? Probably not. So why do you think you can do it?

        13. I couldn’t run a marathon at all. I am 200 pounds of pure muscle who has been weight training his whole life. But if, when I was a young child, I got into track and field instead of getting into weight lifting, boxing and baseball and if I was given resources and freedom to train and the same PEDs as these women yes, I would beat every single one of them every time.

        14. I have a feeling that if you weren’t sitting behind a computer screen and were talking to my face I could get you to run a 2 minute mile by saying boo.
          To answer your question, I don’t know if I know anyone who can run a 4 minute mile but probably not. I spend most of my time with corporate execs and body builders.
          Also, comparing someone on steroids to someone not on steroids is not an excuse — these women are cheating and no one calls them on it because faggots like you like muh woman’s empowerment.

        15. The most amusing thing is that in intentionally missing the point so he can continue acting like a little fag, he actually has to prove your point by admitting that the women’s records are less than the men’s.
          But yeah, you should be ashamed you’re not some world-class marathoner when what you said is true in 99.99% of all other cases. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for his position.

        16. A cautionary tale if ever there was of why you as a male shouldn’t take dick in the ass-it impairs your logic centres and turns you into a white knight mangina.

        17. you are a faggot because you mention a bunch of roid cases and cheaters and then pretend they are real athletes. But whatever dude…if you are happy then all the better. It is weak men that make the world easier for me.

        18. you mentioned 2 in particular, both were caught using steroids.
          What exactly is your claim here? That women are just as good and can put up just as high numbers in athletic competition as their male competitors? If so, why have separate leagues?
          No, your claim has been that several women who are half my age, spend their entire lives doing nothing but training and who all were caught doping and using PEDs can beat me at their specific sport so long as I get no time to train and don’t get to use the same illegal drugs? Ok, you got me there.

        19. You can take every steroid on Earth, and you’re not running a marathon in 2:17. Period. Steroids aren’t magic – that woman was an elite athlete to begin with. Next you’ll tell me that with steroids, you’d have won the tour de France 7 times because Lance Armstrong could. Not happening.

        20. No, I could never beat lance Armstrong with or without steroids. But I would def have schooled whichever woman came in first.
          If you have a point underneath your gibberish and effeminate contrarian bullshit I don’t know what it is. I am bored of you now.

        21. The point – an average person, such as yourself, will not beat an elite female athlete in her sport. Learn a debate technique other than calling people “faggots” and “effeminate” – you sound like a child.

        22. First: this isn’t a debate. It is me trying to talk to a dipshit on the internet. I’m sorry if your life lacks meaning.
          Second: any average man given the proper training and advantages will best every “elite woman” at any sport
          Third: you have no real concern for anything other than spouting your own asinine and often objectively wrong opinions so don’t be surprised when you aren’t taken seriously
          Fourth: Internet tough guy doesn’t suit you. I can tell you wouldn’t know which leg to piss on if you weren’t safely behind a computer
          Finally: faggot

        23. Special consideration, pussy pass, doping, cheating…these are the way a woman “excels” in sports.

        24. it’s not butting heads. It is more like him butting heads with my shins. Giants don’t notice the nattering flies at their feet. That said, most of what he usually seems to be wrong about is politics which I don’t care enough about to dip my toes in.

        25. who cares about marathon runners? they all look like they are on the verge of death

        26. you know, Lance Armstrong was blood doping when he won the tour, but no one mentions the fact that so were the 10 guys who came in after him.

        27. Yes, and that is why there was such a shake up. However, it was an even playing field. All the competitors were on the same PEDs

        28. He is an executive bodybuilder, The guy is here all the time 24h, when you call his BS he gets super defensive and mad, then claim ultra super time management to all the thing he claims to do, that He knows more than you because he is older but never says how old he is, and that he is always fucking bitches, He sound like a pathological liar to me. So he is a manly geriatric executive bodybuilder playboy with mad skills of time management.

        29. I remember watching the Women’s Olympic 4x800m one year and noting that the winner had a time of 2:14.
          My Track PR that season had been 2:10. I wasn’t even on varsity….

        30. Listen lady, I’m as average as they come and my JV Track times in high school were faster than female Olympic heat winners. Your relentless cherry picking and squirming is fruitless and, frankly, embarrassing.

        31. If I had a nickel for every executive bodybuilding lawyer Marine combat veteran ninja with a STEM degree who’s fucking bitches…

        32. When was it part of my argument?
          So you decide to use one particular event in all of sports as the end-all be-all of male vs female ability because I just burned your point to the ground?
          Because a guy on my high school cross country team did run a 4-minute mile….
          Geez, women can’t even debate like men.

