How To Seduce Women Using Masculine Authority

When a woman considers you to be a figure of authority, she will be far more likely to comply to your requests, she will have greater respect for you, and she will be more sexually attracted to you.

Authority may be the single most powerful psychological influence on human behavior; we spend our developmental years being trained to submit to authority. When we’re young, we have no choice but to do what our teachers, parents, and authority figures tell us. Through years of being conditioned to obey, we develop a deep predisposition to do what authorities tell us to.

For women, this effect is doubly powerful. Women are sexually attracted to men with authority because females evolved to desire leaders who can provide them with the best genes.

Milgram’s Chilling Discovery

Most people probably wouldn’t admit how much power authority has over them, yet it’s easy to see the power authority has over others. You can see it every day when people follow stupid trends (the male romper) or defend their point of view by parroting the opinions of authority figures (religious texts). But the evidence for the power of authority isn’t limited to your day-to-day experience; it has been scientifically proven.

The infamous Milgram experiments provided us with chilling proof that humans are dangerously vulnerable to the power of authority. The studies were designed to test how much pain people would inflict on others when instructed to do so by an authority figure. The results were sobering, to say the least:

In Milgram’s studies , participants were split into two groups, teachers and learners. Each teacher was paired off with a learner. The teacher was given the task of asking the learner questions. If the learner answered a question incorrectly, the teacher was instructed to flip a switch that would send a mild electric shock to the learner (secretly, the learner was a trained actor).

The participants (teachers) were told that they were helping with a study about pain and memory. Although they were uncomfortable with inflicting pain on a stranger, they all administered the first low-voltage shocks without much hesitation.

Each time the learner got a question wrong, the teacher administered a higher voltage shock than for the previous incorrect answer. Eventually, the shocks the teachers administered were so intense that the learner would scream in agony, ask to be let out, and mention that he was experiencing chest pain because of his heart condition.

You would imagine that at this point participants would refuse to administer any further shocks. You would be wrong. When the teacher would tell the researcher (authority) they wanted to stop, the researcher would suggest they keep going with simple phrases like, “Continue, please.”

These perfectly normal people thought they were inflicting traumatic levels of pain on the learners, yet a sentence or two from an authority figure was enough to get them to continue inflicting severe pain. In fact, 65% of participants administered even the very last shock (by which point the learner seemed to be in grave danger).

The Milgram experiments have been successfully replicated numerous times with numerous variations and are considered by the scientific community to be well designed and reliable.

The power of authority is incredible. When you leverage it in your favor, it will exponentially increase your ability to influence women.

How do you create the effect? Simply go out wearing a police uniform and tell women they need to be punished for their bad behavior. (Hopefully you caught the irony there and didn’t stop reading to go find a police uniform.)

Truthfully, the long-term strategy to make women see you as an authority is three-fold:

1. Become an actual authority figure in your career.
2. Live a life in which you make your own decisions instead of bending to the will of others (define your own values and spend your time pursuing those values).
3. Develop a strong frame by meeting many women and taking risks with them.

Although invaluable long-term, these strategies won’t produce notable results in the short-term. Fortunately, there’s an effective short-term strategy as well: establish yourself as an authority figure with women by creating compliance.


Who leads? Who follows?

If someone is considered an authority, people will agree to their requests. You can reverse engineer authority by making assertive (but reasonable) requests that will make a woman feel that you must be an authority.

Authority is usually thought of symbolically (teachers, police, politicians), but at its root it’s emotional. Old school pickup artists used this understanding to create the complicated machinations known as compliance ladders; and although the theory behind them is solid, the implementation is too elaborate to be practical. There’s an easier strategy.

Your goal to create a sense of authority is simple: always be leading. This can be easy, say things like, “Let’s go to the dance floor,” “Let’s get some fresh air,” or “Let’s sit down over there.” It doesn’t need to be anything complicated, the point is simply to lead as much as possible. So long as the girls feel you have some value, they will generally acquiesce to these requests. (If women aren’t agreeing to small requests, read this article.)

You can also lead conversationally. Whenever a woman brings up a topic that you are uninterested in, assert your authority by changing it. If she makes an awkward statement, call her out on it. The vast majority of women will go along with this if they don’t, it usually means you’re too needy and reactive. The more often a woman follows your lead, the more she will feel (unconsciously) that you are an authority figure.

At some point in the interaction, you’ll want to lead the girl to somewhere that sex can happen. The more she has followed your lead up to that point, the more likely she is to agree to go to your place.

There’s no need to overcomplicate this with compliance ladders; that requires way too much analytical thinking. Simply make a point to attempt to lead each interaction as much as possible, then when you make a big ask you’re rate of success will be much higher.

Decisive Language

Authority is also communicated through your choice of language and tone of voice. The more assertive and decisive your language, the better. Imagine you’re in bed with a girl, she’s naked, and you said, “Um, can I have sex with you now?” Do you think that will get her hot and bothered? Fuck no. Imagine instead, you said, “I’m going to fuck you so hard right now. I’m going to make you cum for me again and again.” That’s more like it. (Sidenote: Telling a girl she’s about to cum can actually make her cum.)

Indecisiveness makes you look like this guy in a woman’s eyes. Weak.

So many men use qualifiers and ask for way too much permission. Assume permission until you’re told no. Which is better? Asking a girl, “Would you like to go to the dance floor?” OR grabbing a girl by the hand and saying, “Come with me.”

Men hesitate to be authoritative because they’re afraid it will get them rejected. The bitter irony here is that more often than not, pussyfooting around is what gets you rejected. Women are turned off by a man who doesn’t have the balls to take what he wants. Even if a girl is initially attracted to you, if you act doubtful in any way, she will either assume you’re not interested in her or she will lose interest

Now, it’s true that if you act too authoritatively some women will reject you. But more often than not, those women would have rejected you anyway. And many other times, when a woman rejects your lead, the interaction isn’t over. This just means you either asked for too much or she doesn’t see you as an authority yet. You can still change her mind so long as you don’t give a fuck, hold your frame, and try to lead again afterwards.

