Why You Should Consider Investing In Crypto-Currencies

There has been a lot of talk about crypto-currencies in the mainstream media (lately, among RVF forum members) and I want to explain how it relates to men in a life altering way. But first, what is a crypto-currency?

Crypto-currencies are digital forms of money you trade in your fiat (paper) currency for but with a twist, it’s decentralised, which means it isn’t stored on a giant server computer somewhere.

Do you remember Napster and Mega Upload? Their headquarters were both raided and shut down by the government. Torrents or peer-to-peer file sharing are still around because it’s decentralised, this is also the case with crypto-currencies. Crypto-currencies are also encrypted which means the best hackers on the planet can’t get access to them. You can convert your fiat currency into crypto and convert it back when you need cash on hand.

Why crypto-currencies are so useful

Crypto-currencies touted in the media like Bitcoin and Ethereum represent a convenient way for men to tuck away their savings where the hands of government can’t reach. It’s possible to squirrel away your savings so virtually nobody but yourself knows about or can access it. Family courts cannot audit your crypto-currencies and see how much you have nor can they retrieve any of it without your password authentication.

This gives you real power over them. They don’t know where your money is, how much you have, what you purchase with it and they will be unable to touch it. I suspect many men will discover ways to avoid various forms of taxation and begin starving the welfare state which cock-blocks men from their own women.

The benefits for men are numerous. Your money is protected from inflation and likely to gain value because the demand for it is increasing each day. You can protect your money in a virtual location thieves and money-hungry women cannot reach. It will be safer and more accessible to you than any vault.

Crypto-currencies are not going away

In less than a decade it will be used by everyone just like credit cards are today. I know this might be difficult to imagine but in a few years you will see cards that pay using crypto-currency. You will witness home and car purchasing done via e-mail without any bank officials or lawyers, just crypto-currency with built-in smart contracts. The applications of this new programmable currency are still unknown.

Recently it came to my attention that PayPal shut down Roosh’s account. A group of SJW’s complained that his insensitive words hurt their feelings. With crypto-currency you can get around this effortlessly. It takes seconds to transfer money and all you need is a virtual wallet address and you can transmit the internet currency. With third parties we all know transfers can take days and are subject to their whims and political machinations.

Like everything there are obvious drawbacks to using crypto-currencies:

Price volatility — your Bitcoin (BTC) might be worth 2694USD right now but could be up or down 200 dollars three minutes later. Less volatile crypto-currencies such as the USDt that are pegged to USD exist to address this. At the time of writing this, crypto-currencies tethered to the Russian Ruble and Singapore dollar are being rolled out.

Liquidity — Most retailers do not accept crypto-currency as a payment but it is slowly being adopted. Furthermore, only 2 or 3 crypto-currencies are readily convertible to cash at the moment. Crypto-cards and smart phone apps that convert your digital assets to fiat before paying are also on the horizon.

Abundance of alt-coins — There are now several hundred virtual currencies ranging from Bitcoins to meme coins flooding the market. I believe the free market and government legislation will both curb the number of circulating alt-coins.

Crypto-bubble — This is actually the biggest fear of crypto-holders and cannot be addressed within the scope of this article. All I can say is that historically bubble bursts have been followed by recovery and stronger resurgence as was the case with Bitcoin.

As more masculine men realise the benefits of this new technology, they are being converted and are taking the steps to mitigate risk, protect themselves, and occasionally turn a huge profit.

How you can acquire crypto-currency

You must first go to “gateways” where you can send fiat currency from your credit card or bank and convert it crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Here are some websites that do this:

You can then store your Bitcoins/Ethereum there (not recommended) or withdraw them to your wallet address for safe keeping. Here are examples of free wallet apps that would allow you to store your crypto on your computer or smartphone:

You can send your crypto-currency to other people or purchase items where accepted. You can also send your money to online exchanges to trade crypto-currencies. Here are some examples:

Many manosphere issues can now be addressed with crypto-currencies and I’m certain I am only scratching the surface of its potential.

