7 Ways To Stay Interested In Your Girlfriend

It’s important to know when to break up with your girlfriend. Follow these seven guidelines so you’ll be able to trust your judgement when doing so. Otherwise, you may think you’re sick of our girlfriend when really you’re just sick of yourself.

1. Find your girlfriend

To stay interested in our girlfriend, we need to be careful who we make a girlfriend. One way to develop a screening system is to date at least 12 girls over 12 months, then use the experience to make a list of seven qualities that you want in a girlfriend. The next girl you date after the initial 12 should have those seven qualities.

If you do this and then begin to feel doubt that you can do better, rest assured that your anxiety is only coming up with reasons to break up with her to avoid long-term intimacy.

2. Have your own space

Of course we need a purpose that’s prioritized before our relationship. But this principle can only be put into practice when we have a space in our home away from the girlfriend. For the sake of symbolism, put your space on the top floor. Without such a retreat you become enmeshed with the battiness of the female mind and invariably grow to resent it.

3. Keep secrets

I used to run a therapy group in which one of the patients didn’t tell his wife he was at therapy every Thursday night. He told her he was staying late at work. Everybody else in the group thought he needed to come clean but I defended him. It’s healthy to keep secrets as long as you’re not pretending to be someone you’re not.

This is especially true if what you’re keeping secret is something your girlfriend would appreciate. Besides, you’re going to keep secrets anyway so you might as well keep the process conscious.

Familiarity breeds contempt, yes, but even worse is disinterest. Keep a few projects and adventures to yourself and it’ll feel like you’re still in the dating phase.

4. See your friends

This one is worth repeating. When I don’t hang out with my guy friends for a while, I end up treating my girlfriend like she’s a guy. I challenge her in ways I would only challenge another man and when she responds by looking at me sideways I resent her.

It’s helpful to remember your girlfriend is a female and only flourishes in comfort. I’ve known this for years but I can only act as through it’s true after I spend a few hours riffing with a buddy in a cigar room.

5. Have children

We’ve all heard guys say something like, “I dated my ex for six years but we broke up because the magic left the relationship.” Yeah, no kidding. The magic is supposed to leave the relationship. This indicates something we have a difficult time coming to terms with as the culture becomes more transfixed by instant gratification: relationships aren’t for you—they’re for taking care of things, namely children. Even with a dog you’ll see the true purpose of the relationship isn’t to go out to dinner but to direct and nurture the next generation.

It’s like starting a business. We do it to provide a service and make money, but it runs the risk of becoming meaningless if we don’t help employees become better people. Relationships and companies without a contribution have neither soul nor intrigue.

6. Replace cold approaching

My favorite part about being single was the cold approaching. It’s a challenge that refined my psychology and it’s how I eventually met my girlfriend. Then I settled down and resented my girlfriend for wanting me to herself.

Thankfully I discovered cold calling, an outlet for my need to take social risks and reach out and engage with others. Whenever I begin to feel the urges of the season I come up with a reason to call someone in a related field with either a request or an offer. I thought I needed to babe hound but it turns out I only needed a way to challenge myself in the modern duel that is salesmanship.

7. Tie yourself to the mast

Never trust yourself enough to not watch porn or go to strip clubs. You’re a dude so you’re going to compare your girlfriend with other girls and it has nothing to do with the attractiveness of your girlfriend. My girlfriend’s butt smells awesome but whenever I go to a strip club and smell a butt that’s mellifluous in a different way, I unconsciously begin to think, “Maybe it’s time to break up.”

Odysseus tied himself to the mast of his ship when passing the sirens because he knows he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Like Odysseus, we may be capable of heroism but that doesn’t mean we cannot burn seven years of our life hanging out with a nymph when what we ultimately want is to get home to our Penelope.


If a girl loses interest in her boyfriend, of course it’s his fault. But if a man loses interest in his girlfriend, it’s his fault too. That’s the price men must pay for the privilege of not being a girl.