        33. Albeit I can`t see his comments since I blocked him and reported him to Disqus for harassment, I suggest you not to waste your time on “lolknee” He is probably a 17-years old obese virigin schoolkid living in a trailer park with a net connection and too much time on his hand. He pretends to be a “30-something bodybuilder living in a condo in New York who picks up a different woman each week , “women who lick his bumhole on the first date” – these were his words, not mine..
          If he notices you are more intelligent than him he calls you a f****t.
          If you say you are married , he calls you a f****t.
          If you say you are married to a Black lady and have children he will accuses you of being a “ni****-lover” and “having aids”.
          Trolls like him ruin this otherwise interesting forum. I suggest you to block him and report him to Disqus.

        34. You sound like you’re borderline throwing a tantrum right now since your whole grrrrl power spiel didn’t go your way…please don’t, I doubt your IKEA furniture could take it.

        35. Sneer, sneer, snark, false accusation, sneer….
          Your air of superiority would be more convincing if you didn’t have a meltdown when someone pokes a hole in your argument:

        36. Lol, so when you said kids on your cross country team ran a four minute mile, you “didn’t say they BROKE four minutes?” What did you mean, then? 4:59? Keep digging, kid.

        37. Hold the front door, 2 high school students have broken 4:00 ever? Your article states that is only the case for INDOOR track….

        38. Oh, correct me then – how many have done it outdoors? Other than all of those kids you knew in high school. LMFAO

        39. Lol, sorry, kid – “running a 4 minute mile” means “4 minutes or less.” You’re hilarious .

        40. I ran those events, no that’s not what it means and nowhere did you define that.
          Actually, the article you posted shows that the boy mentioned only broke the US record. There were 3 others who all broke 4:00 within that one race, or did you not read that far? So there goes that…
          I also wonder how you get off with defining this argument solely around the one event and one time constraint, when you were proven wrong on numerous others. Why is the one mile suddenly the holy grail of all comparison when all the others failed to prove your reasoning? At this point I’m just curious as to how your reasoning works as that is simply an example of moving goalposts. What’s next, the times only count if it’s an American ginger shorter than 6 feet with only one testicle and one leg shorter than the other?

        41. Perhaps my vernacular at the time was different than their’s? I’d have to ask the author, really. I’m sure he’s agreeable and we’d come to an understanding.
          Why are you now fixated on this one item when the rest of your argument was proven false in the grand scheme? I believe I have discovered how your trolling works. In the absence of an actual argument or discourse, you seize on to smaller details but disregard your own faults. That’s like having your car explode but claiming you still own it because you have one of the hubcaps in your garage…
          tl;dr, you’re still wrong. Women can’t compete with men.
          Additionally, I have noted that your writing pattern has altered drastically, perhaps denoting unusual agitation not previously displayed in other posts. You seem to be losing your cool.
          I r8 this deb8 3/8, no h8 m8. Good b8 on your part, good reeling as well. However, I’ve learned about you and how you work and think. Most useful and interesting, my dear Pubis.

        42. Since some women can break a SUB four minute mile, and you can’t, I guess women can compete with men. The end. You lose, Mr. Bannister. Since some women can lift 400 pounds, and you can’t, I guess women can compete with men. Want more? Step right up, sonny.

        43. Mr. Bannister? Has some class to it, not bad.
          But once again, we already denoted that you are defining the norm by using exceptions. That is simply illogical. In addition, why are you comparing a female Olympic powerlifter who works out as a career to an average man with a normal job? It would make vastly more sense to compare them to a male Olympic powerlifter. They would then actually be competing. Comparing male to female in these categories turns up great disparities in capability, and this is recorded everywhere.
          That’s like taking a blonde-haired Navy SEAL and a brown-haired average Joe and pitting them against each other physically with the conclusion that blonde-haired people are superior. It doesn’t make sense.
          Your logic wears thin….

        44. I’m not “denoting” anything. This started when this dummy (not you, another dummy) said, “Give me’uns a year, and I will beat any silly girl in her own sport!!” I pointed out that since a woman has run a sub four-minute mile, that alone proves his statement false. His followup, “Why couldn’t I run a 4 minute mile?” only proved he was in the 6th grade. Welcome to the conversation. Aloha!