Don’t be cowed into believing the frame that the mainstream media puts on crypto-currencies. It’s all too common to hear them refer it as a tool of drug dealers, thieves, and terrorists. They say it so the elite can deny opportunity and protection for the men that build and maintain civilisation as we know it. They know this is a game changer, something that can destroy the corrupt establishment of governments and banks that keep men poor and enslaved with debt.

Crypto-currencies represent a new hope for men everywhere and the future looks brighter each day. I hope you will reflect on this and consider exploring it.

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112 thoughts on “Why You Should Consider Investing In Crypto-Currencies”

  1. I realize these arent’t quite the same, but I’ve used pre-paid Visa debit cards. The only drawback is that they are often limited to $500.

    1. I do my online shopping with a pre-paid Visa debit card from Walmart, called the Money Card. The limit on it is $3000

  2. I missed the boat on Ethereum… And my bitcoin wallet is going to take fucking months to update 135 weeks of blockchain… I fucking suck!!!
    My 0.02 though… What’s interesting about Ethereum is that it’s not just another crypto-coin but a new method of crypto-currency transaction. I think the lesson with Ethereum’s huge run up this year is that it is expanding the crypto-currency market with an innovative technology. Ethereum is centralized as opposed to Bitcoin which is completely decentralized. The advantage is that Ethereum transactions are instantaneous and can interface with the general online market much more efficiently. In this way I think Ethereum might still have a lot of potential to grow as it might attract attention from the the mainstream.
    I think it wise to keep an eye out for disruptive new technologies in the alt-currency sphere.

    1. yep it’s tripled or whatever in weeks, let alone since January. I’ve signed up to Gemini but it only takes dollars (or crypto) and in the time it took to verify ID the price hiked and the exchange rate went down.

    2. And too bad Canada is such a fag of a country. Trading your digital money into fiat CAD is next to impossible.

      1. Well fuck my life…
        Nice to know it is that volatile though, thanks for the the tip möbius.

        1. you’re welcome. That was only one exchange though but it happened nonetheless. Elsewhere the crash was more of a pronounced dip

        2. I think there is actually money to be made in this crypto currency thing. Will have an eye on this for a little while.
          If you can set up automatic trades for dips and climbs (buy when it dips to 100$ -> sell when it goes back over 200), I think there is enough volatility to turn a significant profit here.

        3. no doubt, but as always it will be the amateurs and dilettantes who will be most vulnerable. It’s such a fast-moving environment that if you’re slow to get act, get verified, have funds at the ready, you can lose out. As a market it’s still settling which is why there’s so much volatility so probably a limited opportunity
          Also… about the automatic trades – they seem to have been the reason for the flash crash on GDAX : a “multimillion dollar market sell order resulted in a number of orders being filled from $317.81 to $224.48.
          As the price continued to fall, another 800 stop loss orders and margin funding liquidations caused ethereum to trade as low as 10 cents.”
          Setting buy orders for when it dips would make sense, but you’d need to think carefully about how set stop losses if something like that can happen

    3. Good article I feel. I am considering putting a portion of my monthly savings into bitcoin, lite coin and Etherium and basically holding.
      I understand that I should at least beat the 3% interest less 40% deposit income related tax I pay here.
      Is this a relatively safe assumption?

  3. You mean the elites won’t be able snoop on where we keep our legal tinder?

  4. Pro tip, probably don’t want to have the last name Weinstein on this website…

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  6. Cash or titties only for me. This shit could disappear in a nuclear winter. They say that this shit will keep going regardless of what happens to earth, but i doubt people will accept this shit when they really need a meal during a nuclear winter.

    1. but in case of nuclear winter who will accept your cash anymore if all banks are down ?

      1. It’s the tangibility of cash that makes it valuable. It can be considered on par with anything as long as it’s tangible. It’s paper after all.