Of course, even if acting with authority did get you rejected, that’s just more reason to do it. The more you get rejected, the more you are able to build your skillset. Use these strategies and your results with women will drastically improve. Women desire a leader, a man with authority literally makes them horny, it’s hardwired in their DNA.

With that said, use authority responsibly. Once you develop your ability to project authority you can easily get people to do things they don’t really want to do. If you are morally opposed to that thought, use caution.

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197 thoughts on “How To Seduce Women Using Masculine Authority”

  1. When I was younger, and more unsuspecting, I have to admit authority
    turned me on a little. But, the wiser and more experienced I got, I
    started to view masculinity as simply an illusion, a trained behavior of
    maleness and its stereotypical characteristics that most people are
    conditioned to respond to. Do I respond to it now? NO. Through
    experience I have learned that what makes a man a man, has nothing to do with his words, attempts at dominance, or displays of maleness, and definitely not authority. I have also learned that men,
    particularly older ones, use authority as a cover for physical
    weaknesses or insecurity. Basically men puff themselves up with
    authority, bullying, dominance, or other displays of masculinity, when
    they start losing that which makes them attractive to women.The most likely men to use authority to get attention of women are the oldest ones. The least likely, are the young an virile ones. Why? A young male, can get sex any place, any time. All men know what it is like to be chased and wanted by women until a certain age. But, after that point in his life, he suddenly has no one competing over him. That is exactly when men start using the term “real man” to refer to themselves (and repeat it like a mantra they dare not forget), use social dominance, money, authority, expertise to establish themselves as somehow superior, in an attempt to command respect. Only the most gullible and inexperienced women fall for that last card he has to play: the false authority he is now trying so hard to project.

      1. Sounds like the calling of a post wall hand maiden. How many times do you hit the wall until you get discouraged and rationalize your sex life? Bet she knows the answer.

        1. A noncommittal, lackluster spanking is no spanking at all. The spanking must be firmly — one might even say authoritatively — delivered.

      1. Oh, Rice Penis you slay me…….
        Buffoon or not, that fool Trump has scored more quality snatch than you ever will using just this mindset.

        1. Yeah, and he did it all with the gigantic handicap of being born a millionaire. I’m sure Melania would have married him regardless.

    1. Bravo! Rarely have I seen a better written summary of the PRECISE opposite of what women actually want. No surprise that it is written by a delusional woman who cannot see past her own immense privilege.
      Men, if you are reading this and find yourself agreeing with ANY of it, you desperately need the red pill.
      Or condemn yourself to sexual purgatory. No sweat off my balls.

    2. It took me years to understand the real effects of waist trimmers, high heels, hose, red lips and mascara, and sticking the ass out, or the intent – to pull on my wiring.
      And once I figured this out it all had no more power over me.
      Of course when a woman makes the effort I oblige. Until she frumps out later then I’m gone.

    3. “But, the wiser and more experienced I got…”
      Translation: the more I rode the cock carousel…
      “Do I respond to it now? NO.”
      Because you’ve ridden the carousel to the point where every man is a disposable and you’ll never be able to pair-bond with any decent man. You know you’re broken and all this “Goddess” talk is just your imagination and a way for you to make yourself feel better. Congratulations on “liberating” yourself.
      Also, get the fuck out of here.

    4. – admits authority turns her on.
      – goes on a rant hamstering how it doesn’t turn her on.
      – goes on to say young men have women chasing them
      Just lol at this dumb cunt.

    5. “A young male, can get sex any place, any time. All men know what it is like to be chased and wanted by women until a certain age”
      What ???

  2. Any Christian who seduces, and is seduced, resulting is sin, must be killed, according to the Law of God. All else are hypocrites.

        1. “And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.” — Sammy Davis, Jr.

        2. The scene with Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken is one of the best ever filmed.
          “You’re part…eggplant.”
          “You’re a cantaloupe.”

        3. Absolutely. Fantastic scene.
          The fight scene between Patricia Arquette and James Gandolfini was also incredible.

        4. And if you know italian, or to be more correct, Sicilian, the conversation they have after Dennis Hopper gets shot is fucking hysterical, meaning how they totally simplified it,
          “Wha happen’d?”
          “He said we’re niggers, so Don shot him”

        5. I give you one thousand and twenty three upvotes. And if you could pick up some beer and cleaning products, that would be awesome thank you.

        1. I don’t think so. Lots of guys here are married, just like having a venue to communicate with other guys. You get married for more than a decade, and you find that there are few places to communicate without women butting in and trying to tell you how to to do it.

        2. problem is, the entertainment value for marrieds is much lower. “how to teach your son integrity” is not as fun to read and comment on as “five ways feminism is ruining women”

        3. Venue. Thats it. The responsibity of being husband, father and provider leaves me no time to make new male friends or meet old ones in the flesh. Having discussions with men at ROK is what keeps me here.

        4. It would appeal to a smaller base, written by a smaller base, I think. A lot of the articles are outright premartial activity however, as their primary purpose. I’d find it interesting to see what kind of pieces would come about if we were to entertain the notion of creating a physical RP community, by means of relocation, for example. I imagine people moving to some unknown town, slowly but surely growing over time, with the population having higher concentrations of the “us” than the “them”. If such a thing happened, it would almost certainly not work out that way, or course.

        5. Like San Francisco is for fags? I wouldn’t doubt you will start to see a RP community gather in cities like Las Vegas, or Austin TX. Not sure how to get it started, maybe is an idea. Have regular activities for redpill men.

        6. As soon as you established a legit RP community, the parasites and SJWs would start flock there to take advantage and disrupt.