        45. cmon man, feel free to block whomever you wish, but we frown on people who rat us out to some sort of authority…so lame

        46. It seemed more like 50 or 60+ guys that came in after him. But no one went all in like Armstrong. Lance is a case study in obsession and morality.
          Because it wasn’t just the ‘roids…Lance had the X factors to go with it. Inside, Lance drew a much darker sketch of courage and inventiveness than his opponents. He sprang into action with a calculated yet child-like recklessness, and tended a longer list of fixations that feed the very soul of any over-achieving athlete. Touched by death and metastases, with the gods sparing a solitary testicle, Lance rode as if lashed by some evolved vector of rabies and Benzedrine. One-nutted, yea, but by his moxie and post-cancerous wits he emitted the testosterone-fueled power of three fully engorged nuts according to most scientific standards. He mastered rapid adaptation and healing, and the stoic ability to shed pain and accelerate through it. I stood in awe of the man, before I later stood in disgust as it all unraveled on him.

      4. I would buy you beating UFC females with some steroids and hard training. I don’t think you could do quite as well in amateur sports like weightlifting. There are a couple women in the world putting 400 pounds overhead and I don’t think most people’s joints or spines are up for that kind of abuse (powerlifting events are more forgiving) even when on steroids and it requires plenty of genetic speed too. Those women probably have men’s testosterone levels anyway but they are still females with exceptional genetics.

        1. In powerlifting? Absolutely. With a stressful corporate job and no steroids and having had spine issues just a year ago my raw score is over 1400 right now. If I was able to quit my job and do nothing but lift, even at the age of 45, even while they were on gear and I was natty, I would still out lift all of these bitches.

        2. Powerlifting and weightlifting are more different than they seem. Benching 400 pounds is a lot easier than jerking it overhead. You need to have inborn explosive speed to do the latter; you might do the former if you train for a decade and hit steroids. Unless you’re extremely talented genetically, I would not hold out much hope for beating the greatest female weightlifters at your age. Speed tends to peak in a person’s late twenties and men in their late 40’s are already slower than young female athletes. Not to mention the wear and tear of age, which makes fast and explosive lifts with big weights quite risky.

        3. thank you very much for the unrequested lesson in weights 1 oh 1. What kind of shape are you in?

      5. I got you on all but Tennis. Williams in their prime would give pro male tennis pros a run and with some lucky bounces could go far in a male tourney, they have a lot more testosterone than probably any female tennis player ever. I’d put money on that. Literally every other sport id put my money on the Knee

        1. Sorry consummate consumer but you are wrong there. Karsten Braasch (who at the time was ranked 203rd in the world) had a few beers and a few cigarettes and then beat both Williams sisters in straight sets pretty much without breaking a sweat and then joked about how it was a lot of fun and he had a few drinks before the match.

        2. yeah, when the 203rd best tennis player in the world had a few beers and then totally dominated both Williams sisters in their prime it didn’t, for some reason, get much media attention. However, if the girls would have won you can bet your bippy that there would have been a sports illustrated cover.

  5. Great article and I confess I was surprised that equestrian sports was #2. In my area, it is solely a woman’s arena, but in hindsight I remembered the #1 school in my area is run by and taught by a man.

    1. European Polo players are some of the most world renowned international playboys notch counting the absolute highest levels of society

        1. Of the things I regret not doing in my life, learning polo at a young age and playing some amateur or, if I was any good, minor pro polo in Europe is one of them. Socialites, royalty, the daughters of powerful ambassadors, business moguls and all sorts of celebrities from actresses or pop stars all line up to get dicked down by polo players.

        2. Yes. And they would see not only do I ride stallions but I am one in certain anatomical respects. For the fun of it I’d probably hit them with a riding crop and have them whinny whilst doing the business.

        3. I remember attending a carnival when I was like 10 years old. One of the games was a frog race, where you got to choose your frog from a bucket. You then raced your frog against other frogs, urging your frog to hop by pounding the surface it was hopping on with your hand.
          Do rich socialite girls go for frog racers?

        4. Only if they turn to princes and even then only after working their way through polo players

        5. frog polo:

          “He always looks so regal ridin on his toad named Lightnin
          The toad’s name is Lightnin he’s ten hands at the shoulder …
          Ah the sun is shinin westwards yeah I think I’ll saddle up my frog and Get outta here”

        6. if you waxed and washed her I would happily fuck her, but I never liked the music.

  6. OT: My man Bill Cosby beats the BS charges and drops a “HEY HEY HEY” on the way out.
    This is a great thing that has happened……it is not everything but it is a start….letting these bitches know that they can’t just yell rape for attention and ruin men’s lives is a hugely important issue…one that we should all care a great deal about.