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195 thoughts on “7 Ways To Stay Interested In Your Girlfriend”

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      1. Old French toast.. “Here to our wives, our horses & those who mount them” ??
        Never found out, if they do mean horses or wives ??

        1. Albanian girls are nice it’s true. Some of them are even wife material. I didn’t know it until I met the Western Cunts.

    1. Years ago my mother and sister told me I needed to make ‘a list’ of all the qualities I wanted in a man…
      I told them I had already made ‘the list’, and was busy ensuring that I expressed all of these qualities myself, before getting back into the dating game.

        1. There are some universal truths that are valued in my family; Integrity, know;edge, awareness, courage, humility, kindness, discipline, action…to name a few.

        2. Good list , but edge , courage , action kind of turn me off in a woman. In the same sense , that the lack of them in a man turns you off.

        3. No, courage is very important in women too. If you’re in a scrape and she just stands there in shock and doesn’t do anything, it can get you hurt or dead. Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about. When still dating my first wife, I got into a fight with a drunk. I told her to get in my car, get my revolver and lock the doors. She got in the car, got my revolver and backed five of his friends up against a wall, telling them “He can fight you one at a time, but he’s not fighting all of you.” They did what she told them too!
          After I got done nearly choking this idiot to death one of her brother’s badass biker friends showed up and said “Be cool baby, give me the gun.” She turned around pointed it at him and said “I’ll give you something motherfücker! Back off!” He put his hands up and backed away, lol!
          So instead of having six black guys beat the living shít out of me and a biker take away my only handgun, I gave the one thug that started it all some serious correction. And she scared the living shít out of five wannabe thugs and a 40 y.o. biker. We got in the car and left relatively unscathed (I got punched in the cheek once). She was 18 at the time and weighed all of 115 pounds! That took courage. Tell me again why you’d want a woman with no courage?

        4. “I’ll give you something motherfücker! Back off!”
          A woman saying smth like that fucking kills my boner. I dunno man , but strong women turn me off just like weak men turn women off. I know many men who feel like this too.

        5. Well in a situation like that, one hardly needs a boner. And…she looked like Sandra Bullock and was totally submissive in the bedroom. Nuff said…

        6. I am going to attempt to use some of the jargon I have learned since tip-toeing around in the ROK forums; please correct me if I am completely off-base, and give me a little wiggle-room, if I am able to get my point across.
          When one poster stated he ‘gamed’ his wife, and used positive, affirmative examples of how he did so; I recognized that I, too, did the same thing in my relationships, specifically, with my husband:
          Non-verbal game has included walking into a new, crowded party, and quietly sitting at his feet, adjusting my dress to pool around me evenly and quietly smiling and declining offers to move or get a chair for me…as the conversation carried on, I deliberately didn’t add to it, and looked up at my man, with rapt attention,whenever he spoke (not-yet husband, this was a very early stage of our relationship).
          Or how about, years later, (and I’m an oh-so-busy woman, and it is, after all, years later…!); that I make damn-sure to be physically present and available…honoring his uniquely male-virility by maintaining my relationship with it and him. Sure, it is true that the lust and fire that kept us on each other like teenagers that first year has cooled a bit more for me than him…he doesn’t have a fucking clue…in fact, he has to turn me down every once in awhile, with, “I’m not a teenager anymore…”! I respect and love us enough to respect and love his wants, needs, and desires, and the important role I play in this relationship; his security and comfort means that he is able to graciously participate in this marriage…and I wonder what ‘games’ he uses for my benefit?!
          However; in my role as Expert-Level Critical Care Nurse and Leader; I am confident, poised, direct, assertive, and tenacious as I need to be to advocate for my nurses and patients.
          I definitely increase and decrease the expression of my principles, according to the situation at hand.

        7. A deep-curtsy for the first Mrs. Boothe!
          Reminds me of what Tom Petty said to George Harrison,
          (after George Harrison’s wife, Olivia, used a fireplace poker to beat back home intruder’s who attacked George Harrison):
          “Aren’t you glad you married a Mexican woman?”(!)