        7. Some people are migrating to different states due to taxes, as an example. In the end, it is a matter of confidence. As things worsten, sides become more polarized, and one chooses where to place that confidence. The formation of these more permanent communities is an inevitability.

        8. about a year ago, I was looking into different fraternal organizations to join as a way to meet up with men just to do things. This was one of them, nothing but a bunch of grey haired couples doing stuff. I suppose they do some charitable work, but it wasn’t for me.

        9. Masons?? Shriners??
          The Fraternal Orders would be a great thing to resurrect /re establish etc.. Some place to get away from the WIMMEN

        10. Nope sorry, Austin is out of the running. They have been turning into the Haight-Ashburry of Texas for the last several years because of all the Commiefornia fagoots carpetbagging their way into Texas.
          They move here because the taxes are way less than Commiefornia. Then they have inflated the housing market, and have been trying to institute commiefornia style living and legislation. And Austin is ground zero for this shit.
          Dallas is the Detroit of the South and Houston is more or less New Orleans at this point. (But without the great food and music.
          I would have said Fort Worth would be a good Red Pill city, but even their police have an LGBQWERTY liason.
          There is a very real possibility that Texas will be a Blue State by the next gubernatorial election.
          That is why in a couple of years after I have stacked enough cash, I’m getting out of here and headed to the Ozarks.

        11. Fort Worth Texas is a great example of this. Of course, it started in Austin. The San Francisco of the South.

        12. I made the mistake of moving to Houston from the midwest 2 years ago for a job. I’ve more or less gotten used to it by now, but it was an eye-opening experience. I knew there were a lot of illegals in the US, but I’ve never been so outnumbered everywhere I go. Some places you can’t even get by just speaking English. Despite the cuckservatives trying to convince us that “hispanics are natural conservatives” everyone knows it’s bullshit, they’ll keep voting dem, and along with the hipsters fleeing California, they’ll turn Texas blue before too long.
          Another side note, I’ve never met more cuckservatives anywhere in my life than down here. Maybe my perception is skewed because this is my first real “office job,” and I haven’t yet been fully desensitized to being around so many schlubs, but it seems like, with a few notable exceptions, practically every white guy here is at best a wishy-washy cuckservative, and at worst a radical leftist. I never would have guessed there would be that many ultra-liberals in Texas of all places until I experienced it firsthand. There are still a few good ol boys around, but they’re few and far between, at least here.

        13. the way things are heading we need to get “The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ” back underway again, for many reasons, but mainly to teach men how to fight,
          because all our enemies are ready to fight us.

        14. Yep…I must concur. I’ve lived in Texas for over 30 years. It has been quite a heart break to see how far it has fallen.

        1. Ah an atheist taking the radical approach to discredit religion. Your target is Christianity. I know this because you are here and not over in the middle east trying to deal with their 8th century interpretations.

        2. On the contrary, taking an old school approach, free from meaningless hamsterizations, is the truth. Just because something may be an older interpretation, does not render it false. Christianity’s civilization peaked when following the so called ‘old ways.’ It was actually the way of truth.

      1. Yup, you get yourself strong in religion, and women want you. They don’t want to settle for a beta provider, they want the family alpha type.

      2. Ned Flanders is really the devil. Thats why women like him.
        Anyone who has seen the “”Treehouse of Horror”” episodes would know this….

      1. I am a Muslim, and it’s pretty obvious you haven’t read the Qur’an. See what I did there? Anyone can use scripture to mean anything.

        1. I am a Muslim, and it’s pretty obvious you haven’t read the Qur’an. See what I did there?

          Making an irrelevant argument.

          Anyone can use scripture to mean anything.

          I’ve looked at your history, and whenever you ‘quote’ Scripture, you fail to put a reference.
          For example, your original comment
          Any Christian who seduces, and is seduced, resulting is sin, must be killed, according to the Law of God. All else are hypocrites.
          is false, because Exodus 22:16-17 clearly says

          “If a man seduces a virgin who is not engaged, and lies with her, he must pay a dowry for her to be his wife. “If her father absolutely refuses to give her to him, he shall pay money equal to the dowry for virgins.

          So you are clearly talking out of your rear.

        2. I am versed in some aspects of it, and I notice a disparity between State and Church legislatures then and now, and hypothetical rules between now and previous eras.

        3. I pissed on a electric fence on my grandfathers farm when I was 6. It was a painful lesson. (No. I am not making that up.)

        4. I got into a fight with an armed gunman over a fake Rolex. Still find it hard to believe I’m alive after that one. Y’know how you clench your teeth when lifting? Well, the sheer strain made me unable to eat the next day; I couldn’t open my mouth.

        5. I think all of us have done that one time or another. I once dropped a 220V sump pump in the pool we were emptying out. Sister plugged it in, and it spun out of my hands.

        6. Ah. When I tell people more people are murdered in Chicago or Baltimore than Baghdad or Kabul, they don’t believe it.
          Welcome to America.

        7. DEUT 20 If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the young woman’s virginity can be found, 21 she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death.
          If we do go down the route of marriage in that regard, she dies anyway, because she’s not going to be a virgin in the West

        8. “Ah. When I tell people more people are murdered in Chicago or Baltimore than Baghdad or Kabul, they don’t believe it.”
          Baghdad and Kabul are fortunate not to have any of the wonderful species known as NAPAs (North American Pavement Apes)

        9. 1) Again, your original comment:
          Any Christian who seduces, and is seduced, resulting is sin, must be killed, according to the Law of God. All else are hypocrites.

          says nothing about virginity or lack thereof.
          2) The full context (which you quote in part) is found in Deut 22:13-21, and starts with

          If any man takes a wife and goes in to her and then turns against her, and charges her with shameful deeds and publicly defames her, and says, ‘I took this woman, but when I came near her, I did not find her a virgin,’…..But if this charge is true, that the girl was not found a virgin, then they shall bring out the girl to the doorway of her father’s house (edit:then)

          *emphasis mine*
          It’s all dependent on whether the man wants to file charges.
          So frankly you still are not quoting Scripture correctly and you are still talking out of your rear.