        1. There really should have been a large choreographed lip sync with his whole family. I think that Cosby really needs to blame everything on Mortimer and then have a family guy style cut away where Cosby is tied up and you hear the Mortimer sounds rhythmically from another room.

    1. Dude, as happy as this is, Cosby is not in the clear yet.
      The craziest thing about this shit is that the guy is being harassed over shit that WASN’T ILLEGAL WHEN HE DID IT. So a bunch of people got high and fucked each other in the 70’s-80’s. Yeah, so?
      Last I checked, there was only one woman who made any allegations after “date rape” became criminal. And her story was that she willingly took drugs, then continued to hang out with him for a couple of years. Forgive me if I’m not grabbing my pitchfork.
      Oh, and I’ve still noted the distinct lack of photographic evidence that any of these women were ever in the same room as the guy – something that you would expect to find when a black dude was fucking white chicks beginning at a time when lynchings for this type of shit still happened.

      1. I know he isn’t clear yet, but this is a good first step.
        He is getting so fucking railroaded it isn’t even funny. I will take any and all victories I can get.

        1. About the only positive thing about this is that it annihilates this muh’ rape culture horseshit. Not only does it prove that people will bend over backwards to believe complete nonsense without a shred of proof. But it also shows that, if there is a rape culture at all, women perpetrate it. I can’t remember what magazine it was that had all 3 dozen or so of them on the cover. I remarked that they ought to all be looking at the bitch to the left that allowed a “violent predator” to continue his “raping” because they were “afraid no one would believe them.” First, that’s complete bullshit. None of these women were raped. But even if it were true, all it shows is that women have no moral courage to do the right thing if it is even the least bit difficult. And on that, the first of these women was “raped” shortly after the last lynching in this country was recorded. The idea that she couldn’t have had Cosby dealt with is laughable. I’m willing to bet good money that there were plenty of people who would have loved to take down a successful black man over something like that. Hell, there still are.

        2. That judge had it out for him, as long as there are men on the Jury, they will never find him guilty unanimously. These Judges now a days are way too emotional. It is getting ridiculous.

        3. False rape accusations against were prominent during Jim Crow, I remember reading a book about the black wall street, the white mob burned this affluent black town to the ground just because of a false rape accusation by a white woman,

        4. I believe this. Every single white woman who decided to sample a little chocolate and was caught was “raped”
          At the time when men really had the idea of protecting women at all costs beaten into their head you can almost understand the fucking lynching when these broads were screaming rape.
          It was basically the Salem Dick Trials. Some rich southern girl decides she wants a dark dick down and gets caught and next think you know Tituba is hanging from a tree.

        5. The white knighting was through the roof in those days and consideering how good girls are at producing crocodile tears to echo bob smith below, the dudes probably bought into it hook line and sinker, the thought of their white princesses throwing themselves to some chocolate loving would have devestated them, I wouldn’t be surprised if the women knew that at the time

        6. Of course the dudes bought it hook line and sinker. The idea that a woman would lie about being raped was so freaking unheard of in that culture at that time. It was unthinkable.

        7. No, it was known back then too. I was reading the account of a WW2 GI, and there was a part when he wrote about how some chick got alone with him and started acting really weird, so he became terrified because it was known that some women would set themselves up alone with men just to tear their own clothes and cry rape.
          Story of Joseph in the bible.

        8. Very interesting and the Joseph story is apt. I will need to consider this. Thanks for that

        9. The most interesting thing about it, is that on reflection the Egyptian priests realized it was bullshit from the way her clothing was torn.p, but for political reaspns it was impossible to stop the prosecution. So instead of killing him for “raping” his masters wife, they gave him prison time and married off the daughter to him to clear his name.

      2. I am thinking that the classical Athenian court system and rules ought to be revived in certain cases like rape accusations. In the Athens of Socrates a citizen would bring charges. He would pay a fee which was refunded upon conviction or forfeit if the accused was shown not guilty.
        I think we need to do something like this for rape accusers. If you accuse a man of rape and he is found not guilty you should be given to a mens prison where for an entire weekend you are left in the yard to be viciously gang raped by any and all of the maximum security prisoners who want to participate.

        1. Let me make sure I understand, you think this would DECREASE false rape accusations? I wouldn’t be surprised if it went the opposite way. Because then you could fulfill your fantasies and play the muh’ rape culture victim card.