        1. it’s paper, you said it. but if there’s no bank anymore, nobody will accept paper. they’ll accept food, ammo, medic but not pieces of paper

  7. Bitcoins are nice, but remember they are not “money” but rather “property” that the market of users have attached intrinsic value on and have agreed to exchange for other goods. Another thing to keep in mind is that as you said, the value of bitcoins is unstable. Also the only reason they exist is because of computer logic and the miners keeping the digital ledgers. While it may be a nice decentralized form of exchange, a catastrophic large scale tech failure could drive the value down to nothing or make it astronomically expensive to buy. I’d rather have my wealth measured in physical assets that retain value and can let me survive societal upheaval

    1. “a catastrophic large scale tech failure”
      That would mean an EMP that covered the entire planet….

      1. Well if the Ruskies had Goldeneye as far back as the early 90s just think how much further advanced the programme must be now

  8. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Crypto-currencies promise security, but do you honestly believe the government has no idea about them? If you ask me, I think they want you to think it’s safe so that they can have more control over your pockets.
    “WikiLeaks Claims CIA Lost Control of ‘Hacking Arsenal’”: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/03/07/wikileaks-claims-cia-lost-control-hacking-arsenal/
    How the hell do you “lose control” of your hacking arsenal? Who knows how effective those tools are or what they are capable of. Anything electronic can be hacked, if not, then at the very least, can be shut down.

    1. Exactly. The average yahoo on the street has heard of Bitcoin, yet we’re to believe “crypto-currencies” don’t have government’s jiz-and-bloodstained hands all over them?
      Something here does not compute.

    2. yep, and if they lost it intentionally, that raises questions about that massive malware attack across the globe doesn’t it

      1. Exactly. You can bet that the hackers won’t play all of their cards immediately. They may have quite a few powerful tools that they have yet to use.

        1. if it really was lost intentionally it could take ‘false flags’ to an entirely different level. I’m not saying we should assume that’s the case, but it does make you wonder.

        1. the point perhaps is not that it isn’t north korea (or russia etc) but that we can never really know whether it is or isn’t. What we do know is that intelligence agencies have the technology to create a false audit trail

  9. Got into it recent. Wish I had done so years ago, or at least last year when I was in China. Missed an ICO today because I’m back in America. Bummer.
    I probably would have married my ex, would have been able to have that baby had I invested in crypto instead of that pyramid scheme back in 2015.
    Get free DogeCoin here: http://freedoge.co.in/?r=996934

  10. Cryptocurrencies main weakness is that they are a unit of popular trust rather than actual money. They are exactly the same as fiat currency, except the trust is in the programmers of the currency rather than a government.

    1. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum are limited in their quantities, meaning there is a fixed total amount that can or will ever exist. Fiat currencies can be (and are) printed at will by the government to any amount they want. I’d say that’s a crucial difference between the two.

    1. There’s one big difference between paper currency and bitcoin: Limited supply.
      When the United States Government loses the confidence of investors(and trust me, they will), the government will have no choice but to print more money. This will make your paper money worthless. This is called hyperinflation
      Compare this with Bitcoin: There can never be more than 21 million bitcoins in existence. This ensures that hyperinflation won’t happen. As long as people accept bitcoins, bitcoins will always be worth something.

      1. “As long as people accept bitcoins, bitcoins will always be worth something.”
        Seems as large a problem as “hyperinflation”, if you have a big ol’ pile of something nobody wants.

      2. The best thing to do in times of high inflation is actually to hold good debt. (good debt is debt with which you buy cash producing assets that service the debt – the more inflation the more favourable the latter becomes)

      3. Ah, a subtle fatal flaw. Certain crypto currencies have a limited amount available, but the amount of possible crypto currencies is unlimited. EX: Bitcoin 2.0/3.0/4.0/etc etc.

  11. (((Tal Weinstein)))????? I knew this would happen. Every. Single. Time.

  12. The best Crypto-Currency ?? Gold ingots (not gold platted tungsten) Gold Coins, Silver ingots & Silver coins ! Anything else is bovine excrement !

    1. I myself have finally started investing in silver. Silver isn’t that valuable in itself, but at least it’s stable, there’s always demand, and you can actually touch that precious piece of metal.