  3. You can also lead conversationally. Whenever a woman brings up a topic that you are uninterested in, assert your authority by changing it,
    Decent article. You covered leading verbally, but not physically. For an example, In Hunan province I took a girl I met in a jazz bar to a coffee place across the street from mine. Girl gad the audacity to return a text to some nobody while I gazed my gazely stare into the windows of her soul (or lack thereof lbh)
    ‘What phone is that?’ As I took it out of her hands, switched it off, placed it inside my shirt pocket, and carried on talking as if nothing had happened.
    Gave it back to her when I went to take a piss, and returned it to my pocket after I sat down.
    ‘My friends say you’re a bad boy’
    ‘Well, they’re right, aren’t they?

    1. Try taking an American lady’s phone, she will gnaw your fingers down to ragged stumps.
      But I think your move was pretty great.

      1. I’ve yet to meet an American girl who is up to my standards. China seems to attract glassy-eyed, wall in the rear view mirror western women.

      2. Just remove the “comfort zone” of entitlement, no consequences, no accountability, no punishment and victim card tactics !! Then see what a “Femirican” lady can do !!

    2. I learned about a year ago to guide conversation, particularly in groups. It used to really bother me when people had nothing better to talk about than the weather or asking dumb questions, but if you just take charge and guide the conversation to an interesting topic you feel like discussing, not only will everyone in the group respect you but you will avoid the boredom and inanity of 90% of conversations today.

  4. Seems a lot of recent game articles have a common theme: make yourself a man that has value to women (for example in this article, cultivating a career that carries authority), and women will find you more appealing.
    While I like this article and agree with the basic premises, our community is losing its edge in a way that makes me sad. Masculine improvement is critical and stressing it for its own merits is important to uplifting ourselves and our brothers. But then turning that around and offering it as qualification for the judgements of women is not Game– it’s negotiation. It is horse-trading a man’s hard earned success for a girl’s fickle affections, and I call bullshit.
    Where is the game of phony last names, burner cell phones, and pure attraction? Where is the game based on chemistry, attraction, spontaneity, and adventure?
    More seduction, less negotiation. More devilish-ness, less business proposal.

    1. “Where is the game of phony last names, burner cell phones, and pure attraction? Where is the game based on chemistry, attraction, spontaneity, and adventure?”
      These game tricks are becoming less relevant with each passing day. Women have neither the intellect , nor the patience to positively respond to them. It has almost always backfired to me. The winning recipe nowadays is to be as normal as possible at the beginning , maximize your looks , get your shit together.

      1. Like I said– it becomes then a negotiation for your hard-wrought success for a girl’s transitory attention. Who is supposed to be gaming whom?
        As we all should know by now: attraction cannot be negotiated.

        1. Thats a good point, but the end goal is not to trade the refined gold that we have become for 1 bitch’s time. Its to have access to enough women to have our sexual needs met in this current shitty society.

  5. The points in this article WORK. You may not want it to work. You may hate that it works. Especially if you are a man totally lacking in authority and/or perceiving yourself as unable to achieve it.
    (also referred to as a “manlet”)
    But it’s reality. That’s that.
    I would wager that “authority” and “Leadership” are not far apart. In fact, a big fat cop may be an “authority” but does he have leadership?
    Conversely, is a “leader” who tries to run everything like a consensus or democracy having much authority?
    Look at how our failing states are run. We have “leaders” elected by democracy (a suicide pact with everything wrong about people and the dumb masses) and we have a rule by consensus at that point (selecting the worst leaders most of the time) and these ersatz leaders attempt to be an authority. Celebrities attempt to be authorities too, and fail. So much for leadership.
    The “authority” comes in the form of an even dumber law-enforcement entity too hamstrung by it’s own rules and bureaucracy to actually be effective and too stupid to actually be any kind of authority on anything.
    And everybody has to swim in this soup.
    So women are more starved than ever for authority. This is why more than expected of them chose God-Emperor Trump over HItlery (because “muh vagina”). The president is only an authority on running organizations (OK) and a leader of his companies (OK) but not anything like any generals that served in war or anybody who had spent time governing a large state. Still what the president had was enough, and that’s how starved they are.
    If you can be an authority, and/or a leader, you will be a shining beacon in this new dark age. But choose wisely. The manlet brigades are taken to violence as their power structure is threatened (See Roosh’s experience) or I should say, as their lack of power structure is seen for it’s flaws and their roles as silly cucked manlets becomes more apparent. If these people find their way i into red uniforms with badges they come for the leaders first. Be ready to fight.

    1. “The points in this article WORK. You may not want it to work. You may hate that it works. Especially if you are a man totally lacking in
      authority and/or perceiving yourself as unable to achieve it. (also referred to as a “manlet”)
      But it’s reality. That’s that.”
      Not so sure about the “manlet” label, but I do agree with the rest of what you say.
      The thing is, you have to be trained from a reasonably young age to become this type of man. Most capable fathers will do this for their sons without even thinking about it. Some, for whatever reasons, will not.

  6. I like making the decisions, especially monetary and with the kids. Keeps back talk to a minimum and negligable.
    Reminding the wife every few months that I feel like knocking her block off helps too. I’d never do that, but once in a while the urge is there. Facilities her to give me a mean blow job later on; kind that makes the balls leave the bag and go north for a couple minutes.

  7. Keep in mind that “authority” in itself will not alone be sufficient to get girls. However, it will help you to improve your sense of dignity and also the way you are perceived by people in general. In my view, the single best way to improve your authority is mastery of your skills and building deep expertise in your chosen vocation.