        2. Just lower the penalty to a solid whipping and youve solved the problem. Third conviction you lock him up.

      3. Actually, the last lynching is listed as 1964, and those in the 40s and after arguably don’t qualify.
        Lynchings, if they mean anything, refer to a public or semi-public action of the community. They’re proud of what they’re doing. Guys sneaking around and killing people is a whole other dynamic, just ordinary murder.

      1. not sure if you remember the classic Britcom Allo Allo (to this day my favorite television show ever)

        1. RIP Gordon Kaye.
          Aside from how silly and funny and wonderful that show was it is also brilliant.

    2. I am really glad to hear that! When I first heard the allegations, I thought “Thank God Grandma and Grandpa aren’t alive to see this”.
      I used to hear it all the time growing up, “That Fat Albert is about the only cartoon on Saturday that has anything good for kids”. And when he started having a segment of Kaptain Kangeroo, it was required watching if we happened to be at Grandma and Granndpa’s house.

    3. Yeah I heard that he beat the rap. We knew that this would happen but they succeeded in tarnishing his name.

  7. Fine art, museum curation, academics, education, running a business, military, customer service, etc…..

      1. But those are partly linked to cognitive ability. The point is that, even when cogntive ability is not taken into account at all, the sex differences in personality traits will affect outcomes.
        Additionally, I think that Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence dimensions can be part of the explanation as well, such as greater visuo-spatial and kinesthetic intelligence. That might explain why men are so much better in for instance tennis and soccer, besides hitting and kicking much harder. However, those tend to be hard to distinguish from physical strength and the general factor of intelligence (G), since one dimension of G and IQ is visuo-spatial ability.
        In fact, even industriousness cannot be completely isolated from IQ since those traits are likely influenced by the same genes, according to for instance Robert Plomin et al. But behavior genetics as a field has not yet understood all of this so one has to wait a bit before one make anything more than tentative suggestions.

      1. comedy, jurisprudence, medicine, fucking hair stylist (the most famous hair people who demand the largest fees from celebs and the wealthy are all men)

        1. cobblery for sure. As a man who regulars cobblers I can say that in all my life I have never once met a woman cobbler. I do know a woman who is a fine cheese monger at murray’s. I don’t know her name but we recognize each other when I see her. She is quite knowledgeable and good at her job, but she is the exception for sure.
          Pastrami Carving, window washing, dance (Arthur Murray School of Dance still the most popular), race car driving, clergy, animal husbandry and air traffic controlling.

        2. hahahaha – animal husbandry was in the breech for my response, so I’ll see that and raise you lineMEN, welders (steeltown girls on a saturday night notwithstanding..),presidents, pilots and painters!

        3. Memba when ads sold the product? Now the product is secondary, just show female superiority, and they will buy it

        4. Yeah, and you best shut up about it before a feminist mob shows up at your house and ruins your life for noticing it.

  8. civil war cavalry officers — the long boots etc.
    Have you seen Stuarts boots – in a museum in Richmond?
    Mostly women ride horses, and have long boots now…
    men would be better — but women mostly do it…(because it is useless and pointless now)

  9. Men are older souls than women. The old religion was right: a soul reincarnates first as females, and after proving itself, gains the right to reincarnate as male (depending on many variables).
    The idea of ying and yang as being feminine and masculine, where both are good, is a wrong idea.
    There is times of righteousness and times of weakness, and both are necessary, but every virtue is part of one path only, there is no sex differentiation when it comes to virtue.
    Women are different because they are the younger and less experienced souls, and servants of men.

      1. The belief of the old philosophers: Aristotles and the bunch. Could be said to be paganism at the time.
        Today: no religion preach that, and if someone preach it will be downvoted and protested to oblivion, even by its peers. Goes to show how cucked people are today.

  10. Things women can do better than men:
    1) Bitch.
    2) Give shit tests.
    3) Be irrational.
    4) Be irresponsible.
    5) Make a duck face.

      1. I dunno, Mick’s duck face looks pretty lame, but it probably rocked the house in the 70s. That being said, here are some more…
        6) Smell bad (their vaginas).
        7) Lie.
        8) Make excuses.
        9) Lose focus.
        10) Make public rest rooms look like pig pens.

        1. Come on, man, he looks like a sheep getting ready to kiss a toad…but he’s Mick, so, yeah….he gets a pass. I think Keith is cooler.