        8. I wouldn’t marry a nurse. I’d rather have my woman use her feminine nurturing instincts to take care of me and my children , rather than random men at a hospital. A nurse is like a public wife minus sex. Also , you should bring your husband over here. I can tell from what you type that he is not very edgy and that you are thrilled by the men here.

        9. She also shot a serial rapist in our home in 1987. We split up about a year later. She claimed it was the trauma from the attempted rape and the shooting. I subsequently found out she’d been cheating on me with one of my dad’s employees for some time (he was older and had a trust fund). The break in was karma perhaps? You never really know who anyone is. C’est la vie.

        10. That is something from a 1970’s Clint Eastwood movie. Are you sure you did not make that story up?

        11. Nope. That happened in Churchland, Virginia shortly before I went in the Air Force (1977). The area is predominantly black and this group of black males came into the arcade where were shooting pool and the drunkest one came over and tried to hit on her. When she rebuffed him, then he turned on me. I called him outside and that’s when it went down. He was probably in his thirties. I was seventeen, but spent my days swinging a bush axe and a sledge hammer. He punched me in the face, I snap kicked him in the solar plexus, kneed him in the balls and put him on the ground. I proceeded to choke him out until one of his friends begged me in his words “Man! Don’t kill the nigga! Let the nigga up! He ain wuth goin’ to jail fo.” So I let him up. No movie scene dude, it happened to me. She kept the rest of the pack off of me with a little .32 H&R top break revolver. What? You’ve never been in a scrape, Mr. Kersey?

        12. Who the fuck is Mr Kersey? You must be the 10th guy who is accusing me of being him. I am getting tired of it.
          Your story is still unrealistic IMHO.
          Have a nice day.

        13. It happened and I can still feel the scar inside cheek where he put my teeth thought it, but think what you like. ZFG. Since you like Clint Eastwood movies so much here’s a line for you Mr. Kersey: “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s rainin’”.

        14. Here is one for you then:
          ” You gotta ask yourself a question: do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?!”

        15. BTW I happen to own a Model 629 from the S&W Performance Center “punk”. And I doubt seriously you’ve every had your hands on one, much less a Wildey. Ok guys, it’s 99.95% confirmed. This is the troll formerly known as Mr. Kersey. Don’t feed it.

        16. Cannot give a sensible reply to someone so you simply call him a troll. We see more and more of this behavior around here.

        17. I am sorry to hear that Balkaner. I’m married to a (now retired) nurse and you don’t know what you’re missing. Most nurses are care givers and nurturers (a few are in it for the money) and those are two of the finest female characteristics. IMO you’d be hard pressed to do better in an LTR or life long commitment and especially as a mother.

        18. Good question. She told me more than once when we were still married, that “when” (not if) she left me, “…it will be for an older man with money, with one foot on a banana peel and the other one in the grave.” One of my dad’s employees was in his mid-fifties (she was 29), had a trust fund and was overweight. Both his father and grandfather had kicked off from massive coronaries in their mid fifties. About a year after the break in when she shot the serial rapist, she informed me I needed to go find a girlfriend. I subsequently found out they’d been fooling around for some time. Hypergamy indeed!
          I knew him well enough to know he had cheated unmercifully on his first wife (which is why she left). So, I’d say they deserve each other. The irony is he’s still fat, very much alive and the money’s gone. My ex looks like a bowling ball with legs, is constantly ailing and the
          last I heard was trying to get on disability. He’s welcome to her. As my ma’ma said, it was a marriage made in heaven, lol!
          I remarried to a good Christian woman and nurse. We have been married 27 years, she’s still height weight proportional, very attractive and a hard worker. I believe the point in that round goes to me…

        19. Very good, at least things worked out for you. Which wife is better the Christian woman or the nurse?

        20. Ha-ha! It depends on the situation. If I’m sick or injured the nurse is better. But when I’m really angry and about to compromise my principles I’m far better off with her Christian side.