    1. Are you a manager or some sort of supervisor at your work?
      I have almost 30 years of experience in my field, but I chose independent consulting to make $$$ and not have to get involved with people so much. And at this point, I don’t give a rat’s ass about building up “expertise”. Just want to go in, do my job, go home, and get my check every 2 weeks. I am sick of it.

      1. I have been a manager for 17 years but I’m now preparing to start my own consultancy. I would think that expertise would be vital to a consultant?

        1. Wait a minute.
          17 years???
          How old are you?
          From previous posts, I had assumed you were in your early 20s?
          I guess you are in your mid to late 30s? Is that right?
          If you don’t mind my asking, when did you start with the MMA/Combat training? I have always wanted to study something like that, and have lately been thinking about Hapkido or Krav Maga, but figured I was too old…

        2. Hey brother, it will be online and available to anyone in the world. No particular industry, I will be helping people start their own businesses.

        3. Ha ha I am 43 but yes I guess I am a little immature. RoK brings out the kid in me!
          I started martial arts (Karate) at age 12 but didn’t start Muay Thai until until 23. I’ve known people to start at various ages and do very well. The most important thing is a good level of general fitness.
          I have rotated out of the sports based martial arts and into combat training (Systema). However, I think BJJ or Muay Thai is the best place to start. Get used to the knocks and the fighting and then move into combat training after a few years. Combat training by its very nature is slow and intricate. BJ or MT will get you fighting immediately and help you get used to the shock of being hit or thrown.
          Either Krav Maga or Systema are good but they have precisely opposite philosophies. Both have been successfully battle tested however.
          I do not advise MMA however. It is extraordinarily hard on the body and in my opinion, it is better to focus on either BJJ or MT so that you can build a strong level of expertise. People who start with MMA tend to be poor at both.
          You are never too old to be a better version of yourself.

      2. That’s odd, Senior ! so “independent consultants” doesn’t need “expertise” or “build expertise” or “update skills” !! Expertise (followed by Authority) only comes with constant practice, updating skills and “implementing and putting them to work”.
        Or maybe what you mentioned is working for you, lucky person !!

        1. My expertise was built up years ago.
          I am on cruise control these days.
          Just don’t give enough of a damn anymore.

        2. Try not to ever say that man. It sounds like frustration and you need to let frustration motivate you and never stop you.

    2. “…best way to improve your authority is MASTERY of your SKILLS and BUILDING deep EXPERTISE in your CHOSEN vocation.”
      Perfect ! Excellent ! Marvelous ! … You nailed it !

        1. He`s always been a bit weird, but he has an adult daughter I think. Haven`t listened to any of his stuff in years, but the `live in New York` album is great.

        2. Great musician, no doubt. But I think he was seduced by the “anything is ok” attitude of Obama’s reign.

  8. Nice article, but looking at the sex blogs in WordPress, you’d think all women want is to hook up with wimpy betas who let them act like sluts while they ride the cock carousel, march with pussy hats and praise sharia law.

    1. You also need to be mentored/trained to become an authority figure. Preferably by your father, but an older brother/cousin, coach, martial arts teacher, etc… will do as well. Even a good group of friends when growing up can do the trick.
      Leaders are not born. They are made.

  9. My take, and use, is know what’s appropriate. If you don’t have authority anywhere in life except in attempts with women, they’ll usually start to see through it as you masquerading. Awkward authoritativeness attaches insta-dork to you.
    In other words, theoretical authority isn’t really authority. You can be the poorest bastard in the room, who hasn’t lifted a weight in 2 years, and still have more authority without commanding it, than guys who take the path most traveled towards masculinity.
    For instance, whose the “glue” in your social circle? That person, likely, and ultimately in the end, without even trying, has the most authority.

    1. One thing Jeb had in common with Trump was both are sons of accomplished and powerful men. Jeb’s father was Vice President and then President. Trump’s father, Fred Trump established the company that his son later took over. However, Donald decided to raise the horizon higher than his father, his father built apartments and homes for working class people in New York’s outer boroughs, Donald had his sites on Manhattan and other luxury locales. He succeeded in turning his father’s company from one that catered to working class individuals to the wealthy of the world, even when the chances of him succeeding were slim. He also encountered numerous crises over the course of his career which he was able to emerge stronger and wealthier. So he turned into an authority figure in every way.
      Jeb in comparison rode the family’s coattails to the typical job, he aimed lower than his father, only wound up a failed governor of a mediocre state. His brother who was the black sheep of the family wound up becoming President, but got two terms in office, but still was never a real authority figure because he relied on smarter people to get him there. Trump was all on his own, even his own party wasn’t behind him even when he go the nomination for Presidency.
      Got to hand it to him to fight against the odds and win. I think Trump had a great male role model in his father, Fred Trump, who taught him how to run a profitable business, while Jeb was just getting into politics and not more, several of Jeb’s children have run into legal problems while you don’t hear of anything with Trump’s children. In fact it would not be far fetched to see one of Trump’s children become a future President.

    2. Real authority would have been Ronald Wilson Reagan, America has never had a President on the level of Reagan ever since. He was easily the best of the post World War 2 Presidents.

      1. He was a great communicator but didn’t he preside over one of the greatest presidential scandals in American history?

        1. Ups and Downs during Reagan Era. He wasn’t the most qualified president we had. That honor goes to Bush Sr. who was probably the or at least one of the most qualified presidents in American history (as well as being a total certified bad ass). But he was stylish and I always give high points for style. That said, the 80’s saw some really hard financial times. How much of that had to do with Reagan I don’t know. I am just kind of apathetic to politics for the most part…he also was, as you rightly point out, the owner of probably the biggest American scandals.
          What is really important here, Bob, if that is your REAL name, is what we learn…and what we learn now is that you are a jew. I think this is excellent as I have been trying to put together an ROK rat pack and black jew was something I was missing. Can you tap?