        2. Great keef quote from his book
          There was a knock on our dressing-room door. Our manager shouted, ‘Keith! Ron! The Police are here!’ Oh, man, we panicked, flushed everything down the john. Then the door opened and it was Stewart Copeland and Sting.

        3. Yep. Keith’s a Sagittarius. Johnny Depp is a Gemini.
          “I’m an acorn, and someday, I will grow into a mighty oak.” – Gandhi

        4. That’s funny. I’d feel sorry for them, but they probably had backup dealers waiting to bring them another 8-ball or three…I like Stewart Copeland’s quote about Sting at a show one night:
          “Last night Sting did a big leap for the cut-off hit, and he makes the
          same move tonight, but he gets the footwork just a little bit wrong and
          doesn’t quite achieve lift-off. The mighty Sting momentarily looks like a
          petulant pansy…”

        5. dealers. You really need to read his Autobiography. its great. He had Merc representatives bringing him kilos of uncut medical grade cocaine and garbage bags filled with Quaaludes just to hang out with them

        6. Sounds like a fun read. I’ll bet those guys (Mick & Keith) scored more top-shelf pussy than just about any two guys in history…I mean, absent Arab sheik twins and depraved billionaire brothers.

        7. I love the Police, and I like Sting, but I’m willing to bet that dude was quite often a “petulant pansy” to be around, too.

        8. it’s funny, keith was saying how mick was obsessed with always being with the most beautiful women and all he really wanted was a fat black woman to fry him chicken and hold him when he slept. One of the lines, and I am paraphrasing because I don’t have it exactly, was “it was hard to live with mick. it is hard to live with a man whose drug is attention. my drug was just heroin and as long as we didn’t run out I was easy to deal with”

        9. Yeah, that’s the rumor. Copeland said other things about him, like he “danced around on stage like a fag”, etc. Probably some envy there. Hell if I was a rock star I’d be too busy counting my money and porking hot babes to worry about what the other guy is doing…

        10. Call me weird, but I can’t think of any celebrity (outside the good looking women) that I would like to meet. What would you do?
          Jack Palace, nice to meet you. So, uh, what do you like to do?
          “Get drunk and go fishing in my yacht”
          “I have a canoe that I paddle around”…………

        11. I don’t think you’re weird, I feel exactly the same way.
          The thing I find weird is how people can get obsessed with actresses and models they have never met. Like they look at a picture or a movie with Scarlet Johanson and think she is so hot, how much they want to meet her and bang her.
          To me, Scarlet Johanson isn’t even a real person. I don’t give a flying fuck about her. If she actually walked in my door and told me she wanted to fuck, I’m sure I’d be down, but other than that, I’ve got nothing for her. She’s just an image on the TV screen. Who cares about that shit?

        12. were you the guy who posted about the true meaning of “Every Breath You Take”??

        13. Oh, well that would make sense. I just checked Wikipedia and Stewart’s daddy is admittedly a “CIA officer”. I think I’ll burn my Police CDs (kidding! I don’t have any!).

        14. Charlie Watts is the coolest. He once decked Mick because Mick called him down from his hotel room. The condensed version goes:
          Mick: “Get downstairs…You’re my drummer!”
          Charlie: * Whack * “I’m not your drummer…you’re MY singer!!”
          I don’t recall where I read this particular story but I thought it pretty funny.

        15. Sting often gave off the air of a diva IMO. I believe he wanted out of the Police, like Roth did out of VH. Copeland, on the other hand, was the most talented of the three. Not only did he play drums but he composed a lot of movie scores.

        16. I heard the Stones were contemplating a new tour. It would be called the Rolling Stones Live and Keith Richards.

      2. Gay men do bitch a lot. Plus, if they consider you to be good-looking, they’ll definitely convince you that gay life is better than straight life. They want you to be one of them, so they can stick their dicks in your butt.

    1. Lots of people say “raise children”, but I wonder if a guy was given the time and resources that a woman is given, how they would stand. On the days that the wife goes and does something and leaves me with the kids, I will have the kids engaged in something.

      1. Guy are better at that, too. The female attention span is approximately the same as that of a gnat with ADHD.

      2. I don’t think this is one where you can point to one sex being better or worse. A single man and a single woman are equally bad at raising children when compared to a stable couple.

        1. Did a quick search, didn’t find much on statistics. The only relevant thing I saw was single mothers are far more likely to be under the poverty line. This does make a big difference in the case of divorce rape. If judges learn that the better parent isn’t necessarily the woman, that could spell many children going to the father, and consequently less divorce.