      1. I continue to buy both gold and silver, I buy silver when its cheap, when golds down I buy up that, slowly getting quite a large reserve, every king needs his gold. I just continue to buy I never sell it. Problem with precious metal’s is they are a non yielding asset so you don’t get a return on it like property, I like property the best because even if its value goes to 0 it will still be standing, but I do like the gold, its a good hedge against inflation, I can look at it, I can touch it, I can melt it down to make cool stuff, and it looks nice…every king needs his gold.

    2. Nah gold is bulky and impractical.
      How would you buy/sell things like real-estate, collect rent and pay charges with gold?

      1. Using bar’s of gold just like using cash except gold has true value unlike fiet money, the actual price of gold and silver bullion is actually manipulated you will find the ACTUAL value of bullion is much higher than the market price, they talk the prices down then buy up at the back, typical pump and dump, and tell everyone gold is worthless LOL.

        1. The fallacy that building wealth means stacking up cash.
          I will never get gold-bugs.
          I’d rather have a bunch of good debt and see high inflation eat it away than store piles of gold in a vault I’d have to keep secure at high cost.

        2. I see deflation before the inflation. Money supply is only a part of inflation; velocity is another.

        3. Gold is awsome, In gold we trust, all this other shit is just bullshit fantasy money.

        4. Iloveduterte .. What’s manipulated, it’s “paper gold”?? Called Gold Certificates?
          There’s at least 4 times paper gold on the market, than physical gold ?? But just try to buy Gold ingots ?? Ohh you can get some Gold coins at premium prices ?? Mean you pay the gold in that coin at 3 to 4 times value of Gold ??
          You know the bankers trick ?? They gate a $ 100 from you on a deposit & on that $100 they lend $1,000 virtual money & collect interest on it ??
          1980 Koala Gold $200 Uncirculated Coin
          Metal Weight:10 grams
          troy ounce is 31.1 grams.

        5. Sadly, I do too but that would also contradict OP’s point that fiat currency will be worth 0. Oh well, if OP believes in a metal that has almost zero industrial uses besides a few fringe uses in the satellite industry, that some people dig out of a hole so he can store it in another and pay somebody to safeguard it it is entirely his call.

        6. I only buy physical gold and silver bullion, I have a safe depository box and I just keep filling it up as I buy, I don’t do paper anything except if im looking for interest bearing investments like property/land, stocks/shares etc which is more actual assets than paper fantasy stuff. I buy all gold/silver and other precious metals directly from trusted sources only none of this buying from ebay crap etc

        7. You don’t need to pay someone to guard your gold. It’s called a shotgun.

        8. Nope, that’s what a safe is for. But when I’m home, that’s what the shotgun is for. Besides, I’m just following the American tradition of arming myself to the teeth to defend what’s mine.

        9. Humm….Good idea ? If inflation is on the rise ?? But as well interest are on the rise ??
          Tail I win, Head you loose ??

        10. When you borrow money for a property, you pay equated monthly instalments. You can get deals where the interest rate will remain fixed, no matter what inflation or official interest rates will rise to. The tenants you rent out a property to will otoh have to pay more rent. So, yes, it is the highest win you can get yourself into when that happens. Your gold otoh will only buy more 20% more dollars that are worth 20% less than before.
          Even if you aren’t a net borrower but hold savings, a savings account historically paid more interest than lost to inflation so you’d still win.

        11. Humm.. Your mortgage here in Aus is variable & now over 30 years ?? The best what you can obtain, is fixed for a max of 5 years .. Then it revert to variable …
          You borrow at,say 5% & then further down the line it can jump to 18 %? As it has happened in the past ??
          Banks ! Tail they win ! Head you loose !

        12. In Europe you can get fixed for 30 years but imagine it would really shoot up towards 18% that would mean hyperinflation and the rent you’d charge would have shot up as well.

        13. 30 years fixed ?? Dream only in Aus ?? Because with hyperinflation, you would pay off your mortgage much, much sooner, than 30 years ??

        14. To be fair, hyperinflation is relatively unlikely in a western economy because it is not Zimbabwe, where there’s no economy at all to speak of and money gets printed to try offset that shortcoming. Inflation is when too much money chases too few goods.