        2. Like the way everyone glossed over the Lewinsky Affair?
          Look into this Jim. You will find that Iran Contra is the crossroads through which everything in American politics passes.

        3. modern version…..I like it. Just remember, non of this homeboy shit, you need to be in a tuxedo.

        4. Selling weapons to a mideast nation that had a legal embargo against it not a big deal? Funding terrorists in a peaceful Latin American nation that killed and tortured women and children to keep a dictator in power? I’ve been to Nicaragua and seen what the Contras did there. Far from trumped up, the Iran Contra affair was downplayed. It was an impeachable crime, and the US committed war crimes against the people of Nicaragua by mining the civilian ports of Nicaragua. When Nicaragua appealed to the ICJ, they ruled against the US, who were found guilty but to this day have avoided paying the fines levied against them.
          Getting a blowjob (Clinton), or spying on your opponent’s office building (Nixon) were trumped up charges. Iran Contra was but one debacle in the disaster that was the Reagan administration. I won’t even go into him arming the Taliban and allying with Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden or changing the US from a creditor to a debtor nation by flinging government spending into outer space– all while contradicting himself publicly by saying “gummint is bad”– there are many, many reasons to dislike Reagan. People like him because he was a good orator and a grandfatherly figure. He was expert at spin (doing one thing but claiming the opposite). Trump has some of these traits but he’s not quite as effective.
          As for the Democrat vs Republican nonsense, really, come on. That is so tired and meaningless. Did you know Reagan was a Democrat and Hillary Clinton was a Republican at one time? Does that change your opinion about either of them?

        5. How much attention did Obama get with smuggling guns to Mexican drug runners? Not much. At the time, the Taliban was fighting the Soviets, and this was a way to bankrupt them. Those terrorists in Nicaragua were keeping the communists at bay. Not the greatest people, but this is before the Soviet collapse, much different foe than today.

        6. Nailed it man. Once you cut through all his one-liners Reagan becomes an empty figure.
          As governor of California he introduced no-fault divorce for the first time, and also amnesty for illegals during his tenure as President. As you said, the debt ballooned. Also this idea that he was almost single-handledly responsible for the demise of the Soviet Union is simply ludicrous (if something, the Soviets basically defeated themselves).
          People are such suckers for good orators, though. It is literally the least important thing for a statesman. I guess it is a negative by-product of democracy.
          For me the biggest problem with Trump is that he has this potential for becoming a new Reagan, with some symbolic achievements but nothing substantial in the end. Let’s hope not.

        7. Arming the Taliban started under Carter. Clinton sold military secrets to China and illegally bombed Serbia and gave al Qaeda a foothold in Europe.

        8. I have grown lukewarm on Reagan as well, however, I dislike him for different reasons. 1) setting the precedent for no fault divorce in 1969 as gov of CA. I think this has been a devastating blow for all men ever since. 2) Criticizing south Africa for apartheid. Clearly, you have demonstrated how Reagan likes to get mixed up in foreign affairs that may or may not be very important. Criticizing SA for apartheid was one of those things that was not important. White South Africans should have been able to run their country how they see fit. We can see now minority rule was much better for ALL SA’s. 3) Amnesty for illegals. This set a terrible precedent that you could come to America ILLEGALLY and and still get citizenship which further contributed to the browning of America. Not only that but we built no barrier to stop others from coming. This was a kick in the nuts to all White Americans.

        9. Coming from the South it’s easy for me to dislike Reagan, as at that time our state had a 100% monopoly of Democrats (the parties began flipping with Kennedy and almost every southern state was 100% Democrat at the state level for over 100 years.) Today we’re about 90% Republican, and we didn’t change our positions, only the names of our political parties.
          So I don’t see a party label as meaning anything. Texas today is the strongest Republican state in the nation! The only reason Republicans love Reagan is that they can’t point to any other modern strong leader (in their recent history). Goldwater is one Republican I look up to, but most Republicans will not speak well of him. And anyone before 1960-1980 has no relation to the Republican party of today.
          I’d say the best thing about Reagan was that despite all the revisionism that he “bravely won the Cold War against the USSR” actually he was working with the Russians, and signed disarmament treaties with them and through cooperation and a cool head perhaps prevented a world war. Quite the opposite of the image he has, just like with taxes (he was the single worst president we have had, financially speaking), or immigration, or social policy (no fault divorce was perhaps the single worst legal achievement of our lifetimes).

        10. I agree with everything you said, however, Barry Goldwater is the reason why I am in the Republican Party. His platform flipped R’s and D’s nationwide because he opposed the Civil Rights Act which is what I would consider the biggest usurpation of white male power in this country’s history. No fault divorce was the single biggest blow to all American men but the CRA was the biggest blow to white men.

        11. I read a book maybe 20 years ago that was critical of the civil rights act, really wish I could remember the title. It blew my mind at the time, because especially being so young, I had never heard anything critical of civil rights. It was probably the first step on my path to where I am today. I’m sure it’s still in my library. I was thinking the title had something to do with war, the 100 years war, something like that.

  10. Yes. Compliance tests are one of the first things I use after an approach. If I can’t get small compliance early on I usually don’t even bother. But the most important thing is to channel attention to it early. Robert Cialdini’s Pre-Suasion actually shows you how to channel attention to authority explicitly in one of its chapters if you’re interested.
    Aside from looking authoritative (which you’ll have to work harder at if you’re under 6 feet), one thing you can try doing to increase compliance is a simple activity you both do together, even something as simple as moving in unison. This creates a feeling of unity (again discussed at length in Pre-Suasion), which from there, you can lead more easily. If you picked this up as the hypnotic principle of pacing and leading which I discussed on a post here earlier, you were right.