        2. The term “single mothers” is also a relative thing. Many fathers are very involved with the upbringing of their children, even if the mother is technically a “single mother.”

        3. That is the way it was with my parents. The older I got l, the more my mom referred to my dad about stuff. They didn’t want to live together anymore, but I think under the circumstances, they did good as far backing each other up parentally.

        4. That’s very admirable. Just being able to show the kids you can work together to take care of them is huge. Imagine being a little kid whose parents can’t get even stand to be in the same room together. You mom and dad hate each other so much they can’t even put it aside to watch you play a basketball game or whatever. That has to screw the kid up.

        5. Agree. People need to stop seeing this as a competition. It’s not. It’s a teamwork.

        6. Yeah…I was very lucky. I heard, “Ask your Dad. I’m not a man” numerous times through my teenage years. She gave my dad a alot of credit and got a long well with my step mom.
          My mom wasn’t feminist but she was rather strong and independent. I knew this because she didn’t have to tell me. It was evident in her behavior. And she didn’t chalk up her divorce to inadequacy on my dad’s part. She said, “we just ran out of whatever IT is that keeps people happy together. It happens”.
          When I see the scenarios you described, it seems like such a foreign concept based in how I was raised.

      3. That’s actually a very modern notion. Up until some British woman raised a huge stink because her child died in an unforeseeable riding accident while in the care of his father, we assumed that the best person to raise children (in case of divorce, at the least) was the person that could actually provide for them.
        Are mothers usually more nurturing? Yes. But is that all there is to raising children? Hell, no.

        1. I would say women have the edge for the first two years, when the kids need to feel safe more than anything, but as they get older, the father’s role becomes more and more important.

      4. Disagree. As a man myself, I gotta admit that my eyes aren’t as careful as women’s eyes when it comes to looking after children.
        I don’t know how many times bad accident happened to kids in my family when they’re under men’s watch; several of them were almost fatal.
        Our women watch our kids like a hawk.

        1. I don’t know. I’m divorced and take care of my kids a couple of times a week. I make then read and keep a journal. I make them play sports and train them. I teach them foreign languages and history. When they come from a weekend with their mom and I ask what they did, their usual response is “played video games”.

        2. Good for you and your kids. But I’ve seen the opposite quite often as well.
          As I’ve mentioned somewhere in this comment section, raising children is not a competition about which gender is better at it. It’s just some ego wars between adults. It’s a teamwork of two adults from opposite sexes, not a competition and adults need to stop seeing it as such.
          Sure, a single father/mother can take care of their children well, but it would be better if they had a mother/father* too.
          *I’m talking about a well function adults, not those alcoholics, drug abusers, mentally ill, sex addicts adults.

        3. The stats are against you. Giving the child to the mother in cases of divorce is as far away from in the best interest of the child as is possible. That they can say that lie with a straight face is incredible.

        4. I’m from Southeast Asia. That’s not how it works here. Kids got to choose, and divorcees don’t hate each other.

        1. As it stands they are justified in modern society by their virtue of being “oppressed”, despite their mental illness.

  11. Men are better than women at everything that requires reason or accountability, because women lack both. But then again, so do a lot of men,

  12. OT: just got back from the gym, and what was waiting for me in the mailbox? Kratom! Tastes like green tea and ink.

  13. 5. Adaptation to post-modernity. It’s mostly women living on anti-depressants and boxed wine. Men are simply dealing with it, even those who modify their plans and face the reality that they can’t have a family (no rights in family courts, poor pickings in the female pool, etc.) just decide to play video games. They at the least are not living in a delusion like those ever fattenning 30-something women who still think they “deserve” a man with money and a lumberjack physique.
    6. Getting killed in wars for stupid reasons. Note that the “deal” used to be you served your country because you had agency, usually in the form of a vote. Women have had the vote for nearly a century but have never been drafted into war. They have a bill to pay, or give up that vote. We can’t have it both ways.
    7. Doing all the crap jobs if they can get one. A common thing I hear these days is “I do man’s work so I will be out of a job soon”.
    8. Celibacy. Yes men do celibacy better. Remember: everything is a lie. So this notion that men are uncontrollable horn dogs and women are naturally chaste creatures is false, and pushed by the gynocratic media. It’s actually the reverse. Traditionally it’s men who have chosen paths, from clergy to exploration, that pretty much had it in the job description “you’re not getting laid”. Look at what’s going on now: men with few options will sign off or hit the gym. Women who are low on the 1-10 scale will simply cover their fat legs in tattoos and act like God’s gift. Men do celibacy better, even when it’s entirely against their will.
    9. Suicide. Men don’t do “call for help” type suicides like women do. Gun in the mouth works just about every time. When a man decides to check out, he checks out. If it’s driven by poor pain management he’ll even plan ahead without crying about it. I have seen this. It might be societal: you cry you’re scum, right? Goes to show some realities. “Sperm is cheap” as the old article says. So take the world by the balls and make it yours.