    2. I got something in my pants that will keep her interested forever….I will give you a hing: it’s long, thick, bulky, made of leather and holds my credit cards

      1. I walked up on a couple of women where I used to work having the “it was this big!” conversation. Being the perennial smartass I had to jump in. I said “So. I thought size didn’t matter to you ladies.” The WB one of the two looked me in the eye and responded “Oh no, size is the most important thing. The first thing I look at is the size of man’s wallet.” Ha! Truth in advertising I guess…

    3. Not really. If you do what a man is supposed to and don’t have a tramp for a girlfriend she will never leave you.

      1. True that. I just meant that it is more worrisome how to keep her attracted to you than keeping yourself attracted to her. If it is you who loses interest who cares anyway.

  1. I haven’t had a girlfriend in a while. A hell of a lot of dates with idiots, yes, but no girlfriends. This seems like decent advice, though. That sirens pick is freaky. An animal with a woman’s talking head would be weird. It would be trying to talk you into thinking it was a woman, but you know it’s not, and like a woman, it could never be factually convinced it wasn’t one, trying to manipulate you at every turn into it’s way of thinking. The ‘keep secrets’ guy with the shit-eating grin is pretty rich, too.

  2. #5 and #6 are bullshit.
    And #7 proves what scientists say already. We are not made to be monogamous. Instead of tying yourself to the mast, maybe accept the obvious facts?

  3. “Relationships and companies without a contribution have neither soul nor intrigue.”
    And explains perfectly why I am a miserable, soulless being.

    1. A journey from blue-pill beta to red-pilled alpha.
      The Taxi Driver (1976)

      Travis Bickle (played by de Niro) is 26 in the film. It reminds me of myself when I was 26.
      This movie will cheer you up.

      1. Are you kidding?
        I’ve seen it at least 20 times.
        BTW, awful, and I mean AWFUL screen name! Why on earth would you pick the worst traitor in American history as your avatar?

        1. In my blue pill-days I aimed to be a a “John Brown”, just to get the Black girl I had a crush on. Needless to say it did not work out.
          However, Since I took the red-pill and stopped being a wannabe “social justice warrior” – I got a nice Black girl – a traditional, family-oriented one. We are getting married soon and planning to have many children.
          So, yes choose Brown as a screen name ironically. No offence intended to anyone.

        2. Understood.
          Hope things work out for you.
          Being “red pill”, though, you do realize that your future kids will be facing some pretty big issues, right? And they will almost certainly identify as black.

        3. Look, I understand mixed marriages are subject of great controversy on this website.
          However, my girlfriend-future wife is the girl who loves me and I love her, we share the same values and both of us want to have children.
          We are living in a relatively tolerant city and thankfully in the 21th century mixed-race children do not necessarily have identity issues.

        4. As I understand it , marrying and having kids nowadays is about taking risks (dicorce rape etc). It’s sacrifice that only men who care about things like legacy , bloodline , heritage etc should logically make. If you as a white man have black kids ( black is dominant) , you will have already screwed your ancestral lineage (a random white kid will look more like your grandfather than your own son). So why bother having children at all ? That’s what I don’t get with interracial marriages.
          Just my two cents. All the best to you and your girlfriend.

        5. Thanks.
          Look, I am probably much older than you.
          You say:
          “It’s sacrifice that only men who care about things like legacy , bloodline , heritage etc should logically make. ”
          I only care about my wife, children and the closest family.

        6. Yea don’t let it bother you man I noticed that most of these guys that toute the whole racial purity don’t even have kids theirselves.

        7. Kersey was this guy who had a black wife. Decent red pulled guy but he kept virtue signaling about it. Like it was some great accomplishment to go for another race. That, and he could not take a joke. Any teasing was replied with sneering and threats. Eventually he ticked off enough guys that they piled on and gave him a hard time. Then he was banned.
          His story sound similar to yours, some think you might be him.