  11. Wear a sport coat and drink wine. That’s usually enough to give the impression of authority to most young women.

  12. So they have been using some toxic kind of military grade mind control or brain washing on everyone for 30 years by putting chemicals in the tap water in ALL western countries then using the media to spew lies every single day, now everyones gone all fucked up, and when you awaken from this toxic bullshit you are ostracized from society and as soon as you say anything they hate you, whatever this shit is, its seriously fucked up, and with the introduction of “Fake news” we dont even know whats real and whats not anymore, this is some seriously fucked up shit. I couldn’t believe someone told me I have too much testosterone?!?! what?…tell it to me like im sick of something…just fucked up and the woman, I live in Cambodia and the tourist white woman look as though they are fucking zombies, my friend from south America who’s a pilot even said those white western girls always give us this stupid fucking look, almost like they know we are unplugged from all their bullshit because we have nice bodies train hard and shit and they are all ugly and fat and monstrous. Is this all true?…cause it’s alot to process. So what is it?…is it a cult?…what is it?…and then any one you say anything to start’s preaching about how not to judge people etc…I will fucking judge people that’s how society work’s for fucks sake, its almost like everyone around me is trying to suck me back into this matrix thing…whatever the fuck it is. Dont judge people…what a stupid fucking load of garbage, and “Everyones equal” omg so come on guy’s what is this fucking shit?…Am I crazy or what?…Is it just me?..I need someone to tell me it’s not just me…that im not crazy or whatever…anyone?..

    1. bruh! you have some good points, but could you sort of … you know… give that brick of text some structure?

      1. So it’s not just me?…yea im wrong that load of text has some valid points and needs more structure, but all I want to know is that im not fucking crazy and that there is something wrong with society, because it’s horrifying to wake up to the fact that everything I have been taught growing up has all be a total lie. So it’s not just me then?…there has been tampering and brainwashing and all this other shit going on right?…

        1. yep pretty much, thats what RooshV & ROK is all about, reading the comments section you also learn alot of other guys are in the same boat as you.
          being on this site means you want to navigate through the crap and build the best life you can as well as be the best man you can also.

        2. Yep. Society has broken down and now women and the illuminati are trying to run things…and it sucks.

        3. But we have Donald Trump and he’s slowly dismantling all this toxic shit or what? I know Donald Trump is not part of these illuminate freakshows that’s why they hate him so much but..fuck what would have happened if Hillarious had gotten into power, it would have been so fucked up, I mean this shit is even flooding into places as secluded as Cambodia, only through the tourists though, they bring it with them and they take it away with them, but still, fuck it must be a living hell being in America or Australia or UK or whatever fuck me days! If even being in the middle of Cambodia doesn’t fully insulate me from it, the only other option is to move to a Muslim country. I think all those feminists, and elites should be hung in town square, it’s going to happen, they most certainly are playing with fire. All those billionaires are going to end up with angry mobs at their gates.

    2. The Matrix you speak of is real. My 13 year old is being raised by his single mom and thinks all women are equally beautiful. Horeshit I tell him. Never date a fat girl. They are easy to catch but are not a turn-on.

  13. this is one of the best rep pill/pua articles i’ve read in a long time.
    simple, clear, concise and powerful.

  14. Beyond the proving ground described in the article, IMO a good percentage of high SMV women can tell on sight where much of your authority exists, even before you started the conversation. Of course, even with the vaunted ingredient “authority” men are still generally horrible creatures to them, and clearly the rudest, which adds to the will of our ancient traits and brute strength, as much as it is watered down in 2017 multi-culti western modernity.
    Solipsism of women being what it is, we’ll try not to expend too much energy in waving about “mah authori-tay” in the early stage, or have some fun pretending we’re “oh, Nobody” to test her values (in the dictate of hypergamy, they’re always looking for men and situations for which they, themselves, probably don’t even qualify). There’s a hidden prank or litmus test when playing down your power, intelligence, even concealing your wealth and SMV, or whatever else she considers the requisite goods. Silently use your “authority” to weed out the super-materialistic monkey-branchin’ aggro bitches — they can make even one-night stands annoying and not worth the hassle. This can seem a cruel tutelage when seeking to get laid in rapid-fire succession, but quality and potential LTR material can also take flight from this swamp. Authority can be like a filter, and does not need to be shown audaciously. Even before you blew her mind with the verbal game the atmosphere was already set with a tone of authority of some kind, and they can detect it. While it resulted in some unwanted rejections, at least I didn’t look thirsty and hopefully I really wasn’t, since BTW they can smell that on you too.
    I’m not embarrassed to say women have some authority and they have options. You can see the comedy in it, and let them know you know what’s up, and they’ll love it. I certainly let them know I know, that’s the game of life, and later let the authority be known somehow, in a custom-fitted way, not like the bull in a china shop. Then bide the time to display authority later in a more natural setting. That’s it — she’s hooked, and hopefully not a hooker.
    So maybe yah, her authority really can come down to hypergamy (cough *twisted virtue* cough-cough) in its multivariate forms/strengths and the fact that women are, ultimately, that gateway to consent. HIS authority is in the way he assimilates and bends her versions of authority to his own. In effect she joins your ranks. When you really like a woman, the responsibility you have for her honor and such, that’s when the real authority stuff starts showing up in all the right places.
    Un-docking from your inherent authority is a luxury of sorts. To be light and relaxing in the social scene, without your authority on full blast, is in and of itself emitting a sweet essence of your uninvited authority. I try not to bring it to a house party on a Friday night, a concert, club, etc….
    The article described something perhaps true or analogous but seems to involve some kind of prep or theatrics, not to mention points that are formulaic and no longer a secret. That might work on some women, and no doubt we’re all capable of displaying these traits at times whether we’re cognizant of it or not. What’s dangerous is how certain parts of the article describe a circumvention of the definition of genuine authority — very similar to what ROK readers already saw in Englishbob’s post (the highest-rated post at the top of this thread), where the notion was suggested in a different way. Hopefully you never had to give it a second thought…on authority life teaches its own lessons.