        15. ConservativeAtheistRedPiller I’m an elderly man ? Born during WWII. One thing I’ve learned in my life, is to NEVER ! NEVER say UNLIKELY or NEVER ??
          Zimbabwe has hyperinflation, because they have an educated African ?
          Bachelor of Arts (History and English) (BA) degree from the University of Fort Hare (1951)
          Bachelor of Administration (B.Admin) from University of South Africa (Unisa)
          Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) from the University of South Africa (Unisa)
          Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Economics from University of London (External Programme)
          Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from University of London (External Programme)
          Master of Laws (LL.M) from University of London (External Programme)
          Master of Science (MSc.) in Economics from University of London (External Programme)
          Honorary LLD degree from Ahmadou Bello University (Nigeria)
          Honorary LLD degree from Morehouse College (Atlanta, Georgia)
          Honorary LLD degree from University of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe)
          Honorary LLD degree from St. Augustine’s University (Tanzania)
          Honorary LLD degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)
          Honorary LLD degree from Solusi University (Zimbabwe)
          Honorary D.Litt. degree from Africa University (Zimbabwe)
          Honorary D.Civil Laws degree from University of Mauritius (Mauritius)
          Honorary D.Com. degree from For Hare University (South Africa)
          Honorary D.Tech. degree from National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe)
          Honorary D.Phil (African Heritage and Philosophy) degree from Great Zimbabwe University (Zimbabwe)
          So this is the handicap that produces the hyper-inflation ??
          See !! Master of Science (MSc.) in Economics from University of London (External Programme) !! This is your answer !

        16. An Idiot with a “Master of Science” in Economics from University of London ??
          But some of us know? That God has invented “economists”, to make weather forecasters look good ??

        17. Everyone who believes in communism is an idiot. Nuff said.

      2. 1 ounce of gold is worth over $1000. If I owned thirty apartments rented at $500 each, that’s only about 30 1/2 ounce coins collected every month. That’s not that bad.
        Gold for larger purchases, silver for smaller purchases. Silvers lower value makes it the one that is bulky and cumbersome. Honestly, the problem with gold is that if you carry around a bag of gold 1 ounce coins, a lot of places wouldn’t be able to give you change after making basic purchases in a SHTF senario. It would be like going into a grocery store with a stack of $500 bills.

        1. So no more electronic transfers, standing orders etc? You’d go collect your gold coins after visiting each and every tenant.

  13. yup they are super useful for doing shady stuff.

  14. I’m a software developer and I think that Bitcoin and Blockchain are globalist technocratic scam

    1. yep,
      the ability to inflate/deflate is in order of magnitude greater than the regular fiat.

    2. I think you are correct. Cryptocurrencies are the ultimate fiat money. Nothing backs them, they are not even real but based upon 0s and 1s in a computer.For speculation against the dummies that buy into the scam they would be okay. But as a real currency to survive the apocalypse – when the computers go down, cryptocurrencies cease to exist.

    1. The #1 comment made my fucking day….
      Edit: they deleted it. It was a profile named Adolf Hitler saying “well that didn’t go as planned…”

  15. seems to me a cross between Tor and penny stocks…
    The value can drastically change like a penny stock? no thanks. sounds like speculation.
    Can be shut down with the internet/.gov etc — no thanks…

  16. “You must first go to “gateways” where you can send fiat currency from your credit card or bank and convert it crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. ”
    And this is actually its Achilles heal in countries that have very strong banking regulations like the US & Europe.