        8. I think red-pilled men should distance themselves from both the “14/88 – I wanna save my race” -lunatics as well as the “We was kings” -crowd.
          Red -pill truth is universal. It has no racial-ethnic boundaries.

        9. Yea in my eyes it’s the same thing. I can understand why the surge in white pride since it seems that the modern left has a vandetta against the white man but still they are doing the same as the leftist. A lot of those guys and the we was kangs love to take pride for things they didn’t do which is something I don’t stand behind. The main point of the red pill is that you understand the truth of society and take the necessary steps to ensure you have the best life possible

        10. Was he mocked for having a Black wife? That is shocking. Also, I have noticed quiet a few articles on ROK advising on how to get women in South-East Asia.
          So having an Asian wife is ok but having a Black wife is a problem?
          It seems racist and hypocritical.

        11. Not really for having a black wife, but for bringing it up every single chance he got. he was a single issue kind of guy

        1. True, I’m nearing fourteen years myself with six kids. The lack of free space/time is probably my biggest complaint. Hard to get out to do guy things with the wife and kids in tow. Years go by and then you wake up and realize all the friend you had have moved on. It doesn’t need to be top priority but it needs to be a priority

        2. Congrats for the wife and six children. I suppose that is worth all the “space” in the world.
          I am getting married myself soon, planning on having many children.

        3. “True, I’m nearing fourteen years myself with six kids.”
          You are a civilisation-saviour man.

        4. We married while I was halfway through my junior year in school. She was a virgin at the time. Didn’t use birth control until our oldest was born.
          The amount of space you demand is up to you. Too much and the marriage will suffer. Too little and you will resent being trapped and your marriage will suffer. I try to do something myself about one evening per month.

  4. Bang sluts when you can, when you want and if your “girlfriend” doesn’t like it, there is something wrong with her. This is because most girls get wet when you slay ass on the regular, so any frigid broad who gets upset with you “cheating” is just asking to be nexted with the quickness, no joke.

    1. For the lucky minority who are married to decent women and have children, it still requires some effort to make things work. Game never stops and you always have to be an alpha.

    2. I had an ex that cheated on me so I broke up with her. When she came by my place to pick some stuff up she saw the hairpin of some other girl on my bed and went totally insane with jealousy… I couldn’t contain my laughter as she screamed at me like I was supposed to care.
      This is when I started to realize that women just don’t have a sense of justice, or reason, or truth. Their life is like a dream where stuff just happens and sometimes they are getting fucked.

  5. There are some thoughtful articles on this website.
    I am thinking of writing one myself and maybe publish it here.
    Who decides what gets published here? Is it Roosh Valizadeh or someone else? I am just curious.

      1. Hey Roosh if you get a chance could you help me out here? A lot of my comments on RoK get blocked as spam by Disqus, even thought they aren’t anything close to being spam. Disqus said I need to contact a site mod to have some comments unblocked, and that once I get one unblocked the system should stop blocking them. So I’d ask if you could review some of my comments and have them unblocked so I don’t waste time writing a thoughtful post and have it zapped into purgatory. Thanks in advance.

  6. 7 Ways to Stay Interested in Your Girlfriend
    1) Encourage her to bring her hot girlfriends over for threeways.
    2) Staple a drink holder to her forehead.
    3) Pay her to go away several times a month.
    4) Teach her to laugh hysterically whenever you tell jokes, and to only address you as, “Lord King God Among Men”.
    5) Fake deafness in both ears and tell her that you can only understand sign language.
    6) Reward her with Starbucks gift cards whenever she goes 24 hours without saying, “Oh my god” or “That’s amazing”.
    7) Take out a double-indemnity life insurance policy on her and name yourself as beneficiary.

        1. A guy named Mr. Kersey posts here. And he is the only one that uses the backtick as an apostrophe. And he has a black wife or gf. Sometimes people change their avatars or get banned and then re-emerge.