  15. The only times I have ever been dumped by a girl are when I treat her with kindness as an equal, giving her authority and independence. Every. Single. Time.
    When I meet a girl who I feel is worth of LTR, I suppose the beta side comes out and I feel like dropping the firm authority over her. This is always a mistake.
    It can be more difficult to apply the rules of the game to a girl you catch feelings for, because you want to treat them differently from a sloot you pick up for a ONS, but you do so at your own peril.
    Also, Asshole game works. If you don’t believe so, just try it and see. I’m not always an asshole, but if you have to choose between being a nice guy or an asshole in a scenario… only one is going to earn you her respect and authoritay.

    1. Co-fucking-sign. And if they have ANY amount of Princess Kate in them at, then you HAVE to slam down some Petruchio on her entitled ass, or she will only stay as long as it takes to completely run out of the last bit of respect she had for ya.

    2. Only 2 scenarios available? C’mon, man.
      Being a kind, yet firm masculine man works too, especially in LTR with a worthy woman.
      Asshole =/= masculine.
      Nice =/= kind.

    3. You can be gentlemanly and kind, but still an asshole. That is the magic combination. Show kindness to others but be an asshole to her at the right times and she is your slave.

    4. Yep. Same here. If you try to make the man and woman equal, the man will end up being subservient. And I’ve always found that if you are an older man, there is less tolerance of this is you are with a younger woman. I remember about 9 or so years ago, I was 21 years old. The girl I was messing with was 17 years old. I always treated her “equal” which amounted to me being a glorified taxi cab and an ATM. Even going so far as to drop her off and pick her up from her “ex” boyfriend’s house. Anything to make her happy.
      The last time I saw her, I was dropping her and a car load of her friends off at the mall. After attempting to contact her for a week or 2 (she never answered her phone or responded to my texts). So one day I called her, she answered the phone. And she had a real “dry” tone of voice and gave one word answers before telling me she was busy and would call me back. Which she never did.
      She texted me later and told me to lose her number. And called me a loser. At the time, I was confused about why she’d do that because I did everything I could to make her happy.
      Women who were my age or slightly older had more tolerance for that type of behavior and every once in a while, some chick may have thrown me a bone of pity sex. But this was few and far in between.

      1. You should be thankful she was so direct. It takes most of us a lot longer to figure out women were using us.

        1. you are using women too, for sex for example. These ar generalisations.
          I think she was an asshole. I always felt ashamed to accept an offer from a boy I did not like, when I was thinking was interested in me. That’s why I never did. Because I know from experience that it’s cruel if someone benefits from you and only uses you. We have a saying in Germany: What you don’t want to be done to you, don’t do to others.

  16. I lost interest in sex long ago but can tell you the number one way to pick up women for sex is to simply learn to dance and pick them up at dance places.
    Once I read about this homely male predator who spread aids picking up women every night at dances.
    Authority turns many women off if there is no intelligence to back it up.

  17. Generally agree. But in any really long LTR, you better stay 2x Alpha than what she’s able to get in a branch swing. Also even there.. remember women harbor Resentment… watch the Rebellion pendulum

  18. Let’s make one thing clear: being the company’s bitch is not a position of authority. Following orders is feminine, not masculine.

  19. Omg ur totally delusional and demented ur a sadist to say the least if u think wat u just wrote cud work with some women but not for me I hate police men actually I think they’re way too inferior to me and consider them the scum of the earth , but I would respect an engineer or a college professor that wud impress me a lot more !

  20. Before I was married my go-to closing move used to be to grab her hand and say “Let’s get ice cream.” Then I’d grab a taxi and give the driver my home address. If she asked “Where are we going?” I’d say “Ice cream silly!” or “Do you know what happens to little girls with too many questions?”
    When we got to my place she’d clue in. But never once did a girl refuse to come in. I found that once she stepped in the door she’d already made up her mind to have sex. And yes, I did have ice cream in the freezer.
    Girls love love love to be led this way. Just take them places. Be vague or don’t tell them where you’re going. Tell her “Be ready at 7pm with a short skirt and high heels.” “Where are we going?” “Just look nice.” Bark orders. You will be shocked at how she’ll just accept your frame and love every second of it. Women don’t get enough of this from men in today’s pussified West. They crave it like a drug.

    1. “Where are we going? “Ice cream silly” (but the ice cream is in my flat, but I won’t tell you, because I want to have sex actually, but I’m to faggish to say, isn’t that funny?) = Faggott and part of the pussified west.

      1. Thanks hater. You don’t understand a woman’s need for plausible deniability. You are either a woman or a man who doesn’t get laid.

  21. The Milgram experiment is flawed because it was paying the participants. Participants could of been pushing for the money or they just didn’t care if it was hurting someone.

  22. I will never follow anyone again without thinking it over if it’s a good idea to follow or not. And that fits my germanian roots. The old Germanians chose their leaders by strength, not by title and birth. And if he did a bad job, they kicked him out. I have made some bad experiences with following other people, especially when I did not trust my instincts and I believed they would have a higher competence. And if you put your trust in a man who takes the lead and it goes wrong, the disappointment is even bigger.
    I witness right now in Germany what happens when people just “follow” and submit to a shitty authority.
    I don’t want to lead but I also don’t want to be a sheep.

  23. The milgram experiment was stupid and unrealistic.
    I don’t believe that many test persons really thought they would really shock some one. When the “electric shocks” became so strong that the person on the other side yelled in agony how could you believe the same person is able to answere your next question in a normal way?
    “1+1 equals what?”
    “Uhm, 3?”
    “Wrong” (—-> electric shock that could kill a raging bull)”
    and 1 minute later he answeres the next question, while he was “half dead” right before? I would not have believed that so easy.

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