  17. Last year India hammered its own people causing massive misery and hardship by restricting the most popular banknotes. Yet despite justifying this in terms of constraining the ‘black economy’, tax avoidance, terrorism etc, it is now promoting crypto-currency. Cryptocurrency may be decentralised, but once the big players get in won’t they be able to manipulate and crash the price at will. The fed & the banks keep gold / metals repressed, yet we are supposed to believe that they will do nothing to manipulate and control cryptocurrency because it is independent. There’s no doubt great potential to make money here just as there is to lose it, but even if it is the future, there are too many variable here, too much that can’t be anticipated.
    The other thing is the exchanges. You have to provide ID, and coinbase will want to hijack your webcam to take photos of you for ID verification. Look at the reviews for coinbase, or kraken etc. – for every individual who’s made a fortune there seem to be people who are convinced they’ve been ripped off, although some of this may be down to overloaded systems.
    I tried to get in years ago when bitcoin was about $50 dollars but couldn’t get the bureaucracy; couldn’t open an MT Gox account for some reason, which meant I lost out massively in the price inflation that followed but didn’t lose out when MT Gox lost it’s customer’s assets. Now I’ll probably take tentative steps into some of the alternative cryptos, but there is something decidedly dodgy when governments are supporting and enabling this.

  18. Jewish writers on ROK now too huh. Interesting, I knew the tribe would eventually come around.

    1. there have been lots of jewish writers on ROK, not to mention commenters.

        1. A minority of jews prefer being parasites on productive white people, rather than trying to squeeze a living parasitising off muslims or blacks for example. Some of them have even believe their myths that the West is Judeo-Christian, rather than the reality that it is/was Christian despite of jewish subversion, criminality and subterfuge. Apparently they are welcomed here, but if you watch carefully, you’ll see important topics get taken off-course and into dead-end conversations; those actors are the yids amongst us. There was a RoK thread 3 months ago about inter-racial porn and how it is a jewish agenda to destroy whites, look at how jews guided the comments completely away from the issue. They are never on our side as their religion is diametrically opposed to our culture and Christianity.

  19. How come I seem to be the only one who is totally skeptical of “cryptocurrencies”? Take bitcoin… We know NOTHING about it! Who made it? Don’t know. Where do they work? Don’t know. Why did they make it? Don’t know…
    It could’ve been made by some virgin fat-ass teenager in his cheetos-stained underwear as a total joke to the world, and all the computers that have it will eventually be stuck on “Never Gonna Give You Up” on replay, or it could’ve been made by a deep-black-ops team in the CIA in some torture house where a man was being forced to watch his wife and daughters being raped in the next room…

    1. the guy who created it has been identified now. A rather clever oriental fellow. Fu Manchu sort probably at the risk of being racist

  20. I just do cloud mining, genesis mining or Eobot, cryptocurrencies is a mine and hold situation, kinda like gold bullion you just keep buying the stuff you never actually sell it. Personally I prefer gold/silver bullion to crypto currencies because gold bullion does not require electronic infrastructure to be traded, I just keep buying it up slowly over time and one day when the whole world collapses into a pile of shit which it’s doing now, I will alteast have shit ton of gold and silver bullion that mean’s I will not be a slave I will be a king, and ALL king’s need their gold and silver. Every king needs his gold or you ain’t no king.

  21. As always, the best investment possible is to manage the currency, itself. The guys who run exchanges and work on advancements in blockchain and similar technologies profit.

  22. Funny I just got into the hype of a specific coin before this article came up. I call this providence, I have to jump on the coin train while the gettin is good!

  23. There are three main ways to get bitcoins:
    1. Bitcoin faucets
    2. Getting paid in bitcoins
    3. Buying
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    You may also earn bitcoins by working for employers that pay in bitcoins. And so, bitcoins the equivalent of the price in fiat money you should have earned get sent to you.
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    The best financial decision you can make in 2017 is to faniliarize yourself with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin price is on the up and up and early investors like me are making a kill already.

  24. How can people think fiat is worthless and crypto is valuable, what is the dfference?
    Former is backed by gov and later is backed by nothing, bunch of geeks created it and got rich.
    RooshCoin future currency of menosphere:)

  25. You think Jews are not accross it?
    They control gov and media so they can easily manipulate crypto market.
    Goldman Sachs say something negative about cryptoo in the media and fall by 30%, could work the other wsy around

  26. meh, looks like fiat curreny, the chinese have been trying to get a monopoly on the processors for bitcoin mining.., and the New World Order wants one currency, which this would fit just fine.

  27. Actually its main weakness is that it’s dependent on the power companies… They will jack the fuck out of electric bills once we start using cryptocurrencies more and more. . Wait and see.

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