        2. This is my first and only user account. What did that “Mr Kersey” do to you that made you so paranoid?

        3. It`s on my keyboard. I suppose it is an old-fashioned one.
          BTW, I never thought JB as an avatar picture would make people angry…

        4. Not angry from a name on the internet. Plenty of other things in real life to make me angry.
          Just that I have always viewed him as a traitor to his people. Eleanor Roosevelt is another one I see as a traitor.

        5. Some guy who wrote in a fashion similar to yours. Got banned recently for being a race traitor and a total moron. Legend says he had Aids.

        6. Well those in the know understand he was a cold blooded murderer and insurrectionist cloaked in the mantle of abolition. The irony of it was he did his dirty work in “Bleeding Kansas” and that was to be a “Free Soil” state which meant land for white homesteaders. They didn’t want slavery because they didn’t want blacks there at all. By today’s standards John Brown was a domestic terrorist. Of course he got his just deserts after the Harper’s Ferry raid…

        7. I thought he was banned for having aids and legend has it he was a rave traitor

        8. Kersey is a user that has no sense of humor and constantly promotes Haitian women. And he has a black wife

        9. For one thing, I think most Haitian women are attractive. That is my opinion anyway.
          I somehow feel that stating anything good about Black women is not going to be appreciated around here…
          What do you think?

        10. I agree with you. As you see a lot of guys will give you some trouble because you believe in interracial marriage other guys on this site don’t care. At the end of the day I don’t let t bother me and just ignore most of it.

        11. No you picked an inflammatory historical figure intentionally to stir up controversy. Don’t play dumb. We now know you’re just a troll. Bye-bye.

      1. Good girl. You may now worship at the Temple of Schlong…but keep your head down, I wanna watch TV.

        1. Lord King; perhaps you would reconsider stapling the drink holder to my forehead; as an alternative, consider the drink-holder headband I used my female-crafting skills to create:
          It keeps my flowing locks away from my ‘work area’ (wink, wink); and the drink is more convenient for you, because it is held at the back of my head(!); {But Wait…There’s More}; when I get up to prepare your delicious meal; you won’t be greeted with the unsightly bleeding and bruising that stapling to the forehead causes…no man wants a woman looking like Carrie bringing them lunch!

        2. The Carrie look is kinda hot…but okay, we can compromise on the drink holder idea, so long as you bring some hot girlfriends over periodically (meaning, whenever you’re having your period)…now fix me a sandwich and wax that man-trap runway, in that exact order. Giddyup.

    1. Lord King God Among Men”
      I prefer Galactic Overlord, but I like how you think.

    1. You know Jan sucked good cock too. The inferiority complex Marsha gave her probably had her going sloppy balls deep like a champ

        1. I don’t know this Brady Bunch stuff. But if you mean the chick in the main pic , she seems like an interesting person.

        2. Yup. The good old days.
          The 70s.
          Women here were actually charming and useful. And caring too.

        3. It’s a big deal with us Gen Xers here in the US. Along with:
          – M*A*S*H
          – The Odd Couple
          – I Dream of Genie
          – Bewitched
          – The Honeymooners
          – Star Trek (the first one)
          – Lost In Space
          – I Love Lucy
          – The Partridge Family
          – McHale’s Navy
          – and many more…
          Reruns. The greatest thing about American Television.

        4. Oh wait. Sorry. Not from US right? She was a character on a very popular sitcom that was universally loved back in it’s hey Day. The character of Jan was the tom boyish younger sister to the beautiful Marsha

        5. Funny. I thought the only thing anyone ever did in Eastern Europe is watch old American sitcomss and listen to 80’s music

        6. Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger was a ‘Brady Bunch’ fan with a fascination for Alice.
          Which could be behind his– well you know– his escapades with a maid later in life…
          Bad American Television! Bad! Bad!