    1. Yeah. The “female” ham beasts start fat acceptance movements while men objectively realize that they are fat and have to deal with it correspondingly. The only males who complain are borderline feminine pussies who essentially mimic the female fatties’ bad behavior.

    2. This enrages me. And unlike women rage, men rage can actually get things accomplished. The sleeping giant is waking up. Time to clean house and re-right things.

  14. Women refuse to pay the dues required to reach the top. And even when they do, they can’t wait to get over it.

  15. I think that those successful male equestrians, who often own valuable horses and even large stud farms, can be in pretty good positions pussy-wise and thus be stallions themselves. Not because it signifies a particularly high status to, literally, be the horse guy in general, but due to that young and attractive stable sluts – who are mentally stable and not seldom physically too – willingly want to take a ride with the best horse. The wittiness can go on and on but you get that main point. In some contexts that can get you laid.

  16. this is all going to change though
    men will always be better
    but all the awards and titles will go to women in the next 100 years

  17. People tell me, “You have too much testosterone” tell me this is wrong…it sounds like utter lunacy to me.

  18. The best chefs are men too.
    Men have always dominated the creative arts. For all this talk about the lack of female directors, men gravitate towards film because controlling space is primarily a masculine activity. Most female directors are not interesting to watch at all.
    There aren’t many great female authors or poets either.

  19. I like horses and horseback riding. Is that a good way to meet girls.
    Most women I’ve met who are into riding tend to be really attractive.

    1. Stay away from women who like horses. They are not fit for relationships.
      For a girl to ride a horse well she needs to have many masculine qualities, these girls are usually alpha bitches and have all kinds of issues.
      No man can compete with the alpha masculinity of the horse, for these women the horse becomes somewhere between a surrogate baby and a surrogate husband.
      They’ll waste all your time together tending and grooming the horse, talking about the horse etc.

  20. a little unusual this article, but …
    agreed on point 2 equestrian ability. the horse’s 2nd biggest use (arguably) has been for war, and who does/did the fighting? thats right the MEN, the cavalry men of old go down in history as legends.
    from Egyptian charioteers, Roman cavalry, English heavy cavalry, the mighty 7th cavalry, the braves of the Comanche & other native American tribes and the Light Brigade as well as countless others. the main thing is Men and horsemanship goes back many many years.

  21. I don’t think that any of this is surprising. It’s well known that men make the best chefs, for example. It’s only on TV where women beat men at male pursuits.

  22. Let’s not forget the Mexican charros, the Brazilian and Argentine gauchos, the Berbers, the Moors, the Mongols, the Apaches, the samurai, etc., as historical great horsemen. Emphasis on “men”.

  23. Oh, and even men are renowned as fashion designers. True, definitely not the manliest of men, but the point stands.

    1. Just a matter of time till transgender-eds come to dominate all female sports. A few SJWs heads may spin right off, not knowing what to do about it.

  24. “Cooking” in a domestic sense is very different to cooking professionally. The latter is all about being able to prepare food fast, simultaneously and under a great deal of pressure. A chef who turns out average meals quickly, efficiently and all at the same time, will do better in the industry than one who turns out exquisite meals one at a time two hours after a table of eight ordered.

    1. Different proportions of Chemistry and Art. I’m a prolific cook, but I have no artistry. I could never be a famous chef.

  25. None of these were surprises. And you forgot to add fashion design – most of the most famous current CD of labels and houses are men.

  26. I love this. I have always, unapologetically, stated that women are better at gymnastics and figure skating and that is it. I always add that men are even better lovers. You cannot imagine the number of women this angers and the number of women I have tapped after this conversation. Nothing gives a woman tingles like a confident man who refuses to buckle under to social pressure. I have a great time being a shitlord and nailing angry women;)

    1. That’s the kind of attitude I want to have as well in regards to women. I know men with the exact kind of attitude you described and they are swimming in pussy.

  27. Men seem to dominate women in cooking almost everywhere, even though a lot of people associate kitchens as a woman’s place, but that is in a domestic setting. In commercial setting men dominate.

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