        7. Hahaha!
          Yeah, that maid. Holy Cripes!
          What an ugazoid! And Maria was not that pretty either. Arnold, what were you thinking???!!! He could have pulled the hottest girls in the world, and he went for the ugly-o’s.

        8. That is my father’s generation. They would watch all the Schwarzenneger and co stuff. I belong to the Dragon Ball generation.

        9. He must have some very strange fetish…and a select few are willing to indulge it. That is my best guess.

        10. Absolutely. Full of sh*t, and full of bagels & lox too…
          I also like bagels and lox…but that’s just a coincidence.

        11. Or ‘Brady Bunch’ and Alice—- we’ll never know. The comedian Bill Burr did a funny bit about it:

        12. Showed it to my kids as an indication of why you need to keep your emotions under control. Rider couldn’t possibly have foreseen what one kick was gonna lead to… or the sedan driver what cutting off someone was gonna do..

        13. The poor old guy in the other lane got the worst of it. I saw that in the post earlier today. Horrible.

        14. A.S. you’re making me feel old. I saw those shows after school when they, ahem, weren’t reruns…

        15. Oh, they also sport-fuck Haitian prostitutes and get the AIDS. At least in the UKraine they do, anyway.

        16. No, not the original one from the mid fifties, I was born in 59. But I did see the Honeymooners on The Jackie Gleason Show in the sixties. One of my favorites was Dark Shadows which aired right after I got home from school. I had a taste for horror and the macabre. My dad subscribed to Fate magazine and I grew up reading it cover to cover. I was always fascinated with the paranormal. Anymore, I’m pretty much ZFG about it. There’s some stuff you just don’t need to mess with.

        17. Ok now slim you can run down Hollywood all you like and pin a bunch of stuff on the tribe but I’ll be damned if I allow the salty, fishhy, carby, creamy goodness that is bagels and lox be impugned on this or any forum!

        18. ” I was always fascinated with the paranormal… There’s some stuff you just don’t need to mess with.”
          You said it.
          I am a non-practicing Catholic these days, but was an altar boy for 5 years when in school. “The Exorcist” still scares the living hell out of me.

        19. Thanks Kneeman. To say I am immensely pleased would be understating things a bit. One of my co-workers looked at it and said “It looks like it’s doing a hundred just sittin’ in the parking lot!” After my wife talked to some of her friends and found out what it was (after I’d bought it of course), the “conversation” when I got home that evening started with “Had I known…”, lol!

        20. They were. The world I live in now is alien to me in many ways.

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  8. This is a good article. We need more articles that are related to getting/keeping/maintaining LTRs. I too make a list of qualities I would like in a girl. I do not think it is an overly demanding list but I find it very difficult to find a girl who checks all the boxes. Nonetheless, I will keep searching.

  9. I will fuck lots of girls for entertainment and if my girl friend does not like it..she knows where the door is. Simple as that. She know’s I like to fuck other girls, because im a man, its what men do, its NORMAL.

  10. Hilarious satire. Wasn’t sure until you said you wanted to break up with your girlfriend because a strippers butt smells better!!! LOL!!! Brilliant.
    But just to underline the point. Guys make sure you are not living with your girlfriend. About the worst mistake you can ever make.

  11. Ways a woman can keep a man from straying:
    1) She sucks your dick when she’s bleeding.
    2) She gives her butt to you when she’s bleeding.
    3) She stays in shape.
    4) Her legs always part when you want them to part.
    5) She always dresses sultry for bed, inviting you to part her legs.
    6) She maintains excellent hygiene to encourage you to part her legs.
    7) She never lets you leave the house hungry, or horny.

  12. I see so many stupid comments with cheap jokes, people are using this as their Tumblr emulator apparently. Great article. Though I am iffy on getting married with women after my experiences, and the experiences of others, especially under these laws, I am aware that some of us potentially can find a great woman. And if we do, this article is a great one to keeping the spark between the loving couple.

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